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TTT T rnMnrnrrp'nn
The Sporting Nobility of Bnglanc
Terribly Wrought Up.
Two Swell British Snobs Engaged ii
Their Grievances.
Blood-Lottini ? Extraordinary Pre >
dieted as the Outcome.
The Prospects of Sallnlmry's Govern
mum. Involving Ittu'lf In a War
RipiIIy.Grwvtnjr ! Dimmer
The H Uday Trade.
Swell Sportlnjr Circles Slmke.i
l/'ipi/rfu/it / lSsrl//nim'i ! ftitnlon Bninrlf , ]
LONDON' , Dec. 21. rjJuw York Heral
Cable Special to thu Ben. ] Thu ChrLstma
season , which is sacred to peacu and goo
will , finds a ternblu commotion going on i
thu Turf and Jockey clubs , in fact , politic
for thu moment are at a discount. Whetlii ;
there will be a war and when Gladstone i
likely to get back in office are questions whic
no longer attract attention. What everybody
at least in clubland at the West End. asks i :
will Sir George Chetwynd bring actio
au'ainst Lord Durham , or must there bu ar
other undying scandal placed on rccor
against a gentleman of England once sin
posted to be thu very soul of honoi
Lord Ailsbury did much to brea
down thu popular belief that a noble sport ;
man can never bu a blackleg. It was
dreadful revelation to many to find tliii
cheating Is not exclusively practiced by pee
duvilx. Knowing ones said at tnu time tha
if exposure fell upon all who deserved il
Ailsbury would not stand alonu in the pil
lory. So thought Lord Durham , and , bein
a young man , smarting under very beav
losses on the turf , as well as from a sense c
Injustice , hu blurted out his suspicions. H
has suffered much in pocket and ineurrei
some risks in reputation from horses not ha\
ing ran straight. He is not a man of man ,
word < , and the surprise was therefore all th
greater when hu came out with thu now cell
brated speech at thu dinner of thu Gnncrac !
club , York , denouncing thu malpractice
of Jockeys and that trickery wkic
has long been permitted in con
nection with somu well known stable-
The speech was tal kctt about in turf circli
ami TSrius versions of it reached thu club ;
A3 usual in such easer iicoptu beiran fittin
thu cap to thu heads of various persons , j
good many names wcru mentioned and thcr
thu matter might havu ended , but som
good-natured friends want to Sir G org
Chetwynd and said : "Durham meant you
than art tliu man. " This sort of a remark
madu to a man at his club and ulsewhert
leaves him no alternative but to ask for a
explanation from his accuser. Sir Georg
was not so much to blamu aa thu paper
make out for doing that which his friends a !
most compelled him to do. Hu asked an
got moru tnan hu wanted. Lord Durnat
owned that his remarks were aimed at him.
From that moment Sir George has acte
Injudiciously. Hu sent his brother , Captai
Chutwynd , to challenge Lord Durham to
duel. Thu latter replied with a very ugl
taunt about cheap courage. Thu Jockey ciu
fa evidently Inclined to jrivo Chetwynd th
cold shoulder , and thu public stand wondu :
ing why the baronet does not take the enl
effective steps of redress which aru open t
him un appeal to a court of law. Any a
tempt of outsiders to settle the dispute woul
be worse than useless , for the truth can enl
bo known to Sir George and his trainer. Th
Jockey's horses which ought to have wo
\vcro pulled or otherwise prevented froi
winning. When Sir George's horsi
had sank low in estimatio
and wera nowhere In tlio betting Us
they suddenly camu out and won great race
Such is substantially the allegation , and , If
were proved , of coursu it would bu all ov <
with thu baronet. Trainer Sherrard hi
never befuru had any accusation of this kin
to face , and to submit quietly to it would 1
ruinous. Ha cannot shelter himself behir
his employer. The probabilities are that j
extensive business In thu law courts will 1
tne sequel to Lord Durham's after-dlnnt
speech. If racing in England is not to r
ceivc a fatal blow the Jockey club will hiu
to bestir itself promptly. Chutwynd's f neui
are confident that ho will be able to clear hu
self , though they admit ho went to woi
the wrong way m the first instance. Acuoi
for libel are said to bo pending agauibt tv
spoi-Uug newspapers which substantially c
dorse Lora Durhanl's charges. Not evi
Ailsbury's case hR < 4tirred up so much e
citcaicnt and feeling in all direcKtms.
