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Bovoml Prominent Congressmen
Intorvlowod on the Subject.
Secretary Cowden , of tlio Ohio Wool
' 6rowcrs' Association , on tlicj TnrllT
Journal Clerk Smith Itumovod.
Other WiiHhinittoii Now * .
Pnstnl Tolcsrrtph Interviews.
WA.SIIINOTOX , Dec. fi. [ Special Telegram
to the Br.i : . ] Atnld the hurly burly of an
issombllng congress the Hiu : correspondent
lo-duy gleaned some additional opinions from
members on the question of postal teleg
raphy. Many do not know what they will do
tvhcn it comes to u vote , but a majority favor
HID proposition of the government assuming
control of the telegraph service of the coun
try. A pow opinions pro and con uro ap
pended :
Kcprcsentativo LiilToonln , of Kentucky ,
Buys : I am against It. The great trouble is
this power of the government is getting too
largo , while the rights of the states are get-
ling too limited. I'm a state's rights demo
crat and opposed to all measures that tend to
centralize the [ > ewer of the government.
Mr. Lnrnsey , of Michigan , said : Too
ihiich concentration of power. I am opposed
to it from the heel ni > . I don't believe in the
government competing with private enter
prise ,
. Messrs. Vandevcr , of California , and
MoCrcury , of Kentucky , think it a good
measure to agitate. General Vnndovcr ex
pressed tlio opinion that if this congress waste
to act in the matter u bill should be intro
duced in both houses at an curly day , othcr-
Vriso'Wlif-n the session got advanced it would
be'next to impossible to secure any result ns
Other important measures would absorb the
Attention of congrdss. The people on the
I'uclllo coast felt the need of n postal tele
graph more than any ono else.
Mr. O'Furrcll , of Virginia , said : There
Jin tivo sides to the postal telegraph , and be
fore I ( ! onld give a decided opinion I must
hear tlio subject discussed. I believe con-
jrrcss 1ms power to regulate monopolies and I
think wo might get at the telegraph by mak
ing un amendment to the postal luxy.s.
John A. O'Neil , of Missouri , is the. labor
champion in the house and Inclined to"favor
postal tolfcgraph. "Tho postal telegraph , it
seems to me , is only an advancement of the
methods in the postofllee , " said lie. You will
llnd that nearly every business man does his
business through the telegraph olllce. The
mail at ono tlmo was carried by individuals
und when the business increased the govern
went took control , and I tell you the moro
you discuss the subject the deeper it becomes
nhd tho" more you reali/o tlio necessity for
congressional action. I am in favor of it. "
J. M. Browcr. of North Crrolinu said : "I
, nm favorably disposed to the project , and
would like to see the matter ventilated in
congress. I am ugainst the government enRaging -
Raging In private enterprises , but the tele
graph , I think , should be controlled by the
postofllco. However , I will wait till It comes
up for debate. "
Wool OrowcrH and the Tariff.
WAsinxoTOX , Dec. 5. [ Special Telegram
to the Br.i : . ] William M. Cowden , secre
tary of the Ohio Wool Growers' association ,
now in session hero , to day outlined the ob
jects of this conference.
"Wo want , " ho said , "a tariff high enough
to enable us to live. Wo want this industry ,
as far us prolHs are concerned , placed on a
level with other agricultural Industries. The
tariff is now too low , especially under the
present rulings of the treasury department ,
which lots In too much foreign wool. Wo do
not propose to dictate to coiigross what the
rate shall be , but wo do j > oposo to make
Biich a repu-scntation of the condition of the
industry ns to enable congress lo form a
judgment as to what would bo fair und
equitable. "
An UnnatlHfHCtory Removal.
„ WAHlnxnTox , Dec. 5 [ S | > eoul ! Telegram
to the Bun. ] A good deal of agitation wa
created to-night by the announcement thai
Speaker Carlisle had appointed J. G. Kobin-
Bon , of Spencer , Owen county , Indiana , to bo
Journal clerk of the house , to succeed Hnrri
'pmlth , of Michigan , who htm occupied the
position \yith eminent ability , since the as
sembling of the Forty-second congress , six
teen years ago. At llrst the report could not
Do thought true , as Smith is uuivorsallj
'popular , is the best parliamentarhrn in the
Louse , always prompting the speaker ant
unraveling entanglements when they occiu
on the floor , besides doing his principal worli
of prcpai ing the Journal without fault. Smitl
is u republican' , but has been so inoffensive in
hi1) ) political action that no ono seems to havi
thought till now of supersedint
liiin. Tho. Indiana democrats saj
it in true that Kohlnson has been
iipiiiti'il. ] ) Undoubtedly the change wil
make HOIIIO trouble ns Smith is not only i
prime favorite of such men as Kundall but
of leading men on both sides of the house
The iKJsition alone is worth fii.tioo a , bul
to this is'nddcd from $1,1X10 to $2,000 for com
piling the digest , etc. It is generally beloved
{ loved now that nil oftort will bo made to
morrow to Imvo Smith retained. While
Kobinsoti Is a good lawyer and referred to a
a man of eminent ability , ho is not bellevot
to possess the in my essentials for this place
It roqnhvs constant , active labor , iiu-iita
nml imysleuliy , and a thorough knowledge of
parliamentary law , for this officer Is the encyclopedia -
. -cyclopedia of the houso. Kobinsoit came
lioi'p jjxpeethig to bo made assistant attorney
general for the post olllco department , in tlio
event Judge Bryant , who now occupies that
tilnco , was made commissioner of the general
and ofllce. His appointment as Journal
rlork of the house would indicate that Acting
Commissioner Stockslager feels sure of
being promoted to the commissioncrshi [ ) .
