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Tbo ProBont Year an Active Ono For
the Olty By the Lako.
Verw Fnllnren Recorded Ontnldc
ut the. HuAnoncloiu Resulting
'From the Disastrous Juno
Wheat Deal.
A VcryGoort Ycnr.
CIIICAOO , Dee.80. . [ S | > oclal Telegram to
the UK * . ] The Daily Trade Bulletin , in its
review of tlio produce trade of Chicago for
1837 , say the year 1817 was quite nn active
ouo. in produce circles at times attended
with considerable excitement in the specula
tive branch of trade and accompanied with
marked irregularity "in prices. In n general
wnyltifuljijrhas.ljicn spasmodic at times un-
usuallyOcllvc.and at others yory qu'iot. TJio
aggregate receipts of flonr and grain for tho'
yenr show a fair increase somewhat sur-
'prislfig ' t < J ninny In the trade and shipments
In the ngffrcgnlo also show some enlarge
ment. Receivers' were favored with a good
trade during the greater portion of the year
and parties who purchase the supplies for the
eastern and foreign markets transacted fully
8 largo a business as during 1880. During
the early partof the year speculative trading
was fairly active , wheat and mess pork at
tracting the most attention , but the collapse
of the "squeeze" in the former during Juno
and thu latter imrtof May tended to a decline
In prices and considerable depression In
trttdc und nt the same time to sevcro losses
in a financial way. Throughout the summer
mouths the volume of business was light ,
but during the fall and early -winter months
there was quite a revival of trade in the
leading cereals and speculative articles in
provisions. Crops triptitnry to the Chicago
market were quite good In yield and quality ,
nnd , with Increased railroad and elevator fa
cilities , country shippers have been induced
to forward a good iwrtion to our market.
Some liltlo inconvenience to eastern shippers ,
arising out of discrimination In freight rates
agalnst'oUr city , but thcsoirregularities have
been adjusted to some extent , and during
this season of lake navigation our merchants
were enabled to divoi t considci able grain to
that route to the east. Outside of lallures
resulting from the collapse of the wheat "cor
ner" In Juno there have been very few sus
pensions In the produce trade. Money has
bcjJti t'oniiwrutively ' easy throughout the your ,
no'particular utrluKeney-notleod though In-
tetcst rates hnvo averaged slightly higher.
TKo miscellaneous demand for discounts has
assisted in steadying the market to some ex
tent and Inquiry for loans from merchants In
otjior Jdidlrig markets of the west also had
gomeeffect In regulating rates of Interest.
Freight rates to eastern and foreign markets
have averaged higher by nil routes , ns Is at
tested by the Increased earnings of railroads
and vessels. While prices of leading articles
have not boon quite as remunerative to pro
ducers and shippers as during the year previ
ous , yet , taking into constdcration nil the
surroundings of trade , few complaints need
bo made. Receipts of Hour , wheat , oats ,
Varley , broom corn , cured moats , drcissed
beef , beef , pork , cheese , cattle , sheep ,
hides , coal nnd lumber , all exhibit n de
crease , While those of corn , rye , grass
seeds , flax seed , canned , meats , lard , but-
tcr , "dressed hogs , live hogs , wool , shingles
and snlts show u decrease. The shipments of
flour , wheat , oats , grass seeds , broom corn ,
canned incuts , dressed beef , beef , cheese ,
dressed hogs , cattle , sheep , hides , lumber and
salt show an increase , while those of corn ,
rye , barley , fluxsced , cured meats , iwrk. lard ,
butter , live bogs , wool , coal and shingles
show a decrease. The exhibit is certainly
creditable to all parties engaged in the pro
duce trade.
Several elements which have figured in
connection with the whqat market during
the past year tended to greatly unsettle the
market , not alone here , but moro or less all
over.tho world , and will long be remembered
in the history of trade. Prominent among
these was the collapse Of the Juno "corner"
hero and'tho "corner" in San Fraucisco.
* Nothing could lumpen tn > moro completely
detnorali/o trade than the undertaking of
theto. two gigantic efforts. They resulted
in blocking the wheels of commarco and
worked inevitable ruin , spreading disaster in
all directions , which it will take years to
eradicate. Money was lost by millions. The
crash cumo so suddenly that operators wcro
unable to protect their interests , and failure
nftar failure followed , threatening n serious
panic. Even ui > to the close of the year the
effect jvns still visible in some quarters.
Speculation' crippled , nnd nil efforts
fulled to revive It until towards the close o :
the year , when it burst forth with renewed
vigor und trading again became active
Prices covered n range of 28 * c during the
year , Selling ns high us OlJ c in June , nnd us
low as ( UIXo in Axigust.
The corn market has figured quite promt
ncntly in tlio speculative woi Id the past yenr
Trading bus been active both in cash on ship
ping account and also in u speculative way
Prices covered nn unusual wide range from
Ulla on the lowest to fil o on the highest , or
over 18Xc fluctuation. Neither was this
wide range In prices caused by any "corner ,
but the greater portion directly attributed to
B scarcity of corn and a partial failure of tin
crop ;
The receipts of flour and grain for the yem
equal 100b.r > ltiir > bushels. The shipment
V-cro 150OS3blH , ) bushels ,
His Daughter Knniiio Ftlcn a Petition
For Settlement.
DENVEII , Colo. , Dec. ! JO. [ Special Telegram
to the Bui : . ] Mrs. "Buck" GrJut ( no
Miss Fannie Chuffeo ) , last evening filed n 410
titlon in the comity court asking for a settle
men of the vast estate left her by her father
formerly United States senator from Cole
rado. In his will Mr. Chaffco loft his daugl
tr Funnlo ( .100,000 worth of securities , em
bracing government bonds , mining nnd rai"
road shares. This magnificent legacy Is t
have priority over every other provlsio
of the will nnd the amount of a hal
million dollars left to Mrs. Gran
Is to bo made up out of the estate In the even
the securities designated shall not reach pa
value at the time of settlement. The cause
of this stop uixm the part of the heirs ema
' nates from M. David H. Moffat's conclusion
that ho does not care , as executor of the lust
will nnd testament of Mr. Chaffeo , to incur the
responsibility of appraising the securities
held In reserve for Mrs. Grant. Mr. MotTut
asks to bo relieved from further duties us
executor uod jiraj s the court to appoint three
disinterested persons us appraisers , whoso
duties it shall bo to settle upon the
value of the securities and turn the
Amount over to the daughter of the deceased.
