Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, December 20, 1887, Page 4, Image 4

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k . : : : .i 0 DLYBEE .TSDAYDEOEMBER 20 , is _ _ _ _ _ _ _
t . Trn IAILY BEE.
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. Pt1flL1HHIl ) } : 'Mo1IJNG.
rinMs : OF SU13Cfl1PTTON.
Dtt13 ( MJrlIITlg : itti luehuling $ unitny
BEE , On 'eflr . . . .Ia ( )
- 1ortx ontIM r , ( si
F VnrI1ire i4otithq
! flu' Ornnha I4uiuhty flEE. mtzIIetl tO itny iid.
( te4 , 01U3 Year . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 (1) (
OMAhA OFFICE. Nn.Il iinftIO FMt t
N iw : You K OrrIE , H ) ( ) M fit' 'litl 11t $ t IIU I
: mr .T1I STItEE r _ _ _
All comnititiIcnt1n reiatiiij nwi nn4
. iIllor1ii1 instter , 1ii'i&Id bt uudrcaed to tb
EflITOII ( ) l TIflt 1lj
All 1)11tIfle ) tetterM nilil tCfltttftflCCi II1Ot11(1 ( 1I
, to rir flEI Pt1tIl.tPlIJNI ( oMl ANY ,
( JAIIA Jrats , ch.ck14 stud 1otIk ( ( irder to
1)0 HindU IM7ftbto to the of the cornpafly
. '
i : ' 'The ' Bcc Pu1ishii Copany Prorietors1
E Ros1vA'rFU , IlITOfl
, .
; ; worn I4tatemcntof
ttttflt Ncbrm'kn ,
L County fit IoIlgIai )
; ( ten. H. ] zichuck. ccrctary at The 11'e Pni-
' 1lhrg ! CIflUUI ) , (1e liIe1IsnIy nwear thut the
ctiin1 cftciiIittloii of tIl ( ' JatIy Boo for thu week
entBtir Dec. lfl. 1Jt47 , wan n'4 ' foIIow8
* 'atHry Dec. 10 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
tIfltIity , 'Dec. ii . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Motu1a . flec 1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Ties1ny 1)ec. 11 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , . . . . 4.ftO
wetineday lice. it . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
! Jhtit'(1flV. ISC ( ' . 1 ! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Fiiday , bec. Iii
Average. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .l
; 'o. H. 'J'zsciiuur.
Pwnrn to nii4 ubecr1be1 tn my probenco this
13th tI&y of flecernberA. 11. It$7.
( ; lA 1. Notftry Public
Etato of Nehrakn.
County of 1)ouglas.
0cc , . il Tzic1iiirk. be ng first iliily wnrn. de-
rWC r.nd ea3 S thet lie i eecretary of Tn Itee
I'ublthhlng coiiipaii ) . tlint the acttntl avcrnge
e1ly circulation of the 1)aiIy lice for
the mouth of 1)cen-'er. ) * 'H , 1,37 copies ;
fur Jnntuiry , lt.i , ftt.2f4 copies ; for keh.
rtisry 1tt7 14 14cupies ; for 1arcli . 14.1(11 (
COj)1C5 for Aprii , It87. 1IJl ( coplfs : for May ,
1i .7. 14.227 coples1 forjuiu' . ItST. 14.147 cpi.s ( ;
fur .ltilv , IH.7 , I4.t4I Coliles ; for August , 1Ib4 , II-
, in copies : for Ie1)tCth1)er ) ) , Jtt)7 , 14 ( IDcopies : for
October , ItbT , 14.13 ; for Novemler , 137 , 15,226
'orn to and iibcrflwd In my presence this
. 61 ( lay of Iecernber , A. 0. 1887.
1887.N. . P. PP.11. ,
( SIAL. ) Notary 1b1ic.
\Vii nrc pleased to hear that Mr.
Boehol has cut 10080 from the wrecking
' 1V1i slittil presently be able to separate -
ate the Shoot ) In thO city council from
time goats. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
A DIVISION Is called for In the city
- council. These who want to respect
the decision of courts and pay attention
to public seiitimnont are expected to
stand Ut ) and be counted.
Si1s'UItAT ( leaths from blind faith in
the faith cure have occurred recently.
Quito an epidemic of this 8ort of iguor-
alice has broleii out and it Is to bo
hoped It wil ; soon run its course.
. TIIIIEU lIllfldre(1 million dollars is the
estimated amount of earnings by the
the Standard Oil COInpafly during the
past fifteen years. There is no trust
that can show sublimity like this.
Mit. KEEIX , of motor fame , read a
report to his company the oilier day.
rho only ncwthing In itwasthoclhango
of name of his force. He HOW calls it
'tsympathotic vibration , " probably out
of resjcct for the duped stockholders.
p AN Omaha clergyman has iwoached
, a ; : : ; a
sermon on the text ; "Thou shalt not
steal. " 'Ve vender If lie limul in his
mniiids ? eye time Couicil , Bluffs preacher
who a few Sundays ugo delivered a sermon -
mon which he had cribbed almost bod-
liv from Brother Talnmge.
OMAllAcannot afford to stand still.
She inut keep up a healthy growth by
stimulating industrial enterprise , con-
, tinuimig her metropolitan system of pub-
lie improvements , and establishing a
chain of ltVkS and boulevards that will
make the city attractive to visitors and
TUE convention of tlio American
Federation of Labor hold in Baltimore
last vcek prochtiined the intention of
avoiding 1)litie3. As an Intention ,
macrely , this is all very voll , but if the
order 1)ccomes large enough to wield
political iniluonce it will join the tur
iiioil just time smune.Vorkmncn can
. hardly make themselves felt otlmom wiso.
Tiii salaries of Htmwiian officials are
being cut down. They have hitherto
: bowi out of nil proportion to the size of
; the kingdom. his boozy majesty ,
m. KaliLkaUlt , for instance , had a , yearly
income of two hundred thousand dol-
, lars. Ho lived in PriIIceiY style , and
could not keep out of debt , which goes
to prove that there must be royal blood
in his voles.
BnFomm1 tlm board of trade comniits
: Itself to the Salt Luke resolutions
against reducing duties on load , it
should investigate time subject carefully ,
and make sure that it doesn't immake a
eatspaw of itself. It seems to us that
there is no danger of American lend be-
tug crowded out of the United States as
. long as 'vu are exportitig lead Products
. .
- - .
to otImorcountrie. .
Till Pullman company has filed a bill
in the United States courts against time
t \\rLtgmer , sleeping-car conipany to ro
. strum It from using certain 1)itCnt8. I
. the Pullman company cOuld only re
strain time \Vagtmer P0PlO from nipoaiimg
. on the traveling imublie with their third-
, rate sleeping-car acconunodiLtions at
first-class rriees they would tie the cone-
try a great service.
Tins shortest cut out of the city hail
mnuddlo is to let the unfinished bimo
macut work out by the die. Lot th
board of public works purelmeso the nec
essary material , hire competent mae
p' - chitnies , nimil order the suporinteiiden
to btmlld the walls U ) to the top of tie
, water hue. Whoa the work is coin
, pleted the cost should be chnm'get
UI ) against Began Brothers , am
: If a bztianco is duo then
under their contract It slmuull be vaic
m over , but if the cost exceeds the munoun
, contracted for , the city v1ll have a ugh
; to recover from their bondsmen. Thi
vlIL Insure P1OWIt and good work , kce1
out jon1temutIai' ' lnlor , ititti gtv tlit
9 council um oportunIty to lut the super
iltruetuire ill tInia for getting the cit
z lush building under root bcforQ the en
: , , . of'188. . ; ' ,
. ,
L _ - - ' . - . - . ' . ,
Rehenies to Regulate Inimigrimilon.
