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The Story Told By the Solo Surviv
ors of the Crow.
A "WIscoiiHln Central Train Huns Into
the Wood * Two Killed and
MunyHcrlonnly Injured
Oilier Casualties.
Pinaster on the Drop.
Nr.w YOIIK , Dec. 2J The story of the loss
Of thoclipi > cr Bhlp , Alfred Watts , has Just
been told by Oscar Linn nntTHonry Magnus
solo survivors of the ciow of twenty-eight.
The Watts , under roinnmnd of Captain F. H.
Johnson , left Philadelphia October 8 with
n full cargo of oil for Japan. October 10 n
hurricane struck the vessel , raged for hours ,
fiwccplng the decks clean and tearing the
yards from the masts. About noon u huge
sea boarded thu vessel and Captain Johnson
end twtntj'-slx men were carried away
mid drowned. The two surviving sailors clung
to broken ftxtureson themaln deck. The main
mast snapped off close to the deck and the
other masts followed. The ship began to fill ,
and soon the deck was flush with water. The
men managed to get some brine soaked mo-
visions and water fiotn the tanks. On Nov
ember 21) ) , thirty-two dajs after , the bark
Lbzlo Perry , of Yarmouth , took the two
survivors off the water logged ship in an ex
hausted condition. The Pen y was wrecked
n few days later on a reef south of Hiirbu-
docs , but all weio saved by an English
Btcamer. Among those lost on the Watts was
A. U. Oakford , of Philadelphia , a passenger.
CarH 1'llrd In u Heap.
Mu.WAUKri' , Wis , Dec. aj Uctwccn Fi-
fleld and Phillips , on the Wisconsin Central
road , a passenger train that loft Ashland at
7Klast : ! evening wan wrecked about in id-
night by n bioken rail. Two fatalities and
the injury of u score of passengers icsulted.
M. Montlc , of Butternut , Wis- , attempted to
get out of u window , when be fell and was
caught under tho" car and crushed to
n Jelly. Conductor Greenfield was
caught between two timbers , "ills
injuries will probiibly prove fatal.
Thomas Mooney , of Ashland , was terribly
braised. Thomas Schneider , of Ashland ,
lias a frightful gash in the head , and is badly
scratched. Mr. Clemens , wife and three ,
children , of Duluth , are all b.idly bruised.
Mrs. Sullivan , wlfo of Conductor Sullivan ,
received serious injuries. Her head and
Rculp were laid open , A number of others
wuio bruised and badly shaken up. The
train was traveling at a high rate of speed ,
nnd the cars ran into the woods and wetc
piled In a heap.
Madly Shaken Up.
CHICAGO , Dec. S3. Probably the worst
slinking up over given a train load of passen
gers without killing a single person outright
occurred to the ISO people coming to Chicago
on the Minnesota & Northwestern road this
.morning. Near German Valley the rails had
spread and when the train struck thu sjiot ,
traveling ut a good iato of speed , every one of
the seven cars loft the tiack. Fully forty
passengers wcio injured , five of them so-i-
ously and two put haps fatally. The
light list of casualties Is regarded as remark
able In view of thu fact that the couches weio
badly damaged and It is a matter of wonder
nt least that none of them caught tiro. An
other ictnatkabie feature is that the wicck
happened Just after the had passed
along a bridge ton feet high. Hud it occut i ed
u moment sooner it would have made a catas
trophe of feat ful fatality. Thu most painful
'Injuries ' of many were inflicted bybiokcn
'glass. A Miss Hunc , of Dubuque , la , was
0110 of those most seriously injuicd.
The name ol.lho ( jther lady whoso injuiies
may result fatally , is Mis. John McGuflln , of
Vlrdcu , Dak. Miss Hunc was brought to
Chicago and placed in charge of friends It
Is stated that some of the passcngois made
their way after the accident to Melton sta
tion and endeavoied to send messages to
ft lends nnd lelativcs , but the operator ic-
fused to send them. Notwithstanding the
accident Declined bofoio 10 a was five
horns aftuiwards befoio medical assistance
in i ived , the doctor's car being bi ought upon
the i egular day expi ess.
Two Hundred ImltorerH In a Collision
HOCK HUMUS , la , Doe. 2J. A tram on tin
Cherokee & Dakota bianch of the Illmoi'
Cent ml .camo into collision with a woil
tiain , which had on board about twohundrcc
trick laborers. Abli/zaid pie\ailed ut th <
tlmo , which prevented the engineers fion
discovering the danger until they wen
within twenty jaids of each other. The en
Klnecrs and 111 omen of both tialnavcrcbnill ;
injured. Fireman George Davis , of Chetokce
has since died. Many of the laboicrs an
slishtly injured.
Fatal Explosion.
HILIFAX , N. S , Dec. 2J An explosion o
djnuinitout a limestone quuirj' near Brook
Held , Colchester county , this morning , killei
four men , ono of them being Alexander Me
Donald , propiietor of the quarry. They wer
warming dj namlto mcvious to using it for
blast when it exploded , It is supposed , froi
overheating. A man and woman who wui
present eseai > edwith slight injuries.
An Hurt lily Shako.
NEW Brnioui ) , Mass , Dec. 23. A dec
rumbling sound lasting thioe seconds and in
companicd by a ti cmor of the earth , was in
tiied hcict shoitly after midnight. The di
tut bunco urouscil thu people fiom their sice ;
The shock w as felt at Acaishnel and othc
towns in this vicinity.
Niiour , U. I. , Doc S3 HeKits | fioi
vm lous noighboiini ; points are coming. , in t
the c-ITect that u shock of euithmiako was fe
shoitly aftci midnight hist night.
Opposition to llandall.
CHICAGO , Dec. 'J.I. At a meeting cf tl
tinllT leform league of this city this oveniii ;
Prof. J. r. Cliillin , who announced hlmso
as a mugwump , made a proposition that
piotcst against the appointment of f ain
Hamhill to u place oil thu wuy and mom
lommitteo be drawn up. and circulate
umojigst dciuocuit * lu. Chicago during tl
holiday ipep > s. Jlo Miovcd ovciy prou
jient democrat in the city would sign It. Tl
proiMwltlon was wn'iiuly grootud and (1
chairman liibUiicted to picpnrothonieuiorif
Seciolur ) ManniiiK'N Condition.
A MUM , Deo. 2.1 At noon It was li
lloved that Mr. Manning would sui\lvo tl
day. Ho had brightened up a little and i
tallied his lonseiousness Slow but stcac
the weakening of his hj stem was notice
hbt pulsu becoming intoimittcnt and sig
fulling. Ho was btill taking u little stlumla
ut intci \ nix.
AUIVM , Doo. 23 Mr Manning's coin
tinn shows no change to-night , except that
is somewhat weaker.
No Indictment Amiiiirit I\ew.