Mr. Moffut , In his statement , says the securi
ties referred to are of such uncertain value
thut he docs not fcol that ho can do Justice to
the matter. The duties are such that it will
probably require considerable time to wind
up the affairs und appraise the securities.
This is ono of the largest legacies ever loft to
anyone belonging to Denver. Judge Miller
will appoint tnreo parties shortly as appraisers
Of Mr. Chaffce's estate.
4-Mvo Lines to Withdraw.
CHICIOO , Dec. 0. To-morrow ttvo of the
lines , members of the Western States Pus-
enger association , draw out of that organiza
tion and will act independently The princi
pal of these nro the Chicago & Alton , Minnesota
K seta & Northwestern and Wisconsin Central.
It Is the general opinion that if tlieso roads
bpldout for any length of time there will bo
O dMuorulizution of affairs throughout the
west , and u bcuson of low rates will follow.
Snj'H thu Whisky Wna Drngjjotl.
CHICAGO , Dec. 80 , .lames King , a wealthy
cattle dealer from Helena , Mont. , was ur-
rcsted to-night ou the charge of obtaining
money under falsa pretenses. Checks for
$700 were shown drown by him against the
r. . First National bank of Chicago. Mr. King
never liad an account thoro. Ho says the
chocks were signed by him whllo in a semi-
stupor , the result of drugged whisky , 1m-
blbod of tor ho hud been Inveigled Into a pri
vate poker room. Ho had been allowed to
win at first , but afterwards lost ull bis cash ,
(150 , nnd be docs not know what clso. The
complainant ngnlnst Mr. King Is William 8.
Whnrton , loan broker , who got the checks in
payment of a dnbt , und imsorts that ho was
assured by Mr King that the checks were all
Clovclnmt'8 Friend * Will Make An Ef
fort to Hnvo It Held in New York.
CHICAGO , Dec. 30. [ Special Telegram to
the HUB. I "I am afraid tlmt thcro Is too
much reason' for the impression , " said M. J.
Husscll , cilflordf the Herald , when a reporter
spoke to him of the rumor that President
Cleveland was going to take the democratic
national convention to Now York. At a
meeting of the local cotmnittoG this matter
was discussed , arid Iho opinion wns pretty
generally entertained that inoso nearest the
president in Vaahlngton > vcro , In favor of
holding the convention in New York. If that
Is so it will Iravo u very potent influence with
the national committee when they como to
decide tlio matter. " "Thcrq Is another nsiwct
to this question dt whirh'Ijiuvc b.een.looklng.
1 cannot understand why Hill should want
ithc convention to , go to JJew fork. Ho
is understood to bo ambitious polit
ically. In Now York ho is very well knowij ,
nnd us to the governor of tlio bttc ho will be
nt the head ol the "Now York delegation . In
the conventlon.thcrii ho will merely ilguro as
the head of the Now York delegation. If
the convention cumo to .Chicago ho could
have in viowthe possibilities of 18'J3. He
would hnvo a fur bettor opportunity of bring
ing himself Into pnblh : notice and of forming
acquaintances nnd making friendships which
might have a potent1 influcnco'on his future
cureor. I think that having the convention
In Chicago wouhl servo him much better
than having It In NeW York"r nm afraid.
however , that the impression Is too well
founded tlmt Cleveland's Washington friends
want the convention to go to New York and
that their influence will bo sufficient to take
it there. The Chicago committee , however ,
will go on with the work nnd do the best they
can under the circumstances. "
Tlio Citizens' Committed Formally
Notified and the llouus I'nid.
ST. JOSEPH , Mo. , Dec. 30. ( Special Tele
gram to the IJnn. ] A. A. Ilpblnson , vice
president of the Atchison , Topeka & Santa
Fe , was in the city this morning for the pur
pose of formally reporting to the committee
of citizens wliO raised the money to Induce
the Santa Fo to extend its line from Alchison
to thta city that the road hud been completed.
Ho was entertained ut the Benton Club , by a
number of prominent qitirons , und in
n speech by Mr. J. O. Inglehart.
president of the commlttc , ho was
presented with n check for
* ! ! 0. < XK ) . The entire party , after n banquet at
club rooms , adjourned to the Union depot ,
where n special car was awaiting them. A
run was miulo over the road. The run to
Atchlson ocdupicd nn hour. While in Atchi-
Bon the party WHS banqueted at the Atchison
club and then returned to this city. The road
wns in line condition and fully up the stand
ard of all other roads of the Santa Fo sys
A Brilliant Wedding nt Wahoo.
WAIIOO , Neb. , Dec. 30. [ Special to the
BER. ] Last night at 5 o'clock occurred the
wedding of Charles W. Sanford to Miss
Daisy Reese at the residence of the bride's
father , Judge Reese. The ceremony wns
performed in the presence of about ono bun-
red guests who had been invited to partake
trio festivities. Soon after the ceremony
nis performed the guests Were served with
repast of the most choice viands it was pos-
iblo for culinary art to produce. Tlio gifts
rom friends to the happy couple were nu-
icrous and costly. Among others was n
heck for fcSOO from groom to bride and a
ced to the Saul ord mansion from the pa-
cuts of the groom and u vast amount of
llverwurc of every description. The prcs-
nts aggregate In value several thousand dol-
urs. The newly married couple left on the
. 'JO train last night for n month's honey
moon In the southern states.
A Superior Boom.
