Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, December 18, 1887, Part II, Image 9

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Doks and Toys ;
Colored Rhadamas and Faile Francaise Silks at 85c. Combination Suits at $19.50 and $15.
Tricots at 35c.
AT $1.27 ,
WORTH $1.6B.
We will sell Monday and all the
week nil the Colored Satin Rhad
amas and Colored Faille Fran
caise Silk that we have never
sold at less than $1.BO and $1.65 ,
on Monday and all the week our
price will be $1.27.
80O yards Colored Faille Frarf-
caise that we have been selling at
$1.23 , and 1OOO yards Colored
Satin Rhadama , that we have
sold at $1.25. On Mopday at this
extraordinary sale the price is
62 l-2c , WORTH $1.OO.
B pcs. Black Gros Grain Silk , at
62 l-2c , worth $1.OO.
WORTH $1.00.
1O pcs. Guinet & Cies Black Su
rahs at75c ; have never been sold
at less than $1.OO.
1O pcs. Black Satin Rhadama at
GOc , reduced from $1.25.
4 pcs. Black Silks in the follow
ing weaves : Faille Francaise ,
Satin Rhadama , Loulsene , Guin-
ei , Surahs , at $1.15 , reduced
from Ji.uO. . , . . ,
„ „ „
BLACK SILKo , Al i.3. .
Black Gros Grain , Black FaillC
Francaise , Black Satin Rhadama.
Black Surahs fGuinets , ) , Black
Satin De Flor , th'at we have been
selling at $1.75 and $1.85" on
Monday our price is $1.45 per
Black Satin De Lux , Black Ar-
mure , Black Satin Duchess ,
Black Gros Grain at $1.68 , re
duced from $2.OO.
Black Gros Grain , Black Satin
De Flor , Black Satin Duchess ,
Black Armure , at $2.00 , reduced
from $2.35 and $2.SO.
Black Gros Grain , Black Satin
De Flor , Black Armure , Black
Satine Duchess , Black Faille
Francaise at $2.35 , reduced from
$2.78 and $ O.OO.
All the Black Sllksthatwe have
been selling at $3.28. $3.BO and
$3.78 on Monday reduced to
3 Grand Selling Prices. 3
_ _ ON
HIM ! fa
AT $19.5O. AT$19.BO. AT $19.BO.
At this pre wo will sell all the
Combination Suits that have been
selling from $23 to$4O. Theseisuits
are all goods that were bought
this fall. At the price $19.8O they
will sell fast.
AT $18. AT $18. AT $18.
Th"se suits at $18.OO Monday
are very che p. Only a few in
the lot 12 suits they fC * .yoriti
$28. We bought them at a great
bargain and give our customers
the full-benefit of our purchase.
Books and Christmas Cards at Cut Prices ,
We have the largest stock of ! Books in this city , and at prices
never dreamed of in the Book Trade. New Books will be opened
every day until Christmas.
We have the only stock of Toys in the city. New goods opened
every day. New stock of Punjab. Tables , Bamboo Screens and
Plush Albums , Plush Toilet Cases , Plush Manicure Sets , Plush
Glove Boxes , Plush Hd'kf Boxes. Fine Manicure Sets in Leather
Cases , Gentlemen's Fine Collar and Cuff Boxes , Gentlemen's Travel
ing Toijwi Sets in Leather Cases , Fine Perfumery , Fine Celluloid
Goods. Fiite"Kifncl Fainted * _ . * Satin , Glove and HandkerchiefCases.
* * - .ir *
AT 38c.
On Monday we will place on
sale 46 pieces of 4O inch all Wool
Tricots in fancy mixtures. These
Tricots have never been offered
by us at less than BOc per yard.
As this sale will continue all the
week we have decided not to sell
more than one Dress Pattern to
each customer , thus giving those
that come late in the week a
chance to get some of the cheap
est all wool dress goods ever of
, We find our stock of Furs Row
ing to the mild weather , ) heavier
than we expected , and have de
cided to make a special sale of
these goods , and have made the
prices right to close them out.
Children's Sets South American
Seal Muff and Boa at $3.73 , re
duced frofn $8.OO.
Children's Sets Muff and Boa
in Lynx Chinchilla and Beaver
at $6.7B , reduced from $12.OO.
AT $3.8O. AT $3.80. AT $3.8O.