It svtts foicreen that the agitation lios-
tile to Immigration would produce ma
congress IL lined of measures designed
to regulate niuti restrict the coming of
forelghier8 to time united States , ' [ 'lmtis
fur only the semiatu Jitis been licarti frame ,
and the result was more moilerato thou
was to have ieen 0X1)CCtO(1.Vlieui ) the
house settles down to busluiess the list. of
imnumigretlon bIlls , touching every plumise
of time subject , Is very curtain to be
largely luicreutsed. It is also luievitablo
tiimLt a grout. ninny of these uneuusures
will be s'ery uuh)4turb , and will merit and
u-eceive no attention In the Imouso or
It will be Interesting to note the
character of several 1)1118 intro-
( lUced in time senate. Tluo nwnsuio
of Scnatir l'almner , of ? Iiehi1gan ,
Is first lum the list , meud iurovides that. no
Immigrant shah land In the United
States unless ho is furuuished with a CCL-
tlflcnto from the United States consul
itt the port from which ho sails. Thu Is
certificate shall specify that hue is a desirable -
sirable ici'soti to Imavo in this country ,
anti is neither ii pauper , nor diseased ,
nor it nihilist , iuor mm socialist , nor an
enemy of republiene Institutions. Seine-
what similar Is time bill of Senator Mor-
i4ll , of Vermont , which was advocated
b.y its uiutiuot in an olaboruito speech in
which lie endeavored , not very successfully -
fully , to show that great dangers
threaten the country if some additional
checks are not put UOfl Immigration.
lie explained that the main object of
his bill was to have time cluaracter of
foreign iununigraumts examincu b.i time
American couustuls at the port of tic-
ptrtturo ; lflStCut(1 of by sliLte commnissioimers
at the ports of arrivtml. The bugbear -
boar of the British goveruimnciit
ping its paupr to the United Stttcs 8tIl )
lliOtl time Vcrmuut senator with a large
part of his argument , and lcrhnps iii
certain directions the feast tolling ltrt. :
Another measure is by Senator Ileagnum ,
of Texas , nimd authorizes the npuint-
meet of inspectors of immigration , to be
statiouued at such ports of entry as the
secretary of the treasury shall deem
proper. Immigrants shall hot be allowed -
lowed to land unless time master of the
vessel shall produce a etitlcato for
each one showing that ho is not do-
port.od for cm'imne , Is not ii lunatic -
tic or idiot not iii charge of blood rein-
tions or authorized guardians , is not au
assisted immigrant , and Is imot under
contract to labor In the United States.
This measure really provides for uuo
restriction not already iimuposed by
oxistiuug laws , and simply makes provis-
lou for greater precaution against the
landing of objectionable lmnmigramuts by
tim appolotmont of inspectors tinder the
authority of the secretary of the treits-
ury. If It can be shown that time
custom house oflicors cannosnfoly be
entrusted with time required Inspection ,
the now otilcials , hm\'iuig this as their
specified duty , may be necessary.
It is not 1)robmtblo that any omue of
these 1)1118 will become law. It is more
likely that out of the multitude of umuemus-
tires that will le proposed nothing vill
come. It is quite possible that wheim
titis question reaches the stage of dis-
cussloim anti careful investigation it will
bo found not to be of such ovurshati-
owing importLumco as the anti-
Immigration agitators would have
it appear. Evcuu the veteran Senator
Merrill , who very rarely sees a foreigner -
oigner in luis state , nuay be compelled to
modify his fears of coming calamity to
Amnericamu iiutorcsts from the annual in-
how of fomeign-bot'uu citizcuus. We himivo
lmouotofore iiisithti , in referring to this
BtihjCCt , that time agitatiomu renewed dur-
hug the present year agaimmt immnigrmt-
tioui is entirely unreasonable , and that
if it almould be ucccssful in securing
legislation of tIme chat-actor It demands
the effect could not fail to be detrimental -
mental to the national prosperIty. It
seenus to us to be obviousthat time United
States , with an area and a wealth of rc
souL.ccs capable of sustaiuiliug temu times
Its present population , could make no
greater mistake than to erect bait'icrs ,
beynuud those al ready existliug , agmil a st
immigration. The laws . imow
have kccj ) out emiminnis , mtupcrs , time
insauso amid laborers undom' contract , mid
if these are projurly enforeod no other
legislation Is mequired. If some of that
which has been proposed Kimoulil be
adopted the result would ho uust only to
restrict iminigratioum , but very likely to
invite retaliatory measures on the part
of foreign govoruimeath , which a great
mmtuuy citizens of the United States
would fluid extremely nniuoyliug and 1mm-
The Now Englaumet Farniers.
The statement wis ; recently mantle by
the secretary of time Maitue board of
agriculture tlmutt uio other industry in
Now England hitid imaitl so well as tlimtt
of tilling the soil , " a vem' gratifying
ftet ; If true. But the Springilold , 1nss. ,
lm'CpUbliCOfl questions that it is tm'uc.
That paper says : "Time farmers Itmtvc
mantle us believe it was muot , nuud tluo o'i-
deuce has all pointed to the ftct : thuat
they mire right. it unity be so In Maine ,
amid we wish it was nil over Now Eug-
laud , mimi yet the fmtet camniot bo overlooked -
looked that for twenty years all kinds
Of farm 1ILOPCrtY hits been wofully d.c.
proeiuutiutg Iii value in at heist three of
the six states. A good deal of very
profltabie hausluess is being dune miuitl
lets been done of Into In Now England
hint it is not generally iii time
farming line. " 1t is only a few
months ago that the farmers of Nun
Euiglanti were besought to unite tiu an
chlort to secure relief under the iuuter
L state commerce law front time conupeti.
- them of the farmers of the west.wluieli
It vmts claimed. had PrOved disastrous tc
thrum. At that time there was a vol
umninotus array of evideumec showing that
L the furuicrs of Now Etugimmud were m u
class aumythuiuig but hIrsPerous.
Yet of till farniers it would sconi tlual
those of Now Euuglammd sluonid b
tosprous , If there is auuytlmiuu
S hi tue argumomut tlmmit the no
vcho1imnuut of mnmmnufacturiumg iii
t dtustries benefits agriculture. Nun
t Engined is a vast workslmop , witim
B tremendous tP8CitY for consuinluig thit
ptduets of thosoil. It is thickly dtttcL
) v1thi cities uumd towusover most of wIulci
- hituugs the Protootluig ugis of the high
r tin-Ill. It contains more people to tiit
. squiuo salle thaim any qtiuor equn
. Portion , , ot . tbo . , imatioiu , mttu
. - ' - .L . - . . . - . .
it Is the wentth1ot section. All these
forttuumnte condIt1on would seem to
assure to time farmers of that region it
light degree of proslerIty , but its ii
ter of fiuct they tb not humive It. EvE-
dotutly time ( uxperletico of the Now Ing-
limed .farmncrs does not show that the
propinqitity of tue farmer and time
iiumtuutufactturor Is uulsvnys amid iieecssmurmiy
to time advantage of the tiller of the soil.
It Is iiot ullileremit in I.'cuinsyI'ttuuimi , the
majority of whose fnrnuer.s are living a existence , \Vithin tim
lmast few years hundreds of farnus In that
state have hiecum ahmuudouucd. , hot haicauso
time mini wit s worthless , but for time rout-
iron tiutit there wuts no profit In cuitivat-
ing It. Yet time state grmmumgc iii session
Itt. Harrisburg last week rumfused to
adopt it resoltmtion favoring a
revision of time tariff , thins
shmoviuig how deeply imbued most of time
farmers of Pcnnsytvanla are with a
iolicY wluicit their daily experience
tells them is of un ndvmuit.ago to them ,
and which they ought to be able to see
is time source of mum exaction of whulcit
timoy aught be largely relieved without
the slightest injury , but with lroimthio
hmnoflt , to the industries of time shtto.
Tiuese experiences have a relation to
tue question now uppermost In public
attention that gives them a hwcscumt interest -
terest ituiti value veily much greater
thutum they ordinarily losscss.
