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Arrest of a Wostoru Stock-Ealsor
by Now York Ofllcors.
Supposed to Hnve.nccn DcndforHix
Ycnrn , JnnicH Imflcr's Hiding
1'laco Discovered by
the Detectives.
The I > end Come lo Iilfe.
_ Morrison Wllcox. deputy sheriff of Cftttnr-
D'UBIIS county , New York , passed through the
city yesterday en route to Olcnn , nnd hnd
in custody .Tunics Gregory Lnflor , n promi
nent stock raiser whoso ranch Is located near
WatrouB , New Mexico. The prisoner was
handcuffed , nnd IIURO stool shackles were
clasped about his ankles. The crlmo
for which Laller Is now under arrest
Is robbery und assault with intent to kill.
The story of the terrible affair as told to
n reporter by the oftlcer is a strange
one and is as follows :
Mr. and Mrs. Mason Laflcr , parents of the
prisoner , arc respectable fanners living near
Olcan , Now York. Twin sons were born to
them and when they grew to manhood the
resemblance between them was so great that
few people could tell one from the other.
IJoth of them were sent to eolloKO , James
choosing Cornell and his twin
brother William wont to Yale.
Uoth of them , after three years'
left their alma maters und returned to their
homo. William took the management of the
farm nnd James began the study of law in
the village of Olcan. It was the habit of the
latter to spend Sunday at homo and on the
evening of that day the brothers invariably
spent a few hours at thu house of a neighbor
named John Clifford , a rich lumber manu
facturer and who had two lovely daughters.
One Sunday night in Juno Ibb'-J
a gcntli'inun called on Mr. Clifford and
paid him nearly (8,000 in cash. This
was done in the presence of both the Latter
brothers. Shortly after the twins departed
for homo.
Hctwccn the hours of 2 and 3 o'clock next
morning , Mr. Clifford was attacked by a
masked man nnd beaten into insensibility.
The $ $ ,000 which was hidden between the
mattress of the bed was taken and the rob
ber started to make his esca | > o. Ho was met
in the hall by the youngest Miss Clifford ,
William Trailer's sweetheart , and the girl
with unusual bravery , snatched the mask
from the robbers face and exclaimed , "My
God. Hill Laller what have you done ! " The
would-be murderer struck her und then lied.
Next morning William Laller was arrested
nnd held without bail charged with burglary
and attempted murder. Mr. Clifford finally
recovered and William was placed on trial.
The main witness was his old sweet-heart
who swore positively to indcntlfylnghim as
the robber. She was sure It was William nnd
not James as the robber was drcssscd in
the same clothes William had
worn the night proceeding the crime nnd
and which in material and style were radi
cally different from those worn by his
In his own behalf William testified that ho
was Innocent nnd all ho know was that ho
had retired one hour after leavingtheClifford
mansion on Sunday night. He had awakened
In the morning with a terrible nausea and
felt queer for two or three days. The jury
had brought in a verdict of guilty as charged
nnd the prisoner was sentenced to ten years
hard labor at Sing Sing.
While nearly every one believed William
Kiillty there was one firm friend who doubted
it ana set about to discover the truth. His
investigation lasted nearly a year. His dis-
coiverlus in brief were us follows : James at
Cornell contracted many debts which were
paid shortly after the robbery. That ho hod
, sent $3,000 to a Mrs. Coates in Ithiaca as
hush money for his ruining her daughter.
That on the Sunday night proceeding the
robbery James had purchased two
ounces of chloroform nt an Olcan
drug store with which ho undoubtedly drug
ged his brother. A hundred minor things
were found out that proved the guilt of
James Laflcr. Before this investigation was
completed James left for a trip to Now York.
Abmit two months later a report reached
Olean that ho had been drowned oft
Long Branch while yachting , und that his
body could not bo recovered. A week nfter-
wnru tt respectable looking man giving his
name ns Alfred Thomas appeared nt the Laf-
lor farm and continued the news. Ho brought
with him certain papers that bore out his
statement , and James was given up as dead.
One day , about three years later , Olcan
nnd the surrounding country were electrified
by the action of Governor Hill , who issued n
pardon for William Laticr , stating that ho
-was convinced of the convict's innocenceand
that ho was positive that the crime was com
mitted by his dead twin brother. The years
passed on and would doubtless become only
n memory ore long but for the appearance of
a man in Olcan Uvo weeks ago who hnd a
secret interview with the county , or district
attorney. He informed that olticiul that ho
was the man who had brought the news of
, Jnmes' death to the family six years before
nnd that ho was paid by James
to do it. Ho said that James was living and
was a ranchman , located near Wntrous , New
.Mexico. A warrant was issued and the fugi
tive apprehended last Thursday. Ho stoutly
denies his guilt und says tlmt ho will be able
to prove his innocence.
