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Delivered t > y Carrier In Any Part of the City at
Twenty Cents I'er Weok.
BCBINBM Orricc. No. 43.
N. Y. Plumbing Co. . .
Now spring goods at Rolterv.
Money to loan. W. 8. Cooper.
Good coal , full weight guaranteed.
f O. B. Lumber company , WWMain street.
A marriage license was issued yester
day to George H. Mathics and Marcel la
Grahn , both of this city.
The meetings at the Ovorton mission
are causing that unscctnrian church
building to bo crowed'nlghtly.
The P. E. O. society wlllhavo n moot
ing at 2 o'clock this-afternoon at the
residence of Mrs. J. F. Kimball.
Vernon S. , son of Ira Grason , died
yesterday afternoon aged three months
and ono day. The funeral will take
place to-morrow at 2 p. in. from the
4 residence , 7UI ( Mynstor street.
t The evening papers arc a little mixed
In speaking of the row with n hnoktnan
being in the Pacific house. Thotrouble
was a half block away from the hotel ,
and ought not to ho thus located.
Mr. Adam Ring , of Carson , was in the
city yesterday circulating a paper for
subscriptions to assist in building a
Catholic church at that place. About
1800 haa already been'securedand , work
will soon bo begun.
All liens against the now court hoijso
must bo filed within the next thirty
days or they will bo void. The county
board is keeping back some of ( ho
money duo the contractors until the ex
piration of that time.
The meetings at the Broadway Metho
dist church arc growing in
During the past few evenings a lady
revivalist has assisted in the services.
The church is too small to accommodate
the crowds who sock admission.
A meeting will bo hold nt the of lice of
Sapp & Pusoy Monday evening at 70 : ! !
o'clock for the purpose of a
republican club to join the national
league of republican clubs. All parties
who desire to nave a republican presi
dent elected next fall are earnestly re
quested to bo present.
The firm of Rudio & Sears.resent the
insinuation that there is anything done
in connection with their business which
is not perfectly legitimate and proper
to bo done in any place of amusement.
They charge that the efforts of Levy to
make the other fact appear are made
out of pure revenge. So far as the reporter -
porter is able to judge the claims of the
iirm as to their business are true. Thorn
are no devices for gambling and no
gomes for monov.
The Richardson-Scott ease continues
to furnish amusement for the attend
ants of the district court. Whenever
the testimony gets a little dull , the op
posing attorneys engage in a lively ver
bal tilt until the patience of the court
is exhausted. It is the general impres
sion among the court otjlccrs that the
arguments in the cuso will not bo com
pleted before Tuesday. About $30,000
is involved in the suit , and the allot'
noys arc working it for all it is worth.
Two- good lots in Beers' sub. , $000.
Begin next week. Bilger , 0 Pearl st.
Wanted A good , first-class harness
maker. Must bo a good cutter. Ap
ply to Strohbohn & Vogoler.
PorHonnl Paragraphs.
Miss Helen Blytho and company arc
nt the Pacific.
J. F. Slovens , of Missouri Valley , was
in the city yesterday.
J. W. Cassol and wifoof Carson , wore
in the city yesterday.
W. B. Davis , of Blair , Nob. , was at the
Kiel hotel yesterday.
G. A. Tryon , of Avoca , was hero yes
torday. Ho is ono of the witnesses ii
the coming Coffman caso.
Rev. Stevenson loft last evening for
Wisconsin to purchase lumber for the
Council Bluffs and Star Union lumber
N. Morrium , of Omaha , was on this
side yesterday looking after his real es
tate interests hero , and conferring with
business men in regard to various enter
prises being planned hero.
The P. E. O. Society will meet this
nftornobn at 2 o'clock ut the residence
of Mrs. J. F. Kimball.
If you desire to gel a new Hall typo writer
cheap , drop a iwstul card to H. A. P. , BEE
office. A great bargain for the first who
The Superior Court.
There was no business transacted in
the superior court yesterday afternoon.
It was expected teat the Coylo cases
would be ready for trial , but the attor
neys intovestod failed to put in un ap-
pearunco. The cases of COOK vs Cochran -
ran and Guanalla vs County arc also
hanging out , and as the attention of the
Attorneys is fully occupied at the district
court , it is impossible to say when the
present term will adjourn. The rases
above mentioned are all that remain to
be disposed of during the February
Bargains in houses and lots on small
pish payment. Johnson & Van Patten ,
W Main street.
