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The Omaha Postofflco Bill rtoportod
Favorably by the Sonato.
A Hill Introduced In the House to
Abolish the Oleomargarine Tax
lIciicillct'H Economy Horri
ble Grave Itublicrri.
The Omaha Pontollloe.
WASHINGTON. D. C. . Jan.'K ) . )
Mr. Stanford reported from the committee
on public buildings and grounds to the senate
to-day the Mnnderson hill making appropria
tion for the purchase of n site and construc
tion of a new government building at Omaha.
The bill has n number of ninendinents , the
principle of which is the reduction of the
amount appropriated to * 1,30KK ( ) , ( ) from
flM)0,000. ) The commltto makes no observa
tions In reporting the bill , but simply recom
mends its passuge , and Senator Manderson
Is confident that will be done promptly.
Mr. Paddock Introduced in the senate to
day the amendment to Ills bill providing for
the erection of buildings for the exclusive
use of | KsU > nices of the Hrst and second class
which I anticipated last week. The main
proposition in the amendment is that the cost
of site , building , furnltureJotc.'shull not ex
ceed the gross receipts of the postofllco for
three years.
TIII : oi.voMAiioAiiiNR TAX.
An opiwrtunlty was offered In the house
to-day to test the jiopulurlty of the oleomar
garine law. Mr. Lawler , of Chicago , Intro
duced n bill to abolish this tax , and asked
that it bo referred to the committee on ways
and means , as it was u revenue measure.
His real object in having it referred to the
committee , however , was to keep It out of
the committee on agriculture , which is presided -
sided over by Mr. Hutch , of Missouri , the
nuthor of the law. When Mr. Lawlor made
the motion'Mr. Henderson , of Iowa , sprang
to his feet and , throwing his bunds above his
head , cried out :
"Now , hoys , let's vote it down. Stiind by
the law. Send the bill where it belongs , to
the committee on agriculture. "
The bill was so referred , by u vote of 190
for to 09 against. There Is no likelihood of
Mr. Lnwlcr's bill over being reported from
the committee.
HOW lliNiiICT : : ) ECONOMIZE * .
Public Printer Henedict reported to the
house to-day , in response to u resolution call
ing for Information as to the cause of delay
in the publication of the Congression Record ,
that , lie was doing moroj work than
was over done in the ofllco
before with n smaller force. This is
probably true , but I learn to-night that it is
done by working the employes from two to
nix hours extra time every day , that some of
the typo setters make from Silo to * 3T5 a
month , ang that the object in Hencdict's cut
ting down the force is to give his friendu In
the ofllco an opportunity to make all the salary
possible , while representing to bo economiz
ing by 'i lesser force. The cost is the same
to the people , nnd great inconvcnieiico is be
ing experienced by not having n sufficient
force to meet the poesent emergency. An in
vestigation is going to bo made of the man
agement of the printing ofllco.
A dipatch was to-day shown Mr. Ingalls ,
of Kansas , president pro tempore of the sen
ate , written March 35 , I8b5 , in which ho said
that the principal nominations made bj
Cleveland had so far been good , strong men ,
nnd predicting that if the president could
"stand the racket" for the next twelvi
months ho would bring to its knees
und become u strong leader ; that the prcsl-
dent ntul a great opportunity and evidently
intended to embrace it.
"Well , " said Senator Ingalls , "I wrote thai
letter. It was within three weeks of the in
nuguration of President Cleveland. While :
do not recall that letter or the iniino of tin
person to whom it was addressed , it was up
parently written to a personal friend am
Bcems to have been Improperly procured am
published. The president had Just assumed
Ids ofllco mid 1 was simply giving my impres
Hiona to u friend. "
The senator added : "Out I don't thinl
Wio president has 'stood the racket.1 Ho ha ;
fulled to Improve the opportunity. "
TIII : KIVK rim CENT nn.i , .
Senator Manderson's resolution in the sen
nto to-day calling on the secretary of the in
terior for information us to the sale of publii
lands in Nebraska , and whether fl per cent o
the net proceeds has been paid to the state
is supplementary to the bill introduced sonn
weeks iigq by Senator Paddock providing fo
the payment of such unpaid sums which i
now pending before the committee of publi
lands. When in the senate before Mr. Piul
dock succeeded in securing the passage of
similar bill which failed in the house. Wit ]
the co-operation of the entire delegation h
has strong hope of moro complete success a
the present session.
NiiiiiiABKA nii.i.s IN Tim HOUSE.
Mr. McShune Introduced in the house tc
day u blM to pay Tobias Castor $1,400 fo
horses stolen by the Cheyenne and Siou
Indians from n point known as Oak Grovt
In Nuckclls county , Neb , in 1SIVI ; also n bite
to remove the charge of desertion stand in
ilculnftt the military record of George W
Mr. Dorscy introduced a bill to pcnsio
Captain Benjamin Contcl nnd to remov
charges of desertion.
For many years congress has been deluge
'with ' bills proposing to remove the charge i :
desertion against the military records of me
Who served in the union army. The last tw
congresses have refused to act on the ?
measures because they embrace Cuss logii
'lalion. ' Mayor Stcelo , of Indiana , who is
member of the house committee on militur
affairs , to-day introduced a bill which notonl
iiuthorizes but directs the secretary of war t
inane all corrections in military records tin
proof and Justice will warrant. The bill i
detail specified the proofs which will bonece
nary in order to warrant the secretary of wi
in making the necessary corrections In tli
records. It will not bo possible under th
bill for any ono who is charged through
technicality with desertion and who honestl
did not Intend to become a deserter to Ion
have to sutler the consequences of u defecti\
1101.D diiAVi : itoimr.H * .
Disclosures of the most revolting charade
have been made ut the rendezvous of Pert
und Maud Hrown , the resurrectionists , age
ninety-eight und soventy-four years rospei
lively. They lived UJKHI the hillside in tli
northeastern part of the city. Under tli
house a cellar was found by the detective :
und in this a quantity of grave clothes , hi
no bodies were discovered. Hero were di
posited the fruits of visits to the cemeterie :
till they were disposed of ut the medical co
leges hero or elsewhero. Slnco Suturdu
Poroy Urown hus been In Jail charged wit
desecrating graves in Mount Olive ccinctcr :
hut no proof being found against him ho lit
been released. HcMdes , there Is no law I
punish resurrectionists in the District (
It would bo impossible to imagine n mot
horrid looking hag than Maud Hrown. He
f nco Is concave on one bide und concuvo o
the other , her nose long and thin , her lii
Eunken , while her ono sightless eye projeci
from its socket as though striving to pen
t rate the Intermediate darkness , rolls luce
hiintly , and Is oven moro horrible to look t
than the scar which Indicates where tli
other eye has been , She was dressed in
faded black dress , but wore an limncm
\Yhite ribbon tie in u bow about her lean at
wrinkled nivk when found in her den by tl
detectives , and talked freely about her wor
ONI : MOIIB iTirc.
