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lUvalRonl Estate Ownora Anxious
to Soour'o the Location.
Ijlncoln Capitalist * Making Propnra-
tl.innKor Construction Contractor
PHr-nornld HUH nil InU'rcstliiR
I < aw Hull The Waterloo Case.
THE tiKK's t.txcnt.x mrnnAU.I
Messrs. A. J. Levallo and N. H. Month , of
Chlcnpo , tlio gentlemen who Imvu been In
correspondence with Lincoln parties relative
to a beet sugar manufacturing jilant , a TO In
tli'j city. The gentlemen catno upon u tele
gram from General MuHriile , who has been
actively at work to sccuru this | > lunt for Lin.
coin , mid negotiations nro now In progress.
It has developed that two or thrco localities
arc anxious to secure the plant. W. II. H.
Stout , "Messrs. MeHrldo nnd Melono and
other land owners south of the city In the
vicinity of the penitentiary nro anxious to get
the plant for that locality. ThoTouwilIn In
terest ut the plaited town of Hnvclock , sfx
miles east of the city , is in actlvu competition
for the plant , and West Lincoln is ulso con
sidered a competitor. Some of the parties
Interested In the competition have suggested
that each locality prepare nnd submit its
proK | > sltlon , allowing the projectors of the en
terprise to state which they will select , and
then whatever extra assistance would bo
necessary to secure the plant could bo ob
tained from capitalists in the city who wish
to nelp but nro not directly interested In the
point of location. Lovalio and Booth desiie.
If possible , to harmonire matters in regard to
the proposed locution , nnd they were working
on u project to this end .yesterday. One
suggestion of theirs was thnt in each
of the localities named receiving
houses and crushers bo located and from
them the liquid bo piped to a central factory
in the heat t of the city , where the reducing
and rellning would be done. Mr. Levalle ,
Who has had practical experience unJ work
in a beet sugar plant in Canada , found that
it was unprofitable to depend wholly upon
farmers to supply the crude material ; that in
the growing of the beets , their care and har
vest , required much skillful work. The
tilans for the present pi nut , therefore , con
templates the growing to n great extent of
the crop necessary by the syndicate itself ,
nnd for this reason they require , In the for
mation of the , ut least two or three
thousand uurcs pf ground located us closely
us possible to tbo proposed works. It is in
tended to put in u plunt that will employ the
year around from three to MX hundred fam
ilies , 'urnl that will represent a capital of from
$500,000 to $1,000,000. In the introductory
proposition the projectors asked of the cit
izens of Lincoln that they take one-fifth of
the stock in the enterprise , that should bo fur
nished in lands , and it is the -very general
opinion that u more liberal proposition for a
plant of this extent could not bo expected
from any source.
Active nieasutcs are being adopted again
in the proposed belt line around the city , nnd
.John C. lionuell , ono of the capital city's en
ergetic rustlers , in pushing things , II. D.
Perky , who , u short time ago , laid before Lin
coln business men andenpitnlistfthls proposed
street car works , arrived In the city Wednes
day and Is taking an active part in bringing
both the question of the belt line and car
worlcn to a favorable solution. Yesterday
Mr. Houncll , Mr. Perky , Mr. Kegan und
Mr. Atkinson weut over it portion of the pro
posed Hue , und Mr , Perky has given out
that whatever is none in relation to the belt
line and the cfiv works must bo done quickly.
Mr. linnnull yesterday stated that the city
WHS practically certain of securing both the
line and the car works , and he felt equally as
conflndent in regard to the beet sugar plant
that , located on the belt line , would bo ono of
tho4uiincdiiita sources of revenue in the -way
of transjiortaUon. The surveyed line for
this circle roud runs in close proximity to the
Btato hospital for the iiwune , to the state fcn-
itcntiary , to the now Weslycan university
under course of construction , and to the state
fairgrounds. To owners of suburban prop
erty the road means tuoro than to any one
else , and they will evidently have the Oppor
tunity in n very short time to show Just how
badly they want it.
For the p.\st two days an interesting case
lias been on trial in district i urt entitled M.
