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Christmas Appropriately Observed
Throughout the Olty.
TlioTurnYcrHii Celebrate In n llnppy
Manner Hprradn nt tlio Hotels
The liny nt I ho
ChrlstmnH In Otnnhn.
Omaha was favored with delightful woathcr
r , for her observation of Christinas yesterday.
A clear and cloudless sky , laughing sun-
shlno and the balmy nlr of an early spring
day prevailed. There was not the slightest
indication of snow , and merry-makers who
did not cheese to walk whirled over the
streets la buggies and carriages. Heavy
clothing and wraps were uncomfortable and
the garb of spring was worn by about every
body. Joy and plenty prevailed every whet e ,
and marks of contentment and happiness
t wcro on the visages of every one met in and
I out of doors. The hotels and restaurants
made special efforts and the dinners served
wcro models of culinary art. In the various
county and city Institutions the Inmates were
kindly cared for. Jailer .Foe Miller ratified his
liberality toward his charges by giving them
n grand and luxurious dinner , which was.
highly appreciated by them.
Among the many pleasant features of the
day was the Omaha Turnvcrein celebration
nt night at Germaulu hull. Between HOO and
400 wcro present. After twelve numbers
hud been danced , mi intermission was taken
and the Christmas trco standing on tlio
stage was stripped of Its f rtiltago. Some ot
the gifts received elicited great laughter.
Thcro wcro no blanks , and everybody drew
a present , some of which were very hand
some. Following this Prof. Kummerow ,
teacher of gymnastics in the Turnvcrein ,
was prcseutcd'Wlth a handsome sealskin cap
and pair of mittens. Dancing was again re-
ftuined and was kept up until a late hour.
Among well-known individuals who wcro
the recipients of public attention was llttlo
Lottlo Domain , the flvo-ycar-olu girl who
plays so successfully the part of ' "Tim the
Waif in "Tho Lights o'Loudon.1' The little
lady was given a special Christmas tree
loaded with presents at the Metropolitan
hotel last night. It was the first time llttlo
L.ottio had over seen such a tree and her delight -
light knew no bounds.
Yesterday afternoon Mr. C. S. Hlggnns
Was presented with a line silk hat by a num
ber of his employes at the St. Cloud , Mr. A.
8. Kltchio making the presentation in a neat
and appropriate speech.
Ofllccr Ward was agreeably surprised yes
terday by receiving a valuable diamond ring
from a friend.
M. J. Duck Icy , foreman of the Br.i : stereo
typing rooms , was presented yesterday with
n hanOsomo gold watch and diamond s < : arf
pin by admiring friends.
Many employers .mado glad the hearts of
employes yesterday with substantial and ap
propriate gifts.
How tlio GliurcliCH Celebrated.
Yesterday was a memorable Christmas
with the congregation of the Westminster
Presbyterian church who formally took j > os-
session of their now and first church edifice
located on the corner of Twenty-ninth and
Mason streets. This society is only n little
over 0110 year old , but members embrace
men of energy and push and when another
ycnr rolls about it will see the numbers dou
bled anil the church free of debt. Until yes
terday the pastor , Hev. John Cordon , and his
flock have been holding services In Troll's
hall , on Lcavonworth street , and the occu
pancy of their new church yesterday was a
Bourco of extreme gratification. Though the
interior Is not fully finished the services wore
none the less duvout and Interesting.
Hov. John Gordon preached In the morning
taking his text from John 1UI1 : : , "That
Sabbath was a high day. " and said :
consider Just n few of the elements combin
ing to make this a "high day" for us. It is
Sunday. Nothing moru beautiful than the
idea of Sunday , u day when every wheel
stops and every man rests , Uertiuse men
have Immortal souls , because the lifu is more
than meat and the body than raiment , bo-
caiiBO there is u God in Israel therefore
It , Is Christmas. Our thoughts fly off to
Jntlean hillsides. Wo HOG the stable on the
cdgo of Hcthlchcm , with its sweet-smelling
grasses , its lowing cattle , its sleeping cocks
and hens. The great white stars blaz
ing overhead In the purple ( Imminent. Only
n llttlo way oft beautiful Jerusalem homo of
kings , dwelling place of prophets , city of God
sleeping the sleep that "knits up the r.iv-
clod slieon of euro. " lusldo the stable that
great and awful mystery of birth that rn.vs-
let-ions travail by which joy cometh In the
morning when the news Is carried far and
wide that a babe has opened its eyes on this
beautiful world. Overhead a vision of angolE
Bwccping across the midnight sky praising
God , announcing peace on earth , proclaim
ing good will to all men.
