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    ajiWjii -7. ! t
City Treasurer's Annual Report and
Accompanying Letter.
I , The Financial Condition of Omnlm
Better Than Thnt of Any City
In the West.
At the next city council meeting the city
treasurer's rc | > ort , now In the hands of the
proper committee will bo acted uiwn. It is
ns follows :
In submitting this , ray first annual report
to your honorable body , it affords mo great
pleasure to state thnt the tax-payers have re
sponded to the many calls upon them during
the past year , with n degree ol cheerfulness
and promptness thnt showed them to be ns
good a tax paying community ns thuro Is In
the world , and demonstrates the faith they
have in this city of marvelous growth , and
fitittcrlng future.
- The total collections from May 17 , 1S37 to
.December 31 , 1SS7 , Including bonds sold ,
amounts to tlloT ,7b ! > .83 , nnd the total dis
bursements during the same period nre
? 1,1.11,8..1.87. Matiyof the balances shown on
this statement have been paid out smco thu
1st of January. Among them nro thu
amounts In the water fund and sidewalk
fund , besides some $75,000 hold by bunks in
the city. While upoh this subject , I beg
leave to stnto Hint ns early iw August 1 , 1SS7 ,
the general , fire and ] K > llco funds were ex
hausted , but I found moans to cash the war
rants drawn upon these funds , without the
loss of ono cent to the owners. Of course
this 'Was but a make-shift , and to prevent a
recurrunces of this annual depletion , months
before the new levy , means ought to be de
vised to enable the treasurer to pay every
warrant npon the regular funds , ns soon as
I respectfully draw the attention of your
honorable body to the fact that the new
charter removes tlio old penalty , imposed
upon delinquent special ussossmcnts. This
enabled the city council to issue war
rants immediately after the approval of the
ordinance making the levy. The penalty and
accrued interest wore ample to pay the in
terest of the warrants. Hut there is now dan
ger that the warrants with accrued Interest
will exceed the amount covered Into the treas
ury. Suppose that * 5,000 worth of grading is
done the warrants nre issued to the contrac
tor. Ho presents them to the treasurer who
stumps them for interest. They bear inter
est for fifty days nt least at 7 per cent , and
the levy amounting to f5,000 is all collected
without Interest except in comparatively few
cases. The probability Is that there will not
bo enough to redeem the warrants after all
tax has been collected.
The acquisition of moro than cichtecn
square miles of. territory has brought Into our
city a population that wo may feel proud of.
Mostly thrifty wage workers , who acquired
homes In the suburbs no sooner nro they
brought within the city's jurisdiction than
they willingly pay their share of taxes. From
the middle of December to the 1st of Janu
ary these people crowded their way into the
treasurer's ollico and remained , many of them
half n day , until they had obtuinod their re
ceipts. In conclusion I would say that the
lltuinciiil condition of Omaha 1 * better than
that of any city in the west. Its government
has been both conservative and progressive ,
and with the same wise heads to control and
to govern I tun convinced that the year 188S
will bo marked by n growth nnd develop
ment unknown even In ourselves.
Very respectfully ,
Jens Husn , Oity Treasurer.
February 7,1888.
Statement of collections nnd disburse
ments by city treasurer from Muy 17 to De
cember , ill , lbb :
( ir.xBUAi ,
Ilalnneo. May 17 , . $ B5.017 Oil
Tux collections 0,4tl lilt
Bpeolttl ilemxltH on account of erail-
iiiK.ftc : 2I.HK 00
> 'rom building Inspector f > ,7iiO 00
From boiler Inspector l.turi ( K )
1'rom special cash tunil Mil no
From pound fens : tl 75
1'rom ilog fees full UO
From Metropolitan tiiDlo company , . . 1112 70
From -Motoi Krnllway company Mi Ml
l''rnin ( lootman ) Ulectrlc company. . . . f K Wl
J'rom police court costs 2'ii.l Kr >
From miscellaneous l.'ll ! i"i
1'rom real citato bold. . . . , Xi\m \ UO
Total J a)4.1W ) ai
Warrants raid ! IM.SIIJ 71
Ualuiuo ou huiul 4 , T I 41
Total JMI,153BO )
IlalanCP. Mftj17 t Wi.KB C3
'J'n\ collections ! ! 0ir , > t 17
Amount from district funds 14VK1 75
Total f i-.l,77iTii4
IlomlH redeemed i4Xi : ! ( ) IX )
Coupons puld 7.1,271) ) M )
ExpiobK cxrlmngo and commission. . . 711 lui
llufancoonh.xnil 43,7. > 7 iM
Total. . , $251778 54
Tux collections $ 10,837 M
J.livnses 1M.7I17 70
1'ollco court tinea lf > , O.W ! W
Total $ ] KlK8 ( M
Transferred to bonl d of education. . . . IW.tijS 50
umuuY rusi > .
Ilalancn May 17 8 5,01377
Tux collettloiis 4.UUI US
1'luen , etc. , ? ; I4 15
Total $ 10,10700
Warrants paid $ fl.Wl 4
Ualancu on b.viul ; i , ti 41
Total < . 10.1IJ7 IX )
nnltmroMay 17 * l.&IO fll
Tax .collections. . . . : 11,211)10 )
Totnl : 12 , 0)
Warrants paid. . . . . * 8.841 Oj
llalunco cm hand. 4,01'J 04
Total S I2tw)0ll )
Balance May 17 $ Ifl.KE in
Tax collections 1 , 'M 20
Warrants pnlil J 17.H71 20
llalnncu ou hand 2U,71r > It !
