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Gladstone in the Roll of an Amateur
Forty Yoara AKO.
The Tale Which the Old Files of a
Newspaper Tell.
The Episode Recalled By His Pres
ent Trip to Italy.
An KITort to Belittle the Crnnd Old
Man For Whnt He 1)1(1 When
He WUH Comparatively
n Youth.
An 10lHodo | ol'Itygono Days.
[ Cniwrlulit HAS bi/Jaiiict / Cdiilun llcmifU. ]
Loximx Jan. 7. [ New York Herald
Cable Special to the BII : : . ] Gladstone's
present visit to Italy serves to recall hi'
notable ( list visit thither forty years ago
Ho was an Intimate friend of the then bj
courtesy Karl of Lincoln , afterwards the
Duke of Newcastle , who took charge of tin
Prince of Wales on his visit to the states. A'
Lord Henfow in IS'iO ' the earl had married tin
daughter of the Duke of Hamilton , who !
the grandmother of the present Duke ol
Newcastle , although she never was r
duchess. She eloped with the Karl of Or
fordJthcn , by courtesy Lord Walpolc. Hei
husband desired proof. No divorce court ex
luted then and divorce was only a luxury foi
the rich through the. house of lords. It oc
Burred to the lord to make Gladstone ui
lunuteiir detective , as it were. The lattci
was then not In ofilce. Whnt ho sawoi
heard is best told by himself when swoui bj
Lord Brougham as a witness and fully re
ported In thu Times , which the Herald re
porter verified at the British museum.
After some preliminary questions and nn
frtvcrs , and after Lord Wulpolo had beci
traced in intimacy with a Mrs. Lawrence
the future first commoner of the land tes
tillo'l :
"Allowing for the difference of station , :
was well acquainted with her , "
Mr , Gladstone further testified :
"I recollect of a minor reaching England ii
August , ISIS , in regard to Lady Lincoln , am
In conscqucnco of thcso family meetings tool
place which led to my going abroad a :
much , However , in the interest of Lady Lin
coin's as of Lord Lincoln's character. Tin
rumors to which I refer were such as loft m
doubt that there wore unhappy Indiscretion
which were callable of a worse construction
There was , however , no disposition to put tin
worst construction upon them , and a stroni
hope was entertained that nothing but India
erctions had taken place. "
Lord B. Were you authorized by Lori
Lincoln to induce her ladyship to conn
back }
Mr. G. Yes , and to place herself in a pine
of security.
Lord B. Your mlwiion didn't exclude th
hope of her coming back )
Mr. G , I think not , my lord. My objcc
was to induce her to do what prudence scenic
P to require. I went in quest of her to Naples
going to Komo first. Slio had left for Gcno
I before my arrival and desired to luiro letter
addressed to her at Milan. 1 found a true
of Lady L. by her own name and was ir
duced by what 1 heard to go to Como an
was led to believe she was visiting at th
Villa Mancini under the forged name of Mn
Lawrence. I endeavored to obtain nn intei
view with her on my arrival , Tuesday mori
Ing , July .11. She declined to sco me in th
llrst Instance because I was a stranger to he
and the second because she knew no sue
person as Lady Lincoln. I then endcavorc
ineffectually to obtain nn answer from he
in writing , but I received only a verbal stati
ment in reply that Mrs. Lawrence knoi
nothing of a Mr. Gladstone. In the evcnin
1 paid a second visit to the villa and saw cv
dcnco of preparation for departure. A cu
ciago was at the door. I saw a female flgur
standing as if ready to get in. 1 did not si
whether she took a scat in the carriage , as
was anxious not to bo observed. The cu
rlago drove past mo with the blinds dowi
The female figure I saw corresponded wit
that of Lady Lincoln.
Lord B. Could you tell If she was wil
child )
Mr , G. No , my lord , she was so wruppc
up for traveling. I went after her the no :
day , but , weighing the matter in my mind ,
returned to England.
A trcacheryus discharged valet of Lei
Walpolc then testified to improper visits i
his master to the lady called Mrs. Lawrcnc
mid on motion of Lord Kcdcsdalu the divon
This was before Earl Lincoln became
duke. Oddly enough ono of her sons afte
wards got Into the divorce court.
It is with the nephew and heir nf this th (
Lord Wulpolo that Miss Corbin , of Now Yor
is soon to Intermarry at Nice.
Ati Adjournment Taken to the 1'nne. <
the Knife and Fork.