Chief of Police Soavey Determined to
Knforco It.
The city ordinance regulating the running
at largo of dogs Is a dead letter and has been
slnco Its original inception. , The tax , pro-
'vided for the enactment , Is $1 n year per dog ,
.but the law or any part thereof has never
ibccn enforced or any tax collected. Chief of
.Police Seavoy , however , declared that helms
determined that hereafter , commencing with
the 1st day of March , the letter and the
spirit of the ordinance shall bo carried out
and executed. He estimates that there are
no less than 8.000 unlicensed dogs running at
largo In the city , nnd ho intends to either do-
populnto the community of these useless and
annoying canines or. see that the
city realizes the lawful revenue. In
the months of Juno. July , August
and September It is ugalnt the law to allow
any unmuzzled dog to run tit largo In the
streets of the city of Omaha. Any dog
caught thus unmuzzled the law requires shall
bo killed , and the owner , if ho bo convicted
of allowing such dog to run so at largo , shall
bo lined in u sum not less than f 100. Any
party allowing n dog known to bo vicious to
run nt largo at any time unmuzzled is liable
to n line not less than $25 or moro than * 100.
Chief Senvey is making preparations for u
rigid enforcement of this ordinance nnd all
owners * of ddgs are hereby forewarned
ngulnst nuy violation of the same. A metal
tug attached to n collar will bo furnished for
each dog licensed , and which exempts them
from molestation while nt largo , or during
the current year of the payment of such
tax. f
The Company HUH Decided Not to Join
In the Freight War.
TUo Union Pacific will not take part in the
great freight war , at least for the present.
In view of the fact that both the B. & M. and
Chicago & Northwestern are actively engaged
in the strife nnd that these two roads enter a
considerable iwrtlon 'of the territory covered
by the Union Pacific the decision of'that com
pany has occasioned much surprise. To local
jioints in Nebraska the rates of the B. & M.
and Northwestern nro much lower on all
classes of freight and the stand taken by the
Union Pacific , is , to say the least u very
Btrango one.
In conversation with an old railroad man
yesterday a BKK reporter was Informed
that in all probability the unusually strange
attitude of the Union Pucllle was duo to an
agreement with the warring roads , whereby
the freight trafllo would bo pro rated and that
the Union Pacific would receive Its shnro
whether they curried a iwutul or not. This it
is hoped would break up the war
at un early date Inasmuch as nil dealers west
of the Missouri river are delaying giving or-
' dcrs for goods hoping to get n very small
freight rjto. They nro anxiously watching
the movements of the Union Pacific managers
and will hold off ns long as possible before
ordering Uny freight shipped. Of course thte
will aflin all the roads uud they , seeing that
nsig4)eiit8 ) , even ut reduced ra.tcs , nro
rery fevf , will couio to un agreement soon.
TJuU vfew of tbo CUMJ was stated to u prom-
Incnt Union Pacific official yesterday. Ho
nald tlmt It wns n very Ingenious
theory but was nbsolutcly untrue. The Union
Pacific , ho further flaid , wns in no such com
bination. The company simply refused to
enter into the battle and would keep out ns
Idng ns possible. The connections of the
road hnd been so Informed , To the question :
"What Is the reason of the company's de
cision I" ho said that ho did not earo to dis
cuss that | Klnt. ) The company has taken its
stand und that was all there was of it. There
Tlight be some lm ) > ortnnt move In the near
nturc , but of that ho could say nothing ut
Notwithstanding the denial of the Union
Pacific the theory advanced , ns above , is gen
erally accepted ns true in commercial circles.
JUDGE wni B.
The funcrnl of this well-known gentleman
took place Sunday afternoon from his Into
residence on Eighteenth street ncnr Leaven-
worth. It wns largely attended by friends
nnd acquaintances who had known the de
ceased in life. The funeral services were
conducted by Ilov. W. A. Copelaml , of the
Unitarian church. The pallbearers were A.
P. Nicholas , Henry Bolln , Henry Beavers ,
Goo. E. Strathmnn , Herman Meyer ilnd
Gustavo Belickc. At Prospect Hill , where
the deceased was burled , J. B , Houck de
livered un eloquent and forcible address at
the grave.
