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Charles Bellows Expiates His Crlmo
at Oharlos City.
Tlic Mlhrrnltlc AVretch'H Ilravndo For
saken lllni nt the IinHt Moment
nml Ho DICH Vnlnly Plead-
tfift lor Mercy.
An limn
CHAW. UITV , In. , Uco. 10 [ Special Tele
gram to the Hi.r. ] To dny will long bo re
membered as nil cvcnlftil ono for Chatlcs
City. Not oi'ily were the strcctH thronged ,
but the thoughts of niiiny of llio ptoplc of
lowu were upon the cllj whore , for the first
time in twenty-two jenis , WHS to bo pto-
scnlcd spectacle of n man
hanged , not for vengeance , but according to
oidvud Inw. Thoiowns no thought of ic-
prlcvcorcommutntlon , no woids of sjmpa-
thy or pllj' , but a sentiment universal Hint
Bellows must hunt , ' . All preparations for the
hanging weiu completed this morning , and
thcio was nothing to do but to await the
hour. In the enily inoinlng people fiom the
surrounding country began to pour Into town.
At 8 o'clock mound the jail all was excite
ment. A multitude had gathered thinking
they would be nITuriicd nn oppoi utility to wit
nets the execution , but they wcio not grati
lied. A fovv'icpoiteis , the shenlls of the
different counties of the state and those au-
lhori/cd by luw weio the only witnesses
inescnt Inside the Inelosmc. At il o'clock six
chosen men finm company J1 , I. N. G. , went
on duty , keeping much ai ound the yard in
which the gallows was elected.
Up toll o'clock last night Ucllows man !
fcsted the same delimit disposition as ut Ana
mesa , when ho staid to the watdcn :
"Sco that I am hung early so that I will
reach hell in time for bieakfast. "
Khoi tly after 0 o'clock last night the shot iff
cntcted his cell with n lottcr fiom his sister ,
Mrs. Watci man. The letter was handed ti :
Uellows and Sheriff Clntk tcoh occasion to ad
monish lihu to picpaic for cternltj as he
to bo surely hanged in the 11101 ning Hollow *
looked up his face and Haiti :
"I will laugh at .von on the gallows.
The slid iff then left the cell. Scon ho
heard moans fiom Mellows who was weeping
bittcily over the last wutten vvoidsof his devoted -
voted ulster. llo spent an houi ultciimtelj
weeping ovei the lettu and sweating at the
Jail officials Slioi tly aftei 10 o'clock lie sud
tlcnly seized a laigo aim chair and altemptcc
to strike down one of the death watches as
he was bent over fixing the liic. lie was
seized by ono of the irthci w. itches , however
nnd compelled to go to his cell cot ; and Ik
down , lie went to steep at once and did nol
waken until 4 a in. , when ho aioso and agab
wont to the guauls and demanded
that ho be libeiatod. The guiiidd ga\e him
no satisfaction , and he again went to Ills col
and slept for OUT an hour. He awoke for
the last tlmoshoitlv after 7. Ho lofuscd to
accept of any eatables whate\er. Ho was
appaiently in gloat agony ot mind but made
no refcicnco to his cnme.
At 10-IIO tile Jail inclosuro was tluow'nopen
and the foily-six holdeiB of tickets passei
In. A ten Iblc sound giceted their eais. It
was miiilo by Hollows In his cell sweat inc ,
nnd cm sing at , thoolllccis us they wcio put
ting the shackles on him. He succeeded ii
Inflicting an ugli wound by biting ono of the
guard's hands. Ho was forced to the wal
p d was liiinly bound.
Al seventeen rr..svtcs of 11 o'clock TSIicrif
Claik stopped on the platfoim of the scaffoli
ittrtl in a Hi m , clear \oico called the names of
tlio tvvclvo Juijmcn who had for."tod ' Hcl
lows Hitch icspondcd to his nnmo. The ,
death waiiant was then icad to Hollows ii
his cell. At llftccn minutes of 11 the death
maieli commenced. The window fiom the
ciiminal's cell had been taken outnmla&linr
way leading up to the gallows elected. Uj
they wended , the shciilT leading , follow ei
by tils deputy. Then came Hellows ii
tils stocking feet , pat tly caiuci
by { wo stiong men. Ho took i
position over the fap and btaied at the .null
erne foi a moment , his faeo weaiingasad
dejected look. His logs weio pinioned , bu
not a woul escaped his lips unlil
adjusted the noose , when he InoKoilown. ei.\
ing "Plcaso don't , please don't , please don't
please don't. " The nouso was then tightened
wjicn in almost inaudiblu woids he said.
"I inn innocent. "
His supportcis stopped on cither sklo o
him. ShciilTChuh moved to the icar .ind n
four minutes to 11 , with that ten iblo lie ficsl
on his lips , the tuip was spuing and Hollow
swung Into vicinity.
Hollow H.dld not sttugglc , except a sllgh
shrugging of the sbouldois and n convulsive
motion of hi feet. His pulse was up to It
thico minutes and .forty seconds afU-r th
diop fell anil then beiniuo less frequent mill
eight minutes and foity-thrco seconds v.hei
life was pi oiKiunccd extinct. The body 10
nialncd hanging for twenty minute" , when 1
was cut down and placed In a conln ut the
foot of the gallows. An examination piovec
that his neck had been broken in two places
Norelatl\es witnessed tlio execution am
none would accept of the remains. They
were bulled nt thu expense of the county.
MMH-ilSOl'THU CUtMi : .
The ciiino was ono of the most biutal am
cold-blooded over iccoided in the initials o
Iowa. H wus committed on the faimo
Chester Wileox. inTlo.vd lonnty , Iowa , on
tlio btli duy of July , JbMJ , the victim bcmc
his niece , Alice Wntct man , a beautiful gii
of sixteen. Hellows was bom In tlio city o
Now Yoi k mid cat ly in j outh w as dcpm ec
of n fathu's c.uo and was bionght up witl
passions unchecked and temper utibt idled , a
\'Ho and hnidenid vwolch , whose ovotj
thought was lieontioas and wliosu aims weio
Bolcly thogratitleatlons of tlio lusts of hi
Imtdcnod heart. For a Unto before ho
i cached his majoiity ho diovo a stioct car ii
Minneapolis and there went fiom bad to
\voiso. W.lth suih tt.ilts of ( hiuacter ns
those. lie came into the happy and highly 10
spcetod Watcimnu far.illv. and pio\e'd the
Roipcnt in their Eden. With no
icsjicct for tclf or kindred lie ,
oudcavoicd to dcstioy the virtu
of their daughtei , his nine1 , n highly mill
vatcd and much respected j nun , ? lady. Tail
Ing in tills illy attempt and being foi
bidden longer the pilvllcges nt n homo h
was laj Ing tlio foundation to destroy , w ithou
the slightest piovocntlnn except that cngun
deiod by n debased mliiil and an uttoilj liar
dened and con upt lieait , he muidniudth
poor gltl. wantonly and cruelly. Ha tut
Icaincd hit * lessons nf nnbildled passion oi
the sheet * and in tliu slums of gieatoltle
nnd the end Is but u legitimate Jesuit of thu
A Hi i : icpoitcr after ntldaof four mid1
southwest of Clint IN City , inihod ut the
beautiful \Vnteimaii ic.sidoneo and lieu
lorn-nod fionuMts. Watumnn , the details o
thu tragic afTair.