Osborno v John Fitzgerald. The matter in
controversy Is the profits resulting from the
construction of the Kenesaw cut off on the
U. & M. railroad. Mr. "Fitzgerald was the
oontrai-tor and his claim is tliatOsbomo was
employed in the work on n salary. Osborno ,
on the other hand , claims that ho wns u part
ner in the work and thnt under the agreement
ho was to receive a fourth of the profits ,
Tlicso profits , Osborno claims , amounted to
$120,000 , but the testimony of the defense
was that the profits were but $87,000. Judge
Field who heard the case , took it under ad
Thorn is an interesting by-play brought to
mind by this case that will bo remembered by
n good many people in' n number of towns in
the state. About six months before this cut
off was contracted for. citucns of Plntts-
nioutli , Syracuse , Heatnto and full-bury dis
cussed and organi/ed and lidd incorporated
the Plattsmouth & Southwestern railroad to
run in a southwesterly direction from Platts
mouth to Avoea iu that county , Syracuse ,
Otod rounty , nnd on to Beatrice nnd n term !
nation at Kulrbury. Mr. Fitzgerald joined
tlo now corporation and from his long ex
perience lu railroad -work , was elcctod presi
dent of the now company. Several
meetings of consultation were held
by the incori > orutors , an assess
incut for the o | > enlng expenses wen
nround , nnd the feasibility of the road was
discussed and so very favorably commented
UKu | thnt , with Mr. Fit/gcrald ut the head ,
U looked us though it would bo actually built.
Hut at this particular Juncture the Burling
ton , which was antagonized by the proponed
road , came to the front , and the projectors of
4hc Plattsmouth Southwestern awoke ono
* oniing to tlnd that' the prooldeut of their
company lutd just received an extensive con
tract from the li. &M. This extensive con
tract was for building the Kcnasaw cut off ,
und from that day to this the Plattsmouth &
Southwestern has existed only on pnper. The
inrorporutors of the dead roud will undoubt
edly Bmllo significantly at the profits in ques
tion on the cut off.
Till ! WATKllI.OO CA8R.
The board of transportation wore In ses
sion yesterday agreeing upon the findings in
the Waterloo case , in which parties there
complain that the Union Pueillo , In erecting
an earth embankment In place of u trestle ut
the approach to the bridge , have caused the
river at high water to buck over the country
to the great dumago of many land property
owners. The board find that the complaint
is-Just ami that the people are entitled to the
relief nnd their findings cover an order tluit
the Union Pacific , In refusing to accede to
findings heretofore , had no groundfor their
refusal nnd that the complainants are en
titled under the facts to relief.
CITV nnr.viTins.
The bond election moved nlong very
quietly through the day and showed that a
very light vote vote was being cast. The op
position to the bonds did not crop out to any
extent und there worn to workers at Uio inills
ivlth anti-bond tickets. The projectors of
the rend hud a lingering suspicion through
the day that the 11. & M. wns liable to fall
l n tliom and an effort was made by them
to pet n vote largo enough so It couldn't bo
overcome ut the eleventh hour.
The Merchants bank , of Neligh , filed Its
articles of Incorporation with the secrotarvof
stuto yesterday. Capital stock fSO.OOO. The
following named nro the Ineorporntors : K
C. Davidson , A. U. Beach , E. S. Butler , J.
M. Colcman nnd May O. Remington.
Land Commissioner Scott und Secretary
Laws returned yesterday from a visit of in-
ni > octlon to the new building for the blind
asylum ut Nebraska City. The work thus
far mot the approval of the Inspectors.
Charles ! ! . . . Trovltt , of the law flrm of Ham
ilton & Trovitt , departed yesterday for
Washington , where ho Is called by u case
pending before the commissioner of i > cnsons. !
Only Ono.
There is but otio Sozodont. It 1ms no
counterpart. No other preparation for
the teeth , cither compares with , or ro-
bombles It. Kccommomlalions of any
thing In Its plaeo bhuulil bo discredited.
Demand Sozodont. Don't bo put oil
with bubstitutes.
The Widow of B. I * . Uounils Selects
Yesterday afternoon nit Important lopnt
Instrument wns llletl ut the office of the
county clork. It wns the vesting of
] ) < > wcr of nttornny with Charles H. Smith , liy
Mrs. S. P. Uoumls , wlfo of the deceased
Itroprlctoi1 of the Kopubltcnn , Mr. Smith Is
u 8ou-ln-ltw : Mrs. Hounds nnd his resi
dence la In Denver , where ho conducts the
American house. The document Is signed
hy Mrs. Houndii , with S. P. llounds , Jr. , ns
witness and bears the licit of
Nclllo K. Ilrowa , notary public.
