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    * 1
Delivered by c rrt T In nr part of the city at
tw rnty cent * per we k.
II. W TII.TON , ( Manager.
Tlt'UNFRO Orrirr , No. 4J.
NICIIIT KniToit No. a.
N. Y. Plumbing Co.
Keller , tailor , Fall goods cheap.
Mrs. K. Burhorn has secured ft com
petent engraver to operate in connec
tion with her jewelry business.
In the police court yesterday the cases
of Ed Corrigan and George Shcan for
larceny were continued until this morn
Jacob Neumavcr hns decided not to
remove to Omaha , but will continue in
the hotel business hero , and make some
extensive building improvements.
Two youngsters named Warren Hancy
and Albert Kossncr were arrested yes
terday afternoon for the larceny of some
cigars from Larson's store on lower
i The funeral of Rasmus Rasmussen. of
Boomer township , took place yesterday
afternoon at iJ O'clock. The deceased
was thirty-three years of age , and leaves
a wife and two children.
In furnishing his conservatory of
music Prof. Baltons purchased one of
the celebrated Hardman pfcmos of the
Mueller Music Co. This is a decided
compliment to the merit of this instru
Four new pairs of pants were found in
bti ash barrel at the corner of Pearl
btroot and First avenue yesterday morn
ing. Several of the clothiei-b siv they
have not handled any such goods , and
pxpress the belief that they werU stolen
in Omaha.
James Leo died yesterday afternoon
ut his home , 212 Grace street , of lung
fever , at the ago of twenty-eight years ,
after an illness of but one week. He
was in the employ of Dan Carrigg , and
was well known in sporting circles
throughout the city.
Henry Woinheimei' , of Neola , and
Mathilda Handko , of this city , were
married yesterday by Squire Schur/ .
Mathilda was granted a decree of di
vorce but a few days ago , and rushed
blindly again into the state of double-
The funeral of Rev. Joseph Knotts
was largely attended yesterday morning
at the Methodist church. The church
was draped and the services were very
impressive. A biography of the de
ceased was rend by Rev. Mr. Alexander ,
of Plattsmouth , and Rev. Dr. II. H.
O'Neal , of Des Moines , delivered the
funeral address.
The case of state vs. Monroe was
called in the district court yesterday
mornintf ? The defendnnt is ono of the
trio charged with breaking into the res
idence of W. A. Maurer a few months
ago. They are being tried bopnnttely.
Wilsoyas convicted of burglary audit )
awaiting sentence. The Monroe case
was given to the jury at 4 o'clock , and
the case of Turner , the remaining one ,
was called immediately. It was not con
cluded last night.
A Him p.
Splendid chance to g6 into the imple
ment business at Beatrice , Neb. Since
the history of Beatrice there has never
been half so favorable a time as at pres
ent. If taken at once will sell the en
tire stock of general implements , con
sisting of seasonable goods , regardless
of cost. Address mo at Council Bluffs ,
la. , or Beatrice , Nob. O. P. McKesson ,
assignee forW. I. Shullenburgor.
For best quality coal and wood , call
on Glcason , 20 Pearl street.
On the market for over twenty years.
Still the most reliable and the most
popular sewing machine made. The
light running Domestic. Olllco 105
Main st.
Guns of all kinds at Odoll & Bryant's ,
604 S. Main St.
One thousand head of ono , two and
three-year-old steers for sale. Will give
credit to reliable parties. Enquire o
A. J. Grecnamayer.
Money to loan. W. S. Cooper.
Wo have Nebraska and Kansas land
to trade for city property. Johnston &
Van Patten.
Union Abstract Co. , 230 Main st.
> The Pacific HotiHo Property.
k The committee appointed at the board
of trade meeting Tuesday evening met
with the members of the Pacific house
( , syndicate at the olllco of the county
clerk yesterday morning. After spend
ing considerable time in deliberation it
was agreed that the syndicate shoiilt }
submit a proposition to the committee ,
the same to bo reported by the com
mittee to the next meeting of the board
of trade , to bo hold Tuesday evening ,
February 7. The stockholders say that
the proposition that they will submit
will bo the same ono presented at the
last meeting.
Shcafo loans money on real estate.
If you desire to get a now Hall typo writer
cheap , drop a postal card to H. A. P. , BBE
ofllcc. A great bargain for the first who
All kinds of groceries at Fearson's.
Travelers 1 Stop at the Bechtole.
Union Pacific Bridge.
Official notice is given through Mr. J.
M. Ourslor , agent of the Union Pacilic
nt the Broadway depot , that tralllc be
tween Council Bluffs and Omaha for
vehicles and foot passengers will bo free
from February 2 to 0 inclusive. Begin
ning Monday , February 0 , the bridge
will bo opened with established rates.
West bound teams and foot passengers
will use the south , and east bound the
north roadway.
