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    OHE ? OMAHA DAILY BEE : FRIDAY , MAKOH 23. isss , 5
Bovornl IfttoroBtlnff and Intolllfjont
VlowB Exchanged.
rolKlclnns'ntia oniccHoldersSeverely
llniiillctl ntul Without Gloves
They Were Not Without
Champion * , Ihouuh.
Colored Clul ) Delmte.
Recorder of Deeds Mcgcath was nt the
licnd of a number of whites who last night at
the council clmtnbcr Intermingled , with n fair
sized turnout of the representative- colored
politicians anil cltbciis of the city. The ob
ject of the gathering wrw to listen to a debate
on the resolution.
Hcaolvcd. Thnt It Is clearly npoln t the
Afro American voters to divide their vote in
the coining cnmpniKn , but nt all liarnnU cast
their solid votu for the noininecs of the re
publican party , national , state , county and
The subject was nlily , vigorously and Intel
lectually Imtullcd by the debaters , uncl their
logic was listened to attentively throughout ,
It was-after U o'clock when the assemblage
was called to ordur and or anl/cd with
Henry Scroggins ns president. The vice-
presidents were : Prom the Young Men's
Kcpubllcan club , Messrs. W. U. Watson , A.
A. I'luiiiincr and W. T. Jackson j from the
independent voters , F. F. Uollnwny , Millartl
Singleton and Lincoln Drown. Secretary ,
Mr. Burnett.
Mr , ScroRgins upon taking the chair spoke
of the adulation of the colored voters with
the republican party , and said that twenty-live
.years expcrlcuco has led them to think for
Mr. Hanks , president of the Young men's
colored club , was the first sinker In snpitort
of the resolution. Ho said that it was au im
portant one. The republican party had
always been and Is to-day the friend of the
negro. Why should they divide their vote ,
and give it to the party that had always Icept
them down , trampled on human rights and
chained their fnth'orB and mothers and kept
them in bondngo and slavery T The demo
cratlc party had done n little lor them in the
way of giving them ofllecs , but colored tnon
should not bo caught by such molasses. In
the republican party wo have the crcuio do la
cromo , and in the other democracy and the
devil. The speaker paid eloquent tributes to
Lincoln and Sumiier , and nsked if the demo
crats could show such men as they. If the
democrats nro our enemies knock them out
writh your votes , and stand solid for the re
publican noininccstwos the ndvjco given by
Air. Hanks.
Dr. M. O. Ulcketts argued in the negative.
Ho was n staunch believer in republican
principles , but was opposed to the ways nnd
manners of tbo republican ofllco holders. Ho
next gave the Kcpubllenn a raking- over for
an article printed in that paper In reference
to the meeting , and said It was n direct in
sult to the colored men who nro asked to
cling to n party whoso organ in Douglas
county hurla insinuations and burlesques nt
'them. The doctor said that ho was opposed
to nil kinds of slavery , and insisted that the
negroes wore now shackled to as great a
slavery as the one they had been freed from
political slavery. The republican party was
making tools of the colored voters , and
Icnlfed them every time It got n chance. That
was true of Douglas county , and when some
of its best colored citizens asked for positions
of honor they were choked off and put down.
In conclusion the doctor said it was
time the colored voters freed themselves
from this yoke of political slavery and ex
pressed their manhood. In the past tlio re
publican party had done something for thorn ,
Jjut it was not doing it to-day. For years the
republican voters had been tickling the backs
of the republican party that it might laugh ,
but it was now time that the republican
party tickled their backs tliat they might
Mr. Smith insisted , while sustaining the
resolution , that It was the duty of colored
voters to cast their votes for the republican
party , which lifted them from slavery and
made thorn full-Hedged citbens of the United
States. There is othinT ) in the democratic
party to Inspire the support of the colored
man. Democrats did not vote for the four
teenth and fifteenth amendments , but still
they ask for colored votes. In the south they
have usurped the colored vote , and the
rights of the colored man is being over
ridden. Thcro ho is in majority by several
millions , but is not given a chance to elect A
presidential elector and has only one con
grcssman in Washington.
Mr. Parker , in responding in the negative ,
said that the republican party was only
pandering to the colored men to got their
votes. The party was pulling away from the
colored men , and it was time that they in
turn were pulling away from the republican
party and to think and act like men. The
speaker said that ho had always been true to
the republican party , but it was not acting
true to him nnd that ho was going to with
draw from that yoke of political slavery.
The progressive colored people were with
him and wcro getting out of that old rut of
political fogyiam.
Mr Spngg sustained the nfllirmativo. Ho
said ho is a straight out republican , nnd don't
expect to bo anything else so long as ho lives.
The republican party had freed the colored
man from slavery , took him by the hand and
educated him. Ucsides , this party
had given the negroes _ employment ,
and of ! t,000 negroes employed four
years ago In the government offices at Wash
ington only 1 ! > U tire now employed. The
democrats had turned them out , nnd now has
the check to ask the negroes to divide their
voto.Mr. . Hubbard defended the negative. Ho
denied that the republican party had given
them ofllcoand dwelt on local proofs to sustain
the assertion. Sheriff ; Colmrn and a repub
lican register of deeds said that there was
not n colored man in Douglass county capable
of being a Jailor or clerk , but a democratic
register of deeds discovered a colored man
capable to work In his ofllco. The speaker
attacked the leaders of the republican party ,
and said the best men had been either driven
out or wcro leaving it of their own accord.