Appropriations Needed.
WASHINGTON , Dec. 5. [ Special Telegram
to the , Hnc.J The secretary of the treasury
to-day transmitted his estimates for appro
priations needed in various brunches of the
government for the fiscal year ending Juno
CO , ISsy. For salaries and expenses of col
lectors and deputy collectors of the internal
revenue In Nebraska ho allows J7,000 ; for
the Third Iowa district , ? I3BOO ; for the
Fourth Iowa district , $ ' 27,000. For improving
the Missouri river from Sioux. City to Fort
lU-nton , $100,000 ; for continuing the improve
ment , qf the Missouri river at Omaha , f IWO- ,
. (100 ; at Plattsmoiith , ft' > 7Jit > 00 ; at Nebraska
City , $ ftir > ,100. For ciistom-luniso employes
ut Lincoln , $13,000 ; ut Nebraska City , | -I10. (
It is seen that the inibllu building at Council
HUitTs can bo furnished out of luv present ap
propriation of SIKX1.
For the surveyor general of Dakota aild
Minnesota tlio estlmuto is fti.uoo ; clinks in
Ills olllco , fJilH ! ) . For the Indian service the
following uru among the recommendations :
For fullilling treaties with the Omahas , the
sixth of twelve installments , being the last
HL'rtcit , in money or othm-wise , per fouith ar
ticle , tieuty of March HI , 1S51 , * l,00 > ) ; for fill-
llllliig tiratios with Otoes and Mlssouris' ,
W,000. For governor of Dakota , fcl.CiXJ ; chief
justice and live assistant Judges , nt f.1,0i > 0
cuiili , fls.wx ) ; secretary , il.sOO ; contingent
expenses to be expeiuU-d by the governor of
Dakota , MOo. Per diem and milcani ) of
twenty-four membersof tln'coum-ll and lorty-
eight members of the house of representa
tives of the legislative assembly. fll,7. > 0 ;
compensation of officers of the legUlalivu us-
qcuibly , W,0 K > ; printing , fJ,7. ; stationery
unit blanks in secretary's oftleo and for the
legislative assembly , frJ.OOO ; fuel and lights ,
flWO ; messenger and porter ami earn of gov
ernment property , MOO ; cloik in the secre
tary' * ollliv , f'JOO ; tepalr and purchase of fur-
nituie , $100 ; incidental t'xponi > c , $500 ; total ,
KxM | > nso of local land ofliccs ; Dos Moipps
tWU : Boatrin ) , * SO ; Hloominyton , SUM ;
Clmilrou , fl.Otf ; Grand Island , $ . ' .14 $ : Lin-
coin , fjon ; Mi-Cook , WUH ) ; Noligh. $1,173 ;
JS'liibruru. & .X * > , ' North Platte , j3a7u ; Sid
ney , * a. . " lU { Valentine , 1,100. ,
A .ImiriiallHtio Art Gallery.
> VAnits-OTON , Dec. 5. [ Special Telegram
to the HKK.J-SIIICO tlio last , session of con
press , C ! . H. Mann , doorkeeper of the press
gallqry of the house , has hud placed on the
\v'all .o ( thp gullory iobliy , | > ortraits. ol many
01 Iho .editors ot leading Auioiitau bcw i > a
POM , which it was decided during last ses
sion should bo placed there. Many of the
portraits are life slzo crayons framed alike ,
one of Mr. Chllds , of the Philadelphia LeTl-
gor , and ono of Mr. Singer , of the Philadel
phia Kecord. Occupying a central space on
the north wall Wa tlirfi lift * 12Ctl portraits ,
one In oil , of the late Mr. Storey , of the
Chicago Tim 3 , a iv.iytm portrait of Mr.
Noyes , of tlio Washington Evening Star ,
and n similar portrait of Mr. Burke , of the
New Orleans Times-Democrat. On caeli
side of the clock arc llfe-sbed per-
traits of Mr. Jones , of the New York Times ,
and Mr. Held , Of tho" New York Tribune.
There is also a life sire crayon of Mr. Do
Young , of the San Francisco Chronicle.
Approprutely placed tire half sl/o crayons of
Mr. Mtimford , of the Kansas City Times :
Mr. Stone , of the New York Journal of
Commerce , and Mr. New , of the Indlanapdlls
Journal. Over the mantel mirror is n largo
photograph of Mr. Pulitzer , of the New York
World. Thcro ro itlso largo photographs of
Mr. Abel , of the Baltimore Sun , Mr. Hul-
Htcud. of the Cincinnati Commercial-Gazette ,
Mr. Modlll , of the Chicago Tribune , Mr.
Nixon of the Chicago Inter-JJcean , Mr.Chipp ,
of the Boston Journal , Mr. Armstrong , of
the Cleveland Plulndenlor , Mr. McLean , of
the Cincinnati Enquirer , Mr. Hondy , of the
Philadelphia News nod Mr. Pulsifer , of the
Boston Herald. Ueaidos these are throe
groups , of Canadian , English and French
visitors. Tho.only jwrtrait , not that of un
editor , Is a Hfc-sbo artlsVproof engraving of
General Grant , by Marshall ,
Omnlin'H Delegation In Washington.