Hollows was engaged by hisbrolhcr-in Invv
Mr. \ \ a I olpcr on the faun. Mis
Wiiteimnn did not liku the nttcnUon ho was
paying her daughter mid she asked him to go
away and llnd another phico to vv ik. Ho
flccmed to tnko It all lit good pint at Histuntl
his mother moved Into the tu IghboihooJ niu
then lie tried to get Altco to lonvu homo
Shot tly after this lie had some words wit !
Mtv Wutcunan , and ho went to the house.nm
yhllo enraged } ihi \ to Alice thnt , lie woulc
outrage lief bclwo the year euctcd. A few
dins missed when one eveiilnghocntcicd he
loom uy means of a ladder on the outside
and undertook to chlorofoim tier , but wa
liiScov vied and wont away. Hoping
Hellows , and thinking that ull ttouhlo mlgh
bo avoided , Allco loft tier mother's homo bj
consent of tier paronto nndhlicd out as .
Bctvant in the family of Mrs. Wilcox. Hu
not bo. Kirlyoutho moining of the Sth o
July , Hellows came around to the tear nf tti
hotibo and called for Alice , who was wotklnc
in the kitJicn. to oo mo nut , as ha wanted t
see her. Tlio girl was fi lightened ami lies !
tatcdtogo , liutllnally went. The door tun
hardly clyscd behind her when Mrs. Wtlco\
heard the , report of a revolver and u scieam
to tlio door bho tUcw ) U open , nu
ooklng through tlio outer screen saw Allco
n the ground with tier head partly lalsed
rom It , lighting her assassin as best
ho could , and nt the same time
leading jnteously and Imploring the
Illnln to uparc her life. Untouched by the
ender voice , lie placed the miiz/lo apalnsther
jreast nn4 sent an unerring bullet ciushlng
hrough her hi east. Mrs. Wilcox rushed tier
Ittlo childicn Into the front bedroom , bolted
ho doors behind her nnd called to her bus-
mud. who was making hay near the house ,
for help. He had heard thctcportsof ttie re
volver , and at his wife's call stalled for the
louse. When ho came near lie saw Hollows
standing o\cr tils pro tr.itc victim. The
murdeier , hoailng him , turned nnd with a
tuli k motion llred the revolver and threw It
at Wlkox's head. Mi. Wilcox thought the
'ho ' was intended foi him and struck the fcl
ow oor thu head w 1th his fork handle , hi Ing-
jiff him to his knees. Hccticdout : "Don't
ill mo ng iln , I'm shot , " ami opened tils vest ,
showing the blood llowing from n wound in
the side. Wlleox thicw him Into a wagon ,
( nought him to Charles City nnd lodged him
in Jail. An Indignant and nn outraged people
ese up to n\cnge the ciime , and for n time it
looked as if Chester 1 follow s w as to be Ij nehed ,
but to thuctvdlt of the pcoulo the law was
allowed to take Its course. Medical
assistance was called and the bullet probed
for , nttu found beneath the skin In the back.
Ho slowly ieco\eied mid was. tiled in the
Is'o\cuibei tcim of couit , Judge Uuddlck pie-
siding. Against the advice of his counsel lie
hi ought In the plea of "Insanity , pioduccd by
m.iotutballon. " Ills actions bcfoie the
conit bcggais description. The tiial was
long and tedious , but. ( he Juiois , after the
ease was gl\en to thorn , weio not long in
leaching the \eidiit , llxlng the penalty at
death. When Hollows was hi ought Into- the
couit loom and the vcidict lead in his pies-
cnco n smile was upon his countenance , evl >
dently not nssumod , for ho said that the sent
encc was n icllef to him , ns ho piefcticd
death to llfo InipiNonmeiit. The judge pro
ceeded to i cad the death sentence in a voice
biokcn at timesbj'htiongemotions. Tluough
out the cnliio leading Hellows sat looking
ai ound the couit loom , accepting his doom
w lib u smile , ami show ing such utter lack of
feeling ns to lese all sympathy lie might have
had. A motion was made for unexvtiial ,
but was promptly overruled.
In his death to day on the gallows it is the
universal \eidict that Hellows leeched
naught but what ho justly deserved
A California Choke.
HAKcnsnup , Cain , Doc. II ! Thurston
Lee was hanged hcio to day for the mm dor
of John SmiUi in Match , IhSI.
Adoption of the Constitution and Elec
tion of OHiooi-8.
BAI.TIMOHR , PCC. Hi The American Fed
eration of Labor to day decided to i educe the
pci capita tax foi the support of the Kcdei-
ntion fiom } to ' of a cent per month and
impose an annual tax of $ > > on all state fed-
nations ; not to piovido a sahuicd organi7er ,
but to utlow the redeiution to employ sticli
special organizes as may be needed fiom
time to time. While local unions w ill not be
compelled to foi in themselves into state fed-
cuitions , jetlhoy ate sttongly urged to do so ,
After loecss consideration of the constitu
tion was ( omplctid and the documcnl
adopted. It was icsolvod to ask congicss to
shot ten the houis of labor In view of the de
creased number nf woikmen. The commit
tee lepoited that the lapid giowth of the
older icsulted fiom. Hist , the avowed purpose -
pose of the fedoiation to allow each tiado to
govein Itself , undseiond , to the discontent oi
the Knights of Labor at the bad management
of their nffuiis and the despciatv use ol
stiikes. The coiumittoo ivcoiumctulcc
the utmost icsibtanco to the cneroachmcul
of the Knights of Labor , niasmuel
as that oiganUation showed itself opposci
to the pi inciplcs of tiado unionism. Tlio re
port w.w adopted I
The follow nig ollleci s wi5ro olectcd by ac
clamation : Pi esident , Samuel L Goni)0is. | )
New Vork , lopieseiiting the Intel nation.r
Cigaimnkoi's union ; Hist vice pi esident ,
Daniel McLatighllu , icpiescntlng thu Illinois
Minei'H association ; second vk'o picsklcnt ,
Williain Mtitln , of the Amalgamated lion
and Steel WoikciT.1 usbpeiation ; secictary.
P J. McGuiic , of Phdadelpulr. , HroWicrhood
ofCaipcnteis and Joincis : ticasuiei , { J- > -
biiel Mdinoiison , of the Washington Hrotlier-
liood of Cai peiitei s and .loinei s' .
It was decided to hold the next convention
at St. Louis.
Die Itcliol
, Doc. 10 [ .Special Telegram to
the HTK. ] The committee appointed by tlio
new district assembly of "Hebel" Knights o :
Labor for the pui pose of di awing up aeon
stitution has decided to use llio old constitu
tion of the knights simply eliminating these
paits wlilcli they object to. The piinolpa
points mo Hint the iclations of the oidcrto
waidsothci labor oiganlzallous and paitieu
l.ub tiades unions , shall not bo antagonistic
but ratbet filcmllv ; the tiados shall bo
01 ganlred within the older hi tiadcs and the
mixed assemblies iccognizcd only foi poisons
who cannot for some icason or other Join 01
foi in n tiadcs union ; that each tiado and dis
triel shall govein its own nlTaus without in
Icifeienco fiom the general ofnVeis
vvhcioby all dues and assessment !
would i cm 11 hi In the distilet tic.ts-
ui lee , with the exception of what little is
icijuned in the limited functions of the gen
ci al ofllcnrs ; that theio shall bo no snhuict
ofticct' , but the oflkors Khali bo paid accord
ing to tlio time actually consumed in woik .11
ntatoof wages euri cut In their trade ; thai
tl'eio slwll bo no genoial lectmorsoi genein
Instiuctors or other siuccuies ; that no ofllccis
shall bo elected for moio ttmn n year ut n
lime. Thcso puuclplcs so closely icscmblo
those of the lodbration of tiadca that the
question. occtiucd if tin alliuuco wltti that 01
gnul/ation was not advisable , but no IK tioi
was taken on tlio matter. The name of the
new oulei will ptabably bo "The Independent
older of Knights of Labor. "
Scraps With Its Annex.