NKW YOIIK , Dec. 1J. ! The giand Juiy (
ility considoicd the chuigcs made ugaii
Henry S Ives and Churk < ti A. Stuj nor. Aft
it adjourned Assistant District Attain
Davis said the liuiuuy was most thoiuu ;
They went into the whole history of Iv
connected with thq Mineral Hangu rallixi
i omiKiny and decided not to Iliul un Imli
juent by almost a unanimous vote.
To Invent l ute the OH Monopoly.
OSIIKO-II , Wis , Drv. 23.rCongressm
tiuciithurispicpailng u bill which he will
trpdue o In thehoubo calling for the uppol
incut of u contuuttco of Unco to luvcbtig ;
Uic SUndaid oil monopoly.
\V. P. Storey's Paper In tlic Hands of
Hnovvdcn and Went.
CmcHoo , Dec. 2.3. [ Special Telegram to
the DPR. ] The sale of the Times has been
completed. The transfer is Just as peed
ns made nnd nothing now icmnins to bo done
except the fixing of the legal form by the
court and the entering of the formal order by
Judge Tulloy. Altornejs Welgley , Uoxter ,
Goudy and Jiidgo Trumbull had their
hands full all the forenoon determin
ing Just how the final steps In the
case should bo taken , nnd after Judge Till-
lei's court cndjourned at the noon hour
the Judge met them In his chamber for a con
ference. The consultation was merely to
communicate to the court the agreement
they had como to , and post him upon how to
act. They said the settlement was nil ready
to bo entered upon record us soon as the
court should make its formal decision. The
exact terms of the transfer were , of course ,
kept a close secret. Hepoilcis wcic baried
from the room during the conference. Judge
Tiiloy was seen this aftuinoon and said that
ho would not enter any order in the matter
until to-morrow morning. Later In the day
Messrs. Snowden and West , the new propii-
otors of the Times , latno Into court and
signed the agreement , which had already
been signed by the other parties to the
matter. They then not 1 lied t lie present em
ployes of the Times that the new manage
ment would take chuigo of the paper to mor
row. Attornejs Goudy and Trade had a
long private confluence In the hitter's ' ofllco
this afternoon. The occasion of the con
sultation was the arrangement in the
Times deal , which was brought to per
fection in Judge Tulcj's ihamber in
the forenoon. There was nothing for
the two legal lights to do but
anange the details of the older to be entered
in the court as to the way the money is to
be paid , Into whose hand it is to bo given and
hotv the transfer of the piopctty of the piop-
erty will bo effected. Judge Tully , after the
moining confeienco was over , piomlscd to
think the nmttor over to-night nnd enter the
necessary older of record tomonow. At-
toiney Trade , who was witness in the case ,
but ically represents the hulls , though not of
ficially acting as counsel In thu mutter , said
this afternoon that 57. > ,000 was the actual
amount of cash to bo paid over by the pur
chasers , wh6 will also assume about $ T > 00,0 ( > 0
woith cf liabilities nf the shape of mortgages.
The Kaunas City HaMO Hall AsHocia-
tion Ankcd to WLack Up.
KANSAS CITI , Mo , Dec 21 [ Special Tele
gram to the Bin' . ] Judge Slovcr to day
heard the evidence In tho'case of Theodore
JVIcKjm against.Chuclcs D. Axinau and
otheis , constituting the Kansas City Haso
Ball association. McKim alleged in his peti
tion that ho subscribed tlnough his father ,
A. V. McKim , for twenty shares of the stock
of the association and after receiving the
money Axman , Helm and others founlngtho
association conspired together to cheat him
out of Ills shares and pocket the 42,000. Mc
Kim testified that he lepc.itcdly asked for
the stock , but it was icfused him.1 Ho
stated that the stock was
valueless owing to the mismanagement of
Heim , Mcdges and others , and asked the
court to grant him a Judgment against the
association for if'J.OOO. Joseph Heim testified
that ho never confederated or combined with
the manager of the association to cheat Mc
Kim out of his shares. AVhen McKim ap-
picached him and demanded the shines he
told him that ho could not issue unsubsci ibcd
stock to him , us his lawyer infotmed him
that if ho did so all thu stockholders would
be held personally liable , but ho agreed to
give him W.OOO worth of his own shares ,
which McKim refused to take. Judge Gill
took the case under advisement
The AVnr Hot\\ecn thu AVnlinsh and
Alton Koiulu Growing fiercer.
CHICAGO , Dec. 23.Tho war on freight
rates between Chicago and St. Louis raged
ficicely to day , culminating tills evening in
domoitilization. The Wnbush , having met the
10 per cent cut of the Alton , m ulo yesterday ,
later announced to its patrons that lutes by
the Alton were 10 per cent less than by any
competing line. This meant a lurthcr cut of
10 per cent , and the W.ibash instiuctcd its
agents at all computing points with
the Alton to quote lower lates than
its i Ivnl. In consequence no one could tell
what tales wcio in force nnd merchants
could ship f i eight ut any iato they pleased.
Not only tlnough. but intermediate ) latcs to
bpringlield , Jacksonville and Dccatur aie do-
nioi.ili7el. This is tiuo both of dead fi eight
and livu stock. It hccins ccitam that thu war
will extend , buforu long , into the passenger
business and such extension will cut down
rates to Kansas City and bejoiul , as well as
St. Louis.
Ail Old Man Found Dead nnd Hit
Wife DyiiiK in New lork.
NEW YOIIK , Dec. 2.1. James Miller , a ica
estate dealer about seventy j-eais old , vvn
found Ij ing dead this morning on the floor o !
his homo in West Sixteenth stieet. BCMC ! <
him lay his wife , unconscious and dying Oi
her face and head were several gashes. It i'
supposed the couple wcio attacked am
beaten bjr robbers , but the police mo Inclmec
to think the old man died of heart dlscnsi
and that his wlfo was unable to notifj' tin
neighbors. They think hei exhausted coiidi
tion duo to stui vatian , as nothing had beci
heaul of the couple since Wednesday unti
thu discovui j' made this moi ning. Millci w.i
said to bu wcalthj1 , His wife , thu uelgliboi
aj" , had been insane foi the past j ear. Sh
w as taken to the hospital.
' " AN RNIlKKKIillll CAl'TUHIJI ) .
i Fiank McN'caly Ilio Absconding Saci
i' Hank Teller Caught in HalUa\ .
HMtDec. . SJ. Fiank C McNenly
for whom dctcctiv et > have been looking fo
months , was cnptuied heio this morning
Mc-Nealj's crime was thn theft , of ? 1S > ,000 h
bojiids and $ .1,500 in cash from the Saco am
Bicldpford savings institution of Saeo , Me ,
of which ho was teller. Ho fled to Kurop
but i etui neit hero on the steamer Polynesia
Sunday. His biother came huia from Sac
and met him , ami the thcoiv is that hu too'
awti.v thu bonds with him when ho letumci
to Saeo , as thuj' were not found when joun
MeNealj's baggage was scaicited to clay.
