Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, January 23, 1888, Page 7, Image 7

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Atlvertlsenieutn under this head , 10 cents pr
line for the Urn In-prtlon. 7 cents for each nul >
Insertion , nnd II M n line per month
ISo nilrtrtlMMiiPnt taken for lcs thanK rents
for thn llrst Insertion , hoven wor < ls will bo ,
rounted to the line ; they must runconjecutlve-
Iy and must bo paid n advance. All advertise- ' ,
menu must bj handud In before 1. ,11 o'clock p ,
in. , und under no circumstance * will they bo
Inkeii or discontinued by telephone.
1'nrtlos ad\rrtlslni ? In thi ( i columns and hav-
Inp the answers nililri-iHcil in caroof the lice ,
Will plenneask for a cherk to enable thorn to
Ret their letters , as none will bo delivered except
cm presentation of check All answers to ad
vertisements should be. ciiclostfl In envelopes.
All advertisements In these columns aru pub-
IMicil In both mornliiR and ivenlng editions ot
the lire , the circulation of which asRrf-Kates
more than IC-.rfU paper * dally , nnd elves the ml-
vertlsoro the Iwfic Ut , not only of the city circu
lation of tlio Hea , but also of Council Hlulfs.
Lincoln , nnd other titles and towns throughout
thlxpirttif thu weal ,
A LADV who thoroughly understands drcss-
andean Klvc Kood leferenees
H a peclaltywishes to sew 111
rlvato families. AddresH , X 11 , Ilco olllre.
The Indies to know that now Is
the tlmu to Ket fiooil help. Wo ha\ult
class KirlHiit 1st clasH woKes. Wo have Klrls
w ho can't xpcak Dn IlHh. but aru strong nnd
% \lllln to work for small w aces. We also have
elderly women who want lluht work nnd light
Varies. In fact all kinds of help can be found
nttliu Canadian Hint ) , olllce , Mr.s. llreca \ Son ,
310 H. loth , Tul. 81. 840 BS
\VANTI : " PlUwtlnw J * trustworthy ( ler-
'T man of 24 as porter or coachman : cxcol-
Icnt city referent es. Canadian Ktiiployment
olliiiillllPo IMh. 'lei * l.
WANTED-Immediately , two experienced
life Insurance solicitors who are iiblc to
Kirn bond. Special Inducements to right party.
11. K. Cole , Northeast cor. IDtli and Douglas.
WANTIin-Immedlately , at ICiilinV ilrng
store , lirlKht boy not afraid of work.
"VI/'ANTIID Men flcKxl men to nell oil on
T > rommlsslon , ll'ieral commission paid ; ad-
vnntnRestomen who travul west. Amlress J. ,
care carrier No. il , Clev eland O. W7-U1J
\\rANTII ! > Yotint ; man , ( rootl writer , ( inlck
' and ncruraU ) In IlKUres , f < ir temiior.iiy po-
Bltlon. thru u to four months , Address Xft lleo
oil ) co.
" \\rANTUD III cvciy county In Nebraska , reT -
T > liable enersetlc men to sell ( foods byho-
llcltliiK for n well established mitt company
permanent implojment to the rl ht men , no
capital or i-xneiienco nwuhsnry , reference re
quired , nddiens llox > ' , Umithu , Neb.
ANTKD Men for railroad work. Al
bright's Labor Agency , 112U Putnam. OTQ
W ANTKD 100 men of gr xl appearance to
try our 15c meals at Norrls reMtuurnnt , 311
ml Sljfemith 14th ttruet. ( old Live aud L t
1H )
WANTI1D Competent girl for general house
work ; tnmlly of three. Apply ut l'M4 ' So.
llth street. 1 1 24
WANTKU Annxpeilenced saleslady In cloak
und suit department. No others need ap
ply. Thompson , Hellion & Co , 1,11'J rarnam st. ,
fjmalm. l 3
W ANTKD Housekeeper at Douglas st.
Ty ANTED-Oood | tor housework , 81' ) S.
10th st. bK2 23 *
"TITANTKI ) Immediately , ladies to work for
TT a wholcsalii house on needlework at their
homes. ( Scut any distance. . ) ( lood pay can bo
made. Everything furnished. Particulars
Trot' . Address Artistic Needlework Co. , 1,15 hill
Bt. , New York City. Ifc7
ONE lady In every town wanted to Introduce
and tell 1'emiyroyul Pills. "Chlchester's
, Kngllsh. " Original and only ( lentitne. Send Ic
( stamps ) for piutlculats. Chlchestcr Chemical
Co. , Philadelphia- . ! B7
WANTIiI' 'jOludlcH to try our Itc meals at
Norrls'rcHtiiiirunt old Live and Let Live ) ,
lill and 3138.14th ht. 9sl
\\7 ANTED Ladlen in city or country , for our
T1 holiday trade , to take light , pleasant work
ot their own homes. $1 to f.1 per day can bo
quietly made. Work bent by mall any distance.
riirtlcularB free. No canvatslnir. Address at
nice. Crescent Art Co. , 147 A Milk Bt. , lloston.
Mass. P.O. boxCITU. IW
"IXJANTKB Some good family to adopt two
T V beautiful t'lrl babies , liumlro 24.4 Cald-
ITANTKD A respectable family to adopt a
f baby boyi Address Mary L. Jones , p. O.
/"CANADIAN Kmploymcnt olllco , inal > > and fo <
\ - / male help eent to all purls If faro Is ad.
vunced. Itefen-ncc. Omaha National bank ,
Mrs. Ilrega i Son , 31B 8.15th. Tel. S4.G18
G18 f 12
A WIDOW lady would like two or three gen
tlcmon bourdorjihome lomloits. Addiess
X 20 lleo olllce. 0.11 23J
ITIIKST-CLASS table board , served In homo
P Btjle. for 3 or 4 gentlemen. lt > 14 Doilge. ll&O
" 1710 It KENT A Hut of 4 rooms H. w. cor. 10th
JU and Leavenworth fats. Enquire at S. o. cor ,
17th nnd Loavenwortli. Ch5.
