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Elaine's Withdrawal Continues to
Bo the Loading Toplo.
Public Printer Benedict's Days In Of
fice IJolloved to Ho Numbered
The Tariff Hill About
Itendy to Hcport.
" 1 Told You So. "
Mil FouiiTEENTit STHEI-.T ,
WASHINOTOS. D. C. . F6b. 14.
Mr. Bhilnc'd name has been on the lips ol
everybody in Washington to-day. Since the
surprise of the moment wore away no one
cnnbc found who doubts his slnccrcncss. AI
concede that ho means to pull out of the race
for the nomination and to keep out. It is
amusing to note the number of prominent re
publicans who sire saying , "I told you so. '
The fact is , it was the wish of many no
that they thought any less of Mr. Blnlni
than they dlel when they voted for him Ii
1SM4 , but because they felt that they woule
not only have to support him ut the poll
again , but in convention nnd against the !
better judgment. Now that ho Is out of tin
wuy many uro frank to say that the ;
feel a sense of relief , because a !
thut coulel moke any dispute o
discord is removed and there is nothing fo
the party to do but to como solidly together
select a new mun upon merit and strcngtl
only und elect him. Sherman coining for
ward , no man has yet developed as a spcciu
favorite. Senator Sherman's name is natu
rally heard ottcner than that of any otbc
man. Ho is regarded us very strong , espe
daily In the financial circles of New Yort
which state , it Is conceded , can not put fort !
n candidate upon which the party there cm
unite , nnd then , Mr. Sherman is exceeding ! ;
strong in the manufacturing centers and i
the south. An effort is to bo made to mak
the election of the republican euudidato sur
outside of New York by cnrryingsomo south
ern states , the Pacific slope ami saving u
the stutcs north which usually go republicai
The friends of Mr. Sherman say ho can mor
nearly do this tliun any other ono who ha
been spoken of for the nomination. Th
Ohloans are enthusiastic and declare thii
Mr. Sherman will go into the e-onvention wit :
a solid delegation from Ills stuto und that b
will be nominated.
The lowans uro determined to stand b
by Senator Allison , who has a largo and tru
following. Senator Allison is ono of tli
most thoroughly popular men in congrcs-
As chairman of the committee on npproprii
tious ho has made intimate friends of most o
the democratic us well us republican senator
and representatives , with whomhoisbrougli
into contact daily.
Senator Beck , of Kentucky , says Mr. All
son Is ono of the most thorough gcntlemc
ho over saw. at all times , and that ho wonl
rather see him president than any rcpublica
he knows. Mr. Beck has for years been o :
the committee with Mr. Allison und thes
personal testimonials carry a good deal o
There is also a good deal of talk about e >
Senator Bon Harrison , of Indiana , und Sem
tor Hawley , of Connecticut , but there is
reserve boom gotten up for General Slicridu
that Is intended to have deep und broad rat
Unit ion B , and some of the old men in tli
Hold will have to look a little out or ho wi
prove the great unknown ut the last momcn
It is intended Hint "Littio Phil" shall b
worked up in good shape ns a dark horse ante
to turn him into the course , bridle off , shoul
there becgmo a wrangle over ono of the we
known men.
Representative Dorsoy said today : '
think it is infamous thut unyvno should qua
tion the sincerity of Mr. Blniiio when he Say
that ho docs not desire the highest ofllcc i
gift of the people , nnd I believe his wor
should bo accepted the snme us if ho decline ,
any other ofllce. Some years ago , when Mi
Tiielen wrote a similar letter declining to I
candidate , wo remember the democrats n
fused to credit his withdrawal , and , there
no eloubt that for the same reason a men
uro scepticism rests in regard to Mr. Blaln
for people have supposed thorn was no Urn
to his ambition , as ho has been a Candida
so long and lias so strong a following. I ci
understand why Mr. Bluino does not desii
again to lead the republican party in tl
presidential campaign , but the ) nominatio
would have been given him had he desired I
Nebraska has loyally supported him in thre
national conventions and his friends in th
Btuto have read his letter with great regret
"Who will Nebraska bo for now ! "
"I do not think thut the republicans of 01
Btatu will send a delegation for any cane
date , but will support the man who in the
Judgment is certain to carry New York , Co
uccticut and New Jersey. "
"And Indiana , I suppose , alsol"
"No , the soldiers will take care of Indian
Sherman , Sheridan , Allison Jlarrison , Ha
ley and Lincoln all have friends inNcbrask
but it is too early to tell how public sen
incut will erystullt/c. Ono thing is ccrtai
thut the electoral vote of our state will
given to the nominee. "
TIIOUIII.K ron THE rum.ic ruixTEii.
Public Printer Benedict is , getting In
deep hot water. The house has ordered i
investigation into the utTaiis of hid oflico , ui
the president has culled upon him to exphi
tha seemingly unnecessary delay in woi k se
there for execution. A number of senutu
nnd representatives , it is stated , have call
upon the piesident during.the past week
two unel pointed out the inconveniences u
losses occasiemeel by not only congress b
all the departments of the government on i
count of the failure of the public piiuter
do work sent him within the time when
was done by his predecessor nud when it
needed. A large ) number of reports hi :
been delayed until the time of their usef
ness had passeel and there is a general cle
giiiC of whe-ols in vome quintet s. Bills i
not printcHl for congress sometimes for
week or ten elajs .after the usual lime , a
there uro documents which are more thai
year behindhand.
A eietnoeratie member says thopicsldc
bus culled liiwn the public pi inter for an i
Vlnnaiion ; that It IniH been made , but is i
satisfactory , and that the president has
contemplation the appointment of anotl
public printer. It seems that Beneelict 1
made a failures all around to ulcuso those .
whom he docs the most work , and the pr
pects uro thnt ho may ictlio bcforo the cue !
the present investigation.
