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ctiiaictrculatlon of the Dally llco for the week
ending MArch B , ISiM. was an follow * :
Saturday. Hell t > . 10.4.
filindny.fvb.20. . , . 1HUH )
Monday. 1'eb.CT . 10 , < it
TtimiJity.Kcli.8H . , : . . .1 . 0
IVi'dnrsday , Feb. SO . .17.IW )
'niurwlay. Mch. 1 . ; . . . . . .
Friday , Meh.a . , . ; .
. . . . .
Bworn to and rtulncrlbed In my prtwnnrn thU
Onl day of March , A. I ) . , ! . N. 1' . FHII/ ,
Notary I'ubllc.
Etato of Ncbranka , .1
County of DoiiKlam , f *
. Oco. B. Tzschuck , belnn first duly eworn , dp-
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dally circulation of tno Dally He o for the month
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for July. Ir87 , H.flfl copies : for AtiKUKt-
1SS7 , 14,151 copies ; for September , 1887 , 14,319
copies ; for October , 1SS7 , Itjffi ; for November ,
1W7. 16.220 copies ; for December , 1K87 , 1B.041
coplrt ; to * .lamniryt IrBf , 15a,0 coploHj. for
February , 1880 , IK.WiB poples.
Bworn and nubscrlbcd to In my prcpeneo this
3d day of February , A. 1) . 1BH8. N. P. 1'KII- , '
Notary i'libllc.
K is now no. danger of starving
In .Omaha when eighteen oiinccs of
bread can bo bought for fivacouts.
.A DIUUCTORV of the names of the
thousand and one nspirnnts for second
. place on the presidential ticket is abso
lutely noccBsury to. keep xip. with the
times. '
Tim Herald asks "why should not a
Nobraskiv man bo nnmod for the second
place on the ticket with Mr. Cleveland11" !
Who is .that man to boP J. Sterling
Morton , A. J. Popplulonor Ji-mCroigh-
'ton ? '
OMAHA'extends its Iioat'ty ' congratu-
, -.latioivs to Council Bluffs on * , the occa
sion of thej dedication of the [ now court
house. The building is n magntflccni )
structure and would bo'im
any city. ' . . . .
KINO JA JA is occupying a good deal
of attention in the house of commons ,
but king jaw-jaw , under the protection
of democratic fllilbusteroffi , has taken up
the attention of .congress over since
December. .
JUJJQK DUNDY.'S decision has furn
ished the koy-noto for -this year's cam
paign in Nebraska. The issue } a : Jlavo
wo corporations in the state indopcnd-
ont of state control nnd greater than the
' Btato itself ?
BOOMING "favorite sons" by Indiana ,
Now York , Ohio and other tnt 8 is all
very well before the campaign opens.
But somehow it is invariably the prodi
gal son Who is asked to sit down to- the
presidential feast. . '
WB have been assured that there will
bo no clashing.botweon 'the TJnion club
and board of trade. But the clashing
haa alreadyDcommoncod if Wo.aro to
credit the rpport ofthe bflloinl club or
gan. The cry is peace ! peacol but
thoitj is no peace. .
IT is said that the internal revenue
bill presented by the democrats of the
. ' ways and mean ! ) committee is intended
.to protect moc-ns'hlnors' . It has always
boon oui\ impression that moonslunors
have' boon' able to protect thomsolvod
' without the aid of congressmen who
drink their whisky.
TUB way the Now York senate com
mittee investigated trusts was some
thing like this : When it got hold of a
little follow like the tallow-trust it
pounded it all to pieces. But when it
ctuno to boxing a Johti-L.-Sulliran-tru.8l
like the Standard oil monopoly , the
committee used the softest kindof | gloves.
EITOUTS are being made by the young
democratic women of Pennsylvania to
organize Franco's Cleveland marching
clubs for the purpose of taking an active
part in the coming presidential elec
tion. It must look blue for Mr. Clove-
land's chances if ho has to depend on
the girls of Pennsylvania to keep him
in the white house for another term.
"WK , Us & Co. have gobbled another
public improvement contract. This
time it is awarded to Fanning it Co. and
calls for repairing the St. Mary'savonue
extension of the Ilarnoy street sower.
Fanning is very competent us a street
cleaner , but whore does ho come in as a
Bower bulldorV By the way , who is
" & Co. " and why docs that sewer con
structed only within two years need re
building1 !
Poni'LAKl ) , Maln'o , has Just had its
municipal election in which Neal Dow ,
the father of prohibition in Maine , was
defeated for mayor by a big majority.
Uncle Dow tried to ride into mayor's
oftleb on two horses. Ho straddled the
prohibition and the democratic nags ,
but they slipped up and Chapman , a
republican , passed him on a dead run >
Neal Dow and his causa received n ver >
black eye , but though much disfigured
i nnd battered ho claims to bo still in the
i *
JUDOK VAN BIWNT , of the Now York
tf eupromo court , holds that lobbyists ,
Vho for pay use their "influonco" in
cocuring the passage of a law , nro on an
equality with gamblers who accept a
note from n victim on his winnings and
force him to pay. And that' such a con
tract is void in law as against public
policy and public morality. The people
of Nebraska will do well in bearing this
comparison 'in mind when the railroad
lobbyists hover over the next session ol
Ui 6 state legislature.
Oorernop Ttinyer * Pntjr.