TnOIl KKNT ( > ) ttnge ot 0 rooms , closets , eel
JL ? lar und woodhhed. 5 minutes walk from
) , 1 block fiom street cars , nice neigh-
lorhood ; furniture for halo , complete for house
keeping. Ifduslieil , gentleman and wife will
rcliiln 2 rotims and board at $ > > . > U month. House
tent * . ! a month. If you want to buy furniture
und rent cottage , address T 4.1 Ilee olllce. 77U
"IJ1OK KENT Jl to n-rootn Hat. modern improve.
jy innits , n w cor. lllth anil WllllaniK si , over
clruglitoic. Inquire , Andrew Pleuler.1211 S 13tl
TTHJIi ItBN'f A 7-room llat with bathroom ,
JL ItllT Howard st. Inquire at Lee AfNlcliol'j *
livery stable. Telephone. bW. TM
HI" . Coin has a list of 2711 houses tor rent ,
langlngluprlco fiom f.'i to * ! - " > , nnd In
Mae , from II to si rooms. N. u. cor. 15th aud
Dougltx. Telepliono l.KB. 700 Ul
0-HOOM bouse for'ronf , modern. be t of neigh-
boihooilH , cable nuat bark door , for ul-
liioet your own luluri UO or 1101 Douglas st.
1S Ifii
11 ItKNT 41 room cottage s e corner of llth
mid Pieice. nsi'J )
ItKNT HOIIMH and biirii.llaine.v and -Ht
: . \ looms , piliu i'M , S. A. bloman. 1,101
I'm nam ht. tilt ! 'M
"Ij Olt ItKNT 2 hoiihOs , U looms cai.hclty water
JJ nnd sew er , 1'Jin Chicago st , bi'O "
m\VENTV-8IX furuixheil houses R fitrulHied
JL tints ; fmnitmc for culo In all ot them.
Units nnd pilces away down. Co-operatlvo
l.uiul und Lot Co. . ao N IClh ht. b7d-l
FH UKNTIfou wish to rent a house or
Hut I liuvo them from it > to .1) ) for cottnges ,
uud 8 nnd ID room modern house * , from * i" > to
IMO per month. Call at J. H. 1'uirottu , Rental
Afcency. luw Chicago t. 6S7tll
TTiL'HNTsilKD llat for rent cne.ip , 418 S IMh bt ]
"ITIOIl HUNT To pilvate family ten loom brick
J3 lioiiso , iniiderii coin eiilum es. : ia Doimlus
Bt.j apply to W F.CUuk , 103 N Ibtli. 8IJ i
1IOUS1'.S for lent from m
K L. Urt'Kory. Keulul Anent. a . 10th st.
i. HEXT Si'veu (7 ( > room house , all furn
ished , No. 107 noitli Oth Ht. 1)1
aMlf house 1 now occupy w 111 be for rent , .lull.
ii'iiy l t ; hoiiHo contHlns Ill-rooms and all
modern improvements. i.iiu 8.Ith st. Morltz
Me ) ur. Cult at llth and I'miium or atV" S. "Itli
M. Wl
3JVK li\'T-A ( : new rtuellliiK , 0 rooms , all
1 modem Impioxeuii'iits , need stable , ton
minutes' walk fi m ) > < > stoilUe , applyto I.J.
O'Doimhoo , at O'Oouahou .v Maify's , IMh bt. ,
next to tl ) pot"llleo. . HO
TTIOK UKNT 3 new 7 nxrnicd houses , w oil , els.
-I' tiii. . largo cellar. I'Jth near ClarK bt. W.
C. Shrh er , upp postolllco. ttfl
f ! IJIOK HUNT 0 new 7 roomed houses , city
.1' water , cistern , cellar , aith st ueur Paul , \ \ .
(1.Sluher , r'riiiu-i block onposlte poitotljce ,
tc l
TTUW 1IRNT- newO room houses on S : wth
JL ! near Leavenworth. C. K. ilayne. ail
3tllt KI'.NT NVwft room cottnsn In Ambler
jilacw ; good 7 room Sttory house. Orchard
lllll ; Kood t room cottaue , Oruiurd Hill , (3. K.
JUyue , N. W. cor. 15th aud llaruey wt. 191
TTOU ItKNT- House II rooms. VV. M7 191Hush -
Jl1 man , N. K corner IGth and Douglas.
T7VJK KENT Largo -alcove room with two
J tp'irloiniUwoH mill lulh loom niljoltiliis ,
with boaid. Suluhlu for muirled coupJe.
Within iblotk of her u. cai-s HIII ! cable Hue.
lluferuucea required. 1' . U , box i. t'J ' 'i *
TJMMINISIIIJI ) front roonr , suitable 'for two ;
'JU isa Dodge t. Hlj
" "
FOH"ltKNT- < iccly"fiirr > l hcrt room with hrat
( "pT month Vf > Williams st. 8 minutes'
walk Bouthcaft U. 1 * . depot. tr-l.
FOH tll'.MT Fit rnished room , with heat , ens
and bath , at ! ! , ] Cuss St.
rUIINIHHKD HOO.MH-Now. warm rooms all
conveniences , 1st floor , 1 mock from I' . O. ,
private family. 1013 Capitol nvc. M1-S7 *
IjlOll ltiNT7rooin : house ytil Howard st
J1 Inmtlre first hou feust. WW.'I *
ITIOIt HKNT runiMied roonu Al o room-
JL mate wanted by gentleman. Jtent low ,
17U7 Cass t. Kff
3/Kll UtNT-T : o furnished front rooms wltli
bent anil us at reaionablvprke. i."JW ! I'ur-
nam , up stairs. V 'Ml
1710K ItlIXT IhirnWird rooms with or with.
J out board. CQii X. 17th St. 1-7J 27 *
TjlOK HHNT-Siilti' of furnished rooiim with
J-1 UFO of plnno , 111'J.lackMon. ' K 2I
FOt'lt decant ronms.nll modern conveniences
\VtbatiTbt. ! . M
ijiLr.dANTfrrmt room , newh'furuhhcd. for2 ,
J-J lerins uuuiU luoiu , 4 < ll N. tutli
Rtreet. . MISJ *
.TH'UNIHHKI ) loom to lent , wltlintenmi iM& .
JL1 nth , W7 ZK
710K ItKNT Four nlte rooms. Enquire II.
JL ? New man , L'Tlll Ciimlngs. K.VI SK
U HKNT-TiunMieiF rooms , 11 ! ) N. 14th st ,
bul R
[ jHH HUNT Tiirishe 1 front room w 1th board
D suitable for two gentlemen , li''l Douglas
treet. KMK *
[ TllfltNISHKI ) or imfurnlsheil looms. All
JO modern conveniences , 10J1 Hurt st.
POIl ItKNT I'urulshed rooms cheap , cor. 18th
nnd Cumins &t. Inaulre , Meat marketIfcth
iul cumins st. 75.i"i ;
TJ OK HUNT Nicely furnished front room
JDllli Ilitt-chissbciaul. lK.'U'arnam. 7J > 1 *
0t iNTNcclv furnished room. 1703
Douglas , for Keiitleuiiitl. _ 711 iJl *
FUUN'ISHHDfiontroomforS gentlemen. In
quire \.M \ UouiMas , Itoom II. 71J ) *
CTOlt ItKNT Pour (4) ( ) decant roonu , all mod-
L ? ern louvenlences. 170J Webster st. 7tf !