A New School House.
The school board is to submit to the
people at the coming election a proposi
tion to build a $40,000 school building
on the site of the Mills school. There
has boon much complaint during the
past year about the crowded condition
of the public school buildings , and it is
evident that more and bettor accommo
dations are needed. It is not probable
that in view of this well known fact
there will be much opposition to propo
sitions for putting up now buildings , ex
cept such as comes from a difference of
opinion as to where tno now buildings
should bo located.
E. H. Sheafe loans money on chattel
security of every description. Private
consulting rooms. All ousinoss strictly
confidential. .Office 600 Broadway , cor
ner Main street , up-stalrs.
Travelers 1 Stop ftt the Bcchtele.
Broke UU Neck.
Isniw Hoops , an old and respected res
ident of Silver Creek township , met
with a sudden death Thursday morning.
Ho had opened a gate for his son to
drive a team through , when the horses
started to run and knocked Mr. Hoops
down , breaking his neck. Death was
inetantanoous. The deceased was fifty-
four years of ago , and loaves a wife and
two sous , aged respoctivyly ton and
eighteen years. Tht ! younger 1ms been
attending the deaf and dumb institute
in this city. The funeral will occur
to-day At 12 o'clock.
Ono thousand head of ono , two and
three-year-old steers for sale. Will give
credit to reliable parties. . , Enquire o
A. J. Greeuamayer.
Mooting of Oltlzona and Preliminary
Bteps Taken to Secure It.
The Voter * to lie Given a Chance to
Deckle Upon It The Police
Dolnge PcrnonaU Minor
Xfovlnit For Hotel.
Yesterday afternoon there was a gath
ering of leading citizqns to consult concerning -
corning the securing of a largo hotel
/or Council Bluffs. The expression
brought out at this mooting Indicated
that tlicro is a general fooling that this
city must have a now hotel , ono suited
to'tho increased sl/.o of the city , its im
portance as a railway center and the
needs of the traveling public. Several
sites were talked over , and while noth
ing very definite was reached in the way
of formal action , 'it was made plainly
evident that the need of a hotel is so
realized that from * l5,000 ! to $ .30,000 can
bo secured no a bonus for any ono who
wilt put up such a hotel as the city
wants. It was decided to have a com
mittee confer with parties as to loca-
tibn , plans , etc. , and to start a subscrip
tion , the donors to signify what they
will bo willing to give for a hotel of 120
rooms or.more , modern in style and ap
pliances , the hotel to bo located on
IIroadway between Sixth street and
Ilryant , or on Pearl or Main street , be
tween Broadway and Fifth avenue. E.
L. Shugart , T. .1. Evans and William
Moore have hitlwcribeil $1,000 each for a
hotel to bo located anywhere in this
district , and if certain locations are de
cided upon would probably give more.
Other leading citiy.cns , not quite prepared -
pared to sign their names , signify their
intention to do so at once and in like or
larger amounts. Mr. Shugart offers to
be ono of ten men to build such a hotel
as is needed. Such are but few of the
expressions , and they indicate that the
business men are in dead earnest in their
determination to have this great need
of the city fully met as speecily as pos
sible. There are a number of locations
which are looked upon with favor , ono
being the Merriam property , known
better ns the old Catholic church prop
erty. It is 100 feet by 1200 , has frontage
on three streets and is in the heart of
the city and very near the coming
union depot. Dr. Woodbury's property ,
corner of First aveiiuo and Pearl street ,
is looked upon with much favor as being
rather of a compromise between those
who want a hotel on Broadway and
thobo wanting one on Main street.
There are several locations on Broad
way , one at the corner of Sixth street
being deemed as fur west as it is very
desirable to locate.
There seems quite a disposition , as
shown in the meeting yesterday , to
drop the strife over location and to. join
heartily in starting a fund for the build
ing of a hotel at any point in the dis
trict named. It is believed that more
can bo accomplished thus , and when a
do II u Ho location is fixed upon there will
doubtless bo some additional subscrip
tions from adjacent property ,
which will reap a special
benclit. The committee having
the preliminaries in hand are
T. J. Evans , W. H. M. Pusoy , E. H ;
Merriam , E. L. Shugart and F. O. Glea-
son. It is hoped that the efforts of
these gentlemen to { jet the enterprise
started will meet with a generous and
prompt support from the citi/cns gen
erally. The time has passed for rivalry
between certain localities , and the
crowding of personal interests to the
front. There must bo a unanimity and
tin enthusiasm for a big hotel on any
favorable location.
