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1Ap YEARS mini ?
The Light of Justice and Innocence
Shining On a Minister.
A Midnight Jangle Which ExcccclH In
Interest Anything In the Savory
History or Tnmnmny'H BravcH
nml Sachems Local.
Light at Ijnst.
One of the most romnrlmblo cnscs of repar
ation to n clmractcr which had long stnigfflcil
under n most serious chnrgo Ima recently
been brought to light. The innocent
victim is the Kev. Mr. Wclshcr ,
the able , energetic , cxcraiilary and
eloquent gentleman who during the
month of February held n revival In the First
Baptist church In this city. The snows of
many winters had whitened his hair though
the twitches of conscience ) had In no manner
reduced his bodily vigor or given to
his open and honest countenance the
npjicanuico of the scoundrel which
he seemed to have berne In the estimation of
Bomo of the earlier members of his church ,
Twcnty-flvo years ago Kov. Mr. Wclshcr
was a young man and had just entered upon
the duties of the ministry in a little town In
Ohio , Ho readily found favor with his people
ple , and after n couple of years' work
was granted a vacation which ho decided to
upend In n. tour through Minnesota. In his
congregation was a wealthy old gentleman
who owned some property in that state.
Kov. Mr. Wclshcr was a friend of this parish
loner and was committed by
him to pay the taxes on certain
property , which ho owned m the vicinity
which Mr. Wolslicr was about to visit.
The latter started on his Journey , and in
the course of tlmo reached the town nearest
the land upon which the taxes were
line. Ho put up at the hotel ,
and after nightfall made Inquiries
ns to the best means of reaching the property
in question. Ho was told by an aftablo
stranger that It was many miles distant , but
that there was no nccesssity for his traveling
over land so far , because the county treasur
er was in town , In fact , his horses wcro in the
Htablo of the hotel and would bo called
for early in the morning by the owner , who
was distant on business a few miles tip the
In the morning the alleged county treas
urer called upon the Kov. Mr. AVelsbcr , and
received from the latter the taxes claimed to
bo duo upon the property of his Ohio friend.
No printed receipt was given because the
treasurer claimed ho was so fur
tvway from homo , ho did not think ho would
have any need of receipts and consequently
had brought none of them with him. He ,
hoxvover , gave a written receipt for the
money , which was accepted , whereupon the
llov. Mr. Wclshor continued on his journey
nnd in coin no of time returned to his charge
in Ohio.
After about a year ho removed to a neigh
boring town. While there his old friend ,
who has long since gene to the grave , re
ceived a notice to the effect that if the taxes
were not soon paid upon his Minnesota
seta property the same would bo
sold. Ho forwarded the receipt
for the same which ho had received from the
Kev. Mr. Welshcr , and that was promptly
pronounced a forgery. This announcement
staggered Mr. Wolsher's old friend and
finally reached the car of disaffected parties
who gathered u number of mombnrs of the
Baptist denomination in that vicinity to in
vestigate the chargo. The result was not
withstanding Mr. Welsher's denial , that lie
was found guilty of the crime. The Investi
gation , however , was not undertaken by the
man who had been the victim of the wrong ,
nor yet by cither of the church societies of
which Mr. Welshcr had been the leader.
Nevertheless , Mr. Welshcr , although not
prosecuted in a criminal way for the alleged
offense , has since suffered under the
imputation , and a man less honest would
have long since broken under the weight.
A short time ago a minister of his denom
ination named Jackson was preaching in
this state , nnd happened to mention Mr.
Welsher's name. The next day ho received
a letter asking where Mr. Welsher could bo
found , the party inquiring claiming that ho
had conspired to rob that party many years
ago. Mr. Welsher , at the time , was holding
his revival hero at Rov. Mr. Lamar's church ,
and was written to about the strange in
quiry. Ho roturncd to his homo in Abilene ,
Kan. , where a few weeks ago the death-bed
confession of the thief nnd confidence man
was forwarded to him , thus exonerating him
from the crime. The letter will be pub
lished in the Bnn to-day and Mr.