Chairman Miles is paving the wuy for 1
tariff bill on the floor of the houso. Ho we.
to Mr. Dockcrp , of .Missouri , to-day , who ti
u special order on the calendar , and asli
him to get it disposed of at once , rcmurki
thut it was not Improbable that the tariff I
would bo reported within n week unel that
would crowd everything else out of the w ,
Another member has b-'eu. asked to hui
through tils measure with u \ lew to clear !
the deck for tariff action. It is undo-stc
that ; o soon s UHJ democrats who arc co
piling the tariff bill get through with tli
work they will write a report and lay the 1
nnd report before the full e-ommiUeo o > i w.
am ! means ut the lirst meetinganelscml tli
into the house on two hours notico. As tu
measures uic privileged , they can bo eal
up at any time , nnd this bill will crowd i
cvcrvthlue eK < \
gona Vu.s iniifAiurr vxn UI.AIXH.
tlgllip up to the capital this inornlni
asked Senator Gorman , of Maryland , v
was f hah man of the cxee-iitivo committee :
the national democratic committee in
last champaign , and who U said to In
brought ubjut Mr. Cleveland's election , i
Who is the best authority on political matt
on his side of lho scnuto chamber , w
would bo done on the subjoe-t of tariff ut t
session. Hosaid : "A e-ompromiso tu
. bill will ba .pa srd 'by both houses. It )
roducc the revenue about i75lt KOOJ a y
Vml will coually cttcvt the customs ai > d
ternal taxes. There Is no doubt of this.
Both parties want such a measure and it is
going to be reported to the house ono cf
these days from the committee on ways nnel
passed. Wo will not delay it much in the
senate. Neither p.irty can afford to hag
gle over this thing. The country has
decreed that the tariff should bo removedand
it is only a matter of the men in congress do
ing what their constituents have demanded.
Yet , I think Mr. Blulno is out of the way now ,
but the republicans have lost the strongest
man they have , after all. The element in a
candidate to insure success is that of com
manding un enthusiastic following. I never
saw n man who could do that better than
Blainc. His followers would go to death foe
him. They would commit political suicide
when he led them and were consoled in their
loss by the admiration they felt for thcii
leader. "
The bill opening to settlement the Sloun
Indian reservation in Dakota was reported
to the house from the committee on liullat
affairs to-day. The bill is on the calendar oi
both houses of congress now with fuvoruble
recommendations from the committee.
Entirely Out of the Have.
PHILADELPHIA , Feb. 14. [ Special Tele
gram to the BEE. ] The Record publishes the
following : Charles Kmcry Snilthcdltor-in
chief of the Press , who is unlvcrsnlly recog
nizcd us Blalne's closest and most conflelen
tinl political friend In this state , talked with
out reserve lost night upon the question ol
Mr. Bluino's letter. During the absence ol
Blainc from the country he has been in con
stunt correspondence with Smith , und there
are few men in the United States better abli
to measure the full significance of Blame' !
remarkable letter than is the editor of tin
Press. "At the outset , " said Mr. Smith , "
may as well suy that I regard this letter as i
finality. Blalno , in my opinion , has pur
poscly and absolutely taken himself out-o
the contest for the republican prcsidentiu
nomination , and his purpose will not In
shaken by any circumstances that couli
possibly bo foreseen. The letter , in mi
opinion , means just what it says , and there I
no reason for insinuation or hope thnt then
may bo u hidden meaning between the lines
Blaine is no longer a fue-tor In the race fo
the presidential nomination.
Ai tills point Mr. Smith was Interrupted b ;
the inquiry : "Do you mean to say that ther
are conceivable circumstances uneler whicl
Bluino would consent to bo n candidate fo
the presidency ! "
"No , " replied the editor. "My opinion i
that no man ever has or ever will refuse t
accept a nomination for the presidency whlc
is spontaneously and unanimously ottered t
him. Viewed merely as a hypothetical case
think thut if sucli an unlikely thing snoul
happen as thnt , under the circumstances th
convention , finding all other candidates ou
of the question , should unanimously tcndc
the nomination , Blaine coulel not refuse. Bu
I am convinced that no such remote possibil
ity suggests itself to Mr. Blaine , nnd the bes
evidence that ho is entirely sincere is that hi
best frion'ds in the country , who have n righ
to feel that they know something of him , ur
convinced thut it is useless to consider him n
at all in the field , und they arc ut liberty , un
will exercise that liberty , to shape thci
course without regard to such a thought n
thnt Blaine is in any manner a candidate , o
thut ho hopes , expects or desires to bo a candidate
didato for the presidency. "
Itlalnc'H Retirement.
SAN FIIANCISCO , Feb. 14. Interviews wit
prominent politicians with regard to Blaine'
letter of declination show that republican
and democrats alike were taken by surpris
in general. The republicans express dec
regret. Ex-Senator A. P. Williams , clmii
man of the republican state central commit
tec , says : "Tho demands of the party fre
quenlly rise superior to individual judgmenl
If the republicans want Blaine they call hiir
and I think ho will respond. " General W
H. L. Barnes , president of the republlca
state club , spoke in the same strain.
President Cable Interviewed llcgard
ing Some Kumorcd Extensions.
DEXVEU , Colo. , Feb. 14. [ Special Tele
gram { o the BrEj I'rqsldgnt R. R. Cable
of the Chicago & Uock Island road , who i
in the city , in an interview to-night regare
ing the Associated press telegram from No' '
York stating that the company would cxtcn
the road 1,500 miles to the Gulf of Mexic
and Denver and issue $30,000,000 in bonds fc
that purpose , said thut while the couipan
would push the road on to Denver and othe
Colorado points ns rupidlyas possible , ho w :
not nwaio that the company had any into
tlons of issuing bonds for such amounts ft
these purposes.
"Our road , " ho said , "will bo even
uully extended to the Gulf of Mcxic
as has been the plan of tl
company for some time , but the work will 1
done only as the business justifies it. " Wi1
regard to the extension of the road to Col
rado Springs , Mr. Cable said that it was I
coal purposes exclusively. The compai
wanted to pay the Interest on the money c
ponded In the construction of the system
the Missouri and for this purpose the line w
built by which coal may bo hauled from tl
Denver & Rio Grande system to Kunsus f
distribution and sale ns u part of this pla
President Cable has a contract which Is to 1
signed between the Roe'k Island and the DC
ver & Rio Grande by which coal is
ho furnished the Rock Island at Colorai
Springs ami Denver. Mr. Cable thinks 1 ;
road will be able to Handle about all tbo co
shipped by the Denver & Rio Grande.