Summon , Nub. , Dec. 30. [ Spcclhl Tele
gram to therBen. ] Snircrior is'just now ro-
eiving quite a boom. Judge Post has been
icro arranging for the entrance of the North-
vestcrn railway apd has promised a division
) oint hcie. It is understood from the
iiidgo that the Northwestern has" purchased
he completed grade of the Missouri Pacific
west of Hastings , abandoned by the latter
company for the cut-ofT between Pauline nnd
Juniuta , the Missouri Pacitle having decided
to build on that line and not use the grndo
made as contemplated through Hustings.
The division points of the Missouri Pacific
ailwny will now bo Superior nnd Kearney.
The Northwestern will bo pushed rapidly
west of Hastings in the spring.
Norfolk's Street Hallway Completed.
Nouroi.K , Neb. , Dec. 80. [ Special to the
Bun. ] The Norfolk Street Railway company
lias connected the work of laying their rails
lietwcen the city and the depot u mile and a
lialfof line and have two cars icady to run
Between the leading business streets and
Norfolk Junction.
$7OO For a Damaged Reputation.
WAIIOO , Neb. , Doc. 30. [ Special to the
BUG. ] After nearly ten days tlio slander
case of Dr. Pclton against Mayor Dickinson
has terminated. The Jury returned their
verdict this morning after deliberating all
night. They found the ( Inmago to bo ? 700.
The amount sued for was 23,000. The case
will , In all probability , bo curried to the su
preme court.
The Opening Postponed.
KOIII'OLK ' , Neb. , Dec. 80. [ Special to the
BIE. : ] Contrary to expectation , the now
state Insane asylum at this place will not bo
ready to open January 1 , The steward was
unable to state yesterday when it would bo
ready. A force of men are pushing the work
as rapidly us cold weather will permit.
Full Mail Service to Council Bluffs.
ST. JOSEPH , Mo. Dec. 29. [ Special Tele
gram to the -Suporintendent ] R. M.
Thomas , of the railway mail service , was in
the city to-day and made arrangements with
Manager Mori-ell , of the Kansas City , St.
Joseph & Council Bluffs road for putting on a
full mail car sen-ice on the Council Bluffs
road between Kansas City nnd Counil Bluffs.
The Pope's Jubilee.
RICHMOND , Vn. , Dec. 30. The Catholics
of Richmond last night held a mass meeting
in celebration of the pope's Jubilee , at which
speeches wore made by the Right Rev. Bishop
Keimo and others. A resolution was adopted
thanking Picsldent Cleveland lor the honor
which ho paid the holy father on the occasion
of his golden Jubilee.
ROMS , Dec. SO. The pope has conferred
the grand cross of the Order of Pius Ux | > n
all special envoys sent to congratulate his
holiness upon his Jubilee.
Policemen Out on a linrk.
EVAXSVII.I.K , hid. , Dec. 80. Early this
morning Joseph Ztegler , policeman , shot nmt
killed Smock , another policeman. Ziegler
was patrolling his beat when ho saw two men
leave a residence , and upon seeing that the of
ficer saw them they started to run. The officer
pcrsiied them into an alloy und fired and
killed ono of them. Going to the prostrate
man ho found him to beOfllccr Smock. . The
other man. Officer Cnhill. then came up and
explained they wcro off duty and on n "lark , "
and did not want to be discovered. Zcigler
lias not been arrested.
Famine in Montenegro.
CKTTIXOK , Deo. 0. The inhabitants of the
Zeta valley nro suffering from famine. The
prevailing distress has never bcon equalled
In that part of the country.
Children Cry for Pitcher's ' Castoria.
When Baby was sick , we f TO her Castor ! * .
When the \TM * Child , she cried for OMtorlt ,
When she becAma MlM , she clung to OstorU ,
When the had Children , iht CATK them CwtorU
llnrpcr'a Iloynl Style of Living In tbo
Ohio .Inll.
CoM'vnos , O. , Deo. 30. [ Special Telegram
o the Bnn. ] Considerable adverse criticism
s being Indulged in concerning the royal
manner in which E. Harper , the convicted
ice-president of the defunct Fidelity bank ,
s being trdatcdT > y the Ohio penitentiary au-
.horities. The prison rules are being 'ar
ranged , it seems , for his special benefit , and
o endures but few of the rigors of confine
ment. Contrary to all custom the distin
guished criminal has not so far been coin-
Hilled to feel the disgrace of having Ills hair
ml mustache clipped , and tlioy remain as
uxurlnnt ns when ho was nt the head of the
'idelity. The officials say the shaving will
iot bo done for some tluio. Ho indulges but
ittlc in the coarse faro of the prison , but Is
'Upplied ' from the good ' tables . of
ils family in Cincinnati nn < }
.o nil outward nppoaratlres dots''not In the
cast suffer from his condition. Ho has the
run of the institution , going whither ho
vlll , nnd in order that the time may "not bo
oo heavily UIKMI his bauds , he does u' bit ot
lerical work In the ofllco of Secretary
Jlomenl. His cell Is fitted up in royal style ,
ilthough when ho was first admitted he was
nformcd that ho would bo allowed " .nothing
jcyond wbr t was furnished ntj prfsdncra by
.ho state. Wh.r such a discrimination should
; o made in his favor , both as to food and gon-
rnl treatment , is a question generally being
'iscusscd ' by these who kuow- the unusual
The Dcnutifiil Already Ueglmtinff to
Full in the Northwest.
ST. PAUI , , Dec. 30. Within the last twcnty-
our hours the tcmjierutiiro has risen
hroughout the northwest. In. some sections
hero was n change of thirty-oight'degrees.
A. driving snow storm set In hero at 10 a. m.
nd is still raging. The indication officer
says the storm wns central in Nebraska this
ftcrnoon , and was moving eastward fifty
niles an hour , .the snow belt extending from
algnry , N. W. T. , to St. Lou Is. By to-morrow
norning the storm will reach the Ohio val-
oy and will bo felt in the extreme east by
o-moiTow night. A heavy snow is Indicated
'or Minnesota , Dakota , Wisconsin , Iowa ,
fansas , Nebraska , Illinois nnd northern In
diana and Ohio. It will cease hero by to-
"norrow night and bo followed by n cold
ivave. The snow has 1ms drifted heavily
nnd trains are delayed all over the north-
, vest.
