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' "
Ei i . .0 . . . . - ' : . . ; ' ' THE SUNDAY , .BEE. JANUARY 8. 1888. - YVtfL'VE PAGER
.THE 8'tTN.DAY. : .BEE.
} ' Ol I-'ICK NO.1 'IB ; t'KAltt * STItKKT
Dclh < > rc l by carrier In nny part of the city ftt
twenty cents per week.
II. W Tll/iiiN. r Manager.
JlrmFiiM OFFKT. No. 4. ) .
N. Y. Plumbing Co.
Hclter , tailor , full goods cheap.
Tlio African Hnptlttt church has released
Ilev. Mr. Mills from Its pustoruto.
The county board adjourned jcstciday af-
tcrnoon until Monday afternoon ut'J p. in.
flood coot , full weight guaranteed. C. H.
Lumber company , DUO Main street. Tel. ' - ' " .
The canning company's office has bcrn
moved for the winter from the works to No.
52U Uroodway.
Edwin O. Johnson and Miss Mary H. Cook ,
of Oarncr township , were married Tuesday
evening by Kuv. W. H. W. Hoes.
The infant child of Mr. und Mrs. Morris
Traverse was buried yesterday morning at
10 o'clocg , from their home on Sixth street.
Any one desirous of engaging In business ,
should read the announcement of n "Knap , ' '
inadu in another column by O. I' . MuICessou.
It Is a big "chance for the right man.
The "Old Hickory" ball to-morrow evenIng -
Ing will bo quite an extensive atfalr. A largo
number of tickets have been sold , and the
indications point to u very largo attendance.
Messrs. J. L. Formal ) and P. H.Witid have
Withdrawn from the bond of J. A. Spuulding ,
which necessitates his securing other bonds
men In order to hold his place upon the force
of the city constabulary.
The wife of Hon. K. S. Hart Is seriously
ill , and unless there is soon a decided change
for the better , Mr. Hart will bo unable to bo
present at the convening of the legislature ,
which takes place next week.
An Episcopal sociable will be entertained
Thursday evening at the residence of Mrs.
lic'iison , corner of Willow avenue and Eighth
street. Mrs. Hcnsonwill bo assisted by Miss
Davenport and Mrs. Hradbury. A
time Is anticipated , and a general Invitation
is extended.
An upset lamp came very near causing a
conflagration at tiio store of E. L. C nmlsbcrg.
on Krldny last. The accident happened
iibout NliitO o'clock. The lamp fell into u
box which contained papers and other inllam
able material , and but for prompt attention u
lire of no small dimension would have re
When the sewer and paving tax notice was
nerved on the county board they did not kick
against its payment , but promptly ordered
the auditor to pay the bill. Now it will bo in
order for certain property owners to protest
against the assessment of tax ux | > n theirprop-
ci ty for the payment of this bill.
\Vaukesha\Vator.bytho gallon , 35
cents , lit Troxell Uro't ) .
GUIIH of all kinds at Odell & Bryant's ,
CU1 S. Miiin St.
One thousand head of one , two and
three-year-old steers for bale. Will give
credit to reliable parties. Enquire o
A. J. Orconamayor , 0:23 : Mynstor st.
telephone liil. _
Miss Lou Keellno of Omaha is visiting Mr.
mid Mrs. Geo. ICecllno on Pierce stieet.
W. O. Templeton. of the Citizens' National
bank , Omaha , wis in the city yesterday.
Heprescntatives U. K. Hart and A.V. .
Wyiwui left for Ues Molncs yuaturduy morn
Mrs. Sarah Lawrence , of Hudson , Kan. , is
visiting with her slater , Mra. Louis JSur
S. T. French , an attorney of North Pluttc ,
Neb. , was In the Ulull's yesterday , the guest
ol.I. U. Chiistian.
Dr. S. Stewart leaves for Atlantic thi > eve
ning upon professional business. Ho will re
turn Tuesday evening.
Senator Gnmeweg leaves for the state rap
itol tills morning. Ho will make his headquarters -
. quarters while thcro at the Gladstone hotel.
Capt. Nick O'lirien returned yesterday
from a shoit visit to Sioux City. Ho fre
quently brings back a man when ho goc's on
these llttlo pleasure trips , but this time he
returned sad and alone.
Roller skating Monday night. Everybody
invited. Driesbuc'h's hall , ! i. > Main street.
Money to loan. Cooper & Jiulson.
Splendid UuxincHH Opening
For the right man who has a capital
of $1 ( ) , < HH ) . For full information call on
or address Forrest Smith , 11 Pearl st. ,
Council Bluffs , la.
Over tlio Pant.
Last evening the oftlcers-elect of the G. A.