Total t IKyii-O ill )
Jl'DIIMCNl rtJXl ) .
ItnlnnroMny 17 J 2fl,78S
Tax i-ollculons „ . , If.OM ill
Total $ : U,8707J
Warrants paid $ nm W
llnlancu on hund 33J,3 M
Total , , $ oSSIfl 73
nnlonroMny 17 . ' . . $ 4,987 3.1
Tux collect Ions 21.13T 41
Sale of old hoie , etc : * 79 08
Totnl $ ffll , n Ni
Warrants pnlcl $ 18.20S 40
HixlttiK-o on liunrt : . . . . . 7W.1 iU !
Totnl $ 20.203 b5
roucn FUSIJ.
nnlnnro Mnyl7 : * Mil 84
Uax collections W.tVW 12
Totnl $ 24.1(11 ( W
Warrants paid , , S 12.772 7
Total t 21 181 wi
cuim , outrun AXD CLEVXIXO ruxi > .
IlaliiwtOliiy 17 t H.Mil Oil
Tax collect ions. , , v ia.27 81
buuilo * 117 * 1'J
, Totnl t 2),7tirT4 )
Wnrrnnts paid f K.UVJ 3J
IJaluucii on hand ! ! , ' . b4
Totnl , . , , , * 20.71H H
Jlalftiice Muy 17 v. 313 78
Tax collection VK'6 ' U
Total . „ . . . , . $ .1,707 VI
Warrants pnliU i Tt4 47
Ilalancu ou bund , . . . , , . . Ul ) 41
Toltn ' . . . .I 1,7'J7 01
Itdlrtiice 17tb May f.n ) 00
Collectlonx , special penults 4)750
Colk'ctlou * , lent , . 1UO U )
Total , t 1,12760
Transferred to general fund I ( MM
JluluDceon Uuud. , 4 ! W
Totftl . . . . . . . . ! t 1,1-STfo
* '
> Special Tin Collection * .
fax collections t 9I.S30 20
Tnx collf ctlona . | 4,12 37
Tax collections | 37.IS3 C5
crnn , n err kit A\I \VINO I rt'si > - .
TAX collection * $ l,0tt ! 80
onum rt'MH.
Tnx collections , t ZUJKa 33
ll.iVKNTI : : ! STIIIIUT VHDL'CT rt'M ) .
Tax collections | 14,227(52 (
Tax collections f fi.i92 ; 14
Total . t 203,21)0 ) 41
\r.CI\l , WAIIHAXTS 1'AII ) .
I'nvlnR bond fund . f 57.00150
Noith Omaha mjuer fund. . . , . . ; . Vyl- . " . ' in
Smith Oinuha Saner fund . 24t > 74 fiB
Kloventh street vlndtict fund . . 311 7.
SlTteeenth street viaduct fund . 2.UI7 10
City bull fund . Ifi.'JTl 73
District puvliiK funds . 272 , < HtW
Allovpnvlittr funds . 7,121 10
Cnrblnitnna Buttering funds . 41/171 70
OrndllnrfundH . lttSI7 hi
Sewer funds . , . . , XO.WiS IK )
Total special warrants paid . J 51)1,51171
l > rocefdsof $ 4tt ,2M 05
Total amount of 8tlCS,7t9 W
ToOal amount of.i $ 87
JOHN UUfii ,
Februniy" , ltS8. City Treasurer.
AT r.OiO'STIliS ttECK.
To-morrow tlio Howard Athcnenm Stnr
company opens n two nights' engagement nt
Ho.vd's opera house. This Is unquestionably
n stoiiK attraction , much in the lead of the
generality of variety companies. It otters an
entertainment novel enough to nmuso the
most constant theater-goes , varied enough to
suit the most captious and suftlclcntly funny
to make the most sober laugh to excess. The
fun begins with Foreman and Meredith's
"Lawn Tennis , " which is followed by
Sweeney nud Kylnnd in their laughable net ,
the Irwin Sisters , und Ll/Jio D.illy. the most
artistic dancer ou the vaudeville stage.
Among the ether stars are Adams , Casey nnd
Howard , Hooy nnd Dully , eceentiiu come
dians und Itezeno and Uoblni , the grotesque
gymnasts. The mysterious "Lc Coeon , " Is a
wonder , und HurU , the magician , is always
cordially received.
The greatest nttractton of the season will ,
of course , bo the Uooth-Hnrrctt engage
ment which begins at Uoyd's April 9 , und
continues to the llth inclusive. Already
Manager 13oyd is in receipt of hundreds of
inquiries by mall with reference to the up-
pu.irancu of these two renewed tragedians ,
and the prospects are thnt the attendance
from abroad will exceed that of nny former
dramatic festival. Excursion rates will bo
granted on the different ro.ids for the citi
zens of adjacent towns nnd cities , nnd there
is every assurance that u great crush will bo
the result.
Next Wcdnesdny evening Miss Helen
Blythi ? , a talented und bcnutlful young nc-
trcss , will mnke her flrst uppearnnco before
an Omaha audience ut Uoyd's opera house in
a strong und intensely interesting melo
drama entitled , "Only n Woman's Heart. "
The pluv is of absorbing interest throughout ,
and thu company presenting it is said to bo
above the average. The star of the produc
tion , Miss Helen Hlytho , Is nn American girl ,
who has a bright future before her. Thor
oughly earnest and conscientious her acting1
shows grent natural gifts , which have been
won by hurd nnd intelligent study. The en
gagement is for two nights.