ICop./i / lyhtJvSSbtf / James ( it-nlim HtnntU. ]
Losnox , Jan. 7. [ New York Hera
Cable Special to the Bin : . ] The music
congress has adjourned , and to-day ita lea
ing delegate from America , Prof. Lavall
of Boston , sailed from LlvcrjK > ol. His ess ;
has received much attention from the pres
Among other newspapers the Glebe suli
"It must bo owned that the backwardness
n.uslcal composition of nntlvo origin in tl
United Static Is rot a little surprise. Tl
states have exceptional advantages in tl :
respect. The population lira n large Germi
and Celtic quota , which alone should 1m
the strongest Influence. There ate uli-n
of musical students. Here , too concerts and
opera houses swarm. There Is a marked
tnsto for music In religious worship. Plenty
of money Is freely sjiout on musk' , and the
United States is leaving old countries no-
w'icro In the production of sopranos , con
traltos , tenors and bassos. It Is true that
Mr. Lavalle claims for America the
possession of comi > osers who deserve
to bo called classical , and who have
written works well received in Europe , but
what nro their names , leaving out foreigners
who happen to live In America. Classical Is
a big epithet , and one cannot call to mind the
name of a single American compo cr to
whom It is due. Nevertheless Mr. LaVnllo
was right in taking the hopeful view that the
American love of music Is real and not a
fashion. A spontaneous dcvolopemont of a
taste in any way whatever Is promising. "
After reading an essay on the pianoforte nt
the conclusion of the congress , Mr. A. .1.
IIpkiiH , F. S. A. , who Is In Europe a well-
nowii as high mitorlty upon antique musical
nstrumcnts , illustrated by performances
upon various predecessors of the modern
liunoforto. Commencing with a little un
dent clavichord , lie played n prelude In C
lujor and a fantasia cromatica by Bach.
The sound given by the instrument was faint
ind thin , not altogether unlike the noise
made by a sewing machine , and with less
melody than can bo got out of the miniature
llanos sold in toyshops.
He next played upon a Venetian spinet of
ho date of lobO the Ellrubethan period-
giving n piece called "Gnliardo , " by William
5yrd , who flourished from about 1533 to 1C2H
and another by the famous D. John Bull
r.(13 ( to 1028 entitled "Couranto JewoL" The
spinet was ono witli short octaves and
sounded strong , but the notes were twnngy.
A similar instrument of u century later
0 < 0 showed marked Improvement.
The next instrument was a harpsichord ,
Llated 1771 , with a double key board. The
notes were now callable of being sustained
'or a short period and some prcsant could
.loubtlcsa call to mind many a worse sound-
ng Instrument of modern make.
The next change brought the illustration
down to the present day , the instrument be
ug a Brondwood , built lust year. On sueli
nn instrument it goes without saying thai
' " " and thcwell-knowi
Chopin's "Aritcspiancto" - :
'Nocturne , " in E flat , both of which pieces
Mr. Illpklns had the good fortune to hoai
; ) layed by the composers , wore heard undei
favorable circumstances.
The congress then made music with the
knife , fork and Crown Derby China at r
unchcon with the lord mayor , and tjici ;
closed the day at the Salisbury hotel by 11
banquet , whcro Mr. Illpklns further per.
formed on the chairman's gavel before 12 (
covers , Dr. Perkins , an American del
cgate , acting as vice chairman , and the
latter in the evening responding to the toast
"The National Music Teachers' Association
of America. " His whipped.
syllabub manner of addressing a dessert nu
dicnco stood in excellent contrast with the
roast-bccf-and method
- - sausage - dumplings
which nearly all after-dinner English speak
crs adopt. The proceedings and papers reai
will bu soon published in book form and sen !
to the United States. This now Idea of at
international musical congress seems to bi
one calculated to increase yearly in popu
I Jlu nt Taken to Jail.
G.i i. WAV , Jan. 7. Immediately after tin
decision In Mr. Blunt's case ho was con
voyed to jail , followed by largo crowds
whom the police attempted to avoid by n rusu
l/"his / proved futile and u conflict occurred be
twccn the crowd and the police , during whicl
swords and batons were used. Several per
sons wore injured. Mr. Shaw Levere , i
member of parliament , and several othe :
gentlemen arrived ut Bullinuloo to-day. The ;
were met by 4,000 people. It wa
proposed to hold ft meeting , bu
a quarrel arose about the admissioi
of government reporters and the propose' '
meeting was abandoned. Mr. Shaw Lever
was presented with an address , in response t
which ho protested against the imprisonmon
of Mr. Wilfricd Blunt and eulogized the el
forts made in the causo'of Irish freedom.
Charged With Sedition.
DUIILIX , Jan. 7. William John Lane , men
ber of piirliument for the cast division o
Cork , has been arrested on the charge o
making a seditious speech at Watcrgrass hi !
on December i. Ho was admitted to bail.
Kinprror William Taken Worse.
P.USM , Jan. 7. Ills reported hero that th
condition of the emperor of Germany Is quit
serious. It is said ho is confined to his be
and has hud several fainting spoils.
Dined AVith the Governor.
Sr. Pmiiusnt'ua , Jan. 7. Lord Uandolp
Churchill and Lady Churchill dined wit
the governor of Moscow this evening.
News From Massowiih ,
HOME , Jan. -Advices from Massowa
s.tatu that Generals Gene and Cagnal hav
advanced their fortified posts to n point lieu
Aooeped the Torino.
CiiicMfio , 111Jan. . 7. The Chicago Post :
Telegraph company , an Illinois corporatloi
which tool ; out a charter about a month ugi
has itotilled the federal authorities at Wasl
Ington of the acceptance of the tcims of tl
act of congress , passed July ! M , ISO
by which any telegraph con
pany giving piufcrenco to governmci
dispatches at a rate Hxcil by the posttmisti
general has a right to build and epcrato \ \ In
on any post road over which the Unite
States mall is carried. Several routes ha\
already been projected , ono of them bcin
from Chicago to Duluth and another throng
Illinois and low.x and thcnco via the Unio
Pacinc railway to San Truncisco. The con
pany will ro-opcruto with the Mnckay-Bci
nctt sstem. .