K. were installed. The following will servo
during the coming year :
J. J. Steadmaii , commander : C. S. Hub-
bard , vice commander ; William Ifcipcr , olllcer
of the day ; , I Jncoby , quartermaster ; J , W.
Kilgoro , chaplain ; Eugene Casey , onicor of
the guard.
Tlio installation was followed by a r.upper.
not of hard-tack and pork , but of the good
things which un ex-solillcr knows full well
liow to apprceiate. Then came the camp-tire ,
with its tales of hairbreadth escape and the
living over again of the days and scones of
the war.
For bargains in real estate , go to
Johnston & Van Patten , ftt Main st.
A Snap.
Splendid chancu to go into the imple
ment business at Beatrice , Nob. Since
the history of Beatrice there ban never
been half to favorable a , time as at pres
ent. If taken at once will sell the entire -
tire stock of general implements , con
testing of seasonable goods , regardless
of cost. Address mo at Council BlulTs
la. , or Beatrice , Nob. O. P. McKesson
assignee forW. I. Shullenburyer.
Deals In Dli t.
Heal estate transfers from day to day give
a fair Indication of the prospect for the year's
building , as well as being a thermometer o
the business temperature of a town or city ,
During the month of January few sales are
expected , and the results during the pas
few days have been most Mattering. Yes
tcrday's transfers were as follows :
Margaret Sehraum to Herman Grote , th
w K of sw , ' { section 0 tp 75 r 42 w , elgh
acres , SI.IV.U Same to .1 C. Whitcmah , R > i
of so' { of s c tp'.lr 4''w , fS.NW ) . Michao
Carr to Matthew , Mary and 13. 1' . Me
Menomy , an undivided Interest in lots 3
nnd 4 bile ' ' 5 , lots 7 , 8 , 15 and 10 in blk ' - > 8 , lots
M , 14 15 and 10 in blk 41) , lots 4 , 5 and 0 in
blk 07 , lots 7 und S in blk 9 Kiddle's sub ,
lots 5 and It in blk 7 , lots 13 and 10 in blk II ,
lots 10 and It in blk 12 , lots 1' ) and SO in blk
ID , lots 5 and 0 in blk 1)1 ) Howard's add ,
$ l,0'.Vi.8. ! .1. C. Norton to U. E. Uriglitmun ,
the nw V of so } { of nw if of see 1 ! ) tp 73 r 10
w , ten acres. , f .MX ) .
Cross-cut taws. Odoll ft , Bryant.
K. H. Shcafe loans money on chattel
security of every description. Pidvnto
consulting rooms. AH business .itrlolly
confidential. OflU'o 600
Broadway , cor
ner Main street , up-stairs.
For best quality coal and wood , call
on Gleason , lid 'earl ' street.
The Central drug store , under the
management of .1. I ) . Stuart , hits been
enlarged and refurnished with a com
plete stock of fresh drugs. A fine holi
day line of books , stationery , cutlery
anil imiblcal goods at. very low prices.
If you deslro to get a now Hall typo writer
che.ip , drop a postal eai\l to H. A. P. , HUB
cfllfo. A croat birg-aln for the llrstlio
I offer a reward of $10 to any one who
\ylll llnd out for mo who it is that inter-
foivsvith my cemetery lot in Falrviow
ccmotcry and with the mementoes which
nrb placed upon the grave.
grave.C. HALUAXK.
' ' ' ' * '
" ' 4 * ' ' '
; A Fftlr Malddn BocuroS ) Honvy Dam-
For Seduction.-
Tlio Onn I'osts I'lnRRf-d Tim Kli-e
Getting Coinlbrtnbly Kl.xctl
A .Salvationist Fined For
Thumping a 1/atl.
Damages Tor Seduction.
The court at Olenwood has had Its time
taken up for two weeks with the trial of u
case which has excited much Inteiest , and
has been especially sensational for the Mai-
vcrn folks , as the parties are so well known.
The plaintiff Is Miss Mary li.itrd , a , charming
looking young woman , and the defendant Is
Lou liochncr , a prominent and qulto well to
do young merchant of Malvern. The fair
plaintiff claims that ho ruined her some
years ago , under the false promise of mar
riage. She says ho Induced her to accom
pany him to a hotel ntCilenwood , and after
that they continued their Intimacy for some
time. Then it appearing that he was in no
hurry to fulfill his promise to make her his
wife , she determined to break off their rela
tions , and she went to Kansas , where she re
mained for eight months or more. On her
return , so strong was her love for the man ,
and so great his Influence oycr her , that she
again yielded to his beguiling words , and lie
reassured her that ho would marry her , oven
showing her the house that was to bo their
homo. As ho disregarded these promises ,
she ut last commenced action against him.
The first trial iesulted In her securing a
verdict against him for $7,0 < X ) . The case
was taken to the supreme court , and the
Judgment set aside. The second trial came
to a eloso at Olenwood yesterday afternoon ,
the Jury bringing in a verdict forf < i,7l > 0.