Among those present at the meeting
yesterday was Mr. N. Merriam , of
Omaha , who was invited in to confer
with the business men , ho having largo
property interests hero. Ho was accom
panied by his architect , Mr. Allen , and
from both these gentlemen borne excel
lent suggestions were obtained. Mr.
Merriam scorns disposed to join heartily
in any and all moves for the furthering
of the interests of Council Bluffs , and ho
will doubtless bo found at the proper
time doing his full sbaro.
S. B. Wadsworth & Co. loan money.
Domestic patterns at 105 Main street.
AN Mum AH nn Oyntcr.
Yesterday morning a son of the much
married William J. Clark arrived in
the city. Thinking to secure additional
particulars of this case , a BEE reporter
sought him out.
"You are u son of W. J. Clark , I bo-
Hove , " suggested the reporter.
"I am his son ; yes , sir , " he answered.
And then : "You are a reporter , are
you not'i1"
The man acknowledged the soft im
"Well , " ho continued , "I have noth
ing to say for publication. "
The reporter suggested the possible
advantage of refuting any false state
ments made by the city papers In re
porting the case.
"I don't know what the papers have
said , " ho continued. "I have just ar
rived in the city , have not read the
papers yet , and I prefer not to say any
"Tho papers have stated that your
father and mother are divorced. "
"That is right. So they are. "
"The information filed in the case
charges him with having married his
second wife July 1(1 ( , while ho was ye
married to your mother. "
"So I understand. I have not scon
the document , and have nothing to sai
about it. "
"If the grand jury find you are hero
you may bo called to testify in the case
when it conies up for consideration. "
" 1 roust say , again , I have nothing
whatever to say , " ho insisted.
The young man is evidently about
twenty-one years of ago. His refusal to
divulge anything bearing on the case
was pleasant , yet firm. It is understood
ho has come hero to assist , so far as pos
sible , in releasing his father from the
very unpleasant predicament in which
ho is placed. It must bo admitted that
his effort to protect his parent is a most
commendable ono.
Sheafe loans money on real estate. *
Union Abstract Co. , 236 Main 8t.
The County Board.
The board of county supervisors were
yesterday considering the matter of
kiting contracts for the county job
printing. Itemized bids were submitted
by the printing companies of the city ,
and the members of the board wore re
viewing arithmetic during the greater
part of the day. The contract for mov
ing the county safes was awarded to
Hollonbcck Bros. There are five of
these safes now in use in the county
ofllcos in the Masonic temple. Three of
them , the ones used by the auditor ,
sheriff and clerk , will bo removed to the
now court house. The ouo in the trcas-
uror's office will bo taken to the Avoca
court hous.8 , and the ono in the record
er's office has boon sold to the-.State
Savings bank , With the exception at
the sheriff's , those safes are handsome ,
modofn affairs , and will bo A credit to
the court house , but it is a shame to give
oven storage room to the old wreck that
now docs service In the sheriff's oRico.
It is an antiquated affair , and has long
outlasted Its usefulness. It wont through
the lire in 1808. when the clerk's office
was destroyed. At present it is
impossible to close the outside
doors , and It Is In no
manner fitted for the use to which It Is
put. There are papers filed in the sher
iff 's office that it is necessary to preserve -
serve , ns there is no other record of
them , and the papers themselves must
bo produced to make them of any use.
The printing matter was laid over
until this morning. The contracts for
doing the county advertising will bo lot
at the April session.
The applications for the situation of
janitor at the now court house were ex
amined. There wore fifteen applicants ,
and their bids ranged from &H ) to $100
per month. The matter was laid over
until this morning for further consider
A'Gtatul Dedication.
The members of tbo bar association
met with the board of county supervis
ors last evening in the court room in
the Masonic temple to complete arrangements -
rangomonts for the dedication of the
now court houso. All of { ho members
of the county board worn . present and
Messrs. Pusoy , Ware , Ross , Fllcklngor.
