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    'tHE OMAHA DAILY. BEE ; SUNPAr , O EBItlTAltY ; ? 1888.TWJjJL.vTjJ . PAGES , 9
When the Sun Went Down Extravagance -
travaganco at Waddings.
IMctnrcH at the Altar-Mnrrlc-il H nich
Clilnnniiui Tlicy Never Hpcnk
nH Tliey I'MBH by A Jls-
appointed Ilrtdc.
When tlio Hun Went Down.
A Kt titiichy l.urc Knno Ini William Klnntar
Ills parents , they objected , nml her father ,
ho said "no , "
Hut Puul , ho followed sweet Pauline wher
ever she did L'O ;
Ho rowed across the river , for they lived
afar from town.
And they met beneath tlio beeches when the
sun went down.
< When the sun went down , when the sun
went down ,
And they mot beneath the beeches when the
sun went down.
fiha lived across the river and ho In Ohio ,
And a white eloth on the rosebush told the
lover when to fo ;
That meant that "Pa ha ? ROIO away , you
need not fear his frown , "
So younjr 1'aul rowed the river when the sun
went down.
Oh , the twilight Is for kUses , vulgar day Is
not for love ,
For the lovcnt' star Is Venus , fair and far
she Hhincsnbovo ;
Hiimlsomo Puul and pretty Pauline gat on
trco trunus bare and brown ,
As ho Just had rowed the river when the sun
went down.
And they talked , checks close together , of a
wedding and a ( light ,
One had coino In boat so lonely , but it car
ried two that night ;
For at Aberdeen * Ihi'y landed and were mar
ried In the town ,
Such a handsome , happy couple , ns the sun
went down.
When the sun went down , when the sun
went down ,
And they didn't sit lute talking when the sun
went down.
The Grctna Green of Kentucky lovers.
Kxtrnvngntiuc nt Wedding" .
Philadelphia. Times : Next to the
ostentatious and costly display that
bO often witnessed tit funerals , the osten
tatious and costly display of modern
weddings in the most inuxctiMible. The
number of weddings is largely dimin
ished every year by the common cus
tom of costly display , and in addition
to the serious hindrance to timely mm
riages , it is a pernicious and bteadily
growing ovil.
There is nothing that is more beauti
ful cm wedding occasions than refined
and elegant simplicity , while the osten
tatious displays , ho common these
times , always border strongly on vul
garity , and at times vulgarity is exhib
ited in it most offensive qualities. It
bcpjins with the vulgar gaze and do-
hcriptioii of the bridal trousseau ; con
tinues with costly presents for exhibi
tion and publicity , and ends with all the
pomp and ceremony that can bo com
manded to attract the attention and in
spire the gossip of the multitude.
If any doubt the correctness of the
criticism of ostentatious weddings , lot
them recall the t\vo which most con
vulsed social circles in Now York with
in the last few years. The most costly
troubscau and most dazzling gifts and
most elaborate newspaper reports of any
Now York weddings , are now memor
able only as they recall the death , in
a felon's cell , of the contra ! figure of
one of them ; and the scandal that soon
separated the bride and groom of the
other. The exhibited in all the vulgar
grandeur of purchased social position ,
the gross vulgarity and extravagance in
weddings , and they should teach all to
shun oven the semblance of costly os
tentation that seeks notice ut the cost
of modest elegance ,
i There'll ) another reason that argues
strongly against ostentatious and costly
niarriages. It Is the unwholesome les
son it teaches newly married couples.
Even if they have yvhnt appears to bo
ample wealth in possession or prospect ,
suoli cobtly exhibitions are calculated to
unlit them for the great battle of life
and its unknown vicissitudes. It is not
a all uncommon now to see in want and
misery the woman who only a few years
before was potted and flattered as a
bride with every surrounding of lux
ury , and the resi > onslbility for the mis
fortune rests largely upon those who
started the bride out upon the perilous
voyage without the anchor of u com-
mon'.scnso know-logo of the practical
duties of life.
Marriipps ( arc occnssionswhcn friends
love to exhibit their affection for the
bride and groom , and it is eminently
proper for thorn to do so ; but it can bo
done , and very much bettor dtnio , with
every regard for modesty and elegance.
The idea that parents must lavish
money on a bridal trousseau that they
cannot afford , because of the possible
crjtieibm of idle or malicious gossips , it
is the one that should bo banished from
every wedding occasion , Tj > honest re
cipients , some of the poorest gifts in
money value would bo most cherished ,
but if exhibited to vugar ga/o and criti
cism , they would bo regarded as a con
fession of cither poverty or meanness ,
and such display over exhibits a greater
or loss degree of vulgarity.
Moijebt , rcllncd , elegant weddings
may be had in families of the humblest
means , and modesty and rolinemont
should bo the charm of every marringo
occasion. It misleads no bride or groom
in the flrst stop of married life ; it ox-
po.sob no honest friend to criticism for
humble gifts ; it harmonizes with the
exceptionally bolcmn life compact made
by the wedded pair , and gives the best
promise of happiness to all , Wo are
fast banishing ostentatious and costly
funerals ; lot us speedily banish oston-
atious , costly and vulgar weddings.
Tlin Old Story.