The burden of the defense was the at
tempt to break down her character , and to
disprove her claim that he ever promised to
marry her. It was claimed that If the seduc
tion was at their meeting at the Hotel In Glen-
wood , that act was barred by the statue of
limitation. Any later act of seduction could
not bo proved. The jury returned the ver
dict just the same , in favor of the fair plain-
tin' .
The plaintiff had for her attorneys Messrs.
Stone & Sims , while Watkins & Williams
looked after the defendant.
Instead of paj ing out your last dollar
for gas , purchase lamps of Homer , 23
Main street.
A choice lot in Terry addition for
sale. T. B. BALDWIN.
the Churches.
The following announcements are made of
services to bo held in the several churches of
the city :
Services to-day at I ) o'clock , conducted by
Hev. G. W. Crofts. Sabbath school at 4
o'clock. Prayer meeting Wednesday evening ;
subject , "Tlio Tongue , a Powerful Instru
ment of Much Good and Harm , "
James III.
coxonro * TIOXAT , ciit'urit.
Services to-day , morning and evening. In
the inoinlng the pastor will preach on "Re
conciliation " In the evening the Hev. D. D.
Dclang will preach ; subject. "Christianity
Aggressive. " A cordial Invitation is extended.
Mr. Crofts will speak for the Harmony
mission at I ! p. m.
In connection with the musical part of the
services the following selections will bo
iven :
Organ Prof. Do Normruidio Mcrkel
Solo "Hear my Praver" Handel
Mr. Westcott.
Trio "It Is I , Ho Not Afraid" . ' Wilson
Solo - "Better Land" Cowen
Mrs. Wadsworth.
Duct "There Is a Green Hill Far Away"
Solo -Hock of Ages" Abt
Mrs. Evans.
In the morning the pastor will preach and
administer the sacrament of the Lord's Sup
per. Wo love to have visitors commence
with us at the Lord's table. Those , however ,
who may not wish to remain for the saero.-
ment , will have an opportunity to retire.
The Sabbath school will meet immediately
after the morning services. Strangers and
others cordially invited to all the services.
Hev. W. II. AV. Kecs , pastor. Preaching
at 10yOa. : in. and 7:1)0 : ) p. m. Morning sub
ject : "Tho Baptism of the Holy Ghost. "
Kventng theme : "Tho Great Contrast. " He-
vival meetings will bo held each evening of
the week , conducted by the pastor. Sunday
school at 12 m. Evening meeting for young
people at 0:30. : Seats free , public invited.
Preaching by the pastor at 10:30 : a. m. and
7:30 : ] ) . m. Baptism In connection with even
ing service. Meetings continue through the
ST. FIUNCOIS' cnt'iicn.
Mass at li o'clock , and mass will bo after
ward every half houruntil high mass at 10:30 :
a m. The singing at tlio high mass will bo
b.v our own city and the best Omaha talent
combined. B. P. McMcnoiny , pastor.
Divine service to-day at 10:43 : a. m. and 7:30 :
p. m. Subject of morning sermon , "Tlio Un
certain Future. " Evening sermon , "Ma
sonry vs Hcllgion. " The public and strangers
cordially invited to attend. T. J. Mackay ,
SMKTS' cniTitcn.
Elder Mark Korseutt will preach at Saints'
church this evening. Morning services at
10:30. : The public cordially invited.
\ . M. C. A. 11OOMS.
Young men's meeting this afternoon at 4
o'clock at Association hall , corner Main street
and Broadway. All young men are invited
to he present. A brifif spirited sonjj service
will precede the other exercises.
Murder most foul. To permit your
children to die with dipthoria when
Dr. Jefferis infallible preventatives euro
will save every case. Ten years trial
has , demonstrated the fact no physician
required. Address Dr. T. Jell'eris , 317
South 15th street.
Furnishing For Ftro
The members of the lire department are
Just now getting their full share of the good
things of this lifo. Captain Hapalje , of No. 1
hose house , has presented each of the boys
with n pair of heavy sheepskin gloves , which
coma at just the time to bo appreciated. The
members of house No. 4 , on Broadway , are
much tickled over the donation of a rug bj
the Council Bluffs Carpet company. The
only trouble with the rug is that it will not
stay where it is put , for although one of the
boys may leave it laying quietly besldo his
bed , \\hcn ho returns he is sure to find that
it has become dissatisfied and taken up its
quarters near one of the other couches. Tlio
most pressing want that now exists is the
absence of accessary chairs , and thocitj
council now has an oppuitunlty to inako .
very acceptable present.
Special Sale ofn l' < l uant House.
