Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, February 12, 1888, Page 8, Image 8

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PECIAL INDUCEMENTS will be offered in every department.
Note the prices and don't forget we always have just what we ad
Bennison Brothers.
25 Doz. Fancy
Turkish Tidies
12c Each.
40 PCS , Turkey Red
Table Damask
I 25c Yard.
Colors guaranteed . fiiht. Monday , 2oc
n yard , worth / > ( ) Hoarding houses and
sale. hotels should take advantage of this
100 Doz. Turkey Red
Napkins ,
Guaranteed fast colors ,
75c Dozen.
Worth $1.26.
25 PCS. Fine Check
White Nainsook
Qc Yard ,
Worth 12 c.
Bennison Bros ,
HAY-DEN unos.
Special nnrgnhiR 1'ur This Week.
On Monday morning , Fob. 1'Hh , 1888 ,
\vo will otter 80 in. wide Black Brncadcd
Dress Goods which wo luivo boon belling
ivt 40o a yard at loc a yard. Big bar
4t in. wide all wool camels' hair , valued -
' ued tit $1.115 , on Monday reduced to Coca
40 in. to 48 in. wide Henrietta cloth
wo will offer ntfloc to $1.125 a yard. Don't
fail to ecu this bargain.
40 in. wirto all wool French serges ,
colored , which wore U3c , will bo Monday
85o a yard.
All wool double width suitings , hand
some shades , will bo offered Monday at
22 } a yard ; good values.
Special bargain in black 'silk , fully
warranted , at & ! ) o , regular price $1.10.
Don't miss this bargain.
Wo will offer the best values in col
ored and black silks which were ever
shown in Omaha for llo ) ) a yard on
Monday. Bo t-ilro and lie on hand.
Special bargain in Faille Francai o at
$1.15 , would bo cheap at 81.75.
Silk plubhes in till colors tit Too. worth
Silk velvets in all colors tit C5c , worth
32 in. wide American witeon , now
styles ; on Monday wo will oflor them at
lOo a yard , worth 15o.
32 in. wide cambrics , foulards , indigo
blue prints wo will offer on Monday at
CJo per yard. Remember thebo-uiM not
the narrow but the wide prints cambrio
and foulards and well worth 12c. }
35 pieces dark style dress gingham on
Monday at 7Jc < worth 12-Jc.
10 pieces 10-4 bheoting on Monday at
22o , worth 35c.
6 pieces cream colored table linen ,
fancy pattern , worth 85c , Monday price
21 c.
2 cases extra largo and heavy mar-
Koillos bed spreads worth $3.00 ; on
Monday and Tucbday wo will offer them
nt $1.1)8 ) each , only two sold to ono cus
tomer. This is n big bargain in spreads.
Como and sco the towel which wo will
offer on Monday at 7 o each , 0 for 45c
nnd no more to ono ciibtompr. A few
blankets loft which wo desire to close
out at loss than cost to make room for
now spring goods which are now daily
arriving. HAYDEN BROS. ,
110 and 118 S. 10th st. , Omaha , Neb.
Thp Indies of St. John's church will
give a musical and literary entertain
ment nt the Guild room , corner of
Twenty-sixth and Franklin btreots , Mon
day evening , February 18. Admission ,
25 cents.
Architect ) ) and Superintendent * .
Hodgson & Son. 20 , Iron Bank.
Don't Spend Ono Dollar
Until you BOO our great bargains in
parlor suits , chamber suits , carpets.
Btovos. pianos , organs. 60 per cent
caved from dealers prices.
Capitol avo. and 15th St.
Notice K. of If.
Members of L. A. 2122 will plenso take
notice that hereafter the tibbombly will
meet on third lloor ever Omaha Savings
bank , south west cor. 13th and Douglas
eta. every Monday night. M. W.
Horses boarded at $13 per month , at
Halltun & Sylort'a barn , 2413 Cuming st.
Now Is tlie Time.
A car load of elegant Plush suits at
eost of frames. Plush buits * 29. Deal
ers charge you $75. Doh't strand ono
iolUr until you have got our price.