Apart from this affair the world of Londi
Is thinking of nothing but celebrating Chris
mas in true Dickens' style plenty to cat ar
loahins to drink. The retail trade is di
Unctly better than it was last year , thouf
the improvement is not so much felt by ami
tradesmen as by the ureat stores , which no
almost monopolize the business. Rent tax
fall as heavily upon the tradcsmin as eve
but his customers fiock to the bij stores ai
leave him in the lurch.
nln some departments of business the pix
pcct of war naturally gives rise to coasidc
able activity. I understand , however , th
In well informed quartet's , increased con
dence Is felt that thu atann clouds will bla
over. The government can only Juitgc fro
dispatches received , from its repra > cntativ
abroad , and these are said to be calculated
a ! ! - snurekension , butasnor.e of the En
llsh ambassadors caff hnV the secret intc
lions of tha czar , or Pnnre BUmtiTcV. or tl
Austrian emperor , our official information
cat worth , much. Certainly no unusual prc
arduous are going qn In our dock yards or . .
senal , go every aide , worJ hz\.i
pone forth to retrench so as to
provide Mr. Gn chen with a surplus. Thu
government could not take any warlike meas
ures without involving ifc lf in dlffleultlei
which would shake it. Knowing this , Lord
Salisbury is not thu man to incur unneces
sary peril. People who arn speculating on
the stork exchange in anticipation of Eng
land beinir dragged into a war before nexi
year has cut its teeth , will most likely bum
their fingers severely. The ministry wil
direct its policy so that it may enable thi
queen to tell her parliament in February thai
shu remains on friundly terms with all Euro
Sonic Elegant Dre n 's For Spain.
LCopyriulit UikTb'j Jiimri ( Jiinlim Bmnctt. ]
P.vni. , Dec , 24. [ Sew York Herald Cabli
Special to thu BEE. ] Worth has Just sen
to Spain a group of elegant dresses Intcndei
for thu Duchess do. San Antonio and he
daughters. Onu is a ball dress in gold , ye !
low satin apron , front embroidered in sllve
beads and spangles in two largu tulips , will
stems of unseen lenath. The embroidery i
of yellow gauze , the satin being cut under
neath , showing a faint rose hue. From ai
underskirt in pink silk a panel in satin , em
broidcred with a stnglu tulip , la placed a
either aide. Thesu panels , as well .is th
skirt front , are bordered with narrow silve
embroidery. They part at the sidu to shov
straight folds of yellow tulle. In the openin ;
at thu right sidu are placed two lanre pin ;
robes and a single rosu has been set in th
left hand. One train is in full folds of yellov
tulle over ,1 yellow faille with a single widt !
of satin bordering it at thu luft side. A hous- -
dress for thu s.unu lady is ui dark bluu satii
in empire style , the skirt gathereil Just bulov
the waist , cut up thu kneu sis well as at th
sidu breadth. Thesu openings are piped a
either sidu with palu green crepe and ar
hung with a row of acorn shaped goli
pendants. A band of gold braiding crosse
thu corsage from , thu right shoulder to th
loft sidu of thu waiht. Similar bands aden
thu cuffj and collars and a square , shor
basquu at thu buck from beneath which fal
two sash ends of black watered ribbon tha
reach to the hem of thu tram. For thu eldes
daughter of thu duchess is intended a bill
dress in moire yellow tulle , made with
short skirt and hansing in front a dee
curved garland of daisies , confined to th
skirt and luft sidu with a boa of wbit
watered ribbon with long ends.
Parlnlun Per-onul Point" .
[ fiipi/nuM ; & ? 7 t\i \ James Gordon Bennett. ]
P ini3 , Dec. 2 i. FXew York Herald Cable-
Special to the BEE. ] The weather is col
and foggy. It has been vainly trying t
snow during thu wholu week. The bonk
vards aru now blocked with booths and pet :
dlars hawking about dulls and bon bons. A
occasional rustic is seen laden with branche
of mistletoe , bound to the American leiratiou
tliu British embassy and thu houses of Amei
tcaxj and Englishmen. Minister McLanu i
tne guest of Baronet ton Huffman at Can
nes. He will return for the Srst rec option a
the legation this seuon : , January i.
Mr. Gladstone and family will arrive fron
London at the Hotel Bristol next Wednesday
Mrs. Edward Famngton gave a dtnne
last night in her handsome apartments at Xc
23. Rue Galilee.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Watrona and Mrs
Annu SUuldon Cuombes will go to Conner :
week after next.
Mrs. Potter and Miss Martinu Potter , o :
Cincinnati , are at the Hotel Onenten routi
to Rome for tliu Pope's Jubilee.
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Bower will leave Pan ;
to-day to sail on the City of Richmond nex :
Mr. Aaron Healey , Miss Healey and Mrs
Hood , of Brooklyn , are at the Hotel Cautiu
Mr E. P. Este and Mibd Este , nf Pliila
delphia , are at 30. Rue du Vonquardu.
A. R. Thomas. Heaton , Jr. , of Detroit , ha
arrived from Frankfort , and la at the Belle
The Countess Kessmer gave a dinner o
Thursday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Staunton , of 2so\
York , are at the Hotel Biada.
Mr. Thorndyko Sourse , of Philadelphia , i
at the Hotel Chatham.
Miss Mary Hooper's marriage to the mai
quis D' Adca Salvatorra , of Milan , will bo th
social event of Pan ? nest nisath. Worth i
making thu trousacau.
Miss Louise Uurckhardt will go to the Can
ncs in January.
Mr. and Mrs. Blackman have gone to Lor
don for six weeks.
Whistlers , thu satirist , is at the Gran
Mr. William Nave , of St Loais , sailed o
the Brctagno to-day.
Mibs Greatorex gives a dinner ta-con-oi
at her studio , 70 Uuo d' Assr.s.