All kinds of groceries atFcaron's.
K. H. Shcafo loans money on chattel
security of every description. Private
consulting rooms. All business strictly
confidential. Oftico 600 Broadway , cor-
. ncr Main strcut , upstairs.
S. B. Wadsworth & Co. loan money.
Just n Moment , Iiadlcs !
Wo are making a great reduction in
ladies' and childrons' underwear. Also
in woolen blankets and woolen dress
goods. Wo mean it a great reduc
Just received the largest and finest
! line of embroideries over brought hero.
\\o oiler them cheap.
\Do you want anowcarpeti1 If so , please
fjivo us a call.
Wo have numerous other spccUil in
In order to give a llttlo leisure to em
ployees , wo close our store at 0 o'clock
i ) . m. , so please call only in the day , and
thus supplement our efforts in this di
rection. HARNESS BROS.
101 Broadway.
An Inaugural Full of Facts and
Practical Suggestions.
Toot I'nspriiRcrH mill TCAIIIH to Be
AK < I' ' Allowed to CroHs Cred
itors MotJicrliiK n Grocery
House Other Notts.
TJic Mnyor'H
Lnst evening Mayor Rohror delivered
hln inaugural address , which touches
upon to many points of interest and bo
practically trentH of important enter
prises , that it merits a careful reading :
Members of the City Council Gentlemen :
You approved my official boud ( is mayor on
thu evening of the .M tilt. , and on the follow
ing morning I entcitd ? upon the discharge of
my duties. To succeed such a man as Mayor
William Groncwcff , who nas ahvn.\s been
successful in his large private Interests iJnd
suflleientli1 successful as chief executive of
this glowing city of yj.OCO people to bo
elected to a sent In the state senate , Is not an
easy task , I can assure you.
To my personal knowledge for the past
seventeen ycais the year 1SS7 , taken ns n
whole , has been the most prospcious and ac
tive In city Improvements ; public and private
building , mil way building , shops , round
houses , trackage , bridges , grading , etc. , man
ufacturing , Jobbing , wholesale and retail
trade , platting additions , sale of real estate ,
Increased growth in population , etc.
The population in Ih70 was 0,000 and in 1SS7
it wss 115,000 , showing a nice , healthy average -
ago annual guin of 1,700 people , for the last
seventeen years. The universal expression
in our sister city , Omaha , is that Council
.Bluffs , at no distant day , will bo the largest
"city in Iowa.
Com nun dally 1SS7 1ms been , perhaps , In all
respects the best year Council mult-urns ever
known. There has been no feverish , ovcr-
wiought commercial strain to excite unnatu
ral activity , and no consequent period of re
actionary stagnation from which to recover.
The activity has been normal and naturally
increasing like the growth of a healthy child.
There have been no impossible or impractica
ble schemes entertained or attempted , liusl-
ness men have found little time for
chasing illusive phantoms , consequently
there lias been no unfortunate speculation.
In the single feature real estate , the high
tension of a year ago has been mamtained ,
tint the slight fever then only quickened
the public pulse in all other respects.
The comparison of almost oyery class
of business for thu past year with the year
that preceded It shows a very gratifying in
crease. In ISM ! the inanufacturnig products
of all characters reached over * HNH , ( > , ( HK ) and
for the past j car they will reach fully that
figure and moie. The wholesale trade has
increased , both in its volume and extent of
territory over which it lias been distributed ,
showing that thu wholesale merchants of
Council Uluffs are widu awake and deter
mined to supply the territory that is natur
ally tributary to this city. In ISMi it aggre
gated the astonishing figure of $ 'M,5M,000. )
Last year it exceeded this large sum by suv-
eral million dollais. Thu agricultural imple
ment business for the year that closed last
January amounted to $ .10,000,000. All of the
score of houses and branches of eastern
nanu factories in thq city report an increase
of ut least $12.000,000 , keeping Council Hluffs
still in the position of the second greatest
.listributing point for agricultural implements
'n the world and pushing her along to her
tosition as first. A great part of this
ncreaso has coino from the old
territory worked by the agents
of these great houses , showing a remarkably
prosperous condition of the territory tribu
tary to this city , and the prosperity of the
farmers comimso its bone and sinew. There
luivo been during the year 743 now houses
built in the city that were designated almost
exclusively for homes for new citizens. Hut
few of them were built by speculators for
tenement purposes , but ncnrly all of them by
individuals for homes. The peoplingot these
new houses lias added nearly 5,000 to our
population , citizens of the most desirable
character , sturdy mechanics whose wealth is
cumulative and whoso presence in any city is
a guarantee of thrift and permanent wealth.
These houses Imvo ranged in cost and char
acter from the pleasant little cottage of $1,000
to the pretentious city homo costing $15,000.
