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nntno In green annals placed bcsltlo the
names of Fcrlo's , Cora's nnd Marco Haz/nro'n
Ho hnd irjde niluMons to the ix > ct's sad
death , like that of Wolfe , or Nelson , or Sir
John Moore , nt the dawn of victorious suc
cess. His peroration had related to the debt
that tbo Greeks owed to England , which
gave them such n man. I fancied tlmt be
hind the ccclcslastla'9 very expressive
nlnlost burning eyes there lurked n thought
which sought -this expression : "And yet
Knglishmcn In general gave no public sign
to-day of recognition of such n man or of his
genius.1 '
After the service the Greek minister nnd
many of the Greek residents In London pro
ceeded to Hamilton Gardens , where they do-
iwsltcd on the steps of Lord Hyron's statue
the wreath of fresh flower * .
Mr. Richard Kdgcumbc , addressing him
self to the Greek minister , said ,
us secretary to the late Lord Hyron commit
tee , formed thirteen years ngo under the
presidency ot Lord Hasconsllold to do public
honor to the genius of Hyron ; "In the name
of my follow countrymen , and the Greek
minister und Gteek residents , touching the
graceful tribute of respect and gratitude ,
wo feel sure this spontunooiis good will to
wards the memory of the English poet which
llnds at thl. " moment nn echo both In Athens
und Wcssolonghl , cannot full to strengthen
the bonds of unity which exists between the
two countries. " Tlio Greek minister also
placed u lyrc-shupcd wreath of bayleune.s nt
nt the foot of the statue and the assemblage
disposed. _
Itriiiciiilicrod In Greece.
LCoj > i/rlJ/i ( ( 1SS.S lin Jiitiioi C/unfdii Itennrtt. ' ]
ATliKNit , Jan. 22. [ Now York Herald
Cable Special to the Uci : . ] Tlio hundredth
I anniversary of the birth of Hyron Is the
themu of enthusiastic articles In nil the
Greek papers to-day , which express in the
warmest terms the grutltudo of the Hellenic
nation , the im-stlmublo services of the Eng
lish poet to the cause of national regeneration
nnd independence. At Mesoboughl , where
Hyron met Us death , the statue erected to
him In the center of the town was to-day
covered with wrouths of spring flowers and
evergreens. _
Colobrntctl nt Vienna.
[ Cojlutit | lffi-1 Im James Goiilnn HcmirIM
Vinx.N.i , Jan. 22. [ New York Herald
Cable Special to the Hun. ] The centeuury
of Lord Hyron's birth was celebrated by a
grand representation of "Manfred , " with
Schumann muJic , both in the Vienna nnd
Oflthopcr a houses. All the leading papers
of Austria-Hungary publish articles this
morning o.i Hyron's llfo and works.
German NIIIIH Visit Home * .
ICoj/t/rfu/it / J&S8 % Jmnrs Oonlim llen > iett.\ \
ROME , .Tun. 22. [ Now York Herald
> Cixble Sncciul to thoHr.u.l The pope to-day
received Prince Lowenstein , who presented
n deputation of German nuns und , later on ,
f nn Austrian OMO which included , nmongst
others , Countcss'lJergcn , Countess X.iehy and
% Countess Appony. In a long speech the
pope exhorted Austrian Catholics to bo in
> readiness to net In fuvor of the holy see. "I
rely , " said Leo XUI , "on the In-
lluenco of all Catholic people
to solve the present unsupportable
position nnd enable mo to regain the tern
porul ixjwer which fs cssentlul to the pros
perity of the church. " The canonization of
the venerable Grignon of Monfort tofk
place to-day. The ceremony was attended
by un enormous crowd , und umong others
the F.rgnch ambassador was present. After
the ceremony tlio pope , followed by the entire
tire sacred college , proceeded to the chapel
of canonization to pray before llgure Grignon
do Monfort. The pope received to-day the
general of the Jesuits and a representation ol
the order.
Dcntli of Commandant BrnsKcur.
[ CopuHiilitSS3 lin Jnmen Gnnltn Ilennctt. ]
PAIHS , Jan. 22. [ New York Herald Cable
Special to the * . BnpJ Commandant Bras-
sour , ono of the heroes of the Franco-Prussian
war'died yesterday nt the Invalids , aftci
eighteen years suffering. Ho occupied a
prominent place In Do Nucvillc'a famous pic
ture Of "Lo Houreget. " Ho wtis ono of the
elevo'tcel defenders of the church shown lr
thoiilc.turo in tlio foreground. On the rlghl
of the composition is an old wounded ofllcei
disarmed , gum-tied bjPrussians. . Tills ofll
ccris Brussc'ur.
Tlio Crown Prince.
'il ' JSSS l > il Jamrt nimlim Ittnnelt. }
litmus , Jan. 22. [ New York Herald Cable
-iSpecial to the HIK. : ] A telegram fron
San Homo states that the -crown prince to
day went out walking and afterwards took i
drlvo. Ho Hceined rather paler than usua
after beitiK confined to the house for n week
During the last few days secretions of sninl
particles have taken place fron > that par
where , In November , the growth was ob
served. 'Theso particles were sent to Prof
Vjrchow to bo analyzed. It is added thu
such accretions never occur in canceroui
i _
ThrllUnit Ailvi-nturo of Four Voting
Men On Iiiiko Mlctiiciin.
CHICAOO , Jan. 32.Tho agonized cries o
four young men who after dark found them
nelve slowly floating out into Lake Mtchl
Ban on a hugb cuke of ice brought scores o
people to the piers nt Thirty-seventh stree
to-jilght. . The four young follows , Pete
Paulson , Thomas Ash , James Johnston am
J.'M. ' Whltc-sido , had been out for a holldn ;
frolic on the icei Not till 7 o'clock on the !
return did they suspect that the thaw 1m
parted the ic'o from the shore and the mas
wus breaking up and drifting uwuy. A slice
of wiitur llfty feet wide lay between thor
nnd land , und the pup was gradually widen
lug under the Inllueiieo of the wind thu
begun to cover them with spray , while th
rising waves dashed off great sections of th
ice floe upon which the lives of th
luartetto depended. For over an hour th
men. women and children on shore wntche
helplessly the four running frantically abou
on the ice und faintly heard their hours
shout's for assistance. Whitesido , who wn
unnblo to swim , restrained his companion
with dlniculty from Jumping into the fre-ezin
Hood ; nnd attempting to swim ashore. Who
finally u boat had been brought from th
nearest | > olnt , a long distance up town , it wr
found to be leaking b.ully und the pollco wh
manned it hud to put back , liy this tint
Whitesido wus nearly crnzed from cold nn
fright and the others were in little botte
condition. The irallce , not without peril t
themselves , managed , however , to tuko thei
off safely ut lust. They were at once carric
f to their homes and put to bed , exhausted bi
supremely happy.
Corruption In Manitoba.