One of the largest and most elegant
residences in Council Bluffs , modori
improvements , largo and beautifu
grounds. Ceutrally located. T. B
Baldwin , Brown block , Council BlulTs
Medicine For tlio Poor.
The county board of supervisors , at yes
tcrday's session , madotho following appoint
mer.ts to treat the paupers of the county
Macedonia. Grove and Silver townships
Dr. G. M. Parish , Center , Bo'knap ' am
James , S. Dr. Toby , H.ixlo Dell and Nor
walk. It. 1) . .Icnnings , Carson and Washing
ton W. F. Pierce , Crescent , Boomer am
Uoekford , J. W. Nusum.
The Progress of the Pny.
Yesterday afternoon while the Bii :
man was hustling his best for news will
which to regale the Sunday readers hi
stepped into the 'olllce of Dr. Stewart
No. 45 Fourth street. The doctor is a
recent addition to Council Bluffs , hay
ing but a few days ago "moved from At
lantic , la. , and purchased the veteri
nary stables of Dr. Kcamons.
Medicine is nut the BKH man's bca
i old. but lie was aiixtotis to learn what
10 < ; oudof ! 'mpdorn invi ntinn for the1
realment of .siok'o.r disabled a'liimals.
Jut a'fcw years ago , , when a horse's log
vat'broken ho was shot. It wirt not
hen ' posr > lblo to heal' , the
ircak. hlt-oa cs in the human lace mid
ho brute creation are very similar and
equiro very similar treatment , but it
vas many 'years before bcientifle re-
carch showed this to be true.
To bo successful in the treatment of
hej-o caj < es requires the highest mirgi-
al and medical knowledge nnd skill ,
vith.the assistance of the most modern
appliances. These latter Dr. .Stewart
ms , nnd ho willingly explained ( o his
nipil how they all were ut-ud. lie alto
nodestly gave the information that he
vas a regular graduate of matcrla med-
a as well as veterinary medicine and
irgery and has had seven years practi
cal experience.
The stables arc fitted up with warm
> ox stalls where animals can bo kept
omfortably In the coldest weatber.
Since these stables came into the pos-
es-sion of Dr. Stewart ho has changed
ind improved their arrangements f-o
hat they are now fully the equal of any
n the country.
A Happy New Year ,
The Salvation Army figured in the police
court npnln yesterday morning. Ocorpo
Stownrt has boon one of their regular attcn-
lunt.s for some timo. past , but his training
Iocs not seem to have done him much good ,
is ho yielded to the promptings of the devil
ind administered a thrashing to a boy named
Jarvoy McAllister , who had incurred bis
llsplcasurc. Thn army soldiers flocked to
its defense , but were unable to clear him ,
luspito their earnest endeavors to do BO , and
le was tlncd f'J.tiO for assault and battery.
Vftor taking an account of stock they found
t possible to raise the required amount , and
he claims of the outraged law were satis-
led. Tlio happy brethren then marched
oyfullr awav from the station with their
omrado , and he now occupies his usual place
vlicn the troops leave their barracks for
heir mighty crusade.
Mauri Crlgg donated $8.10 to regain his
Iberty after a lively boozo.
Opium , morphine habits cured. Dr.
loliingor , 014 U'way , Council BlulTs.
No More Street
The gas company has removed the burners
rom the street lamps and soldered a plug hi
liolr places. The reason for doing so was
hut since the expiration of their contract
vitli the city the boys have been in the habit
of lighting the lumps. In some parts of the
: ity this has been tlono for the purpose of 11-
umliiatlng thuir slides , and in other places
'or mere mischief. Some of the cocks wore
opened without lighting the gas. and the
escape would not bo detected until tlio citi
zens of the locality would make a complaint
of escaping gas. The company objects to
furnishing gas without pay , nnd hence the
At tlio Fair.
Commencing to-morrow clearing sale
of woolen goods and remnants of all
\inds of goods , that have accumulated
luring our last six month's business.
Two yards prints , He , a < yurds for oc ;
H-own sheetings. 86 inches wide , 3
yards for 12c , 7 yards for U8c ; Ginghams ,
Jo per yard , in remnants. Also a great
many worsted dress goods , in remnants ,
: it low figures. Twenty-live pair lace
curtains , 3 } yards long ! Hoc a pair , only
one pair to each customer.
J. GOLDIIKUQ , 18 Main t.
A pr.iirie chicken yesterday flew against a
: clephono wire In front of the Homo Steam
Laundry , anil was so dnrud as to bo c.isily
captured by Patrolman Thomas.
Attention , Company A.
All members are requested to meet at the
urmory on Monday evening at 8 o'clock , sure.
Dullness of great importuned Is to bo trans
acted. C. H. IIl < ! II\UTI [ ,
Lieutenant Commanding.
One Hundred Million Dollars' Worth
of ProcloiiH Stones in Ills Museum.