Capitol uvb. and 15th St.
Bennison Brothers.
200 Pieces
Fancy Salines ,
15c Yard
In figures , chocks , polku dots and all
tlio now spring . shades combined. All at
lee a yard.
1 Bale Heavy
29 Yards for $ ! ,
Monday Only.
II Yards for $ l
1 case 80 inch extra line bleached mus
lin , 11 yards . for $1. This price for
Monday only.
100 Pjeces
ScaYard ,
Monday Only.
For Monday.
spring goods have commenced to
arrive , and having a good many winter
goods on hand to out , we will on
Monday muko some of the lowest prices
ever heard of in ladies and gents fur
nishing goods.
Gents heavy linen collars , late styles ,
only lOc each , reduced from 20c.
Gents heavy ribbed shaker bocks , only
lOc per pair , reduced from 20c.
Gents heavy all wool half hose , only
15o per pair , reduced from 2oc.
Gents fancy ever bhirts , in now styles ,
only 7oc , reduced from $1.25.
Ladies heavy cnshmoro glovps , only
15c per pair , reduced from 25c.
Our glove sale continued on Monday.
Ladies kid gloves , two-toned , em
broidered backs , on Monday only 75c
per pair , reduced from $1.25.
Ladies brown ilccccd hose extra
heavy , only 2oc per pair , worth 5c. ( )
Misses Ctibhmoro hose only 19c per
pair , reduced from I5c. !
On Monday the bcbt bubtlo made only
20c each.
Money losing bale in corsets for Mon
immense reductions in this depart
On Monday , casp of corsets , perfect
fitting and all sizes , only 30c each ,
worth 75e.
Dr. Stone's corset , for Monday , ono
case will bo offered at 59c earn.
Ladies line scarlet wool vests and
pants only 75c each , reduced from $1.25 ,
Boys heavy cotton school hose re
duced to lOc per pair.
Ladies heavy brown balbriggan hose
only 25c per pair , reduced from 5c. ( )
Sixteenth street , near Douglas.
Grand Masquerade Bull.
The Valentino club will give a grand
masquerade ball at Cunningham's hall
to-morrow ( Monday ) evening , February-
is , and from what can bo learned it will
bo ono of the most sociable and best ar
ranged gatherings of the season. This
club is composed of all first-class young
men who thoroughly understand how to
arrange for an occasion of this kind ,
and as it is the hibt dance before the
Lenten season , the public tire cordially
invited to attend. Admission 75 and
60 cents.
We are In the Business and to Stay.
Wo nro not the oldest house in
America. Wo are not the richest
cither. Our trade in furniture , pianos
and organs has increased steadily every
month. We treat our customers right ,
sell tlrst class goods and cannot bo un
do i > old by any manufacturer or dealer.
Call and got prices.
1608 Capitol avo.
A Card.
Having puclmscd the business and good
will of the NEW YORK DRY GOODS
STORE lit 1310 and 1312 Farnam St. ,
Omaha , of Messrs. John H. F. Lohmann
& Co. , I bog to assure the patrons of the
store that by courteous treatment and
honorable dealing I shall strive to merit
a continuance of the patronage enjoyed
by Messrs. Lehman n & Co. in the past.
Please give mo a call.
Now goods will bo advertised , and
lowest prices given.A.
A. R. LOGIE , i
The Sunday "Wcstlicher Courier" is
tho-most complete Gorman newspaper
in. the west is the paper for the Ger
mans of Omaha. Price , 6 cents , at
Fruohauf's and Adthea & Co. 'a newi
btands. ' ' .
Bennison Brothers.
79c Pair ,
60 dszon ladles' 5-huUon Prime Kid
Gloves , two toned , embroidered backs ,
70o u pair ; worth $1 .iio.
Only $1.
1 case flno white crochet bed quilts ,
largo size ; Monday only , SI ; worth $1.U5
Very Fine
Crochet Quilts ,
$1.25 Each.