CHICAGO , Dec. 10 Open war was iimngn
t atcd this morning between the village oftl
ceis of Hyde Puilc , icccutly annexed to
Chicago , and the city ofllelals. The dispute
about annexation was settled In the coutts a
few dus ago by a decision In favor of Chicago
cage , mid Ma.\ot 'Kocho sent oflkers down
and took possession of tlio police and liio de-
p.utmcnts. Mavoi Picue and Comptiollei
Norton , of Hjdo Park , however , lefusedto
give up the village m-oids. The matter
ntood lu this hhnpo until this afternoon ,
when the cltj ofllelals took decided steps am :
diovo the opposing foices out of tlio 1U do
A 3llnlsoiralally San < lliagjcd.
Louisv it i c , Dec. Iti. Kov. Dr. Hasll Inn
ley , n juofi'isor in n Baptist theological tcin
Inaiy mid ono of tlio most prominent Hnptist
divines of the south , was sandbagged by two
masked ircu last night and fatally injuicd ,
Senator Gaiiity Hclcasc < l.
Cnirxcio , Doc. 10 Thoeaso against Slate
Senator CSanity for alleged unlntcntiona
bhootlng of Micliacl Kennedy , last month
was non-stiitcd this moining und Uaiiity was
icleised froi : * . his bonds.
A Now ( iolil I'ind.
ST. Louis , Dec. -Advice * fiom Presas
Ald.unn,1 In the southern putt of Tamaullpa < -
state thnt cxtonslvn depoh\ts \ of gold and ci
nubarornuieksilvci bcailn 010 have bcci
foundncar thcru.
Out tlio H.tnditH.
A. T. , Deo. 10 It was Icaincc !
late hiht niglit that the scouting party sent to
Cicnja in scinch of the Hoi nal bandttt > , foum
tinco inon , supposed to Iwlong to that band
near Chacala , ami shot them.
A Kerosene Angel.
Tot'EKA , Kan.Dec. 10 Mis. Matirt Katbci
was binned to death last night by her .dress
catching tlio while uttcmptlug to ictlll an oi
Tno , N. Y. , Ucc 10.-SpenclT & Perkins
diy goods mot chants , hitvo assigned. Liabil
Jtles , $50WOj aaets , f-JU.OUO ,
Second Day's Proooocllngs of the
Convention of Bopublicau Clubs.
( irosvonor , of Ohio , Itlps Open the
llcliel Itccord of Secretary
liantar and KlekH on Ilia
I'rontotlon. >
The Uo | > ulllcan Clubs.
Nr.vv YOHK , Dec. 10. The convention of
the icpubllcan clubs was called to ordcrabout
11 o'clock this mornlnp.nfter which the chair
men of llio different committees appointed
jesterday made their icports. Dining the
reading of the names of clubs , that of Juiiics
G. Hlnlno wns greeted with ticmcndous
cheering , but II wns .noticed that the Ohio
delegation was silent. After the lopoit of
the committee on credentials was adopted ,
Geiieial Hobinson. of the Ut.tnt club of Uing-
hamlon , N. Y.oneicd the following i evolu
tion , which was refeticdto the ptopercom
Kcbolvcd , That it is the duty of the gov-
ci nmcnt to place our tounti y in such state of
defense as will command the icspect of rll
nations , nnd for this puiposo ulnigo poitlon
of the silt plus revenue should bo devoted to
fortify Ing our bin hots , building ships for out-
navy and manufacture of modern uiltllcty
for proper at mnmcnt of same.
Giosvcnor , of Ohio , ofTeicd the following
icsolutlon , which caused a sensation :
Wheicas , It is the opinion of this national
convention of icpubllcan clubs that no man
who at any tlmo denounced Abiahum Lin
coln , while ho was president of the United
States , as "n buffoon and a clown , " or who
ever declined fiom his seat in the Uniteil
Stttcs scnnto that no man should
denounce JefToison Davis as a tiaitor
in his picso'ico and go uniebuked
for It , or who In his ofllc iul capacity as sccic-
tnry of the inlet lor prdctcd Hint the Hag of
the United States should bodisplajed at half
must on account of tno death of Jacob
Thompson , or w ho us senator of the United
States many years after the wnr lefused to
vote that the thirteenth , fourtccnlli ai.d fif
teenth amendments to the constilulion nrc
vulid nnd binding , otighl lo bo appointed to
or hold the high ottlco of justice of the
supicmo couit of the United States ; tlicie-
Kesolved , That L. Q C. Lnmar ought not
to have been appointed Justice of s.dd cnui t. "
It was then cniiicd on molion that all icso
Unions should bo refcrtcd to the committee
on resolutions without being read.
The peimiinent clmirman , William M. Ev
nits , then took the plntfoimnmidtiemcndous
cheering. He congt atulatcd the eonvenlion on
its oignnization nnd said its woik would
not intcifeio with any established oigani7a-
tlon of the patty. It would , like the "grand
old paity , " never acknowledge theiocould be
chosen a candidate greater than the party.
The dcmoctats alwnjs piidc themselves thnt
they nominate men gteater than their party ,
but that illusion bus nbout been despoiled.
Thu election of the man who at present fills
the chief executive otllce of the nation has
caused this , and Ihodcmocialicsoolhingsyiup
shows that it is totallv devoid of any medici
nal piopcities The paity never
had tiny candidate 01 pi inciplcs hostile to the
countiy's best intciests Those deluded citi-
/.ens who think so , mistake our pi inciplcs
and their duty. The clubs or leagues that
will bo oigunbed now will piove oigans ,
agents and channels for enfoicing the sound
polithal purposes fiom which the
paity never sluInks or feais. Thus the suf-
liage of this country will bo formed and
pci moated with icpubhe.m piineiples.
The speaker then icferred to the supprcs
sion of trie negro v oto in the south , and then
went into the message of Cleveland. He
thought the democrats might ti y and explain
it away if possible later on , nnd when they
cinnot do that , will ictiact. Hut wo must
hold them to it Wo have n
tight to that message. The * l hor-
ing class , who tend that message
xn ! ! ° o.c , tbiough the phiascs in which Is dis
guised Ins leal posi'on tow aid them. Some
people think that the icpubjjcnn senate will
picvcnt the picsidcnt from doing wiong
Nice way that foi the people to elect a pies-
ident , believing the opposile paity will keep
him sti night.
The di aft for the constitution for the na
tionaloigani/ation to be known as the "He-
publkan League of the United States , " was
juesonted. A piesident. tluoo vko picsi-
dcnts and a socictarv and treasuicr mo to ho
the oflkcis. A diaft of a constitution for
state leagues was also piescnted. The/ latter
aic to hold annual conventions but nrc not to
cspiess any piefoienws for any candidate
bcfoto any political convention. Any club
having twenty mcnibets is entitled to mem
bership in the state league. A convention ot
leagues during the j car ISbS Is also pi ov hied
The commiltco on permanent organization
named for president William M. Evaits of
New York , and a long list of vicc-ptesidcnts ,
nmongthem W. W. Tracy , of Illinois : E. H.
Congoi , Iowa ; H. W. Hieekcmulge , No-
biaska ; K. M. Ln Fallotte , Wisconsin. For
chief scciotary , Colonel Ctmtlcs W. Johnson ,
of Minnesota , with nine assistants.