Wolsher's friends will rejoice in his exoner
A Very lively Blcotinn Nominations
It can't bo imagined and it can't bo de
scribed , for it was the meeting of
the Third ward democrats in South Omaha ,
"I've paid 50 cents for miny a show" said
ono elector at the close ns ho tried to recover
his voice in front of an adjoining bar , "but I
niver had the fun I had to-night. That ex
plains it. It was out in the lonely school
house on the west sldo where two smoky
hand lamps throw the chairman and secre
tary out in bold relief , while the audlcnqo
was lost in the gloom. Charlie King was the
chairman , and did his best to preserve order ,
but ho might as well have endeavored to
make a stream run up hill. Johnny Maher
ofllciatcd as secretary and faithfully took the
minutes of the meeting when the crowd got
far enough away from the table to lot him use
his pencil. A stable lantern helped the Unit
reporter out behind the table , where It was
held by nn elector in the safest place tlio ro-
portcr could Jind. They were noisy from the
Ill-stand the chairman evidently recognised
most of the voters , for ho at once appointed
two sorgcants-at-arms in the person of Pat
rick Ityuu and Jim Dougherty. Pat is said
to bo the author of an original poem with u
chorus which runs :
"O I'll ' bo wid star
, a policeman u upon my
An' whin I'm not on duty I'll ' wear it on
mo vest.
I'll run you 'foro Judge Rcuthor , and there
you'll pay a line ,
He'll ask you who arrested you , an' you'll
say 'twas Paddy Ryan. "
Pat and .lim helped to restore order for a
time , and at Intervals the names of Hliorvo-
nicht , O'Rouko and Donavan could bo heard
us nominees for councilman. They were al
lowed to stand until the meeting appointed
judges nnd toilers , and the meeting had homo
trouble in doing this. Finally it appointed
Andy Conway and Fred Howley as tellers ,
nnd i ddy D'Hricn us judge , and then the
trouble commenced. The chairman
tried to announce that they
would then vote by ballot on
the question of who would bo the demo
cratic councilman for the Third ward. Someone
ono misunderstood him and t > ad ! "Second the
motion , " and alt the rest of the audience said
thtf sumo thing except n fuw who said
"No-o-o-o , " It led to u gcnoral debate , how
ever , and as everyone in the house took part
and the most of them speaking at once , the
reporter was unable to catch them. He ,
however , caught most of the speeches on the
subject , and gives them verbatim : "Read
the mimes iigin. " " \\hat uro they forl"
"Second the motion. " "You talked too
much last night. " "I'll talk agin to-night ;
1 don't give a G d for jou or any of
you. " " 1'vo not voted. " "You'ro n liar. "
"Utilly for you. "
The chairman tlion called for the sergcant-
at-arms and assured him lie would receive no
harm , and thu voters proceeded to cast their
ballots , the debate in the meantime continu
"Go back , you voted before. " "Your a
d dllar.Vliutdo you want up again ! "
"What the h 1 do you know about. iU"
"Thero's u man voted twice aforo. " "Put
them back. " "Put him out. " "Break away. "
"Mr , Chairman , do you know how many il
legal votes uro being cast. 1" "Tho reporter's
getting his work in. " "Whero's the Bor-
Keant-at-urmsi" "You'ro right , partner. "
"You havn't lived hero a month. " "Uoptl
boy , Johnny. " "O , Billy. " "Sergeant at-
nnns. " "Gentlemen. " "Thoy'rO ringiog in
double ballots now , " and "Cluso the ballot. "
It might bo stated that the Intervals bc-
tWcon these speeches were tilled in with ono
continued chorus Of yells In which every ono
Wok part
"to CliiUraftnj to close all this coutradic-
Uorn I move yon close the box , " said ono
elector with more lung power than the others.
The box referred to had once been tilled with
cigars , bat at the tlmo he spoke it was nearly
filled with ballots. One teller took the hint
and covered It with his lmt-mul there was
Hvo minutes intermission for yelling when
the debate was again taken up.
"Mr , Chairman , I say there's voters
haven't voted. " "I Bay there ain't. " "Shet
up. " "Tro htm out. " "Keep still. " "Gen-
tlemcn. " "Second the motion. " "Yes. "
"Who's a Hart"
The chairman then made himself heard
long enough to say : "There seems to be a
dlsjwsltton for a man to vote any number of
times , and " "Second the motion , " said
seine ono anxious to renew the dcbato. It
was renewed , but the reporter couldn't keep
up , ns the crowd closed in on him and ho
couldn't work his pencil.