WASHINGTON , Dee. 5. [ Special Telegram
to tlio HKK.I The Omaha'delegation arrived
this evening and lookup their headquarters
at the Arlington. Tlio members were dis
tributed around all the different leading
hotels with a view t'o moro effective personal
work. Inj-esponse to telegrams sent on the
road , Senators Manderson and Paddock and
Congressmen L'uird , McShlino and Dorscy
met the committee for conference at the
Arlington private parlors at 8 o'clock thb
evening. Governor Thaycr presided. The
members of the congressional delegation
being called upon to report the results of
their work , responded brielly. Senator Pad
dock noted a strong disposition gen
erally throughout the cast to afford
Omaha something more than a lighting
chance for the convention. He hud inter-
iewed a largo number of prominent poli-
Iciuns and republicans , and believed that
otwcen the contesting rivals , Omaha's
hances were not Inconsiderable. Scnalor
Sanderson , Congressmen Laird , Dorsey und
IcShane und Church Howe also gave the
esults of their work. Ex-Congressman
3npp , of Iowa , expressed the opinion that the
own delegation in congress would favor
) maha. An interesting change of opinions
lien followed as to the best methods of work
D bo followed during the next few days.
itr. Kosowutor outlined a plan which elicited
onsidorablo discussion. Congressman Laird
Iso spoke forcibly with regard to a thorough
anvass. It was decided to hold a social
Hooting to-morrow evening of western mem-
Army News.
WASHINGTON , Dec. fi. [ Special Telegram
o the Ilitn. ] The tldlngsof the court martial
n the case of First Lieutenant Charles G.
\yres , Tenth calvalry , have been sentenced
o suspension for six months and to bo con-
Ined to the limits of his post for the same
ength of time. The charges preferred were
'conduct unbecoming un ouieor and a gentle-
nun. "
The ordinance department has shipped two
wenty pound riilo guns to the Portsmouth
lavy yard at Brooklyn.
Second Lieutenant J. Y. M. Blount , Fifth
'uvulry , has been grunted ono month's cxten-
ilon of leave.
First Lieutenant Alfred M. Fully , Second
Mvulry , has been ordered to Fort Townsend ,
V.vo. , on court martial duty.
Second Lieutenant David L. Bruinard ,
Uccond cavalry , has been graiitcd ono month's
cave ,
Committee Caucuses.
WASHINGTON , Doc. . " . After the adjourn-
ncnt of the senate the republicans held a
short caucus upon the question of filling com-
nltteo vacancies. Nothing was done beyond
ippointlng a committee of seven , of which
lolls is chairman , to arrange mutters. Blair ,
\lison , Evarts , Kiddleborgcr , Dolph and
Sherman arc the other members of the com-
nittco. The dcmocrutio caus'us committee
laving the same subject in chat-go also held a
short meeting for organbation this afternoon ,
jut a quorum was not present. The demo
crats hold to tlio theory that the chairman-
Bhips belong to" the majority The democratic
committee will take no positive action in ur-
anging the minorities on the senate commit-
ees until they get the republican list and see
vhnt geographical distribution is made in the
nntoritics. The tendency of events upon
joth sides points ton harmonious nrranve-
nent of all party matters in connection with
, lui organization of the senate and its com-
Intimates For Ilio Fiscal Year.
WASHINGTON , Doc. fi. The secretary of
ho treasury to-day transmitted to congress
estimates of the appropriations required for
ho llscal ycatf ending Jane SO , 1899. The
otal amount estimated ns required for all
ho expenses of the government is SROgfittO-
7'jt. ; which is $ tiHW' : > more than the sum
ailed for In. the. estimates submitted lust
year and $ IUVJO,40rt moro than the aggregate
ippropriuttons for the present llscal year.
AdvertisingN ( > n-l ellvorod Letters
WASHINGTON , Dec. fi. The superintendent
of the dead letter bureau , with the approval
of the postmaster general , has prepared a
circular letter , to postmasters , directing the
enforcement of section D'.K ' ) of the postal laws
und regulations , making it imperative upjn
postmasters to udvoitiso in .newspapers or
post a manuscript list of non-delivered let
ters , it also requires the charge and collec
tion of 1 cent in all cases where a letter lias
been published.
I/and Decisions Affirmed.
WASHINGTON , pec. fi. [ Special Telegram
to the Bni- ] Secretary 1-amar to-day con
firmed the decision of the local land ofllco
and the commission of the general land olll co
in canceling the homestead entry of David
Vorls. of Blooniington district. It was hold
that the cntryimiii had not in good faith
established and inutntaincd'hls personal resi
lience upon'tho laudi The local officer's de
cision of a similar character and from the
same district { -elating to land entered by
Anna L. Gnstuvson was also affirmed.
Postal Change * .
WASHINGTON. Dec. fi. [ Special Telegram
to the HUE. | Victor Dubois was to day ap
pointed iwstmastor at Winnebago , Dakota
county , vice Cornelius.IO'Connor , resigned.
The postolllco nt Onward , Cumberland
county , Iowa , will bo discontinued Decem
ber 15.
The special mall service at Orange , Franklin
county , Neb. , lias been ordered discontinued
after next Saturday , und the Jn'ull messenger
service at Vincent , Furnas county , fiom the
Kepublican Valley railway , will bo discon
tinued December 13.
Pensions Issued.