StcnniHlilp Arrivals.
to the Bi.E.J Airlvcd The Ncdcrlaiul , fioi
N , Doc , 23. Au Ived The Ba
tlcfiom New Yoik ; thu Hepublic , fiom No' '
o- York.
o10 Pi.i MOUTH , Dec. 2H. Am veil The Rliiiu
10n laud , fiom Now York for Autwoip.
Nivv YOIIK , Dec. 21 Ailived The Bo
ly gcnlaiul , fiom Antwcip : thu Hermann , fioi
it.lit Antweip ; thcbtutoot Ge-oic'ia , fiuu Gl.n
lit .
ut gow.BOITOV , Dec23. . Auiveu-TliO
fiom i
KxteiiHlxi Lll'cl SnltH.
MONTHCM. , Dec. * M C'lwiles K. Gcorg
managing edltoi of the Drily Arkansas G
0. * ette' , Little Hock , has begun suits lu t !
c-ouitof the queen's bench , Quebec , thvouj :
bai nster "f Ibis city , apuhist Hie Witness i
er thihiitv , thuJuuiuiii of Ottawa nnd the Ci <
L i'h. zi'n of OttavMi , on i barges of malicious lib <
h. Dau.asc-t. hi each case aio laid ut ? I5OUO.
> l | ' Unole Sum iiHan Arhltiator.
ST. LOIM , Dec , at Latest advices fro
Tniltqu.iU | t-ay th it 8ic.'iul | Agent Auderw
gave the two contending f in t Ions clearly
understiind jc > tenlay that ho w'ould gl
tliHii llfti-clRhthouiii to settle their di/Tc /
enccs. in. and that If at the en\l of that th
the tiiiuulo vvus not iu1u ] > tid Ihe/Koviinmc
v , ould btep iu and bctUcU foi' them.
A Washington Oorrospondont Rules
Sherman Off the Track.
A Poor Attempt to Make Political
Capital Out or Some lIcmarkM
Made at Justice Fleld'H
Dinner Table.
A Correspondent's Vivid Imagination
WASHINGTON , D. C. , Dec . , i.1. ! \
A Washington sicciul In to day's New
York World takes Senator Sherman out of
ho presidential race. It announces with a deal of posltlvencss that the senator ,
while at Justicu Field's ' dinner lust week ,
unbosomed himself to his table companions
and acknowledged that Mr. Blalno would bo
rcnomlnutcd ; that ho recognized the hand
writing on thu wall and hud determined not
to allow his name to go before the convention
ns u candidate. It saj's further that the an
tagonism of the Cornell , Conkllng , Platt and
Arthur factions in Ncw York to Sherman
has made It practically impossible for him to
become the icceptent of thu united null-
Blalno forces. I called at Mr. Sherman's
residence this afternoon and showed him the
World's dispatch. It forced the senator to
smile blandly us ho lead. When he had
finished he said : "Tho whole of this busi
ness is fudge. There is Just ono atom of
truth in it , I attended Justice Field's din
ner. Thoru the truth ends und ridicule be
gins. I am not a candidate for the presi
dential nomination in the sense of seeking
t. I have not said anything , nor have I done
mjthing to lessen the chances of ivlr. Bl.iiuo
'or icnomlnation or to bring about my own
selection. I am to day , so far us presidential
nattcis me concerned , iii the same attitude
hut I have been. "
It is not ut all likely that one of such nnt-
jral sagacitj' , of such vvulo experience as Mr.
Sherman , would "unbosom himself" at a
dinner table , and still more unlikely is it that
would talk of himself and his political fu-
, uro at a dinner given in honor of an English
man. Mr. Sherman has no idea whatever ,
and the thought has never entered his mind ,
of advising his friends to relinquish their
Hope of his nomination or of icquesting theme
: o keep his name out of the convention. His
iiamo will bo presented to the convention nt
Chicago if ho lives and keeps his health. Hu
not onlj' does not see the "handwriting on
; ho wall" pointing to the rcnomination of Mr.
Ulaine , but he would not exchange the possi
bilities of his own political future for thos.o
of the Maine or any other statesman. In
fact , I believe that Mr. Sherman expects to
10 nominated himself cund without entering
, hc field as an avowed candidate. Ono thing
is certain , ho docs not anticipate the renomi-
nation of Mr. Bluinc , while ho does
not antagonize Mr. Blalno or his interests , or
the honest efforts of thu fuendsof Mr. Blalnc ,
Mr. Shciman could not give the endorsement
to another la.'ogmtloii of Mr. Blame , which
the emphatic declination to have his own
mime used in the convention would giv o. In
regard to the alleged antagonism of Messrs.
Cornell , Colliding , Platt mid the Aithur fac
tions m New Yet k , It may bo said that nil of
these are fi lends of Mr. Sherman nnd he has' '
received assurances from the three men
named that they would approve of his nora-
imitioniuid assist iu his election. But it is
hardly necessary to discuss inniors of this
character , us a statement of such importance
as this would nt bo credited when coming
fiom a private dinner part.v. In Washington
the conversations which take place at private
dinners aie alwajs considered of the most
private nature , and no gentleman would
hawk them about the stiects It is likely
that during the hours the distinguished
guests sat at Justice Field's boai d , reference
was Joculailv made of Mr. Sherman's presi
dential possibilities , but if such allusion was
made thu senatoi in no reply used language
which could be distorted with anj'iescm-
blnnco of tiuth into the stor.ytelegiaphed thu
Woild. The World dispatch is what is
know n on Nuw spaper How as a 'fake , " and
its i idiculousness has caused moi o smiles than
ciedenee. The fi lends of Mr. Shciman iu
Washington icgaul tins story as ono
of a series now going the lounds of
the democratic press Intended to disparage
the elevation of thu Ohio man und force the
renominutlon of Mi. Blame They openly
asscit that there is a conceited movement on
thu part of the democratic nuwspapeis to
bung about thu rcnommution of Mr. Blaine ,
and to smother any tumlencj' that may rise
to nominate Mr. Sherman. This is tliu most
positive evidence of this combination that
has been shown up to the present time , nnd
Instead of discouraging the fi lends of the
Ohioun , it will serve to make them firmer.
1101,11) ) MS VTTHr. CVl'lTOL.
Extensive preparations have been made in
official and private circles to enjoy the holi-
daj s and especially to hail the incoming of
the new jear. The departments will bo
closed to-morrow at noon and will not bo
opened until Tuesday morning. Thej- will
close again at noon ono week fiom tomor
row and open on the morning of Tuesday ,
January it The official programme for the
usual reception at the white house was an
nounced to diij * . It discloses vorj- elaborate
arrangements and it is iutqicfed that there
shall be n good time. It Ls announced at thu
executive mansion , howev er , and among the
cabinet ofileers that in event bf ex-Secietar.y
Maiming died Jlio white house re
ception and those to bo held bj
these in official life will' .be abandoned. A
great deal of concern is felt to-ulght over the
condition of the ex secretary and the wire'
aiu icsoitccl to vor.v frequently for the latest
information. Representative Samuel J. Run
ilall , of Pcnnsjlvania , has pone to Albany te
see Mr. Maiming and to bo ut his bedside
when death comes , should it occur.