Wisxii'Kti , Jan. 22. [ Special Telegram I
the UKB. ] Mr. Greenway to-day said tl
public might look for some developments i
connection with the administration of ufful ;
by the lute governhient , which won !
nstoulsh the country. Although In onli
only a couple of days , the cabinet hi
learned sullU'lent to warrant it in making
I thorough investigntion. For instance , thci
were only fllt.Hi ; In treasury when the no
government took hold , despite the fact tin
$250,000 were received from Ottawa n fo
I days ago , It being half a. year's subsidy. Tl
government was having a statement i
ntTuIrs prepared , so that It would kno
exactly whc'ro It wus. As to n diasolutlo
n short delay might occur in order that
may bo learned Just where it wus und win
nets the old government was guilty of.
Ie > st anil Found.
Elmer Davis , n little ten ywar old Inmate
the deaf nnd dumb institute , caused t !
managers of that school considerable unxlc
yesterday by suddenly disappearing. Wo
was sent to the pollco station nnd the litl
fellow was found late lost nlgUt wanderl
nbout the streets in a half-frozen eondltk
! lo was sent back to the superintendent w
tvas greatly relieved at seeing him ugain.
A Merry ftollrond Wnr Promlsod in
the Northwest
Tlio Northern Pacific nml Other Itoiuls
MnkliiK K.UcnslvoI'rcimrntluns
to Invalln the Illuh Terrl-
lory'of the Northwest.
A TrlaiiKiilnr CuntCHt.
ST. PAUL , Minn. . , lnu. W. [ Correspond-
cncooftho Bnc. ] Present Indleiitlons uro
that next season will witness nn enormous
amount of railroad building In the norlhwest ,
mm this , too , in retaliation ( or encroachment
of territory during 1SS7. For several years
before the past season thorp imtl been com-
parutivo hnrmony between the Northern Pfi-
ctllo nnd Manitoba companies , both living up
to their bid ugi-cemcnt by which neither waste
to build Into the other's territory. This truce-
had been In existence sincu the plan of the
Canadian Pncltlc , or .ratlior of the syndicate
formed to build the western end"of that
road , of n llnd runnhiR southwesterly from
thu main line west of Winnipeg through
Great Fulls to Helena , was abandoned about
live years ago. In return for this concession
the Northern Pacific at that tlmo nbandoncd
its plan to secure a line to Winnipeg for
which it had arrangements all made.
The syndicate was composed of J. J. Hill ,
Sir George Stephen , Donald A. Smith nnd
two or three others , then owning the Maul-
tob.i road , from the time that this agree
ment was nindp the ifrcat wheat producing
I ted Itivcr valley has been considered the es
pecial territory of tho- " Manitoba which kept
out the mining country of the mountainous
district In Montana. Thus the Northern Pa-
cillo had n monopoly on tlio llvo stock busi
ness of Montana and only tlio Union Paclllc
to compote with in the mining country , while
the farmers of the Ked Hivcr valley were
obliged to ship their wheat over the Manitoba
of which they constantly complained as n
grinding monopoly ,
But now everything is changed. Last
year Mr. Hill built a line to Helena and this
seems to have been the opening wcdgo of a
triangular warfare to be carried on by pre
datory excursions into the enemy's territory.
No sooner had Mr. Hill announced his plan
to build to Helena , which was done in 1SSI5 ,
than the Northern Pucitlc took up the gaunt
let thus thrown down and the Duluth &Man.
itoba to thu boundary is the result thus far.
The Manitoba runs into Helena over the
same route from Great Palls , which was or
iginally proposed but abandoned by agree
ment. Ho likewise the Northern Pacllio will
reach Winnipeg eventually over practically
the same route that was before contemplated.
Uutthis isjiotall. Thu Manitoba 1ms planned
to build brunches in the mining country and
is even now gathering information of the
extreme northwest , with the intention ol
building to Puget Sound. The cost of build
ing railroads in mining country is not less
than $40,000 per mile , and the Manitoba lines
in the llotl river valley arc already encumb
ered to this amount. Hut it costs nbou $ S,00 (
per mile to build in the Ked river val
ley pruirics , and hero it is that the Northern
Pacific has planned to blab its would-be
rival in the fur northwest.After the Dulutl :
& Manitoba was opened last fall , and without
any cut rates , it hauled nearly ono hundred
cars of wheut per day out of the abundant
harvest that had before that time boon the
exclusive business of the Manitoba road. Ol
course a part of this was given the now road
on account of the independent way in whicl
the farmers hud always boon treated by the
Manitoba. It has always been the promlncn1
feature of Mr. Hill's management to do as lit
liked without regard to the interests of tin
people. Hence ho bus acquired the reputa
lion of a man bound to havo. his own wu ;
whether it coincided with the ideas of his im
mediate advisors or not. As long as ho hat
the only road in his tcr
ritory und.trod on the toes of no other rail
road magnate ho wont along swimmingly , bu
when other managers found that the bos
way to tnako railroad property profitable li
to keep pace with its neighbors , and that hi
was bound to play a lone hand regardless o
couseiiuenocs they concluded to retaliate
The Northern Pacillc company has been get
ting itself in shape for a fight , and since tlv
successful negotiation of the $13,000,000 $ loan
has had several surveying parties out run
uing a network of lines throughout the Hot
river valley. Some of these jiartics are stil
on the ground and have suspended labor enl ;
on account of. the cold weather. Some o
the surveys have boon completed , and as sooi
as spring opens buildlug'w Uegin. Not enl
will the aggressor be attacked , in the Rei
river valley , but the Northern Pacillc ha
also planned branches leading northwesterl'
from its main line to Fort Liuford and Greu
Fulls on tlio Manitoba , us well as other spur
in Montana.
Now comes the triangular part of the fight
The Manitoba has pursued the sumo pollc ;
as outlined above in pushing its nose soutli
westerly at several points , having ulread ,
reached nWatortown nudf Aberdeen , th
former branch being projected to Huron am
supposed to be headcjd for Denver. In ad
dition the line from Duluth to Wilmur ha
been projected to Sioux Falls , getting dangerously
gorously near Omaha. Those off-shoots frar
the alreadyIgr'cat system intersect the Milwaukee
waukeo & St. Paul and the Chicago & Nortli
western , and the former proposes tp tlgh
buck. Its Fargo & Southern is already
thorn in Iho sidu.ofthu Manitoba but this i
to bo extended down the Hod river and , u
every llfteen or twenty miles , brain-he
tire to bo thrown out into thu rjch furmin
country with the design of gathering up Ih
wheat , that year after year has contribute
to the Manitoba's earnings. In addition t
the invasion of its territory the Milwaukee J
St. Paul has no other reasqns for wishing t
prod the Manitoba , for it is as natural for ;
railroad company to light as it is for n bull
dog. Sinca its southwestern extensions hav
been in operation the Manitoba has mad
some reductions in rates that were hardl ,
agreeable to thu other , by which Duluth hu
boon put on mi equality with Minncapoll
with reference to wheat and lumber. As th
Manitoba has a line to both cities and th
Milwaukee & St. Paul to bi
one , these reductions have
tendency tti decrease the business of th
latter lino. WiU all these new lines i
the Hed River valley the Manitoba's whei
tonnage will bo mutcriully reduced , a redui
3 tion for which its Montana extension will t
little to compensate for a number of years i
leust and only with the adjuncts of expensh
branches. In the general warfare again ;
the Manitoba the Union Pacilio will sytnp
thUo if not nsslst , us Us vuluablo business i
Hutto was seriously interfeiired with by tl
largo cut in freight rates with which tl
Manitoba inaugurated its entrance in
Helena. These were reduced from $3
fci.JlT ) , llrst-cluss. while the general opinion i
railroad men hero was that they were noi
too high before nnd that the new road cou
huvo obtained Just a much advertising in
business , for that nuittcr , by a cut th
would not have boon so destructive
revenue. The ire of the Northern Pueill
tlio Milwaukee' & St. Paul and the Unii
Pncitlo bus been excited und the coming se
son will show a bitter war of conquest.
