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Jtllmedfoy ) corrlf r In any pftrt of the city ftt
twenty cents p r ue k.
TIWON. . . . Manager.
N. Y. Plumbing Co.
Rciter , tnilor , Full goods chcnp.
There wns not a victim in the police court
yesterday morning.
J. Mueller remembered his employes linnd-
tomoly with appropriate Christmas gilts.
JufitHc Harnctt will render n decision nt
2 o'clock to-day in the case of Jones vs Keller
for iiMault and battery.
John Lnnfe'C. of Mnnllln , and Mlnnlo
Stcarni , of Slonx City , were yesterday
united in marriage by Squire Schurz.
The Sunday school of St. Paul's Epi copal
church hold their hrlldny feitivlties at t' ' < c
Koyiil A r en in i in hall last evening.
The city council holds an Important meeting
this cvoiiitiK umUtie question of the major-
ally Is expected to be up for consideration.
The thieo men , Kcough , Sctlcy and Ward ,
charged with vagrancy , yesterday had a
bearing bcfoic Judge Aylesworth and were
discharged ,
Charles Mapinnas died at his home on
South Seventh street Wednesday night ,
from the effects of n fall received a shott
time ago. He was sixty-two years of age.
The llttlf- ones nt the Home of the Friend'
less hnd their Christmas entertainment yes
terdny. The tree and distribution of gifts
was \cstcrdny afternoon , and in the evening
thechlldien puve nn entertainment.
A fnUc ula i in of lire was turned in from
box No. Wi , at the Chicago , Uurllngton St
Quincy ft eight house yesterday afternoon by
Alderman Wells , for the purpose-of testing
thu Klchinond lire alarm system in cold
weather. The working was us pcifcctas
could bo desired.
The Apollo club , of Omnhn , is to give a
concert at the opera house Friday evening ,
January ( i. The club will be assisted by the
Kt. Crceliu quartette , of this city , consisting
cf Mrs. Wimswoith , MIss.Merkel , Mrs , . Ward
and Mrs. Evans. Mr. Urlgham , of Omaha , is
also engaged for a solo.
On Wednesday evening last the Baptist
Sunday school elected thu following ofticeis
to serve during the ensuing jear : Superin
tendent , W. C. Garmon ; absistant superin-
tPiident , C. A. Louukes ; treasurer. Miss
Ktnlly Trevcrton ; librarian , Harold MuN'itt :
nccretaiy , Virgil Ucrgcn ; oiganist , Miss
Grace Brown.
At the Congregational pew renting
Wednesday evcniiigiiultca number of bittings
were disKHed | of. There are , however , a
number of desirable pews nfct taken. Any
pcmont wishing to secure scats for the com
ing j ear , who have not already done so. will
bo shown a diagram of the church by W. S.
Homer , ! M Main street.
Drondwcll Is once more in jail awaiting
pasHirgo to the penitentiary. He was ar
rested and tried In Harrison county for ob-
tilining money under false pretense1 * . He was
adjudged guilty and sentenced to imprison-
omncnt. The c.iso was taken to the supreme
court , pending whose decision Hrondwellwas
' released on bond. The supieme court has
affirmed the decision of the court below.
The Chatauqua circle is to meet next Mon
day evening in the rooms over the gas com
pany's olllco , on Pearl stiect , the change
being made for thr purpose of lurnibhing bet
ter accommodations to thu circle , which is
growing in mimbei s as well as interest. The
rooms aic the same as these occupied by the
Pi csbytijriaiis for their social meetings.
The case of M. E. Smith vs I. Lineberg &
Co. , a case very similar to the one involving
the Ogden housu furniture , has boon decided
by the Jury in the sumo manner. It has been
decided that thu stock , which consists of
clothing" and dry goods , shall bo sold by the
nhcriff. The stock was seiml as it was passIng -
Ing through hero en route for Nebraska upon
Rome claim of the firm who arc plaintiffs in
the case.
Opium , morphine habits cured. DR.
