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The Brick Contractors will Not Pay
the Increased Wagoa Asked.
J. M. Itlco'H Opinion cm tlio City Hnll
Foundation Mrs.'O'Kcllly'fl
and hover Mortuary KcjtlHt
Ijonvc-8 of Bread.
Tlic Contractors' Card.
A card from tbo bricK contractors' associa
tion of Omaha :
To our patrons nnd the general public :
Gentlemen At n meeting of our association
this , the Mb day of March , It was deemed
proper and advisable that , In view of tbo
Htrlke recently Inaugurated nnd declared by
the Bricklayers' union of this city for higher
wncres nnd less hours work , "that wo should
make a brief statement of the facts In the
case nnd tbo reasons that govern our actions
therein , " wo declare that tbo mechanics of
Omaha have always had our bct.t . wishes and
that at all times wo have been willing to ,
and have , ' granted all of their reasonable
( and for the sake of peace some of their un
reasonable ) requests. This wo did because
wo were willing that they should receive
good wages , and because wo did not wish to
become a disturbing factor In the unprece
dented growth of our city for the
past four years. Wo know that our
interests and that of tboso In our
employ are identical and that , for both sides
to bo successful , wo should work In harmony ,
nnd wo deplore tbo fact that our employes do
not seem to recognize this truth in their coun
cils. Up to the spring of l&Wl , the bricklay
ers of this city were receiving fJ.OO for ten
hours work. At Unit tlmo a demand was
made for n raise of wages to (4.50 for ten
hours work or I5 cents an hour. This was
consented to und were tbo wages for 18S > 0.
They also agreed to grade their men accord
ing to their iiunllllcutions , and this agreement
they afterwards repudiated. In tbo spring
of 1887 , a still greater demand was made , that
nine hours should bo onlay's work atfl.f.O for
every working day In tbo week except Satur
day when they should work only eight hours
and receive $4.50 for this day's work also.
This demand was also allowed them only
after considerable discussion and pro test from
several contractors and at great loss to us.
About a month ago tbo Hrlcklaycrs' union
acting through a committee , "cut n notice to the
contractors that they asked that eight
hours bo u day's work on and after the 1st
of March , IbbS , for each day of the week at
N.W ) per day. At a meeting of contractors
held In tbo llrst week of February they de
cided this was an unreasonable demand and
was not consented to. A committee was ap
pointed to notify them of this action , nnd
also directed to try and make nn agreement
with them. A meeting of tbo two commit
tees was held , nnd our members thereof re
ported that tliero was no prospect of n com-
promlse At tbo next contractors' mceting.itn
offer was sent to them to pay fiO cents per hour
for nine hours' work each day of tbo week
except Saturday , when they should receive
eight hours' pay for eight hours' work ; tills
offer they very peremptorily refused , accom
panying this refusal with the noticutbat all
cleaning down nnd pointing of fronts ( which
Is a separate business ) must ho done by
This is a plain statement of facts , and it
will bo noticed that after their wages were
raised to 15 cents per hour , in 'all their subse
quent demands , they still hold on to the $4.50
per day whether they are to work ten , nlno
or eight hours for it. They cry "more , "
"more , " regardless of tbo fact that rents and
the rest of living are no higher than In 1SM5.
Our association and tbo members thereof
have been assailed in tbo public press.whcre-
In false statements huvo been made anony
mously , which statements huvo been ignored
by us us coming from nobody. Wo have con
sulted our patrons and tboso interested in
building in this city ; also considered tlio fact
that buildings..would cost n great deal more
to erect if wages were raised , and
that wages in Chicago are 40
cents an hour or $3.20 per day ; in Saint
Louis 50 cents per hour or $4.00 per day ; in
Kansas City 40 cents per hour for ten hours
per day , and that the tendency all over
business centers cast is for lower wages , and
the prospect that less buildings will bo built
this year than last ; also that If the wages of
bricklayers Do imnlo higher , an increase in
wages will bo expected by the mechanics In
nil other branches of building trades , it
would do a great injustice to tbo laboring
classes by a reduction of wages winch they
would receive by n reduction of hours.
Wo consider that ns wo are the parties to
whom tbo question of wages Is lirst sub
mitted and acted uix > n , that wo stand be
tween tbo owner and employe , with a dcsiro
to bo Just to both ; that it is our duty to refuse -
fuse to consent to any advance in wages at
this time. Therefore our action in refusing ,
mid wo respectfully ask'you to sustain us in
the same. Respectfully sbbmitted ,
Immediately after the acceptance of the
nbovo report the following resolutions were
Kesolvcd , That the wa cs for bricklayers
bo flfty cents per hour , nlno hours a day's
work , except Saturday , when wo shall
work eight hours and eight hours pay.