Funeral ol' AclJntAiit Woods.
SCIIUYI.KII , Nob. , Jan. 22. [ Special Tel
gram to the HER. ] To-day the Interment
the remains of the late Joseph II. Woo- -
took placo. The services were conduct
under the uusplccs of tha ti. A. U. , and t
body was escorted to its final resting pin
by tlmt order toge'ther with members of t
1. O. O. R , A. O. U. W. and Company
Seconel regiment , Nebraska National guan
Mr. Woods wus tjuito uctlvo in nodal , bu
ness nnd political circles , nnd in his deu
Schuyler loses ono of her best and me
highly esteemed citizens.
Weather InillciitioiiH.
For Nebraska : Colder , fair weather , llg
to fresh winds , becoming northerly.
For Iowa : Warmer , followed by cold
fair weather , followed by snow , light
fresh southerly winds , shifting to northwc
For Dakota : Local snows , slightly warm
followed in northern | X > rtion by coli
weather , light to fresh variable winds , gi
orally northerly. .
l-'orly People lluvivn Closes Cfnt \ i\
Chicago l-'irc.
Cmcvfip , Jnn. 22. About forty people
barely escaped being burned to death this
morning In a lire that destroyed the greater
part of the big apartment and store bujdllng
at the south e-ast corner of Oukwood boule
vard nnd Cottage Orovo avenue. Not one of
the forty had tlmo to give the slightest atten
tion to dress , aiid many , Including several
ludloH , were dragged out by the dromon Into
the frosty nlr , unconscious. Miss Abblo
Hlrdsnll , teacher , was found lying in n foot
of water In u cellar two hours after the lire
started. She had become suffocated nnd lost
her way in the smoke. Her recovery Is not
expected. T. I ) . MeKIllip , n gentleman
rooming In the building , is nlso iu u precari
ous condition , the result of Injuries received
in making his cscupo. A few of the people
had to bo tnkon out of the upper windows by
means of ladders. A. P. Tregcut. with his
wife und buby , were forced to climb nwn.v
from the llames to the roof of the houses
next to the burning block. Wiillui'o Li Do-
Wolf. n local lawyer , owned the building.
His loss is $20,000 ; fully Insured. About
$10,000 worth of fnrnlturo und clothing , hnlf
insured , belonging to nlno fuinilies , was de
stroyed , and 510,000 additional dmnrtgc , also
partly insured , was indicted on the stock of
the several storekeepers occupying the
ground lloor.
CitiCAeio , Jan. 22. The residence of Perry
Trnmbull , son of ex-Senator Trumbull , was
destroyed by lire this morning. Mrs. . Trutn-
bull nnd three children had a narrow escape.
The loss on the house is but $7,000 , but n
number of valuable paintings nnd other
articles were irreparably duru'ueed.
Other Conllnjrntlons.
MANMSTCK , Mich. , Jnn. 22.- Cron's furni
ture store was burned at 10 o'clock Saturday
night , loss , $15,000 ; Insurance. , 00. A flro-
man was killed and four others were seri
ously injured by fulling walls.
HOI.VOKH , Mass. , Jnn. 2. The cast wing
of the Holyoke JCnvelopo company's ' mill
burnt to-day. Loss $ IK.,000. The envelope
company will lese about $200,000 ; insured for
half. The loss of the Holyoke 'Water
Power compnnv on the building Is about
# 75.000 , und the whole mill is insured for
$100.000. H. F. Perkins machine works , nil-
joining , lese $23,000. The Moore Filter com
pany will lese about $10,000. The envelope
company had about f 100,000 worth of stock
nnd finished goods on hand. They hud
nearly two hundred tons of paper and about
two millions of envelopes in the mill. There
were fifty envelope machines nnd twenty
printing presses in the building besides other
valuable machinery.
The Tower ilolncnnst.
TOWEII , Minn. , Jan. 2J. The search for
the bodies of these burned in the boarding
house lire was continued to-day , and live
moro wore taken out of the ruins , making a
total of nine. All are too badly disfigured
to bo recognized. Jack Collins , of Superior ,
Wls. , loft his room before his comrade but
did not get out. It Is believed his remains
were among those found to-day. _ Henry
Hoordecker arrived hero Friday evening
nnd is believed also to bo ono of the victims ,
Letters in his trunk at the station show that
his parents live in St. Louis. not
known how the tire originated , possibly
from n cigar stump thrown into the saw dust
on the bar room floor.
Sensational Denouement of a Church
How in Pennsylvania.
PAIIIVICW , Pa. , Jan/22. [ SpecialTelegram
to the Dec. ] The Presbyterian church ol
this place needed a now pastor about three
months ago , when Kov. John I. Hutler , s
young divine from Philadelphia , preached i :
sermon before the congregation. He was
prepossessing in appearance , eloquent to an
unusual degree and made such a favorable
impression that a call was immediately extended
tended to him to como and preside over the
affairs of the church. Ho .accepted , tool
hold of affairs with an energy , and quicklj
became a social favorite , so great was his
popularity with the married nnd unm'nrrici
ladies. Fairview church entered upon t
period of. unwonted prosperity In the religious
ligious annals of this region , nnd the pillar :
thereof found cuuso for congratulation !
in the wise selection they Imtl made. II
soon began to bo whispered , however
that Her. Hutler was too partial to ladle ;
society , nnd the growing Jealousy of the male
portion of the community was brought to i
focus nt watch night services Now Year ;
ovo. What actually occurred has beoi
screened in the closest secrecy , but it is
stated upon reliable authority thnttho.youiif
pastor offended several ladles. Great ) , "lndig
nation was felt by the menibers."of".tti <
church , but no formal action was tiikoiv til
u day or so no , when Mr. Uutler wjs- sum
mpncd before a bourel of trustees for idvestl
gallon. High words arose between thQMuin
Isternnd .lames Gilbert , 'president..of tin
board , which ended by the former bein ;
taken in bund und forcibly thrown from * tin
room. The board then formally dischargee
him nnd ho was advised to leave town , bu
before doing so ho had Gilbert arrested nne
held for trial. The reverend.gontlemau re
turned to Philadelphia.