Ladies' Muffs in Nutria , Silver-
Fox , Grey Fox and Raccoon , at
$3.8O , reduced from $6.OO. t
AT $8.OO. AT $ B.OO. AT $ B.OO.
At this price we will sell Muffs
that are worth $1O.OO and $12.OO
Cinnamon Bear Crown Fox ,
Badger and Beaver. C.ome early
and get a good selection.
AT $7.25. AT $7.28. $7.25.
XXX Beaver Muff at $7.25 ,
worth $1O.OO.
Ladies' ' Handkerchiefs.
At 8 l-3c.
Ladies' white and colored bordered -
dered all linen Hemstitched
Handkerchiefs that are worth
12 l-2cat 81-3c.
AT 19c. At 19c. At lOc-
Ladies1' Embroidered Hem
stitched and fine Sheer Linen
Handkerchiefs at 19c , worth 38c.
AT 69c. AT 69c. AT G9c.
Ladies' Fine Sheer Linen Em
broidered White Handkerchiefs ,
elegant goods. None of these
Handkerchiefs are worth less
than $1.28. Monday our price is
Plush Jackets. We have a few-
odd sizes in Plush Jackets that
we will close out Monday at the
following prices : At $13.78 ,
Plush Jackets that are worth
$19.8O ; at $17BO , Plush Jackets
that we have been selling at
$22.BO and $28.OO , on Monday
at $17.BO ; at $22.8O , Plush Jack
ets with Seal Edge , that were
$3O.OO , on Monday the price is
At $2.78 , reduced from $8.OO.
At $3.78 , reduced from $7.BO.
At $8.OO , reduced from $12.OO.
At $6.BO , reduced from $18.OO.
At $1.38 , Child's Checked Coats ,
worth $2.8O.
At $2.8O , Child's Gretchen Coats
worth $4.OO.
At $3.BO , Child's Gretchen Coats
worth $6.BO.
At $4.28 , Child's Gretchen Coats
worth $7.BO. '
Wanted 10 Salesladies at Oflr Store To-morrow.
A Bogus Employment Agency Exposed -
, posed at Lincoln.
How n Scimmlrcl Named HrookHlIood-
winked n Number < U' Honest ,
Laborers IjiuicnRter County
Teachers BrevltleH.
The ; > ollco for months past has had com
plaints from parties who have been victim
ised by employment agencies in this city , but
not until ycstordny was the facts nculnst cmo
of thcso institutions strong enough to vr-
rnnt a piosecutlon. The case brought was
ngalnst the agency operated by C. E. Brooks
& Co. , and facts showed the means resorted
to to obtain dollars from workingmen. The
evidence showed that the man Brooks had
Visited the depot in the early morning hours ,
a fuw days Binco , and there found eight men ,
part of whom were witnesses , waiting to go
to JCansas City. UrookM'epresentcd to them
that ho could glvo them work on sewers in
the city , and If they would go to his ofllco
and put down tl each ho would glvo them an
order. On these representations the men
abandoned their trip to Kansas City , paid
their $1 cneli and received a notice to u flc-
ticious person to put them at work. When
they went to the part of the city designated
they found no work going on ami no person
to put them to work. On hearing the facts
the Judge found lirookii guilty of obtaining
money under fnh > o pretenses and lined him
fcl and costs a teuiarkablu light line for the
offense. An appeal was taken and a sister of
11 rooks went his security. In the meantime
there was sitting in the court room seven
other men who had paid Brooks Jl each for
work and who were , ready to Institute ) a new
suit against him. Brookshoweverrefunded
their mouey. '
The Lancaster County 'Ueuchera * associa
tion held n largely attended and an interest
ing session at the Lincoln Business collcgo
yestculay. The progninuno had been care
fully prepared and was cuio of unusual Inter
est , and the teachers evidently came from all
part * of the county to take in the meeting
prior to the holidays. Miss Nannio Lilli-
brldgo sang for the association In the most
satisfactory way. The programme consisted
of papers on primary teaching , the education
of foreigners in American schools , the use of
historical cards , class exercises in language ,
a paper by Prof. Llllibridgo entitled "Ncgo-
tittblti Paper , " lessons in arithmetic and gen
5. 01 al dlscuhsloiiB.
I ix imiKrcu FORM.