Within the past ton days this tno
been Invaded by-fl fonoo of firmed
detectives who are now said to bo sti- (
.toned at important railway points on
the line of the Burlington & Missouri
railroad. This force hns'bocn Imported ,
nto Nebraska at the 'instance ot the
managers of that road , under the pretext -
text that they nro needed to protect tlio
property of the company nnd the safety
of its employes who have taken the
places of the Htrikmg engineers and
The right of the rnllroad company to
exorcise all reasonable precaution for
the Hocurlty of its buildings , rolling
otock and employes cannot bo culled in
question. But , no corporation ban a
right to hire bands of armed men who
are not citizens of this state to exer
cise police powers and functions which
by the laws of this state can only bo
performed by the. duly authorized exec
utive ofllcorfl. . If the in rum go is of the
Burlington railroad have any fears of
lawless assaults upon their employes , or
riotous incendiarism , it-is .their privi
lege , UUo thnt'of any other * citizen , to
Invoke the' power of the local authori
ties for protection , and/if those local
ofllc'ors.aro . unable to repress violence
they have a right through them to request - ,
quest the governor to call' out 'the
militia. When the state has exhausted
its military strength for the restoration
of ordot'j the governor Is in duty bound ,
to call upon the president for federal
troops.- This is the lawful and constitUT ,
tionnl .method o'f procedure. Any
nttompt. introduce into this state
bands of armed mercenaries to overawe
oiti'/cns or interfere .in any manner
with their freedom'of action , is a high
handed usurpation which' calls for
prompt and decisive action on the part
of the chief executive of this state.
It becomes the manifest duty of Gov
ernor Tbayer , at this-juncture , to issue
a proclamation to municipal- county
officers' maintain law mid order and
to Arrest 'every non-rcsidenb wlio at
tempts to exercise , polfco authority , or
carries concealed Weapons under the
pretense of acting as guardian
to corporate property _ or . rail
way cirtploycs' Nebraska . is
a civilized state , whoso oxequtivo Is
clothed with ample power to protect the *
life and property . of every clti/cn
within * .its boundary. The importation
of armed mercenaries'is n defiance to
tho'statoi It is' an .incentive to disorder
and riot that shbuldjjo promptly checked
by the governor.
Both Parties Willing.
The officials.of the Burlington rail
road company and these authorised to
Bpoak in behalf of tlio striking1 engineers
have' expressed their entire willingness
that the issue between the cotnpnny and
the engineers shall be investigated , us
has'proposed , 'by'a. committee of
congress. Each of the parties professes
to feel so entirely confident of the right
and justice of its position as to desire
the fullest light thrown upon it and to fears of an _ adverse verdict as
tUe result of an impartial investigation.
A candid estimate of this sentiment and
spirit must lead" .to. the conclusion
that both parties' , seriously feel *
that _ a . vital 'principle to cadi
is involved in the struggle , 'and
that it is riot -battle in which mer
cenary considerations nro the solo in
' . The resolution introduced in congress -
gross and referred tb the committee on
commerce provides for an investigation
and authorizes the committee appointed
under the resolution to offer its services
for arbitrating the dilllculty. If there
was substantial reason for believing' '
that the issue might bo settled .In this
way. the proposed effort to do so would
very likely-have general approval. But
there could bo no arbitration without
the consent of the parties to the contro
versy , and this method of roaoh-
* ing n settlement the Burlington
officials have absolutely refused
to adopt. "When it was proposed
to them their reply was that there
was nothing to arbitrate. Tlioy are
doubtless of this mind still , and there is
no reason to suppose that they would bo
more likely to submit the matter to the
decision of a congressional committee
than to any other equally reputable and
intelligent body of citizens which could
bo called together any day at Chicago
for the purpose of arbitration. The
Burlington officials have virtually de
clared that so far as they are concerned
there is no middle ground in the con
tention , and therefore no basis for arbi
tration. It is almost certain , therefore ,
th'it any effort of a congressional com
mittee in this direction would bo futile.
As to an investigation by such a com
mittee , would it accomplish anything to
repay the time and cost thnt would bo in-
\olvedV There is probably nothing of
importance to bo learned not already of
public knowledge. The causes of the
strike are well understood , and if there
mo any motives behind it that have not
been made public It is not probable a
congressional committee would bo able
to got nt them. Such an investigation
might do the ono thing of ascertaining
approximately the extent to which the
trouble has boon on injury to the public
interests , nnd if that information should
load to legislation looking to the pre
vention of such difficulties in future between -
tweon railroad corporations and their
employes the investigation would have
served n good purpose. That there
will some day bo a demand
for such legislation , if the
time is not now ripe for it , there can bo
no doubt. Every thoughtful man must
see the danger there" is to the commer
cial Interests of the country in the unre
stricted freedom of railroad corpora
tions and their employes to engage in
hostilities that may result in paralyz
ing the whole carrying trade of the
country. "What is obviously needed Is
n more clearly defined responsibility for
the performance of duties In which the
publio Is directly concerned on the part
of both common carriers and their em
ployes. The demands or interests of
neither ono nor the other should bo
permitted to conflict with their publio
obligations. Both should bo subjected
to such restraints and conditions as
would compel thdm to adjust
their differences .without abandon
ing any of the duties which. the public
lias the right to expect- and require of
them , and without Injury to any publio
interest. It IB not improbable thilt be
fore Ihe present strike Hhnll have ter
minated the ncccstlty of such legislation
will bo more generally and plcnrly' scun
than it is at present ,
A Blcp Forward.
The United States senate has gone so
far toward reforming its unropubllcnn
secret session prnctlce as to modify the
rule regarding executive sessions so as
to provide that hereafter- treaty maybe
bo considered in open session , if the
majority so desire. This is a very mod
erate concession to the public demand
for tin entire abandonment of the secret
so.-slou custom , but it is an encouraging
beginning. It would perhaps bo too
much to expect that the senate would
sweep away this old practice all at once ,
nnd jot it would certainly gain in popu
lar regard by doing so. . Some consider
ation , however , must perhaps bo had
for. the attachment of the older
senators to the .ancient methods
they havo'so often foun'd convenient
nnd useful for personal ends , nmlwhich , ,
naturally ' they will reluctantly part
with. - .
The step forward that has been taken
should encourage renewed zeal on the
part of the opposition to secret sessions.