Montana Frozen Up.
HKI.EIM , Mont , , Jan. 7 , At 7 o'clock till
morning the spirit thermometer registere
6" degrees below zero , which seemed to I
the coldest night since l < ir . Stock U sulfe
ing and should the present cold snap contluu
the loss will be heavy. All freight trains ai
abandoned and passenger trains are froi
twenty-four to thirty-six hours lato.
Shot lilt , Partner.
ARKANSAS CITY. Kan. , Jau. 7. A specli
from Anthony states thai Walter E. Trcai
well , the great cattle king , shot Charles (
Clark , hi * old partner , wounding him set
cusly. Tlib orlglou of the difficulty U m
The Only Ones Which Have Shaken
Berlin the Past Week.
lolders of Box and Fnrquotto
Tickets Greatly Excited.
An Order Which Will Swamp Al
ready Depleted Exchequers.
V Misconstruction 1'lnccd Upon His
Action in Attending u NonSectarian
tarian Charity GutlieriiiK
The AVcek'H Doings.
Foolishly Misconstrued.
[ Cojnirtuht IteS lit/James Giinlan JJcmiflM
BKIIU.V , Jan. 7. fNcw York Herald Cable
Special to the BIB. : ] The sensations this
week have been social ones. The attacks
upon Prince William for attending the city
mission meetingsliavc almost given his good-
natured visit the import of a great political
event. Graf Hochberg's edict that from
lanuary 1 to May I Monday night operas at
the Berlin Koyal opera house will bo society
evenings , to which those with box or parquet
tickets are requested to como in evening
ttrcss , also caused u stir , which will bo
easily understood by Germans but
es'i easily by Americans. Ono
wper complains that the increased
cost of gloves , cravats , carriages mid bou-
lucts will deprive the best music-loving
class of their music on these evenings.
\notherwlth an unexpected democratic feel
ing bitterly laments the division into
classes made among musical people by tlieso
special evenings and by the demands for
dress coats only in certain parts of the house ,
third paper , with moro justice , deplores
the attempt to make the opera a place for
; ossip society instead of a house in which
music lovers may solemnly gather to cele
brate their devotions. Still a fourth ,
after n tirade against dress coats
, u'id hats as English freaks , ends
by a scrio comic hint that a tailors party in
the rcichstag has been propitiated by the
iltet of dress coats , and declares that musical
people throughout Prussia must combine to
edict delegates to form a musical party largo
enough tobo _ worthy of political attention
and concession. So If all goes well Prince
Bismarck's thunder may bo soon directed
against an unruly rcichstug party of musical
experts acting with social democrats and
nihilists to secure the abolition of dress coats.
Then if every plan of the most desperate
musical circles succeeds , some night Berliners -
liners will see the Iron Prince in
n slouch'hat and corduroys smoking a cob
pipe in the Frcmdcn Logo or some other very
prominent opera box. No ono has so far ac
cused Prince William of extreme piety and
the long-sustained angry yelping causodby his
participation in the city mission meeting
some weeks ago is not likely to increase the
prospect of piety as n profession.
Thu city mission Is u non-sectarian society
which supports between twenty and ono huiv
drcd city missionaries in Berlin. Connies'
Waldcrsce , who is a leader in all good works ,
is interested in this mission. Princess Will
iam has also taken a considerable part in its
The mission , being short of funds , called i :
meeting at Count Waldersce's house us ar
attraction to rich snobs , and Prince Willian
was induced to grace it with his presence
The only remarkable thing about this wa <
that the prince should bo good-humored
enough to endure the borednm of a meeting
without special interest to him. It happened
though , that Count Preacher Stoecker , a so
called Jew baiter , is at the head of the cit j
mission , but as ho also leads a dozen othci
religious benevolent movements , nobody nl
leges that the city mission is nnti-scmatii
or that there was any Jew baiting u
tliis special meeting. Novcrtheles :
Stoockcr Is being the most hated man h
Germany. His presence nt the mcetini
caused an almost unexampled series of at
tacks on Prince William , in which conscrva
tlvcs as well as liberals joined. Part of thi
comes from the crown prince's wcll-knowi
dislike for Stoecker and the wild successive
ness of certain liberal sections , which , ii
every action of Prince William , imagin
they see an attempt to supplant the crow ;
prince. The importance of these attacks ar
duo only to the fear that they may Irritat
Prince William into allying himself with th
unpopular party. This week ho bcga
to receive addresses of thanks froi
many cities and towns , numerously signet
but unfortunately containing among other
the names of those who nro remnants of th
nnti-sematic party. Princess William ha
shown some special marks of favor to Paste
Stoecker nt a public dinner. The prince ha
been told several times that all-wise policic
are at first unpopular as has been especial ! ,
shown In the cases of Bismarck and Empera
William , whoso quarrel gives a good idea o
the differences between the crown prince an
his son and thcro is seething cxcltcmcn
among those Interested persons certain to b
advanced by the crown prince If ho lives t
reign or bo neglected if not worse by Princ
Cold weather Is hurrying somewhat the dc
parturcs from Berlin of Americans. T
start is Prof. Dorchester , of Boston UnK'ei
slty , who with a party goes for a month'
stay in Ituly.