A special to the St. Louis Republican
from Sholboyvillo. 111. , says : The mar
riage in this city last night of G. L.
Banks to Miss Hallio Barnes , both of
Taylorvillo , 111. , was the sequel to the
romantics elopement from that city yest-
torduy. Tlio 0 o'clock custbound train
last night brought them to this place
ami they immediately sought the county
clerk for the purpose of obtaining a
marriage license. Thss formality com
plied with , they repaired to the rcsi-
donco. of a friend. The borvices of Hov.
W. S. Hooper of the First Methodist
Kpibcopal church was next bocured and
tlio ceremony performed with duo for
mal it V.
Early this morning the city mnn > lm1
received a dispatch informing him of
the elopement and requesting him to ar
rest thorn if'thoy wore not married , but
all efforts to prevent the marriage wore
of course too lute. The Republican's
correspondent had an interview with
tlio groom and a mutual friend to-day
nnd elicited the following facts. Mbs
Hallio Is-the daughter of A. G. Barnes ,
n wealthy Imnkcr ol Taylorvillo , and of
aristocratic family. SJio is eighteen
years old , a graduate of Oxford ( O. . ) Fe
male college , very accomplished , and.
lovely in poivon. Mr. Banks is from
Vinconncs , * Ind , , about twenty-blx
years old , of good address and
. about .0110 year ago was employed by
Mr. Jlartocs , who is iv great lover
of fine lior os , and Is the postosor ot t
' many valuable animals , to Cuke charge
of his stable and train his horses. The
father told his daughter the young man
was valuable to him ; that ho wanted
him treated politely , but reminded her
of the social inequality existing , nnd
cautioned her not to rrcat him. as an
equal. Banks , however , soon found
favor la the eyes of , the young lady and
an engagement resulted , which was
carefully withhold from her parents.
Yesterday morning a sister of the bride
accidentally found n lore letter , which
was promptly shown to the mother , who
became very much alarmed and at once
telegraphed for her husband to Hot
Springs , where ho had gone for the ben
efit of His health. The young lady , being -
ing made acquainted with this fact , and
fearing that no father would adopt se
vere measures , mot her lover yester
day afternoon , and the two quickly de-
clued upon Immediate marriage. They
rented a horse and buggy , drove to Pu
na in time to catch the east bound train
and accomplish their desire as above
stated. The young couple intend to stay
hero for several days to await develop
ments. Tlio have boon the observed of
all observers to-day , and the town Is
agog with the sensation. The bride be
ing handsome and evidently refined , as
well as the heroine of a real romance ,
mturally excites the admiration of all
ivho are romantically inclined.
PlstolH nt a Wedding.
Little Rock Special to the Now York
World : At Red Aleck Postofllcc , I. T. ,
on Wednesday last , the marriage of An
thony Fletcher and Miss Beck was fixed
'or the evening , and a largo company ,
neluding a rejected suitor of the bride-
elect named Degnfroed , had assembled
nt the house of the bride's parents.
While the marriage ceremony * was in
irogrebs Degafreed interrupted the min
ster , snyinfi ho objected to the wedding
ind would kill'Fleteher rather than see
lim marrp the girl. Degafreed empha
sized his objections by drawing a re
volver and firing at Fletcher and
wounding him in the arm.
A panic seized the assembly and a
ush was made for the door by these in
the room , women and children being
knocked down and trampled upon.
Many escaped by jumping through the
The bride , believing her nfllunccd fa
tally shot , screamed out for some one to
kill her , and sunk to the floor , crying
hysterically. Duke Cummings , the
groomsman , hastened to aid Fletcher ,
ivhon Degafrocd s brother sent a bullet
throuirh his wrist.
By this time Fletcher hud secured a
shotgun , and with it ho drove the Deg-
afreeds from the house. They mounted
their horses and fled. Cummings ,
though badly wounded , pursued them ,
shooting one of them twice and wound
ing him mortally. Cummings himself
was wounded in in both arms , rendering
their amputation necessary. The groom
was not seriously hurt. Ho hunted up
a preacher and was married , only two
witnesses being present. Cummings
will dio.
Married n lllch Chlnnincn.
"For many days , " writes A. J. Howe ,
of the Atchison Globe , from El Paso ,
"I passed on my way up nnd down town ,
a largo bad elegant mansion ; and won
dered who occupied it. I imagined the
occupant to bo"a rich and childless
banker and his wife , who wore retiring
in their disposition , for I never saw
anyone go in or out of the house except
a Chinamen , whom I suspected to bo the
cook. I envied the old couple their ap
parent wealth and luxurious homo.
They did not know what it was to do-
prlvo themselves of the comforts and
luxuries of life. They could afford a
Chinese cook , and live upon the very
best of every thing. Yesterday I asked a
resident the "name of the banker who
occupied the house , and ho told mp it
was'n't a banker that it was a China
man named Sum King. 'Sam's wife ,
said my informant , 'is a beautiful
Creole , nnd he married her in Now
Orleans under rather romantic circum
stances. Her father was a wealthy doc
tor , but late in life ho lost his fortune.