Growth of Snrjjcnt County.
SMinu.s'T , Neb , , Jan. 12. [ Corrospondenci
of the L5in. : ] In my letters to thollEB duritij
the years 1831 and 1835 from this place , wlioi
tills county was comparatively now , I urgci
these desiring to locate on lands of their owi
to come. There were at that time many excellent
cellent pieces of government hind und
pointed out their location , of the same nni
spoke of the good quality of-tho soil , the in
telligent class of settlers here , and oven tool
the trouble to show them these lands in pet
son. Many settled und are happy und prosperous
porous , while now nnd then ono was dlssatis
lied and came back east to "wife's folks , '
Custcr county to-day , wo believe , rank
fourth in the state , contains over 1,000,00
acres of land , over 33,000 intuibitunts , has in
bonded indebtedness , its warrants are wortl
100 cents on the dollar , und will soon bo tin
possessor of two , if not three lines of rail
ways. The crops have never fuiloi
but once , nnd that was dur
Ing the general grnshoppor ruid of the summer
mor of 1S7I. The town of Sargent is beautl
fully located in the vulloy of the Mlddl
Loup on the Lincoln & Ulack Hlllabrunch , o
the U. & M. railroad. The grading wn
finished through the town lute lust fall , an
while the r.illroad company endeavored t
reach Sargent before winter set In , tie |
were unnblo to do so , and stopped work n
Arcadia , twenty-three miles southwes
Track laying will bo pushed forward us see
ns spring opens nnd Sargent will gro'
rapidly. This point will bo a division , un
besides the bright prospects it 1ms in th
future for a county scut , the lurgo feed ynrel
for stock , mnchino shops , etc. , which will c.
necessity keep u largo force of men ut worl
The couytau" tributary is well settled anil hn
good soi Pu Sargent draiws her Ir.ulo froi
this section.
AIII.ISOTONNeb. . , Jan. 20. [ Corrcspom
enco of the UKK. ] Arlington has ton passei
gor and express trains each day and two a
commodation freights. It is twcnty-cigl
miles from Omaha nt the Junction of tl
9- Sioux City & Pacific- und Fremont , Klkhoi
& Missouri Valley railroads. U has thri
is elevators that bundle moro grain than ui
id other three elevators on the lines. It Is tl
nunt beautiful townsito on the Frcmoii
10o Klkhorn & Missouri Valley and it is now si
o tied that several prominent railroad men ute
10 to build residences hero. A creamery will 1
under headway us soon ns un exprrlcnci
creamery man can bo secured to take charg
A mill would bo u paying Investment hero i
there has been none ore-ctcd since the bur
ing of the Arlington mill.
llooinliiK nt Stnnton.
ST\NTOX , Neb. , Jan. 111. [ Corrcsponden
tit of the UKB. ] Tlio excitement of the liolldi
weeks bus passed , und Stuntem can say th
the three lust weeks of December und t
to llrst week of January have been thobeatbi
tness .months the city has ever seen , T
streets have been lined with teams from t
T ,
or country until late in the night every day , ai
orn twice the amount of grain has been market
hereof any two months in previous yeai
The price has Y-cachO'l ' Me for corn. Carloml
nftcrvarlmtcJl of hngs.hnvo been shipped from
Irero to thoOinalm'hnd Fremont packlntj
houses : The pcfjehU stores ImVo had
an unprecedented " * amount of busi
ness. A L'ofiMdcrublo ntinntlty
of real cstcto lmsfchangcd hands , The two
c-orncr lots opposite the new- Odd Fellows'
block was sold tb syndicate to put up a
three-story brick 'hSftel us soon ns spring
opens. Nnson & Co. ' , dealers In general mer
chandise , contemplate putting up u two-story
brick store to nAorimodato ; | their growing
business , A. Loeflre , the baker , llnds his
quarters too small vnnd Is contracting for n
line two-story bakery. The Odd Fellows'
block Is ready for 'rVcftpuncy , and was dedi
cated January U. About two hundred people
witnessed the. ceremonies , which were fol
lowed by u dance iu IJamb's opera house nnd
n flno supper gotteWtr ) ' bv tlio Indies of the
Odd Fellows. They realized , over nnd above
expenses , $100. _
How CIcvcinna'H Jnlillro Gift Wns Uc-
ocivcit by Ills Utilities * .
J3\i.Ti.MUit4 , Jan. M. The following cable-
grain was toMny received bi * the Sun :
Archbishop Itynn , In presenting the pope's
jubilee gift .from President Cleveland , said It
wasa tribute puld to his holiness by tlio ruler
of 00,000,000 of freotnen ; it ruler fleeted by
them , who feels deeply the supreme responsi
bility of his exulted station , his dependence
\i\mn \ God's providence nnd who has had the
wisdom nnd fortitudo'to discharge faithfully
nnd conscientiously nil the Important duties
devolving upon him. Ha hits publicly declared
his solemn conviction that Christianity fur
nishes the true permanent basis of real civ
ilization and perfect order , representing nt
once the moral conquest over the greatest
nations of the earth. In the American re
public the Catholic church is free to net and
to carry out its sacred and beneficial mission
for the human race by the fundamental right
of constitutional guarantee ns demonstrated
in this volume , the appropriate gift of the
The members of the delegation , kneeling
before the pope , received the npostollc bene
diction for themselves nnd for their people.
Dr. O'Connell , rector of the Amer
ican college , presented an album to the
pope nnd translated the president's message.
Thu pope listened with the utmost satisfac
tion , examined the gift carefully , nnd ex
pressed his admiration for the exquisite taste
nnd the neatness of it6 execution. It was an
especial pleasure , ho said , to receive a copy
of the constitution of tlio United States. Dr.
O'Connell then read to the pope a letter from
Cardinal Gibbons in which the cardinal asked
for n blessing on the country.
The pope then read his reply to Archbishop
Ryan , expressing tlio pleasure ho felt in re
ceiving the gift from the president of the
United States. Ho contitiued : "I
have received offerings from all
parts of the world : from Italy
from Franco , Germany. Hungary , Spain ,
England and ono from tlio president of the
United States a most pleasing ono. "
"As archbishop , " ho added , "you enjoy
there perfect freedom. Tlrat freedom , we
admit , is highly beneficial to the spread of re
ligion. As the head. of the church I owe my
duty , love and solicitude to every part of the
church , but toward America I bear an espe
cial love. The care of. your nation is great.