Pnuiiv S , IlrvTH.
Army News. *
WASHINGTON , Dec. 2.1. [ Special Telcgran
to the BKI * . ] Captain John T. Morrison
Tenth cavalry , has been placed on the rctlioi
list.Second *
Second Lieutenant George P. Ahern
Twenty-fifth infantiy , has been giantcd twi
weeks leave. \
Sergeant William Irwin , Second e.ivuli j
has been placed upon the rothc'd ( list on hi
own application.
Captain A. H. Bainbriclgc , Fourteenth in
fnntrj' , has been ordeied to inspect subsis
tfnc cat Fort Towiisenel , Washington terr
tory. l >
Captain C. J. DickejTwentysec end ir
fan try , has been ordeied to .San Diego , Cal
for medical treatment ,
The resignation of Second Lfeutennr
James H. Waters , Tenth infantry , has boo
accepted to take effect January lb , isss.
First Lieutenant James Hrcnnan , Scvci
tccnth infantry lias been gi anted fourmontli
extension of leave on account of sickness. '
The success of the Aimy Co-operative Fa
association is encouraging to its pipmotor
Thu fiistccitillcato was issued in March c
thupicscnt jear. und the association noi
numbers 'J-Tl mcmbui s.
An order has been received from arm
headquarters , cllievting that ut posts , "whet
the mwithly muster of troops has bee
authorized , " officers in mustering troops c
thc last day of February , Apul , Jun <
August , October and December of cach.vea
will chargu two mouths' army nsjlumduc
omitting any charge on that account on tl
intervening muster flajs. -ts
Lieutenant J. Y. M. Blunt , of ttio Flfl
cavalry , and Miss Mary Hnss weramurrii
at the paisunago of Saint Matthrvy'schuii
last ov tiling . The wedding wilti qujet , ou
the nc.u relatives being present. ' . ,
Olio of Mrs. 1MI. Sheiiclaii's children hi
the diphtheria. The other children hove
been sent to General Kucklcr , their grand
father. _ _ _
Nchraflkft and Iowa Pensions.
WASHINGTON- . 21 [ Special Telegram
to the BEE. ] The following pensions wcie
granted Nebraskans to-day : Hannah E. ,
widow of Charles \V. Purely , Hojnolds.
Mexican war John K. Isbcll , Fait mount.
Original Charles W. Purdy ( deceased ) ,
Reynolds ; Henry Swartspagcr , Lodge Polo
Increase George W. Gullford , Guide Hock ;
William T. Mclvln , Plattsmouth ; George
Davenport , Norfolk ; Byron Weston , Central
Pensions for lowans : Mexican war-
Jacob J. Decker , PcrU ; Philemon Town end ,
Kcndallvllle. Original-William Podlgct ,
Norwood ; Joseph Mitchell. Ottumwa : Val
entino Mendel , Albin ; Benjamin F. Patter
son , Avftca. Inci ease James McDouirall ,
LcMais ; James C. Furls , Mount Avr ; Svl-
vcsterW. Bragg , Nova Springs ; Joseph 11.
Young. Marjsville. lleissue William O.
Duvis , Keokuk ; Horace O. Hawks , Marble
Hock : John H. Bain , Newton ; Joseph Hast
ings , Atlantic.
National Capital Notc-s.
WASHINGTON , Dec. a ) . The secretary of
the navy has received an official IP-
port concerning the- recent trial trip of
of the United States schooner Chicago. The
mean speed obtained during the six hours'
run was 15 1 knots , imd the maximum speed
for nn hour , 16 ; n knots. The mean hoi so
pow er developed was fi$4 ( ) , and the maximum
for an hour 5,284. The machinery worked
smoothly for thccntlrorun , und though water
was occasionally used on the Journals the en
gines were not stopped or slowed down nt
any time during the trial. The engines
worked quickly and efficiently.
Senator Sawjer , chairman of the senate
postoflice committee , saj s ho vXill bring the
subject of postal telegraph before the com
mittee very curlj' after thu holiday recess.
Five members of ithu present committee
were members of the Forty-ninth con
gress , which rcporttd the postal telegraph
bill but did not rcpeit the extensive investi
gation made bj' it * predecessois. Senator
Sawjcr is non committal respecting his own
picscnt prcdillctionfl.Ho supi > ortecl the bills
reported by the Foitj'-eighth and Forty-
ninth congresses , which looked to the estab
lishment of a postaV > telegraph sj stem , but
with the co-operatic * of private corporations.
The chief of the bufeau of statistics in his
statement of the impjits and oxi > ort8 of thu
United States report thu total values of im
ports of merchandise for the five , eleven and
twelve months ended November ! ! 0 , 1SS > , ns
compared with simlUir impoits for coi responding
pending periods oi the proceeding jear ,
as follows : Five m nths ended November
, 1887 , same period In 1880.
Elo en months ended
November BO , 1887. $ (150,708,81(1 ( ( ;
in 18MI , 607,15' ' 087. Twelve mouths
of lbS7 , $712W ! ,918 : h 1880 , Wr ) > 0JM)7. ) Ex-
poi ts Five months ildod November : ) , 18b7 ,
tllll5.1247 ( ! ; in IS * , ! 00j75b23 , : Eleven
months In 1887. tt 42. 143,311 ; in 18H , $637,9N- )
t.)7. ) Twelve moiithi in 1887 , ? 727,4GOGJ5 ; lu
' ' > , SW. > ,2GO,413.
The congressional committee escorting the
i cumins of the late iJcpresentutivo Moffatt ,
left this evening fo : Ibis homo at Ti averse
City , Mich.
Secretary Whitney has infoimed W. H. H.
Smith , chief clerk < ft ' the bureau of steam
engineering , that his services as chief clerk
will not be needed otter January 1. Mr.
Smith has been iu [ the navy department
twenty years. ' .
Appointed Uiilt < fU.States Marshal.
WismsaToK , Detl 23. Major J. M.
Wright , of Louisville , Ky. , has-boon up-
pointed marshal of the United States su
preme court to succeed John'O. Nlcolav' , who
retires ted vote hipisclf to literary work.
Major Wright is a graduate of West Point
and was ut one timo'on General Buoll's staff.
He was for some time an editorial writer on
the Conner Journal , afterwards supeiin-
tendent of the board of tiade. and later pies-
idcnt of the Southern Exposition company.
Cause of Secretary Manning's Illness.
DeeUS ) Dispatches from
Albany state that tl o illness of ex-Sccrctarj'
Manning was caused in a great measure bj'
thu bad diainagu 11 the tieasury building.