Mr. Smith Is vested With
power tn uttcnd to any nnd nil IniMlness transactions -
actions for her , or In which she may he Inter
ested , to collect Insurance money which Is or
nmy be duo her ii)0ii | the llfoof thudeceasrd ;
nUo to slK'i her name to nny receipt or paper
In relation thrroto , nnd to sell , control or dis
pose of In tiny manner any corporation stocker
or propcity or any land lot or other property
which she may own or have any interest in.
ChrlstinaH at ( JrclKhton College.
On Christmas morning , ntfl o'clock , there
will bo u solemn high mnssnt Crfclghton col
lege. The ! reverend rector , M. P. Dowling ,
will bo celebrant ; Uov. Francis lllllmhn ,
deacon ; Uov. Mr. Mara ; sub-deacon. On that
Oceanian the Acolythccal society , thirty-live
in number , lately rcorganlrcd by Prof. John
J. Uonohcr , will make their llrst public tip-
pcaranco. Some disappointment h.ts been
fell that St. John's Colleglulo church was not
ready by Christmas , as was originally In
tended , but the tardiness of contractor * had
long sliico put thiit hopa beyond fulfillment.
The church will certainly bo ready , howovrr ,
bofoto Buster. Mi's. Hurkardt , nsslHtcd by
her excellent choir , will have charge of thu
muslu ut tlio high mass. Other m.tsHesyill
be said utOund TUO : o'clock on Christmas
Lehuid hotel , Chici : < ; o.
Itcnl Instate
P L IJeef to Kdwnrd Maurcr , e } lotO
blk'Jl , Omaha , lease for ! 1 years. . . . $ . . . .
\Vm Latoy ot ul to John H Kevtmlds ,
lots II , Ifi , 10 , 17 , I1 * , blk a , Prtiyii
park.wd . 4XX , ( )
H O Havics to H Sanwln ct ul , lots
and 10 blk L , Lowe's add , wd . 3,000
South Omaha Land Co to John llurda ,
lotslilk IK : ) , South Omaha , wd . r IO
U P Ky Co to J W Higglnbottom et nl ,
part of ncKof so/f / of sec 2S-1B-1 : ! ,
lease .
A V lioseho and wife to Kobt L Gar-
lirhs , lot ! 1 blk ? , 1st add to South
Omaha , w d . 1,000
A F Uoscho and wifu to Anna M Ynles
lots 1 and ! J blk 1 , Hi-owu park , w d. 5,500
Henrietta M Caldwell et ul toTvIitcholl
Fleming , lotO , blk 4 , Lake's add ,
deed . . , . 1
M Uuchcnbcrg and husband to H I
Mallice , lot 1'J , blk Ti ! , South Omaha ,
wd. . . . . . . . 4,600
Julia C Havucr and husband to George
W Frost , lot 10 , blk 1 , Huvucr's first
add to Vnllcj' , wd . 123
Omaha llonl Estate nnd Trust Com
pany to Alvin Saunders , lot 18 , blk 3 ,
Mt Pleasant add , w d . 200
D L Thomas and wife to Alvin Saun-
durs , li S3 ft lot 3 , block 2M , Omaha ,
qud . 1
David W Hill to Dennis Murphy , com
mencing on o line of Eighteenth st ,
SI ft n of nw corner , Hall plnco ; n 41
ft o 117 ft s 41 ft w 117 ft , wd . 2,400
Fannie L Grifllth to Frances S
Cooper , 21 lots in Tinker Place , qo d. 100
David M Stuarl to Philip K Young ,
lot 8 , blk 1 , South Exchange Place ,
wdl . . . . . ! 450
H II Miller to Eli7aboth G Mumford ,
lot 11 , blk 1 , nnd lot 0 , blk U , Tipton
Plnco , wd . 950
Thomas H Taylor and wife to H O
Devries , lot a , blk 5 , Hanscom Place ,
w d. . . . . 7,000
Total . $30,203
The following are the permits issued from
the oBlce of Superintendent Whitlock yes
terday :
John N. Westbcrg , nddltion to Ice
house , Woodworth and Second . f 700
Michael Duffy , cottage , Vinton , near
Twentieth. . . . . . . . 400
J. W. Jones , nddltion to dwelling Bristol
tel nnd Twenty-fifth . 200
I. U. Andrews , three cottages , C and
Hellovue . I.IWO .