The open consideration of treaties is the
least important result to bo achieved ,
Thd real wrong connected with' the se
cret session practice is the sttir'-chumbor
method of considering appointments. ,
It is the injury done to the reputation
of citizens behind the barred floors ,
of the sonnto , for which' senators cs-
eftpo all responsibility , . that is
the greatest -evil connected with the
secret session custom. It is the oppor
tunity ghon senators to .gratify their
personal or political .hatreds that ren
ders the secret session , repugnant to
every consideration of fairness and jus
tice. The custom Is without a reason
able excuse or 'justification , and it is
only a. question of time when it will bo
abandoned. For the stqp It has taken ,
Jot the senate-bo commanded. ' ,
Inflating the Gas CInlm.
The council has ordered the gae com
pany to , extend its'mains on Lcavpn-
worth'between Thirtieth nnd Thirty-
soventlVstreets. This.means , of course ,
an addition of from ton totwenty , lamp
posts at an' expense of from $320 to 8700
per year. The gas company's bills ,
which are systematically staved -off
from month to month , will thus bo
swcllo4'nnd ' when the great gas claim is
finally .settled it . .willrun up in the
neighborhood of sixty thousand dollars.
The plain intent of the charter is , that
the expenses for street lighting
shall. . bo part . of . the cur
rent expense of . the municipal
government just the same ns rent and
fuel ar.i. If the gas bills were incjude'd
in the monthly appropriations and paid
out of the trcnoral fund as the law re
quires , the city could command at least
'as liberal discount as is conceded to pri
vate consumers of gasi That would
mean a saving of thousands of dollars to
taxpayers. It would also prevent a reck
less increase of street lamps in every
directionbecause the council would have ,
td keep within the limits ofits capacity
.to pay.But that is not the policy which
governs the council in its conduct of the
city's business. * . ' '
THE'county commissioners have a
project on hand to add another story on
the county jail. It is a , very serious
question whether the jail noc'ds enlarg
ing and whether , in fact , another/ dollar
lar should bo expended on the present
unsightly structure. In thq first place ,
the county hospital , .which is now under
construction , will relieve the jail of all
insane inmates for whom , cells are now
sot apart.In the next place , the pris
oners convicted of minor offenses , under
the city ordinances will sooner or later
bo placed in a workhouse' . Every largo
city in the country has its workhouse ,
but it is usually located at' consider
able distance from the business center.
When the hospital nnd work house
shall bo completed , the county jail will
simply-bo reduced to n prison for par-
tics charged with crime during the pe
riod between their arrest and trial.
With the criminal courts in continual
session , the nXtmbor of inmates in the
county jail \ \ til never exceed thirty to
forty. For this reason nsnoil ns for
the reason that the jail will sooner or
later have to bo entirely re-built , and
probably re-located , the projected build
ing of another story on the county
prison is , in our opinion , unwarranted.
SKXATOU FAIMVEI.II has gene on rec
ord in favor of an unpledged delegation
from Illinois to the republican national
convention. Ho says to the republicans
of Unit state : . "Wo cannot afford at this
time to engender dissensions and dis
putes by trying to instruct our dele
gates , especially when wo know the
democracy will go up In a solid column
for Cleveland. " It would undoubtedly
bo a fortunate thing if the republicans
of every state could see the wisdom and
importance of avoiding dissensions nnd
disputes by sending delegates to the
national convention free to act accord
ing to their best judgment after consul
tation with the delegates from other
states. Such a policy would certainly
tend to harmony , which is so much to
bo desired , nnd could not fail to produce
results likely to bo more to the credit
nnd gratification of the party than can
reasonably bo expected if there is n contest -
test of the pledged supporters of "favor
ite sons. "
GovKUNon CnAY of Indiana appears
to bo a very promising candidate for the
second place on the domoc"ntio presi
dential ticket. The democracy by no
means feel sure of Indiana , in consequence
quence of the very bad record the party
in that state has made , and therefore an
Indiana candidate who is popular at
homo is very likely to bo strong in the
national convention. Gray perhaps
would stand best because ho would not
bo objectionable to Mr. Clovclandwhllo
YoorheoB would bo , and ho is not more
popular -.Tith the Indiana democrats
than Gray. William R. Morrison of
Illinois is willing , but then there , uro
at least two other ambitious' pol
iticians in thnt state either
of whom would bo equally available , and
who will stand very the way of
the . 'ex-congressman. . It may be ret -
- ,
marked that MIJ. Vllas appears to have
dropped ontlrolM out of consideration.
The conrentionVhbwover , will have an
ample list to select from.
Mom : than a U4ck ago the directors
of the board of j do appointed a com
mittee of which Mr. N. Morrlam was
chairman to confer with the promoters
of'tho Council illuffs Chautauqun nnd
devise means tocofoporate with them to
Insure Its success. " Mr. ll r , president
of the board , took it upon himself to su-
porccdo that cohUnltteo and spring a.
scheme to sell a tract of land belong
ing to the South Omaha syndicate to
the Chnutauqua association. The propo
sition was very naturally resented
and the Council Bluffs delegation
returned in no very good humor , We
do not believe , however , that the action
of Mr. Her will bo sanctioned by the
board of. trade , whoso members ns a
body , wo can safely assert , arc in hearty
sympathy with the Council Bluffs enter
prise. When the board meets next
Monday , it will set itself right and take
such action its will dispel tlio Impression
that Omaha is inimical , to any enter
prise which Council Bluffs may under
take. .
HASCAM , is still confident that the
cdurts will lot him'relocate the city hall
Jefferson square. Why didn't tlio
b'ollwothor talk that way before the
court1 ! Why did his dupes and confcds
in the council all swear that they had
no intention to change the location ?
Did they testify under outhwith n men
tal reservation'/ ' *
Ir the Ice 'dealers pcoposo to give-
Omaha "a better quality of ice nnd
cheaper ice than heretofore by reason
of their combination , nobody will find
fault with them. But if the purpose of
the "trust" is to raise the price of ice
nnd freeze Out competition , the "ice
trust" will uiijet with a cold reception.
The king of Slam is thirty years o'tl and has
thirty children.
