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Blair's Educational Bill Passed Aftoi
a Spirited Dobato.
The. 1'lnlicrlc * CoininlHHloncrs Prepare
a Trrnty As n Itcsult of Their
Two "Weeks' Hussion IU
Gutiurnl Terms.
v , Feb. in. In the senate thi'
morning Mr. Halo secured the floor to spcal
ngainst the education bill. Mr. Halu basei
his argument mainly upon expressions ol
opinion by prominent educators that tlio bill
would not accomplish the objects aimed ut
Attho lese ofMr. . illalo's speech Mr. Mor
| ; an read a paper ou thp constitutional ob
lectionsto' tlio bill. Mr. Salisbury thcr
Bp'okc .In oppt > sill6n , after which Mr. Blilfi
took the floor , closing ttie dcbuto on the bill
He spoke n't length in advocacy of the meas
urcf ubjuqinR' that Iho , opiM)3lUpn of tin
Jesuits waslrcsjionslblo for the defeat of th (
bill in the last HoUsc , iiiiil the reason of tin
opposition of many newspapers und publii
men was that thcro was on the staff of everj
great newspaper of the country n Jcsul
whoso business It was to see that a blow woi
struck , whenever 'there was an opportunity
to strike It , at the common school system o
the country. The liquor interest was nU <
arrayed against it.
An amendment by Mr. Plumb , providing
that the money should bo an
nually divided among tlio states am
territories in proportion to the populatloi
between the ages of ten and twenty-one , was
rejected , us wcro also two minor amend
inents by Mr. Berry , The bill then pussed-
yeas , It'J ; iniys , 29 us follows : Yeas-Alii
non , Berry , Blair , Bowen , Brown , Call , Cum
eron , Councilor , Colqultt , Culloni , Daniel ! )
Dawes , Dolph , Eustis , Evnrts , George
Hamilton. Hearst , Hoar , Jones of Arkansas
Mnndcrson , Mitchell. Mori-ill , Palmer
Pasco , Payne , Platte , Pugh , Quay , Hansom
Hlddlcbcrgcr , Sawyer. Stunfoid , Stewart
Stoekbridgo , Teller , Vance. Wulthnm , Wil
Bon of Iowa. Nays Aldrlch , Bate , Beck
Blackburn , Blodgolt , Butler , Coke , Davis
Fnrwell , Faulkner , Fryo , Gray , Hale , Hnr
ris. Hawley , Hiscock , Ingnlls , Jones of Nevada
vada , Kenna , Alorgnn , Plumb , Hoagan
Sabin , Saulsbury , Siwoncr , Turpio , Vest
Voorliees , Wijson of Maryland 20. Palrs-
Cockrcll nnd Edmunds , Gorman and Slier
man.Mr. . Berry , by way of pcrsonalcxplnnation
Raid but for the instructions of the Idgisla
ture , ho would have voted against the bill.
The house bill for the appointment o
cloven division superintendents of the rail
way mall service wn- > taken from the calen
dar , amended by miking the number "two ii
addition to those before authorised" uni
passed. *
WASHINGTON , Fob. 15. In the house to-da ;
Mr. Perkins , from the committee on Indiai
affairs , reported the bill granting n right o
way through the Indian territory to the Ar
knnsas & Pacific railroad. Calendar.
Mr. Kobertson , from the committee 01
military affairs , reported the bill for the pay
mcnt of $100 trt soldiers who enlisted undei
the act of July 22 , 1SG1 , and who were dif
charged by reason of u surgeon's ccrtiftcat
of disability or by promotion before the ex
plrntlon of two years and who have not re
cclved * 100 bounty. Committee of the whole
' ( On motion of Mr. Dorsey of Nebraska , tin
bill was passed providing that Nobrask
shairconstitutc an entire Judicial district t
bo known as the district of Nebraska.
Mr. UundalV'of Pennsylvania , fromth
committee on appropriations , reported th
resolution for the appointment of a spcci :
committee to investigate -ami , rcrJbrt whii
contracts have been trtado for the construe
tionot the new library building and tb
amount exMtnded thereunder , the cause o
the dctbjjlm the pi-ogress of the work an
what , persons hnvo been employed and pai
from the appropriations for the purchase an
construction of tha building. Adopted.
The hoimo then went Into committee of th
whole with Mr. Blount of Georgia in th
chair , on the urgent deficiency bill. Aftc
considerable desultory talk between Mi
Burns of Missouri , Mr. Hogcrs of Arkansn
and Mr. Handall regarding trivial prosi
cutlons under the internal revenue luw , Mi
Burns said the committee on appropriation receipt of estimates of appropriation
for the completion of public buildings i
various parts"of the country. The estimate
In every case cxceedod the limit fixed by la1
and ho offers an amendment fixing the appri
prmtlons for the completion of a number c
buildings. Among them wasoncforlCeokul
Ia. Committee then rose nnd the house a <
A Treaty Formulated.
WASHINGTON , Feb. 15. After daily session
for the last two weeks , the fisheries connnl
slonors at 7 o'clock to-night completed the
labors and signed a treaty , which , it is bi
llovcd , will result in tha satisfactory sottl
mcnt of the disputes that have twisted ft
almost a century between this govoriimct
and Great Britain over the north Atlant
fisheries. The treaty is signed by all s'l
ot the commissioners and is said to huvcthc
full concurrence. Before the treat
can talto effect It must have tli
ratification of the queen of Ore ;
Britain , the Dominion of Canada nnd tl
province of New Foundland , us well as tl
Bimatt ) of the United States. Although tli
treaty will not bo made public , it can t
Btutoct that It relates exclusively to dispute
concerning the fisheries of the north Atlunt
coast and iloes not include any provislor
concerning the Behring sea trouble or con
uicrcial reciprocity. The treaty , it may ah
be added , docs not contemplate the ndml
elan of fish into the United States free i
duty. Socrot'ary Bayard said to-nipl
ho could not , because of h
6fficlal position , make known tl :
contents -of the treaty but it was Ii
earnest wish that it should bo given to tli
press by tlioso having the right to make sue
disposition of 'it and that every linoot
should bo published. The dispute , ho xnii
had been onobf long standing and had coil
to him by Itthcritahcc when ho assumed tl
duffes of secretary of state. He hud use
his best endeavors to reach n BiUlsfuctoi
agreement \yith Great Britain und believe
ho tiad succeeded so far as it lay in his powi
to effect a settlement.
Nebraska nnd Iowa Pensions.
WAKBUfQiW , FoD15. . [ Special Telograi
to. H < > BKB.'l Pensions were granted 1
sw to-day as fol'lows : Origin :
l Martin , Wilsonvillo ; Wll
iMri' Edgorton , Delta. Increftnc Jiihn V
Benedict , Plum Creek ; Charles F. Shepar
Ravenna. Original , widows , etc Elen fl
vrtflow of Charles fi. Steam , Arapahoe , (01 (
ends March 34 , 1SS7) ; Nunoy K. , widow <
\Yilllam Lolghton , Salem. Mexican nurvivo
Jacob Miller , FortCulhoun.