Francu : ui l the New
LONDON , Dec. 'J4. Advices from Syuuej
N. S. W , state that U French comai.miSar.
of the New Hebrides has been ordered by b :
government to evacuate hs uinds in Januar ;
A French company is buy'ng land Train tli
natives of the New Hebrides for thu
of establishing trautng-ataUons.
Mrs. McAuley , op CIticaso. Shoots lie
Uuunam ! for lllti InlidoUty.
CHICAGO , Dec.2t. WiiUiUa McAuleyboot
keeper for a prominent brewing rirsi , xva
shot and fatally injured by his wife thi
afternoon. He had been untrue to Uei
Shortly after the shooting a constab !
arrived at MeAulcy's bnuao , with
warrant cia-ging ! the dyinff bool
keeper with adultery. The waraant ha
been sworn oat by Joseph W. Mat-kin ,
a cigar dealer , who stated that his wrfis ha
run away with McAa'.cy , and set up houst
keening In the city less than a raJlo froi
McAulcy's family rcs.dcucc. McAuIey wcr
home occasionally to his wife , but Mr
Mockin monopolized most of his ume. Mn
Mackin was arrested Just before tka shooi
lag , and Mrs. M-.V-.iley immediately after i
The Search fur the Bis Rait.
i. , Dee. 'i * Feara arc entertaine
ia " .iviRatisn and mar-time circles that th
Kcvia Scotui lumber raft , which is drift i
the Atlant xvjil be a source of danger t
Allan line steamers. The government i
ke steps to flrul tka missini ; craf
F.ussia and Her Enemies Actualls
Preparing : for Hostilities.
BfForta to Secure on Amicable Set
tlement Practically Abandoned.
Ho Accuses the Austrian Govern'
ment of Gross Duplicity.
St. Petershiirsc Paper- * Declare Tim
Bulgaria Must Bi.-comr a Rituclau
Province anil Austria Forotsil From
Bosnia , and Herzt-uovin.
Tin : Cintini HtaI Outlook.
\rnpijrlulit \ ISST by Xfw Turk Awichital Preit.
BEIILIN , Dec. 24. If war curly in th
sprinir is avoided ouicial anticipation will b
deceived anil military expectation disar
pointed. Witlun thu past few days it has hi
enmu tku sullied conviction of diplomat !
c-ireles that the czar's pacific tendencies hav
been overborne by thu Panslavist f.ictioi
and that bu is now under the control of th
war party , the leaders of which are likely t
precipitate war by some act of provocatio
committed witliout thu czar's full asscnl
Thu return of General Von Solrveimta
the German ambassador , to St. Petersbur hnped to be siranlized by a decisive tur
of the tulu poacoward. Thu conferenc
between Ton Schweinitz and Do Glers , th
Russian prune minister , on Thursday last ha
a contrary result. Whatever passed durui
the interview his deepened thu distrust u
Berlin and increased the irritation of th
Austrian government towards thu Czar'
ministers. Du Giers appears to have abar.
doned his policy of peace pressure upon thj
Czar and to have thrown bis influence on th
side of the military party. He is reported a
telling Von Sehwemitz that the Czar is sin
cercly desirous of peace but is unable t
tolerate longer Austrian duplicity in thwart
ing Russia's endeavors to obtain thu Jus
fruits of her sacrifices in the Balkan can
paign. Du Giers has also complained o
Count ICalusky's laniruare in reference t
Russia declaring it unbearable , and that i
Justifies every measure Russia micriit taka t
reinforce her troops on thu frontier.
An ominous indication of the extreme ter
aion of thu situation is the bellicose tonu c
the St. Petersburg papers towards Austri ;
Balmria. these papers say , must be deprive
of any shadow of autonomy and becoinu
Russian province , while Austria must b
forced to evacuate Bosnia and Herzcgovin.
An inspired article in thu Grashdaniu state
that thu Russian government has obtame
knoxvletiTS that the terms of thu treaty o
alliance leave Germany free 20t t ° mterfer
unless Austria is threatened with a collaps
WDiih T.'culd involve territorial losses. Thi
is contrary to the official press of Vienna am
Pesth , which treats thu war question as
common matter between Austria and Gei
The Berlin official view concurs with tin
of thu Austram press. Thu report thatCoun
von Wolkerfstein , thu Austram ambassado
at St. Petersburg , had received assuranc
from. De Giers that the movements of troop
had ceased is scmi-officially demud from Vi
enna to-night.
Reassuring representations would bu us <
less in the of facts. During thu pat
week the Russian cavalry and light artillcr ;
have been pushed fonv.ird to the estrem
outposts. A careful estimate gives Russi ;
eight and a half army corps within the fron
tier districts of Warsaw , Wllla anil ICiefl
witli 120 field butteries , against thu couibiuui
Austrian and German force of five and :
half army corps , with eighty-two batterie :
Russia bos also an immense preponderant-
m cavalry strength.
