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Tbo JoCforaon Squnro Boomers Onoo
Moro DlsnppolntocL
\Vc , VH & Co. on Hand nnd WMtncis the
llcsult Wltli Sorrow Dolnits
of the Board of Edu
Would Not IJo Ilulldozod.
The lobby at the board of education last
evening outnumbered the members and eomo
active work was done pledging votes before
the mooting commenced , Tlio great matter
of Interest was the consideration of the Kelly
resolution which asked the city for a return
of the fcW,400 of the board's money which
had been spent in the basement of the city
hall. Prominent among the persons present
was seen the placid countenance of Council *
. man HascalL Near him sat Captain O'Dona-
hue and a number of other We , Us ft Co. en
thusiasts for the Jefferson square city hall
' ftchomo. They all were a solf-satlsfled ulr
that Indicated their knowledge of the outcome -
. como of the point at Jssuo. When the reso
lution was put Mr. Qray arose , remonstrat
ing against its passage. Ho believed the
board should take more time to consider It as
there wns something behind it.
When put to ballot It was defeated by a
Vote of nix to six , Messrs. Coburn , Gopcland ,
Felton , Kelloy. 1'uruiolco and Savllle. voting
for It and Messrs. Gray , Llvescy. McCon-
ncll. Pratt , Sboles and Mr. President
Mr. Kelley accused Mr. Sholos of going
back on his word , and Hascall with his 'dis
ciples walked out of the room In disgust to
discuss the matter in Captain O'Donuhuo's '
The only absentees from the board were
Messrs. Auchmoedy nnd Morrison.
An offer from Mrs. U. O'Connor offering
seven cents per square yard lor dirt IxHoUK-
Ing to the school board on Twonty-fourth and
Mason streets , was referred.
On recommendation of the committee on
finance the treasurer vras Instructed to credit
the general fund mid charge the building and
Bite fund with $25,345 in warrants which were
drawn on the general fund for expenditures
provided for in the Issuance of bonds.
The commltsco on finance reported favor
ably on the bill of Max Meyer & ilro. for
$ l,033.8G , for putting a clock in the tower of
the high ncliooL Kofcrrcd to the committee
on claims.
A proiwsitlon from the Edison electric
light company for illuminating the grounds
of the high school , was referred ,
The committee on claims reported favora
bly on the bill of Kico &Uassctt for $1,493.00.
for building the Omaha view school.
The committee on teachers and text books
nsked permission to fill the vccancy on the
examining committee , and after such vacancy
snail have been filled be empowered to call
eald committee into session for the examina
tion of applicants for teachers' ccrtlllcates
Whenever the superintendent nnd the com
mittee un teachers and text books shall deem
such action necessary.
Guild hall was ordered rented until July 1 ,
for school purposes at a rent of $75 per
The committco on teachers and text books
recommended that-tho winter term of the
Bobool and March 23 , and the spring term be
gin April 2. thereby making the winter term
one week shorter and the spring term one
week longer. Adopted.
A resolution signed by Henry Livcsay ,
Fred W. Gray and B. K. Pclton , recom
mended that tno proposed contract between
the board and the administratrix of the estate
of-J.ames Grifllth. W. G. Bohn nnd G. H.
Gulo bo referred to the committco on build
ings and property and upon approval thereof
bysaid , committco and payment to the board
of the proposed sum of (1,495.07 , that the
president bo authorised to execute said con
tract. According to the contract the estate
of James Griffith 'Is to bo released from its
contract for finishing the Webster street , the
cstnto to lese $1,000 , the bondsmen 11,000 and
the board $1,400. The attorney of the board
also seconded this amicable adjustment and
the matter Was referred.
ThD committco on buildings and property
reported thut the proposed nro escape for the
high school had been examined by the super
intendent of buildings and chief of the fire
department and approved.
| J The committee on heating and * mtilatlon
l > , recommended the adoption of the Hutan sys-
- torn where furnaces are employed in heating
mid the Huxton system whore steam is used.
Provisions for ventilation were also reoom-
inonoed. Also that the Uutan system of
heating bo used in the Ellis eight-room
building and the. Huxton system in tno other
buildings to be .erected this year.
A retaining wall for the south and west
sides of the Webster street school was asked.
Uof erred.
Miss Mann , the cooking teacher was granted
the uho of the culinary department for Sat
urday and evening classes.
Mr. Clark asked that the secretary bo
authorized taadvertisofor ten days for bids
for sale of Dodge street school. Mr. Copeland -
land also recommended the sale of the Izard
Htrrct property , lots at the corner of Nine
teenth and Douglas and the Jackson street
property. Hofcrred.
Miss Maxwell was allowed full pay for ab-
BPiitu by sicltness caused by teaching Iu an
illy heated room.
The pay for the census takers was fixed at
2 rents per name for iusido wards , aud 3
cents for outside wards.
Mr. Gray presented a resolution asking
that Messrs. Dietrich & Guth , the architects
fur tha addition to the high school bo no tilled
to suspend further work on the plans forsald
addition until the board had given the matter
further consideration. Mr. Graysuid In de
fense of his resolution that ho was opposed to
* this addition as the people iu that part of the
city did not want an addition to the high
school but wished instead a central school.
Thu present slto of the hlirh school was unde
sirable oa account of the diniculty with which
the build Ing was heated. The proposed ad
dition fell far short of the requirements of
the people. The decline of the ground on
the south side of the building virtually added
one more story to the proposed addition and
made the two upper stories virtually useless.
All Btorics above the second woro\iudo.sirublo
iu u school building , ana a two-story , twenty-
four-room building would como nearer the
needs of the people. Ho therefore was In
* favor of securing a site somewhere In that
vicinity nnd erecting Bitch a building. The
' resolution was carnud by u vote of seven to
* five.
A joint resolution was presented by Messrs.
Pratt and Livesoy. asking that no bids for
tha construction of now school buildings bo
asked for until the perilling differences be
tween contractors ana workmen are settled.
Mr. Pratt said in support of this that on ac
count of the present unsettled state of affairs
contractors wore liable to charge exhorbitaut
prices , and by waiting until un adjustment
was made , better prices would bo secured.
The committco on buildings nnd property
were Instructed to. build additional school
rooms nt the following locations : Two rooms
nt Loavenworth , two rooms near Fdrest , two
rooms nt Vlnton , at un aggregate cost not to
exceed 3 000.