Ross , Mynster , Llndt , Harl , Colonel
Sapp , Colonel Dailey , Judge Ayles-
worth and Hon. D. C. Bloomer , mem
bers of the bar. The mooting was called
to order by Chairman Underwood ,
' .ftor a somewhat lengthy discussion it
as decided to fix the date of the dcdi-
jution for Wednesday , Murch 7. On
motion of Colonel ' Sapp , it was decided
0 have the' board of supcrvi&ors and
, ho committee of arrangements unite to
t'oparo a programme of , the exercises
.f the day. On motion of Mr. Hall , it
, vas decided to submit to the board the
> lan mapped out by the committee and
approved by the association.
The members of the committee of ar-
'angomonts ' are Messrs. Bloomer , Ross ,
Harl , Pusoy , Hight , Holmes , Haldaiio
nd Sapp. It was voted to have the ex-
rcises commence at 1 o'clock on the af-
.ernoon of the 7th of March , and to pro-
ido a band and vocal music for the day.
'ho chair appointed Messrs. Waite ,
Holmes and Dalloy as the committee on
music. The exorcises will consist of
prayer by chaplain , music by the band ,
md other music and appropriate ad-
Iresses by homo and foreign speakers.
The lirst.addross will bo delivered by a
\ member of the board of supervisors ,
"oil owed by a representative of the bar
association. All invitations shall bo is-
.ued . in the name of the board of super-
isors. It was decided to invite Judges
Day , Miller and Reed to deliver ad
dresses on that day.
"Messrs. Underwood , Frum , Pusoy ,
Huldano and Holmes were choben to bo-
ect the local speakers and arrange for
heir topics.
Chairman Underwood , Messrs. Waite ,
Boiler , Hot/el and Colonel Dailey were
ippointed as an executive committee.
"t was voted to extend a special invita-
ion to the press of the county to bo
present and participate. In _ the oven-
'ng ' the bar association will give a grand
On the market for over twenty years.
Still the most reliable and the most
popular sewing machine made. The
ight running Domestic. Office 105
Main st.
Bless the Baltics.
There was an interesting gathering
of babies yesterday afternoon at the
esidence of Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Wads-
worth , on Oakland avenue. Theso.Httlo
ones wore the guests of Mary Matilda
Wudsworth , the daughter , who yester
day celebrated her first birthday anni
versary. The guests wore huupily en
tertained , as wore also the mothers in
uttendanco. The souvenirs of the oc
casion bore the following little poem ,
purporting to bo the production of the
little hostess :
1 came to herald the ( lowers ,
One year OBO to-day ;
The buds of kindness opened
To greet ino every way.
Twelve long months have I wondered
At everything I've seen ;
I've smiled at kind words spoken ,
ISut know not what they mean.
I have thanks for purest rosebuds ,
With which friends have strewn my way ;
For all this kind devotion
I have much to say some day.
My little hands are weakly ,
My tongue untrained , to word
My thanks for cares , my eyes
Have seen , my ears have heard.
But I send a kind caressing
To each one who may hold
A thought for me in infancy ;
A love that grows pot cold.
When time has made mo stronger ,
And years have made mo grow ,
I'll learn to talk , and tell you ,
Well , everything I know.
Plucked by the Police.
The police gathered quite a harvest
in their search about the city Thursday
night , and yesterday morning six un-
fortumiles appeared before the police
judge to have their shortcomings cor
rected. Ed. Johnson and Burt Nush
were charged with vagrancy. As the
day was very pleasant and the walking
good , the court decided that it wbuld bo
unwise to lock them up , and advised
them to jump the river as quickly as
possible. Chris Schultz was fined $7.60
for intoxication and had to be replaced
behind the bars to board it ont with the
city. John Baxter parted with $8.10 ,
and his account with the city is now
balanced. John Carl had boon rounded
up by an officer while suffering from a
fit of indigestion. The court adminis
tered an $8.10 dose , to prevent a recur
rence of the attack. Jack Coylo was
charged with disturbing the peace on
Broadway. A little altercation with a
hack dilvor resulted in his arrest. He
furnished bonds for his appearance , and
the case was continued until Tuesday
morning at 11 o'clock.
The Tlfcer Scratched.