"Do you never experience any fccllnp i
horror while robbing a gravel" was iihUed.
"Nono in the least. " fcho replied. " 1 hui
Hy suVcr3UUtfii.uud lU ouly lucllug Is ouc <
annoyance nt coming Into contact with disa
greeable odors or with dirt. "
"How miiny bodies do you think you liuvo
helped to stcull"
"Oh , I could hardly tell , possibly five hun
dred. I will tell you u funny Incident that
occurred during one of our expeditions. Dr.
Christian , who was a partner of Percy's a
number of years ago. engaged a man named
Mlkc'Latihudy as a helper. Mike hud been
sent to the workhouse for some trivial
offense , and the doctor had to put up WO to
get him out. Well , that night wo went out
to get some bodies , and Mike was put to
work digging nt the head of n grave. IJo
was bravo enough when ho started , but the.
nearer he got to the corpse the moro his
courage gave away , and finally his feet
slipped Into npool of water which had formed
ut the head of the coflln , and Mike , as ho felt
it through his slious , thought that thu corpse
hud seized him with its icy bunds. Ho
uttered u shriek , and , ns it happened , a mule
which hud been browsing about the grave
step ] > ed near It , and when ho heard Mike
shriek ho raised his own voice in the most
discordant bray you ever hcurd. This was
too much for Mlko. He scrambled out of the
grave and ran ns if the corpse was after him ,
shouting nt the top of his voice.
" 'That man will bring the police on us , '
said Christian to me. 'See if you can't stop
him. ' I had a bottle of morphia in my
pocket , and taking it out I ran ufter the
Irishman und culled to him : 'Here , Mike ,
take a drink , It will brace your nerves. ' Ho
came back , took a drink from the bottle , and
fell senseless.
" 'Thank God for that , ' said Christian , 'wo
have now two stiffs instead of one , and can
get buck the money wo put up for that fellow
this morning. ' "
Ono of the pollco ofllcers who helped to
trace the grave robbers to the Brown house
said to-day that the old woman not only
helped to rob the graves , but played n very
important part. "Sho would watch the
papers for funeral notices , " said he ; "then
she would dress in black und attend the fu
neral , cither us u mourner or us an intimate
friend of the deceased. She would be a
stranger to every person ut the funeral , but
of course the dead could not speak , und these
with whom she. conversed nhout the corpse
would believe that she really knew the de
parted. Of course she would get an Invita
tion to go to the cemetery in ono of the car
Hugos. She would in that way locate the
grave , and , after sundown , or perhaps after
midnight , she , with her male companions ,
would make a start for the cemetery. "
now TIII : ( iiiAvr.s AIM ; UOIIIIKD.
"Entering the cemetery , " the officer went
on , "Maud would point out the grave , and
while the men robbed she would watch and
give the alarm If any ono approached , and
the resurrectionists would lie low until the
coast wus again clear. Then the body would
bo removed from the coflln and carried off.
Many persons huvo n wrong idea ns to how
the business is conducted. Most persons
think that the earth is removed only from
the head of the collin und that the lid of the
box is mushed open. That is not so , because
the noise made by smashing open the lid of
the box would bo too great. The graves uro
supposed to bo iibont six feet deep , so when
the coflln and box are lowered and the lid
placed uKii | them , there only remains ' about
four feet of earth above. The dirt is' soft
nnd can bo easily moved nnd then ono of the
party will take a rope , which is fastened
to the lid of the box. Slowly
ho lifts the end at the head
until It has reached the top of the grave ,
throwing most of the earth to the foot of the
grave. Two of the party , which is composed
usually of three persons , will hold the lid ,
while the third ono situs under it into the
grave. If there Is a glass top , ho slides it
buck and places the hooks in a convenient
portion of the body or ubout the clothing ,
und raises the body partially from the
casket , or , If necessary , ho will tnko the
screws from the casket and remove the head-
plcco. Sometimes , when they make a bad
job of It , or hurry for fear of being captured ,
the coflln is badly damaged. After once get
ting the hooks Into position nnd giving the
body a start , the llvo occupant of the grave
ascends , and then the body is lifted. The
body is stripped of Its wearing apparel ,
which is thrown back into the grave , and
then the dirt replaced'and the mound is loft
in the condition It was , The body Is then
doubled , the head and feet coming together ,
und put in a lurgo bag made for the purpose.
Soon afterward it finds Its way to the hallway
of some dissecting room. "
The Browns nro native Russians and have
histories of the most thrilling character.
Washington is much agitated over the work
of these resurrectionists ,
ViniiAsKA ANK IOWA MAII , SEiivirn ciiAxnnt.
Clutuges have been made in the time sched
ules of the Star mull routes in Nebraska as
follows :
Logan to North Platte Leave Logan Tues
days , Thursdays and Saturdays at 7 a. m. ;
arrive nt North Platte by (1 ( p. in. Leave
North Plutto Mondays , Wednesdays and Fri
days at 7 u. m. ; arrive ut Loiruti by ( i p. m.
Gordon to Wounded Knee Leave Gordon
Tuesdays , Thursdays und Saturdays at 10:80 :
a. m. ; arrive ut Albany by 1:3l : ) p. m. Leave
Albany Tuesdays , Thursdays and Saturdays
ut 7 a. in. ; arrive at Gordon by 10 u. m. Leave
Albany Fridays at 7 a. m. ; arrive at Wounded
Knee by 10 it. in. Leave Wounded Knee
Fridays ut 10:15 : u. in. ; arrive at Albany at
1:45 : p. m.
In the schedule of Iowa routes the follow
ing changes have been made to take effect
February 1 :
Crcsco to Elmn Leave Crcsco Tuesdays ,
Thursdays and Saturdays at 7:80 : a. m. ; arrive -
rive nt Elma by B:30 : p. m. Leave Eluia
c Tuesdays , Thursdays and Saturdays at S a.
t in. ; arrive at Cresco by i ) p. in.