Your government is fi'po ; your future full of
hope. Your president commands my highest
admiration. Hence this offering which I
hnvo received to day. has truly touched
my heart. It ufTorils mo pleasure to
pour forth through yoq to your president and
to your great country my most profound
sense of appreciation' gratitude. In con
clusion , I grant you my blessing , nnd ask
that of yourself undof-tho , president of your
country. " Turning Ho Dr. O'Connoll , the
pope said : "I dcsiro yc > u to make tills known
to your people. Describe the solemn manner
in which I have received the gift of their
president. "
Afterward the pope received the delegation
privately. Ho was dqlighted with President
Cleveland's gift and engaged in conversation
with the delegates , fpr. nearly nn hour. The
prelates present brought jubilee offerings
amounting to $30,000. The delegation in
cluded Archbishop.jtyan , of Philadelphia ;
Bishop liyan , of'Buno o ; .Hurke. of Choy-
oiino , and SadcnbUBh , of Minnesota ; Mons.
Quiglcy , of Charleston , S. C. ; Rev. Mae-
Donncll , of New York ; Farrilly , of Nasti-
vlll ; Custaldl , of Buffalo , and the correspond
ent of the Baltimore Sun.
A Practical Joker Breaks Up a Chicago
cage Poker Party in a , Hurry.
CHICAOO , Jan. 2 J. [ Special Telegram to
the BEE. ] A report that Finley D. Brown ,
partner of the well known board of trade
speculator , 1C. Robert Lindblom , had been
thrown out of n window during a quarrel
over cards ut the Century club last night
nnd had fallen sixty feet to the pavement ,
breaking his back , caused much excitement
to-day. The report , it seems , has been
greatly exaggerated. Brown's injuries con
sist of a broken unklo und dislocated knee
cup. Ho and C. S. Mcllcnry , an employee
of Lindblom. it is told , had promised the hit
ter tp let liquor i\nd poker ulono while
nssociuted with him. Nevertheless they and
others engaged lust night in a quiet game of
draw witli champagne accompaniment in the
Century club , of which B. F. Hutchitison ,
father of the president of the board of trade ,
is a leading spirit nnd Lindblom himself a
member. During the progress of the game
some joking friend thundered ut , the door for
admission , shouting that ho was a deputy
sheriff. McHenry nnd Brown , presumably
fearing exposure , endeavored to got away by
means of Iho llro escape. McHenry suc
ceeded , but Brown , forgetting that the lire
escape terminated twelve feet from the
ground , hud a bad full. Ho was hurriedly
put in a cab and such strenuous efforts made
to keep the mutter quiet that it wus magni
fled in a most tragic and sensational manner ,
Lindblom will withdraw from the Century
club , it is said.
Tlio Duntli Itrcorel.
S x FitANCisco , Jan. 23. Walter M. Gib
son , ex-primo minister of the Hawaiian
islands under King Kalnkuuu , died in this
city hist evening of consumption.
Council mooting to-night.
Marshal McCrueken is busy hunting up evi
donee in the Jim Snoddcrly arson e-ase. unt
it looks us though It would go hurt ! with him
No arrests were ! reported up to mldnlghi
last night.
There was only ono sleeper in the lockui
last night and ho was a sick and homelcs :
The council will hnvo to mnko some provi
sion for e'oul for the lockup , because now tin
policemen havu to htutlt ! and llnd thu ticces
sury fuel. The question is if ull that ii
burned is puld for. i/ >
Councilman Smith laB | como back from tin
prohibition state and will bo on hand at tin
council meeting to-nlUht. Further develop
incuts uro expected. ' ' *
A Sunday ! school waX'inaugurated ' In Hunt' :
hall > ' "
The Knights of Labor held u meeting 01
Saturday night to cosij | up some unllnishei
business. Their regular meeting will bo 01
Thursday next. , , , v
An unappreciative . .bartender stopped
violin solo by hitting fto , musician over th
head with the violin , case yesterday uftci
noon , but there were no-urrcsta.
A. E. Lompko and wlto were thrown froi
n cutter Saturday , butAUoro were no seriou
results. t . .
The Unlucky Thirteen.
Tlio notorious Hello Smith paid her week !
visit to the police station lust evening. Thi
time shu wus ace'ompanied In the patrt
wagon by Henry Kline , with whom she Im
hud a stormy scene. KHnu charged Boll
with stealing his pockctboolc containing Jus
$13. Hello pretended to bu greatly Incense
over the charge und a free , go-uvyou-ple.ih
light resulted between the two. in wine
there was u mutual exchange of black eye :
wcltb und bruises.
Dr. Gulhinimlii's Magic.
It was a binall audience Hint grouted Dr. . '
E. Geismardo , the magnetic heu'.cr ' , nt tl
Grand Oporu house lust night. IJcMde
there was n noticeable absence of "tho a
dieted , " whom the doctor had previously iv
vcrtlscd to cure or benefit by hU mugi
Only eau Invalid , a inuu who said ho hud ni
used opo at his arms for n period of eight
years , presented himself for manipulation by
the doctor. After nn exchange of words bo1
tween the doctor and 'n mint In the audience ,
the light ? In the hull were turned out and the
people dispersed. The management of the
ojiora house unuounvcs that it will refund the
admission money to all who will call ut the
box oftlc.o to-day , as none of the uudlrnco
seemed to bo satisfied with the exhibition of
the "magic healer. "
lion Hofjan's WhorcntiotttH ,
G. T. Ilouacr , secretary of the Young
Men's ' Christian Association of Cincinnati ,
writes to the Hnr. and says that Hen Hogun ,
the reformed pugilist , is In that city nnd is
represented to bo doing good work for the
cause of religion.
Citiitnrctl n Deserter.
J. H. Peul , n deserter from the United
States army , was taken into custody lust
evening by Officer Johnson , who will get MIO
reward from the government for his capture
of the fugitive.
Personal Paragraphs.
Ed Derr , of Creston , In. , Is at the Mlllnrd.
tV. T. Clarke , of DCS Molnes , la. , is at the
Luke Murrin , of Cheyenne , Is nt the
W. A. Bridges , of O'Neill , Neb. , is nt the
Thomus Alsop , of Lnramlo , is nt the
C. S. Washburn , of Lincoln , Nob. , Is at the
S. J. Alexander , of Lincoln , Neb. , Is at the
Albert J. August , of St. Joseph , Mo. , Is at
the Paxton.
D. K. Rinelmrd , of Columbus , Neb. , Is ut
the Millard.
John F. Raymond , of Wahoo , Nob. , Is nt
the Windsor.
Miss Emma Lindcrmaun , of Lincoln , Neb. ,
is nt the Millard.
Thomas O'Day and wife , of Nellgh , Neb. ,
are nt the Paxton.
Messrs. M. II. Daly nnd A. Allan , of How
ard , Neb. , are at the Windsor.
Messrs. H. B. Cloud and Frank Cloe , of
Knoxville , In. , uro ut tlio Windsor.
Messrs. J. S. McClury nnd P. Schrvonk , of
Norfolk , Nob. , are nt the Paxton.
low to Curl Cain' Tails and Keep the
Anlninls Small.