"Thoro 1ms neverbeon any intention on tl
part of the Hock Island to overlook Denver
Miiel Mr. Cubic. "At present our company
not going to build west of the Denver & R
Gruneto systems , but the intentions of t ;
company uro to push the line overlnnd In tl
near future , and in that case Uonver wou
bo its objective point , and thence across tl
mountains. "
Chai'Bcd AYIthllcrofiy.
Bosrox , Feb. 14. A bill in equity was 111
to-day in the supreme court at Salem by t
trustees of Phillips' academy , against the i
tornoy general of the commonwealth , the v
Itors of the theological institute in Pliilli ]
academy , nnd five professors whoso cas
come under investigation by the board of v
itors , upon aceusatioi- hciesy. This is tether
other steu in the celebrated heresy trial
Prof. Smythc and othen , and is brought
determine the rights in equity of all parti
concci ncd.
U'rnllier Indluntionx.
For Nebraska : Fair weather , slowly r
Ins temperature , light to fie > sh vunal
winds , generally shifting to southerly.
For Iowa : Fair weather , slowly risl
temperature1 , light to fresh winds , shifting
east and south.
For KaMcrn Dakota : Slightly warmer , fi
weather , followed in noithern poition
snow , light to ficsh variable winds. .
For Southwestern Dakota : Warmer , fi
weather , light to fresh variable winds , gc
rrally southerly.
HohhiMHi Starving Herself.
BOSTON , Feb. 14. Mrs. Robinson , the cc
vlctcd poisoner , smco the close of her tr
hr.s positively refused alt nourishment. T
jail ofllccrs have tried in vain to induce h
to , nnd aie persuaded that her Iron w
can not bo broken II it bo her Intention
starve herself to death.
10 The Goulel-Hngo Larceny.
10f NBYOIIK , Jan. H. District Attorney F
10o IOWA announced to-day that ho would subt
o thn Gould-Sago matter to the ) grand Jury t
idd week.
: d *
lit Cutting Lumber HutCH.
iff Is MiNNKtrol.13 , Minn. , Feb. 14. The C
ill cuyo , SU Paul .t Kansas City railroad 1
cut its Minncai > ulU-l'coria lumber rules Ii
l'J > , to b
How a Young Nebraska Farmer
Found His Better Half.
Good Fortune of n Prisoner In the Da
kota City Jail An Old Mau'i
SudUcu Death Other
Stnto News.
Got aVlfb Anyhow.
NEBRASKA Citr , Neb. , Feb. 14. [ Special
Telegram to the BKE.J Edwin Watson , t
well-known and wealthy young farmer , re
siding south of this city several miles , re
turned a few days ago from a visit througl :
the cast , bringing with him a handsome
and accomplished young wife. There wa ;
nothing especially surprising about till ;
single fact , as ho had made It known bcfort
starting cast last November that his trip was
taken with this object in view ; but there is
an incident connected with It that was not ai
the time upon the programme , and which lmi
Just leaked out through a friend to whom tin
story was conlldcd.
Mr. Watson , it appears , formed the ac
qualntnnco of an Interesting young ladj
through the medium of n correspondents
column in n Kansas City paper some fem
years ago , nnO since which time the mai
service between Nebraska City nnd a smal
postofllcc in Floyd county , Virginia , has beci
well patronized. The correspondence mus
have proven exceedingly pleasant , ns it lee
to an engagement , subject to a personal ac
quaintnncc , nnd subsequently a trip to Vir
glnla to claim the fair correspondent for i
bride. Mr. Watson is a college graduate am
ono of the wealthiest young farmers in thii
county , and before starting on his journe ;
hud furnished u handsome homo for the wife
that was to bo. He , however , did not' knov
the young lady us well us ho hud imagined
and committed an error in leaving her unin
formed ns to his financial standing , us i
might huvo balanced any disappointment sin
might have met with in a personal acquaint
The day for their first meeting nrrive.l am
the young man apiroared at her homo am
was very cordially received by the lady am
her family. The wedding , which was sot fo
Christmas , however , did not take place , for
after a short ixjrsonul acquaintance , sh
frankly informed him she had chungcd he
mind , as she did not at all like the brusqu
ways of the "poor farmer. " Ho was disa ] !
pointed , of course , but lost no time in bid
ding good bye to the young lady und he
home. Ho stopped nt Cincinnati on his rt
turn to visit friends and think over his poi
plexing situation. To return homo alon
after all the preparations made for reccivini
the bride , was something he hud not bar
gained for , and it was not until some day
later , while reading the personal columns o
the Cincinnati Enquirer , that ho hit upon i
way out of his dilemma. He wrote the fol
lowing personal which appeared in tbatpapc
the next morning :
PKKSONAL-An Intelligent and wealth ;
young gentleman ileslren to form the nc
qualntanca of n rellned and uccompllMieil > oun
lady with a view to matrimony. Address E. W
From a number of replies received ho sc
lectcd n modestly worded note signed
"Schoolmistress. " A number of letter
were exchanged in which his story and hi
IKisition in life were fully told , nnd h
learned that the name of his future wife wa
Carrie Lester , nnd that she was the daugli
tcr of a minister in moderate circumstances
living in a neighboring town. A mcetln
' followed , which was so satisfactory to botl
that the parents were consulted , and th
.wedding day appointed and the marriage o <
currcd on last Now Years. After an c >
tended tour through the east the youn
couple returned to Watson's house in N (
brnska , apparently happy , und well ploasei
with fate's change in the original matrimoi
ial programme.
Build in Lincoln.
LINCOLNNeb. . , Feb. K. ( Special Teh
gram to the BEK. ] A large number of bus
ness men and cftizcns assembled ut the ills
trict court room this evening to receive
proposition from the New York lifo insui
unco company , throuch Dr. George L. Millei
relative to a building in this city. Prcsidei
Raymond , of the board of trade , presided i
the meeting and Dr. Miller presented a pro ]
osition that If tno cili/.cns of Lincoln woul
furnish his company $1,500,000 worth of ii
surnnco , the company .would at once erect
live story block in this city to cost $100,00
The proposition was favorably discussed un
with a few amendment was adopted and ai
ccpted. A committee consisting of Genen
J. C. McBride , J. H. McMurtry , A. .T. Sav
yer , J. T. Lansing , J. J. Butler und I. J
Uuymoiul was appointed to represent tli
meeting in the work of securing the insu
mice and in perfecting other arrangcmen
with the company.
A Newspaper Changcg.