Mr. Manning is the econd secrctarj' of the
treasuij fiom Now whoso illness has
been ascribed in i ' great meausure to the
same cause. Judge folgcr s > at nt Manning's
desk a gi cat pait of he time in the pi ivttto
loom adjacent to the reception loom of the
sccietinj' of the tiea sury. Isoxt to this small
room there is a bath room and investigation
nt the tlmu of Seciotaiy Folger's illness
disclosed un extinordin.ily uiisiniitaiy con
dition. A great many clui ks w ere also taken
ill. The treasury department bus made such
impiovemciits as scantyappropimtlonswould
Gas Iti Chicago.
CIIICMOO , Dec. 23 r-Special [ Telegram to
the UFE. ] The engineer in ono of the Chicago
cage browei ics discovered j estcrclay that his
engine was pumpm tilr from the lake instead
of water. It'w as decided that the fault was
with the receiving pipe , which was over
hauled. The pump was started again but
evinced the sumo trouble as befoie. He then
removed ono of the valves opening into thu
pump nnd approached it with u eandlo to
examine further. There was an explosion
and a blue Hume which immediately died out.
The engineer had bqen pumping gas. A pipe
was attached to the valve opening and a
steadj' tiiunc of odorless gas has since been
coming in from the lake.
The CJbld Wave.
MiNNFiroMH , Defc. 23 The cold snap of
yesteiday suddenly changed last evening
into a blinding bli77aul. This moining snow
fell , but it was of light duration. No serious
blockades aio jet reported , but trains are
moi a or less delated.
Theynre Granted Ily the Mexican Gov
ernment to Induce Immigration.
ST. Lei is , Dec. 2.f , It is announced at El
Paso , Tc\ . , that thu Mexican gov ei nmont has
giauted cxtiaordinaJ.v concessions to u real
estate company to | induce immigiation to
Mexico. The coinmny lias obtained title to
5T > , Ooofl < H ) acres of huid In the diffeiunt states ,
andpioK | > ses to establish agencies in all huge
cities of Europe ami America. The govern'
ment has granted exemption fiom taxation
and duty to all settlers on these tiacts and lu
sines pioper protection.
The I1 IT Hccortl.
HUIISOV , Wis , 1 ec. 2.1 A telegram wa
icceived hure this mornfng f 1.0111 New Hlch
mend , St. Clajr cou tv , Wis. , asking for as
sistanco from the , fire dep.utment , as th (
city was being dcst ojedbytlre. Hudson is
u city of l.hOO inhul Hunts on the Omaha louc
eighteen miles from 'Hudson.
On , Cm. Pa Dec. 2.1. The Wcstert
Peniisvlvanla & Kow York railroad shop
bullied this mot nine- . Loss , $100,000.
\ - r - .
YOIIK , Dec. S 1. Andrew J. Shiiloy
i as assignee of Hunt , Wuite & Co. , the di ;
goods firm of Brooklyn , which suspcmlec
Wednesday lust , file-d his bond f security
this morning , of > < UHX > Shliley sajs tin
Hun's stock is worth $150,000
Soi'Tii Nonw UK , Conn , Dee. 21 Fraul
H. Hosc-oe , hhoo manufacturer , lias failed
Liabilities. , * SO,000 ; asbott , , fJO.OOO.
The Weallu-r ToDay. .
For Nebraska : Fair weather , followed b ;
light hiiow , warmer , light to ficsh winds
generally southeily and becoming fresh t
brisk northwesterly.
For Iowa : Generally fair weather , wunnei
picocdedln easUrn Iowa bv colder , light t
fresh variable winds becoming southei ly , fo !
lowed by light snow.
For Dakota : Local snows , warmer , execi :
In northern portions , followed by Might !
colder , llgtpUo ficsh vaiiablc yviuds.
Full .Account of the Circumstances
Loading Up to It.
Yonnp KliiRsler Made the Oltjcut of
McrolloiiH Persecution at thu
Hnnils orUlllltiRH Talker
Goaded Hy His Runny.
WATnui oo , la. , Dec. 21. There is great ox-
citcmcnt in Wavcrly over thu attempted
shooting of Lawjer Uilllngs by Mr. Kings-
ley , and the lattcts tiugic death.
About two years ago Kingsluy graduated
from the law department of the Iowa Stfltw
university with high honor. Ho soon Won u
splendid reputation for business integrity
nnd more mitutal ability than fulls to the lot
of mostioung men. He entered the ficldof
politics , was nominated by the republicans
for county attorney , and elected to that'p'osl-
tion last fall. His connection with I3il\lngs \
began when , about four months ago , ho
purchased of the latter the homestead
In which ho ( Hillings ) had lived for fifteen
j ears past. When the day an ived on which
Klngsley was to take possession Billings
was not icady to go , and Kingsley entered
thu house as a boarder. The only other mem
bers of the family was Mr. and Mrs.BllHngs.
There was feeling between the men at this
tlmo over some niistcnotis trouble and
Billings , it is alleged , was hc.ird to say : "I
will ruin this joung fellow or bo ruined my
self In thu attempt , " and his whole com so
of action fiom that time to the date of the
tiugcity scorned to piovo the depth of his
A pretext was not wanting on which to
begin his ciuel work ol blasting the
young man's leputation. Thu follow
ing shows how eafe'oilj ho grasped ut
the chance to besllmu Kingsk\\'s
fair name : A fihort time since a
young girl in Waverly was shown to bo in u
delicate condition and when questioned ,
named as her bctiajer a jouug man in thu
ncighboihood Imposing on her ignorance ,
it is alleged , Billings induced her to sign an
nfllduvit stating that that the joung man
named was not resxnsible | for her condition ,
using k Instead , in the nflldavit , Kingslcv's
mime. Billings made public the cruel slander
and the quiet little city oT Wavcrly was sur
prised and shocked. Billings' lllmsy trick was
quickly exposed and justicu donu Kinpslcy
through u counter aflldav it exonerating him.
On hearing that his fiist plan had fallen
through Billings' wrath knew no bounds. Ho
sought Kingsloy In the Icttci's ofllco and ac
cused him of undue intimaci with his ( Bill-
ilig's ) wife while n boarder ut the hitter's
homo. Stung bejond endurance Kingsley
diow a icvolvcr and pointing it attliu head of
his tormentor pulled the trigger , but the cap
'failed to explode and Billings started down
stairs with Kingsloy in hot pursuit. When
about half way down stairs Kingsley llrcd
again , the bullet penetrating Billings' cloth
ing , but being stopped by n brass i Ing
ot ! his suspenders Ho lan out into the
street shouting for help and calling on
the crowd which gathcicd around to arrest
Kingsley. A rush began towards Kingslcy's
olllce , and those w ho first entered the room
were horrified to find him lying on his back u
corpse. A ghastly hole ov er the i ight ui o
revealed the manner of his death inoio
plainly even than the smoking i evolver. A
coroner's Jury was quickly summoned , and
the work of examination begun , while Bil
lings was taken to Jail through fear of mob
violence , Bremercouuty having proved on for-
uier occasions that taidy Justice is somo-
titnes too Blow. In conversation with u re
porter to night Billings stated , and his wife
corroborated his statement when questioned
afterw ard , that Kingsley had been criminally
intimate w 1th Mrs. Billings , ami to-morrow
Billings will ptoduco what purports to boa
: oufcsslon signed by his wife of said criminal
ntimacy , anu further stating that Kingsley
.s the father of her uuboi n babe. In support
of this confession will bo intioduced an affi
davit sworn to b > Billings eoiioborating the
mum points mentioned in the1 confession
Among thu papeis taken fiom Billings was
n piece of notu paper on which was wnttcn
n Mrs. Billings' humlvvi iting n request that
must be at an apK | > intcd hpot at a
late hour thu following night , and saj ing that
it impcrativ uly uecessai y that he come.