FOH HUNT Furnished rooms ; terms moder
ute ; Hteam heat , gas , bull room and on
trcet car lino. 'Ml Douglas Ht ( 8 El *
171OH HKNT-Hulto of furnished rooms , A
JJ llospe. fil'J '
F I OH UUNT-Nlco room for 2. 1013 Dodgu st.
F UKNISIinO room , steam heat. 201 S 21th.
F' I Oil ' ItKNT Nlcoly furnished rooms at 2227
Dodge. Gas , bath aud furnace heat. VM
FOH KENT Newly furnished south fion
room , In now house : steam heat and every
convenience , 1721 Davenport. 6S1
TJIUUNISHED rooms , 1810 Dodge.
JD 398 f7
71OII UKNT Jl rooms at ail Woolworth nve. ;
- at til per month. ! 1U
fjlOUH elegant rooms nil modern conveniences
J-1 1704 Webster st. 4Vi
"IT10K ItlJNT Furnished rooms In Greunlgblk ,
cor. 1'lth nnd Doilgo sis. Inquire of eo. It.
Ua\is. Mllliird hotel billiard room. Uj )
POU KIJNT Two nicely furnished front rooms
ongiound lloor. at 2118 Hint , for $15 per
nonth , with Ijoiud $4 per eek additional. C01
FOlt HUNT A nicely furnished room with all
modern Improvements for ono or two gentle
men , 6ni S. 20tu. 25
SINnLI ! nnd double furnished rooms , 2425
Dodge. 33J f 6J
ISIINT Small store , 311 N 15th.
FOlt KENT Gioumt lloor ofllce room , cen
trally located , heated and lighted. C. F.
HuriKon , 4ISS. 15th st. 100
POIt Itr.NT-Ollires on rarnam st. at * IO to $ W
per month. One oillce furnished. 1012 far-
nam. 101
171OK ItKNT Olllci1 , cheap ; best location In the
J3 city , 1515 Dodge St. 051
POIt HKNT A argo room furnished , central
location. Hill Chicago st. U04 |
rriou itr.NT
U Tw o (2) ( ) i oomi. No. 1811 Howard st.
Tin co ( II ) rooms , No. 1015 north 20th it.
Tluee. ( .11 looms , No. 1020 north 21st st.
Tlucn ( ill room cottage. 21st nnd Paul Ht.
Thieo fl ) rooms. No. 11 north 21st BU
'I hreo ( ill rooms , No. 14101'leree st.
Tin eo ( II ) rooms. No. 1112 south 7th st.
Threw CD rooms. No. 70.1 Pacific st.
One (1) ( ) nice olllce , No. 310 south 15th st.
OMAHA Lodging House. 1)10 ) and 012 Jackson
st , bet. 9th nnd 10th xts. Kents slnglo beds
at 81 per week ; clean beds. OKI Feb ! l *
F UGKEOOKY , rental agent. 309 B. 16th St. ,
- ground lloor. Telephone 854. 4SI
SPECIAL attention given to renting houses ,
furnished and unfurnished rooms. List with
us. W. M. Harris , over 220 S. 15th St. 103
I71OK KENT If you wish to rent nhouso call
L on ItcBiwa & Co. , l&th st. , opposite P. O.
"VfEW YOHK Storage Co. have most extensive
- 1facilities for storage of furniture , pianos ,
buci'les , general meichandlse , west of New
York. Cash ndvancra to any amount ; warn-
house receipts given ; goods insuied ; brick
building flre-pioof ; hpcclal arrangements for
commission merchants. Call Now York Storage
Co. , Capitol ave and N. 15th St. , Dennett's block.
IJEItSONAL Iwnut vacant lot , north patt of
cltv , for good house and lot in Omaha
View. ( J. U. SpoUuooil , 305i ! S 10th St. , Omaha.
I > iitSONAI : Ladles and gentlemen can lent
] iiu ( iui'iiilu .sulU ut 51(1 ( N lull bt. , upslatrs.
] EM fit'
_ _
PEKSONAL-DiesMimKers wanted to Investi-
gate thu Kelogg-rieui.h } tailor bj stem of
diessciittlng , good wiige * . tinvellng expenses ,
to eneigetle iigents. Call or address tor cir-
culiiia. Mine. Kellogg , Hotel Esmond , Omaha.
lJiUONAIr-PiIviitnliomo : for ladies during
.1 conllnement , strictly contldentul. Infants
aecpted ; nddiess K 42 lee ! ollieo. 537 f 10
TOST An Irish better bitch , white btrlpo in
i face. Liberal reward for return to Mil So.
13ih st. , room' ' . 1121 23j
LOST A Miiall Scotch collie dog , yellow with
white face , brt-ast und feet , wears a collar
w Ith ow net's name and addr ss. If found pleiiso
leturn und a sultublu ruwanl will bo given , 1SUS
Capitol live. KM
IOST Kcwaril : ladies seilskln niulT on North
J liitli st. lieturu to 11J12 Huruey st and re
ceive reward. frrtj 2:1 :
1 > EWAKD Will bo given for return of bay
1A mare , ! l Ihs. , halter on. Striked from
2 .i24Cumlng > it. G.S. Ostrom. KW
TJ'Ol'NDnt last , the place to buy furniture ,
J piano * , organs nnd stoves , as they are. to
luu o a Mifclal t-alo for IU day.s , New York ritor-
ngrt i.'o. . I'lOS Capitol av . NVt 2 ; ) .
POS ALE-Counti-rs. hhelvlnc and showcase ,
II ) ft. , cheap. 1KB St. Mary'h ave. 1)17 ) > ' 4J
. -.SALE The fuinlturo nnd II-UMJ of hotel
in South Omaha with M regular bouuti-rs.
Cau e of a ilo 111 health. Addict box 1 ! South
Onmh.i , P.I ) . b'Jl W
SAFES trumtl ! ) up. Warehouse l.'iOS Cap. ave
up-htuli-s. Alptno S.\te I.'o. KJO-J3
1OH S.\ LKTwo horses , two cnered wngons ,
-A 1 laigii scale , amiill hculi-s , show cases , s.ite ,
ili'sl , hit go heutlug stuvc , M- . . Apply J17 S l.ith
bt. KH
FOU SALU At u b.irKiilu TO fe.'t of ulielvlnf ,
tin feet of counterxund one Ko chest , suit
able for grocery tiiore. inimlru : at fcl ! S. luthrU. _
735 ,
1710 . Al.r.-m-sh milch cons. Hill i Smiley ,
-L opp i\cliaugu : building , Union Stockyurys.