It is Christmas , the day of children , the
day of the beginning of the kingdom of
heaven among men , of the incarnation ol
It Is the day when the Lord's table is
spread and wo sit down at the "m.v tie feast ,
whereby all good Christians do show fortli
his death till ho coino.
It Is the day when the doors of a new
church building are opened that within its
walls men may for the first time worship the
Lord God Almighty. What does It mcar
that for months past the strong horses have
been drawing great loads of material to this
Bjxit , and that to the accompaniment of ring
ing trowels and hounding hummers ant
shrieking saws brick has como to brick , bean
to beam and board to board , until to-day , in
the miJst of a busy , sinful , monoy-lemdtng
nioney-gotting city a spire points up
ward night and day a spire rooted ii
a building where thcro will bo m
buying , us soiling , no monoy-muklng , wht'i
the animal sklo of a man will receive no min
istnitions , the beast In us no attentions ; bu' '
when then will bo only woship of a God win
is invisible , but who fllloth the heavens am
the earth ? It means there is still faitl
amongst men ; It means that west of tin
Missouri thcro are those who arc still pray
ing "Thy kingdom comes ; " it means thoii
are still holy places when God makes tin
place of His fool glorious.
At such an hour , when tinder all these up
lifting influences , our souls are soaring high
it has seemed to mo that a few words shouli
bo niil outlining the polluv of this church n
wo all seem to uiulcrstuntl it.
It Is to bo a icllgious church. It wns no
born of strife. U hael its Inceptions in th
highest and purest notions. This i-ongregu
tion dlil not rome hither because they wor
driven from other places. When this churcl
went out from the mother church which w >
all love and honor , it was as when tin
daughter goes to her husband's hou > c , wit
love ana good wishes , and with her iKirtio
of money in her hand. It will bo carried o
in pouco ami love towards , uml wlthou
Jealousy of any other churcl
> Vo shall spend no tim
making proselytes. Wo shall seek to dlstur
no man's faith. Wo shall not attempt ted rui
pcoplii on account of supposed sochd or litot
nry advantages. It will only urge those t
coma who , loving God uml Jesus Christ , wi
work In our company to the city of the Noi
Jerusalem. Wo will seek to bo notable ) fc
our faith in Jesus Christ , our /eal for God' '
house , our lovu to the saints , our good work
This is to bo u sympathetic church ( Uiie
to rcs | > oiid to all tlio varying inouiU an
needs of humanity. Wo fc l thcro Is SOUK
thing fuiulamcnti-lly wrong In the structur
of bocicty. Wo bellovo that the world I
dead In trespasses ami sins. It troubles ute
to look around and see the poor yearly grov
Ing poorer , the miserable morn mberulili
Communism , annrchy , dynamite , wu luiov
only acgravato the trouble. Wo know whc
will heal the open sere of the world. Wo hi
llovo that the gospel , and nothing but tli
KOgpcl can meet the present emergency an
Thin it la ba an ovnngellstlo and go
pel church , It" gicul work is to t
towards the sinners. The lost fchccp of tli
house of Israel , Urn | > cope ! who truvi
trawl the Icrcbo road , tlio drunk-arils , tl
lflp eil eluHics of our cities , the brother i
v hoiiiojmd abroad. And Id trying to rcu
them I ain tletormlnrtl not to know uriythln
among you tavu JukUnUhrUt aud Him C'ruc
Hod.Thus , evwrytblnir to-day puilics JfcbU * I
ioif proclaim ! ) Jtniu. ft
the Lord's flay , the anniversary of the Lord's
birth , the Lord s supper , the Lord's houso.
This building is eloquent , to those who have
cars capable of hearing something besides
trumpets and kcttlo drums. All its parts cry ,
"fhoti art the King of Glory , O ! Christ , "
and all answer bark the challenge , "Thou Ol
Christ'art the King of Glory.
' ' .Strong Ron of God. Immortal Love.
Whom In that htivo not seen Thy face.
