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BtllTf red by carrier In any part of the city t
twenty cents per wetk ,
1 ! W TitTON. . . . | .Manager.
rcrmtf * Office , No. 4J.
NHIIIT EtiiTon No. si.
C N. Y. Plumbing Co.
Now spring goods nt Rotter's.
Permit to wed win ycstorduy granted
John II. NlcholH mid Simih A. Ilunuuy ,
both of this city.
The Pull Mull club gives the last of
its series of parties at the Royal Ar
canum parlors this evening.
Frank Zonuwine has puichased the
district telegraph service at St. Joseph ,
Mo.and has decided to make that place
his permanent home.
Yesterday the city treasurer received
from the county treasurer the llrst in
stallment of the taxes of 1888. It
amounted to $4,458.38.
William Cook has purchased a homo
through the agency of Johnston it Van
Patten. It is located on Frank street ,
and was bought of Charles Shearer.
The pulpit of St. Paul's Episcopal
church will be lilled next Sabbath even
ing by Bishop Leonard , the newlv
elected bishop of Utah. Ho is a man of
grc-at power and his auditors will bo ro-
gnlcd with a treat.
A peddler who speaks several foreign
languages ( all unknown to the police ) ,
was pulled in yesterday for selling with
out a licence. Ho registered at the sta
tion as A Washer Machecn , Omaha ,
which gives no clue to his name , but in
dicates his business.
The case of the state against H. C.
Barnes , larceny , was called in Justice
Barnett's court yesterday. By consent
of attorneys it was continued until the
20th inst. This is the fourth continu
ance taken in the case , and it is thought
it will at lust be dropped.
In the concert to-night , in Omaha ,
Mr. M. T. Troynor , the local tenor , is
upon the programme in numbers. This
concert promises to bo one of the musi
cal events of the season , and a number
of persons residing in this city will at
The grand jury began its labor yes
terday. There will bo some curiosity
as to the outcome of the cases thrcat-
cned ngaint the gambling houses , which
have not fully complied with the notice
given them by Colonel Daily , the county
attoinoy to go out of business or bo
The masquerade given last cvcnitig
by the Maeiuierchor was a great suc
cess. There was a greater variety of
costumes , and more novelty shown ,
than on any previous occasion. With
good music , a largo crowd , and the best
of order , the evening was made a merry
i ono.
On Saturday last the deal was closed
by which J. W. Classenof Walnut , sold
to Gbiintz , Glee & Ott his stock of hard
ware. The price paid was $3,070. Mr.
Classen has been in business there for
years , and his retirement is a surprise
to those who have known and done bus
iness with him. The new lirm are resi
dents of Walnut.
The body of Mrs. McMnhon was taken
yesterday morning to the homo of Mr.
Dryden , in Hardin township , and at U
o'clock p. m. the services attending the
interment wore held at the same place.
The Rov. G. W. Crafts , of the Congre
gational church conducted the services
and spoke words of comfort to the be
reaved hearts.
Yesterday afternoon a delivery team
was passing up Broadway. Before it
loft this street and passed upon Main
the horses were started by the driv er
into a run , and this gait was kept up
the whole length of North Main street ,
jeopardizing the safety of all upon the
street. Such cases should receive
prompt attention at the hands of the po
lice. A few lines would destroy the
charm and fun in fast driving.
The Broadway Methodist church is
beginning its sixth week of revival
work. Nightly from ono to two hundred
persons are unable to gain admission , so
great is the interest. There have been
a great many accessions to the church ,
arid many more are coming in all the
time. Taken in connection with the
work at other churches there is a great
religious interest which will be product
ive of wonderful results.
Yesterday morning a valuable dog be
longing to T. J. Cla'rk attempted to
jump through a barb wire fence. The
skin covering the abdomen caught upon
the sharp points , and in his efforts to
extricate himself the abdomen cavity
was torn completely open. Desiring to
save the lifo of the poor brute Mr.
Clark called a physician. The animal
was ohloroformc'd , in order to sow up the
wounds. The animal was too badly in
jured and died during the operation.
