Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, March 04, 1888, Part I, Page 8, Image 8

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    iPW'ijt yi ? '
Spring Wraps and Jackets , New Dress Goods , New Dress Trimmings and Buttons , New White Goods and Embroideries ,
Hosiery and Linens and Housekeeping Goods.
Fine Linens.
Fine Linens
We have just opened our
spring importation of fine lin
ens , which will be placed on
sale Monday morning. Thdso
linens are all manufactured on
the old established hand looms
of John S. Brown & Sons , and
William Llddell & Co. , Belfast ,
Ireland. This is without doubt
the finest line ever shown
west of Chicago , and consist
of 0-8 and 3-4 napkinscloths ,
doylies , towels , carving cloths ,
hemstitched sheets , pillow
cases and shams to match.fine
huck toweling , linen sheetings
and pillow case linens.
AT $2.
28 doz. 8-8 double damask
napkins , at $2 ; worth $3.SO.
AT $2.78.
28 doz. 3-4 damask napkins ,
at $2.76 ; worth $4.
AT $3.28.
28 doz. 3-4 fine damask nap
kins at $3.28 ; worth $8.
AT $4.
2O doz.3-4 heavy damask nap
kins at $4 ; worth $3.
2O doz. 3-4 double damask
napkins at $6.7B ; worth $9.6O
IB doz.3-4 double damask nap
kins at $7.8O ; worth $1O.
AT $4.
18 8-1O damask cloths at $4 ;
worth $0. New patterns.
AT 8.
2O , 8-12 double damask cloths
at $8 ; worth $7.BO.
Fine hemstitched linen Sheets
at $1O , $11 , $18 and $16.BO.
Fine hemstitched damask tow
els at BOc , 7Bc and $1.
1O pieces fine bleached dam
ask at $1.28 ; worth $1.BO.
For Monday.
Wo will make some low prices in la
dies' and gents' furnishing goods. Bo
on hand Monday at our great glove sale.
Wo will open up for Monday's sale , 1
case of ladies' kid and fabric gloves ,
just received from New York , at special
prices on Monday. 50 doz. ladies' fabric
, silk embroidered back , on Mon-
gloves 12Jc per pair.
Ladies' heavy cashmere gloves only
15c , reduced from 25c.
Lot ladies' flno cashmere gloves in all
sizes only 25c , reduced from 50c.
Children's cnshmoro gloves on Mon
day only lOo per pair , worth 2-5c.
1 lot ladies' kid gloves in 6 button and
monsiquctalro lengths , to be closed out
on Monday at 60c per pair , reduced re
duced from $1.00 $1.25.
On Monday 25 doz. Grenoble kid
gloves , olegautouibroidorodbacksnovor
gold for loss than $1.50 , one price on this
ale. 76c.
Wo will continue our sale of corsets
on Monday and will bo sold ut the fol
lowing prices uptil this lot is closed ,
and rpmbmbor , although this is an auc
tion lot , the goods are all perfect with
th6 exception of the boxes , which were
damaged from smoke and water.
Road the list of well-known makes
Sale Regular
Price Price
Hrewstor whalebone..75o $1.25
Jockey club 75 1.25
ThomsonsG. Fitting..75 1.00
Dr. Balls 78 1.00
Dr. Stones 48 75
Warners Coralino 09 1.00
11 Health 89 1.25
May 39' 75
Wonderful 29 50
Elsie 87 ' GO
Ella . . . . : 33 * 50
One case of boys heavy ribbed cotton
hose in black and colored , only 15o per
pair , worth 25c.
Childrons cashmere hose only 15c per
pair , reduced from 25c.
Gents linen collars now styles and
shapes , only 5c each.
Gents heavy linen cuffs on Monday
only 15o per pair , reduced from 25c.
Gents line unlaundricd shirts , made
from , good muslin , linen bosom and
reinforced back , only 48o , worth 05c.
On Monday our New York mills and
Dwight Anchor uulauudried shirts to
be sold at 65c , others ask 75o.
E&dics' fast color fancy border hem
stitched lawn handkerchiefs , 3o , worth
Ladles' linen hemstitched handker
chiefs , new styles , lOc , worth 2oc.
Sheer linen lawn hemstitched hand
kerchiefs , 25c , reduced from 50o.
