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I :2 : ; . ; THE OMAHA .DAILY PEE : . gf TUKDAY. PEOE3D3ER ] 7. 1887.
Xlic Closing 8cHnloii or the Grand
Chapter in llnntlnggi
HASTINOS , Neb , , Dec. 10. [ Special Tele
gram totlio IJBn.J The annual mccllngof the
grand council and grand chlipter of the Mit-
Bonlc order In the stnto closed last night , A
number of follf vr craft degrees were con
ferred by Pnsl Grand Master Hastings , of Lin
coln , find Beatrice chosen for the next annual
, mooting. The following officers of the grand
Chapter wcro elected and Installed t
Lucius D. Klchards , Fremont , grand high
priest ; Charles A. . Holmes , Teeumsohdcputy
high priest ; Milton J. Hull , Edgar , grand
king1 ; Frank H. YoungOuster , grand scrUm ;
John H. Dlnsmore , Sutton , grand treasurer' ;
William It. Howen , Omaha , grand secretary :
Goorirn Williams , Grand Island , grund chap
ter ; Kdwln Ulclmrds , Crfcte , grand lecturer
Joseph Albcry , Ulalr , grand ciiptaln of hosts ;
Robert , E. Froitch , Kearney , grand principal
Bojourncr ; Albert W. Crites , Chadron , grand
R. A. cnptuln ; Frank E. Hulluid , North
Platte , grand master , third veil : David Me-
Elhlney , . Hastings , grand master , spcond
veil , Will In in 11. Koberts , Tekatiiah , grand
"muster , first veil ; Hugh G. Clurk , Omaha ,
grund steward ; Edward E. Lowmnn , Me-
Cpok , gram ) steward ; Jacob King , Oinulla ,
jfrnndncntinel. _
( Ilcntrlco Dispute's Fremont's Glntni.
HICATIIICK , Neb. , Dec. 10. [ Special Tele
gram to the UPn. | An item appeared in the
liKK-n day or two since stating that Fremont
WHS the third city in the state in banking
business , and the total bnnklrig business was
ll.SiVi.fiOO , and their deposit 9544,000. Beatrice
will show with Fremont , and n statement
from her banks. Just made public , shows a
total business Of $ lMr ; > ,0 < ) , and deposits
$752.000. Moreover , the bank buildings owned
by the bankers cost ? lf 0,0X ( ) , and the banks ,
in their regular business , give employment
to thirty-two persona.
Exeter Items.
Exr.TBit , Neb. , Due. 10. [ Correspondence
of the BKE. ] A. 11. Vcrmum & Co. , have
moved ( heir elevator from the B. & M. rail
road to the Elkhorn , locating it Just east of
the First Baptist church. This gives us ono
elevator on each road.
P. J. of Exeter's
Fiollng , one pioneer mer
chants , has traded his stock to Plcrson ft
Campbell , of Hustings , who uro closing it out
at rout. Mr. Filling thinks of going west.
C. S.Cloavelnnd bus gone to BUrllngton , la. ,
on nn important business trip , '
The Itnttcry 1 > Itcccptlon at Wymorp.
LINCOI.V , Neb. , Deo. 1H. [ Special Tele
gram to. the Hii.l Governor Thayer to-day
accepted the Invltatinn to attend the grand
reception and ball in honor of battery D at
Wymoro on the 2.M of December. The gov
ernor will bo attended on this occasion bv General Cole , Colonel Palmer ,
Major Watson , Colonel Caldwell , Surgeon
General Stone and all of his staff. The gov
ernor Is also arranging to supply the battery
with two new six pound Heel man guns.
Convicted of Perjury.
FALLS Cin % Nob. , Dec. 10. Dr. James S.
Grandy , notorious as a litigant in both civil
and criminal cases for the last lllteen years
In the southeastern part of this state , was
lately convicted of perjury , and the distiict
court sentence bus not yet been pronounced.
Dr. Gundy has lately flguitd In the federal
court of this stnto in a questionable manner
In the noted i-itso of Gaudy against Whit-
An Hnldcmic Antony Iforsqs.
Liscouf , Nob. , Dec. 10. [ Special Tele
gram to the Bin : . ] The shot-lit of Lincoln
county has notlflud the state authorities that
im Unknown epidemic is raging in u herd of
! JOO hoi sos in tlmtttninty. Governor Thayer
has turned over the notification to the live
stock commission with the request that the
state vetornarinn and one of the commissioners -
ers repair , as cut ly as possible , to the scene
of the plague and investigate.
A Freight Collision.
CLIXTOX , la. , Dee. 10. [ Special Telegram
to the HEK , ] Two freight trains collided
hero last night imd two engines and seven
teen cara wcro badly wrecked , and Brnko-
imui Eugene- Kelly of Clinton was killed.
The wreck occurred u intlo and iv quarter east
of Mecliauiesvillo.
Water Honds.
LINCOLN , Neb. , Dec. 10. [ Special Tele-
grnm'to the DJBJJ , ] The state auditor to-day
refused to register water bonds of the village
of Kiverton on the grounds that they were
not vQted upon under the right section of ho
Smith and Kiiraln OiT For the Con
tinental Jlattle Ground.
ICopi/t lulit 1SI > " by Jainci Ijuidiin lleiiiirtt. ' ]
EositON' , Dec. 10. [ Now Yoik Herald
Cable Special to the BKH ] A fox : hunt a
"Uli'hunl K. Fox hunt , indeed will commence
to-moriowon the part of largo numbeis of
sportb who deslro to obtain u sight of the
brush between Kilrain and Smith. Last
evening the Jem of the sporting fraternity ,
also Dick Uobcrts , hh old competitor when
they weio both amateurs , and Jem Huwcs ,
Smith's trniunr , left for the continent. At
least they were hovering around Ohnring
Cross station in' ph\ld suirs and carrying
Scotch iniidcs and satchels. This evening Kil-
ralu and Mitchell , Pony Moore , Pearl Ljncli ,
Chillies Jolnitttou , ' James Wukeluy and W. E.
Hutdlng , similarly hovered around the same
railway station. In each case when the mini
moved off none of these gentlemen hovered
longor. The Btnkoholdor Is , however , In
town yet. The tourists left no P P C's , and
it is srtfo to wager they will uot rush-to hotel
registers on route. If your correspondent
knows their destination ho will not divulge
It , b\ft will be in u situation to lot your
renders kuow nil about the Fox hunt in a live
, iuii timely method and also who Is to hold
the Fox-diamonds and championship.
Kvpolllns : Socialists.