PAWNEE CITV , Neb. , Feb. 14. [ Spec !
Telegram to the BEE. ] J. G. P. Hlldcbran
n man well known in newspaper circles , so
his interest In the Pawnee Press to-day ai
retires from the business to seek a new loc
tion. The Press , which is the only dcm
cratic pater in the county , was established 1
him four yearb ago. Ills brother succeei
Selected n Bite.
LINCOLN , Neb. , Feb. 14. [ Spcci
Telegram to the BCE. ] The committ
having in charge the location in the city
the university of the Christian church
Nebraska held a business meeting this eve
Ing in the Capital hotel nt which a deflnl
location was agreed upon and active ste
taken for building. The members of t
committee in attendance were : Ex-Govc
nor Suunders , George S. Smith , and E.
Kadd , of Omaha ; W. P. Aglesworth ,
Fairiield. C. C. Nimson , J. Z. Briscoo ,
Hedges , G. E. Bigelow and C. L. Van Duj
of Lincoln.
Holdrcge Blooming Again.
HOLIWEOE , Neb. , Feb. 14. Holdrego is
the boom again. The work on the now s ;
tern of water works will begin March 1 , a
over cue-hundred men will bo employed
summer on the work.
A now line of railroad is expected throu
Holdrego going southwest. Kearney is vt
much excited , us the line of road pass
through that city.
Dll By the ItiimperR ,
Cncioinox , Neb. , Feb. 14. [ Special Tc
gram to the BEE. ] "While coupling cars
Plainviow , last evening , about 8 o'clock ,
P. Smith , a brakeman on the north bou
train , got his right hand caught between t
draw bars and it was badly smashed. Ami
tutlon of the thumb and three lingers will
necessary. Mr. Smith is one of taooldc
employes of the company.
Found Dead In His Field.
PI.UNVIEW , Nub. , Feb. 14. [ Special Tc
grajn to t o ULC. ] This morning the dc
body ol H. McClintoclc was found nbc
fcixty rods from his house , where his te.
had stopped in a corn Held. Ho was sevcnl
hovcn j cars of ago and it is supposed
chilled to death. Ho was on his return fix
town. _
A Prisoner's Great Luck.
DAKOTA CITT , Neb , Feb. 14. Char
Sprlnglorn , who is In ] M here on the chat
of grand larceny , has jecelvcd word of t
l-j death of hia father in Gormapy'and that
* | will at once como Into possession of * 30C
his > hate of the paternal estate. Ho
clHUKvdwi&iKulinsuIm steer , which.
sold to a butcher. Ho has telegraphed his
situation to his mother , and hopes to get out
through the Influence ol his now-found
wealth. ' _
Edgar to HMYO Waterworks.
EDO ni , Neb. , Feb. 14. [ Special Telegram
to the BEE. ] At a meeting of the city coun
cil of this place this evening a contract was
let to A. A. Uichnrdson , of Lincoln , for plans
nnd specifications for n complete system of
waterworks to cost 120.000. The meeting
was largely attended by the citizens , nnd ex >
presslons wcro unanimous in favor of the
project for better flrc protection for the
clty <
Col fax County's District Court.
SCHUYLEII , Nob. , Feb. 14. [ Special Tele
gram to the BEK.J District court for Colfu >
county convened yesterday , with Judge Mar
shall on the bench. There are no very Ira
portunt cases on the docket.
International Itango Association Abel
iHhcB Technical 1'oHHlbllltlcM.
DEXVEU , Colo. , Feb. 14 , [ SpecialTelcgron
to the BEE , ] In the absence of the prestden
and all the vice presidents the third nnnun
meeting of the International Range nssocia
tlon was called to order at 10 o'clock till
morning by the secretary , J. C. Lcary , in tin
Colorado Cattle Growers' chambers. Owlii )
to a previous announcement that the
meeting would bo purely forma
and for the purpose of legallzlni
the special meeting called for the USth o
March , few delegates were present. Suftl
cicnt , however , were in attendance to nccom
plish the purpose for which It was called am
to secure a compliance with the requirement
of the constitution.
After calling the meeting to order the sec
retury suggested the selection of i
temporary chairman , and , upon motioi
of Mr. C. M. Hampson , Govcrno
Routt was chosen to preside. Th
governor's speech of acceptance was brief
but it outlined the formalities necessary t
bo observed in order to legalize the coniini
special meeting and whatever may be sough
to bo done nt that time , nnd nt its close tli
regular order of of business was taken up.
The calling of the roll ami the reading o
the minutes of the Inst meeting wcro dis
pcnseel with , upon motion of Mr. Niblock
nnd the orders "reports of officers niu
committees , " nnel "unfinished business' '
were , at the suggestion of the secretary
passed over. The next order , the election o
oftlcers , was taken up , nnd. upon motion
nominations were declared by the chair to b
in order.
C. M. Hampson , seconded by Mr. Gould
ing , nominated the old directory in its en
tircty , and in the absence of other nomlmi
tions Mr. H. B. Cullom moved that the sec
retary be instructed to cast the ballot of th
association for these nominees. The motioi
was carried and the secretary , depositing tli
ballot , said : "Mr. chairman und gentlemen
as directed by this meeting under the motioi
which has just prevailed , I hereby cast th
ballot of the association for the followlni
gentlemen to servo as officers of the liiterm
tional Range association for the ensuing term
or until their successors uro duly elected am
iiunllllcd : For president , R. G. Head ; vie
president , J. L. Brush ; secretary , J. C
Leary ; treasurer. J. A. Cooper. " "
Chairman Routt declared these gcntlemci
duly and regularly elected.