Every important branch of business lias
shown an increase during the year. The
banking business the surest index to a city's
prosperity shows a remarkable increase.
The school census shows the same increase.
The grand total of last yohr'8 business of all
kinds may be safely estimated as showing an
Increase of more than 10 per cent over the
year preceding , when the grand totul was
$ : U , 129,500.
Hy long established custom you will re
ceive the annual itemized statements of the
city auditor and treasurer as provided by or
dinance. Their quarterly reports servo for
your current information. I am now making
as thorough examination of the city's finances
as my limited time will admit of , and will re
port to you from tune to time all the informa
tion at hand. I regret to state that the fund
which the mayor must draw on for the police
depai tuicnt , etc. , is overdrawn on account of
certain licenses being cut off by state laws.
It will possibly bu interesting to submit for
your information thu following list of city
improvements , inaugurated and compiled by
you gentlemen during the year 1S0 :
Street paving assessed to prop
erty M9,7W87
Strect paving intersection ( city ) . 5,005 42
Street paving Inspector ( city ) . . . 243 ( K
Sewers assessed to property 44,591 ! i"
Sewers intersection ( city ) 17 , : > 7 7 ! :
Sewers inspector ( city ) 1XW ( 5C
Grading assessed to property. . . . 11,115 ! 57
Grading intersections ( city ) 3,39030
Curbing ( by contract ) assessed to >
property. 2,44780
Curbing ( private contract ) as
sessed to property 3,000 00
Sidewalks ( by contract ) assessed
to property 1,700 0 (
New patrol house 3,3711 2J
New engine house 7Ml , 00
Ginnd total 1150,493 44
1 trust it can bo readily seen by every citi
zen that all the city improvements completed
to date and these In course of construction
are well worth all they Imvo cost , and with
out them wo , as a city , would bo compelled to
sink into insignificance instead of being , as
wo are to-day , a commonwealth competing
with other metropolitan cities of the United
States for national importance as a commer
cial railroad center in supplying the vast ter
ritory tributary.
After taking into consideration the
number of miles of htroot paving ( granite -
ito and cedar blocksowcrugo ) and grad
ing , 1 must congratulate your honorable
body on the comparatively few protests ,
when compared with the whole num
ber , who are paying as promptly a&
the certificates anil bondH mature. 1
havoa examined the Iisf3of unities
of the taxpayers who Imvo entered protests.
I find it to contain the names of esteemed
citizens , who , I nm confident , have no desire
to enjoy the improvements in front of thch
own property at the expense of all the tax
payers ( rich and poor ) in thn city , even in
the event justice would stray in their favor.
I urn satisfied In my own mind that not ono
of these having cnteicd protests would con
sent to remove the Improvements from in
front of their respective lots if the cost was
double what it actually is , I would earnestly
recommend that your honorable body act as a
committee of the whole , assisted by our en
terprising , pushing citl/on > > in holding a con
fcrcnco at a very early day with those hav
Ing entered protests and 1 belicvo the llttlo
misunderstanding can he wiped out am
hence forward all the taxpayers will move
forward united In making Council J Hulls the
largest city In the state of Iowa.
sriiKEr I'AVixu , urc.
It becomes necessary almost daily to tear
up the paved streets , in making water
gas and sewer connections. I would rccoin
mend that an ordinance be passed requiring ,
every person who wishes permission to taki
up the street pavement to pay a sufficient
amount of money porsqunio foot to the cit ;
clerk , before n permit is issued , to enable
the street commissioner to replace the
same without expense to the city. The ordl
nance should prescribe the manner of taklut ,
up the pavement material , etc. , ns well as
u place to pile it , ns > is done iu ull largo cities
) ur system now Admits of paving being re-
ilncetl by unskilled labor , and In n few yearn
t will have to bo repnved at the expense of
ho city.
Natural advantages have ruined more
cities than they have made , for the lenson
hat they encourage delay , Inactivity of cltl
ens , watting year ufter year for some
stranger to come along and make ue of them.
Our natural udvantngcs , which am bountiful ,
vlll not avail us anything unless our citizens
mite and use them and invite Idle capital
and machinery from the cast that will tcit
he capacity of every tallroud and the Mis
souri river as well.
The United States will this year complete"
our postoftlcc and custom house building at a
cost of over $2 , " > 0,000 ; likewise I'ottawntlamlo
county will complete our new court house at
a cost of 1MOOU ) and jail f.f > ,000. The small
brick building we occupy to-night is a land-
nnrk of the past. It has outgrown its use-
'ulncss ' and no longer compares in value with
he smallest brick retail grocery house In the
city. It is not largo enough to nccomodate
all the city officers , and the rooms allotted to
lie city clerk , auditor , engineer , wcighmns-
tcr , Judge of superior court and city council
are so cramped that the taxpayers can
scarcely get In and out without treading
upon ono another. 1 would recommend ,
vhllc the price of real estate Is yet reasonn-
lie , that you take the necessary steps
o provide the ways and means to
secure the grounds and then advertise plans
for a modern city building , so that the cost
nay bo arrived at satisfactorily to the tax-
layers. The building should be sufficiently
arge to accommodate all the city officers and
ho people having business to transact , in
cluding the public library.
rtnu.ia I.IIIUAIIV.