Mr Hanks closed the debate by saying that
the previous speaker had misreprosented'tho
principles nf the colored voters of Douglas
county. The republican party is a party oi
the people and for the people , and the great
men of the country are in the republican
party , and ho bcsccchcd his hearers not to
put democrats in power with their votes.
A man who was uiulor the inlluonco ol
Honor Insisted on disturbing the speakers , ami
after putting up with him fqr aomo time hi
was ri'moved from the meeting by force ami
placed in the lockup.
WKX NUW fll. D.'S.
Seventh Anniinl Commencement 01
Omnliii Medical
A largo audlcnco assembled nt UoyiVs opera
IIQUBO last evening to witness the exercises ff
the seventh annual commencement of the
Omaha Medical college. During the opening
overture the faculty Hied in , followed by the
candidates for the degree of M. D. The ill
vine blessing was Invoked by the Kov. Willan
Scott , and after another selection by the or
chcstra the Hov. Dean Gardner was Intro
duced and delivered the address ;
"I have the most profound respect for the
medical profession and medical sclonco , " sail
the speaker. "Christ was the physician of
souls. The study of mcdicino ranks next ii
dignity to the science of theology. Eucl
medical aspirant should feel that ho Is no
animated by a love of science und dollars
but u love of good and sympathy with men
An eminent physician upon being asked by
young doctor the best book for hln
to read next , replied , "Don Quixote.1
Ho meant that the young nun should not devote
vote himself to hooka exclusively , hut sliouh
also study men. Youngmcnyourgraduntloi
is from books nnd lectures into the study o
men. If you wish to bccomo good pruction
crs yon must pay the minutest attention ti
the details of your work. The man win
practices particularity makes thouholo worli
tributary to himself. This is an ngo of gen
orallzatlou , and in no other field is thcro suel
a need of ii ns in the practice of medicine
You must inspire confidence in your patlcn
and give him your sympathy and lovo. 1
ever 1 wcro side I would never tolerate at m >
bedslda the ooltl professionalism that can cu
oil u leg with imntTeionoo or watch tt deaf
with u critical eye. The great genius is h
vho masters the details of nil his profession.
t should bo the ambition of every man to
xccl In his chosen profession. Choose Christ
ns your master : bo the guardians of sobriety
and chastity , your powers for good and evil
are simply enormous. The ofllco of physician
md minister blend together in man's organ-
sin , And now. * young Intn , you arc golnif
out Into the world to help the afflicted nnd to
nllcvintc pain , yon need a firm and resolute
nith in Almighty God. Marching under this
> anncr you will bo Instruments of incalcula
ble good to humanity ,
Thonddicss was followed by another sc-
ection by the orchestra nnd Prof.
j. F. McKenna read nn address to the grad-
latcs preparatory to the presentation of ill-
ilomas. The pajrcr was very ably written ,
jut considerable of it was lost to thonudl-
: nro on nccount of n poor delivery. Ho men-
.loncd n number of Illustrious names in the
calmsof mcillrino and urged the young men
, o emulate their example. Ho also pointed
to the great American discoveries in medi
cine. Ho advised the young men to slick to
.heir business nnd leave politics , base ball ,
trenching nnd whisky nlonc. Ho told them
l > y nil means to get married , as he assured
Lhcm they needed n good wife more than a
iood wife needed them.
The diplomas wcro then conferred upon the
following graduates ! Ira Elinln Jasper At-
Itlnson , Homer Frank Fort , Frank Dooley
Uurgcss , Sherman J. Hndley , Robert Hiunsay
Livingston , jr. , Joseph Henry Miller , .loslnm
Shipley Dovrics , .losoph ISmvnrd Noon , Ed
ward JacKson Tapgart , Andrew Crawford.
Next Dr. M. W. Stowo , chairman of the
state medical society , presented each of the
graduates with accrtlncato from thatsoclety ,
with the brief Injunction ; "Young men , If
vou do no good , for heaven's sake do no
The closing address was given by Prof.
Toscph Neville , M. D. Ho said that the first
-hitig the young physician ilncls out is that
.ho rich patient is monopolized by the old
doctor , and the young man's ilrst patient
probably is In n wretched hovel. The poor
man Is the young doctor's friend. The phy
sician whoIs idle is indeed wretched , as
any Idle man is a sorrow to himself nnd n
burden to the community. The advances In
mcdicino hnvo kept pace with those of other
sciences. Look nt the wonderful discovery
of amusthasla. the laryngoscope , the art of
diagnosis nnd numerous others. It is nil
right if doctors do occasionally disagree. It
cads to study and bettor doctors. Ills part
ing" injunction to the graduates was : Hcmcin-
icr the ode of Hippocrates , in which the phy
sician says : " 1 will follow that practice
iVhicli is bcsb for my patient nnd abstain
from that which is deleterious and mischiov-
nis , " A number of the graduates were
loaded with iloral tributes.
A Union Pacific Freight Starts Out
With Two.
There was flashed over the wires frpm Chicago
cage at a rtlto hour yesterday afternoon or
ders from the grievance committee of loco
motive engineers and firemen who went from
Omaha to Chicago to confer with Chief Ar
thur to the Union Pacific engineers to begin
handling "Q" cars. The edict was received
with a display of dlsappointmcnt'by the men ,
who for n time wcro loth to accept
its genuineness. Later the order was
substautia ted. nnd the duty of handling the
cars of the boycotted road started in nt
Council Bluffs. At that point for the Ilrst
time in weeks two "Q" cars loaded with
freight wore attached to freight train No. 27 ,
which passed through Omaha lost night on
its way west. Up to midnight this was the
only departing train that was thus decorated ,
but as several freights were booked to como
across the river for the west by day break ,
It was expected that "Q" cars would figure
in the make-up.