Mr. Church , of Denver , Col. , also goes t
Mra. Wlswell and party , of Evanston , 111.
go now only so far as Paris.
Caniden Dike and party , of Brooklyn , N
Y. , have been detained by Mrs. Dike's 111
ness , but start south next week.
Pvcv. Zewelzig , of Scranton , Pa. , haa'N
cady got as far as Leipzig on his way to the
icly land.
U. C. Shannon , formerly charge d'affatrsat
Mo Jiinlero , with a party and Mrs. Grace
and daughter , of Nuw York , also go south.
The sudden death of Mrs. H. E. Sawyer , of
5oston , who recently loft Berlin for Italy ,
las been a great shoqlc to musical circles ,
lor friend , Miss Buckley , of Detroit , was
vlth her during her Illness.
Ex. Congresamntin Hellmnnn , of Indiana ,
and William F , Hues , of Chicago , are among
ho arrivals in Berlin ,
Mr. Wiswcll , of Evanston , III. , and Miss
luthcduf , of Philadelphia , are among the dc-
mrttircs by Wednesday's steamer.
The lint tie ol'New Orlonnn Commem
orated In New York.
Niw : YOUK , Jan. 7. The battle of New
Orleans , fought January 8 , 18IS , was com-
nomoruted to-night at the Hoffman house
with u dinner given by the Business Men's
) cmoerutio association. A hundred and
Ifty gentlemen , including well-known demo
crats of this and adjoining states were
ircscnt. After dinner came the toasts.
The first was : "Tho President of the
Jnltcd States. " In response to it a letter
was read from President Cleveland.
: le regretted that his duties prevented
ilm from attending the dinner. In continu-
ng ho wrote : "The anniversary of n battle
which illustrates the courage and military
skill of Andrew Jackson should bo fittingly
celebrated by an association whoso name in-
licates its belief in the political principles
which ho steadfastly maintained. The les
son of his rugged honesty and vigorous In.
sistanco upon right cannot bo too often
studied and Infused. It Is especially encour
aging to find business men associated to
gether for the purpose of contemplating
Lheso things and advancing such
> oliticul interests us seem necessary to the
prosperity of the country. No political theory
! s valuable unless It benefits , in its npplica-
cation , the business of the people and when
our business men engage moro goncrullv in
political affairs wo shall have safer and bel
ter politics. "
Letters of regret from members of the
cabinet , Governor Fltz Hugh Leo of Vir
ginia , Governor S. D. McEnerny of Louisi-
.inu , and otl rs were read. Governor Hill of
New York made the speech of thu evening in
rcsponsu to the toast , "The State of New
York. " a ca
At Philadelphia.
Piiii.\ncu'iiiA , Jan.7. The anniversary of
the battle of New Orleans was celebrated
hero to-night by a dinner under the auspices
of the Young Men's Democratic association.
Among the guests of the evening was Secre
tary of the Treasury Fail-child. A letter
of regret from President Cleveland
was read. In the course of his remarks
Secretary Fail-child said : "I need name but
one name , that of your chief executive , to
call before your nllnds the imago of a man
who moro nearly satisfies the conscience ,
judgment and the heart of the people than
does any other prominent citizen of our coun
try. Under him the Independence and dig
nity of the executive , so needful to peed
government have once moro been as
firmly established jtts tlioy were in
the days of Jackyon. New conditions
have brought new questions and new
business to the front , and it is our
duty to meet them with manly frankness
and patient courage. Grovcr Cleveland has
set the high example of this in his annual
messages of 18SO unit lbS7 , and it now re
mains for the ( men of to-day , to
give to the great ; question of government ,
of finance and of taxation , the
earnest thought and powerful action , which
will lead the country along the safe road
that the time-honored , conservative , free-
dom-glving principles of democracy have
made so broad and straight.
The Fire Itcuord.
CIIICMOO , Jan. 7. The new seven-storj
brick building on Fourth avenue , owned b.y
J. C. Dale and S. E. Hart , burned this eve
nlng. A patent medicine , a book-binding ant
a printing firm were the principal occupants
Loss on the building and stock , $250,000 ; in
surance , $7.- > ,000.
, T.\Mi > rowK , Dak. , Jan. 7. Two clevaton
owned by the Northern Pacific and Christiai
& Co. respectively , burned at New Ifockfori
lust night with fcU.OOO bushels of wheat.
Kie'iiMOMi , Vu. , Jan. 7. Fire at Louisi
court house last night resulted in the do
structlon of twenty-one out of the twenty
four business houses and shops in the town
The individual losses are all small and aggregate
gate ,000.
Mrs. Clcvolnnd's lirccptlon.