Pensions for lownns : Original , invalid
Lewia Godfrey , Crcslonj Sidney F. Bake
\Y vacly4 William Nance , State Conte
George W , Carroll , Iron Hills ; Kobert 1
Whltemack , Marshalltown. Increase Duni
Lamfcitrd , Osage John A. llowan , Musc-atln
George \V , Sopor , Walker ; William Ai
bum , Mount Auburn : Adam Hoover , Ouu
qucton ; James Burdctt , Heno ; Charles Ale
ftndcr , Missouri Valley ; George Wolf , Strui
berry Point ; Wlllard M. Ishnm , DCS Molno
Russell H. Rarick , Sioux City ; Andrew A
Klrahnn , College Springs : Elnnttian
Trolkor , Desota ; Robert McKintick , Kellog
Reissue and increase Christian H. Kuri
Marlon. Original , widows , cto--Catharin
widow of Akron W. Day , Sobula. Mexlc ;
nrvlTOrs-Samuel D. Thomson , Marie
Mexican widows Sarah H. , widow of Dav
Vanauudy , ClarksvUle.
-SenAto Oouflrmatlon * .
WiB tKOTON , Feb. 15. The senate co
firmed the ( oUowln ; prosldontlal appo'.n
M nU ta-Hayi Marshal O. Donald , cot
jiiU loaer of tlsh and Ashcriea. Postmaster ;
Iowa L. T. Alexander , Montieollo ; 1
Burke , What Che r ; & Orldley , Malverc
t. IJoaglnnd , EmmctUburgh ; H. Klsnw
HA on City ; T. C. Modary , Wnukon ; N. 5
* 'oblb , Aunmosn ; W. C. Slgwart , Maquoketc
I. Sllkkeuvcen , Orange City ; J. B. Slut
nan , Hnrlnn ; J , S. Lnka , Marlon.
Nebraska-C , B. Durland , Norfolk ; C. (
Ellis , Sterling ; C. J. Harrison , Wnhoo ; V
J. Keller , Button ; L. Myers , Grand IslanO
3. Hi ScottHdhron , ; Boi-tha Klovon , Cu
jcrtson ; H , F. Wiley , Kearneyi
Wisconsin M , E. Lennon , Hurley.
N'ntlnnnl Capital Notes.
WASHINGTON , Feb. 15Tho ho\iso \ con
mlttco on Agriculture 'to-day decided to r
port favorably the Hatch bill to create a no
executive rtdpnrtm'ent to be known as the d
lartmcntof agriculture. * The portions r
atlng to tljq labor bureau in the propose
new department are omitted at the rcquci
of the labor committee : . ,
Tlio Reading I'rcHldent's Version c
" " "tHo Great Strlkfe.
P iiMnr.t.niiA ( Feb. 15. rho coogrcsslon ;
commlttcq.Invcstlgaffrig.flto JJcadlng strlli
to-dijy cxiuiimc'd'Austln Corbln. Mr. Corbl
xdmlttcd that the Reading rcrad was engage
in lntcr-statc commcrcc.ahd that the Rcai
ing railroad company owned'all the stock o
the Jtcadjng .Coal nHd 'lorl cpmpany. _ H
gave n history df the present strike and 0 :
[ ilahied thn ItuS domlihny was bound , ns
common carrier , to accept and move tl
freight offercd nnd conld not keep men In li
employ who refused ; to mo\
such freight. Corbl'n read a Ion
statement regarding the nature of mln in
operations' to provo that cpal was really
manufactured product nnd the expenses n
tending Its production very much Increase
of late years. Ho quoted flgifres to she
.hat the Reading Coal and Iron company hn
received since 1831 , on an , average , but I
cents n ton for Its coal. In answer to th
question , was there not nn agreement wit
ihetn that the men should bo discharged ui
ess the matter was submitted to arbltrntloi
Corbln believed there was some such agre
mcnt , but it was never intendc
: o cover such1 a' case ns the rcfus :
of mon , to handle goods mcrel
because the maker of the goods wi
objectionable to the Knights of Labor. Corbl
did not believe the statement that Supcrli
tcndent 'Swcigard had agreed to take tli
men back and submit the question to arbltr ;
Lion. There never was any Intention to art
trnto this matter on his part.
Proceeding to the question of the miner
strike , Corbln said they had no reason or dl
position to complain , and would not hav
struck but for the pressure brought upo
them by the Philadelphia Knights i
Labor. Ho denied that there Iu
been any private agreement with the mine
which was not In their written contract ;
the effect that if the Lehigh strike went on tl
8 per cent advance would bo paid. The cor
pany had refused to pay thin advance afti
January t and the miners had refused 1
work. .Cochin added : "We are and ha\
been willing to take up the question of r
nujustmont of wages if the men will rctui
to work , but will not treat with them whi
they are striking. Wo will mnl
the basis as high as any ottn
company , but wo can't maku
higher and compete with them. Andanotln
thing , wo can fill the places of the striklr
miners in ten days if the new men can 1
protected. Up in the mining districts b
men with clubs nnd pistols are violent
keeping not only other men but boys wl
desire to earn a living and keep fiomstar
ing , away from the mines and breaker
Wo don't care whether tlio men belor
to labor organizations or not. We w
put to work all men who apply
our collcries and ask no question
but if there is no moro co
mined from thqpSchuylkill region until v
arc compelled to mine It by discharging m <
who have come to us in our trouble ar
stood by us , to make way for strikers , i
moro shall bo mined while I have any i
ilueneo to prevent it. "
The witness pronounced the stories of tl
combination , of coal companies all over t )
country to keep up prices pure romance. :
reply to a question regarding the nssertii
that the railroad companieshave - mm
money ut the expense of the consumer and
the miner and laborer , Corbin said :
"Tho best answer I can make to that
that the Reading railroad company , with
paid capital of 40,000,000 , has been twice
bankrupt in twelve years.1' '
"Why do you keep on mining coal If y
have lost $13000,000 since 1878 ? " was askc
"I hardly know , myself.but think wo c ;
ultimately make money out of our cc
lauds. "
"Don't yoU think , it bad policy for yo
company to be in the mining business ? "
"Yes , sir , nnd I wish somebody would b
out the coal lands. Wo would bo better oil
but who will do it ? Wo have them and rut
do the bcbt wo can with them. "
George Hubbard Stabs Pat Cavaitaf
at St. JoHoph.
ST.JosEin , Mo. , Feb. 15. [ Special Te
gram to the HBK. ] At a late hour last nig
George Hubbard , proprietor of a saloon
Fredrick avenue , fatally stabbed Pat Cave
naugh In the hitter's saloon on Fourth stre
The quarrel grew out of nn altercation I
twcen James Cavannaugh , a brother of Pat
and Hubbard nt a masmienido ball n f <
wroks ago at the city hull. When the sU
blng occurred , a policeman had arrested bo
parties. Hubbard Jerked away from the ]
llceman and made a lunge ut Cavannau
cutting a gash in his loft hide Just below t
heart , three inches lone , ' . It was at fii
thought that the wounded man would i
cover , but ho took a sudden relapse ut no
to-day nnd phjaiciaut ) have despaired of I
life. Hubbard , in attempting to cut dm
naugh , cilt through the front rim of the i
Hccrnan's helmet , barely missing hts eyes.
Kansas City Outlawry.