A Jamestown , Dak special reports that
, he Northern Pacific cast-bound limited ar
rived there eleven hours late.
A Watcrtown , Dak. , special says nil trains
n the Burlington , Cedar Ruplds & Northern
lave been abandoned.
Bismarck. Dak. , telegraphs : "Snow began
o fall early this morning nnd continued
iteadlly since. Trains from all directions ar-
[ iving here were very late this morning. All
night trains hnvo been abandoned. "
MILWAUKEE , Wis. , Dec. 30. A severe bliz-
: ard set in this afternoon , and to-night there
has been a heavy fall of snow which a howl-
'ng gale has heaped Into great drifts. Freight
.rains have been suspended on most of the
roads centering here , and efforts are being
nindo to keep the lines open for passenirer
and mail trains. There are bad drifts along
he Lake Shore & Western nnd Milwaukee
k Northern , but up to late accounts no ser
ious blockades had resulted.
The Town of Clnrksvillc , Ind. , and \t
Peculiar Claim.
Loimviu.E , Ky. , Dec. 80. The people of
ho town of Clarksville , Ind. , which is sit
uated between Jeffersonvillo and New AlL -
L > any , on the Ohio river , nro in a great state
of agitation from various causos. Ono is the
seizure of their streets by the railroads , the
state and other parties. They mean to pro-
est vigorously. A movement is on foot to
organiro , hold nn election , send delegates to
the national congress and demand admission
is n territory or district under the old Vir
ginia chaiter , which , they hold , is still , in
force. Clarksville , next to Vinccnnes , is the
oldest town in Indiana. In October , 1783 ,
Virginia caused a town to bo surveyed on the
101 th bank of the falls of the Ohio , described
is being situated in the county of Illinois.
This was to be laid off in a reservation of
150,000 acres granted to General Rogers
31urlc and his men and officers , who marched
, vith him and reduced the British posts at
iCaskasia nnd Vinccnnes. The fee simple ,
: ogcthcr with the government of the town
was vested in ten trustees. March 1,1784 ,
Thomas Jefferson , Arthur Lee , James Mon
roe nnd Samuel Hardy , in behalf of Vir
ginia , executed a deed transferring to the
United States all the title of Virginia to the
northwest territory , but expressly excepting
the rights of settlers under the grant to Gen
eral Clark , known as the Illinois grant. It is
maintained that the claim will have a btroug
showing before the supreme court.
Killing Off a Bud
ST. Louis , Dec. 80. A dispatch from
Wichita , Kan. , says Charles Green , a cattle
dealer from "No Man's Land , " has arrived
thcro and given some details of the capture
nnd lynching of the Kelly family , whoso horrible
rible crimes wcro published widely n few
days ago and as equally atrocious as anything
committed by the Bender family. The Kelly
family lei t their ranch near Oak City going
south. A posse of citizens started in pursuit
und found them fifty miles south in Texas.
The old man escaped , but his son Bill was
hanged and the mother and daughter were
shot while the posse wcro endeavoring to
capture them.
Vandvrliilt Dividends.
NEW YOUK , Dec. 80. The meetings of the
duectors of the three Vanderbilt roads , which
wcro held to-day , were awaited with greater
interest than any of the director's meetings
lor the past two years. It was expected by
many that all roads in the Vanderbilt system
would make an increase in the amounts paid
to stockholders out of the quarter earnings ,
but the directors thought it best to retain us
much cash us possible in the treasury und no
increase was made. The dividends declared
were ii per cent on Lalco Shore , 'J per cent on
Michigan Contraband 1) ) { per cent on Canada
BuslncsH Troubles. *
MILWAUKEE , Doc. 80. The Evening Wis
consin's special from Duluth , Minn. , stiys N.
O. Nelson , a prominent merchant uud real
estate dealer of Two Harbors" , .Minn. , has
assigned. Liabilities between $50,000 and
? CO,000 ; assets about the same. "
Nr.w Yoitic , Dec. 80 Tho-schedules in the
assignment of William and Harry Chalmers ,
linens , show liabilities ? 100b04 , nominal as
sets iSOr , > i und actual assets $10,451.
The Atchison Bridge
ATCIIISOX , Kas. , Dec. 30. City Attorney
Smith has applied to the district court for
the appointment of a receiver/or the Chicago
It Atchlson bridge company , which bos' a
bridge over the Missouri river at thfs point.
The city owns $100,000 stock in the bridge
mid the application for u receiver is based on
on the allegation that the property is not
managed in the interest of the city.
A Hundred Homeless Families.
Niw : OKMUNS , Dec. 80. A flro , which
started yesterday afternoon , destroyed half
of the town of Houma , in Terre Benne par
ish. A strong wind from the south was
blowing nt fifty miles an hour. A few mo
ments alter the start the flro was beyond
control. The loss will exceed $100,000 ; the
insurance U insignificant. A hundred homeless -
less families are being cared for by their
moro foitunato nelghbois.
Another Prize Fight ,
Titov , N. V. Dec. 30. The hardest and
longest prize fight which has taken plttco In
this vicinity for years was fought nt a roadhouse -
house across tno river at an early hour this
morning , between Con Dugnn of Brooklyn
mid Jack Harding of Philadelphia. Twenty
rounds were fouKht , nnd the battle was de
cided in favor of Harding. Both men wcro
badly punished.
Minnesota Weather.
