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Freight Dashes Into a Pnssongor
Train In Iowa. .
In Omaha Man Killed nnil Two
Others Il.ully Injureil The
AVrcolc Ciiu ccl lly the
Heavy FOR.
Vnlnl Wreck at Porclvnl.
PrucivAt. , la. , Dec. 7 , [ Special Telegram
to tlio HiiJ : : A frightful i.iiltoad accident ,
Musing loss of life and serious injuij'toa
number f people occurred at this place last
night shoitly befoio 13 o'clock on the Kansas
City , t. Joseph & Council Uluffs rallioad.
Passenger train No. I , bound south , was de
layed at the depot by u hot box and consld-
Drablotlmo was"consumed In fixing it. Con
ductor Honiinvyny sent the tialn boy bu'ek to
Hag fi eight' tiuin No. ' . ' 0 , which
was following the- passenger , hut the night
wasveiy foggy and the engineer of the
Height failed to see the lightdisplu.ved. The
Iialn was running at tremendous bpi-cd and
crashed Into the ( deeper of the pasu-ngor ,
tclescop'iig It In a fearful manner and causing
ti scent1 of wildest confusion and dismay.
Just as the fi eight approached the engineer
Of the passenger train saw the headlight of
the fi eight und stalled his engine ,
which paitially overcame the shock
of the collision and uiUoubledlj saved the
lives of every passenger in the sleeper. Tlicic
weio only ten of theio , Including ono lady ,
Miss Wei nor , of Philadelphia , and nil weio
li.oio or less Injured , but none fatallj.
Claienco Wright , an Omaha printer who
Imd reccntlj- been emplojod on the HII : : , was
on thu fi eight train and was to frightfully
ciushcd when taken fiom the wreck that
theie was no hope of his recovery Ho was
lemoved to a house near at hand , wlwic ho
died to night.
An unhnovv n man , who was stealing a i ido
on thu freight tiain , and supposed to bo a
] ii Inter latolj 'woi king in Omalia , was taken
fiom the wreck dead. Theio was nothing on
Ids PPIHOII to Indicate hl < Identity. .
Dell H. Goodrich , assistant scoi clary of
the Omaha Cable Tramway company , living
at Kit South Tenth street , who was a passen
ger on the'train , was badly cut by fallingglass
but otherwise unlnjnre 1.
P. H. Tucker , of the tram
way company who vvas.on the tiain , was also
Injuied by falling ghun , being bully cut on
the face and halids.
Hoth tiains weio bully wrecked by the
collision , and the freight enj'ino w.u icn-
deied almost woithless. Tlio engineer and
Ilieman saved then- lives by Jumping fiom
the engine and wore but slljrtitlj * injured.
The road was b i-llj' blocked all tlio morn
Ing by thu de-br.s , but the wreck was cleared
away In thu afternoon and tiains weie again
Thco Wiight , a biothcr of ono of the men
Killed , aiiivedhciclatoto night from Omaha ,
having been appiised ot Ills biothei's fate by
Idegiaph , He will take charge of the 10-
Tin- Dakota County Tronsnror liip.
DAKOTA Cir > , Neb . Dec. 7. [ Special Te1-
pgiam to the Hi r. ] The contest ease stalled
by County Ticasuier G. W. Wilkinson , pies
ent incumbent , in the county couit , was
by the attoineys conditionally withdrawn.
The vote for this ofllco at the last election
was a tie between Dr. Wilkinson , lepubllcan ,
and Fiank Dave.v , demoei at. Wilkinson in
stituted a content , chaiglng illegal voting in
all the picclncts , hut on condition that
Davey would commence quowaiianto pio-
ceedings at the pioper time , \vi'hdiew b s
rase Much Intetost is inainf'stcd , fs the
fi lends ot both men seem lonildcnt of wm-
fc' , wageiing consldeiablo money thcieon.
1 1'CMiionl'ri Klcutric
riiLMoM , Nob. , Dee. 7. [ Special Tele
gram to the Hi i-Fiemont's : new elcctnr
light system vjas put In opeiation to night foi
the ilrst time. The plant is ifftj aie lights of
the Amei lean sjstem and is a splendid suc
cess. This gl\es Ficmont another mutiopol-
Itiiu feature.
itifl the Poor.
FnnMOxr , Nub , Deo. 7. [ Special Tele
piam to the Hn.j : The ladies of Frcnioni
to-night gavoa grand chaiitj ball atthooper.
house with u ver.v largo attendance. Up
wauls of ? ! ! iX ) was icall/e'd to dlstnbutt
unions the. poor.
A HUItKTii : > HANK.
Failure of One of MIssoifri'H He-si
Known Country CoiircrnH.
ST. JosriMi , Mo. , Dec. 7. [ Spe'rlnl Tele
pram to the Hi r. . ] The well l.nown Imnkint
house of Hack & McCiosky , at Stewarts
vdle , Dokalb county , twenty miles east o
St. Joe , has failed and the public icpoit !
that the failuio Is a bad one , Mr. Hack , tin
senior paitnei , claims , however , that bi
judicious managi-inent that thu assi Is can hi
made to pay alt tlio liabilities. Paiticular
roncetning the failuie aio meagre in thl1
l-lty. but the news lias eieated cimsldcrabli
cxi-itenient hcio as several St. Joseph citt
zens are hngd.v Inteiested No countr ;
bank in noi tlnvest Missoui I w as better knowi
than the Stowaitsvillo bank. The count ;
tieasiner of Dekalb county , Kll Hnitoii
loses ll'XXi ' ( , ami Jwljfo KiuJg , of the DeKall
lountv conit , a like sum. Dr Smith lose :
Other Itiihliii's
Cnii viio , Dec. 7. O 1Gibbs , dealer h
needs for the past tlftccn , made an as
Hignment to day , His liabilities am flO.cHHl
No schedule of ashots has been Hied , bu
Gibbs sa > he ian pay in full.
Ninv YOUK , Dec 7 Owing to thepressur
by foreign cicditois , W. .Vi H. Clmlmnr.s
dealers In linens in this city and Dundei
Scotland , made an assignment to-day. Liu
bilitic.s , about * 11KKH ) ( ) ; assets not known.
Isujui lla.\cs , wholesale lliiuors , made a
assignment to day Llabllltleu , Sr3OOC
r.sscts about tsr.,000. .
Vlrglnla't. ( iciiiM-nl Ahscnilily Icet.s.
KIC'IIMOMI , Va , Dec. 7.-Tho general ai
ncmlily of Virginia met at noon to day nn
oigaul/ed b.v elei ting the dciaociatlccaucu
The govcinor's message was leceived an
leau la MOW of the iccent decision of th
united htuti'ri supreme rouit bearing on th
" \irgmiadebtipicstlon , " the govcinoriei
ommends the passage of n Joint resolutio
fillspcndlng leyal pioceedings against thos
Who have temleied cou | > oiis inpaunentn
taxes , who wasassuied by authoiry th.i
Mich action would dicidcdly bench"t n.
tiarttc's conceinrd Ho thinks when th
iiondhohlczh consider the decision they wi
lie willing to accept such olTer as the slat :
c-an maki1 , based upon the surplus luvcnu
to bo applied on thikpavment ot Inteicst o
the principal cf what the stntc'caribidm he ;
Just debU
The Death Kcoorcl.