KANSAS CITY , Mo. , Fob. 13. [ Special Te
gram to the Bcc. j Lost night ou Lydia ni
nuo three fo6tpaas''iholcl " up Frnd LlnU
clerk to the secretary pftbe board of trui
nnd J. McGarnctt. . cleric for Bullene , Mac
& Emory , ns thPy'were returning from
residence where they expected to rent lei
ing. Pistols' in the hands of the footpn
halted both and secured $ ( W. 0 from the latt
nnd $47 from the former. ' Their watch
wcro not Uilu-'it.Jiut looked ut And return
with the lein'urk , "Not good enough. " Infc
nmtion of this waa'at onco'tfllephoncd to t
police station , Ijut Chief Specra to-day su
that ho was not told tit U thi * morning ,
Kansaa City X
AS CT"Mo. ! ; , Fet . , M5.V-8peclal [ T
cgram' tiifvJ.Br ' . ] ChaYie.3 Ward a
Charles Williams , who -nroJn * Jail and knoi
to bo accomplice's of Jaek"Kuth , the notorjo
outlaw tfnd'terroiMzect Und city in Dbceml
last , havoYTfecir h'old in Sl.MO each to t
criminal enurtj'VThpJ' ' ; were , 'f Uy recognlz
by Julius .Oi-Ioff wlwim they held up a
shot atuhd'robbed.OrJo'rT pn'-Ucd those f
out of a ropui-fuUjjf strangury
gram to tKolJKE. ] Mnclr excitement hns i
istod here , avrfug to a peculiar disease , wh :
has been ra lngr on < the northern line
Schuyler county. Arlosccxaminatlon proi
it to bo miUVtypo of fcinallntuc , with thli
CiWs rep rtvu tu > d mor iovvn htjto ! hi
LAMAH , Mo , , Feb. "lB-Hpcclatt ; [ Tclegri
to the BKJS , ] Returns are in showingtl _
the eloctlwyeHlerdny on Wood * ' local opt :
from points In tlte eounty'oUtsldo of t
place i.'i iuvorablo to the law by SJ5 major !
Lnuinr voted juparitcly ; pu } ho 13th a
went drj * . _
Ono County cat War Srttlod.
ST. Louie , Feb. 15. A. special says I
Rush county , ICicisas , cour.ty seat -.vur , wh
has been waged for nearly nine yearswas
elded by the supreme court this mornlnc n
that the oniteri\of thp court issued u \ \
comrunndltiK' the county oDIccrs to move tl ;
bookn anil oClcfB to Rush Center ,
The I'cd Ulver Itond.
\ViKNiriiO , Foi . IS , Premlcv ; Greoitw
In a spevcb at Portage La Prairlo Just nig
declared that financial arrangements w
already made whereby the Red River r
road will reach thst polut , | x'.y.Jlvo rr.i
'west of lore , typetobor.
A Negro Goes Gunning and "Kills ar
' " Innocent Bystander. *
n \ , i ,
William Fcrmiflon Hels Ont to Bin ]
Joe Howard , .Hut tnstoaii Bunds
Olio Olson * to' i Utt
timely Grave ; * m ( l' '
Fatal Ending < ifn Feud , , v.
"Come , Olle , let's go nnd gct a tar or wol ]
invc to walk to the fort , " lspoke Charlci
Holler , a musician attached W Mvo tt > fyuj lo
catcd nt Fort Omaha , as bo" 'to'qk .JiJs friend
31le Olson , n milkman , who livedat Florence
jy the arm nnd attempted tomovohini ffon
the beer and pool hall of Montgbmfcry5' ! !
Adams , bette'r known Iu "Barney Magitiuia
> lace , " at the corner of Dodge lOttd , Bbur
.eonth streets. This occurred a few minute
before 10 o'clock lust night' , and fifteen mln
utcs later Olio , who had sl.ubbdr'nfj' rd cntci
, he good advice given \lm by .liis/sdldloi
friend Heller , lay dead , stretchedout on > ai
mprovlsed bier of beer tables' , dlsclosjng' b
.ho gaze of the horrified and blbjou .spec
ators a gaping wound , from which1 bo , blooi
Tlckrcd down hts bared cliost , at a pplnt * i
Ittlo below the "Adam's ni > t > leU ia his ucck
tnado by a bullet intended 'fo'r' by i
' ' '
cold-blooded and deliberate a'ssa'ss'ln , *
, ,
Montgomery & Adams' place-n I
frequented chiefly by worklni
lasses and largo and commodious glasses' b
jeer are sold ever the counter , , which is Ii
lie form of a horse shoo , and Is nightly sur
rounded by largo crowds of ! thirsty cua
Lomers that necessitates the time ond'attcn
tion of live bartenders to supply. 'ThoUgl
colored attendants are tolerated In the house
negroes are not permitted to mingle with tin
whites at the | > eel tables. This Is-anestab
Ished imperative rule between the propric
torsnnd , their patrons , and when a man o
color shows n disposition lo indulge In Uv
sport ho is promptly checked. It was an en
rorccmcnt of this rule that led to last night'i
tragedy and an innocent man sent to hii
long homo. ,
Among the colored attaches of the place 1 ;
i man by tlio.immc of George Holmes , ani
his duties are to look after the pool tables
which are several in number and ore locatet
lengthwise in the north and south ends of thi
building , which are connected by largi
arches. Last night George complained o
Illness and went to his homo , and by per
mission of the proprietors substituted his
brother Joe , a young man about twentj
years of age , of muscular build and
in every way physically constructed to lool
out for himself. About half past 9 o'clock
when the place was crowded with bee :
Irlnkcrs and pool players and jollity was a
Its helghth , a quaraelsome negro by the nami
of William Ferguson , who is cmploycd'us i
sort of roustabout at the Turkish andKussiai
liath , stepped in and announced his intention
of playing pool. Joe at once recognized it
Ferguson an enemy of previous en
counters , and though somewhat afraid of bin
determined to carry out the prescribed rules
rf the establishment at any cost , and toll
lihn that ho could not play. Fergusoi
questioned Joe's authority , and from higl
words they came to olo\vs. The two darkie
Indulged in a setto that set the whole hous
In a dilinuin of excitement , and for n fcv
moments pool playing anil beer selling wa
suspended to see , as the crowd oxpressei
it , "tho scrap. " Joe proved the best uiun o
Lho two , and Ferguson , upon being cjoutct
from the house , delivered himself of tcrrllil
oaths of vengeance , to which little attcntloi
was paid by the proprietors or habitues , wh
returned to their pool playing nm
the quaffing of lager. It was at this point o
the disturbance that Musician Heller plcadei
to Olson , the victim , to go homo , but th
latter said that ho had to see a'frjcud-ln th
south end of the saloon and startcd'ln tha
direction while Heller stood at the north cm
of the bar , and engaged In conversation will
friends in reference to the respective pugilla
tic qualities of the two warring negroes.