Bum , ix , Dec. 10. A new bill has been in
troduced bi the rcichstug authorizing the ex-
puls.lonof 'all socialists who have Incuricd
penalties Sov violation of the nnti-soeialist
law or by belonging to secret societies , which
lire forbidden by existing laws. In accord
ance with thu provisions of the bill most of
the socialistic members of the reichstag may
bo expelled from Germany , The bill also
rails for punishment ofany one taking part
ill. u socialistic congress.
The Crown 1'rlneo'n Condition.
Svx Kcvo , Doc. 10. Dr. Mackenzie states
thut ho considers the appcaranco of the
crown prince's throat hotter than when ho
examined It at the beginning of November.
It Is true * that a small growth has formed
blither up in the throat , but it has not the
malignant appearance of the growth which
appeared at Huvi'uo , but which has since
diminished. The swelling ot the glands has
cntiroh * disappeared.
SniHeneoil Under thu Crimea Act.
Dum.iN , Dee. 10. Shechy , M. P. , arrested
under the crimes act , was to-day sentenced
to throe months'impmonmcnt ut hard lubor.
Notice was givmi of appeal and Sheuhy was
admitted to ball. Upon being released he
was real-rested on the charge of having par
ticipated in rioting at Olomuel. Bail was re
fused ami the prisoner taken to Clonmel Jail.
The German Military Hill.
Utnti.ix , Die. 10 According to the Holch-
Baniolger's version of General von Sehelleu-
dorlt 's speech on the military bill to-day , the
minister of war said thn object of the bill
could bo perfectly summed up in the words
of the emperor on the opening of parliament
that the empire , by God's help , should bo-
rome so strong that , it could moot every
ilanger < with calmness , from whatever quartet
it alight bo attacked.
ST. PKTBUSUUIIO , Dec. IB. The Onila !
Military Gazette article favorably iuiprcssi-i ]
the publlo mind ns expresning the national
fcclltiB that Uussiu nvithcr desires nor fcirs :
Ttc 10. The .ititl a p.-js * ii
At ! . * . .
unanimously ot the opinion that tlio artlclo
published In the St. Petersburg OOlcial Mil
itary Gazette In relation to military prepara
tions of the powers , him greatly Increased
the ucutuncss of the situation.
The Halt Act Approved.
x , Doe , ] ( . A dispatch from St.
Johns says the bait act has received royal
assent. It forbids the catching or sale of
bait to foreign fishermen and goes Into opera
tion January li
Itnly'H Trnnfy With Austria.
UOMH , Dec. 10. The chamber of deputies
to day approved the new commercial treaty
with Austria. Promler Crispl declared the
treaty was the outcome of ait economic polit
ical arrangement.betweon Italy and Austria.
The chamber also authorized the government
to negotiates provisional treaties with France ,
Spain and Switzerland.
A Military Credit Granted.
DPAttis , Dec. 10. In the chamber of depu
ties to-day General Lagorot , minister of war ,
asked a of 11,000,000 francs
nml was supported by the budget committee.
The chamber , howc'ver , adopted an amend
ment by M. Ilrioo granting only 4lHX,000
The credit is for military forage. The state
ment yosterjUy that the chamber had adopted
a bill imposing reprisal dut4es on imports
from Italy , was erroneous , , _
- i
StronB'Wnr FcollnR In Victim * .
LoN-nrts , Dee. 10. The Times' correspon
dent at Vienna telegraphs lhat strong feeling
exists thero4n favor of sending un immediate
ultimatum W Kussiu to bo followed , In case
of an unsatisfactory reply , by a rapid march
of the German-und Austrian forces on the
Hussion frontier. It Is" feared war will occul'
in the spring. The feeling i < i Intense.
m l
A Philanthropic amlto'rd. .
DciiLt.v , Dec. lO.i-Tho Mnrquia of Ely has
granted a reduction of 50 per cent in rents
and easy terms of payment and will reinstate
all tenants evicted.
Pastime. .
Puns , Dec. 10. M. Edwards , manager of
Lo Matin , fought a duet to-day with M.
Mayer , manager of La Lantcrue. Both duel
ists were slightly wounded.
Won't CoiiKratnlutc.thc Pope.
LONDON , Dec. 10. Thu Bohemian diet to
day opposed a motion to congratulate the
l opo on his.Jubilce on the ground that the
diet represented Protestants as well us
Plvo PerMons IiiHtantly Killed By'a
Pennsylvania Holler Explosion.
Wc-TciinsTii : ( , Pa ? , Dec. 10. The ex
plosion of n twenty horse power boiler in the
Edison Electric company's works this after
noon caused the death of five persons , in
juring three others. Superintendent Walter
Umbrco was engaged with a force of men
close to Iho stack unloading a now
boiler and the whole party were buried
beneath falling bricksEmbreo and
four lalmrers were killed. The others weio
badly injured. Ilettio Jones , aged ten , who
was returning from school n square from
the scene , was instantly killed by a flying
beam. It is thought that all the bodies arc
not yet discovered. A largo force of men to
night arc digging over the ruins by lantern
AiiothcrcBoilcr Explosion.
Dnxvnit , Colo. , Dee ; 10. A boiler exploded
in the shop of the Donvci\ Utah & Pacific
railway at 1 o'clock this morning , completely
demolishing Iho buildi g , wrecking ono
engine and all the machinery. The employes
had left the building a few minutes before
the accident occurred and ao far ns known
no one was injured. The loss is understood
to bo about $10,000 , covered by insurance.
The Noted Labor Leader Dangerously
' III.
Scnvxrox , Dec. W. Grand Master Work
man Powderly's condition has not improved
during the last twenty-four hours , and the
"belief exists thut ho is much worse thau his
relatives and physieinns flcslro t6 make
Imowsi to thfc pulilie. Ho Is in a critical con
dition , and has been BQ since his ar
rival hero last Tuesday. Yester
day the symptoms wcro alarming ,
another Severn uttaok-oT hemorrhage having
set mv5ileii continued with distressing ef-
fe < t , until e.uly thi" ! moining ; Dr. Allen said
this moining thut.Powderly is suffering great
iialn , the result of the rupture of a small
lilood vessel , hut'flmtlf ho remains quiet lor
a fuw days and gets rest ho will probablj re
Later Pawdoi-ly slept half an hour this
afternoon uud feels much refreshed to-night.
_ _
Republican Mp. Tvieotiiifj.
Nr.w YoiiK.-'Dec. . A mass meeting
under the. auspices of the republican clubs
was held in Chickeriug hall to-night. Hon.