Thp repoit was adopted and ivoto of
thanks tendered Hon. D. S. Hjan for the
able and impaitiiil manner manner in which
he had dischatpcd the duties of tcmpoiaiy
A icccss was taken till 3 p. m.
It was after 4 o'clock , however , when ttie
convention wns again called to order. New
Yoi k was the hist to arrive. They had spent
the recess in ono of the small halls at the
Grand opera house caucusing for candidates
to present to the convention its oftlccis of the
pioposcd national league. They had picpaied
the follow Ing list : Picsidcnt , Chaunccy M.
Depew , of New Yoik ; vice president , James
Ii. Hlanchaid , New Yoik ; executives oommit-
lecinnn for New Yoik. Edgar T. Hrackelt.
- The count made duuiig the icccss showed
1,3'J delegates present and WK ) clubs icpte-
scnted In addition to these ! ) . " > ( ) , the credcu-
tinlsof sevcnty-llvo clubs hnvo been pic-
scntcd to the committee , but no delegates
have applied for their credentials.
OAftcrChuil man Evaits had taken his scat
timid applnuso there weie icponted calls for
Genoial Nathan GofT , of West Virginia , who
climbed to the platform. Ho said in part :
"Wunicofn countiy that , bcfoto the or
ganization of the republican paity , wns suf-
fcinig from the blight of slavery , ignorance
and democracy.Voaiercpublkansbccaubo ,
living In that land , wu bcllcvo American
labor and industry should bo protect * d by
law. [ Cheers ] The democratic party lias
been false to that Idea. " The spcakei then
refetred to the war , In which sonic of West
Virginia's sons fought on the union side and
some undei stui s and bars , but they ull \ otcd
for James G. Hlaino nt the hist
election. General GofT followed with
eulogy of the icpubllcan paity pud
concluded us folldws."With Allison of
Iowa , LiiKoln of Illinois , Harrison of In
diana , Shcrnmn of Ohio , Haw lev nf Con
necticut , Evuits and Hiscock of Now Yoik.
Phil Sheridan of the United States , and last
bul by no means least Hlaino of Maine , wo
should win. "
Cheers followed each namo.
Chuiimnn Evaits , al the close of General
Golfs icmurks , stated that the commiltco on
icsolutions was icady to leport , nnd Hon.
John A. ICnsson , of Iowa , then icad the com-
mittco's repoil. It begins :
The associated delegates of republican
clubs of the United States , now assembled
foi the tire t time in national convention ,
docinitulit occasion for declining to their
cotintt.v men the pin i > oses of their orgnnl/a-
tion Wo hold it our dut.v especially to the
joung : men of the tommy , whoso patriotic
sentiments we would lonsu into political ac
tivity to give them icasons which will Jus
tify and demand their /oalous ( oncurtciico
and active co-operation In out clfoits. A
lengthy and careful rev lew is then made of
the deed * , of tlio icpubluan party fiom its
curliest organi/atiou , Un works of impiovu-
ineut , t cfoi m , etc. The preamble then * &i s ;
Wo ncknowlcdpo that there jet remains
much work of citizenship to be ui'ioinplished.
ThOioaio relics of baibarlsm still , but VT-
tlally eradicated , still contesting their rlglitrt
of supi cuiacj. and. among them are pol.v g.nni'i
' iol iutvmpcraucc.
that tlio republican pdrty was founded ujxin
principles of liberty , ininllHcd by law and the
1'ood order of Boe'lcty , these associated wllh
clubs cannot fall to contlnuo the war against
these ttiplcls of barbnrlsm till they ate
but led In the crave , wheio slavery sleeps
While these dclcgrttes were preparing to
assemble In council for Itielr pntilotlu work
as dutiful citizens , they nnd all their counlty-
men weie nstoUndcd by a message from the
democtatlc chief magistrate of the United
State's which abandoned nil precedents of
Ills picdcccsHorg The constitution rcouiics
him to give congicss information of the state
or the union. Every president from Wash
ington to Arthur has annually pci formed
this duty with dignity. This president lias
descended' so fur from their piuctlco as to
allow himself lo convert this constitutional
duty into n paillsan speech for llio complete
overthrow of the jtollcy lecnnuncndcd by the
founders of the government and especially
cndoisedby his earliest piedciessois in of
fice. We therefore call the attention of our
counlrymcn to tlio facts of their ow n recent
history under Hie Influence of a policy of pro-
Stallslics me Ihcn quoled going to show
ttio tat go Incicaso in the piospciity and
giowth of the counlry In nil wnjs since IbOl
Under ptotoctlvo policy.
We , therefore , nppcallng to the foregoing
history of the icpuhlican paitj and that of
the country identified with it , maKe the fol
low ing declarations :
Wo emphatically refuse to abandon the
policy of homo protection on which our unex
ampled national prosperity nnd ptogioss me
founded. The effect of the dcmoeiutic policy
would bo disastrous by transfet ring ninny of
oirr Industiics to England and robbing our
working people of their employment mid
wages , for the benefit of Hiltish manufaetur-
ei s by exhausting our accumulated capital in
paj ment of foreign debts Inclined for lin-
potted meichaiidlsc. and by damaging the
entire sj stem of ah Industrial and commer
cial Intel couise.
Wo piotest against it In the name of all
American labor nnd entei prise.
Wo iccogniye in the message of the head of
the demociatic party n tender to the counlry
of a choice bcl ween suppot ting Ihc laboiors
and Industiieaof Great Hiiluln and Euiopo
gcncially on thoono hand and on the olher
ihosuppotlof the Inhering men und Indus-
liial entei prises of America.
Wo icspectfully decline Hie foi mer , which
ho icconimcnds , and will slaud by our people
when wo elect a pi esident.
The pimclple of protection is founded upon
llio inteicstH of tlio cnliiecounliy , its su
preme objccl lo lender Amciica independent
of Em ope , to lender the United
States self sustaining ; to keep our
money nt homo nun gjvc employment to our
own walking people ; to substitute home
competition for foreljrn ; to build up towns
and villages ; to encouinge ngiBuituio and
enhance the value of farms ; to piovido homo
maikets for the farmer ; lo adopt our nianu-
faetuies to our domestic wants ; lo promote
the opening of lapid and clicap communica
tion between tliu states und teriitoiics ; to
open mines nnds dcvelou nil the vast re
sources of our countiy , so iichly blessed of
good , in all that Is needed to make a party
gient , contented nnd hnppy.
While the icpublican patty has since the
war lepeutedly cut down taxation and has
uniform , when in power , kept the surplus
within snfo limits , the demociacy have
shown themselves incompetent for either
duty nnd by persistcnlly icfiishig any 10-
duction of luxes unless coupled with n
destrucllvo assault on , American induslries ,
aie icsponsiblc for the nccumulalion of the
existing sutplus artd all the daugcis it in
volves. Wo believe thnt only the icstotation
of republican supremacy can give assui ancc
of unity , icduccd taxes , a toviscd tariff nml
n limited BUI plus , with the picscrvutlon of a
policy which alone saves us fiom becoming
the commercial slaves of Euiopo.
The continued icjusjil of the democrallc
house of i cprcscntnUvcs to admit tci i itoi ics
having a populationsuf high character itnd in
telligence , cxceediiiK in number that of sev
eral states of the im'uii , old and now , should
aiousc the indignation of all Ituo Amciicans
who behcv o in homo rule und constitutional
lights. "
We condemn IhoKosllhiynf Ihc dcmocialic
paity in the house of representatives to all
means for the advancement of broad , popu
lar education , and denounce Its
conduct in thwarting evety cffoit to consider
any mcaaUK ! foi this purpose.