Too Muictm Market Ifoimue.
In season and out of sonson time Bin
huts umgcd thue council to establish it pub-
lie unti'kct ; , It is Inmnsaterial whether
the mnmurket Itemise is built h' time city or
by a private corporation-pruvidc(1 always -
ways thmat time interests of the public ai'e
l)10ImCtlY gumtrtied timid inmurket house no-
( ! OiuiiliOlmLtiOult4 utro not nunde a monopoly.
It strikes us , 1movcver , that time mmtiket
hoUse oruliumnuice muow pending before
time council is altogether one-sided. It
confers a very valuable fraumciusse vitii-
out sulhicitmuit guaranty anti rcstm'iction.
Time proposed market houses
may be mere cow sheds
erected chiefly with a view of raising
the vind on hots in their neighborhood.
The ln'oiioSition to establish four em- six
market jiaccs looks very tempting.but ,
Omaha does not umeed four uminricot ,
Imoimses any more than a cat needs four
tails. Ouuo large market house coit-
structod in metropolitan style with all
the modern conveniences , amid centrally
loCmLte(1 , will nuiswer all time waimts of a
city with 150,000 to 200,000 popU-
lution. Four cileal ) John market
sheds would only distract dealers
who have to fit up stalls. Few of them
CoUld afford to rent stalls.aud keep open
house iii four immarket places , with the
market buyers scattered , and the garden
trtucic mcii , dairy farmers and other
vendei-s of lroulucts would find mtt'icct ;
dealing uii lLofitmtblo. Oui e cemutril ; mmmc-
kot house opeim each week day will ito-
coinniodate dealers and buyers and assure -
sure variety of products and actir corn-
petition , which is time nimmin object of a
public market.
WE arc much pleased to observe that
0111' emuuterprisin g local coetcuimporarios
mire making headway towni'd increasing
their circulation , but the BEU modestly
p011)1.8 ) to the fact tlmat in any compoti-
tiouu in s'hicim sworn statements of cii--
culation tiuo required the field is left to
the Bin undisputed. It was so
with time couuuty advertisiuug
which was awarded to time
Bnawitbout competition , aithougir time
publishers of other dailies were twice
invited to send iii their bids. It goes
without saying that the i3nE humus never
had a comnimetitor for time 1)UbiiCtLt ion of
license muotices , which , uuudcr tlmo Sb-
ctuumi law , must be inserted in time paper
having time largest circulation.
SENATOIt SHEIeMA.N will address the
senate on time imresideimt's message after
time lmoiidmty recess. Time hue of discus-
sloe that will be pursued by Mr. Sher-
maim caum be anticipated , but. the countiy
nutty m-casoumuLhly expect a comm tribution
to the intelligent consideration of the
questions involved in time uncssnge of
.vct.y immuch higher character and value
thtm that made by Mr. Blaimmo.Vhmtt
'mlr. Sherman simull say , we may feel assured -
sured , will be a thorough and states-
mumaumlike exposition of hmLs side of the
COiitloVtrsy , an (1 will very likely supply
most of time solid argument which the
1n otcctionists in and out olcongress will
rely upon for time success of their cause.
, ,
srArE ANt ) TEItitiToltY.
NebraMka Jottings.
Grafton has a buard of trade in run-
iiiumg order.
Lion tales are roaming pronuiscuously
iii Logmut county. .
A Beatrice school teachier has been
rewarded for chastising a boy with a
ton dollar raise jim salary.
'rime Lincoln Democrat loudly en-
conrages time rubbery aud muimm of i'ltttts-
immouth by the removal of time shops from
tlmmtt jmolnt to time capital.
Thu 1"mcnmont Tm-ihuuuo throws up its
hituuds in immommti Imorror time
scourge of pugilism running riot in two
couitiimonts. 'l'iio Tribune is a careful
mcttlcr ; of every item concoruiluig time pug
'rime Nebraska Svenska Jourummil , pub-
ilshcdmit Stronusburg by C. .1. Liumdsm'om ,
boltIly utmmmmounces on its pennnumt "Nyiuet
ochu mtuuuousbinl for Time
editor immiiosos to stick to time semitimcumt
while Umo treasury amid his nerve holds
'rime Wayne Gnzette dresses a vcli
kumowuu fuiet In time foilteving words :
"Tim Oninima Ban for time last two Sundays -
days has eouisistcd of sixteen pages , and L
out catch duty COiutttiulCI ncnriy a full
page 0 ! cablegranus. leading every othom
pa'mer ' lit the northwest. The BEU it
delivered by sh)0011m1 service nearly font
. luours Iii fllVmLumce of time other papers '
L and we look to see \Vaynu list doubled
within time next thirty days. "
- Iowa Itcnms.
Iowa is forty-one years old , and nosi r
imits .iXXhOtiO ( , inhabitants.
'rlmem-e are already tweuuty-fivo ln
mates of time soldiers' home at Marsimull
( Two breweries , valued at $100,000 amid
r omupluyimmg 100 uuiemi , suspended opera
tioums at Macion.
Peter Smmulth , of 'Waterloo , imas fuller
r luck to a good share of mi $ OOOOO , estut
bum Miumimeapolis.
Farmers In time vicinity of Drakevilli m
have successfully experimented ii :
timreshing their corn fodder.
A farmer near Onerokee lets losi
$2,000 worth of hogs In three wooki 3
) train semite unknown disease.
I'hil Armour lets asked ICcokiut ;
butebors to haudlu Ms. moat. If tiie r
- - - - -
- -
- -
: . . _ . . . ,
refuse ho will ctnbhIs1m it meat depot
there. , 1 .
It is estImntd1 that there Is itsuill-
clout amouimt ofjctl In Iowa to furnish
4,000,000 bus p4i' $ nnumn tor a purLed of
8,000 VOiLN. j
A cotm1ilu of ) m4ons.utt Iit1 Oak intro
s1ment ncutrly a * iijlo wt'eic digging for
a tromistuu'e of fShtIt ) ) ) , s'hicim it spiritual-
istlfl unomiiuuiu tolti timeni wits burled 1mm ii
cortalmi hot. of that lilutco.
'rho Iowa Aicoiuol company , of Iowa
( 'ity , and time Atluluutle distillery , of At- , iItLVC couioiidittoii 1111(1 Will re-
ilmoVo to Omaha , whore oume tiumumuoumso
( listillery will be ostablisimeul. ,
lila k tim.
The tuuuiversity at Vermnilliouu now immus
2O. ) sttudeuit.
A hue ledge of cinimihmar huts been
fonuud iii time tin districts umear 1impid ;
. The foundries ofymmuiktoum nro erotvded
us'Rii wot'k-sonmetitiimg unusumml mit this
season of time year.
Au uitteuimit is scout to be 11111(10 to or-
gumum ize utum trmmtorical muisocimitioum of time
imigh schools of south Dakota.
The Burlington Cedar Bupids &
Northern railroad h5 contrncted for a
now' $40O ( ) ( ) brllgo utt Sioux Falls.
Sixteen high seimools of Inkota have
hCe1I Invited to pmtrticipmtte lii time or-
ittorical contest at Sioux F1alls time 28ti.
Jack ICeefe otTers to tight any mnaui tim
tue territory , any imuinber of roiuud ,
with any size gloves , for aimy stipulated
Time wmtterworks at , Bisinarcic woio
tested in time presence ( if a large cm-omvd
of citizens inst week. The systeuut was
proven a success.
Proposit lout to 1tflhlIutfl lumimuucumse Fire-
I'roof t4tmmci mire.