WASHINGTONDec. , . 3- [ Special Telegram
lo the HIK.I An Increase of pension has
been granted David F. Pettlt , of Venus , Neb
Iowa pensions : Mexican war Martha ,
widow of Henry Smith , MisllvIUo ; William
II. Footo , Burlington. Original Michael
Maurudcr , Britt ; William Taylor , Brush
Creitk. Increase Francis M. Armstrong ,
Dow ; Isaau Kersey , Bedford ; Isaac Acker-
man , Montlcello.
Admitted to Practice.
WASHINGTON , Deo. 5. [ Special Telegram
lo the Bui-Charles : L. Graves , of Hock
Bluffs , Neb. , and Bernard N. Robinson , of
Crcston , la. , were to-dayiulnlittcd to practti'i !
before the interior department.
The Visible Supply Sintemrnt.
CHICAGO , Dec. 5. The visible supply of
grain for the weolc ending December : i , as
compiled by the secretary of the Chicago
boaul of trade , is as follows :
Wheat. . , 40'J1IK)0 ( )
Corn , . ni7-oOo' :
Oats- 0,4SJ,000
Uurlujr , - . 3UO.Jooo ,
Ho la Awarded the Nebraska Mld-
dlo-Woight Modal.
A Very Mvely K\hlliltlon oftlie
Art nt the OrnntL Opera
House Lns
Clurct Flows.
Jnck Klllet Victorious
The boxing contest for the middle-weight
championship of the state and a handsome
gold medal emblematic of tlio lionor given by
Richard K. Fox , of the Police Gazette , came
off last evening nt the Graiid opera house. It
was under the auspices of Messrs. Ed Itoth-
cry , Patsey Fallen and Jim Crawford , nud
they are to bo congratulated on the admirable
way in which It was managed , there- being
not a single Instance of disorder during the
whole evening. The audience was immense ,
there being at least 1,000 people in the houso.
Among the notable sporting men from abroad
present wore Patsey Cardiff and Prof. Don
aldson , of St. Paul ; Ike W6lr , thb "Belfast
Spider , " of Belfast , Ireland , now Of Min
neapolis ; Tom Kelley , the old vet
of St. Louis ; Heddy Gallagher and Ocorgo
Forbes , of Cleveland ; Tommy Chandler , Con
Madden and Billy Bradburn , of Chicago ; W.
II. Beck. Tom Brooks , John Boyle , Bill
Machln , Jack Whlttaker and others , of Coun
cil Bluffs , and numerous' representatives from
nil the surrounding towns and cities. Patsy
Fallen officiated in a very gnlceful and Effi
cient way as master of ceremonies , while Ed
Uothory enacted the part of gcne'r'al manager
with skill and good judgment.
Tlio evening's programme was inaugurated
with u sot-to between Murray and Dwyer , two
local amateurs. It was a tame affair and
fulled to rotiso much enthusiasm , although
Dwyer cxhldllcd some good points for a
Following this came a wrestling match be
tween George Miller and Arthur Hothery ,
and although Miller overtopped Hotliery
some seventy-five pounds in weight , he had
to resort to every device known to the trained
athlete and 'bring forth all the strength in his
prodigious frame to conquer his young and
agile opponent. Miller won the toss and
chose cntch-ns-catch-can ns the style of the
contest. After n tremendous struggle Uothery
forced two shoulders and a hip of his big ad
versary to the carpet and was declared the
winner of the llrst bout in " minutes and 40
seconds. The second fall was won by Miller
in 2:10 : and the third and match In 4:0. : > .
Tommy Miller , the local champion feather
weight , then crawled through tno ropes for a
setto with his trainer , Tom Hooney. Both
are clever men and they gave a very interest
ing and lively exhibition of the manly art ,
Miller's line parries , right-handed swings ,
deft upper cuts and scientific play generally ,
calling forth the most vociferous applause.
There is no denying it , Tommy Miller is the
equal of many of tlio moro celebrated ban-
turns in the country , and would undoubtedly
make u creditable showing against Warren ,
Weir , Danforth or any of the other cracks.
This over , Ed Hothery and Jack Larkin ,
the Council BlulTs blacksmith , put on the
mils , and for ton minutes their skillful ex
hibition kept the vast crowd in un unceas
ing cheer. Ed is a lighter from away
back , and ho knocked the colossal smithy
about the ring almost at will. He brought
tlio claret in a shower from Jack's nose , and
made him see a whole sky full of stars any
number of times.
Mr. Dan Baldwin , the Nebraska Hercules.
lifted u 100-pound dumb-bell seven time * , and
was applauded to the echo. Ho challenges
any man In the state to go against him with
tills weight.
George Kendal ' next appeared with
the announcement that ho would en
deavor to beat the world's record lifting a
twcnty-Jlvo-pound dumbtboll. This record
was made by Ed Stickney , of Lynn , Mass. .
and is 455 times. Kondiil smashed the record
into smithereens last night. Ho put up the
motnl .VJtt times , and tlio audience went wild
over the performance , which was iiuleod a
remarkable one.
Next came Prof. Billy Hawlcy and Arthur
Hothery , who it will bo observed gave about
one-half the show , in a three-round bout with
the gloves. Hawley is very scientillo and
very graceful , but ho scoied no points on
Kothery , who is u clever man at anything ho
J. J. Grommo , Dan Baldwin , Ed Kendal
nnd P. J. Kirby , members of the Omaha
Athletic club , followed in a competition on
the homo trainer , n machine for indoor bicycle
practice , half mile , for a gold medal given by
Prince iSc Kirby. Following was the time
made by each : Gnnmne. 1:07 : ; Baldwin ,
5Si-5 : ; Kendal , 5(5 ( 1-5 , and Kirby B2. The
nconquerable Jack Prince rode a mile in
:0t : : . Tills exhibition was very pretty und
nucli onjoyvd.