Galusha A. Grow , ref Pennsylvania , dis
cussed the tariff issue , and then Hon. Koswcll
G. Herr , -Michigan. . , was introduced to talk
on temperance. Ho said the republican
party never had boon on HI.Q wrong side in
any qucstion.'and it rtotjjofin the liquor
question , Hiobotovpd } ' " local option. "If a.
man bolleves in temperance It might be
asked why docs ho. not' ' Join the third
party. I would not join the prohibition
partly "boejiurfo every vote would simply bo
helping the ile'mocrocy and because the dem
ocracy want H'mo to. What the democrats
want done should bo uvoldci } by these who
desire temperance- . There is another reason in
that wo have other issues than temperance1.
The republican party relies upon its homes
for Its strength : The dumocruey'Hstrength is
measured by . .tho"number" ot saloons. The
president , inJUis mcssuuo , has given the next
platform of his party , The nUttculty hereto
fore has been that , wjfnever know when wo
had a 'democrat on a 'question. " The
speaker said the mugwumps , hud
given up thelcilmato .accusing republicans
and exeusihg itomovruts. chiefly the latter ,
und were idiotic enough to think thutu round
block like Hjiyjins win bn put into it square
civil service hole. Hu'wuS'iUMiiist ' any legis
lation of'thtt'democrattt' ' principles ,
us ho was'against any'fuvbred by Grcut
Brituin in this-country.
Judge King , of Youngstown , O. , Wallace
Bruce , of Ponghkeepsie. nnd Hev. J. Lester ,
ot SpriuctWUr , 111. , dnd Mr , Lafolletto fol
lowed with'addicsses on the work the Na
tional league had before It.
Mormons in Ciinndn.
OTTAWA , Out , , Dee. IP. , [ Special Telegram
to the BiK.j- : There is an uncertain feeling in
.political circles.over the settlement of Mor
mons in the Canadian northwest territories.
Fifty Mormon families have already taken up
land near Fort MoLood at thoioot of this Hocky
mountains. The impression prevails heia
that the now hrrivuls will not bo molested.
Tliu introduction of such peculiar element
into Canada will , however , be made the sub
ject of inquiries in pailiament next month.
Allen , collector of customs at Fort McLcod ,
arrived here to-day. Speaking of them he
said : "There will bo another big Influx ol
Mormons ne\t jeur. They muko llrst-elusa
settlers und are industrious , xeiilous und well
behaved. They uro determined to udherc
strictly to the laws of our country , us they
me perfectly \\ell assured Mint any breach ol
them would bo severely dealt with. They do
not intend to practice p\lygnmy us they un
derstand It will not bo pwmitted.
no feeling against them on the part of othct
settlers who regard them ns industrious and
hard-working people. The Mormon elder la
Mr. Card , who married the daughter of the
ate Brighnm Young , "
Illinois Freight Rate * .
CntrAco , Dec. UVTha Illinois railroad ami
warehouse commissioner * concluded a sesslor
hero to-day. During their sojourn they houril
some of the different vullroad companies re
gurdlnstho proxiscd | reduced Illinois tariff
The Chicago ft Alton opposed it and said tin
reductions wore duo to the. local fight be
tweett the Hurlhijitfm , nnd Wabash. Tin
Illinois Central bxric the sumo position
net-elver MeNultu explained the reasons
| which Impelled him to put In reduced tariffs
ill of which have been gone over before ,
" "rom the remarks of Chairman Klnnker It is
nferred the commission will order a tnod-
irate reduction , making the maximum munc
hing more than the rules proposed In the
railroad tariffs. It is 'believed the bencllt of
ow Inter-stato rates will inure to Illinois ter
ritory and tho. present maximum _ be lowered ,
Two Brother Murder n TJilrit and
BrjitnllyAxsnulf Their Mother.
MoNiooMKiir , Ala , , Dee. 10. A special
'rom Eufauht says ! Itobcrt find James
lohnson , aged eighteen und twenty , got
Irunk on Thursday and In cold blo'od butch-
red un older brother. Their old mother
came Into the room nnd tried to separate
hem. S'ho was knocked on the head by her
sons uml iorribly punished. Lynching Is al
most certain.
Presbytorluii Church Union.
Lot'HViu.B , Dec. 10. The committees of
.he northern nnd southern general assemblies
of the Presbyterian church , conferring upon
he subject of organic union , concluded Its
ncctlng to-night. The sessions were secret , '
mt It is understood that adjournment took
) luco without nny definite action having
icen iigroed upon. The secretary stated
.hat another Joint session of the committee
vould be held before the general assemblies
convened next May.
Weather Indication * . '
For Nebraska : Slightly cold rfalrwcnthcr ,
Ight to fresh varla'blo winds , generally
northerly. '
For Iowa" : Slightly warmer , followed by
colder , fair wcathef , light to fresh uorth-
vesterly winds , .
For Dakota : Slightly warmer , fairweather ,
'ollowcd In northern poitfohs by "slightly
Bolder , light to fresh variable winds.
DlwhoncHt Postal Employes Arrested.
CHICAGO , Doc. 16.- George W , Webber ,
ex-superintendent of tlio north division
branch of the postpfllcc , was arrested to-night
charged with embezzling money order ; finds.
Stuuley H. King , ex-money order clerk , was
ilso arrested. The amount of embezzlement
s said to bo large.
A Bold Jewelry Thief.
ST. Pvui , , Dec. 10. One of the most daring
robberies on record was perpetrated hero
: o-night. About 7 o'clock a y.oungman broke
n the wiftdow of n Jewelry store on Third
nnd Cedar streets , ' seized 31,000 worth of
ivutchcs und diamonds mid made his escape.
Barren of JlesnljfTi-
CntOAno , Dec. 10. To ay Btmeroting of the
ircsidonts nnd general majiagors of the
western lines was barren of nny results in
he direction of devising methods fwfcecp-
, ng out the low freightrntoa flS $ are to go
into effect next Tuesday. f , A „ :
The Fire Record. " ' . ! ; .
MINNEAPOLIS , Minn. , ITcc. , l"0. The Jour
nal's Furgo sjecial says ; - The business por-
ion of Mupleton , Dak. , wavbui-ned by nn in
cendiary lire last niglit. Nin6 ' bUildingfi with
contents were burned. Th'o total loss is
§ 30,000 , partly Insured. . ' „
White Labor AVnnt < Ml.
COLUMBIA , S. C. , Doc , 10 F/ivo or six years
ago a cotton mill was established in'Charles-
: on at a cost of $750,000. The mill Is now on
ho verge of bankruptcy , caused by inability
to secure enough white labor to keep the ma
chinery going.
The Mexican Congress.
CITY OP MEXICO , Dec. 10. Congress 'ad-
lourned this afternoon. The most important
measures p.tssed were bills atithpminsr u new
loan of ClOr , > 00,000 and compulsory education
in the federal district nnd territories.