The object of securing a directory to serv
until after the organization of the spcciu
meeting having been accomplished in till
election , Mr. Humpson. offered the followlni
resolution : <
Whereas , The officers of this associatior
have , at the reeiuest ot the board of directors
called a special meeting to bo held on the 2811
of March next , the general assemblage hav
intt been postponed until that date ; and
Whereas , The torins of the old oftlcers cxpir
on this date , and without re-election they coul
not legally servo until the coming spcciu
meeting ; unel
Whereas , The contingency threatened ii
the postponement of leaving the ussociutio ;
without a legal directory has been guardci
against by the re-election , as consumutei
by this meeting ; now , therefore , bo it
Resolved , That it is the sense of this meet
ing thnt the resignations of the directory o
the International Range association bo re
qacsled at once , to t&kc effect after the 01
gunization of the coming special conventior
and that they bo presented to the latter o
the ! Mh prox. by ' omo gentleman no\
present , whom this jnuetliig shall dcslgnat
bcforo adjournment. 1
Unanimously adopted and on motion o
Mr. Goulding Mr. Thompson was designate
to receive and tender the resignations a
M. II. B. Cullum offered the following
which was adopted :
Resolved , That section 3 of the constitx
tlon , which fixes membership in this ussoch
tion , be so amended us to make mcmbershi
therein and representation in all meeting
thereof upon nn individuul or popular basii
Resolved , That all debate and final actio
upon the change proposed bo. deferred unt
the special meeting and that it bo considerc
under the order of unfinished business i
that time.
Unanimously adopted.
The following by Mr. Hampson was als
Resolved , That the date of the annui
meeting of this association bo changed fro
the second Tuesday of the mouth of Febr
ary to ono later and moro convenient , tl
said date to bo fixed by tbo special mcetii
to bo held March 23.
No further business having been intr
eluced , the meeting , upon motion ot C. I
Hampson , then adjourned until 10 o'cloe
March 23 , prox.
Love , Lunacy , Murder and Sulcld
BEULIX , Wis. , Feb. 14. Last evening
W. Hacker , of Danville , 111. , shot and kllh
Mabel Steikc , of Belle Pluinc , la. , and tin
blew out his own brains. Hacker was | niii
teen nnd his victim ono year younger. Tl
tragedy was the result of n lo
affair. It seems that young Hack
and Miss Steiko met some tli
ago and fell In love with each otlii
The marriage was opjrosed by the girl's pi
cuts and to separate the young peoples
was sent to Berlin to visit ut the home of h
grandfather. In some manner Hack
learned of the girl's whereabouts and we
to Berlin and took rooms in a hotel thci
While there ho was taken down wi
the measles , when Miss Stclke prevailed
her grandparent to toke theyoungman unel
his roof. About 9:1)0 ) last night the you
man culled the girl from the fireside to t
door of his room , when the tragedy oecurri
The family rushed to the scene upon heurl
the shots and found young Hacker dead n
the unfortunate girl in a dying condltic
She survived ouly a few minutes after t
shooting. It is thought Hacker asked M
Steiko to marry him and on being rofus
took her life and his own in a frenzy of d
Will Content Compromised.
LOUISVILLE , Feb. 14. The suit of M
Sarah E. Mclntosh , wife of the deputy c
lector of internal revenue , Alex Mjfritosh ,
New Albany , to break the will of her fath
M. C. Depauw , the great glass manufactun
who died lust fall , has been compromise
Mrs. Melntosh Is to receive property wor
$200,000 , as nearly as can bo estimate
Depauw left ilO,000OQO in manufactorl
iron works , stock and real estuto.
, Thn Italian Ministry.
ROME , Feb. 14. Coppino , minister of pi
lie Instruction , and Sarracco , minister
publlo'works , have resigned.
The Trlbuna states that the wardepartme
ordered provisions and accoutrements to
hold in readiness in full supply as if the un
wcro to be mobilized.
BuHlne-HH Troubles
NEW YOIIK , Jun. 14. William G. Negus
Co. . hardware } , made a .general assignuii
with urvfcicacjC ! ) amounting to. over f20.C
Probable Effect of Blalno's With
drawal on Iowa Republicans.
llohb'a Allen Bill Engrossed The
War Ilccord ItcNolntlon Answered
Hilling * Indicted For Murder
Powell Captured.
An Early Convention Favored.
Dr.sMoiXEs , la. , Feb , 14. ( Special Tele
gram to the BEE. ] The republican state
central committee met hero to-day , at the
call of Chairman Beardsloy , to llx a time for
holding the next state convention. Since the
appearance of Mr. Blalne's letter of with
drawal public sentiment , so far as can bo
gathered from representative republicans
now in the city , is in favor of nn early con
vention with a view of presenting Mr. Alli
son's name to the nation at once backed by
the party and the enthusiastic- support of
Iowa. '
"Tho sooner the convention can bo held
the better , " was the common expression
among republicans. The following arc a few
of the remarks on this subject heard in a
moments' conversation :
Governor Larrabee I think Iowa has but
one thing to do now and that Is to take up
Mr. Allison and put him forward with a strong
and resolute backing that will win. I am
in favor of an early convention und think it
ought to bo held while the legislature is in
session so as to give us the assistance of the
many leading republicans who are now here.
Chairman Beardsloy Wo must move for
ward nt once for Mr. Allison , and I think
there will bo no question but thnt the state is
enthusiastically for him. I am In favor of a
convention much earlier than I should have
favored had Mr. Blainc not withdrawn from
the light. I think now the sooner it can beget
got together the better. It will take some
time to get the notice out and hold the county
conventions to elect delegates , but wo ought
to tmvo It just us soon us wo can.
Senator Hutchison I think there Is no
question now as to the duty of Iowa.Vo
must give Mr. Allison the backing and the
support that he deserves , und we ought to
lead off at once , so that the rest of the coun
try can sco that his own state is heartily and
enthusiasticall for him. In view of the fact
that we have to begin at the bottom and
work from the ground up without the help of
any outside organi/ation I think wo should
lose no time in beginning. Other states will
soon bo holding conventions and wo can't af
ford to wait till many delegates are chosen
before we get to work.
Committeeman Swolm I am for an early
convention , the curlier the better. Wo have
got to take our couts off nnd go o work.
Senator Young I think that Iowa Is all
ready to take up Mr. Allison nnd give him nn
enthusiastic ! backing , i should favor an
early convention and think wo should select
our strongest men nnd best workers and let
them begin the light at once.
Hon. M. S. O'Connell I have completely
changed my idea of the time of the conven
tion. I was In favor of n late convention ,
sometime in May , but since Blaino's letter
was received I am in favor of a convention
just as soon us it can bo got together , so as to
give Mr. Allison the early benefit of a hearty
state support.
Ex-Representative Mcservy Let us have
the convention just as soon us the notice con
bo served and give Allison a booming sendoff -
off at onco.