On his death bed , Sam betwocn whom
and U'o doctor there was great friend
ship , proposed that is ho would , give him
his oldest daughter in marriage , ho
would take care of the mother hnd
seven children. The father consented ,
and the marriage took place. Sam has
for eight years faithfully carried out
his contract. Ho educated the children
and started them in the world for them
selves , for ho is very wealthy. Ho not
oiily has a great fortune in thi8 country ,
b\it \ ho is heir to grojit wealth in China.
In deference to his wife ho has con
formed to all the American customs ex
cept wearing short hair. Ho still wears
a queue , but ho says that he will cut
that off when ho goes homo and sees
his mother , who is very old , and who
would die of grief if she should see him
without his queue. Besides , if ho
should cut it off his estate in China
would bo confiscated by the crown. His
house is supplied with all the modern
improvements steam heats , grates ,
bath , telephone , etc. , and Is most lux
uriously furnished. He has in all ten
children who look like him , nnd of
course are not very handsome for ho is a
very ordinary looking Chinaman. Ho
is one whom I took for the cook of the
banker. I am told ho is a sort of king
of the Chinese in this part of the coun
try , and that ho collects a certain part
of the earnings of every Chinaman and
appropriates it to his own use.
Crossed and Hcerosscd.
Now York World : Frank Mnrcello. of
Brooklyn , was to have married Miss
Emma K. Crofut , daughter of Malor T.
A. Crofut , of Bridgeport , Conn. , last
Wednesday evening. Cards of invita
tion had been issued and the guests as
sembled at the residence of the pros
pective bride , No. 37 Harral avenuo.
The wedding feast was spread , the par
son and the music wore there , but the
youthful Brooklynito did not show up.
Miss Crofut was in great mental dis
tress. She waited vainly for him , and
she hoped against hope. The company
dispersed doeplysympathlzingwith her.
Major Crofut , a veteran of tlio war ,
donned his buffalo ovorcaot and started
out to fine Murcolle.
Early next morning Miss Crofut , sick
ut heart , yet scarcely believing that her.
lover had jilted her , went to Brooklyn.
There his parents told her that ho failed
to keep his wedding engagement on ac
count of serious illness , and had just
gone to Bridgeport. Miss Crofut came
back. Mureollo learned hero that his
fiuncio was in Brooklyn. Ho rushed
back , passing her on her way here , She
and ho then begun explaining matters
by telegraph. Last night , after twenty-
four hours of exasperating delay , the
ceremony wont off nuppily ( it St. John's
Episcopal church in the presence of u
largo company of intensely excited
friends. Afterwards there was u grand
reception held at the house of the bride's
parents , over three hundred guests beIng -
Ing present. There wore many hand-
sumo and valuable gifts , nnd Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Mnrcello loft for their homo
in Brooklyn this morning.
They Don't Speak Now.
Pcoriu Transcript ; A young Peorlan
has been very attentive to two Peorian
girls during the la * > t year. Ho loved
them both , and it was an open question
which ho would marry. But ho hus
finally made up his mind , nnd the Mun-
fron street' girl is selected. Meeting
j her old -rival the other day she could
not resist the temptation ol crowing
hci1 little. " .Tnuo dear. " she !
over a . , . rd-
marked. In tonqs as sweet as sugar , "I
bollavo you wore n little sweet on Char-
Ho once , weren't you ? " "Yqs , love. "
answered the girl , in tones counlly soft ;
"ho was so useful , you know , in keeping
one's hand in. " ' 'I deem it my duty
now , " said Munson street , putting the
least dash of vinegar in nor voice , "to
inform you that Charlie and I are to bo
married next month. " "J expected
something of the kind , lovo. " "And
why so. muv I uskV" "Oh , you know ,
lovy. that ( fear Charlie Is a little weak ,
nnd besides this Is leap year. " The
two girls no longer spcnk.
Can't Underhand.
St. Louis Spectator : A certain lady
mispccted that her husband was in the
habit of kibslng tlio cook u pretty Gor
man girl , by the by and resolved to
detect him in the act. After watching
four days she heard him como in ono
evening and gently pass through into
the kitchen. Now , Katie was out that
evening and the kitchen was dark.
Burning with jealousy the wife took
some matches in her hand and hastily
placing her shawl over head , as Katie
often aid , she entered the Kitchen by
the back door , and was almost immedi
ately seized and embraced and kissed in
' .he most ardent manner. With her
icurt almost bursting with rage ana
jealousy the injured wife prepared to
idmini'stor a terrible rebuke to her
'aithful spouse. Tearing herself from
l > is embrace she struck a match nnd
stood face to face with Katie's beau
ono of the factory boys. Her husband
says his wife has never treated him so
well since the first month they were
married as she has for the past week.
Died OH Her AVcddlnij Eve.
This usually quiet village was thrown
nto a state of intense excitement yes-
.orday by the tragic death of Miss Mary
Herron , an estimable young lady of
Plattsburg , who was to have been mar
ried on the morrow to a Mr. Thompson ,
occupying a responsible position in Bur
lington , Vt. , and well-known hero , says
a Plattsburg , N. V. . special to the Now
York World.