> 4 Mr. Kelly presented the following :
Uosolvod , That tbo city of Omaha be ro-
j nucsUxl to return to the school district of
Omaha the 130.400 ( more or loss ) advanced
; payment made by said school district on the
925,000 It was to pay as Its proportion in the
erection of a city hall building for said city of
Omaha ; and that upon return of said $20,495
( were or loss ) shall be in full of all demands
of said school district upon eald city of
Omaha in connection with the erection of
j said city hall building. Lost
( The plumbing contract for tbo Webster
. street school was awarded to J. C. Elliott ,
and the heating contract to tbo Strong &
Clark Stoaui heating company. The , board
then adjourned and partook of some elegant
* apple and nameless pies prepared by members
of the cooking school. They pronounced the
pies immense , and the cooking school a great
Meeting of the Younf ; Men's Itepub *
llcan Club Lrait Evening.
The members of the Young Mou' r pub-
ean club were out in .full force last night.
F. a AIcGonncll , D. .11. Mercer and W. F.
Gurlcy were chosen as delegates .to the state
convention to be held at Exposition hall on
March 15.
Tbo couuuIUce 'appointed U prepare tor
the banquet and upoakers mftJoan ftncour-1
aging and highly satisfactory report. Stephen
A. Douglas , Jr. , Colonel W. 1 . Hepburn and
J. P. Dolllvor.of Iowa : Uichard VHtes , jr. .
of IlllnoU , and Jnmos P. Foster , president Of
the national Icajnio of republican clubs , hare
accepted Invitations nnd will respond to
toasts. A 'largo number of Jocal celebrities
have also promised to speak on this occasion.
Kent Kmato TranRfbrs.
Hormnn A. Kuhn. trustee , to G. S.
Dcnawa , lots 8 , 4.17 , IS nnd 10 , blk.
S , and lots 0 nnd 0 in blk. 3 , Criglc.
ton Heights , W. D 2,600
Joshua 1' . Urown , ct nl , to Charles W.
Hrown , lot 2 , N. W. M D , 14 and 12 ,
Q. C. . . V. . . ! 100
M. S. Sturgeon , ct nl , to Jus. Anaeour ,
lot 2 , N. fi. . , S. E. } { , 0 , 14 and 13 ,
Q. C..i. . . . . . . .i. * . . . . . * .t 100
Goo. Sautter , et ol , to Jas. Anscow ,
same , \V.L i 0,000
Jas. Anscow to Win. Colfax , came ,
W. D 17,000
Win. Colfax lo W. L. Selby , trustee ,
same , comprising W. L. Sclby's 1st ,
except lots 1,22 , S3 and 44 , blk. 0 ,
nnd all bllt. 0. Tr. D 20,000
Clarence J. Cannn nnd wife to Goo.
W. Luak , B. BO ft. of W. 180 ft. of
lotW , Mlllnrd' & Caldwell's udd. ,
nw. , , . . , 4,000
Chns J nyan to W H Robins , trustee ,
181x275 ft in vr part setf 17,1C , 14 , w
d : : . . . . . : . . : . . . 8,000
Ella Whitney to Hobart Williams , w , ' <
lot4block 1S2,1) ) o 1
Elwlu M Parket to Kiugslcy C Moro-
hoUse o 10 ft lot 7 and w 17 ft lot 8 ,
blk 8 , Foster add , wd 0,500 ,
Amos Phillips and wife to Chns C
SjwtwooJ , lot 11 blk 17 , Bedford
Place , w d 2,700 ,
Clifton C Mayno and wlfa to Maggie
B Woods , lots 7 and 8 in. blk 11 , Or
chard Hill , wd 3.500
John J Stewart to Hunnh Schmidt , lot *
Hand 12blk 13 , Mlllanl , wd. . 137.30
Wm A Goildnrd to Edith A Hoyden ,
lots 10 and 11 blk 10 , lot 10 blk 3 ,
Uodford Place , w d 2,23 ,
Alice O'Douohoo ' and husband to John
L Miles and James Thompson , lot 4 ,
blk IS , lot S blk 17 , lot 1 blk 21. lot 3
blk 2J , lot 7 bill 9 , lot 0 block 13 , lota
3 and 4 blk 9 , lot 1 blk 20 , lots 5 and
0 blk 1 J , all iu Cartlmge , W d C,225
Same to same , lot 4 blk 21 , lot 10 , blk
9 , lots 11 and 12 blk ! .2 , Oartluigc ,
wd . . . , ? . . 3,000
W K Lamberson and wlfo to D 1) lioh-
ncr , lot 10 blk 120 , So Omaha , w d. . 1,500 ,
Albert P Brink and wife to John
Guild , blk 3 , Myors , Klohards &
Toddin'sadd , wd 5,000
W G Albright' and wife to John
Pfelfor , lot 11 blk 3 , Hoppcs' Bonan
za , wd 750
James K. Chambers and wife to Mar
garet Spcllman , lot 12 blk 7 , Bedford -
ford Place , w d 750
John W. Hungato and wife to Mar
garet Spellman , lots 9 nnd 11 blk 7 ,
Bedford Place , w d 1,500 ,
William U. Hoinan nnd wife to Oscar
L. Hoinan , n 20 ft lot 12 blk 80 , South
Omaha , q c 1
John A. Dodge und wife to John O.
Graily , lota 25 , Dodge's addition to
South Omnha , wd 500
Michael J Con way and wlfo to Frank
C Brookncr , lot 17 , blk 0 , Patrick's
2dnddwd 1,372 ,
William R Homan nnd wife to John B
Evans , lotO. blk 7 , Plnlnview , wd. 1,400
John A McShunu to Bridget Muhon ,
lot 12 , blk 20 , west side , w d 1,500
Augustus Kountzo and wife to Isaac
S Hascall , lot 8 , bik 3 , Kountze's
4thndd , wa. . . . : . 650
Isaac S Hascall to Vlnccns Soukup ,
lot 3 , blk 3 , Kountzo's 4th add , w d. . 750
Twenty-eight transfers , aggregat
ing 8
Building Perm ltd.
The following building pormlts wore issued
yesterday by the superintendent of buildings :
J. H. Elliott , Cottage , Burdotto near
North Thirtieth. . . . $500
J. II. Schmidt , stone front , Twenty-
fourth and Cuming 350
Two permits aggregating $550
Yesterday's internal revenue collec-
tionb amounted to $12,257.07.