Senator Sweeney I think there Is but one
thing for Iowa to do now and that is to take
up Mr. Allison us the most available man In
the country and present him with the strong ,
est enthusiasm and support possible. Let us
have an early convention and begin the
The Iowa Legislature.
Dr.s MOISES , la. , Feb. 14. The bill passec :
the senate authorizing the governor to ar
rungo with General W. W. Belknap for his
services in prosecuting the claims of tin
state against the general government on ac
count of raising and enrolling troops for tin
service of the United States during the wai
of the rebellion. The amount of outstanding
claims Is about $35,01)0 , ) , this being outside tin
wur tux.
The bill passed changing the times of hold
ing the supreme court , providing for thrc (
terms a year , one beginning on the thin
Tuesday in January , another on the seconi
Tuesday in May und the third on the tlrsi
Tuesday of October.
Most of the afternoon was spent in the dis
cussion of the Gutch bill , which provides fo :
cutting down peremptory challenges of ju
rors in criminal cases to ten for the defend
ant and ten for the state. An amend men
by Price to make the challenges flvo for tin
defendant and five for thostato was killed b ;
a speech from Senator Dodge. Messrs
Bolter , Clark , McCoy and Finn spoke a
length favoring the present luw and aguins
the bill. The discussion continued until i
o'clock , when the whole matter was made i
special order for Wednesday afternoon.
The resolution that the house hold tw
sessions dully after February 10 was recon
sidercd and amended by a substitute lixini
the date as the 20th of February. The entir
matter was luid on the table , subject t
call.Tho senate bill was considered providin ;
for a board of trustees of flvo members fo
the hospital for the insane nt Clurinda , on
of which may bo u woman , ono a resident o
Page county , two to bo elected by the ger
eral assembly for two jTurs , two for fou
I years and ono for six years , such board t
. take charge of the institution on the sccon
Wednesday of Match , IbsS , instead of th
present board of commissioners. The scnat
1 amendments wcro agreed to. and the Ui
3 passed the house.
The senate bill providing for the issue c
water works bonds by cities of the elasi
with the senate amendments , passed tli
The Woolson substitute for the resolutio
on the Des Moines river laud question wu
referred to the house committee on fedcr
The other bills passed wcro :
The bills for printing the reports of stat
mine inspectors.
The bill authorizing boards of directors t
r independent school districts to chnngo bourn
? ury lines.
3 The senate bill fixing the terms of the si
promo court.
The bill by Mr. Uobb restricting non-res
dent aliens in title to ncquiro nnd'hold re ;
estate , nnd repealing sections 1KS ! und lUte
o of the code , was engrossed. The bill pr <
s vides that non-rcsidimt aliens holding re ,
estate in Iowa shall dispose of it within tc
years but may hold ! UO ucres or city proport
to the amount of $10,000 , provided Mich proj
crty is placed in the actual possession of re
ativcs nnd such relative or occupants bccom
naturalized citizens within ten years ,
further provides that lands acquired by for
closure of mortgage or collection of debt
jnubt bo tola within ten years.
The War Record.
DesMoixus , In. , * * eb. 14. The secretary i
war to-day made answer to the resolutic
passed by the house calling upon him for i
formation us to the scope of the compllatii
of official records of the rebellion. Secictui
Endicott encloses a report from f.leutena
Colonel Lazcllo , In charge of the war recor >
publication oftlce. Tins secretary says sin
Colonel Gazelle assumed the oftice , Juno 1
18S7 , no change from the instructions ai
plan adopted in ISM ) , and required by the pi
visions act of July : i , IbbO , had been mad
ordered or contemplated.
In reply to so much of the resolution
requests information as to whether | >
have been refused ucccbs to the iccords , a
U so , by wliose irutUorityU0 bcctutary su
several months before Colonel Scott's death
n circular was issued to the department republishing -
publishing paragraph TJl of the army reg
ulations of IS'SI ' , prohibiting the giv
ing of official information to nny
person not on duty In the department.
without proper authority und it applied to alt
bureaus of the department , us well as to the
war records ofllce. The reason for the order
was to prevent the Improper use of Informa
tion Irregularly obtained and to provide for
the orderly and methodical transaction of
government business. Subject to the re
striction imposed by. the regulation , the privi
lege of Inspecting war records had been
freely granted by Colonel Larello to appli
cants for historical matter within the respect
ive limits of their Inquiries , except two
cases , in which not deeming himself author
ized to give the information asked for , the
applicants were referred to the secretary of
war , who gave ono of them the information
desired. The other made no further effort ,
although informed at the publication oflk'c
that fuvorablouetinn would probably bo taken
upon the request if addressed to the secre
tary of wur. _
nnniticilntr the T
MOISKS , In. , Feb. 14. The programme
of toasts for the banquet given by the Dei
Molncs Press club at the Aborn house to the
members of the legislature this evening was
as follows : "The Iowa Press , " Hon. J. H.
Harsh ; "St. Valentine,11 Hon. W. W. Dodge ;
"Free Lance , " Mr. Morgan Bates ; "Out
Best Hold the Advertiser , " Mr. Norman
Lichty ; "Bigger Waste Baskets or Longer
Columns ! " Hon. N. V. Brewer ; "The Leap-
Year Prerogative , " Miss Huso Ankony ;
"Tho Overworked Third House , " Hon. La-
favetto Young. The march to the dining
room was headed by President. Klboeck and
lady and Llcutcnunt-Govcrnor Hull and lady ,
the latter gentleman acting as toast-master.
A dunce programme of six numbers followed
the banquet. _
Powell Arrested.