She also w allied him that "M. " was suspi
cious and enjoined caution. This , epistle oc
cupied the upper half of the sheet. On the
lower half was wnttcn such u icply as might
have been expected fiom Kingsley noble and
.high . souled. Ho icpllcd , suv ing that it would
bu highly impiopcr for them to meet as sug
gested in thu absence of her husband , unit
asked in a manner indicating sui prise of
what"M."vv"us suspicious , closing the note
with a demand for an explanation.
All lu all , the affair appears to have been
fiom the beginning a deep laid plot to niln
Kingsloy , and pcihaps at the same time to
extort blackmail. Billings is said to bo ono
of the best reodolavviers iu the northwest
unda man who scruples ut nothing to gam
his ends. Both weio men of splendid phy
sique , tall nnd ppowerfully built. Billings is
about ttftj-ftvo while Kingsluy is scaiccly
twenty-six. The Jury will piobably not ren
der u verdict before to morrow night.
Bold Horftc Thlcvos.
SiofCITV , la , Dec. 2J [ Special Tele-
giam to the BEI : . ] A peculiar and bold bur
glary occurred to day. A Dakota county
farmer , named Sides , started to Sioux City
with a loud of coin. Wlnlu ut Jackson ho
left the team standing iu front of a stoic
wliiluhu went in to tiansact some business.
When ho rctuined to the stieet ho found the
wagon gone. No one had seen thu team leave ;
no one know whether they had bioken loose
01 been ill hen away. Mr. Sides atoncoiom-
itiuiilcated with Deputy SheulT Biusstleld.
Ho-went to Jackbon and tracked thu team to
Covington and acios"s the liver to Sioux. Citv.
but heio all tiack was lost. It is supposed
that some gnu diovo the team to Sioux Citj ,
but w ho it was or thu vvhci eabouts of the
team cannot bu leal ned.
Senator CasM'U'H I'otltion.
DFS Moists Iu , Dec. 2t - ( Special Tele-
( rtum to thu BIT ] Senator K H. C.issett , of
Pella , tiled u petition in thu disti u t court of
I'olk county this moming , praj ing that n
writ of niaml.unus issiiu against Governor
William Lariabco , Sccietaiy of Statu TianU
D. Jackson , Tieasmer of State V. P. Tvvom-
bli ami Auditor of State James A Lyou as a
boaid of cauvasseis , commanding them to al
once leussemblc and to canvass the lotmni
fiom the rifteenth senatoilul distiict , com
posed of Million and Moniou counties , tint
to dechnu the icsult theieof , and to issue tc
Mr. Cassott his cettificatu of election , "am
in all things to pioceed diligently and act-nut
lug to law" This is. i new tui n taken bv Mr
Cassett , ho claiming that the boaid of can
vassers , m oidcring u new election iu Ills ills
trlct , had e\ceeded its power The < aso wll
bo heai d iu thu dl tuct couit of this count ;
Januaij 2
For AinerltMiiK ,
Mifioriu Y\i in , In , Dec. fit [ Specla
Telegiam to the BFI. ] Mrs. Cuirio Lam
Chapman spoke hei u to-night to a fait -sUe <
audience , handling the subject , "Ameiie ,
For Americans , " in u musterly manner am
holding her heaicis in rapt attention fo
nearly onu hour and a half Mrs Chapmui
jiortrajed the evils of Chincsu innnlgtutio
and the debasing influence it was having o
the jouth of the United Stales. She guv
some facts and figuics showing that boy
only eight j ears of ago worn habitues cj
houses of piostitution. Taking up thu ) K > iil
which thicatoii the peace and pie | > ciily c
America , nho rcviowcd anarchy , MOciiUif.ii
conunuuiHm nnd bosslsm in polities , etu. Sh
favois the orjjnnhntlctn of a party fiat wl
discountenance the uiu eiti IcUxl lir.n'igratio
to our shores of n class which threatens our
morality and boasted llbeity. Mrs. Chap
man is the w Idow of an Iowa editor and Is n
\ery jnodest , unassuming lady , of pleasant
iiddi ess and easy manners on the rostrum ,
using \ cry little gesticulation , but holding
her audience by the brilliancy of her logic.
Hloux Clty'B Now Dally.
Sioux CITV , In , Dec. 2.1 [ Special Tele
gram to the BI.K. ] The tlrst number of the
new dolly , the Sioux City Dally Stock and
News Exchange , appeared to day. The paper
Is issued in the Interest of the. stock yauls ,
packing houses and live stock interests of
this section. _
- Died From llln InJiirloH.
Gitis'\u.t , , la , Dec. 2.1 [ Special Telegram
to the lliT.1 Chin Ho Jones , the eighteen-
> ear-old lad who attempted to cioss thu Iowa
Conhal track ahead of u freight ttiiln jester-
day ami lost a limb In consequence , has since
died from the shock i ccclved.
scouciF ATJSCHUYM-U. :
A DcHtrnctUo Flro ItanlnK At Mld
nlKht DiiHlncsH HOUSCH llurncd.
SciiUM.i u , Nb , Dec. 2. ) . [ Special Tclo-
ginm to the Bi ! . [ Shoitly befoi'o 12 o'clock
fire bloke out In Sutherland Bros. ' furnltuio
store. I'rom this building the Humes spread
to the Inn dw in o stole of Mohicek & Popular ,
and thu notion store of T. B. Tin rill and M.
B. Krlckson , butter and egg depot. Unless
tliu Hie is soon under control other buildings
will go. It Is impossible us jet , to cstlmata
thu damages. _ *
Marriage , lllith nnd Death.
NiiiUAtKt CiTiNeb , Dec 21 [ Special
to the Bun. ] The sudden death of Dr U. B.
Laish last evening makes the third uvcntful
period in that family which makes up the
sum of life and which occupied within tlneo
thus : The man iago of a daughter on Mon
day morning , thu blith of a child to a maincd
duughtui on Tuesday , and now the death of
Mr. Lursh on Thutsdiiy evening , the twenty-
eighth iinniveisuiy of his imnrmge Ho
leaves a widow and seven chlldien , Mis
ried Smith , of Omaha ; Mis S Kellogg , of
Pore ivul. Iu ; Mis J. C. Watson , at piesent
in Washington ; John , who is ut present lu
New Mexico , and Tiank , Paul and a daugh
ter ut hnmu The funeral will t ko place on
Sunday afternoon and will bo conducted by
thu Masonic aider.