The Omaha Woman suffrage associa
tion will moot tit the residence of General -
oral Eatabrook this uftornooii at
2:30 : o'clock.
An envdtapo of pension papers ad
dressed to Mrs. J. Schollor awaits a
claimant at the olllco of the chief of no-
Charles Cline was run in by Offi
cer Ward lost niriit for going through
the pockets of a drunken follow in the
City hotel burroom.
Peter Barrett , the Minneapolis mur
derer arrested here last full by Captain
Cormaok and Officer Turnbull , was sen
tenced on .Saturday last to bo hanged.
F. S. Bromley , secretary of the board
of ( Ire and police commissioners , is
housed with the measles. J. Leary ,
police alarm operatoris , also on the sick
County Treasurer Bolln lias discov
ered that the unpaid taxes of 1884 were
2J per cent of the levy. In 1885 the de
linquency was 21 per cent and in 188G 5
per cent.
Philip Corbott was caught yesterday
afternoon stealing a largo coil of cop
per wire from the Western Union tele
graph company. Ho was arrested and
jailed to await trial this morning' .
The Press club mot Sunday after
noon , nnd a report of the recent benefit
submitted. This showed that the gross
receipts were something over $1,000 ,
expenses $ -50 ; leaving a net profit of
Tlio regular mooting of the evangeli
cal alliance occurod yesterday at
the Y. M. C. A. rooms , and arrange
ments were made for important work
in the cause of Christianity throughout
the city.
County Clerk Ilocho was busy yester
day filling out pension papers for widows
and veterans. Mr. Roche follows the
plans laid down by his predecessor and
charges the government wards nothing
for his services.
Yesterday Deputy Marshal J. H.
Shovvalter brought J. F. Hopkins from
Battle Creek , Nob. , who was arrested
at that place for passing counterfeit
money. The bogus money was all coun
terfeit dollars , nnd there are. some ten
different counts against him.
The inspector of sidewalks has com
puted the number of cross walks neces
sary to comply with a recent resolution
passed by the city council , that all side
walks bo connected by cross walks , to [ I
bo 2,000 , which will entail un expense
of 532,000.
A little boy named Tommy Melville
was set upon bv a vicious dog at the
corner of Clarke and Twenty-third
streets yesterday and severely bit
ten in the thigh. The brute belonged
to M. H. Saddler and an o Ulcer has been
instructed to shoot him.
Alnscow , the owner of several ob
jectionable buildings iu Dago alley ,
says ho will do everything in his power
to keen his property clean and wliolo-
seine , but will fight in the courts before
ho submits to having the buildings torn
The Typographical union hold a meet
ing Sunday afternoon and elected
Peter Stoltenberg , of the Herald , nnd
P. J. Boyle , of the Republican news
rooms , as delegates to the convention of
the International Typographical union
which is to bo held in Kansas City in
Governor Thaycr has been presented
with a beautiful diamond badge by the
G. A. R , of Nebraska. The badge ,
which is of unique and ingenious de
sign , is studded with twelve diamonds ,
and upon the rever&o side is the in
scription : "Presented to Commander
John M. Thayer by unanimous veto of
the Tenth Annual- Encampment ol the
Nebraska Grand Army of tho.Ucuubl.ic ,
for services ns department commander
for 1880 nnd 1887 , "
The gas company' 1ms asked the'
board 1 , of public works to inveaUgnto.tho
draining l facilities on Lcavonworth. "
street. Vast quantities of water llnd
their way through the gutter outlets on
thin street to ntt extent that threatens
to (111 ( up the gas generator nnd stop the
works. This excess is caused by insuf
ficient drainage from the upper tracks
of the Union Pacific railroad 'and re
quires immediate attention.
Ttio Unto War Spreading.
CincAao , March 5. The western rate war
continues spreading hi new directions. Up ,
to to-day all roads between Chicago nnd tho.
Missouri river hnd charged full tariff rates
on transcontinental freight nnd conHnod cuts
to local business. But two of the lines ex
tend their cuts to Pacific coast business , As
n result rates on first class freights were re
duced 23 cents a hundred and other classes In
proportion. When the Illinois railroad nnd
warehouse commissioners promulgated thdlr
tariffs on stole railroad freights , an agree-
' merit was reached among the interested Clil-
cngo roads thnt tariffs should bo adcpted
making these the minimum rates to bo
charged. The Wabash claims the Alton Ig
nored this and sent out tariff D per cent
below the agreed rates. In consequence the
Wabash to-day Issued new schedules , fi per
cent below the Alton. This again opens the
war between these two lines and other cuts
are tn order.
Ladles' Marching Club.
OnnKNSBuno , Pa. March 5. [ Special
Telegram to the BcE.l Efforts are being
made by the young democratic ladies ot this
place for the organization of a Frances
Cleveland marching club , for the purpose of
taking an active part in the coming presi
dential election. The club will bo composed
of some of the loading young ladles of this
place , and will bo uniformed tastefully , each
wearing a white silk badge with n picture of
Mrs. Cleveland 'engraved on it. They will
bo furnished with torches made especially for
the occasion , nnd will turn out at every poli
tical procession , and will bo drilled in the
manual of arms and marching manucvors by
skilled drill masters. Similar organizations
nro to bo started throughout the country , and
may spread over the stato.
Municipal Klcctlons in Maine.
AUGUSTA , Me. , March n. Chairman Man-
ley , of the republican state committee , sent
the following telegram to Hon. Whltelaw
Keid :
Auoi'STA , Me. , March B. Tno municipal
elections held to-day in the cities of Hollo-
well , Gardner , Both , Itockland , Portland ,
Lowikton , Auburn , Saco and Ellsworth plvo
sweeping republican majorities In nearly
every city , redeeming Ellsworth and Lewiston -
ton , the homos of Senators Halo and Fryo ,
an unprecedented republican triumph. Maine
repudiates the f rco trade message and em
phasizes tta condemnation of the fishery
treaty. -
No Complaints Made.
CniCAao , March C.The Illinois state rail
way commissioners wore in session at the
same hotel to-day in which the strikers have
their headquarters , but no complaints had
been laid before the commission concerning
the struggle. General Kclneakcr , chairman
of the commission , was not disposed to say
what the commission would do if complaints
were made , as he did not wish to anticipate u
contingency that might arise. He stated ,
however , the commission would probably m-
quire Into the reports that the rood was hir
ing incompetent men.