Whatever matters of municipal reform
nro desired by the citizens of the city
ctn bo accomplished by working thrt > ugn
the proper channels. It is requisite tc
elect men to the council who are in sym
pathy with these measures. To do this
it is necessary to attend the caucuses and
eeo that the proper men are nominated.
If people are not willing to do this there
is no good ground to Kick against the
nominees and afterward to upbraid the
The board of supervisors will meet in
special session to-morrow , at which time
they will bo asked to accept the county
court house. No difficulty is antici
pated , and the structure will doubtless
bo taken oft from the hands of the con
tractors and payment made as per con
tract. In this event the dedication will
bo fixed for an early day. The furni
ture baa boon ordered from Andrews &
Co. , of Chicago , and was to have boon
here by the 16th inst. Nothing has yol
been heard of its whereabouts. The
money , 91,800 , is ready to pay for the
eamo on its arrivnl. _
Union Abstract Co. , 230 Main st.
E. H. Sheafo loans money on chattel
security of every description. Private
consulting rooms. All ousinoss strictly
confidential. Oflico 600 Broadway , cor
ner Main street , up-stairs.
S. B. Wadsworth , & Co. loan mouoy.
F. d'Urro , 828 Avenue A , being about
to remove to California , will dispose ol
a very fine piano worth $350 , by raflle on
March 17 , at the Manhattan. Little
Annie Clark of Avenue A. will draw the
lucky number.
If you desire to get a now Hall type writci
cheap , drop a postal card to H. A. P. , BEE
oftlco. A great bargain for the first whc
Ono thousand head of ono , two and
three-year-old steers for sale. Will give
credit to reliable parties. Enquire c
A. J. Greonamayor.
A fine corner lot on lower Brondwaj
for this week only. Johnston & Van
Patten , 33 Main street.
Shoafo loans money on real estate.
Tip ton haa a 100 aero farm to trade
for a city residence. It's a bargain ,
Do you hoar ? If you follows who wanl
farm miss this and llnd it out , you'll
turn up your tow.
to-t * * , i
The Dirt Hauling Ordinance Has a
Hole Bigger Than the Wagons.
A Spicy Hull Bctwccit Landlord and
Tenant An lunatic Wife Coun
cil Doing * Another Ogdcn
.House Promise. '
A Faulty Ordinance.
"I BOO tliere Is some complaint be
cause wo do not enforce the dirt htiullng
ordinance , " remarked one of the ofll-
ecru. "Where's your book of ordin
ances ? Just look at it tuid see whether
it's our fault. You see the ordinance
provides simply that the wagons shall
have tight end boards , but the bottom
can bo like a sieve , and wo can't help
It. There it is , you sec. It wiys , 'To
have tight end-gates in front and rear
of boxen , so ti8 to prevent the dirt , siind
or gravel or other material , from dropp
ing on and into any street , highway or
tilley , where hauling the same for the
purjKj'je as HDOVO defined : " Now one of
the troubles Is that the teamsters haul
by the load , and of course the contrac
tors get them to haul just as big loads
as they run. They shovel onto a wagon
BO much dirt that it is heaped up above
the sideboards , and it keeps rattling
over the sides' and into the
streets. What can wo do about it ? The
wagons have tight nd gates , but that
don t keep the dirt from rattling off.
The officers ought not to bo blamed for
not enforcing the ordinance. The
ordinance itself is at fault , and ought to
bo changed , if the city wants to put a
stop to the spilling of dirt along the
streets. "
The teamsters have their bide of the
controversy. They declare that they
must have their wagon boxes so made as
to be loose , and so as to bo easily taken
apart in unloading. Otherwise their
work of unloading will bo so great and
so slow as to knock nil profits olT. They
fcny there is more trouble caused by the
heaping up ofV-tho loads than by dirt
falling through the wagon box. Some
suggest that an ordinance forbidding
the loading of wagons above the height
of the side and end boards would dc
more to prevent the spilling of dirt
along the streets than any tight box
Money to loan. W. S. Cooper.
Wanted A good , first-class harness
maker. Must bo a good cutter. Ap
ply to i trohbehn & Vogcler.