M4SON CITV , In. , Feb. 14. [ Special Tele
gram to the Hun , ] A. F. Powell , the sup
posed stock swindler , was arrested lute last
uight at a form residence twelve miles easl
of here. Since his sudden disappearance on
Saturday the ofllccrs have been in search ,
but up to Monday night nothing had beer
heard from him. A telephone message fron :
Nora Springs states that such a m'an liiul
been seen near there duiing the day uml
ofllccrs from this city went nnd made the
arrest. To thootllcer he had but little to say ,
Ho freely surrendered all the agreement ?
and receipts ho had In his possession , cover
ing all the purchases ho made here. Ho wa
arraigned for a healing at 5 p. in. , but upon
his urgent request the hearing wu
postponed for twenty-four hours ,
o talks freely , but as if ho was telling n <
ittlooftlie truth as possible. To the BEI :
representative this cveninir ho said : "The
'ontracjs I made with the farmers for tin
lurchaso of their cattle were made in good
ulth , and they could bear no oilier inter
relation. The receipts I took from them
vero mostly written on plain paper furnished
> V the farmers themselves , with no chance of
hem signing a promissory note as reported ,
' . 'ho day I arrived hero 1 went to the bank
.nd told them that I expected a draft from
'owell & Co. , Tonica , 111. , for $10,000 , but in
aso that did not reach mo in time , I ex
ccted to check upon tbo bill of lad
up. I was disappointed in getting mj
noney and the bank refusing to advance 01 :
.ho . agreements I was let down. I left tin
ity on the day the cattle were to bo ttcliv-
red because I thought the parties would givi
no trouble.
"In relation to family matters nt Friabalt 1
rould say that all reports have been true am
hat is partially what has caused delay in mj
money matters. My parents icsido in Perry
hi. My brother I expect to-morrow and hi
will clear matters up. "
It is generally believed that if his sfatc
ncnt as niudo above in regard to contrac
nd agreements be true he has an accomplia
ud it was their purpose to beat the bunk.
I/emulative NotcH.
DCS Moixi.s , la , , Feb. 14. The scnati
ways and means committee reported favor
bly on the Keglcr's bill providing for tin
distribution among counties of the revenui
[ irislng from the taxing of telegraph and tel
phone lines.
The senate insurance committee rceom
ncnded the passage of the substitute pro
riding thnt no policy be written for mor
bun three-fourths of the vuluo of the build
ng insured.
The house temperance committee listonci
o Attorney General Baker on the merits o
.ho Custer bill this morning and Judg
ilendcrson , of Marshulltown , this cveniiij
made an argument for the Hodnmn bill.
Probnhly Murdered By Thugs.
Dns MOI.ST.S , la. , Feb. 14. [ Special Tele
gram to the Bin. : ] Peter M. Hanson , a Noi
wegiun painter and paper hanger , was foum
frozen to death in the river near the Wubas
'ailroad ' bridge to-day. His watch and chui
were missing and fioni bruises upon hisbodj
there is suspicion that ho was sand baggc
nnd thrown in the river. The coroner's Jur ,
is taking the measurements of the truck
found on the lev : und sandbar und are mukin
all possible efforts to sift the mutter to th
bottom. In view of the fuel thut the band r.
saud-baggcrs looked up a temporary abode i
this city within the last lew days there ur
strong probabilities thut Hanson met hi
death ut the hands of thugs.
nillinRS Indicted For Murder.
Wxvciav , In. , Feb. 14. [ Special Telegr.u
to the Bui : . ] Billings received a vnlcntin
this morning ho will hardly appreciate
Twas no less than an indictment for murdu
in the flrst degree for killing the lute W. f
Kingsley , county attorney of Bremer count'
The prisoner was given ono day to unswi
the charge. The verdict ol the grand jur
was unanimous. Billings will move ft
a change of venue and will object to trial I
either Uutler , Bremer or Floyd counties.
Sioux City DcinocratH.
Sioux CITY , la. , Feb. 14. [ Special Tel
gram to the Br.E. ] The democratic city co ;
vention to-night nominated the following cil
ticket : For Mayor , M L. Flynn ; treasure
John Hittlo ; police judge , W. W. Souh
auditor , W. G. Linn ; marshal , James Sta
ley ; aldermen-ut-lurgo , W. C. McNumara ai
W. Barnard ; engineer , Henry Windlund ; a
torncy , J. Ouincy. There will probably bo
citizen's ticket in opposition. The quostit
of Diohibition enters into the contest at
tears all party lines.
Another UK ) < ? < " ) Well.
IlEiixnox , In. , Feb. 14. [ Special Telegra
to the HUB. ] Men engaged in digging u we
here struck gas to-day ut a depth of 125 Tee
It is the biggest gas well of any in the vici
ity und severul wells have already bee
found. The noise of the escaping iras wi
heard two miles away , and \\hen lit the g
ilumcd up tlility-llve feet.
Killed l'ly n Suituh Kngliie.
CunsTox , la. , Feb. II. [ Special Tclcgia
to the BKK. I William McMonglo , au old re
idcnt und employ of the "Q" rail load w
struck by a Mvitch engine last night In tl
yards here and instantly killed. Ho Icavct
wife' and a largo family.
DcHprrntc Mc-ann Proponed to Ki
the .Heading Stiller.
Puu.MiKU'iin , Feb. 14. Every IndlcatI
points to most dcsporuto means being lesort
to for the purpose ot bringing the strike
the Hchuylklll region to un end. Tlireo'me
ber - of the executive committee of Distr
Assembly 2ii : Hayes , Ford and Hrittou 1 <
this morning after a fruitless elfort to hceu
a cunfe.icncu with the officials of the ItcaJii
Coal wl Iron company , und the belief is tli
tlit > y have returned to their respective loc
itiott witu instructions for u general strlko
or before Saturday of all ecr entrio engliifPi
Jhcmen , pumpmen and other mining : nr cht
ics. Should the iiropnyd > iti IV o taVo pluai
would result In ( loodj'ig all Us Mints a
cause damage- which incutU * uf Uuiv ; eoi
Uardly ucdo , . .
- *
The First Onso Brought Under the
Now Illinois Law.
An Interview With n llitlchcr an to the
invct : u Similar ProccfdhiK Had
on 11(8 ( IttislncMs Two
.7 a I ) < M ! For DMrlhtitlitK Circular * .
CniCAdo , Feb. Telegram to
ioBin.1 : Thomas GrellT owns the hull at
Mo. T4 West Lake street , where ) the Hay-
nirket riot was planned mid where Parsons ,
isvlfo iind children took refuge after the
omb was thrown. GrelfT wont security for
corse Siiums thin morning In Justice Kcrs-
In's court. Slmms Is the man who was ur-
estcd for distributing boycotting circulars
'ailing ' on working men iind others not to
Mtronira John Koc.sseler , u b.ikerut No. itOrt
forth Franklin sticet. The Central Labor
nlou Instituted the movement , and the arrest
f Slmms under the charge that Is put against
tin It the first in Chicago since the adoption
f the law framed by the last legislature
or the control of boycottcnt. This
aw provides a punishment thnt
lay bd a line of $ ' 2,000 and
vo years imprisonment in the penitent ! iry ,
r both , and George Simins appears to have
u excellent chance of experiencing to the
'nil the workings of thin law. Ho was booked
n two charges ono fora violation of the
ity ordinance in distributing circulars , and
n that case the ball was put at $ 'JOO. The
iccoml charge was based on the stuto law
Hid the ball WIIH ftflO. Grelff gave Hutlsfuo-
ory evidence that he owned property sufll-
: iet to cover the amount asked for and
Sinims was turned loose this morning.