TelepUoao tw , 191-feb-l
rpHK banjo taught as an ait by ( ifo , i' . ( lellen-
-L UxW , h. v , cor IGth and DougUs , up at.Urs.
Jl' you wl > h Rood , prompt pacing tenants ,
lUt > our dwellings , tUU uud storerooms
with .1. II. 1'urrotte , Kcutal Agoucy , luiu Chl-
cugu st.
CJT\NnAItn-Stofk Liniment Is not n rrtlark
O nostrum but n llrtt clius tireparatloti. It
Is Rood for cuts , bntlsrsi , sprains , rliiubone ,
spavin , collar SalU and barbr-d wire cuts ,
.Manufactumlby F. K Sanborn i. Co.k 17tl ( "t.
Mary's avo. rormlo -rywliore. . V1US1
"OIANOS ami organs at wh < l - nle prices and
4 on \ ery easy payment * , for tno next 10 days.
Now ork Storage Co. , 1HW Capitol nve KiJSl
JH. SMITH , expert bookkeeper , ghes Instnic-
e t Ion In iHjokkMiplntr and ussijt * In procur
ing situations Itoom 51' , Itulnge block. SU21J
"IJU'llXITPHK. furniture nt le s that ? cost to
4 iiinnnfnctiiip , must be ir > ld to pay storage
charges. New York Storogo Co , 1303 Cuplfal a\e.
HE. COLE Insurance. Hellablc companies ,
_ N K cor IMh und Dougla-i. Telephone
STOVES nt less than cost of same ; lor 10 days ;
cull tit once , ns thev ore going fust. Now
York btorugo Co. , 1'XW Capitol ae. . KJS SI
DK. Ahinanson's olllce removed from Vrenrcr
block to 612 3 IGth st. ' 3X1 Fli *
TANIUHD Horse nnd Cattle Food is thu best
thing you can give yutir horsn. It will
cleanse his blood mid his digestion and Improve
his spirits. It is a preventatlvo of disease and a
food combined. Manufactured by F. E. Snnborn
.V Co. , 17 < XI St. Mary's ave. For sate cveiywhcre.
. II. JOHNSON' , clstorn builder , Wells bored
uud dug , W N UJth St. , Oiuolia , Nob.
S TOVFS , Btoves , utovei ! you can buy n heat-
Inu ; or n cook stove nt } our own prler nnd on
\ cry e.isy payments by calling nt the New York
SloiactCO.'B , IWH Capitol ave.
Dlt. NANNIE V. Warren , clairvoyant. Mod-
leal , business nnd test medium. Diagnosis
free. IViimle diseases n specialty , 11U N. IGth
St. , Hooma 2 Ic II. Tel. V44. M
rANTED Tobuy nconl liiMlmSilu citygl\-e
particulars , address box 8tf . 8fi 2U ?
will buy n J no mortgage note , 0. E.
I Ihompsou , ; )14S. ) 15th st. 419
"I TANThD To Imy xhort time paper , .1. W.
T Gross , at C. K. Maynu's oillce , 15th nnd
Harney. 2S5
MONUV to loan on furniture , horses , wagons ,
etc. , or on any approved security. Low
inte.i. J. W. llobblns , 1613 1' bM f 21
CONI'IDKNTIAL loans-A lady havlni ; some
money to spare N 111 accommodate deserv-
IHK jiartles with money on pianos nnd house-
hould fuinltiire , nt rates that honest people can
atlord to pay. No publicity , ami strictly confi
dential. Address Miss L. S , ciue Lock llox ; j05.
TlfONKVto Loan lly the umlcrsicned , who
iTi. ha.s the only properly orRanlzcd loan
agency In Omaha. Loans of $10 to (100 made on
furniture , pianos , organs , horses , wrcons , ma
chinery , etc. , without removal. No delays. All
business strictly confidential. Loans so made
that any part can be paid at any time , each pay
ment reducing the cost pro rata. Advances
made on fln watches and diamonds. Persons
should carefully consider who they are deallnR
with , as many now concerns are dally coming
Into existence. Should you need money cell and
wo mo. W. K. Croft , room 1 WHhnlf iniUding ,
16th and Itarnev. Ill
M1 ONKY to Loan O. F. Davis Co. , real estate
nnd loan agents , 1MXJ Farnam st. 103
TO LOAN Money Loans placed on 1m-
piovcdreal estate In city or county for
New Kngland Loan St Trust Co. , by Douglas
County bank , IGth and Chicago sts. 12U
MONKY tolonn , casn on hand , no delay. J.
W. and E. L. Squire , 1413 Fanmui st. Par-
ton hotel building. 115
LOANS mane on real estute. Cash on hand.
W. M. llairis over 220 S. nth st. 110
MONEY To loan. Lowest rates. No delay
J. L. Idea i. Co. , over Commercial Na
tional bank 114
' OAN9 made on real estate nnd mortgages
J bought. Lewis S. Heed & Co. , 1521 Fauuiiu.
11) )
tg500,000 To loan on Omaha city property at
P per cent. G. W. Day. S. E. cor. Kx. Hid.
J . . U0
_ _ _
6 PEK CENT Money.
Patterson & Fawcett IMh and Harney. 110
MONEY to loan. Notes ana it. H. ticket ,
bought ahd Hold. A. rorman , 213S 1'lth sts
HK.COLF Loann money on red 1 estate and
buys llrst mortgage notes N. U cor 11th
andDougfas. Telephone 1U35. ' '
MONEV to loan nt lowest rates upon improved
and unimproved real eatuto m Omaha and
also upon farms In western Iowa mid eustern
Nebraska. Mortgage notes bought and bold
Odell Ilros. & Co. , V&l Farnam ht. 'HIS
MONKY to loan on Improved real estate ; no
commission charged. Leavitt Uurnlmm ,
room 1 , Crelghton block. 121
SHORT time loans made on any available
security. In reasonable amounts' Securqd
notes bouzht , sold or exchanged * " "General
financial business of any kind , transacted
promptly , quietly and fairly at the Omaha. Fi
nancial Exchange. N. W. cor. 15th and , Har-i
ney sts , over State National band. Corbett.
manager. 117
MONEY to loan I can now place some nrst
class city loans Immediately. Call at once
if you desire to be accommodated. D. V. Sholes ,
room 1 Ilarkcr block , entrance 1(1 ( alley. 109
MONEY LOANED at C. F. Heed & Co.'s Loan
Olllce. on furniture , pianoshorses , wagons ,
perhonal piopcrty of all Kinds , and all other nr-
llelea of value without removal. 319 8. IDth ,
o\er Illnghum's commission store. All bus !
ness strictly conlldcntlal. 122
MONKY to Loan On furniture , pianos ,
wagons , or other pel-tonal propeity rtlthout
lemovaljiiNoon collateral security , Business
conUdentlal. Chas. 11. Jacobs , 320 S. 15th st
MONEY loaned on furniture , pianos , organs ,
horses , etc , low rates. J. J. Wilkinson *
Co. , 1J24 Farnam , over llurllugton ticket ofllce.