CuiCAG' ) , Dee. 7. Stephen Claiy , an ol
cltlicn and tenth iirc.sldent of the Chlc.ij
board of trade , Is uoad.
Si , Le-.i . Deo. , 7. W. S. Hcadlf , a 17. ; !
vo.ifl man of Inrge means , died tit Uightoi
Kan. , jcstcrday.
. . . i With the llrookljn * .
SAX PniS'ctsco , Dec. 7. - David 1'ontz , i
the St. Louis Hrowns , signed u cwitnn
to-day to pjsy.with the Uieoklyn dub ii'- ;
Reason , , , . - .
A Fnrloim nnil I'nlal Knconntcr in a
CalH'oieila Town.
Six PiCM : ITO , Dec. 7. [ SpecialTelegram
to the Hir. : . ] Infoinmtion has been iceclvcd
of a desperate light in a saloon at George
town , Kldoiado county , between Frank llol-
llngswoith , iigeil twenty-tour , and hls tci ) .
father , Geoifci ) Ha.ndy , lllty ycais old. Hoth
had been di Inking. Handi began the row
and the slmnon knocked him down. The old
man got up ipiickly and la a tough and tumble
Jlght that followed s > ttuck his stepson with a
'dirk knife back of the ear , the blade bieaklng
oil and remaining In the skull. Holllngs-
worth paid no .attention to the wound , but
continued to beat and kick the old imn until
the latter was dragged away from him appar
ently dead , It was then d'.seoveied that the
blade was still In Holln'swoith's ! ( head. U
had to bodiawn out foicibly with a pair ot
plnchcis. The ope'iatiim funned Hollings-
worth and he1 nude a desperate effort to leuih
the almost dying old man and finish him. In
his lago ho knocked down seven iftcn and
then rustled into an adjoining stoio and
bieaklng into the show case , snatched a 10-
volvor to continue the light. Ho could not
get a e.utildgo to lit the we-ipon and while
scaichlinf for ono the loss of blood weakened
him so that he fell to the lloor. Hoth will die.
Opening ol' tin * Si'Sflon llmlcr tlio An-
Hplci'H of the i\an ; cllcal Alliance.
WVIIIXOTON , Dee. 7. The general clius-
tlau confoieneo under the auspices and diu c-
tlon of the llvangelical alliancefortlio United
States opdncd In this city this moining The
stated objee't of the confeicneo is to disiuss
mcasuics upon which all these'denominations
may be hi ought to unite and meet eeitain
new and picssing emergencies which have
aii en In connection with the grout incicaso
of wealthbusiness , emigiatlon , thc'ehutigcd
i elation of labor and capital and the gi eat
and growing iicueHtage of our population
who aio not chinch membeis or attendants.
Piesident Dodge , in his addicss said the al
liance had thoughtfully studied the social
and economic changes in the country mid
sought to know whether existing clnlstian
organizations weio minii'ient to meet glowing
needs. He i cloned to the nig.inlml power
of the itoons and said the ehuich had lost
its hold on the woikingnien. Kvei'i whoio
among them is unrest and looking for higher
good. This means a giand oppoitunltj and
tut n for an applied Christianity. Notice was
also given of the coidial invitation of Piesi
dent and Mrs. Cleveland to the delegates to
visit them at the white house on Finlaj im
mediately alter the close of the foienoon ses
At the afternoon session ex Chief Justice
Sliong , of the United Statis supremo-com t ,
presided. Ho said theio hud never been a
time when such uialii mg and uniting of all
that is best In tlio Chiistiun chuich was
nioi e impel at Ivclv needed than now. Ho in-
tioducpd Piof Iljahner H. Hijesou , of Co
lumbia college , who made a shott addiess
iipjn the subject of immigration The con
stitution of the United States , ho .said , was
framed by mrii ot Anglo Saxon oiigin for
their own goveiiimint. The socialists and
anarchists come to aveugo hoio they
sutToiod in Ijiuope. Hy their dis
loyal sentiments and hostility to
Ainciicaii institutions they disorgani/o and
weaken the state Ho believed that the time
had ai i iv ed when our foi mer policy of indis
criminate absoiption of foioign dements ot
population would icsult in a ' .ciious eiibis.
Thu nation is no longer able to assimilate
alien elements with sulllcient i.ipiditj. Mote
competition with Amei lean labor enteis in n
week thiough Castle Garden than thepiisona
linn out In a jear. Piotection to Ameiiean
labor is u fan-c us long as thisunbaired Hood-
gate icmiiins open. A general didCUbsum ol
the faubjccl ; follow cd. '
L. L Haldwin , of Hoston , said n law ic-
iliuimg consuls to icitify to the good chai.'c-
tei of all immigiants might bo aeiy good
thing , but ho did not believe in the free ad
mission of such foieigneis as those whc
mobbed the Chiaes > o of Hock Spimg
and the exclusion of such peaceful Chinese as
these who were victims ot that outiago.
HlshopHuist , LL. IX , of Huflalo , said we
committed u ei ime w lien wo prohibited tin
humiliation of Chiimmen and only did it be-
eauso ho had no vote.
le-b of a Noble Wlfte.
OTTVWV , Dee1. 7 [ Special Telegiam to tin
f.i r ] Jolin Henolt , of Noith Hay , who ha1
been absent fiom homo at llonsteels Point
s-taitid to ictmii Thuisday last , but whei
within a bundled i aids of the shine whoii
his hut stands , found thick ice. which pic
\cntcd going ahead with a balk canoe. Will
an axe he began cutting a channel but hai
not pioceeded far when the axe fell into tin
water He stai ted tociawl on his hands am
knees to the shoi ehut In eke through tin1v at ei
Whctitwentj feet fiom the shoio ho became
exhausted. From her sick bed in the hut hi'
ll wife witnessed his stiugijleb thiough a win
dow , and unable to contain herself longer
lushed out of the house in her night clothes
without shoes or stockings , on the ice alii
levelled him. Ho was unconscious and fo
over Ihreo boms she endeavoied to keep hin
alive by i ifbbing and keeping his body w.u m
in the hope that help would -01110 , but hi
died at U o'clock at night Seeing that lif
was extinct , she stalled with her .voungcs
child in her aims for the ncaiest neighbors
live miles distant , yvheie. help was t > ecuicd
Mis. Hc'iioit was h.idlj fio/en and is now in i
veiy ciitlcal condition. Several times dm
ing her Joinne.V throuirh the woods she la ;
down in the snow , feeling unable to g
hut her.
Mlhhouil Itlxcr ItatcM.
CniOAiio , Dec. 7. The piospect of sweep
ing i eductions in lailioad tales thiough th
temtoij betwi-en Chicago and the Missoui
river was fuither augmented today. Th
' general f i eight agents of Chicago and Coun
ell HlulTs loads , after a two dujs' sessior
agreed upon a schedule of i educed fie'igh
charges from Chicago to the Missoui i ilvci
and will .submit the same to thu geneiii
managers to-mori ow for latltlcatlon. Th
inductions are 15 cents on Hist elas
10 cents on second and third , 5 cents p
fouith and llftlf and % cents on classes
H , Candl ) . licioiver McNulta , of the Wt
bash , states that on December 1 ! > ho will re
dm o f i eight fiom Chicago to St Louis fion
UI to 40 cents and on other classes In proKi )
turn. On the ' 'Oth the Hurlington stil
tineatens to put into effect its new llllnoi
tin ill and the Chicago & Alton maintain
that it will follow with similar i eductions ii
Missouri and to Kansas City.