A miunuber of iromimiuient citizeuis met at time
clummmber of coinnmerco last evening to take
prellnuhiiumry steps tomvnmds time erection of mu
fire-proof hotel. Mr. G. M. hitchcock mmmdc
it venial proposition to time effect tlmmmt lie
would agree to construct a hotel scvemi
stories lit height , to cover about 200 feet
situmire , at the corner of Twentieth and Far-
nanm streets out condition thumit. lie be given ( %
botmns of l5OOOO , mind timat a portion of the
hoiids which lie expects to issue shalt be
taben by cithi.cns of Omnaimmi.
Time cost of such a structure is estimated
at between 5OOOO ( ) and OOOOO. The bocmm-
tion proposed is at the crossing of the cmtbbo
hue runniumg tmorthm umuid south m'itim the street
car line ruimumimig cast and west.
After an Informmml talk the iartlcs Inter.
ested agreed to sound property omvumers mid
hius1ncs mnen In regard to time feasibility of
obtaining the bonus asked tist as soon as
Mr. Hitchcock shall put his iroiiosltioa 1mm
the proper forum.
Erpevieimces ot a Young Man Who
Waumted to Marry.
The nmatrimonial department of Judge Mo-
Cimiloch's court is a god place to study the
frailties of human nature , and sometimes
mnmumy hmdricous iimijpeuiings are witmiessed.
Yestemilay mm beardless youtim stalked Iimto the
oftico of Marriage License Clerk Long , and
expressed a honginisiro to "imitchi up for
ihfe" with a lady sv1mad captured his heart.
lie said his name tr4Jaeob Larsen that lie
hailed from Ers'ingm , Nob. , where his fair
charmer also resi , and whose name is
Elicit Swaimsoui. EIIm has seen twenty-three
warm summers , aiii acob presented an sill-
( tavit tmmken by hmhnm before a justice of time
ieacc that lie uvums twcmity.oime yeams of age ,
tile legal requlremnemits of the law. Mr. Long
SmislCctei ( sonmethuhuig wrong from the youth-
hit appearance of Jscpb , antI began quizzing
"Hour old are youb" Mr. Long asked in
his kind ammd fatherly wumy.
"Twentyoae , " replied Jacob tvithout a
" \'hemi were you twemmty-onoh"
This was a puzzler to .lmicob. Ho colored
up , auni showed sigims of guilt , us lie succeeded
in stammering out'eh1 : , I ain't. tweumty-
one yet , but I will be my next birthday. "
Jacob acknowledged to huavhug pcm-iureil
himself before the justice of the peace , and
repented his rashness with tears in his eyes.
Mr. Long gave the youth sonic good advice
and told luau to go amid get the written consent -
sent of his fmmtimem and ho wouid give him a
license. Jacob darted out , returned iii a few
moments with his sire , who consented to the
mnarrimigo cud time license was cheerfully
given. _ _ _ _ _
Military Notes.
Chief Cleric Davis , of mmmiiitary headquar-
tcrs , was at his desk yestemlmty after a temi
day's milSCmiCC , being conSumed to his bed by
sickness. 1)uring Mr. Davis' sickness imo
was tittemiclod by Colonel MePurliiitho immedical
director of time department. At ommo time it
was thmouglmt Mr. Davis would not recover.
Captain Olmsted , of time Ninth Cavalry , has
becum ordered by time department of time Platte
to proceed fronu Fort Du Ciiesime , Utah , to
Fort Douglas , Utah , and report In arrest , to
the conmnmammding olllcer.
'fime commanding oflicer of Fort Onmahia ,
Nob. , will send Pm-irate Day , troop F , Soy-
entli cavalry , itt conhimmeimmcumt at his host ,
charged with desertion , to Fort Memide ,
The genersi court martimih vihI meet at [ "oct
Douglas , Utumli , at 10 o'clock on Wedncsduy ,
.Tanuary 4 , ISS' . The detail for time court is :
Lieuteuumumt Colonel Osborne , Major Stanton ,
Major Meucimamn , surgcomm ; Major Andrews ,
Captain Klnzie , Captain llritton , Captain
lhtker , Captain howe , Captain O'l3ricmu ,
Captmmlui Badger , Second Lieutenant oung ,
judge advocate.
Aumientleil Articles of' liucorporatlon.
Amendmnonts to time articles of incorporation -
tion of time lCimlgimts of Pytlmlas building as-
sociatloum were tiled witlm the county clerk
yesterday. Time capital stock is llacetl mit
3OOXX , ( ) , divided into 8,030 ( ) shutres of lO
each. V1mcum $100OO ( ) of time stock sinull have
been subscribed timid 10 per cent paid mu , time
association mumay iurtimase or contract to iur-
clmmtse , real cstmtte suitable for its iurioso and
contract for time erection of a lCimiglmts of
Pythias Castle ball.
Erin Forniust time Fatherland.
Itliho l'helmmmm called mtt the bawdy house of
Mary hleiny last evening and discovering
that mill time girls were Clerinmun , vroccetlcd to
show time superiority of Erimm over Dcutsclm.
land. After choking Louisa Schmroetz until
she was black in time ( mice , lie kicked her out
of doors. lie then took time next girl 1mm order
but 1mb commqmmost was mnmddcmily intermupted
by time mmppearatmce of Ofllcer l'uhaakl , who
dragged hinm out andeimuthinm to the lock-up.
Personal l'hragrnptms.
H. J. Lee , of Frenmmt , Nob. , is in time city.
C. 13. Allen , of Lincoln , Nob. , is iii time city.
Lilian Oicott and ral arc at the Millard.
M. 'IV. White , of L'lmmolum , cb. , Is in time
city. -
C. Id. Stebblums , of romouut , Nob. , is in time
city.G. . VT. lInisteti , ottC'ildden , Ia , , is at time
G. S. Sherman , of Etherson , Nob. , is at time
Millard. , . mm
Wood , of Sterling , Neb. , is at time
J. Sutherland , of North Platte , Neb , , Isat
the Millard.
William it. Smith , of Des Moines , Ia. , is at
time Miliam-d.
Clarence E. Brady , of Fullerton , Nob. , Is
at time Millard.
J. N. Tolllngcr , of time Emerson Cimrommtcbo ,
Is at the Millard.
Mm-s. Jackson anti daulmter , of Creighton ,
Nob. , are visiting in the city.
Mr. Torn amid Ed Croft leaves on time
Wabash Tuesday , time 20th , for England ,
where they will vismt themr brother. 'J'lmey
will be abecimt about live nmommths.
C. H. Smith , propriet ° r of the American
house , Denver , arrived in tite city yesterday
to attend the fucral pf lion. S. P. Rounds.
Mr. Smith is a somi-in-law of the deceased ,
and will mmceomulauy tiW remains to Chltumgo.
' , 'I _ : - - . : .
Its Flu-Nt 1eetIng fmm a Flu-st-Class City
a Lively One.
Thicro was hot a vacmmumt cimmtir tvimcum'thit
Sotitim Orumaummu city council mnt In time oftk-e of
.Itmstie i.euy last night , and Mum.vor Simvitigi' ,
Commimeilmnen Stimuli , Geary , Loeseimer , hiturke ,
( ilasguw atid Rafferty answered to time roll
coil. 4il seemmieti imumj'rcsseml ' witim time fueL
that South Omnmmlma Is how mm city of tiuc first
elttss nuid that their coimstituemmts expected
fIrst-class work from thimt mis their repro-
seumtmuttves. As a result , every report wits
uvuteheti cumrcftmlly , miiiui whmemover there irmis a
cimmumeo : to raise aim objection , Jimmmt objection
mis raised ,
'i'hie reports of I'olieo Jtiultte Uetmtlmor amid
City ? dmtrshmml like t-umune In fur an tunusuiumL
simmuro of ntteumtlomm , mmumd both were referred to
ii siecial sittluig of time mvimole coumeii , wbli'im
will miicct to-mmiglmt , mmmd by wiuicim mill books
and vouchers trill he exainmimed.