The Council Bluffs free public library , es-
abhshed In IfeSl by an ordinance of the city
if Council muffs , has now 10,000 volumes on
ts shelves and is extensively resorted to by
ho people of the city ns n lountain of Intel-
ectual cuUuro and improvement. It was the
Irst free public library , supported by mu-
ilclpal taxation , established in the state , and
t deserves and should receive the fosterinc
care of its municipal authorities. The
trustees , In their annual rupoit ,
ircsentcd to the city council the
irst of the year , among other
hingssay : "The room now occupied for
ibrary purposes is steadily becoming too
inmll and cramped for the accommodation of
ts patrons , and its steadily increasing pro-
lortions. We cannot refrain from express-
ng the hope that some way will bo found by
vhich our city will , in the near future , pro
vide quarters more adequate for the use and
iccommodation of this most beneficial Insti-
.ution and its patrons. " I should recommend
hat no greater expense be incurred in ront-
ng rooms for the public library until the
council have first fully disposed of the ques
tion of erecting the new city building.
I would recommend that the council take
ho necessary steps nt once to secure , if pos-
ilble , ono of the vaults in the new court
louse for the safe keeping of valuable books
md papers that are now stored in u room in
he city Jail. Said books and papers are lia
ble to bo burned at any time.
I congratulate your honorable body and the
citizens generally that we , as a city , are on
the best of terms with all of our various rail
roads terminating here. I am convinced ,
after having made u recent very agreeable
visit to all the general managers of railroads
running in and through the city , that the
nagiiitudc of their duties prevents them from
Hilly realizing the number of miles of streets
they have been so generously granted the use
of by the various common councils. I would
therefore out neatly recommend that you ap-
iropnate sufficient money to purchase and
express a large , new mounted map of Council
Hluffs to the general manager of each rail
The sleeping car service rendered our citi-
7ons and the general traveling public by the
Kansas City , bt. Joseph & Council UlntTs
railroad is not in keeping with the number of
miles of streets the railroads occupy in this
ity. 1 would therefore recommend that you
take the necessary steps to better the ser
The city of Council Bluffs and the Union
Pacific railroad nro mutually interested in
the magnitude of the passenger , carriage
and wagon traffic between Council Bluffs and
Omaha. The business would be more than
double what it now is. if the Union Pacific
railroad was induced to comply with the
Union avenue charter by running their trains
every half hour. The risk of being ono nun-
ute late in cither Council Bluffs or Omaha
involves n delay of ono hour waiting for the
next train. Such a serious interruption to
commercial business can only bo endured by
the comparatively few who crowd the pres
ent passenger trains. The distance between
Minneapolis and St. Paul is" ten miles , and
the trains run every half hour. I earnestly
recommend your concurrence in the enforce
ment of the ordinance requiring trains to bo
run every half hour. The blocking of Broad
way from the United States postolllco
to the Union Pacific Broadway depot , day
and night , by wagons loaded with traffic for
Omaha , obliging the teamsters to sleep on
cots in the street awaiting their turn for
passage on the hourly wagon trains , must
not bo repeated this year. Business firms
cannot stand such disastrous delays and our
growing city cannot afford to block its streets.
If the Union Pacific railroad makes it appar
ent to your honorable body that their present
double-track bridge will not admit of their
running the wagon and passenger trains
every thirty minutes , then I recommcijd that
you grant , if possible , permission to a steam
ferryboat to ferry wagons , carriages , etc. .
until such time ns the Omaha & Council
Bluffs Bridge company complete their new
bridge. I will guarantee to furnish the
steamboat. I hope it will not bo required.
Inasmuch as there have been a number of
accidents b.y backing long trains of cars
through the city , I would suggest that the
railways place a reliable flagman on the
first car with a horn , whoso duty it shall bo
to blow the same n few times before the
train reaches a street crossing. An occa
sional sign should bo displayed by the rail
roads Informing the public of the use of the
I also recommend that you pass a specific
ordinance requiring all persons who intend
to erect either business or residence. build
ings or make repairs to the amount of $300 or
over to first make application to the city
clerk , stating size , material , probable cost
and location , who on receipt of not exceeding
? 1 ( sufficient to cover expense ) will issue a
permit. The clerk should enter the applica
tion in a good , bound book kept for that pur
pose. This will furnish the city clerk with
absolutely correct building statistics that
cannot bo procured in any other manner ,
Nothing has greater influence upon the
health of man than the air ho
breathes. Wo must have air
to breathe every moment , therefore
it Is Impossible to overestimate the value of
pure uncontaminntcd air. Council Bluffs has
kept pace with her sister cities ; however , she
1ms omitted ono very Important matter , v\ \ ? . :
The framing of a proper sanitary ordinance
governing plumbing work , connections with
sewers ; locating , constructing and ventilat
ing cess-pools , etc. There is nothing which
spreads disease more rapidly than what is
known ns sewer gas.