Ladles' linen collars in great variety
and low prices.
Real Torchon linen lace as low as ic
per yard , worth 5c.
Five thousand yards linen lace atl ,
8 , 6" . 7 and lOc , fully worth 25c per yard.
Pillow lace , 3 inches wide , at 2c per
yard , worth lOc.
Silk veiling in everV shade , 10,15 and
18o per yard , worth 35c.
Jta. Kirk & Co.'s and Colgate & Co.'s
toilet soap at 5o per cake , worth lOc.
Cologne , 10o. worth 25c.
Next Monday , March 5. , is our great
ribbon day such quality and variety ,
and such priced. Come and see for your
self , HAYDKHf BllOS. ,
110 and 118 10th St.
The members of the "Burns club" of
Omaha will give a social party at Mtv-
ionic hall on Friday evening , March 0.
A cordial invitation is given to all
Scotchmen. In the words of Burns :
"All y whom social pleasure churms ,
Wfcote lieart the tide Of kindness warms ,
Who bold your being on the tertiit
. . .
In colored wool' dress goods ,
we will show some very new
and choice goods. Such as
chnlles , outing flannels , broad
cloths , silk warp henrlettn , etc.
in all the new colorings , such
as chasseur , fennille , chatlque ,
giroflle , canard , acier , & noyer.
Odd Lots at B7c.
We have received today an
odd lot of fine French dress
goods 44 inches wide , that
are worth from $ l.OO to 81.50
per yard there Is only tan and
mode shades in the lot and we
close them out atB7c.
Fancy J reneh. Suits
$8.80 ; worth $12.BO.
24 fancy French suits with
.plain and stripe to match , 44
inches wide , full pattern at
$0.13O ; worth $12.8O.
At $7.50 , worth $15.
1O fancy French suits , plain
and fancy to match , in light
shades only , 44 inches wide ,
at$7.8O , worth'$18.
At $10 , worth $25.
This is a lot or fine French
suits that are worth from $23
to $4O , but they have got a lit
tle damaged on the outer fold ,
we will close them out at $1O.
There is only 12 in the lot ; they
are a great bargain.
$2 Per Yard , Worth $2.BO.
4O pieces of broad cloth in
every new and staple shade ,
all thoroughly sponged , at $2
worth $2.OO.
Albatross Cloth
41 pieces albatross cloth in 41
different colorings , 42 inches
wide at 7Bc.
Each aid the other. §
Como to my bowl , coino to my arms ,
My friends , my brothers 1"
Tickets at Moldrum's , Farnain St. ,
and N. B. Falconer's.
Jones' Monday Bargains.
On Monday L. O. Jones will offer sev
eral extraordinary bargains in the chil
dren's department at 1309 Farnam.
Among them will bo boys' solid red and
blue striped plaited waists at 2oc. , boys'
indigo blue plaited waibts at 39c. Boys'
Fancy llannolette waists , lacoi fronts ,
08c. , and 100 pairs all-wool knee pants ,
all sixes , regular dollar pants , at 74c. on
Monday. Also 50 boys' $3.00 knee
pant suits , now and stylish patterns , at
81.9S , and "Jones , ho sells pants. "
O'Donnhoo & Shcrfy ,
THER REDUCTION of $10,000 in their
stock before they can find a purchaser.
In order to do this , wo will SELL
16th St. , next to the Postofllco.
Our attention has just been called to
the fact that the Union Pacific railway
will sell excursion tickets to the G. A.
R. encampment and the meeting of the
Woman's Relief Corps , at Cheyenne ,
March 13 , at ono faro for the round trip.
This goes to show that the now manage
ment of the Union Pacific are up with
the times , and propose to bo more lib
eral with its patrons than ever before.
The agent hero , Mr. J. S. Tebbots , in
forms us that ho will begin selling
tickets for this excursion March 11 , and
continue the sale for three days , but
they must bo used going on the same
day purchased. Returning they are
good until March 18. The cortiiicates
of the post commander , adjutants of the
United States army posts or secretary of
the Woman's Relief Corps Js all the
identification that Is necessary to secure
these reduced rates.
$1OOOO Stock of Household Good *
At immense sacrifice to pay advances ,
less than cost of material for cash'or
easy weekly payments.