Dyersvillo to Colesburgh Lcuvo Dyersvillc
daily , except Sunday , at 10 n. m. ; arrive ut
Colesburgh by 1 p. m. Leave Colesburgh
r daily , except Sunday , at a p. m. ; arrive ut
x Dyersvillo by t ) p. in.
Nymun to Red Ouk Leave Nymnn Wed-
11 ncsduys nnd Saturdays at 4 80 p. m. ; arrive
g at Red Ouk by 7 p. m. Leuvo Red Oak Wed
nesdays and Saturdays ut 1 p. in. ; arrive at
Nynmn hy 4 p. m.
The postottlco nt Wellsvillo , Cheyenne
county , will bo discontinued February 15.
A postofllco was established ut Mattock ,
Sioux county , hi. , and Robert Allen ap
pointed postmaster ; also ut Bennlngton ,
Douglas county. Neb. , and Peter Mangold
appointed postmaster.
Frank Gappu was to-day appointed post
master utoven , Sherman county , vice O.
Fred Newman , resigned.
The postofllco at Cotton woodcutter county
Neb. , has been discontinued. The mail goo *
to Surprise.
William O. Schmidt , of Davenport , am'
William H. Squire , of Dunlap , la. , were to
day admitted to practice before the interloi
.1. D. Kilpatrick and wlfeof Bcutriccaron
the Arlington.
A sub committee of the house committee 01
it Indian affairs to-day reported favorably tie
o the full commfttee , the bill opening the Sion :
Indian reservation in Dakota. U will sooi
bo on the liouso calendar so that when tin
senate bill , which is a duplicate , is passed , i
can bo taken off the speaker's table and con
curred in. This is the shortest way o
doing it. PEUIIY S. HEATH.
General Miles1 Ambition.
WASHINGTON , Jan. 80. [ Special Telogrnn
it to the BEU. ] A speejal from this city to th
> New York World says' that the greatest in
. . dignation Is heard in Tammany circles over i
petition filed by some over-zealous friends o
General Miles asking for his promotion t <
major general in the place of Alfred H. Tei
ry , who is now in Florida on sick leave
The dispatch says : The proceeding is unprc
ccdcntcd. General Miles is now commamlin
the department of Arizona , and the petiiio
which asks for his promotion Is signed by al
senators und representatives of congress froi
the Paclllu slope , The matter is aggravate
the moro because of General Miles' promotlo
in the past. After live years service u
captain ho became colonel of the Fourth ii
funtry , In July , Ibt'Kl , und wus the younge *
regimental commander in the service. B ;
marrying into thoShcrman family ho securei
Influence which Induced President Hayes t
nominate him for brigadier general in 1SSI !
over the heads of much older , abler and mor
experienced soldiers , such as Colonels Hunt
Getty , Sturgls , Edward Hutch and a hul
dozen others. Ho now standssecond on th
list of brigadiers , and in his ambition wUhc
of to Jump over the head of General Crvvk , '
if ii i rrt inn nioTpnio i AITPH
A Terrible Tragedy the Result of a
Family Quarrol.
Another Illooily Murder Near St.
Joseph Two Wyoming Cow Hoys
Cross the Hniige The Itowim
County Fciul.
Through the Heart.
ST. JO F.I > II , Mo. , Jun. 30. [ Special Tele
gram to the HER. ] Buchanan county added
another to her list of murders last night.
The coroner was still examining witnessscs In
the Bulling wife-murder case when the news
was brought to him , by telegraph , that a
murder had been committed at Wallace , eigh
teen miles from this city.
William Estcs , aged eighteen years ,
shot nnd Instantly killed William
Hlakely , ulso aged eighteen , In Wal
lace ut 8:30 : o'clock last night. The murder
took place at the front door of the Christian
church. Young Blukcly was keeping com
pany with Estes' ' sister , a sixteen-year-old
girl , to which the brother und father ob
jected. A few weeks ago the old man Hogged
the girl because she refused to drop Bhikely ,
whereupon she left home , living since with a
friend in the sumo town. Last night she and
Bhikely were ut church together. At the
close of the service , old man Estcs went to
his daughter and had some words with her.
Bhikely then offered to turn her over to her
father , advising her to go homo with him.
This she would not do and went out of the
church with her lover. A few yards beyond
the door the two met young Estes , the girl's
brother , who at once drew a revolver und
begun firing. Ho had been to church nnd , it
is supposed , left before services were over in
order to get his revolver. The first shot
struck Hlakely on the lower lip , knocking out
two of his front teeth nnd lodging in the back
part of the head. Ho then drew his revolver
and returned the fire without effect. The
father of the girl , who hud been watching the
affray , at this Juncture drew a revolver and
began shooting at Bhikely. The latter turned
from the s6n to the old man and , firing ,
wounded him in the shoulder. This left
Bhikely at the mercy of the younger Estes ,
who stepped up close and sent a bullet
through Ills heart. Wallace Is greatly excited
over the murder. Bhikely belonged to one of
the best families of this county nnd wus above
reproach in every way. No reason , except
personal grounds , could have been urged
against his keeping company with the young
lady. The Estes family does not stand so
well. The younger Estes Is n hard case and
has been in several scrapes. Both father and
son would have been lynched last night could
they have been found.
Miss lEstes hus become insane.
Settled Hy the Citizens.
.RAPID CITY , Dak. , Jan. 30. [ Special Tele
gram to the BEE. ] Buffalo Gap , a station
on the Fremont , Elkhorn & Missouri Valley
road fifty miles south of hero , this afternoon
was the scene of n shooting affray which re
sulted in the killing of two cow boys named
Frank Potts nnd Stansbury Arthur. The
pulr had filled up on whisky und were at
tempting to run the town. They had been
shooting indiscriminately when the town
marshall , "Shorty" Lovett attempted to
arrest them. They beat him about the head
with six shooters and left him unconscious.
D. Davidson , n constable , also tried to arrest
them but was shot for his pains. The
citizens then took a hand in the affair , and
when the smoke cleared away a couple of
cow boys had crossed the range forever.
Neither was attached to any cow outfit at
present. It is not known who fired the fatal
shots , and no particular effort will bo made
to find out.
BUFFALO GAP , Wyo. , Jan. 80. [ Special
Telegram to the Hii : : . ] A serious shooting
affray occurred in this city tnis afternoon re
sulting in the death of Frank Potts und the
futul wounding of Stransburg Arthur , who
had been shooting fire arms in the streets and
resisted arrest by pounding Officer Lovetl
over the head with u revolver. A posse oi
citizens armed themselves and proceeded to
assist in making the arrest with the above re
sults. Both Potts and Arthur were cowboys
well-known hero and generally considered
pencublo citizens. Both had been drinking
It is not known which of the citizens did tin
shooting. _ _ _ _ _
The Hatlleld-McCoy Feud.