Ten minutes after Ferguson's electloi
from the premises , and when scores of play
ers were manipulating the ivory balls , th
devotees of cards were enjoying "high nvo' '
and the proprietors and beer sllngers abou
the place were busy with customers , th
bacic door to the Dodge street entrance to th
place quietly opened and Ferguson sneakc
stealthily in. Unnoticed he walked scvcra
feet to the front of the llrst arch dividing th
south and north sides of the saloon. Holme
at the time was standing on the verge of th
arch talking over the previous fray wit
Olson , and suddenly looking up ho saw Fet
guson advance and raise , a rifle t
his shoulder. As quick as a flash Holme
Jumped back , none too soon to cscapo th
charge from the rifle ) n the intended assa ;
sin's hands. The reiwrt from the wcapo
startled ami threw the assembled throng hit
n fcter of excitement , and before they coul
recover from the momentary shock Fergi
son turned and went out through the door h
The proprietors , Messrs. Montgomery cl
Adams , who wore both behind the bar , ra
out the front door onto Fourteenth strcci
and in the darkness saw the fleeing form c
Ferguson proceeding up Dodge street. The
gave chase , all the time calling "police" a
the top of their voices. Their alarms-
traded the attention of Ofllcors Hngey an
White and a Bnn reporter who happened ii
the neighborhood at the time , and the latto
trio , with Montgomery and Adams ; asccnde
the stairs leading to the first floor over th
bath rooms , into which ' Fergusoji'had bee
seen to run. After gro'ping about ln"th
dark the Invaders finally succeeded in pair
ing an entrance to a room , "whibtt was dar
and contained among n.the'rthings a bei
Light from u match disclosed the'preseneet
a rifle lying on the bed ? 'nn3 gUide
to a corner of the room , back ofttto.bcil b
labored breathing the ofllcers'Bnccecdcd , i
finding Ferguson , who vus crouched dowti'i
u comer. Ho at oiu-o bi'i'un. lefcn'dmi ? toin
self for doing tho.shogting by sjSyltig that h
had been badly misused' by 'Holmes , 'ntt
pleadingly asked , "Could * you blame , Uel )
No sympathy was expressed for him , ' aft
upon being asked what ho' did tho. shootin
with Ferguson replied , "With a pistol , and
throw it away in the street. " Ho'fi'astake
to the central stittion. ' ? , ' ( V ' " ' ' , . , ' .
AirrmiTHpjSHpoTiJfq.-i -
While the chase uftcfatid capture * 9f F fi
RUSOU was being carried11 out , a differeti _
sccno was being enacted ; ir tliq sJilo'oR' Qlso
suddenly staggered forwa'rdj endeavoring t
pponk , and fell prone on the floor. Head
and willing hands abslstcdhii ) > "f8''h , < rfee
He could : not artlculatoi'buV j # > lriled "to' h
breast , where a largo hploVas discovered i
his chest Ho was laid out o thetec7 table !
when it was disrovcreu-tliat tho'1w5flndl'wa
caubcd by n bullet , which in Its courso'h'a
passed through his body.ttiaucttattag clea
through the wall and into tb
Philadelphia chop. house , whin
it narrowly eacaped. ' itnbeduln
Itself in the head'of C , Itassman , a cook'Tvh
war. tiltting reading. The bullet wirt df
wards picked up in the rcstatlhvnt &nd'tvt ic
over to the ix > lteo. It , is q 14'CuUbre.nml o :
uctly Jits the rifle found in Fergnsori's-'b'ei
Moreover an exploded shell * capable oT noli
ing a 44-callbro bullet was found in the ritt
and two bullets of a like callbro < wcro foun
secreted in Ferguson's i > ofktita wheulioyi
searched at the centrul.htuUon. These are I
themselves unilisputablo evidences that th
killing was done with tlio ritle , and not wit
a pistol as the prisoner Insists , i'
Ot.SOX'8 DKVT1U „ . , „
At fifteen minutes after 10 o'clock Olsc
drew u long breath , his limbs became rigi
and ho was pronounced dead by the phys
clans At this point Chief of 1'ollco Seave ;
with n detail of iwllco arrived and- order *
the pluco closed. The hundreds who hti
been eummoncd to thp aulooji by the story i
the shooting , \\tro turned into the street , ar
loitered about discussing the trugod ,
Shortly after 11 o'clock Corner Droxet r
moved the budy to the morgue ,
Abc.ul nti hour after the occurrence of U
terrible tweedy Fersusouvas visited at h
cell by u line representative. His faeo wi
swollen and disfigured and covered wll
blood. Iln 'vn very badly intoxicated , f
iceuied very anxious to talk and the fir
qucitUau he uked the reporter was ; ,
"Who Is the fellow I sltotl" .
After bsins told who UI viotlia w
forffuson told the tallowing story of how the
nffnir occurred :
" 1 was reaching oyorthebllllard table with
a cue when HolnKii Jtold mo I couldn't play ,
and Ed Thomas cnteatnnd took the cue nway
from me. Heforojiilould do-anything Joe
coimnonccd to pound rae with his lists and
kick mo nil around ttbu room. You.can we
how ho RiimshetJM my face. I didn't
say anything > , tst nil when he
was beating tne. Ho .was mad nt me because
1 wouldn't let hlni'havo fwme money a little
while back , and had.thrcntcjied to get oven
with mo some time. I have given him money
when ho was hungryrnud this is the way he
has paid mo back , rite is nn older fellow
than I am and weighs n grant deal moro than
I do. I nm only flfteim years old and wclgli
only 180 pounds. I klunH believe In flphtlnc
and will run nway from a fellow before 1
will light. Joe kicked mo all over the room
and I didn't like it. I went out to my room
nnd got my revolver. It was a US-calibre gun ,
with n lonir barrel. I-onino Into the saloon ,
nnd when I saw Joe I pulled-out the revolver ,
nnd without 'aiming shot U off. 1 did not
shoot high , as shoot him in the
legs and get even with him. I saw I did no !
shoot him the first itimo and rnisct
my revolver to shoot again , when I BOM
the crowd run up to this fellowlhat was shot
I was scared then nnd ran up to itiy room. "
"You say the weapon was a thlrty-oighl
calibre revolver , but how Is it that the bullo
that killed Olson is a forty-four calibre rifle
ball ! " ' *
"Oh. yes , the revolver was n' forty-four
I bought it nt a Tenth street , pawn-shop wltl
the first money" ! ov6r got.1
"Hut the tlmo you were captured a rifli
was found on your bed. "
"I didn't use that at nil. I used a revolvoi
nnd after I got into" the street I threw 1
away. " _
Public Installation of Sir John Gors
BB Worshrpful Master.
[ Corw'l/'it ' ' tSSSbu'jamct Gordon Hfiinrit.1
LONDON , Fob. 15. [ Now York Herald Cabli
Special to the BEE.I American Fre <
Masons will interested to hen
of a memorable occasion In the annals of thi
Masonic brotherhood. Every Amcricai
Mason visiting London Is apt to make nc
qualntanco with the celebrated Free Masoi
tavern off Drury lane opposite Nevelly thca
ter. There 000 members of the craft , nl
very "accepted , " dined last evening after ni
interesting gathering In Drury lane lodge
The occasion at the latter was the installa
tion , as its worshipful master of Sir Join
Eldcn Gorst , Q. C. M. P. , under secretary estate
state for India. J. C. 'Parkinson , who was
recently a guest of the American frn
tornlty and past grand deacon of England
conducted the ceremony. At this and tin
dinner were present : The lord chancellor
ex-Lord Chancellor Heroscholl , Lord Alecs
ser , the hero of Alexandria , and such men-
nil known to Now Yorkers as Lord Alfrci
Pnget , Sir Oscar Clayton , M. P. , Shadwcl
Clark , grand secretary of Free Masons , Ad
miral Corporal Sir Soraervlno , Sir J. H. Pu
lesion , Sir John Monckton , Sir Willlan
Hardman , Editor Russell , of the Mornlni
Post , Bull Uun A.M.IJradley ; of Araba Pashi
fame , and the writer of "Tho Celebrities" ii
Yates' World , together with dukes , lords
artists nnd actors ofA ll political shades. Ban
ners were presented * to the callers. Pas
Master Augustus 'Harris ' received his offlcla
Jewel , Deacon Parkips/m returned thanks fen
n magnificent watch die is henceforth to wear
while both lord cl&rtbcllors grew humorous
with after-dinner spo lies. Lord Horeschell
as Augustus Harrj < remarked , glancinf
toward Messrs. Bancroft , Hare , Broughne
ville , Kcmblc , etc. , wh'o were at the table
acted as the .astronomer survoyini
the "Star. " When ; j the Earl of Onslov
toasted to the sister ) grand lodges , the responder
spender was announced as Theodore Tilton
of America. Many ' 'Americans ' who wen
present nudged cachjo her. , nnd all Britisher
at first took the visitor , to bo the exile of th (
Isle of . Louls-on-thc-Scln but it
St. - - - , was i
Theodore Tilton.witUik'inicyio H In his name
PiJJ , Q.Mi , of New-York , who in the courti
of a cleVer speech-i'iffcrr ' l to the sixty-sovdr
grand lodges of the world. 'He did Justice t <
the American "one , but recognized the iha
termty of England. Ho was followed b <
Lord Hcreschcll , who spoke flatteringly o
his recent Intercourse with the Now Yorl
dignitaries in masonry while recently visit
ing them. After the loving cup had passci
the company separated , not a" few going ti
see the transformation scene in the Drur ;
Lane pantomlnc nnd some returning to thi
house of commons where other trnnsforma
tion scenes of an Irish character were thcj
being presented.