Resolved , That wo do away with walking
Kesolvcd , That wo have two apprentices
the llrst year and ono in each year thereafter
if so desired.
Ucsolvcd , That the innitiation fee in the
bricklayers union must bo reduced from $ i
to $15.
Resolved , That nil cleaning down of fronts
and tuck-pointing , also tiro-proofing shall bo
done Ui- whom wo cheese to employ.
Resolved , That all our business appertaining -
ing to labor interests , thu press shall have
free access to , and the secretary is instructed
to furnish them with a csrtitled copy of the
Resolved , That all men who shall bo onv
ployed by us will bo protected in nny event ,
It. E. L IVI.SEV , Secretary.
Tha second resolution , Contractor Cootf
said , was intended to do away with thowalb
ing delegate who was an nppolntco of the
union , and who walked around to see thai
work was done In accordance with the rules
of the union. "Wo have been compelled tc
discharge men because they did not satlsfj
him , " said Mr. Coots , "and ho bus taken met :
oft our work and treated them to beer , nnt ]
wo don't llko it. "
"Tho next resolution means what it says,1
continued the same contractor. ' 'Heretofore
wo huvo been allowed but ono apprentice
and that wo do not consider enough. "
"Tbo fourth resolution rlTects us und nier
also. Urlcklayers come bi'i i from abroad ant'
before they can work tboy'vo got to ] oln tl
union. I must advance for each of the men
for that purpose. Of course I keep itoutoi
.their pay. They give mo on order for tin
amount and I keep it out of their wages. Hul
it's too much on tlio men and they don't likt
it. It ought to bo reduced to 115.
"Tho llfth resolution was adopted because
bricklayers hnvo insisted upon doing tuck
.liointing und tire prootlng. It is not theii
.business. They don't know anything aboul
.it and wo don't want to lot them have any
thing to do wltb it. "
Yesterday the lock-out of the brick lay
.ers was continued though without notic.iblj
Jncrouslng'thu number of unemployed pco
jle on the street. There are , at present , bul
H few buildings in coutt-o of construction ami
.upon these but a few men have been engaged
All of these , as .mentioned in yesterday' !
Un , were dispensed with , but , all told , thej
did not number tlfty men. Tbo contractor :
held out resolutely and when seen by tin
HER rcimrter at noon claimed that tho.v luu
jio dpsiro to vhnngo the condition of alTuirs
JCho' weather was too cold to do work any
way , except without going to tbo trouble o
: heutlug wpter for mortar purposes , and thli
; fact , it Is understood , prevented resumptloi
of work uiion tbo Mercy convent on Fif
.teanth and Cnstollur streets , wltcro it Is un
derstood the contractors will pay tha in
Qreascd prices of $4.50 for eight hours worl
vythen labor may bo resumed ,
kOuo of the contractors said that ho hai
jttatod their" ido of the question as abovi
XiVHn for the purpose of lotting'tho peopli
Snow upun what ground they based their re
ilUMd. "Wo are asking for the sympathy o
jthe people and If wo do not get It why tlici
lit will bo to the loss of the latter. If wo an
Jtot sustained wo will bo compelled to charg <
tinore for our work. If the people giva the !
work to those who will pay the advance
< ( iGM H Will compel u > to meet thcuo com
petition ) and In the end the burden will be
homo by those having Improvements made. "
The rciHjrtcr asked If much competition
was feared.
"It Is "because of competition that wo Are
keeping within the traces. There uro new
contracts coming In hero nil tbo time and
anxious to get up n business , "
"This strike , " said one of tbo best known
architects In.tbo . city , "is doing n great deal
of damage. Nobody knows what to do , and
as a consequence nobody is doing anything
and will not do otherwise until this strike is
decided ono way or the other. We have an
amount of business on hand of course wo
always have perhaps more than our share-
but then it Is not the kind or volume
that wo should have. We have jwrhups
$150,00(1 ( worth of work waiting for n settle
ment of this controversy. I don't want to
say very much because the workmen don't
llko me. I don't sympathlro twith them. I
have watched thcln so much. The more they
gut , really the less they give. IJcsidcs , the
contractors did not tnako money last year.
It's n fact. Those who owned brickyards
did , but tboso who didn't own them scarcely
came out abend. I know cbntractors who
had to compete with others who owned brick ,
had to pay a high price for
the material , and then they were
handicapped by brick-making comiietitors.
Hcsides they had to pay lust j car n high price
for labor and between both of these the con
tractors had by no mentis the best of it. "
"There is not ono of our demands , " said n
member of the bricklayers' union , which is
rot just. Admitting that it is true that wo
are endeavoring to raise our wages nnd 1m-
nrovo our condition is there anything wrong
in that ? The editor of the HEK I understand
raises the salaries of his employes from time ,
to tlmo and why should contractors not do
tbo name thlngl"
"It is claimed that the contractors have not
been making much money. "
"Who said sot That's all moonshine. Look
nt them riding around in their buggies , wear
ing tha finest kind of clothes , smoking tha
best cigars , living in comtortublo homes and
taking trips of months' duration to California
and Kuropo , and then say whether or not
they make money , It's all bosh to assume
that the contractors can't pay these wages.