CII.UII.KSTOWN , W. V. , Jan. 30 [ Spccia
Telegram to the BIE. : ] Governoi
Wilson has decided to order ou
the militia , nnd put n stop to tin
Hatfield-McCoy affair at once , ho having sat
isiled himself by thorough inquiry that tin
reports from the scene of 'trouble were no
This evening Governor Wilson's rcprcsen
tatlvo returned from Logun county and re
ported'thattho belligerants on both sides in tin
Hatfield-McCoy affair have disbanded am
the trouble ended. ' The governor has coun
tcrmnndcd the order for the militia.
The Pope's lllch Presents.
HAI.TIMOHE , Jan. 80. A correspondent fo
the Sun in Homo has furnished an interestiiij
description of the gifts to Pope Leo , on th
occasion of the jubilee. So far 7,000 cases o
articles have been handled , and the end i
not vet. Up to January 18 presents to th
value of $10,000,000 have passed through th
hands of the Vatican inspectors. Even thu
sum has been exceeded in money. The Unite
States has outstripped every other country i
cusl ) donations.
Vice President Potter's Condition.
CHICAGO , Jan. 30. Vice-President Pottc
was better to-day and decided to continue hi
Journey to New York , although ugiiinht th
ndvico of his physician. Ho will probabl
igo to Florida In a short timo.
t Dnlnth Hanks Consolidate.
DULUTII , Minn. , Jan. 30. [ SpecialTelcgrai
to the HIK. : ] The consolidation of the Di
luth national nnd Union national banks , ri
moral u month ago , takes pluco to-momr
under the name of the Dulutti Union nation !
bank , with a combined capital of $1,000,000. ,
Wholesale Evictions Planned.
Dum.ix , Jan. 30. Five hundred bill prc
cesses nnd ejectment notices have bee
issued in Londonderry against tenants o
the Draper estate.
l Will Prevent Obstruction.
f Loxnox , Jan. 80. W. H. Smith , in
speech this evening , said the govcrnmer
was firm in its intention to enforce the ruh
nnd prevent obstruction of business I
The Anti-Socialist Hill Referred.
HHIII.IX , Jan. : w. The debate on the ant
socialist bill was resumed to-day. It wi
finally referred to a commlttco.
Decided Not to Operate.
UCIIMX , Jan , 80.Dr. . McKenzie nnd othe
examined the crown prince's throat to-d :
and decided not to operate.
Schncffur Urcnks tlio Record.
MII.WAUKU : , Jan. 30. Jacob Schnoffi
broke the record In the fourteen-Inch Ha !
line billiards to-night with a run of " 54.
r.l ii ( Itnttcr Mnrkut.
. 111. , Jan. 30. liuUor sold today
Sic ;
Many Important Hills Introduced In
lloth HranchcH.
Dis : MOINKS , la. , 'Jan. 30. Among the
measures presented in the sctiato to-ilny were :
Hy Mr. Hclnlgcr Amending the law re
lating to capital punishment.
Hy Mr. Weber Ucpcullng the law relating
to the Iowa weather service and abolishing
the ofllcc.
Hy Mr. Kcglor Repealing the law ro-
luting to the taxation of telegraph nnd telephone -
phone lines , nnd providing n substitute.
Hy Mr. Funk Providing for the estab
lishment of a normal school ut Algona.
The senate railroad committee met to-day ,
and it. is understood agreed to report favor
ably Mr. Young's bill for a two cent passen
ger rate and n reduced mileage ticket rate.
In the liouso Mr. Cummins Introduced a
bill authorizing cities of over lO.OOOto license ,
under certain conditions , the sale of intoxi
cating liquors.
Hy Mr. HIIc.v Providing for a constitu
tional convention In 1MH ) .
The Joint resolution directing the Joint rail
road committee to make Investigation of rail
roads , was lost.
The registration bill was read a third time
und passed.
By Mr. Deal A bill declaring express
companies doing business in the state com
mon carriers , and providing for their regula
tion by the railroad commission.
Hy Mr. McCoy Exempting from taxation
a soldier's homestead not exceeding $1,000 In
A joint resolution was adopted for the rail
road commission to demand that rnllrouds
furnish cars to shippers In northwestern Iowa
nnd empowering the commission to bring suit
if not complied with.
A message from the governor concerning
the furnishing of additional testimony for
the prosecution of state claims ngulnst the
general government , recommending the bill
empowering the governor to provide a con
tingent fund fortho necessary expenses , wus
The bill for the appropriation for the sol
dier's ' orphan homo at Davenport was passed.
Senator Dnrgun's concurrent resolution fix
ing the timu of the election of United States
senators , was concurred in. Several other
bills were introduced.
Fire at Macedonia.
MACEDONIA , la. , Jan. 30. [ Special
gram to the Uii.j : : The fire alarm was
sounded ubout U o'clock this morning , causing
inga general turnout of citizens , who had
several hours hard fight with the flames , the
fire apparatus of the town consisting of buc
kets mainly. The flro was in the one-story
frame building , owned nnd occupied by Ash
ley , Cook & Co. , as n drug store and grocery.
The postoflice is in the sumo building. The
fire was so well under way when discovered
that the first ono to enter the building
stepped through the charred lloor , and had a
narrow escape from serious injury. Building
nnd contents were a total loss , amounting to
4,500. Insured for 81.000 on building , and
$1,300 on stock. Dr. Cook's oflice adjoin
ing , was also burned. Even with
the absence of any wind it was
n hard fight to save surrounding buildings.
Dye & Co.'s store hud a narrow escape , und
also the Macedonia State bank. The building
owned by W. L. Kusscllvas damaged about
$11X1. No cause can bo .assigned for the fire
as there hud been ubout the place , so
far us known , nnd na flro since Saturday
night. This is the second time a large fire
has occurred on this. . site. Three years ago
the building , then occupied by J. M. Kclley
& Co. , Mr. Cook being a member of the firm ,
was burned , end it urovcd to bo the work of
an Indendiary , the culurit , named Coburn ,
was convicted and scut to the penitentiary
for two years. The loss this time falls" es
pecially hard upon Mrl Ashley , as all his
means were invested in this business.
