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Why Have the Railroads Shut Off
Discrimination ?
Worthies * City rittmfolnK
tu the Young Mcn'H lluiiutillcnti
Club Convention In Frank
Ilynti ItiHnnc.
FillltinstcrliiK Railroads.
The freight bureau committee of the
Omaha board of tradb met mid
devoted several hours to outlining a pro *
gramma for the forthcoming meeting of the
Intcr-stnto commerce commission which Is to
meet hero on the 10th Inst. Nothing more dufl-
nlto wns transacted than was published hi
yesterday UEB.
The coming of this commission Is not unat
tended with some anxiety because of the cir
cumstances which have transpired since the
commission was first notified of the cases
against the railroads. This notification was
filed some months ago In Washington , at
which tune the Iowa roads , It Is claimed ,
were clearly discriminating against Omnhti
and In favor of Chicago. Since then , how
ever , the whole status of the
has been changed. Everyone of
the railroads mentioned in the
complaint as discriminating In the manner
indicated huve , with the cxcepcion of the
Chicago , Hurllngton & Quineychnngcd front
and practically admitted the strength of the
freight bureau's position by establishing
rates to points west of the Missouri on the
bails of the sum of two locals between Chicago
cage to Omaha and Omaha to points beyond.
So long as tills state of affairs continues , the
Jobbers of this city as ulso the freight bureau
of the board of trade which made
the complaint will bo satisfied. But the
questions which trouble both pro : { low
Kt\g \ will this slate of affairs continue ) Why
aid the roads change their rates ) Was it be
cause of the cut of rates on the warring
roads between Chicago and Omaha , or bo-
couso of the prospective visit of the Inter
state commerce commission to hear the
freight bureau's complaint )
Tncro nro Just about as many answers ns
there are questions. The fact Is , however ,
that too jobbers nro in n quandary as to
what to do , under the circumstances , when
the commission shall arrive. They will not
bo able to substantiate the charge of dis
crimination alleged in the com
plaint , because In all except one
road , the basis of ' that charge
as 'above Seen , has been 'removed. Should
the c6ifmilsslon como hero and bo forced to
hohl that the Jobbers and the freight bmc.ui
him no case , it would bo iliillcnlt to foresee
what the damaging effects to the interest of
the city would bo. With some people the
Idea obtains that just as soon ns the commis
sion gets away from Omaha , the railroads
will return to their old rates with the cer
tainty tnnt perhaps 11 eouplo of years at least
would bo required before the matter could bo
again inquired Into , when they might again
resort to the sumo filibustering to evade the
watchfulness and authority of both the
freight bureau and the commission.
Proposed Meeting of GurrlqonH In the
Department of the IMntto.
On the llth of last January a board of of
ficers of the department of the Plntto met In
this city for the purpose of preparing a plan ,
with directions in detail for one month's
field Instruction of nil the troops In
the department. The board consisted
of the following : Colonel Edward Hatch ,
Ninth cavalry ; Colonel Henry A. Morrow ,
Twenty-first infantry ; Major Guy V. Henry ,
Kintli cavalry , Inspector of rillo practice ;
Captain Aaron S. Daggctt , Second infantry ;
Captain P. Henry Hay , acting Judge advo
cate ; Second Lieutenant L , W V. Kcnnon ,
Sixth recorder. On
infantry , nide-do-camp ,
the 21st of the same month the board completed
its work embracing among other things the
following features : That the practice of
marching la essential to the proper eduction
of the troops but to obtain the greatest bene
fit , the exercise should bo continuous and
cover considerable distance : that the troops
of the department bo assembled in camps as
follows : the garrisons of Forts Omaha , Nio-
britrn , Kobinson , Sidney , Laramie and Hus-
scll at 8omo point on or near the Union Pa-
eiilo ; those of Forts Douglas , Uridger ,
Uuchcsno in Strawberry Valley. Utah ;
those of Forts McKinney and Wuslmldo ut
some point near the Fremont , Elkhorn &
Missouri Valley road uud that the garrison
of Camp Pilot Hutto bo exempt from this
meeting , not being available for duty of this
character. The board also recommends that
pnchcamp shall tent during n period of thirty
days , exclusive of the time requited
In marching to nnd from the
samo. If the centr.itlon recommended
bo not practicable the board recommends
that the thirty days in field instructions con-
Blst In marching to and from such points us
the department commander may suggest. It
is also recommended Unit no oflleor bo left in
garrison unless excused by n surgeon on cer
tificate of disability or by authority of the
department commander , that the number of
men to bo left in garrison bo determined by
the department commander ulso , nnd further
that all garrison prisoners accompany their
respective commands.