At midnight a Bnn reporter visited the
yards of the Union Pacific and was told that
no Uurllngton cars had been switched or at
tached to trains as yet on this side , though
there were hundreds of them lying about.
Cornered for a reason for this the men said
they wcro not ready to explain.
Thnt Tireil Feeling
Afflicts nearly every ono in the spring.
The system having become accustomed
to the bracing air of winter , is weak
ened by the warm days of the changing
season , und readily yields to attiiclcs of
disease. Hood's Sarsapnrilla is just the
medicine needed. It tones and builds
up every part of the body , nnd also expels -
pels all impurities from the blood. Try
it this season.
General Court Mnrtlnl.
Urigadlcr General Crook has ordered a
general court martial to meet at Fort Niobvara
Wednesday , March 28. The details of the
court is :
Lieutenant Colonel Bryant , Captain
Cooney , Captain Wells , Captain Savage ,
Captain Wilhelin , Captain AVhitney , Lieu
tenant Emmctt , Lieutenant Ames , Lieu
tenant 131am , Lieutenant Stafford , Lieuten
ant Hutchcson , Lieutenant Uingham , Lieu
tenant Jones , Jr. , Captain Ernest.
Adjutant General U. C. Drew directs that
tha proper ofllccrs at posts to which recruits
or military prisoners , may bo consigned to
receive and rccqipt to officers in charge of
dctatchmcnts for the ordinance stores in
their possession pertaining to the detacd-
to Wed.
The following marriage licenses were
issued yesterday by Judge Shields :
Name and Residence , Age.
Frank M. Chndd , Omaha . 23
Lola Moss , Omaha . i . 17
Frank Stratlmcker , Omaha . S3
Catherine Hies , Omaha . S3
Kobort K. Spollman , Omaha . 2.1
Ella Burden , Omaha . 13
Oft obscure the road that leads to health ,
Unmarked by board or sign ;
Wisdom avails not. powerless Is wealth
To Hootho those aches of thine. .
But do not despair , with life there's hope ,
The cloud conceals the sun ;
With Piercc's Favorite Prescription at hand
You life's full race may run.
Moro truth than poetry in these lines ,
ns thousands of ladies nil over the land
now blooming with health , testify to
the great cunitlyo powers of Dr. Piorco'a
Favorite Prescription , adapted by much
research nnd careful study to the happy
relief of all those weaknesses and ail
ments peculiar to females. All drug
gists. _
Gone to California.
Herman Mittman , who was acquitted of
the charge of murdering the man Durham ,
bus packed up nil his effects , and with his
wlfo and daughter has loft the scenes un
pleasant to his gn/o and gone to California ,
where ho will icsldo.
MANY whoso occupations nro of a BO-
dontary character , often have the feel
ing of being literally worn out , nnd nro ,
reminded very forcibly of declining
years , when if they know yhnt ailed
thorn , they would find all their troubles
uroso from the inaction of their kidneys
or liver. If they would at such times
take Dr. J. II , McLean's Liver nnd Kid
ney Ualin , would again feel the vigor
and strength of maturity.
Reception ( o Marianne Brandt.
Muricnno Brandt , the gifted und charming
vocalist who sings at the Apollo club concert
this evening , was tendered a reception last
night at the residence of Ute Hractivogcl , A
number of leading citizens of Omaha were
among the invited guests and a delightful
evening was passed.
Hack No. 150.
The driver of hack No. 20 is much aggrieved
over the fact that the Bxu stated that after
Ella Burden returned frem her runaway
trip she was driven homo in his hack. The
young lady and her present husband rode in
BOino other vchiclo.
A Pleasing lOntertalnmoiit.
Viola Lodge No. SO Knights of Pythias ,
held n very pleasing and enjoyable entertain-
incut n Central hall last night. The differ
ent numbers on the \vull arranged programme ,
consisting of braes , string ami vocal music ,
recitations nnd un address by Knight It. S.
Ervm were carried out in an acceptable nmu-
Rov.T. M. House will Jeoturo to-night
at the Y , M. O. A. hall upon the sub
ject , "Forces of Our Time , " No churgo
for admission.
The ITcnthcn Chlnco Is Peculiar.
Ex-Consul Holcombo In Jeweler's
Weekly : ' The recent discussions about
adulterated gold nnd silver ware re
minds mo of nn Incident which hap
pened to nn English friend of inino
ivhilo in China , us the representative
for his government. Ho was ono of the
nblost men who lind over hold the posi
tion , ntul nn excellent Chliicso scholar.
Shortly nftor ho had domesticated
: ihn < ! elf in Pokin he determined to hnvo
v pair of silver candlesticks inndo by n
lativo workman , but , having already
earned to his cost that the merchants
of the ilowory kingdom make u'o of
every well-known device to cheat n CIH-
.omer , ho was extremely careful to he-
'oct n silversmith of unquestioned rcpu-
utioti. The bargain was duly made.