The Great Reels Being Removed From
The Cars.
Yesterday afternoon two of th < 5 largo/ reels
'ontainlng ' the cables to boHiwl In the
operating of the cars of the Omaha Cable
company wcro unloaded at the corner ot
Tenth and Leavenworth streets. Th'eso
formidable bulks occupied two flat "citrs and
: ho great task of bringing them to terra-
lirraa was witnessed by a largo and hiquisl-
tivo assemblage. The ilrst and lightest ,
weighing between 30OQO and a.,000 pounds ,
was landed and tho. cables were struiig for
some distance to test their -firmness nnd
safetS" . They met tha rcquircn\cnts'iof the
: cst , and then followed preparations lor
anloading another reel embracing 17,700 feet.
J'ho weight of the latter is15XK ( ) pounds , nnd
owing to the gathering of clu'rkneHs'it wus re
solved to forego the Jot ) uutil this'morning. .
The cables will not bo strung UQtil-Mondny
icxt , and the start will bo niitfe-Wrth-tho
-wo cables referred to. They represent
neni-ly aix tjiilos of motive power and the
first strands will bo strung to thopower
ouse from the conioi' of I eavcnWortii Und
Tenth streets by horses' . The cullies were
made in St. Louis.
A number of the cars have arrived , nnd be
fore many unvs Omaha will witness the
birth of the cable lino. . „ „ , . , „ . . .
Two Pleasant Club Parties.
Last evening at Masonio ball , the , .Homo
lirclo club gave the second party "of their
series this season. The great feature , as
usual , was the excellent music , the Irwin Qr-
chcstra playing some flno selections. "Sixteen
numbers were danced , IJofrcsbmcnts wove
served ut 10 o'clock und thh dnnco ended at
TJ. About forty couples wcro present , . The
tommittcoon general supervision Svcra F.
W. PiekeiiB , H. A. Coploy , X H. Conra'd , C.
M. Champlin , W. H. Latey , W. Hj' Nelson ,
B. F. Kodmun , L. S. Mole- . W. Garrison
nndG. W. Bailey. , '
The Esmorultla club gAve the second party
of their series last uipht ; and the occasion
was u delightful one. The dajico wnslold , (
in Metropolitan hall , uund wiis 'uttondcd by
nbout thirty couples. The , , dancing com
menced nt 8:30 : und contnuied funtil 12:30. :
Eighteen numbers wcro dnnccdt
sujiper was served on the pcco'uJ flooiv
Building Pernilts. * " s'
The following building" permits were issued
yesterday by Suporintendcnt-Whitlot-k ;
Kennedy & NowelladrtUion to ice
houco. Eighth and I/ardu . 93f | > 00
C. K. Sliuw , two cottages , Alfre'd ,
near Twenty-ninth . 1,000
C. H. Shaw , two cottages , Western
avenue , near Central. . . ' . . . ' . < . . . ? . . 1,000
W. C , Moutaw , addition to dwelling ,
Franklin , near Twenty-ninth . _ . 1,000
Four ixjnnits , aggregating . T. . $5,500
Successful Clu-lstinhp Bazaar.
The Christmas buzaar given by the mem
bers of the Southwest Presbyterian chui eh
lust evening at the resldenco of the pastor ,
Kill South Twentieth strtsot , was nn agi-eeublo
uffair and n financial success. It was well
attended nnd old nnd young appeared to
enjoy themselves.
Bnso Ball Directors.
The directors of the Omuhu basq "ball club
held their aiwuul.mectlng for -tho election of
officers last night. The grcntest harmony
prevailed und the old officers were unani
mously re-elected for the coining year. Tlio
base bull situation was thoroughly discussed
und the outlook for the Omuha club pro
nounced most encouraging ,
Brndstrcot's yesterday reported that .T , J ,
Taylor , general-store keeper at Tecumseh ,
In this state , had been up by his cred
itors. His liabilities 01 * 'about JU.OOO ; assets
about thu same amount.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
When Bftby wai sick , \ra gave her Castoria.
When she was a Child , she cried for Castor ! * ,
became MUs , the clunc to Cestorla ,
ibo had Children , nho gave them OutorUT
The Queen of HheUa H llnht a Largo
AiiillenccViit tlto Oranil.
Manager Locked of the Nntlbnal Opera
compuny had pronlsp'd ( ' us "Nero" for the
it night , but Instand , gave us the "Queen
of Shoba. " Therettson , assisted for the
change was the defection of certain mem
bers of the company I'Tho ' defection Was oc
casioned , It is fair U ) ht y , because of .tho ina
bility of the mnnag&iicnt to keep Its contract ,
with the dcfectionlsts. There Is nothing
strange In this. II j'has been ono of the
characteristics of tJ o' National Oiwra com
pany since jit was organized.
Hut , knowing ofilhlR defection a week
before his couipahy nVMved here , Mr. Locke
should not hayo endeavored , up to the mo
ment people took their seats for last night's
performance , to perpetuaTd the deceit that
the disaffected people would sing. He sought
to excuse himself by endeavoring to produce
"Nero , " with which the disaffected i > coplo
had been idcntilled. by the efforts of artists
who remain with him nnd who are even now
over-worked. At the litst moment , after al
most everybody has purchased his seat to
liear "Nero , " "Sheba" is produced.
This was ao species of deceit
unworthy n manager who wishes
to elevate American opera. If Mr. Locke
can not make a success df his present under
taking by fair means , ho should uot resort to
these which are foul. Everybody can easily
Imagine what Mr. Locke will urge in 'extenu
ation of his conduct. But it in no way lessens
his offcnso. Deceit In amusement enterprises
with what intent soever it may bo encour
aged , ' is as reprehensible oa it is in any other
undertaking. Unfortunately , there Is too
much of It in the business which Mr. Locke
follows. While considerate people will fgivo
this gentleman allthocrcdit hedeserves , they
will unhesitatingly admit that Mr. Locke
ought cither to start out upon bis
enterprise in a manner commensurate (
with the ability to support It and act honestly
or clso abandon the Held for some other
The audience , however , bore the disap
pointment bravely. "Sheba" was rendered
entirely to its satisfaction , when it is con
sidered In the main from n musical stand
point. The title role was assumed by Miss
Poole. This lady's voice Is characterized bv
a penetrating quality rather than that of
roundness which distlngushcd her prede
cessor , Fursch-Madi , when hero eighteen
months ago. In nppearaticc , how
ever , she more nearly approached
the ideal than could Mine. Fursch-Madi ;
her vocal work secured many recalls. The
High Priest was excellently sustained by
George Broderiek.