Conncilmmutmm Loocimer limoferred a chimirgo of
( lrunkciiumesmm mmgauimst mtumrsimnl 111cc , mmliii
moved that lie lie tllscimutrgcd , but timis uvmts
Voted dotvmm mmmiii time mimmutter deferred uumthl to-
imight , Ivimerm Ofilcers llethimmouai , Sexton mmumd
Dixon tvhll appear mts t'itmiesscs.
Oflicer Sexton who had bccmm suspended for
timirty days , urmus re-lmmstmmtcml , nmmml Officer
filumimoum , uvimo limmil tcuumiorarily discimmirgeui lmis
duties , Was nppoiumtcd permimmmncntly to time
Vmirrants , for time iayimmeumt of work tmem-
fomumi t'd , to time mm ummoimmi t o f * tn : , tmo vm'o ( Ii-
m-cctcti to be vmid : , umntl commsidcmabie routimme
busiumess trummsmmcteii.
Pilumyor Sutylulgo then toad time iwociammimmtlon
of ( ioveriior 'I'lmmmyc'r , mummioumucing South
Ommialma to be a city of time first cimmss , amid mma
ordiumance wau ; lumtromluccd to divide time Thirml
vard iimto two wards , mnalciimg Q street time
thlvidummg lhmmo.
M. J. leOrmtfl time former treasurer ngauum
imrcsentei his bill for services rendered , mmumtL
fur immoumeys ovorpumitl by imimum , mmnd the matter
mvmms mmgmmimm referred to the flmmmmmmce conmimmittee ,
to tviiielm Councilmnnmm Burke was mmdded , vice
Stmumtimimmuum , resigned.
Itesidemmts on Q street pctltiommcml to place
) mymlm'mmnts as far vcst as ' [ 'hmirty-seventlu
St root.
Time council instructed City Attorney Luce
to coumtcst time clainm of Mrs. Oru Cuniminglmmmin
fert1O ( ) for the mmccklcmmtal demttim of her imtms-
bmmnml. Time case will come up Deconmber 243.
Commncilmmmmi Loescimer nmoved timmmt Q street
be widemmed to time exteimtof sixty feet , but time
mmiotloa was ruled out of order as it was not 1mm
S. C. Mimioumo paul a ' ) license fee for ped-
dUng sausage , but ssvote thmtt they were
made fronm hogs of imis owum raising , mummd imumd
lmls money refunded by time council.
Amumomig time bills ordered to ho paid uvere
those of Ilolames & Smith , $ T2 ; Id. Mmmhommy ,
4 ; I' . Keedy , ! 4 ; M. O'llearn , fi ; Tliommmmts
Carsomi , tlS.75 ; Albert Slsmnond , ti ; P. Ilico ,
e.7:3 : ; i. O'l3rlcim , $1 and M. Cody , iO.4O.
On Ills Way to lilucolum to Assume
Ills New Duties.
The unosteimtatious arrival into time city
yesterday imoomi over the Wabasim railroad
from St. Louis of Ilislmop l3oumacumn , who is to
lie located at Llmucoin , kept. numbers away
from the depot who would have otherwise
been there to greet and wish him god-speed
in his muow respomismble charge lmad his conmlmmg
been kumotvmm. l3isimop O'Connor amid
ml number of time local clergy
were on lined to woleomo time
bishop and his traveling companions front St.
Lou is , i'uthmcrs I Icumimessey , 'roboymm , Zeigler
amid him-enmmamm. Time bishop was escorted to a
carriage mind tirivoum to thsimop O'Contmor's on
Thirty-sixth street , where ho % ViLS made cciii-
fortable amid mit home. Fathers Ilennessey
amid Toboymm ivcmmt to their hotel , and Fathers
Zeigler and Brennan accepted the hospirality
of time local clergy.
During time day Rishop Ilonacum received
several gentlemen proimuinentiy ideimtificd
with the Catlmoifo faith in Omitha
and cver.vbody was impressed
pleased with imim. Time bIshop is about forty
ycmu.s of mmge amid was ordained as a irlost
eighteen years ago. Ho was a resident of St.
Louis for nearly seven years , durimig which
time lie was pastor of the church of time holy
Nmmmmie. A large delegation of ft-iends uccommi-
imaimiemi him to the depot tvhcn tue left St.
Louis Sunday night.
To-daymit noona special train will arrive
in Omaha from Litmeolmi bearing a delegation
to escort Bishop Bonacum to his now home.
Time return trip tvill be at 5 p. in. over
the B. & I1. , mmnd upon the arrival
of time party at Lincoln a grand iublic re-
ceptlomm viIl be held at Funk's opera lmotmse.
Governor Timayer and other ironmiueat eiti-
Zeus tvilL take vart in the exercises.
Lilian Oicott at lloyd's Last Evening.
Time sumiden cimange iii time weather in mill
irobabilit' humid much to do witim time slimness
of time house at lloyd's last niglmt to see
uliaui Olcott In Sardou's great spectacular
drama of To say timat it was a
great imerforummumnco would be stretching fuicts
eonsitiemmmbly. however , it tii mnoro than
faimammul imlcased those who saw it troll. In
time lcaduimg role Miss Olcott displayed much
beauty and strength , and in one
om. two Instnumccs the intensity of
Imer performauice was such as to elkit time
wai'uuicst aiimliiUSO. Time costumes wore
gorgeous ammtt picturesque in the extreme. Mr.
Jmuimtcs Colville , its Adm'ian , P1a3cd the inirt
well and shared mtinmost equally mm'Ittt Miss
Oicott ut time plandits of time audience. Imlil-
tout hlmulumford , as Justimmimimi , 1.V. Stmmndislm , mms
Murt'chius hi. Cimesley , us Ihauisarius , amid
Esteile Gibcrt , its Tomnarmi , micquitteti timemmi-
selves with credit. Time Pict'1s inagumiticently
set , amid fronu the rise to time fall of time cur-
ttimm : it is One commtimmuous vauoramua of superb
ltnulroat Notes.
ChICAGO ANI ) xoitvuiwesrnim iiMivmin.
The Chicago & Northwestern , ilamited , arrived -
rived pmumptly on tiimio at it :30 : a. ma. yester-
day. 'rho train comprised an engine , two
coaches , dining car and sleeper. The sleepers -
ers for tlmis runt are entirely imew , having just
been run out of time Wagner shops , and are
its limmo its any iii time couumtcy.
( ) Nr. FAin : FOIt Tii itorxa TRIP.
A one fare rate forthe roniid trip during time
holiday season has been amioptcul by the liur-
hummgtomm to all points uvitimia two humidred
mites in Nebraska.
w. C. Brown , division superintendent of
the Iowa division of the Chicago , llurlimigton
A Quiney rumilromtd , is in time city.
Tili RiV TIME T LuiIR.
Time new timmme table recently adopted by
time Iitmriington so as to commformn with time
eastern cud of time road goes Into effect today -
A LIvoiyTlmo at the Board of Education -
cation Meeting.
A Iiesoiuitiuui ( ) ulemlumg ( lie I"nets
Aliommi the "hate Uuihicummaiitiicss' '
to He 't'nnghmt Ilelerremi-
Otlmeuliimsiumcs. .
Ikmnm'ul of' Edmiemutlon ,
'rime regtmlmur hml-wcclciy ummeetimig of time imoam'd
of edmmcmtlon tVmt.4 imolil last evemmhumg. All time
mimemimbers were imresommt except Messrs. Clarke
miumul F'uhtomt. In time mmbsomice of time lmresidemit
( Im. . Clay filled the t'imumir.
A mvmmrmuumt : trims ortlem'cd issued In favor of
MeCiugiuc lives. for lots In Loire's nddltiomm.