750,000 to loan at C per cent. Llnahan 4. MoP -
P honey , 1509 Farnam. 124
FOK SALE First class im'.u market doing a
good busineos. lent SiO , living rooms In
cluded : IKtuieb svi , stock according to Invoice- .
Co opointlvo Land and Lot Co. , 203 N 1(11 ( h st.
' 6-fl23
TTIOIlf ALE A livery burn In onu ot the bet
JL1 towns in wettein Io ii , Iteason for sellliig'
want to quit thu business. Terms cash. Ait
dress S. 0. Bldner \ Son , SIl\cr City , Io\va.
FOK SALE-rirst class hotel In athrhlng
town. SK-'M , 2 stories high , price fl.NX ) . Co-
opeiatlve Land and Lot Co. , 205 N Kith St. 87G 23
FOK SAM : Drug store , leato 1 year , rent $10 :
ln\olee J.1.HOJ. Co-opeiatlve Lund and Lot
Co. , 2IK N 10th st. 870 23
H OUSKS and lots for western lands , farms ,
etc. iww Farnam. 0,14
THOK SAI K < ) r trade , first-class restaurant.
JJ Addrc&s Clluo & I'lurson , 1U1S X. Kith st.
7KW5 *
FOH SALK-Cigar store with fixtures , rent
J.V ) ; in good location. Co-operatlvo Land
and Lot Co .SOi N lllth st. 870 Zi
A CTIVH partner , salesman , to take half-Inter-
J-V est In permanent and Brow ins merchantllo
business. Goods staple , profits largo ; JNHJ 10-
quired. Address TllV Ilee. 740
T710K SALi : 5 roitouronts dolnc a peed bii'l-
J-1 ness. Co-operatHo Land and I < ot Co. , afi
NlOthst. 870 'M
IflOK SAI.H A glean .stock of gents' furnish-
liijjKOods , hats , caps ; one of thu best lo
cations In Omaha. Stock all bought within ono
year. A ddi ess T 68 , Ilee olllce. 7bS f 8
A LA KG K. pleasant store room tor rent , onu
of the best points In the cltv for retail
boots and shoes , hats and caps , dry goods , etc. ,
within half block of corner nth and Karnam.
I.oiiK'lease. cheap rent. II. r. Seaver , 101'J'J Pur-
nam st. uj
1710K S.\ LEbllllnid tables.balanco of saloon
-L1 llxtmes , for rent , Co-operutlvo Land and
Lot Co. . gua NIBthbt. btuaa
"VTIXI ! Hundred and Twenty aero stock farm ,
-L > extra tlno tract , plenty of hav and \\nter.
on latltoad , near market and Rood town. Will
cxchaiiKU for Omaha Improved property , im
proved fui in near Om.ina , or Mliiotiri land
1-SMicre farm hluhly Improved , in Cass Co ,
Nob. , for ! U-acie fai m In Nebiaska or Iowi.
S. H. Campbell ami G. W. Hervey , aiu boaid of
trade. 1U3 23
_ _
TT1OK KxihatiKB A large stock ranee , contain-
i1 liiB IIIO ncies , all equipped w ith tattle shtds.
UOK sheds , horse bams , Kramiry , corn cribs ,
w oils. tOK'ther with overythlnc necessary for n
stock ranch , well sto-ked with horses , cattle and
hogs all for trail. ; , Co operath e Lund aud l-ot
Co. . 'Mj K Ibth bt. bTiia
SO.MK coed Inside property. Co-operatlvo
Land and Lot CoJUS N. Itith nt. bTO 21
WANTEn StocM of merchandise to ex-
clmmje for lands and cUy prouerty ! C. C.
Spotswood.SHti S. IDtC. IsO
HK. COI.K alves upectal attention to trading
. Write for our lUt. N E cor 15th ami
froji njrrnAxon 'si
X1 for other rncnnt pnipurtv nltli small in-
cumbrnuc\ Open evenings. H. U. Coli1 , X. II.
cor , lith nml Douglas. - mi-as '
LIVKHV barn , trot tins , stallion , .1 patent
rUht.s. furniture niMwiso of .l'i room ,
l t-oln s restaurant , steamboat , express tm- l-
ness , lit-cliiss pivlns hmlT. Co-oporath a l.nnd
and Lot Co. , JAM N. Ultli Kt. " STO 1
HOPSKS nmlTotH , nmlVncint lots In Omnha.
Co-operative Lund ilml J.ot Co.-MAN I th8t.
J 670 a
TTOHSALK or trmlo fiftf Omaha property , h
Jj peed , wI'll Improx oil Mock fnrin , Ski new" , lit
Kearney Co. , iicur school , xmd It. It. 1) . II Hall
gmi Hartley st. H71 got
AFIIIST-CIiASS housiMitul lot In Minneapolis ,
Minn. Co-opt-rathi * tand ami Lot Co. , 205
X. lath st. P7iM ) !
"iron Kxchanco. It you Hove farms or lands to
X1 sell or trntlo send for our descriptive blanks.
If you Imve any kind of property to sell or ex
change , list It with usjwu can furnish you n
customer. S. S. Cnnuibcll * U. W. llcrvoy. all )
'lonrd of Trade Omaha 3J-J
1IAVK for trntlo Unproved farm In Cuss Co ,
± near I'lattsmouth , will trade for Improved
'aside property. Address M 'M , lleo oOlcu.9S8
I you have anything to cxchanse. call on or
address U. K. Cole , n. u. cor. 15th and Doug-
: as. 217 Fl
rtTANTED Houses nnd lots to exchange for
TT Improved and unlmproued lands in Ne-
raska aud Iowa. Charles U. Spots wood. 3tt1JS
. 1'lth. ' 1SJ
NKlUtABKAnnd Kansas farms to exchange
for lowu and Colorado lands , nnd vice
crsn. Co-Oporatlvo Land and Lot Co. , 205 N
Gth st. EW
WANTRI ) Oooa rarms in exchangs for
Omaha property , C. C. Spotswood. 3KV ( {
10th. 123
BHNMKN AtCAHMICHAEti furnish complete
niitl guaranteed abstracts of title to any
eal estate In Omahn und Douglas county upon
ihort notice. The most complete act of abstract
jooks In the city. No. 1319 Kiirnam at. 1 )1" )
MIDLAND Guarantee and Trust Co. , 1R03
Faruam street Complete abstracts fur
nished , and titles to real estnta examined , per-
> cted and guaranteed. 1 JO
CHEAP homes , easy terms. It. E. Cole.