What ho terms his museum , s-ays a
writer in the December Cosmopolitan ,
speaking of the Shah of Persia , is a
curious place. It contains a profusion
of costly articles and objects of art , such
as exist nowhere clbo at the present
day , it being the opinion of well-in
formed Europeans , who have viewed
these treasures , that their money
value is perhaps twenty-fold that of the
contents of the bo-called green vaults at
Dresden. It is impossible to give exact
figures , for they could only be obtained
after a long and minute inspection and
valuation by experts ; but , roughly
estimated , it is probable that there
is more than $1X ( > , ( H)0,000 ) worth of jew
elry , precious stones , coined and un
coined gold , cobtly objots do vcrtu , fine
porcelain and glassware , old weapons
and armor , tableware and ornaments of
riuisito Persian and Hindu workman
ship , etc. The s-o-called peacock throne
( a part of the plunder Nadir Shah car
ried oil from Delhi 150 years ago ) is
alone valued at many millions , oven
after a number of the large , rough and
uncut jewels have been broken out and
It is an incongruous place , this mu-
souin. Thcro you will see vases of agate
or gold and lapis la/.uli , said to bo worth
millions ; and alongside of them empty
perfume bottles' of European make ,
with gaudy labels , that can bo had at
wholesale for about /i / cents apiece.
You will sec. priceless mosaic and
exquisitely painted cups , and cans , and
verses , which were presented by some
European potentate , and side bv side
with them you will' notice some horri
ble daubs , veritable 10-cont chromes ,
picked up the Lord knows how and
where. You will perceive glass cases
filled with hugo heaps of rubies , diamonds
mends , emeralds , sapphires , turquoises ,
garnets , topa/.es , beryls , of all sizes and
kinds , cut and uncut ; and cheek by
jowl with those your eyes will see cheap
music boxes , Jew's harps , squeaky hand-
organs. The Shah must also be in con
dition to ' "bull" the market on pearls ;
for hero is , for instance , a big glass case
twenty-four inches long by eighteen
inches wide and high , that is moro
than half filled with beautiful pearls
( mostly from the Persian gulf fisheries.
of all sixes and degrees of loveliness. Iii
a separate long case the orders and dec
orations of the shah , coming from nearly
every country in the world , are kept on
exhibition ; but the crown jewels are in
a little box that is always locked , and
for which the shah himself forever ,
waking or sleeping , carries the keys.
The contents of this box , and of the sev
eral vaults where ho keeps his pilles on
piles of bright , shining , unused money
ho never allows others to view , although
the musuum may be visited once a yeat
by the European diplomatists and the
friends that they vouch for.
Barrels are made in Jersey for the use
of the Channel Islands farmers whicl
will fold up when empty , and thus , hav
ing been tent to market , can bo packet
into a binall spaoo on the return. The
staves are fixed upon the hoops bo tha
the heads being removed , they may bo
rolled up. They are made poefoot eylin
dors , and therefore occupy lo s space for
the same capacity than ordinary barrelh
The Art Review has this intoiestin ,
and instructive paragraph : "A biblio
pegist Is biblionhilo with a special re
gard for bookbindings. A bibliotaph is
a book mNor. A bibliopole is a book
poller for bibliophiles. A biblioklopt Is
a stealer of valuable books. Mr. Lenox
who would not let Prescott see his Moxl
can manuscripts , was a bibliotaph , am
S.un I'opyfa was a biblioklept. Hlbliola
try is the \\ors > hip of books. "
The Yonr Opens W16li n tight De
mand For Mouoy.
A Conipnratlvply Striufy Kccllnjj Pro-
vnlln New Vork HlicH | > nly Mod-
erntcly Active ProS'lHlons
Inclined to Weakness.
CntCAno , Jan. 7. [ Special Telegram to the
JEE. ] The opening week of the year prc-
ented considerable activity in financial cir
cles. The demand for money was only mod
erately active , calls from all sources being
mailer than for some weeks past. Hankers
lave Increased their supply of loanable funds
ns borrowers have cancelled some of their
outstanding obligations at the close of the
ear. Operators on the board of trade rc-
lucsted very few favors , ns deliveries on
lanuary contracts were lighter than usual ,
icing transferred ahead as much as possible
as speculators were fearful of a financial
'squeeze" about this season of the year.