The concluding recommendations refer to
the allowance of tentngo wagon transporta
tion nnd food , which go to show that the plan
is not one of the picnic order.
The Rrlcklnyors Will Not Accept the
Ofl'or of tlio Contractors.
The bricklayers' union hold a largely at
tended meeting last night and n resolution
vds heartily endorsed to ablda by the de
mand recently made by them of the contract
ors for $4.50 for eight hours work. They
also appointed a committee to draft a reply to
the resolutions adopted by the contractors
nnd iHiblished in yesterday's Hnc. The sen
timent of the union was most pronounced
ngalnst the stand taken by the
contractors on the question of Apprentices
and was such that the management of the
latter ought to be wholly In the hands of the
Tin : iinicK MANtfrACTimrms.
The brick manufacturers held a mooting
last evening at room 43' ) , Paxton block , tu
discuss the subject of brick in relation to the
present labor bituution In thu city. In the
absence of Henry Livesey , the president ,
Martin Ittncr presided. The meeting was
a spirited one nnd the following
Hcalo of prices for their workmen
has been decided uixm for the coming season :
Platters , fcl for 18,000 , brick set and platted \
moulders , $2.75 for 0,000 rolled brick , f ' ,7 :
for 7,500 slap brick.
February ! i , Mr. D. J. Collins notified Isaac
O'Ncll. president of the brick moulders' and
Betters' union , of this scale , but the manufac
turers sny it has been utterly Ignored by the
union , nnd the manufacturers have notified
them again that they would bo given
until the 13th of the present month
to accept It , when that scale will bo estab
lished any wav.
It wns stand by the brick con
tractors In their light with the bricklayers ,
Sonic of the bricklayers have threatened to
ignore the contractors and do their own con
tracting ; to head the workmen olT the
brick manufacturers have determined not to
sell any bricks whatever to workmen so con
One of the brick manufacturers said last
evening : "Tho bricklayers have been siwlletl
by getting good wages. Two or thrco I
know saved ? 1,000 each last season. The
only way to do Is to break their backbone
now and bring them to terms. "
Political MtittcrB.
A meeting of the democratic state centra' '
rommUteo will be held at the Pax ton house
next Friday .evening , March 0 , at 7 : (
o'clock. The business to bo transacted will
be the calling of a state , convention to clccl
delegates to the national democratic conven
tlon to be held in St. Louis on thcMh of next
Juno. The cimlrrrian of the com.mltteo , James
E. North , of Columbus , requests a full at
tendance of the members , as other business
of lmpo.rtanco may como before the gather
fay , '
falla\YWtf uiejuiuui wece elected u
represent their respective wards tn iho con
vention of republican clubs of this state to be
liold In this city on the 15th Instant :
Third ward O. H. Kothackcr , John Snhlcr
nnd Julius S. Cooley. ,
Fifth ward-U. ! ' . Redman , John McDon
ald nnd Henry Uolln.
A number of republican clubs from nil
parts of the state have already elected dele-
s'Htrs to the same ronvvntidn , and It Is now
thought that the convention will bo attended
by n largo number of the young republicans
of the stato.
In this city the meetings' yet to bo held to
nominate delegates to the same convention
nro nnliouncod ut follows :
Sixth word Friday night , Clark ond'Saun-
dcrs streets.
Kik'hth ward Saturday night , Cumlng nnd
Twenty-fourth streets.
Intrrrstlnc'Developments in the Case
of the Mlsslnu Friend Merchant.