Q'tm maka first payment on beautiful 2-story 6-
P room hoiifo complotuly furnished. Hare
jlinnei' to ( jet a homo all fuinlshod , on easy pay
ments. N. K. cor. 15th and Douglas. Olllce
-pen evenings. hS7 SJ
CHEAP homes , easy term ? . It. n. Cole.WO23
T710K SALE-Lot r , blk 8 A. S. Patricks ad ; will
J ? sell for few days at $1,500 , JOOJ ) cash , bul.
ftsy. B. 40 Ilee ofllce. 017
LAND , farms and lots to exchanco tor shores
lufood paying concerns , 1QUO Farnam st.
CHEAP homes , easy terms. II , K. Cole.
T OIt S ALE-Cor lot fi6x20 ! and 2 story house.UM
X and Pacific st. Inquire James Christiansen ,
U. P. freight department. &J4 24t
AHOAINS worth InvestlRatlnR For Halo
Oooitl-room house , city water , lotSUxliiO ,
Mist front on Park avo. north of I lanscom paric ,
tor i.\tiUU tt.UX ) cash , balance $1.000 per year ;
; md also furniture for sale of house at less than
naif value. Mortonson It ChrUtensou , Koal Es-
nto olllco , 1411 rarnam , up-stalrs. 7utv31
CHEAP homes , easy terms. II. E. Colo.
< '
" 1710II SALE Three Rood lots on corner of
-lv Doilso bt , ono block'west of Lowe ave for
$4,500. Address for a fewdaya B 01 lice office.
"I710H SALE Wo odor ns'a special harcaln 180
-U acres of Und four nltles from stock yards ,
at $125 per acre , on line of U. P. U. It. McCague
Opp. P. O. ' < U4
AHOAINS iu real estute. II. E. Colo.
1 KO-23
FOK SALK Finest location for a home In Omaha , adjoining the mansion homes
of Ivlrkendall , Coe , llrady. liasson and others.
NothltiKllnorln tha city. " Can HO IHTixIST or
less ; for prices and toruis sea S. A. Sloman. 1'JJL
Farnamst. ( JW
B AUGAINS in real estate. U.K. Cole.
l KW-23
O NLY Jj0 cash , balance to suit , will buy a
82'fl lot a few blocks from the packing
hptistn , South Omaha , also other bargains can
be found with D. D. Smeatou. room 7 , llurker
block , cor. 15th and I'arunm sts. fifl"-
IMPHOVED nnd unimproved farms in Iowa
und Neb. Co-operative Land and Lot Co. ,
20.N. . Ifith st. S7823
FOU SALE-160 cheapest lots In city , $150 each ,
Terms easy.
100 splendid residence lots near car line , J.VX )
to $1 , 00 : will build houses to order , only tire to
$ , > * ) cash.
Two lots cor.2ith and Dodge , only $0,500 for
both : a rare bargain.
Must bo sold , two lluest residence lots In city.
Douglas and 29th , corner , only W00 for botii.
TerniH easy.
For Sale Or Kxchango 5,000 acres choice
farm lands. Douglas , Cunilng , Cedar , Holt ,
IIro\m and Cherry counties , for good Omaha
real estate.
For Sale Ilenutlful icsldeuce lot , 30th , near
rarnam , * 4fiOO.
For Kent Ii-room modem cast \'t \ Hat. Doug-
1m , near " ) th ; splendid nelghboihood , ouu blk
to cable cars.
List your homes , store rooms , olllces , etc. , for
rent , with Drake llros. . 310 8.15th st. U03 2J
AKGAINS In real estate. II. K. Cole.KTiO23
> KTiO-23
t.MPKOVED farm in Iowa for Omaha resl
dence prororty. J , J. Wilkinson. 1J24 Farnam.
TTIOK SALE Wlxbfl feet on cable line , tsplenrtld
Jj inside location for four Hats $0,500. Must
bo sold nt once. Marshall & Lobeck , room
Chamber of Con. | 3S2
FOK SALK Or trade Land and town prop
ertylnNeb. , Kun. , ami Colo. T. A. Eng
lish ic Co. , York. Neb. 1K)7 ) 30
SALE 160 acres of land four miles from
stock yards , at $12.'i perucru ; thin
Rain. McCague , Opp. P. O. 132
B AKGAINS iu icul estate. H. E. Cole.W.923
"fjlOK SALE Or exchange , lots in North
JU1 Omuna for houses. House and lots In Coun
cil Illullb. Shares In Lowe ave llullillng ass'n.
Ixils In Hiinscom and Ambler places. Plenty
of other property , llosworth & Jopllu , 41H s.
15th st. 179
EM STICKNEY i CO. mane a specialty of
property In North Omaha , for sale or rent
at Citizens' bank. SliM Cumlnj ; st. 1J4
Notlco to Stockholders.
Notice is hereby given that u special meeting
of the Htocknolders of The ItKK Publishing Com
pany , will be held ut their ollice on Saturday ,
Jan.Mth , 18f < s , nt 10 o'clock a. m.for the purpose
of considering the transfer of lots 7 und H. In
block 110 , and east 44 feet of 5 and H In block 124 ,
city of Omaha , to The lltsK llullillng Company ,
and such other business as may come befoio
them. E. KobKWATEii , Piesldent.
OMAHA , NED. , Jan. nth. HM.
. Notlco of Incorporation.
fPO Whom It May Concern : Notlco Is hereby
JL given that "The. llnittJtulldliig Company1'
has tiled in the olllco n'lPtho ' county clerk of
Douglas county , Nebraska , articles of incorpor
ation. Tlie principal place of transacting its
business is ut Omaha , In Douglas county und
statu ot Nebraska.
Ihe general nature of ? its business is to
acquire , OH n. hold , leasVT" mortgage , sell and
convey real estate , erect HWldlngs and Improvements -
ments upon the same , tot renting such real
estate , \a. J
The amount of capital /stock authorized is
J.VXOiiil. ) ton per cent of whrh to bo paid lit the
time of subscribing for tun came , and the re-
imilmler as required by til * board of directors.