Appended is the programme of the
selections to bo rend by Mrs. Scott Siddons
nt the Grand opera house on next Tuesday
evening : Scene from "As .You L.iko It , "
Shakespeare ; "Tho Painter of Seville , " S.
Wilson ; "Lovo in n H.illoon , " L. Mnsley ;
"The Captive , " M. Y. Lewis ; "Sent by the
Aiigols. " licv. F. Longbridgo ; "Anno. Hath-
nwny , " E , Falconer : "Lost nnd Found , "
Hamilton Aide ; "Amort Abigail's Advcn-
turo , " U , E. Henry.
The presentation of "Mascot" nt the Eden
Museo the coining week will close the scries
of operas that huvo been presented there.
The production has been a highly successful
onu , und has been the means of accomplishing
what the management hnvo striven for , mak
ing the Eden Museo u place of amuse
ment tor the masses. In curio hall the coin
ing week , Louando , styled the modern
Hercules , appears. Ho accomplishes some
wonderful feats of strength , nnd lifts .seem
ingly impossible burden with the aid of his
teeth alone. Uhodn , the beautiful illusion ,
is also presented on this floor among 'tho
other new features. In theatorium No. 1 the
Millar brothers present u series ot dioramio
views , illustrating points of interest in Lon
don , the world's metropolis. New features
are presented in every department , und an
entertainment of moro than ordinary merit
will bo givun.
Tickets nru now on sale for the Press club
entertainment at Uoyd's opera house , and
tlio box olllco will open on the 34th. Tlio pro
gramme will bo given by strictly local tnlcnt ,
and piomiscs to bo the most novel , original
nnd entertaining ever given in the city. Fol
lowing is the programme :
First part , minbtreis ; second part , the
Madrigal quurtotto ; solos by Mr. Hovel
Franco , Mr. 13. 13. Youne , Miss Pennell und
the Mandolin quartette ; third part , n locnl-
i/cd burlcsiuo , written by Mr. W. U. Good-
all , entitled "Tho New Adonis. "
These two famous tragcnlans will appear
nt Boyd's opern house on the nights of April
7 , 10 nnd 11 , und n Wednesday mntinec. Dur
ing their engagement Booth nnd Harrutt will
produce "Julius CffisorHamlet , " "Mac
beth , " nnd "Merchant of Venice. "
Army News.
General Hatch und daughter returned
homo yesterday to Fort Robinson. The gen
eral , It is understood , is ono of the gentlemen
who may reasonably bo looked on as a suc
cessor to General Terry in the event of the
retirement of the latter. Ho is a brigadier
general and is credited with brilliant
achievements during the war.
Ke.irnoy has boon stirring itself to secure
the concentration of the regular troops of this
state and contiguous sections for.tlm summer
school of manojuvres and other exorcises ,
which is to bo held In n few months. It
is churned for it that it has
fresh water lakes , is ou the
main line of the Union Pacific' , which
would enable the tioops to bo readily dis
patched to any section in case of danger , und
Is besides wltnln about two hundred nnd
fifty miles of nil the forts of Ouiuha , Sidney ,
Hussull , Robinson nnd Niobrarn.
It is understood that several people nro
getting ready to look for the selection of
proi > orty bulongiug to them as the bite of the
new Fort Omaliu whore the present ono shall
bo disposed of. They are also expecting to
icccivo hand-souio figures for the smnu. "It
wouldn't surprise me u p.irticlo if General
Sheridan cnmo out hero nnd selected
the ground himself nnd paid what
ho thought it wns worth which
would not bo very much in vlow of
the fnct that Chicago nnd Denver hnvo both
given sites free for posts for thu govern
ment. " said a citizen yesterday. "It would
be strange , Indeed , " ho continued , "If Omaha
pcoplo should expect pay whun ether places
nro giving land for nothing. "
I'cr.sonnl Paragraphs.
H. J. Jones und wlfo , of Chicago , are nt the
Mrs. S. N. Watson , of Chicago , -is at the
M. M. Parkinson , of Corning , In. , is at the
David Moore , Ashlaud , Neb. , is nt the
J. Harry Magcc , of Kansas City , is at the
D. M. Lewis , Nebraska City , Neb. , is ut
the Mlllard.
H. S. Lipplncott , of Lincoln. Neb , , is at
the Paxton.
J. C. Hobinson nnd wife , of Uolcher , Nob. ,
nro ut thu Millard ,
Albert Patterson , Mnnncer of Knto Hens-
berg company , is at the Millnrd.
K. C. Morohouso und wife , of Missouri
Valley , In. , uro at the Paxton.
General G. O. Ncttleton and 'wife , of St.
Paul , Minn. , uro nt the Paxton.
F. N. . Dick und two daughters , of North
Piutte , Neb. , uro nt the Pnxton.
Messrs. J. L. Troboo. J. C. Post and C. P.
lioynton , of Elwood , Neb. , are at thu Mil-
D. Uutters , n vary genial ecnUomsm of
Montreal , mid ono of the honvic&t exporter ) *
of a-rain In the country Is In the city , . nnd
will remain for a few days Inspecting the
advantages whloii this section nltords. Ho
has 'been very favorably impressed with
what ho 1ms thus far seen of tills pm t ot the
So Says a St. Paul Authority On
Base BalL
How the AthlotoR Ainitflcit Themselves
YestcrUuv Xlip Urcnt Walk
lioenlHportHniul Gossip
Future Kvonta. ,
Northwestern Sporting New * .