While thcro are lomo new nnd Interesting
developments In the case of W. E. Hea , the
missing merchant from Friend , Neb. , there
nro none that shed any additional light upon
.ho mystery enshrouding 'his fate. His
Brother , George M. Ken , a well-to-do busij
ness man from llnckottstown , N. J. , arrived
n this city Saturday , nnd called unon the
chief of police. They had n long confer
ence , after which Mr. Kca loft for Friend ,
telling the chief that aficr ho had thorough
ly investigated his brother's affairs there ho
would return to Omaha nnd report to
Itlm again. Yesterday the chief
wns in receipt of n long letter
fiom Mrs. Hea , tiio wife of the missing man ,
In which she na.\s she Is Inclined to think
that ho wandered away while laboring under
some mental aberration , nnd that ho has
cither fallen n victim to foul play , or done
nway witli himself. She further said ttiiit ho
had no financial troubles , that his store wns
worth fully Sl.WO , and WO would cover nil
Ills Indebtedness. She knew of absolutely
nothing to keep him away an hour longer
than was necessary to transact the business
tie had on hand. Ho loft on the afternoon of
January 31 , intending to visit Lincoln nnd
Omaha in an endeavor to sell his store. He
called at Clarke's drug store in Lincoln and
twlted Mr. Mjlls. the manager , whether
ho knew of any party to whom he
could llkoly sell. Mills knew of no one. Ho
thought Hea wns excited nnd In n hurry. A
Mr. Odell. a restaurant keeper , thought Hen
remained in Lincoln all night. Ho had no
satchel and Mrs. Hea had no Idea how much
money ho had with him. Ho drew$20 out of
the bank whcro ho had $ i0 ? on deposit on his
way to the depot. She recognized her hus-
band'H pocketbook the one found on the
river bank at the foot of Douglas street
from the description sent her. His domes-
tie relations were harmonious nnd happy.
They have been married eleven ycrrs , have
had three children , all of whom prs dead.
The husband seemed to umlce a miluru of
everything ho touched notwithstanding ho
was industrious , frugal nnd temperate. She
thought he had experienced enough hard luck
to upset his bruin. After n minute descrip
tion of her hustmnd. his manner , clothes ,
and everything , Mrs. Hea's letter closed with
the following pathetio paragraph : "Will
has had u great deal of money since wo were
married , but everything has gone wrong
with us excepting our great love for each
other. Oil , yes , I almost forgot to tell you
one thing. Will has said to mo on several
occasions , "I often think , Km , you'd bo better
off without mo if you Just had what little
money I have everything goes wrong with
me. " I always made him stop such talk ,
telling him life would not bo worth living
without him. I sometimes do believe ho has
taken that crary notion Into his head and
gone away. Our children all died witli
brain trouble.
trouble.N'cry respectfully yours.
In addition to the above the chief said ,
and IJrown , and Scully , the men who were
implicated in the finding nnd possession of
thu pocuctbook , had all been seen and inter
viewed again , but their stories were only a
reiteration of the matter * already published.
Ono new point is , however , that Otto Schip-
poerit , a workman at Gray's lumber yard ,
told Detective Horrlgan that lie had found n
couple of letters belonging to W. E. Hea ,
near the lumber pile where the pocketbook
was found. Ho had destroyed them. While
there is much in the evidence accumulated to
point to murder , the suicide theory has
gained material plausibility and strength
since the arrival of Mrs. Hea's letter. Detective -
tectivo Horrigun still has the ease in hand.
Notice to Shippers.
Commencing to.-morrdw morning ,
March 0 , the 15. & M. railroad will rj-
ccivo freight for till points ou the Chicago
cage , Burlington & ( juincy and Kansas
City , St. .Too & Council Bluffs railroad.
They will recuivo freight for points on
the B. & M. ns tibual.
W. A. AU&TIX. agent.
March 5,1SS8.
woirriiijtiss INSTRUMENTS.
Unrecorded Documents In the Regis
ter ot'DoedH OHlcc.
Persons who send instruments to bo re
corded with the reistor of deeds or the coun
ty clerk , together with the request that it bo
recorded immediately , and followed by the
statement that the sender "will call around
in a few dnys and settle the charges , " should
bear In mind that the papers so sent are
never recorded or llled. They are held sub
ject to the owner's call.
In many instances they are immediately
returned to the senders and this rule is in
variably carried out tinder Mr. Megeath's ad
ministration. Ho has been looking up unre
corded instruments in his possession nnd below -
low is given a complete list of them. It
should bo remembered that these pa
pers , not being lllcd or recorded , makes
them almost worthless , and in cis > o of n law
suit could not bo used in evidence. Among
the papers tire the following warranty deeds :
Union Pacific railway company to A. D.