The Taneblatt refers to the recent attemi
of thu court cliiiuu to influence thu crow
prince to resign in favor of Prince Willian
his son. Thu accepted version of thu .ilia :
credits Prince Bismarck with renewing th
pressure on the crown princu by sendin
Count Von Munster to San Remo to repn
seat that the gravity of the situation and tl
hnuunenc e of a fateful war necessitated h
abdication to enable Prinoo William to ai
beside the emperor. Thu crow
prince's reply to this was that so Ion
as ho draws breath hu won !
not surrender his rights or h
duties. Thu Tagebkitt goes to thu length (
suEjjcstins that endeavors are being madu I
indues the cra\vn princu to undergo an oper :
tion in order that a fatal termination may t
hurried and end the political embarrassmen
Thu National Zaitung refers to thu msmn ;
tion in terms of indignation but thu assertioi
of thu Tageblatt are known to have a soli
stratum of fact. The defeat of thu intngu
his strengthened a court opposition to Print
The .North German Gazette announces thi
tlio emporer has appointed Count Herbu :
Bismarck privy councilor , with the Utlu c
excellency. _
Sonic 2i''lio "WoricH Xow In Prupara
tlou For th l " 2r' > * Salon.
IClipijrt'jht tS87 b\j \ Jiiints G'inbin Bcnilfu. ]
Pints , Dec. 24. [ Xuw York Herald Cabl
Special to thu BEB. ] Hunner is doing
"St. Sebastian'1 for the salon.
Jules Lefebre is engaged on a splendid po :
trait of "Mad Exerquor of Havre. " Th
texture of her red velvet gown , the colorin
and finish is marvellously handled. In add
tion to this Lufebra sends an "Eve" of ur
usual coloring to thu salon. The baokgroun
and surroundings are different tones o
brawn , Eva is sitting on .a rock. Her Ion
fair hair 'tonga over her shoulders , a smil
radiates her countenance and she holds in he
bonus un apple.-
Robert Floeury will send alife-sire portrai
of the Pnnces Terka Jablonosky : thu clever
pupil of hu Julian MjhixH who to marry
Maurice Bernhurdt next Wednesday Floe-
ury has madu a speaking Hkenc of Terka.
; is she's culled by her artist companions. It
is a standing full length front view. dre i od
in white satin and luce , holding in her hands
a closed fan. Thu back ground is a ganluu
of gorgeous palms.
Mile. Beaury Suwrel has also Just com'
pleted a portrait bead ami shoulders ot
Terka , wnich , with another portrait , shu will
send to thu salon. Terka has painted for thi1
exhibition a splendid likeness .mil portrait
of her futuru mother-in-luw , Sarah Bern
William Lemercy , the nephew of Minister
Pendleton , and an exceedinuly clever nupi !
and follower of Carolus Duran , will send tc
thu salon a full lenirth portrait of Miss
Eames , ot Boston , who will maku her debut
on thu operatic st.ure hi. October at Brussels
in thu theater du In Mounuio. Her gown it
thu panting is of yellbw silk. It is remark
ably well dune and a striking likeness of thi
younsr songstress.
Lncian Doucet Prix du Romu will send i
portrait of Leslie Glllen.
Caulihvell will exhibit a portrait of a littli
American girl , Gertrude Taber.
Mr. G. P A. Healy will send to the salon :
splendid portrait of Cardinal Gibbous , attlret
in ecclesiastical robes.
When our envoy asked Mr. Hualy why ht
did not exhibit bis recently finished portrai
of Mr. Blainu , hu shook his head and replied
" .N'ot unless hu is elected. "
Stephen Hilla Parker is at work on a paint
in : . ' called "Patdora" for thu salon.
Miss Lucy Lee Robbins will send a portrai
of Mellu Maud , a full leuirth flgure of :
woman reclinintr on a couch called iNouehal
leni-e Fantasia Japonuise.
Mr. E. Gelhay , the clever pupil of Bon
gerean and Fleurey , sends a very interesting
irenre naintiuir called "Cn Labonitoir at
Jardin des Plantt1. "
M. Guromu is engaswl on a painting fo :
thu salon called "Lu Poete.1 A poet re
lines on the borders of thu arekipeliiro , ap
parently in meditation. A muse , clad in pnli
blue drapery , is jast behind him , Thu beacli
is literally covered with nymphs rising fron
thu sea. In front of him are Xeptunu , Venn :
and N.iiils. Small islands look up here am
there and thu deep red glow of thu settini
sun colors the clouds of thu closing day.
C. Rinehorfs canvas for the salon is :
large namting six by nmu feet , begun a
Villcr Villa , on the Normandy coast , callei
"Looking for thu Buats.1 It reuresents .
group of peasant fisher-folks standing or sit
ting on thu beach around a wcll-duflnei
shrine. The figures arc life-size. One wo
man holds a telescope , through which shu i
anxiously looking out at aea , which is whib
with foam. Another stands near with , i
'child in her arms , whilu others are closu by
apparently discussing aa to thu good and evi
results that will folifxv thu storm.
Another pamting-.of Kiueharta Is thu "Re
turn of the Mussel Gatherers. " An eli
woman , clad in thu customary linun gowi
that thu mussel women wear , with a hug
basket on her back , is seen wending her wa ;
homewara it E7ilsi& ! through thu aus c
beds at low tide.