BKLUNGER , 1114 B'wuy .Council Bluffs.
Wndsworth , Etnyro & Co. loan money.
J.V. . nnd E. L. Squire lend money.
The Central drug store , under the
management of .T. D. Stuart , has been
enlarged and refurnished with a com-
Slote block of fresh drugs. A fine holi-
ay line of books , stationery , cutlery
and musical goods at very low prices.
For Sale Cheap Lots near the bridge
to parties who will build at once. Ad
dress or call on J. R. Rico , No. 110
Main street , CouncilBlufTs.
Personal Paragraphs.
Claus Ilorst , of Avoca , visited the city yes
John Pomcroy , of Sheldon , was in the city
Max Alpcn , of Mhulcn , la. , was in the city
John Sides , of Mindcn , was at the Crcston
, t. McLlncocK. of thu Hock Island , is regis
tered at the Ogdcn.
Elias Wright , of Missouri Valley , was in
theJJluffs yesterday.
A. Cambell , of Keg Creek , was registered
at , the Crcston yesterday.
L. M. Kerncy , of Carson , was among these
at the Kiel bouso yesterday.
H. A. Cox and family returned yesterday
from n short visit in Chicago.
J. W. Miller , of Carson , was among the
Crcstou house guests yesterday.
H. F. Good and J. M. Killloii , of Oakland ,
were at the Kiel hotel yesterday.
Miss Coleman. principal of the High school
at Avoca , is visiting thu family of W. W.
L. II , Mossier has returned homo from a
commercial trip and will spend a few days
with his family.
S. S. Stevens and wife and daughter Neally
hove returned from their Christmas visit
with friends in Chicago.
Mr. Van Brunt and family , of Avoca , left
last evening for Pasadena , Cala. , where they
will make their future home.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Young yesterday
returned to their homo in Durango , Colo. ,
after a visit to Mrs. Young's parents , "Squiro "
and Mis. E.S. Uarnctt.
No ISO 7th St. , Council Bluffs , lown.
Mr. Charles Baetons , late of the College -
logo of Music , Cincinnati , has the honor
to announce to his friends and the pub
lic that ho will ho ready to receive pu
pils at the above institute uixin the 1st of
January next. Ho will teach the violin ,
voice , piano accompaniment , ensemble
laying , harmony Mid composition.
E allies coming from a distance can be
accommodated with board at the house
with the comfortH of a homo. For terras
apply at the above address. References :
L. W , Tulloys , Ofllcor & Pusoy , George
Champ , of Kimtmll & Champ , Robinson
Bros. , C. H. Judson , V. Budolct , Lyon
fc Healoy , Omaha , Mrs. Dr. Brown , Fort
Residence lots for sale by Johnston &
Van Patten.
iWU , * Festival.
The young Itulies of St. Francis Catholic
i church will render the following programme
at the Masonto temple this evening :
Peak Sisters . Young Ladies
You , a song poem . Mr. Keller
Two Little Hagpcd Urchins . . . . .
. . . .TutloWickhain and Tommy Keating
J Consolation . Liszt 1 Miss
I Allegro Vivace , Mendelsohn ( Francis Smith
When the Flowing Tide Comes In. . , . „
' '
Violin BoYo'.Y.Y. . , . Mr. F. Keller
DaroIToll . Mrs. A. Darrough
How to Keep a Secret . Young Ladies
Money to loan , Cooper & Judson.
Bargains in heavy pant 'goods and
pvercoutuigB. Made up in the best btylo
'very cheap at A. Jtoiter'u 310
The Coining Mayor.
The name of M. F. Ilohrcr is announced
with considerable enthusiasm as that of the
coining mayor of the city. Ho Is a young
man of largo property interests , of a great
deal of enterprise and push , nnd it Is believed
that ho will bo chosen to fill the vacancy
caused by Mayor Gronoweg'g resignation.