Bulgaria has come to the conclusion that a
Ferdinand Is worth two in the bush. '
Tho'klng of Holland keeps n fine portrait
of Mr , J. L , Motley in his bedroom at the
The grand duke of Baden wishes to take an
'American tour , but his ministers oppose the
project. ; .
Queen Isabella 13 reported , is spite of vari
ous denials , to have been plotting to over
throw the Spanish i-CRenoy.
More than $15OQ6r has , it is stated , been
already collected fora present to Alexandra ,
princess of Wales , fbV nor silver wedding.
Th6 emperor of Brazil wears a buckeye or
horse chestnut tied o his neck , to keep off
evil spirits , and it ha * been a great success.
' . King Albert of Saxpnyhas written to this
country fdr volumes on the American war
by living authors , , ' fls majesty is an author
ity on Eur6pean military matters , bavin ?
greatly dlstlnguishcc hluiaclf in the Franco-
Pi ussian wari \ i . '
A Philadelphia sh'do ' house recently re
ceived un order for U'patr of slippers from , n
member of the Jap'aneso royal family , the
Princess Tanabe Kin. The order was ac
companied by a plccoof paper , on winch was
traced the outline of the royal foot , with the
necessary measurements. It calls for a No.
2 * slipper. ' " .
It has boon generally reported that the
crown prince of Gcrmany.has suffered it good
deal of annoyance from his inability to snioUo
* hls pipe. The fact is that "Unser Fritz" lias
novcr boon in ths habit ot using a pipe except
when .hunting or campaigning. Cigarettes
and cigars have taken tlio place of Ins pipe at
most times.
When the Emperor William celebrates his
ninety-first birthday in March , every soldier
In the great Gorman army will be presented
with the .kaiser's biography. TJio cost of the
work Is to ho defrayed by public subscription
am ] the names of the subscribers will all bo
presented , bound , to the cmpcior.
According to a continental story the queen
of Spain has been investigating the mysteries
of "hypnotism/1 At a noancc , conducted in
her presence by an Italliin practitioner. , it is
narrated , n young lady , well known In
Madrid society , on uulng magnctbod"ato a
raw potato with great gusto , " and did many
equally wonderful tilings- .
The viceroy of India rules moro subjects
than the craperor of Russia , the- president of
the United States , and the prt'sldcnt of the
French republic , taken together ! ho has
morq real opportunities of usefulness than
President Carnet or Proildcnt Glovoland.anit
his outward state , ami dignityin hla domin
ions uro dcaroely less than that of the czar
himself. '
The princess of , Wales is again suffering
from an attack of deafness. Slio Is now com
pelled to use an car trumpet , a necessity
which she very unwillingly submits to. The
king of Greece , the. princess of Wales'
brother , Is troubled with a llko deafness , al
though the king's case is uorso. It has been
said of him that ho could not hear a cannon
rear without an car trumpet.
In tlio days when kings and queens and
princes and princesses are writing books and
mapa/lno articles with a surprising zest , it
might bo expected that the fashion would ex
tern ! to the islands of the sea. The "Mem
oirs of nu Arabian Princess"1 by Emily
Ituotc , princess of Oman and Zanzibar , is a
book possessing the merit of a simple , hu
morous ntyle , line bits tof description and of
icvcullng now scenes , curious customs and
the social ethics of a Mohammedan country.
Ono question the princess asks which fur
nishes tno key to her character , "Would it
not bo moro humane to import female physi
cians into /atuibar instead of those horribly
dcmorall/intf spirituous llquorsi" The book
is pleasing throughout nnd the princess to-
lates en passant BOUIO of the meanness of the
Kpgllsh and German governments iu the
Kc\o \ Ypit. II'orM.
It Is wondci ful how the statute of limita
tions extends its sheltering arms when there
is a millionaire or two In sight ,
All Oral ) .
C/ifcfl/o / ( Herald.
The Investigation of the Standard oil com
pany appears to acaro nobody connected with
it. An "octopus" la tyell prepared for its
foes. It is forearmed 'twico four-armed as
It wcro.
Bought Him Off.
CMcaoo Times.
President ClovolamLMms named the new
military post at High"wood after General
Sheridan. It doesn't jnattor now whether
General Shorldan w4 ! born in this country
or Ireland ; ho surely cduld not think of being -
ing a candidate aga'mst President Cleveland
Come On.
St. Vtwl Olofjf.
General Beadle told the Omaha board of
trade that if division failed the southern
counties of Dakota would probably try to secede -
code and join Nebraska. The general's
mouth at times Jangles badly , but withalit-
tlo reconstructing , ho will muko a good 'citi
zen of the big state , and Dakota cannot well
spaio him. Ho Will probably conclude not to
take any counties south of the Hlg Muddy.
A Thront.
, San ancl co JVut.
California .wfll not wo hot-citizens crowded
out of her industries or nor lands by pauper
Immigration from China without a
. . .
* * * * * A *
tf the cast showed half the courage or appre
ciation of Its own nnd of American Interests
that California has , It would not allow the
session of congress to pass without Insisting
on tin adequate law and getting It. Hut if the
east is willing to reap the harvest of strikes ,
riots and misery that comes over In the toed
of the stcorngo from Europe , it nhould not
Insist that California bo compelled to receive
the same punishment. . There jiro fourteen
olcctoinl votenon the coast , nnd when It
comet to the Chinese question the coast votes
as n unit , ' '
Jf Is nest Pull.
.Chtcagv Kent ,
Ho * ald ! "I can pull u throttle
As well nsnnyono" !
But nil the nulling ho'dcvcr done
Wus at u bottle.
Ho said i "Though not of the brotherhood ,
I'll put this engine through. "
They wrote : "Ho died on the C , 11 & Q.
He was no good. "
Nebraska .Jottings-
Nuligh will soon have an artesian bore
The Tccumsoh Republican shouts for
General Bon Harrison for president.