Landlord and Tenant.
Judge Thornell was able to appear in
person yesterday morning to preside in
the district court. The trial of the case
of Mrs. Jane Richardson against Colonel
C. R. Scott was resumea and occupied all
the day. The plaintiff has for her at
torneys Flickingor Bros , and Judre { _
Ford. Colonel Scott has called to hie
assistance Colonel Sapp. The evidence
has not thus far been of to spicy a na
ture as was generally expected , although
there were some streaks of humor and
gleams ol sharpness yesterday. Mrs.
Richardson was at ono time on Colonel
Scott's farm ns a tenant , and trouble
arose. It was claimed by her that the
landlord was overbearing and tyranni
cal , and that ho violated their contract
by forcibly taking possession of the
farm , ejecting her therefromand using
such abusive language to her as to make
him liable for damages on account ol
slander. She also claims damages be
cause of her arrest for violating
an injunction restraining her
from going onto the farm. She
makes up nuite a bill against the land
lord , and the present suit is to get the
bill audited and allowed. The other
side of the contest is to the effect , that
Mrs. Richurdbon acted so as to exasper
ate a saint , and to muko an even more
evenly tempered man than Scott lly of !
the handle. It is claimed that she
allowed cockle burrs to spring up all
over the farm and grow luxuriously ,
and that the property was bo used or
misused as _ to cause it to depreciate in
value so rapidly as to necessitate prompt
action to save it. Various suits wore
started , including ejectment proceed
ings , injunction , contempt , habeas
corpus , and others , in which Colonel
Scott simply sought such nth-antnges as
ho could gain through the courts. The
case before Judge Aylesworth in which
a number of fine bunchesof cockle burrs
were introduced in evidence , is still
fresh in the memory of those who heard
any of the evidence. The present suit
is a gathering up of all the old oases , n
potpourri , sharply spiced , and before
the end is reached will doubtless fur
nish more amusement for those whc
have little else to do besides hanging
about the court room and watch pro
On the market for over twenty years ,
Still the most reliable and the most
popular sewing machine made. The
tight running Domestic. OHlco 1W
Main st.
Travelers1 ! Stop ut the Bcchtelo.
The Y. M. O. A. Gymnasium.
This institution is now in complete
running order and is growing in public
favor every day. These of our citizens
who have not inspected the rooms since
the now equipments have been put ir
place should do so at their earliest op
portunity. There is now in use the fol
lowing apparatus : Three ehest ma
chines , one pulley rowing machine
neck and wrist machine all of A. G.
Spuulding & Bro.'s improved stylo-
pneumatic rowing machine with revolv
ing handles und sliding seat , horizontal
burs , chest bars , swinging rings , travel
ing rings , rope climbing ladder , hori
zontal ladder , climbing rone. In addi
tion to these are the dumo bolls , both
wooden und iron , of various sizes , In
dian clubs , mats , etc. In the same room
are the bath rooms , three in number ,
with dressing rooms in connection , hot
and cold water supply , water closet
waste bowl , etc. , the number of batht
now averaging over fifty per week.
Although the shower baths are intended
more for taking quick baths imme
diately after taking exercise in the
gymnasium , still they are growing
quite popular with busincbs men ant
others who cannot attend regularly the
gymnasium classes.
The membership tickets which arc
supplied at a very reasonable figure
( $6 per year ) , entitle the holder to al
privileges of the gymnasium and bath
rooms. The only extra charge is foi
those who do not dcsiro to furnUh thoii
own towels , a ticket good for twenty-five
towels being sold /Xcthun only aver
aging 2o per towel , just about enough t (
cover the washing. The bathrooms arc
open and in running order from 8:30 : a
m. to 0:30 : p. m. ; the gymnasium fron :
the same hour in the morning to 0:15 : p
m. , every day except Sunday , thui
affording abundant opyortunlty for us <
to any ono.
The general class at 5 o'clock , in
tended more especially for busincsi
men , meats every afternoon. The
class , for , members under 10 , is now
organized and meeting regularly on
Wednesday and Saturday afternoons at 4
o'clock. Parents , step in sometime and
see what a chance there is for your boys.