Miss Piersou , as Sulamith , displayed the
same intense devotion to her work that she
did on the preceding evening , and possibly
give throughout the piece more general sat
isfaction. She was made the object of a num
ber of recalls. Mr. Charles Bassett sang
Assad , at times with great effect , at others
without making a very favorable impression.
The character in its requirements , physically ,
vocally nnd almost histrionically , may
bo said to bo boyonu the
possibilities of this gentleman , who ,
nevertheless , was entitled to discriminating
appreciation especially for his vocal work in
the garden with tile Queen. Mr. Stoddard
made an admirable Solomon. Amanda
Fnbris , although over acting Astaroth nt
times , secured a recall for recitative work in
the garden , which was distinguished moro
for the vocal flexibility displayed than for
sweetness of the notes * The choruses were
stiong , harmonious nnd effective , especially
so In tho.temple. . iTho setting of the stage
was unpreccdeutedly grand , paiticularly the
temple , which "was set with nn
attention to detail * as to create the
strongest illusion. It was a scene of great
realism , introducing with wonderful fidelity
impressive ccrcmoinefe , the marriage rite ,
sacred chants and 'responses , holy invoca
tions , devout uttendaifts. a model high priest ,
a bride with pair cd" doves , the bldssing of
the ring , the peal of instruments , the swell
of choruses and tho/swinging / of ccnseis by a
corps of ministlMiiits. In tlio last
act , where the , " " "hero dies , natuie
lias been grandly'1 'simulated. The all-
grows heavy and a birruiug sun drops out 6f
sight amidst cloudS'of sand which sweep
across the plain witli startliug reality. This
scene evoked hcat'tv ' , applause. The ballot
was excellent. To'-ulgflt , the last perform *
nnco in this city of tho' National Ooera com
pany will take place , when Faust will be
rendered , including in the cast Miss Juch ,
Mr. AlcGuckin nnd other favorites.
.T. U. Polk nnd his excellent company np-
for it cannot bo called a pl.iy gives the star
full scope for his cccentrieit lcsund it is too bail
that such nn eminent comedian us Jlr. Polk
should stoop to sinli a " "play as "Mixed
Pickles. " Yet the piece is undoubtedly funny
nnd the audience is kept in u constant
from beginning to ( 'nd. ' H pleases the people
and that is probably its best recommendation.
The support of Polk is excellent , and there
is no Unit or gap in the three acts. Mr.
\Voodnrd as Hiram Urown is ono of the fun
niest old men ever seen on the stage. Miss
Dcnyon Hlshop as Susie is simply delightful.
On the whole the company is , far above the
average. _
Election of Olllcurs nnd Close of the
At the last meeting of the dairymen's an
nual convention the following oftlceis were
elected for the ensuing year : President , Mr.
Liveringhouso ; vice president , W. Sutton ;
secretary and. treasurer. Prof. II. II. Ayiug ;
board of directors , Vf. G. AVhitmorc , S. C.
Hassett , E. T. Howe , 1. H. Keert ; vice presi
dents nt large , A. Jones , D. A. Carroll , J. II.
Kushton , J. 13. Dinsmbor , J. P. Hlttlc , D , P.
Ashburn , C. Hrownell , C. Pearson. 13. U.
Staulter , G. H.-Williams , W. Tabor.
A number of resolutions weio adopted
asking the legislature for stnto aid and
thanking the Omaha merchants and
others for contributing so liberally
to the funds , entertainment nnd in
struction of vho association during , the
session of the convention In the cl y. Ho-
feirlng to the indiscriminate erection of
wild-cat creainoriesit was resolved thiitin the
future estimates ho required from builders
nnd ilrms dealing In dairy supplies , as to the
cost of building and lltting of up a creamery in
the proposed section and that -'we ask of our
leglslatuto to foster and encourage the dairy
industry of the state , and to this end wo re
spectfully request such appropriations of the
general lunds as may bo necessary to print
the reports of the annual meetings of this as
sociation , and that the farmers of this state
who may ho unable , io attend its sessions maybe
bo ublo to avail themselves of the valuable
papers und discussions upon practical dairy
ing that characteri/o these meetings. "
It was also deoidoij to take action in PU-
deavoriugto check rthp ravages of pleuro-
pneumonia , and to ( 'respectfully ' and most
urgently ask of our delegates' in congress to
do all in their powur llo secure the speedy
passage of what is hnojhvn as the Miller-Gary
bill , and such appropriations of money its will
ciuiblo the national authorities to stamp out
the last vcstigo of th > dread disease over
which the Anicricuu'.fl g may float. "
A special vote ot/rtlvanks was tendered to
Dr. . Miller for his generous contribution
at a time when -a-vjoclation was in need
of funds. The dlfllciijty qf securing n fair
price for dairy products was the subject of
the next resolution ! nncl it was resolved "taut
this association iu iwnvention assembled sug
gest , recommend anil urge each buyer of
milk and cream iioui ; tntc. to Insist upon the
delivery of a pure , I C.l-an and merchantable
article ; and tlint-Cvry purchaser pay for
said product , at nil jUwes and under all cir-
cumstiui'.VH , the highest priro practicable ,
leaving only a smuU margin of prolit to the
manufacturer. "
The state board of agriculture and the
agricultural college were memorialized to
take into consideration the holding of farm
ers institutes , to ho held in various parts of
the state , and to provide funds for the carry
ing on of the name , and the national and
state legislatures called ujton to seriounly in-
quli o if not only government control , but If
uctual possession and management of trunk
lines from ocean to ocean bu not n matter of
necessity for the best interests of nil ,
The proposition to close the convention
with a banquet being abandoned the meeting
CliniitniKiun Circle Doinga.
The Hawthorne Cbnutauquu circle hold
an Interesting session at the residence of
Mrs. Van Horn , at Walnut Hill last evening.
The opening paper wab by Mr. Van Tuyl , on
the "Llfo _ of Columbus. " Tlirco' minute
tali,5 were given by * ouch of Jhe follcnviiic
persons : Mrs. Neely , "Clrctiln'tlon of the
Uloodj" Mr. Gardner "
, "Breathing nnd Von-
Illation ; " Mr. George Shoemaker , "Common
Salt ; " Mrs. Van Horn , "Current Literature
of England ; " Mrs. Fleming , "Tho Middle
Ages ; " Mr.s. Parmer , "Civil Service Uo-
form ; " Mrs. Stuart , "Homes of New Kng-
land Authors. " The exercises were varied
by musical selections rendered by the Misses
Van Tuyl and Johns , and n dramatic reading
ny Miss McCIure. The critics for the even
ing Were Messrs. Zoruaugk and Mr. Stuart.
Tlie Sliccly nntln I'osslWo Addition U >
thp Murray.