They can. Last year they , of their own ac
cord , paid oven more than live dollars per
day. It isn't the contractors who pay it. It's
tbo people , and it Is a well known thing that
where wages command a llguro in
keeping with the enrichment of the
country work is more satisfactorily per
formed , and labor and capital are in much
more harmonious relations with ono
another. "
The contracting plasterers bold a meeting
last evening at room -IC'J , Paxton block , to
consider prices for the coming season. The
prices this year will bo about tbo same as
those that prevailed last season , except that
patching after carpenters will bo regarded us
extra work and will require pay by the day.
In drying plastered rooms by artificial heat
three cents per yard extra will bo charged.
At 2 p. in. Friday they meet again to discuss
other important business.
Y. P. 8. C. E. of the First Presbyterian
The society met in the study of the church
Monday evening and proceeded to the regular
semi-annual election of ofilccrs. Mr. G ,
Hawley was elected piesldent ; Mr. C. L.
Shook , vice president ; Mr. C. L. Grlfllths ,
After considerable discussion tbo president
was empowered to appoint the various com
mittees needed to carry on the work.
A lively interchange of ideas concerning
tbo various methods of doing the work of the
society was indulged in , during which several
new ones were brought out.
This society has been organized about six
months. During this time it has done much
toward bringing young people into tbo
church. The society starts off with brilliant
prospects and will undoubtedly ba a potent
factor in the working force of the First
Presbyterian church.
Y. M. 0. " "AFFAIRS.
Lyceum Lunt Nljjlit Various Other
AlattcrH of Intercut.
Last night the question for debate at the
Y. M. C. A. lyccutn was :
Resolved , Ttmt judging by past nnd present
indications , Omaha will have u population of
500,000 , in the year UKH ) .
In addition to the debate thcro was nn
essay and some music.
Next Friday afternoon Mr. H. A. Klnncy
will give n lecture in the association rooms
upon the subject , "Modern Electricity , "
This promises to bo very interesting nnd in
structive entertainment. Mr. ICinnoy is pre
paring to illustrnto some of the more prom
inent points of his address with suitnblu ap
paratus. Information upon all tbo recent im
provements in this line will bo given. Ad
mission free to both lyccum and lecture.
Statistics for Hrltnln.
P. MeMttster , western manager of tbo Da
kota Mot tgago loan cotporation of liostsn ,
Mass. , and James Roderick Robertson , pub
lic accountant and auditor of Now York ,
were In the city yesterday. They caino hereto
to got statistical information with a view to
securing British capital to invest in Ne
braska. They called upon the board of trade
and were given a host of facts concerning
the growth of both Omahaand Nebraska and
expressed themselves us delighted witli the
reception. They have now gone to Neligb ,
nnd in n month will sail for London.
It. H. Campbell , superintendentuml W. W.
Collins , assistant superintendent , of the Iowa
division of tbo Chicago , Milwaukee & St.
Pavl road , are In the city. Mr. Collins has
recently been transferred from Chicago , and
to this section of the country , and is getting
acquainted with his territory.
The Foundation n Safe One.
Mr. J. M. Rico , senior partner of the noted
contracting firm of Rico & Hassctt , of Chicago
cage , was in the city yesterday. The firm ia
considered to bo among the best judges ol
heavy work in the country nnd have erected
government buildings in tbo followlni :
named cities : St. Joseph , Mo. , Leavenwoith
Kan. , Jefferson City , Mo. , DCS
Moines , la. , Council Hluffs , la
Ik-sides thcso Rico & Uassctt havt
superintended tbo construction of largo pub
lic and private buildings in all parts of tin
United States.
They uro rated at Washington as A 1 , anil
their opinions are given careful considera
Mr. Rico was asked last night if ho con
sidered the foundation of thu now city hall
to bo a safe ono. Ho emphatically replied
in thu uflli matlvo , and said that the founda
tion was of sufllciont strength to hold a
much heavier building than thu ono de
signated In the plans. Mr , Rico has careful
ly examined tbo walls , nml beuco speaks
froiufyersonnl knowledge.
Loaves of Bread.
The bakers In n card published in another
column announce that on and after yesterdaj
they will make loaves of eighteen ounces ol
bread , which will retail for 5 cents. Loaves
of thirty-three ounces will sell for 10 cents
This Is qulto a reduction in the price ,
and this is mudo up by n saving In the
amount of labor , because a dollar's worth ol
bread formerly comprised forty-four small
loaves , whereas it now comprises but twenty-
six. Tlio bakers claim the quality of the
bread will bo the same , oven better , and that
the consumption will bo such as to cause
people to abandon the annoyance and vexa
tion of baking bread at homo.