The evening class meets ns heretofore
at 8 o'clock every evening except
Wednesday and Saturday. The ladles'
class being an outside feature , in not vet
organized but is ono of the posslbilitied.
While the gymnasium is 'intended
solely for members , still all inter
ested in the work nro always wel
come as visitors , The room occupied IB
light and'varm , und with its new hard
pine floor and new apparatus presents n
very Inviting appearance to any ono dis
posed to develop his muscle ana improve
his physique.
A few necessary regulations notice
able for the absence of red tape are
posted in a conspicuous place. From
those we see that the floor is open for
general exercise all the day excepting
during class drills. At these drills the
members are always put through a brisk
exercise with wooden dumbbells , the
movements being arranged In physio
logical order and in sufficient number
to bring into play every muscle of the
boilv. This drill is followed usually by
work on the nnrulol bars or Indian clubs.
According to the present system a roan
can take from twenty to forty min
utes a day and accomplish wonders
in the way of tuning up his
system. Experience shows that there
Is nothinir equal to gymnastic exorcise ,
properly used , as a remedy for nervous
troubles , lung and heart diseases , dys
pepsia , constipation , etc. Our citizens
should do all in their power to aid in
maintaining this worthy institution es
tablished tin ough the efforts of the Y.
M. C. A.
FN. B. Each member who expects to
take regular work , as complete measure
ments taken , s per card , once at begin
ning and again after a few months , to
show development In general , and in
particular when any one part needs
special attention. ]
J. G. Tipton "the real estate broker"
has cheap homes on easy payments.
Why pay rent ? Nonsenco.
Quick Police Work.
Ono of the gang of thieves which in
fest the city was pulled in yesterday.
Mr. G. W. Furguson , of. the Pacific
house , laid his glasses upon the desk
where he xvas engaged. When he looked
for them a few minutes after they were
gone. The police wore notified of the
lo-s. About 4 o'clock Officer Unthnnk
noticed a fellow passing up Broadway
who was slightly under the influence of
"benzine. " Ho had upon his arm a
coat and vest and the officer decided to
investigate. The follow was taken to
the station , where ho gave the name of
F. M. White. Ho was searched , and
among his effects were two pairs of
glasses and a pawn ticket. Ono pair
was identified by Mr. Furguson as his
own. The pawn ticket was issued by
Goldstein upon an overcoat , which ho
now has. No doubt all the articles were
stolen. The follow will get a soft job at
the expense of the city , and no ono but
himself will be sorry for it.
J. G. Tipton has a Broadway corner
lot In Baylies & Palmer's very cheap
to-day. _
Slid Insanity.
Mrs. Lucy Clark , wife of William
Clark , the butter and egg dealer , re
siding in the rear of his btoro , corner of
Broadway and Stutsman streets , has for
poveral days been In a distressing con
dition of mind. It is feared that bho
will have to bo taken to an asylum for
treatment , although her friends are
endeavoring to care Jor her here , in the
hope that relief may come without re
moving her. Ono of the saddest feat
ures to the case is that her delusions
center as against her husband , sno be
lieving thut he has another wife , that
ho is trying to rob her of what little
money she has , and when ho appears in
her presence she becomes terribly ex
cited , so that ho is unable to care for
her as he would gladly do. The fact
that she is in expectation of soon be
coming a mother is another of the
peculiarly sad features of the case. She
has during the past two or three days
caused several quite sensational scones
in that neighborhood , it not being
realized until of late that she was so out
of balance mentally.
Domestic patterns at 105 Main street.
The prediction is now made that the
Ogden house will bo re-opened before
the firstof March. The reare five applica
tions from those desiring to lease the ho
tel , and a decision is to bo reached so
.boon as Mr. Stout returns , und as he is
expected daily , the public will not have
long to wait before some formal an
nouncement will bo made. This is the
latest which can be learned by the re
porters , but there have boon so many
statements made in regard to the hotel ,
that readers are naturally slow to accept
anything the papers may say in regard
to it as to bo relied upon. The BKK in
this case gives its readers the benefit
of the information as it receives it from
what may bo considered as reliable
sources , although not directly from Mr.