II. F. Hiinnmui , barn , Half Howard ,
near Tweuty-fllth . , . 150
Five permits aggregating $ 2,950 ,
An Kxtened Popularity , Brown's Bron
chial Troches have for many years been the
most popular article in use for relieving
Coughs and Throat troubles.
PnlillcVorkH. .
The board of public works held u meeting
yesterday afternoon. Mr. Heimrod was ab
sent. The first business transacted was the
opening of bids for the construction of side
walks the coming year. The contract was
awarded J. E. Knowlcs , his bid' being the
lowest. His rates are ns follows :
4 foot walk f .21
0 foot walk ikjif
8 foot walk 44
10 foot walk 55
12 foot walk < i4
111 foot walk 81
JO foot walk , 1.03
Street crossings 37)
The only bid for the repairing of sowars
wns from J. O. Corby , which was rejected ,
being deemed too high.
Tim following estimates wcro allowed :
Grading George W. McKinney , Grace
street , Sixteenth to Bolt railway , $230.SS.
Filch & Co. , Seventeenth aveutio , Jackson to
Leavenworth , $1,103.97. Fitch & Co. , Jonvss
street , J100 feet cast of Twenty-fourth to
Twenty-sixth , $151.88. C. F. Williams , Flf-
tocntn street , li. & M. railroad to Williams ,
Sewers DeLaney , Murphy & Co. , sewer
district M , * J,074.52.
Paving Kegan Hros. & Co. , between struct
car trucks , ffiM.'JO , Same , Fifteenth street ,
D.wenport , to Webster , $15,030.12. Snmo ,
Jackson street , Seventh to Ninth , $4,452.09. ,
"Doctor , I can neither lay nor sot.
Wlmt shall I doP "I think you hud
bolter roost , was the reply. Now , if the
doctor had prescribed n bottle of Salva
tion Oil , for the poor fellow's rhounm-
tihm , it would have relieved his patient
ut once. 2o rents.
Straw hats and linen dusters will not
ho to very popular as heretofore ; Dr.
Hull's Cough syrup , however , will bo as
popular as over at tie cents.
Another Street Hnllwny.
Yesterday the board of public works
granted liermission to the Northwestern
Street Hallway company to conduct a horse
railway on Davenport street , between
Thirtieth and Thirty-tint.
Priejcly Ash Bitters warm up and in
vigorate the stomach , improves and
BtreiiRthons tbo digestive organs , opens
the pores , promotes prospiration , and
equalises the circulation. As a correc
tor of disordered system there is noth
ing to equal it.
There were two small fires yesterday
The llrst was in n cottage on Harney street
Immediate ly east of Frank Kamgo's block
Thn damage was about $50.
The second alarm cnmo from Eighteenth
nnd Clark streets. A barn belonging to Mrs.
SU-lla Cumpin WHS damaged to thu extent
off 10.
Hood's Sarsaparilla cures catarrh hy
expelling impurity from the blood ,
which is the cause of the complaint.
Give it u trial. .
A Drtip.
The fare on the sleeping cars between Chicago -
cage and Otnnhu , on thu Chicago , Milwaukee
St St. Paul road , has DCCU reduced from J3.00
to * V .60.
Internal Itcvcnue Collections.
The receipts of Mr. Ballontlne , the internal
collector , amounted yesterday to
Its superior excellence proven In million * of
homes for niorctlmna quarter of century. It
Is used by the United states ( lorrrnincnt. En
dorsed by the beads of the universities , us
tlmStronRi'tt , Pnrcet and Most Healthful , nr.
I'rlco'H tliu only lUklng I'owder that does not
contain Ammonln. I.tine or Alum. Solil only in
Novr York , Chicago. St. Louis.
The best and Barest Remedy for Cure of
nil diseases caused by any derangement of
the Liver , Kidney * , Stomach and BowcU.
Dyspepsia , Sick Hcadacht Constlpatlon ,
Bilious Complaints acd Malaria of all kinds
yield readily to the beneficent Influence of
It la pleasant to the taste , tones np the
ystem , restores and preserves health.
It Is portly Vegetable , and cannot fall to
prove beneficial , both to old and young.
As a Blood Purifier it is superior to all
ethers. Sold everywhere at tl.OO a bottle.