Hy faith , and faith alone , embrace ,
Helievlng what we can not prove.
' 'Thou RCPincst human and dlrlnn ,
The highest , holiest manhood , Thou :
Our wills arc ours , wo know not how ,
Our wills uru ours , to make them thine. "
AT OTIIIII : cntMtcnr.s.
An elaborate musical programme was ren-
crcd at Trinity cathedral. The church was
amlsomcly decorated with cvcrgi ecus and
There ; was a largo attendance of wor-
ihlppcrs ut All Saints church , and the scr-
ices wcro of unusual Import.
The Congregatlonallsts observed the day
ir'lth appropriate services. Hcautlful Christ-
ms presents wens glvun the Sunday school
hlldren. The services at the Third church
rero Imposing and interesting. Tlio evening
icrvico wils conducted by the children , who
ppearod In songs and recitations. Many
icautlful gifts were distributed among them.
Christmas services wcro held in the St.
.lary's . Avenue Congregational church , and in
ho evening the .Sunday school rendered W.
'loward Doane's Christmas cantata , " 1m-
naiuiel , " in admirable style.
Hov. Charles W. SuvMgo preached on "Our
Duties at Christmas time , " and in the ovcn-
ng there was a Chtlstmas concert , and the
listribution of books among the children.
Grand services wcro held also at St. 1'hllo-
ncna cathedral , Hansom Park M. K. church.
Trinity church , St. Mark's livaiigolleul
.utlicran and the Unity church.
lenry MyerH Stabs 1'otcr Fnrrell
During a Saloon How.
A drunken bully named Henry Myers
nado n murderous assault on Potcr Karrell
i the Hrlck Exchange saloon yestc.-day
ftcrrtoon and succeeded In leaving a six-
nch cut across Varrcll's breast and would
uvo killed him outright had ho not been
rcvcntcd. Myers 'and his brother Fred , In
lompany with Henry Snyder , were cclebrat-
ng Christmas with a beastly carouse , and
by the tlmo they reached the Exchange
uloon they were in that exhilarated condl-
lon that inflates ones Ideas of physical
> rowess to infinity. After ordering drinks ,
hey refused to pay for them. The bartender
hen demanded that they leave the saloon.
: mt they insolently i of used to do so , one of
: hem , Fred , remarking that ho had cut
ii 1 out of a policeman in DCS Moincs , and
ivould carve any man that attempted to put
iiim out or tried to arrest him. At this the
oungers seated ai-ouiul the tables jumped up
mil pressed forward , expecting to see a
bloody row. They were not disappointed ,
Tor Henry Jerked out a knife , but instead of
.ising it on the burly Bui tender , ho singled
out Peter Farrell , otio of the smallest and
most inoffensive of the spectators , and
stabbed him. The knife struck on tlio loft
shoulder , laying baio the bone , and making a
wound that extended to the breast bone.
The blood spurted from the rent In tlio
wounded man's clothes , and the spectators
seized Myers , and after a desperate struggle ,
in which two or three men were slightly cut ,
they succeeded in disarming him. The par
ticipation of Fred Myers and Snyder in the
melee , on behalf of the murderous assailant ,
made the affair mot oof a riot than a mere
fight , but when the knife was wrested from
Myers , the three hastily loft the saloon and
ran south on Thirteenth street. The patrol
wagon with a squad of policemen was sent to
the scene , ami after a long chase the des
peradoes were captured In u ravine nearly
two miles south of the scene of the cut
ting. At first they showed fight , but when
Captain Green , Sergeant Mostyn and Oflloor
Hurrigan advanced with presented revolvers ,
they broke and ran for a grove near by. The
police followed , and in a few minutes had
the trio in irons and were escorting thorn to
the patrol wagon.
Dichold Safes.
Call and sco the largo stock Mcag-
her & Beach , Gon'l Agt's. have on hand
at 1415 Farnain bt. , Omaha.
lint Gordon AVeurs a 811k lint itncl
Spends Christmas in .Jail.