My friend was to furnish ftOO Mexican
dollars , which the silversmith was to
nolt and mnko into n pair of cnnilolit-
irn , reserving 8 per cent of the silver
'or his labor. In duo time the camlpln-
jra was delivered and gave great satis
faction ,
After several years , when his term of
ofllco had expired nnd my friend was
about to return to Hnglnnd , ho con
cluded to dispose of his hntidbomo can
delabra , and calling in anotnor bilvor-
sinith asked him to mnko an offer. The
Chinaman examined them carefully and
it last offered $2.50. Explanations were
\t once , in order , nnd the minister soon
.earned that while ho had theoretically
liutSOO Mexican dollars into his candoln-
> ri : , there was not an' ounce ot silver in
In a great rage ho immediately sent
for the first silversmith , and the following - ,
ing converiation ensued , it being berne
in mind that it is considered by the
Chinese a mark of respect for a subor-
liimto to repeat words addressed to him
jy a superior before answering thorn :
The British minister You Infernal
scoundrel ! Didn't I make a bargain
with you three years ago to make apair
jf fcolitl silver cniulolabras , and didn't I
furnish you SttOO for them ?
Chinese silversmith You infernal
scoundrell Didn't I make a bargain
with you tlu-eo years ago to raako me a
| inlr of solid silver candelbraand didn't
I furnish ydu $300 for them ? Yes , 5'our
British minister And aren't those
your work , andthoro isn't an ounce of
silver in them ?
Chinese silversmith And nrou'tthose
my work , and there isn't an ounce of
silver in them ? Most true , your oxcol-
British minister You barefaced thief ,
if before sunset you don't bring mo
every dollar I gave you , I'll send you to
prison. Got out of my sight !
Chinese silversmith You barefaced
thiof. If before sunset I don't bring
your excellency every dollar your excel
lency , you will soud mo to
prison. Quito right , your excellency.
The silversmith bowed and departed.
Half nn houraftorward he returned with
the money , which ho linndcd over with
ninny assurances of his distinguished
consideration and best wishes that the
minister might have n pleasant voyage
homo , ho calmly took his dcpxrturo.
The Poisoned Key of Padnn.
Gcorgo D. Simms in tha London
Referee : Another delightful relic o
the life nnd times of the Tyrant of
Padua is a simple key about the size
of an ordinary door key. It was the
key of the Dulco's library in his private
room. When ho wanted to get rid of
nnjr person in his household that ho had
n bitter feeling ngninbt he used to ring
his boll and ask for Mr. John to bo sent
to him ( fancy name , of course ) . When
John entered the Duke would say : "O ,
John , I wish you would go to the booic-
case in my private room and bring mo
the "Dngonot Ballads. " "Certainly ,
your grace , " Mr. John would say , nnd
nwny lie would trot with the key in his
hand. When ho got to the
library ho would put the key
in the lock of the bookcase and
turn it. But directly ho turned it , out
of the handle of the key shot a long
poisoned , ncodlo , which stabbed the
hand of the holder and instantly shot
baclc again. John would let go of the
key and say , "What the cluco was that. "
Ho would look at his hand and see only
: i small , dark blue spot. Ho would
think nothing of it , but all of a sudden
ho would begin to feel queer in his
head. Presently some one would como
in and find him in a-lit on the lloor and
the household would be alarmed. "Mr.
John 1ms had a btroko or a fit , " the people
ple would say. A doctor would bo bent
for , but his services would bo of no avail.
In twenty-four hours Mr. John would bo
dead and everybody would think that ho
had died through a fit. Thcro were no
bothering coroners' inquests to upset
the plans of elovor follows like the
Duke Francis in those days.
When is an actress old ? Hero comes
a story from Bordeaux , France , to the
effect that Mine. Cornolio Fauvolio
lately celebrated her eightieth birthday
by playing the same boubrctto part in
which she made her debut three-quar
ters of a century ago. In the audience
were her children , grandchildren and
Yesterday's internal revenue collec
tions amounted to $10,012.1 ! ] .
Joe Waring was arrested yesterday
for stealing some harness from Mr.
McVittio , Eleventh and Farnanibtreots.
His trial was fixed at 11 a. in. , this
First Stroke of Pain
The Class. Fifty million population. Pale
for tlio lirst time to one in every ten
1'ivo million need relief. How ? Promptly ,
permanently. Certainty of euro at reason'
ublocost. How to lind out ? On rcputa
tiou , throuyli experiment , by proof.
The Merits. Kxnmplc. Talco tip St. Jacob !
Oil.thoGrcat Itemcdv for Pain. Ilasuporioi
merits known to all the world. Kxperieiict
chowa its merits through its cOlcucy ,
the EITlcacv. 1. Its cfTccta nro prompt
2. Its relief la sure. 3. Ita cures an
I > ermnnent. 4 , It cures chronic case ? o. '
ns long Btandina 113 40 years. 6. Ita curd
are without relapse , without return o !
jiaiu. 0 , It cures in nil cases nscJ no
conlinit to directions , 7. In every bottli
thero's-u cure , in every application a relief
The Proof. 1. The testimony cannot bt
disputed. 2. It 1ms been renewed artel
lapse of years. 3. No return of pain in
J raI. . It lias cured in all BROS and con
diUons. 6. It has cured all forms of anfl'cr
iiiK. 0. It has cured all ntuges of painfa
ailments. 7. It has cured cases considered
hopeless. 8. It has cmued crutches nni
canes to be tliroun away 0. Ita best curd
ore chronic cusc * .
' ' II " l'
T/16 / Price. 1. TJio best always first and
cLcapest , 2. Tlie best is the promptest ,
Bafet , surest , most permanent. 3. Tin
benellts derived are beyond price. 4. K *
muplcs show that no competition can show
like rcaulU. 6. It U the beat ,
Sold by Drvyyiiti ant } Dealtrt Eieryvher
YU Charloi A. Vocolor Co. , Jlalto. ,
Its superior eTrcllcnco provnn In mlllloni nf
homes for moro thnn n qunrtor of n contnry. It
It used bo tlio United States Oovorntiu-iit. Kn-
ilorscd by the licnilsof the ( Irent Pnlvcrsttles ns
thoBtroiiRest. 1'iirest nml Most Healthful , Dr.