CAPITA PRIZE , $150,000
"Wo do hereby certify thnt wn supervise tlio r
rnnui'muntn for all thu monthly and oml-miniml
Drawings of The Jxmlnlnnn Stalu J-otti'rr Company ,
nmlln person inanaKu and control tlioclrnwliiKjithrni1
M'lTO , an4 that the name are conducted wllh bounty
falrne t mncl In Kood faith toward nil pnrtle . anil wn
niithorlri * thi > Company tn wo till * certiorate with
tiw slmll > of our iJKnnture attached.
We , theundenlgnrdnanliiiand Bankers will pay all
rr(7c ( drawn In the Louisiana Ktatu Lotteries which
may be presented at our counter * .
J. H. OUI.KSnY , Pre . Ixinlilana National Bank.
riKllHK I.ANAUX , Pros. State National Hank.
A. 11ALDW1N , Pies. Now Orleani National Ilank.
CAUL KOIIN , Pre . Union National Dank.
Louisiana State Lottery Company.
Incorporated In IMS. for 11 yean , by the I.eciMaturo
1or educational and charitable puri > o es with a capi-
jal of HgUlUMO-to which a rcsurvo fund of over
JiVl.unj haa Mure buen added.
Jly un OTt'iwhelmlng popular TOte Its franohlso
wua made a part of the present constitution adopted
December 3d. A. I ) . IS 9.
1 ho only lottery ever voted on and endorsed by the
peoplu of any staid.
It nurer scales or postpones.
Its Grand Single Number Drawing * take plnco
monthly , and tbo ( irand Heml-Annual Drawing iegu-
larlv every MX month * ( June and December. )
TUNK. First Rrnnd Drawing , Clays A , In the Acad
emy of Music , New Orleans , Tuesday , January IU ,
J-vf-2l2tli Monthly Drawlnit :
CAPITA PRIZE , $150,000.
Notice Tickets are Ten Dollars Only. Halv s ,
$5 ; Fifths , $2 ; Tenths , $1.
KiltANI ) IMllXK OK .
1 ( illANI ) I'KIZK. OF 20.UK ) 20JIIM
4 I.AIICK I'UI/.Kb UK & , ( ) . 20JU )
Jo : UK l.UI . 11)J ) < U
' ' ' ' '
! "u " auo' . . . ,
an 411)111 )
cot IU9. . , . !
lOnAppraxtmBttonlMieiof wu | : aufp
ice " * ' KU"
' '
WOO Terminal " Ul' .
1,179 Prliei , amounting to
Application for rnte to clubs nhould be madeoolr
to lh offlre of the company In Now Orleans.
Kor turtbcr Information write olearlr , RlvInK full
address. poSTAli NOTKA oipreti money orders. -or
New York Kichaneo In onllnary letter. Currency by
ei press ( at our uxpense ) addrensed
W * * * . 1
W A 8 II I N UTO-V. P. C ,
Address Eajistered Letters to
" IVlliltll'jlUrJl'jlt " " That the presence of Oon-
emu llvaurcBiird and
Ksrly , who am In chance oT the drawings , is a Ku r-
anteu of absoluta fairness aud Inteurlty , that the
chances aru all oquul , and that no onu can possibly
divine what nnmhcr will draw a 1'rlie.
HK.MK.MMKIl. that the payment of all prizes Is
oui.K AN8 , and the tickets are tinned by the president
of an liiHlltutlon whose chartered rlnhti aru recoK-
nl/ed In Uie blilhest courts ; Uierufore , beware of any
mltatlonioranonrmeiissehcuiet ,
Q0 0 HEDAL , PABIB , 187&
Cocoa , from which the extern ot
Oil has been remored. It has tbrtt
than thi itrttgtk of Cocoa mixed
with lurch , Arrowroot or Sugar ,
and Is therefore far more economi
cal , editing hit than ant cent a
np. It U dcllctoua , nourUhiif ,
atreDgthenlng , easily digested , and
admirably adapted for Invalids M
wtll a for ptraona In health.
& CO. Jorcttr , Mass.
. ANY 57fSM (
20 Cents a "Week.
Seven .paper * , u week. Bend your order to the
oihco ,
1029 P Striel , Capital Hotel Building
The unseasonable warm weather has left a few more Overcoats on our hands than we desire
to carry over Into the new year , and in order to sell them right now , we have cut the prices all to
pieces. Commencing to-morrow we will offer our very finest Overcoats at prices heretofore asked
for medium qualities. The biggest cut we will make on our fur and plush trimmed goods. There
are not many of them , but we have a few very fine garments trimmed with good fur and silk plush.