Kev ivmg no past Issues , we insist , ns the
living question and indispensable bulwatk of
national seem ity , upon n free , honest ballot
und fair count in nil states of Iho union
We ch.iigo the demociatic patty with fail
ing to pi ovido out of the abundant i esourccs
of llio nation for the upbuilding of n moic
efficient navy for the pi election of our de
fenseless seacoast , for the restoiution of our
commoicinl marine so essential to the train
ing of Amei icnn seamen nnd to the extension
now of American tiado , nndweuigo the ne
cessity of piompt and cneigetic mcasmes for
those impoitant objects.
Woehnigotho democratic ndmlnisltation
with culpable weakness In guarding Ameil-
can industries und individual lights on tlio
high sens nnd in foicign hinds , while the ves
sels nnd piopcrty of our citi7cns have been
seized and sacrificed in fnicign poits , and in-
foi mation of what they vvcie justly entitled
to under our Ircalies withheld figm them or
made dependent on foieign interrelations ,
and wo demand a more vigorous assertion of
American statesmanship which shall restore
thoiespctt once accoided to the Just de
mands of our tepublic.
Wre charge the demociatic put ty- with
being recreant to the republic and Ihe pledges
of the president of prostituting the civil ser
vice to partisan { imposes. Wo hold that
these pi ofcssed friends of civil seivico re
form who accept and follow Ibis faithless
action in picfcrcnco to ttio patty which
placed llio civil service law on the statute
books , aio themselves untrue to their pro
fessions. We condemn any backward steps
in this reform und all lopoeiisy In its ad-
Wuchaigotho dcmocialic odmlnisliatlon
with Ii umpliiig upon the Just clnimn of the
soldicis of the republic and with reopening
accepted sentiments of deploiablo sectional
stiife by icmovlng the emblems of such strife
fiom tlio place wheiolhey ( paiclly repose in
the archives of tlio nation and jiclding only
after the indignant protests of the Amei nan
Upon thin hlslory nnd llicso dcol. nations
we confidently summon to our aid not only
thopatilotism of Iho1 cotinli , but its labor ,
its industry , its eommcicc und its statesman
The tepott was unanimously adopted
Adjourned untill UHmoirow morning.
Anti-Saloon ! ItepnblleanN.
SiHAcc'Bi ' 10. The i saloon
: , 'pec. ant 10-
publican stnto convention adopted a plat
foi m declaring an Irrepressible conflict bo-
Ivvccn Ihc liquor traflkj nnd elu istian civiliza
tion ; thai Hie saloon ought to be utterly ox-
lit paled , because the ] propt ictors hav o com
bined in open warug inst the Aincilcan Sab-
buth ; that the compairt "between bi ewers and
distillers has rcaelieu u poinl where the te-
publican jiarty mukt accept the issue and do-
j-luro a detei mined hostility to these enemies
of go < 5j morals ami sa'cred institutions ! n our
land , or abandon tliolr claims to bo patties of
law and order , copowd to vice nnd ciime ,
mmrchyniid socialisiS } points to Penir il-
vanin us nn cxnmi > lo of the bticccss icsulling
fiom u bold stand ; favor * proi'utlon ; : ' amend
ments , local option dnd icstiictioil l i lux.-
Albert Griflln , of Kansas , cliali man of the
national commiltco , imnoiinccd that when lie
called nn Hlaino scvuinl mouths ago Hlaino
said lie favored the unti-saloon movcmrnt.
Ni.w Yniih , Ucc. 10. [ Sjicclal Telegram to
the HI.P. ] Yachting men ar6 consoling
themselves over the improbability of another
challenge for. tno Amcthan cup with the
rumor of nn International Ktetun j ae lit race for
the prUe ofTeicd by the American .vacht club
twojcais ago , valued ut $10,000. The superi
ority of American steam yachts ns evidenced
by their brushes with fotejgn built cralt
nbioadhn > o iliJ'Tined Die EngllHh. It is
said that Cninmoaoio t'larkc , of the Hoyal
Clidejacht < lub , Intends to build a btuim
j ficht of the largest class , with a v lew of chal
lenging. Clnikowas hcio during the last
cup races in the hlcam j aeht Mohican , which
he sold.
It Will Probably Tnko Place Next
Thursday For the Holidays.
Two of Them Passed Upon lly Acting
Secretary Mnlclrovv More About
the Theater Sensation Hull-
road Discrimination.
A Passatfc-at-Arms.
WASHINGTON Hjmrui Tin : OMMIA Hrr , )
r > lj"FouiiTFr.NTii ! Srm.rT- >
WAMU.NOTON , D. C. , Dec. 10 J
Congress will take Its holiday icccss on
Thuisday of next week , and will reconvene
on Wednesday , January 4. The house
adopted ttjolnlresolution totlils cfToct to day ,
and , as it is the usual thing , there is no
doubt but tlio senate will concur Mhcn It
meets on Monday. The house adjourned
ov cr till Monday nexl , when the senate also
will be in session. Neither body Is expecled
to do any actual business until after the holi
days. The house committees w ill not bo an
nounced before Jnnuarj' , and until Ihey mo
oiganlred Iho 'work vv ill be inconsequential.
The only life at the capital to duy was in the
sharp speeches of Mr. Hoed , of Maine , who
is tlio republican leader of the house , and
Mr. Hatch , of Missouri , on Ihe democratic
side , over a concurrent resolution ofTctcct bj'
thelnttcr , ptovldlng for nn ad Join nmcnt of
congicss fiom Monday next to January B.
Mr. Heed c hmgcd the dcmocials , In bitter ,
smcnstic language , with a criminal waste of
lime , in which Mr. Hatch , in his icply , said
the republicans had blocked all effoi ts to im
prove time and relieve the country by tin iff
i cistovs rNEiiu.4"KA T.KNI > CATS.
Acting Sccretnry Muldiovv , In the nbscnce
of Secretary Lamar fiom the intciior dcpait-
incnt , is grinding oul n good many decisions
in Nebtusku land cases which liavo been ap
pealed. To day lie scut to the acting land
commissioner n modified continuation of the
decision of the toiler officer in the case of
Nnncj'Howinitn vs Jerry Griftln. involving
the n. e.'of , section H , tp. 3 , n. c. lange
! iO , west of the MeCook distt ict. The acting
sccietaiy decides that neither Hovvman nor
Giiflin is entitled to the land , nor is any ono
else cnlltlcd lo pi tor cnlry to the land.
In the case of Van Gordon vs Joseph W.
Ems , in which llio land commissioner decided
to lejcctthc final ptoof of Ems and held for
cancellation Iho filing the n. } { of tlio s. } {
of section 10 , township it , n. c. r. 23 , West
Hloomington laud distiiel , llio secictary finds
that "Ems has not acted in good faith , that
lie never established n icsldcnco on the land
w ith tlic intention of making it his home , nnd
that his prctcvidcd tinnsfcr of his homestead
to tils bi other wns for the purpose of qualify
ing himself lo make Iho affidavit necessary
in such cases , " and thciofore his final proof
Is lojcctccl and his tiling cancelled. The de
cision of Ihc land commissioner is afilimed.
Miss Lucjf Kbctl Hoi ton , whoso sensa
tional actions at Albaugh's theater last night
I wired tlio Urn , was examined bjDr. . H. J.