Packers have presented some paper for dis
count , but their demands hnvo not been press-
ng and their wants have been readily sup-
ilied. There was about the average amount
of miscellaneous paper offered at the banks
ind parties in good standing were accom
modated without much complaint. Whole
sale merchants were model ate borrowers
nnd , to some extent , in the way of extension
of papers. There is considerable money
being forwarded to tlio interior for the pur
chase and storing of grain at interior points ,
hough even this demand is lighter than
some weeks ago. Kates of interest are
nodcrately llrm , though there is a larger percentage
centago of paper accepted accepted at
ncdium figures. The bulk of paper from
good parties was accepted at 7 per cent , with
small amounts at 7K ( < JS per cent. Eastern
r.onoy markets' demand for discounts con
tinues quite active with only a moderate sup-
ily of loanable funds , and rates of interest
, vero maintained at 0@7 per cent. Heports
from European llimtidul ocntores indicated
comparatively steady feeling in that quarter
and Interests were without material change ,
i'ho weekly reports show a further decrease
n bank balances. New York exchange was
n good demand during the early part of the
week and the fooling was stronger. Offcr-
ngs were not very largo. Sales were made
Between banks early atnogOOe premium per
fl,000 , but near the close the feeling was
easier and transactions were rnano at 2oS40o (
premium , the market closing steady. For-
cipn exchange was in good request and
offerings were somewhat limited. The
market was stronger and prices ruled
higher. Shipiwrs sixty days docu
mentary bills on London changed
hands at fl.Sla' @ l.S2) and the market
closed steady at ss4.8'rf4.i5 ( . Stocks in
Now York were only moderately active dur
ing the week just closed. Trurtlng was
mainly in speculativcs and the feeling was
somewhat unsettled. Offerings was not very
large , while the demand from all sources wa's
limited. The reports of the earnings of the
leading railroads for the .closing part of the
year continue to show quite liberal increases ,
Vet this feature docs not appear to have any
particular effect on the course of the market.
The i eductions in froigljl on somooftho
western railroads has tended to an unsettled
feeling and In some instances caused a slight
reduction in prices. Stocks of the trunk
lilies have shown some Strength as rates
have been well maintained ; both on local and
through business. Some weakness was
manifested at times , but the fluctuations in
prices were slignt. Trading was largely on
Wall street account the outside and
foreign business doing very little.
Sales on the New York stock
exchange aggregated about 7-12,000 shares. A
moderately active business was transacted
in the Chicago produce markets for the in
troductory week of the yeur < though the
the trade in a general way has not fully re
covered from the usual holiday quietness.
The volume of speculative business was only
moderate , and operators in all the leading
nurkt'ts appeared to give preferred deliver
ies the preference. Considerable trading
was reported in the way of transferring con
tracts. Deliveries on January contracts
wcio surprisingly small , which may bo at
tributed to the fear of a "bquce/o" in finan
cial circles. Some wheat , lard and short
ribs were tendered , but the quantities of
other articles were very limited. The feeling
in a general way was inclined to weakness ,
and pieces for most articles have favored the
buying interests- The receipt of groin has
not been very largo at the principal western
markets and the movement eastward and to
foreign markets was moderately free. Sup
plies of grain arc increasing gradually with
the exception of barley. The movement of
live stock to jeading western points has been
fair , but not in excess of that of tlio corresponding
spending time in Ibb7. The firmness in
freights and the scarcity of cars , coupled with
the refusal of western railroads to transfer
their shipments to eastern railroads ,
which has delayed freight , has Deen
somewhat of an embargo to the
shipping business , yet our merchants
have managed to forward considerable prop
erty in the aggregate. Advices from foreign
markets in reference to stocks on hand and
the demand for all interests , has not been
very favorable to holders and the homo mar
kets have not exhibited much life. Stocks
of hog products are gradually accumulating
at the packing centers though they
arc generally believed to be lighter than at
this time last year , due to the increase in the
packing of the west.
Terrible SufTcrlni ; From tlio Overflow
of tlio YniiKtzc-Kianf ; .
The Hu Pao says : The bed of the
old southern course of the Yellow river
being too high , the current cannot pos
sibly bo taken into it , oven if the pres
ent broach be bucees" > fully stopped ; and
therefore it has been determined to ro-
conduct the river north through Shan
tung. The authorities of C'bihli and
Shantung have accordingly been in
structed to excavate with all speed , in
readiness for next year's spring freshets.
At Ilukiou Citynear Kiukiang , there
has been rioting by the famished people ,
who forced their way into the Jox-
aminution hall and violently demanded
A Chiiigkiang correspondent of the
North China Daily News , under date of
November 1M , saj > : The Yellow river
Hoods tire wild to 1x3 m ktyg their way
toward North An-hui , and the prefec
tures and districts 'of ' Ying-chow ,
Show-chow and Tjng"yuan are
said to have ton - feet of
water. The llungtficj hjko is nlso
slowly rising , and it is possible a portion
tion of the Hood waters ma.M How' via the
Chao lake out by Yu-ehi kin ncurWuhn
into the Yangtze , and nnot'her portion
by the Grand canal hlto the Yangt/o ,
near this place. Anywpy there will be
great mibory this winter1 and nuiu.-
ber.s of people have already been
drowned. Some of thy wutors may too
draw olT into the llwai river. The
viceroy at Nankin is said to be much
exercised on the matter , as ho doe.i not
know where the waters may force their
way out.