A young Chicago traveling man was
making a great hullabulloo about the
city yesterday claiming to have boon
plied with liquor in one of the Broadway
gambling houses until intoxicated on
the preceding evening , and then robbed
of $185 , while too drunk to play as ho
should. Ho expressed great Indigna
tion at the rascally manner in which ho
had boon used , and announced his in
tention of staying in the city and pro
scouting the sharks to the full extent o !
the law. , The police take no stock In
his statements , and characterize the
whole as a cock-and-bull story gotten up
to help him out of paying his bills when
ho was "dead-broke.1'
Special communication of Excelsior
lodge , No. 2-59 , A. F. and A. M. , thl
evening at 7:30. : Work in the first do
( free. By order W. M.
3x-Prceldont Smith Tolls How
AccountsWere "Cooked. "
ilccklcss PurchafiCB Without Prospect
of Payment President Corbln Gets
Indignant About Ilia Washing
The Strike Itcportcd Off.
The Rending in a Bad Way.
PntLAiiRU-ntA , Feb. 17. Ex-Prosldont
Charles E. Smith , of the Heading railroad
company , was the tint witness before the
congressional Investigating committee , which
s Inquiring Into the strike on- the Reading
railroad and In the coal regions. Smith said
ic had been president of the road from 1801
o I860 , and a director until 1870. Ho resigned
ils directorship because he discovered , after
nvcsttgation , that the company was publish-
nK fnlso reports and cooking up Its accounts
11 the Interests of stuck gambling. The
company , ho had found , had borrowed
: ir > ,000MO ( to pay dividends which had not
been earned. Smith said the rallrqnd com-
ntny was managing- the coal and Iron com-
wny at the same time. Ho said the latter
, vus virtually a creature of the former , under
[ 'resident Gowon. The original charter of
; ho mining company was obtained under the
, itlo of the Laurel Kun Improvement and
Vlining company. The bill had been put before -
fore the legislature in that name BO that It
would not bo known as the Heading's bill ,
but as soon as the bill was passed its name
was changed to the Heading Coal ntid Irdn
ompauy. There was no Block Issued until
the. nnino was changed and the Heading had
The witness said In ISC ! ) the company was
doing a profitable business and was perfectly
solvent , paying oft 10 per cent of the earned
livldcnds and interest on its debt , which was
less than $ ! l,000.000.
"How then did it happen , " ho' was asked ,
'that this present enormous debt of f 100,000-
KXI has since boon accumulated and the road
twice sent Into bankruptcy I"
"Hy doing a losing business and borrowinn
money right and left. The nature of the
company's business has been changed. Ac
counts have been cooked and debts concealed
and the character of transactions have been
iltogcther revolutionized. "
Chairman Tillinun A sort of wrecking
nisine s J
Smith Well , a recklessbuslnoss , crtalnly.
The witness was asked n number of ques-
ions leading up to tin expression of his opin-
on us to the ability of the Heading company
to pay its enormous debt of f 1C > 1 > , ( KH ) , < XX ) and
ho value of its securities. He replied finally :
' 1 would not own lulollur's worth of Its bonds
except very early ones. The others are
worthless. The company cannot , in my
opinion , pay its debts. " When asked further
is to whether ho thought the road would go
> aclc Into the hands of receivers he said :
'Yes , and that will happen ut least within a
year , from present indications. "
President Corbin was recalled. His attcn-
, ion was called to the clause of the charter of
he Heading road ; which required its pre i-
lent to live in Philadelphia. Oorbiu said :
I live here. "
"Where else ! " jWis asked.
"I have residences in New York , New
Hampshire and Lbtig Island ns well. "
Mr. Anderson Where ' do you have your
washing done ! * ,
Corbin ( indignantly ) I think that isdevilibh
mpertinent to go into my personal affairs.
Dropping this lir e of inquiry , 'the cominit-
: co sought to obtain from Corbin something
of the history of thfc former financial dlfili-ul-
: ics of the Heading railroad company. Ho
&ald that the last-dividend of the company
was paid in IbflJ. o
"And , " said Chairman Tillman , "It will bo
a cold day when it pays another. " ,
Corbin objected to this sort of inquiry ,
claiming that the committee had no power to
go into the iKmihilities of the future. Ho de
nied the right of the committee to go into the
road's'privatc business. He declined to say
how"thc , compahy'co'uld ' get nlong'wlthoul Its
coal business. After a long scries of inter
rogatories Tillman drew from the witness
a statement that the interest charges and
other fixed charges of the company amounted
to $10,000,000 a year and Corbin stated in
reply to further questions that without the
coal trade the company could earn its fixed
charges , which were over $7,000,000.