Among thu things of Rinehart's cluve
work is an illustration for Harper Bros.
New York , called "Legion of Honor. "
Henry Baeon , thu Boston artist , will sem
to thu sulon an excellent genoo paintin ;
called "Building thu Boat , " repre
senting an old man sitting in tku doorway of ,
hut madu of thu thatched bulk of an eli
boat. Beside the old Morsemen fishermai
stands a boy earnestly watching the builu
ing and probably is to be sailing master o
the craft. A companion piece to this is IE
preparation , called "Mending thu Nets' " I
represents a peasant woman mending nets
By her sidu are two littlu fair-haired girl
trying to assist with thu work. Mr. Bacoi
intends to havu a series of paintings dlus
trating the lives of those two children , whicl
terminates in a roinantiu marriage and lom
Jules Stewart will soon forward to Nev
York bis portrait of Mrs. W. Vanderbilt
donu in pastels and an oil painting Venetiai
scene to Mrs. Bone , of Philadelphia.
Harry Watrous has finished several into
esting paintings , one of two Capuchin :
monks , very finely finished , called "Food fo
Reflection. " Another is a small boy strug
gling with a stuffed wolfs head and slan
called "Keeping the Wolf from the Door. '
Another is a studio interior. A single figur
of a model asleep while pobing and a pictur
of thu artist on an easel in the foreground
called thu "Baechnsses. "
S. Mrs. Watrous is working on a lana cuilins
representing "Aurcra Drawn by Cupids , '
and which is considered very fine. Chel
mimski , thu Bavarian artist , is engaged on i
large painting of a military review , m whicl
aru portraits of three Bavarian princes am
several noted officers.
iliss Kate Greatorez sent to the exhibitioi
of tlio New York Water Color society yester
day a study of market flowers , growing ii
pots. Each onu is enveloped in a white pape :
calla , peculiar ta-thu French flower market
which greatly enhances the beauty of the
flowers. Another sketch madu among thi
Dolomite mountains of thu peasants am
somu beautiful interiors of their homes. I
represents a smithy kitchen in Cortinawhicl
isover two hundred yeura oldand unlike thos <
of thu neighboring houses their kitchen ha
its platform or fire placu in a corner of thi
room instead of a windowed alcove. Thi
umbrella shaped chimney hangs very low fc
breathe up the smoke around thu opening
Thu colorls 2--'arffully covered meerschaum
Miss Alice Buell , the tC7 ' York artist
sends to thu water color society this weeJ
very broadly tinted water colon of roses
Thuir colors era pure and her compo itioi
unconstrained and. characteristic.
Miss HuL'll will send to the salon a flguri
MSss Elkabutli Course , of Cincinnati , h
aUA at work on a flgure painting for thu ex
New Zealand Politic * .
Losnoi , Dec. it Advices from New Zca
land state that thu colonial parliament has
passed thu nuval defense bill.
London Critic Lota Loose rds
Opinion of Shakespeare.
He Delves Deep Into Ancient Fables
to Sustain His Position.
Thejr Correspond With tlio Peculiar
Spelling of William'3 Nome.
Statistics StattMl on Which th AVritet
ChuMnne > * Investigation ot'His
Peculiar Ideas on the
Great Subject.
Must Look to His
STbu Jnmc * Coition Bennett. ]
LONDO.V , Dec. 24. [ New York Hcrali
Cable Special to thu Ben. ] The pronunon
Christmas gift of the London public i-s un
questionably what may bo called a litorarj
bon bon in the shape of a Shakesperean trav
esty on Iznatius Donnolly. Evidently tliu
bon bon is packed in a Christmas eve contri
bution by J. F Rowbotham , a Landau critic
Hu begins by denying thai there is any ex
tant proof that the man Shakespeare avei
lived. Hu then puts forth as the center o :
his bon bon this query :
"How , then , did the idea of Shake poari
arise in the English mind ? The answer i ;
plain. Shakespeare is a solar myth. Ho ia :
personidcation of thu sun , that great lurnin
ary of thu universe which has been the objeo
of man's worship and thu foundation o :
man's legend since the beginning of time
appearing in the mythology of past ages as :
hercules , on Orpheus , an Apollo , a Samson
in more recent cases under a more beautifu
allegory as Shakespeare. Let us romnrl
that unmistakable evidence is afforded bj
thu name , which is parallel to tin
Greek Elrata Bolos ( meaning Pardorteiv
and is clearly an epithet for thi
aun god , who , as he flashed his rays of ligh
to earth , was pictured to the political im
alligations of our untutored ancestors as i
miu'htj- warrior who darwd his arrows 01
shook bis spears. Examine this name a lit
tie more closely , for under it lies a mysterj
of mysteries. The word Sbakenspeare ( thi ;
is thu ottd spelling ) , contains exactly twelvi
letters. Is not thu reference from this plan
enough that thusu twelve letter
are the twelve months whicl
make the sun's annual revolution
whilu they are at the samu timu the twelvi
sums of the Zodiac. In keeping with this Ii
thu fact that the full name of the legendary
hero is William Shakespeare , a name whicl
consists of four sylables and is therefore em
blematical of the four seasons. Thu tale o
his life fcriss a murvcllans and cssnm ; * ! ;
cdflHtructeu sUngory , full of poetry am
beauty. He is said to have befln bora on thi
20th of March. How appropriate , for it is
the timu of the vernal equinox , when all na
ture has its annual birth. His birth J justlj
placed in thu reign of Elizabeth , the virgir