Poole nt the station house to day , nnd tie gave
it as his opinion Hint steps should bo taken to
secure proper ticalmcnt for her at the insane
asylum. It is feared bj' ttie police officials
that shojniget , if she goes ut liberty , attempt
to shoot Senator Moigan , Lieutenant Amiss
sajs she is much cmbittoicd against the sen
ator on account of the part ho took In uphold
ing his son at the time of the shooting a ( Tali-
referred to. Sha talks about It considciably
nnd the lieutenant thinks that in some cvsey
.moment she might attempt to shoot him ,
Lucj'Hf > > ton , who is piobably twenty-four
j ems old , made her Hist aupcui anco in Wash
ington in IbsO , intioducmg hctself in lather n
startling manner. She Jiad come fiom her
homo in Alabama , following John Moignn ,
son of the senator , from Alabama , whom she
charged with having betrnjcd her. She met
joung Moigan ono evening ut dusk on ttio
sti eel and shot at him. The ball struck him
In the shoulder nnd did not inflict a sctiuus
injui.v. Misslloiton wns nuosted , but the
chili go siirnmst tier was novel pushed.
She was snicl fo bo insane , and spent some
time under Meatmen ! ul St KliAiboth. Many
persons hcfiicndcd her , nnd she sccuied a
) Msition in tlio postotmo department which
she still holds. Since then John Moigan has
met a It agio fate. Ho wns drowned in the
Potomac above West Washington a ago
last summer , together with a joung woman ,
by the upsetting of a canoe This moining
she was excited nnd icfuscd to leave the
station , having the impicssion that she had
been nrrestocl. On the blottei of the station
"insanity" is wiitten opposite her name.
Miss Horton , when she shol Doling Moigan ,
was a slender wisp of u gill. The Miss Hot-
ton of to daj' is quite plump. She wus at-
liied in a dark blue chess with deep icd tilm-
mings. Her fuco is full , but wus very pale *
to daj' , nnd her daik hair is cut short.
"It was an outiago , " she said. "I think
John Moigan or Geotgo Moigan got them to
do it. "
"Were you not ill at the thcaler ? " was
No , I was nol. I had boon looking at the
play and was amused. When thnt man shot
the woman I turned to my companion and
said : 'I do not like to see such tilings , oven on
the. stage. I wonder what play this is'and
then I turned to look ul my piogiammc ,
turning so the light would fall on it , and I
could sea tlic name of the play. As I did that
two btutessebed me and I was bi ought lioie.
I will not leave here until this mailer has
been invcsligatcd. "
Miss Hortcn , il v\as thought , gave way
under the stiain upon tier ovciwi ought
nerves , duo to the emotional chaiactcr of the
play , mid the to her cspcclnlly suggestive
scene In which the pistol plajed a part. Miss
Hoi ton , during times of excitement this
moining , asked fora pistol and seemed in
tent on doing damngo oithei to lieiself or
otlicis. She has been lodging in the house of
Mr. Luvv rence , No. liU ! ( G sttcet , and lie in-
toimedLicntennnt Amiss thnt tier nctions
had been strange forscvetal weeks. She has
been under the cut e of the police before , and
Lieutenant Amiss oxpicssod the opinion that
she suffered from lite cffecls of some drug to
which she was addicted.
Omaha Is nol to bu alone In lior fight against
railroad discriminations. Tjoino southern
elites intend lo make complaint , it is stated ,
upon grounds similar to these occupied by the
mctrojKjlls of Ncbiaska. To duy the intci-
statc commerce commission gave a heating in
the case of John H. Mai tin and M. H Alar-
tin , of Denver , Cole , who allege violation of
section 4 of the Intel-state law the short
und long haul section on the pint of the
Southern P.icifipcompanj' , the Cential Pacific-
and the Union Pacific roads The complain
ants allege that in the transportation of ducd
fruits fiom San Ftancisco to Denver thotail-
load companychuigcs fi ! ) , while fiom San
FMtnclsco to Omaha , a distance much gi cater ,
the charge is onh ? I. ( ) " . H Is further slated
that the rate back fiom Omaha to Denver is
only (1.40.
* " 1 If-Wi to-night that there is In di dilation
among 1 ? * Knights of Labor throughout the
countrj-iipou0" ' to congress for the estab
lishment of n 8y2 * ni of tclegiaph by the
government upon the prn proposed by Sen
ator Ciilloin , of Illinois , \vS ? jntioduicd a
billon the subject this week. lt3 ! aid that
Senator Cullom anticipated the movemCn' by
the knights nnd he is to be their
champion in the upper blanch of on
this topic. If tlio Knights of Labor go about
thclt demands in concert nnd iiuiicstness
then * is little doubt Unit they will succeed.
Thu petitions from the knights aio ox pec ted
to appear in congic ss very soon itftci the holi
day icccss , when the agitation of the subject
of govetnmsnt tclegiaph will begin
with gicat earnestness , The Knights
of Labor wfeld a very potent influence
here' . It is said thai every mcmbur of or-
gnni7cd labor will hnvo an opportunity to
sign Ibis petition , and it is believed that
cvciy one v.'lll atueii his or hci
The canvass being made is the most thorough
llcpresentativo McShaiio lefl Ibis nfler-
noon for Boston , wlionco he goes Immediately
to Omaha.
Major Sawyer , of Lincoln , Is In the city to
await a decision of Iho suptemo court in the
Lincoln habeas corpus case. The major Is
one of the defendants In the cnso.
Senator-elect Granville C. Moody , of Deadwood -
wood , Is hero and sa\s Dakota people piefer
to not bo annexed to statehood If they cannot
tmv e their tci ritory lit st dlv kled.
The postmaster genet al hns positively re
fused to grant the petition for tlio establish
ment of Loinn postofllce , in 1 too no county , on
the gt ound Hint an oflhu nf that mime al
ready exists In Hutler. The patrons of the
oflleo mo culled upon to fuinlsh another
C. W. Huoker , of Iowa , has been npXlnled |
lo n olcikshii ) In the. postofllco depai Uncut.
Ho will sign the pay roll tw SHOO n jenr.
Calvin S. Wlienton , of Cedar Kuplds , In ,
grand chief conductor of thu Outer of Hall
way Conductois , Is at the Ubbitt.
It is believed that the house committee on
tules will he composed of the speaker nnd
Messrs. Unndnll , Mills , Heed nml either
General Utow 11 , 'of Indiana , or Mi' . Cannon ,
of Illinois.
Ed Hunter , chalimnn nf the Iowa demo
cratic state committee , was n visitor at Ihe
house to-day. Prnnv S. Ilium.
A Hi-lef ScRHion ol' the Honse.
WASHINGTONDec. . 10. > A concuitcnt icso
lutlon was submitted thnt w hen tlio houses
adjoin n Monday , December lit , they stand
adjourned until January " > , nnd , ufter consid
erable debate , thu icsolutlon wns amended
sonstomako the udjouinmcnt for icccss
occur Thutsdnj1 , December "i. '
Mr. Tovvnshend of Illinois otToied n rcsolu-
tkm providing that next Mondny shnll be de
voted to the intioduclion and icfereneo of
bills nnd resolutions. Laid over till Monday.
Mr. Hlanctiard of Louisiana oftcred a ics
olutlon expressive of the i egret witlt which
the house has heard of tlio death of E. W.
Hobeitson , Into member elect to the fiftieth
congtoss fiom Louisiana and then , ns a maik
of icspcct , the house ad join nod until Monday.
Capital City Notes.
WASHINGTON , Dec. 10 Compli oiler Trcn-
helm , colllcio commissioner of the Ficed-
men's Savings nnd Ti ust comnanj' , to day
submitted to ttio house his annual icpoi t ,
bowing a balance , December 3 , of $0,101.