ST. P.U't , , Feb. 0. [ Correspondence of the
Hut : . ] All the imllcutloiia nt prcaent , point
to n lively tlmo the coming sciison in the
bnso hall world. The establishment of un
American association , club In Kansas City
territory occupied by n minor league club-
Is looked uiKin by the minors us u violation of
thu Hplrit , If not the letter , of the imtlonul
aKrecmont , that grout oiio-sidud Instrument
which gives everything to thu major leagues
und leaves thorn to rustle for themselves , and
then calls for ' 'protection. " It really looks to
tin observer of events hi tlmbasoball world as
though the whole echcme the grunting of
so-called "reservation" to the minor leagues
und the placing of n club in Kansas City In
opposition to the Western league club had
been cut and dried before the clqso of the
lust tiluving season.
So long as the two clubs In Kansas City let
matters remain na they arc , things will un
doubtedly go along smoothly enough ; but
shouldahc now association club persist In its
expressed determination to oust the West
ern league club , und bring the matter before *
that august body , the board of arbitration , a
howl will go up from tliu minor leagues all
over the country , such as was never heard
before. Should the arbitration committee
decide ) In favor of the new association club ,
it would undoubtedly bo one of the best
things that over happened to the minor
leagues of the country. Then they could or-
guuizo among themselves , , draw up contracts
with their players that will hold in
the courts , and bid. dellanco to the
major leagues nnd their protection.
All this has been proposed by
.lim Hart , the hustling manager of the Mil
waukee club , nnd It would not bo surprising
in the least to see some kind of movement
among the minors before the season opens ,
toward organization.
It has been lately discovered that the document -
mont which gives the right of reservation to
the minor league clubs is so worded that each
league ( and not each club , us was supi > osed , )
is entitled to reserve but fourteen players.
O. P. Caylor , one of the brightest base ball
writers in the country , was the flrst to call
attention to "tho Jumble of words , " as ho
terms it. Of course the error was uninten
tional , but were the minor leagues organized ,
they would bo somewhat more careful about
paying out their good money for such "ques
tionable" privileges us the above , before
investigating them.
Hut this question of protection and
reservation generally resolves Itself
down so that there is but one really feasible
Hchcino left , and that is the "Millennium
Plan" evolved by Editor Kichter , ' of the
Sporting Life , the main features of which
base ball readers In general uro familiar with.
This plan will undoubtedly bo adopted by all
the leagues of the country , in the course of
time , which it is made to govern ; but it can
easily bo adopted by the minor leagues , und
its adoption would bo one of the wisest moves
the miuor leagues ever made.
All tulle of Mengcs jumping to the Ameri
can association and Joining forces with the
new club in the "Cowboy City" is unfounded ,
us ho has tiled his bond of good faith in the
sum of $1UCO ( ) with Secretary Morton , and
was the flrstuiembcrofthonewnssociation to
do the same. Mcnges seems to hold the age
on the dealus he has u good deal thostronger
team.for the company ho is in than the new
association can possibly get together ut this
late day , and n winning team in the Western
league would seem to bo prefcrablo to a
semi-occasional winner in the American asso
I met one of the numerous players who
have been spending the winter in California
this wcuk , und had quite n chat about his
trip. Ho says that for a majority of the
players the trip to the coast this winter was
ono long-continued spree. The play
ers run San Francisco to suit
themselves. They could get drunk and
smash windows and sidewalk signs , and if a
policeman was in sight ho immediately dis
appeared , for the arrest of u ball player for n
trilling offense like the nbovo would have
been folllowcd by the olllcer's immediate
dismissal from the force. Games were
thrown in certain cases , when the attendance
began to grow light , and from other things
that ho told me , it is no wonder that the
Oalifornin season this year has been voted a
failure. Duryca anu Vian , who were nlso on
the coast this winter , the former with the
Los Angeles club nnd the latter with the
Philadelphia combination , arrived hero In
time to take in the carnival. They both ex
press themselves as having enough of Cali
fornia to last them several seasons to como.
Vian lias gouo to Cincinnati , with which
club ho plays next season , and Duryca has
gone to his homo at Osage , Iowa ,
where he will keep himself in trim until the
April 1 , when the St. Paul club starts on
n tour east nnd south , playing in Cleveland ,
Columbus , Cincinnati , Indianapolis , Louis
ville , Davenport , and several other cities.
This trip should give the boys sunlcient
practice to be in good trim by the opening
of the season , nnd ulso give thu management
a good opportunity of placing the nioii to the
best advantage.
The sale of Billy Sowdcrs to the Boston
club has weakened the St. Paul club a good
deal more than thu management realize , I
think , and just what kind of a flgurd the
club will cut in the pennant race It Is hard to
say. DCS Monies lias won the pennant al
ready , in its newspapers , and I am afraid
they will bo disappointed when the season
clones next fall. They base their hopes on
the batting ubilitv of their team , pointing
out Stearns , Halllday , Macullar nnd Qulnn
us tlio greatest quartette- heavy hitters
that can bo found in any club m the league.