The American Association.
New YOUK , March 5. The spring meeting
of the American base ball association began
here to-day. It was decided that the Metro
politan club , New York city , shall be con
tinued , in spite of all talk to the contrary ,
and leave is given the club to discontinue
the playing of games until a suitable park
can bo obtained , which they have not at pres
ent. A resolution was also adopted com
mending the stand taken bv the Kansas City
club in thoic claim to exclusive right in
Kansas City. The schedule was adopted
this evening.
Want to Bo a Stato.
SANTA FJJ , N. M. , March D. [ Special Tele
gram to the BEE. ] Tlio Herald publishes a
Washington loiter , signed Jointly by Gov
ernor ttoss and Antonio Joseph , New Mexi
co's delegate In congress , urging that the
people of this territory memorialize congress
in favor of the passage of the Springer bill
for the admission of New Mexico as a state ,
The governor and delegate offer a lengttiy
argument in favor of statehood.
The Omaha's Duluth Office Robbed.
DUUITU , March 5. [ Special Telegram
to the BEE.I Burglars entered the ticket of
fice of the Omaha road this evening by pry
ing the doors open with some blunt Instru
mcnt , shortly after ft o'clock and secured considerable
siderablo money and some tickets. Just how
much is not known.
tVeatlicr Indications.
For Nebraska : Light to fresh easterly
winds , warmer , fair weather.
For Iowa : Light to fresh' northerly winds ,
becoming variable , warmer , fair weather.
Omaha Guards New Officers.
After the usual drill last evening at the
armory , the Omaha Guards proceeded to
elect officers for the coming year with the
following result : Captain , Charles Scharff
surgeon , Dr. E. W. Lee ; First Lieutenant ,
.Tessa Lowe ; Second Lieutenant , Charles , A ,
Hnrvoy. A number of sergeants and cor
porals were also elected. The company
warmly appreciate the time and attention
given to thorn by Mr. Scharff , and tbo high
est position in the guards was unanimously
tendered him. The boys are making rapid
progress iu their drilling.
Salvation Oil should be the companion
of every traveling man. It extinguishes
Eain , whether resulting from u cut , i
urn , a bruise , or a sprain.
Chaucer says : "For gold in phibiko
is a cordial. " For all that suffer from
hoarseness , cold in the chest , lung
trouble , or bronchitis , Dr. Bull's Cougl
Syrup is goldoa "phibiko. " Price ii.
Personal Paragraphs.
George Stcbbins and bride have rcturnci
from their honeymoon.
Dr. O. Hoffman has returned from a scv
oral weeks' trip to the south.
George Krag , general Western manager o
Anheuser-Busch of St. Louiswent to Deuvc
Don't Get Caught
This spring with your blood full of im
purities , your digestion impared , you
appetite poor , kidneys and liver torpid
nnd whole system liublo to bo proslrutct
by disease but got yourself into good
condition , and randy for the uhangiui
nnd warmer weather , by taking Hood1
Sarsaparilla. It stands unequalled fo
purifying the blood , giving an nppctito
uiid for a general spring medicine.
In Secret Session.
The police and fire commissioners met !
regular session last night , but after the trans
action of a little business of minor import
ance , they went into secret session , and ail
attempts to probe the mystery that envel
oped tno meeting proved futilo.
The Ice Bridge t Niagara
has formed and many people have nl-
rcady crossed the river upon it bdlow
the falls. The econo from Falln Viow.
whore the Michigan Central train stop
is one of remarkable beauty and grund-
our. The emerald water * of the falls ,
with the angry rapidsabovo'aml the rain
bow tinted spray below , with gigantic
icicles hanging from the cliffs mid the
tree ? nnd ehrubs on the shores nndGoat
island covered with curious ice forma
tions , with the wild mass of icebergs
stretching over the turbulent' waters
Avhqro the Maid , of the Mist .sails in
summer , all , combine to .form a spectacle
seldom .to. , boSeen .and worthy of A.
lengthy Journey' . . - : . " . , . ,
They lo6t a Prohibition Mayor
. . ' " ' Without Knowing It. . ,
Cedar Raplits , tcs' ' Mollies nnd Bur-
HiiRton lOlcct Dcntocrntlc Mnyors
Sioux City Gogs , Itcpublloan
Clmicil From PcnnsyIvanla.
Iowa Municipal Etcctlona.
Sioux CITT , lo , , March C. [ Special Tele
gram to the BER. ] A presidential election
could not have produced more excitement
than the municipal election hero did to-day.
The Issue as to the mayor's oQlco was drawn
strictly on the temperance question. The
saloons have been closed without any help
from Mayor Cleland , who wns n candidate
for re-election , and the prohibitionists sup
ported Flynu notwithstanding ho was
the democratic candidate. Every ccx-
saloon keeper and the entire whisky Influence
were against Flynn. John AronsdorfE
nnd thrco other defendants in
the Haddock murder case worked
openly nnd energetically at the polls against
him. The German veto went ns n unit
acalnst him. The full force of the business
clement Which is opposed to prohibition ,
went against him. Tbo result is that Flynn ,
n democrat on n law and order platform , is
overwhelmingly defeated , and Cleland , n re
publican , Is elected by the anti-prohibition
clement. At this hour , 11 o'clock , nil but
ono ward Is heard from , making Cloland's '
election sure by over three hundred majority.
The vote as to the other candidates is so con
fused by scratching that it will take all night
to count it.
CKDAH HArins , In. , March 5. 1 > . Mullally.
democratic nominee for mayor , was elected
by 772 majority over Wolf , united labor can
didate. The republicans made no nomina
tion for mayor , but elected a majority of the
BuiiUNOTox , la. , March 5. The munici
pal elections lu this city passed oil very qui
etly , about three-fourths ot the total regis
tered vote being polled. George Duncan ,
democrat , the present mayor , wns ro-clcctcd
by a largely reduced majority. The other
ofllccrs elected nro : O. H. Schcnok , repub
lican , treasurer ; Karl Voight , democrataud
itor ; M. Fleming , democrat ' , police juiigo.
Two republicans and thrc'o democratic al-
dcrnien were elected. .
Democratic Gudgeons.