Miss Herron had come to town for the
purpose of trying on her wedding dress
ind to spend'tho night with the mother
: > f her intended husband. Mrs. Thomp
son was at the bedside of a sick friend ,
and Miss Horron retired early , to
nil appearances in the best of of health
nnd spirits. When Mrs. Thompson
knocked upon the door in the morn
ing there was no response , and. icr
suspicions being aroused she called in a
neighbor , who burst open the door.
They wore horrified to find Mis.s Horron
lying upon the floor of her room in pools
of blood , some of which was still flowing
from her mouth , and with life extinct.
Although some thought death might
have resulted from other than natural
causes , it was evident that the young
girl had suffered from a hemorrhage of
the lungs , probably induced by u natural
excitement upon the eve of her wedding
day. Many things about the room
showed that she had struggled to attract
the attention of the inmates of the
hoiibo , but to no avial. A coroner was
summoned , and decided that no inquest
was necessary , as death had resulted
from natural causes.
She Wan Disappointed.
St. Paul Globe : There are an abund
ance of good men for husbands' in Da
kota and there are many instances
whore matcheshavo boon made through
the agency of newspapers , but that plan
does not always work out domestic feli
city. An instance is given. A year erse
so ago a dark-eyed , comely and intelli
gent lady , of marriageable years , eamo
over from Scotland to visit ho married
sister in Canada. Her name was Inness.
She saw a stray copy of the copy of the
Chicago Helping Hand , containing the
card of a Dakota bachelor wanting a
lady correspondent "with a view of
matrimony. " She responded in funof
course. Various letters passed between
them , photographs were exchanged.
The young man represented himself as
a young farmer with house , stock and
suburban estate. Ho was pictured in the
mind of the lady as a sort of English
country gentleman. Ho proposed and
she accepted with the condition that , if
both were pleased , on meeting they
would marry , ho sending her money to
pay. hou faro from Canada to the South
Dakota town. She came a few weeks
ago and , as she stopped from the car ,
was recognized and welcomed by the
delighted young man , as she was more
lovely than the photo indicated. But
the deligtit was not mutual. Miss
Inness insisted that he was not the man
who sat for the picture had red hair
and didn't suit her fancy at all. She
turned her back upon him and cruelly
blasted all his fond hopes of conjugal
joys , returning to Canada on the next
train. That young man at Parker is
out the money advanced for her faro
and an object of merriment to all the
maidens of that section , none of whom
whom would now marry him. Ho
might have fared better had ho sent his
own photograph and been honest in his
A Castle Garden Romance.
Now York Herald : A rather good
looking , well dressed young man intro
duced himself to Detective Grodon at
Castle Garden yesterday us Harry Og-
donthal , of Rosedalo , Mass..and ho pro
ceeded to pour into that interested
ofllcor's oar a most harrowing talc.
Ho said ho came to this country two
years ago , leaving behind him his be
trothed , Martha Nichodomus , n hund-
bomo fruulion of eighteen years. Be
fore leaving homo Hurry said ho had
defrayed all of Martha's school ex
penses , and since coming to this coun
try ho had frequently sent her money.
A few days ago ho learned that Mar
tha had arrived in this country on the
North Gorman Lloyd steamer Ems on
January ± i , in company with Franz
Veammr , a soldier in the Gorman army ,
to whom bho hud engaged herself , Og-
denthal entreated the olllcor to help
Tlio jolly detective saw fun ahead nnd
ho readily accompanied the young man
to the residence of > lartha's motherNo.
511) ) West Thirtieth strcotwhoro Martha
was found. Veumoir was not there ,
but some of his relatives , were , and
they abused young Ogdonthal roundly.
The girl at first refused to talk with
him at all , but in tears ho throw "him
self on his knees and entreated her to
leave the soldier and marry him. She
refused and Vfamolr's rolutives jeered.
But finally the whole party , ut the do-
teetlvo's suggestion , iiujourned to - Castle -
tlo Garden , whore Martha was finally
persuaded to go to Massachusetts with
Harry. She bald she loved Franz , the
soldier , but Harry had the best right to
her hand.
Hurry's fuco wus wreathed with
smiles , and the twain left the Garden
together. Veumolr's relatives cursed
and Detective Grodon shook his fat
sides with laughter as 'ho described
their chagrin.
Carried at tlio Carnival.
St. Paul'Gloho : Under the glare of
several hundred electric lights and
amid the joyous acclaims of thousands
of interested spectators a young couple
stood upon a carpeted platform in the
grand court of the ice palace lust eve
ning to.plight their vows in holy wed
lock. This feature of the carnival had
been looked forward to. with great
engetinces by residents of S.t. . Paul and--
visitors alike , andalthough' 8:30 : was
the tlmo ( Wed for the ceremony , long
before that time crowds began-to flock
into th'e great court of the domain of
Borcnlis. Old Indies" and young Indies
jostled each other , intent solely upon
obtaining good positions near the pint-
form , while outside , the palace walls a
suaglng multitude of the male persua
sion elbowed , and jammed ono
another with the sumo object in view.