Under dale o ( November 28 the same
correspondent says : The waters of the
Yellow river are now floating through
northern An IIul. and a section of
country ItSO square li is moro or lois of a
lake , with the river running through
the centre. The water has llowcd past
Till Ho , Ilsieii and down to Ying-cnow
Fu , both towns having suffered
much from the Hood , The Hood
water lias entered the Iluai river
and Wu Ho district city is in great dan
ger , The water in the Kao-yu and
Shao-po lakes has already begun to rise
and a considerable body of water is said
to bo entering tlio Yangtco by a creek
below C'hinkiang. The Grand canal is
, only tcpnratejd. 'from the K < fo-yu .mid
'Shao-po by a tTykovhicli hn , liovfove'r. the hist' few ' yoari 'beenneed
with 'roil frcostono' from 'Shao-po to the
north miT | of the thi > Kao-yti lako. ' On
thtr east bnnkif ( tlio canal the land flu *
moro than ImU the dlstanio ! to Oh'ing-
Chiang P'u 1" below tlio level of the
Grand canal , and if the water should
rise above the west dyke of the eailal
there will bo u frightful inundation allover
ever eastern Kiang u. The present dry
weather is so far faxorablo , but the real
danger will bo in April and May when
the spring freshets arrive. It is essen
tial Unit the breach in the Yellow river
bank should bo repaired before that
time arrives. The judge at Soochow
is to superintend the river bank
work ; ho is temporarily suc
ceeded by the Chlngiang Taotai.
According to a report sent to Shi Pao
of Xovombor ! 28 and given under re
serve , the River viceroy had three days
warning of the impending disaster , but
unwisely listened to the counsels of
u secretary named Li , and neglected to
send the money for purchasing block
ing materials which were urgently de
manded by the head ollloor of the sta
tion. A letter to the Yih-won Lull
says that the water now reaches to a
point only forty li north of Yang-chow ,
nnd looks as if it will finally enter the
Ynngtso by way of Kau-yu City. A
mcmorinl from the Viceroy Li states
that Tung-minp in Chihll has had a
narrow escape from the disaster which
look place higher up ; the current was
moro overwhelming than has been
known for scores of years ; thousand ! ) of
taels had already been spent in endeav
oring to save the dykes , when suddenly ,
the waters stopped and news of the
breach at Chong-chou arrived. Four
million taels , being the Peking romit-
ances duo from the provinces bordering
on llonan , are to be advanced by those
provinces from any funds on hand and
hunt to Honan within a month , the
amount to count as next year's Peking
remltaneoB , and to be gradually reim
bursed as collected to the funds whence
now advanced.
The Shi Pao says that it is proposed
to call upon the pawnshops throughout
the empire for payinentof several years'
annual license fees and quarterly re
newal fees in advance , in support of the
Yellow fund. The latest news from the
breach is that the blocking-up work is
progressing , and efforts are being made
to lead off the water into its natural
The Shantung correspondent of the
North China Daily News says : Thcro
is a saying current in China that the
imperial caiml is a jewel box , and that
the Yellow river is a prodigal son. It
is taid to have been from the will of
the Emperor Chia-Ching that the fa
miliar soubriquent'of this stream took
its rise , by which it has come to bo
known as ' : China's Sorrow. " Of the as
pects of the recent calamity
from the Honan and Kiaiignan
side , wo are unable to speak ;
the Shantung side may have some points
of interest. The Yellow river has been
in the habit of swinging back and forth ,
from the south of the Shantung promon
tory to the north binco the Han dynasty.
The northern routes have been various
and complicated , and so far as wo are
nwaro are not ascorfainablo with pre
cision. A good map of Shantung or of
Chihli is marked at sundry points along
the seaboard with dotted lines , inclosing
the phrase , "Old mouth of the Yellow
river ; ' ' where thcro have been many
mouths there have been many courses.