Few York Telegram : Cortnin Brookl
yn young ladies hnvo lately boon seized
vith a mild mania for keeping cats
mall. Ono young lady let the reporter
nto the secret and solemnly declared
hat it didn't hurt the creatures even
a little bit. "
"You sec , " she said , "it is done very
asily. Now , hero are three eats. Yes ,
know they look like kittens , but they
ro not , all the same. Nellie , the one
vith the blue ribbon around her neck ,
s four years of ago , but you wouldn't
hink hho was moro than six months old.
lore is old Tom , seven years old on
Vasliitigton's birthday , yet he is no
arger thnn Nellio. , No , they don't be-
ong1 to the dwarf family. "
"Well , how is tills accomplished ? "
"I give thorn gin to drink. How ?
Vhy , I he > ld their nostrils with ono
innd and pour a tablespoonful of the
pirits down their little throats with the
ithor. I repeat the dose three times a
, ny for two weeks. It makes them very
risky , anel they out un borne queer
aperriat times. Often , however , they
ro to bleep and hug the lire all day.
'hey elou t get any bigger , and that's
ill ! know about the matter. "
"What unusually eurly tails your pets
lave , " observed the report.
"Oil , yes , ' ' she replied , with anima-
ion. "Whon tlio kitten is not moro
han two or three days olel wo carefully
ircuk the tail in three places. The re-
ult is that instead of growing straight ,
t assumes a graceful curve , and is very
> ccoining. "
How Manning Iteciuno a Cardinal.
It is not generally known that Car-
linal Manning was a married man.
, Vhilo an archeloaeon in the Church of
2ngland ho married Miss Serjeant ,
vhoso two sisters married Bishop Wil-
> erforco hnd Henry Wilberforco , his
) rothor. Mrs. Manning lived only a
ow months after her marriage , and her
death' fillecl the sensitive soul of her
lusband with a deep and lasting sorrow ,
ind turned him moro and moro to a life
of entire spirituality. Cardinal Man-
ling was born in 1809 , the same year
, hnt witnessed the birth of Alfred
Tennyson. His lather was a member
) f parliament and governor oE the
Uantfof England. Young Manning ,
iftor a preparatory education at liar-
row , -entered Balllol college , Ox-
'ord , where ho distinguished him
self no loss by his scholar
ship than by the polish of his manners ,
tie become a follow of Morton college at
, hc early ago of twenty-four , and arch-
leacon of Chiohostor before ho was
thirty-three. At that ago the future
cardinal arehbislu > p seemed very far
'rom the Catholio church , for just at
that time ho preached so violent a tirade
: igainat "peippory" that Dr. Newman ,
rt'lio wus then preparing to join that
church , declined to t-oo him the next
time ho called. While holding orders
in the church of England , Dr. Mann
ing maintained the spiritual graeo
of baptism , and when the doc
trine was by Mr. Gorhain'
and the view of the latter was nro-
nounced tenable by the Church of Eng
land , Manning "felt the very ground on
which ho stood cut from under him , "
anel shaking from his foot thn dust of
the chureh of his ancestors , entered the
church of Jtomo.
Chicago Mail : Senator.John J. Ingalls ,
of Halibut , , pruhidont of tbo bonato , is a
notiuuablo iiguro anywhere. Ho has a
high forohctul , over which bis gray
gair is combed in what tlio ladies would
call a "bang. " From tbo top of his
forehead bis head rises like a sugar loaf
to a point in the rear high above his
earn , which are largo nnd prominent.
Ho wears spectacles , and bus a dainty
iron-gray military mustache , which
gives bun something of a martial air.
Tn conversation ho is n rapid , nervous
lalkor , with lomarkablo iluoncy of
speech and great verbal powor. Ho is a
Massachusetts man , and a graduate of
Williams college ) , but has bccomo
thoroughly impregnated with western
ideas in his lonjf roMiloneo in Kansas.
In common with many public men of
tlio west , bo bcliovcs tbat tbo scat of
empire in this country is rapidly be
coming ccnlorctl in tbo great valleys of
tbo Ohio and Mississippi rivers ami tbo
states adjoining thorutn. Not infre
quently in talking with eastern friends
ho tolls thorn tbat they should climb
the Allegheny mouiitains and look over
into tbo wohtorn country in onlor tp ap
preciate what a great country this is.
ItriKhnin YOIIIIK' * Placn.
Chicago Mail : Hrlglmiu Young's
body rests in tbo southeast corner of the
ai'ro-and-a-quartcr lot on 15 street , be
tween Soeemd and Third ICnit streets. .
Salt Lake City. This plot of ground ,
tbo grass upon which is kept in frosli
and beautiful sbapo , is a bleiek from the
Tithing bfiuuro , in tbo southeast cornoi
of which are Iho Lion and IJoo-IIivt
house's and the church olllccs. A bigli
iron railing encloses the grave , wbicli
is nine feet dcop , with three fcot of boliil
mnhonrv at the bides and on tbo bottom
mnl n 11,000 pound inscription stone ' ni
tbo top. Not oven tbo prophet's mime
is written upon tbo tomb. Urigban
Young was vovy much afraii
that tbo doctors would got bold o
him after bis death , and PO lin gave ful
iiiBtructtoiib about bis rostiiiL' place , am
tbo tomb was bn.Ht according to tnoso
instructions , i'or n your and 'n half a
night gunrdo kept his oycs llxutl on tbo
grave. Tlio prophet lies with bis bead
to tbo east. Some distance from his
foot lies bis llrst iwlygamous wife , Mary
Ann Hngoll ; at her Feet lies Emmilino
Free , in tbo twith\vent corner of tbo in-
i-lewuro. Mary , Van Colt , tin ) youngest
of tb prophet's wives , at the time of his
death , lias a lonely spot near tbo mid
dle of the lot. Tbo graves of tbo wives
are marked wlth.hori/.ontal marble slabs
inscribed with their mimes and tbo
elates of their deaths. A gardiier bus
charge of tlio ground and answers ibo
questions of strangers.
Oneofthc Tricks Which Has Lctl to
ProHcnt Stnto ot'ThiiiKM.
Now York Sun : "I read tbo editorial
in yesterday's Hvoning Sun on ebeap
cigars with interest , " said n cigar man-
ufnctimir this morning to a reporter ,
"I not only nmnuTncturc cigars , but I
do a retail business as well. I do not
think that tbo quality of tbo popular
cigars is as bad as it has been pictured.
"Do you think tbat tbo quality could
bo made any worse , "asked tbe reporter.