Jail Birds at Kansas City , Kan. , l < 'ollc <
In the Attempt.
KANSAS . Crrr Kan. , Fob. 15. [ Specia
Telegram to the Bnc.l When Shcrif
Bowling went to the Jail for dinner to-do , ;
the Jailor told him that he thought somcthuij
unusual was going on in the Jail. The shcrif
left his son Ilobert on watch , nnd , hurryini
to the court house , returned with Dcput :
Worthlngton. The two officers then wen
into the cage and after ordering all the mci
into their coHd locked them upland made nt
examination/ / which resulted in their findinj
a hole in the wall big enough fo
a man to crawl , through. Whei
discovered only" one course of bricl
was between the culprit ? and freedom. Thi
men who were engaged in the attempt wen
Plyman , the safe blower , Thomas Weldon
the murderer of Harrison Tutt , and Blann
the man who burglarized D. G. Bliss' stori
in Argentine. ' Mr. Bowling promptly shack
ed these fellows nnd confined them In thi
cells reserved for desperate cases. One o
them broke his shackles , however , liberate !
the rest and about 10:30 to night they mad
another and well-nigh successful attempt ti
cscapo. They were again shackled and thi
time sppurely. i ,
Htrlko of Miners at Ijeavenworth.
LEAVENWOUTII , Kan. , .Fob. 15. [ Specia
Telegram to the BCK. ] All the miners em
ployed by the Leavenworth Coal company
between three hundred aid four hundrci
men , struck this morning oh account of thi
reduction from 5 to 4 cents -bushel , whicl
was to go into effect'to-day. The mine authorities
thoritios havcvstopped alftho machinery arti
say they will not attempt to get men fron
abroad , but will qVifctly await developments
The miners at the Riverside shaft , south o
the city..sixty-.flve neujill told ; also struct
to-day for tHe amo'itfAson. .Tho onlymim
in ppcration now is f&astntc shaft at the pen
itentiary , manned bjrconvicts. The striker
are orderly and maky iip threats , simply do
cllntng to submit to ifcT cut. Tlio coal com
panics say they cauHOl uffqrd at this luio o
the year to j > ay5'ceivpf ( Meetings ore boini
hold among the infers and it is probabl
they may submit to q uipromise. '
May IJeaiVtM iScaiiilal. .
TOPBKA , Kan. , I&b. , 15. [ Special Tele
gram to the * BBtf/J4l'Faet8 are accumu
latlng that the "dcad-yo3y pf the mala in fun
found near the statOhouse | square wrappei
in rags and odd-app&rtng paper will lead t
a social thunderbalf. ; : Wliilo no absolute ccr
tainty exists , yet developments point toward
a person who will frejthe blow most am
shatter moro than oifeUoeioty reflector.
S t f nulitp' Arrivals.
Nisw YOHK , Feb. 15. [ Social Telograr
to the BEE. ] Arrived The State of Nc
braska , from Glasgow the Italy , from Liver
pool ; the Nordland , from Antwerp.
SOUTHAMITON , Feb..15. . Arrived Th
Pcnnlaud , from New York for Antwerp.
LiVKiti'oot. , Fob. 15 , Arrived The Baltl
moro nnd Oregon , from Baltimore.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla
When Baby was alck , we g re her Crwtori * .
When the w a Child , aha cried for CaitorU ,
When ahe became MlM , the clung to Castoria ,
T/b u atu UJ Caaiitraa , ib nre UMOI CMtorli
Sovornl Important Doclslons Ron
Uored By the Supreme Court.
C.-T.-V. Dctcrinlnctt That Ccr
tnm Statutes Shall Not llo Dead bet
ters JmlRC Colih For Dele-
. . Rate City Brevities.
' *
frnost TUB HUE'S I.ISCOLX nuniun.1
The HUpruino court yoslortlny htiudci
down tlio following decisions : '
Butler vs JCcnnard. Error from .Lancastc
county. Kcverscd. Oi'iuion by Kecse
- Ch. J. .
Whcro the price of property nnd terms o
payment pro flxcd by the seller , and n broke
engaged to procured purchaser nt this prlci
nnd upon these terms , if ujxin the procure
metit'of'tli'q ' broker' purchaser is producci
with whom the seller himself negotiates am
effects , ii ' 'sale , the broker is entitled to hi
commission. See Potvln vs Curran , 13 Neb.
ffltt. > . , n > n
Stubcndorf vs Hoffman. Appeal from Bur
county , , Unversed. , OjInIon by Hoesc
PlalntlfTs action was1 In the nature of i
creditor's 'bill , alleging the recovery bfhli
Judgment , that it was unsatisfied , nnd tba
the real estate Ought to bo levied upon wa
purchased by the judgment debtor , defend
ant , but that ho procured the title to b
conveyed to his brother for the purposoof de
frnudlng his , creditors. Defendant answered
admitting that the title was held by hi
brother , who was in fact the owner of tin
property , but alleging that ho was the heac
of a'family , and that ho had occupied tin
premises as n homestead since long prior ti
the recovery of the Judgment by plnintiffan <
asking that In case the property should bi
held by the court ns belonging to him , thn
his homestead rights bo protected , the prop
crty not being Capable of fraudulent nlicna
tion or subject to execution. Upon motion o
plaintiff ha was compelled to elect upon whlc !
defense ho would stand. Hold , error , the dc
fcnso not being Inconsistent.
Voso vs Miller. Error from Ccdnr county
Reversed. Opinion by Cobb , J.
During the progress of the trial of the cas
iu the district court , while the court had nd
journed for dinner , the defendant took twi
certain members of the Jury in said caus
who w'cro engaged in trying tlio same int
a public liquor saloon nnd treated them to in
toxlcuting liquors , which was then nnd ther
drank by said Jurors. . Held , that the verdlc
bo set aside and a now trial granted.