Instead of the conventional ushers in
regulation black suits , white neckties ,
snowy bxpancso of Wonted shirt front
and kid gloves , half a do/on stalwart
mountain policemen rcsplcdont In blue
uniforms , adorned with brass buttons
and wearing holmuts as headgear , at
tended fb the duty usually performed
by society young inon.uttho church wed
There were no seats for spectators of
the novel affair , bui all who wished it
enjoyed the privilege of standing in the
open ulr for an houror ' so and being
hurried hither nnd' thither by the
minions of the law , who had boon
charged to keep the court yard clear for
these holding invitations to the wed
ding , j
Numerous cries of ' { There they come"
mudo the welkin rliif * cro u long proces
sion of carnival clubs , acting us an escort
cert for the happy pair , made its ap
pearance , Hanking carriages containing
the minister who was to tie the nuptial
knot and relatives of the contracting
By dint of persuasion and sallies by
the mounted ushers a passageway was
cleared to admit the bridal procession ,
and a brass band added to tlio novoltv
of the wedding ceremony , all the musi- (
ciuns'bying out of1 breath when they
halted in front of the carpeted dins.
Rev. Snmuel G. Smith had preceded the
youni. ' couple , and removing his hut
donned u small black silk traveling cap ,
wrapped his heavy hair coat closer
about him , and prepared for the or
Attended by best man nnd bridesmaid ,
George G. Brown and Miss Eva N.
Evans passed slowly through the double
lines of friends in the Carnival clubs ,
and , notwithstanding the fact that they
were the cynosure of bo many curious
eyes , walked unhesitatingly to the plat-
Term , where the minister cordially
fi-cotcd them. It was not long after
their arrival before the woi-\s were
ittorcd which pledged them to stand by
juch other until death parted , for hot
ter or for worse , the responses being
mudo by the bride and groom so as to
bo audible to all .within the court yard's
As the minister concluded the beauti
ful and impressio ooromony the crowd
broke out Into a joyous cheer , and no
wedding march was never more beauti
fully chanted than Uw ono which ac
companied Mr. and Mrs. Brown to their
carnage , inside the , ice palace of St.
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Gladstone will
celebrate their golden wedding July 25 , ISS'J.
At Gludwln , Mich. , roeently , a mother and
daughter were granted divorces from their
husbands on the sumo day.
Marshall I' . Wilder , the humorist , is out
with a denial of the report that ho and Mrs.
Frank Leslie are engaged to be married.
A good-looking girl who removed her tall
hat as soon as she got comfortably seated in
the theaters hud four .lifters of marriage m-
sidd of twenty-four hours. And she deserved
A Brooklyn man had got married the other
day. and this wus the notice ho put upon nis
snoop door : "Closed on account of the con
jugal association of two individuals of one
afliuity. "
George W. Allen , 00 , years old , and Cath
erine Jane Ludlam , 55 , have .just been mar
ried at Jamaica , L. I. 'Their courtship began
before to war , and hai continued uninter
ruptedly over since. I
iV small matdmoniuf raimctlon has just
taken place in Kaiisa . The groom Is in
height forty inches and weighs ninety pounds ,
while the bride measures thirty.cight Indies
and weighs seventy imunds.
A Chinaman and an Irish girl huvo Just
been united in marriage in rChicajro. Some
where in the shadowy land the bpnollcient
spirits of Confucious and St. Patrick have
probably shaken hands already in honor of
the event.
Miss Gcrtio Jaftc , of Oakland , who was to
bo married at noon last Satiinlaj/ / , laughingly
tried on her bridal veil , despite iho protests
of superstitious friends. Ten minutes later
her father came in with the news that her ,
lover. Solomon Lowenburp , had attempted
suicide , and was dying from a bullet wound
in his brain.
Miss Minnie Freeman , a Nebraska school
teacher who saved the lives of thirteen chil
dren In u blizzard by tyilij ? them together so
they could not get separated , has received
nine offers of marriage on account of her
bravery. For the first tlmo our eastern
schoolmarms regret that they have no bl
z.u-ds In Now England.
A well-to-do resident of New Lisbon , Ohio ,
secured a divon-o from his wife , and the ink
on the paper was scarcely dry before ho
mudo application to the probate judge for a
license to marry the. same woman. Trie
license was issued uud the marriage per
formed. The woman is ill of consumption ,
and it is believed she is on her death-bed.
In Stvolo , in Moravid , olio Joseph Itckoc-
zek , whoa fifteen years of age , made love to
Barbara Neinee , who w'as Just as old. They
married in their Uveuty-seeond year and
lived together for seventy-six years. A few
weeks ago they both became sick on the same
uay and died in the same hour at the ago of
ninety-eight. They never had the slightest
A far western newspaper announces the
postponement of u wedding "owing to the
fact that the groom is too busily engaged in n
poker game at the Silver Starch club looms. "
The paper further oxpluins-thut the clergy
man who was engaged to perform the cere
mony also got interested and took a hand ,
and''as we go to press is kicking like an
elephant because there is u limit to the
game. " '
, A young man in llandolph county , Mis
souri , wanted to marry Miss Osborno , but
the "old mun"'objuctcil. A few evenings
ago , during a party at Osborno's house , the
young lover drove up to the door , and while
his friends hold the old man , seized and cur
ried away the daughter ; The pair went to
Marshall , were married and started east on
their wedding trip whilp the old gentleman's
wrath was still at white heat.
Silas Gresham , a wall-known baptist of
Hoswcll , Gu. , lost ills wife several yours ugo.