DBS MOINES , la. , March 5 [ Special Tele
gram to the BEE. ] The municipal election
hero to-day was quiet but very interesting
from the singular features Involved. The
chief fight was for mayor. The republican
candidate Hobt. Finkbluc , the man who
superintended the building of the now capi
tal. The democratic and independent repub
licans united on a citizen's ticket nominating
W. L. Carpenter , a barb wire manufacturer ,
and a democrat. The independent republi
cans were urged to support him a * an expres
sion of their opposition to prohibition. Lost
fall the same coalition elected a
license republican to the legislature and
the same reasons wer J urged this spring for
continuing the co-operation. The funny part
of the matter is that Finkbine , tno republi
can , proved to bo anantl-prohibltlonlst , while
Carpenter , the democrat , is a Methodist pro
hibitionist Of the strictest sort. Some of the
precincts were kept 'bpen late. The entire
vote at 10 p. m. had .been counted but the
probabilities are that-t Carpenter has been
elected. If so ho will give the city a strict
prohibition administration , which wilt bo a
paralyzing surprise to some of the democrats
who voted for him to-day.
lPrcss. _ ] The municipal election passed off
quietly hero to-day. W. L. Carpenter , a pro
hibition democrat , being elected mayor on
the citizen ticket.
An Iowa Criminal In Texas.
MOI.VES , la. , March 5. [ Special Tele
gram to the BEE. ] The governor has been
informed by the sheriff of Tom Grceno
county , Texas , of the whereabouts of a sup
posed Iowa criminal. The sheriff says that a
few weeks since he arrested a borso thief
and from him learned the facts. The liorso
thief testified that ho was with the Iowa
criminal when ho escaped from the state and
know of the largo reward that bad been of
fered for his arrest. After his escape he
spent last summer and fall in Tom Greene
county and then moved into the Rio Grande
country , where ho now lives. The case will
now bo investigated.
Charged With Bigamy.
DUBUQUE. la. , March 5. [ Special Tele
gram to the BEE. ] The wife and children of
Mr. Spatz arrived hero to-day from Bradford ,
Pa. , to appear against him on the charge of
bigamy. Ho claims ho was never married to
her , but she insists that he was and claims
that ho destroyed the marriugo certificate.
The case promises to bo highly interesting.
Iowa Jbcgislatnrc.
DBS MOINES , la. , March 5. In the house
this morning Mr. Chanty introduced a bill
to define and punish conspiracy in the pur
chase of stock , groin and other products.
The bill passed legalizing the acts of incor-
| K > ration of the town of Ackwort , Warren
The bill was ordered engrossed providing
for the assessment and taxation of telegraph
and telephone lines.
The committee reported favorably on the
bill providing that mutual insurance com
panies complying with the laws of the state
regarding net assets shall bo admitted , upon
application , to do business in Iowa.
The remainder of the session was spent in
discussion of the bill to prohibit fraud in
conventions , primary elections and caucuses.
No action was taken when the house ad
A bill was ordered engrossed to prevent
fraud in conventions , primary elections and
The commute made a favorable .report on
the bill legalizing the levy and assessment
forlS80andlSS7 , Alsoon the bill providing
for compensation of mayors in certain cases.
Also on the bill lo increase the powers of
superior courts.
The remainder of tno afternoon was spent
In discussion of the amended schedule of
freight ratesthe question being on the dis
criminations made between first and second
class roads. No action was taken.
Tlio Fire Record.
Mxxsixo , la. , March 5. [ Special Tele
gram to the BEK. ] At 0 o'clock Sunday
morning lire broke out in the grocery store
of E. C. Perry , of thfsjdacc , and completely
destroyed the building and stock of goods ,
amounting to about J5.000 , partially covered
by insurance. No cause can bo assigned ,
Tito earnest effort of tlio firemen and citizens
generally saved the a Joining building , other
wise the entire block would have been con
sumed. Mr. Perry in the upper
part Of the building , but escaped unhurt.
A Victim of Saturday's Storjn.
DUJ.L-TH , Minn. , March 5. ( Special Tele
gram to the BEE. ] Hjirry 'Iloscoe , yielded
up his llfo a sacrifice to the cold and fury of
Saturday's storm. IIo was a cook at a'lum
ber camp and came to'Duluth to see a dentist ,
nnd started back for camp early Friday
morning. A man answering his description
took dinner at a farm house on tbo camp
rood about twelve miles from Duluth about
11 a. m. that day. After going from the
farm house ho walked on about four miles
and thcro evidently became exhausted , as
tracks In the snow show where ho retraced
his footsteps. Ho had gone only a short dis
tance when cold nnd fatigue overcame him
and ho sank to the ground. A teamster
found him nearly burled in a snow drift lute
Saturday afternoon. The body was soon
ftcrwurds brought to Duluth ,
A Bl Mortgage Filed.
Dt'LCTii , Minn. , March 5. [ Special Tclo-
gr m to the Ucb.-tA ] $ .5,000,000 mortgage
given by the KJstern railway company , of
Minnesota to secure payment ot .bonds 'was
lilea hero this mornlni , ' . ' The mortgage-
lilaceil with Uio.Ccatral , of
Now York , . ' , . . , ; ' . . ' :
' " - ' ' . . ' r . ' '
WASHINGTONMart'h ; ' 6. Mr. Kcncran ro-
> ortcd adversely , from thajKXRtoniceiiud post-
oads committee , the Edmunds aud Cullotu ,
x > ital telegraph bills , aud reported favorably
ho original bill to regulate Inter-state coin-
nerco carried oh by telegraph companies to
.ho supervision of the inter-stato commerce
Mr. Culldm Insisted this bill should b < 5 ro-
'erred ' to tha Intor-otAto committco. A sharp
'oudlcti ' between the two committees followed
.nd . the matter finally went over without
Among the petitions nnd memorials pro- '
nted and referred were the following !
From the Women's Christian Temperance
union for the repeal of Internal revenue on
alcoholic lliuors ] , nnd for n prohibitory
amendment to the constitution ; from citizens
f Kaunas against the Springer Oklnhonla
bill , and from citizens of Nebraska in favor
f It ; thirty-two petitions ( presented by Sher
man ) for the passaico of the per dlom sorvlco
tension bill , and numerous other petitions
rom other states to the same effect.