U. P. Uy. Co. vs. Blum. Error from Douglai
county. Affirmed. Opinion by Maxwell , J
In the action against a railway company t
recover damages for the loss of a cow killei
by its engine , the defense was that the cov
was killed on the public road , and withou
willingness on the part of the company. Th
engineer testified that the engine struck th
cow on the crossing of a public road over th
railway , and carried or threw her- thirty o
forty feet , but there were no marks on th
ground indicating that the cow had bee :
struck at that point. The distance from tin
road crossing to the cattle guard was forty
, three feet , and from that point to a phic
where there were murks on the railway trac ]
tending to show that the cow hai
been struck , was forty-flvo feet
the cow "being thrown from eight ti
twelve feet east and south of that point
Hold , first , That the evidence failed to shov
that the cow was killed on the road crossing
second , That a clear preponderance of tin
evidence showed the railway fence to be in i
defective and imperfect condition , nnd tha
the cow was killed within the right of way
Gallagher vs. Connoll. appeal from Douglai
county. Hoverscd. Opinion by Maxwell , J ,
1. The plea of "not guilty" in an action o
forcible entry and detainer , requires tin
plaintiff to prove every fact necessary to en
title him to recover.
2. The building of a few rods ot fence , thi
cultivation of u few brush or plowinf
of a few furrows of land , will no
constitute such acts of possession as to en
able n party to maintain forcible entry am
.detainer against a tenant who has been ii
pbsstsslon for1 motto thafi ono year Under i
written Idaso from one who claimed ad
vCrsely to the plaintiff.
3. While a justice of the peace cannot determine
termino questions of title , yet ho may rcceivi
deeds in connection with other evidence , ii
order to show the right of either party to thi
possession of the premises.
4. A lessee or sub-lessee cannot , by sur
rendering his possession to an adverse party
deprive his landlord of his right to the posses
sion of the premises. Estabrook vs Hatcroth
23 Neb. , 281 ; S. C. 34 N. W. Hep. , 034.
Shortcl vs Young. Appeal from Burt counf y
Kcvcrsed and cause dismissed at plaintiff' :
costs. Opinion by Maxwell , J.
' 1. Where a wife purchased a tract of lane
for the sura , of $2,000 nnd made a paymon' '
thereon of $200. which was obtained from i
married son who testified that ho raised thi
money from the sale of hogs nnd wheat f rou
his own farm , the court will not infer fraui
in the transaction from the fact that a yea ;
previous the husband and father had sold t <
the sou certain personal property , includinf
nogs , particularly where n creditor living ii
the same county treated such sale as valid b'
attacking it.
2. Held , that the testimony failed to shov
fraud in the transfer of the property from thi
father to the son.
a. A married woman may carry on businosi
nnd make contracts In the same manner as i
she were unmarried.
4. An insolvent debtor may emancipate hli
minor children nnd relinquish all claims t <
their earnings , and a creditor will have ni
claim to the proceeds of their labor.
State ex rel Richards vs Miller. Quo war
ranto. Application denied. Opinion bj
The rclator was elected to the office o
county treasurer nt the annual election hole
November 3 , lbS5. At that date ho had bcoi
* a resident of the state for flvo months only
but was t otherwise eligible. At the com
mcnccmcnt of the term his residence in tin
state had been continuous for seven months
Held , that being ineligible to such election a' '
the date thereof under u fair construction o :
scetiou 1 article 7 of the constitution , nm
section < Hehapter 2(1 , compiled' statute , sucl
inehgibility was not removed for the purpose :
of that'clection , by re.nson of six months' con
tinuous residence previous to the commence
mcnt of the -t6rih"
State ex rel Grosshnnsvs Gray. Quo war
runto.1 Judgment for rotator. Opinion b ;
Cobb , J. / "
lIo'n city of tKo second class containing i
populntiori'of less 'than flvo thousand , tin
common council consisted of four couneilmci
elected to.said office. - TTpon the final passagi
of nri brdinanco-toredistrict the city and in
cieasb'tho tiurribef of wards , upon tlio callinj
of the yeaj ai\d nays two answered and votei
yea , end two failed td vote ; whereupon tin
mayor voted , yea and declared- the voU
passed ) JTn6'flro'ece'dings held to bo void. '
2. Incumbents superseded bycoubeilmei
elec'tcd/undqr oVJjy virtue of-Buch void 'pro
ceeJIngs. 'ara J-tntjllea/to bo restored by dm
, processor law ; , ljut-tbo l ; legal organization o
thQjfjtyynn'd.jtho ; nets of the rouneiluicn dfl
f Ucjo wiUiuTtho puiylew ofthe statute , wil
be recognized and upheld.
Stitelox rol-Nelson v Hurpor. Lcnvi
to plow ! in two wooktr Cobboy VB Wright
dcertso 'modified ; ' Reed vs Morson , con
tinucdv'1 WiKlonnoili ! VH KountE , sub
mlttcifc Clty-of Wiihoo vs Dickinson
submlttciT. All other onuses ) from Fourtl
judicial district -not otherwise hereto
fore dtbpoocd of wcro placed nt foot o
the tjonoral docket. Court niliournod ti
Tuesdivy. Fobniftfy ; Sl , IBSS' , ut 8:31 :
o'clock' . in.
in.V. . c : T. u , WOUK.
The central committee of the Wo
mun's Chri&tinn Tomporawo Unloi
hns boon in bowlon in this city. Amonj
the liidiud in attundnnco wuro Mrs
Woodnrd , of Howard ; MM. Fitch , o
Hastiiitfti ; Airs. IJolms , of Touuiufcoh
and Mr * . Luntry , of Omaha. Tlio unloi
nvoiKMO to take biopto onfoi'Co the fol
lonMng laws and 1,000 circulars tloliniiif.
thorn will bo ibsuod. Tlio lawn to bo en
fortcd arc. ;
1. That providing for the instruction of tin
pupils of all schools icceivlng nubile mono.
and under public control , us to the ph > siol08
leal effects of alcohol and narcotics.
2. Forbidding the sale or furnishing of to
baeco to persons under the ago of lifted
3. Suppressing the sale nnd circulation o
impure lltcift uro , also railing especial alien
tion to the act providing for the establlsti
uiont and government of the Nebraska i
Irlal homo and appropriation therefor as pub
listed In the ntmunl reiwrt of the W. C , T. Ut
ns well as the law giving guardianship o
children to the mother equally with thi
.luuai : conn rou DEUCGATH.
At the coming encampment of the
Grand Army of the Republic , Department
mont of Nebraska , Farrnput post , ol
this city , will present tlio name ol
JudgeAmnsa Cobb ns a suitable old
soldier for ono of the dolopntos to the
next national encampment. General
Cobb would command attention ns 11
representative of Nebraska old soldiers
and In the councils of the Grand Armj
ho would bo a roprcsontntlvo of Inllit'
enco. Ills homo comrades will urge hit
candidacy before the encampment.
Mr. II. W. Johnson , the popular clcrl <
at the Capital hotel , and who is famil
iarly known ns "JMck" lo his long llsl
of friends among iho traveling men , re
ceived n very acceptable valentine on
the 14th. During the evening of that
patron saint's Way Ills 'wife presented
him with a bright little girl baby thai
commences life from the eight pound
standard. Mr. Johnson's friends will
bo plcnscd to know that hola , able to bo
about and.thoyclcome.s over ' the regis
ter will bo ihoro c6rdlal th'atl usual for
many days. ,
The committee' ' on the final location
of the Christian university closed its
mooting in vcstcrd'ay morning ,
The committee ns organized Is ns fol
lows : President , J. Z. Briscoo ; vice
president , Alvin Sannders ; secretary ,
Porter Hedges ; treasurer. L. Van
Dwyn. The board , in addition , com
prises the following members : George
S. Smith , S. D. Mercer , Omaha : W. P ,
Aylosworth , Fuirlleld ; Thomas Wiles ,
Plattsmouth ; J. B. Strode , C. C. Mun-
son , J. B. Johnson , Lincoln ; K. T. Gadd ,
Omaha. The com in it too accepted the
location but some of thorn regretted thai
it was so far out in the country.