The Sunday following the text in , the church
ho happened to attend , was : "It Isnotgoot
for man to bo ulono. " That evening ho pro
posed to ono of the sisters and was accepted
and married right off. The second wife died
three weeks ugo , when Grcslwm , still re
membering the old text , yesterday innrrlcc
his third wife , and boldly declared that he
never Intended to bo without 0110.
* " KEMG1OUS. *
Ex-President Parker , of Yalo.has Just pub
lished a volume of his sermons.
Hussia prohibits evangelistic work , but the
scriptures are being circulated.
There are In the Sunday schools of the
Christian world 1(1,447,190 ( * scholars , lU52ltr
touchers , making a ( { rnnd total of 18,4X,1.17 ( )
The Hov. Ellas Eppstpin , minister of Synagogue
goguo Adath Jeshurun , Philadelphia , has re
signed and he will leave his charge prcscn
May 1.
The fiftieth anniversary of the Hebrew
Sunday school society.of Philadelphiawill bo
celebrated in the Academy of Music , In that
city on the M of March.
The Lutheran churclj consistory of Dres
den , Saxony , has passed a resolution thu
persons known to be adherents of spiritual
ism shall not be admitted to the holy com
munlon. )
It Is reported In clerical circles that Curd !
nal Gibbons has determined to urge uiwn the
holy see a satisfactory settlement of .tho case
of Dr. McGlynn whereby that , dlstingulshci
"recalcitrant" will bo restored to priestl ;
The last conforenca of Cougrcgatlonallsts
in Burnstablo county , Massachusetts , passed
a resolution recommending all the confer
cni-e churchpd In clivUhito-alnottg their mcio.
bt-rs pledges to bo signed by tltcm pro.mUiui
p vote for none but temperance candidates
or public oBloo. .
During the present yrar there will bo n
trand demonstration in connection with the
> i-cenlcnury of the establishment of the tiro-
cslant ducfcsslon , also meetings of the pro-
cstant synod and of the Pun-Presbyterian
ouncll nnd In addition to these London will
vltnessalso the world's missionary confer-
nco to bo attended by delegates from the
homo aiulforelgn missionary societies by rep-
pson.atlves from foreign churches and from
many parts of the minion field ,
Harriett Beechcr Stowo Is Intensely Inter-
sted in the ministerial work of her son , the
iev. Charles Stowo , who has u church In
lartfunl , Conn. Mr. Stowo Is a Congrcgu-
ionulist , with radical tendencies. Ho Is a
trong preacher , and his mother , who is now
an old and feeble woman , llnds her greatest
Measure In life In listening to his ( tenuous.
Us church Is some distance from Mrs.
5towo's house , but , no matter what may bo
he weather , the famous writer of "Uncle
Pom's Cabin" never falls to occupy her pew
on Sunday morning.
The threatened dearth of ministers Is sorl-
msly occupying the attention of all the
rotcstant churches. There are for Instance
! 0XN , ( > Duptlsl churches in this country and
only : HXK ) ( > ministers , includlnir many whoso
ministry is .purely titular , and who are en
raged In various occupations outside of the
nlnisti-y. In fact there is In every church an
ncreuslngty largo number of ministers who
mvo in fact , If not In form , "dcrnlttcd the
nlnlstry , " while at the same tlmo the mini-
> cr of candidates for the ministry Is decrcas-
Ho that glvcth to the poor lendeth to the
ord ; but the trouble with most people In
this world is that they never make any loans
except upon collateral.
A St. Joseph editor , after quoting the
scriptural verse charging people to do unto
others as they would have others do unto
them , says : "But , casting all levity aside , "
A Doubting Thomas. Teacher "With the
ixceptiou of the animals Noah took with
lim into the ark every living creature per-
shcd In the flood. " Doubtful Tommy "Tho
llshcs , tool
A copy of Eliot's Indian Bible was sold at
auction recently In Boston for $210. The high
value placed upon this book at the Hub is
owing to the fact that the word "mugwump"
was derived therefrom.
Everybody In the church , except the new
mstor himself , seemed to enjoy it when ho
est the place In his manuscript , and while
hunting for it spoke of "Esau , who sold his
message for u birth of potright. "
Ten Baptist converts were immersed nt
Adams. N. Y. , whoa the thermometer regis
tered 15 = below zero. The clothing froze on
Lho novitiates as they came from thu water ,
but no serious results have followed.
The Listener , la the Boston Transcript ,
tells of a New Orleans negro boy whoso ver
sion of one sentence in the Lord's Prayer was
-'Forgive us our precipices and lead us not
outer a plantation. "
A very successful Sunday school bull light
was recently given in Chihuahua , Mox. The
young men of the Sunday school took part In
it , and the proceeds were devoted to the In
terior adornment of the parish church.
Little Margaret for two or three nights ,
refused to say her prayers. One night her
papa covered his face with his hands , and
said : "It makes mo feel sick to think Mar
garet won't say her prayers. " "Papa feel
sick ! " "Yes , dear. " "Papa bettor take
casscr ( castor ) oil. " The subject of prayers
wus no longer discussed.