KooilliT McDonalil'H Case.
CHICU.O , Dec. Thoc.iso of Edvvaid S
McDonald , convicted in conjunction yvithoj
WauleiiMiGariglu , came up In the appellat
couit this moining on a wut of en or. Th
state's attorney Hied a motion to sipja h th
d wilt ot ui tor under which the huciscden |
o was gi-antcd which keeps McDonald out f
.D the penitentiary. 'I'he case will be hcuid i
one w c-eK.
iOf Pacllii : Co.iht SolilliM-b' Home.
it L\s VrciAs , N. M. , Dec. 7 The board c
11 inanagcirt of the national boldici-s' horn
10 have decided to locate the Paeine coast horn
11o at San Monica , about fouitecn miles froi
o Ua > Angeles , Cala. The land \v as donate
tom by Senator Jones and Mrs. A. H. 1) . Hake
m and consists of WO acix . In addition to th
r thn trustees \Volfbkill ranch guaiantcu
KiotoiiH Onllaiullrrs. .
CoLiivints , O. , Di o , 7. The sheriff ot LaV
countj has asked the governor for troops 1
II- qnrll a threatened rtot amang thn ore ham
IIHi Icis at Frcciwrt. A detachment of IhifFKt :
Hi icgiincnt has been oidercd to be in icadincs
The * BiiVliprs' Assoolallon Ailjouin
nf Ul ITAIO , N. Y , Dec. 7. The
ct H.ubcrs1 a.ssociatloiijadjouinrd tbLs irornii
ctM lumci-t in Detroit In Deccmbc-i , 18S3 , .Tin
have perfected a uutinul uiganizatlon.
Oranha's Ohancos For the Conven
tion Steadily Growing Better.
lllalnc Halil to llnvc the Power of
LocatltiK Itupnhlluan < > athcr-
lll ( { WllPIO\OI' Hl > CllOOSCb
AVaj s and ? IcaiiH <
Oinnhn unit the Coii\cntloii <
Dec. 7. [ Special Telegram
tothuHn : . ] The piospccts for Omaha se
curing the national republican'convention are
Improving cvciy hour and thu chances tire
equal to any of her compctltois. Atl0 : ! ! the
Nebraska delegation w ei e aceoi ded u i eccp-
tion by the president. The paitj consisted of
Congicssmcn McSli.ano and Dor ey , Scnatois
Maadeison and Paddock , Govcinor Thajcr ,
J H. Hojd , K Koscwatcr , Cadet Tavlor , G.
M. Hitchcock , Cliuich Howe , Thomas Swobo
and Mrs Swobe , C. H Gere , K. 1C. Valen
tine , G. M. Lambcrtson , George D. Meikle-
John and Colonel Sipp. The piesident chatted
] ileasatitlv with the paity about Omaha and
the piospeets of securing the convention.
It was quietly whispeted mound the
hotel roiiidors and the eapitol to-diij
that Mr. Hlaino had cabled to Stephen
H. nikins his jrcfoiment as to the place
w lie ) o the next icpublican nominating con-
\ention should be held , and that Mr. Klkins
would conliol it. As slated in a Hi n special
last night , a majoiity ot thu national com
mittee favor the lenomlnatlon of Mr. Hlaine.
Pennsylvania is the stionghold of the plumed
knight , and as soon as this repoit bciamo
well ciiculated , the delegation from Phila
delphia was obsei veil to go into their \voik
with icnewcd vigor , and to-night they aie
claiming that thc.y will get the convention.
The light at piesent Is tiinngtilar , the
tinee points standing out mo st boldly
for the convention being Phila
delphia , Cluiago and Cincinnati ,
With chances of .success In the
order named. Theio is strong talk
of a combination nganibt Chicago. The south
and states cast of Indiana , prefer Philadel
phia to Chicago while some of the far yvcst-
ei n states piefer the Quaker city to the city
b.v the hike In the stiugglo the Omaha dele
gation have sluing hopes of success bi com
ing in as a dai Ic ho. se or a compromise. Min
neapolis is making almost as much clamoi as
Cincinnati , but St Louis docs not seem to
llguic very pioimncutly. A Philadolphiiiii
sajsofthe advantages of his city : "The
convention will not go to Cincinnati , because
Hlaine would not bu given a fan-chanco
thoiu ; it would bo for bheiman the veiy air
of the place. At Chicago theie aio similar
objections. One of Chicrgo's gieat news-
p ipcis has a man in KuiopohouiicRiii ; Hlaine ,
and mi'iicpiesentmg him , while two or thieo
otheis uiu going lor him with ham
liter and tongs in their editorial
columns. While Pennsylvania is for Hlaine ,
Philadelphia is not. Wo guaianteo fair ticat-
inent of all and abuse no one , bo ho a candi
date or not. The only tnluj's wo offer aio
comfoit and dciency , at not only the hands of
the press , hut the ciowd that will omo tiom
the adjoining countiy. It is my honest bu
llet that wo will get it. "
The Nebiaska hcadip-Uirteis weie tonight
tinonged with visitors. The ciowd seemed
to be gi eater and moiu enthusiastic than last
nlkht , when Senator Culloni , of Illinois ;
Mayor Smith , of Cincinnati , and other pi emi
nent men came in. In the event of a pooling
of Issues upon a dark horse , it is believed
that Cincinnati , St. Louis and Minneapoln
will come to Omaha. Ohio would not go to
Philadelphia , since that city is spoken of as a
favoiitulor Hlaino men.
The ciowd at the Aillugton hotel thin
evening was laigcr than any night pievious
duimg the week. All the delegations yvho
are contending for the ne.xt national conven
tion have their headquaiteis in that hotel
and documents bearing upon the facilities of-
feiedb.v each ol the cities lie aiound on all
yio tables and staio at the tiaveler fiom
neaily overj door. The two laigo parlors on
the giound lloor Vcre occupied again this
evening b } Nebiaska and a geneial icception
of western delegates and piominent rcpubll-
lieans was hold and later pi the evcn'iig a ic-
poit was ein ulatcd by the Philadelphia dele
gation that the influence of the Hlaino mem-
tier would bo thrown in favor ot
that city and that Mr. Klltins , Mr.
Hlaino's manager , would be piesent
in pet son to-moiiow to lay the whes to that
end. Long John Jones , of Chicago , ex-
pi esses thu opinion that Mr. Hlaino's h tends ,
thiongli Mr Ijlkins , would dctcimhio the
matter and that fuithor aitlvc u oik for the !
convention bi the Chicago delegation wouhl
be unnecessary. Mr. Sherman's fiiemU
claim that he careless wheio thu
is ) as to con
vention may bo held. While New Yoik Is
making no move in the interest of any candi
date In that state , so far as could bo ascer
tained at piesent Writing , u prominent fiiend
of Mr. Hlamu's stated this evening that il
Hlainc can bo induced to tun , the best Judg
meat ot Ids friends in thu convention will indicate
dicato thu selection of Hen Han ison of In
diana , as the vice presidential candidate
It is admitted by the filends of Mr. Hlaini
that the election of New Yoik haspiactic
all.v decided the political complexion of thai
state in Ibsb and that the pimcipal cffOits ol
the partj must bo utado to capture the olec.
toral vote of New Jeisey , Connecticut am
Indiana Some holies have been raised ii
the breasts of the extiemo piotectionlsts by
the vigoious taiiff icfoim message of Piesi
dent Cleveland widen , it is hoped , will piovi
a inoio potent factor in securing the votes ol
mechanics and artisans than General Han
cook's. "taiiff as a local issue'
in the campaign of IbSO. Now
Jctsoy politicians aiu positive to
daj that , circulated as a campaign docu
ment , it will c.ury the state for any repub
lican candidate nominated on a piotectivi
platform , b.v at least 5,000 majoi ity.