' 41ut do you expect , " was asked , "to make
more than $10,000,000 with your miners out ! "
Corbin No , but pur miners will be back" ,
and if your committee will stay hero ten
days It will find them all at work again.
Judge Chipmun said : "Mr. Corbin , ills
the belief among the coal mincts and has
been stated publicly that it is in the interest
of your company to have the strike at this
time , that it may bo of advantage to the com
pany to have the strike in view of its finan
cial condition in order to offer thfft as an ex
cuse for it. "
Corbin denied absolutely that there was
any foundation for such an assumption.
"I think now , " said he , "the Heading rail
road company has passed out of its muddy
state and will stay out. "
Ocorgo W. Jones , formerly vice president
of the Heading company , entered into a his
tory of the acquirement of the coal lands by
the Coal and Iron company , under control of
the railroad company. Ho corroborated
many of the statements made by Smith to
day , and said it was dealing in coal lands and
the purchase of coal lands which could not bo
utilized for many years n d attempting to
force a small part of them to pay interest on
the whole investment which wrecked the
company. The witness related the history
of scveial coal combinations in the past.
The Heading Htrlkn Reported Off.
Npw YOHK , Feb. 17. Maxwell , of Austin
Corbln's offlco , in this city , said this after
noon that ho had received a message from
Philadelphia saying that the strike was
ended. A Scranton special says : Powdcrly
says the report that ho and Lewis , national
master workman of the national district ,
have decided to declare the Heading strike
off is incorrect. Lewis , however , before
leaving Scranton this morning for Philadel
phia told an acquaintance that ho was going
to Schuylkill county right off and would
order the miners back to work.
The Report Confirmed.
PiuiAUir.riHA , Feb. 17. Lewis , of the
Knights of Labor , yesterday wrote to Presi
dent Corbin , jif the Heading rood , saying that
in order to clrse up the strike he proposed to
order a resumption of work at once upon an
assurance that after operations were In
regular progress , the subject of wages would
bo considered and that no ono would bo dis
criminated againsi.on account of the striko.
Corbin replied to-day that such action would
be satisfactory t $ the company. ' No ono , "
ho said , "will be' discriminated against be
cause of his connection with the strike so
that it is not understood as protecting such
men as have made or attempted , to make per
sonal assaults and further that the miners
are not to expect' higher rate of wages than
paid by other coal-producing companies. "
liewlfi Denounced.
POTTSVILIE , Feb. 17. Master Workman
Lewis arrived bore ) from Philadelphia this
evening bringing copies of the correspondence
between hlmself'and President Corbin lookIng -
Ing to resumption at all the Reading com
pany's mines. , tyswis immediately went
into consultation , with members of the Joint
committee with the result that his action was
ratified and an address will be issued at once
declaring immediate resumption.
Lee and other leading railroad strikers are
furious at Master Workman Lewis , and are
unsparing in their denunciation of bis al-
Icgcu perfidy. The universal opinion among
the outside community is that the railroad
strike is now a hopelessly lost cause.
. *
Engine Men's Wagei Railed.
CHICAGO , Fob. 17. Eighty per cent of the
locomotive engineers and firemen of the
Alton road will have their pay increased next
month according to an agreement reached
to-day between the management and Chief
Engineer Arthur , of the locomotive engineers ,
and Grand Master Sargent , of the Firemen's
Brotherhood. Passenger engineers are
paid 13.60 per 100 miles and freight engineers
$4 , with an additional of 50 cents on way-
freight and coal branches. Firemen are to
receive 58 per cent of engineer's juiy on
passenger trains ami 05 cm freight , la re
turn for those concession * about 90 per cent
of the engineers who were receiving more
pay than was allowed by the classification
ere reduced. Arthur la also looking into the
grievances of engineers on the Chicago &
Atlantic and Burlington roads.
Smallpox In Han Francisco.
SAJJ Fiusciflco , Feb. 17. The steamer City
of Pckln arrived from China and Japan this
morning with several cases of smallpox
among the passengers , and was placed in
quarantine. This is the fifth successive
steamer which has arrived with smallox. |
The steamer Shcnandoah , formerly United
States man-of-war , has been filled up as a
quarantine boat , and now occupied by sev
eral hundred Chinese , who arrived here on
an Infected vessel.