! ' Tno Elkhorn line out of Lincoln Inaug-
' , unites to day a fast train schedule eastward
. to Omaha , Sioux City and Chicago. The btep
is taken to meet the Chicago , Uurllngton &
| Oumcy fast trains , and the time of leaving
1 the city is nearly the same.
The Methodists of Lincoln have pushed
organization the past year , and now announce
that the organization of the Fifth Methodist
church Is pcifcctcd , and a building seemed
1 for regular services. The new church is
I located in the southwestern part of the city.
, District court adjourned yesterday forever
over Sunday , Judge Chapman returning to
PJattsmouth for Sunday. Timpani few days
liuvo been given to grantlngdrvorces , healing
motions and a final call of the docket.
Mr. Lambortson , who has recently returned
from Washington , brings the Intelligence
that the Inter-stato commerce commission
will como west to hear the Nebraska cases
lllcd with them , and Mr. Lambortson thinks
they will como to Lincoln If invited. The
freight bureau proposes to give the question
immediate attention.
fc In polieo court yesterday afternoon the case
against Jfhso Martin was set for hearing.
Martin was arrested for assisting in defraudIng -
Ing a man out of a peed team in exchange for
two mules , ono of which apparently went
through the late civil war and the other Bad
sulTcred'serlous injuries back In the ' 50's-
The Young Men's Christian association
gave u ' reception Friday evening that was at-
tende'd by largo numbers and was an eptiro
success. The music , which comprised the
greater part of the programme , was ex
ceptionally good. On Wednesday next at. !
o'clock all the ladies interested in the Y. M.
C. A. work will meet ut the association rooms
to arrange for the Now Year's reception ,
which , if made the duplicate of last year's re
ception , will bo an umpmllilcd success. The
announcement was made that the Cliuu-
tiuiqim circle , orgnnbcd from the inembcr-
ship of the Y. M. C. A. , will hold its first
regular meeting since organization on Tues-
jay evening next.
A7T'ri'E3 : of wonroHiTiox
of the Polish raWislihiR company , of
Nebraska , have been Wlca With fhc secretary
of state. The company is organized for th ?
purpose of publishing a newspaper in the
Polish language and to do a general printing
business. The paper Is located at Loup City ,
Sherman county , the capital stock of the
company Is $1,500 and the incorporators are
Miles II. Carleton and Qcorgo L. Bin ton.
Suspicious Characters.
Yesterday between 11 and 12 o'clock
a nuin wiis seen rapidly passing down
10th st. apparently in an excited con
dition , but was FOOII captured and when
questioned as to his strange movements
it was learned that ho had been to the
New York Storage. Co. and was anxious
to tell his friends of their immense stock
of pianos , organs , furniture and stoves
which they wore soiling at a great sac-
riilco on very easy payments.
Cor. Capitol avo. ana loth st.
Interesting to Ijndlet ) .
The. Parisian Suit Co. , of 'Chicago ,
pun be found at. 1520 Douglas st. , with a
complete line of sor.l garments. Every
garment warranted Alas:1 ! seal , Lon
don dye , a written guarantee given
with every garment bold. You have
$7,000 worth of the finest seal garments
that wore ever in Omaha or in the west
ern country to select from. Shetland
seal garments made to order. Special
attention is culled to our suit depart
ment , which is complete in every detail.
Tailor made suits a specialty. The Pa
risian Suit Co. , of Chicago , can mvo
you from 20 per cent to 60 per cent
on seal garments , as they manufacture
all their own garments , and you can
save the jobber s profit by buying from
them. 16'JO Douglas Street.
A Piano For Christinas.
60 dollars for a piano on monthly pay
meats. 75 dollars for a better piano for
cu h or on time. $100 for a nice piano
on easy installments. Nothing better
for a holiday gift. A. HOSPK , Jr. ,
16ia Douglas St.
Hcyinun & .Welches.
Fashion emporium.
Visit the ribbon department at Ilo -
man & Doichob , on Mojiduy and Tues
day next. Special low prices for those
two days. Hoymnn & Deichos , 1518 and
1620 Fnrnam street.
Cook stoves from $10 to $30 ; heaters
from &i to $40 , at O. C. Bcttcrman's ,
2816 Lcuvcnworlh st.
Pianos at wholesale prices until Jan
uary 1. NEW YOHK PIANO Co. ,
Corner Capitol Av. and 16th St.