Patsoy Tallon hero announced that the
middle-weight championship of the state ,
scientific points to govern , would now bo con
tested for , with Johnny Killet , Dan Hart ,
ilinimy Lindsay and Arthur Hothery us the
contestants. The first bout was between
Killet and Hurt , Killet winning by 51 iwints
: o Hurt's 44 , or an average of y. > ' < f to 'Jd.
lthough defeated , Hart made a wonderful
fight , displaying much improvement over the
skill displayed fn his bare knuckles light last
summer with Sid Clarke. With care
and close training Hart will make
a formidable antagonist for any
man in his class. Ho was , however , no
match for his sturdy young antagonist ,
Killet , who is n protege of Arthur Hothery's ,
and who took his first instructions some
years ago in Hothery's boxing academy in
Newark , N. J. Ho is quick as a flash , cour
ageous as a lion , and with his long reach ,
powerful bicept , steady nerve and unerring
eye , will maico any man in the country who
presumes to go against him hump to keep
Iroiu being knocked out.
Killot was esquired by Jimmy Lindsay ,
Hart by Prof. Hawley , while the Judges
were W. H. Beech mid Prof. Ed. Miller ,
Patsy Fallen acting us refereg.
Arthur Hothery , with Hawley behind him ,
and Jimmy Lindsay , with Tommy Miller
manipulating the towel , followed Killet and
Hart. This was another very thrilling dis
play of the beauties of the fistic art , Hothery
coming out first best with un average of li
to Lindsay's 17.
The final bout , of course ,
was between Killet and Kothery ,
and after tlirce as hot rounds as one could
wish to behold , Killet bested his man by a
score of 15 to 14.
Amid the deafening cheers of the excited
crowd the indomitable Jack was awiirdedtlie
championship of the state as well as the emblematic
blematic- trophy offered by Mr. Fo'c. And
thus ended the most successful and highly
enjoyable athletic exhibition over giVeti in
Omaha. _
The Wolr Wnrroii
ST. PAT , , Minn. , Dee 4. The little bantams
Weir and Warren , are blowing away at each
other and telling the public how they intonil
to kill each other when they como together
in Minneapolis December 12. There is a
little too much of this talk to bo genuine ,
and the iniblio is beginning to have a sus
picion of hippodrome. Tlio fact that Weil
is being handled by Jphn Don
aldson , who is Warren's friend , and the fur
ther fact that there is not a dollar up , point
to the claim qf a put-up Job that is belli ) .
made. Weir is training at a gymnasium , bui
Is not doing any methodical work. He puts
In a few. hours every dav banging ut u bit ,
ball , and the rest of the tlmo is consumed in
telling a crowd of toughs in Cardiff's saloon
\ \ hat a great man ho is.
A plan has como to light which to a great
extent explains why Cardiff has paid no attcn
tion to tlio repeated challenges of Killen since
their meeting last summer. Cardiff Intends
to got on u light witli Jake Kilrain in case ho
bests Smith in tlio coming tight for the
world's championship.
of the Western rjenjiie.
KASSVS CmMo. . , Doe. C.-Specal [ ! Tele
gram to the BKK.J A meeting of the
Western base ball league was held In this
city to-night but the war on Presidcn
Menges was postponed until Wednesday
Hepresentatives ware presentas follows
Denver , W. H. McCllntock ; Lincoln , Dav
Howe ; Leavenworth , E. K. Murphy ; Kutisa
City , James Whit field und Will Clause
Denver , by proxy. The mooting organkei
with W. H. McOlintwk as temporary pros'l
dent and James Whitlleld a * ton'ipornrij.SCR
rotary. Auulkdtlou * fur uacuibcwUiy-m the
Great : iJHoliday
Cor. Farrjftm and 13th
Criticize Them
Buy any of Them
And wo Guarantee Sntisfnctlnn.
Overcoat and Suit Sale
. .
Cor. Farnmn ami 13th.
caguo were received from Pueblo , St.
foseph , Hutchismi. Emporiu and
AViehitu. The secretary was instructed
o notify these placed by wire to send repre
sentatives to u meeting to bo held hero
Wednesday. The league decided not to
send a representative to Cincinnati , bellev-
ng it unnecessary. The league next year
vill consist of either six or eight clubs , with
a $100 salary limit , the managers of the clubs
> eing excepted from this rule. The dues of
ho Western league are paid up to February
. A meeting of the stockholders of tlio
Cansas City club will bo held tomorrow. An
Utornoy will bo sent to represent the club ut
Sunday Cocking Main.
Sunday afternoon the usual chicken fight
Irow a crowd of sports to the cock pit , near
yioreneo , where a couple of battles fnr-
lishcd the day's amusement. The llrst was
ictwocii a seven-pound Irish Grov and a
seven and a half pound brown red , and re
sulted in a victory for the Grey , The second
was between a white Pylo und a black red ,
.ho latter winning in a walk over. The
stakes wore $25 a battle , and * - . > for the win
ner of the main , who happened to be an
Omaha man ,
IV. A. Cnhlll .Tailed GlinfRod AVitli a
Hlnody Crime.