O'Connor , in Greeloy county , pro
posed to celebrate t. Patrick's any.
Hon. M. V. Gannon , of Omaha , is booked
for anoration. .
The Union Pacific fireman injured in
the wreck at C'olton was taken to the
' in Denver 'and
company's hospital was
doing well at last report.
The Imported onpino men at PlattB-
mouth nro herded like eattlo when olT
duty. They nro quartered in cars In the
shops and guarded by constables.
Bonkclman has a sur6 thing on'a
85,000 , school house , a new court house
and 'several thousand dollars' worth of
now residences.during the coming sum
. The Wahoo Wasp has issued an illus
trated spring edition of the * city's loca
tion , si/.o , enterprise , business , facilities
and advantages what she already jins
and what she is needing.
The commissioners of Otoo county
p0poso to sue for the privilege of pay
ing the county's honest debts. The
olllcials should be quarantined lost the
contagion spread among delinquents.
The publishers of Webster's diction
ary nro about to present to Miss Loio
Royce a handsomely bound volum0 of
the unabridged edition. It will have
Miss Koyco's name on it , ton-ether with
a proper inscriptions.
Mrs. Toinok , wife ot a farmer living
near Prague , in a flt of temporary in
sanity. Jumped into a well. The unfor
tunate woman was pulled out nllvo. She
has been suffering from brain trouble
over'sinco the great blizzard of January.
One of the first-class engine - blacksmiths
smiths imported by the Burlington , ran
a switch engine into the round house in
Hasting' ) , tearing clown the doors and
battering the foundation of the building
at the end of the .stall. The thickness
of tlio wall alone prevented him from
skipping across lots to Gi-and Island.
George McMillan , nn old engineer
who had retired to a farm near Beatrice ,
was brought out by the Burlington with
a liberal fee after the strike. He made
n few runs between Lincoln nnd Beat
rice , but the strikers , bought him off.
1- rom both ho is said to have scooped in
a pot of $500.
' , 'Tho surveillance of the telegraph in
this city by B. & M.buldozers , " savs the
Plattsmouth Journal , "is nn outrngo on
the freedom of private correspondence.
No pimp of any corporation has any
more right to handle or see messages
sent over the wires than ho w6uld have
to open the letters of. citizens nt the
postolUco before they sent them away. " .
The Denver News says : "Nebraska
men appear to think that a state should
bo'able to enforce its own laws , without
reinforcements of private detectives ,
employed by corporations or individuals ,
without license and illegitimately. This
class of hirelings are mischievous and
breed trouble , because it makes business
for their kind. The Nebraska move
ment should be followed in other
states. "
Iowa Items.
Cedar Falls will put in ft system of
waterworks to cost 818,000.
It cost Dubuque $76,444.03 to maintain
her fire department the past year.
Ackley has good reason to crow over
the fact that the town is out of debt and
haa a surplus in the treasury.
The congregational churches of Iowa
will hold their annual state association
meeting tit Grinnell In May. instead of
at Davenport as intended.
Tlio body of Mrs. Posekamy was found
in a \ \ onear Williams Saturday.
Whether ehe was murdered or commit
ted suicide cannot be determined.
Quito n sensation was caused a few
days ago near Wintorsot by the marriage
of a woll-to-ao widow , fair , fat and forty
to her negro employe , aged twenty-six.
There nro cut 1,199 acres of vacant
land in Cass county.
Prospectors report a rich find of gold
in the Squaw creek country.
The Chicago , Milwaukee & St. Paul
have formally located division head
quarters at Madison.
The council of Canton have decided
to submit the question of bonding the
city in the sum of 810,000 for water
While sinking a well at Brondlnnd
last week the workmen strunk u.four-
inch vein of lignite at a depHi of twelve
feet from the surface.
A Kimball woman spoke disparag
ingly of her grocerS salt codfish. The
grocer said they wore not like boards
nnd offered to let her hit him on the
head with one for ii-j cents. She planked
down the money , slapped him with the
fish and broke his jaw.
An Aberdeen hotel has conspicuously
posted in its olllco a sign which read's
as follows : "Any tenderfoot who culls
a suet of rooms a sweet , or a spltbox a
cuspltdor , or looking-glass a mirror ,
cannot stop in this house and will llnd
the climit helthlor further east. "
The directors of the Dcadwood Re
duction Works company have appointed
a committee to solicit subscriptions to
the stock of the corporation. Canvass
ing is to commence at once nnd sub
scriptions will be taken on the basis of
one-fourth cash , and the other thrco-
'fourths in sixty , ninety nnd 120 days.
The amount needed is $ CO,000.
An overall and shirt factory Is to bo
planted in Lavamio.
The assessed valuation of all property
in the territory for 1837 vill not $90,810.
The bill to legalize the "motherless
bairn , " known as the Maverick bill ,
failed to pass over the governor's veto.
The territorial legislators , and their
wives and sweethearto , wore given a
free excursion to Denver Saturday by
the Union Pacific.
The Department of Colorado G. A. R.
encampment , to bo hold in Cheyenne
the Kith inst. , promises to bo the grand
est nlTnir of the character over occurring
in that section.
A surprise , when smoking "Soiuen-
berg Figaro" forSo you will tinit ' a lOc
cigar. Ask" your dealer for them.
lIoTclln How to Hcsono the
Tlio Tcmpcrnnuo Movement.
Hy 7:30 : o'clock Tucftday night the Swedish
LutlicrftnchurchNineteenth and C.un streets
was well filled. The occasion was an ad
dress by Michael J. Fanning , of Michigan.
lu n series of talks mndo by him under the
auspices of the Motroiwlltan . Prohibition
club. At the opening Hov. E. H. QrnliAm , of
tlio First United Presbyterian church , put n
damper on the enthusiasm , of the occasion ,
by requesting that however much the nudl-
tor might bo pleased with what ho hoard ,
that ho studiously refrain from applauding.