No Fight at Delta.
Niim\sKA Cm , Neb , Dee. -Special [
to the lU.i. ] The report of u murder at
Delta , Neb , ciiculatcd on the streets lust
night and telegraphed outside , proves to bo a
canard cminatmg from the brilliant mind of
Deputy Shciiff Huberlc , who had Just re
turned fiom Dunbar , wheio he chinned to
huvu hc.nd it , but later confessed ho puipo-
tratcd it as a joke.
Uncoil ! Votes Itnllroad lloiidn.
LINCOLN" , Neb , Doc. 2.1 [ Special Tele-
giam to the Bi K. ] The result of the election
to-day In aid of the Lincoln , lied Oak & DCS
Moines road was favorable to the bunds on
a vote of 1,7U ( for the bonds to 88 against.
The vote was light , the inopositlon meeting
no organized opposition at the polls.
Two Men Whom the Grand Jury Had
Declined to Indict.
New YOIIK , Dee. 2.1 The curiosities of the
law's w 01 k ings are illustrated In the case of
two men now in prison who have the right to
bo fieo December ( i the grand Jury heio
considcicd tbo case of August II. Schult/ ,
charged with burghny und petit laiccny.
There was not sufficient evidence to convict ,
nnd the case was ordered dismissed. The
same day the enso against Chailcs Edwards ,
for assault , was considered. Tlicro was not
sufficient evidence In this case either , and it ,
too , was dismissed. When u bill is dismissed
by the giand Jury thn secretary of that body
stamps on the face theieof the woul "dis
missed , " the foieman puts his signutuio
under it , and that ends thu mutter. By
some oversight the secietaiy neglected to
stamp the face of the bills in the cases cited ,
and instead stamped them on tbo backs The
foreman did not see the woid "dismissed"
wlicro it should have been htnmped ; thought
that tiuo bills hud been found , and signed
'he indictments Thej weio sent to the
istrict uttoinej with true bills , and no ono
Viis the wifccr. SehulU and Kclwards wcie
trough ! Into the court of geucial sessions to
ilead to the indictments which it was sup-
losed had been found against them.
\Tot knowing that the grand jmy had
'ailed to indict them they both pleaded
guilty. Schultz was sentenced by llu-
order Smjth to the Klinha icfoumitoiy. Ed-
v .mis. who pleaded guilty to assault in the
bird degree , was sentenced to six months in
he penitential y. They nic both servingtimo
w.v , whereas , according to law , they ought
o bo f i eo. The facts came out by accident.
Ono of the grand Juiymen saw that they weio
icntenccd. and remcmbeicd that the cases
gainst them had been dismissed. Judge
lowing , when uslred what was the remedy
'or the men , said they should bu hi ought
back heio on writs of habeas corpus and for
mally dischai god , us it was unlawful to im-
[ u iton them unless they had been reguhuly
ndictcd. Colonel Fellows took the same
icw of the caso. Dilllgcnt inquiiy failed to
discover who the lawyers in the cases were.
J. Sterling Morton TalkH to Bourbon
Ituckn In Chicago.
Cnic oo , Dee. 2. ) [ Special Telegram to
the Bu' . ] J. SturllngMoiton , of Nebraska ,
was thu guest of Die evening at the monthly
banquet of the Iioquois club last evening.
Thu biavcs shut out the fail sex and abused
the monster piotectlon. Mr. Moilon in hisre-
minks iclatcd an Iioquois legend about the
bravo who was taken up thu mountain and
killed u gieat monster. Pichidciit Cleveland
had also been led up thu mountain and saw
the monster piotection below. Ho would
kill H. Then Mr. Morton descended fiom
thu legion of fancy and said that the
question of tin iff taxation was a vei.y
Kit go ono. Some people tinned from it be
cause it contained HO inunj * lutiicato details ,
but it was u simple thing. It meant the tak
ing of monei fiom thu people and piling it up
in the tieasinv. It took money fiom many ,
and put it in the pockets of u few. Whatever
congiess might do Mr. Moiton thought the
pi esident'b mchsagu had uuiilo It impossible
lor the lepublleuns longer to make the peo-
pie believe that putting utax on a thing made
it cheaper. Not only was a in ntectivu tin iff
wiomr , it was unconstitutional. Money
could bo raised by taxation wilj for purjioses
of thu govcinmuiit. when taxation went
f ml her it was unconstitutional. Mr. Mor
ton , in another Indian stoiy , ildleuled Mr ,
Blainc's usseitlon that tobuico was u necfs-
sit\amlsat clo\vii. Ho was vciy hoaist
fiom buv C'lo cold , and his icmaiks were cut
shoit. Soveial othuis spoke , and thu even
in0 passed vciy cnjoiably.
Should Hi * Owned Ity thu Go * , eminent
CIIH uio , Deo. --Congi essimm Isaac
Stevenson , of Wisi on ! n , who Is bound foi
homo fiom Washington for the holidays , gall
to a lepoitcr heio to day : "Tho postmustci
general , Mr Vlhis , told Senator Sawjcr , uni
mjself , ilav tx-foiu jrstciduj , that ho vvoulc
iccommeml the t-rfUion of u govorniuuui
building in all towns whciu postal icceipt !
A e-i o f.1,0011 , ami good , lire ) pioofhiick build
high in tmvns of 15,000 Inhabitants costini
, tKK ) c.u h. " Mr. Stcvciihoti added : "Ian
iu favor of thu govei nment doing so , and tin
picNcnt ( ongirss may uonsldur fauch a ques
tlou. "
Muidcird nt Sea.
PIIII.AUCI niu , Dee 2J.- Captain Walton
of the schooner Cruu-cr , icports thrtt on tin
20th Jnst his malu boaidcd the wicckei
schooner Kelley , off Capo Hcnlopcn , am
fc/im ) the < -uptuiii , Ta > loilylnxdcndon ilecl *
' 1 hero weio marks on and hi ulse
on his head. Oali'u | ! 'altOl thinkt ho wa
murdcicd , ,
Extonslvo Strike Innugnratod on the
Rending Rond.
flcport That UpuurdH of Forty Thou *
snnd Mi > rc Will Quit Work
To-Day A Vain Appeal
to the ConrtH.
Oltjcotrd to Non-Unlonlstn.