J. W. Craig , of Crete , was in the cltj
yesterday distributing now maps of the
city that , in the line of artistic work ,
exceed anything In value shown in the
map lino. The cuts of the college build
ings and the views of the assembly
grounds and Blue river scenery show
that Nebraska is not without one
romantic place in its borders.
The state organization of the Catholic
Knights of America have closed their
session in this city and elected the fol
lowing officers for the year : J. B. Dels-
man , Columbus , president ; John Mo-
Bride , O'Neill , vice president ; John H.
Lindalo , West Point , treasurer ; George
J ; Paul , Omaha , secretary.
Helen Blythc , supported by n fairly good
company , appeared at Boyd's last night In
'Only a Woman's Hcait. " The piece cm
braces some interesting points and is a storj
of the ordinary melo-dramatle type. Miss
Blytho is nn actress who has won a certain
degree of success in the west , and her imper
sonation of the dual character of Edith and
Mrs. Gordon is not without its'strong points.
She is especially effective in scenes requiring
emotion. Miss Blytho can count on u num
ber of admirers in Omaha who witnessed her
performance last night. The company ia
well balanced nnd gives an able support to
the handsome star.
Death of D. R. Locke , tlio Nasby ol
TOLEDO , O. . Fob. 15. D. U. Locke , editor
of the Blade , of this city , widely known as
"Petroleum V.Nasby , " died at 0:35 : this
morning of consumption. Ho was born nt
Vestal , Boone county , New York.JSoptembcr
20 , 1833. in 1850 ho founded the Bucyrua
Journal , and afterward was successively
connected with the Mansfield Herald and
Findlay Jeffcrsonian. Ho was editing the
latter paper when the war broke out , and
iu its columns appeared the first numbers of
the renowned "Nasby" letters. The im
merse popularity of the "Nasby" letters led
to a demand for Locke to enter the lecture
field , and he appeared in all the principrl cities
of the north.
In 1803 ho assumed charge of the Toledo
Blade , first on a salary , afterward purchased
an inter6st. and finally entire control Ho
leaves a wife and throe sons. His father ,
a veteran of the war of 1812 , survives him.
The king of Wurtomburg is seriously ill.
A terrible blizzard is reported raging in
Warmer weather is predicted for Nebraska
and Iowa.
John A. Dunshano & Co. , wholesale paper
dealers of Baltimore , have failed.
Tcemcr beat Hainm nnd McKnn in a race
rowed nt Pulatka , Fla. , yesterday.
The Church & Graves Manufacturing comj
pany of Minneapolis has assigned.
The oftlcc of the Elmirn ( N. Y. ) Advertiser
was entirely destroyed by flro last nictit.
O'Brien and Dillon imulo their appearance
in the commons yesterday and were warmly
Count Arco Valley has been appointed
German minister at Washington to succeed
Baron Von Alvcnslobcn.
Barbed wire manufacturers are in session
nt St. Louis endeavoring to adjust the Wash-
burno and Moen royalty claim.
The national handicap pigeon shooting con
test nt Long Branch wok won by William
Sclgler , of Mt. Clare , N. J. , killing forty-
seven birds out of fifty ,
1 Grand Chief Engineer Arthur and the
grievance committee of the Chicago , Bur
lington & Qulncy engineers are in conference
with officials of the company in Chicago for
the purpose of aujusting inequalities In pay ,
Senator John Shoiman , in 'an interview
ut Piltsburg , said ho considered Mr. Hlaino
meant every word said in his letter. As lo
himself , Sherman said he was not worrying
about the nomination and don't euro par
ticularly if lie don't ' receive it.
- - . <
The Santa Fo's Intentions.
PUEIII.O , Colo. , Feb. ' 15. [ Special Telegram
to the BKH. ] It is learned ) from reliable
and definite sources that the Santa Fc road
has 'concluded arrangements to enter Doif-
vor bv a route through northwestenr'Kansas.
from Ness Uity divcoU This , qpn be regarded
as a fact , the source 6f information being
uirticstioiiod."I' > ; ' 1" '
Catarrhal Bangers.
Tobofieecl fromUhe 'diuiK'irh'ot Mnirocatlon
f while. Jyinu Mown ; to ' .breathy freely , sk'ou
soundly und nnil.tturbil ; to ri h rtfre.slied ,
head clear , brain-nclive" Mid fiVe fttnu pain or
uche : to know thai no pOiHoiiom"n trld iwttcr
denies the breath fcu fots awvr'lho delicate
machinery of smell , 'tuhto n"d licnijni ; ; to feel
that the ftyt > t m docs not , throueU4t- < veins und
arteries , Burk up' the potfou (1li t ( s nuru to
undermine nnd U'strny,1 Is Indeed n blowing be-
yoirt all other hutra ; ; 1-iiJrtymontB. ' ' ' < > pmcliyso
immunity fio-n Hucli n' fSfu HhnMil bo the object
of all atnictvil. llut thosu wlmjmvc tried many
lemedles and pliyxictnns duxpalr of relief or
SAMVHIII'I * t'uiu : muetf , eivry phawi
of ( ' atari h , from u slnipl ; he-til < - l < l U ) the most
loathsnmo unl il-Mniitlvit .staxc.s. . II. Is local
nnd constitution il. Instant In ifllbvim ; , permit-
in-lit In curing , fxvfu , i-ronumlcul Jir.d mivor-'ull-
KANtrmit' * It uiiuAr , Criti : c mMhttrot ono bottle
tle ot the IIAIPICAI. ClIKK , ( ilie'lOt ) Of CTAIIHII -
AI , Hiii.vKM' , r.inl OIKiMiii'ivt.n IMIU.KK ,
ulluiiippuj Iu iiun puckuKi- , with treatlhu uiiu
iH'ectl < u < , u ml hold , by nil ( Insists for ( l.W.
I'OTTKII DlU'll & < " < > . . IIOSTON.
p A i N S A N D w EA ! < NESS
) f fvinatcaiiiituntly rellevi-d by that
iinv , elrtrunt nnd Infnlllhlit Antidote to
I'rtln , Inllniuinnilouutitl WtfiilcneaMha
Crricun.t A > TMAI > 1'i.tsTKit. The
tlr t uii'l o'Uy pam-siibduliiK 1'Uxter
niltpted In t uro Kumiilc I'altiH uinl NN
Vibtly Miiwil'ir to nil oilmr | ) liut is yiitpre-
par < -i > . At uMitnnjKliitWc : lliofor SI ; oriKi t <
fti' of I'ottur lirutf atul Chcmlvalt'o. , Uos-
: . 4 . .
Boars Hammer Wheat Prices With !
Oi'oat Success.
Tito Corn Session Characterised lijr
Heavy Voliimo of Trading-
Nothing New In Provls-
lens Quotations.