MINNEAPOLIS , Dec. 80. A furious snow
storm , accompanied by strong winds , set in
this forenoon , butlt Is still quite cohl. If the
storm lasts through the day much interrup
tion to business and serious blockades must
ir ol. "
> m 94 STOCK
n n
; o 10 Zn
I ti c ? fi W l , COATS
Owing to the aieness of the season wo find ourselves overstocked with fine and medium priced overcoats , and in order io }
reduce the-quantity we propose to sell most of them within the next 10 days , and have made prices that will insure \ \
. 't' ' ' ' a speedy sale. For instance :
Our $ 5 Ovorconts now go for , . . , < . / 8 3.00 Our 815 Overcoats now go for. i.810.00 I
B irf ' , 6.00 ii 20 " " . . 11.00
' 9 ' " " < UM ) ii 05 ii 11 , ( . . 18.00' '
' . ' 10 V"J { " 7'50 i
Wo have reduped in the same ratio all our Fur and Fur Trimmed Overcoats'nnd if you need ono you will find this the
best opportunity-yet offered this season. We have had such a grand success of our $1O SUIT SALE that wo have just
added a few more styles of desirable suits that .are selling at other stores all the way from $14 to $18. Wo place thonc 11 in
one lot and sell them all at ono price , $10.
We also have ft flno and largo assortment of nobby styles in suits which wo are offering at cut prices.
We Really Have no Competition in our Boys'nnd
Children's Department.
for our line -of JJoya1 Suits and Overcoats is very complete and , our pr ce of $1 for a nobby boys' jacket and pants ,
ages from 4 to 18 years , is hard to beat anywhqre.
< The New Yqjrk and Omaha Clothing Company ,
One.fcrice . Clothiers , Furnishers and 'Hatters for Men and Boys , 1308 Farnam Street.
Terrible Panic in Chicago at a Holiday
CHICAGO , Dec. 80. A horrlblo panto oc
curred to-night among ft crowd of llttlo child
ren attending a holiday celebration in Sea
man's hall. Ono of the children attempting
to poke the flro in the hall overturned the1
.tore. . The superintendent thoughtlessly
, 'clled "flro , " nnd a wild rush followed. In
attempting to escape the children wore
wedged In the narrow stairway nnd scarcely
my escaped without * being crushed or
rumpled upon. Ono was killed and several
> thor8 seriously hurt. The superintendent
tvus placed under arrest.
Jubilee GU'ts Refused.
JW ! > iJaintt Ooitlon fioitifff. ]
ROMB , Dec. 30. [ Now York Herald Cable
Special to the BEE. ] Owing to the pope's
refusal to accept the gifts of the king and
queen of Italy on the occasion of his Jubilee ,
ill the members of the House of Savoy , in-
luding the Duke Aosta , Princess Clotlldo
lias omitted to scud , offerings. Prince
Sciarr assured me to-day that every meas
ure had been taken to make the Jubilee celebration -
bration proof of Italian good will and of the
ndcpendcnco of the ludy see , that pilgrims
may carry away the conviction that the mis
sion of the papacy is' 'never to bo untrnm-
meled , as now. * ' *
A sensation was causjW hero to-dny by the
announcement that 304J00 tickets of admis
sion to the Jubilee service at St. Peter's had
been forged. The color of the tickets , in con
sequence , has been changed. Duke Torlolina
has been dismissed from his post by royal do-
crco for having presented the pope the con-
ratulations of the Konlan municipality.
Weather Indications.
For Nebraska : Colder , light snow , fol
lowed by clearing weather , brisk to high
northerly winds , becoming light to fresh ,
variable. jl
For Iowa : Rain nnd'snow , followed by
colder , clearing weatUbr , . winds becoming
brisk to high northwostA'ly , diminishing in
* orco Saturday night. '
Steamship Arrivals.
B vi.TiMOiiE , Dec. SO. [ Special Telegram
o the BEE. ] Arrived The Vancouver , from
BOSTON , Deo. 80. Arrived The Kansas
and Cephalon , from Liverpool.
QUEEXSTOWN , Dec. ill ) . Arrived The
Adriatic , from Now York.
LONDON , Dec. 0. Arrived The Lydian
Mouarcu , from New York.
The Magistrate Killed.
CH VKLESTON , S. C. , Dec. 30. Trouble has
been brewing for seine time between John R.
Keel , of Sumptcr , and II. J. Germain , of
Hishopvillo , nnd to-day the parties were
brought to a magistrates oflico to give bonds
to keep the peace. An affray took place in
which Keel's , his father , Bowman nnd a man
named Hardy were seriously injured and
Magistrate Huynesworth killed.
Pro/.en to Death.
CHICAGO , Dec. 30. John F. Fuller , while
going to his homo in Lake View during the
blizzard last night , was so badly frozen that
ho died this morning.
A snow storm has been raging since noon
to-day and nil incoming trains are badly
The New Hebrides.
PAIUS , Dec. 30. Ex-Colonial Secretary
Etlcnno has written n letter in which ho says
a plan for mixed government over the Now
Hebridics is Impracticable. The division of the
nrchipelogo between Franco and England ho
declares to bo the only logical solution of the
mutter ,
Illinois roll tics.
CHICAGO , Deo. 80. [ Special Telegram to
the BKE. ] Gossip nnd speculation In regard
to Illinois state politics have taken a great
change the last few days. There seems to
bo among republicans now a well-defined
idea of running Robert T. Lincoln for gov
ernor next year.
The Jews Must Go.
ST. PETEIISIIUHO , Doc. 30 , Grashdannin ,
semi-ofllclal organ , says : Higher govern
ment authority has rejected thu proposal of
the Imperial commission to permit the Jews
to reside in any village in Russia.
The Panama Canal.
PATHS , Doc. 30. It Is stated that the Pan
ama Canal company has arranged with
Credit L1 Vounais to prqyido the company
with funds until the f * uo of now obliga
tions. i '
Kiflcs For the 1'rfcnch Army.
PAUIS , Doc. 30. Gcntfrq'l Logrot , minister
ot war , has ordered tho'&jjecdy execution of
General Boulanger's ordor'for the manufac
ture of Lcbel rilles , which was rescinded by
General Ferron.
Got Three Moptjhs Each.
Duni.iK , Deo. 30. At NOw Market , County
Cork , to-day , five pcrsons'wore sentenced to
three months' imprisonment each with hard
labor , for attending a mooting of the sup
pressed brunch of the National league.
An Arkansas Hanging.
MAHUNNA , Ark. , Deox ! $ ) . Albert Peters ,
was hanged hero about noon for the murder
of William Johnson , nonr Trenton , this
county , in April , 1W5. Peters had twice
escaped and was recaptured.