The Shocly building , which Is now receiv
ing the llnlslnngtouchcs , arid which has been
erected the past year on the northeast cor
ner of Fifteenth and Howard streets , will
probably bo used us n hotel. Itls n beauti
ful structure , centrally located , and with
some minor changes would servo excellently
for hotel purirases. Mr. Sheely has been
considering this matter for some time , nnd
Is now engaged with the architects , Men
delssohn & Lawrle , with a view to dctcrm-
iiiR what changes may bo necessary In the
The Murray hotel will not bo ready for oc-
cnpnnoy till nbout the 1st of February , at
the earliest , and the opening may bo
delayed. Mr. Silloway Is on the
ground patiently awaiting the completion
of the Interior. Notwithstanding the im
mense heightof the building it will only have
ninety-seven rooms. Hut this Is accounted
for by the fact that the rooms uro almost
prodigously large , averaging KlxlM feet.
Another scbcrao Is likely to tnko shape
under certain conditions In connection with
the Murray , and that Is the building of nn
addition to the same on B. F. Smith's lot
Immediately west. Both Mr. Smith and Mr.
Murray nro considering the project , nnd if
the original Murray proves a success , which
is not uncxiHjeted , they will Jointly erect the
addition , which will bo designed for 150
rooms. _
Unity Club's S foe 11 MR.
The Unity Literary club held Its usual
semi-weekly meeting at Unity church last
evening. Tliu session both In numbers and
interest -VMS even better than that of the
meeting of two weeks ago. The flrst essay ,
"Federalist and Anti-Federalist , " by Mr. W.
G. Burlington , although lengthy was very
interesting , nnd gave an excellent outline of
the rise 6f these two great parties. Mrs. C.
C , Beldcn's "Hamilton "
essay on , was finely
written and full of literary beauties. In her
delineation of the character of the great
statesuiah she. was warmly appreciative. The
essay commanded thfe closest attention. The
usual "conversation , " or informal discussion ,
which is a great feature of the club , followed.
The subject last evening was "Confederation
nnd Constitution , " Prof , H. P. Lewis presid
ing as moderator. The programno for Janu
ary C is "Manufactures and Tariffs to ISl'J , "
Mr. Jrvin Hichards ; "Jefferson and the Hiso
of the Democratic party , " Miss Uono Hamil
ton. Conversation , "Tho Historical Period
1TS9-1S12 , " Mis. O. C. Dinsmoor presiding.
The club has'tho reputation of being one of
the most Intellectual organizations in the
Dentil of.Tolui li. Ilnnlnn.
John L. Ilanlan , a well known plasterer ,
who has been confined to his bed for a week
| ) ast with inflammation of the lungs , died yes
terday afternoon nt the California hotel
whciO ho had made his home. Mr. Hanlan
was ono of the most impular tradesmen in
the city , and had a largo circle of friends
among mechanics of nil classes , He came to
Omaha from New York City , where he had
been deservedly popular among his asso
ciates , and lioio he quickly made fiicnds by
the score , nil of whom are greatly saddened
by his untimely death. Owing to his wide
[ acquaintance among the vaiious trades an
Invitation has been extended to the brick
layers , stonecutters and plumbers unions to
attend the funeral in a body , which will
occur on Sunday. The exact time and place
of holding the services has not yet been de
cided , awaiting instructions f i om a sislcr of
the deceased who resides inCHicaco , and has
been informed of her brother's death by tele
graph , Mr. Ilniihin was thirty-nine years of
age and unmarried.
to Secure the Next Convention
In ThlH City.
The annual convention of the Irish Na
tional league of America Is to ho hold next
August. It will bo attended by about nine
hundred delegates. It will continue for three
days. A deslro has been aroused among the
Irishmen of this city nnd section to hold the
gathering In Omaha , nnd steps will Immedi
ately be token to that end. The matter rests
with the council of administration , one of the
members of the sub committee of which Is
Patrick Egan , of Lincoln. The matter will
bo discussed nt the meeting of the league
which Is to be hold next Suudav afternoon nt
St , Philomcna hull , nt which M. V. Gannon ,
ot Iowa , und .1. T. Morlarty , of Ajils city , will
speak , the latter on Henry G rattan.
Person nl 1'nrnKrnptiA.
J. Jarvls , of Lincoln , Nob. , Is In the city.
E. C. Hornick , of Detlancc , la. , Is In the
C. S. Cowlcs , DCS Molnes , la. , is In the
C. O , Hoyt , of Beatrice , Neb. , ts in the
Henry W. Blake , of Beatrice , Neb. , Is In
the city ,
John II. Dnhl , of Nebraska City , Nob. , is
in the city.
F. M. Gllmore , of Fullerton , Neb. , U at
W. A. Hosse , Weeping Water , Nob. , Is nt
the Millard.
J. H. Mlrkoy and wife , of Osccola , Neb. ,
are at the Millard.
Miss M. Cogncy , of Plattsmouth , Neb. , Is
visiting in tlto city.
Miss Minnie Howk , of Nebraska City , is
visiting in the city.
U. M. Tnggart and wife , of Nebraska City ,
Neb. , are at the Millurd.
Attorney General Lncso arrived in the city
last evening from thu state capital.
Fred Nye , of the World , loft yesterday af
ternoon on the Burlington flyer for Chimgo.
After several months' residence at the
Pnxton , Dr. Leo and family have dceidcd to
try the comforts of more retired quarters ,
and their friends hereafter will find them at
1921 Cass street.
The Christmas " Kxcclslor. "
Tnc Christmas number of that popular so
ciety Journal , the Omaha Excelsior , was is
sued yesterday nnd is a model of neatness
and typographical elegance. It consists of
twenty pages lllled with Interesting articles
by well-known authors , and is elaborately il
lustrated. The paper is issued in hook form
with fancy covers. The first page Is devoted
to a statistical review of Omaha's progress
during 1SS7 , and Is embellished by a hand
some cut representing the Cleveland recep
tion. The second page contains n short poem
by Mr. Fred Nye of the World , much Inter
esting matter relating to new residences and
several fine cuts. Among the contributors to
this handsome journal arc M. S. Hose , Sara
.fowett , Staeia Crowley , Ed A. Batwcll , Lil
ian Hice , Minnie Maddcrn , Lu B. Cake ,
Milton Nobles , W. K. Goodall , Walt Mason ,
Marcy Shau , Alice Palfrey , C. W. Kyle , S.
P. Duulnp , A. H. Uothaclcer , Edgar C. Suy-
dcr. Pal son Tuchings and Clement Chase.
Messrs. Chase and Snvdcr , the editors of
the Excelsior , can well feel proud of their
splendid edition. _
Must Have Their Salaries.