queen. A plain allusion to the virgin in thi
signs of the zodiac is madu to occur in IdiH
the seventh year of Elizabeth's reign. Nov
it is allowed hi thu interpretation of al
legends , biblical and others , to mterchanin
thu year and day. There can be no reason
able doubt that the seventh year here spokei
of is the seventh day , which is Sunday , o :
the day of thu sun. Thus for wo have foum
the fabled man named Shakespeare to havi
been born on the 20th of March in thi
seventh year of Elizabeth's reign , whicl
means really that the sun god , Ekata Bolos
the Pardarter , or Spear-shaker , begins hi
annual life time. Thu vernal equines
in thu sign of thu virgin ami on thu daj
dedicated to his honor , Sunday , then con
tinues. Tliu early years of Shakespeare an
involved in darkness , which Is the way will
all solay myths , and we hear abholutely noth
ingofbnn till wunnd him coming into col
lision with a certain Sir Thomas Lucy. Hen
thu interpretation is easy , for Lucy is evi
dently a corruption of the Latin , Lux
Luces liirht anil thu fablu o
Shakespeare stealing sheep from Luc :
as a poetical way of saying that thu sun , thi
Spcarshaker , robs the light of its rays ani
decorates himself with thu spoils , show trul ]
beautiful. The next episode in thu logend-
thu sun mounting above the horizon and ten
derly keeping watch over this globu of our
is idealized and transferred into poetn
conception , Shakespeare mounting above thi
footlights and becoming the manager of thi
Glebe theater. During his management thi
Glebe Is reduced to ashes , which is evidentl'
an imperfect version ot the stery of Shakes ,
pearu interpolated by some later hand. A
thu sun rises In thu east and seta m thi
west , so in the legend is Shakespeare madi
to rise m London , the east of England , ant
at thu East End , and settle down to die u
Stratford , which , compared with London , u
undoubtedly the west. Finally , a :
the sun's annual life Is Drought to a
close at thu end of thu fifty-two weeks , si
does Shakespeare , the allegorical sun
sink and die after a Ufa of titty-two years
Substituting thu week for the year , thu par
ablu is complete. As to how the connectaji
oninnatcd between the allegorical sun got
and the plays that bear his name , there an
three hypotheses possible thu first that tin
plays wers Ui existence before the aUcgor ;
had become crystallzctl Inta ; ta preset : shapt
and were dedicated to thu sun * od under hi :
cognomen , thu Spearskakcr. The second ii
that they were written by priests of 1u <
sun god- The third is that they were Uu
direct production of the sun god biin
self. This last view is broadly hlnlet
at In onu of thu play * themselves
where ho following mysterious sentence lj
found Ii the sun ever wntes a book , , th (
critics will brave plenty of work lu decipher
tnir , whU-b. however , is not couched in the-m
very words but under thu following'If tku
sun plays tlio foul thun knaves may find am-
ployinont' But many other reasons besides
go to support the theory. On no other sup-
povitiou can wo account for the reported
references * ) In number to the sun alone ,
to the various , stellar anil meteorological
phenomena. Allusions to day , niitht , heat ,
cold , snow , stars , moon , sky , clouds , occur
over and over acniii. Thu four seasons are
continually sentenced , and thu two leadinu
ones summer and winter have two wholu
plays plays dedicated to their sen-ice n
"Midwuuniur Night's Dream , * .mil a Winter's
Tale.1 The slims of the zodalc enact still more
illustrious roles. The sign of thu Twins is
palpably the foundation of tin'Comedy ot
Errors. ' Thu sign of the Si-ales furnHies tht
cataatropho to the 'Merchant of Venice. '
Most honorably is the Crab alluded to in
'Two Gentlemen of Verona , ' undur the alleg
ory of Launccs' dog Crab , while thu Lion u
actually brought on thu stage along with the
mean and other celestials in thu interlude ta
'Midsummer ' Dream ' where the
Night's , staire-
oiner plays the lion part , etc. , etc. Out ot
the mass of fuat-s here adduced , it is quite
possible for a practiced critic to invalidate or
explain away some half dozen Orso , but all
petty tampering with the position will be en
tirely nuiratory. since I now proceed to irreater
heights or discovery and brinir for
ward. three irrefrapiblo , unassail
able facts. The first fact us that thu
total number of words in the plays arc
exactly equal to the total number of miles in
the sun's diameter , being precisely Si,00 ; ! < ) ,
Thu second fact is still more convincing ,
Take the plays in any order , and count thu
words from thu beffinning to thu middlu hu
will find the two central words that is to
say , the 441,500th and the 441.01st to bu
the sun. Thirdly , and aa accurately follow
ing thu statistics would be a little more
troublesome to test , wo give notice that whoever -
ever has found us right m the two prccedina
calculations may spare himself tliu pains oi
verifying thu follo'vinr , since it is quite a
correct as thu former. The total number oi
letters in the plays Is.5,000OflO. Now , according -
ing to the leirend , at thu time of his marnairc
hu was nineteen years old. Multiplying thw
by thu number of words , and the result ia
05.000.000. which is exactly the distancu the
sun is from thu earth , calculated in miles. "
Jtidsc Waterman's Final Oriler in the
Storey Will Case.