The Hru bunted him up yesterday to learn
what he knew concerning the mayoralty
honors. Mr. Ilohrcr was , as usual , very
frank , and remarked :
"About all 1 know about it is that I was
approached on the subject with the query as
to whether I would accept such a position , if
the council chose me. At ilrst I did not see
how I could afford to dn it. I was not look
ing for that or any other position , I know
that there is a big drain on the time , strength
and money of any man who acts as mayor of
this city. The salary is a mere bagatelle. A
tnan In my circumstances cannot afford to
spare the time foom his own business. Still ,
the compliment is one which ought not to bo
tossed aside by any man. I concluded that
if thu position was given me , I would try to
till it the best I could for the short time until
a mayor could bo elected by the i > cople. I
don't know , any more than you do , and per
haps not so much , as to whether I will bo
chosen or not. I haven't sought it , and so
shall not be disappointed If some one else Is
chosen. I have merely replied in answer to a
rjucry put to me , that if chosen , I would ac
cept for sixty days , or whatever time it may
be until the spring election. "
"Hut how about your running for the full
"Oh , that Is a matter which docs not need
: o bo decided now. I do not see bow I could
afford to do it. My present feeling is that I
: ould not agree , even if the position was at
my disposal , to serve as mayor for more than
: hls short haul. There Is time needed to con
sider any such question as that , howovcrand
that question even isn't here yet. No , what
I've said Is Just my personal feeling in regard
to the matter. I think Council Bluffs is on
the eve of a big growth , a boom in fact , and
'f this city will seize its opportunities in 1888.
; he future prosperity can not be foretold. If
it lets these opportunities slip by , I'm afraid
they will bo gone forever. 1 am willing to
help any way I can , whether as a short term
major , or a long term citizen.
For best quality coal and wood , call
on Gleason , SJG Pearl street.
Holiday Hates.
The Chicago. Rock Island & Pacific
railway will sell excursion tickets to all
stations at one fare for the lound trip ,
on Dec. 21th , 25th , ! > Gth and 81st , also
Jan. 1st and 2nd , 1888 , good to return on
or before Jan. 3rd.
T. B. Baldwin sells lots.
IIIg Money anil Die Land.
One of the largest real estate transfers , or
one that represents the most capital , was re
corded yesterday. The sale was of blocks 1 ,
2 , 3 , 4 , G , 0 , 7 , 8 , 13 , 14 , IB , 10 , 17 , 18 , 19 , 20 , 35
and 32 , and lots 1 to 12 inclusive in block 31 ,
1 to 12 and 10 to 2-1 in block 20 , 1 to 9 and 10 to
24 In block 27 , and 1 to 9tund 13 to 24 In block
2S , Onanana park. The property is , or was ,
in thu hands of several non-resident persons ,
and this deal is doubtless for the purpose of
clearing up the title so to place the property
upon the market in * saleable shape. The
deeds show that John Barrett sold to Lessor
Franklin the undivided one-half of this tract
for f. " > 0,000. That Barrett sold to Huttio A.
Hay two-thirds of the same tract for * 10UKK ( ) ,
and that Israel M. Hay , HatticA. Hay , his
wife , and Lesser Franklin sold to Harrett the
whole of the tract for $125,000. Mortgage
deeds are also recorded reconveying the
property , in several parcels , from Harrett to
Huttiu A. Day. This gives a total of eighteen
blocks nnd sixty-live lots for $125,000.
Other transfers areas follows : F. McGee
to J. M. St. John , lot I in block 13 , Hrown's
sub-division , $150. J. E. F. McGco to It. S.
Klchiirdspn , lots 1 , 2 and 3 in block ! l , Brown's
sub-division , & > BO. M. Lundgaard to A. J.
Mandel. lot 0 in block 1 , and all that part of
lot 7 in block 1 not taken by Graham avenue ,
Sl.'OO. C. H. Judd to Anna E. Hume , the
1101 th 50 feet of lot 3 , block 3 , Huntington's
sub-division , W50. M. Lundgaard to Mary
Lundguard , lot 8 in block 12 , Hyatt's sub
division , $1,000. ,
Lost A gold watch and chain , some
where between the intersection of
Broadway and Main and Stutsman
streets. Chain was in links , with gold
toothpick charm. Finder rewarded.