Edward Benkin , whoso death was an
nounced In the Hun of Saturday was buried
in Forest Lawn cemetery , under
the auspices of the Carpenters' and Joiners'
union. The funeral took place from the
residence of the deceased , Fiftli and Pierce
streets and was preceded by the Union
Pacific band , to the northern part of the
The remains of Paul Frrtcli. nephew of
Mrs. Fred Krug and Mrs. Ed Wlttig , were
buried Sunday afternoon , in Forest Lawn
cemetery , the funeral cortege leaving Drcxel
& . Maul's , whcrotho remains of the young
man hnd lain since his death , two days be
fore in St. Joseph's hospital.
Flndra Wonccslaus , the unknown , whoso
remains have been , for several days , lying in
Barrett & Heafy's , was buried yesterday
afternoon nt 'J o'clock in St. Mary's cemetery.
Funeral services were held at the Bohemian
church on South Fourteenth street.
The first special iraliccman who acted on
the Sixteenth street viaduct , Mutbcw Brady ,
died Sunday at the residence of his family ,
H31 South Sixteenth street. He was a quiet ,
unassuming man , esteemed by all his
acquaintances. Some months ago a change
in the council cost him his position , since
which time inactivity and n complication of
diseases worked UJMIII him with the result
above mentioned. The funeral will take
place tilts * ; morning at 11:80 : o'clock ,
services being held at St. Patrick's church.
. .
The death yesterday of Freddy , the five-
year-old nephew and adopted child of Mrs.
Mnckuy , 1015 Chicago street , was from u curi
ous and unusual cause. Aboiit n year ago
ono of his play-fellows in si > qrt thrust a piece
of chalk Into his ear. The piece wassoflrmly
fixed in the orifice that it could not bo re
moved , nnd us n result an abscess formed ,
which was treated in vain by physicians.
There was no symptoms of the case proving
fatal , and only a few hours before his death
the boy was out at piny. The death was sud
den and is thought to have been caused by
the abscess bursting in the brain , causing the
same effect ns apoplexy.
Albert , the Champion Pedestrian , n
Former llesldcnt of Thta City.
It may .not bo generally known , but it is a , '
fact that Albert , the winner of the recent six
days go-as-you-plea'so walking match at
Madison square garden , New York , was atone
ono time a resident of this city , an attache
of the old gambling house of Bivens& Ken
nedy , over the Turf Exchange. Albert's
score in the' race was ( Wl miles and u frac
tion , the biggest on record. A utill moro
wonderful feature of the performance is that
Albert on the lust day , was sound and
healty , and apparently ns fresh as upon the
opening day. This , together with the mar
velous distance ho covered , has given rise tea
a widespread suspicion among sporting men ,
and many openly declare that there was
some "shcnunnigan" connected with his
work. Fitzgerald , . the ex-champion's cele
brated score was 010 miles , eleven
miles less than Albert's , and
at the close Fit/gerald , who is a man of ex
traordinary endurance , was nil but literally
prostrated with exhaustion anil unable to
move hand or foot for days. Fitzgerald de
clares the recent achievement an impossi
bility und challenges Albert to n similar con
test with him. That there was fraud con
nected with Albert's feat there seems to bo
but little doubt. Just what Albert's secret
is , of course , is a matter difficult to discover ,
but the furore it has created may lead to a
full expose of the whole affair.
Statistics For the Month of January.
City Physician Ralph's report for the month
of January , shows that there were nlnety-ftvo
deaths within the citylimltsduring the month
I from violence ; scarlet fovcrl ; dlpthcria
7 ; membranous croup 0 : erysipelas Ijcere-
bra-splnal fever 3 ; cancer 4 ; phthisis pulmo-
nalls7 ; pneumonia U ; heart disease 3 ; ma
rasmus 1 ; meningitis 5 ; convulsions 4 ; en
teritis 3 ; peritonitis 2 ; premature births 3 ;
old ago 5 ; freezing 8 ; noplitis 1' ; poison 1 ; ab-
cess 1 ; typhoid 2 ; not given 17. Of these the
First ward had 20 ; Second 18 ; Third 9 ;
Fourth 14 ; Fifth 8 ; Sixth 0 ; Seventh 7 ;
Eighth 11 and Ninth 7. Of the decedents 57
were males and 88 females. Married 28 ;
single 54 ; widowed 10 ; unknown 8 ; colored
1. The annual death per 1,000 In an estimated
imputation of 100,000,11.04. The births dur
ing the month were lit ! , 114 white ; 2 colored ;
males 01 ; females 55 ; still born B. .