The Harmonica quartette composed of
four young liulies. rendered an appropriate
selection in n creditable manner , and Hov ,
J. K. Bnalgn made the opening prayer.
Mr. Fanning was introduced by Itcv. E.
I ) . Graham ,
The gentleman In' n pleasing talker , of
commanding appearance , and has the happy
knack of driving his points homo with Inter
esting nnd unique Illustrations.
Throughout his address ho exhibited nvery
agrccabla Inclination to contlno lilmsolf
strictly to his text.
Mr. Funning said the question ns to the
duty of thoclti/on in ri'gurd to the ovll of
intemperance Is now before the public. Ho-
lllon ( , patriotism and humanity urged And ro-
( lulrcil that war bo waged ngninsttho tranic.
According to tlio official reports there were'In
this country 2I5H)0 ( ) d'atlllorics , breweries ,
wincniakcrg and other dealers In alcoholic
liquors. Place all of these in a circle and
they Would make 'J.GS3 miles In clrcumferanco ,
or nn urea of 674,071 , square miles ;
equal In area to nineteen states and territor
ies , leaving yet n liberal surplus. Within
that circle could be found the host of humans
affected by strong drink , each tending toward
the seething cess pool In whlcu in 1SS7
100,000 souls perished.
Temperance fonts-wore Just like any other
folks , each hud a hobby.
Prohibitionists nbuiio and crlticlno moral
's\iaslonlsts mid vice vpra. The mscqtienco
was these two eiand divisions wore divided
and the enemy whipped them in detail.
The temperance horde could bo divii
follows ! First , moral suasionists or high II
cense and restrictive legislation. Second ,
sore-headed prohibitionists Wtio see good In
nothing but absolute prohibition. Third , the
best clAHs of all , and the ono to which the
speaker belongs , who believed moral suasion
good us far as it goes but insisted upon
u svstcmatic mixture of the two remedies.
DHo would illustrate the errors of tlio Hist
ami second class by the parable of the good
The soroheadctl prohibition good Samar
itan would bo so indignant nt thoromlltumof
the sufluicr that he had no tune to offer to him
n helping hand , but rushed , off to abuse the
thieves and demand the immediate passage
of li lv l to shut them out of Jericho. That
Samaritan set his eyes so high that ho could
not heed the appeal the condition of the suf
ferer made ( o Ins Immediate attention.
The moral suasion good Samaritan , would
llnd his heart too full of sympathy forthosuf-
feier to bo Indignant at these responsible for
Ills condition. His entire attention would bo
absorbed in alleviating the sufferings of the
tnan , while ho took no steps to prevent a
recurrence of the misfortune.
The third class believed that reform in man
was like reform to the young tree. The care
ful gardener after ucnulng the frail brnilch
aright would not leave it , to its own weak
ness , but would place n support to maintain
It In its proper course. Just so with men ,
moral suasion was good as far as It went , but
it needed the cap sheaf x > { legal suasion to
make it effective.
Society had n right to protect Itself orcn'at
a e ; critleo of individual tnstos. The plan of
battle wi3 to wage war against the trafllo all
along the line yet never In the heat of battle
bo too busy to rcscua the perishing or care
for tlio dying.
There was a class ot men who -would sign
the pledge whenever asked to or break It
whenever asked to take a drink. Those
wcro the well moaning fellows without the
stamlnalo back tllolr good resolutions. Fof
them a pravcntativo as well as cure was
ncedcdi This was not found In high license
but their solo salvation lay In an absolute
abolition , of the trafllo. "What wo .need ,
mothers , " concluded tbo epqaker , "is a com
plete abolition of tills evil , BO that when your
boy Is away from your side * you need not lis
ten with fear nnd trembling for the Bound Of
his staggering footsteps at his mother's
door. " . .
During the evening the Harmonica quar
tette rendered several charming vocal selec
tions. This quartette is from Falls City ,
Nob. , and Is composed of three sisters , the
Misses Nowklrk and Miss Crow. These
young ladles added much to thq interest of
the occasion. Sixteen persons joined ( he
club during the 'evening. To-night at the
same church Mr. Fanning will Bpoak on
"Liquor and Labor. " A cordial Ipvitutlon Is
extended to aJl to bo present.
Saturday night at Exposition hall the moot
ing will bo addressed bv Prof. Dickieof
Michigan , who Is salu to bo an able and in
teresting speaker.
D. N , Wheeler , ono of Pendor's extensive
feeders and shippers , is on the market with
six loads of cattle.
J. P. Elbert , a heavy stock handler from
Waterloo , was looking over tlio markets to
JoRCph Hammcng , of Hammong Bros. ,
Arlington , is in with a load of cattle.
H , E. Hanson is In with two loads of
Wayne , Nob. , cattle.
Harry Bell was brought baxik to South
Omaha jcsterday and nrralgned before
Judge Keuthcr on the charge of killing John
McNulta. The form ot the charge will bo
altered from "shooting with intent to kill"
to "feloniously killing , but without prcme'd-
itation. "
John Urntt , of the North Platte firm of
Brutt & Co. . has three cars on the market.
Bioken wires luterferred seriously with
the telephone business of South Omaha busi
ness men yesterday.
John Ciannon , of Bancroft , brought In n
load of cattle.
Henry Hurchan , of HicKinan , was on the
market with u car of cattle.
Politicians are beginning to bestir them
selves , aud quiet llttlo'eaucauses nro in order.
There wcro two of them last night , ono in
the Second ward aud one in thu city hall.
The few men at the latter kept everything
quiet until the last minute , and then after ex
pressing mutual admiration for each other ,
decided who wore the best men to run clqio
nffali s for the futuro. Some good men wcro
namedhowever , to give a tone to the nffnir ,
ami then tlio-io piesent adjourned confident
that they had hold a citizen's meeting.
In future no way freight will be allowed to
block the tracks of the Stock Yards com
pany. Yardmaster Mack says so.