Tills is nil true , taking past performances in
to consideration , but how often has it be 'ii
shown that a ball player's work ono season is
a poor criterion to go by for the following
ono. Instances without number can bo cited
in support of this , and ttio noorcst player In
n club this season may bo the star next. Be
sides this Ilolliday nnd his two Topaka com
panions will take considerable of n drop in
their batting the coming season , or else I am
greatly mistaken. They will find that the
pitchers they will face this season are some
thing better than third-class' twirles.and that
is about what the western league pitchers of
last season , as a whole , were. In support of
this statement ono has but to compare the
batting averages of the western league with
tlioso of players in thu other leagues last
season. In the western league no less
than twentjvfour players had n
batting average of over 400 per cent ,
while in no other league In the country wore
there moro than ten players with n percent
age above -100. Either the old Western
league contained nvory poor class of pitchers
or ulso It contained the largest number of
phenomlnally hard hitters collected in anyone
ono league in the country , Fitzslmmons , who
was considered somewhat of a "star" in the
Western league , occupied the box for the
Northwestern league clubs part of two games
the past season and in each instance ho was
literally slaughtered , being knocked out of
the box on both occasions.
Hut I still maintain that Omaha will "fly
the Hag" next fall , although I think the race
will bo so close and exciting as the Western
icaguo'3 patrons will wish to se.
Albert IV i mi the Huco.
New YOIIK , Tcb. 11 , At (1 ( p. m , this evening -
ing Albert made the 007th mile In the walkIng -
Ing match appearing as fresh as ho did when
ho began the race last Sunday night. At 7
ho niilshcd hla COSth mile. At 7lOMooro :
hud covered MB miles , and at 7:1'J : Albert had
laid IX > 0 miles behind him and wns going In
good shape , occasionally breaking into n run
nnd making his ClUth mile at a seven-mile
gait , tying the record at 7'il : , 1 hour , 40 min
ute * and SS , ' $ seconds ahnaa Fitzgerald's
tlmo. Ho ran the (110th ( mile like a deer ,
Htoppinir high and without apparent effort.
The Uwt milt ) was made in 11 minutes and
5 < K socondt. , A hiirging crowd followed him
H'OIIJT encoring him OH , Aburt | wasii > rc-
U&i.triil with'a handsome cuuo on his co-
end Up , At 0 o'clock Dillon gave
up the CJLVO wilt60A mile * and
0 laps \o \ 1 h's ' credit. Guerrero
shared the honors of the evening with Albert *
A friend of hK presented him with a polJ
watch , nnd later1 ttnother admirer gave him n
new beaver -overcoat. Hcrty , too , fared
well , rcceiviAn'h suit of clothes nt8p. m.
Allx > rtf8 pleajnre-as be broke the record , was
somewhat nmriyjj by a brewing company
serving him with an nttnchmcnt for12. > . At
8:2. : Strokel miMe his M5th mlle entitling
him to share the gate' receipts. At 8f : > : t Nore-
mao established , a claim to part of the gate
receipts by covering KM miles. Guerrero left
the track nt 8 . ' .VI with a score of & 54 miles ,
Hart stopped for , good ut 0:1U : p. in.
with r IO'i. miles to his credit.
Golden retired nt 'Jj.TO with n score bf
r ! M / miles. .At 11:37 : Albert completed his
(520th ( mile , ten miles nhcnd of the record. At
10 o'clock , the conclusion of the race , the
score stood ! Albert , 031 * ; Ilnrty , 552 !
Rncrro , 5i4 } ; Hurt. 54(1 ( ; Golden , KM ; Moore ,
KU ; Strokol , f)4't ) ; Noromnc , 525 ; Dillon , JM ;
Sullivan , IIS3) ) Taylor , ! C,8 ; Tilly , 320 ; Stout ,
An estimate of the gate moneys to bo re
ceived by the men who covered 525 miles mid
over is as follows : Albert , i-1,800 ; Herty ,
* ) , ( KK ) ; Olicrrco. * lUOO ; Hart , tWHf Golden ,
$720 ; Moore , * 'JO ; Strokel , $ J 'iO , and Noro-
muclc * 340. Total , $11,570. The official re
port Hhows that Albert covered t > 2l miles and
1.320 yards in 340 hours , und that ho rested
1'J ' hours and 22 minutes.
Weir to Gltc Exhibitions.
Mix.VKATOi.i3 , Minn. , Feb. U. [ Special
Telegram to the BEK. ] It is quite probable
that Weir has fought his last battle in Minn
eapolis , for some tlmo to como at least , It
was learned last night that arrangements
might , however , bo made for a meeting in'
this city between Weir nnd .Tack Havclln. ,
Weir is willing to moot Havolln in a twenty
round match but declines to pay any atten
tion to the latter's challenge for n finish
fight for the present at least. A letter has
been sent Hiwclin asking him If he would
como to this city to meet Weir in n twenty
round match , the winner to take 75 and the >
loser 25 per cent of the gate receipts , but no
reply bos been received. If Havolln should
decline to accept the terms as above , It Is
announced that Weir will go on the road ,
giving sparring exhibitions in charge of u
Minneapolis manager. A clever light weight
pugilist is to accompany Weir. The scheme
is for each to meet men in their respective
classes on the proposed route nnd to agree to
stop all comers or forfeit n certain amount.
The larger towns In Wisconsin , Illinois , Nebraska - '
braska , Kansas , Colorado and some of the
territories will be visited.
In Justice to Mr. Fnllon.
In justice to Prof. Fallen it is only proper
to state in connection with his wind-up at the
athletic entertainment last evening with
Tommy Chandler , that ho was utterly unflt
for any exertion whatever , an'd it was against
the urgent ndvico of his physician that ho
sparred ut all. His looks plainly told that ho
was u very sick man , jmd it looked very
much as if Chandler took advantage
of his weak condition. Ho this
as it may , however , there is no disputing the
fact that Fullon was in no condition for the
work ho undertook and his consenting to ap
pear at all was decidedly injudicious. But
being averse to disappointing the public his
anxiety got the best of his judgment. The
entertainment was under Mr. Fnllon's per
sonal supervision nnd ho was determined to
bend every effort toward making it a success ,
which it was.
t -
Sullivan After Chandler.