1608 Capitol avo.
Free Chnlr Cars to Chicago.
Are run by this line every day , leav
ing its own Omaha depot (10th ( and Ma
son sts. ) at 6:45 : p. in.
Colored porters in charge.
Ticket olllco 1824 Farnam'streot.
Grand Public Sale.
At fair grounds , Hastings , Neb. ,
March 16th , 1883 , at 1 o'clock p. m. , the
entire stock of Mlrago stock farm.
Eighteen head of high-bred trotting
stock , consisting ot 3 stallions , 1 gelding
and H marcs and fillips. Send for catalogue -
loguo now ready , to H. W. Sisson ,
owner , Minden , Nob. , or to F. M.
Woods , auclionoorLineoln , Nob.
MnttruttSPS Only $1.08.
Dealers' price'$3.00. Everything else
in proportion ; Call at iNow Y-ork Stor
age Co. , 10.08'Capltol'avonue. '
* \
A surprise , when smoking "
boi-g.Figaro" for , will hud l
cigar. Abk youi'-doalor for'them.
We are 'showing more
French sateens this season
than can be found in all the
other stores in Omaha com
These sateens are manufac
tured by KoechlinBaumgart-
ner &Co. , the largestand most
reliable manufacturers in the
world. They are printed on
the finest cloth manufactured ,
the colorings are guaranteed
to wash and not fade.
The designs and colorings
are perfect and no kind of
wash fabric Is so popular for
summer wear as sateens. The
prices of these sateens aro-SBc ,
Zcpliyr Ginl |
4O pieces fancy zephyr ging
hams at 28. Reduced from
38c and 4O.
French Sateens 15c ,
2O pieces plain colors French
sateens at 15c , worth SOc. i
1 case apron checked ging
hams , 5c , worth 8 l-2c
Seersuckers lOc.
1 case fancy striped seersuck
ers at lo'c , worth 15c.
2 cases ZanzibarandPuritan
suitings at 12 l-2cworth , 17 l-2c
Spring Wraps
and Jackets
Arc IjettiiiK Down Prices.
Brocaded silks and satins in black
md colors at 39c n yard , was never sold
ess than 81.25. The best bargain over
"Wo will offer Monday. March 5 , n full
ino of 24 in. surah Bilk in all the now
shades and the very best make at 65c ,
positively worth $1.2-5.
Black and colored gros grain silks and
taillo francaiso , fully warranted , at Ooc ,
75c , 99c and $1.15 , would bo good value
for $1.10 , $1.85 , $1.75 and $2.25.
Satins in all the new shades , the best
grade at 48o , reduced from $1.15.
Courtuulds black crepes , C5o a yard.
Silk wart ) and all wool honriotta
cloths G9c , 85c , $1.10 and the very best
at $1.45 , just half the price usually
asked for thcbo goods.
All the now fancy wool dress goods at
lowest price over named on them.
A good 36-in. English cashmere , 12'c ,
former price 35c. All wool double fold
dress flannel at 18o a yard , others ask
35c for the same.
$ wide brocade dross goods'nt 4c , 8e
and lOc , these are worth seeing.
50 pieces American sateen On Monday
at 5c a yard.
32-in. wide American sateen > at7ic a
yard , worth 16c. ' *
Best grade American sateens at lOc
and 12Jo a yard.
\Vo have the beet assorted stock of
American sateens in Omaha and wo
have some of the prettiest patterns in
French sateens which were , ever im
Wo have imported sateens that wo
nro selling at 26c a yard.
Scotch zephyr ginghams at 18c , 20c
and 25c a yard.
200 pieces J fancy cambrics for shirt
ing at 2Sc a yard.
Yard wide unbleached sheeting at
Slcayard , worth 7jc.
Turkey red table linen at 19jc per yd.
fast colors , worth 45c.
Curtain scrim lace , stripes , at 7c ,
worth 121c.
Full taped lace curtains , nt 75c a pair ,
worth $1.50.
A beautiful line of lace curtains , 7
yards long and tape bound , at $1.35 ,
$1.60 , $1.00 , $1.75.$1.85 , $2.00 , $2.25 , $2.75 ,
$3,00 , $3.50 and $4.60 upair , nothing like
them over shown for the money in this
60 ps. host make of apron-checked
gingham at 5Sc per yd.