1'rltto's ( 'ream linking I'owrtcr ilncs not contain
Ammontn. Minn or Alum. Bold only In cans.
Now York Chicago. Bt Ixnils
r All BTphliltle niiCKimi , of recent or long tUnalne.ln
from ten to nrteen i1iu . We will Rite written ( tunr-
BnUieitocurennjcnueor refund yourmonnj. Anil
we would tar to those wlio Imve cniplojcil tlio moil
Pkllled I'liyslclnnB , used every known rpmcUy nno
liare not been cured , tunt jou nre tbe subjects we urn
looking for. You that liavo been to tha colebrntol ;
Jlot Bprlngs of Aifcantu , anil bav * lost all bopo of
, ire
crraakenoclikreo. Our remedy Is unknown to anr
one In tbp world outildo of our Company , nnd It ti
tbe only remedy in thu world that will cure you. Wo
will cure tbo most obstinate case la lens than ono
month. Seven dnys In recent cues does the work. H
Is the old , chronic , deep-seated cases that we solicit.
\VenavocurDdhnndreds who bad been nbaadouod
by Morticians ami pronounced Incurable , and
We Challenge ttie World
to bring ni n cue that we'will not cure In lesi than
one month. ,
Since thfl history of mealclno. aTrue Spoclfle for
ByphllltlChKruptlons. Ulccri , Horu mouth , Ac. , tiM
DS D sou t lor but nevqr lound until
Our Magic ; Remedy
ras dlscoTcred , and yre are'lnstlfltd In saying It Is th *
only remedy In tba world { bat will poMtlrely cure ,
because tbo latest medical , works , published by the
best known authorities , ray there was nerer a , true
reellie before. Our Itcmodr Is the only medicine ID
the world that will cure when evcrythlnit else ha4
failed. It has been eo conceded by a farce number of
Celebrated I'hytlclans. IT HAS NXVEII YET TAILII >
To CDHE. Why wast , your time and money with
Latent medicines that ncter had virtue , or doctor
Itli physicians that cannot cure you. You that hava
tried everything else should come to ns now and gel
permanent relief I you nntcr can net It elsewhere.
Mark what we njt In the end you must take our
Ucmedy or NKTIH recover ! 'And ' you that have been
afflicted but a short time should by all means come to
us now. tinny get help and think theya re free front
tbe disease , but In one , two or three years after , U
appears agiln In a more horrible form. .
investigate onr financial standln j through the mer
cantile agenclei and note that wo are fully reaponsl *
ble and our written fruarantena are Rood , we hnve ft
lUiitnv prepared on purely Scientific 1'tlnclplcs and
wo wish to repeat tnst It Niveu JAILS TO cum. All
Utters sacredly confidential.
Booms 1C and IT nellman Block.
CAPITAL PRIZE , $150,000
"We do hereby certify that wo supervise the HP
ranjcementfl for all tlio monthly nnd quarterly
Drawings of Tlio Louisiana btato lottery Company ,
anil In person manage and control the drawing * them *
splven , and tliat tha snme nro conducted with honusty
falrncua and In coed fnllli toward nil partloa , and wo
antlioriie tlio Company to USD this certlltcate with
fac similes of our signature attached , In I la advertise *
We , the unclorslKniMl Hunks nnd Hunkers will i > : iynll
1'rUea drawn In tlio ijOiilslanuMalu ixjllurlea wuldi
mny he pruscnteit nt uur counters.
J. H. LXil.lWDV , TrcJ. l.oulfllanu Ntitloiml Hank.
HKIUIK I.ANAUX , 1'rtM. State Nntlimal Dank.
A. HAI.nWl.V , I'rcs. New Orlonni * .atlon .
CAH1 , K011N , I'rcs. Union National Uanlc.
Louisiana State Lottery Company ,
Incorporated In 13. for2S yenrs , by the f-culilntiira
foriMluuitlonHl nud clmrltitble purposes with n tapl *
tnl nf SI.yil.i"ti ) \ > hi tli a reserve luud of over
tiOO.UIJ lias since tieen added.
lly nn overwhelming popular vote Hi franclil'o
wan nuulo a inirt n ( tliu present constitution adopted
Uerombci , A. IKISTTJ.
Tlio only lottery over vote 1 on and endorsed l > r tbe
people o ( any state.
It never scale ] or postpones.
Its lirand blnitlo Number Drairlnes InVo place
monthly , and the Orarid Quarterly Drnwlni : * reuu-
Inrtj u\ury three months ( Miirch , June , buptenluer
nnd Dnrpmhor.l
A hl'l.K.NDlI ) Ori'OHTUNlTV TO WIN A FOll-
TI'Ni : . rnurili firanil Drawing. Class I ) . In thu Acad
emy f Musle , New Orleans , Tuesday Aplll W.ltei
I'liUi Monthly Draw Int.- .
CAPITAL PRIZE , $150,000.
e Tickets are Ton Dollars Only.
Halves , $5 ; Fifths , $2 ; Tenths , $1.
1 CAPITA ! * I'KIZB Of ti'atm . nwnor ,
1 llltANI ) I'ltl/.K Of i i
I.AltK ! I'lll/KSOK i t , . .