I case very fine , full sine , white cro-
cho quilts , usually bold as leaders at
NOTE. Wo consider these quilts the
very best value over offered.
On Monday we place on
wile " .l ( Won Indies'
BM Leather Wallets ,
I.Ike cut , indies long ,
plafi nnil nleklo mnutit-
cd , actuiil vnluo 7" > u to
fI , nil nt CU'Jc fiich Mon.
day ,
Any lady wanting a fine Wrap and
Plush Sacque , can buy on ] Mon
day , at fully
25 Per Cent , Less
Than Actual Coot
We dj not have very naiy , and are
anxious to close thorn all out , as
we need our present ihakrocm for
other purposes ,
Bennison Bros.
Dr. French at Grand Opera House.
"Bo convinced or stay away , " said
Dr. French to ti group of persons waiting
to consult him at the Arcade hot el. "My
time is too much occupied to litten to
arguments. Go to the opera hout-e as
others do and bo convinced before- com
ing here to talk about treatment. Then
if you are not convinced that you can
bo healed by magnetibin save your
money and remain a cripple as before. "
Yesterday the audience witne ed some
remarkable cures and everyone should
have been there to fuUy appreciate the
wonderful olleetof this subtle force in
curing disease. The lirst who came was
a man blind for twenty ve.vr.s. Ho had
been treated la t Saturday. Ho htiid his
sight was returning M ) that now ho
could f-eo plainlv every ono in the audi
ence. A young ladj aid to the audience
bho had been deaf since bhe was nine
months old. The doctor pas&oll hishand
before her a few times when she was
able to hear him whibper , and could
hear his watch tick fully eight inches
from her head. A Mrs. Hickby
of Walnut Hill had been
deaf eight years ; she too was made to
hear a whisper. Mrs. Carlin had boon
deaf twenty years ; bhe too was fully re
stored. One of the most remarkable
cases presented was a lady having neu
ralgia of the face with a paralysis of the
right side. She begged with tears in
her oycs that the doctor might lay
his hands upon her. Seeing the
lady's anxiety ho told her
friends to bring her forward. After a
few moments manipulation she arose
and walked free of pain or other trouble.
Others wore then treated with bimilar
results. ThebO things arc not done in a
corner , nor docs the doctor vaunt cures
made in far away cities , but invites all
to see and believe or condemn. Ho
denies all attempts at mcbinorUm or
mysterious agency , but bays these cures
are performed by natural methods. As
evidence that the people have faith in
what they see , his otllco parlors 7 and 8
Arcade hotel , arp full of persons com
ing within a radius of 200 miles seeking
his wonderful asisUnco. His charges
tire light for the benefit given , M > that
no ono need remain away. At Exposi
tion hall every Saturday hereafter from
0:80 : to 10ilO : free , consultations nt his
parlors also free.
If you want to enjoy nn exquisite
musical and literary treat , bo at S * .
John's Guild room , corner of Twenty-
sixth and Franklin btrcets , Mondav
evening , February 13 , at 7:30. : You will
bo well paid.
Soidenborg'b Figaro is the only long
Havana tilled lOo cigar for 60 on sale
Burlington Route.
Tickets sold every day , good six
months , choice of routes. Special cheap
excursion Fob. 10. For particulars
write to or call nt
1824 Farnam st.
Children's felt hats nt 25o and 50o for
mer pvico $1.00 to $1.50. Trimmed hats
at $1.60 , $2.00 and $2.50 , former price
$3.00 to $5.00 , atF. M. Schadoll & Co , ,
218 north 10th st.
The Singer Co. repair all kinds of
sowing machines , and sell noodles , oils
and repairs at greatly reduced prices.
Office 1608 Douglas st.
Give Hallara & Syfert a trial on your
boarding horses at 113 per month , 2413
Cuming st. Horses delivered at any
part of the city. , . .
39c Each.
40 dozen corsets ; never sold for less
than 50o ; on tale Monthly tit iWc each.
75 do/.on ladies' fancy strips lie > -o , now
Roodjtibt received and on bale Monday
ut 0 , : a pair.