Aim estinmate of OiOOO fet miecessary school
expemtses for 1SSS was presemited , umimd ordered
to be forwarded to the city eotmmmcii , asking
theta to immmulte timorefor a levy of lout' imuihis on
mill tmmxmmtmle Property. Text books to cost $1.3
tvere ordemed imurclmmmseti. Time work of P. S.
iboicim aim time hickory mind Long scimools wits
nccelmted. Also time buililhmgs erected bySaiim-
nd 0. Stct-ensomm out time Cemuter tumid Lake
scimool sites. Two lmtmndrcui mmciv seats were
ordered for use in time scitooiur. Time seerctmmry
was ordered to mmdvertiso for bils to be no-
couuipanied witim imiutims tuid spei'ihleatlons for
time plnciuig of stammd pipes mmmmd lire escapes emu
the high sehool.
Tue committee on rules , forms and Irint-
lug lrcseutted mu series of rules mind regim-
latioums governhmig time ofilce of superirmtemmdcmtt
of school builduumgs. Referred to conunittec
oil buildings amid property. P. It. IIcConmiell ,
Dr. Saville mind \V. E. Copcimumd were ap-
iointed its coniummittec on high school.
it wmms decided to remissenible time schools
after time holidays on Tuiesdmiy , ,1mumtmmmmy i , mis
the seconul is to be observed mis mm imolidmmy.
Mr. Auchuimmoedy imrescntcd time following
resolution :
Wlmeremmq. Attention has been coiled to time
futet that 1mm time history of time Uumited States
tmnmglmt in time Eighth grade of of our seimoo1s
time clvii uval' is entirely igmioreul , amid timuut time
imistorv imniv iii tisti is imot tip to stmmmidard , nmmd
It is time sense of this board timmmt time history
of time civil war is of us much lmnportauiee , if
limit emcee , thmumi any evemmt I im itt ii us iimmlqcumed
iii this wom'ld since the landimmg of Cohmmnbus
therefore , be it
Resolved , 'rimmt : time committee eu teachers
and text 1)001(5 be immstructed to change time
history imow iii usc for ommc that gives ii better
iuistory of that immost Imnportnmmt cs-emit , amid
also that the stmpcrintemmdeumt of schools Lie iii-
structed to sec timmut timat part of time imistor
is taught both in the Eignth grade and mu the
high sclmooi.
'rimis c4tllcd fmmrthm an interesting discussion.
Mr. .Jamumes , time supcriimteimdeutt , was called
upon to give imis opinion 1mm regard to time
Presemut history usemi. lie thought it could
easily iRi ( lislctmscd with and rcconmumendcd
time iumioption of mm of better arramige-
macnt and literary style. As time time of
studying Uimited States hmistory uvuts himimitemi
to one year , lie said it W5 customnmiry to omit.
time study of time clvii war.
Mr. Copeland and Mm' . McConnell both
asked why something less immiportant couki
hot be onmitted imistead.
Mr. Auchmmioedy related sonic iumstanccs of
a deplorable Iguormmumce of time civil war on
time part of somuio higim scimool scholars.
1'mlmhilmtckburmi said that in skimpiimg frummn
time begiumniimg of Buchanan's auinministrat ion
to the beimmnlmmg of hayes' time most immter-
ostimug ieriod of Aiumerican liistomy was lost
amid time one of least interest takemm tip.
Mr. Morrison nmovcd that the matter be
referred to the eonmmnittee on teachers amid
Mr. Livesoy saul that while ho ivuts in
favor of mm imew history , timere was riot sumfll-
dent immoney iii time treasury now to justify
suck nit expenditure.
Mr. Morrison's motion was carried by a
votcofT to 5 ,
'I'lie coumnilttce on finance was umuthorizeti
to request time city coummeil to mum-nisli two
electric lights for time high school grounds ,
time board of education agreeing to furnish
two otimer electric lights. Cas was ordered
for time higim school cimenmistry room.
Time coiimniittee on buIldings and property
were instructed to confer with the boumdsmnen
ofJamnes Grililtim , deceased , regartiimmg time
comumpictioum of time Webster sChool building.
Material for a cooidumg school was ordered
for time imigh school , time expense of same not
to exceed I,2Ut ) for time year.
MiS. Blackburn presented a resolution timmit
all grades to and including time eigimtii , he admitted -
mitted tAm the Daveimport school , bumt if time
uttendmimce : is not largely imicreacd time first
uveek in Jmmntmary , time supcriumteumdcimt be uu-
timorizeul to dlscomutinue time same.
At time suggestion of Mr. McConnell , a
room was ordered treiar ill the Cass street
school for time use of mm niglmt school , time Saimie
to ( 'ilmimiieflcO next tumrmmm.
The differences cxistingbctwecmi time this-
trict of Ommmuimn amid school district No , 6 were
adjusted by coumve3'iug time school buittimumg on
time Eckerummumumlm site to district No. ti.
4 recess of fifteemu mmminutcs was gmvcn time
conmmiiittce on buiidlmmg nmmd property to con-
sitter time mmciv rules amid rcgmmiationsprcscimted
governing time otitce of simperiumtcmmdemit of
sc'mool buildings. After time recess time report
of time coimmmimittee\VmtS received reconumncumdimmg
time mitiohitiolt of tile rules ivlmimim wmts accepted.
0mm mmmotiomi of Mm. Auciminoedy time salary of
time superintendent of umehmool buiidmmmgs was
fixed mmt $1SOO.
A resolution oresented by Mr. Kelly was
umdoimted stipuiumtimig timat when time superhum.
teimdcnt mind teachers' imm roil for the immoimtim
of Decemmmbcr simumhi mire been aumlited by time
sceretary aimd approved by time coummnuittco on
eiatuums time Picsiuleiit tumid secretary of time
board b0 authorized to draw a warraut for
the sanie.
A petition front the A. M. E. church asic-
lug for tIme use of time Cuusteilmur school until
sarimig for church hurios was rcfcm-red t3
thecoummummittee omm btmitdizmgs and lropert3' with
powem. to act.
An Insane Maui Arrested.
A negro by the name of Charles Fidier
was yesterday arrested by Deputy Sheriff
Crebe on mm warrant cimmrgimmg : imium witim U
peculiar forni of insanity. Time coimmmlaimmt ;
was mmmdc last October , but mmt that time
Fidlcm uvms ; Pem'fltittCd his freedom on rclmro-
sentation of relimtioims , wlmo thommgimt timey
could rofocmmm imim. Jim tlmis timey were l)0tVCt )
less , aM yesterday l'itllcr was locked up in
time county jail.
January NumborNowReady , Contains : CIIRTMA ! ( BEe , ) NUMBER.
Time first OrMr. Robert Liouits Stnven CONI'ItiILUTEO RY
, mfn'g mont hly coimiributlommi. etmttticii ItOiIElt'i' LOUIS SI'EVlNSON ,
"a Chapter on Drennms , " Junhir hlAn'l'U ,
TIlE MAN AT ARMS-I. if. i , iulJNNnit.
Ev R. Iinmmti u : w. 1tr.silriio AUSTIN IX)1ISON.
Slxteem ( a fuii page ) ihluiuitratmoimu LU' 1i.lI , Uiuelumleid ' ' '
SAitAil OilSI JItS'EL'1' .
111 nnw.tIuI ) I , . t'IiSO ? EliTiI M ' ] 'iiOM.tS ,
with , mi hIlu'tratlnn" . sonic of wiich were takumi by . ,
tim , , muiuuzietimmn light In the imulorior 01 the i'mnimU ,
momS now IimI prided. Ei\WIN l'IPICY 'i'IIIPPI.F. .
% v1LL'rE EIITII It. Il. & i : . ur. 1II..tsimi'litd. : ' .
PeIU by TmoM.tS Jl.m1Lrx Atnmumcn .
AN ! ) OTItiZIS.
UI uvirlitif ir.LIoT ( inirris
With II Ihiumtrattons b ii Japmneie murlm.t. % \flj , Ii. LOW.
NTUIttL SELmFOTION hIOtVAiti ) 1'1.l1.