The corporation commenced January 1'ith , A ,
D , I1 * " , und will terminate the 15th ilayof Jan-
uaiy , A.D. l'.KS. 13
The highest amount of Indebtedness or llabll-
lly to which the corporation Hhall at any tlma
subject Itself As two-thlrib.ijf the capital stock
issued. Q
The business airalrs of The corporation are to
be conducted by a board of directors of llvo
memberho Miall select from their number a
president , secretary and treasurer.
EnwAiti ) Knsr.WATEii ,
.M x Mr.vKU ,
(1KO. ll.T/t-CIIOCK ,
HU.MIV A , 11 ASKIU.I. .
Third Judlc'il Ulstrkt ,
l.lflof letters remaining uncnllci ! for In the post-
offlci- for the week ondlnu January 31. l i.
Notc-1'nr.llos tailing for theio Icllcrs will i > ! ca o
sny uAdvtrllni"RlTlngthaititB ! t the hen t of the
'Unihl Inquiry for s.imo at the "l idlvs * Dellrcry
To nlroiii mUtnkos hats your mill addressed to your
( tract and number.
UnJcrwoo t W A Urenlcr ( S
Vunaman W Vrandenbcrrf Q Vreeland J
VentsJ K
Adams mrs M2 Anderson Anni Anderson Lottie
Andenton inrs P Anderson l.ydla Anile.non mrM M
AienJullit Alexander nirs D Amis HUH W D
Acker inrs X H Ancimti.v | : Au-nn niri I.O
Atstnsun mrsO lAgnew K a Allen mrs Cuas
Alien tiara i
' * B.
nrlander Annie LBarnett mrt FS Ilerry 11
Ili'll iu Kmum HarberinrsH Ilullu ) turn F M
HniidT llalli-y I , llunliy mrs I ,
HiidinanJ Ilolln mrs J llrnokhnrd mrs K
ItuchermisM : Illy I IlurilHiid M I ,
Hums mrs M 1 ! llurunn nirs H 11 lliukiutmrsP
Hurley A Illuckliuin mrs I.IHnkiHlne ! :
liiimdeii inrs W lilarvlet mm i ; llra h mis I K
lllukenullmrsM lleniifll A Illlllnt. " M
llnthwell nirsliJ lluthlnuer mrs MlluTur lll.incliu j
lJur < mrs M K
Cur onFN Chandler nirs T ClialfeeC
Car > ermrsH CulliiiKuirsS II c.mutliors mrs O
( ullahun m-s U Corl.cU mrs k M Cotton II
Ciilhrln mr > I'o ley nirs K USi'hiinbiiok nirs
Cnnnnn mrs \V 3 Cnirnian mrs 1 HCniumrs.1 II
Conner inrs D rninnt-lil > | Chirk mrs I ,
ChunXt mrs M Claiton iir OH Cluik inr IJ I'
Cotton D Clark rare Al Al Clicimbley Al
Carlson U tux uire K N Uuney urn U K
DenlnxcrM p-nnlson mrs A Pelnney I M
IluinpFUy I' Dckoter I. liiinliHin mrs IIII
Druinmy uits T IMxa mrs K IkiruaiiAU
Drake. I , 1 ilkxiii inrs Ji ) Dillon I ( i
llo'Kk'li II A IMnnmisO Dunn mrs T F
Diaro mrs K Dvls S Dmifonl < r
Dill lurs M Dilblo mra 0 A DIT | uirs.l M
IISTlsiun J liajs Al A Drake mrs At
Dullon uirs W Duller mrs I
KlllottS Kill nirs A Kjrort mf A L
' F.
l-'allor mrs t > * Krlhor * M ntrhmr < AR
Ko tef K lloyil S H-inmun nip J
Koreclules A .l-nnlluo i : C K'Ktnirs I. ll
KorJ mrs U
OoMon V ( loldnmn ( Ornjr .1 W
( llanillni ! mrs W Illlrvllry . . . M . I. ( illjH-rtuiMI.M
llrahain II J lltirncy mrsd I !
llnnl mrs V \ liiirnell nirs At J Illenii At
Uruciuursd K tlrimili.M Uray 0
IIol tenllJ Haiuli M Itonpcr mrs W A
HarrtnKtonC Hall II Howe K K
Illrknian niruli Itnttilit-nm llendervin r'
llnlni-ss M llnbliinl mrs K lln.tK mrs h
llnn'cnA llamlln mrs IS
llnwloy mrs.M J llnwleymrs MJ llnnx-r A
lln ktn mr < It Huron lurs U lllokimrjM
11on land 1 HiintA lloiian K
llnlllnRswortumrsUuiTttinii mrs.M Hunt
llayiidol K
, lolin on Annlo M Johnson Annlo Jolunomr Ii
* tohn < enl < .limlnn A .lohnnn Mary
Jnckmnn mrs A li Jnckson iuri.II JncKuu L
Jacksou U Al
Klco A K Ktnpp nits M
Ij\hr > mrt II en mr N l.nwlros mrs V'
l.irlmermrs lr l.i'nrl _ '
. .1 ! l.llliriKir U
l.ller mrsrt toiler nusCH Lu MU mrs Al
I. like mrs J 0 Lanrcnce li
AlyoM mrs T Alnhon K AllllOrij
Alnilln l < Alarrh mrs KP-JMarlln J
Aliuk mrs 110 Mc > i > lt k inn l-'ll MiirKim mrs U
Alack li AlelnluM MllnollU
Mnueu Al Alnii'ileld mrs Alnlrum li
Aluy W U
McIMnnlil At McKrnslo II AlcKeo mrs Mnr-
Atciilyiin J McCunnnll II F Ilia- . !
Novock mrs A Notion 1C N'ol.'on At
Otis mrs T O.p
Tre'colt li I'icrco mrs I 1'icek II
1'rllctinrd mrs M I'lumer A A I'ulnmn Al
I'oHellmr * 1C r.irman Al I'nyno mrs Al
I'eterson Al 1-luis mlAS IMumiuer mr S
I'uetermrs r I'omeniy 1C (1 1'iibortJ
I'au I U II reeling mrsi )
llnymoml I , U lUnciuT I lln nun on 0
Hi-pit mr 1 1 He > Holds nirs.1 VlllKHs V
Itliiklin II Iliultiers mrs At lUuluem mrs O At
Koblniiiiii S llii'-ull.l 11 Kutlcorii Al
Iluddlck A llusenburry miss
Samnhn mrs A .PprlB'inrs I , Slnrwood mraIl-3
Milllvnn mrs I ) Sjnr mis ( I S > rni < mrs li
Scott mr < L N-nilelil mrsC Suvntro Al
Scales K K blink I Mruldhl V
Ninberx A Snnw mrt At K
Smith N It Sniltli At Smllli mr I !