4 1.AIUIK 6U < ) . WflU
a ) 1'uiy.isa w ,
u > nn
KM " nnm ;
au " llll
ua "
100 Approxlmatlo'n PrlieVoJ t l
im * ' i fli. .
l.mi Terminal " W.1
2,17'J I'rlios , amounting to . ' , „ " .
Application fnrntten to rlnln Hhould bo nmduoulr
to tliu ( ittlcu of tliu coinpanj'i ' in Nuvr Orlauna.
Kur turtlier liiformiitliiii.wrlto ilearly , KlrlnK full
nildnw * . 1'O.yi'AfcNOTKS. oxinvii mouov onlurs. or
Now York ISiclianifoln onllniry letter. Currency Uy
ciiirust ( at our eipou&e ) addrotcd tn
W. A' DAL'l'IIIN ,
Address Registered Letters to
TnT\n7AT"Tnlf' That the presence of Oon-
JVIM11.1MU ni lLerolt
IU'ium > iard and
Karly , who are In charxoof the clrnwinm , i n tuar-
unteo of absolute lulnicss and Intutirlty , that tha
tlianccs are all equal , nnd that no one can uosilbiy
dlvlno what nuuiliur will draw a Trite.
ItKMKMHIClt that the myment of all prltcs Ii
oiil.EA.Sh. and tlio tlckuta nru sUnod by thu president
of an Institution whole chartered rUhti are rucou-
nlzed lu the highest courts ; therefore , beware ot uuy
ludtauont or auonraout schemes.
Nos. 3O3-4O4-I7O-6O4.
We have made elaborate preparations for a big spring business , and i i
customers will find us well prepared with a stock which leads all compe
tition in both extent and variety. Our spring stock of business and dress
suits , represent all the new patterns of fancy worsteds.cheviots and cas-
simere , in sacks , frocks and cutaways , and our grand showing of colors ,
styles and mixtures is so diversified and comprehensive that we can suit
and fit all. We offer garments not excelled anywhere for style , quality ,
fit and workmanship , and everybody will be impressed with the extreme
lowness of price at which we have offered all our spring goods.
To inaugurate the season and convince every one that we are un
doubtedly the leaders in low prices , we offer : 300 all wool chev
iot men's suits at $4.75. These suits are well trimmed and made strong
and for service. The color of material is a stylish stripe and the same suit
could not be bought anywhere else for less than $7.50.
"We call attention to the elegant all worsted spring overcoat wo are offering at $6.00.
Wo sold a great many of them , and have only a few left. The price is only one-half of v/hat
this coat is actually worth.
Itfew goods in every department of Gents' Furnishings. Our laundried and unlaundried
white shirts are acknowledged to bo the best and cheapest in the city.
Wo continue the sale of those fine finished Derby Stiff Hats , sold everywhere for $2 and
§ 2.50 , at § 1.00.
We especially invite inspection and comparison , as we are confident of the many advau-
tagcs we offer , securing a great saving in every instance.
Everything marked in plain figures , cash and one price.
Corner I4th and Douglas Streets. Omaha.
ItD main lines and branches Include CHICAGO.
rarwoniii. ATcnraoN. CEDAH HATXDS.
and acores of intermediate cities. Choice of
routes to and from the Pnciflo Coast , All trans
fers In Union depots. Past tralno of Fine Day
Coachco , elegant Dining Cars , magnificent Full-
man Palace Sleepers , and ( between Chicago , St.
Joseph. Atchlson and Hanson City ) Reclining
Chair Cars , Seatu Free , to holders of through
Crst-clasa tickets.
Chicago , Kansas & Nebraska R'y
"Croat nock Island Routo. "
Extends West and Southwest from Kansas City
and St. Joseph to NELSON. HORTON. . BEI/LE-
HUTCIUNBOlf. CALDWELt , and all points In
and beyond. Entire passenger equipment of the
celebrated Pullman manufacture ! . All safety air
pliances and modern Improvements.
The Famous Albert Loa Route
la the favorite between Chicago , Rock Inland ,
Atchlson , Kansas City and Minneapolis and St.
Paul. Its Watcrtown branch traverses the great
of Northern Iowa , Southwestern Minnesota , and
East Control Dakota to Watertown , Spirit X > oko.
Sioux Folia and many other towns and cities.
Tbo Short Line via Benoca and Kankakee offers
( uperior facilities to travel to and from Indian
apolis , Cincinnati and other Southern polnto.
l"or Tickets , Haps , Fc Idore , or desired Informa
tion , apply at any Coupon Ticket Olllco or address
Qcn'l Hauacor. Oen'l Tkt , & Pass. Agt.
> m\i \ fsiiuiii LINE
or THE
Chicago , Milwaukee & St , Paul R'y ' ,
The Dost Itoulo from Onmlia nnd Council
Kind's ( o
Chicago , AND 3111 ivnuUce ,
St. Pun ] , ? Ilnncai > olis , CiMlar
Hock Island , I'roojiuri , Itockfonl ,
Clinton , Hiiliiiijnc , Dincnporl ,
Elgin , JWmllson , Jaiicsvllle ,
Ilclolt , WlllOlin , Ln Crosse ,
And ull other Important points Kust , Northeast anil
l"or tlirouKh tickets call nntlie ticket nttent nt 1W1
Kurnnm struct , In llarLcr lllock , or ut Union 1'uclllo
1'iillmHiigleepcrii nnd the finest Dining Cur * In tlio
world uro run ( in tlm main llnu of tliu CIilniKci , 3 | | |
wuuhL'u , \ St I'an I Hallway , nnd orory nttuntlon u
paid to pssnonxura by courteous oiuployos of tlio
U MIU.HH , General SlannBor.