Butler. Consideration , ICO. Date , Juno t0 ! ,
Archie HIchmond toSallloHlclimond. Con
sideration , $1. Date , July 17 , 1SSO.
William G. Albright and wife to school
district No. M. Consideration , $1. Date ,
February 2T , 1SS3.
Allen E. Kilby ct nl to Ellel Hoxle. Consideration -
sideration , fSTi. Date , July 12 , IbSr.
William J' . Paul to James W. Kinkcad.
Consideration , i'JUO. Date , December UO ,
Norman II. Drown to Plubo H. Cooley.
Consideration , $ IOOJ. Date , February IS ,
Charles II. Durant nnd wlfo to John Zics.
Consideration , & 00. Date , October 18 , 1SSI.
A. D. Butler to Mrs. John Giso. Considor-
tion $ aoo.r > 0. Date March 10 , 1SS5.
Among other documents are the following.
Memorandum of bale Edward Thompson
to J. W. West. Consideration ? 1SO.
Chattel motrgngo Elplirled Howlnnd nnd
wife to L. W. Itoohmcr &Co. 'Consideration
$75. Date December 23 , 18 0.
Quit claim deed Tabot Jacobson to Egbert
E. French. Date November S , 18sti.
Certillcato of copartnership IJrown , Park-
hurst & Co. Date March 'J , lbS7.
Release of Chattel Mortgage Edholm &
Erickson to Charles Koulmoyer. Date , Feb
ruary 4 , 18S7.
Assignment of Judgment II. Wostorman
is , Co. , plaintiffs , vs. Everett S. Flagg.
Amount , f 109 30. Date. November 1(5 ( , IbWi.
Trust Deed Fisk Fnrrar to Edward F.
Bishop. Amount , SCOD.OJ. Date , December
Holease of Mortgage Executed by C. E.
Mnyno and wife to Joseph Barker. Amount ,
tl.CJS. Date , September 30 , 18S1.
Is Rynn lunatic ?
A gentleman , known to the Ben reporter ,
arrived in town yesterday , from Springfield
111. Ho was acquainted with Hyantho party
figuring in the Howard tnuidcr trial. He
claimed that it was always said by those
who knew the young .man , that ho
was not of sound mind , nnd his father before
his death expressed such a belief. Ho mar
ried n young lady In Springfield by the name
Of Green , and after a snort wedded life tried
to kill her and then himself. A corset stay
turned the bullet and saved the woman's life ,
and careful nursing by the father saved1 the
life of the young man. A separation of the
couple followed , nnd Frank roamed through
the west , driving a street car in Texas and
playing cowboy , on the plains. Hcturiiing to
Sprhigliold several years ago1 ho became In
fatuated with and married a woman of the
town , but their weddefl llfo soon became ono
of turmoil , and ho agan | loft for the west.
His share in the estate of the father amounts
to a'llttlo over | 3,000 , a portion of which was
sent him In January. Sprlngtluld legal talent
in connection with Judge Bradley will 1(6 ( en-
gugejl to defend him. ' This theory of
ity may be Introduced ia Uis.
Continental Clothing .House
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season , at prices extraordinarily low. Commencing this week , close buyers will find it to their advantage to watcb
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Read the List of Unprecedented Bargains for This Week.
The Slater Woolen Company is now
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Self Measurement Blanks sent on application. Mail and Express Orders promptly attended to.
OMAHA BOSTON Freeland , Loomis & Co.
DES MOINES Proprietors :
Corner Fifteenth , and Douglas Streets , Omaha , Nebraska.
District Court.
nnroiic .luwir oiiorr.
The caio of Henry K. Cox vs David Brad
ley & Co. to secure judgment on alleged debt
of $110. 13 is on trial.
THU luuv msGiinct ) .
In the case of Hess vs Eby the jury re
ported jcstcrdsiy that they were uimblo to
reach nn agreement and so wns discharged.
Judge Wnkeloy heard several motions yes
terday morning nnd made n few minor rulings.
ixjunni : uotNK'd touirr.
The case ot David Van Ettcn against the
city for heavy damages stlll drags slowly on.
Mr. Van Etten conducts his own case.
nnroui : JIMXII ; iiorr.wcu. .
William Herghoff was placed on trial yester
day afternoon. Ho is charged with obtaining
goods under false pretenses.