7-lb feather pillows at 81.15 a pair ,
worth $1.60.
Largo size white bed spreads at 55o ,
76c , 85c$1.00 , MAS , $1.60 and $1.76 each.
Wo don't allow any house to undersell
us hi this line.
See the 12-4 Marseilles spreads which
wo oitor at $1.98 a piece , cheap at $3.00.
We will offer two bargains in bath
towels on Mouday , tho'bost bargain \vo
ever offered in this line and you will
have to bo on time if you want to secure
any of these.
25 doz. extra heavy unbleached Turk
ish towels ut lOc each , worth 75c each.
25 do/ , extra largo and 'heavy family
slzo Turkish towels , at 25c , worth 76o
The sale of white silk embroidered
flannel will bo continued this week at
COc , 75c , 85e , OOc , $1.00 , $1.15 and $1.25.
The stock is not as largo us it was but
there are still some nice patterns loft.
White dross goods at 5c. 80 , lOc , 12Je ,
15c , 18c , 20c and 25o per yd.
Bargains in Turkey rod fringed
cloths , all the sizes on hand.
Just received another shipment ol
wall paper , the newest and best.deslgns
we havo.'opcnod this seasons * , > / '
HAYDpirBnosr , . ' v
. , 110 and 118 sfluth 10th st , , .
, . ' . ' Omaha , Neb.
' * The tuuerauJf Mrs. Eliza Hugus will
take place Muriday 2 p. . , March 6. '
. Fine India Linen at 2Oc ,
worth 2ic.
Fine India Linen at 2Bc.
Cannot be duplicated in
Omaha at less than SBc.
Fine India Linen at SOc ,
worth 4Oc.
Victoria Lawns.
Victoria Lawns at lOc ,
worth IBc.
Victoria Lawns at 12jc ,
worth 17c.
Victoria Lawns at 18c , good
value at 2Oc.
Novelties in
We are showing an elegant
line of choice novelties in fine
White Goods. Nearly all of the
patterns shown are confined
to us in Omaha , and we can
not duplicate them again this
season. They range in price
from 2Bc to 38c. We ask cus
tomers to come and examine
this stock as nothing like it
can be found in Omaha. We
beg to call attention to our
stock of fine Masnlias , India
_ Dimity , fine Swiss , French
'Nainsooks and Organdies in
- qualities and assortments that
1 cannot be found outside of
New , York or Chicago.
BOOO yards plain Scrim atBc
per yard , worth ISc. This
Scrim comes 42 inches wide
and is a great bargain.
1 case Lace Scrim at 12jc ,
worth 2Oc. *
1 case Lace Scrim at 18c ,
worth 2Bc.
' 1OOO Rush Shopping'Bags at
lOc each , worth 2Bc. _
BQOO yards fine Embrolde-
. , ries.at3fc , w > rthfrom6 to 8jo.
"We.l'roposc to Givu Our Customers a
Benefit on .Monday and Tuesday ,
March 5 anct O.
Corsets the usual prico.
$1.00 , We will sell for 80 cents.
$1.25 , " " " " $1.00 ,
$2.00 , " " " " $1.60.
$2.50 , " ' " " $2.00.
$3.25 , " ' " $2.60.
$5.50 ; " " " " $4.40.
$0.50 , " " ' $5.20.
Included in these styles nro V. , P. D. ,
C. P. , S. C. , F. C. , P. N. French
woven , long and short. Madam War
ren , Dr. "Warner's health coralino and
abdominal ; Madam Foy-Yatisi. Dr.
Schilling. Century. Higgins. Easy
hip. Short hip. Three of the best
makes in nursing and the best waists
for ladies and children that are made.
We also have a nice line of boya shirt
waists just come in.MRS.
Cor. 16th and Harney St.
Daily excursions have been arranged
for , over the Union Pacific railway to
San Francisco , San Diego , Col ton , Los
Angeles , San Bernardino and San Jose ,
Cal. . also to Portland , Ore. , at $80.00
for the round trip. Tickets are good 60
days for oing passage and good for the
return trip for six months from date of
sale with the usual stop-over privileges
in both directions within these limits.