The Block Yards Company.
The South Omaha Stock Yards companj
held a meeting yesterday in the Paxtor
block , which continued t ll after two o'clocli
In the afternoon , with closed doors. Nothing
that transpired would bo disclosed."Amoti {
There were nil the evidences of -
w w n * jj bt w v * * vtt e > J4 a com-
Ing storm , but whoa lie drew from hit
nookot n bottlo. of Dr. BulVa Cougli
Syriin then cnmo n cnlra , for the babv
hud thy croup und would now get wolf
Little Willie screatUB nnd storms will
n burn ui > on his arm. To little Villl <
joy is hunt , by using Salvation Oil , tin
great llnlmout , .
The. Htrps to no Taken to Kntcrtnln
Our Visitor * .
As announced In , tbo DEB the
ititcr-stnto railway comtnlislon will bold n
xctMon In this clly ot ) Monday morning , tbo
Kith mat. , ot 11 o'clock. An' the board of
triulo hat extended to tbo visitors the use of
Its hall , It Is qulto likely that tbo session will
take place tlicro and will doubtless attract a
largo attendance of Jobbers and citizens.
Chairman Qrlflltts of the Omaha freight
bureau was not do tilled of the Intention of
the commissioner to come here until Mon
day. The notification cnmo through n
registered letter which was mailed In Wash
ington on tbo .29th of last month and required
nil tbo Intervening tlmo to reach the city ,
Tlio commission consists of the following
gentlemen : Hon. Thomas M. CJoolcy ,
Michigan , chairman ; Hon. William It. Mor
risen , Illinois ! lion , Augustus Schoonmakur ,
New York ; Hon. Altiasu 1 ° , Wnlkor , Vermont
and Hon. Walter L. Hragg , of Ala
bama. It will listen to the argu
ments advanced by .Commissioner Grlftltts ,
und merchants who liavo lost money und
business by the discrimination exercised by
the Iowa roads as against Omaha and In fa
vor of Chicago , wiiiio eminent counsel will
discus the legal questions involved. ' ;
In opposition , there is no dbubt that there
will also ho present tbo attorney of every
road made n defendant In tbo case. '
Another old settler , Michael Caraody ,
passed away ycstcrd.iy at his latb rcsl-
deuce , corner of Seventeenth and Mason
streets. ' Ho bad resided hero for ti .long
period , and attained tbo ago of. seventy-six
years. Ho was the father of ThomasCiu -
mody , long associated with the grocery house
of Little & Williams. The funiirul will take
place to-day , to St. Philomcim's , thcuco
tbo cemetery of the Holy Sopulcher.
Notice to Shippers.
Commencing to-morrow morning.
Mrirch 0 , the U. & M. railroad will rj-
coivo fruipht for all poinft on the Chicago
cage , Burlington & CJuincy nml Kansas
City , St. .Too & Council BluiVs railroad.
They will receive freight for pointy on
the B. & M. ns usual.
\V. A. AUSTIN , ngcnt.
March 5 , 1888.
A I'rc'fty Mess.
An employe In the freight onices of the
Burlington & Missouri railway , Ignatius J.
O'Hcllly. ' charges hts wife with adultery with
C , F. Tuttle , ticket agent at tbo main depot.-
A warrant has been Issued for Tuttlo's ar
rest. The wife denies the allegations , tjnd
some two or three weeks since fllcd a hill for
divorce In tbo district court. This O'lteilly
will not right , although ho claims that the
grounds upon which it Is brought , gross neg
lect and extreme cruelty , arc false. He says
this is n screen by which his wife hopes to
hide her own sins. Tuttle nnd Mrs. O'Heilly
will bo arrested to-day.
Attention hits often been called to > a
notice that an unfailing cure for rhoti-
nmtiam , neuralgia nnd gout is in use in
this city. Calling at Room ( I , Riohards'
block , the gentleman who lias tlio rom-
cdy that has cured him of the worst kind
of rheumatism of twenty years standing
was found. At his room certificates
from many Lincoln citr/.ens were found ,
that certify to the curative powers of
the remedy. Men hobbling on crutches
or confined to their beds , are cured in a
short time and give tlio remedy all
credit. It is a French preparation se
cured at great expense by the gontlo-
inan who has the state agency. lie will
supply all demands by person or by
mail for the next three months before
going east , at $1 per bottle. Write to-
Room 0 , Richards' block , Lincoln , Nob.
i'rompt Police Service.
Chief of Police Scavey received a telegram
from the authorities nt Topcku yesterday
asking him to keep a look out for 11. W.