The Omaha Ooul , Coke & Limo company
began two actions yesterday , ono against
Bcnjnmino M. Nicholson nnd others to re
cover &UD witli interest for materials fur
nished , and ono against Kuto E. Sackctt and
others in the sum of $ G2.7 on an oral agree
Action was tiled yesterday by Henry A.
Kostors in the sum of * 213 against Emma L.
Van Ettcn for building material furnished.
County Court.
* The following judgments were rendered
yesterday by Judge Shields : John U. Heath ,
WW.T5tignlnstW.AV. Mnco ; AVcslcy Uead-
hcad , against AVilliam Mcrgoll , et nl ;
Pcto Meis , H5U.50 ; against N. 13. Helm ; M.
A. A'apor , * ? 74,45 , against J. C. Arapor ; John
Nolan , ? -'S3.3U , against Gcorgo Schwartz ;
Lou I so S. Smith , $ . .i3.JfJ , against Applbcyr ,
ctal ; United States National bank , * 215.S3 ,
against Frank A'eleta , ctal ; Abljah L. Stranp ,
$207.H.r , against Gcorgo H. Hess ; Jeff W.
Hedfprd , iG2l.40 , against John Svacina ; A.
Flick & Co. , SJ03 53 , against Cox H. Virgo.
Etuuir.Tii N. DENNIS' wiu , .
The will of Elizabeth N. Dennis , deceased ,
wns llled with Judge Shields yesterday , with
her son , George L. Dennis , as executor.
s > UEt ) nv ins wins.
Judge Shields yesterday gave a decision in
n novel case in which u wife was pitted
against her husband. Some time ago Mary
Ann Vapor entered suit to recover $774,45
from her husband , J. C. Vapor , u Sixteenth
street tailor , alleging that it was duo her for
making several pairs , of pants and u number
of coats and vests. It seems that the domes
tic relations of the pair huvo not been
of the most loving character for BOIIIO
time back , and ns money was not forthcom
ing from Mr. Vapor as liberally us it should
bo the wife resoitcd to the law to compel
him to shell out. There being no objections
raised to Mrs. Vapor's suit when it was
called yesterday , the Judge rendered a judg
ment for the full amount asked.
Police Court.
Drunk nnd Disoiderly Tom Kinney , or
dered out of town ; James \ \ ard , ditto ; Paul
Benson , continued ; John Harris , AV. * HIch-
ardson , Sol Allen , Henry Ilanscn. Gus Mus > -
six , J. Cumings , discharged.
Abusing Family Henry Quade , $10 and
Vagrants John Malor.e , twenty clays ; Jas.
Ilyan , ditto ; Tom Duffy , discharged.
Suspicious characters John Wolllnger ,
Dick Foster , Andy Grant , discharged.
Shooting Craps Elmer Holmes , Lcvi
Roth , $1 and costs each.
Insane Mlcheal Dalton , turned over to the
county authorities.
Addle O'Uielly , charged by her husband
with adultry , was released on bond of f (00. (
Her trial takes nluoe this afternoon at
2 o'clock.
Phil Corbitt , an old time thief , was given
thirty days , for stealing u cell of copper wire
from the Western Union Telegraph company ,
n. Albhous swore out u warrant for the
urrcstof Hiram Milton , charging him wjth
horse stealing. . .
Tbd Apollp club tnet last night and , elected
the following ofllccrs for th'o ensuing year' :
J. Dormln , president ; N it Url lmni ' , vieo
president ; Paul Horb'ach , secretary' ? Gcor , o _
Itolbrook , treasurer ; Henry -D. Estabrook-
AVulter AVllkins , . Lieutenant Kejiuon , to-
with ; tU uvcaidgut , sectary ana
Ing nnil until this lot is closetT , wo slitxll
offer them nt the UNAPPROACH
old and long ostiiblifhctl Sawyer AVoolon
Co. , of Dover , N. H. needs 110 word of
commendation from us.Vo unhesita
tingly pronounce this company the best
manufacturers of line all wool suitings
in Now England. No shoddy , Hocks oi1
cotton la over used in any of their
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ns they are represented in this adver
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Lot No. 3. Wo offci1100 of the well
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tures , a small , neat cheek pattern , ono
of the most popular styles that the mill
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iness or dress purposes. Single breast
ed sacks , rcjyulur sizes in fall weight at
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ination , they do not bear out all the
statements made in regard to their vnluo
Lot. No. 4.Vo olTer 2 , " > 0 spring over
coats ; made of a pure , worsted in a light
treasurer ns board of directors. Mr. Scarlo
remains as librarian. The next subscription
concert of the club will bo held on the UUth
of next April.