J. 1' TI.'CKKH. ABnlitant Uunurnl Manager.
A. V. It. CAItl'llNTKll , Uenoml russungcr anil
Tlcki't Auont
( iKO i ; . IIKAKI'OHI ) , Assistant General 1'uasonnur
and Ticket Aueiit
J.T. Ui.AllK Ucnornl Buicrlntcndcnt. ]
Nebraska National Bank.
Paid Up Capital , - $2BOQOO
Surplus , - BO.OOO
U. W. YATKH. President.
LEWIS S. HKKD , Vlco-ProsMent.
A. K. TOUZAMN. i-'nil Vlco-l'msiilent.
W. 11. H. IluaiiES , ( Jushler.
W. "V Mouse , JOHNS. COLLINS ,
A. E. TouiLIN. .
* Cor. ISth and Karnnm Bts.
A General Dunking lIuslueKs Truuaacled.
Tansill's ' Punch Cigars
were ehlppod during tba past
two years , without u drum-
inorluourouiplov Nootlior
houeo In the worm cuu truth *
fully tuaka such n ghawitiL' .
Ono aient ( dealer only )
wan tea In oaoh town.
R.W.TANSILL&C0..55StateSt.Cljcaflo. !
Incomparably the Baat.
iffcNT , a Buarantccd sjpeclllo for Hysteria , Dizzi
ness , Convulsions Fits , Nervous Neuralgia ,
Headache , Nervous Prostration , caused by the
use of alcohol or tobacco , Wakofulness. Mental
Depression , Softening of the Ilraln , resulting In
Tnsanlty.and leading to mlsery.decayand death ,
l > reniaturo Old Ago , JIarrcnncss. Loss of Power
In either sex. Involuntary Losses nnd Sperma
torrhoea caused by over-exertion of the brain ,
Bolf-ixbuso or over-lnilulgenco. Uach Ixjx con
tains one month's treatment. Sl.OO a box-or six
boxes for K.OO. sent by mail Prepaid on receipt
of price.W13
To euro any case. With each order received by
us for six boxes , accompanied with $5.00 , wo will
send the purchaser our written Runrantce to re
fund the money If the treatment does not effect
ti cure. Guarantees Issued only by C. K OOOD-
MAN. Druggist , Sola Agent , 1111) ) Farnaiu Strewt ,
Omaha , Neb.
Proprietor Omaha Business College ,
Book-Keeping , Penmanship ,
Commercial Law , Shorthand , Telegraphing
and Typewriting.
Bond far College Journal.
S E. Cor 10th and Capitol Avenue
The only rend tn take for Dos Molnos , Mamlialtown-
Cedur Uuiild > , Cllntnn , Dlxon , Clili'imi. Jllhvinikuo
andall iiofntH Ka t. Tothn ptMiplonf N ( > i > ni kn.i'iln.
ratio , \v > iinilni ; , tltuh , Idahu , Niiviula , Ortwni , Waah-
InKlon and California , It ollora superioruiUuntaguj
not puolblo by any utlicr line
AnionKa foirnf the iuiineron points of superiority
cnJnjiMl | iy the piilrona of tills roail butwvon Oimiliu
and ChlniKO , ru Its two tralna a day ot DAV
( ' ( MCII15S , which are thn llni'-t Hint human nrt and
liiKenultydiiicruatH. lUTAl.AOKHI.KUTIMl OAKS ,
which aru mntlt'lR nt conitnrt and uloitantu. Its 1'Alt-
1.OII DHAWI.M ; HX\t ( CAItS , inmunmHupd b any ,
and Un widely reli'liralcd TA1/AT1AI. IHN1NO CAHS ,
the equal of which cannot bo tound clinwhero. At
Cuuncll JllulTa , tlio trains nf thu Union Tarltlo Itiill-
ttiiy ciiiinpcl In union dppnt with ihono of tluiChl-
rnu'ii.l NurthnuBtcrn Ity. In I'hhaxn thu tralint of
this llnu iniikii clout ) connection with tliosu of all
olhi'rKastcni lines.
Tor liclrolt , ( . 'oluinliu * , Indlannpolls , Cincinnati ,
Nlnxam Knlli , lUlltnl" , Tlttiburx , Toronto , Montnml ,
Hoston , Now York. I'hlhnU'liilila , Multlmoru , Wu h.
Innton , undall polnta In thu J-.ust. Ask for tickets vlu
If you wluli the hest nrcoinmodatlon. All ticket
iiL'cnu null IKket > Via this llnu.
if. iiUHiirrr. is. i' . WILSON.
Uen'l Alanngor. ( iun'l 1'iiu'r Agent ,
\V. N. BAIlCOriC. Oen'l. Western AKOnt.
I ) . H , KIM IIA I.U Tlrkot AKimi.
U \VlSJ\Clty raascnjrcr AecnU
1101 i'arnum Bt. , Oinulm , Nub ,
'oiul 7Tj curedln nods } Cjr Dr.
Jlorni > ' Kltctro.MaEUCII Ilf.lU
Truwcombined Oaumcireath *
only ono In the wQrldatn r Uiij (
. . _ _ roiitlnuous flectrio it Mayntlfc
-Z'cvrrtnt. . VcUntlileI'ovicrlui , Durable ,
_ ComfaruM * u > d littcilts. Arcla Iraud *
nrvrflUDOOourtil. juilHUrapfoi i miLlit.