"Certainly , " said the cigar man. "It
could bo made n great deal worse. "
"Then I should give up tbo weed and
go back to tbo cob nlpo and oak leaves
of my boyhood delight , " said the re
"Tho fact of tbo matter is , " said tbo
cigar man , "there nro a great many
people who do not know a good cigar
when they got bold of it. I've tested
tbat matter to my satisfaction. 1 have
deliberately retailed a 10 cent cigar for
5 cents , and Mmvo had persons looknt
ono of these , turn it over , smell it , and
declare it was no good , and insisted on
the regular olel 5 center. Again , a cus
tomer , after smoking my regular grade
of 5 cent cignr for a long time , was fur
nished some of the 10 cent brand. Tbo
aoxt time be came in hero bo said :
" 'Why did you change cigars on
me ? '
" 'I gave you a better grade and I
thought vou would prefer it. '
" 'Well , I don't think there is any
thing bolter about it and 1 am sure I
don't prefer it. Give mo some of the
same stock 1 have been used to having. '
"You sec , the man's taste is thor
oughly vitiated. Ho would have made
the samo' complaint bad I given him a
20 cent cigar. Tbo better the cigar the
worse ho would have considered it. "
. "That all may bo true , " replied tbo
reporter , "but tbo fact remains tbat
most of tbo cigars offered at public
prices are simply stinkers. How do you
account for it ? "
"Tho fact of tbo matter is , " said tbo
dealer , "my custom is good and I have
to furnish a high grade of cigar. But
there is a class of manufacturers and retailers
tailors who cater to what-wo call tran-
ciont trade. They are the people who
get rich in a hurry and retire Irom tbo
business. They never expect to see him
again , mid unless ho investigates his
cigar very closoky ho will not dibe-over
tbo inferiority of it until it begins to
burn bis tongue. Then bo lires it into
tbo gutter with an imprecation. They
are the men who have no conscience ,
who make tbo money and who are re
sponsible for the growl about cheap
cigars. Wbcro are they ? Everywhere.
"Then , again , those tnmbieiit trade
follows calculate tbat when a man has
smoked tbo Hrst half of a cigar ho
throws it away. To clinch an uncer
tainty they have manufactured for them
cigar the Hrst half of which is filled
ith lirsl-class tobacco , while the second
end half is filled with miserable pick-
ngs. When the man finishes the llrst
: ialf ho is in sploneliel humor ; when bo
enters on the second half bo finds bis
tongue beginning to itch , and the saliva
in bis mouth to have a pungent , nause
ating tusto , which makes him throw the
igar away. He cannot understand it ,
but thinks that it is all caused by the
: iicotino which collects in the ) second
lialf of the cigar the nearer it is burned
"Oh , yes ; it is a sharp dodge ono of
tbo trade ) and dealers who count al
most entirely on transcient trade work
t for all its _ worth. It is in a majority
of cases this second half of miserable
ickings whichls causing most of the
complaints about the bad quality of tbo
popular cigar. Not every man wakes
up immediately to the deception , and
ie puffs away on the second half with as
much vigor and satisfaction as ho did on
tlio first. Sometimes be don't discover
it and sometimes ho does , but don't care
i lig. Ho smokes to bo smoking , nnd a
'itinkcr ' suits him just as well as tbo
choicest brand of Havana would. "
An assault-at-arms , executed by la
dies , occurred recently at Berlin , Ger
many. Five lady pupils of a fencing
school , beaded by their lady teacher , all
[ Iressed in sky blue , with antique
cuirass in silver , went through a series
) f exercises with foil and saber. ' The
teacher defended herself blindfolded
[ gainst two assailants with foils most
Scarpia nnd Justinian are tbo names
of Sarah Hornharilt's two lions , which
she lets UIOMS occasionally. Ono of
Sarah's frienels always brings bis re
volver witii him when be calls.
Alexandra Dumas says ho docs not
write bis memoirs because be does not
care to write about hiniholf , and thee of
whom bo would len-o to write , were ho to
make such a work complete , would rather
ho would remain silent.
A flock of twenty-three wild turkeys
sailed slowly ewer the village of Ilock-
villo , Ga. , the other day and made the
mouths of tbo local sportsmen watorbut
no ono was lucky enough to bag any of
tbo birds. Four of the turkeys were
snow white.
Leo XIII. always dines alone. No
king in Christendom over rccoivcn
higher honor than to lie invited to partake -
take of a cup of colleo.
Beware of Scrofula
Scrofula Is probably moro general than any
other disease. It N insidious In character ,
and manifests Itself In running sores , pustular
eruptions , bolls , swellings , enlarged Joints ,
abscesses , sere eyes , etc. Hood's Sarsaparllla
expels all trace of scrofula from the blood ,
leaving It pure , enriched , and healthy.
" I was severely aniicted with scrofula , nnd
over a year had two running sores on my neck.
Took Ovo bottles Hood's Sarsaparllla , and am
cured. " C. 15. LOVBJOV , Loncll , Mass.
C. A. Arnold , Arnold , Me. , had scrofulous
gores for seven years , spring and fall. Ilgud'a
Sart3i > : ulla ! cured him.
Salt Rheum
Isono of the most dhngrce-ablodlseases caused
by Impure blood. Ills readily cured by Hood's
Saraaiiarllla , the great blood purifier.
William Spies , I'.lyrla , 0. , suffered nreatly
from erysipelas and salt rheum , caused by
handling tobacco. At times lili hands would
crack oi > cn and bleed. Ho tried various prep
arations without aldj finally tuoU Hood's Sar-
Baparllla , and now says : " I am entirely well. "
"My son hail salt rheum on his hands and
on the calves of his legs. Ho took Hood's
Sarsaparllla and Is entirely cured. " J. I ) .
Btantou , Ut. Vcrnon , Olilo.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Bold lij all dnigtfili. glj eliforjii. Made only
by C. J. HOOD & CO. , Apothecaries , ! / > ell , Mail.
| OO Doses Ono Dollar
Our Magic Remedy
" All Mrlilllllo I > l ci > i ( > .of teffni or lonz "
from tin totlftrrntlnyi.i > mil RIVO written tinnr-
Hntrnloruronny rn nor return ! your mutiny. Atnl
'V'1" " " * "J lo lho < > who Imve rmiiloyoil tlio mo t
fkllk'il I'lijndclniK , UXH | t'vurr known remedy nml
IIATII not licpn curi'tl , Hint you nro the unblecti we nro
lookinii for. Vou tlmt himt boon to tlio n < lobrato.l
Hot MTIMk-s e > ( Aikunsas , and lnuo lost nil liope o/
tvcoTcry , wo
Will Cure You
ormfiXonnchnrpo. Oiir romcily l nnkiioirn In onr
ono In tlip fo lll ouKMcnf our Company , iituj II It
the only iviiuM ) in tlio world tlmt will runyou. . Wtf
will euro the mint olxtlnnto rnno In hthnn ono
month , Semi i1 ) In roci-nt cn i'i UOPI tlio work. It
( Mho old , chronic. dt ( H > - ealtt l rnso * thftl wo solicit.