Piiii.\iFiviiM , Dec. 2.1. Over ono thou
sand men employed by the Philadelphia &
Heading lalhonil company , on their lines nin-
ning fiom West Palls to the Port Richmond
coal whaivcs , either as tialn men , coal men
or ft eight handlois , quit woik this afternoon
nt half past 4. This action was caused by
thu introduction of a tialn c rew of llvo non
union men to do woik upon which union men
had been employed , but who had been dis
charged. This movement w ill bo communi
cated to all emploves of the road , and a gen-
eial stiikc on all the lines of thu company
may bo the icsult. The trouble originated
jesteiday when a ciewof Height handlers en
gaged In shifting oars loaded with flour
to thu pier controlled bv thft Him of Charles
M. Tujloi's Sons , refused to deliver Buy
nioiu ficlght to thu Him unless non-union
men cmplojcd In hundllnir freight should bo
discharged. Suiieiintemlent Swelgurd Is
sued an order dischniglng thu crew who re
fused to handle ficlght , ami threatening the
siimu punishment to other ciuws who would
follow the picccdcnt. All the icmainlng
force1 , whlih consisted of four cruws , refus
ing to obey the ot dor , were discharged. The
news of thu disclnugu quickly .spread und
this afteinoon , when thu ciuw of non-union
men was put to woik , uvery other emplo.vo
struck. A lingo polke folio Is on bund to
plot in t the i ' > property.
Kcpicsentntlves nf five assemblies of Head
ing einplojes , whci huvu formed national
district assembly of Knights of Labor , met
to night nnd called a gincral convention fur
to-moi mw afternoon It is asserted to night
that word has been passed along the entire
Keadjng svstem , and that the ! UlKH ) or-40,000
men lu thu emploj of the company will
quit work to morrow. At the
olllte of the Heading -company It is
stated that the clear duty of the company as
n common carrierto deliver mcrchundisu to
whomsoever it is consigned without regaul
to any question between the consignee und
his emplo.vcs , made it uc csMiry for the com
pany to order that cars bo moved In Port
Uichmond , and if the men refused , to dls-
chin go them. The same was tiuo of the
tioubli * at Klbabethpoit , with Coxe & Co.'s
coal binges. *
An Appeal to the Courts.
PIIII.VDU rill v , Dec. 2,1 Counsel for Coke
Brothci s & Co. to clay asked Judicial iuteifcr-
cnce in the coal minors strike , under n peti
tion pi cscnted in the United States circuit
court. The specific instance made is that the
complainants had a contract with thu Head
ing Coal and lion company for u largo amount
of coaldellvcicd ficcat Elizabcthport. The
complainants wished it loaded on' on of
their b.ngcs , but the Heading company was
unable to do so , olTuiing instead to deliver It
in ti Heading boat with charges for freight.
Thu putitloncts allegu that the refusal to load
is duo to an illegal ccmspiiaey between certain
Heading emplo.vcs and the ntiiking Luzerno
lount.v miners and is done to hinder the pe
titioners' business because they have refused
to acecclu to the sinking Illinois' demands.
An ordui was asked for the loading of the
coal , upon the- ground that the petitioners
needjiTOWpfreliof befoio .their barge is boy-
cotteU away from Ellrabbthport , Judge But-
let refused the i cquest. Ho miid the prop- <
city of tlip Heading company will within two
dnys piibs out of thu hands of a receiver and
also that the petitioners have a remedy by u
suit at law for any damngo they may sustain
ut the hands of the iccelveiH.
A Young Gill Allured From Homo
and Left IViutllcHH.
ST. PAVI. , Minn. , Dec 21 [ Special Tele
gram to the BLP ] A sad c isu of seduction
and desertion came to light in this city this
moining , the victim being a joung Chicago
gnl of icspcctublo paientagu mimed Gracie
Woodfoul. Tour weeks ago Giaclo loft her
homo w ith a vurietj' uctoi and since then has
been living a life of Hhauie. Her father is an
insuianco agent , the senior member of the
film of Woodfoid & Kinsley , doing business
nt ii'l Lnsallo sticet , Chicago , and icsiclirig
in a new block on Noith Clarke street , two
ilooisfiom Wisconsin , almost opposite Lln-
'oln ' paik. His family consists of a wife and
Ivu gills the eldest daughter being Giaclo ,
uht turned scventc-on j cars of ug o. Gracie
MIS , unfortunutelj' for hcisolf , of u wild nnd
kittlsh disposition , und dui ing the f requent
Absences of her father from homo ,
gievv cntnely beyond her mother's con-
lol , staying out late at night
nnd i tinning atomic ! with j oung men , but the
nil extent of her folly and wickedness was
lot known to her patent * . She gradually
became a ficqucnter of low \ aricty thoatreg , !
ind tlncu months after became acquainted ?
with a song and dance man named Hobert *
James. Ho w as sc.ircely tw cuty j eai s of ago ,
but the girl's fancy was captuied by his per- ,
foinmmcs. Thu acquaintance lipuned iut < \ ,
oinetlilng inoio than fiiendship , und finally
Jimies induced the ghl to go to Ins mother's
iioiifco. and thoie , in the absemu of the old
lady , ho wi ought her iiiin. Then her seducer
suggested that as hu was going to DesMolncH
to ill ! an engagement that sliu acccmjiany
him , ami the gill icadily coiiHentcd. Tour
weeks ago she loft her homo without giving
any Intimation of her destination , and with-
tut taking mi ) ' other clothing than what she
woiu , and Hcd with Hobcit .lames. Them
was not uvun tliu inducement of wealth inull
nii held out as a bait to luru her from her '
viituu , fur the joung man with
whom shu decamped possessed no tnoro
wealth 'thiin the nveiugo vuiicty actors
jHibsess , and from the day she loft" "
with him neither bought her diess nor ,
juvvclrj' . Aftet u two w cults' stay In Dee
Molnos. thu pair camu hero , .lames expecting
to obtain an engagement hei oat ono of th
the.itcis. They in lived two weeks ago ami
Jomi'H hlied a loom. He failed to find em
ployment and then tlo | joung man showcoV
Ids truocolois. rinding his funds iininliiffL
low hu made up his mind to dcscit the girl. '
and last Thuisciay livening he ( iliietlvstepijcct 'f
down and out , leaving Gruciu | > eiiiiUuss und I
alone in u stunigu tity. Thu rent of thorooni
and also the gill's meals were paid up to
Sunday , but w huu that wan clone she hud no.
means of suppoit and would no doubt huvoj
fallen into Htlll lower deitths of Infamy , hue
foi her ensu ( omiiig to thu knowledge of >
City Physician Aucker. vvlici exerted hlmselti
to ojien communication with bur father and
ind iiou him to take his daughtur home. The
girl hei self docs not appear to bu greatly din-
tiissed at her situation , but speak lightly
of it.
TofElvA , Kan. , Dec , 21 The dispatches
which have been and continue to bo 1'f
about RUffciing nnd death in western Kansas
lira false according to the best evidence that
can be piocurcd in this city. Them have
actually been two deaths In Kansas and two
in Nebraska , and th < so InUfi been reported to
niako a scale. Ciops In western Kansas huv4
been poor and thu grcut majority of settlers
have been there but a short time and an/
poor. But they in o not In a starving condi
tion by any means. The weather Is moderat
ing , the thermometer ranging from 40 to I/O
abov o zero.
IhuCVnliul 1'uulfiu'M Dividend.
Nr.w V'oiiK , Dec. 23. A dividend of 1 per
rent has been dochned on Central Vucllio
i uilw ay stock , payable February J , ' 1