Smith At Smith D Smith mrs V
Siulth mrs A Sdimldt A Smith I )
Sherry nirs Al T Siiuiulert inrsljOMiiiriilrss mrs D A
M Slllcsmrs U blromMiiry
bumus mrs 1
Taylor mrs t Todd nirs I ) mrs II
r ) ! ur mrs Dr IIN T.iylor.Mnry ii end mrs H
ii Lucy Tii > lor tun II J Tcsslo tursU
'Ihumiisoii mrs WM
Vnnncs M Van Horn mrs J V
Wnlker M WrlKht mrs S William _ mrs C U
WhltteJ mr M t Waterman 1) WntMin mra ( I A
Weaver mrs O White mra At Walker mrs It W
Waitjtoner 0 Wend mr" t Williamson mra II
WIHH ! llesilo Wllllnmi I s mrs AIU
\\nnier.M Wiilbnrn mrs U U l < kilrotu.O
\\oat m r.i.M \ \ nlkor V Wnrlni ; i ;
Ward mrs A
Vounz L YOUIIK Mury Ynrger mrs I !
7.eJonirsll.M-3 Zellormnll ZnrtmnuItA 3
Hurley Amy Hush Metn Hulhint W II
llycr-i.1 K Com-r Mio < hnmherliiln A li
CHrpcntcr I ) W Dutflold I ) W Dean W
Klllott.lnhn Knibluton M XI Ford mrs K
( Imliniii mrs.M It HinsLll Kollcr rnmilo
| jir on Anmndii Mildred l.lly II McDonald Clifton
McC.nrry John Mutttce 1,1/ilo hliclln U U
belden m O A Van Urmuii 1.I1II.UI Al
O. V. UAMAOIII.II , l'o tmister. :
likcfliBSt !
tlTel'rln-llil ,
richly Illuiln-
ted la colour-
print , of KM
whldi thoaU
In fijan-l la
fry Ounllr and mar t * obUined from -all Toy
dnlers , BUUonen and Educational Denou. TLe
Fdce-lm will b fonrarded gratis on application to
. RICHTER & Co. ,
Proprietor Omaha Business College ,
Book-Keeping , Penmanship ,
Commercial Law , Shorthand , Telegraphing
and Typewriting.
Send lor Ci < lego ! Journal.
S. E. Cor. 10th and Ave.
Mention the Umaha lieu.
u u\im\ \ .
Paid Up Capita - $28OOOO
Surplus , - OOOOO
11 W. YATKS , PreMdent.
LEW is S. Ki.KU , Vlce-Prcsldent.
A. E.'TOUZALIN , 2d Vice-President.
W. H. S. HUGHES , Cashier
w. v. MonsR , JOHN S. COM.INS.
Banking Office
Cor. 12th and rarnam Sts.
A G cncral UanUlni ; Ituslnuss Transacted.
NorthWestern -
Railway Short Line.
Omaha ,
Council Bluffs
And Chicago ,
The oily road to take for lies Molnes , Marlalltown ,
Cedar Haplds , Clinton , Dtiun , CMdigo , .Milwaukee
and all points cast. To the people ot fnbranka , Cole
rado.Vjotulnif , Utah , Idaho , .Nuvnda , Orcison , Wash-
InKton knd California , u oiiurs tupCJlor advautaKm
D' I posslilo by any other linr.
Among a f n of the numerous points of superiority
enjoyfd by thu patrons of ihls road belwppri Omaha
and Ghlrayo , ar Its tno tralrt a day of DAY COACH-
KM , Klikli aru Ihu tint-it thai numin art and Iniiuniil-
ty tan creale. Us I'AI.ACK HI.KKI'INU ( 'Alls , whirl )
are mo.lcUof romtort and olmianca Its 1'AUI/Oll
HHAWI.SC 1UXM ) OAItM , unsnrp s ert by any , unit
IU widely cclebrstml PAI.A'l I AL D1NINU CAlU , the
pqual ot which cannot be found bisuwht-re At Coun
cil llluffs Ihu trains ( if the Union I'acllto Hallway , run-
nect In union depot wllli thom ut llui
Mortbwcilera HT , In ClilruBO tbii trnlnj of lhl lln
Kiaka cluie countctlua tilth Kioto of all oilier enslvrn
For Dotrnlt , Colnmbua , In < ! l.inM > ob ! , Cincinnati ,
Niagara Falli. HiHTaln. I'lttrniirg , T'iroiilo , Mnnlrval ,
Jo lon , New York , rhlUdelrhU , llaUluioro , Waili-
Inntou.andallpulntila tniiiujt , ink fora llckut T |
If JOB wlih tttobenirxoiumoilatlou. AllllcictfteenU
Kfl ticket * vlotliliUne.
.HUlIliriT , E I' . WILSON ,
tiiiul , Mauuscr , ) < nl. l'a 'r Ageot
c8 ° ' ' " ' '
. JJAnc6cK. 'u n. DOU.ES.
Hunnlnubetween Council Ulufls nnd Albtluht
n addition to the stations mentioned , trains
tot ) at Twentieth nnd Twenty-fourth ntreou
iiul at the Hummlt In Omaha.
A No. 3 : | lltfQn.m.
A'No.B. .4IXp. : m.lA No. 8. . 7OJp. : in.
A No. S . . . .0:25 : a. m.lA No. 3. . . . Oiltta. m.
A No,4. , Ulllp. : IU.A | No.l. . . . 0:30p. : m ,
A No. in . . . .7:05 : a. m.lA No. 0 BMn. : m.
A No. 12. . . .7:00p. : m.A | No. II. . . . 0.00p.m.
A No.S. , . .3:40pm.A : | No. 7 llHp.m. : !
A dally ; It dally rxciipt Sat. ; C dally except
Sun. ; D except Mon , : Bro-st Mall ; 'Limited ;
I Will probably change to 4 : UO p. in. before Fob. 1.
Chicago , Milwaukee & St. Paul R'y ,
The Best Route from Onmlm and Council
llltifrs to
THE EAST = = -
Chlcnpo , AND Miln-nnkcp ,
St. 1'jiul , Minneapolis , Cedar Rnplds ,
Kock Island , Frwport , Itockford ,
Clinton , IMiliuquOy Diivcnport ,
Madison , JuncsTlllc ,
Ilclolt , IVliionn , La Crossp ,
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"Tho Famous Albert ten Route"
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