I heartily Join in the universal regret of
our people that any possible question exists
in reference to the title of Fairmount park
other than that vested in the city. If the
legal contest continues it may consume all
the money at the ilisposnl.of the park com
missioners and thereby make it necessary to
neglect Bayliss park and all other parks dur
ing the year 1Mb allowing them to become
unattended by a policeman and grown up in
weeds , theioforo becoming an eyesore instead
of athing of beauty. " Allow mo to
assure you that the people fully endorse the
assistance you have thus far given the park
commissioners , and I recommend that you
render such further assistance when actually
I take pleasure in informing , \ on that I have
been advised that the Munawa Steel railway
company bus now passed into the hands of
paitics who intend to put the line Into opera
tion ns soon ns possible. As soon as you are
officially and hatisfactonly advised 1 would
recommend that jou grant them a new char
ter , the old charter having expired in part
July 1 , 1S 7.
In order to give our paved streets the new
and bright appearance they so richly deserve
I would recommend that you pass an ordi
nance requiring all telegraph , telephone , dis
trict telegraph and electric light poles
to ba painted black to the height
of seven feet and the remain
der of the distance white , 1 also ixcom-
mcud.Uut you effect the \vaj'i and luvuus to
sweep , or clean the paved streets in the busi
ness part of the clt > v
EI.ECT1IIC I.UltlT TOW nil' .
I communicate with pleasure the sntUfnc-
Ion expressed In favor of the system of elec-
rlo light towers for Hghtinir the city. If ,
ifter further trial , they continue to give sat-
sfactlon I would recommend that you erect
n few more towers In growing parts of the
city not now lighted.
In company with John L. Templcton , chief ,
' have made a thorough examination of the
ire department. I found everything In ex-
client shape and the mdn all seem to be In-
crested and attentive to their duties. For
tunately wo have no fires.
Unfortunately the police department comes
mdcr my special care and guidance through
the chief. James Mullen. The department Is
composed of gentlemen whom I tnkc pleasure
n recognising as such. They are doing good
service and 1 belicvo have been trying to
guard the sacred trust committed to their
are to the best of their ability. They uro as
larraonlous at this particular time , possibly ,
ns the close proximity to the new adminls-
ration will admit of. I unhesitatingly prom-
so you good service during the remainder of
ny term , provided any needed material Is
irocuruble Inside the corporate limits of the
Council Bluffs feels justly proud of her
system of water works and wo can but com-
iliment the company upon thu quality of
water supplied , which at all times has been
nalntained clear and bright ( n luxury no
other city , supplied from the Missouri river
enjoys. ) us well ns upon the thorough and
careful management of their works by Chief
Engineer Harry Birkinblne , which has been
nest efficient and reliable in time of fire. This
'act alone should entitle the property owners
to the minimum rate of fire Insurance.
Since it has been my pleasure to be a citi
zen of n city I could never understand why a
city should expect a portion of Its officers to
icrform their laborious duties and practically
receive no pay. No growing city like this
can expect to cxiwdlto business under such a
tolicy. In order to remove a portion of the
Iruclgery fiom the shoulders of aldermen
and make the office more Inviting , I would
recommend that you take the necessary steps
0 elect u board of public works who can ns-
ssist you and bo paid for their services. I am
lot a candidate for re-election , therefore I
nako the following recommendations for the
jcnelit of tax payers :
Salary of Mayor . # > AM
' Auditor . 1,500
" Solicitor . 2,000
" Engineer . 2,000
" Treasurer . COO
noil. 1:11 : INFECTION.
As we look forward to being n manufactur-
ng city in a few years I would recommend
.hat at least once every year every
boiler that carries steam shall bo tested by a
competent person by both hammer and hy
draulic tests.
The Union Depot company feel assured
: hat they have their plans about matured
which will give the city its second union
depot this year. It will bo magnificent and
convenient in all its appointments , and cost
over f.'OO.OOO.
The Council Bluffs Chautauqua Assembly
Grounds association also feel assured that
all parties being financially interested , in
cluding the various railroads , will have their
plans matured before the frost is out of the
ground so that during the year 1S68 they will
open up their "Natural Park Grounds" of
one bundled acres , which , when completed ,
will bring over 100,000 visitors to our city
every year.