The oases of the nineteen policemen against
the city of Omaha for their October and Nov
ember salaries , were heard before Justice
Anderson yesterday with Conncll and
Gilbert , attorneys for the plaintiffs , nnd City
Attorney John L. Webster for the defense.
Proof was made in each of the nineteen
cases , but on application of the city's attor
ney , the plaintiffs agreeing , the cases were
continued until next Wednesday morning ,
Throat DIsoascH commence with 'a
Cough , Cold , or Sore Thicnit. "liuwn'H
Jli'onchiol 'J'nirhcs' ' give 'mmcdialo ' iclief.
b'uW only In boics. Price iio cents.
Internal Kcvciuic Collodions.
Yesterday the internal re\enna collected
by Mr. Ballrtiitino footed up J0,327.2r.
Catarrh in the Head
Orlitlnntci In scrofulotH tnlnt In the blood. ITonco f Cnt rr',1 mny iiffwt any portion of the body whor
the proi > cr nipthod by hlfli to euro catarrh , ! ; lo llio mucous membrane l fouml , lint catarrh otth
I'liiili'V Tin : m ooi ) . Its imcy diinirrPtntila symp head l < liy the most common , .mil , htranw to sii ) ' ,
toms , nml tlio ( tanner of dovcloplnc lulo lironchiili , the nio't liable to be neslectud. The wonderlul uc-
or tlint tcrilDIlntnl dl ca < o , consumiitlon , aroeii- fcss Hood's fnrutparim lia1" hud In curing ; cutnrrh
tlielv rrWibved by llooil'j Sjrs.iparlllit , nlilcli Hires warrants ns In tirKlniall who biiltur with ihla illscnsu
calarrb. by purlfjrlug the blood , lU'.icl tbo lollowlu to lr ) Iho pcciillHriniMlrliic. It ronovutoi and Invlt , "
letter : or.ucs thu blood , unU tones every or uti.
"J rhcrrfiilly KlTO my pxpcrlcnco In thn 1116 of N. K. If jon huvo dpcldeil to net Hirad's Sarsnpu-
Hood's ) ariip.irlla. ! I liecn troubled wllli rlll.i ilo not he Induced to tuko any other ,
catarrh to sonic uttrntforu lent ; time , and hail uscil " 1 have been troubled with catarrh n year , c.uiilns
various niPJi''lncs wlih no good result. ) , wiu-n 1 > vns soreness ol tliu tubes Jiiil
so ttUvctcd
Tcrriltlc Ilcailarlie.
Speech Was DIUIciilt
I rend thut IIood'3 Sarsiiparlllii would euro catnrrh ,
nnd my voleo was cntlroly unnatural , I und after t\klnu' : only ono bottle I am much butter.
to TI P ! Iond' * nnn ! > nrlllti us H remedy , and with such Iscuicii
M ) catarrh , my thro it Is entirely Hell.and my
peed etfi'cL that In n few weeks cpoerh was easy , the "
lieaaachu hat nil disappeared. U. Glimo.NS , Huuill-
-\okoiintnra1fftnd luy pcnural huallli was much Improved
ton , Duller Co , O.
proved , oniuUmcs n return of the dlscao Is In *
Ouccd by taking cold , when I resort at oneu to the uro "Hood's Parsaparllfa cured mo or miller's catarrh ,
of Hood's Kius.iii.irlll.ihlth I keep hy'mo con- nnd built up my k'cnera ! health , so tint 1 um feellnit
KtanUy , and nliyays Iliul relief. I rpgurd Ilooil' sar- better than for > eirs. It l < tlio Ilrst mcdlclnu I over
kncvp of which nuuldcnru miller's c.itarrh. " ULOUUU
pitparilla ns an lnri\tuablo remedy lor catarrh , and
judiilng by Its , ejects upon mysult I cunnot sny too I osTt.n , .Miller at Wiliiht's Mill , Lomin , Ohio.
much ill pralso.1 J. S. t'ltl LV , Jcrkbo , Vt. lie Biiru to get tliu i'ecull 11 > nlkO c ,
Hood's Sarsaparilla
PoM by nil ilrucsMn , $ JsK ; for SI. Prepared only tv SoMbynlltlrueiJlsts , ? ) : slvfnrfi. 1'repirett enl > by
U. 1.11001) A CO. , Ai > otttocurlu , J-owcll , Jlitss. 0.1.11OOU \ ( O. , AltutliocnrluSt Lowell , Jlnss.
1OO Dosv'i Ono Dollar 1OO Do t > < One Hollar.
ICE TOOLS. Wire Rope ,
Buffalo Scales
Plows ,
Markers , , Scale Repair Shop.
Hooks ,
Grapples , OMAHA.
Slide Iron.
Health is Wealth !
MHwr. a guaranteed xpcclflc for Hysteria , Dizzl-
Deis , Couvulsloua , Fits. Xervous Neurulgln ,' , .Nervous I'instraUon rauseil by the
use of [ ileohol or tobacco , Wiikofulnb1. ! ) , Muntnl
Depression , yoftenlnt ? of the llraln ic ultlilK In
Insanity uud IradluK to misery , decay und death ,
I'lunmtnroOld j\Kf. Ilnrrt'nness , I.oss of power
In either sex , Involuntary Losses and Spermut *
orrlui'aiansedbydver otertlonofthobralnself-
abuse or over Indulgence. IJuch box tontalns
one month's treatment. } 1 Oda box , or Blx boxes
tor l.' sent by mall prepaid on receipt of price.
To euro any case. With each order received by
usfornKiKJies , nccompunlo'lwlth ' Wui. we will
bend the purchaser our written unaranteu to re
tuud tne money If the treatment does not ellett
a cure. Guarantees Issued only by C. 1' . COUU-
MAN , DriiuuUt , Bole Afcut , 111U Farnaui St. ,
Umaha Null
1707 Olive Street , St. Louis , Mo.
Ot the Missouri Stnte Muonin of .Mintomr , Bt.
Joul , .Mo. , Culterlty Coileno llospltul , J on-
dun. Olnm-n , Uerinmy nml NeY'oik \ lluvl
devoted their attention
Mora especially these arising from Impru
dence , imltu all no sintering to correspond without -
out delay. Jllsoasua of Infection und cuntiiKlon
I tnri'd safely and speodlly without use of dan-
KOIOUH dius , j'atft'iits wliosu ciw * liavn l eun
neglected , badly limited or pronounruil Incur
able , should not fall to iltons tone rnln their
Hvmptom ! . . All letters reu-lvo linmedlatu utten-
tfon ,
And ulll ho mailed rilKIJ to any address on ra-
telnt o ouo a-cunt htump , " 1'ractlcul Obsecvu-
lions on Ner MM Debility and I'hvslciil Ilxhaun-
lion , " lo which la nihled an "llssay on Mar-
rliiBe. " with Importnnt chnpters on diseases of
tliii ItepioductlVJ Orguns , thti Mholu forming n
\ aluiiblft medical traitUu \ \ hlch should bo read
hynll young inun. Addioss
DRS , S , and D , DAYIESON ,
17O7 Ollvo Street St. Louis , Mo.