Patsoy Faljon called at the BEK offlco last
night and announced his willingness to back
Mr. James Sullivhn , of Boston , to the extent
of $1,000 , to flphtTomtnv Chandler a stipul
ated number , , of , rounds or to a finish , and
within six weeks after the signing of articles
of ngreeuient' ' . ' _
Chnmllcr and Sullivan.
Ed Rothery thinks Tommy Chandler Is
about the best man of his class in Nebraska ,
and he wants to put up $1,000 that he is right.
As this morning's BKI : already contains a
challenge from Jim Sullivan , of Boston ,
there is no doubt he will bo accommodated.
JACKSONVILLE . , Feb. 11. The five-
mile sculling race at Punta Gordo to-day was
won by Teenier in 41:10 : ; McKay second , in
41 :50. : Hamm's boat became water-logged
on the second turn. The water was very
rough and the distance , as estimated , about
six miles.
The Creche Ball.
Not the "fourth annual charity ball , " as ,
through some misapprehension , was the head
ing of the programme , but the first and only
crecho ball , unique and original , undertaken
nnd carried out by n committee of two ladies
who were chosen by tno board of trustees of
the Omaha Charity associations , the objects
of whoso work are "to provide a homo for the
children of working women , n day nursery ,
n kindergarten for poor children and n train
ing school for house girls , " and the corner
stone of whoso platform is non-sectarian , nonpartisan -
partisan , cosmopolitan.
This crocho ball was given for the purpose
of raising funds for the erecting of a suitable
building for these objects. That there is a
demand for such a homo has been amply
proved by the number of applicants within
the last two months. During this time suven
children have boon taken Into the homo for
weekly board and as many moro refused for
want of accommodations. When it is
understood that our temporary homo
consists of but ono room , about
loxlS feet , and that two persons arc re
quired to look after the little ones , it will bo
evident that wo have stretched our ideas of
charity to their very utmost.
It is hard to refuse to take the children of
penniless mothers who must work or starve
unless some charitably disposed person will
provide for them , but this wo are now com
pelled to do for want of room.
The house wo propose to build will cost
about 55,000. Our board has solicited about
$1,500 in cash nnd much material for building.
The city has given the use of the lot on the
corner of Nineteenth und Hnrnoy streets for
ten years. To add to this sum , the ball of
last Tuesdny evening was given. It lias
netted us $003.43. While it has been a full
realization of our hopes financially , it has
nlso proved ono of the most delightful social
occasions Omaliu has over enjoyed. It was
llko n private party on a grand scale , ns select
ns the most fastidious could have desired and
democratic and genial as the most hospitable
could wish. If it has not overflowed our
treasury with dollars , it has advertised our
cause and created a public sentiment in our
favor so that in the future , wo have only to
tap the generosity of the citizens of Omaha
and our needs will bo filled trom its abund
To the energy our committee nnd to the
efllciency of these whom they called to their
assistance , woowo'tho success of the ball.
Miss Kimball , nided , by Mr. Bisbeo , with swift
organization tuio/eliallod her forces and
planed the undertaking. She being unex
pectedly summonsed to California , Mrs. Orr
was left ulon6'on'tho committee. With heroic
fidelity she complitbd the managements , Mrs.
General CrooK bwing her faithful ally and
holier in maiiy ways.
To these , tlpi committee on invitations and
to Mrs. ,1. M. Woolworth , chairman of the
supper couimliVep and to her assistents , to
Mrs. Kountzc. chairman of the reception com
mittee and to her assistants , to Lieutenant
Greene , chairman of the floor committee and
his assistants ' ti > ' Lieutenant Kiinnon who
grntultuously' dol-orated the hall with the
stars and stripes' of the U. S. A. and to his
assistants , to Mr. Pnrker , the llorist , who
added palms jnnd smilax , to Mr. Kitchen , of
the Pavton , - who not only furnished
ten waiters but gave his personal as
sistance , to Mr. Swobo , of the Mlllard
who furnished two waiters , to Messrs. Berlin
Horbaclc , Clarke , to Mr Seavey , chief of po
lice , to Bliss & Isaacs , to Dawoy & Stone , to
Mr. Forby , to Mr. and Mrs. Andewon and to
manyothcis for kind services and for ma
terials wo tender thanks. And last , but not
least , to the press of Omaha , who have gra
tuitously and constantly kept our cause before
fore the eyes of their readers , we offer our
grateful acknowledgments.
Ono word moro To these ladles who stood
shivering In the cloak-room because they were
refused their wraps without the forthcoming
"quarter , " wo would say : It was entirely
without our knowludgo or Intention. ! s'one
of the money taken nt the windows of the
chock-room came Into our hands' . It wasu
private lUmncial bchcino for which wo uro not
resliuiihiblu ami which met with pur disap
probation-and was sUrppcd as ' .soon as ills-
coveicd. , r.i.i/.Mii'.lli G. MLNIUIIII ,
Socieldry of the Omaha Cburlly AssVn.
The Council Wrangle Over the Just
ness of the Gltvhn.
Ho Fights For n Imw Suit and Is
Downed lljr A Narrow Vote
Special Election to lie Hold
In March.
Saturday Night In Council.