H' > inc for Iowa's Soldier- ? .
AVATEHI.OO , la. . Jan. 80. Colonel Ebcrhart ,
quartermaster of the Iowa Soldiers' Homo ,
gives a few interesting facts in regard to the
condition of the home. There are at present
ninety-two inmates of whom all but eighteen
arc American born. Twenty-five of the men
uro farmers. A goodly portion of the other
men came from poor houses. Others came
from the homes at Huincy , Leavcnworth und
Dayton , nnd 'most of the men o nme from
small towns and villages , the larger towns
contributing us follows : Dubuque , DCS
Moincs and Davenport each two ,
Council Bluffs one and Hurlin'gton
noneOf the ninety-two inmates
but eleven arc man-led. Ono native-born
Mexican finds n homo there , having served
through the rebellion in the Fifth Iowa euv-
nlry. In reply to tins question of what im
provements were contemplated Colonel Eber-
hart said : "Forty acres of ground nro to bo
laid out in one of the handsomest parks in
Iowa , and every effort will bo made to sccuro
Grand Army reunions there. Many of the
boys come to the homo after years of existence
in indifferent almhouses , completely broken
in spirit , but the thought that they have no
longer to earo for themselves , combined with
the generous treatment accorded them works
wonders. "
Tlirirty Swedish Farmers.
RED OAK , In. , Jan. 80. At Stanton , in this
county , there is a co-operative store run by u
branch of the Farmers' " Alliance of Scott
township. The business hus n manager , r
bookkeeper , and llvo "clerks , and is playing
havoc with the trade of the old merchants ol
the village. The store was started lost May
the enterprise of a sgciety incorporated las !
winter ns the Montgomery Farm
crs' Industrial association. A report
port was made at the nnnuu
meeting of the association , which shows thai
the sales of the store have been largo ant
mainly for cash. By frequent turning of the
capital invested , n profit of ! > 0 per cent on the
capital stock is reported for the eight month ;
tljo store has been running. Elated withtlicii
success , the Farmers' association will mil
agricultural implements to the business , ant
are talking also of starting a bank. Scot
township has n considerable population o
Swedes and nearly all the members of the as
sociutlon uro of that nationality.
Again Sentenced to Hang.
Uunrqi'K , lu. , Jan. 30. The jury In th
Barney Kennedy murder trial reported tc
day , after being out sixteen hours. Thel
verdict was guilty of murder In the Hrst dc
gree , nnd ho punishment was fixed ut deutli
Kennedy wus convicted on a former trial am
sentenced to hung , but secured a now trial o :
ground that ono of the jurors wus not a nal
urallzed citizen. His attorneys will no\
move for a third trial because one of th
Jurors In the trial Just concluded became In
toxlcated during its ] progress. The gcncni
opinion is that Kennedy will bo hanged u
the Jury ordered. If ho does cs > cupo through
the courts ho will never escape the vcngcanc
of the tribunal of public opinion.
A Deputy Slier i If K Forgery.
Run OAIC , Jan. li ) , H. T. West , of Vi :
Hsca , Into deputy sheriff of this city , wa
convlcted'of forgery m the district court yes
terdiiy. The crimeAvus committed while hi
wus in oflice , and when the note came duo he
in his ofllclal capacity , served the notice o
suit upon the parties whoso mimes ho Is coi
victed of forging , two Swedes living neu
Villisca , and attempted to terrorizing thcr
Into acknowledging the signatures. F. II
Jerome , a note broker at Villincu , bought th
forged paper and loses the amount , us. Wet
has no property. It was for $12,1.
FrlKhU'nlly Crushed hy Cni-s.
MINIIUUN , la. , Jan. 30. JSpecial Telcgrai
to the Ben ] Al-lilS p. m. , while an cxtr
freight train was switching hero , Fran
cr Jones , & ye.irs old , In attempting to jump o
Ik the snow-plow , fell In front of the plow an
was dragged a considerable distance , the en
gino. tender und one car pa&slng over bin
cutting off a lower limb , ono hand nnd crusl
ut ing ono shoulder. There Is iitllu hoj > o Of h )
recovery ,
Wahoo Rocolvos Several Shocks in
the Post Few Dixys.
A Welt-Known Resident Chokes to
Death , A VOUIIK Iindy Poisoned ,
and n Doctor-Preacher nnd
Companion Disgraced.
SeiiHntlons nt AVnhoo.
WAHOO , Neb. , Jan. 30. [ Special to the
BKU. ] For a few days Wahoo has been
shocked by a series of sensations. Ono day
lust week Mr. J. C. Fruhin , overseer of the
poor farm , complained of n choking sensa
tion in his throat nnd in ten minutes after
was dead. Ho had been slightly mulcted with
quinsy , but it wus not considered of any mo
Yesterday morning Mlra Mueouluy , the
seventecn-yenr-old udoptod daughter of John
Mncaulay , living nt Ithacacame , to her death
very suddenly. She had been slightly ailing
nnd ono Dr./lngre.suid to have practiced med
icine once , prescribed for her , suylng she hud
bilious fever. The prescription was taken
to Dr. Hupp's drug store in Wahoo , and Dr.
Hupp filled the prescription , at the sumo
time asking the party bringing the pre
scription if they knew what it was , and tell
ing him it was deadly poison and three drops
was a maximum dose for an a'clult. The
party said ho knew what it was , und de
parted with the medicine. Saturday night
the young lady grew suddenly worse and
Drs. Hush nnd Stone of this city were sum
moned , and at once pronounced the case ono
of poisoning and too far gone for any help.
No investigation of tno case has been made
yet. There is quite n feeling existing against
the reputed doctor.
A scandal hns just occurred hero which is
a sweet morsel for the gossips. A few
nights ugo a doctor who Is also n preacher ,
residing near Ashland and of good family ,
came to this city in company with n mco
looking young lady , about twenty-two years
old , and repaired to the commercial hotel and
registered ns man and wife. Next morning
n gentleman from Ashland came into the
Commercial hotel and noticing the names on
the hotel register went up to their room to
call on them , nnd behold the mutual surprise.
Tim doctor is nearly sixty years old und
hitherto has borne u good reputation.
Condition of UaiiRC Cattle.