The chairman at last secured the school
bell and rang it long enough to attract atten
tion , when he said :
" 1 want you to understand right now , that
I can tnko core of this crowd , or any other
crowd. If there's any man hasn't voted "
"There's thrco times too many votes now , "
said n debater , "let him como Up honestly
and voto. But I won't take another vote
until tills other crowd goes awny from the
table , " continued the chairman.
Once moro the debate was renewed , nnd
during n ten minutes' discussion the only re
marks the reporter could catch wcro "I move
do box is trowed out , and cloy vote at do duro
" " ' of order " "It's '
as cloy go out. "You'ro out ,
n d lio. " "I move a motion to count do
ballots. " "Why in h 1 don't hoi"'Me -
Guiro's got the lloor. " "Let him stay
there. "
To read a further report of the meeting
would bo monotonous , but It wasn't at all
monotonous to bo there. The dcbato wns
very lively all through , but the only
ono hurt was ono that fell from a
bench , on which ho was
gesticulating wildly to attract the attention
of the crowd. He lost no blood , but ho lost
his place on the desk which was quite n loss
to anyone having such a vantage ground.
The "statoos" ( uottcr known as the statutes )
wcro produced and the chairman read out
the pains and penalties allotcd to fraudulent
voters , but without any marked effect. At
last the ballots were counted and the result
showed that J. J. Donovan headed the list
wlthlH ; J. O'Kourk , 44 and J. I. Bllever-
nicht , U.
"I got twenty-four In ono wad , " said Teller
Bowley to the 13BE reporter"nine In another ,
nnd six in another. "
"And I didn't got a chance to vote at all , "
said an elector. "What's your name" ho was
asked. "Kllngman,1'ho said , and when it
was learned the reporter was taking the
names of those who had not voted , the fol
lowing crowded around and gave in theirs :
George Forman.F.McKenna.Frcd Bowloy ,
Tom Hector , Patrick Hector , Win. Cresson ,
Billy Kane , Briney Conway. John Conway ,
John Burk , II. White , Jack Yates , Frank
Koko , Ollio O'Mcan ' , John Jackman , Mike
Sweeny , Frank Tobin , Jack Kelly , Charlie
Sweeney , Jack Hart , Ed. Corrigan , Pete
Corrigan , Frank Burnett , Win. Chiswold ,
Tom Sweeny , Jack Crook , Joe Agar , J. C.
Mays , Emmet Purdy , Frank O'Kourko , Tom
Thompson , George McIntyre.Burt Mclntyre.
H. II. McCandlish , John Mahcr , Pat Manor.
A delegation of fourteen from Albright and
others too numerous to mention.
Messrs. O'RourkBlinvcrnicht and Connors
then got n partial hearing and denounced the
whole outfit , the latter being especially for
cible in his remarks. In order to find out
what the candidates thought of it the re
porter interviewed each of them with the
following result :
John J. Donovan I'm satisfied with the
result. It is the nomination of the Third
ward democrats. It would bo a good deal
straighter if the chairman had put the mo
tions the way he got them. Ono thine I
want to say the chairman was begottcd
against mo. They had their own chairman
nnd secretary , and had commenced the meet
ing before I got there. I have had the nomi
nation twice and I'm going to run on the
straight democratic ticket.
J. L. Bliovernicht I shall withdraw in
favor of .lolin O'Kourko , providing the citi
zens of South Omaha arc satistled with my
withdrawal. If not I am still in the Held.
John O'Kourko I am not satisfied with the
result of to-night's meeting , and my appearance -
anco in the. Hold depends upon the wishes of
Third ward citizens. I want to thank Mr.
Bliovernicht lor his remarks in my favor.
First Ward Frank Pivonka and B. F.
Baylcss for councilmcn and Pat Rico and
Tom Rock , judges of election.
Second Ward B. McMillan , councilman.
Fourth Ward B. Jotter and S. B. Fanno ,
Special Notice to Ijargc Buyers.
$10,000 worth of superb parlor suits ,
sofas , chairs , folding beds , mattresses ,
springs , nt immcnso sacrifice to pay
cish ! ! advances. Please cull , wo can in
terest you.
you.NEW YpiiKSTOHAoi : Co. ,
Capitol iivo. and 15th st.
o >
The Style hi Which n "Woman lle-
hcntocl Interference Kroni a 3Iui.