PrcH'tl Mil I'oo Vi'its Otnihi. ; :
Mr. I. N. Pee , president of the Union
Manufacturing company , Toledo , O. ,
spent part of last wool : inspecting tha
work done by their western otllco under
the mnniigeineyt of Mr. G. S. Smith.
Thp condition of affairs was found so
wilibfactory that the territory controlled
uy thih olllco was largely increased.
President Pee reports a very satisfac
tory biibincb in all parts of their terri
tory , the factory being at the present
time over 5(10 ( machines behind. To
meet this increasing demand , the com
pany has erected a new foundry and
has largely increased all of it * facilities
for manufacturing the queen of sowing
machines "The Union. " The atten
tion of the public is especially directed
to the following points of interest in re
gard to the Union : It is made of the
host material possible to bo secured. It
is well and hnndtonioly Imibhed. It is
simple in coiibtrui-tion and not liable to
got out of order. It is the lightest run
ning machine made. It will make but
ton hole- * and will sew cither backwards
or forwards. Although comparatively
a notv' machine , its unprecedented sales
indicate a popularity which any ma
chine company might envoy. Before
you buy a sowing nuichino call at their
otllco , KlOil Howard street , where you
will be waited upon in a gentlemanly
manner and shown the best sowing ma-
chiuo on earth , and at a price no greater
than is asked by dealers for inferior ma
Valentines tit Hoipa's art palace.
Thc Vlmiglity Dollar.
Furniture , pianos and organs for the
next 10 days ; goods must bo told to pay
storage charges. Now York Storage
Co. , 1508 Cap. avo.
Few deaths reported last week from
dyphthcria. Why ? People nro generally
ubing Dr. Thomas .TotVori's provontativ-o
and cure. No physician required. Ad
dress Dr. Thomas JetToris , No. 817 south
15th st. , Omaha.
Valentines at Ho&po's art palace.
Dollars Saved arc Dollars Made.
A carload of parlon suites just ar
rived can bo bought at one-half the cost
to manufacture. Now York Storage
Co , , 1608 Cap. ave.
Money Talks.
Wo have a car load of elegant Plush
parlor goods which must be sold nt your
own price. Don't fail to call.
Capitol avo. and 15th St.
Valentines at Hospo's art palaco.
Notice Owing to the sudden and dan-
porous Illness of Mrs. Dr. Dybart she
will bo unable to entertain her invited
friends for Tuesday , Fob. 14.
W. W. Bowlby , formerly manager of
A. Hospo's Lincoln branch store , has
accepted the management of the musio
department of Mr. Hospo's Omaha store
at 1513 Douglas st.
Valentines at Hospo's art palace.
What ! |
Furniture , pianos and organs at a
great sacrifice ,
Now is the accepted time.
Because the goods tire bought at bank
rupt sales.
At the New' York Storage Co. , 1508
Capitol avo.
ValenUncs at Hospe's art palaco. v .
Bennison Brothers.
- OF-
10,000 , yards duo embroideries , put up in
Yard Lengths ,
Your choice Monday , per length or 41
yards , ,
6,000 , yards fine ombroidorins , put up in
44 yard lengths , worth iioe n yard ; on
Mondav ,
4ya Yards for 67c.
This is the opportunity to buy good
embroideries very cheap.
100 Ladies' and Childrons'
Hoods and Toboggans
Slightly boiled and worth up to $2 each.
Wo will close the lot Monday tit
15c EACH.
ison Bros.
Bennison Brothers ,
Of Ladies' Muslin
Wo linv < i SO ( loxun nntt they usunlly
neil at 5Uu cncli , On Momliiy only
, ' { 5.