Already the roil estate agent Is abroad ,
nnd pamphlets advertising the advantages
offered by South Omaha are being scattered
around. Some of them contain valuable , In
formation , and ono gives the amount ex
pended on improvements up to December 111 ,
1837 , OR follow * : Grading , flOl.OiX ) ; water
mains , if 100,000 ; stock ynul iniuovt | > inent.s ,
$ . ' 01,000 ; sewers , ? 7.-,000 ; Swift's packing
house , JU" > , OOU ; Armour's packing house ,
JiVl.COO ; high school , * lll,0 ( > 0 , aud Nebraska
Hendcring t ompany , fbl'UO.
Exchange hotel gucsts'ycsterday were : D.
W.\VhoclerPoiiderNeb..l Birmingham.Fill-
crton , Neb , G. M. Carleton , Fullerton. Neb , ,
E. M. Stlllts , Hlair , Neb . Joseph Hammond ,
Ailington , Nob. , F. H. Chad wick , Sliulton ,
Neb. . W. F. Gunman , Manchester. la. , and
J. 1' . Albert , Waterloo , la.
Nine vacancies , twenty-five candidates and
not ono of them willing to own up to it Is the
present state of civic affairs in South Omaha.
The suit of Levy vs John A. Froylmn has
been decided in favor of the plaintiff by Jus
tice Wells. Freylian gave a chock to Justice
Levy to secure the costs of a suit ho had
brought nnd the chock was dishonoroJ. To
day the defense set up a contra account as
an offset , but It wis disallowed nnu Judg
ment rendered us above.
"I wouldn't Join this thing for fun but for
money , " said ono of these present nt the
board of trade mooting Saturday night , and
the reporter took notes.
Credit Is duo the committee on streets nnd
alloys , for the way they hustled that building
off N street. It has blocked the main busi
ness thoroughfare for botno days , but it U on
the u\o\ now aud will bo consigned to some
less frequented placo.
J. W. Lynch was always popular nniong
the packing men uml now ho Is sick ,
Without friends , and In the hospital. A sub
scription list Is being circulated for Ills Dono-
Jlt andhif friends can find it ntthoC ty hotel.
"Wo don't want any ono but South Omaha
mrn In this , " said ono of the erratic gentle
men who spoke at the board of trudo meet
ing , to n lien reporter "and
wo'ro going .to keep the Omaha
uieu out Of it. " Ucspouslblq business moo.
will no doubt rccoRiilto the Chicago board of
trade nun good model , for It UUio largest
nnd wealthiest Jn the country , nnd has
done moro to bring that city bcforo
the wprld than nnv other agency.
And yet the membership of thnt bonrd is
open to the world , mid It eounU imiong Its
members citizens of nvory stnto In the tmioit ,
of Canada nnd of Unglutul. Nothing Is
nskod from them but to pay for their seata
nnd abide by the rule * . South Omaha men
oem to wish to full buck on the old Ohlnesa
wnll sjstom nnd keep nll.outMilprs nwny. It
might work to the udvnntngo of n few for n
short tlmu , but It would result In putting n
feneo around the city and In n few years
hanging out u sign "To Lot. "
A Hllclit cold , if neglected , often attacks
the lungs. HIIOWN'S ' iJiioscnui , Tnocni'.s
give sure nnd Immediate relief. Sold only Jit
Price ) cents.
Jnllcd For Imrcrny.
J E. Hurgess nnd his mistress , who nasset
by the nnmu of Ella Hurgess , were both ar
rested yesterday on the charge of larceny.
They have been stopping nt u lodging house
t 015 South Tenth street for 'tho past thrco
or four nights , ami Tuesday morning two
of the lodgers there discovered that Rome-
body had broken Into their trnnks nnd rilled
them of their contents. Suspicion was fast-
cued pn Hurgess nnd his female companion ,
nnd the matter v ns placed In the hand * of
the police. Pnrtot the goods woio found In
Frldmnn's pawnshop , uhero JJuigess had
loft them for a trilling 1mm. With this
money the two hud gotten on n cloilous
drunk. The guilty pair weio arrested.
They refuse to disclose the hiding place of
the nrtieles vet unaccounted for , * The
woman is said to be the same patty who a
shoi t tinio since went nbotit collecting money
which she said was for the Nebraska hero-
.limf Uml , but which she reallv converted to
her own use. Hoth she and her "kusoaud"
have been In jail bcforo.
Calarrii to Gonsnmption ,
Catarhln Its destructive force stands next to
and undoubtedly lends on to cousumptlon. It Is
therefore singular that those nllllcteil with thin
fearful dleaso nhoulil not moke It tlio ojjjoct of
their lives to rid themselves of It. Deceptive .
remedies concocted by Ignoiant pictondcrsto
mcdlcnl know loilgo lm\ weakened tli contl-
tlcnco of the great majority of mitrerers In all
ndortlscd remedies. They become resigned tea
a Ufa of misery rather than tortue themselves
\ilth doubtful pnllluthes.
. Hut this will never do. Catarrh must 1)o met
atovot y stUKU nud combated \ > Ith all our might.
In Many cases the disease 1ms assumed danger
ous s > niptomo. The bones nnd rnrtlltigo of tlio
nest , the 01 Rims of hciUliiK , of seeing nml of
tasting so affected ns to be iiitplexs , the uvula so
elongated.- throat so Intlnmi'd mm lirltutoil
as to product ) n constant nnd distressi .
S VNFOIIO'S UADICAI , CuiiK moots m eiy phnso
6f Catarrh , from a simple homl cold to tno most .
loathnomo mid destructive stages. It In local
nml cimstltntUmal. Instnnt lu relieving , pot-
manentlu curing , safe , economical uiul no\cr-
Kaeh package contains ono bottle of the lUni-
OAI , CUIIK , one box UvrAimiui. SoLVE-jr. nnd
an IsiPitovKU INHAI.KH. vlth treatise ; price II.
. POTTliH DntJO & ClIKMlCAl , CO. . IIO3TOK.