Wtiuc , a colored man who was wanted there
for disposing of a couple of thousand dollars
worth of mortgaged property. The chief at
once detailed Sergeants Sigwart and Moys-
tcn to look up tbo man , and within two hours
they landed him behind the bars. The
Topeka authorities have been wired to come
after their man.
A surprise , when smoking "Soidon-
bprg Figaro" for 60 you will Hud it a lOc
cigar. Ask your dealer for them.
A Plll'oriiif ; Porter.
City Marshall Miles arrived from Sidney
yesterday and A. G. Green , tlio darkey
wanted there for grand larceny , was turned
over to him. The marshal suys Green was
porter in u hotel at Sidney , and ho broke into
the trunk of one of tlio guests und stele & 1S5
in bills , WO in gold , u silver watch and a
pearl handled revolver. Green swears ho is
5Arr r5-irva
Thlspowdernercr vnrles. A marvo'.of purl-
ty , strength nnd wholosomen ss. Jlore eoonom
leal thautlie ordinary kinds , und cannot be sold
in competition wltn the multitude of low cost ,
short ViclKlit alum or phosphate powder * . Bold
only in cans. lUklng 1'owdor Co. , VM
Wallatreot , New York. .
k It hai itood the Test of Ytan ,
in Caring all Dlieam of tha
lEta.Ac. ItFnrlfleitha
Blood , InTigoratei and
dlwppwr at one * under
IDNEYS u bmflelaliaflutao.
STOMACH It li pnrtly a Medlilce
AND M IU cathartic proyw ?
tin forbid * IUUM at a
b r < rn , ItUplju-
aattiuctaite , ui ai
taiily taku by cUU.
R * 1mmmmA * * Ol
CAPITAL PRIZg-I $300,000
Louisiana State LrttBry Company ,
. Incorporated hr the I < CRl < tattim In 1SW. for Kducat
lorml nml ChnrtlBlilc | > uriM p4 , unit lt frnnchlra
made n | > nrt of the prr'eni Slnlr OonMIUltlon.ln 1479 ,
tijf tin civerwlH'lmlnK populnrTote. ,
It * ( iranil "Ingle Number ilriucln toke rilnco
ruontlilr , anil the Grand Uiiwlerljr Drawing" rettu-
Inrlj e cry three months ( MkrcU , June , Heptctubcr
and IteccmlMjr )
"We do hereby , certlfi thai w inperTl o thoar-
rnnirmcnti for all tlio monlliijr and qunrtorljr
Drnwlnumif The I inl , l ni\ Mate Ixittory Coriipiinjr ,
And In perron manaiie and control the drawlnm Ilium-
rolrrn , and that the anm are runilnrtoil with lioiie ty
falmexi and In Kood faith townnl all imrtlcK , and no
autliorlt. the Lnniiiany to tire thin rcrttncate with
lac tlmllci otour cluunturo attached , la Its aJrcrtlio-
inctiti. "
We , th undcr > tgnert Ilnnk nnd Ilnnkeriwltl pnyn.1l
I'rlron drawn In the Ixiiilnlniiu Mslo Lotteries wlilcu
nil/ lie presented at our vonntuni.
. J. Il.tXII.IISilV , I'rui. Ixjul'lnnn National Bank.
1'lKltlti : LANAU.V , I'rcn. State National Hank.
A. 11A1.DWIN , lrt New Urleani Nntlonal llauk.
CAUL KO1IN , 1'rcs. Union National Hank.
In tlio' Academy of Music , Nrw Or
leans , Tucndiiy , March lit , 1S88.
CAPITAL ; PRIZE , $300,000.
lOO.OOO.Tlukets at Twenty 'Dollars
cncli. IJnlvns , $1O ; Qunrtrra , $ Q ;
Tenths , $ i ! ; T.wctitlcthfi , $1.
. T IST of 1'itizr' . " .
i vimn OK niuiKii * ronjm
11'lti/.r. OP niu.mi ii nui (
1 I'ltlXK ( ) k * .Willis o M.U I
1 I'lll/K OK .WIIIlH. ; JUIUI
2 I'lll/.KS OK Il ( ( ilnre aillU
6 l'KI/is : ( IV Mill lire vi : . . ( l
2ft I'ltl/IN UK 1,1111 lire i.lUI
lit ) i'ii/.is ( : iK ) an ( ire Minn
MI rm/.KS OK uiiii > aiix i
M I'ltl/.KS OKJUnn - 1UO.OJO
AI'l'IIIIMMAllllV I'111/.k.S. ft , J
100 I'rlrcft ol ( ' ' < approxlnnitlim to .
MIDJUU'rlio urb KMtt'i
K J rri7ci ntitU approximating ! to
HIMHI lTlri < iin > . : . . . . 30 , K )
. t-ajUUl'iIIP lire. . . . . - . SO.UX )
1 ' ItKMIN'tt , JM117IM.