Councllmnnlo eloiinnnce wns on draught nt
the chambers last night , and for nearly two
hours the members wrangled nnd fought be
fore reaching n final understanding us to the
disposition to bo made of the long standing
bills against the city of the gns company.
Councilman Leo fought hard to have the
whole matter thrown into the courts for ad
justment , nnd others of the members were
divided us to how to handle the vcxntlous
problem. The wrangle was precipitated by
the committee- gas and .electric light
making tliolr final report , whlcl wns not
read , however , until after Councilman ICas-
pnr reported back verbnlly the ordinance for
voting $100,000 sewer bonds , nnd retmested
thnt the clause that the election bo held
February 37 bo stricken out and the words
March 'M substituted. The request was
complied with , ns was a similar ono effecting
the ordinance authorizing the issuoof 1100,000
of bonds for intersection paving.
Then the committee on gas nnd clcctno
lights reported in favor of allowing the claim
of the Omaha gas manufacturing
company , amounting to $45,503.57 , which
amount they recommended bo placed In the
general appropriation ordinance. The report
was based on the recommendation of the city
attorney thnt it bo paid.
Councilman Kicrstead said that he would
like to hear the expressions of the councilmen -
men on the claim before it was allowed.
Councilman Lee retaliated by saying that
the subject was n fruitful one , und made
reference to the broken promises nnd agree
ments entered into between the city and the
United States Improvement Gas company
nnd the Omaha Gas Manufacturing company.
He denounced the whole matter ns n steal ,
nnd had the clerk read n report of the gas
committee of the council submitted and
passed by that body in 1SS6. The speaker
maintained that if the gas company was
legally entitled to the bill it should take it
into court , nnd light it out there. But instead
of this the comimny had srono into politics
and secured nn administration thnt was favor
able to them. Mr. Lee , in conclusion , moved
that the claim bo referred to n special com
mittee of five , together with the city attor
ney. Councilman Alexander seconded the
Councilman Ford nroso and re
marked that it was queer that
the council from week to week ,
year in and year out , kept on ordering the
gas company to put up now lights , etc. , if
they didn't recognize the contract of the city
with the Omaha gas light company , as Coun
cilman Lee wanted to make him and the rest
of the councilmcn believe was not in oxlst-
nnco. The reason that ex-City Attorney Connell -
nell had in the past fought the gas company ,
Ford insisted was based on Council's deadly
hatred for the company.
Councilman Lee Council hates all kinds
of robbers.
Councimnn Hnscall sustained the gas com
pany , nnd deplored the fnct that it was being
kept out of its money through spite nnd
hatred. The contract with the company was
a genuine ono , nnd it should bo paid.
Councilman Munville informed the council
that his report was based on an opinion from
the city attorney. Ho was satisfied that the
gas company had the best of the present con
tract , and when another contract was made
next October Manvlllo proposed seeing to it
that the city had u little the best of it.
Councilman Leo insisted that the city
had no contract with the Omaha gas com
pany , for Mr. Connell had decided
that the company had broken it by consolidat
ing with the United States Gas Improvement
company. He presented a report from the
comptrolcr which shows that the gns com
pany is entitled to only $3J,000 , which was
the claim up to December SI , Ib87.
Councilman Kiurstcad asked for n vote on
Councilman Leo's previous motion that u
committee of five bo appointed to consider
the claims.
Councilman Hnscall ngnln insisted that the
claim should bo settled at this meeting. The
council could not expect to bo burning the
company's gas nnd not bo paying anything
for it. Something should bo allowed , and it
should bo tnken out of the Judgment fund.
Councilman Kicrstead inquired U the coun
cil could legally order money paid out of the
judgment fund before suit was commenced.
Councilman Hascall replied that ii could.
Councilman Alexandcrsaid that it occurred
to him that a legal technicality existed , and
ho was anxious to have the courts determine
whether the city's contract existed with the
Omaha GM company or the United Stntci
Gas Improvement company.
The city attorney , tiixiii being called uiwn ,
informed the council thnt the buying of the
majority of the stock of the Omaha gns com
pany by an Individual , presumably In the In
terests of the United States pis improvement
company , did not ivnlldato the Omaha gas
company and consequently did not invalidate
nnv contract the city might have with the
said Omnhn pas company. In reply to n
question , the city attorney said thnt the city
had no contract with nny gns company other
than the Omalin corx | > ration. Further ho
know of no ordinance In existence ) regulating
the price of gas for gas lamps. There was
such nn ordinance proposed , but Id did not
jmss , the council J > plng n tie upon it when it
came up for adoption. Moreover ho could
not say whether the bill of the gas company
was coarect or not.
Councilman Bedford said that ho was In
favor of Mr. Leo's motion , but ns a matter of
business principles ho moved that the coun
cil order the payment of the claim of the
company based on the comptroller's rcHirt | ,
SW.OOO , nnd if the company was not satisfied
with that lot it curry the ease
Into court mid sue for the claim. Ho ex
pected in lieu of sucli.action It would disclose
the Omaha company's relations with 'the
United States company , whoso headquarters
were in Philadelphia nnd who , ns ho WHS
nwaro from his own knowledge , were al
ways , nnd had to be , consulted in reference
to business transactions.
Councilman Klorstcnd was in favor of pay
ing the company nt least $42,000 , for ho felt
the city owed it , but argued ns there wa not
n full council It ought to go ever for ono
week for further consideration.
Councilman Hascall moved that the report
of thu committee be adopted.