Charged with Robbery.
Frank Hampton , a traveling man , ap
peared before Assistant County Attorney
Gurloy yesterday and mudo complaint
against Nellie King , charging her with rob
bing him of $100 in her house Sunday night.
Hampton called there in a state of intoxica
tion , and yesterday discovered that ho had
boon robbed. Miss King denied the story to
u BED reporter , nnd denounced Hampton
as a dead-beat and a bilk. She said she
counted his money after ho had been in the
house an hour or so and that ho had but $15
In bills , nnd two or three dollars in silver ,
and that ho lost none of it nor loft none of it
in her place. She was arrested later on and
her trial set for this afternoon. When the
case came up Miss King was dismissed , as
Hampton failed to appear. She is very indig
nant at the charge mudo against her , and
has since sworn out a warrant for the arrest
of the complainant on the charge of perjury.
What the Motlier-i'n-Ijaw Says.
Mrs. Ellen Kingsloy , mother-in-law of
William Klnnoy , whoso domestic troubles
have received some prominence lately , states
that she Is in no wise responsible for the
trouble in the Kinney household. Mrs.
Kingsloy say * she docs not court the promi
nence in which this affair has brought her
name , yet In Justice to herself and friends
she feels culled upon to make this denial.
She regrets greatly the misfortune of her
daughter , yet U satisfied that she has done
all in her | > o\ver to avert It.
Dlebold Safes'
Cull nnd sco the large stock Mcughor
& Lench , gone ml ngouts , have on hand
nt 1415 Funmm st. , Omaha.
General Court Martial.
A general court martial is ordered to beheld
held at Fort Brldgcr , Wyo. , February 17.
The detail for the court is as follows : Major
Andrews , Captain Howe. Captain Grampian ,
Captain O'Brien , Captain Bradley , Lieuten
ant Ogle. Lieutenant Stamper , Lieutenant
Camp , Lieutenant Frier , Lieutenant Dwyer ,
Lieutenant Chubb , judge advocate.
A New School District.
Superintendent Urunor has established
now school district It lies just west of the
southwestern limits of the city and Is a portion
tion of District No , 0. U will bo known as
District tfo , 55. It will bo ten days yet bg-
fore'officers are elected und work on n school
house forth9 now district will be commenced
early In the ipriug.j
DUtrlct Court.
OX TlltU , Foil IIO1II1KIIT.
William Kclff , the hacktrmu charged with
rQbbcry , wns placed on trial yesterday before
fore JuilRa Oroff. The prcK | > nucrcnco of the
testimony wan much against the prisoner.
Mlnnla A. Hcnklo , In her petition for a dl-
vcri-o from her huvinnd Abraham , filed yes
terday afternoon says that she wns married
to defendant Juno t ) , 18M , at Swgowney , la. ,
nnd has always conducted herself as a peed
wife should. Completely disregarding his
vows at the altar Abraham , by constant use
of Intoxicants has become an habitual drunk
ard and has used her with extreme cruelty.
Ho bus struck her and otherwise maltreated
WANTS ins Moxr.r.
David M. Urc , of Monmouth , 111. , brought
suit this afternoon against Temple W. ana
Alexander Atkinson , ct al. , for a Judgment
of $2,174 on a promlsory note and for the
foreclosure on mortgage of live lots In Cent
ral park.
ATTACHMENT ! 'ltOCr.titXO : < < .
Yesterday afternoon MuNcll and Hlpplns
Instituted attachment proceedings against
Kaufman Uros. to recover $5'J1.74 for goods
furnished them.
AN AI'IT.At , .
Bcriawu & Co. yesterday lllcd an appeal In
H judgment rendered against them In the
county com t. _ _ _ _ _
Police Court.
The following cases wuro disposed of yes
terday morning :
Drunks-Walter Hclnpcn , Mlko Pink ,
Frank Fisher , Put McCaffrey , Pat Curdy ,
Charles Krlcson , Charles Young , Clint liar-
land , discharged.
Vagrants John Laccy , ordered out of
town ; Jim Wilson , Grant Fletcher , dllto ;
Charles Kline , Mlko Hcaloy , Martin llylcs ,
Kino day ; Oeorgc McAvoy , ten days ; George
Wilbon , discharged.
Fast Driving Frank Ilush and Joe Rich ,
Carrying Concealed Weapons Isanu Fowler
ler , ten days.
Latveny Con O'Brien , fifteen days.