Among the visitoisut the headipiatteis o
the Nebiaska delegation tonightvcro' Sen
ator Sherman , General Greely ; , chief signa
oftlcer , and Genet nl H raj ton , of lihodi
The national lopublican committee -wll
leave the Arlington to morrow und go to tin
i epubllcaii league dub. house on Thomas cir
cle , at 11 o'clock. They will bo met by tin
members of the league and will take posses
slon of the entire second lloor of the clul
house , and use that as their hcadquattcit
They will hold their meetrngs there to mot
iowniiht. ; The league tender the natlomi
committee u grand i crept ion at the clul
house and manj piominent In the icpubllcai
paity will bo piesent to wclioifto the con :
Army Nows.
Wv iUNfiTov , Dec. 7. [ Special Telegrat
to the HFC. ] The leave of absence grantd
to Fust Lieutenant Solomon H. Spairow
Twcnty-llrst infaiitiy , has been extemle
two months ; the leave of absence granted t
First Lieutenant Daniel C. Peaison , Secom
cavalry , is extended one month.
First Lieutenant George O. Webstei
10 Fourth infuntiy , bus been transfened fioi
10m company A , to company H , of that legimen
10d and First Lieutenant Hobeit H , Youii (
fiumcompuiij H , tocumimnj A , of the sam
fi i eglment.
Captain J. H.Johnson , Third cavalry , hu
been grunted one month's leave.
First Lieutenant- H. Uobertson , NInt
infantry , bus bee.n appointed recruitin
odlcer ul the San Diego bariacks , Califoinl ,
to telievlng Captain W. K. Hoffman.
ted Second Lieutenant Henry D. Stjei
dh Twentj-tlrst infantry , has been grunted tvv
month's leave ; First Lieutenant Victor I
Hridgmaii , Second artillery , tins been grnnte :
twenty three ilnjs cxtcnslun of leave.
' A geneial court-mat tlal , ( omposed of tli
I'M follcwiric ofllcors of the Third .utlllcry , hu
ce-nvencd at Washington barracks : Majc Lodor , Captaiiih John G. Ttunbul
M. LancAHbei , Lewis Sinltb , Jauu
Chcshrr and Frank W. Hess ; Phst LIcuten-
tenants Charles Humphrejs , Sedgw ic-H lN | U ,
Henry C. Daves and John D. C HiiST > 1ns ;
Second Lieutenants Louis Osthelm , John D.
Hairctt nnil Kdgar Russel , and Fiist Lieu
tenant Ramsey D. Potts , Judge advocate.
Captain Louis Ri Stltke . Twenty-third In
fantry , lias been granted two months' leave.
Lieutenant Colonel Joseph R. Smith has
lepoitcd for duty as medical dliex-tor , do-
p.ntmcnt of Dakota.
The engagement of Assistant Sttrve.vor
Ives and Miss Minnie Megiath , of Omaha ,
has been announced hcie. Dr. Ives Is u
biother nf Lleutenitnt Ives , Nineteenth in-
fiintiy. The engagement of Mlis Susie H.
Lane , daughter of Colonel W. H. Lane , and
Lloutemint J. F. Qullfcilc , Ninth eavuliy ,
has else been announced. '
The AVa.VH unit Means' Chairmanship ,
WvMMMirov , Dec. 7. [ Special Telegiam
to the HriThcie ] was n lather Indefinite ]
and vague tci > ort in congiesslonal elides last
night to the effect that William T. Scott , of
niie , Penn. , bad been tendered the chair- '
inunsihip of the house committee on ways and
means. The Hi i : coiiespondent to-da.v made
dlllifcnt imiuhcs as to the piobubllit.v of such
a tiling , mid found that thu sober , second
thought of the best infoi mod membci s of the
house tended to confirm the statement. Mr.
Krmeiitiout , of Petinsjlvanla , who Is ono of
the most piominent follovvcis of Mr. Randall , ,
upon being appioiiched on the subject , bald :
"It Is the Hist I Imvoheaid ot it , and 1 must
saj it ustnnlshcsjmp. It linrdlj seems possible
Hint the speaker would given the ehaiiman-
ship of nppiopiiations to Mr. Randall
and the ehali man ship of wa.v s and means to
Mr. Scott , both men being fiom the same
state , and both positions being among , the
most influential in the hoilsu. Of course the
appointment of Scott would not contemplate
the displacement of Randall , as the speaker
would not dine do that. Penns.ylviinia would
bo delighted , of i ourse. to have sui h unusual
iccognltion , and Mr. Scott would make a
votj potent factor at the head of that com
William L. Scott Is ono of the wealthiest
men in the house. Is an indent suppoiter of
the piesident and Ids policies , and has the
highest leaped for Speaker Carlisle , lie
has piobably done moie than unj *
other man in the house to maintain
the Hnanclal policy of the administration
and is the only man fiom Pennsylvania who
believes that thei o should bo as liberal i educ
tions of tlu > tariff as the piesident vcstciday
leeommended in his message. If Mr. Scott
should go to the head of the wujs and means
it would bo considered thu woik of the piesi
dent , and would be quite as gieat a dep.ntuie
as the selection of two cabinet ofllccrs from
one state or thu duvotion of a whole message
tocongicss to one mibjec-t. Recent actions ,
at the white hoflso and In tlio ticasury goto
eonllim the belief that theio is something in
the icpoit that .Mr. Scott has been tendered
this position.
Iowa nnil Nebraska Ijiind Cases' .
WCMIIV.TOV , Dec. 7. [ Special Telegram
to the Hni. . ] ScctetUrj' Lamar to day de
cided thu contest cabo of H. Hussjnnn and
Ruth C. Hciry , fiom Council Hlufls land dis-
ti ict , involving 120 acies of land. The secre
tary decides that the department cannot rec-
ogni/e cither partj' as entitled to the lot by
substitution , and as such light must finally
bodctcimlned in tno couits , a patent may is
sue in the name of Robot t Kieig , assignee ,
and bo deliveied to the trustee to bu named
by the paities to the contest on receipt fiom
such titistccs of the amount icquiied and of
a showing of his authonty to act In the mat
Ho also decide the appeal case of
Thcodoio SclnacTc vs. Clinton Hot
elier , fiom Hleicmlngton , Neb. , dis-
tnct. This is Pre-emption case and
the giounds o'fcptho , contest wcio
that Fletcher had vcVci resided upon the
lots ho sought to iiiako proof upon. The
question came up i the matter of a survey
location of the lots Jind the sect clary has ic-
tm ncd the papois v.ith aiequcst for a dia-
giamand examination of the subdivisions in
sec1. Ill of twp. .s , n r. IS w. with i elation to
the Republican liver , also the geneial me
ander lines of the river vvjicio it passes
through that section , and requests the com
missioner of tlio loud oflice , AV hen such ex
amination and location have been made , to
icpoit to the department with the drawings
i equcsted.