20 Dozen Ladies'
Trimmed with evurlnsttnj * Ince ,
Mothr.r lluhharddinpc. . .Monday oil
'can buy them nt 5Oo cnoti , worth OOo
50 Dozen Ladies'
Muslin Underwear ,
Consisting of Niirht Gowns , ChenilH" ,
SkiiMH Drawer" , 'orMPt Covers , PIC.
lOlccnntly trliiuned ; mtidu on lock
stltoli innohiiip , relied Neniiii ; worm
up to $ l.oO All at ono price Mon
day ,
98c Each ,
wlio nro interested in
Fine Underwear ,
Will llnd OUR counter , .Monday , devot
ed toonr ; line of flnn iinilerweiir.nmht
COWIIH , chemise , skirts , drawers , cor-
snt covers , etc. , worth $2 ; all nt one
$1.48 Each ,
1519-1521 Douglas
Dress Goods
100 Patterns of
Fine De Beiges
I5c a Yard ,
In crnyn , tnn nmt . browns ; put up In
l > ntt < < rn IrniMlifl. . Vour choice MoiV
liny lOo a yard.
15 Pieces
Plain Suitings
25c a Yard.
in Rrnys nnil brown * , -IS Indian
Co tin- mill set thotn AlonUny nt 25o
n yaill.
1O Pieces Pin Head
Check Suitings
25caYard , _
1O Inches wldr. Monday only at 2Bo
a yard
Dress Flannels
JUST ARRlVKI48 IMocrH Spring
WsichtN DroHH l''lamiols , In nil the
newsprint ! SlindtnuN , 518 incjics wide ,
nil wool. Monday , 4Hc a yard.
Bennison Bros.
MONDAY we will place on sale all Remnants of
That have accumulated during the past season at one half actual
A Card.
In Saturday's evening BEK we
advertised 1,000 remnants of all
wool dress goods at 25c per yard.
It was intended to react 35c , but
mistakes will boinolimes happen ,
nnd wo will bland the loss. Our
customers know that what is ad
vertised by N. B. Falconer they
iincl is so , and wo shall sell these
remnants at 25C , worth from 05c to
$1.25 per yard. N. B. FALCONEH.
Conveyed to Frank II. Johnson.
Yesterday in consideration of .3,000 Frank
Johnson had conveyed to him by Joshua J.
and II. Woodland una Anthony Houscr the
stock of tobacco , cigars and merchandise in
ftoro known asNo. . > l ! ) North Sixteenth street ,
This transfer was precipitated by the failure
of the linn to collect their debts iu time to
meet impending indebtedness.
Another I'limo for $4O.
A. Ho. tpo , jr. , 1513 Douglas street , has
a piano for $40 , an organ for $30 , for
cash or on monthly payments.
A line upright piano for $175 on
monthly payments.
A good bqunre piano for $100.
A. Hospo , jr. , agent for the cele
brated Emerson pianos and Kimball
FiirnUhcd HOIIHO For Rent.
Five room house near street car , $25
per month. Furniture for bale at a bar
gain for cash or on time. Inquire of
A. Hospo , 1518 Douglas.
Douglas County's Convention Held
nnd the Delegates Selected.
Wednesday next the prohibitionists of Ne
braska meet in convention at Lincoln , ana
yesterday tlioso of Douglas county meet at
the Commercial college to appoint delegates
to attend it. The chair was taken by the
Hcv. T. C. ClcndiniiiK and G. G. Wallace
was appointed secretary. Among those
present were General Estabrook , Messrs.
Savage , Graham , Clendining , John Dale ,
Charles Watts , G. M. Haskoll , J. W. Pliclps ,
J. Langtry anil wife und others. After
routine business , it was resolved that those
present form u committee and nominate the
required number of delegates which was
done until fifty-two were selected. Then it
was decided to form a committee of four to
ill ! up those vacancies nnd any other that
might occur through the Inability of any
nominees to attend , and the matter was left
In the hands of G. G. Wallace , Charles
Watts. E. U Graham and G. M. Haskoll.
G. G. Wallace was also Instructed to act as a
committee on transportation , and reported
that the railroads would grant u ono and a
third rate faro. The question of appointing
a county chairman for the central committee
was deferred , and an attempt to Introduce-
the "Womcns Suffrage" question was
Irowncd down by a Vote to adjourn being
carried unanimously.
Considerable Business Transacted
With Dispatch Yesterday.