Wanted 10 salesladies at Falconer's
The celebrated Worth tailor system
of dreoQ cutting taught at 3 ± 2 North
Kith street , room 10. Sou advertisement.
Christmas Cards Christmas Cards.
On Monday wo shall display inoro
Christmas cards than any other three
houses put together.
The grandest display over * njSio in
America. Having made nn-iflfticnso
purchase of those goods at about 25o on
the dollar wo will on Monday give our
customers a benefit. Christinas , cards
from 1 cent to S7.60 each. Aiufyns wo
are determined not to carry aiVy jrf these
cards over , all cards that are liot"sold
between now and Christmas eve will
bo given away free , no mutter what
they cost. *
Christmas cards lo each , worth lOe.
Elegant fringed cards only 6c each ,
' .VOi'th 20e.
1.000 butii ) cards , fringed , only lOc
each , \\orth 35c.
8,000 beautiful satin cards in : . ! ! shades ,
fringed , in a neat box ready for mailiil ,
only 17c each , worth 40c.
Also many novelties in Christmas
cards , that are only owned by us , at very
low prices. .
Special sale of these goods for Mon
day. Our prices jvo guaranteetho low
est , and as wo positively will not carry
any of these goodsovor , wo have marked
them down about half the usual price.
.100 largo size plush albums at 81.25.
You cannot match it for.less thau & 5.00.
Fine silk plush collar boxes , only 50c
Wo have overything"in plush goods
toilet sets , manicure sets,1 shaving _ sots ,
poker sots in fancy plush boxes , 'collar
and full boxen , work-boxes and-many
other articles too numerous to mention.
Special inducements fn-Monday. ( 100
dox. gontb' fancy silk handkerchiefs 85c ,
reduced from 60e. ' "
Gouts' pure bilk handkerchiefs , full
size , only 3"c , reduced from GOc , '
Gents''cuHhmorG yi'.dllyr.s ' 85c , reduced
from 76c. -
Gents' white silk mufitov's , witin finish ,
$1.2-5 ' ; reduced from $2.00.
Gouts' fancy embroidered suspenders
50e , reduced from 76c.
Ladies' baxony mitts , worked open
backs , only ! ! 9c , reduced from 50c.
Ladies' line lamb's wool vebts and
pants only 76e each , reduced from $1.25.
Ladies' embroidered kid gloves , 6 but
tons , only 7oe per pair , reduced from
10th bt.bct. Dodge and.Douglas.
I'innos at Immense Sacrifice.
Upright piuno , only $187 , cost $800.
7i octave , triple tiring , elegantly carved
cabo. Miibt bo bold for btonigo charges.
Niw : YOHK PIANO Co. ,
Corner Capitol Av. and 15th St.
CotIce to K. oC.Ij.
All K. of L. in this city are requested
to attend combined meetings of L. A.
at Central hull , 14th btreot , Sunday,2:30 :
p. in. , 18th December , 1SS7.
By order of S. M. W.
Monday and Tuct > dny only
Norrib & Wilcox
1517 Douglas street
Will sell men's French calf hand
sowed shoos for $ -5 , that others ask $8
Monday and Tuesday onlv.
Noititib & WILCOX ,
1517 Douglas St.
Icop'uws ' , markers , hooks , tongs.sawe ,
etc. , at James Morton & Son's , 110 S.
16th bt. , ole agents for Wood's ice tools- .
Send for catalogue/ .
"Tho Overland llottto" the Only lilnc
Carrying United Statcn Fast Mall.
"Tho Overland Flyer" is now making
faster time than over between the Mis
souri river and the Pacific coast. Com
mencing Sunday , December 18 , u new
fast train will be put on , pinking the
time to the Pacific coast in 70 hours ,
a saving of one hour over the unpre
cedented time made heretofore , when n ,
saving of fifteen hours was made. Bag
gage checked through from all eastern
points in United States and Canada to
the Pacific coast. Elegant Pullman
Palace Car sleepers through on all
trains from Council Bluffs and Omaha
to Portland , Sacramento , San Francisco
and Los Angeles ; also from Kansas City
to Denver , Chojenno , Ogden and Salt
Lake City. Modern day coaches on all
trains. '
Eating houf-es are under the super
vision of the company , and meals fur-
aibho 1 by UiO K ciJip Hotel company
are unsurpassed. * - _ _
Second and tjiird class passengers
still carried on regular through trains
running free jamily sleepers. For
further information address ,
* " J. S. TKIIHETS ,
Gen'l Pass , and Tkt. Agt. , Omaha , Nob.