\\VlmvnriinMliiinilruH nlio liml been iibiuivlonuj
by riiyMiMnns nnd | > rououucod Incurable , nud
We Challenge tha World
to brine iii a case tlmt wo will not cure In lei than
MncjIII , , lilMorjr of mpillolnp. Tnio SpcolHo for
SyplilllllpKniptlin\ | , , Sore month , Ac. , ha *
U-i'ii lou I fur but never found until
Our Magic Remedy
wa < 1l covprp < 1 , aid WP arp 1n tltHv1 In i ylni ? It In the
only ri-mpily In tlfw world ( but will | > o < ftlTi > ! y euro ,
liccnnnH tbe latrn nipdlcnl work * , i < ulill liud by the
l > csl known antborttlpK , uny tbpro WRI never n trim
( iiocmu lietoro. Our Hcmcdy It tbe only nirdlrlnetn
! Iif > world Hint will cure when ercrylhlnR el 8 lm <
[ iillnd. It haahvvn vocmucded by n lurnn uunibcr of
Celebrated l'h > lolivn . IT n.\s MCVEH YKT FAILKII
TO runs. Vtliy WMto > our tlmo and money with
| > atpnt medicine * tuat never bml Mrtue. i > r doctor
with pbyMrlann tbat cumin ! euro you. Vou that have
tried everything eltenlinuld come to u now nnd rot
permanent lellofi you IIKVIT mil uct Itfilmmhvni.
Mnrk what wo say : In tlio end you mnatukitonr
Ueniedf or NKTKII recover. And yon Hint have bwen
alltlctou but R ihoit tlmi > should by all mean * ronio to
us now. Many get help nnd tlilnk thuya rw free from
the itl ea e , hut In one , two or three
PlKiar nuiln In mothcrrlblo form.
InvotlKat oar financial Mandlnc through tlio mor-
enntlle anenelpe and note thnl wo are fuHy reM'onsI-
He nnd our written guarantee ! nrn KOCH ! . We have A
IlKMEiir prepared on purely Scientific 1'ilnclplei and
wp wlili to repent that It NKVEII FAILS TO CUIIK. All
ettera nacredly conildentlal.
looms 1C. ami 17 Hellman Bloek.
CAPITAL , $500,000
SURPLUS , 100,000
HERMAN KOUNT/.K. I'roslilcnt.
JOHN A. CUKIOHTON , Vlce-t'reslileut.
F. II. DAVIS. Cashier.
W. II. MEfJQUIKH , Assistant Cnsliler.
510 North Mil Street , Omaha ,
PAID IS CAPITAL , $100,000
GKO. 12. IlAIlKUIt. President.
UOIIT. L. GAUUCIIS , Vlco-Presldent.
JII. . JOHNSON , Cuslilec
A General Hanking Hu ln s Transacted.
In tcrest Allowed on Tlmo Deposits.
CAPITAL , $300,000 ,
Loans Made on Real Estate ,
School , County and Municipal Honda Negotiated
\VM. A. 1'AXTON. President.
WM. 0. MAIIU Vice-President
itonr. OAHLICIIH , secretary.
V. II. JOHNSON , Treasurer.
\V. 0. MAUU I" WlLMAMS ,
Morchftnts * National Hunt Ilnlldlnt ' , , Ituora 1 ,
Telephone No. 'Jri'i , Otnaha , Nebraska.
Phccnlx , Ixindon , Knuliiiui Ki.7SVRI.ia
Flretnon'K. NewarkN. .1 ! , Ki4tKiniI
( lien's Falls , aU-n'B 1'tilln. N. Y UK.a ! . 4
( llrard , Plilladelplila , I'u. . IailWW.iU
ubtuliubtor Nuw York N. V l. : > IU.r > il ) li
"VT ATTKIl of appllcatlun of John Ilnlino for liquor
Niitleo li lieri'liy KlTPn that .liihn Ilnlino dlil upon
tbo'Jntb duy of December , A.I ) . IKMT.IIIo lilt iipplkiitloii
tiillionmyiiriindeltytoiincllof Onmlni fur lliin ; i ; to
m'll limit. aplrltuniiH nnd vliiini * IhiunrB t No. IJH
Wllllmn street , Hecond want , Oiiiabn. Neb. , from tbo
HrxtduyotJunuary , I'M , to the llrst iliiyof Junuury ,
1 * " . . .
If there bo no objection , renion'trnnco or proton
Died wltliln two wi'i-V triim Duteiuber&tli.A. I ) . ua > i
the .aid Hum * .III bo antulwl. . , .
Apl > | 1lnt. ,
J. II.SoimiAllli. City Clerk. _ '
Notice to Contractors.
Pealed iiroXsalH | IIUio iccelved at the olllce
of tun county Herk up to a o'clock p. in , of I'll-
day. rVlintury 10 , I"1 * * , for riinnliiK the < iiunty
KrudliiKmutliliH'H for tlin yrur 1NW. Tor full
purtlcmars liiqnlre at county clork'H olllco. A
dupoilt of one hundred dollars ntiitit accompany
each lild as a guaranty of K < " 1 faith. Tlio rlKht
Is if < > erved to relect any mid all bids , lly order
of the Hoard of Commlfc'ilunirx.
Jlldluwlt County Clerk , IOII'KI.IK ) ( ' < I , Ne'li
Slioi-llV'H Kali * .
lly virtue of an nxt-cittlun 1 by his honor.
( ieoru'o W. Shields , county Jud o In and for
DoUKlns county , Nebraska , \ipon a Jiiduiiicnt
tendcrid In hiifil court In favor of John frank
and acalnst James McVcy , I ha\o levied upon
the follow lnKKood undrluittel astlio property
of said .luinm .McVoy. to-"H Uno bay horM- .
And I will , on the lit day "f rnlmuiry. IrKH , at
II ) o'clock u. in. of < l day. ut the Htablo of
Trank , V Muhi.nvy , ' " H' ' north Hide of DotiKliut
Htieet. bctwcrii I'lKhth "d Ninth MfcctH. In tint
City of imialm , DoiiL'liiHioniity. NeliniMku . MiOl
( .iildpri.peily at public aiit-tlon to thu hlnhont
bidder for ruih , to hittlsfy the amount duo oil
mild uxecilt Ion. In Hm aKurei-iilo bi-lliK i fAr ! > ,
with iiili-iHit then on from the I''th ' day of Jim-
uary , ! ( * * * , and ucaultiKCostHon nald execution.
Wn.i.iMCoiiimN ,
Hhfrlir of Donulas County. Nebraska.
Onmtm , Nobrafkn , January 31 , ItoH.
Sonloil Proposnlst.
Pealed proposals will bo received at tno olTlct
of tlt urchitw In. .Mendelssohn , Klsher A : Ijjwrle ,
Now I'axton llulldlni ! , Omaha , until Saturday ,
JrtiwaryiMh , IXM , for the catpenter and Joiner
work , of HIM four tttnrv and basement brick'
Uaiili-h Aiitoclatlon lliilldlni ; . Thu plan * and
Hpetlllcutlons fan bo had , and Information ob
tained of the iiichltfCtfi
MK.MUI.SSIX : ( | , r'ibllEiti l.twuit.