.CCOl'rlipioftlllUdecldvnl by. . .ViUI'IOO
l'rltonri > . . . , . „ . , 100,000
. 'riri's uf $ UWdecided by.JllM.lUXI
1'rlzeiiru - . . .
llllrlUII lUKlll' B.
N-'iiil lltvr.Mj NOTKS , pxpre < montr lcrs. or
ew York IxcliaiiKu lu onllnnry letter. Curre ntyby
express ( at our vxpunic ) mMre."tc"l to
x , n. C ,
Address Registered Loiters t )
, LA.
That thr presence of Oen-
i'ml HoaureBiird nnd
K rly , who nru In clinrxpnf * the drnwlnm , u > Kiiur-
iinteo of absolute fnlrnianil InlcKrUy , thHt the
rhftncpsarp-nll equal , and tliat no otic can possibly
UKIno wlnt iiumlier will Urliw u 1'rtre. .
UKMKM1IKU Unit the pnyim-nl of-all prlzpi li
iTAItASTI > ' . ] > til" tollll .SATHI.NAL HANKS OC .StW , pint thtttlckult nru lalHMl by thu | iru tdunt
nn Institution irhoae ch irusrnd llxhta are ri'coi-
lt ed In tbo hlxliv t murlK ! the roforc. bewuro of any
tlons or anunvmius rcliuniun.
"Worth umkcs the Dinn ,
anil w nut of It' tlio fellow , "
but the n Kcntle-
mini 13 Vnowu by oile' of
those nobbysprltiK. . over-
outs now on halo'ut Hoblii-
' son&'Garmdn's. .
ThesoBunnonts Imve'bccn
spcclully ordered for.otir
Omnhii customers , w ho , wo
. have iHscoV ereil , jaut the
best In the ijuuket. I
Hnvliigiliiul ( > llb3fil : pro-
vlsltn for tlio"niirln&tr , ile ,
\ * . e are now ublo tiV iheet
the wants of th'
iibkTmul ntldioiis , with ; i line f gooilsiot
iiiperlor quality nml style , at
Vose & ; Sons
Instruments exchanged , ranted and sold on
lacy Payments , bslow
Instruments slightly used at
Max Meyer & Bro ,
j >
For the Cure nf CnnnnnvttmiCniuJi8 , Colds
Asthma , Wroiic/iUJs / , Debility , Wnstlny
Vlncnufnand Scrofulmu Humors.
Almost as palatable us cream. Hcnii be taken wltb
plrmvirifbr ilollcate persons ' " " ' ehllilren.wljo , aflc
ntlnylt , are verr fonil or It. l niwlnitlstci wltb the
1 OIK ] Increases the tletb nnU nppellto , bullils up ttio
nervous njritem , restores enervr to mliul unil bo Of
create * new , rich and pure blood. In fact , rejuvlrmw
the whole srslem ,
This prepsretlon Is fariupetlortoall other prepa
rations ol Cod-I.lrerOili It tin * many Imitator * but no
equals. Tim results following Its use are Its beitre
coiiuncndnllons. llesuru , ni yonralue your health
and gel tlin nenulnr. ManufaPlurel onlr by lilt
AiJtn. II. WILIIOII , ClieroUt. lliuton , Mu . Bend fo
Uluslrated circular , wblcb will be mailed free. Men
tlon ibis paper.
The be t known nd mot popular Hotel In the
tatc. Location central , apnolntmunU Ont-claw.
Iltadquartera to ctimmerilal men and aUpollilc * !
kpApubUogUb i1ugi. '
Our new spring stock of Men's , Boys' and Children's Clothing te
now complete and open for inspection.
We claim it is the largest collection of new and stylish goods ever
exhibited in Omaha. . '
We further claim that we have marked our goods at much lowe ?
orices than any. other house will name for like qualities and makes.
This week .we will make a specialty on Spring Overcoats. Ot these
we show a splendid assortment ; all the latest .shades in. fine Meltons *
Diagonals , &c. , silk and satin lined and beautifully made ; in short , the
most dressy garments that'the market affords ; but the most attrac
tive thing about them'is the prices these are positively the lowest
ever h ? ard of. .
As our special- bargain this week we offer two styles of Spring
Overcoats at $6. . These we can proye are worth double the amount.
They are made of fine all worsted goods , lined with best double warp
Italian , satin striped sleeve lining , and made like regular custom gar
ments. We have two shades , one a .fine grey the other a brown , either
of them is a splendid color. We challenge any retail clothing house in.
the United States to show a like bargain.
Ournext price is $7.75 , a fine Melton Overcoat with silk facing and
elegantly trimmed arid made. ' Then we have one at $9.25 , $10.50
$12.75 and $14.50 each , and all selected bargains not to be found any
where else. .