Leave at BEE olllco.
Fine mixed candies , lie per lb. ,
Troxoll Bros.
Splendid IJiiHliicHH Opening
For the right man who has a capital
of $10,000. For full information call on
or address Forrest Smith , 14 Pearl at. ,
Council Bluffs , la.
TlieOjidcii House.
One chapter of controversy over the Ogden
house property is drawing to a close. The
owner of the property , Mr. Stout , claims the
furniture under virtue of a landlord's writ of
attachment , and Mr. Baldwin claims It by
virtue of a chattlo mortgage. While the con
troversy has been going on in court the
furniture has remained in the hotel , and Mr.
Stout has been in possession of the house ,
which ho owns. lie has not been able to pro
ceed with any permanent arrangements in re
gard to leasing the hotel , or tilting it up
anew , because ho could not tell what disposi
tion would finally bo made of thp furniture ,
Ho has been anxious to huvo the furniture
sold and the proceeds kept until the contro
versy was decided in the courts. On the
other hand , Mr. Baldwin opposed the sale of
thu furniture , claiming that if sold by the
sheriff it would enable Mr. Stout , to whom
the furniture would bo worth more than to
any ono else , to bny it in at a song , there
being few. if any , to bid against him.
Under the law the sheriff can call upon the
court to appoint a jury to determine whether
property held by him should bu sold or not.
It is sometimes better to sell property than
to hold it , especially when the property is of
a nature , or so situated as to bo liable to de
tcrloato in value. Sheriff Heel availed him
self of this provision , and the Jury has beci
appointed , the arguments and ovldcnco have
been heard and the decision reached. It is to
the effect that the sheriff should sell the
furniture between now and the 23d of Jan
In accordance with that finding the sheriff
will sell the furniture of the Ogucn house on
the date named. The sale will doubtless
cause matters to assume a new form at this
old and popular hotel of the city. If Mr ,
Stout bids in the furniture , ho can then go
ahead with his Improvements and his ar
rangements for opening the hotel in first-
class shape , without any fear of having his
arrangements interfered with by having the
furniture removed , or changes made by later
decisions. If the furniture is sold to some
one else , and removed from the hotel , then
ho will bo in condition to act accordingly , and
can refit the hotel completely now. It will
enable Mr. Stout to go ahead with his plans ,
whatever they may bo , and the public may
expect to see the Ogdcn take its place as ono
of the best hotels In the west.
The controversy over the proceeds of the
sale can then go on indefinitely , without
causing any. delays or trouble In the practical
management of thu hotel. The public can bo
accommodated , while these who have claims
in court can likewise bo accommodated.
E. II. Shcafo loans money on chattel
security of every descrintion. Private
consulting rooms. All business strictly
confidential. Olllco 600 Broadway , cor
ner Main street , up-stairs.
SO bars of Poisian soap , $1.00 , at
Troxoll Bros , '
Ono thousand head of ono , two and
thrco-year-old steers for salo. Will give
credit to reliable parties. Enquire o
A. J. GiTGimnmyer , G ± i Mynbtcr st.
telephone 121.
Every ono making a cash purchase o
25 cents at T. D. King & Co.'s cigar
store gets a chance in Ihe annual prize
drawing. Twenty elegant prizes ,
Insure with Wadsworth , Etnyro & 'Co.
Troxol Bros , headquarters for Christ
mas poultry. Leave your orders , .