The grading of Broadway from the Chicago
& Northwestern railway depot to the river ,
1 distance of about three miles , is about
completed and the street will bo paved as
soon as the Omaha and Council Bluffs bridge
is opened to the public , which will not bo
later than the glorious Fourth of July. The
exact cost of this work has not been deter
mined by contract. "
With the above recapitulation of the city's
business and the suggestion of such measures
as I regard necessary to its future welfare , I
leave the matter of tho' necessary legislation
in your bauds , where it properlv belongs.
M. F. KoitHEit. Mayor.
Council Meeting.
The city council met in special session
last evening , Mayor Rohror in the chair.
Present Aldermen Danforth , Ham
mer , Keller , Lacy , Mctcalf and Wells.
The mayor delivered his inaugural ad
dress , requiring about twenty-live min
utes. On motion of Alderman Lacy the
mcbsago was referred to the finance com
mittee with instructions to cause bjuno
to bo printed in all the papers having
ollices in the city , and to place 10.000
copies in the hands of the real estate
men for distribution through the coun
A communication from R. C. Bergcr
in regard to the Chicago , Milwaukee &
St. Paul railroad company enjoining
him from completing Ins contract in
grading Soventli street , was referred to
the judiciary committee. '
Petition of John Skinklo and fifteen
others for additional water service in
the bouth western part of the city was re
ferred to the water committee.
Petition of J. S. Flageolc to cause
dirt to bo moved on High School avenue
was referred to the committee on streets
and alleys witli power to act.
Petition of J. D. Odoll and ten others
asking that Sixth and Seventh avenues ,
between Tenth and Twelfth streets , be
raised to grade , was referred to the
committee on streets and alleys.
In the matter of the suit against the
city of Eli/abeth Cronin , the city at
torney reported in favor of referring it
to the judiciary committee. The board
concurred in the opinion.
It was ordered that the city proceed
to advertise for bids for sidewalks on
llarribon and other streets.
The city clerk was instructed to ad
vertise for bids for grading Ninth
avenue from the east bide of Tenth
street to the east line of the Union
Pacific grounds , and Twelfth avenue
from Fifth to Eleventh streets. Bids to
bo received until February 20. Also
bids for grading Pierce and Bluff streets
from Glen to Willow avenues ,
The meeting then adjourned until
Monday evening , at which time the
board will moot in regular session. The
meeting was then called to order ns a
bo.ird of health. The committee for
drawing up rules fpr a bcavenger ser
vice was granted an extension of time.
The city marshal was inbtructed to
notify John Allies to clean up the alloy
in the rear of his property , between
Main and Bryant street.
Domestic patterns at 105 Main st.
* -
Troubled IJy Creditors
Petitions were filed in the county
clerk's olllco yesterday for attachments
against the Boston Tea company and its
members , William Richmond and
George W. Fulton. The attachments
are made to secure the claims of Pore-
goy & Moore , $700 ; D. B. Scully , $000.71 ;
Siiraguo , Warner & Co. , $ Uif ( ( ; McCord ,
Brady & Co. , * 200,10 ; N. Martin ,
$1,018.2 : ! . Mr. Fulton claims that the
liabilities do not amqunt to ! & ,000. and
that their assets will foot up over
$20,000. _
KniulilH of I'ytliiiiH.
All members of Concordia Lodge No.
52 , K. of P. , are requested to meet at
Castle hall Thursday , February 2 , at 1
p. m. , sharp , to take part in the funeral
ceremonies of our Into brother , Louib
Biorwirt. By order of L. Ludwicg ,
C. C.
Regular conclave of IvanhooComman-
derv No. 17 , 1C. T. , this evening at " : ( ) .
Visiting bir knights cordially invited.
By order of the 1C. C.
In 1809 Butcher Pas-chko began busi
ness in Berlin. On December 2 ho
killed Ills 200,000th geese , which , to suit
ably celebrate the occasion , was
specially fattened and afterward eaten
with great ceremony ,
Otltl Xewnpnior | Nitnios.
Chicago Nous : Kansas has moro
newspaper nnmes than any other state.
Hero are a fo\v of them : The V.'ar.o
Rustler , Chcstcrxlllo Parnlys-or ,
Cherokee Cyclone , Cimanon Sod House ,
Lake City Prairie Dog , South Center
Bawi , Valley Falls Lucifer , Garden
City Irrigator , Fargo Springs Prairie
Owl , Garden City Bundle of Sticks ,
Dodge City Cow Boy , Greenfield Cap
Sheaf. In Iowa is a town called Wood
bine , and when a paper was started
there , the editor naturally called It The
Woodbine Twineth. At Oakland in the
same state the only Journal in the place
is called Oakland Acorn. Ono in Spoar-
villo ts called the Spcarvillo Blade.
Among the papers with nllttcratives
names in Kansas nro : Lobo Light ,
Lenora Leader , Lovado Ledger , Kin-
Kaid Knuckle , and Sltnson Sittings.