CIIADIIOX , Neb. , Jan. 80. [ Special Tele
gram to the Bin.J : A number of Wyoming
cattle men on their way cast , being inter
viewed , give us their opinion that the per
cent of loss In range cattle will not bo ns
heavy as last winter or as heavy us has re
cently been reported. The recent severe
cold weather nnd deep snow has been very
hard on cattle and had it continued much
longer the loss would have been the heaviest
over known. The want of water has as
much , if not more , to do with the loss of cattle
tlo as the want of grass , nnd the present
warm weather has melted the snow off and
furnished water us well as feed and it is the
opinion among stockmen generally that cut-
tin can live until grass comes hut will come
out in the spring in poor condition. It is re
ported that the eastern Wyoming and
southern Dakota and northern Nebraska the
snow has all gone.
A Religious Revival.
CnAnnox , Neb. , Jan.80. . [ Special Telc ;
gram to the BHE. ] Chadron' has had a
religious revival for the last ten days. Rev.
W. W. Mullony , the "Clyclono of the West , "
has been holding meetings every night nnd
has created such an interest that no church
in the city has been largo enough to hold the
multitude. All the protcstant churches have
combined on holding union services and last
night they held service in the skating' rink
nnd fully 000 persons were in attendance.
About 11)0 ) persons have been converted. Rev.
Mullony will conduct revival meetings every
evening for a week yet , when he hopes to
dojiblo the number of converts.
Amputated Ills Finders nnd Feet.
DAVID CITY , Neb. , Jan. 8."i. [ Special Tele
gram to the Br.i : . ] Dr. Cook , of this city ,
today amputated the feet nnd fingers of
Johnnie Denlinger , the little Garrison hero ,
who risked his own life hy wrapping his coat
about his smaller brother , who perished in
the recent blizzard. Though rendered a crip
ple for life n ncut sum will bo contributed for
his relief. _
Ilullor District Court.
DAVIO CITV , Neb. , Jan. 80. [ Special Tele
gram to the Bnc. ] District court convcnod
here to-day , Judge Post presiding. Many im
portant civil cases uro sot for trial. There
is only ono criminul case , that of Spelts
against Montgomery , charged with shooting
with intent to kill.
A Iudy Suicides Near Beatrice.
BuATUicn , Jan. 80. [ Sueeial Telegram to
the HEE | Mrs. Henry L. Davis committed
suicide to-day by cutting her throat from oar
to car. Mrs. Davis is the wife of a well-
to-do farmer living twelve miles northeast ol
hero. The coroner will hold an Inquest to
morrow. The cause for this rush net is un
McGIynn'H Anti-Roman Ravings.
NEW YOUK , Jan , 80. [ Special Telegram to
the HnE.l Dr. McGlynn , in an address last
night , announced his willingness to take back
what ho had said about the pope's hat if the
machine would give the church u democratic
pope. It was too much to expect , ho feared ,
but ho hoped the people of Italy would rise
und smash the ecclesiastical machine , and
that the gold should bo torn from the grasp of
the ecclesiastical machine , from the hands ol
the old man with his peacock feathers and nl !
the phantasmagoria of n theater , and t be beat
of the churcir bo made a i > oor man. The
richer the church was in endowments the
poorer she was in the gruco of God. Who
ever heard of confessor who would refuse tc
ir absolve a Jay Gould , or Collls P. Hunting
ton , or a member of the Standard Oil com
punyf" ho n ked. The audience cheered am
yelled. McGlvnn then related u story nboul
Powderly. "Tills head of an order , com
posed of men of all religious denominations
is not satisfied. " McGlynn suid , "with bend
ing the knee before Cardinal Gibbonslmthac |
sent him us an ambassador to Home , und Inu
paid this ambassador's expenses out of tlu
funds of the Knights of Labor. The spcake :
would not bo surprised to discover that semi
of the same funds hud been spent to buy in
some of the underlings , and not so far under
cither , at the Vatican.
Detailed to Kill the Czar.
LONDON , Jun. 30. Advices from St. Pet
crsburg say that a prominent army oflice :
shot himself fatally recently and before dy
ing told the surgeons ho was a member of ;
secret society and hud been detulled to UH
snsslnnto Itbo czar , but had preferred mil
cido. A searching investigation is in prog
Ilrltltdi Grain Trade Ilevlow.
LONDON , Jan. 3 % The Murk LanoExpres
says : There Is no demand for native wheat
and it Is impossible to sell except at a decline
Foreign wheat values are only nominal
Flour is greatly depressed. Foreign decllnci
0 poiico per sack. Corn steady ; oats dull.
. .
n ' >
n fames Kcdiintli Dying.
k NEW YOUK , Jan. 30. The physician o
in James Rcdputh , journalist nnd lecturer , ha
id given up hope of his patient's recovery.
, Father MuFnilitoii Sentenced.
1 DUIILIN , . Jun. 80 , Father MuFuddcn'Wn
to-day suuUHiccd to three mpnths linprUoi
uiciu. . ' . . . ' . . . ' .
Eight Loaded Htoro llitlldlngs De
stroyed In New York.
NEW YOIIK , Jan. 80. Ono of the largest
fires that hns occurred In this city for many
months broke out in the store of Henry Hog-
ers Si Co. , M9 Broadway , early this morning.
It extended and destroyed llvo adjoining
stores. All engines below Forty-third street
resiKHidcd to the alarm. The property occu
pies the west side of Uroadway between
Prince nnd Spring streets , and ex
tends through Mercer street. The build
ing where the Uro originated was
a five-story front double building
nnd was occupied by Henry Rogers & Co. ,
man , dealers In trimmings ; P. 1C. Wilson i
Son , Importers of luces ; Stelnfuck St Co. ,
boys clothing , und Kiiempher. manu
facturer of boys waists. No. fi47
is a llvo story building unit
is occupied by Helanchl & Co. , importers of
( lowers. No. fiTiil was occupied by Louis
Metzer , importer of milliner's trimmings ;
Jerkonswki ft Grust , importers of cloth , and
Mitchell & Richard , clothing. No. ft. " > , a five
story brick front , was occupied by H. Isaacs
& Hro. , dealer in Japanned goods ; Samuel
Leownstein. dealers in neckwear , and
Schwuk & Son , lniKirtcrs | of nfancy goods.
Nos. 557 and 6.V.I wus u lurgo double
Iron front , and was occupied by
Henry Newman , cotton goods ; LIptnan &
Sons , clothing ; C. C. Carpenter , dealer in
tournures and crinolines ; and Reuvy tHros.
The double Iron front , ft"ll " mid MVI , was occu
pied by Stiner , Khan Si Co. , novelties and
Swiss carvings ; Gotthold & Co. , hat and
bonnet frames ; T. L. Harbor & Co. , straw
goods , and the Holland manufactur
ing company , spool silks , whoso factory is In
Willlamuntlc , Conn.