Beauty's chaplet none may wear
Unless teetli show ample care ,
Gums so healthy , hard and red
Lips like roses' fragrance shed.
These by SO/.ODONT made sweet
Every sense with gladness gicot.
Delinquent Taxes.
City Treasurer Hush says that many people
ple of the city do not seem to know the time
at whicn their taxes will become delinquent.
The levy for 18S3 made last month Is duo
May 1 , and becomes delinquent July 1. Thobo
persons who have not paid delinquent per
sonal tax are liable to the annoyance of hav
ing their effects seized and sold by the city.
Tlilspowdernovcr varies. A mnrve'of puri
ty , streiiKth and \ \ holesomoness. .Moro eronom
leal than the ordinary kinds , and cannot be sold
In competition the multitude ) of low cost ,
short weight alum or pliosplintopowdeis. Bold
only In cans. Koviil lUkiiiB 1'owder Co. , JMI
WuilatreotNo\v York.
"Worth makes the man ,
and vant of It the fellow , "
but the u ell-dressed gentle
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those nobby spring over-
onus now on sale ut Kobhi-
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grey color , with silk facings nnd trim *
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coat in regular sizes from 8 J to 42 is $10.
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ottered by the Continental. Jf not con
sidered to bo just as represented in this
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ed may bo returned and money refund
ed. Price f 10.
Lot No. 5. Wo olTer 150 All Wool
Spring Overcoats , made from the cele
COATINGS , made by the famous PUT
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Conn. , a mill that is pre-eminent and
famous for its thoroughly honest , all
wool fabrics , certainly the most popular
goods manufactured. Our prices on
them in regular sizes from 84 to 42 , will
bo $7. They are all new goods , made
up within the past CO days , in the very
latest styles , and we state an undisput
ed fact when wo say that up to the pres
ent tune $12 is the lowebt retail price
that is quoted for 1 hose overcoats. Thcro
are of n very handsome brown mixture.
Send in your orders at once. REMEM
BER the price is $7 , and the fcaino priv
ilege is granted on this lot as on lot 4 ,
if not satibfuutory they can bo returned.
TION to this lot of Young Men's Over-
Sewing Thread of Modern Tlmco.
. , , nv
KiM ATHTCK'Kocii lry ) Goods Co.
llAVDF.N liltOS. '
CIIAS. StNdiin. South Omaha , and all first
clans retail dealers.
A. Loom Now York Dry Goods Store.
Third JtuUc'.il Dlstrlrt ,
Koom 14 , Chamber of Commerce.
Telephone 01 J.
Or the Liquor Habit , Positively Curotl by
Administering Dr. Huliies' ( Joldon
Si > cdllc.
It rnn be Riven In u cup of coffee or tea with
out the knouledgt ) of llui person tiiKlnu It ; nbi > o-
lutulv hnrinle'ia , nud will cltcct u jivriiiunt und
Hpeetly ttire , whi'thcr the patient Is n modi-ruto
drinker or nn alcoholic wreck , Tliotixunds ot
driinUurds lm\o been made tempernto inon who
linvu taken ( Joldcn Hpecltlo Intnclr rolleo\\itli-
out their Unowlfd 'D and today believe they
quit drinking of thvlr own free w III. It never
fulls. The HJ stem once Imprcgnuted with thu
Spedtlr , It becomes an utter Impossibility for
tholliiuor appetite to exist. Tor Hale by Kiihu
& Co. , Kith and Dotiulas hts. . and ISth and CIUM-
IIIK Hts. . Onmli.i , Nob. ; A. 1) . Poster & liio ,
Council illuirs , Iowa.
s Advertleinir luid uluajs provoa
succpEfiful. lieforo placing any
X.cepnpor Advertising consul
4S t > 10 iU J < .lkL tlrtit , CHICAGO.
The Lo'l inonn and most popular Hotel In tbo
tate. l < ocatlun central , amiolnlments first-lass.