' Iri our Boys' and Children's Department we ; are opening daily new *
and.clioice goods. We propose to make this department the-most ai >
tractive one-in the city for style and prices.
All goods marked in plain figures and at strictly one price.
Corner Douglas and I4th Streets. Omaha.
has'riUFI.irO away Mis YlfSOKof I1OUY ,
MIND and MA'NIIOOn. mining exbntnllng
drains upon the FOUNTAIN-of LIFE.
Dreamt , WKAIINENS of Memory , HASH , SOCIETY. PIHIM.EN upon
the FACE , and all the EFFECTS lending to
EAKLYnEC'AYand perhaps
TtON or INSANITY , ihould consult at once
the CEI < KRKATEI > Dr. Clarke , Krtabllalied
1851. Dr. Clarke ha * made NERVOUS !
BIMTY. VIIRONK ! and all Disease ! of
the1 UENITO VKI.VAKY Organs LI fa
H'udjr. It makes NO dlncrcnce WHAT you
Lftve taken or WHO has failed to euro > ou.
9-FEHAL.EH suffering from diseases pecu
liar to their sex can consult with the nssuratico
of speedy relief and cureSena 2 cents postage
forworks on jour discuses.
49Send 4 cents postage for Celebrated
Work * on Chronic , Ncrvou * and Uell-
eate Diseases. Consultation , personiiVy or by
letter , free. Consult the. ' old Doctor.
TboaanmU cured. Olllcon nnd pnrlnr *
private. 49-Thoso contemplating Marrlaze
nd for Dr. Clnrko'H celebrated guide
Hale and Female , each' 15c. , both 15c.
( stainpi ) . liefoic confldtng your case , consult
DP. CLARKE. A friendly letter or call may
lave future ttuHcrlngand shame , and add golden
years to life.Boolc " I.IIV'n ( Secret ) Kr-
ori , " 60c. ( stamps ) . Medicine and writings
sent everywhere , , secure from vxposuro.
Hours , 8 to 8 : Sundays , 9 to 12. Address ,
P. D. CLARKE , M. D.
1P6 So. Clark SU
Proprietor Omaha Business College ,
Book-Keeping , Penmanship ,
Commercial Law , Shorthand , Telegraphing
and Typewriting-
Send for Oolite' Journal.
S. E. Cor Kith and Capitol Avenue.
J.W. Barnsdali , M. D
Homcuopathic Specialist ,
Cynfccoloyittt and Obstetrician *
Telephone 079.
E.T.Allen , M. D.f
Komceopathlc Specialist ,
tit AND NOSE ,
Spectacles Accurately Prescribed.
II" . J.
Surgeon and Physician ,
Office N. W Corner mil and UoiiKlas Ht. OlTlce ,
telephone , 4i > j ; Uubldence telephone , 6Sa.
20 Cents 'a , Week.
Seven papers a week. Bend your order to the
ofllce , .
1029 P Street , Capital Hotel Building
TansilPs Punch Cigars
were iblpixVi daring tlie pait
two leum.-fittiout a drum ,
iiicrln ourciiiplov. Kootnor
bouse In thj world can truui *
( ally make mcli a ttio wine-
One agent ( dvul r only )
wanted la each town.
W.TANSILLt CO.,55 State SLChicago.
Of tb llody enlarged and itrtniitbttied. Foil putlcx
Uri tent i l d tree. BKIK 1IBC. CO. , UcrriU ) . N. T.
( Wilt vl CTM-WMk * U4U4IU9P ! tts t44l M V f
I S. if D.
1742.Lawrence St. , DGiiycr , Col ,
Of the Missouri Slate Museum of Anatomy , St.
l.oiil.s , ilo. , UnUorsity Coiletfo , Lon
don , Ok'hen , Germany raul Now Voile , lm\lng
devoted their uttpntlon
More especially thosu nrliltiK iiom Impnt
deuce. Invite nil so stttlerlnK to coriespond 1th-
outdelny. Justuses of Infection und ront.iuloti
cured biifcly and speeillly \ \ Ithout nso of
Kti'ous drills , 1'atknts who o atses hnvo bceu
ut'clected , Imdly truuteil or pronounced incur-
nliTe , uliould nut fnll to wrltu Its concernliiK their
symptoms. All letters receive immediate atten-
And u 111 lw mulled , KJIKK to nny address on re-
tclpt of ono " -cent htntup , "Practical OWrvn-
tldiis on NOrVoijs Debility and I'hyslcul Kxlmus- .
tton , to which Is added nn "Kisny on Mur-
Tlage , " with important chapters onillbeases ot
the Reprtxlucth o' OrKant , the whulo forming a
vulname medRill treatise nhlch slioulil bo read
by all ytjung men. Address
* *
t 1712 Lawrones St. , Denver 1 , Col.