Fatal Family Fight.
CINCINNATI , Feb. 17. James Taylor , a lad
of thirteen yours , was put into the Coving-
ton. Ky. , jail last , night with his mother by
direction of the coroner. The Itoy Is charged
with the murder of his father during n fight
between h lin and his mother last Monday.
Fatal Fall.
LONDON , Feb. 17. Five men have been
killed by a falling bridge In the quarry at
Carnarvonshire , Wales.
Try the Gns Ctiro.
Dr. Rico 1ms just ndded to his ap
pliances for the curing of diseases n
ponorntor of compound oxygen gns.
Prof. O. R. Pntch , of Now York , ono of
the most skillful chemists of the land ,
put in the generator for him. The
oxygen treatment has been used with
great success In the treatment of lung
and throat difficulties , and is a wonder
ful cure for asthma , hay fever and all
bcuses of the respiratory organs. It
is also used with most successful results
in cases of dyspepsia , nervous diseases ,
rheumatism , neuralgia , etc. Ono of the
most wonderful successes of this treat
ment is in cases of epileptic ills , which
other modes of treatment have been un
able to help. This compound oxygen
iH is a certain euro in such cases.
There booms little need now of ex
tended and expensive trips for mountain
air or change of climate , when this com
pound oxygen gas treatment is brought
right hero , close to homo. Dr. Rico
wall give a free treatment to those de
siring on their calling at his otllco , No.
11 Pearl street , within a day or two.
Mr. Ijootnls Says "Not Ho. "
Yesterday morning's Omaha Herald
contained what purported to bo an in
terview with W.V. . Loomis , of David
Bradley & . Co. , in regard to the associa
tion of jobbers in agricultural imple
ments. Mr. Loomis indignantly denies
the truthfulness of the interview as re
ported. Mr. George W. Thompson , of
Lhat paper , took advantage of a tea-
table chat and garbled what was really
said so that it misrepresented the mat
ter entirely. The facts in their fullness
will be duly made public.
An Artistic Performance.
Ono of the most artibtie representa
tions witnessed at the opera house dur
ing the present season was that of last
evening , Irolen Blytho in "A Woman's
Heart. " She is an actress of exceed
ingly strong parts , and depicts the
emotions with fidelity. The audience
was fair in numbers , and largo in its
appreciation of the work of the com
pany. To-day's matinee will present a
[ food bill , and this evening "Article 47"
will hold the hoards. There should bo
a full house.
Nu Jscctl of a Scare.
It has been reported hero that the
Yellowstone river has broken up and
fears of a flood were entertained. In
order to ascertain the facts Harry Bir-
kinbino , of the waterworks company ,
sent a dispatch to Bismarck yesterday
afternoon. The reply stated that the
river was solid. This point lays 850
miles above Council Bluffs , and as a
week must elapse before a break there
would affect the river hero , there is no
need of immediate apprehension.
SPKCIA L ad vertlseinonts , s > uch as Lost , round ,
To Loan. For Palo , To Kent , Wants , Hoarding
etc. , will b luserti'il In this column at the low
rule of TKN UCNTH PKR LINK for the first in-
hertlon and Five Cents Per l.tne for each subse
quent insertion. Leave a Ivertisemcnts at our
olllce. No. K Peail Street , near llroadwayCoun
cil HlufTs , Iowa.
WANTED A registered drui : clerk. Address
P. O. box 785 , Missouri Valley. la.
WANTED To exchange land In central Ne
braska for .Council HlutTs property. Ap
ply to Council IIIulIs Lumber Co.
"CjTOUND On Main St. , a double-action , self-
J ? cocking revolver , ; C-eiUuber. Left at po
lice station.
TI1OH UKNT-Part of my olHce. No. 800 Broad-
J } way , opposite new postolnco. Dr. C. ii.
WANTED If you have any furniture , stoves
or carpets fur sale , or If you want to buy
above goods , call on A. J. Mandel , ! K3 and 3 >
Stocks of merchandise. Have
WANTED and Council BlulTx city property ,
also western laud to exchange for goods. Call
on or address J. II. Christian , 419 Broadway ,
Council Bluffs la.