Speehil sale of 'black silks , Fiallo
Francasio that-h'avo nnver.bcen sold for
less than Sl.'S.T'nnd $1.60 per yard. In
this"sale we olTor thorn at 76e and $1.50 ,
and wo guarantee pvcry yard not to slip
or crack. FuVorita black gros grain
opportunity for the gentlemen to pur
chase u usofiit Christmas present for
their lady frionds. : If you cannot visit
our store in p < 5r&on bond for samples.
We prepay nil oxi\rebs \ charges on goods
ordered by muiU |
TllOMI'fcON , Bni-DKX & CO.
Chshiemixcil candy12 } < ? n pound.
Special attention given to orders from
schools and churches at Coovor& Watts'
cash grocery , northeast corner Nine
teenth and St. Mary's avenue.
- , 9
Alfred Mciiilicrg & Co.
Have this season n magnificent block of
holiday mubio books , in fancy bindings.
Now styles of folios and rolls , 1510
Dodge st.
- (
Ladies when ordering the famous
would do well to remember this cotton
is upon white spodlsonly for all colors of
thread. .Bewurop invitations.
Two Ladlca Lost in Omaha
And when found by their friends they
wore buying goods at the Now York
Storage Co. because they could buy
more goods for the money than any
place in the city.
Corner Capitol Av. and 15th St.
FUjy More.
Fifty more $10 lots will bo placed on
the market Monday morning , December
19. This will bo the last opportunity to
get 60x125 feet f SQUthOmana property
for only $10. Warrantee deed given
with each lot. Como curly for choice.
310 South 15th street.
- * -
The best Oak Heiitor in the city ; will
keep fire with hard or boft coal. For
sale at O. C. B.'s , 2816 Leuvenworth st.
DDo not fail to visit Elliott's now art
store , 1C07. Howard btreet , before , purchasing
chasing 'your Christmas presents.
Grand Holiday Bar nin Sale.
Having determined to close out fivary
vcstage of holiday and fancy goods , wo
hava inarkod down every article to the
last farthing. Note the prices :
1847 Roger Bros A 1 silver knives and
forks , $1.60 bet , others ask $ Ji.OO.
Tripple-platcd uilver butter dishes ,
$1.25 , regular price $2.50.
Silver pickle cabtor with bilver fork ,
$1.25 , worth $3.25.
An cnalcss variety of decorated cups
and saucers' 5c , lOc , 15c , 25o and Mo for
goodb'usually sold at 25c to $1.25 per set.
Largo , hand-decorated fruit plate for
lOc , a real gem of art.
Beautiful vases and mantel
ornaments from 5o to $1.50. Bisqua
figures , art glassware , water sets and
finest imported colored tumblers from
6 to 40c , more than 60 per cent under
value. The most extensive assortment
of hanging and stand lamps in the city
to select from , and prices beyond com
pare. In the single item of dolls wo
Jtattd head and shoulders over all com
petition , both in variety , quantity ,
quality , siiid last the prices. Wo are
bound to soil. "Wo arc showing an ele
gant line of papetrie * , stationery ,
mirrors , rattles , toy watches' , magic
lanterns and numerous other toys at ex
tremely low prices. HAYDEN Buos. ,
ICth street.
Free , nn $ K5 Domestic Sewing Ma
Each lady visiting the parlors of the
Domestic Sowing Machine company will
receive free a ticket good for one chance
on the $85 Domestic sewing machine to
bo presented to some ono of the lady
callers at the decorative art exhibition
given by them from December 12 to De
cember 24. E. L. Loviaov , Agent.
118 North Fifteenth street.
James Morton & Son , 110 S. 15th st.
i of ice tools in stock.
An Onmlia Physician Abroad
Dr. L. A. Simons has just returned
from u four months' tour of the west.
The doctor's numerous patients have
missel } JiloMind will rejoice at his re
turn. He can' l * found at his ofllco over
402 N. 10th , over Douglas Cd. bank.
Cnnllcld , Hatter and Furrier , -1O5 5.
15th Street.
Sells the best $10 seal cap in the city ,
and keeps a full line of boa's muffs and
fur trimmings. Fur garments made to
order. Call and see his stock.
Architects and Superintendents.