Thoi e me still duo 1-HUi claims amounting to
$7)14 ) , and not paid because no demand hud
been made. The available assets , estimated
at $ ltbl" ! , are consklcied sufllcicnt for the
pavmcnt of these chums whenever called foi ,
nnd for defraviiig the neccssarj1 expenses of
the oflicc. The commissioner icnewcd Ihc
suggestion contained in his last icpoi t , con-
ccininglho payment by cougicss of the bal
ance duo depositors ; submits the draft of a
hill for Hio put pose , und quotes the tecom-
inendat Ion thnt congicss dischuigo its plain
duty in the matter.
The sccietatj- the interior lo day tians-
milled lo Ihe house Ihe icpott of the cominls-
sioneis appointed in conjunction with the
Texas state commission to tun a line between
a poitlon of Iho Indian tci ritory and Texan.
The CJcommission has teased its lubois ,
not being able to effect , a settlement
of the conttovcisy us to thu point
wheio the 100th mciidian of longitude
ciosscs the lied tivcr. In tu cordance with the
ttcaty of IblO between the United States and
Sccietary Endlcolt loft thecity lo night on
a lour of Inspection in the west.
The clci k of Ihe house has complcled and laid
bcfoie thai body an index of .southern claims
and claims refei red to the couit of claims
under the LJowman act. The total number
of claims reported to congiess is & ! ,3IS ( , which
includes allowed , disallowed and bancd
cases , involving the sum of $6o.J" > , ] , r > Ul of
which amount the sum of HGJtyj50 was
allowed ,
Nebraska , nnd Iowa Pensions.
WASHINGTON- . 10 [ Special Telegram
to the Hisu.l Pensions were issued foi the
foils wing J-felnasUaiis to-day : Abil A. ,
widow of Coinollus Bnkei1- , Union KidVo.
Mexican wnr Alficd H. Stevens , Hivciton.
OiiKinul Benjamin 1Trair , Hcrliand. In-
cicnse John 1J. Hamilton , Cameo.
Pensions for lo wans : Yaltcr ( deceased ) ,
father of John Djkcman , : Mahala ,
mother of Hcniy C. V.iughan , Monroe. ISl'J
Susan , widow of John Wick , Etnmctshmg.
Mexican war John Kulbnin , Motilton ;
Philip lit adsti eels , Tiflln. Oiigmal Jona
than H. Fellows , Eminctsburg ; Isaac A.
Ilnidenbrook , Pianlc Citj' . Inci case Cor
nclius Joiditn ( deceased ) , Hoono ; Geoigo
MiUcr , Council Uluffs ; Clinilcs W. Moigan ,
Chainda ; LukoMcLoney , Eddyvillo ; Chat Ics
H. Thompson , Knoxville ; Edwaid Muiphj ,
Utica. Ifeissue Mnitm ilaiinifjlon , Clicto
kco ; Mjion E Hillings , Waveily.
A liny Noun.
WASIIIVOTOV , Dec. 10 [ Special Tclegiam
to the HIM ; . ] Leave of nbscnco for six
months has been giantcd , on suigcon's cer
tificate , to Captain Thomas C. Lcbo , Tenth
cavalry , with permission to leave the Dcpatt-
mcnl of the Pacific. Leave of absence has
been giantcd , on ccttlllcato of disability Do-
ccmbor 7 , Ibstl , to First Lieutenant A. Mann ,
legimcntnl adjutant. Seventeenth infuntiy ,
extended Ihtcc months The extension of
leave of absence gt anted Second Lieutenant
James H. Waters , Twentieth Infantiy. Oo.
lober 18 , is further extended to include Janu-
aiy 1 , lb > 8.
Ilostored to the People.
WASHING rev , Dec. -Sccictniy Lamat
to daj' Issued an Older directing all lands
herctofoio withdiawn and held for Indem
nity purposes under giants to tho' following
named mill oad companies to bo icstoicd lo
tlio public domain and ofleicd to settlement
and tile undci the gonei at laws nf tor giving
the usual notice : H & M , Chicago , Hock
Island iSt I'licilie , Cediu JSapids & Missouii
Hiver , Dubiiquo & Pacific , CliUago & . Al-
lunllc , and Chicago , Milwaukee A. St Paul In
Iowa ; the St. Joscnh & Dcnvci City , in Kan
sas , nml the ( Chicago & Noitluvestcrn in
Michigan and Wisconsin.
To Piepay InleieNt On Komln.
WASHING roUec. . 10. Arranpemciils are
now being made at tlio trcahuiy dcpaitmcnt
foi the paj rnent nn Januaiy 1 , next , of (8-lt ( , -
( iTOintcicslon United States bonds and Pat illc bonds. 'Ibis is in addition to Iho
$545,4,7 inteicst which would have fallen duo
ul thnt date , but which has been picpald with
Utali'n Slate Constitution.
Wtsui.voio.v , Doc. 10. A committee of
citizens of Utah , headed bj Deli gate Calno ,
to day waited.on Spcakir Carlisle nnd Sen
ator Ingnlls and iiiesentcd to thorn copies of
the state i onslltutlon adopted at the last
Utah convention.
The Hlair Kditriillon Hill.
WASiiiNorov , Dec. Hi 'J'ho tenute com-
mittec on education held u m < etlng to day
and unanimously otdcicd a favoiable icport
on Iho Hlair education bill II will bo 10-
Iicited as it passed the sc.iato in the lust con
Postal OlmiigoH.
WASHLNQTOV , Dec. 10.-Special ( Tele
gram to tlio Hi EThe following Ncbiusl.a
liostmuster-i vveiQapointcd [ ) today. William
I. D Hiaiidun , MeCann , ( 'lieny county , vice
William H. C.utcr , icslgncd ; Haul Jones ,
Ncoma , Hoono county , vice Hit am / .
Snoldcr. leinovcd
ThoofltinUt 0-dby , Alamakic county , la ,
was uiscontluui n k ) daj' .
Tory Tieaulifiry.
LOSIION , Dee -Justin MeC.n thy , speaki
intr at Hull lasl night , said tlmt before tlic
lastcleclion Lot d Carnal v on nocotlatod with
the Patnellitcs with the object of ousting
Gladstoiro. Ho stipulated thai tlio consciva-
fives should conrrdo the inc.isuu )
tin ) liomo mlo dCHired by 1'arnHl
and' tilmsolf , The ncgollullpns collascd ) )
becuu'c Parncll ronoidcrcd GludsLono llio
best mau lodQal.wi'.b.
A Trio of Iowa Grnvo Robbers
tared in the Act.
The Town of MltchcllUllc Greatly K
cited and Throats of lynching
lYeel > Made The Mis-
cieantH Jailed.
Hob ) -Snntchci N Captnrcil.
Dr.s MOINI.S , la. , Dec. 10. [ Special TolO
giant to the Hun.J Thcie wns a startling
cnsu of attempted giavo inbhery n few mllci
fiom this city caily tills moining , in which
the lobbcis weio caught In tlio net nnd nnn
i ow ly escaped Ij nchlng. On Wednesday Mr (
Cathailuu Clallin , aged sixty , niolhcr-lti-lnW
of finmer tcsicUnt of this city , wns builccl
In thoccmoteiy nt Mltchellville , having died
on Monday of pneumonia. That day parties
at Mitchcllv Illc , which is at llio eastern edge
of tins county , received tin anonymous leller
saj Ing that the grave might bo lobbed nnd
thai It would bo well to bo on the watch.