' There was a short session of the county
commissioners yesterday afternoon , and the
business before them was disposed of with
dispatch ,
The following resolution was passed :
Resolved , That the county treasurer bo and
ha is hereby directed to cancel the tax for
the year 18bO on lots 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , B , 0 , 7 and 8 ,
block 4 , Park Place , said real estate being
used during said year by the Crelguton uni
versity for school purposes.
The prayer of Charles McCorznlck that the
assessor rectify a mistake on a strip of land
was not allowed.
The county clerk was authorized to employ
the necessary help to make up the assess
ment books at salaries not exceeding $75 per
month and night work and overtime at 85
cents per hour to be paid out of the general
fund. '
The committee on Judiciary reported that
tha board bu no authority to cane * ! the
taxes for 1879 on Bonllold , and the county
treasurer was directed to place on the tax
list of lbS7 at a valuation of $ UOO the
fourteen aercs of so ) of nw of sec. li-14-llf ,
The appointments of W. F. Gurley , deputy
county attorney , nnd Silas Gobi ) , clerk to
County Attorney Simoral , were ratified.
No additional help was allowed T. A. Mo-
gcath , register of deeds , in Ills oftlco.
The otllcial bond of 1J. 11. Sullivan , con
stable of the Eighth ward , was approved ,
and H. C. Barnes was awarded the contract
for running grader No. 1 anil Oliver Haney
for running grader No. 'J for the year ISbS.
The following claims were ordered paid :
F. J. Uleick , * lli : Win. Olmstcad , H2 ; T. J.
Hickcv , ? J1.50 ; H. U. Avery , WJ.oO ; Lewis
Thomas , SltiS.-lO , and William Thompson , -H8
for road work.
The committee on court house and Jail re
ported as follows :
Mr. Chairman : Your committee on court
house anil Jail , to whom was referred the
communication of G. Andrecn as to repairs
in the county Jail , would respectfully icport
that Gustavo Amlrcon bo employed by the
board to make whatsoever repairs said board
deem necessary in said Jail , said Amlrecn to
bo employed by the day and u reasonable
price be paid for material used.
Communications from A. H. Widnor nnd
Kerns Appleby , relating to their lands and
those of others being damaged by high water
were referred.
On Monday the commissioners will make a
personal inspection of roads and bridges In
the interior of the county.
Valentines nt Hospo's art palaco.
District Court.
VKiimcT rou Tim CITV.
William Bruning , who sucil the city for
damages , was yesterday defeated , the Jury
bringing in a verdict for the defendant.
John Gleason was tried yesterday for
burglarising a Nineteenth street grocery
store , and the Jury found u venlict of acquit
tal , after which court adjourned until Mon
day next.
Messrs. Davis , Hces and Kaufman yester
day rcpleviaed the stock of goods of Kauf-
mann Bros , from the sheriff and will open
the stores this morning.
WAXT Tiiuin aoons.
Yesterday an eastern firm of Jobbers be
gan action in the district court to recover a
largo quantity of cigars and tobacco sei/cd
from the stores of Kaufman Hros. , and now
in the possession of the sheriff.
L. M. Delhay , charged with burglarising
the barber shop of S. P. Einmcll and Mutt
KIcth , who are accused of robbing U. W.
Lewis of a gold watch anil chain in the saloon
of John King , will bo arraigned to-morrow
morning for trial.
County Court.
Charles F. Schmidt and Carl O. Peters
yesterday brought action against G. W ,
Duncan to collect WOO on a promissory note.
Darwin II. Hull came into possession of a
promissory note for faCO given to G. W.
Eastman by Kaufman Bros , , and Darwin
asks for Judgment in that sum against the
Judge Shields yesterday found Mrs. Hcrg-
quist , executrix of her husband's will , In
debted to the deceased's two children in the
sum of (007. TUo case will bo finally dis
posed of on Tuesday ncxt ; when the Judge
will hear testimony covering the immorali
ties charged against the woman.