In 18o7 the Yellow river , which for a
long time had been flowing south of the
promontory , burst its banks and came
northward in a mighty torrent , occupy
ing the bed of what was then termed the
Ta CiringIIowhich at once became and
remained a great turbid Hood. The de
vastation must have been similar to what
has lately taken place in Honan. By
degrees the surviving inhabitants be
came accustomed to the invader , and
by mighty dikes struggled to re
strain it. How ineffectual these efforts
have been , may bo ascertained by a
casual glance at the volumes of the
translations of the Peking Gazette ,
especially for the past six years. Gov
ernors have como , seen , and been con
quered. Millions of taols have been as
much wasted as if buried in a polar
ocean. Square miles of earth have been
heaped up , and washed out again each
summer. There is a broad belt of Shan
tung , which , like the valley of the Nile ,
has contracted a chronic habit of getting
For years the great highway from
Poking to Chi Nan-fu has been inter
rupted each summer by a waste of water
from ton to twenty miles wide. This
occupiad a district fertile and full of
villages. When the Hoods came with
Buddon violence through a huge gap in
the double banks , villages were utterly
washed away and crops buried out of
sight. Late in the autumn the waters
usually subsided , and then some of the
survivors contrived to plant alittlo wheat
in the soft residuum of mud , and were
esteemed fortunate if it was reaped in
time to escape Iho Hood of the nextsum-
mer. In the fifth moon of the current
year the waters came again. Half way
between Ta-chou and Chi Nau-fu it was
necessary to take boats , which wore pro
vided by the magistrate of the district
of Yu Ch'eng , to ferry passengers over
about fifteen miles of water.
When at length this water was crossed
there still remained six miles of solid
land before the Yellow river was
reached. Despite the enormous vol
umes of water escaping through the
gaps above , the Yellow river itself was
full to the top of its natural banks , and
on either side ran a swift and | x\vorful
current like a mill-race. In the midst
where all is generally a smooth , oven
flow , appeared a tumultous boiling , hiss
ing rapid , extremely dangerous to navi
gation. This was the point where the
waters came into collision with the
broken arches of what had once been a
tine bridge over the Ta-ching rivor.
Such , for live or six years past , lias
been the general condition of the vicin
ity of the yellow rivor. in the profee-
tu'ro of Chi Nan-fu. The moment the
great break occurred in Honan , so fatal
to that province and to An Hui , all this
was changed. The overflowed river fif
teen miles wide , which had so dislocat
ing an clToot. flowed away almost as
quickly a it camo. The real Yellow
river , too , no longer camoand its chan
nel became quite useless for navigation.
Great junks were helplessly strandod.
There was but a few inches of water in
the shallower bonds , and. in the deepest
readies between the water had settled
into clearness , and there was no current
whateve.r. Thus came to a sudden end
almost exactly thirty years of malignant
violence , tho'fury of the waters being
transferred elsewhere. Within a few
days of the departure of the water tlio
old roads on the plain south of the river
were re-opened , and in a fortnight what
had lately been an impassable swamp
was actually dusty. On the northern
plain the process was slower. Tlio lack
of united action so conspicuous in
Chinese affairs , was hero more con
spicuous than ever.
Nor is it the Yellow river alone which
works such ruin. There is not a river
on the immense plain * north of the
Yangts/.o which is not liable to do the
samo. The so called grand canal , the
Fu Yang-bo , the Huto-ho , the Ilun-
ho , the Poa-ting-fu river , and I'el ho ,
with many les-er streams and tributar
ies are thus threatening or actually
working ruin and devastation all the
time. Lisabter& ) which , occurring in
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Hungary.Italy or Franco would bo heard
of within forty-eight hours all around the
globe , attract in China but little atten
tion. They are too little known. They
are to % common. They are supposed to
bo remediless. Yet the recuperating
power of the Chinese Is remarkable.
Drowning , freezing and starvation
&eom to act as but a temporary depres
sion. Helpless as they obviously are ,
and hopeless as one would expect them
to be , they rise from temporary extin
guishment and "do the next thing. "
It is a sight truly ama/.ing to see
square miles of mud which would not
bear the weight of either man or beast ,
and from which the waters had barely
subsided , which had yet been tracked
over by both man and beas-t the former
guiding and the latter drawing a
simple sharp pointed drill
which cut a slit in the mud ,
and dopobitcd therein grains of wheat.
The abundant moisture and the warm
autumn sun caused the wheat to spring
up rapidly , and whore on'y ' yotiterday
absolute desolation prevailed , there is
to-day the promise of an abundant har
vest.What will bo done with the now dis
persed bodies of fatal waters , which
were once the Yellow river , wo do not
know. The untold and unimaginable
horrors of its latest outbreak may never
bo revealed. Wo hear of whole porfee-
turos submerged of a district city from
the walls of which but two men escaped
alive ; square miles of villages obliter
ated in an instant as leaves are turned
under by an autumn plow. China has
many necdfa railways , telephones ,
mints , banks , and balloons , not to speak
of loans and syndicates ; but in our
opinion what she needs most and first ,
and without which all UICMJ and much
else will bo as usclcns as the trilobiticb ,
is a government.
A man in Thomaston On. , ifi said to
have caught fid" chimney swallows in
one night by putting a board over the
chimney where they came to
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hero in Wiihhingtou and less than a
vear ago the acting commissioner of i
Indian alTairh. Unshaw , took occiihion to j
rolled upon M'Glllcuddy's honesty and
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