Tito president flrat put the motion , or
amendment , of Councilman Bedford , thnt
the company bo allowed $ .12,000 , In nccord-
nncu with the comptrollur's report. This
was voted down by n standing vote , Alexan
der , Bedford , Hurnhnm and Lee favoring it ,
nnd Bailey , Boyd , Ford , Hnscall , Klerstcad ,
Lowry , Manville and President Bechct op *
Councilman Leo nskcd for the ays and
noes , as It was voting money nwny and it
was important , It was to see whether the
city was to be robbed out of $10,000 or not , by
a lot of Philadelphia dudes who
were ' at present in iwascsslon of the gas
work's. The president refused to accede to
Mr. Leo's request , nftgr a heated exchange
of compliments.
Their there wns another exchange of opin
ions in regard to adopting the report of the
committee , which was done by the appended
vote :
Ayes Boyd , Ford , Ilascall , Lowry , Manville
villo , Van Camp , Mr. President 7.
Nays Alexander , Bailey , Bedford , Burn-
had Kicrstead , Lee 1 > .
The appropriation ordinance for .Tnnuary
amounting to $107,183.09 wns read tlio third
tlmo by" title and passed.
The two ordinances providing for submit
ting to the legal electors of the city of Omaha
at n special election to bo held In said city on
the 20th day of March , IhSS , for issuing $100-
000 bonds of the city of Omaha for the con
struction nnd maintenance of sewers in said
city , nlso a llko amount to pay the cost of
paving in front of real estate not subject to
nsscssment or special taxes for paving pur
poses , were read the third time nnd passed ,
after which the council adjourned ,
Y. M. O. A. Notes.
The gospel meeting this afternoon will bo
led by Knox Bondo. Good singing nnd an
interesting meeting mry be expected.
The programme nt the lyccuni meeting
Tuesdny evening will bo nn essay and n debate -
bate upon "Homo Uulo in Ireland. "
The regular monthly meeting of tlio * asso
ciation will bo held on Monday evening nt S
o'clock. There nro n number of applications
for membership to bo acted uuon and ether
matters of importance will como before the
Prof. Kratz will meet the class In vocal
music on Thursday evening and give a pre
liminary lesson preparatory to taking up the
The ladies of the Seward street Methodist
church will assist in giving a reception next
Friday evening to the clerks in the various
dry goods stores in the city. HofrcMiuicnts
will be served and an entertaining pro
gramme given. _
A Wreck on the Omaha.
Ln Suiiun , Mich. , Fob. 11. An east bound
freight on the Chicago , St. Paul , Minneapo
lis & Omaha went through n bridge a milo
west of Blakoly this morning. Eight cars
were ditched and hnvo delayed the express.
Men have been working all day clearing the
Petty Thieves Publicly AVlilppril ,
Wn.MixfiTov , Del..Fob. ll.--Sovcn negroes
nnd six whites convicted of petit larcenies
were whipped with from five to ten lashes at
Newcastle this morning.
Could Heading Homeward.
LONDONFob. . 11. Jay Gould left Alexant
dria on his yacht Atlanta yesterday. Ho
will proceed from Liverpool in a steamer of
the Cunnrd line. He hopes to bo at homo in.
a month. Ho is anxious to return to work.
French Tailor System
Now Hcing Taught nt No. 020 North 10th
Street ,
Under the porsonnl mmvigement of Mmo. Kcl-
IORK. Inventor anil iwtentou of tills celebrated
8yitem or Dross Cutting.
Itumomber jou pny not hint ; for system or In-
MructUms until you uru iiblo to cut , mid busts
your drots < " < without rellttlnjr. llo\vitr of 1ml-
tatloni. Never li'nrn nny chins , models , or
mnclilnes. Ask merchant tailors \vlmt they Use
In cuttlni ; mcn'H vUithlni : : loam wlmt they Hue ,
nnd you 111 obtain thulr icsults. Sucli Is the
Hullofri ; Kiencli ' 1'nilor nyntcm , using a tailor's
wooden hquuro nnd scnlo.
Chraix'st nnd Host System Ever Invented !
J2tX > toMXn ( dny to nit ladles out of employ
ment. Tenclicrs Kent to nil pat t.s of the country.
Cull for troutlsu ou Dress Cutting. Free.
Address ,
Hotel Esmond , Omaha , Neb ,
Crand Opera House
MARCH 1,2 and 3 ,
Monday and May , Feb. . 13 and 14
Atheneum Specialty
25 ARTISTS 25.
Selected from the best nrtlsts of Kurope and
America ,
Secure scats nt bovolllcc.
Every department filled with new features this week. In Curio Hall
LOWANDA : Marvelous Man of Might ,
This marvelous ninn lifts , with the nid of his teuth uloiio , a cask contiiiin/j ) / 52 pal
Ions ot water , with four rami seated astride ofit. The cable contents und ridori
weighing nearly three-fourths of a ton.
The Beautiful Mystery ,
Puzzle for tha Curious ,
. Living Head Without
a Body ,
Attraction Direct from Eden Musee , New York ,
Last Week of the Trunk Mystery.
Last Week of Guitana , the Begum.
London Punch and Judy and a. Host of Novelties.
Thoatnrinm kin I New Art Entertaiment from Crystal Palace , Miller
SlirfdiUllUlH nUi Ii Brosr. Dioramic Views of London.
BIJOU THEATRE. Andrau's Ever Popular Comic Opera ,
Hy our own Juvei.ilc Co. UtcrytUinv JlfJghi una New. Doors open 1 to 10 p. in. l0ct Admits to all. lUc. Cbutivi , 6s and 10 <