Pleasant to the taste and surprisingly
quick in roleiving coughs and colds it is
not at all strange that Dr. Bull's Cough
Syrup always succeeds.
Salvation Oil , the greatest pain euro
on carih , is guaranteed to olToot a cure
where it is possible for the seat of the
disease to bo reached by a liniment.
Price 25 cents a bottlo.
A Mounter locomotive.
The largest passenger engine over
constructed is now being built in the
Scheneetady locomotive works for the
Michigan Central railroadand is calcu-g
latcd for express and passenger pur
poses. It is almost completed , and will
bo sent out in a few days. It is a ton-
wheel engine , having 'three pairs of
coupled driving wheels and a four-
wheeled truck. The drivers are ( > 8
incnes in diameter. The cylinders are
1 ! ) inches in diameter , with 24-inch
stroke. The boiler , which is of Otis
steel , is 58 inches in diameter , and has
147 two-inch semi-steel Hues. The lire-
box is 8 feet long by 42S inches wide ,
and , like many recently built , is placed
above the frames , which gives increased
width. The tank is curried on two
four-wheel channel iron trucks. The
capacity of the tank is 't.feOO gallons ,
and the tender has a capacity of eight
tons of coal.
SPECIAL artvertlscmpntssuchns Ioi tFound
To Lonn , For Solo.To Kent , Wnnts. II ( Hireling
etc. , will bo Inserted In this column ut the low
rutoofTEN CENTS I'Kll LINK for the drst In
sertion and Five Cents 1'er Line for ench sul > se-
( | Uent Insertion. I'nvo advertisements ut our
olttcH No. 12 Pearl Street , near Hroudwuy Coun
cil lllutts , lowu.
FOUND Valuable dot , ' , 1'rank .1 „ . .
Omaha , on collar. Apply to O. J. Smith , U51
Scott st.
WANTI2D Aclmmliprmalilamltalilonalter ;
must lie tli ft-class. Apply at Creston
House , Council Hlulls.
\\7"ANTKI ) Position by * .tenoKraphei : thorn-
> t uglily competent. I , ao , HKK otllce , Council
OK SAT.K At a bargain , one nt the Ilncst
eatdi < n plats adloinltiK Council or Omaha.
Insldookl city limits of Council lllutrs. M. K.
ANTIM ) ( Jood cook at Creston house.
Council lllutrs Iowa.
WANTKD Stocks of Tiierohandl-o. Iln\o
Omaha and Council Illulls city property ,
also western liui'l to exchange lor K < > ds. Call
on or aclcliess J. 11. Chrlhtlan , 41 ! ) lirouiUwiy ,
Council Illuirs , In.
FOU KENT New hoii'-o , 7 looms. Inquire
W. T. Cole. WJt Pc.ul t.
FOIl SALE I'urnlturo and Moves nt n Micrl-
lice to reduce stock , you can buy at your
on n prices. A.J.Mnndel.
"CTOK SALK Second-hiitid Columbia bicycle
-C very cheap , KJ-lnch. : it llee oltlte.
BUILDINO lots nnd acre property for ( .ale by
F , J. Day , ay Pearl t.
Council HUUts , la.
Veterinary Dentistry a Specialty ,
I have now for sale a 4-ycar-old trotting stal
lion. Ills sire and dam both xtandaad
417 South lull Street , Omaha.
NorthWestern -
Railway Short Line.
Omaha ,
Council Bluffs
And Chicago ,
T * only rota to Uke for Dei Molnei , Marlalltown ,
Cedar Kaplds , Clinton. Dlion , Chicago. Milwaukee
nit all polnti east. To the pcnplu of Nebraska , Colorado
rado , Wjomlnif , Utah , Idaho , Ncrada , Oregon , \Vaib-
IniitoQ fcnd California , It otTeri lupcilor adraotagt *
n < t pop l le br any other line. . , .
AtnonK a raw of the nuinuroui polnti of luperlortty
enjoyed br lee patroni of tlili road bctwvrn Oni b
and Chicago. ar Iti two Iralr * a d y of DAY COACH-
KS. wlilcb are thu Itaeit tum nuinan art and Inm-nii >
tr can create. Iu I'AI.ACK HI.KltriNU CAHS. whlcli
are model > of comfort anil elegante. Its i'AUIAm
pltAWlNd UOTiM CAHS. unsurpnuod liy anr , anil
iu wldelr celebrated I-AIMIIAI. IIININM CAltA. tb *
qual nf wblch caonot be found eiirwhere. At Coun
cil Bluff * tbo traloi of the llulnn Pacltlc Hallway , con-
In union depot with tboie of the Chicago A
orthwotern llr In Chicago tUo trains of tills lint
pmku close connection with tboso of all other vaitura
Kor Detroit , Columbus. Indlanafollt. Cincinnati ,
Niagara Falls , Iluffaln. rilttaurx , Toronto , Montreal ,
Sloslon , New Tor * , rblladelpula , llaltlrooro , WaiU-
InntoD , and all polnti to tbu east , ask for a ticket la
0 TO wlih tbo best accommodation. All ticket a nU
MM tlckt-ls Tla tuls line. . , .