The following Judgments wcro rendered :
Stewart vs Simeral , $200 for plaintiff ; Doug
las vs Dayton , (50 for plaintiff ; Hennlbon
Bros , vs Nellie McNamara , (43.GS for plain
tiffs ; N. U. Falconer vs Nellie McNamura ,
f W3.03 for plaintiff.
A 1110 COAL 111 I.I , .
Je * W. Bedford yesterday commenced
action against John Savulnu to recover a
Judgment in the sura of $032.40 o-oui .Jolin
Savcina for coal delivered.
Valentines at Hospo's-art palace.-
Concert nt the Grand Opera IIouso
Tuesday , February 11.
The following is tlio unique programme of
the llureau of Charities concert to bo given
at the Grand opera house Tuesday evening1 ,
February 11 :
Overture , Miiltairo Puenicr
Second Infantry Hand.
Arian Waltz Vogcl.
St. Cecilia Quartette.
Song , "Tho Vagabond" Mulloy
Mr. Troynor.
Song 1
Mrs. Murtin Calm.
Piano Solo Concerto G minor ( with
second Diane accompaniment ) .Mendelssohn
Mine. Mucntefering.
Song , "To Suvilla" Dessaucr
Mrs. Penncll.
Musical Gymnastics by the Pupils of the
Deaf Mil to School
CWrmmln J llutei Sergt. Kciulillg , 1 , n , , ,11
bcienailo } im , . , , , Mr. Eu,1 | , ( ]
Second Infantry Hand.
The Legend Mchring
St. Cecilia Quartette.
Aria , 13cl raggio tSemiramido ) Rossini
Mrs. Cotton.
Swedish Quartette
PUaieato. Dellbcs
r > i , J
1 mno I b. Bubbling Spring Hive-King
Mine. Muentofering.
Song , "Chai Uy" Fuuro
Mr. Young.
Selection , ( Macbeth ) Verdi
Second Infantry Hand.
The admission has been fixed nt the nomi
nal price of .r > 0 ceuts iu the expectation that
the Grand opera house will l > u crowded. Ho-
borvcd seat tickets will bo placed on sale to
morrow morning at the Grand. Hcgular ad
mission tickets can boprocuied lit Kiilin'fuinU
Saxe's drug stores , Caulleld's , John
Uaumcr's , Max Meyer's and at most of the
banks. The Bureau of Charities are doing
excellent work in searching out genuine des
titution and exposing frauds , and their coa-
cert should bo attended by all.i
Valentines at Hospo's art palaco.
Mccnspd to Wed.
The following marriage licenses were
issued yesterday by Judge Shields :
Phillip Krticgcr. Omaha no
Mary Spungcl , Oinahu " 3
John Hamaiin , Omaha 33
Catherine Sirncrs , Omaha 25
Joseph Wibthartmcr , Omaha 2S
Gertrude Patzl , Omaha 27
Janius Hrown , Omaha 25
Emmu Flumnihig , Omaha SI
Valentines at Hospo's art pal nco.
A French provincial lawyer recently
died. In hib will ho directed that an
annuity of $400 a year bo paid to the
borvant who should close hih eyes. "
When this claubu was read the borvant
who performed this olllco jumped with
joy : but his delight was bpcedily damp
ened by the nephew nnd heir of the
dead man , who reminded the bcrvunt
that his master had only ono oyo. And
the servant actually failed to get hla
legacy on this absurd technicality.
Milton's cottage , where ho wrote
"Paradiso Lost , " is to bo purchased by1
means of a fund and preserved as a rolio
of the great pool. Queen Victoria has
htibbcribed $200 , which , by the way , is
about four times what Milton received
for his master-piece.
A letter written from Orange , Cal. ,
says that the mocking birds in that
locality feed on the berries that grow ]
on the Chinese umbrella tree , and that t
this bert of food makes them tipsy. They 1
net very foolishly jubt after a hearty
meal , and fatngger about badly intoxlj
Half a century ago there were not twenty"
five sehools in all Servia ; now every viljago
hasoijc , . , _ ' _ : - . . ' j
Valentines tit Hospe's art palace , / ' , ' . . . j
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