These tickets are also good by way of
Denver and Salt Lake City in bach di
rection. The agent , Mr. Tebbots , tolls
us quite a number of our townsmen are
thinking of making the trip soonand it
would bo well for those intending to go
in select parties to sec him and arrange
for their accommodations.
The traveling agent , Union Pacific , in
this city , will give you any further in
formation in regard to these excursions.
Parties who prefer can correspond with
Mr. J. S. Tobbets , G. P. &T. A. , Omaha ,
Special Noticn to thelliadlcs.
Monday , March 5 , wo .shall olfer for
sale the iincbt stock of pnrlor.sliites , bed
room suites , tables , chairsiat less than
one-half cost of material and wo invite
your inspection.
1608/Cubitol / ave
The old reliable Clark's ? thread upon
white spools only , better knohn to trade
as the ' ; O. N. T. Spool Cotton , " has become -
como , very popular in Nebraska , partic
ularly in Onmha , so mucha so that the
finest sewers with the needlo'or sowing
machine will have none olherbn account
of its smoothness and general superior
ity. Ladies und dressmakers call for it.
S. P. MORSE < k Co.
Another .Robbery
To charge $3.00 for mattrasses , when
we Boll the best , made for tl.98. and
everything else in proportion , a > the.
Now York Storage Co. , 1503. Capitol
avenue. * '
SpecialttfSlioe Dealers.
' The H. F. Shorey stock of boots and
shoes-at Central City , Neb , , will bo sojft
nt auction on Thursday , March 8 , ak .41
o'clocK p. m. The goods aro' all nay
and clean , as the atoro was , open but
'two months- !
* .
. , $1OOOOO Trust Funds. , '
.Talend on improved inside city prop
erty ; Apply for ono week to E/S : Bisbeo ,
Ramgo block. ,
V f
BOOO yards of Embroideries
at 8 l-8c , worth 12 l-2c.
3BOO yards of fine French
Embroideries in short lengths
at lOc , worth from 18c to 2Bc.
42-inch Embroidery Flounc-
ings at $1.BO , worth $2.28.
42-inch Flounclngs at $1.05 ,
worth $2.28 ,
42-inch Flounclngs at $2 ;
many worth $3.
We open Monday our new
stock of Dress Trimmings and
Buttons , Jets , Gimps , Braids ,
Tinsel Braids and new com-
blnatlons in colors. New But
tons in a very large assort
ment and at very reasonable
We have four prices in All
Silk Black Hose that we know-
are very good value and
cheaper than anything we
have ever sold. They are all
new fresh goods and we
know they will sell fast.
Ladies' pure Silk Black
Hose at $1. BO.
Ladies' pure Silk Black
Hose at $2.OO ,
Ladies' pure Silk Black Hose
at $2. BO.
Ladies' pure Silk Black Hose
at $3.OO. We call special atten
tion to this price , as we sold
the same stocking at $4.BO
last year.
On Monday morning we
MRS. M. A. W
Elegance , Convenience , Privacy , Sat-
infliction Guaranteed.
Owing to continually increasing busi
ness Mrs. Wallace was compelled to
seek more commodious quarters for her
dressmaking parlors.
She has secured a five years' lease of
the entire second story of the now brick
building on the s. o. cor. 10th and How
ard street. This large Hoer 1ms boon
irrangod under the direction of Mrs.
Wallace , and is a model of fitness and
convenience for the dressmaking trado.
The several suits of parlors are ele
gantly furnished and so arranged as to
secure the lady customer all the privacy
of her own hprtio. The workrooms nro
nicely appointed , supplied with and
presided over by , the best modistes pro
curable. Mrs , Wallace visits Now York
City twice each year to secure the latest
styles in the material and makeup of
ladies' garments. She will leave for
her spring visit of inspection in a few
weeks. Mrs. Wallace keeps on hand a
nice line of the latest novelties in dress
goods and trimmings for the convenience
of her customers. Thoroughly master of
her profession , a competent judge of
correct style , and with unequalled facil
ities for first-class work , the ladies of
Omaha cannot do better than to see
Mrs. Wallace before placing the order
for their spring trosseau.
Telephone 772.
Good Reports of Thankful Patient * .
Probably nothing new under the sun ,
but the same old tale of suffering re
lieved will always bo a welcome story to
him who is in need of help. The audi
ence at the Grand opera house yesterday
will doubtless novcr forgot the words of
cheer uttered by those who were treated
publicly by Dr. French , the magnetic
physician. Ono gentleman , treated the
Saturday previous , gave the most un
bounded proof of permanent relief.