We want to make a sweep with these goods and close them out before we take stock. We invite
those who have so far managed to get along with their old or light weight Overcoats , and whom
the open winter has kept back from buying a heavy one , to inspect these garments. They will be
surprised to see how little money it takes now to procure such an elegant Overcoat. This is really
a grand opportunity and the last chance this season.
In Men's Dress and Business Suits we have a beautiful stock the largest in the city and our
prices are known to be by far the cheapest. Many fine suits have been marked away down in order
to reduce stock and we will save you fully 25 per cent if not more on every suit ,
The big trade we have had in Boys' Overcoats last week has broken up the sizes of several
ots , but we still have a fair assortment. The prices are such that we expect them to be cleaned
out soon.
Our Hat Department is known to offer better hats for less money than any regular hat house
n the city. The fine Fur Derby's which we are selling fdr one dollar have made a name for us.
No other house sells a hat of equal quality for less than $2 or $2.5O. We have received several
new styes for the holidays. Our finest hats at $2.50 , $3 and $3.25 cannot be bought at any
other house for less than $3.50 , $4 and $5. We offer in this department a splendid line of Fur
-ps at.just one-half their regular'retail prices.
The beautiful and artistic display of Men's Furnishings in our large windows will give an
idea of the variety of goods we have and the prices we ask. We invite those who are puzzled
with the all-aborbing question , "What to grive. " to look at our window and they will see what
we can offer in the way of presents for gentlemen. Sensible and thoughtful men prefer and
enjoy substantial Christmas gifts of this nature. There is a satisfaction in giving or receiving
a present that one can be seen wearing , a gift that combines utility and beauty , and nowhere
else can you get such goodsso cheap. Our popular system of selling goods at the lowest
prices will be continued during the holiday season. We have no fancy prices and those who
purchase of us can save enougli on each purchase to buy a nice present for themselves.
Beginning Monday we will present visitors at our store with a beautiful holiday souvenir ,
copies of which are displayed in our windows.
All goods marked in plain figures and at strictly one price.
Clothing Company ,
Corner Douglas and 14th , Streets , Omaha.
"CAPITAL PRIZE" OF $500,000.00 $ ,
Tickets can be procured FREE OF CHARG-E by applying at
1119 Farnam St. , Omaha , Neb.
Drawing Takes Place Daily Bet. 1 a.mand 9 No Blanks ; every Ap
plicant Gets a Prize , as the amount will be divided into 31250 Prizes
as follows. Saturday Drawings , Dec. 24,1887 , , will consist of
$3.10 Which was made to order by a Merchant Tailor . . $0.00
II It II .
III IIII $7.00
V.10 ( I II II II .
$ ! IIU IIII $8.00
. it II U II
84.70 99 00
$5.70 iCK ( I II II II " . isioloo
K II II It It II " . . .
II II II II II II " . . .
IIII IIII $13.00
. II II II II II $11'.05
$7.40 $
S8.05 IIIt IIII IIU " $10.00
! It II U " .
$ UO $18.00
* 9.80 Which was'inade . to order by a Morchtint Tailor 818.00
$11.00 It > l I. < 4 l II It
. ii U II K II II . .
814.40 iiit IIII IIit $28.00
SNi.80 u it U II U II it
. it 1 u II II II . .
$18.50 itu 1I $3(1.00 (
u u I u It It II . .
ItII IIIt $15.00
ii ii u II It It . .
$25 70 iiu . . ItIt $50.00
u .1 u ItII .1 It . $ .r,5.00
u u II II It , .
$ (10.0 ( ( )
$35.00 . $70.00
Which was inndo to order by a Merchant Tailor $18.00
. " " ll ' " tr " " , .
tfO.70 $20.00
S12.IMI $25.00
| 4.70 " " " " " $28.00
. " " " " " .
$15.90 9:10.00 :
. . < l " " .
$1.7.70 $35.00
820.80 " " " 840.00
823.10 $45.00
825.35 $50.00
$ W.00 )
rhcluding a complete stock of furnishing go9ds , hats and caps , at 50c on
the dollar in which your savings will award a nice prize
1119 Farnam Street 1119
N. B. Orders by mail receive prompt and careful attention.
( Successors to John U , Jacobs. )
s id En
At the oiil HtaniJ. HOT Fnrnam Rt : Orders by tela-
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