The following Is related of a popular di
vine , in conversation with one of his parish
ioners who was fearfully addicted to profan
ity at the same time ono of these conceited
follows who are apt to allude to themselves
"plain , blunt men. " The latter concluded u
speech with this shibboleth , nddlng : "And
I call a spade a spado. " The patient dominie
responded : "I urn glad you do , Mr. B ;
I was afraid you would call It a d d old
shovel. "
Troy has a bright but erratio four-year-old
who creates much nmusement utid no end of
perplexities for his parents. Not long since ,
while visiting at a friend's house , ho was at
tracted by a picture of the Saviour , and the
following conversation ensued : "Mamma ,
who Is that ! " "That is Jesus. " "Where
does Ho live I" "Why , Ho lives In heaven ,
dour. " "They take pretty good pictures in
heaven , don't ' they , ma I"
"Where are you from i" asked St. Peter.
" " the pilgrim. "
"Pennsylvania , replied "JJusl-
ncssi" "Coal. " "Baroni" "Yes , sir. "
"Stop into the elevator , If you please , baron.
Down , Mr. S. Stop at the lowest level , un
der the slate. There's a brimstone bath
goes with your room , baron. You've kept so
many people cold in the old world that wo
will heap coals of ilro all over you , and sec
thutyou never get a chance to shiver in the
next one. "
A party from Indiana university will make
a tour through Europe next summer.
President Pull-child , of Oberlln college ,
Ohio , is ninety years of age.
James Hussell Lowell has been elected to a
professorship emeritus in Harvard university.
The plan of co-education at Adalbert col
lege , Cleveland , O. , has not proved a success ,
and in the future female students will not be
admitted to that Institution.
The St. Louis Germans , since the teaching
of their native language in the public schools
wus.stopped , have taken stops to encourage
instruction in the private schools.
It has boon decided that the location of the
Hoiiuin Catholic university building ut Wush-
iugton shall bo on the Middlcton property ,
near Brook's station , about a mile and a half
beyond the city limits.
Momora , a son of King Dawanna of the
Upper Peron country and of Queen Sandy-
munda of Jurbacca , in Africa , is about to en
ter an Indiana medical college. Ho Is black
as the ace of spades , and twenty years old.
President Elliotof Harvard , on being ques
tioned as to afitutcmcht'iiiado'in thb'Crffiisbn ,
that ho was in favor of abolishing all inter
collegiate contestssald that ho wusdccidedly
in favor of continuing them , since they
were in a fair way to become properly regu
Miss Mary W. Whitney , ono of the gradu
ates of the Harvard annex , has been called
to 1111 the vacancy at Vassar college- canned
by the resignation of Prof. Maria Mitchell ,
who has long been director of the observa
tory. Miss Whitney wus some years ago us-
sistant to Miss Mitchell.
A new departure hus boon made at the
John Hopkins university In requiring exami
nations in physical exercise of the under
graduate students. An instructor has been
busy for several months giving lessons , and
thu examinations will bo hold the last week
In January , on the parallel and horizontal
burs and leaping.
In 18S Frank K. Lucky was graduated
from Cornell university. He became an actor
and for two or thrco yours clung to the stage.
Finally ho decided to enter the ministry urn :
bcc.imo a student in the Yale thcologica
school. Ho has Just been called to a pulpit
In New Haven. His fellow-btudents say ho
is appropriately named.
Senator Edmunds wus given the degree of
LL. D. by Trinity college , Hartford , Conn. ,
recently. Mr. Edmunds at once sent the
college treasurer a check for$10J. saying It
wus customary in England for the recipient
of u college degree to pay the costs of rcgis
tering , engraving , printing and such other
expenses us might pertain to the granting of
the diploma.
A FUKI : and easy expectoration is
produced by u few doses of Dr. J. II
MeLeuii's Tar Wine Lung Balm. In al
cases of hoarseness , K > ro throat or dilll
culty of breathing.
There is to be a grand Internutionn
exhibition in Berlin next May of hunt
ing trophies , of nil sorts of game , an
clout and modern arms and implements
used in hunting.
Safe , permanent and complete are the
cures of bilious and intermittent dis
eusos , made by Prickly Ash Bitters
Dyspepsia , general debility , habitual
constipation , liver and kidney com
plaints uro speedily eradicated from ttio
system. It disinfects , cleanses ant
eliminates all malaria. Health nni
vigor uro obtained moro rapidly urn
permunently by the use of this grca
natural antidote than by any other rem
edy heretofore known. As a blood pur
ifier and tonie it brings health , re
newed energy and vitality to a worn
nnd diseased body.
ML ,1X , ML
N. W. Corner 13th and Dodge Sts. , Omaha , Neb.
UA. J , ry , WiiiMllU ,
As M toy a Number of Competent , Sfcilliiil anil Experienced Physicians and Sargeons ,
I'arllvulnr Attention puld to DcformlUc * , IMNCIINCK of Women , Din *
CUHCK of the Urinary ami Scximl OI-KHIIX , I'rlvtite DixentieM ,
ol' t"e Xcrvoiii fcjstein , Liuii ; mill Throat IMi-
Surgical Operations ISpllcjtiy or Fit * , .
I'ilcx , Cam-erg , Tumor * , I-I to.