Ciucvno , Feb. 15. [ Special Telegram to' '
the Br.u. ] After two days of bull news with
out any response in this wheat market the
bulls seemed to loses courage , and this was *
their dny for letting go of their load. This
bamo failure to respond to good news was
full of encouragement to the boars .nnd Htoy
hammered the market wltn great success. ,
Selling orders seemed to-coma from every
where nnd local bears were helplntf th'o
break ns nittch as possible. 'Ne.\y York was a ,
heavy seller in this market ind' commission
houses whoso correspondents arc chleily-ln
the northwest were fieo sellers. In fact , fern >
n time it seemed as If the only buyers word
those who had already sold at higher1 prices'
and wcro now realizing their profit. The su | > -
posed critical point of bUo for May wlwat was
passed nnd o reached , nt which the break
from tlio opening amounted * to Jif(51K ( ° from
the highest price of yesterday. There seemed'
to be an expectation that at SOo there would
be largo quantities of wheat thrown over
on stop ordeis , but that expectation was
not realized. Some wheat did coma out , but
was much more than balanced by the orders
to buy nt that figure , and there was a fair
recovery before the close , with the feeling
that the immediate danger was over. May
wheat opened at SOJfo and sold up early to
bOJ @SOJ < c , then gradually dropped to SOphdJ
bOtfe , and hung between iO.c ! und SO&fo for
some time , then followed a dccllno to SOJs'C'5
80ca quick recovery to 80\'eand on the next
downward turn 7UX J was touched , followed
by a reaction to So ) c. and the t o'clock close
was at StifttS.Ot'c. ( ) ( Juno wheat opened at
81-Vc , sold down to SOKc and closed at t
o'clock at SOJ ( tSOJ e.
The corn trudo was of largo volume. Tup
danger point was reckoned to bo 50c for May
corn , and raiders pounded the market down
to that point , only to meet with disappoint
ment. On the way down plenty of long grain
hud come out , but at f > 0u there were moro
buyers than sellers nnd the slight break below -
low that point was caused solely by short
sellers. The receipts were less than the
estimate , but the bear argument of cut freight
rates and expected heavy arrivals of com
was still In full force and was used for nil it
was worth1 May corn opened nt ftOKc and
sold down to 50c , reacted to 50' c and then ,
touched I'ljfc , but again advanced to 50) c ,
where the price stood at the 1 o'clock close.
Juno corn opened nt 50 ; e , sold down to 49 0
and closed at I o'clock with fiOVCo asked.
Oats shared in the general depression , but
the extent of the break was less , the extreme
fluctuations In this market being about kfo.
There was fairly active trading for this grain ,
but no special feature , Huctuations being
governed by those In other grains. May oats
opened nt 31 # e , declined later to 30Jfc nud
closed at 1 o'clock at 80Jf@ilc. ; For Jnno
oats 31Ke was asked at the opening and from
that point the prtco fell to Die , closing at 1
o'clock at 31@llVc. :
In provisions thcro wcro no unusual devel
opments. Barring a moderate shipping de
mand for lard , there was no life to speak of
in the cash trade and In a speculative way a
decent , quiet feeling was maintained. In all
departments of the market n slow condition
of affairs existed , and , all told , rather an
uninteresting dny was passed. Prices were
also easier In their tendency , nnd , based on'
last night's closing , pork nt 1 o'clock showed
a decline of 5@7 > tfo and lard and short ribs'
AFTEKXOOX SESSION Wheat .sjeady , May
closing at bO c. Juno SOJfc. .Corn "opened " at
E > 0Vo ; May sold at iHKgbijVo'on the split , up
to 50 , ' c , closing at GO&o bidf Ctals steady. '
Pork sold for May at i\4.30@\ja4 \ and for j
ruary $7.n2 ' , March * 7.32K@ . 3 , May 17.50 ,
June $7.57) .
CHICAGO , Feb. 15. [ Special Telegram to
the BEE. ] CATTLE Trudo opened rather
slow in the fat cattle branch of the business.
The run was overestimated at the start , but
after tlio run was finally known , trade moved
along quite freely and about oil the bust >
cattle wcro disposed of before the closing.
As to prices , thcro was little or no change
when compared with yesterday. Some big
KXX ) to 1700-lb steers were bought for Blum-
mcuthal , of Now York , ut$5.U ! } and one lot
for another Now York buyer nt $5.40. They
wcro fully finished nnd would have made
that price any time last week. Butchers'
stock sold at n shade moro money than here
tofore , but canning stock sold at about former
prices. Fancy , $5.15r > .30. Steers , 1350 to
1500 Ibs , $4.'ll@r ( > .00 ; l-'OO to W.Vlbs. f380@
4.40 ; 0V ) to I''OO Ibs , $ U.OO@.1.75. Stockers
and feeders , W.8.Yrt,2.70 ; cows , bulls nnd
mixed , * 1. < T.U5 ; ; bulk , $3.'JOS'J.Hr ( . Texas-
fed steers , $3.254.00 ; grassers , fJ.ltS ®
3.00.Hoos The big run sent prices down a good
lOo as compared with the opening yesterday.
Since Monday values have declined ir20c ,
best heavy selling' at $ . " ) .CO@505 to-day
against $5.75(35.80 ( on Monday nnd f5.C525.7S
yesterday. The bulk of best mixed sold
within a range of W a" > ( M.50 nnd light mixed
of ISO Ibs up ut * 5.10J5. ( . Assorted light of
IfiO to 170 1 bs average made $5.10@3.20 , largely
at $5.10. Piirs , 4.hO@4.90.i.
i. t
NEW Yoitrc , Feb. 15 , [ Special Telegram
to the BEK.I KIOCKS Stock brokers have
never scon n tlmo in years when they had1
less business than at present. ' Sales of less
than f > 0OuO , shares In n day amounts to
nothing compared with the business of a year
or two ago , when the Into D. P. Morgan , or
WocrUhoffcr frequently traded Iu that mini *
ber of shares in a day and" thought nothing ;
of it. The continued dullness is becoming
strainfnl to commission houses , nnd , a * usual
when trade peters out , they are beginning to
cast around for remedies. S6mc suggest that
commissions are too high ; llmt pdr cent
each way Is too mui-i money to pay. Others ,
however , urguo that rates arq low enough ,
considering the fact that brokers uro fro-t
quently called upon to Investigate ' n nilmbbr
of stocks or bonds for an Investor * Wlio'
probably wants only n small lot. Others
claim that thuro should be no established
rate of commissions and that every broker
should be allowed to make whnUjVcn rate
they can get. It was suggested by ethers
that ' 'tickers" should bo removed and no'
quotations Bent out regularly. This , they
claim , would shnt up bucket shops and ro-s
vert business to the ovcnunce. Should tho.
latter bo put into effect there would-bo los
business tliuu over , und trudo that goes into'
bucket shops would go to the consolidated In
stead of the big exchange , us the bucket
shop traders only want Hinall lots. The p V-
llo want news or they will not trade , and ,
should the quotations bo i-ut off they would
bo at sea. The market was the reverse Of
yeitqnlay. Trading , although at tjinps 'very
slow , icached a larger aggregate. 70,044
shares , against 41,830 shares yesterday
Traders who have been hammering the mur--
kct for hovcrul days and made little progress
changed tholr tactics nnd began buying for a
tlmo. The 'market Is ovoi sold and decidedly
sensitive , and the moderuto pnrehaHos by
shorts caused a sharp rally of MWf points ,
the close being firm at outside figures. Chi-
cogo , Burlington ( t Qulnoy showo.1 the larg
est gain. Manhattan was second with I
point , St. Paul Ki ako Shore % , Loulsvillu
& Nashvlllu K , Reading X and Missouri Pa-
clllo X per cor.t.
GovinxMcsTf UoTtrntacat Daiida w r
dull and b avy. ,
- i