Yesterday when Jim Gordon attired him-
in his best holiday suit ho found that the
only thing lacking to complete his outfit and
crown his happiness was a plug hat. Ho
suddenly remembered that Fred Verchoval ,
who roomed at 1U11 Center street , had gene
up town about an hour buforo ana ho de
termined to go to Fred's room and appropri
ate his tilo. This ho did. Still later Fred
came homo and also determined to rig him
self out in his immacuhito nttiro. A pro
longed search for his nil ) : hut revealed tlio
fact that seine thief had been there before
him. Ho strode angrily out on the street to
leave word with the police wncn ho happened
to meet Gordon with his rusty suit and shin
ing hat. Something about tlio tile looked
strangely familiar , and yielding to the impulse -
pulse ho snatched the hat from Gordon's
head , when to his astonishment on looking
liLsicloof it ho saw his own initial "V. , "
worked by a lady friend. Gordon turned two
or thrco colors uiul stammered an attempted
oxplanationbut Verchoval called u policeman
and Gordon cudcd his Curistmas in the
Grand Turkey lunch at Harry Ila-
gans to-day ut 2 p. m. All are invited.
! UO S. llth sv
The Dally company are at the Mlllard.
H. H. King , of Lincoln , Nob. , is in the city.
O. Home , of Syracuse , Neb. , Is ut the Mil-
Iko Hlcgclman , of Do ; Moincs , la. , Is In the
Colonel A. C. Da\vcs , of St. Joe , is in the
E. A. Drown , of Nebraska City , Neb. , Is In
tht ! city.
W. H. Carey , of Grand Island , Neb. , Is at
the Millurd.
C. C. Canuoclicrs , of DCS Moincs , la. , Is : it
tlio Millard.
D. F. Yost and wife , of New York , are vis
iting in the city.
Mrs. H. E. Smith and daughter , of For
Madison , la. , are visiting in thu city.
D.ST. . Kecil , editor of the ( Hen wood ( la. )
Times and Jdunml , spent Sunday in Omaha.
Miss McFcrrin , of Nebraska City , Neb. ,
par.scd Christim-s with acquaintances In thu
Messrs. J. M. Hill , Henry Klnzel and Will
iam Eniloy , of Wianer , Neb. , are at the Mil-
Mr. anil Mrs , John Archibald , Mrs. Jruncs
H. l-'llnt-aiul MissM. I. Martin , all of New
York , uru visiting In the city.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Meir.rath. of Kansas
City , M > cut Sunday in Omaha. They return
homo to-day , and intend to settle permanently
in Umalm lu two or thrco weeks.
Seidenborg's Kifjaro , tlio only 10
cigar for fit ? . Ask your dealer for them.
Max Moyur & Co. , wholesale dopot.
Another Skating lUnk.
The mammoth skating rink at the Casluc
garden ut Fourteenth and Howard streets
was opened for the first tlmo last evening at
70 : : ! , and a meiry crowd' was in attendance.
The rink win bountifully illuminated with
electric lights anO a baml of twcnty-tivo mu.
hlcluus was hi iiUriulaueo. Thu entertain
ment closed ut lOi.'Id. Lunch and ruficph-
meiits wore .served during the evening.
On i ho Warpath.
Lewis P , Page , filled with beer and armed
with a pollccman'B club , sallied forth on Six
teenth street last evening In quest of prey ,
Tuu first man whom ho met and doemrd
worthy of sacrifice was Leo Frost , who llvei
at ! J20 north Twelfth street. After u brie !
preliminary attacked Fit > sl with his club.
knooUcd him down , and boat him until hii
howl was n ina-js nf bruises ami cuts. At
.this time the put rol wagon happenr-il
to he going by ami the olnVew WOIM
attracted ' by the screams of Frost. The w.i.
Ko'a wus btopiKjii act ! Officer Iliucucy J'au up
to the scone. Prtpc Ihoreui'bn ' trmiforred hla
attention the officer'nnd struck Hlnohcy
with his weapon. The ctiriiRed ofllcvr jcrluM
out his cluh iititl gave I'tteo a blow tlmt foiled
him to the wound and laid oKn | his seal p.
This hnd n tiilctiliK | uflcct , and ho wns tnken
peaceably to the lock-lip.
A K > In In LI in bo.
Prank Williams , James O'Noll , James
Wilson , Jesse Morrison and Trunk Winters ,
nlluVDenvur Shiner , the desperate quintette
of crooks who recently returned to Omaha
and were ordered out of town by Judge
Herku lust Thuisdiiy , were all found In the
city yesterday and Were run In npuln last
night. They arc ; n rufllanly set and arc rev
ponslblo for numerous highway robberies
and burglaries In Ibis city. No community
Is safe us long us they , uro at large.
in n Dive.