Percherons , Clydpsdalos nnd Bhlro , also homebred
bred colts , fjvery Hiilmnl nuarnnteed a , breeder
Our stock has been selected with reference to
both Individual merit and pedigree. Koine ot
oixcs have taken nr prize tit the Ko-
braska State Felr , Ih87. All our horses are ac
climated , and colts of their get can bo shown.
Prices reasounblo and easy terms. l accessible
by the three leading railroads of the state , II. &
M. : P. , E. & M. V. . and K. C. fc O. „ , „ ,
FKV & rAHHUAII , York , Neb
Paid Up Capital. - $28OOOO
Surplus , - - - 60,000
II. W. VATKI , President.
LKW is H. KK o , Vlce-Prcsidont ,
A. K. Tuuzti.iN' , 2nd Vice-President.
W II. S. lluilliKS , Cashier.
W. V. Mnnsp. JOHN S. COI.MNS ,
II. W. YAH s. IKA is S. Ubti ) ,
Uanklni : OHIee
Cor. U'th and Farnam Sts.
Adenerul Dunking UuniuinsTiausactua.
Health is Wealth !
MENT , n guaranteed speclllc for Hysteria , DUzl-
ness. Convulsions Fits , Nervous Ni-'iralRla ,
Headache , Nervous I'roslriitlon. caused by th *
use of alcohol or tobacco. Wiikef illness. Mental
Depression , Softening of the Drain , resulting Ir.
Insanlly.and leading to mlfeery.decay nnd death.
Premature Old Ape , Ilarrennes , Lois of J'ower
in either sex , Involuntary Ibises and Pperma-
torrlKra caused by ovrr-oxertlon of the brain ,
self-abuse or over-lnilnlK nce. Koch box con
tains one month's treatment. ll.i Ja IKJX , or six
boxes for tJ.U ) , sent by mall prepaid on receipt
of price.
7o Cure any case. With each order received by
us for six boxes , accompanied with J.1.W ) , we will
send the purchaser our written guarantee to re
fund the money If the trentmtmt does not effect
a cure. ( Juaruntces Issued only by C. K. GOOD
MAN. DriiKKl&t , Sole Agent , lllu Karnani btreet ,
Omaha , Neb.
Advertising : has alwujs proven
Biicccssful. Jlcforo pluclntf nny
Newspaper Advertising cotieut
II to R l k u l. CHIACO
| % VV % WisTn for tha VAN ORDEN
LADY ETe-ry 1-aay--"e '
- - - - -
nnd / < iu < , .
* buriOiem. Quick
" 1"J' "lP JKc
for term" luul circular.
e , ru 9u * co. , n WM uu ct. ,
N. W. Cor. 13th & Dodge Sts.
nest facilities , apparatus and'rernedles for tutu
ccssful trcntincnt of every form of disease rcquiri
* lng Medical or fcurgiiial Trentmeut ,
Hoard and attendance ; best hospital -accommo *
ilotions. In the west. .
WRITE vou CIRCULARS on Deformities ana ,
ntaCes , Trusses , Club Feet , Curvature of
Spine , Files , Tumors , Ca'ncer , Cat.irrh , Ilrbnch
Inhalatuirl , Electricity , Paralysis , KpUcpsy , .
ney , llladiler , I'.ye , Ear , SLui and IllooJ , aud alt
Surgical Operations.
Diseases'of Women n Spcclcl'.y.
UOOK ON DissAGia'or % VOMEM Fnir.
. . - ' . MiKltJll A 81'ECUI.TT OP
All niood Diseases successfully treated. Syph
ihtic Tolson removed from the FJ stem without
mercury. New restorative treatment for loss tot
Vital I'uwer. Persons unable \lsitU8mny bd
treated at home by corresjxjiiilence. All commas
mcatloiisconfidtiltlal. MediciiiesorlnstrumentM
fent by mail or epre. 9 , fecurtly packed , no
juarks to Indicate contents or ( .ernier. One per i
jonal interview preferred. Call and consult us otr
fend history of your case , and we will tend 14
plain wrapper , our
Upon Private , Special or Nervous Diseases , Ira
potency , Syphilis. Oleet and Varicocele , will *
question list. Address
O inn tin Mrillcal and Surgical Inttltttte,01
Cor. I3th and DodaiStt. . OMAHA , NEB.
. . .
k < &YMARK
§ c3
Thread of Modern Tlme .
Kir.PATlHCK-Kocii JJry Ooada Co.
_ , . . .
B. 1' . MOIISK Jt Co
IlAYDEN IlllOfl. '
CIIAH. HIMIKK. Boiitlt Omaha , and nil flrit
chits retail denlcra.
A. Loon : > few York Dry Goods Btoro.
' incomparably th BMW
1 , X „ - .