She was n muscular-looking woman and
wore a stern look and a plush sacquo. Down
the B. & M. platform yesterday there
trotted by her sidu a little girl holding on to
her hand. Instead of lifting the child up to
the car steps , she stopped aboard jiml actual
ly jerked the little girl up by ono' ' arm. The
child began to cry , and n gentleman who
stood on the opposite step , said : "Madam ,
you shouldn't treat that child so cruelly. "
What ! " she yelled. "I hadn't , chi1 Tnko
that you wretch and mind your own busi
ness. " With thfso words she let go with her
loft , as the sporting editor would say , and
caught the gentleman squarely on the nose
from which the blood spurted forth.
The man was game and smarting under the
Insult made a rush for his assailant. She
squared herself , a la Sullivan , and neatly
stopped him and delivered an upper cut blow
that made the gentleman's teeth rattle. Heron
n brakeman interferred and stopped further
hostilities ,
The woman turned to the laughing crowd
that had gathered nnd said : "I ain't no
slouch if I do wear petticoats. " Then she
entered the conch while tier defeated antago
nist sought u place to wash his bloody face.
Folding- Boils Cheap.
Only $21 , cost $50 , and anytlung clso
in proportion lit
Niw YoiiicSTOKAoi : Co. ,
Capitol ave and loth bt.
There has novcr been in this country n
greater singer than is "Marianne Brandt , in
the particular line In which she has made
herself famous.
Onoofour leading musicians stated yester
day that as between Brandt and Adallna
Pattl , there was no comparison ; that there
was infinitely moro pleasure in hearing
Brandt than Pattl.
At > the Apollo club concert this
evening she will sing three number , winch
will give our people an opportunity to judge
for themselves of her great ability. Another
very attractive feature of this concert , be
sides the hinging of the club , which is always
cnjoyablo , will bo the Grieg concerto In A
minor , played by Madumo Muontofcring , as
sisted tiy Martin Calm , the first time in
Omaha wo behove. The solo of tickets begins
at the box ofUco of Boyd's opera house to
morrow morning.
Itccllnlii ) , ' Chairs Only $ ,
Cost $20. At Now York Storage Co. ,
Capftol avo. and 16th st.
Activity AniniiK Iho Knlooimion.
A largo number of the saloons in the city
are having a tough time in getting in readi
ness to meet the mandates of Mayor Broatch
that the remaining three quarters $ Ti > 0 of
their annual linuor license must bo put up by
April ! . There has been a regular shower of
chattel mortgages in the county clerk's ofllco
within the past week , and they still continue
to pour in thicl ; nnd fast. There are yet ft
great many outstanding whom it is assuredly
known won't bo able to meet the demand ,
and the result is looked forward to with no
inconsiderable curiosity on the puit of the
haloonatics. Several openly avow their in
tention to test the mutter in the courts.
A surprise , when- smoking "Soiclon-
barg Figaro" forSo you will llud it u , lUc
cigar , Ask your dealer for them ,
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Another Post.
This evening there will bo n meeting
of the veterans or the war who reside in
North Omaha , in the hall ot Goodrich lodge
on Saumlcrs street , to perfect arrangements
for the establishment of a new post of the O.
A , 11. It is expected that tlicro will cthcn bo
read a list of the names of all the posts of the
G. A. It. in this department , which
has been forwarded by Captain. Henry , of
Fremont , the newly elected commander.
This has been promised to save the possibil
ity of duplication. With this information is
expected a chartorof the post. It is the in
tention to make the post one of the most sta
ble In the btatc. ;
A. Card.
It has been reported that I am lost.
I most emphatically deny this and state
for the benefit of the public that I was
looking up some outsidejproporty which
I have for trade. R. L , .
Omaha's Ijittlc Artists.
Misses Allen , Maxwell and Wycoff , the
teachers deputized for tbo purpose , met at
the rooms of the Hoard of Education yester
day afternoon , and selec t d the specimens of
fnucy art work from the different schools
which are to bo sent for further inspection to
the state teachers' convention at Fremont
Much of the drawing is of u very creditable
nature , and reflects credit alike upon pupil
nnd teacher.
Thlspowder never varies. A mnrvc'ofpurl-
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= = = ® niL
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and down the inside eeam ot
5isiJi4 the pants , aud we ulll lit you.
You can fccnd money with order , or ve will
tend C. O. I ) by express.
Inferences : First National Hank , Omaha ,
or any lim-tltiis house In Omaha.