Two Spectre * Join Hands nnd Arc
Now York Correspondence ! How re-
nmrkiibly the evidences of the existence
of n spirmml sphere about us nccumu-
Into. Still they come , these spoijtrul
messengers , to teach us that there are
more truths under the sun than science
takes comilzaneo ofi Hero is another.5'
The village ot Farniingdalo , Queen's
county , L. I. , ia a suburb of the rapidly
growing city of Brooklyn. It's people
are of the most conservative natnro ,
mostly descendants from old Puritan
fathers , who came hero before the revo
lution , and Presbyterians almost to a.
man. All are very much excited at
present over the occurrence of a. re
markable spiritual manifestation that
cumo to light without the presence in
their midst of a medium. Three days
ago the Enquirer correspondent re
ceived a letter from his aunt , who lives
in the village mentioned , requesting
him to come down and hear the re
markable story. On arriving in Farm-
ingdalo the following is the story which
ho heard , and which is authenticated
by the persons before whoso eyes the
strange event occurred.
John P. Powell , esq. , is civil magis
trate for the village , or rather ho is
justice of the peace. Ho is a member in
nigh standing of the church , and every
way reliable. He is married nnd hns
several grown children. Ho lives in a
largo , old fashioned house , surrounded
by tall spruce and elm trees , with a
high stone wall around the lawn. Last
week , ono night , ho had retired to bed
and got into a doze. Mrs. Powell was .
sleeping soundly. There was no light
in the room , but the moon , half way up
the sy , was sending a broad beam of
ghostly light into the east window.
Everything was as still as a country
town usually is , but a slight moaning
wind that tossed about the leafy sprueo
tree boughs. Suddenly Mr. Powell
awoke with a start from his doze. Ho
had heard a door open. What could it
bo that had made the noise ? He thought
of thieves and quickly arose , and
was pulling on his clothing when
ho heard n light tread of feet to his
door. Ho stopped breathing in his
anxiety , for ho thought ho was about to
bo robbed. On came the tread to his
door , which was quickly thrown wide
oponand in an iiibtont almost was closed
again. Did anyone enter ? Mr. Powol
asked himself , for ho could see no ono ;
but the doubt was soon settled in the
nfllrnmtivo. Something , at least , did
enter , for ho still heard the light tread
of footsteps anproaching him , but could
see nothing. Did his eyes belie him , or
did ho see two feet , without body , approaching
preaching ? His hair , he sny.s , bristled
up , and his spine verily crept a name
less horror seized him. Ghosts , thought
he ; is it possible that there are such
things ? Suddenly the tread passed into
the broad moonbeam from the window.
Now was the marvel revealed ! The
greenish moonlight lit up the outlines
of two persons shadows that were
perfectly transparent , and scemc l
to reveal n ghostly gleam only on their
outlines. A man and a woman both
young , both handsome and as their
spectral forms became more strongly
materiali/.cd on passing outof the moon
light , Mr. Powel thought ho could
recognize both their faces. Soon he
was sure of it , and in a moment more
they both confronted him , no longer
looking like ghosts , however , and no
ono seeing them then would have be
lieved that they were not entirely
human ; in fact , dwellers upon earth.
In spite of what he had already seen ,
Mr. Powel began to think ho was being
played a trick upon , but , on looking
again , after rubbing his eyes , ho saw
that they could not bo human , as both ,
to his certain knowledge , had been dond
nearly a year. This only increased his
horror , but lie gathered strength to
speak to them , which somehow ho re
membered was the proper thing to do
on such an occasion.
"What do you want ? " stammered
"Wo want to bo married ! " was the
answer which the more greatly horri
fied the squire.
"Married ! " ho echoed.
"Yes , married , and quickly , in the
most binding form known to the law.
We haven't any time to lose , either. "
"But you must have at least ono wit
ness. " said the squire , hoping ho had
found a good idea.
"Well , then , take Mrs. Powell , " said
the would-bo ghostly bridegroom , nnd
not waiting for the squire to do so , he
approached the bed and shook Mrs.
Powell's arm quite sharply. She at
once awoke , and on sping so strange a
sight , gave a piercing shriek. "Bo
still , " said the ghost. "You will not bo
hurt ; you are needed for a few min
utes. " By this time she had awakened ,
and was looking at her husband. Ho
returned her gaze as ho says , "without
flinching , " and said , "My dear , those
people want to be married , and you are
needed as a witness. "
"What ! Katie Baylis and -John Van
Siso here and want to bo married ! La !