- - -
Surgeon and 'Physician ,
Ofllcn N. W Corner Itth and nu Kla < St. Ofllce ,
tvlephouo , iSj ; KudlUeu u tulepbouo , MS.
TFI . who In his FOM.r niul K
liiuTKIl'LKItnvrny his VIUOHof ItOIIV.
M 1 M U and MAN IIOO l > . rauMtiR exliniiitlna
dralnt Upon llm I'Ol'.NTAINN of I.IKK ,
1IF.A1 > A 'IIK , 11i KAriIE , Drriulful
Drennn , WKAKNEHN of Memory , IIANII.
the FAfi : . nnd nil tlio EFI'ECTM lenillni ; to
KAItl.Y ItECAYnild porlmps ( 'OXNU.IIP.
TIOX or INSANITY. tliotiUl connult nt once
the t'ELEOKATEn Dr. Clnrke , KMnblHicd
1KM. Dr. Cliirko Imi raailu NEnV < llN UE <
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the UEN1TO ItlU.\AHY Orcnin a I.lfo
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, RVC taken or WHO has failed to euro you.
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Tlinusnnd * rnroil. Olllrrnand | > nrlon
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Hours , 8 to 8 ; Sundays , u to 12. Address.
F. D. CLARKE , M. D.
IBS So. Clark St. . CHICAGO. ILL.
CAPITAL . PRIZE , $150,000
We , the undersigned Hanks and Hankers will pnyntl
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.1. II ( Hil.K HY , Pros. Louisiana National Hunk.
riliUIli : LA.VAUX , Pres stale National IInk. .
A. 1IA1.IIWIN , Pros. New Orleans National Hank.
CAUI. K01IN , 1'rcs. UnlunNnlloiml
Oven HAM' A MILLION insTitintnr.n
Louisiana State Lottery Company ,
Incorporated In l&H. lorSS years , by llm iHMlslatuni
lot educational und Llmrlt'ible purposes n 1th a capl-
nil ot fMMUiU-io which n reseMO lund of o\er
tft'UM ) has slum lippn added.
lly un otenrhelmlni ; popular vote Us franchlso
WHH made a lurt lit tin- present conatltutlon adopted
December 2il , A. I ) l < ? i ,
' 1 he only lottery u\er voted on and cnilorsod by the
peopluot any state.
It never scales or postpones.
Us ( iinnilIciKlo Number DrnnhiKs take plncn
inonlhlj. Mini thedrand N > m.Annual | DrawliiE rcKU-
lurly e\en U months ( Iimo and li > iemlu-r )
A sl'lUNDID DIM'dlfll'MTV ' ! ( ) WIN A KOIl-
TDM : . I-Hat Crand DrawliiK , Cli s A , In the Acad
emy of .Music. New ( klcnni , Tuesday , January 10 ,
ls3l..tli Miintlil-l > r.iVliiK.
CAPITAL PRIZE , $150,000.
Notice Tick'ots arc Ton Dollars Only. Halves ,
$5 ; Fifths , $2 ; Tenths , $1 ,
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l CAPITAL I'lti/i : or jnonm . , , , fl3)m )
1 CltANI ) I'lll/.i : OH' HIIH. (
1 CHAXI ) I'ltl/.i ; Ol' ' 'JIIOI .
2 liAllltK l'ltl/l > OF llll IU , . . . . . .
t I.AUI.I : rui/ciid of .Mill 11) ) KM
ai i'ui/.ia : OK 1,1111 -Mt (
Hi ) ' . ' .Hill
.nil 41,1111
an " 3111 , JU.UII
aw " , RMWJ
100 Approximation I'rlrcs of . . t .U.WI
lu l Termlnul "
WAblll.NUTDN , I > . C.
Address Registered LettorMo
T > "IT\ri7T\Tl"I71 > That HIP prp'onoo of fiin.
J V lji > l IM > 1 I > I j 1V. c-ralH lieiuiretrtnl 11 n .1
Earl ) , who are In chariu ot llm drawing" , IH u uuut-
nnluo of ab nlnto I.IIIIOHH | atut IntoKilt ) , that UHJ
i Imncpa aio all uutial , ami that no onu can pu lbly
clU Inn what iiuiniiorllt dinvr a I'rirp.
ueMi\liiK : : ; that the | > u > nn > iil o ( nil \ > rtvi \ (
( till LANS , and the tl ( kt-t * are i lKiiotl by ibo pruNiiJunt
of an lntltutl(5n ( wbo o clitirtuiuil rights art * rout-
nlreil In the hluhot courti , Ihi'rcforu , benaro ol any
ui nations or anoin mou * prliLiiio .
" POPUl AR MONTHLY , " which lias
been aptly styled "TUB MONAKCH OK
run MONTIILIICS , " will be better than
ever. Articles upon topics of current
public intetest , sketches of eminent pcr-
sonfi , strong and biilliant btoiic.s , anil
poetry of a high order , profusely illus
trated by the beit artints , and all by
v liters of recognized met it , will til ! its
pages. To the old and favoiite corpt
of conliibutorsill.bc added wrltcisot
promise , and no effort will be spared to
keep the magazine ill the foremott rank.
In the November number was begun an
cat nest and powerful U'e ,
"PRINCE LUCIFER , " by Ella W , Pierce ,
which hns already attracted widespwad
atention an 1 dur.njd inullitudeK o
leaders. Subscriptions may begin ,
fcircd , with the Novetnbcrjnimber.
Each issue contains a
Full-Page Picture in Colors ,
the scries of twelve forming for the , > ear
a beautiful collection of gems of modern
the "Popular Monthly" contains 123 large
octavo pages , nearly twice the nutter of
similar publications , and is not only the
best , but by far the cheapest , of any of
the of magazines for the people.
$3 per year ; 25 cts per copy
Specimen copies , 15 cents.
53 , 55 and 57Park Place , New York-
Or the I.lnnoilliihlt , I'oMlhcl ) Cnwlhy
Administering Dr. llaiiivs' ( 'uhluu
It can be given In u cup of coircc nr ton without
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ly harmless , nnd will rlfect ] . < Tiimuem utid
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