Disturbing the Pence Al Urown , $10 nnd
costs ; Emantiol Forloy , $10 and costs ; Frank
Smith , continued ; Tom Hoach , ? , " > and costs
Taylor C. Blair , of Broken Bow , marketed
a loud of hogs.
H. B. Ganimcl , of Hebron , Neb. , brought in
five cars of cattle.
A. Hedges , of Elm Creek , Is In with two
cars of cattlo.
J. D. Galloway Is In from Tingly , liL look'-
ing over the yards. He is a prominent' feeder.
L. N. Gallup , of Enyert , Mo. , is .looking
over the yards in view of future shipments
John Bower Is in with u load of hogs from
Northborougli , la. , and caught thu top lig-
Dave Anderson obtained possession of a
house ot his , occupied by Theodore Elliott ,
on a writ of forcible detainer.
Clmrllo Mullory and J. W. Foresman , of
the Chicago linn of Mullory & Son , were
down visiting their friends at the yards.
Jnsticb Levy continued the case of W. H.
Homnn against Mike Walldredgo yesterday
morning. It is another suit for the nonpayment
ment of rent.
Jiinmie Anderson , one of tlio first packing
house employes of South Omaha' , has re
turned to his llrst love after an absence of
nearly a year.
The new ice company is filling its ice
houses in readiness for the summer cam
paign. The Union Pacific is handling about
twenty cars per day , and yesterday took in
The trouble between Weiss , the grocer ,
and ShelTliick , the saloonkeeper , was ended
yesterday , by Justice Levy. The grocer gets
paid for his goods and the saloonkeeper" gets
nothing for the use of his sleigh the jnstico
holding that the $10.50 charged would buy
ten like it.
Exchange 'hotel guests yesterday were :
George A. Winninn , Henderson , Nub ; John
Jones Hoopolo , Sehuyler , Neb , ; TJ J. Alld-
ritt , Friend , Neb. ; F. L. Shttw , Fullerton ,
Neb. ; C. C. Clifton , Wahoo , Neb. ; Dojiglip
Terry , Convers , Neb. j
The South Omaha Medical society is now
an established Institution , and any ono con
templating an attack of illness can figure out
how much it will cost. Jho price list runs
from $1 to J'JOO for the various Ills tlmt man
is heir to , and neat copies of it are conspicu
ously displayed in the drug shops.
Articles of value and of no value are dully1'
picked up by the crows of the dummy trains.
The latest find is placed to the credit of Con
ductor Wilcox , who picked up the bustle of a
South Omuhu belle yesterday. It is at the
depot , aud the owner can have it on applica
tion Conductor Wilcox has no use for it.
Now that the Fremont , Elkliorn & Mis
souri Valley road arc bidding for South
Omaha tnulc , they would find it convenient
to their patrons and their employes to fur
nish a tclphotic. As it is , their customers
are oTten delayed , and the company looses
the cost of fuel in putroling their line hourly
with a Switch engine. At the same time a
switchman's house would bo accommodation
for their men.
Another case of destitution has been hoard
of. A poor woman living in the 'neighbor
hood of Twenty-second street took a pro
scription to a drug store , but not having the
money to pay for it , it was not filled. She
applied to a councilman for an order on the
city but was refused , und had to walk homo
without it. Some of her neighbors , however ,
came to hen assistance , nnd raised sufficient
to pay for the medicine.
"Tell the shippers through the Br.r that
they must not rush their cattle to the imirket
on account of the cut in railroad rates , " bald
a prominent commission man yesterday. "
"If they do they will only bo robbed. Chicago
cage reports say that buyers there are hold
ing oft in anticipation of a glut.
They expect every one will take
advantages of the low rates , and when the
market is glutted knock down the prices ftO
cents or more. " "Yes , and tell them to re
member that Lent begins this week and that
will make the meat trade somewhat slow , "
said another commission man. Consequently
the BKB tolls its readers , , and they can govern
themselves accordingly.
Proceeds of the Hide.
It will bo remembered that a fund was
taken up to defray incidental expenses of the
Omaha-Council Blnffs sleigh ride. The com
mittee of arrangements consisted of W. G.
Shrivcr , J. L. Uice. Julius Meyer and G. W.
Holbrook. This committee has made the
following report , showing the receipts and
disbursements :
Subscriptions collected $ .V > 0 50
Expenses liti'J f > 0
Balance $ lH ( ) 00
This balance wao disposed of as follows :
To the Crccho $ 50 00
Childrens homo ! T > 00
W.C. A 2500
W. C. T.U ' < : , 00
Y. M. C. A. building fund . - U5 00
Miss Koyco 10 00
Total , . . . . * 100 00
Tlio 1'rcsH Glut ) .