Pensions Grunted AVcsterncrH.
WASHINGTON , Dec. 7. [ Special Telegram
to the HKI : . ] The following Nebi aska pen
sions woio granted to-day : Oiiginal John
Pin neil , Atkinson ; AVIlliain White-head ,
Wood River. Increase J. W. Savage , Hurt-
lett. Reissue J. H. Wood , South Auburn.
Pensions forlowans : Jesse , father of John
M. Palmer , Maquokcta. Mexican war
Auion Stow , Davenport ; .Tunics A. Clement ,
alias George Roberts , Davenpoit. Otiginal
George Willis , Lovilia ; J. G. Haitman , Iowa
Falls ; Levis Austin , Hiistovv. Inciease
James II. Nesmlth , Oxford ; Maitln Hughes ,
Auiora ; Lawrence Hreene , Ciesco ; H. A.
Hoffman , New Hartford.
Capital NotcH.
WSHIVOTODec. . 7. [ Sepciul Telegram
to the Hri : . ] Tills evening's Star sajs ;
"Albert Hall , who was piivate sectetaiyto
the late General Logan , and Is now engaged
in the piaeticcof low in Omaha , has returned
to Washington for n few week's visit. "
It is the talk among certain knowing ones
in New Yoik that Hon. Thomas Platonic ;
Ochiltiee is likely to bo nominated next fait
b.v Tammany hall'and sent to Washington us
u member of congress. The biilliant , jut
modest , Texan i angeris nn Independent
democratic lepublicun and there foi e qualified
to leprcscut anj' cognate , conglomoiate , con-
A Consignment of Interviewer * ) .
Wvsmxmos- . 7. [ Special Telegram
to the Unr ] A special tiain brought to
Washington this morning mete than twenty
rcporteis for u New Yoik demociatio news
paper to intoi view all the membeis of the
senate and house of lepresentatives on the
subjects of tai ill rcfoun nnil the president's
message. Tlie.v expect to complete their
work befoio midnight , and are doing a vigor
ous and active lot of questioning.
Concerning Counterfeiting.
WV III.SGTOV. Dec. 7. The chief of the
bcc-tet service of the treusurj'department , In
his annual ic-port , hajs the counterfeiting
now being done is piiucipallj' the woik ol
Italians , who operate in bands indiffcicnt
sections of the country. The counterfeiting
done dining the past jt-ar was Insignificant. .
The t'poi t refers to the fact that all but
two of the many skilled operators aiiesteil
sluco the war for .counterfeiting are now al
libertj' and may be expected to icbuiao theii
operations at any lime.
' The FllfT llociml.
CINTIXNVTI , ' De < ft 7. The Times-Stai
special from Porujyiouth , O. , says Ander
son's floui ing mill burned at midnight lasi
night , and sovciul people wcio buried In tin
inlns. M. II. Vvmlerson , piopilctor , diei
this morning , und William Simpson wa1
killed Five other * were injuied more 01
less. The loss is small. .
MONTCIOMFIIV , Alu. . , Dee. 7. Fire , wind
biokeout eailythbi morning , destrojed tin
stoics und stocks of several wholesale gio
eeis und other firms , causing a loss of ovei
WH,0 Ht , on which theio Is about tlUS.OOO in
sui aucc.
Kteunitihlp AHhorc.
LOMION , Deo. 7. The lojal mall Bteam
ship line steamer Islam D'Epanay , whlc-l
loft Llveipool November 23 , for Manilla
Slngapoio und other ports. Is nshoio nim
miles from Sagres , Poitugul. Seven of hei
crow were di owned. She U a vessel o
r , U,500 tons.
oL od Spain as a Great Power.
Miituiu , Dec. " . Gerjnini > , Austria am
10 Italy have agrpvtl to raiHO thdr minlhtn
user here to the tank ( it nmb.i s'.idois , and
or land is ixpcctcd to follow. TbU Is a
to\-uut the iccoei'luon of Si'air. aia
Ca power , . .
Ho lg Interviewed on Olovolancl's
Mcssngo in Paris. .
Ho Gives Ills Opinions on tlio I'rcsl-
clentlH Vli'WH In Hegnril to
Tar I IT Itpilnctinn His
Ptotcutlon Policy.
Illnlnc on CIpicIniul'N MrsngOi
New YOKK , Dec. 7 The I'l ibuno of to-
: ionow will contain u long IntPiview with
Ion. James G. lllnlnu hi Put Is on President
Jlcvelund'H message.
" 1 li.ivo been lending mi nbsttnot of the
resident's message and Imvo been especially
iitctcstfcd In tlio comment of tbu London
iiipers. Those papeis all assume to dec-hue
.hat the message Is u fieo trade manifesto
.nil evidently aio anticipating an enlarged
inuUet for English fubilcs In the United
states as a consequence of the ptosldont's
ecommendatlbns. PCM hups that fait stumps
ho dun actor of the mosuago inoio dually
ban any wet da of mine can. "
"Yon don't mean actual fieo li.ulo without
lutyl" queirod tlio repoiti'i1.
"No , " replied Hlaino , "nor do the London
iiapcrs mean that. They Rimply mean that
ho piesident has loeoinmended what in the
United States is known as a revenue taiiff ,
ejecting the piotcetivo fcntuic as an object
.mil nut oven ] > cimining inotection toiesnlt
'icely as an incident to levcnno duties "
"I don't quite conipiohend that last point , "
.aid . the lepoiter.
"I mean , " said Bhilnc , "that for the llrst
line In the history of the United States , the
iicsldont icconimeiids ictnining an iuteinal
ain Older that the tnuft may bo forced
ilown oven below u mir lovenuo btundard.
Ho recommends that the t.ux on toljaeco be
ctaincd and thus that many millions an-
: inally shull bo levied on n domestic inoduet
ivhich would far better come fiom a tat lit on
foreign iabrics. "
"Then do .you mean you would favor a ic-
iculof the tnb.icto taxi"
"Ccitainlj ; I mean just that. I should
inpo that it bo done at once , oven befoietho
"Jinistmus holidays. U would , in the Hist
ilace , bring great tolief to thegioweis of to-
laeeo all over the country , and would , moic-
over , matoiifillj'lessen the pi Ice of the uiti-
clo to consumers Tobacco to millions of
men is u necessity. The president calls
it u luxury , but it is u liixtny
in no other sense than tea and ( ofleo mo lux-
uiies. It is well to tcmember that the lux
ury of yesterday becomes a necessity of to
day. Uscis of tobacco not onl.v pay the mill
ions of the tobacco tax , but paj on evei y plug
and every cigar an enhanced
pi ice , which tax enables the
manufactuicis and rctaileis to impose
The only ex < use for such a tax is the actual
neccssitj under which the govetnmeirt found
itself dm ing the w ar , and th" j Cni s immedi
ately following. Ton-tain the tax now in
older to destioy protection which would in
cident.illy How fiom raising the suino amount
of moncj on fo cign impoits isccitainlj most } policy for our goveniiricnt.