The Humes spread with nstonlshingrupidity
after once breaking out. nnd several acci
dents occurred. Several men were bruised
by falling bricks of walls. Mlko Kelly fell
and was severely injured. Fireman Sheri
dan jumped from u burning roof und parts of
the wall of the building fell upon him. Ho
was fatally injured und tiled nt noon.
The walls of the buildings fell at
5:45 : , nnd the ruins covered Broadway ,
stopping travel for several blocks , The
stock in the eight buildings was totally de
stroyed. In the other buildings , facing on
Spring , Prince and Mercer streets , there is
damage b v fire und water. The buildings on
the east side of Uroadway were also dam
aged I.v ) fulling bricks und smoke , The in-
surunce adjusters suy the loss will reach
$2.f > 00K10. (
A careful estimate places the losses at
$1.400,000. The insurance runs up into the
The Natives Mcginnlng to Dig Out of
the Drifts.
ROCIIESTEII , N. Y. , Jan. 80. On the Now
York Central roads between Buffalo and
Syracuse there were several live stock trains
when last week's storm came up. Efforts
were made to run them to points where the
stock could bo sheltered , but in spite of all
efforts nearly fifteen car loads of cattle und
hogs destined for Boston und New York were
frozen to death near Palmyra and several car
loads at other points.
NEW YOIIK , Jun. 30. The fury of the
storm which begun Thursday , and which
swept the railroads and eastern New York
with snow , was not spent until Saturday uft-
ornoon und the railroads , up to that time
completely at its mercy , bcgnn a vigorous
fight against the drifts , und unless more
snow falls to-day the blockade may bo suid
to be ended.
WASHINGTON , D. C. , Jan. 80. The signal
corps station at Nantuckct rcixirts upwards
of fifty vessels in the ice near there , and from
Great Point to Tuckernuck Shouls- , many of
them are adrift , having lost anchors nnd
chains. The Ice is ten inches or moro thick ,
nnd the most jwwerful tugs can render them
no assistance. Most of them will be wrecked
unless prompt assistance is rendered whan
the ice breaks up.
The Canadian Pacific Blockade.
WiN.viriid , Jan. 80. No through trains
over the Canadian Pacific have arrived since
Wednesday. A trainload of passengers is
said to bo snowed in in the mountains and
fears are entertained for their safety as their
supply of provisions is short.
An Explosion in Newport llarhor
Shakes Many Eastern Cities.
NEW Hinroui : > , Mass. , Jan. 80. A percepti
ble earthquake was felt in Fair Haven ,
shortly after midnight , and also at different
points on the capo. At Little Com pton , H.
I. , a heavy shock was felt nt lt:40 ! : a. m.
Hope Valley , H. I. , reports an earthquake
shock ut 1-IO : this morning. The shock is
ulso reported from various portions of the
FA u. RIVEII , Mass. , Jan. 30. An earth
quake shock was felt hero a few minutes be
fore 1 this morning. The disturbance ap
peared to travel from south to north. It wus
violent enough to shake dwellings und arouse
people. The noise continued seven or eight
seconds nnd resembled a chip of thunder , fol
lowed by a low rumbling. There was no
damage to property.
PnovincNfi : , R. I. , Jan. 30. This nnd adJoining -
Joining cities and bay side towns were badly
shaken up last night with a dynamite explo
sion in Newport harbor to clear it of ico. In
many places it resembled nn eurthquake , and
reports from various points speak of it as n
genuine earthquake.
The Malice ol'Ituironr.
NEW YOUK , Jan. 80. [ Special Telegram to
the HER. ] The Tribune's cable from Mr.
GUI , M. P. , says that Hulfour has Issued a
warrant for the re-arrest of William O'Brien.
It was signed nnd placed in tha hands of the
poiico yesterday. This is done , it is said , to
prevent O'Brien speaking in parliament.
Dnn.iN , Jan. 80. Father Stevens , of
Faicaran , county Donegal , bus been arrested
at Dunafanugny , in the sumo county , under
the coercion act.
William O'Brien has loft Ireland for the
south of Europe , where ho will endeavor to
recuperate bis health.
The AVhitticr Homestond.
CHICAGO , Jan. 30. [ Special Telegram to
the BEE. ] The statement was made a few
days ago that John G. Whlttier had denied
that it was his wish to have the Whlttier
homestead at Havcrhlll , Muss. , purchased
and preserved as u monument of affection for
him nnd his poetry. This appears to have
been n mlsstutomcnt , as the Times this mornIng -
Ing prints n letter from Whittlcr to Miss
Frances Willurd , in which ho expresses his
gratitude lit the proposed movement , und
hearty wish for its consummation.
Tlu ; Fisheries Negotiations.
OTTAWA , Out. , Jun. 30. [ Special Telegram
to the Bui : . ] The opinion prevails hero that
as matters now stand before the fish commis
sion , the Dominion government deem u satis
factory , or in fact any settlement of the fish-
cry negotiations beyond possibility , the only
hope being that a convention may lead up tc
a broader oasis , upon which nil questions hi
dispute between the Dominion and the
United States may bo amicably settled , and
n satisfactory arrangement for more ex
tended trade relations between the two coun <
tries arrived at.
Steamship Arrivals.
Nr.w YOUK , Jan. 30. [ Special Telegram tc
the HII : : . ] Arrived The Pennsylvania , froii
Htvnt : , Jan. 30. Arrived La Gascogne
from New York.
lf OfECJwrow.v , Jan. 30. Arrived The Ohif
s nnd Egypt , from Now York.
An Attempted Ahsa
PAHIS , Jun , . " 0.--A German named Brand' '
forced his way Into the oflico.of Lu Franci
to-day. and tried to shoot Dccot , buMviib Ala
uyiucJ , . ' . ' , - .
The Latest Sensation In the Onrtot
Divoroo Cneo.
The Fair Plaintiff Charged With Hav
ing Scandalized Anierlon ntul
1C n rope With Her Out
rageous Amours.
Striken ltiiik. !