WASHINGTON , Jan. 7. Mrs. Cleveland' :
Unit afternoon reception of the season tool
place between I ) and 5 o'clock to-day. It was
a very brilliant affair and very largely at
tended. Mrs. Cleveland was assisted in re
coivmg by Mrs. Ingalls and a half u score o
pretty young girls , among them being Mis
Endicott.Miss Bayard and Miss Vilas. At tin
close of the reception an accident occurred
Mrs. Cleveland was pouringtca for her guest
when the frlngo of thu napkin , which sh <
used in lifting tno kettle , caught Jlro from i
spirit lamp , and the napkin was nil ablao ii
a moment. With much presence of mini
the fair hostess dashed It to the floor am
stamped upon it , until the flames were ex
tinguishcd. It was over in nn instant nlmos
and before any one , except those nearest hoi
know that anything out of the ordinary hai
Held to Its Contract.
KANSAS CITY , Mo. , Jan. 7. Judge Krekc ]
in the United States nourt to-day , rondorei
a decision of importance to cattlemen. Th
case was ono in which Charles B. Hudso
had shipped 378 steers from Bennington
Kan. , with orders to have them in thu Ktu
sas City stock yards next day in time for th
markets. The Union Pacific guaranteed t
do this , but failed to comply with the con
tract and the cattle were sold the next da
on a dull market at a loss of ? 700. Hudso
sued and recovered the monoy. Judge Kroke
refused to grant a motion for a new trial.
Crookedne Somewhere.
WASiiiNrfTON.Tan. 7 , Captain Amos Clifl
a clerk in the pension office , and formerly
member of General Sheridan's staff , died n
the Providence hospital in this city abouttw
weeks ago without the knowledge of friend
and was burled In the potter's field. Th
discovery was made to-day. The remains ha
been removed from the cemetery and sold t
a medical college. An Investigation will b
Mra. McCauley Koarrcstcd.
CHICAGO , Jan. 7. Mrs. McCauley , wh
killed her husband on Christmas eve , wa
rcaitcstcd this aftcinoon. She was relcasci
about a week ago on recommendation of th
coroner's jury , Yesterday Mm took ou
letters of administration for her husband'
' . state , valued at $5,000. To-iday the dcu
man's mother swovo out a warrant charglni
the wltc > with murder.
The Great Powers Temporarily
Abandon War Talk.
The Balkan Peninsula Agitating
Austria and Russia.
A Now Figurehead Desired For the
Bulgarian Throno.
Vustrln's Itotcntloti of the Provinces
of Bosnia nml Herzegovina to
lie Culled In QiicHtton
Hy tlic C/.nr.
A Poi'optivo Quietness1.
1SSS luXcw Voik Atmctatttl Fnwv ]
Hr.iiuN , .Tun. 7. A calm which oftleial nml
liplomatic. circles know to bo deceptive pro-
vulla for the moment. The Austrian ami
llussian governments have exchanged as
surances of pcaco , to which nobody at
taches the slightest importance. The only
ictunl change In the situation teiidlngtoward
icaco is the active resumption of negotiations
jctween Count Kalnoky , Austrian foreign
ambassador , and Prince Lol > anoiT , Kussian
nnbassador at Vienna , for a settlement of
the balance of power in the Balkan penin
sula , The negotiations are expected by
joth sides to end In an exact definition of
: ho respective demands , such as heretofore
lias not existed , and from which may bo ob
tained n valid excuse for war. According to
n scml-ofllcial dispatch received from Vienna
to-night , Prlnco Lobanoff has opened the
diplomatic campaign by proponing as the first
stop toward nn entente the removal of
Prince Ferdinand from the throne of
Uulgaria under a joint mandate of the powers ,
the election of u new prince by the now
sobratijo and the reappointment of
Russian ofticcrs to the Bulgarian army. The
proposal specifies that the now prince must
bo a member af the orthodox Greek church
and the sobranjo so elected as to enable Kus-
sia to recognize it us being legally constituted.
In the meantime the foreign ofllce hero holds
aloof from the negotiations , which arc recog
nized as feelers by Ktissla toward other de
mands. The czar's ministers already know
that Count Kalnoky will not admit that the
Berlin treaty gives Kussia any special
right to interfere In Bulgaria. They
know , also , that it is Impossible
to obtain from the powers a joint mandate.
Baffled on thcso points , Kussia will raise n
new question on Austrian retention of Bos
nia and Herzegovina. These provinces were
occupied under n purely temporary title , but
arc now practically annexed. Austria will
bo called upon to evacuate them , and it is
probable that the question of their future ad
ministration will bo referred to a conference
of the powers. The total force of Russian
soldiers in the Warsaw , Wlemi and ICielT
districts , according to the military estimate ,
reaches 32.,000 men , with 7:20 guns. The
cavalry regiments stationed Immediately on
the frontier are being supplied with rations
on the same scale as during iTn actual cam
paign. Everything points to the conclusion
that the c/.ar means to enforce his terms , if
not by diplomacy , by war. The attitude of
England in the event of hostilities will be
ono of friendly neutrality. This fact i1
known to the Bcrjin foreign olllce.