A largely attended meeting of the Press
club was holil Sunday afternoon at the
rooms of the club , in Continental block. A
largo and most beautiful photograph of Lizzio
Evans , the clover llttlo actress who has sev
eral times appeared In this city was , through
the Instrumentality of Ed. Southard , of
Southard & Sherwood presented to the organ
ization. The picture was beautifully framed
nnd accompanied by a cleverly written note
of presentation. Miss Evans , it seems , is
ono of the actresses who have faith in
Omaha , and this has been shown by her In
vestment hero lately of nearly $ 40,000 in real
estate. A number of bills Were audited'and
details attended to relating to the forthcom
ing benefit of the club which is to take place
at Boyd's ou the 27th inst.
Cable and Horse Cars Collide.
Thwowasa recurrence yesterday after
noon of collisions between the cable nnd
horse cars. Ono.of . the latter attempted to
make the crossing at Fifteenth and Hurnoy
streets In advance of a cable train going cast ,
and was struck. The horse car was derailed ,
and several lights of glass In tlio windows
were shattered. No ono wait hurt.
Tlio Concordla Mask nail.
The grand mask ball of the Concordla So
ciety takes place this evening
at Gcrmaula ball. Tlio Concordla Is the most
prominent Goraan singing society , being
i composed oi the loaO MClety people ot tbat
nationality. It Is a ubscrlptlon ball nad no
tickets will bo sold .a t the door. Applications
for tickets must be made to the committee ,
Which Is composed ! of the following gentle
men : Adolph Me r , George E. Stratman.
H. Englcman. Theodore Sinhold aud August
Schaofcr. The society has made extraordi
nary arrangements for the affair , and It Is
said that the partyrolllbotho finest ono given
at Gcrmanla hall since its opening.
Lectures to Men.
On next Monday evening , nt Trinity
cathedral , Dean Gardner , who has distin
guished himself tut ono of the most effective
imlult orators In this city , will commence a
wrlcs of lectures , which will continue during
the week nnd are Intended solely for gentle
men. Those lectures will partake largely of
the nature of n mission and will bo both inter
esting and particularly appropriate ) ns an In
troduction to nnd the inauguration of the
licnltcntlal season of lent.
Mr . Pnttnti'N Friends.
The friends of Mrs. Patton , wife of the
street car driver who attempted suicide
Saturday , state that the charge that the act
was duo to Improper conduct on the part of
Mrs. Patton Is absolutely false. They state
that the real cause of Patton's ' foolish act was
due to the fact that he was out of employment
nnd in depressed spirits. The friends of Mrs.
Patton were shocked nt the intimation of any
wrong doingon the part of Mrs. Patton , whom
they describe us n model wife and u ludy in
every respect. _
Fell nn iTlM Cheek.
G. W. Thayer , the newspaper messenger
on the American express between Omaha
nnd Hastings , on Saturday Jumped off u train
at the latter place and was thrown heavily
upon the ground , cutting and bruising his
face in n painful manner. At the depottrains
No. 1 and No.'J meet , nnd it was his custom to
go down on ono and return on the other. Ho
wns attempting to roach the latter when hemet
met with the accident , Thayer will bo laid
up for several days.
C. C. Beldcn , of Thompson , Bclden & Co. ,
left yesterday for New York city , on u
IHirchasIng tour. Mrs. Beldcn accompanies
iier husband s far as Dunlup , Iowa , where
she will visit friends. Mr. Bclden will re
turn In about ten days.
Absolutely Pure *
This powder never varies. A marvel of puri
ty , strength and wholehoineness. .More econom
ical than thu ordinary kind * , and numot be sold
in romputltlnn witnTlio multitude of lo\v cost ,
short weight alum on phosphate powdera. Sold
only In cans. Itoyal Ilaklng 1'owiler Co. , JL'U
Wall street , New York.
Tbo best and wrcct Beoedjr for Core of
all diseases cause * 3 > y any der ngom ptof ;
tba Liver , Eldnoyi , Stomach and Dowels.
Dygpopslo , Sick Headache , Constipation ,
Billons Complaints and Ualorlaof nil kinds
yield readily to the beaeflceat influence of
It U pleasant to the taste , tones np the
Bystem , restores and preserves health.
It Is purely Vegetable , and cannot fall to
prove beneficial , both to old and young.
As a Blood Putter It Is saperior to all
ethers. Sold everywhere at $1.00 a bottle.