OAU'i'lON Designing persona , taking advantage of our
reputation , arc constantly starting bogus Medical KBtab-
llshmcntH to deceive strangers visiting tlio city. Tliemi
pretenders usually disappear in a few wcckti. Ilewaro of
tlicnt or their runners or ngonts. The Omaha Medical and
Surgical Institute is the only established Medical Institute
In Omaha , Dr. McMonamy Proprietor. When you make up
your mind to visit us make a memorandum of our cxaot
address , and thus save troulilc , delay nr mistake ? .
Moro money invested ; moro skillful physicians and surgeons employed ; more
patients treated ; moro cures effected ; more modern improved instruments , appar
atus and appliances than can bo found in all other Infirmaries , institutes or dispen
saries in the west combined. Largest and most complete Medical Institute or Hos
pital in the west. Fifty newly * furnished , well warmed and ventilated roomsJor
patients ; thrco skilled physicians always in the building. All kinds of discuses
treated in the most selontllic manner. . ,
We manufacture Surgical Braces for deformities , Trusses , Supporters , Elec
trical Butteries , and can supply physicians or patients any appliance , remedy pr
instrument known. Cull and consult us , or write for circulars upon all subjects ,
with list of questions for patients to answer. Thousands treated successfully by
correspondence. We have superior advantages and facilities for treating dis
eases , performing surgical operations and nursing patients , which , combined with
our acknowledged ability , experience , responsibility and reputation , should make
the Omuha.Medieul und Surgicnl Institute the first choice.
The Omaha Medical and Surgical Institute is conducted upon strict business
and scientific principles ; und patients hero receive every advantage that art , skill ,
science und human Ingenuity can bring to bear upon their cases. Their comfort
and convenience will always bo taken into consideration.
Should you conclude to visit us for treatment or correspond with us , you will
find that these statements of pur position , location and facilities arc not overdrawn
in any particular , but are plain unvarnished facts.
Upon Private , Special and Nervous Diseases of thn Urinary and Scximl Or
gans. Bent In plain wrapper free to anv address.
My Reasons for Writing n ilnok Upon Private , Spculal and Nervous Dispasoit *
I have for many years made u specialty of diseases of the urinary und soxiiul
organ * ) , have become' recognized authority upon the subject , consequently I receive -
coivo an immense number of letters from physicians and ulllicted persons , asking1
my opinion and advice upon individual ciihcs. For the benefit of such persons , I
huvo written a book , giving a general description of the most common , discuses
und conditions , uiy treatment , success , advice , etc. After reading tt. ' parsons will
have u clearer Idea of their condition and can write me more intelligently und'to
the point. It will therefore bo been thut our object in writing thcho pages is not-
to furnish reading matter tb a class of persons who read out of moro idle curiosity , .
but for the benollt of the many who uro suffering to a greater or Icss aeffreo'from
discuses , or the olTccts of diseases orabuses , of the sexual and urinary organs. Not
a day pusses but wo receive many calls or letters from persons suffering from thin
class of diseases , or their sequel. Many of them arc ignorant of the CUUBO of tho1
dilliculty that has wrecked their constitutions , thrown a cloud over : their bright
prospects and is shortening their days.
Surgical operations for the cure of Hiiro Lip , Club Foot , Tumors , Cancers ,
Fibtulu , Cataract , Strabismus ( Cross-Eyes ) , Varicocclo , Inverted Nails , Wens and
Deformities of the Human Body performed in the most scientific manner.
\Vn treut Chronic Diseases of the J.unRS , Ilcnrt. Head , lllood Hkln , Benin , Stomach , tl vor , Ki ( !
neys , Illrcder , Nerves , Hones , etc. , as I'urulj-Hls , Kiilleiisy , ( t'lts ) , Scrofula , urnpsy , llrlght'b IMS'
case , Tape Worm , Ulcers or Fever Sores , Dyspepsia or OiiHtrltlH. llnlclne.s-s , Kczeina , etc.
Treated rnrefnlly , sklllfullv and nrli > ntlflcatlr l > y thu Inti'st and most approved methods
ycaisdovotcd n larue p irtloii of his time to thn study and treatment of this class of dlseasoH , and
has spared neither tlmo nnrmonuy to perfect himself , and Is fully supplied with every instrument ,
appliance and remedy of valUB.ln this dopaitmunt of Medicine and Surgery.
4j j
We claim superiority over any Orull-aor Aurlst In the west : and the thousands whom wo hn vo
cured , after others have failed , substantiate our claims. To thost > utlllctvd with live and liar din.
eases , we xltnplv Kay , call nnd consult u * , Kft a hcli-nttllc opinion , then visit whom you like , and It
you are an liitufllKent person you will return to m for ment un 1 cm a.
Our book , describing the live and Kur and their dxca | > ,0' < . In plain laiiKUano , ! with
numerous Illustrations , art ) written for the. lienellt of patients and physicians who wrlttius lu te-
Kurd tocasesby leadliiK them carefully phyxlilan and patient will have a rli-ar iindernt.indlni
und can descrlbu cases to us morn Intelligently. WRITE FOR BOOK ON DISEASES OF
Addrcus all Letter * to
OH ,
OR. J. W , McMENAMY , N.W.Cor.13th & Dodge Sts , , OmahaNeb. ,