A young man of about twenty , giving the
name of W. A. Cuhlll , and claiming to bo
from Troy , N. Y. , has been in Omulm several
weeks und lias been squandering money
like n lord. Hq has kept about
him a gang of disreputable fellows
vvlio have most , graciously helped him
flpend his money in some of the
lowest dens of the city. Lost Saturday
night ho created a scene In the bawdy house
of Kthcl Orr by charging one of his com
rades with taking his watch , mid pulling out
his revolver and commencing to shoot. Ho
was arrested for this , taken to the police
station , and yesterday lined W , " and costs.
In the afternoon ho bought tickets for Los
Angeles not only for himself but for his part
ner and a number of the dead beats who
have been sponging off him during his stay
hero. While ut the depot somebody stole his
valises and ho came to the police
station a few minutes before 7
to report his loss , where hemet
met Olllcer Bloom , who had been looking
for him. Bloom Immediately arrested him ,
and had him put behind the bars again. It
seems that Bloom hail como into possession
of a letter froiji u young lady of an aristo
cratic family in Maryland , breaking her en
gagement with Cahiil on account of murder
ing a man while ho was in college -
lego u few months ago. It
is thought ho has lied to the
west on account of this crime ,
and is traveling under an assumed name.
Ho seems to bo connected with very wealthy
people , and is constntAlr supplied with money
from parties in thif'oust. Last week f'.HH )
was placed to his cierfit In McCagues bank.
Three hundred of thtif ho drew yesterday
morning , and last evening ho had only about
? 1IO ! of it left. Telegrams have been sent to
Troy. N. Y. , and sto the town in
which the Mnrylnnrt tady resides , telling of
his capture hero and Awaiting orders from
the officers there. When ho was asked la-st
evening if ho had .twr lived in Maryland ,
ho turned deadly pale1'and ' after consider
able hesitation admitted that ho had attended
college there. WhciVvsisked if ho hod not
committed some crlMo' here , he denied it
stoutly but trembledJikp nn aspen.
MillloiiH I-efl liy niToxiui Mkely to Ho
AUSTIN" , Texy Dee'S ! , There is a report
hero that a proposition has' been made the
state authorities relative to the celebrated
Bean estate of Fann in county , which lias
been figuring in the papers for several
months. Bean died in Faiinln county some
tune ago , leaving property valued at from
SIO.OOO.UK ) to 6l5OtXUQ1 ) ( ) and so far as known
ho left no heirs. After the announcement
of his death , however , several claimants
appeared in different parts of the country , all
very vigorously pressing their claims , with
the chance , so far , deoidudlyin favor of Post
master II. P , Howard , of San Antonio. But
the prox | > sltion alleged to have been made the
state , if accepted and proved up , will blast
the hopes of all the heirs , for it purports to
show beyond all doubt that Bean was tlio last
of hla Kindred , and that in all the earth ho
has no blood relations whatever , evento , th.a
remotest degree. H this can be shown , and
it Is posilwcly ufllrmed that it can be , of
course its vast estate will bo escheated und
, full to the state of Te
During this sale we propose to prive our many
patrons who have known and dealt with us
ever since 1856 ; and the ever increasing trade ,
who appreciate * our square and one-price
method of doing business , an actual and bona-
fi'de bargain in every article. As usual every
garment is marked in plain figures , from which
there is no deviation , Indeed the most preju
diced could not murmer at the marvelously
low price that is put on the really good clothes
we offer during this sale.
These prices are 33 to 4O per cent lower
than ever offered before by any concern , new or
old. The last five weeks has not made suffi
cient difference to cause our prices to change.
Our long experience teaches the amount of goods
required for each season , and it is either a poor
business man or a 1 r that have to advertise his
own mistakes. For 31 years we have catered to
your trade and we can look every man in the
face and truthfully say we merit your trade on
account of the quality of goods we sell , their per
feet fit and honestly low price.
An Oltl Farmer of Maine Terribly
IJonton and Itolilinl.
UINOOI : , Mo. , Dec. 5. Peter Bennett , a
wealthy and miserly farmer , cljihty years
old , residing at Newport , was found last night
lyinj : on the lloor of his house in n pool of
blood. lie was restored to consciousness and
it was learned that robbers had beaten him
lind escaped with § 33,000 in ( , 'old and bills.
lie was in the habit of keeping lar c bums of
money nrqund the house.
JJHtisli Grain Trmlo Review.
LON I > N' , Dec. . " > . The Mark Lane Express ,
in its weelsly review of the Uritlsh grain
trade , says : Trading in English wheat was
dull in London , values steady and deliveries
tifnall. Provincial markets weaker. Sales
of UmjlUh wheat for the week tir , 1.10 quar
ters at Ills M gainst 52,1.1" ) quarters at Ms 7d
tlurini ? the corresponding week last year.
Flour was depressed , owing to large arrivals.
Foreign wheat dealings were restricted. The
excitement In American options failed to
affect hpot 'trade hero. Reports of the wheat
harvest in Australia and the Argentine He-
pnblic promise a largo increase in shipments.
Flour dull. Corn scarce und values rising.
There were four arrivals of wheat during the
week. Two were withdrawn und two re
main. At to-day's market wheat was steady
with the demand unchanged. Corn ( idC't'ls
dearer. Oats in good Inquiry and its higher.
Linseed declined Od. i1 lour , beans and peas
A Good Woman Gone.
'D i- : , la. , Dee. 5 [ Special Telegram
to the Uin.j : Mother Mary Frances Clarke ,
superior general of the order of Sisters of
Charity , died at St. Joseph convent , near
this city , yesterday , at a very advanced ago.