A Fratricide Kiccutrd.
HAiuiisoNiinna , Va. , Dec. 30. William
Tint-hum was hanged hero to-duy for the bru
tal murder of his own brother.
A Had Railroad Wreck ;
On , CITV , P.I. , Doc. 30. A mixed train on
the Pittsburgh & Western road wont through
n trestle to-night Into a gully eighty feetdec-p.
The wreck took fli'o from the sloven , and was
consumed. All the passengers escaped but
six , who wcro seriously and jwrhaps fatally
Natural Gas Kxploalnn.
LIMA , O. , Doc. 30. A violent gas explosion
this morning desttoycd an oil derrick nnd
tanks. Gcno O'Neill , the pumper , was
burned to death.
The Different Entries Made With the
County Clerk Yesterday. ,
Articles of Incorporation of the Bohemian
Dramatic , Literary and Musical association
were filed with the county clerk 5-esterday.
J. F. Fribyl is clerk , nnd Joseph F. Vusku ,
Frc'd Stnmak and F. 1C. Mertz trustees.
Under'tho caption , The Nebraska Individ
ual Gits Company , of Nebraska , articles of
incorporation were filed with the the county
clerk yesterday. The business of the Incor
poration shall bo the manufacture nnd sale
of illuminating and heating pas nnd gas fix
tures. The capital stock is to bo $ JOOOUO , to
bo divided into two thousand shares of 0110
hundred dollars each , nnd the indebtedness
of the company shall not exceed $ .20,000. The
Incorporatom are A. M. Kitchen , Samuel
Theodore , William W. Keysor , E. W. Pitkln , I
Ernest HenU , M. H. Goblo , W. 13. Taylor , H. i ]
Y. Devnes , A. O. Powell , C. H. Brown , F.
W. Taylor , M. L. Pairottc , T. H. Taylor and
John L. McCague. +
The Douglas County bank fllcd articles of
incorporation yesterday afternoon. The
principal place of business will bo Omaha ,
and a general banking business Will bo done
with n capital of $100,000. C. S. Parrotto , J.
H. Parrotte , S. C. Sample , F. H. Gue , David
Uennlson , W. J. Martin , J. L. Kennedy nnd
M. L. Parrotto are the incorporators.
H. II. Glover , of Grand Island , registered
nt the Exchange.
H. W. Burkett , of Silver City , is stopping
at the Exchange hotel.
II. V. Blackenburgh , of Chicago , Is a guest
at the Exchange.
J. B. Minert , of Waukon , la. , has two loads
of stockers on tliu market.
South Omaha tax payers should remember
that all taxes must bo paid to the county
treasurer and not to the city ofllcials.
Councilman Grcary is recovering from his
recent illness , but won't leave his room for n
few days.
The council will meet Tuesday nieht , if
only to adjourn , as they Iravo considerable
jjsmcss transact.
The old stock of laborers' commutation
tiqkcts will bo accepted on trains leaving
Omaha at ( ! : ! ! 0 a. in. and ( i:0. : > p. in. and
South Oiuahu at 0:55 : p. m. until further
South Omaha is on its good behavior Just
now , and for three days not an arrest has
been made.
Judge Reuthor bound over A. L. Frederick-
son , who came up on remand , to appear be
fore the grand Jury on a charge of attempt
ing to kill Peter Peterson.
Charles McVoj' nn Iowa man , has bought
out the saloon owned by Jim Mangall.
Justice Levy had another holiday yester
day , no cases coming up for hearing.
The Nebraska Savings bank will have a
branch in South Omaha , nnd their sign is up
on the now building at the corner of N and
Twenty-fifth streets.
It will bo another week before the new
city building will bo ready for occupancy.
The city lock-up will bo removed to the baso-
nient of the building , nnd bids nro now being
received to supply it with the necessary
Graders nro still at work on N street , nnd
ns they raise the level the shop fronts are
gradually disappearing from view. In some
cases the roadbed is six or seven feet above
the sldowalk.
Dr. J. A. Kelley , of Montreal , Canada , is in
town and will practice ills profession here.
Ho registered at the Exchange.
Charlie Bradrick is getting his work in
among the shippers and already the Fremont ,
Elkhorn & Missouri Valley is drawing u fair
share of business. Eleven cars of stock for
Chicago left by thW route yesterday.
Something About Mexico.
Albert Zarato , in advance of Prof. Bar
tholomew's Equine Paradox , which occupies
the boards all next week at Boyd's ' , is in the
city. Mr. Zarato is a native of the City of
Mexico , anU u very interesting , scholarly
courteous gentleman. For ten years ho has
been a manager of amusements in Mexico ,
nnd Is now engaged In a similar capacity in
the United States , with the view of estab
lishing a mutual interest in this line between
the two countries. Ho tells much that Is of
.interest about the City of Mexico , which , ho
says , reminds ono much of Paris in the
giiyoty of its amusements nnd hundreds of
other things. There is u colony of Ameri
cans there now that is becoming vastly popu
lar : they are representatives of our best people
ple , intelligent , sociable and enterprising ,
and are gaining much headway in commercial
matters. As to Americans seeking employ
ment in the City of Mexico , Mr. Zarato Bays
the ono thing essential is that the applicant
speak llucntly the languages of both coun
tries , nnd being all right otherwise , Ameri
cans seldom fail of securing lucrative posi
tions. _
Mr. Fallen Replies.
OWAIU , Dec. 30. To the Sporting Editor of
the BEE : The charge made by "Old Sport , "
the anonymous writer of a letter published
by you yesterday , that I was a self-appointed
referee at the recent sparring exhibition given
nt Boyd's , Is entirely false. The middle
weight championship modal was sent to Mr.
Crawford , of the Chronicle , by Richard 1C.
Fox , and Mr. Crawford was instructed to ap
point a referee and timekeeper. Ho np ] > onted !
mo and I accepted it "Old Sport" undoubt
edly charges mo with unfairness. I will
wager him 1100 that the majority of the mem
bers of the press present last Wednesday
night will say that my decisions vrero Just.