George Smith mid It. II. Thompson , whites ,
went Into a negro bagnio on Kloventh street
lust evening , and because they rofiisetl to
treat the Inmates to beer , they were as-
mm I ted uy S. f. Finloy and two or three
other ncgrocH , who beat thdm unmercifully ,
Inflicting several cuts and bruises over their
heads and face. Kinluy was arrested , but
the other assailants dlsiippeured.
Kill's Iiltilc Joke.
Chicago News : To iv nuinbor of' his
intimates a few evenings ago Mi1. Sum
Kayx.orof the Chicago conhorvatoryun-
buut so far as to toll ono of his oxpcri-
unccdof his recent trip abroad. "There's
quite ii town over there they call Lim-
non , " lie began , "but there was very
little English , you know , about it when.
1 was there , it was very American.
From 'is royal 'ighnciM down to the
bootblacks the tendency of the British
intellect was toward the formation of
American habits and customs as illus
trated by Buffalo Bill and his wild
"I had been in town only over night
when I ran across two Chicago iiews-
pnper men Vance Thompson anil the
younger Busby. Together wo bet out
to see what we could HCO. Wo found the
entire population headed for the "Wild
West" show. Somebody said 'is royal
'ighness would be there on the usual
free pas * , t > o wo went , followed the
crowd , and chipped in our few shillings
for the encouragement of homo talent.
We managed to worm ourselves into a
conspicuous position on thoo"y
edge of the track just as the
old coach drove up preparatory
to being pursued by a mob of whooping
savages at $20 a , month and found. Buf
falo Bill rode up alongside and the Brit
ishers cheered themselves hoarse. Ho
glanced in our direction , and , recogni/-
infc Busby , winked for him to help to
get into the coach with his friends and
help fire blank cartridges at the pursu
ing redskins. Wo got in and the old
couch rattled up in front of the grand
stand , whore in the front row , sat 'is
royal 'ighness explaining to the duchess
of something or other that the Ameri
cans was really quite intelligent as a
class , and would doubtlessgot overborne
of their rough and bloody ways us they
grow older.
"It soeins it had been arranged for
'is royal 'ighnoss to ride in the coach
that day , and he came down to get in ,
but as ho put his foot on the Mops he
&nw us inside and so exclusive is he that
it nettled him. Ho wanted us put out
before ho would got in. But Bill came
to our rescue , lie had invited us , so ho
proposed to stand by us. 'You see , 'said
he familiarly to the prince , 'those fel
lows arc half breeds and pretty ugly
ones , too. I don't think It would bo
wise to stir up any fiibs with 'em. They
are bad pithens when they're riled. '
So the prince went back to his perch in
the grand stand and we remained in the
old lcadwood stage.
"When everything was ready they
gave us a couple of dozen revolvers
loaded witli blank cartridges and away
wp wont , the Indians after us and Bill ,
with his cowboys after the Indians ,
everybody blazing away for dear life.
Our ammunition lasted until wo got back
to the grand stand , whore wo drew up
in a cloud of smoke and amid wild aj > -
plauso. The coach had been rescued
and the Indians dispersed. Bill then
rode up and in a stage whisper said that
one of us must play dead. Bushy said
he'd bo hanged if ho would do it , and I
swore I wouldn't mnko such a spectacle
of myself. Vance Thompson was just
making a similar declaration when a
swarm of cowboys grabbed him by the
lo rf and began pulling him through the
window , foot first. Ho was in for it , and
might as well make the bebt of it , so helot
lot himself remain limp and played the
dead man very well.
"Yes , lie's dead , ' said one of the cow
boys. quietly slipping his lingers into
Thompson's watch. pocket. This was so
realistic that Vance was perceptibly
' He's a goner , ' said another , turning
ono of the dead man's trousers pockets
inside out and scooping up the contents.