CHICAGO , Jan. 80. [ Special Telegram to
the lHi : : . ] Attorney Leslie A. Carter llloil
tii-duy n cross bill in Urn divorce proceedings
pending between himself ntul his wife , Caroline
line LOUHO | Curler. The allegations nro
rather startling und hnvo created n decided
stir. The enso is nlreiuly well Unowii
throughout the country , the high standing
of I lie defendant anil the charges preferred
by Mrs. Curler having iiiiulo its outcome n
mutter of much interest. Now the cross bill
with its sensational charge Unit thu wife hns
boon guilty of udultery with Kyrlu liulluw ,
the well-known Kngllsh tietor , nt present
pluyiiiK lit Now York , us well us with other '
men , furnishes u fresh charm for scundnl
The bill , after stilting the standing of the
ease as it is at present In court , und denying
the charges miido by complainant , says :
Your orator further represents that in the
month of August , 18S5 , ut Cooperstown , lu
the stuto of New York , said Caroline Louise
Carter , In utter disregard und violation of
her marriage vows und obligations , commit
ted ndnltery with ono.Iumes V. Pierce , ntul
nnd tlmt ut divers times In the month of
April , ISM , nt the Brunswick hostelry In the
city of Now York , committed adultery with
ono.lames B. Gilbert. Your orator further
represents and charges the fact to bo that ut.
divers dutrs In the months of September anil
October , 1SSI1 , nt the city of New York , said
'Jurolino Louise Carter committed udnltory
.ml had carnal knowledge with ono Kyrlo
lellow. Your orutor represents , upon in-
'ormutlon und belief and believing said
hargos , that said Caroline Louise Carter
as at divers times and places at the said city
f Chicago , in the city of Now York , nt
Coojierstown , in the state of New York ; at
" ans , in the republic of Franco ; at Basle , lit
he republic of Switzerland ; ut Krcnznach ,
n Germany and at divers other
laces , to your orator unknown , eoinmit-
ed udultery with persons to your
rater unknown. Your orator was wholly
gnortint of the guiltof Caroline Louise
Jurtor until in or ubout September INSO , and
.ubsotucntly . | thereto. On August 1 , lbNr > ,
Caroline Louise Carter , in spite of his ills-
approval anil against his protest loft this
. ountry for Europe , departing uhniptly and
without his knowledge or that of her mother
or friends , as ho believes. At the earnest
solicitations of your orutor nnd her mother
die returned in the latter part of the mime
month , but upon her return she insisted upon
going buck ngiiin to Europe , und\tlnally , on
October 34 , 18S5 , although ho expressly dis
approved of her doing so and used every
effort to induce her to remain with him and
: ils child , she ngaln loft for Europe. Slnco
.ho last mentioned date ho has not cohabited
with her us his wife. When told she hud
sailed for Eurono she gave him to under
stand she would Immediately return , and
ho , subsequent to October 34 , 1S85 ,
urged her by letter to do BO.
your orator represents further , that , not
withstanding this , she remained abroad until
September 1 , 18SO , and that during her ab
sence she Indulged in great cxtravuguncoB
nnd loose conduct , ull of which was unknown
.o him until about suid month of September ,
1S85. Ho believes Hho expended upward or ,
5KX ( ) during said absence. Your orator
urther represents that during this absence ,
Jaroline Louise Carter so conducted herself *
with men as to acquire u thoroughly bud
reputation , which your orator now believes
she deserved. \
On or ubout September 1 , iSSfl. Caroline
Louise Curler sailed from Liverpool for Now
York city ami purposely concealed the fact
from him , for the purpose of further deceiving
in regarding this clandestine trip , she ,
irior to her departure , wrote in London n >
scries of letters dated September 3 , 10 ,
nnd 17. IbSO. These she left behind her to
> o mailed to him ut Intervals corresponding
with the dates , so your orator might believe
she was still in Englandwhereas the fact was
was in New York.
Mr. Carter says he docs not know her rea
son for this conduct , hut says , when ho
earned of It , ho endeavored to induce her to
return homo. Instead she sailed again for
Europe on Octobef ! > , 1880. Although having
just grounds of complaint against her for ex
travagance und imprudent conduct , he did not
believe her unfaithful to her murriago vows
until rumors , taken in connection with her
general behavioiMicr frequent trips to Europe ,
her extraordinary oxtruvugunco nnd im
prudent acts , led him reluctantly to regard
her conduct with the gravest suspicion , which
resulted in his ascertaining that she has been
repeatedly guilty of adultery from ISSli up to
nnd since September 188(1 ( , und even since the
tiling of her bill of complaint.
lie in Tukcn to 81. Paul in Charge of a
Pnnnus FAU.S , Minn. , Jan. 30. John Wllk-
ins and ono of his six wives were arrested ut
Scumblcr , Sunday and arrived hero this
morning from Felican Rapids en route to St.
Paul In charge of a detective. Wilkins Is the ,
son of a director of the Strndard OH company
at Cleveland und it was recently discovered
ho had married six wives in this and other
cities during last year , and was living with
all of them ut onetime , each of them thinking
she was his only wife. '
Vlslhlo Supply Statement.
CHICAGO , Jan. 80. The visible supply of
grain for the week ending January 28 , as
compiled by the secretary of the Chicago
board of trade , is as follows :
Wheat. . , 41,7ll,000 !
Corn 7H8,000 :
Oats rrMom , ,
Kyo ! CIO,000
Hurley S.lMi.OUO .
Dnluth'H Grain Hnpply.
Dri.rTH.MInti. . , Jan. 30. [ Special Telegram
to the Dm : . ] Less tlnin 7,000KX ( ) bushels of
wheat nro in store hero lo-uay , against 11,000-
UOO u year ago. This poor showing is duo to
the protracted and numerous blockades on
ull railroads centering Intro. The car receipt
to-day indicate a largo increase by next Satur
day. Two hundred cars of coal a day are he-
ing shipped to the regions threatened with
famine in the bouthwest.
Heading KmploycH In Washington.
WASHINGTON , Jan. 80. A committee rcpro-
scnting the striking operatives and minors of
the Heading and Lchigh Valley railroad com
panies nnd the Heading Coal and Iron com
pany , arrived in Washington to-day for the
purpose of urging congress to take action
with reference to the Heading troubles.
They will present u petition to the house.
Death of an Kmiiicnf Itotnnist.
BOSTON , Jan. ! 10. Professor Asa Gray , tha
eminent botanist und professor of botany lu
Harvard college , died of paralysis this cveu-
ing , aged bovcnty-soven.
Weal her Indications
For Nebraska : Colder , fair weather ,
light-to fresh variable Winds. . ' .
For Iowa : Colder , fair weather , light to
frcRh variable winds. ; M
For Dakota ; HliKhtly.coldcr , fairv/cuthcry fresh Variable winds-