* Full of comfort for nil 'Pains , in-
'tlammatlon , mul Weakness of the
iAged Is- the . CUTlcmiA AMM'AIW
_ 1 1'i.AHThli , the llrst nnel only pAln-klll-
Ing btreiiKthenlna Hasten New , Instantaneous
anil infallible. Vastly mnicrlqr to all other
remedies and appliances for relieving pain nnd
strengthening the imiMclos. Keels ROOI ! from-
the moment It Is applied. At all druggists , 25
rents ; th e for 11.00 ; or , pottage free , of Ppnui
DlttlO AM ) C'llEMICAT , Cl > . . HoHtOD , MUBS.
Our Magic Remedy
r AH iTpbliltlc DIMUCI , of nnnt or Ion *
from ten to flfuen tl yi. W will f ITO vrliMa gu r > .
tile * * torare tpyctio or refund yourmontf. And
. ire would uy to ttiot * who hav tmplojed U moil
Skilled i'brilclant. u efl eterr known , remedy na
E * not been cured , thM you are the subject ! w * anj
reeking for. You tbftt hare been to tbe eeUbrauq
llot Bin-in * * of Arkaniai , and bare lo all hope ol
raooTtn , wo
Will Cure Yon
ermakenoebarce. Our remedf li unknown to an ?
on * In tbe woml outildoof our Company , and It l >
the only remedy in the world tbat will cure you. W
will euro the moat obstinate case In leu than on *
month. BOTCH day In recent cnie Uooi the work. II
) the old , chronic , Ooep-ioMod caiei that wo solicit ,
We have curort hundred * who had been abandoaia .
ky.l'byilolaui aad prouounoeu Incurable , and
. We Challenge lira World .
that wo will not curb In leu than
one month.
Klnr * th lilelory of medicine , a True SpoclBo for
BrplillltlOhKruptlonm Ulcern , bore month , Ac. , bat
been sou t fur but neror found until
Our Magic Remedy
ai < llroviTfl , and we art ) Jtutllted In wring It li tht
only remedy In the world ( but will luirlllToly cure ,
beoauau tboJateit medical worki. publlnbed by the
cent known imthorltlrn , ay there wni never a true
peclttc before. Otir Ilcrordr Ik the only mcdlctne In
the worlil that will euro wncn CTerytulnii elio ha
filled. Ithaibeen locnnccdtd by a Targe numburot
celebrated rnyilMnce. IT HAH NEVER Tn rxiLin
To CUHJE. Why w te your time and money with
* atent inedlclnri that neror Imd rlrtfie , or doctor
kith phyclclans that uannot euro you. You tbat bar *
tried CT < rythlng olfe should come to us now and get
permanent relief ) you never ran act Itelinwher * .
Mark what we ssyi In tbe end you mutt take out
Remedy or NKTKH recover. And you that have been
Otlrted but a short time should by all means come to
now. xnny cut help nnd think thoya re free train
the dlieattt , but In one , two or three years after , II
appears af tin In a more horrible form.
Investlf at * our financial standing through the mer *
eantlle a enclei end note that we are fullre > ponsl *
Me nnd our written guarantees are coort. We have
KiiiElir prepared on purely Hcluntlllo 1'ilnctples ana
werlib to repeat that It Nkvcii TAILU TO cutui. All
letters iKcnxHr connacntlnl.
THE COOK REMEDY CO. , Omalm , Neb.
Booms 10 and IT lleUman Block.
honestly admit ( bat they can't euro
llhcuiuatism and Neuralgia. Others
Bay they. can but don't. Ath-lo-
iilio-roi says nothing but rir .
That's the secret of IU success.
Yean of trial have jiroitd it to bo
a quick , tuft , turt cure.
Conconl.N. II.RiJ't.S.IW '
In my own f/iinlly Atlilnpnnnm wa u ot |
n a last icxort , the n or liavliu Kinrrral
from ibtuiiiatluu for lean uiul luvlnto
Imuu tnatul for llm dfc-i-iu.0 byd'flirtnC '
lilirrictanfi lu thin Htnto anil ManMchu.
ntlH without oviin lomixjrnry rcllbf.
llioino ) rponnim nilil Inn scuntiuf | H .
I'lo ' havci iixcil thin ivinnly nltli th Runts
result * cUlnuil for It. O. II. V < H'OK.
, nwa. Jan 3. Iflm.
Allilophnrcix Jiu oninpli t > I ) riirml nie of
ncrtous hi mlarho , uiul I frcl thankful for
all the irooa It hi Mono inc.
Mrs. l.auiit OiiLnnr.
A3- Send fi ccn(4 ( Tur thn Ixnntlful rotored plo-
turo , " McxirUli Maiden. "
pit * , iltecatr pcrmt and
Security ( linn aie pffpctually comliattcd by
burning llyilnnuiiithul I'uitllto In
rooniH mid aiiuUtnoiitn. 'Jliey am
Against fruirantandrnvlKoratlngUtli 8lLlc
.SUii and * cnli alutiue * uro ] > onim-
nently cured by the
Suffering .Siidji.a pure.lilclily hcuntod nip
al noun for toilet , winery and Imtti.
'J'uofliacht , fuce ncuialul" and
f < imeil nr ttuiillen u" > ' > leld promptly -
Disease ly to Dnrbv'a Dental rfaHtera , wlifUl
take tlio placs of npiati'H , and dan-
'and geroiw tootluiche drops.
CVimn and Jluntnim caiis no p ln
whore JIoad'H Corn and Itunlon
I'lustcru are used. They quickly
Death ! allny In tlammntlon nnd reltovo pain.
.Small pox and other contaKlouK
dlxuaftoit uro iirarontod by btimliiK
heubury'a Hulihur ] Candloa In pel.
tafj4. ( .los'tH , winks , Hlllpn' holds ,
bird fttucH , ililcki HC 001)4. ) tc.
25 Gents btiAlilfUY X JUIINbO.V , Now York.