" " .TV
Two for a Cent
And the best ever made. Cheap
enough , surely , and so good that
those who have used them won't have
others.- What ? Ath-lo-
any . - are they - -
pho-ros Pills. What aretheyfor ? For
disordered Stomach or Lverlndigest- !
ion , DyspepslaConstpation , ! , Nervous
or General Debility , Headache , Lassi
tude , Diseases of Women. They'll
take away that tired feeling , give new
life and strength. Small and pleas
ant to take , yet wonderfully effective.
Prepared from the formula of an
eminent physician. Neatly put up in
bottles , and sold by all druggists.
112 Wall St. , New York.
The Kearney Land Office of Kearney , Neb ,
Tim oldest and bent established Heal Estate
nnd Loan iiuslness in Central Nebraska. 1 now
olTer It for bale after II years'continuous own
ership and management , on account of falling
health , flood house property can go with It.
AboWO.tXW worth of lands and Kearney city
lots If wanted. Ad < lm > s
The Kearney Imnd Ofllco ,
Ki-nrilfy , Nell.
Cured MV WAKKFIEMTH popular
TIIVITI For Sale lj ALL Drutgliti. Till IT. or
, _ HB * T TO
11 KB br thit Niw luriovio
U > l pei cpurpOitCDElo
_ lIKEIUmi WliUMis , JT. |
' tinnoui , wild ,
teething of
currcDU "
Ity dlncttXronih ! .l | w.a p.n.'mio"
protcninti ettr II olhtr btlu. orn cn.i txri
Bjn ntl/cnr iJ InIhrrtmonth ; . IBc.tld p.mrhl l4Ump
tbaSindonE cti oCo. l6BLi8allCt..Cricig !
The event of this week will be our great shirt sale. The , season id
crowding upon us and new goods have to come in earlier than in for
mer years. Adhering to our determination to have all goods from last
season out of the way , we will place on sale this week all the fancy
Percale shirts we have left and propose to make one grand sweep
with them. For convenience the goods have been arranged in three lots :
All our $1.75 , $1.5O and $1.25 shirts are offered at 75 cents. These
are of fine imported French Percale , open front and open back ,
three collars and one pair cuffs to each shirt made like best cus
tom work , double stitched , felled seams and French Placket slee
ves , all hand finished 75 cents.
AU our $1.00 , 90c and 75c shirts are offered at this sale at'50 cents ;
Among them are some of Garner's best Percales , warranted col
ors and splendid patterns two collars and extra cufis with each
shirt 50 cents.
The third lot comprises all laundried fancy shirts we have been sell
ing at 60 and bOc and these will go at this sale for 25 cents.
The prices quoted require no comment.
Our first installment of Spring Overcoats has arrived. The styles
are beautiful and they will be marked at our usual popular prices.
All goods marked in plain figures aiitl at strictly ono prlca.
ka Clothing Company
Corner Douglas and 14th , Streets , Omaha.
N. W. Cor. 13th & Dodge Sta
Best facilities , apparatus and remedies for sue
ccfsfiil treatment or every form of disease requir
ing Medical or Surgical Treatment.
Board and attendance ; best hospital accommo
dations in the nest.
WHITU roil CIRCULARS on Deformities and
Braces , Trusses , Cluli I'eet , Curvature of the
Spine , Files , Tumors , Cancer , Catarrh , Broi.chilis ,
Inhalation , Electricity , Fnrnljsis , Hpilepsy , Kid
ney , Illaddcr , Rye , Ear , SUiu and lllooil , and all
Surgical Operations.
Diseases of Women a Specialty.
All Blood Diseases successfully treated. Svph-
llitic FoKon removed from the system without
mercury. New restorative treatment for loss ol
Vital Power. 1'crsons unable to visit us may be
treated at home by correspondence. All commu
nication * confidential. Medicines or instruments
ent by mail or express , securely packed , no
marks to indicate contents or sender. One per
sonal interview preferred. Call and consult us or
end history of your case , nnd we will send ill
plain wrapper , our
Upon Private. Special or Nervous Diseases , Im-
potency. Syphilis. Gleet aud Varicocele , with
question list. Address
Omaha Mrdtral anil Attrntrnl Institute , or
Cor.l3th and Dodge Sit. . OMAHA. NEB.
{ S. (6 ( D.
1742 Lawrence St. , Denyer , Col ,
Of the 5llss > ouri State Museum of Anatomy , St.