Humors that Emperor William was scr
iously ill and had been attacked with fainting
fits were current yesterday. The rumor :
have received an emphatic denial from oflicial :
doing business at the palace. The emperor i
attended with slight pains in thoboulc and ah
domen. Physicians to-day declare that the ;
do not regard them as anything serious , bu
they insist upon his resting more.
ArlHtocrucv LiKtiMiH to Ventriloquism
ICoji/i | Jit 1S&S till Jdiiits ( Ionian IlcHluU.l
LONDON , Jan. 7. [ New York Ileruli
Cable Special to the Bin : . | The new clul
in the Covent Oarden building , once knowi
as Evan's , is now the great fashionable gatli
ering place on Saturday night. This ovenini
there was a large and brilliant assembly o
some of the best known people of the mctron
olis. The entertainment consisted of a re
uiurkiible ventriloquist performance by Prol
Colo. The most amusement consisted 1 :
listening to tiio remarks of the auditors
among whom were the Duke of Newcastle
the Earl of Kilmorey , air. Seville Lumloj
Captain and Mrs FitzGeorge , Mrs , Morcto :
Frcwcu and Mrs. Leslie , sisters of Lady Ran
dolph Churchill , Captain .Mostyn , Mr. am
Mrs. Henry , L. Horton , Mrs. Alcgustin
Lord Fitzgerald and a brilliant happy thron
of ladies , including the fashionable bcantj
Mrs. Best. The Duke of Newcastle start
next week for Now York on u tour t
A IJnttcrod Ilnrqiic.
[ Copi/Hflht ISfcS liu James Gordon /Icmied. ]
Qur.ENSTOWN , Jan. 7. [ New York Hcral
Cable Special to the BEE. ] To-day th
barque Allonby , Ca plain Parker , from Sa
Francisco , arrived In a shattered conditiot :
reporting the drowning of four of her cre\\
ono of these a sulcido. The cook leapc
overboard , holding an Iron bar In his han
and his pockets filled with Iron bolts. Do
ccmber 23 there was a heavy hurricane am
an Immense tidal wave broke over the shlj
smashing the lifeboat to atoms , and deluge
the cabins bunks. Two sails were blown t
_ _ _ _ _ _ _
Kllrnin nml Mitchell at Dublin.
[ Cojtyrfu'il ' ISSSly Jitme * tSiiitlnn llenitelt , ]
Duiiux , Jan. 7. [ New York Herali
Cable Special to the HCE. ] Kllruln an
Mitchell brought their two nights' engage
KicntaUtho Star tnuslo hall , 'Dublin , to a sue
cessful conclusion to-night , when the hous
was densely packed ID every part. The me
tepped on Iho stage about 0:30 : and were
ceordod u most enthusiastic reception , the
hcering continuing several minutes. As on
ho previous evening , they sparred three
omuls , but these were characterized by light
> lay throughout and In consequence then )
vita some hissing before the conclusion of
ho first round , In the next Kllraln did
oino hitting , getting home ho.ivlly several
lines on Mitchell's head , but in the last the
Englishmen retaliated , and at the close both
nen were applauded. The pair also appeared
n a mid-day performance.
Another Appeal.
SnvMOKiN , I'a. , Jan. 7. The board of trade
ms npiHinted ) u commit tc-o to call on Presi-
lent Corbin and ask that , an adjustment of
ircscnt dlllleultics bo made. Mr. Shu'-ts' , one
if the leading merchants , has decided to re
use credit to strikers , and Philadelphia
louses have notiticd local merchants that
heir credit would not bo extended. Busi-
icss Is almost suspended. The great tnujor-
ty of the miners have ample supplies for sev
eral months , No coal has been shipped to-
lay. Minors have been ordered to vacate Iho
onipuny'B houses at Big Mountain.
The Colit Wave In the llllln.
Ku'iiiCm , Dak. , .Ian. 7.- [ Special Tele-
; ram to the llr.n.l The worst cold snap ever
( iiown by white men in the ] illicit Hills is
iov coming to an end. The cold wave signal
vent up Thursday morning and since then
he average temperature has been about H )
legrees below /ero. Last night it went to 28
iclow : to-night .sixteen. The cold wave Hag
amo down to-day and the bureau predicts
v.irmer weather. Ro.ids are blockaded by
now and travel is badly intemiptod.
SUCCCKU of "Kmim" In Chicago.
Cmruio , Jan. 7. The second week of
'Faust" at McVickcr's theater has been a
onspieuotis success , and , despite the variety
of bad weather experienced during the week ,
ho receipts luivo largely exceeded those of a
similar period in any former visit to Chicago
of Mr. Irving , Miss Terry and 'tho Lyceum
company. _ _
A Wyoming Itank Assigns.
Doroi.w , Wyo. , Jan. 7. The Maverick
bank assigned to-day. Alexander T. Butler
md Charles ] ) . Bro.idbeck uie the assignees.
I'lio cause is said to bo an inability to collect
outstanding debts. The assets are said to
exceed the liabilities. The institution was
argely patronized by cattlemen.
Condition of Montana Cnttlc.
IIui.r.NA , Mont. , Jan. 7. No reliable re-
urns have been received as to the condition
of stock throughout eastern Montana. Stoek-
nen arc somewhat uneasy. A fortnight of
uclemcnt weather would result in serious
osses. The thermometer ranges from 14 to
41 below zero , with an average of u foot of
snow on the ground.