Ui'nl. Manager , nenl. 1'au'r Aieut
PUNOS TllK FIII.I.B8T , . f .
' . . . ' . , . .
We Defy All Competition and , Chi llen e n' Comparison of Good * ftml 1'rloci
With Any Huime In the Writ.
Several times and stocked up again , and so they will do to
the end of the chapter.
Call and be ronvlnvotl. Semi In your mull orders.
m mf
IVo. 3-15 middle IlroHdwny , : : : : Council Uliilfr , luwn
Telephone No. ! ! ( > .
DR. C. B. J U D D ,
No. 6O6 Broadway , Council Bluffs , Iowa.
WANTED Good Salesmen enlarge commission or salary.
HRTBinNRTNJ ? Hydraulic and Sanitary Engineer
, DIUIUUDIIID , pian8 ( Estimates , Specifications. Su
pervision of Public Work. Brown Building , Council Bluffs
Attorney-at-Law , Second Floor Brown
, Building , 115 Pearl Street , Council
Bluffs , Iowa.
NOfllinp ? Justice of the Peace. Ollice over American
, OlinUIlZj , Express , No. 419 Broadway , Council , Bluffs ,
QTfYNI ? Jb QTM Attorneys at- Law , practice in the State
QlUllEl ( X 011UO , ani Federal Courts. Office llooms 7
and 8 , ShugartBeno Block , Council Bluffs , Iowa.
Q RTRNPTT Justice of the Peace , 415 Broadway ,
, 0. DAU1UU1 , Council Bluffs. Jlefers to any bank or
business house in the city. Collections a specialty.
MO. iKUUUDUni ( XOUND , Pearl St. and First Avenue
John Allen , Pi op.
Entrances 11Muln
and 113 Po.irl St.
MEA r.n AT AM. Ilouits
Open from (1 ( n.m. to 10
p. m. Council Hluffs
Hazard & Co
Folo Bent for
Itotnry MiuUloStmi'lanl '
Sewing 'Machine
For Nebraska A Wont-
em lowtt.
Office , lUIMaln St.Coun
ell niulT , town.
Alien ! * wanted.
Nenuiayer's ' Hotel
J. Neunmycr , Prop.
$1.00 1'ER DAY *
Street car connection !
to nil ilepotn.
t Ire proof stai I'l
nectlnn. Noa 'JU8 nd
21U llroailwnr.
Opp. Oidlen House ,
rouncUUIiiffli , town.
Mrs , , B , mite
Restaurant ,
No. BrnRdwarCoun <
ell Ilium , Iowa.
Don't "Forget
Ttie Great Bargain
Is nt 100 Main Street ,
Council lllutrs. la.
B. A. Pierce. 1'rop.
Dealer In
Staple and Fancy
New Store , New Stork.
.Mil Miln HI , Creatou
llousu lllock.
Council UluITj , U.
Fmnltur * ? , Stovci ,
Carpets , for Cash.
Highest Prices Paid.
127 Main St.
No. 201 Main Street , Council Bluffs , Iowa.
Both Domestic and Foreign.
D , H , McDANELD & CO , ,
Hides , Tallow , Pelts ,
Wool and Furs.
Highest Mnrket Prices. Prompt
MO and ES ! Main Strect.Council Illuffs.Iowa.
Carriage and Express Line ,
< P i
Telephone No. SI.
Tlio HnpBtllneul l.unilaiix. Coaches nnil Ilncks
In tliu I Ity. 'I hu only Him authorized to unsnvr
mil * turned in to Am. Ulit. Til. Co.
tWIlroodway Council Muffs. Iowa. U
Star Stables and Mule Yards
Uiuadiuiy , Council HluffH , Oj > p. Dummy Dtpot.
Horses anil mules constantly on hand , for
inloiit ri'tnll or In car loiiiriots.
Onler-j promptly filled by contract on snort
C ° ra
Uppoblto Dummy Depot , Council llluffa.
Main Street , Council Bluffs ,
Only Hotel In the City with Flro Ea-
capo. Electric Call Bolls.
Accommodations First Class ,
Rates Always Reasonable. I
MAX MOHN , Proprietor. |
All Kind * of Steam Betters & Sheet Iron Work ,
Orders by mull for ropars promptly attended
to. tUtlxfuctlon giliirmiU'eil. 10th Avrmie. Ad
drctb Oudcn llollur Worku. Council Uluff ,