LoulK , Mo. , University College Hospital , Lon
don , Gieseu , ( icriuuny and New York , liuviug
devoted their attention
More especially those arising from impru
dence. Invite all so BUtrerinK to correspond with
out delay. Diseases of lutectlon und contagion
cured safely and speedily without use of ilan-
Kcrous drugs. Patients whose cases have been
neglected , badly treated or pronounced Incur
able , should not fall to wrltu us concerning their
symptoms. AH letters receive Immediate utteu-
And will be mailed FHKIJ to any address on re
ceipt ot one S-rent stamp , "Practical Observa-
tlcns on Nervous Debility and Physical Exhaus
tion , " to which is added an "Kssay on Mar
riage , " with Important chapters on diseases of
the Reproductive Organs , the whole forming a
valuable medicaltreatiselilcli , bhould he read
by all young men. Address
1742 Lawrence St. , Denver , Col.
hemarkablo for powerful sympv
Thetlc"tone , pllftblo action and ab
solute durability. iiO ycurb record ,
the bent guarauteu ot the excel
lence ot tliesti Instruments.
/ Third JudlcJil District.
O. H. CURTIS , PfiEt. J. HURD. THOMPSON , Sic. T A .
Electro-Magnetic Belts !
The Grandest Triumph ol Etidlrlc Science
' Scienll"caly | Made and Practically Applied.
Gentlemen's Belt B st fefntlffl
B re yo P l U th * R k , H d or Limb *
Nn-rei. lability , Lmmb.B < > , jnt Il.bUUr , liken
matUn. raralnla , Neuralta , StUUcB , IIUCDMI of Kldarjh l pl * L iMaea * * ; , Torpid tlrer ,
flout , KihBviUo. , Etaiulona , Asthma , Heart IMteaie. Ujspepela , Constipation. Kryalpclas ,
lndl > ntlao , We.kocM. ImiatiacT , Catarrh. Vllfm , Kpllrp > 7. l b Ajruei UlabcVMt Urdroocte.
JUlood llUrair * . l rep r , rte thca lkl belt U Jiut Wk > t JO Dec < -
to any part of the Whole WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS.
wear It. It flAs the blood and
Ion. NOTE the following wbo hare betn
- - " , alt onlloant of Tr de ,
Col _ . Connallr ,
Murray , Naperrlllo. Ill.t 1I , . Abbott , lupt. cltr Vierworks , 8o'nthjen ) < iiricl'i ; Hoot. R. 8anipionChicago
| K > * t oftlcoi L U. McMlchkel , M. D. . Uuffalu. N..T- -"Your bolt baiaccompllahed what no other remedy nan
Ktfady norTea andromfortablualoepatiilgbt. " Robt. Hail , alderman , 16O ait nth Street. , New Tork-
and tnouxandi of others. '
strei produces a continuous current ) confeysoleotrlctty through the body on the norrea. II ; cures diseases
hr ffvneratlnir a continuous current ot electricity (1O ( or 1 hours out of M ) throughout the human aystem ,
aflayln * all nerrousness Inunedtauly , and producing a new circulation of the Iff * foroes-tbe blood , Im-
parting Tlgor , itrenictn. cnernr and health , wh nal"oth rtreatmenthas failed. ThomertU of thlssclan-
line lirtt are rccoirnliod and Indorsed by thousand ! whom It has cured.
. -Anr bank , commercial aaen or wholesale home lnChlcaO | whoUillo droggilte ,
Catalogues and Price List upon Application.
The nr.ST and MOST FOPtTIiAB
Sewing Thread of Modern Time * .
Kir.pATRlCK-Kocii Dry Goods Co.
_ _ , . AND ATllKTAILIir
8. P. MOUSE & CO.
HAYUKN linos.
CIIAS. HINDI : ) ! , South Omaha , and all first-
class retail dealers.
I itVlrfrn IMmho llt iornl. Tie
m tui l cllii mil Kuiirllont
rerchrronB , Clydesdales and Shire , nluo horrM
bred colts. Kvery unlmal guaranteed a breeder
Our stock has been Relucted with reference to
both Individual merit and pedigree. Home of
these hornes have taken first prize at the Ne
braska State Kelr , 1887. All our homes are ac
climated , and colts of their get can bo shown.
Trices reasonable and easy terms. Is acresslbla
by thu three leading railroads of the stuto , U. It
JI.J r" E. & M. V. . and K. C. & O. . „ .
'FUV & pAIIltllAH , York. Neb
20 Cents a Week.
BoVeh papers a week. Bend your order to th
bnirc , .
1029 F Street , Capital Hotel Bullting