M. Chandler offered a resolution , which
was agreed to , Instructing the select com-
mlttoo on Indian trader * to Inquire Into the
methods of allotting lands In severally to In
dlatis on Indian reservations In the northern
portions of Wisconsin and Minnesota ; aud
as to the sale of timber on these lands.
Unfinished business , the pension bill , was
.aid aside , and the urgent deficiency appro
priation bill taken up for consideration.
Among the more important amendments
recommended by the committee on appropri
ations nnd adopted by the senate , were the
following ! Inserting nn item of $77,493 to
complete reports of the tenth census : reduc
ng contingent expenses of the land ofllcos
from $33,000 to $ ' . ' 5,000 ; Inserting an item of
$5,500 for fitting uptho barracks nnd national
'lomo for disabled soldiers at Lcavcnworth ,
[ Can. ; striking out the Item of $20,000 for
miscellaneous expenses of the United States
courts , being the deficiency for the year 1887 ;
Inserting an Item of $93,000 for printing and
binding for the postofllco department. The
amendment to strike out the following para
graph : "And the public printer is hereby
directed to rigidly enforce the provisions of
the eight hour law In the department under
"ils charge , " havintf been reached , Mr. Boar
nquired of Mr. Halo why the committee ) had
recommended striking out these lines. Mr.
Halo replied that there were persons em
ployed thcro , working by the piece , who de
sired to work more than eight hours , who
preferred to work twelve hours , and the
adoption of the item might bo construed to
makothcso men stop work at the end of eight
Mr. Hawley said If the provision had any
moaning whatever. It wns an attempt to for
bid n man to work more than eight hours ,
and , therefore , in 1 > ehalf of the worklngraon ,
ho protested against it. It seemed to him u
piece of demugogism and nothing else. A
lively discussion between Hnwley and Hoar
ensued , which was terminated by Mr. Halo
withdrawing the amendment. Without a
vote the sonata adjourned.
WASHINGTON , March 5. Mr. White of
Indiana introduced the following preamble
nnd resolution which was referred to tbo
committee on commerce :
Whereas , There has been Inaugurated n
great strike on the Chicago , Burlington &
Qulncy , which , if not speedily checked , will
end in widespread consternation and suffer
ing , not only to these immediately engaged
In it , but to others who are not directly con
nected therewith , yet nevertheless nro
greatly affected by a prolongation of said
Resolved , That a special committee of five
members be appointed by the speaker to pro
ceed at once to Chicago and thcro investigate
the condition of affairs in relation to said
strike , and that they bo empowered and re
quested to act as mediators between the
Chicago , Burlington & Quincy railroad com
pany and Chief Arthur , and bring about a
settlement ot the pending troubles and differ
ences which will bo amicable and agreeable
to both parties , so that the strike will ter
Mr. Morrow , of California , introduced a
resolution calling on the president for all cor
respondence touching the deposition ot King
Malietoa , of Samoa , by the Germans , and the
difficulties which have since occurred ; and
what measures hud been taken to protect the
rights and property of American citizens hi
tboso islands.
By Kerr of Iowa For a public building at
Cedar Rapids , Iowa.
By Groovonor of Ohio A resolution
directing the committco on military affairs to
ascertain whether unofllcial matter has been
incorporated in the rebellion records , and if
so , under what circumstances and by what
By Thomas of Wisconsin To define trusts
and to prohibit trusts from carrying on Interstate -
state commerce.
By Nutting 6f Mew York For the con
struction of a ship canal around Niagara
Falls In Now York.
By Weaver of Iowa For the erection of
public buildings at Ottumwa and Oskaloosa ,
The house then took up the McDufflo-
Davldson ( Alabama ) contested election case.
Mr. Marsh of , Pennsylvania defended the
majority report in favor of the contestco
Davidson. Mr. Rowoll of Illinois in a brief
s | > ccch , advocated the minority report , and
after some further debate the matter went
over.A joint resolution was passed allowing Pay
master J. Q. Barton , United Stolen navy , to
accept from the emperor of Japan the decora
tion of the Order of the Rising Sun.
On motion of Mr. Dunham of Illinois the
bill passed authorizing the city of Chicago to
erect a crib iu Lake Michigan for water
works purposes.
The house then adjourned.
A alight cold , if neglected , often attacks
give sure and immediate relief. Sold only in
boxes. Price 25 cents.
A Crooked Clerk.
HAKIUSDUIIG , Pa. . March 5. The particu
lars of the defalcation in tbo office of the
county treasurer have been made public. It
has been discovered that during the term of
County Treasurer Longnecker , from 1SS2 to
1SS5 , thcro was a defalcation m his office
amounting to $17,000. It was found out that
Longncckcr's clerk , Erastus G. Jones , who
succeeded him as county treasurer , was the
guilty one. January 1st George Grove became -
came county treasurer , and it was then that
the truth carao out. The connty looked to
Loniineekerto pay the defalcation of his
crooked clerk and Longncckor fell back on
his bondsmen , who paid the money.
Its uprrlor excellence proven In rrijlllons o.
homes for more than a quarter of a century. I
in uaetl by tha United btate * Government. Kn-
dorsudby tlieheadaot the Great Universities as
the Htrongext ; 1'nrest and most Healthful , pr
I'rteo'a Cream liakltig l'oder doei not contali
Ammonia , time or Alum. Hold only in CAaA.
Of Hitherto Unpublished Letters of tlic
Notable English SataiM
Tlio Vein of .Sentiment Chnraoterli-
tlo Only of a Man With the Ability
ofTlirtokeray , the Novelist.
The current publication In Hcrllmer's Maga >
7.lm of letter * nelectod from the apparently vo-
mnlnoim-nriiMiinmlenco of Mr. Tlinckory , the
IiiKllsh novi'lNt , throw * n now Unlit upon UN
character , nntl explains much of the tenderness
nnil Kontlenesi , which ho uliowed In his ro-
nance * , totholut of womankind. Ho wns as-
-ontlnlly apprcclfltlvn of thn tommnnplncc lit
loino life , pntlcnt 111 the ilotnll of Its bounty nnd
> athtn Actually appreciative nnil his
elnnilo , homelpy , yet Uwolilns lottera ludlcato ,
It wns the expression ot uonutuo aim personal
entlment tlmt 110 gave vent h > lu "Vanfty Kalr"
\lipnhcAMd :
"What do men Itnow about woman's martyr-
loin * ? Tlioy would go mad had they to ondnro
ho hundredth part of these dally pains \ > hlcli arc
meekly borne by many women. Ceaseless slavery
meeting with no reward ! constant RentleneBS
mdtonderness mot by cruelty tin constnntjlovo.
abor , milToritiif , patience , watchfulness. How
many of thorn have to bear lu qulot and appear
.broad .
s If they felt tiothliiKf"
There Is In this same ring of cliaraetorlatlo
sentiment which the reader \\111 llnd lu many of
ho letters which Thackeray wrote to his lull-
lift to frlonda In Kneland.