By U. C. itL-xxmu
A miovelietto him : ; parts. I'srt 1. With u iIIutrstiun , . . " ' 4IXNhjhh1 ,
TIIim END Oil 'i-ii1 1IEOISN1Z JiOI'JCINSON 5.MhiiI. ,
8"ry hy 0501105 A. ilmmiim.umn flEOmifi i l'OS1Fht Hut itl5.
liiustnite5 by the authur soul irusca ily. . c. .it y
% , 'I'AYLtlt ,
L'e.mni by ANOmmEur 1.150.
uvith a full-page hiIutratiou Li : I1.5idthmMOwbr.iy M. 1 , imlilINS ,
UI ItST II .t It % ESTS WILL.i.C'l
A now .crtal , Chmipter Jill. fly V. J. Simmmsm'ox. ASU ( ITIIEIIS.
FINANUEfly CL.YTOS C. UAIm. What Is No gOOuI ibm Cimrl.mmnss
& NEW LiGHT ON BAiiZ. ' ( )
11) 11uiuv.tmimm 8. ImotliCS ( 'resent US fl auiiserlpt bum to SORt 11-
liy CimAumi.i'4 ' EDWIS MA1IKiIAS , , 0. P. Cmi.LNeuI , hive mu'en mu WOO.t iimummy : liouitay veIunie
mExsSi.a mmcmiii , OmIAIIAM it. 'roimos , ammO l. U.s. , out at i'rIee taut iojoui.i its. reuiemi of
VAZA. oiomcrtitciy.muiv.1 ; . whIelt were Li ) ' nil , iIUSfl *
FitENCIL TRAiTS-InlohIhmm lien it. e.mulal uitljer I'm ' iitCiiiIf 01 artm.mmu uiitimi1U4
Imy W. C. IlmuiuvSCI L IOU l'tlt.
1OY1'iCI'- eaati now ris4er go po4e. % 1)10 ) Mita1tmU Iroui thu tIIt uuw.bCr iJan'
S PECJtL uarj. time loiluwtng Iiuuiuuriuenti mint Or(1.4
A Year. .uhcrii'mmon for ms4 mini 15. . ii nimiuber. Ii.r I ? . . . . . . 11 Li
A year'a subscription fur ioS smith thu numigr. icr Lmi7. bounit iii IWO . . ebith. . ii11 . top. . . . 6(0 (
Charles Scribuer's SonsNew York.
, , , , 0' . , ' , , . , - . . , . .
. : , . . ' ' . ' , . ,1 ; , : ' " ' . ' s . ' ' ' 'S ' ' .1 .
. . . . . . . . , . . . . . . . . . 1' , , , ' ,
. . . . , ' ' . , , .
. , , . . . . I. . . , : . ' , - . - . . , - -
. , . . . - . . ,
A Statomuommt Mmmdc By a Hubaud
imi Confirmed By bin Wife.
Auth It Is of Qhlal hmimporlance to ( ito
i'imihlm , lii ( hemiei'al- , ( boil
liceemit fUr
Aim M. I ) .
IVimat is immore pleasing to time chmhidmcui , mummul , in
( mmcl , is mint u.memi ihispieaslmmg to timosu' of ummmiro
limittil me years , than to i.munmpie tiit iii II t'rcum [ immmi-
ties of ummiuhims ? A ruummly : immmm mmmi fimetory is nime of
limo immost immt ert'sl 11mg imitumstmies timuit cliiiuiromi cmmii
visit , Inmieril there mule of peumimisi hut
timis irogres4mtvo 0gm' of nulvnmmcd years whmui lime
hot omen time silgimleut kmmowioige of imow emits-
tmmi , Freiichm eaumuhies , mmiuursimunniiows , himmtter-
ciutis umiiml time inure commmmmmon varieties wiuieim arc
so tenihitimigly , hislumyed , iii timu simow cases mmmiii
ivhumt1oii of some of t1m Oumimilma immercimaumts itmo
iimmttle ,
A reporter of this hajwr imiut oecnsioui to visit.
time mmmii imumnoth jima imum tmiet ory mmmiii ii imoi.'sutlo
c4mmmuiy wiureimmamso of'ogeiu & ik.mmmmimmg , No.
10 $ 'ilmirteemitim st. imortim , a few uiays ago , wlmero
Ims mmmet ? l r. i'rui I hinmt mccli , who suuimi : ' ' I haiti
beemi in time lamsimmess for a bug tinie and con-
simlem it mm tioti l'mhmr to comimimig to
I ) mmtitimmi. I imsiuleml imm Clmiemmgo tumid utluvimys rum.
jyemi eei'iient iimuiltii. I imotit,1 , , imonever. mit
tilmmes I immit tim y 1mm migs uvoum iii tromubit , inc. 'l'la.y
wealth ileeimt some , mmmiii ttmu'mmi mviii. mm gtmrglmimg mmoiso
there timat I kimew urmus imot right. I Imnil comm.
timmmmuti trummble witim mmmy lowt'ls timid muuus aiwsys
limore or less eommstipateul : ii Ommhi slitter a grist
( ICul I . of t hii t I mmmc urit im h emumhmmeime. nit Ii a iiumil ham
ovum. mint ! uroummil mimy CY ( ' $ . I imutmi also simimrp ,
slmoothimg Puulums iii mum ) ' cimt'st mmmiii lamek. I t wits
imrr.mii i umg cItron It' , nmui amy mc lIe , imimmi Wmis lmtI iig
treitteul by 1)rs. McCoy nmmd hlmimey far a severe
t rumilblt' . hmmimmeeii am , ' t o neotmmnauv , Imu.r I o their
militet' auut , umtmuiimlt t , iclutcim I tilut. 'tim , ' duet or
exmmnulnu ul inc semi gave mmm'sotne , mnu'uUctne.wimtchu
I took muecoruting to ht mlir.'ctiomms , ummul I ito not
i-egret that 1 visitt'd timeir ofllce. fem imiy trommtto
hat emmtireiy left imme , munit touhity I fe'l ) n'tt'r ,
timami for it long tilmie , if not better tuna I ever
( lit ! .
7 !
' 0'
slit. mimi , mnUTWnLI. .
. 'I w'l&im you coulmi see imow grateful my wifu is.
holmium tilmie ago she took a severe colul which
se'mmll ti , settle iii imereyo mmii m4m becaimmtetotally
bUrnt 1mm one ce , with aim tiicto.saimt pain in one
of her tars. I tell ynim lme was imm constant immis-
try. and I tie not see univ slut stood time pain its
well mis chic , I1d. tOme commlul not stmiumil time iigimt
at. all to giemulmm in hr eye , anuihit was commstautly
muat en ug. i t mumis very imutucim limulmiuimeil nmmii tiuu )
t'leutiPart of time iye set'mmmed to be rovemeul iviUm
ml umbit , . iiimmm. After remtdimmg tIme molvertiseui Irs-
tlnmoimlais ( it vehl kimowim PeiltlC iii timts city is lie
vevo successfully trtuti In this city by Sirs.
N CC'O ) mumid I leury , I coimclmmfieul to let her Comm.
i.miit timmumi. 'lime tfstor , uftur ii careful o'c.mlnhimmu.
tloim rrrimioumliremt her t roimblo to isi corueuul In-
Ilalmilnim Lion or kermit it is. tl'eii , muir , tIe you kimour
timmittime doctor tmuutemstool imercaso so thoroughly
that 1mm a f'uv ( iit3 $ tIme paul ceaseil saul vision to.
timrime,1 , , amut to-day sims muse is entirely mId of ammy
( Jr time $ } 'lmmltiilfls itimil pitiim. "
'tvoumld you imave any objectloims to my mak-
big use of this Iumtt'rviow timmotmghm the newapa-
pers asked time scribe. "
, No , sit ; and I don't think mnywife will object
to time use of her immune , eIther , its mdiii Is per-
rectiy satisfied whOm time treuttimment received mit
hum hammuls of timese eumlliemit apcclmtii'.ts. "
Mr. Iloutwehi can lie fonuti itt 10 $ North Thlt-
teeimthm st. , at time factoryof Yogeic & Deumttmmg.