AdvortlBlnj , ' has always proven
Buqceuful. Ilcforo pluclnffony
Newspaper AdvcrUMnir consul.
U U (9 ttwltltk SU.,1 , CHICAGO.
Of the Completion nnd Opening of the
Denver , Texas & Gulf Railway !
Connecting Denver \\ith the Sen ; also the Third
Annual Convention of tno
International Range Association
MARCH 28 , 29 , 30 & 31.
TVedncsilay , March 2S Hcccptlon of visitors ;
KvmihiK , Fliowork Display liy the Phantom Ar-
tilery Club , surpassing In excitement and gran
deur the famous Topcfca ] < 1nml > eau Club.
Thursday. JIarch ! Afternoon , Cowboy Tour
nament , Hoping anil JtldlnR Uubrokcn and
Uticklnj * Uroncos. llocoptlon at the Tabor Grand
Opera House.
Krlday. March UO A. Grand and Imposing
Civil. Military and Industilal I'aReant. Fifteen
Hands In Line , toRcthor with the Celebrated
Cowboy Hand , of Dodge City. Kansas.
Saturday , March 31 Excursion to the Moun
tains. and Grand Old Fashioned Ilarbecuo. Dur
ing this pain week the business streets und pub
lic buildings of the city will be Illuminated by
the finest and most resplendent Klectrlcal Dis
play ever attempted In ( his or any other city.
All transportation companies entering Denver
have made Ion-round trip rates. S25.OO only
for round trip tickets from all Missouri lllvor
points. Tickets will be ( .old on Monday , March
20 , only good for 1 0 days thereafter ,
On this propitious occasion. 5.000 cattlemen nud
3U.OOU visitors are expected.
E.T.Allen , M. D. ,
Homoeopathic Specialist ,
Spectacles Accurately Prescribed.
J.W. Barnsdall , M. D
Homoeopathic Specialist ,
OyncecologtHt and Obstetrician
Telephone 070.
jr. j ;
Surgeon and Physician.
OOlcn N. W Corner 14th nnd St. Offlc *
telephone , iij ( ; Hoaldencu telephone , Mit.
Supplier , Ileailqiiiirters Dept ot the I'lattu ,
Olllco of t'oininlhnnryof SulHlnteiu.0 , Oinuhii ,
Noli. , March I ! , ItWH. Coaled proposals In tripli
cate , mihjcft to the usnul condition * ! , will Uo ro-
( clvcd nt till * allied until 11 ! o'clock in. , central
Ktnnilnnl tlinn , anil nt the olll of the i-oiniiiI-.Hii-
ry of HiibslsU'iiLu lit C'lieyi-iuio Depot , Wyo. until
II o'clock u. in. , inonmuln Htamlnnl tlino , on
Tlniihduy , thootlulay of April , 1HHH. nt ivhlcli
ttinu itnil places they will he openi-U In the prcs-
i'iic'0 at hlililors , for the fiunlHlilng anil delivery
of the folloulnij unny Hiippilvu , viz : jiotutouH
anil onions. 'J ho'rhjht Is rrscrvi'il to nijm t any
or all UldH. liliuik proposals nnd HpeclllcatloiH
BhowliiK In detail the at tlclod and iiinuitltlcn ri > -
ciulrud nnd glvIiiK lull liiforinatlon ui to condi
tion nf contract will ho furnished on applica
tion to ulthmof the nhuvo mentioned J.
W. liAUUiaKH , Ala ] , and U. H. , U. U. A. , Chief
C * H ,
vro. ai , . A , NO. 8-i'iioi'OHAr.s rOii AHMV
JSnpplli'S Olllco of I'uiclmdlUK and Depot
{ 'oininlMsiirli'S of btibNl8tutitui.B , Ariny.Omunu ,
Nub , , March 8-1 , IWta. Healed proposal * In trlpll'
catc , Hubjoct to the usual condltloim , will be re
ceived ut tlil.solllcu until U o'clock a. m. , ipntrnl
Htandurd lime , on Monday , thu hd day of
April , IKKH , at uhlcli time nnd place they will ho
aliened In the preHcucoof lilddi-rH , for the f nr-
nlsliliiK ami delfveiy ut Omaha , Nub. , the follow
ing army btipplloH , viz : Vinegar ; blacking , shoe.
Marcfvon'8 ! I'lieese , Y. A. ; Hour , family ; and
tobacco , MnokliiK , Kcal of N. ( J. The rluht Is reserved -
served ID reject any or all Mils , llliuifc propo-
enls and Miedllo.iUoiiu bliowliiK in detail thu
ni tides nnif quamltle ? rrqtilrnil and K'vliif ' full
Infotmatloiius to condition of contract , will bo
furnished mi applliatlon to thin nlllcu , J , Vf ,
UAUltlUKKMuJ and 0. H. . C. H. A.
Jtemarkublo for powerful sviupa-
thutli tonb , jilluljlu neiion nnd ub *
Hplutojtlurublllty i > ) ypiira'rci oid ,
the bent KuaruiTtop of the uxcel-
Fence of tliuse Instruin ntti ,
O ( the Hot ! ) cnlirgei ecud itr < ck-tben Ji 1'all tialllcu-
lirncntittlfJ lied. KUIK lltU. ( JO. . Ilumio , H. V.
rualt of oitr-Wstt , laducritlob , ttc. , nadrtu IWT %