Stout. _
A Small Sunday Hatch.
The malcontents who appeared in
the court yesterday were few and were
lightly handled by the judge. J. Shnklo
was given a thirty day leavo-of-retiro-
mont from the view of the public. The
case'of J. Rivers was continued. Now
papers wore ibsued for the arrest of D.
Grimmelnmn , charged with larceny ,
the old warrant having boon lost. This
case and that of Fitzgerald will bo tried
to-day. Judge Aylesworth was absent
during the afternoon and in view of this
fact court was adjourned for the day at
the noon hour.
Personal Paragraphs.
J. H. Perry , of Carson , was in the city
Mr. F. P. is in the city on
a short visit.
W. A. Maurer hns gone to New-York
on business.
W. H. Wray , of Oskaloosa , was in the
city yesterday.
John T. Baldwin has returned from
his trip to Mexico.
Sylvester Dye , of Macedonia , was at
the Kiel house yesterdivy.
James Rainbow , of Macedonia , vis
ited the Bluffs yesterday.
Mrs. Rev. T. J. Mackav leaves to-day
for Denver to visit Mrs. Frank Pusey.
W. G. Roberts , representing the Chicago
cage Herald , waa in the city yesterday.
Mr. C. D. Harmon returned homo
from his Michigan visit on Sunday last.
W. C. Dickey has returned to the
Bluffs after a three weeks visit ut homo.
Rud Prioster , the Davenport cigar
manufacturer , visited Council Bluffs
John P. Ogden , Ncola , and J. W.
Buyer , Mahaska , were registered ut the
Bechtolo yobtcrduy.
Mr. Fred C. Shay , manager of the
Corrugated Elbow company , Chicago , is
in the city in the interest of his house.
Robert B. Long , Hurlun , la , ; William
W. Nicholls , Chicago ; J. Singer , Butte ,
M. T. , wore registered nt tile" Pacific
house yesterday.
Mr. T. B. Hi'iys nnd wife arrived in
the city on Sunuav and will spend a
season with relatives and friends. Mr.
Hays U located nt Red Cliff , Col.
Mrs. R. L. Wood , of Kansas City , and
Mrs. C. C. Staples , of Topeka , Knn.aro
spending the week with Mrs. I. A.
Miller. They arrived in the city Satur
day evening to attend the funeral of Mrs.
Van Pelt , their mother.
Mrs. Robert Mnrtin received a tele
gram yesterday morning convoying the
sad intelligence that her brother , Mr.
Edward Gibbons , of Chicago , was at the
pofnt of death. She immediately de
ported for that pluco. Mrs. Martin will
remain in Chicago until her husband
shall have secured a location for the
boot and shoe business.
"Wisdom of the Fathers.
Last evening the city council met in
special session. Present Mayor Rohrer ,
Aldermen Motcalf , Dmi forth , Lncy und
Petition of several persons asking for
a remittance of tax on lot lii blk J , Cur-
tiss & Ramsay's addition , the property
of Mrs. J W. Johnson , was referred.
Petition of twenty for lamp posts at
corners of Eighth and Union avenues
and Seventeenth street , was referred.
Petition of Council Bluffs Water com
pany and twenty-one others that the
grade bo established on Park avenue
and work proceed at once , Was grunted ,
and the city engineer with the commit
tee on streets and alleys were instructed
to furnish grade lines and report. The
same petitioners nsk thut a ttireo-bourd
sidewalk be luid on the eust side of
Park uvonuo. Grunted by resolution on
cull of ayes and nayes.
Petition of P. Skinner for transfer to
him of carriers license issued to John
Romuin. Filed.
Petition of Christ. Johnson for a re-
measurement of curbing assessed
nguinst his property wu referred.
A resolution was adopted requiring
property owners on Sixth nnd Seventh
avenues from Tenth to Twelfth streets
to fill their property to grade within
thirty days from this date.
The committee to whom was referred
this matter report that the city has no
authority to appoint anyone to the po
sition of dirt bank inspector us no such
olllco exists. Report received and con
curred in.