"Would jou advise theiepcal of the whisky
tuit also' "
'Xo , I would not. Other considerations
than those of the admmistrasion aie
to be talccn Into aciount with rcgiitd to
whisky. There Is n moral side to it. To
cheapen the is to increase
the consumption cnonnou&ly. Thcio would
be no sense in urging the i ofoi m wi ought by
high license in many states if the national go\-
cinmont neutiali/cs the good elTcet by making
whisky within the icach of eveiy ono at 20
cents a gallon. Whisky would bo evcrj -
where distilled if the smvoillanoo of govoin-
inent weie withdiawn , mid illicit sales could
not then bo ptefented. It would destioy
high license at once in all states. Whisky
1ms done a vast deal ot haim in the
United States. I would try to
lie it do some good. I would use
the tax co fortify our cities mill our seaboaid.
In view of the powerful letter addressed to
the democratic paity on the subject of fortifi
cation by too late Samuel J. Tildcn , in 1SS
I am ninuml Mint no attention lias been paid
the subject by the dcmoeiatlcadmiiiistiatlon.
"Never before in the hlstot j of the world has
any govcinmont allowed great cities on the
seabonul to Remain defenseless. "
llpcorclcr Sinytho Nolle Proves tlio
Celebrated Suit.
Nrvv UIK , Dec. 7. [ Special Telegram to
the UiK.l The last chapter in the celebrated
and novel case of William Kissane , the Cali-
fontia millionaire forger and llllibusteicr ,
has been biought ton close. Thorecoidof his
daring criminal exploits has been consigned
to oblivion , from which seven months ago it
was taken mid spieud before the public. He
is now fieo to return to New York ,
from which ho fled over thirty years
ago to escape trial on the charge of foigeiy.
Since then the catccr of William Kissanc bus
been more like a romance than real life. A
fugitiAO from Justice , ho never once came
within the jurisdiction of the state. Now ,
however , all baniers have been lemoved and
ho is free to eomo or go at his will. This was
accomplished to-day , rioin u pigeon-hole
of the district attorney's ofllco the indict
ment a musty , faded sheet of paper
was taken. It was handed to Re-
colder Smjthe , who examined it closely ,
then , scbing his pen , ho wrote a few words
which lobbed the document of all tenor for
the California millionaire. The ink with
which the incictincnt Is wnttcn has almost
faded with 'age. but it is sufllciently distinct
to show that William Kissano was aijested ,
clurgcd with the crime of forging u i heck
on the Chemical National bank ; that ho
was tiled for the oftMiiso May tti ! , IN" , and
that the jury disagiccu ; that ho was tried
again June 1 ! ) of the same jear ,
when n Juror was withdrawn , and that his
council made application to the i on it to have
the case lomanded to the couit of oyer and
and terminer , and that In the following week
the application was gi anted Until to-day
no further action was taken. According to
the piesent ciiminal law -no nollu piosequl
can bo enteicd. it must bo dismissed , but
under the law existing at the time the
forgery "was committed such piocecding
could take place and under the old law
Kissano has been released. A nolle piosequl
has been enti'ied. Nine months ago , when
the case came up on apjilli atlon of Kcssano's
counsel , the iccoider was in favor of dis
missing the charge. The proceedings , how
ever , had been iiTcguhuh earned on , hence
gho delay. To-day ho decided that it was
time the e'nso should bo ended and accord
ing , under his own hand , ho wioto the fol
lowing on the back of the dusty indictment
"Tho district attorney states that ho can
not procure the evidence of witnesses to
maintain this indictment and that the ends of
Justice would not be hccuredby moving the
ti ial thereof Tor these i easons and for the
fuither i.eason that the indictment was found
the j ears ago , the motion of the district at
torney for leave to enter a nolle proscqui as
against defendant Klssuno Is granted. "
The stoiy of the sudden termination of this
celebrated case soonsprcad thtoughtlmcouit
of geneial sessions building. To say that the
ofllcials of the Chemical bank were sui prised
on heating the news woulbbut feeblj express
their astonisement. The cashier , speaking
in behalf of the bank , said : "This is the most
startling infoimation 1 have heaiil In a long
time , and I tind it almost Impossible to
believe that the indictment has
been rjuashcd without oilr knoul-
edge or consent. Wo would have
opposed it vigorously , ami General Darro ,
who hnbbfon u.ainb fnstiumental In expos
ing Ivessanc In California-whric ho lives ,
\Vj < of the bduif the case would soon bu
to Mini To dUttlut .itt'M-nny has given v
no Information of these proceedings and I
should wo coitainly shouM have been In
formed No , 1 don't know what we will do
now , In fact , I don't see what wo can do. "
Tlio Cltl/on Soldiery of the Sucker
Htnto Chut uc-terl/oil MM StlokN.
due von , Pec. T. The llfth annual session
of the Illinois National Guard association
closed to-day. Tlio morning was given up tea
a discussion of a paper by Colonel Itcimctt ,
of Joliet , touching the present condition of
the Illinois militia. The paper was severe in
Its ciitlclsm of the present ordcrof things. It
assented that the state militia know less each
, \eir : about taking the Held against an
actual foe. It condemned the practice
of luxuiious living In tho" annual encamp
ments now in vogue. A soldier of luxuiy is
not a soldier of war. Tlio men should be
llttcil for the manner of living which they
may at any moment bo called to adopt. StalV
ofllceis should leain that theie Is something
else in the line of duty besides suipervlsing
the punch bowl. Colonel Mennett fet warded
the suggestion m.ido In Lieutenant Whistler ,
U. S. A. , for the niobiluation of ann.\ camps
composed of legulars and militia , but
throught the Illinois Hoops In no londttlon
at picseftt to bo benefited . . The ihvtis-
sion of the itnpcr showed a growing feeling
among the oflUms that the militia
system of this st tto Is tetro-
giailing fiom the standard established
j cats ago. Colonel Rice , of 1'eoiia. lead a
paper.on "Autumnal Mann-livers , " which
called fotth a number of compllmcntarv
speeches. The olllcei shave long been troubled
In iiisuboidinatlon of vaiiuns kinds among
the privates. A committee was selected to
diaft and present to the legNlatmo an
amendment to the code making it possible
for uftlcc'ts to propell.\ punish InsulHJidimi
tion. Brigadier Geneial Hieee , of Spting-
Held. was elected president , Hiij'adlci Uon-
eial Klt/sinions , of Chicago , \Uo president ;
Colonel Tied IJennett , .loiliet , second vice
piesident ; Colonel 1'ieice , Kockfoid , icioid-
ing hwi i'tar.Capt.un ; .laquith , Pans , cor-
icsponding sccietai\\ ; Major Sill , Auioia ,
treasuier , IJev. Van Iloin , Hockfoid , chap
lain. Colonel Clendenning , of Moline , and
Colonel Clailt , of Chicago , with this above
ollheis , will esmposo the executive commit
tee. . _
A AViit1 Scni'Ct
LONDON , Dec. 7. London slock maikets
and the bouiscs at 1'aiis , Heihn and riank-
foit aie weak. Tlio bouise at Vienna Is ex
cited. The maikrts aie alTocted by theie-
liofts lonceining movements of Huhsi.m
tioops on the Austnan fiontier.