"J doubt , " said a lady who hasbeen , selected
as thn mibjcct of this sketch to the writer ,
'whether there aremany women , or men cither ,
vho endured what I did. To feel the growing
u'ttkness , the loss of strenRtli , health nnd cour.
n p , to llnd that the lounds about me Rrow
"alntor and fainter every day , and that oven the
olccs of friends I could hear with difficulty.
L'ou can't Imagine how h rd that was tw bear. "
"I think I can. "
"You see It had been a matter of only A cou
ple of years wltu me. don't think I was ever
what you might call strong , but when this trou
ble came on and kept growing upon me , it made
me weaker anil morn despondent than ever. 1
lad coldi a great deal and trouole with my
throat and head. My nose would stop up , first
on one side then on the other and It was with
diniculty that I could breathe through It at all.
1 would [ always be hawking and hemming
and trying to clear my throat. I was more
tired when I got up in the morning than when 1
went to bed the night before. My Bleep was
not sound , I was very restless. After a while I
began to have a pain over my eyes and through
my head. I was losing my weight and wns re
duced to almost a skeleton. I had no ambition
to do any work and the least exertion would tire
me. "
"Von speak about sounds being indistinct ? "
"Oh. yes. For along time I noticed that I
wonld have singular noises in my ears roaring
or buzzing sounds they seemeu to bo. When
my catarrh was worse lor that the doctors tola
mo was my trouble , or at least the beginning of
It especially In damp or changeable weather ,
these sounds in my euro would bo more distinct.
lly and by I found I couldn't hear as plainly as
1 used to , and Was afraid I would become totally
deaf. "
"Hut you hear bettor to-day ; you can hear my
voice quite distinctly , can yon not ? "
"Oh , res. I will tell you. Borne time ago , after
using different kinds of treatment , I took the
advice of a friend and went to Pr. McCoy's of
fice to Haingeblock. I found his office
But it was not very long before I had an oppor
tunity of seeing the doctor. II o told mo thut my
troubles were the result of catarrh , and to re
move them it wonld be necessary to remove the
cause. He did not tell me he could restore my
hearing entirely , but said he could help it , and
make me hear better.
"llcsides the trouble with my eyes.I had a con
tinual dropping of muscus from my head into
my throat , which when I wonld lie down I would
swallow , and it'vas not long before I found my
stomach was out of order my food would not
digest readily , and I had more or less of a pain
In the pit of the stomach nearly all the time ,
and after eating a hearty meal 1 would have a
distressed sensation in my stomach. My eyes , I
noticed , were nlso affected , and when I would go
out in the bright light they would pain me aud
water considerably.
"As I said before , I visited Dr. McCoy'a office ,
and began treatment at once aud began to im
prove , my general health was better at the end
of the Urst couple weeks of treatment ; now I
sleep well , eat heartily , arise refreshed in the
morning , do not hawk and bpit any more like I
used to , have no pain over the distressed
feelings after eating. My food seems to digest
oil right , me uyos do not water or pain mo any
more , aud the
have left me. On the whole I have boon greatly
benefited by his treatment , nnd have no hesi
tancy in giving my testimonial for publlca-
Mlss Annie Uoodlett. whoso portrait Is fairly
well produced above , came to Omaha about two
years ago from Strentor , 111. , Is n dressmaker by
occupation , and resides at tie ) corner of Twenty-
fifth street and 1'opplcton avenue , where the
above statement will be verified if the reader
vlll take the pains to inquire about it.
Signal Dangers Which Arc Made
Known Before Consumption
When catarrh has existed la the head and
case has been left uncurcd , the catarrh Invnrl
nbly , sometimes slowly , extends down the wind
pipe and into the bronchial tubes , which tubes
convey the air into the different parts ot the
lungs. The tubes become affected from the
swelling nnd mucus arising from catarrh , and
in tome instances become plugged up so that the
air cannot get in as freely as ft should. Short
ness of breath follows , and the patient breathes
with labor and w 1th clltllculty.
In other cases there is n sound of cracking nnd
whet-zing inMdo the chest. At this stage of the
disease the breathing is usually inoro rapid than
when in health. The patlcut also has hot Hashes
over his body.
The pain which accompanies this condition Is
of u ( lull character , felt In the chest , behind the
breastbone or miner the shoulder blado. The
pain may come and go last a few days and then
bo absent for several others. Tha cough that oc
curs 1 u the llrst singes of bronchial catarrh is
dry , comes at Intel vain , is backing in character
and usnally most troublesome in the morning
on arising , or going to bed at night , and it may
bo tlio llrst evidence of the disease extending in
At flrst'tboro may be nothing brought up by
the cough ; then them Is a little tough.tenaclous
mucus , which the patient llnds great diniculty
in bringing up.
Sometimes there aio tits of coughing induced
by tough uiucous-so violent as to cause vom.
itlng. Latcron the mucous that is rained is
iound to contain small particles of yellow mat
er , which indicates that the Miinll tubes in the
lungs nro now alTectod. With this there are
orten strcnUs ot blood mixed with , the mucous.
Incusan'tho patient becomes very pale , has
fever and expectorates before any cough up-
In some cast-B small mnsses of cheesy sub
stance nro spit up , which , when pressed between
the OnKors , omiU a bad odor , in other coses
particles of a hard , chalky nature are spit up.
Tlio raising of cheesy or chalky lumps inditutcs
serioui mlscliltf at work Into the lungs.
Late of Belieyne Hospital , New York ,
Has Offlces
Where all curabla cases aru treated with sue
Medical diseases treated skillfully. Consump
tion. llrlghr'n dlscaio , Dvspcpsln , ItheumatUm
andallNKUVOUS MBEAHHS. All dUoaaei po
cullar to tbo sexes a specialty. CATAUKH
CONSUf/TATION fttoniceorby mall II.