Yesterday ho ran across the stage , say
ing to the audience , "I have not done
so for three years , and my doctors told
mo I could not bo cured. " , A lady re
ceived her third treatment for a with
ered hand yesterday. She raised it
before the people almost restored. Many
cases of deafness gave every evidence of
lusting benefit. Ono little boy who had
been treated two weeks before said ,
"My ear is getting better all the .time. "
Ono lady had her little girl treated f < ? r
kidney troubles. Said there was a
marked change for the bettor. A
case of blindness told every ono
how ho now sees , and the married
daughter-spoko publicly of the great
change in her father's condition. These
cures are done in public and all are in
vited to witness them. The doctor can
not remain much longer in Omaha as
engagements are made clbowhoro. So
there is need in calling soon as ho will
not take cases unless he cun be hero to
treat them. Ofilco at the Arcade hotel.
Consultations free.
Auction Bale of furniture of a 16 room
house , consisting of bedroom seta , car
pets , heating stovds , ono fine range ,
Kitchen and dining-room furnitura , to
take place on the promises , 1008 South
13th Et. , near Mason sti , on Monday ,
March 6th , at 10 a. m. Albo I span of
draft horses , young and kind , two Dur
ham milch cows , ono good , wagon nnd
double sot harness and sundry other
goods. ' WEST & ALLEX ,
A . Auctioneers.
c".x *
' . Second Ward Republican Glut ) .
0 ,01il > members nrc mi nested to attoi\d
thevmeetiug to bo hold In Alderman.
Caspar's oTtlce , S. lath st. , .on.Monday ,
March $7slp. , to elect delegatesto
attend the ' sjht > ponvontfon. ,
' Seo.
will open a big : line of Black
Moire Silk. These Moires are
made of the same silk as our
celebrated "Falcon" Gros
Grains and will give splendid
Black Moire Silk at $1.28.
Black Moire Silk at $ I.BO.
Black Moire Silk at $1.78.
Black Moire Silk at $2.OO.
We open Monday our new
stock of Tfouresse and
Ramuger Kid Gloves in all the
new colorings and embroid
ery.On Monday wo will open our
spring stock of wraps and
jackets. Showing the very
latest styles imported , and at
very moderate prices. Jack
ets S8.OO. $6.BO , $7.8O and
$1O.OO : all very new stylish
and splendid value.
Fine Beaded Wraps at $1O ,
$12 , $18 and $22.BO , in all the
newest styles and much
cheaper than similar goods
were sold for last year.
White Goods.
Special bargains in new goods
for monday. We bought
largely of all Cotton goods be
fore they advanced in price ,
and can offer some wonderful
bargains in India linens , nain
seek and all kinds of novel
1 case fine checked Canvas
Cloth , in different styles at lOc ;
would be cheap at 2Oc.
1 case Lace Stripes at IBc ;
regular price 28c.
We beg to call special atten
tion to three prices of India
Linen at2Oc , 2Bc and SOc as
being at least 28 per cent bet
ter value than can be found
in any store in this city. Get
samples of what other stores
are selling at these prices and
compare with ours.
Real Estate Transfers.