CHICAGO , Dec 24. 'Special Telegram ta
the BEE. ! To-day thu finishing touches were
given to the Times deal. Thu will madu in
1370 by Wilbur F Storey wa.sby mutual con
sent , shattered to atoms in Judge Water
man's court. The following order was entered
by Judsru Waterman : "An appeal by Anson
L. Storey from the order of the probate
court , admitting to record a paper
writing purporting to bo thu hist
will , and testament of Wilbur F.
Storey ; * ' .js cause coming on fcrahenrinq
and being submitted to the court for a decis
ion , thu court doth find that thu paper writ
ing dated August 10 , ISsr , bearing the signa
tures of J. E. Chamberlain , C. E. Snowden
and John E. Shridiron .is witnesses , and pur
porting to be thu will of Wilbur F. Storey ,
deceased , is not thu last will and testament
of the said Wilbur E. Storey , ami it is or
dered not admitted on record as such wiii ,
and that a copy of this order be certified ami
sent to the probate court.1'
"The order of Judire Waterman , " said Mr
Snowden to a reporter , "practically settle *
tliu wliolu litigation over the Storey estate.
The wdl of IS70 was admitted to probate by
Judcre Knickerbocker. The will of 1SSI was
brought in by Anson L. Storey and was re
fused puobate by Knickerbocker , admitted
by Rogers and knoilced out by tliu appellate
and supreme courts. Anson L. Storey then
brought this appeal against probatmir the
will of This is now
allowed to be vacated by common consent
Our money will bu divided satisfactorily
amonir the contesting parties anil we take thi !
property and the work on our shoulders. 1
think we will so ncht into poshession tins
afternoon , thouirb. I thouuht last week we
would not do so till * muary 1. I think ]
may safely tell you Mr. J. J. West wiL
bo appointed receiver in place of Mr Hurlbut
and the entire property will be put in his
hands after the order of the court is entered.
Ho will assume all the liabilities , I presume ,
of bis predecessor. "
"Then the wholu thing will bu settled , am ]
the Storey litigation brought to an end ! "
"Practically , yes. " '
Mr. J. J. West , wnen asked about the mat
ter. said that , so far as ho understood ir , th
litiwition was all over. As regards himsell
and Mr. Snowden , all they had to do was tc
turn over their money to the heirs and thej
( Messrs. Snowdun and West ) then stood in
lieu of the heirs , while thu latter could dividi
the money as they pleased.
The Times to-morrow will say. "Tho first
steps were taken yesterday in the transfer ol
the estate of thu late Wilbur F Storey , in
cluding thu Times , to the people whn recentlj
purchased it. James J. West , onu of thu pur
chasers , was appointed receiver as part of the
plan for tne ultimate transfer to the Chicatm
Times company As soon as the necessarj
legal forms are complied with , thu nuw own-
urs will assume editorial control of thi
paper "
Clinton J. Snowden , who Is associated with
Mr. West , stated this evening that there had
been a * yet no change in the working force ol
the paper except th at C. R. Dennett , niirhi
editor , and onu of ch < ? editorial writers haii
at oncu quitted their places. Mr. T. C. Cow'u' '
has taken up thu duties let fall by Mr.
Dennett ,
News By Steamship.
SAJT Fn.vscisco , Dec. 24. Advices received
by tliu steamer Manposa to-day state that
King Kalakna has vetoed two bills reccntl.'y
passed by thu new Hawaiian legislature.
That body denies the right of the king to us
his veto power under specific plcdces madi !
at thu time of the revolution , and will insist
on tne king reconsidering his vetoes.
Advfcts from Thursday island report th
capture of a schooner-rigged craft at Margaret -
ret bay by nauvcs and the massacre of hei
crcv.- .
KEE , Dec. 2 Advices from Phil
lips say thu injured by yesterday's wreck on
the Wisconsin Central railroad arc all doinjj
vvcil. Hfiurther deaths have occurred. Thu
claim ag-ent in Tjns.lif engaged In adjusting
Death of a Union County Pioneer.
CHESTS , la. , Dec , 24. [ Special Telegram
to the Bua-J Judge I. N. Berry , an old and
prominent citizen of thin place , died to-day of
softening of thu brain. Ho was one of the
pioneers of Cniun county and took a leading
M social acd coLUcai
They Will Ring Merrily in the
tal of Germany.
Berlin Preparing to Enjoy the
Prince William Distributes Presents
to the Soldiers.