That night Constable J. W. Jones , L. E. KcL ,
ley and W. W. Hedges watched the grave all
night , but no onodistut bed the good woman's )
last testing place. Ycstculay a man was sent
to watch the tiahis and ho saw a young man
since identified as C. S. Porter , ono of the
gtavc lohbers get oft the tinfu fiom DCS
Molnes at 11 o'clock. Poitcr went to the
ccmelery and was shadowed. Ho went to
tlio northwest coiner , climbed over
the fence , looked mound , went cast U
quarter of n mile , then ictmned to the
ccmctcrj' , then south to tlio ralltoud , over to ?
Iho depot mid home on the noon train , which
was talc , or he could not have made it. Last
night Constable Palmer , S. J. Oldlleld , Ucrt
Pattcison nnd Ljmiin ICnowlton watched the
EIUVO. Thoj' hemd nothing till 'J o'clock thin
moining , when a wagon diovo up fiom the
west w lib Hitco giavo robbcis with shovels ,
a ti mil : , etc. Two of the men got out nt the
west gate mid the dnvcr then diovo loiind to
the oust side of the ccmetety and staved in
the wiigon. The faithful guards watched
quietly for about half an hour , while the
other tw o men pi occeded to throw the cat th
fmm tlio newly tilled giavoof Mis Clallin.
When the villians woiu within n foot of the
coftln , so deep that they were out of slght
tlio guards closed in on them and took them
completely bysuipnso. Thej said nothing
nnd submitted to uncut without leslstnnco ,
The driver of the wagon wns then taken Intel
custody and tlio tluee piisonois taken Into
the stoic of J. H. Jones , inMitchellvillowhcr
thej' piovcd to bo Dr. Thomas J. Jones' ,
a well known diugglst living in South Dcsi
Moines , C. S. Poiter , mi cclocic medical
student , nnd I1 W. Potholl , a huckster , nndj
son-iti law nf Mr. Webber , the blower ol
this city. The most intense excitement pre
vailed at Mltci'ollvillo nnd thicks of lynch ,
ing wci o fi celj1 mndo. In oHoi tc nvoid vlo-
tome the oflloois btought them to DesT > lolnoa
on the b o'clock 11 uln tills moining. Infor- '
mntion chuiging them with the violation of q
sepiilclne and cxposuio of dead bodies was
filed ngalnt 11 cm bofoio Justice Collctider ,
who fixed Monday , December i-'O , for tlieis
iitcliinln.uv hearing nnd put them undCB
bonds of Jl,000 each , pending the llhdlug ol
which they wcio locked up in tlio county
Mr. E. K. Clofton , husband of llio lady
whoso grave was llius clcsc ei alcd , is
an amiable nnd highly i cspccted gentleman ,
whose fuco is u familiar one about the coin C
house , wheio he sometimes solves on juries ,
He said that the vvoist feature ! of the crime-a
was tlic ti link tm icd inside , in which Ihoy
intended to place his wife's icmalns
It being t open ted that Jones mid Poiter
acknowledged tlic ciime. of which thu pen * ,
atc.v Is two ysuiV impi isonmoul In the ponl-
tontiaiy , whotlior thonflt-niptsd rive robj
boiy Is successful or not , nnd tlnit PolthOS
positivclv denied all knowledge of llio pur-
jiosooftho othois , a lepoiler visited llio
llnco in j.ul. Jones is a small man about
thirty fhejoais of .IL.O. Porter Is taller and
positively Old"r , Potthon is a simple1 mended
and honest looking liU'ium ' , piubibl.v thirty
.vcaisold. The lepoitcr us'lred ttiem how
they c-ame to commit the act for w Inch they
weto inipiisoned. Dr. Jones begun to tolls
"Things me Just about tills way , " said lio.
"Wo mo medical students nt the cclectio
college. Hofoie wo can pi.ieticu wo have to
gindunto , beliiio wu c.iu laduntu wo must
dissect , mid bofoio wo dissect we have lo t
have subjects to "
Hcio Poitcr , who alone seemed to tealtzQ
thcgiavilj of Ihcii situation , Intel posed and
pleaded wllh Dr. Jones not to put it that
way , as it would cicatc a bad iiiipicssion.
"You can saj'this , " said Porter. There
was a good deal of feeling and some talk of
violence ngnhist us nt Mltchollville , but
when they he.ud what wo ho to say they fold
more kindly towauls us "
PoltholT. the man who diovo thu wagon ,
declmod in biokcn English that ho Had no
idea of the men wcio doing , nnd bull !
Jones and Poitcr that Him was
Poitoi lives nt Macksbuig , Madison county ,
nnd nil tluee of the piisoncis are ninrncd
lotva Htipicine Court
Di.s.Mois-i" ) , la , Doc. -Special [ Tolo-
gtam to the HKD ] The supiomc couit ioml <
eicd the following decisions hcie to day :
Huilhut , Hess & Co , appclhmlbsD.K. .
F\oek \ , Co. and J. L Tovvnscnd , intci vcnor ,
Dallas county. Kevoised .
C P Teal , uppcllant , vs A M. Abraham
el al , Maliaska distiut Afltrmid.
Thomas Hobinson vs Chicago , lloek Island
.1 Pacillc i.illioad , upiiclhint , Apiianouso cir
cuit. Koveised , Uoetl dlsbuntlng. j
X'l.ineis dale vsV. . H Hohnntn , appellant ,
Cicston supenui couit. Allltmed.
Homy Huggy company vs J H. Pott ,
gariiishee , uiipullant , Union distilet. Af-
Hi mod. ,
Henry Low is vs J. S baylois , appellant ,
Wnjno ejicuit. A tit lined ,
State of Iowa vs John Dow , appellant , Ma *
haskn dlsti U t. Alllimcd
.State of Iowa vs J W. UoiMej nnd Joseph
Hczak , Johnson dlsti ict , A lib mod
Susanna Ciimpbell vs Jaims K Campbell ,
appellant , Adah district Allhmc < l.
J. 1C Kciiii Son vs H ( ! Wilson , np
pellant , U'nglit disliict | { e.voi ( d.
D M Osboine.t CD . appellants , vi Ficd
Saminorson , Wiight distikt. Afllimed.
Kdwin H.nloss vs.lohn Defoic , appellant ,
Mltihlldlstrlt. ( Kc'vciwcd.
Lucy A l.ui C. appellant , vs Ctorgo Moore <
ho ul and H. 11. .Udlis , lia'rlson distilet. Af
Killed In a
In.Dcc. . 10 [ Special Telegram
to tlm Hi.n.j ChVilcs Chapman , n brakeman
on thu Mllwaukceuoad , was caught In a frog
hist night whllo coupling cats near tlio round-
house. The cntlio tinin lan ovoi him. The
X mains wcio taken to Iowa rails , whcro hid
father i
Kieaiiihblp An ivnlH. '
Ni.vv YOKK , Dec. 10.-Special [ Telegram to
tlio Hi h 1 Aiihodi-Tlio Stulo of Pennsylj
vanlu , fiom Glasgow '
LONIIOK , Dec H. Ai lived Tlio Etiurla , ,
from Now York. i
Pun Ann HIM , Dec. 10. Arrived The j
Nciiwcgian , ftom Glasgow.
An Ancient liiindinark Oonc1.
liu.iivimr , Dec. Id Genoial Samuel W.
Smith , ng"d cthly ) sight , die d Ust night. Ha . . '
was a sun ol the lion Robert S.mth ! , secret
taij1 of state and of Die treasury during thu
admlnlsttatkn of 'J homiis JetTeison.
Nalninl ( > iiH In ritlll'm nia.
SANM ANA , ful. , Dec. HI While boring
nn artesian wcl ) in I'ait view , nix miles front
hen ; , .vcstordny , gufe wai struck la