My record us referee and patron of sports has
always been above reproach , and my fairness
has never before bcon questioned. "Old
Sport , " who claims to have witnessed all the
prominent sparring matches for the past
thirty years , docs not seem to bo nwaro of the
fact that in sparring for points a slap with
the open hand can not count. The hand must
bo closed and the blow given with the face of
the glove. Mr. Honnessy did nothing but
slap. If "Old SiK > rt" will kindly step down to
my house. I will give him a few instructions
in the manly art. PATSY FALLON.
A Palnftil Accident.
About 3 o'clock yesterday morning Peter
Duffy , an employe at the smelting works ,
mot with a painful accident. Ho was pulling
ono of the pots at the time , when it exploded
in his face , burning him frightfully. His
forehead , nose , cheeks and cars wcro all
seared by. the molten metal and hia right
hand was also hurt. The wounded man ,
suffering the keenest agony , was taken to
the residence of Dr. J. W. Dysnrt , 1817 Dav
enport street , whcro his pain was somewhat
alleviated and his wounds dressed. It was
thought at llrst that his eyesight was gone ,
but the doctor says that the l-onjunctivn or
outer coat of the eyeballs alone is injured ,
and that the eyesight will be impaired only
temporarily. The injured man was next
taken to St. Joseph's hospital nnd at lust ac
counts was getting along fairly well.
Appropriations Voted ftr Districts
Already 1'ald For.
The city council rustled through several
appropriations in their ten-minute session
Thursday evening , and U is possible that to
them , as well as to ordinary mortals , may bo
applied the trite chestnut , "Tho moro haste
the less speed. " At any rate somebody has
made a blunder. According to the printed
report of this mooting in the Br.i : , appropria
tions wcro made to pay Regan Bros. & Co. for
paring district No. 25 , ? 3,0l)7.74 ) , and for pav
ing district No. 43 , f5,0.41. ( ) Now , district
No. 25 Ison Howard street from Ninth to
Seventeenth street , and this thoroughfare
was paved longngo , the final estimate having
been made October 24 , 1SS4 ; district No. 43 Is
on Jackson street , extending from Ninth to
Thirteenth , nnd the linal estimate for this
was allowed August 10 , 18 0. The people
will bo interested to know if this $ SKX ( > is ne-
tually for ordinary paving , or If there is a
mistuko Bomowhoro. In passing the appro
priation ordinance for Regan Bros. & Co. , al
lowing them ? 5Oli7.bS for paring district No.
88 , there was unusual haste. According to
the ordinance , after theho estimates have
been submitted to the city engineer and
board of public works , they go for approval
to the city council , and then to the mayor
for his inspection and oflleinl signature , after
which un appropriation ordinance is passed
by the council. Discarding the usual course ,
they were not first submitted to the council
for approval , and utterly Ignoring the exist
ence of the mayor , the appropriation ordi
nance was pushed.
To the Editor of the BEE : Mr. S. T. John
ston , who has been unwell for a couple of
years , and who has been seriously ill for the
lust two weeks , during the most of which
time ho was unconscious , died nt his house at
1018 California street at 8 o'clock Tuesday
night and was buried yesterday afternoon in
Forest Lawn cemetery.
Mr. Johnston years ago was a grneral
favorite among the youngpcoploof the Bluffs
nnd this city , when ho was employed ns nn
expert book-keeper for one of the roads ter
minating in the lormer city.
Ho was nn honest and Industrious man nnd
devoted husband , and during his lust employ
ment in Omaha , which began two and ouo-
half years ago , has won numerous friends.
Ho was for a time employed by the B. & M.
ns clerk ; later lie engaged In the grocery
business on St. Mary's ' nvonuo , nnd hit.t was
working for the Union Pacific , receiving dur
ing the summer , until his- last illness of two
weeks , 00 per month. His wife1 , an indus
trious nnd frugal lady , did sowing for n num
ber of her friends , and during the lost month
inado f30. They were not in destitute cir
cumstances , as reported heretofore in the
papers. Thcv had plenty to cut nnd wear ,
nnd plenty of fuel. A ton of coal now lies : it
their house , purchased by their own means ,
nnd they were not out of money , although
medicine and inability had of course greatly
reduced their earnings. Mr. and Mrs. Prich-
ctt , In whoso house Mr. Johnston died , to
gether with other friends , were exceedingly
kind in their aid. Mrs. Johnston , who was
cra/y with grief and overwork , became sane
yesterday morning. The funeral services
were conducted by Rev. Ensign. '
The Union Stockyards Company's
Answer to FowlerllroH.
The Union Stockyards company , limited ,
consisting of John A. McShane , William A.
Paxton , John A. Croighton , Peter E. Her
and Armour & Co. , filed their answers with
the clerk of the United States district court
yesterday to the supplemental bill of complaint -
plaint of Robert Fowler and Anderson
Fowler , plaintiffs. It sets forth that the said
company issued to Armour & Co. 1,500
shares of its capital stock , $100 per sharu , as
fully paid and nonassessable , and signed
by the president nnd secretary , John A. Me-
Shane and J. C. Sharp. Further that Ar
mour & Co. , hold the sumo and are the legit-
inato owners of said stock , and are entitled
to participate In the management of the af
fairs of the company , ns well us in its actions.
That on August 1 , sold shares were worth
their full face vnluo nnd eould hnvo been
sold in open market for f 150,000. They also
deny that these shares were n voluntary gift
to Armour & Co. ; also that J. C. Sharp is
not a director of tlio company , or that the
company was by the issue of the
stock to Armour & Co. deprived oj
Its assets to the extent of 8150,000 or to any
extent whatsoever ; or that the plaintiffs us
shareholders In the company have to the ex
tent specified in their original bill , or to any
extent been deprived of any of their rights ;
nor was the issue of the stock u diversion of
the funds of the company or n decrease in a
largo degree of the value of the stock. Thev
further aver that the holding of the plaintiffs
has not been changed or disturbed , nor their
liabilities increased , nor was the issue of
the 1,500 shares of stock to Armour & Co.
any violation of any of the rights of said
plaintiffs , or was it any violation of the
power of the board of directors under tiio ur-
tlclcs of incoriwration or thu laws of the
stuto of Nebraska.