Hodgson & Son. 26 , Iron Bank.
Wanted 10 salesladies at Falconer's
Mpinbertj's New Muslo Store
At 1510 Dodge st. , opposite old store.
Cuuiield , Hatter and Furrier , 405 S.
15th Street.
Sells the best $10 seal cap in the city
and keeps a full line of boa's muffs1 and
fur trimmings. Fur garments made to
order. Cull and sco Ids stock.
Weber Upright piano not used six
months at a good bargain , Alfred
Meinborg & Co. , 1510 Dodge st. Casher
or on timo.
The cheapest place in the city to buy
first-class groceries is at Coover K
Watts' , n. e. cor. 19th & St. Mary's ave.
Weber I'lunos Lead the World.
Alfred Meinberg & Co.,1510Dodge st.
Hoffmann the Hey Pianist {
and wonderful boy prodigy stiys the |
Weber is the best piano in the world j
and has chosen the Weber in preference
to all others for his concerts. Alfred
Mei nborgife Co. , general western agents ,
1510 Dodge st.
Wanted 10 salesladies at Falconer's
Splendid , Stewart and Diamond
ranges and heaters utO. C. Bellerinan's.
2815 Leavonworth st.
A largoassortinentof sleighs , chcnp.a
Armstrong , Pottis& CO.'H , 1308 I/ard st.
All kinds of tin work repaired and
made at O. C. Bottcrmnn's , 2815 Leav-
enworth st.
Wanted 10 salesladies at Falconer's
Christmas Music Hooks.
Largest stock over seen in Omaha at
Alfred Moinberg & Co. . 1510 Dodge &t.
Seidenbcrg's Figaro , the only lOc
cigar for 5c. Ask your dealer for them.
Max Meyer & * Co. , wholesale depot.
nn Kasy Payments.
Alfred Myiiiberg & Co. 1610 Dodge st.
HKEHK-Siiturdny , Dec. 10 , Ethel , u.Kgntcr
of Munson H. and Hluncho T. Ueebe , uged
( t ycurs and 0 niotUha.
Funeral private.
Wanted 10 salesladies at Falconer's
ArohltcctH and Superintendents.
Hodgson & Son , 20 , Iron Bank.
Gco. L. Fisher , architect , Room 47 ,
Chamber of Commerce building.
Heal Kstatu Transfers.
Eli/abcth Mason mid husband to E
K Hume , lot lit block 4 Hawthorne ,
wd . ? Ir,00 ,
J Schrocdon to Snrpy county , Neb. , 1-5
aero in s w \ < \ {
pait o s c see 7-14-lii
w d ir
G A Lindijulst ct al to Chas U Stcn-
borp , lot IS blU a Hose Hill add , w d 800
W .1 Van Arntim to Nels Nefson , lot
SJ-23-iiS bile ii Hawthorne , w d 1,375
Clms V Yales-uud wife to Clms C Mc
Donald , e ajjj ft lot 11 lilk "A"
Hertford add.wd a.OOO
Gro K Kay to Win K Hawlcy , lot 0
Maylicld , rfc d 1
Charles II Alack and wife to A H
Gladstone , lot 0 blk a Hanseom park
nddwd 1,000
K H Maulsby and wife to Harry E
Cole , lot 1 Williams' sub , Glse's add
wd l.bOO
Mary A Currlo to L P Pruyn , lot ! )
Piuyn'ssubofsKof lot UMlllard
& Co.'s add w d 3,000
Louisa M Arnold and husband to Jno
W Barnes , undivided ) { Uulmont
park add w d 3,500
W Doengcs and husband to H fore
man' , lot 'J bile 5 Ambler i > laee w d. . . 3,000
FJ Persons ct nl to II J Abrahams ,
lotOUItvuuidt& Person's sub wd. . 2,750 ,
John L Kennedy and wife to John P
Brcen , lot " 5 blk 10 Hmiscom place
uddwd -l.MO .