I thought they had died more than a
year ago ? " "Well , however , they are
here now , and I'm going to hitch them
as soon as I can , dead or alive , " said the
'squire , growing desperate. "Shall I
light the lamp ? "
"No ! " said the "for
, no ghosts , you
cannot see us if you do , but proceed at
once with the marriage. "
'Squire ' Powell told the ghosts to join
hands and stand before him. Then ho
proceeded with the usual formula until
itcamoto "until death do us part , "
which was left out as unnecessary. Then
the groom produced a blank marriage
certificate , which all present signed
and which the b ido put into her bosom.
"Is that all there is to it ? " said the
groom. "Yes , " answered the squire ;
"except the magistrate , usually kisses
the bride , " added ho , forgetting the
ghostly character of the contracting
parties , and remembering , perhaps ,
occasions in which ho had availed him
self of this privilege. "Then the bride
must bo kissed , " said the groom. This
at onoo brought the fcquiro to his senses
and made his hair raise again. "Kiss
the bride ! " ho echoed. The bride
stopped forward at this , evidently
thinking it an invitation. She brought
her face to his , and with a desperate
endeavor ho gave her a proper kiss. As
his lips met hers , ho says , a terrible
coldness seemed poured Into him. He
felt as though ho was dying , but almost
at once recovered himself. "Is there
anything else ? " asked the groom.
"Nothing , " answered the squire
faintly. " And now I sup
pose you would both like to know
what this is for. There is no
reason why you should not. You already
know the story of our guilty intorcoui o
while wo were alive on earth , and that
it resulted in our deaths. We are now
in the spirit world , which is far more
like the earth than is usually supposed ,
only wo have greater privileges and
powersbut the man who does not marry
while on earth cannot marry in the
spirit fonjj , end must Hvo uiH 't from nil
the"mnrrieu , wno inhabit a mgnor
sphere and will in the end inherit
greater powers than the unmarried ,
but lin't explain this as it is not to bo
revealed. However , when wo died wo
left a son , born to thamo , and without
our mnrriiigo , which you have solomn-
izedtoboilligitimi\to forever. As wo are
now for the time being 'in material form ,
wo are able to contract nmrriiigo by the
laws of mortals , and this marriage wlil
Will sell you groceries cheaper than you can buy
them anywhere else on earth. Mail
orders solicited.
For useful Christmas Gifts
callon the Council Bluffs
Carpet Co. , 405 Broadway.
be recorded as perfectly lawful by the
\lmighty. "
By the time ho had liniseed this long
speech ho had perceptibly grown less
material , and in a lew minutes both
bride and groom had faded away.
Such is the story which Mrs. Powel
told on the next day , and her husband
conlirmed it every particular.
The story of the lives of John Van Siso
and Katie Baylis is quite romantic.
John Van Siso was the son of n poor
farmer in the neighborhood. Katie was
the daughter of a well-to-do country
gentleman , a retired merchant. They
fell in love. Their parents were dead
against their maVrriage , and it was tji
old story that followed. Love was too
strong for parent ) ! or any other bonds.
They met constantly. At last Katie
gave birth to an illegitimate child , still
alive. She died in child-birth. John
died soon after of what was called by the
neighbors hasty. con sumption , but his
friends knew it was of broken heart.
How strange fate works !
The Young Ladies Dancing club had a
pleasant gathering on Wednesday evening at
the homo of Alderman Wells , on Oakland
avenue. The occasion was In honor of Miss
Barnard , of Mollne , 111. , who is a guest in
the family of Mr. Wells.
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mcnts , as well
as the newest
novoltics In
hair goods ,
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Out of town work solicited and all mail or
ders promptly attended to.
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t'.J.lBy,3tf Pearl tt.