The defendants further answer that the
Union Stock Yurds company i n corpoiatlon
organized under the law.s of the state , by
articles of incorporation made and entered
into December , lbS3 , which wcro duly filed
In the registry of Douglas county , nnd ut the
llrst meeting by-laws were adopted for the
icgulatlon of the business of the company.
It thereupon entered upon its business and
has ever Binco prosecuted the name In full
compliance with the law. Tho.v
further deny that Armour &
Co. constitute n corjnitlon and
aver that it i a partnership , the members of
which are Philip I ) . Armour , Michael Cudahy
and E. A. Cudahy , nil of whom are clti/cns
of the state of Illinois. Ale at the meeting
of the Union Stock Yai'ds company on the
18th of November last urrsolutlonwa-ipaHM-il
approving of the contract between the com-
pany and Armour & Co. , nnd the action of '
the board In issuing stock to them. Further ,
that all the stockholders voted In the affirm
ative on said resolution with the exception of
silid plaintiffs. Huncu the defendants pray
that the suit bo dismissed. Judge .T. M ,
Woolworth represents the Union Stock
Yards company.
Going lo Kaunas City.
Some months ago , the Elks of Kansas City
sent a delegation to Omaha to moot and escort
cert to the city on the Kaw Tom Kcenc , Iho
tragedian , who , it will bo remembered , was
paralyzed at Kansas City at n social of the
Elks two nights after ho had closed his en
gagement here. In consideration of the warm1 * ,
icccptlon which the visiting Elks enjoyed
when here , the homo lodge of that order has
been Invited to pay that of Kaunas City u
visit , and the invitation was hist night ac
cepted for the 20th of next month. The mem
bcrs who pi oposo to go will leave hero on the
night of the above date , reach Kansas City In'
the morning and remain with the Elks of that
city until Sunday night. Last night n com
mittee consisting of John Francis , George F.
Mills nndV. . O. Gregory , of the Republican ,
were appointed to make the necessary ar
rangements for thu visit.
A New Business Kirm.
The American Loan & Trust company
which has been located at Ashland , Neb. , for
some time , decided u short time ago to re
move to Omaha , and jesterday the office fur-
iiituro , etc. , arrived. Mr. C. E. Alien ( or
"Frank" us ho is cullvi ? by those who know
him best ) , arrived in the city to-day and will
be at homo to his friends on Monday next at
the oflico of the company under the United
States National bank.
DIMM ) 1C and Destructive.
C. S. Siddell , while on a drunken sprcolast
evening , wandered into II. Sonncnberg's
store , 1405 Douglas street , and amused him
self by bi caking n fine showcase. The pro
prietor told him ho would have to pay for the
damage , whereupon Liddell heaped upon hm |
all manner of piofniiu and obscene epithets
and threatened to kill him , Soiinenberg
called in a policeman and had the foulmouthed -
mouthed fellow locked up.
After diphtliorin , scarlet ( over , o
pneumonia , Hood's SarMiunrillu wil
fjivo strength to tlio fc.y.stem , tuid expo
all poison from the blood.
Nipped a Coat and Vest.
GcOrgo Knight was arrested last night on
the charge of stealing a coat and vest. When
first accused of the crime ho stoutly denied
it , but Ofllccr Ptilaskl , aimed with u search
warrant , went into his room , ut Ninth and
Hickory , and found the stolen articles in the
bottom of his trunk.
Internal Ilevenuo Collections.
The receipts of Mr. Hallentinc , the internal ,
revenue collector , amounted yenteiduy to
Stole Five Dollars.
Last night George Williams caused the ar
rest of Ncllio Muck , the colored cypri n ,
whom ho claims robbed him of $5 while in her
9 MM. . y-l/L \
' * Yisfl3P
The Importance of pnrlfj Ing the blood can
not l > o ovci estimated , for v , Ithout jiuto
Wood jou cannot enjoy good health.
At this reason nearly cu-ry onu needs a
good nieillvlnu to purify , vitalize , nmlcurlcli
the Mood , anil Hood's Sar.s.ipnrllla 1 worthy
your confidence. It ii peculiar In that it
BtrciiRtlicns and bnlMi up Iho nystem.creates
an appetite , ami tones tlio dlfestlon , while
It eradicates disease. OI\o It a trial.
Hood's S-maparilla Is hold liyallilriigcliti.
Prepared by C. I. Hood & Co. , Lowell , JUss.
IOO Doses Ono Dollar
Chicago , Milwaukee & St. Paul R'y ,
The Best Route from Omaha aiid Council
Illulfr to
- = = THE EAST = = -
Chicago , AND MllmiuVor ,
St. Paul , Minneapolis , Coilnr Hapldg ,
Rock Island , Freoporl , Hockford ,
Clinton , Dmenport ,
Elglu , Matlihun , Jnnesillle ,
Btlolr , IMnona , La ,
And ll other Important point * Kat , Nortne t ami
For through tlrteta rail on the ticket Mtent it 1141
F rn m ilreet , la fsxtAn Hotel , ur at Unlom I'MlBo
I illmtn Blrepcn und the flneit Dlnlnir Car * to lh
world r run nn Ihomiln lln of the Clilcno , Mil
waukee A Hi. l' ul luilw r , and eturr atteatlon II
aid to | iai eDier > l > r couruoui iuploju oj Ui *
° ' '
l'tIilll'iKH.OcnfriJ ! M n u r.
J. K.'I UCKKll , A titunt Uvnnral Manacer.
A. V. U. CAAl'KNIKIl , 0 n ritl l > tt enir an
UK" ' . PMKAKKOUD , Aiiiitant oenerai
nrt Ticket Akeiit.
J.T. CLAIlK.UtnenU Superintendent.