U. P. Hy Co. to Jas Allen , so , ' ! see 17 ,
10,10wd 1MO
C E Mayno and wife to E M Williams ,
lot 5 blk 7 Muyno's 1st add to Valley ,
wd 1,000
L P Hammond and wife to S Hanson ,
lots 11 to 17 blk 2 L P Hammond's
add , wd 7,000
A II Fitch and wife to Sarah H Elliott ,
e r > 0 ft lots 2j and 20 blk 17 Hanscom
Place , wd , COO
EE French and wife to Uobcit S
Uecsley , lot 13 blk 5 Control Park ,
U Cowlcs mid wife to Wm II
Adams , lot 40 and 47 North Side
add , wd . . . J . 000
A S Potter et nl to Wm K Potter , ' lob
0 , 7 blk H , Ucdford , wd . . . . . . l.SSO1
Gee H Uofrgs and wife to Virginia
S.mford , lot 83 , 24 , blk 10 , Gco H
Uopffs add , w d . 330
Jas (5 MeGeath and wife to M L Stern
lot 01 Windsor Place , w d . 1,000'
Ualtlms Jotter and wife to the Public ,
o 33 ft w } 4 n o } ( see 1) ) , 14 , 13 , q c d. 1
Thomas Kyun to the Public , w . ' 13 ft of
n i i s e 1 n o Ji see ! ) , 14 , 13 , q c d. . 1
Edithu II Coibett and husband to II H
Miller , lot 11 blk 1 , lot 5 , 0 blk 3Tip-
ton Pluec , q o d . . . . . . 1
Jno L lllack and wife to Glen S Hen-
BOH , lot 10 , 11 , 12 , 13,11 , 15 , Blacks
sub , w d . 2,700
Total . . . . . $45,194
There arc 800 Sabbath schools in Dakota.
Vicar General Con way of Chicago will soon
be elevated to the prcluey.
There are 184 p'astorless Baptist churches
in the state of Now York.
The women of Grovctown , Gn. , arc en-
de vofiiiff to collect funds enough to build u
church in memory of Paul Huync. ,
The Kusslan church , which has boon in
progress ot construction during the last ten
years on the Mount of Olives is now fin
ished. ,
Kev. Husscll H. Conwell. of Philadelphia , *
is to have the larpcst Baptist church in the
country. It will scut 4,000 , and cost
fi'10.000. '
The Quaker * have n farm of 720 acres ot
land near Wabash , 111. , in u hlth state of cul
tivation , on which are nearly luO Indi'itia re
ceiving a Christian education. \ .13 "
Bishop Whfpplo , of Minnesota , has been
invited by the vice chancellor of the Univer
sity of Cambridge , England , to preach the
sermon before the university in Juno'
At the meeting of the Evangelical nllianca
at the uatiomjl capital was a gathering of
2,000 ministers and Christian laymen of all
denominations from all sections of the
DA new Congregational church has been or-
gani/cd in Hndgepoit.Conn. . under the naino
of the Primitive Congregational church. Dl
vine healing or the laith cuiu is iccogniicd
in its ei ccd.
The apostolic vicariate of Dakota has at
present 00 priests , 130 churches , , JW ) stations '
Without churches , 20 diocesan students , 24 '
parochial schc ls. 4 convents. 3 academics , 10
Jn dimi schools , 1 hospital , and a Catholic pop
ulation of feO.OOO.
The Mount Pleasant Congregational
church. Washington , 1) . C. , has Just secured
a building site for a prospective houseof
worship. The Tabernacle chuich , Kev. W.
C. Scoliold pastor , has cleat cd oft an f 18,000
debt during the year and assumed self-sup-
pott. i
Uev. H. L. Nanton , of Pcnobscot , Me. , a
Methodist preacher , stalled from Pcnobscot
for Scnrsport , a distance of fifteen miles , on
foot Sunday morning at ao'clock in deep mud
and dense fog and darkness. Mr. Nnntou
lias preached in sixty different to.wns of tu
stutu during his seven years' ininNtry , ano
traveled thousands of miles on foot.
$ H Khot-K Tor $5.
Mondup and Tuesday only
NorrisAr'Wilco.-v ,
1617 Douglas street.
Will sell men's French calf hand
Fowed shoes for 15 , thatolhorsask $8 for.
Mondaj and Tuesday only.
Nonius & Wn.cox ,
1517 Douglas St.
Thpfliicst church edifice In Mbnny , Oa. . ii
the ono now being built by the ncgio Mctno-
disi ICpIscoiul church thcro. The uongrcga-
lion compilscs the ncpio uiistocraey of tlio
place , an aristocracy said to be bused < lmoro
upon education , icjincmcnt. and iiiur&llty
than upon pecuniary '
k ' . 41 Ai - . <