Two Kcct of Snow.
MuijriTii : , Mich. , Jan. 7. The snow fall
n the upper peninsula for the past forty-
eight hours is unprecedented. Up to last
light two feet had fallen on u level and the
storm still continues. All trains are late and
v general blockade is probable.
Weather Indications.
For Nebraska : Colder , followed by warmer
'air weather , followed by light to fresh
winds' , northcrly'nnd becoming variable.
Forlown : Colder , followed by warmer ,
fair weather , fresh to brisk northwesterly
winds , diminishing in force.
Signed the Steel Scale.
PiTT nt'Ho , Jan. 7. The Linden Steel com ;
) any , of this city , signed the now steel scale
of the amalgamated association this after
noon and work will bo resumed at their mill
at onco. The new scale will slightly advance
the wages of some of the workmen.
Correspondence in AVhich John Shcr-
iiinii Kxpressi'H HiH Views.
Niw Youic , Jan. 7. The following corre
spondence is published hero : CHASI : NA.
TIONAI , BANK , NmYOUK , Jan. 5 , ISbS : Tc
Hon. John Sherman By giving to banks pai
instead of 00 per cent on bonds deposited wil
give an addition to the volume of the cur
reney of 0,000,000 , and by removing the ta >
of 1 per cent on national bank notes wil
encourage banks to enlarge theii
issues , I think , to the extent oi
$ 'JOIXX,000 ) more during the comini
six months. I . can sec no reason why Ihest
amendments to the law should not bo grantee
promptly. Some relief to the money market
must bo had soon , or the cry for an niilimhci
or enlarged coinage of silver will successfully
bo raised. Silver rates are satisfactory cur
rcncy , despite all arguments against tin
"daddy dollar. " Except for short pcrioi
prior to and during a panic , there is ulwuyi
money enough , for depreciation and liquida
tlon will quickly bring about an adjustincn
of prices to a volume of money usable it
making prices. I have the impressioi
that you nro opposed to granting the isnu <
of more national bank notes , and 1 feel Urn
I am not trespassing upon you in npprisini
you that every national bank is desirous t <
get that c.xtra 10 per cent on their deposits o
bonds , and certainly the business community
oven the farming population of our country
Will bo gratified in the bettor and moro ade
qnato issue of currency , for it w the prevail
ing opinion that moro money is necessary ti
stop depreciation. I therefore ask you ti
take the initiative , not so much us a favor tf
the banks , but as an advantage to the puhlii
at large , in securing to banks the two ad
vantages Indicated *
1'leuso excuse my pointed brevity.
Mr. Sherman made the following reply
My Dear Sir : 1 agree with you entirely ate
to the piopricty of Increasing the currenc ;
to nutioiml banks in the modes suggested
and you are mistaken in supposing that
have been opposed to such Issue. 1 Intro
duccd a biilthreo or four yours ago allowni ]
an issue of bank notes approaching within 1
tier cent of thu market vnluu of tno bonds de
posited. Tlds was defeated in the commute
on finance , and u proposition to give tlietn :
circulation to the faro of the bonds was re
poi ted and passed the senate , but was neve
acted upon in the house. I would mos
heartily vote for a bill nuthori/ing the issu
of bank notes equal to the par value of bond
deposited. Vcury truly iours ,
fSigncd , ] JOHN SnmoiAN ,
John Thompson , Esq.
Military Afl'nlrn Committee Doings.
WASIIIXOTO.V , Jan , 7. The committee o
military affairs met to-day and clocto
George B. Parsons dork and adjourned unt
Tuesday next without fixing any rcguln
meeting dayn. TJio committee decided t
report favorably the resolution introduced b
Holman in thohouse , requesting the secret nr
of war to pay no part of the IIUO.IKXJ appropr
atcdfortho payment , for the Fort Brown mil
tary reservation in Texas until the committe
acquires further information as to the nccci
sity for the proposed military post.
Death Kccord.
LANSING , Mich , , Jan. 7. Reuben Crav
ford , for many years chief Inspector of tli
United States revenue department for Nort
Carolina , cast Tennessee and norther
Georgia , but moro recently In charge of
more extensive fluid , with headquarters t
Cincinnati , died In this city after a brU
illncs.t. _
Coal Discovered In Tons.
SAX A.vroxio , Tex. , Jan. 7. Thoannounci
mcnt was made to-day that a largo dcpos
of bituminous coal had been discos ercd no :
this city. The coal Is of superior quality.
low the Antarctic Exploration So
ciety Hopes to Stimulate Them.
Urged to Push Their Vessels Be
yond Certain LaUUulou.
Not Enough Money to Fit Out Shipa
Simply For Research.
Ini-d Woi-k to Vliul Arctlo Adven
turers OiKslde of the Ilimly Whal
ers Soolcty Well Wi
Hut No Fund * .
The Dreary South Sean.