L Y Sikcs to G C Hobbcr , 18 lots In
South Exchange Place , w d f 2,000
Catherine C Conlow and husband to
Keka Van Gilder , w60 ft of lot 14 ,
blk F , Prospect Place , w d 5,000
A S Potter et al to Mnrpnrct Spcllman ,
lot 8 , blk 7 , Bedford Place , w d 1,500
J 1 Uodick and wife to William II
Smith , o X of sw % of sec 1-15-13 ,
qcd 1
Leo It Mayno to S J Wclgel and B J
Clark , lot 2 , blk B , in Belvedere ,
w d 1,500
J McCabe und wlfo to W O Bridges ,
lot 7. blk 12 , In Plain view , w d 2,250
It T Maxwell and wife Anna M to J W
Bagloy , o 20 ft of lot 10 , blk 834 ,
South Omaha , w d 780
John Goodfcllow to William Goodfel-
low , lot 17 , blk 1 , in Melrose Hill ,
W d 400
Harry D Reed et ul to L Chrlstcmoji ,
w 40 ft of lot 11 , blk 7 , in Hazel Ter
race , wd 300
Harry D Heed at al to L Cbristonian ,
lot 11. blk 7 , Hazel Terrace , w d. . . . 800
James G Mcgcath ct al to Margaret H
Wileox , o % of lot 1 , Dlk 137 , City of
Omaha , qc d 100
AUR Bcnzon ct al to Louis Krolt/.scb ,
lot 5 of Benzon & Johnson's sub-div
SPRK , w d 750
Jno H Gibson and wife to Jno Peter
son , lot 1 , blk 7 , Pullman Place , w d 500
J W Bishop to John F Flack , n 85.82
ft of e 107.82 ft of lot 100 , Gsea1 ! add ,
wd 4,500
J W Bishop to John F F Flack , lot 20 ,
blk 5 , in Paddock Ploce wd 2,150
Jno F Flack to Ellcry It Hume , lot 19 ,
blk 4 , in Potter & Oobb's add , w d. . 2,400
M D Polk to C D Jones and S B Har
vey , lot 14 and 17 ft of o side of lot
2 , blk 4 , Donlse'sadd.wd 14,000
Harry E Cole to James Cole , lot 1 of
Williams' sub of lot 6 , Dcnlso's add ,
wd . . * . 2 200
' ' ' ' '
H A kostcrV to (3'W Sypiic'r's.'iot 6 ,
blk , Hosiers' add , w d 250
H A Hosiers toTB Sypbers , lot 4 , blk
1 , Hosiers' odd , wd. 250
Edward Hannan ct al to Annie M
Johnson , lot 8 , blk 3 , Riverside add ,
w d 125
Sarah J Goold to Lucy M.I ones , lot 14 ,
blk "I , " Saunders & Himebaugh's
add. w d 1,400
Goo W Hicks to David W Young , lots
83and 84 , VinUm place , wd 1,500
T23 transfers , aggregating 44,200
Building I'ormitn.
The following permits were Issued yester
day by the superintendent of buildings ;
Mrs. Mary P. Shears , addition to
dwelling , Twenty-fourth and Capital
avenue $2,500- ,
Nelson Fodden , barn , Meredith avenue - , .
nue near Thirty-third , , . . . . .T. 400
Nelson Fadden. cottage. Meredith'
avenue near Thirty-third. < * i " 600
Michael Jacobbcrger , pottage , Gar-
neld near Grand „ . . , . . . . . ' . 500
Four permits , aggregating. $3,900) )
* , * '
Members of . the Congregation of
Israel arc hereby notified 'tliat the
semi-annual meeting , will bo hold at
the vestry room of the synagogue on
Sunday , March' 4th. at 3 o'clock p. m.
A full attendance is requested. By
order Sigmund Blatch , Secretary.
, i
* A FllmRjr Falsehood.
In.the police court proceedings in yester
day's' BEH _ might have been noticed a para
graph concerning the testimony of one Ada
Boynton , a feouth Omaha prostitute , who
was on trial "forlarceny , in which she states
that the mayor Of South Omaha frequently
came to the house of which she was on In
mate to gamble. His honor's friend * , whoso
names uro legion , were very much incensed
at the report , and doubless there Is good
grounds lor their indignation. Mayor Savage
is known all over the state as a gentleman of
honor and common decency , to say the least ,
and to suppose ( or one moment Umtho would
frequent a low brothel such as the one Ada
was an Jnraato of is a mere' piece of folly.
The house incnttoned , IB only frequented by
the very lowest beings of that unliappy clous
of humanity , and- for a1 gentleman holding
the jiosition and' the social standing Mayor
V ,
Special bargains for Monday and
all the wook.
On Saturday wo make a grand
sale of ladies'and childrons'Hno
hosiery at wonderful figures.
Ladies fast black cotton hose at
19c , worth 86.
Ladles' fast black cotton hose
at 25c worth 40.
Ladles' fast black cqtton hose at
8.r c worth 60.
Ladies' fast black cotton hose at
COc worth 76.
Ladies' full , regular inado bnl-
briggnn hose at 16o worth 25.
Ladies'fancy striped cotton hose
at 19c worth 25.