PMUS , Dec. 7. Accouling to piivate ad
vices fiom Wai saw the massing of Kusst.ui
tioops on the fiontier is attiibutablo to information
mation iceohed bv Kut > hhi of a conceited plan
Geunany and Austria for united action in
the event of war between either of those
powers and Kussia. In that ton-
tlngency it was proposed that Germany
and Austini should suddenh invade Kus-staii
1'oland and occupy Wai saw b.\ using L.I eater
facilities for mobili/lng. In coiibcquuiic of
the disiviveiy of this alleged projci t. llussi.v
icsolved to compensate foi her slow power
of mobilising 1 > \ a pornnincnt ineiease other
fiontier foices. The movement implies no
iiggrosbion and is pmcly a defensive precau-
Hnsiiv , Dec. 7. The Nrtlonnl OefotJe ,
dscussmif ! tlio Vienna Prenulenblatt s ! i ticio
iclatue to the muring ol tioops on the Has
sian fiontier , snjs : "It is evident tnat the
fou e of Itussian troops now in Poland is not
sulllcient to attack two foinudablo nuhlai.v
poweis. Tncpie cnt massing of tioops is
too small for war and too huge for peaca. We
must Wuit. and see how Kussia will icioiuilo
the massing with the pacille assmances of
.Touinal ue St. Petoivburg.
iloscow , Uee. 7. The Ga ctto says the fu-
tuio policy ot Fiftiine will dreldewhct'ier
Gcimany will bo ' ompelled to watc'a one
or both of her irontii'is. The paper d"claic-t
that linssla must always have a btiong licet
on the Pac'Mc oceans.
A Cliivnliio Hoi'iillowor.
iiANOiToDec. 7. [ SpecialTelegram
to the 15m : . ] Judge Hot nblowor. In icmand-
iii ! Scnee.i Augustus Swalm iesteidnv , on
flvo chaigcs of peijui.N pielciied by Hanker
ld , ivhose wife hwalm led astiay ,
raid from the bench that if the spirit of eluv-
aliy wcie not dead in C'alifoinia Swalm
would have been called long ago to nciount
for his conduct to another and higher ti ib-
unal. This was a lebuko to Mi Donald for
not shooting Swalm Instead of bothoi ing the
couits and Stirling up scandalh.inosccuting
him. Swalm , it is chaiped , foiged U. 11.
McDonald's name to jlU.lHJU won hot lailioad
bonds stolen bj Mis. McDonald lioui her
A Siii'CPs < riil Ijilicl Suit.
DLMIMK , lice 7. The libel suit of Mr.
Joyce ngalns his fotinor employer , the Mar
quis Claiuii ado. for iiiOUO ( ) damages , has re
sulted in a vei diet for tlio plaintill , who was
awaided $ l'JriOO , Joyce \vas founerly the
agent of the Cl.mricadc estates in Galwav ,
but lesigncd bnfoio thu tioubles with the
\Voodfordtenai.tscnlminateilin the hnpils-
onmentof Father i'ahev and many of his par-
ishlois lor adopting the plan of campaign
against the icnts demanded.
A IJaso Itall I'lajer in Trouble.
LINCOLN , Neb. , Dec. 7.- Charles Hoover ,
a member of the base ball club of this city
the past i ear , and who has signed with Chi
eago for the season of 18SS was anestcd to
day and bound over to the district couit on
the chaigo ot assault with intent to kill.
Hoover shot at a hack driver named Giles for
icfnsing to stop his liuek. In which was a
paity ol demi-monde , and allow him to enter.
Tlio WrMern Union
Nii\ : Yen : ) ; , Dec. 7. The Mipicmo
to day gi anted an injunction lesti aining the
Western Union Telegraph compan.N and Di
rect Cable company fiom using the blanks of
the Fiench Cable company or semllni ; tclc-
giams on blanks "via Kieneh cable. "
Philadelphia Ituc-Uet ShopH llaliled.
Piiii.Aiiin.i'iiix , Pa. , Dec. 7. 'I ho police
this morning raided a number ol to i ailed
"bucket shops. " The piopnctois and. em
plojecs weie ( liven a incllminary hearing
and thu foimer am held in fcfclMl and the latter
in ? "UO bail for fuither healing. In all , Jive
jihues woic i aided and eighteen peisonsar-
_ _
Pnrnell Social Club.
The fifth of the but IPS of dames given this
season by Uio-Paincll social club was hold
last evening at Cunningham's hall and had a
larger attendance than any of these pieced-
Ing It , VKi cuuplcs being piesent. The gramt
inai ii ! ijttadi llli conimcni ed nt li o'clock and
befoio the twenty numbers wcio danced it
was 1HO 1 a m The club is distinguished for
its social features , and as a consp'iuenco the
usual good time was enjoyed last evening
The music by Hotfman'H 01 chest ru was ex
cellent. T .1. Con way was master of coio-
monies , and .1 .1. Llo.\d , William Cioft , John
Kervan and S H. C'olllns the llortr commit
tee Tlje committee on ai i angements , whosu
woik Is always the most labouous and jet
the most essential for the success of such an
atTalr , wetc J. F. Pi Ice and \V r Oinisby.
I-'Ironncl l' lire.
The boatd of Hie and police coramlsslnnpn
held another ses.lon jestPiday nftcrnoon ,
All the members wein present The Hist
matter consldeied was tlio CO-IM ' nut In ought
against Onii < ; r ( Jforgo U.I\M > I"I by Miss
Johnson , chin King hln. ui'U i' < > ducl unbe
coming an oRlcer Tlii > iasut iifuued tc
thnoMiinittio on mi'ii and discipline The
charge , picfejred i > i Ploiencu Wctzal , a
colored prostitute , ng.iinst Hans TImmc ,
pptcial pollcemun on bt Muiy's avenue ,
weio next Investl 4tcd and i exulted ia the
revocation of his commission , . .1.V Uilgn-i
WMH appointed Rpeclol policeman at the St. .
Paul depot , provided 1m gives the usual fl.WK
bom ) . Theapllcatlon | of John Schllmuie ; ; -
| Bpcciul polkeuiAii vviu Uia over.
A Government Export Gives Son- J
sutloiml Testimony.
Dlri'c-t nnit Minute Details oftlio Way
InVhlrli Harper
Win-lit With Otlici *
1'ooplu'H Monoy.
V Ti-lul.
Dec. 7. In the Hiti per trial
to-day Howard F.ckeit was asked to Identify
eeitain checks of , his Hrm , which ho did , us
follows : Hamill& Hrinet , $ ! C.,000 ; Wilght
&Cosrt'pMMj Poole & Sheimiin , # 10r.OO ;
McPailand .t Co , fiil.OOO ; Ciosby.t Co. ,
* T.V > 00 ; Rosenlleld & Co. , $ Ils,000 | ; Kershuvv
& .Co , fcC * 000 ; riemlng & Hoyden , $ Mt,000 ;
making in all ? 1 , li'.OOO.
Maurice Rosonlleld , of Chicago , testified
that ho had dealings with Welshhe. Kckcrt
& Co. Ho lecognUei ) an account current
with them for the paichase of about .VXtK ) ( ) )
bushels of wheat. His holisu iccclvcd
$ .h.i.00 In money.