JKvs bu Jrtmct ( 'union Haunt' . )
LONDON , Jan. 7. [ New York Herald Cable
Special to the llii.l : : From Information
jbtuiucd to-day at the admiralty and at the
{ oyul Geographical society I urn nblo testate
hat at picsent there is not a question of fitting / -
ting out any special South Polar expeditions ,
but the idea of the so-called Antarctic Explo
ration society is to stimulate private enter- by a promise of bounties for passing be
yond certain latitudes. Sir Allen Young , n
cterun Artioc.xploicr , has been sounded on
ho subject , but so far has not shown any dls-
osition to take tiny puit In pushing n re-
earch Into those dreary regions.
1'ho fact is , society as at
> rescnt situated , Is not in a position
o offer a sulllcient inducement for any ono
0 undertake the voyugo solely witli the oh-
cct of research. The pecuniary support ob-
aincd up to the present is limited to a promise
of 17)00 fiom the government of the Australian
colonies , provided the imperial government
vlll grant n similar amount. The matter has
been referred hero to the hydrogr.iphlcal
mthorilics at the admiralty , and as they re-
KU'tod favorably there is little doubt that
the money will bo forthcoming. The grant ,
lowovcr , will bo accompanied witli certain
stipulations as to the presence on board jif any
ship claiming the bounty of some competent
icrsons who shall hnvo carried out
1 scries of observations In accord-
moo with the present programme.
I'ho Hoyul Geographical society re
gards tliis matter in n very favorable
light , but limits its patronage to wishing well
to the enterprise. The society lias not drawn
up any special programmo beyond'mcrthc
utrical good will to provldo bounties , but it is
understood that ono of its objects is to en
courage voyages to the highest latitudes so
is to find out whether any new fisheries or
seal grounds exist that ccould bo worked
with profit , and it is by no means unlikely
that some Dundee whalers may attempt to
earn the promised bounties. Those will nat
urally bo on a sliding scale , the highest
amount being paid for the highest point
reached within certain periods of time.
Mcd to Protect
AI.IUNV , N. Y. , Jan. 7. The forth-coming
report to the Icgislatuio of the state board of
mediation and arbitration will embrace an
important reference to strikes upon rail
roads , and other propel ties held and used for
public purpose , and will , it is understood ,
suggest the exercise of legislative power
over persons employed to nporuto
properties , as well as over thu ptoperties
themselves , and their owners. Jt is also
understood that the board hikes very decided
ground In favor of making all necessary
regulations to insure the transit and safety
of persons and property upon all railroads
and other highways established for public
service , and benefit against combinations ol
employes or other persons entered into for
the purpose of stopping or in any way inter
fering with their operations.
Sti-ikei-H ( iiilnliif ; around.
KC.UIINO , Pa. , Jan. 7. Coal shipments over
the Heading railroad since the opening of the
week have decreased steadily day by day ,
and this morning the report showed hardly
( KM ) cars had como down the road from sun
down last evening until to-day. This is ro-
gaidcd by all persons as an indication that
strikers arc tightening their hold. Thu rail
road men who took tlm places of strikers are
being boycotted every where. Hotel keepers
refuse to take thorn oxrept ittcxorbitunt rates
and many of tlm Pinhcrton foiro tire being
quartered in old passenger curs especially
fitted up with bunks , stoves , etc.
Trouble- ) .
Toitoxio. Out. , Jan. 7..I. . D. Llttlo ,
dealer in clothing , boots and shoes , made an
assignment to-day. His liabilities are.
? 17)00. ( )
PiTTsnuuo , Pa. , Jim. 7. The Baden Gal
company is dcclurcd to bo insolvent. Knox
and Heed , cnunsel for W. B. lingers , the
i tcelvor of Iho Baden ( Jin company , to-day
made an application In court for thu sale of
the franchises mid effects of thu company.
A I'romi'CHH Held Knr Trial.
CHICAGO , Jan. 7. The capo of the notorious
Mrs. Cassady , charged with abducting
Blanchu Bonnuvlilo for the purpose of lead
ing a life of shame In n Wisconsin dive , cnmo
up in thu armory couit this morning and
Mrs. Cassidy was held in . * 100 bonds to
await the result of a triul.
A Faint Ijenj ) .
OSWBOO , N. Y. Jan 7. Jack Donovan ,
twenty-two years old , Ion pud from thu Ullca
street bridge Into thu Oswego river , a dis
tance of seventy-five fret , this afternoon and
was immediately carried nnder thu Ice and
drowned. It i thought lie was Insane.
I.OHH Ily KlnndH.
LOCK HAVCX , Pu. , Jan. 7. Messages from
the lifad of the Susquctianna river wtatc that
the heavy rain fall of last night caused
si reams to overflow their baiil > s , Hoomsund
dams liuvo given away and mlllions.of fcutof
timber and fogs havu biouim loote. Thu losu
to lumbermen will bu great.
Killed HiH liuiKhlcr and
CAMIIUX , N. J. , Jan. 7. Isaau Mcrricft
this afternoon shot his young daughter dead
at their homo on avimliu and then
killed himself.
I'o\Mlcrly Improving.
X , I'a , , Jan , 7. Dr. Allen , the at
tending physician said to il.iy that \vdcily
Is improving although atill very weak. AU
Visitors Jro excluded ,