. U T llils out and return-with ate , cauli ornlaiiipi ,
I i iiuouri'U'lptGf whlcji nu will tend , prepaid. Co
iinjr tulilirbf , enu One Dollar pHkkHKu Judon
OrninuliK. .iho.Kreutttt Llood and tiling inudj-
rtii IJouU utilll April 2U. :
civ Mo
-iiv CAiinicn rou-
20 Cents a Week.
Seven papers a week. Send your order to the
ofllce ,
1029 P Street , Capital Hotel Building
. , NEB.
The best known and mo t popular Hotel la the
Matu. location central , appointments ilr.M-clmi.
Utmlqimrturs for commercial men and all political
* ' " " " " " " " " " " " " " '
at llOGCUUf IVoprtctor
coats , cut only from 33 to 38 sizes. Made
t n line diagonal twill in llghtbrown
tnn color , with handsome silk facings ,
dressy and just right for thu present
season. Placed on our counters this
week at $12.
Lot No. 7. Wo offer 250 Boys' ' Strict
a small neat basket pattern , medium
color , neither very light nor very dark
in sizes for boys 4 to 111 years old. Wo
manufactured these goods in Fob. of the
present year and have sold hundreds ot
them and the average price has boon
$0 a suit. During the present week or
until they are closed , wo shall offer
them for ! .50 a suit. READ THE
PRICE ONCE MORE , 83.60nnd romom.
her they are strictly nil wool , no cotton
or shoddy in them. Only $3.60. Every
fault Js worth $0 to-day.
Lot No. 8 150 BOYS' PLAIN
BLOUSE SUITS , strictly all wool , maclo
from n medium color Cheviot , ono of
the best suits in our stock at any price ,
Mid a beautiful color for spring and
bummer for boys C to 12 years , only $3 a ,
suit. Every suit is worth $5.
Lot No. 9 Wo offer the balance of
several lots of dark mixed cassimcro
suits , somewhat broken in s\tes. \ Suits
that have sold for $3.50 and $4. They
are in heavy weights and will bo closed
Percheron1' , Clyilcsclnloo nnd Shtro , nlso horai }
lired colts. JJvury animal CTarantccct a hreoflpB
Our stock lias Vjccn selected with referenceId )
linth Individual inoilt nml pedigree. Borneo !
these horses htive taken first prl/e nt the Nebraska <
braska State IVlr , 1R87. All our hoi sen are a
rllmntcil , nnd rolls of their nt't can 1)0 ghownj
I'rlcpsrensonublo nnd onsy terms , in nccesslbla
ly the tlireo Icndlns lallioads of the state , IJ. a
Jl K. E. & M. V. , and 1C C te O.
Fill' & I'AIlltllAlt , York , Neb
w cotnliily n romracid
rour t ) i thetebt itmedy
Cartl In i Lnown tousfoK OBonbMA
.fl TO t DATS.V and Gl tt.
va rul < t4 sol UV Wo hire mid tt > nld r.
u BlMolon. twe , and la tvtry ctlo l |
Alc.U A
Ki&Stin Cbiclul Co.
Hudita. H TSJ
Ohio. Sold by Drue
r.k 1.00.
For Medicinal and Family Use.
Is Death to Sure Cure for
For Quart Bottle.
Sold Only In Boiiles , for Salt by Crocen
For Sals by and Wlnt Merchantt
Druggists [ very where. Eueryuihirt.
SJI0fS3Wr , , : wuuvumu UUK vnVSTJag
Tbl It to certify that 1 liavotiarnlncd too lamplo of UELLB OP BOIWUON WHISKEY r ctl d fr a
Lawrence , Oitrom A Co. , and found Clio tame to l > o perfectly free from Futel Oil and all otlur delft'-
. 1 reiuiiiintnd Ibti for family and Mtdlclntl purpoiei.
lUbsUncct and utrlctly puru. cheerfully tame
J , V. lliliNU * U. P. , Aniilytlcal Lliemlil , l.oulivllle. Kr.
I AI > STOVK ISItOS. A : CO. , AecniM for Oinnliu , Xcl > .
ELGUTTER'S Mammotli Clothing House
Best Scotch Cheviot Suits , $12.50.
Best Blue Middlesex Suits , $9.00 ,
3,000 Pr. fine Pants at $4.
Mammoth Clothing House ,
& lOtli Sts
Cor. Farnam *