A Young Army Otllcur Publishes HI *
Eiitf.-iirem : iit Before S tiirlnie the
Content of HU ItUe.mleil
Princely Prayers.
Christina * In Germany's Capital.
ICofvrivht 1IST by Jcme * ( Toulon Ecnnctt.l
BUULIX , Dec. 24. [ Xew York Herolit
Cable Special to the BUK. ] Berlin will to
morrow enjoy Christmas without much worry t
about politics , clouds or actual bud weather. s
About twenty thousand Christmas trues hava
been sold , which fact speaks for it-sulf when
considered. The week , almost constantly
rainy , made shopping very unpleasant work.
There has been littlu of novelty hi gooiUty
certainly nothing nuw enough to bo worth
wading thu streets to obtain. Onu advurtiseir
secured a rush of business by promising tu
each purchaser who successfully answered a
riddle a reward of oOO marks.
Thu numburless public celebrations began
early ao as to allow distinguished personages
an opportunity to enjoy Christmas itselfi
The quiet simplicity of these celubrations is
well shown by that at Potsdam barracks of
the privates of the regiment on duty.
These were drawn along tlio sides of thuic-
drill room fire by trses of blazing candles' . i
The room itself was decorated with ever
greens. Presents for the wholu regiment wera
laid out on long tables. Prineu William , with
thu princess and the heir's two eldest sons ,
brought with them a number of the nobility
and several visiting princess. "Em Feat-
burg 1st unser Gott" was sung with a vim
which made the walls shako. Prince Will
iam followed with a speech , in which tip
warned his men that serious times might bu
before them for the fatherland. Each Ger
man soldier must face manfully the uncur
tain future. Then came thu distribution of
presents to thu trumpeted accompaniment of
'Frederick the Great's" march.
Outsidu of Berlin the wholu country Is
covered with snow , so that vagabonds ara
driven into the city In great numbers. They
get hard up , break a paau of glass and ara
carried over thu winter by a sentence of foui
months hi Jail.
In society there has been this week a scan *
dal which has interested many people. Aa
officer wnoso namu is ( jiven as Liuutenantt
von Alvenslubun announced hi the arista *
cratic organ , the Krenz Zoitung , his engage
ment to a wealthy young lady Frauluin
Thorsig , of Nonen. Almost before his frienda
had timu to congratulate him thu Military
Gazette contained a notice of his resig
nation from thu regiment. Thu gosaipa
allugu that the lieutenant is a mure casual ac
quaintance of thu lady and attempted to uaa
the notoriety of the Krena Zeitung engage
ment to forcu her into an engagement with
him. Her mother , howuvur , appualed to tha
regiment commandant for protection againstt
thu intrnme. It is now stated that the offi
cer loses his potation and prospects.
The student , Oscar Xoiiinaan , of Berlin ,
who last week Hilled another studdnt , Hugo
Marx. Litpzemg , m a duel with pistols at ilf-
teen paces , has been released without a
A cleverly forged German bond has Just
comu to liirht. It was drawn and colored en
tirely by hand , and in all its lines and marks
most minutely perfect. Unfortunately foe
thu forger , hu worked by candle light , hence ,
while thu colors seem correct at night , by
day they ore slightly off shade.
A minural spring , somu suppose of
curative value , has been discovered in
thu center ot Berlin. Thu sin-ins
was first found 250 feut below tha surfaca
and is probably an old sewer which has been
Tim supposed paralysis of Joachin's fourth
finger proves to bu not lusting or seriuuu.
Thu trouble is not so great that the musielaa
will bu disabled.
ear Ais hi CJmpullu a procession of 5,001
pei-sons went Wednesday to a local shrine tq
intercedu for thu crown prince's health. Six
teen white-robed girls earned two immunau
candles , each weighing fifty-seven pounds ,
or a pound for each year of thu prince's a e.
Thu circulation or salu of the Now York
Social Sciencu has been forbidden in Ger
The auction of last year's Berlin directo
ries will bo held the middle of next month.
Thuru Is always a demand for them at good
LOKDOS , Dec. St. Occamea will shortly
ask the home government to construct A as.
traliiin men-of-war , all cxcypt Queenelaal
having paHbud thu naval defence bai.
PanM-il a DlH.-ihlcil .Steamship.
XEW YOIIIT , Dec. "l.-Tho eanyhJn
Albany , which arrived m Liverpool Decera.
her iJl , reports that on the 18th she passed a
fourmasted steamship , disabled and shown. *
three ml lights , indicating a Red Star liner.
Officers of thu line m this city this evcnin
received a dispatch saying thu disabled ve
s < il was probably thu Westernland which loft
Sow York for Antwerp on the I7th .ati.
with a full complement of pasBengers. The
Red Star authorities lean toward the opinion
that it is not the Westernland , but that it IM
the Waesland , which sailed from Autivwn
Saturday , and which bad probably turned
uCi'k when she became disabled.
Per-wiM Frozen to Death.
FOIIT Woimi Tex. Dec.
, , 24. Reports re-
ceivud from thu Pan Handle to-nisht staw
that eight pcrvms were frozen to death la
Carson county during thu rcccst toid. .