Headquarters ( or commercial ta a and all political
coalp , cut only from S3 to 38 nlzcs. Mndo
of n line diagonal twill in llpht brown
tan color , with ImmUomo Bilk facings ,
ilrcesy nntl just right for the present
Benson. Placet ! on our counters this
week ut $12.
Lot No. 7. Wo offer 250 Boys' Strict
a small neat bnskot pattern , medium
color , neither very light nor very dark
in sizes for boys 4 to 12 years old. Wo
manufactured thcso goods In Fob. of the
present year nnd have sold hundreds of
them nnd the rivet-ago price has been
$0 n suit. During the present week or
until they Are closed , wo shall offer
them for $3.60 u suit. READ THE ' f
PRICE ONCE MORE , $3.60and romom. ,
her they are strictly till wool , no cotton
or shoddy in them. Only $3.60. Every
suit is worth $ G to-tlay.
Lot No. 8 160 BOYS' PLAIN
BLOUSE SUITS , strictly all wool , made
from a medium color Cheviot , ono of
the best suits in our stock at any price ,
and n beautiful color for spring and
summer for boys 6 to 12 years , only $3 a
suit. Every suit is worth $ o. i
Lot No. 9 Wo offer the balance of
several lots of dark mixed cashimoro
suits , somewhat broken in sixes. Suits
that have sold for $3.60 and $4. They
are in heavy weights and will bo closed it
out at the REMARKABLY LOW -
Electro-Magnetic Belts !
_ _ _ H
The Grandist Triumph of Eteclrlc Sclenci
Gentlemen's Belt KrhiCfta Scientifically Made nnd Practically Applied. *
BU.tloB. Enbtleiu. A.lhma , ll rt - . _ .
Jan , We.YneU , Impeteliey , , 1'Un. kotlepiy.
Ulooil . _ . - „ , , . - , . , -ja thla fceJt U JiutWtmt jrou need.
Kltctrlottt Initanllu feltf Can bo ppU > d SMHSI n
to any part of the boay. Whole ( imlly can MHEE ALL
* *
wr r It. It olpctrin * * the blood and curel . " . " " i
rmliilnn. NOTE tb following who liKvnboen
' > ' Hoard nf tr.l . .
Cblragoi A. angary , commlltloBniWiilOt'oolfVardVi Vndd'boiftrtlTaBrmVlVa'neinanrOoLi'eiuelir ;
of the Inter Octant n. W. Dellus. H. D , Honnontuwn , lunai Lemtt.l NITk , Uankakee.lil.i Juilu-o I. "
Hurray , NaperTlllt , III i r. L Abbott , mpt. city waterworks , Booth Ilcm'.lntt ' t Kpbt It. 8 mp on. Chicago
post oftlcei 1 , . D. UcMlcbatl , U. D , uudalo , n. Y. " Your htl t has arcoraplliheil what nu other roineitr bait
iteadr nerrn andeomfurtabl8Sleepatiilht. " ttoLt. Ilall , alderman , 10O hast 31th Street , K irTork
And thoatands
n _ unnUCID ft rnTBn UIPUCTin DEIT IsTOperlortoallothers nrr ntsofelcotrlU )
Ufa nORNE 5 ELEUTRO WAGHtTlU HfcLT tyar..troi.e . or mlldasth. wearer mar de-
iProduce. * eontlnnous curronti . ronfer. oloctrlolty tnrouRn trio Dour on tna ncrr . Is cures dlscaaea
by ( t Qtjatlnit a contlnnoui current _ fel cfrlclty(10orl ( bour outoriMlhrouBhoutthQbumaii.ystem ) ,
laylsu all nerrousne/s Immediately , and producing a new clrculitlon at tbn Ilfn forces-the Wood , 1m-
pamnv j Tlfror , stronffth , energy and heal i . . „ , when all other treatment has fallod. The merlte of thu aolea-
tine Beit are tiring rfcofrnlscd and Indon by thousands whom It has cured.
KKFKKENCKfl-Any ik.rommorelalagency of wholesale house lu Chicago ! wholesale
Ban Franclsno ndCbleaia. or 8 ndst mpfor 11page Illustrated pamphlet.
X > XW. . jr. attOXUTXI InTentorkndManv acturer , 1 ( Waeaah Arinme CUoaco.
Health is Wealth !