On Friday bhe received u telegram from Pope
Leo XIII at Koine , sending a special blessing
anil pU'nary indulgence' for the hour of
death. She had wrought gi cat work in tlio
oitlcr she established , Imvingsovoral hundred
communicants in tin- schools she has founded.
! iii the IlatldookCaKO Closed.
Siorx CITY , Dec. .1. The evidence in the
Haddock murder case was finally closed this
morning. The evidence to-day was confined
to n few witnesses in support of the charac
ter of one of the witnesses for the defense.
H. Ilnhhurd began his speech to the jury in
behalf of the stale and had not concluded at
ttie evening adjournment.
Tim WontUor To-Day.
For Nebraska : Fair weather , rising ,
followed "by falling temperature , light to
fresh variable winds.
For Iowa : Wacmer , generally fair
weather , light to fresh variable winds , gen
erally southerly.
For Kastorn and Central Dakota : Light
local simws , followed by colder fair weather ,
light to fresh vmiablo winds ,
For Fast Trains.
CIIIOAOO , 111 , , Dec. 5 Tlio managers and
superintendents of Chicago and Coipicil
Hluffs lines were in session to-day with Union
Pacille ofllclali * , ui ranging fortlm putting on
of fast trains bctwccji Chicago and Missouri
river. The details1 were not completed and
another meeting will bo. held Wednesday.
Trying to HulHG Hntcs.
Ciucvnn , Dec. 15 , It is said that a pressure
is being brought to bear upon IJecciver Me-
Nulta to Induce him to advance freight rates
on his own load between Decatur. 111. , and
the Mississippi river. U is not yet decided
what action he will take ,
- -
A Hccr Pool Formed.
Ciuctno , Dec. B. A beer pool , to be known
as the Chicago and Milwaukee H rowers' as
Hociatlon , was organised here to-day. It Is
said to Include every beer manufacturing
linn In the two cities.
Fatal Locomotive i\ploHion. :
II u.i FAX , Dec. 5. A locomotive on the In
ter-colonial railroad exploded in Stcllarton
station to-day , Uillim ; three men and injuring
several others. The fetation was badly
wrecked and the engine entirely demolished.
Looked Out.
Losnos'i Dec. 5. Tim Northampton fac-
tuiic&liuye commenced a lockout of 15,000
The production of S iraon's "Dolores" by
Bolossy Kiralfy's great company at Boyd's
opera house hist night proved a decided suc
cess. The audience was a large and enthusi
astic one. The period of the play is that of
Philip II , of Spain , and the s-eno U laid Bel
gium , in and about Antwerp. The middle-
aged Count do Hj'soor , a Flemish noble , is
the husband of a young and beautiful
Spaniard , Dolores. The Count is wrapped
up in the struggles of his fatherland , and like
another Van Artovcldt ho devotes his life to
the cause. ICurloo , a handsome young follow ,
whom ho regards as a son , has fallen in love
with Dolores. In the most skillful
manner the author makes the hus
band become aware of his wife's in
fidelity , and , although ho is ignorant
of the name of her lover , it is disclosed that
ho has received a wound in his hand during a
brawl , just as ho was leaving the npai tments
of the countess. Hysoor has arranged to
throw open the gates uf Brussels to the
Prince ot Orange. In giving over t ho com
mand of his followers to his friend Karoo , the
count bestows on him his own sword. As the
other puts out his hand to grasp the weapon the
count socs the wounded hand , instantly ac
cuses Kiirloo of having dishonored him. In
the meantime Dolores has betrayed the plot ,
Hysoor and the others are arrdsted , the latter
are condemned to the stake and Uysoor dies
in the torture chamber. Dolores inndvoit-
nntly tells her secret to Karloo , wlio , cm/etl
by the avowal , stalls her with his dagger
and voluntarily takes his place at the stake
beside his comrades and dies In the Humes
with them.
This is a brief sketch of a plot powerful In
itself and enriched by incidents not le s
dramatic than the main story. In the Hist
act there is a frenzied appeal by a female
prisoner , which is extremely effective , and
in each of the impel taut scenes of the play
the interest is sustained to the highest degree
bv u constant sucession of intensely dramatic
episodes. Tno autioir is quick throughout.
The scenic and spectacular features were of
extraordinary beauty and completeness.
The performance includes two grand ballets ,
"The Wild Gypsies" and "Drbsdlmi. " The
latter is the famous Dresden china ballet ,
which ran over W\ \ nights at tlio Alhumbra ,
In London. The premiere dansueses are
Mile. Antaniotta Bella , Mile. Francisciim
Paris and Mile. Nicodo. The corps do ballet
Is largo , and has boon carefully selected from
the principal European theatres , Thu per
formance throughout was an excellent ono
und was enthusiastically received.
In the cnmp.inv um such artists ns Newton
Gotthold , John Mulono , W. II. Wulliu , .1. II
Fit/patrick , Eleanor Carey , Iliccu Allen , and
Miss Du'nbar. All the parts were well ren
dered. Mr. Gotthoid is an actor of great
ability and i endered his part in a masterly
manner. We have not the time to give in
this Issue such a notice as the play and tin. )
really excellent artists whp appear in it de-
sorve. All who desire to see un excellent
play ably produced should not fall to see
"Doloios , " which is the best yet seen hero of
the Kiralfy productions. Tlio engagement
is for one week , with matinees Wednesday
and Saturday.
mi ! ri'.ori.r.s.