Van cox could do nothing. To come t
life now would make In in the laughing
stock of 10,000 people , if not the whole
"Another cowboy wont for his breast
pocket , where ho carried his letters qf
credit and paper notes. This was too
much. Visions of beggary wore float
ing before his mind , and ho was about
to come to life and make an enormous
fuss when Bill rode up and told his cow
boys that they hnd carried his joke far
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never varies. A innnlrl of puri
ty , BtreiiKth mid wliole-jomeiicHS. .More econom-
ICH ! thnu Hie ordlntiry kludn , nnd ounuot ba
sold lucompetllloii with the miiltltudo of low
cost , short weight ultitn or phosiihatH powders.
Bold onlv In cans. Itoyal lUklni ; I'o\\der Co. ,
ISO. Wall St.NewVorlf _ _
Or the l.luuor Habit , 1'osithcly Currdhy
Adinlnistorlnt , ' Dr , llnlne ' * ' Uolden
ut It can bo plven In u cup of oolfco or t a w UUg
o the kiio\\ledKU of the pei'Min takliiKit ; iibsoliu
dly harmless , and lll etfiH.-t u permnmiit an
i-hpi edy i-iiri1 , uliet her the patient Is 11 moderat
filrlnkur or an iiUohollc wreck , '
tlrtinkards hnvn been made trmperato men \vh
inivotukendoldriiSperltlc In their collet ) with
out their knowledge und to-day bellovo they quit
diliiUujj of their own free will. IT NB\ i :
I'Al I.S. The Hj-htem onct' Impregnated with tlm
Spi-fillt.1 , It becoinen nn utter luiposulblllty for
llio tliiuo'r appetite tn exist. Tor Miloby Kuhn
.VCo. , 10th and Douiilas tu. nnd Iftli nnd Cum-
till ; 'K.S. . Uninho , Neb , ; A. ! ) , l-'oator Oc liro. ,
Council Ulutls , In.
The unseasonable warm weather has left a few more Overcoats on our hands than we desire
to carry over into the new year , and in order to sell them right now , we have cut the prices all to
oieces. Commencing to-morrow we will offer our very finest Overcoats at prices heretofore asked
for medium qualities. The biggest cut we will make on our fur and plush trimmed goods. There
are not many of them , but we have a few very fipe garments trimmed with good fur and silk plush *
We want to make a sweep with these goods and close them out before we take stock. We invite
: hose who have so far managed to get along with their old or light weight Overcoats , and whom
the open winter has kept back from buying a heavy one , to inspect these garments. They will be
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. In Men's Dress and Business Suits we have a beautiful stock the largest in the city and our
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to reduce stock and we will save you fully 25 per cent if not more on every suit ,
. . The big trade we have had in Boys' Overcoats last week has broken up the sizes of several
lots , but we still have a fair assortment. The prices are such that we expect them to be cleaned
out soon.
xP"1"3 ! * Sepa/tm .nt > s known to offer better hats for less money than any regular hat house
.n . the city. The fine Fur Derby's which we are selling for one dollar have made a name for us.
No other house sells a hat of equal quality for less than $2 or $2.5O. We have received several
new styes for the holidays. Our finest hats at $2.5O , $3 and $3.25 cannot be bought at any
other house for less than $3.50. $4 and $5. We offer in this department a splendid line of Fur
Caps at just one-half their regular retail prices.
The beautiful and artistic display of Men's Furnishings in our large windows will give an
idea of the variety of goods we have and the * > rices we ask. We invite those who are puzzled
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we can offer in the way of presents for gentlemen. Sensible and thoughtful men prefer and
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Beginnin Monday we will present visitors at our store with a beautiful holiday souvenir ,
copies of which are displayed in our windows.
All goods marked in plain figures and at strictly one price.
Nebraska Clothing Company ,
Corner Douglas and 14th , Streets , Omaha.
Embody the lilghett excellent
rim limliai > rltnr tlrani fort anit
tliiriililllty tind nre tlie reigning
favorite * in fnhlonableelrcl ,
Our name is ( J.&T.COUSINS.
on e\ery sole. ) NEWYORK.
ForSale by
Haward Brothers.
bTerv lady who desires perfection In style ami form
should wear them. Manufactured only by UiO
Worcester , Mass. , and jib Market meet , Chicago
H' . J.
Surgeon and Physician ,
Oflico N.V Corner Hth iiml DoiiKlns St. Ofllce ,
telephony , 4 o ; Kushlenuo telephone , W18.
The Old npllatild gpeo
lull * ! of iimiiy jcnr * ex
petUMutMrt'tit ! * with uno
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PILLS. Klh'1'UI.A.