The desirable residence or business property
known as the Powers Place , on Upper Itroad-
way oppoBlte the M. E. church , will positively
be bold within the next thirty days. Terms :
One-third eanh , bulaute in ono and two years.
Address bids to
Omaha , Neb. , 1317 and 1J10 Douglas Kt.'J
Trotting - Stallions
WADE GARY , - Council Bluffs ,
) ss Line.
Telephone No. 83.
All calls from District Telegraph Office
promptly attended to.
Star Stables and Mule Yards
Uroadway , Council DlutTs , Opp. Dummy Depot.
Horses and mnles constantly on hand , for
sale at retail or In car load lots.
Orders promptly filled by contract on short
Stock sold on commission.
Telephone 1U. BCHI.UTEIl & I1OU3V.
Opposite Dummy Depot , Council lllutfs.
D. H. McDANELD & CO. ,
Hides , Tallow , Pelts ,
Wool and Furs.
Highest Market Prices. Prompt
KOaml E 2 Main BtrectCouncil DluffH.Iowa.
But it is well known that our house contains such a multitude
of items that it is impossible to name them , nor could
the papers make space to enumerate the
articles now on exhibition.
Each and every ono of our departments will offer thousands of useful anfl
ornamental things
We have made every effort to plnco on sale the most attractive nnd useful goodfl
at the lowest possible prices , and wo invite inspection and comparison.
Special Handkerchief sale this week nt
2c , 5o , lOc , loc , 25c , up to $10. Each
and all go at about half price.
Silk Handkerchiefs and Mufflers in
largo variety. Laces , Embroideries ,
Fichues , Lace Collars. Kid and Fabric
Gloves. All must go at this great sale.
Cloaks , Suits , Wraps , Gentlemen's
Dressing Gowns and Smoking Jackets.
Ladie's Slumber Robes , Japanese
Smoking Jackets all Silk and Quilted
nt $5 , $0 , $7.60 to $10. Each a very
suitable present from a lady to a gen
Special bargains in our Art goods d *
partmont. Stamped Linens , Knii
goods. Underwear. Everything nmsfl
bo sold this week.
Como to the People's store first and 809
what wo can do for you.
Wo know wo have the goods and thatf
our prices will save you money every1
With every $2 purchase you will rd *
coivo a ticket for ono cluinco in outf
100 grand free presents.
314 , 316 , 318 & 320 BROADWAY ,
SO , tTO'W IS S'OTTZ ? ,
OliO WEI ? .
We Defy All Competition and Challenge a Comparison or Good * and 1'rlcel
With Any House In the \Vfst.
. . . .
HIIRO Attorney-at-Law , Second Moor Brown
DUR1\D , Building , 115 Pearl Street , Council
Bluffs , Iowa.
N of the Peace. Office over American
. Express , No. 419 Broadway , Council Bluffy
CTANU Jfr QTMQ Attorneys at-Law , practice in the State
D1U11D < X 011UO , and Federal Courts. Office Rooms
and 8 , Shugart-Beno Block , Council Bluffs , Iowa.
RARNUTT Justice of the Peace , 415 Broadway.
EQ . DmUlDll , Council Bluffs. Refers to any bank oj
business house in the city. Collections a specialty.
& SONS DentiBts"lco cornor'6
. 'j Pearl St. and First Avenud
Main Street , Council Bluffs ,
Only Hotel In the City with Flro Es
cape. Elootrlc Call Bells ,
Accommodations First Class ,
Rates Always Reasonable ,
. , MAX MOHN , Proprietor.
MO Ilroodway Council Illutfu , lowu. Uhtubllimefl
CAKTKK & SOX , Prop's.
Manufacturers of
Alt Kinds of Steam Boilers A Sheet Iron Wortt
Orilern by mall for repars promptly utUufto ,
to. Hutlifuttiun Kiisranteed. 10th Avenue. Aat
Ureea Ogclen Roller WorjjsCXjuacU yr&B , lofG
. - . . , ' / , ' |