Main Street , Council Bluffs ,
Only Hotel In the City with Fire Es
cape. Electric Call Bell * .
Accommodations First Class ,
Ratis Always Riasenabli
MAX MOHN , Proprietor.
Standard No. 4000 , chestnut stallion , foaled
April 10 , 1883. Bred by C. J. Hamlin , Buffalo ,
N. Y. , sired by Altnonarch ( record 2 ; !
son of Almont , first dam , Lucy , by Hamlin's
Patchtn , sire of the dam of Bell Hamlin
( record 2:13Jf : ) ; second dam by Kysdyk's
IlHtnblctonlan. Norway stands 1 ( % hands
high , and can trot better than 2:30. : This
stallion will bo permitted to servo a few
marcs at t35 the season from March 1st to
July 1st. Per particulars enquire of
Council Bluffs Driving Park , or No. 417
South 14th St. , Omaha.
( OOBroodway Council 111 u da , Iowa , B8Uullsh d
PUTT Architect and Superintendents. JRo
DfiLL , 2 < Opera House Block.
HRTttinNRTNti HydraiiUo and" Sanitary Engines !
. DlIUUUDlllEl , pianSi Estimates , Spocincations. Su
pervision of Public Work. Brown Building , Council Bluffs
fllNTEY RII RITE Attorney-at-LawTSecond Floor Brown
rillLDl DUA&D , Building , 115 Pearl Street , Council
Bluffs , Iowa.
N SCHDR7 Justice ° f Me Peace ! Office over American
Express , No. 419 Broadway , Council Bluffs ,
QTANfl Xl QTWQ Attorneys at-Law , practice in the State
D1U11D U. OlfflO , and Federal Courts. Office Rooms 7
and 8 , Shugart Beno Block , Council Bluffs , Iowa ,
EC DAplIpTir Ju8tice of tiuTPcace , 415 Broadway
, U , imnilEill , Council Bluffs. Refers to any bank or
business house in the city. Collections a specialty.
DROOODBORYTSONS7 Office corner o
and First Avenue
DR. C. B. J U D D ,
No. 6O6 Broadway , Council Bluffs , Iowa.
No. 201 Main Street , Council Bluffs , Iowa.
Both Domestic and Foreign.
The Greatest Invention of the Agel
Itupturo or Hernia a Specialty !
Makes Female Diseases a Specialty ,
Cures all kinds of Chronic Diseases that arc curable with his most Wonderful Vegetable Hem
dies. Is the olilest niul most successful specialist In the west. Call and sco him. OlUceNo. 11 ,
Pearl st , Council lllulTH , Iowa. Olllco hours : B to la a. in. ; 1 to 5 and 0 to 8 p. m.
Star Stables and Mule Yards
Broadway , Council lilutls , Opp. Dummy Depot
Horses and mules constantly on hand , for
sale at retail or in car load lots.
Orders promptly filled by contract on short
Stock sold on commission.
Telephone 114. BCHLUTEIl 4 BOLEV.
Opposite Dummy I epot , Council Bluffs.
Council Bluffs , la.
Vitirlnary OinllJtrj i Spiclallj.
CARTER A SON , Prop's.
Manufacturers of
Ull Kindt of Steam Boilen A Sheet Iron Work
Orders by mail for repars promptle attended
to. Satisfaction guaranteed. 10th Avenue. Ad
dress Ogden Boiler Works. Council Bluffs , Iowa
D , H. McDANELD & CO. ,
Hides , Tallow , Pelts ,
Wool and Furs.
Highest Market Prices. Prompt
MO and KS Main BUeetCouncll Illuffu.Iowa.
By Our Crank
HAS Imported here from China ,
Coffees B OASTED , none are duer ,
The best f Flour , plnase bear in mind ,
These at TKOy ELL IIJIOS' . and ,
Here we IIAV mmm tbe best of frulfc
Everything we'll 8KL to suit ;
And save you DOL | US. too , _
to boot
If you have to p UV at all
vBe your OHDB B large or email
Come and get your OH CERIES.
Surely you know where
tbe place It
345 Middle Broadway
Telephone No. 29.
Council Bluffs , Iowa.
damage and Express Line
Telephone No , 33.
The finest line of Landau * , Coaches and HtcKB
In the city. The only line authorized to
culls turned In to Aw. i lut. T l. Co.