Hin-nmi : ( Miir.i . with
out pain or hlndtHiicu
from ouwlnckf. Allt-liron *
ccases fnr In advnncn
of my ln tltutlo n In this
rountry * 'I | M * O w ho con-
tumphitu Kolnu to Hot
fprliiK" for trt-ntnipiu of
any I'rlTnto or Illimd
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onf-lhlnllhe enti nt our
. . . . . 'atinont ' u I'nre , Ixjvcly Com
LADIES ion , f rue from putlowmisv , frorkto
LnUILU erui > tlijn > , etc. , brilliant
nlclerallmi. FalllnK nd IMsplai
c , ; , Kidney c mui > laint and Chungo of J.Ue. Consult
tuo Old Ikictor
P\ir ilin CID ACUIO or Chronic Intluinmif
PIP ANIl tin tlonuf the Kyelliln or liliibu *
LIU III1U UHII ni | i-aror Near SliilitPiliiest ,
Invernlnnof the l.ia , Scrofuluiu Kyp . Uleeratlnni ,
liiflRiuiimtlona , AliveM. IMiuncM of Vtslun ot ono or
' of l.ld.
both i'yr . and 1 union
f Inniiiiinintlon of tlm Kur , Ulcorntlon or t'alarrh ,
rn lurKlernal Di-atiicss , or I'uralyaU , Miulnz
_ . .UmrliiKiKilnes.Tlilcl.cnul Dram. etc.
IK-ldlltyl of Vltul 1'ownr , f leep-
NERVOUS , Itonpiiudoney , Ixi s of
Memory , rotifu lonof Mcuv , Ulun
hcforo Hie Kye * . lJi 'ltnJo , lanviior. fjooinliips | ,
IX'pres'iim "f f > iilrU .ATer lon tuSocU-ty , Kmy l l -
rouraiii'd. Ijick of Conndviitp , Dull , l.lnllm. Until
for Mudy or llu-lni' ! " . and ilnd life n burden , f-ilL'lr ,
renuani-ntly I'rtTiilely Curod.
' . . .
- - - - , . ffrofnla.
Cnniullutlon free and dtrlctly conOdmittul.
Medicine Bent free from observation to nil part *
of the I'nlted Statos. Correspondence receives
nrompt attention. Xo letters answered unless
nccoinpnntod by four cents in stamps Hend ton
cents In stumps for pamphlet and list of imps-
dons upon private , special nnd nervous dls-
"firms strictly cash. Call on or luldrest ,
DR. ,
No. Kt Cor. 13th & Hur&ey Bu..0iaaha , Null
N. W. Cor. 13th & Dodge Sts.
Dcst facilities npparntiis mid remedies for suc
cessful treatment of every form of disease requir
ing Medical or Surgical Treatment.
Hoard and attendance ; best hospital accommo
dations in the west.
WRITB rou CIRCULARS on Deformities nnd
Braces , Trusses , Club I'eet , Curvature of the
Spine , rile ; ) , Tumors , Cancer , Cntarrli , llronchitis ,
Inhalation , I'lectrlcity , Paralysis , Kpilepfy , Kid
ney , Bladder , Kye , Car , Skin and lllood , and all
Surgical Operations.
Diseases of Women a Specialty.
All Blood Diseases successfully treated. Syph
ilitic Poison removed from the ( system without
mercury. New restorative treatment for loss ol
Vital Power. Persons unable toislt us may be
tieatcd at home by correspondence. All commu
nications confidential. Medicintfi or Instruments
cent by mail or express , securely packed , no
marks in indicate contents or i-cndcr , One per-
( oiml interview preferred. Call and eansult us or
i-eud history of ) our case , nnd we will send in
plain n rapper , our
Upon Private , Special or Nervous Diseases , Impotency -
potency , Syphilis , Gleet and Varicocele , with
ciuotioii list. Address
Omalia MedUal and Surgical Instituteor
'Cor. 13th and Dodge Sts. , - OMAHA. NEB.
J KJtJJ 171 1711 I llJk
1707 Olhe Street , St. Louis , Mo.
Of the Missouri Stnto Miineum of Anatomy , St.