Hit.n.C. WEST'S NnnvE AND Hnuv Tur.tT-
MF.NT , a guaranteed ( .noclllo for Hysteria , Dl/.zl-
ness , Convulsions Fits , NcrvotH Js'eui.ilk'l" ,
llcucliiclip , N rvoiii l'rostr tlon. caused l > y the
use of alcohol or tobacco.Vnkefulness , .Muntiil
Dnprosslon , HoftcnlnK of the llriiln , roftiiltint ; Ir.
Inmtnlty.itnil leading tn mlsery.deciiy nnd diMlh ,
I'liMimttireOId AKO , Itarrennoss , JjOss of Power
In cither SPX , Involuntary Losses and Sjicrina.
tiirrliicacauMid byover-oxcrtlon of the brain ,
( clf-abnso or nv < < i"lndulginco. Hacli box con
tains one month's treatment , tl.min box , or six
boxes for 45.W ) , sent by mull 1'repald ' on receipt
of price.
To cure any cni > e. With raclt older received bv
its for six ! io\i' , accompanied $ .1.00 , wulll
Find the piucliiiherotir written Knitranteo to ro-
fnnd the money if the treatment does not eltect
a cure , ( jnarnnteps issued only liy U. r. (10OD-
MAN , DnipgUt , Solu Agent , 111U rurnum htreut ,
Omaha , Neb.
Proprietor Omaha Business College ,
Book-Keeping , Penmanship ,
Commercial Law , Shorthand , Telegraphing
and Typewriting.
Send ( or Cuilee * Journal.
6. E. Cor ICtli and Capitol Avonuo.
Nos. 3O3-4O < V-I7O-6O4.
lxHlVlrortoiiM rlicxvlh lcrfJ Pie.
m lur r > clln nd Kuuul - - - - -
STRONCH dTn lll MIitriMOQ ppllc ll .
MUtlll (0.
N. W. Cor. 13th SL Dodge 318.
Ilcst facilities , apparatus and remedies for euei
cessful treatment of every form of disease tequlrl
10K Medical or burglcal Treatment. \
Hoard and attendance , best hospital aCLOrami
datlons In tlie west. .
WHITK i-ou CIRCULARS on Deformities anA
Braces , Trusses , Club 1'eet , Curvature of thi
Spine , rllc , Tumors , Cancer , Cntarrli , Ilror.chlt/i / ,
Inhalation , Electricity , rorkljsU , Kiilknsy , Kldj
ney , Illadilcr , ] { > r , ar , bUu aud lllood , aud glf
burgical Operations. T\
Diseases of Woman especially.
DOOR ON 7)uiiS B or Won KM FinV.
All niood Disease * successfully 'treated. Sypll ]
ilitio I'olson removed front ( he nysttm ttituoiil
mercury. New restorative treatment for Ion oi
VitHl I'ower. 1'ersons unable \isitusinay tjt
treated at home tiy correspondence. All coinmoi
nicatlona confiilentiil. Mediciueiorlnftrument *
Bent by mail or express , securely packed , nd
mark * to Indicate contents or * emler. One pen
conal Interview preferred. Call and consult Us ot
tend history of your case , and we will tend !
plaiu wrapper , our 1
Upon Prlvatr. Special or Nervous Discaces , Impotency \
potency , riypliUi > , ( IVeet and Varicbccle , with
question list. Address I
Omaha Mtdlrul anil Xurgtcal Ttiitltutttt
Cor. 13th and OodaiSU. . OMAHA. NEI.
London Granules.
. rfuoOM carm
Kllnilnntrllnit TOllKOfif HynlillU. Uluers , riranleij
Chronic sorosAlmpuru lllWNl They Imf u no equal fg *
skin dltpHirs. Similar mu'llclne used In l/ind'.n Heat
pltals.intli imviiryliiit siicwss. I'uiiEi.V Veo TAltr |
rent bymall Ina plain sealed packa > , an *
11 n rrrrlploC II per Lux or U for tt. WE
nix iioicn ID emit ANY CABE. With vucn'order i re
K'lttd InrslJi lioies aicompanltd \ to , we will Mntv
the pun timer uur wrlllen uuarant n to r'luna tbtj
munef , If the treatment dots not effect cur * .
I'niuphlrtIf free. IXISUON VlIUlCUIII A.OUC1T , OtL
, U * . .