Many disease * ur treated luccuasfully by Dr
McCoy through the mulls , aud It is
thus posslblo fur these unable to irmko thn jour
tny-to obtain uucce&iCul Ui ( > lal ( treatment a.t
their homes.
ODlce hours 0 to 11 a.m. ; 2 tot p.m. ; 7to8n
. Correspondence receive * proiflpt attention ,
No letters' uniwered tiuleu aeconjponlea by i
e ,
Addroas&ll mail to DrJ. C. MeCoy , .
3)0 anil 3111Umg bulldlnjr , ' Omaha , Neb
hai TRiri.KD awar hit VIGOR of ROUT ,
MINI ) and HAfHOOU.c ulng xhtuitlnc
dralni upon th FOUNTAIN * of UWK ,
HEAD AOME , RACK. * UIIK , Prtiulmt
Ir m , WBAHRKflN of Memory. ItANH.
the PACK , andalltbA Mrm < lT * ipudlnrto
MOW or INH AN1TT. Should crtniult at one *
tha CBLEHHATCn Dr. CUrk * , JdUbllihod
1RT.1. Dr. Clarke hat m d NEHVOVB BK.
HIMTT , rnMQNId and all PlteaiM of
the UENITO imiNAMV Otttnt a Mfo
Mtudy. It make * NO difference WHAT you
bare taken or WHO hai failed to cure you.
. wrEttAI < ENiUfferinirrromdl Mi tpectt'
Mar to their iex ean coniult with the asturatic *
ef tpoedy relief and cur * . Bend 2 centt poetg
fbr work * on your dlteatM.
_ _ 8end < ecnU poetair * fbr Olrkrnlrd
Work * on Chronic. Nrrvoaa and D ll <
Mt DlMMct. Coniulwttnn , MrtonRl.'y or by
Utter , ! * . Coniuit the old Do t r.
TliotiMiaels c r 4 > OBI * * * and B rlar >
yrlvnt * . vThpte contemplating J arrl r
end fbr Dr. Clarke's celebrated gulile
H l and FVMMI * . tarh 150. . both Z5c.
Blampt ) . llefoio coufldlng your cate , contult
r. CLARKE. A friendly letter or call may
Mte future lufferlngtnd ihame , and add irolden
yean to life.Book "I.lfe'a ( Secret ) Er
ror * , " 5oc. ( itompt ) . Medicine and wrltlngi I' '
ent everywhere , teoure from xpoiitr * .
Hour * , to 8 1 Sundays to 12. Artdrou ,
180 So. Clark 8U OH1OAOQ. ILL.
1742 Lawrence SL , Denyer , CoL
3f the Missouri BUto Mujoum ot Anntotny , St.
Louis , Mo. , Unhorslty College Hospltnl , Lon
don , Olcscu , Uernmny aud Mow York , having
devoted their attention
More especially thoao arising from Impru
dence. Invfte nil so suffering to correspond with
out delay. DUi'R.soi of infection and contagion
enroll safely anil upoodlly without nso of nan-
crouft drug * . I'atlenti whoso cnios hnv boon
eglected , badly treated or pronounced incur-
nblo , should not fall to write us concerning their
symptoms. All lettera receive Immediate atteu-
And will be mulled KHKK to any address on re
ceipt of one a-cent stamp , "Practical Obsnrvn-
: lena on Nervous Debility and Physical Exhaus
tion , " to which Is added on "Kssay on Mnr-
rlage , " with Important chsntera on mseiwieg of
the lieproductlvo Organs , the whole forming a
valuable medical treatise which atiould bo road
: > y all young men. Address
DRS. S. & D. DAVIESON , .4
1712 Lawrene * St. , Denver , Col.
Health is Wealth !
MINT , a guaranteed specific for Hysteria , Dlzzt
ness. Convulsions Fits , Nervous Neuralgia ,
Headache , Nervous Prostration , caused by tin
use of alcohol or tobacco , Wnkefulness , Mental
Deprosxlon , Softening of the llruln , resulting In
Inuunlty.und leading to miserydecay and death.
Premature OM Ago. Barrenness , Loss of Power
In either sex. Involuntary I/jsses and Bperma-
torrhcoa caused by over-exertion of the brain ,
self-abuse or over-indulgence. Each box con
tains one month's treatment. ll.OOn box , or lx
boxes for $5.00 , sent by mall prepaid on receipt
of price.VK
To cure any caso. With eaclTordcr received by
us for six boxes , , accompanied with $5.00 , wo will
send the purchaser our written guarantee to re
fund the money If the treatment does not effect
a cure. Guarantee * Issued only by U. F , HOOD-
MAN. Druggist , Bole Agent , 1110 Faroaui Street ,
Omaha , Neb.
- , #
Pnprtstor Omaha Butlneu Collegi , 3
Book-Keeping , Penmanship ,
Comnurclal Law , Shorlhind , Telegraphing
and Typewriting.
Send for Cotltg * Journtl.
S. E. Cor 16th and Capitol Avomto.
J. W. Barnsdall , M. D
Homoeopathic Specialist ,
Gynoecologitt and Obstetrician.
Telephone 079.
E.T.Allen , M. D.f
Homoeopathic Specialist ,
Epectaclea Accurately Prescribed
ir. j.
Surgeon and Physician.
Office N. W Corner 14th and Uouglas Ht. Offlea ,
telephone , 463 ; Itesidoucu telephone , COS ;
m cordUnjr rtcomue 4
Tur U M the tmt
C.r .U x wn to iu fcl
\ TO C DT . Mil Cltet.
rarutMt MI t WatitTd told
UMStrUun. feUe. and In every case | |
huglnn utiifoctlen.
rrlc * tl.OO.
Adrertlilug hag alwny/i / proven
uoceuful , Jlcforo placing any
Ncwipnper Advertliluir coumk
U U l fexUbk Klntl. CHICAGO.
Paid Up Capital , - $2BOOQO
Surplus , -r BOOOO
H. SV. VATKH , President.
lsK. Unto. Vlc Finn tc
. E. ToUiAi.i ? . lad Vlie-PHn
W. 11. ti. iluaitKJ ,
Dimerous :
vr. V. , JOHN B.
II. W. l.iwir , s.
, E..ynu < 5AUff.
. Cor. lith nd K ru ru BU.
Aiieatral Jlauiiu lHi m u'IraaMcUd .