Its Synmptoiums Stui(1 'iVhmat It Iieatls to-
The Mi ei-abic Feelluigs , Etc.
This form of catnrrh is eMsenthuthiy IL dIsens of
time nasal ctmity : vroier Slut (1005 hot exteliti to
time vmtimit of time plmmmrvflx. For mm wimliu a dry Cut
tmmrrh emay. and very requmelmtiy dou' , develop lit
thmmtt region as time iesult of structural clmaugem
withmiim time tissues of time zimucus uienibmmuie.
Tile symptoms imauimiy consist in the acciminuhmu.
tion in time nasal cavity of olf'utslvo amasses mmmii
crmmsts together uvithm immure or less of a iitmhl dls-
chimirge. 'l'liu nasal cavity thus olmtructol ,
bmemmthing Is immore or less mitihicuit.
'Ilic seltse of simmuli is immmputlrel , if not eimtirely
lost. 'rut' flsimtcial i iabhi ity to tmuko colds oil time
lvast exposure exists , mind the sumsct'pt1hutlit' to
cluuunges ( if tempcrmmttmre mmliii time intiumemice of mm
tiLtmmti ) itt lumurluimer. IrtqimittlY rummIes timlckemmummg
of time tmauutl imuliclis niemiurumne. As the secretion
goes on frouim time urtuice of time nmmicmms nm. nm-
ium'amme , time mimutsutS mmiii lifted trwmi their bed. mupt
still hosing their immobutmire. inrgu ermmmis tire grad-
imaii' bmuhit mm i fifth 1eieuv _ which niomulul thmtmiim-
sivcui in its Imuirimimu ci' portlomma iii smicim a iititmmner
that time sim irerer is u mum huiii tO dislodge turin , amid
they reinitin in lSimin for timmym mud evemm
\vrek. 'irir titter Is omTyasivuu in time extreme ,
as tiii reemmit otthik bug retention , mlmmt'lmmg sihmich
t line the llmt refactlvo cli imilges . mime cemmstamit1'
golumg 011. 'i'lme siiit'rCt imma5. Imu cimtirciy lummein-
SuititiM ( it time otYmmstio hmm'eumt ii , limit others remtiliiy
lii ) tice It mmmiii eimlra'er to simmmii time comuiluutmlioli-
himi of suidm titus. . mm.
'limb , amfettiomi is usmtuthiy cia.seui aimmomug time in-
t rimetalule , immid ci trmmtimuit"4 immcimmumhjir , diseaseS ,
but It it treated smut , r.s tmmfl' mtmmil is tjtmlt mm imimmium-
mule to truatimmeumt if the lmmtructiomm mmmiii tremut-
lmmimmt I i ( a rri'-d out ruittimrmmhiy mummd time 1.111-SI.
claim timorommguly imimderstimiutS hum bumm.immess. It
nmitt lie comidemi tlmttt a 5)eLiahiSt ) 1)ltYIlmg ) lar.
ticular attentiomt to catutrrlm mmii lmmumg trommIJiei
Is ciurtatimiy helm or t1miahltlt'ii ti , tit'mit with sime-
cosut iult stich casts , imt'CillmSIi imO 15 1 horoilgimuy
Posteti on all time immoderim ampitttimCCS Iii medical
Time Beutumht or a Scientific Course or
l'sletileai Trcatimicitt.
i'atnted Itock. 1,1. ' 1' . . lec. I , 1887.-Pm's. McCoy
mmml llemiry-Cemmtlelmmen : If you will refer to
yuiur caste book 5111i intl hod immy mmammmtm rerorduti.
I % i'.itll YOmmi ihhI cc soulme t I mime lust t tigmist , suit.
femimmg frolmt IL isel' imatt case of cutitrrhm ; immy
timruett umims miii sormi mmmiii lii liumimmed timuut It teas usItmm
grant dhuhuiiiity I comuhi , nvusii.iW . lit. all ; nmy imemmil
isas also uiilulmig ate amid I trims mis immiluiraldu mis
aim ) ' iittiim cumuli be , I imatl shout imetmriy cii mmmv
iimisliumnds earimings trying to be cmmreml , tint it
miuls j umsu I limit iii mcii immomme ) ' thrown mtwli ) _ nut I
t.hit umimmomi lie iti lit shim WitS , I unity , . myomse
fioumm t hair I teat immeimi. I timimik m i ii , immed icimium t lie
uhcel mirs gmuv.m mile anti 1 hum Put tommt irrp am I. ems I
ttI.imrila'it . . . to irritate ammul iimmuku time miisemtstm
to iommr chico for consuita-
time , . itnd siti wimmit ) ' ( Iii coimlul do fur mae , I was
timeR ils'iuig itt Sacred I heart , M immum. 1 did as I
isits tokt to do , ammd It was immuelu a happy visIt
for mmmc I ommly took YOmmi immemlicimie mtlioiit three
iiiuiithmS , mu1 the resimlt was mtstoiilsliliig to may-
self mmmiii mm iummrpmIse to amy fri'mmulu , anti aeqmmutttm-
tutimcOs , ivilo thought I wommimi imimvei get s ml ! . I
ilIum lumpily ti Sit ) ' that mny iirst muimd tuimly visit U ,
Your chico immis time timuist Sutti4tiUtor } visit I tmvci
rimmlemuibQr of mn&mkIilg. and t hit , timed iclimi , ' von
alive mime tmits its svork isoli mmnul'iiuumm
demur a mvoimtterImi I tIming for in P.
I mili.oWi'ii to retmirato yli miiyriitefimi tiumtmmk
for time smmccessfmmi niummmier Jim wimmeim YOU treimteci
limo for my disease. iCesiueciIIy. ! '
( ) 'NiliLL.
l'mitimtcd flock , Mezmgher counly , .l. ' .1' .
Late of Bo11cae Hosita1 , New York ,
Dr. Columbus Henry
( hate of lTumivorslty of i'emmnsyivaulum )
ihA VIt ti"IICiS
No .110 aimmi : ui I iN It.IO I : liii ! I.IINU ,
Coiner littrmitim amid ilmtmimeymmtui. , ( ) iumthm , , Nd ; . ,
where mmii cmmrmtblts ( ass are tremitud
ivltim smicccs.
Medical diseases treutti'ii iukiIltmmlIV , Coflsililmp-
I helm , I Irigimt s milsm.uisi. 1)ys iti1mui U. I Omomu mmmuttlsmmi ,
mmuii ( mmii N iiI'OtIS I(8itfiES ( AU liieitiirit ; io.
cmuilumr Ii , time sexes a speCmUit. CiLlAitIIIl
c-ti itu:1. :
cuNstYIT.tTUN at office or by immiuli , ti.
I 115cm , fmmmmrs-9 , to i i mu , iii. , 2 tO I ii. imm , , 7 to 8 1 , .
am , . 5imlutis'mi fncimmdemi.
Correupotmuiemmce receives PromPt mtteiitlon % ,
Mummy miiseumsms mire m rested mmiiccisutmmlm ) by
1)rs , .l tOo > ' amid I Ieiim' t iumough the mm mat is , mmliii
It , is thulium 1e.i.Ibit , fr , thosu mmtmmtbio to mcmli ; , , is
jommrumuy ti ebtai ucuzistmul hiosjittal treatmimeumt
itt t tim-hr homimos.
Ni ) ietttmrui mumiuwuireul miumies accomnpaultil by
4c jum stutips.
ittiiirt"i4 ; nih lrtter to lies. McCoy itimd iieumry ,
1b.mmnsulo mmmii 'Jii 1tmmwu buildiimij , Oumumkmi , .