The cncumstanccs that led the ! Central
-iibor union to boycott Hrother Keessler
'nsily ' led to a lecollcction of the boycott the
amo organization instituted against Butcher
Lotholz in April , just before the Haymarkct
ioti It la getting along to bo pretty eloso to
wo years sineo that boycott was declared ,
lid just to Iind out how It worked In that
'asc ' a reporter to itay had a talk with Mr.
"A boycott , " said the butcher , "bothers a
mn a good deal. In my case the boycotters
ud what they called a picket tl-at is ,
wonty men were polled off to follow mv de-
ivory wagon They u ed to go around to
ho houses of my customers and threaten
hem in their business with the loss of the
rorkingmcn's patronage. It bothered mo a
rood deal. "
"How did it affect your busincssl"
"Oh , It made my business better. The first
vcek I had more business than I could at-
.cnd to , People that never traded with mo
jefore came trom all parts of the city and
> oiifht their meats at my shop. A good many
vealthy people became my customers at the
utno lime , and have lemaincd my customers
vcr since. The American people don't Ilka
loycotling. I found that out. They Just rai
led about mo and told me to count on them
very time. The boj cott helped my busi ]
: icss. "
"How long did the boycott last ! "
"It was riddled to pieces after the bomb
ivas thrown at the Haymarkot. Spies and
iiis ciowd wcro responsible for it. The
Arbeltcr Zeltung used to print columns and
columns every day about the boycott. But
after the bomb was thrown and the gang
ocked < up nothing inoro was done. The
ivholo thing fell through and it 1ms never
been mentioned since. The trouble is , those
men who declare the boycott are worthless
fellows. They have no homes , they live in
boarding houses , and none of them have a
-rood suit of clothes.
t\ Meet Ins of Loading Manufacturers
to Form an Organization.
NP.W YOUK , Feb. 14. About 200 woolen
and worsted manufacturers and commission
nerchnnts from various Roctions of the coun
try met this morning for the purpose of per-
fcctintr an organi/ation stai ted in Philadel
phia on December 21. The committee re-
iioitcd n scheme for nn organization to bo
known us the Wool Growers' association.
The secretary is to bo an active ofllccr and
have charge of the headquarters , which are
to bo in this city. The recommendations
were referred to the executive committee.
The report of the committee on terms and
discounts was also accepted and referred.
In substance the committee report that it
would bo exceedingly difllcult to formulate a
uniform system of terms and discounts that
would meet the necessities of all the various
descriptions of woolen fabrics. Numerous
iccommendat ions were made. Cases of un
dervaluation of imported woolen goods have
attracted the attention of members of the
orgnlratiou. for the purpose of looking
after such undervaluation , the secretory of
the treasury , It is stated , has agreed to op-
point an agent of the government , the. manu
facturers to pay his salary.
A Matrimonial Carpenter.
BOSTON , Feb. 1 1. [ Special Telegram to
the Urn. I The fact that Ucv. Bernard Car
penter , of Hollis street Unitarian church ,
is a bigamist , has ] ubt been made public. Ha
is a brother of the bishop of Ripen , dreamy ,
poetical , unpractical. Fourteen years ago hft
man led a girl urged on him by his mother ,
but afterwards opposed by her because tha
prospective bride's parents had not tha
wealth attributed to them. She nuido hi
home a torment und often locked him up. By
advice of the bishop of Kipon , Carpenter sep
uratcd from his wile und papers wcro drawn ?
but they subsequently cumo to New York ,
where they tiled to live together again. 1 $
was no use and they ilnally separated. Car4
pouter then drifted to New Jersey and ul-t
though nn Episcopalian , took charge of the
Congiegational church. Hero ho met und
married his present wife , believing ho was
free. Homo months ago Rev. K. Brooke , of
Hereford , visited r.nglund. There ho heard
of Carpenter's lirst marriage. On his rc
tuin to Boston ho told the story. Carpenter
immediately laid the case before several rich
panshonors , who subscribed a purses of .Vf > 00
to send a lawyer to England to procntcni
divorce , rending action by the Kngliili
court Carpenter and wife have pone ubi oad ,
They will bo i cman led if the decieo is In
Carpenter's favor. Hit > church has not long
been dedicated. Tills true story Is given out
by his friends because ugly beanduloust r& *
poita wcro ullout. *
A IlelitiloUH Ulot.
PAN IMA , Fob. 14. Much excitement has
been caused in Guayaquil and which is not
yet allayed , owing to a Spanish m lest , tern *
porarily in charge of the bishopilcof Guay
aquil , having exromtnuniented the Judges of
the supreme court. A mob. In which many o <
the best-known ciUicnsof Guayoqu'l ' wera
prominent , stoned the bishop's palace.
Tlienco they went to the rcslilonca
of Dr. Nevla. legal adviser of the Kpiscopato.
On stones being tin own , Dr. Novia and soma
friends who wcro with him fired on tha
crowd. The police also acted similarly. portions wcro killed and wounded before
fore a troop of B ldiortt appeared and restored
order. The t7overnmcnt'saction in defend
ing the chuu'h party" was the cause of tbo
trouble , which , it Is believed , will bo moro
berlotia in its consequences.
Th Mayor of Cork Convicted.
DimuN , Feb. 14. The mayor of Cork has
been convicted on tm ! charge of assaulting a
pollen sergeant at , a plan of campaign meet-
In ? , and was sentenced lo fourteen days' im
prisonment without haul labor.
Gt'riiwny'H Senson of Kadn R .
DK'tu.v , Feb. H. Owing to the con
dition of the ci own prince , the emperor' *
ball , wl.Irh wns to have been Riven to nluht ,
and the guards' fete , have been utitdguta , .