A resolution was adopted amending
the grade line of Oakland avenue.
The sum of $785 was appropriated to
repay those who advanced money to pay
cost of constructing levee in district
No. 2.
A resolution was introduced granting
to the Chicago , Burlington & Quincy
railroad the right of way to build a
single line track pn Fourteenth street.
from Eleventh tp < First avenue , und
thence to the Missouri river. Referred.
The committee'tp whom was referred
the bill of J. W.k E. L. Squire re
ported recommending payment accord
ing to contract , which report was re
ceived nnd concurred in.
The matter of final settlement between
the city und Wightman & Miller was
T. J. Evans asked thut the city coun
cil udvertise for bids for grading Broad
way from Twelfthtrcet to the river.
Hon. George Wright , from the board
of trade committee asked that the at
tention of the council be directed to the
matter of hauling dirt in loose boxes.
No action was taken. Alderman Lacy
presented a letter describing various
street sweepers und their operations
and cost. These cost from $300 to $400
according to size.
> It was ordered that the marshal notify
the Chicago , Burlington & Quincy rail
road to place flagman at certain streets
heretofore named und to wliich the nt-
tontion of the road has been directed.
Council adjourned to meet in ono
Bargains in houses and lots on small
cash payment , Johnson & Van Patten ,
33 Main street.
Records of Good Deeds.
Youth's Companion : M. Emile do
Girurdinu French journalist and states
man , borne years ago originated a plan
for a local book of archives in each town
or village , in each ward of a city , which
should record , not the routine proceed
ings of the locul governing bodies , but
the noteworthy acts , the good deedstho
instances of devotion nnd courage that
bhould occur in the town or village.
"I would propose still more than this , "
said M. do Girurdln , "whenever a man ,
a woman or oven a child yes , above all ,
a child had performed an act , which
commnnd udmirntlon , the information
concerning it should bo officially com
municated to the community In which
the person was born.
"This deed should bo formally in
scribed in a register kept especially for
tnis purpose , which would become the
Book of Gold of the town. What an en
couragement to well-doing it would bo !
"Tho newspaper is too perishable ; it
is read only to be thrown awav. This
register , however , would not perish , but
remain in the archives. The village ,
the town , SB but the family on a larger
scale. A register such ns this , full of a
record of good deeds , would be to u vil
lage 11 lie a patent of nobility to u fam
ily. "
This idea remained dormant for a
long time , but a bill is now before the
French chambers which embodies the
proposition of M. do Girardin , and it is
likely to bo favorably considered.
It is intended , it is true , jto cover more
than Do Girardin proposed , since the
language of the bill provides thut the
record shall include "all the facts , acci
dents , etc. , of a nature to interest the
commune and to form the basis of its
history. " < "
In the United States town histories
are of ton written ; but they are , in the
majority of cases , mere formal records ,
and the bruvo und.intpirlng deeds that
they record only too elton rest upon un
trustworthy tradition or mere hearbay.
There are manyj , homely events , not
deemed worthy of recording by town
historians , which. , nevertheless , in
scribed in such a 'Book ' of God , " would
have an influence for good.
A Day's Work.
From the Family Phybicias : The
amount of work some people got through
is simply enormous. Few people are
harder worked thuq a London physician
in active practice. We know a doctor
who Eoldoin gets more than four Naurs'
sleep out of the twenty-four. He says
that it is not that ho couldn't do with
more , but it is as much us ho can get.
Many busy men are constantly at work
of some kind or other from 8 in the
morning till 12 at night. Some , of
course , break down , but others do this
year after year , apparently without any
detriment to their health. Instances
are known or professional men who
hnve not been in bed for three weeks ut
a time. These sound almost like trav
elers' tales , but they nro true , although
of course , they are exceptional cases.
It is astonishing what interest and
energy will do in enabling a man
to dispense with rest. It has
been said that the twenty-four hours
might bo advantageously divided
into three equal parts eight hours for
sleep , eight for meals , exerci'BO , recrea
tion , tc. a&d tight ( av atfttal work.