J.otilK , Mo. , Uulvnrnlty Colleen Hospital , Ixm-
( Urn. ( ilsen. ( ; ( kTiiumy mul Now York , Havl
devoted their attention
More especially those nrislns from Impru
dent e. Inriui tilt 10 Buffering tocorresponil with
out delay. JHseiiMt'H of infection nnd contusion
cim-d safely nnd speedily without use of dun-
KcrmiH limp ! . 1'iitfentn whoso ( IIM-S IIHVH boon
tii-ult > cti < d , badly treated or pronounced Incur-
able. Hhould not full to wrltti us ronivrnln ; ; thulr
fcvmiitoina. All letters receive Immcdl.itu alien-
And will be mailed Fit KB to any address on re-
, ,
I 111t t " * * 11 * 1M1 J'tJ * IU1IV VilMjnv rJtt tt ! - " -
the Hfproilurtlvo Organs , the whole forming a
\ luable medical treatise wilch ) UouM bo reatl
by all jonnt ; nifii. Adiucss
DBS , , , ,
17O7 Olive Street St. Louis , Mo.
, . Ou r ni edlba
'only one Into- > i > rd : | [ neratlKB
. acontinuouv Mltcirtotf tlagntito
- -
IN ciirrtnl. Lcl nllOf.l'owfrui. lJni l.l ,
" and KI ( ctlro. irol't Invar.
. OTtrti.noocured. Htnnbtainpforriiiitiblet.
Display at their warerooms , 13O5 and 13O7 Farnam Street ,
the largest assortment of Pianos and Organs to be found at
any establishment west of Chicago. The stock embraces the
highest class and medium grades , including-
v . "
V i tvaJ-tl
Prices , quality and durability considered , are placed at the
lowest living rates for cash or time payments , while the long
established reputation of the house , coupled with their most
liberal Interpretation of the guarantee on their goods , affords
the purchaser an absolute safeguard against loss by possible
defects in materials and workmanship.
1305 * 1307 FARNAM STREET *
AUvf > r > liiff has always p'-ovu lict'oro placingnnjr
Newspaper Advertising' consult
41 t 40 Ui.dtltb Hlrci-l. CHICAGO. .
Glasgow via Londonderry ,
Liverpool via Qucenstown.
Are Htrlctly Flrat-CI a , and among
the larncot , fastest and Unent In the world ,
f ulnon , second clan and nocmitc Futtntrt
Accommodation * Unecrlled. Kvery
regard for the comfort and cent enlenre of paa-
_ aeogeri etudloudy cou ld r d aod praoltceA
Ktcnmuni flrcry Saturday for HIMBOW. City of Itoma
nulls for I.lrerpool Oclolier 12. 11 H the lament and
finest passenger stcauicr alloal. Hates of paaaaBo for
all rlaisvs allow at by any other nrsKlass Ilii' ) . h -
looneicurslon tlcketa at reduced rates. Draft * for
any amount at lowest riirii-nl rates , tr liooki
of tnurs , tickets , or further Information , "I'l'U to
SlOUUlI-i , Omaha , .Noli.
PcrchcroiH. ( Myd'sdules and Shirr. ftlo uoinn
} > Tfcolts. . Hvery uulinnl Kiinrnnteed u lirreiirr
Our stock Ims been si > rtecl with reference to
both liulUI'liml merit ami ( MMllKreo. Sjmioof
these liorf os have taken tlrol prize til the No-
urncka.Stnterclr. lh T. All our hones ii.-c ac-
cllmatvil.Hint colts of their et run bo shown.
1'j It f viftwiublo unit isisy Urmfl. Ik nrcpsMWu
br tlm tin i-o lead Inn mllroruls ot th HtiitJ , it. > v
M ; ; r. , K. ft M.V K.0. * O. -
1(1 ( 1) ) IV ( I lUlllUIUU J-/U11IU
Pnid Up Capitol , - $2BOOOO
Surplus , - - - 30,000
Jl W. YATE.S , I'rpfjJdent.
B. llKKli , Vicc-I'iesldent.
A. K. Tou/.AUN , Bd Vlcu-1'rcslilcnt.
W. II. S. lliaii s , Cauhier
W. V. Monfir , JOHN S. COI.MNS.
Hanking OfTIrp
Cor. l"th and Kiurnnin Hts.
A Gcnciul linuklug lluslueaa Transacted.
= = JEWELRY , =