Ladies' fancy striped cotton
hose at 29c , worth 46.
Ladies'fancy striped cotton hose
at 35c worth 60.
Ladies'fancy striped cotton hose
at 60c worth 75.
Ladies' ( English ) Ingrain cotton
hose at 4c ( ) worth C5.
Black Hslo IIOBO at 42o worth 65.
Colored lisle hose at 60c , ro-
duccd from 75c.
Colored silk plaited hose at
69c , worth $1.00.
Black ellk hose at 85c , worth
Ladies black pure spun silk
hose , at $1.60 , worth $2.76.
50 dozen misses cotton hose all
sizes from 0 to 8 } . at25c , worth
60 dozen misses colored and
black cotton hose at 85 , worth 46o.
75 dozen 4 button , embroidered
kid gloves in tans , slates and
black , at 09c. worth $1.25.
40 dozen health and Derby corsets -
sots , Bold everywhere nt 31.00.
Monday the price is G5c.
Mono' British half hose at 19c ,
worth 25o.
Mens' fancy striped cotton hose
at 19c , worth 25c.
Metis' fancy half hose' at 25c ,
worth 85c.
Mens' French ribbed brown
moco half hose at 26c , worth COc.
144 dozen mons' fancy silk nud
satin neckties at 25c , worth 60o.
All now spring stylos. "
Savage docs to stoop so low would botba
sheerest folly and does not dcscrvo the
slightest credence.
Tuesday evening , March 6 , you nro
cordially invited to attend the second of
a scries of entertainments given in the
parlors of the Young Women's home ,
1910 Dodge street. An interesting pro
gramme is being prepared. Miss Fonda
will recite , and there will bo both in
strumental and vocal music. Admis
sion , 25 cents.
Prohibition Notices.
Sunday and Monday nights Michael J.
Panning will speak at the Seward Street M.
E. church. Tuesday and Wednesday nights
at the Swedish Lutheran , corner Cuss and
Nineteenth ; Thursday und Friday nights to
ae announced hereafter.
Professor Samuel Dickie will speak next
Saturday evening. March 10 , at Exposition
[ mil. Professor Dickie is from Michigan and
is an ex-president of Albiun college. Ho baa
been appoinlcd national secretary by Iho pro-
hibitlonists to 1111 the vacancy ceused by the
death of Hon. John B. Finch ,
Division Superintendent Blickcnsdcrfor , ot
the Union Pacific , has issued an order that
on and after Sunday , March 4 , all engines
will be run into and out of the now round'
house at Council Bluffs.
1888 Spring 1888.
Arrival of spring goods.
Ratngo ,
Ramgo's Building , second floor.
Another Past Driving Accident.
The fast driving continues on the crowded }
thoroughfares and the latest victim is llttla
Fred Wright , who narrowly escaped getting
killed yesterday uftcrnoon. He was on the
crossing of Thirteenth and Farnain when a
man named E , H. Moore came driving at full
speed on Farnam street. Ho did not slacken
his speed when Hearing the crossing and his
team ran against Freddie , knocked blm
down and trampled him under foot. The
vehicle also passed over him. The little fel
low was picked up senseless and carried into
KrcsBlcr's drug store , where he-was properly
cared for. Ho had a number of slight
wounds , but the only bruT ono was where Iho
horse's hoof struck Ills forehead , tearing the
jlcsh from the skull. The wound wan sowed
up and .tiiio 'boy taken homo. ,
Miss Austa Plutmer , who hns recently
been attending Valentino'a Shorts-hand
institute , has accented a position 01
stenographer with F. W.Mcugnn & Co. ,
of this city.
fi"f Stole No. S'u Dog. '
During the absence of flro company No. 8
at a fire night before last , some thief sneaked
into the engine house and made away with a
valuable liver-colored bird dog ilial was a
great pet with the members of the depart
ment. The boys seem to think that they
have n clew to the thief , , '
Attorney Baldrldgo has'removed into
newly-furnished rooms in the Barker
Proprlttor Omaha Builnttt Ctllegi , ' ,
Book-Keeping Penmanship'
- , ,
' C mm relHUwlh rthtnJ.T l | rt Wiit
tni Typ wrXi | i
t nd for Ccllk Journal.
S. E. Cor 10th and Capitol Avcnu * . '