Few men really require more than eight
hours' sleep , but the majority of us have
to do considerable more than eight
hours' work in the day , It is not so
much that a man wishes for the work as
that it is forced upon him. Ho , per
haps , is the only person who can
perform a certain duty , and when , us is
often the case , it is a quostlon of life and
death , it is almost impossible to refuse.
Many people can never force themselves
to do more than u certain amount of
mental work ; they get nervous and
headachy , and then U Is nil over with
them. Forced work , ns a rule , tells on
a mrn much more rapidly than purely
voluntnrr work , for in the former case
it is usually associated with anxiety.
Real overwork gives rise to loss of mem
ory , n general sense of fatigue , ndd par
ticularly of discomfort about the head ,
poorness of a ppetlte , lowness of spirits ,
and other similar symptoms. It is
worthy thut injuries more than rcul
work care killed the cut. Some people
nro so huppilv constituted thnt they
never worry much about anything ,
whilst others are in a fever of anxiety
on every trivial occasion.
The Only Mne That Gets There.
It bus been well said by a distin
guished writer that "tho Michigan
Central Is the only 'Niagara Falls
Route' in the country. "
It is the only railroad thnt runs direct
ly by the fulls nnd stops its trains ut a
point from which all parts of the falls
and the rapids nro in full viow. From
this point , culled Fulls View , the scene
from the Michigan Central train ,
whether in its summer setting of emor-
nld or its winter setting of crystal , is
ono of unexampled grandeur and sub
limity. As it Is on the direct route
to NCw York , Boston , mm Now Eng-
lund. no cast-bound traveler should fail
to take advantage of it.
An UiiHtitlHfactory Answer.
Sun Francisco Chronicle : She had
just come buck from the country , where
she had been spending the summer , and
they were asking her all about it.
"I had a lovely time. "
"Lovely ! In that pokey little hole !
How on corth could jou , a flirt all
through , have u lovely time in a little
country village ? "
"He wus very fine lookingnnd he was
very bright.
"Who wus it ? "
"Well , I had to give my religious
convictions u wrench , but you know
I'm High church it wasu Presbyterian
minister. "
"Oh ! "
"Yes-you'd never think how I mudo
his acquaintance. I didn't know what
to do one Sunday ; so I went to church.
I put on all my most elegant toggery
and sat well up in front , und well I
don't know but when the sermon was
over , before he dismissed the congrega
tion , ho announced thut ho wus very
lonesome , being u stranger. Ho sum
he saw a good many there who were not
members of his congregation and if
they would send him their cards he
would bo most pleased to call upon
them , "
"And you "
"I found him u very charming man
and full of fun. Ho asked me if ho could
marrv me. "
"What did "
you suyV"
"Oh , I said yes he might perhaps
marry me to somebody else. "
The first crematory in Now England
is likely to go up at Worcester. Some
Boston folks tried to get up a cotnpanv ,
but the Hub wasn't ready to burn its
deud , nnd so its lending cremationists
have united with the Worcester associa
tion , which Is incorporated as the Mas
sachusetts Cremation society , and they
arc raising $10,000. Worcester bus given
$4.000 ; Boston , $2,000 ; Springfield$1.000 :
and Providence and other Now England
cities will doubtless ndd the rest.
An ot'togenuriun living at Buda-
Pesth , who for the lust few years has
been existing as n beggar on the alms
of the ccarituolo , tried to drown himself
in the Danube because , according to his
statement , he wus no longer able to sup
port his parents , who nro respectively
ono hundred nnd fifteen and ono hun
dred and ton years old.
A new fashion in bookbinding is to
have largo sets bound in leather of dif
ferent colors. A Boston man has just
had Dickens bound in sixteen different
colors , among them red , brown , orange ,
light und dark blue , lemon , fawn , ma
roon und black. Each novel was bound
in an individual hue , the only duplica
tion occurring when a story came in two
Miss Mouk Meyer , a grandniece of
Anton Rubinstein and u pupil of Lis/.t ,
is the musical prodigy of'ienna. . She
is not yet eighteen years old , but she
hns composed the music und written the
libretto of un opera.
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