Frank Linden U playing a successful en
gagement ut the People's theater , Crowded
houses greet his every performance , and in
ills rendering of the live different anil diUI-
cult characters in the splendid play.Monte
Cristo , " shows marked dramatic ability. Ho
was called be-fore the curtain twice last
night. The plav is beautifully mounted , and
the scenlu effect * am the giamlnst and most
costly over seen on the People's atago.
Hmltli'H fHiai-KCN I'oiind lo IJe Groiind-
IONS Flr < > niul Pollen.
The regular monthly meeting of the board
of fire and police commissioners was held
last evening. Them were present Messrs.
Hennctt , JIurtman , Gllhoitand Smith , with
Mayor HroJtch In the chair. On request of
A. M. Dayton , Henry llaogon was appointed
special policeman tit 1307 Douglas btreet.
The committee on men and discipline re
ported as follows on the charges picfcrred
against Captain Green , of the police force ,
by C. W. Smith , of the Ucpubllcun :
To the Hoard of Fire mid Police Commls-
Hlonor * : Your committee to whom was pie-
ferrcd the ( .ommunlcutlon from C.V. . Smith ,
in which he states upon Information und
belief that "Alfred Duff Grceiu
now acting as captain , Is u lit-
tine' fandidattj . f.or dismissal , " beg
Icavt ! to report that wo have Investigated the
Great Holiday
Cor. Farnam and I3th
Men's Overcoats ,
Wonder at Them ,
See the Quality ,
Examine the Make
Look ; -
Tfc Trimming-
Buy Any of Them
IVml bo IMonuril.
Overcoat and Suit Sale
Cot : Famai'n and 13lli.
the matter and llnd the charges wholly
groundless. All the members of your com
mittee were present at the Investigation and
In the opinion of your committee the commu
nication has received mnio nttentimi than It
deserved. Our conlldcnco in Captain Green
remains unimpaired.
The repui t was adopted and placed on file.
The same committee reported on the case
of Oflicor Godola , acquitting him of any in
tention to violate any rules of discipline of
the police department , and recommended
that his suspension bo set aside. They ulso
complimented the chief on his efforts to se
cure a faithful compliance with the special
rules of his department ,
Mr.'Hiinsen was appointed special police
man on Cuming stieet.
Captain Webb , of the lire depaitmciit ap
peared befoiotho commissioners to answer
the charge of nnt repotting for duty. The
charge was found lo lie true and Webb was
reduced to the rank of private with pay to
commence December 7.
Max II. Hnthleil was appointed special po
liceman at the corner of Seventh and Jack
son streets on request of the Nebiaska Steel
D. P. Beard , of the lire department , was
promoted to the ra'nk of captain.
The pay rolls for November of the police
department amounting to $ . ' 1,13)0 ) , and of the
lire ilcpaitmcnt , amounting to f.,8bO.-J7 ! , wore
approved. _
Anollier 1'rogresslvc .Meeting Held
LnM Night.
An adjourned meeting of the Omaha
bureau of chaiitics was hold nt the council
chamber last night. There was only n fair
attendance. The committee on by-laws und
constitution to whom the same had been re
ferred for revision reported that they had
made but few changes. On motion the by
laws and constitution us revised weio
Dr. Miller wanted to know how the organ
ization was to thrive , and upon whom ami
what it was to depend for money assistance.
Mr. Points explained that the organization
would make distributions of money only In
urgent cases. The relief was to como from
the various charitable organizations now in
existence , and that the object of the bureau
was to nrotcct these charities from imposi
Twenty-three ladies and gentlemen aignod
the constitution and by laws , paid their dollar
lar and weie admitted to lull membership.
There being some doubt as to the legality
of the meeting last Monday , when the officers
weio elected , u rc-voto was taken and re
sulted in the unanimous choice of the siimo
Messrs. Thufston , Points and Gilbeit were
appointed u committee to Incorporate the
bureau In accordance with the code of the
There will bo a meeting of the board of
trustees at the Chamber of Commerce ut J
o'clock this afternoon.
After an interesting discussion , indulged In
bv IJov. Mr. Williams , lion John M. Tlmm-
ton , Mr , Barker and otheis , the meeting ad
A Farmer Haiif ? * Illnihelf.
Mvsox Cirv , Pa. , Dee , 5 , ISpodul Telegram -
gram to the llii : : , ] - A farmur named Amos
Allen committed suicide by hanging near
Plymouth , in this county , this morning. Hu
was extensively engaged In the dairy busi
ness , untl no ic.ison Is assigned for his act ui
ho was in good circumstances und much re-
spcotcil. _ _ _ _ _
Another low.i Suicide.
Osion , la. , Dec. 5. [ Special Telegram t < !
tlio llKi'.l Captain 1C. S. Allen , a promlnenl
and respected viiiicn of tills place , commlttC'l
suicide by hanging last Saturday uftm-nr > on.
He was u member of the f ! A. K post n |
this city and had an honorable ivcmd as u
union soldier. Some llium-ia ! embarrass
ment and 111 hcallli are auppj od to have led
to his doatlu.
Children Cry for Pitcher's ' Castoria.
When n t7 wu tick , we gav bur Caitori * .
When Htmr u a Child , fch cried for CM tori * ,
When oho became MI l , iho clunjto Ctutorte ,
\Vh u Bhehad Children , tba K YO them CMtorU.
* i. ; . , .