The sensation of the day was the testimony
of rrank M Ha.ves , an expeit who hud been
sent heio hj the goveinment to assist In the
pioseeution of the case. Ho said hu was an
expeit accountant and had about ten
jeaii espenonco in banks in all posi
tions up to itbistaiit cashier. Ho
had madu a .eaioful examination
of the books of the Fidditj National bank , of
the Fiist National bank of Now Yoik and
of the Chemical National bank so far as they
idulii to dealings with Huipc-r and tlio Fidel
ity bank. He had also examined lliuac-counts
of Irwin , Giecn A ; Cih and C. J Kershaw ft
Co , with icfc'tence to their dealings with
Haiper and the Fidelitj- National bank , Ho
said he found charge tickets at the Fidelity ,
one of * , ' 00,000 , n ciedit toll L Haiper , and
i charge against the Fust National bank of
S'ow Yoik and another of thu same kind and
i thud foi "IIIO.CCO Then , on Maich 17 , there
vasoiioeiediting Haiper with 100,000 and
Inngingtho Chemical National bankof Now
Yoik with the same amoui-t. Fiom his ex
amination of the books of the National
) .mk hu found no such ci edits or charges and
10 money subject to the draft of thu Fidelity
lank Intheiase of thu Chemical National the Fidelity had it ciedit theie b.v reason
if a ccitillcato enteied on the hooks of the
. 'idelity The 1 nsl National had two ae-
coants will * , the Fidelity and ono sljovved
-I edits to the Fidelity and the other
oveidiafts. Hj lefeicneo to both it
ippeais that the Fidelitj had 1o its ciedit
Maich I , Iss7 , but 'JOOU Ono ofthouci-ounts
it that tinii ! showed u ci edit of $ 'JOiOOU ) , und
ho other showed oveidiafts to thoamountof
' , ' 00,000 On April these two accounts were
'bnsolidated , wlii-ii theio was ifi.Sl' to the
Tesllt of the Fidelity on the books of the
Piist National ot Nuvv York. On Apnl 30
theio was to the ei edit of the Fidelity WOO-
000 on thu boofts of the Phst National of
New Yoik bv lo.isiin of two eoitlllcaten of
leposit for-iOO.OOO each , but these leitlfl-
i-ates of deposit weio not entered on the
Pidelitj books. Pieviuus to tills limo liar
| ier was ciedlteit w lib 5-100,000 and thus the
DOoks of the two banks were madu to agieo.
Tuining to the Chemical National ho said
their books show eel that the Fidelity had u
ciedit of fllOO.OOO marked "Loan , " and in-
( Heating that the Fidelity had boirowe'd
that amonl , but on the Fidelity's
books theio Is nothing to indicate
a loan , and instead a cei tillcate of deposit fOr
H 0UOO issued and the stub is maiked "can
celled. " Mr Il.ijes then traced fiom duy to
daj how Ilarpci'sc ! edits had been exhausted
by drafts , elf. , and that it all went to the
peisons inteiested in tlio wheat deal. The
showing was minute and detailed and ho fol
lowed out thu entile S-MHIOOO In this waj' ,
showing that of this sumtheiu lemaincdto
hia CM edit on Match 17 Imtfl.V.Ul " 0 Recurr
ing to the First National , hu said the diaft
ie , ord showrd u dialt bj the Fidelit.y on the
Fust National for 5-100,000. The Fiist Na
tional never p.ud that diaft , but Haiper'H ac
count in the. Pidelitj is chaired.
Apia 14 wtlli SI0,000 ( ' , and this inttilo' '
bib books agice. Witness stated
that two diafts drawn Apt d 24 and ! ! 0 for
? 100 000 cadi VMMO not enteied on the Fidcll- ,
t\'s books until June Ib , although ono of
tlienT was paid in Now York May 1. Hayes
then took up the accounts of Irwin. Green
A : Co. and stated that the Fidelity's ' hooka
did not show such ciedlts to their uicounta
as the lettets of advice imliiated. Irwifi ,
Gicen. < iCe credited Hovt with * : ! -4 ( > , < ) tX ) . All
this except ? 2iOJ { was diawn out by I tin per' *
checks. Tlteio was no cntij ol IcttciH of
ciedit to Hovt , amounting to fXi)00 ( ) , until
Juno li ( to Ib. C. J. ICi-ishaw \ , Co. weiu adv -
v ised by four lettei s of ci edit that Hoj t had
depositud to their credit 5.200,000. Korshaw's
books ciedit Haiper with four amounts of
$ . * > 0,000 each , loiiesponding in date to tbo
letters of ciedit. Witness went on to show
that this jOOO.OOO was absoi bid in the wheat
deal. Then- was icall.v but i-701 actually put
to the eicdit of ICeishaw in the Fidelity
Haiper's uttoineys made no effort to ob-
scuie the light being thrown on their client's
ttansaetlons bj this witnos.
Ives anil SttiyiuiNotes. .
Tiiuiir. lUc'TiInd. . , Dee. 7 The notes
given tjy Ives and StujMicr in pait puj incut
for the Term llaulo & Indianapolis railway ,
ivhleli fell duo to day , were not met. Presi
dent Dexter and other ollh PI H of the Cincin
nati , Hamilton X Davton line aio in Tcnu
Haute in consultation with Mr. McICecn ,
Mot IIKIIIK .Mail.
Su.r MKI : , Pec * 7. To-day United States
Maishal Djer , as icccivcr , sel/ed the Mor
mon chuich piesident's olllio , ledgers , books ,
etc , leaving some minor books which he ro-
quiicd James Jack , ehuich custodian , to re
ceipt for as receiver's agent. The chuich
organ tonight makes a loud piotest against
this "outi ago. "
Thn Pacific ! Citininlshlon'H Report.
Ni.vv YOKK , Dec 7 'Commissioner Ander
son stated to day that the icpoit of thu Pa-
dllo railroad commlsilon , s now in the hand *
of the piesident ami will not bo made public
until it has been submitted to. the attorney
general , who will supplement it with legal
advice as to the host louisoto puiwio hi the
matter o * a settlement with the Padllc toad.
Weather i nnil luat font.
For N'-btaska : Waun , fair weather ,
fiesh to bilsk Fouthe-ily winds , vcci Ing to
For IowaWanner , fair weather , light to
fnjsh souteily vIniis.
For Dakota- Local tains or snow , fol
lowed b.v cnldei weather in the noilhwcst-
c-in potllon , light to lush variable winds ,
Dei-lined to KOI in a Cabinet.
PAW * , Dee 7 - M Palliemt him dedlncd
to foim a cabinet on the plea of ill-health and
lack of sulllcicmt uulhoritj' . If hopeislstulu
his lefuhal. It is thought tfet Sad I Carnet
will ask M Goblet
Atlnnt.i Voten I'or Wlilalcy.
ATLANTA , On , Dec. 7 The city clretlou
to day hinged upon the prohibition qiii-stlon.
It lesulted in a cledsivo victory for the atitlsj
their miijoiity being 1,000. This given the
anils complete eouti-ol of the eitygovcru
, Vuw H ' .VK ; . ' , Conn. , JJce , 7 , The Btate ccn-
j volition of the piohibltlon pUy met this at
I leinoon. O H Whitcomb , of New llawn ,
I spoke , niRinp the-rlaims of thu rrpubllcurlH. i
Walter Thomas Mills , of Ohio ,
[ 'J'h9 se .t'i'-t. eoatlnuc to mono * .