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Remarkable Work of Its First Faot
Train Yostorday.
To GhlonKO In Ilii ! Snmn Icnntli ( > f
Thno on n Hmooth Truck ami
Most IJenutinil
of CHIN.
On tlio Fly.
Yesterday nt 7 o'rlocU , rlRht crntlcmoii
fllicmlmrkcit from the Pullman sleeper , OU
tunm'ii ut Imllnnoln , n town on the It , & M.
, ioiuli70 ! miles west of Omalm. They wcro
Harry Ij. Hull , Kcnor.kl traveling ntcnt of tlio
JJurllngton routu with hc.i'iliiuurtcri in till *
city ; P. I * . Pomcroy , of the Omiilm Her.iM ;
W. .1. Carter , of tlio Kcpnblluiin ; K. A.
well , of the World ; .1. U. Kingof tlicOimihrt
Mcroliimt ; C. H. MeAeloon , of tlio News ;
Jl. H. Hchbiml.of the Lincoln State Journal , thu representative of tlio Omuha linn.
They hud ridden nil night In tlio
Bunituous | car mentioned under tlio kindly
escort of Mr. Hull , mill were the rc'elplonts
of tlio generous hospitality of the H. & M.
which that gentleman bountifully dispensed.
'J'helr train had left this city nt 8 o'clock the
l > rcccdlngovcnliignnd they werodelegated for
the information of the public to meet the
fust train of the Hurllngton route on its llrnt
trip from Denver , anil ride in It until It hud
passed beyond the borders ol the Btute.
The nun wus still behind the hills and the
tilr was sharp und bracing. A wait of a few
minutes occurred in the little station mid
suddenly , a mlle to the westward , the golden
reflection of u locomotive headlight shot
nround u curve , and the train was sighted
rushing down tlio track with the rapidity
mid maJcMy belonging to u newly
created conqueror of both distance nnd time.
The train thundered past the gathered wait
ers on the platform , nnd then the application
nf the brnkrs brought sparks from the warm
wheels and the cars cumo to n stand. In
less than a mlnuto the party was
tin board nnd the liycr resumed
its journey to the metropolis of Illi
nois. This departure took place nt 7:15 : n.
in. , the engine being 11(1 ( , in charge of Hlrney.
K C. Sluhy being the conductor. Hehiml
tills fleet roller were two passenger coaches
mid the magnificent Pullman sleeper , Auck
land. Than this car no moro beautiful rail
road palace over left the Pullman works. On
board the latter was I' . S. Eustl.s , the 1:011-
crul passenger and ticket agent of the H. it
M. Ho had ridden from Denver , which
place the train had left on the
night previous ut 11:55 : o'clock. This
hour was the old schedule time ,
nnd the train had really lull that plaeo
on the old ' schedule , because the new
time card did not go into effect until lust
night ? H was intended , however , to make
the time of the new train and it was put on seas
as to get the new system in operation by the
dntn designated on the new card. The time
for leaving Denver is 10 o'clock p. 111. and the
train lust night loft there at the hour men
tioned. After leaving Denver , the ( Iyer was
pulled to McCook by engine 157 , with Engi
neer Kobiumm and Conductor C. M. Johnson.
It reached McCook at J > : ! 25 u. in. There u
hpcelal car containing J. 1C. Choato , assistant
superintendent of the Union Pacitie at Den
ver , with u party of frienda , was detached.
The train pulled out u few minutes
behind time. After leaving Indi.inolu be
hind tlio train flew lilong the vails
reaching Oxford , where iho party break-
lasted sumptuously nt u tame attended by n
maiden with u pair of hiuel eyes and a Mary
Anderson set of features , which , with the
viands were enjoyed for twenty-live minutes.
Again the train got under wuy , and when
lour miles out the engine broke nn eccentric ,
causing u delay of one hour and twenty-llvo
minutes. In this time train No. 0 , which
had left McCook ut 0 o'clock , overtook the
flyer and helped it a fraction of a inilo to
Mascott. where the assisting engine , 1(11 ( ,
with Albert Nolan in the cub , was substi
tuted , and again the journey was under
taken , with sixty-one miles to niuko up to
catch the tchedulo timo. The engine
Becmcd ciuil | to the tusk , yet the motion of
the train wus no slight that writing with ink
could easily huvo been indulged in. At
lanta was passed ilylng , nnd Iloldrogo , the
"muglo city , " was readied , where tlio
train was greeted by a host of | ieoplo , and
where it will bo met dally by the Cheyenuo
blccpor. Funk , Axtol , Mindcn , with dull :
'suggestions of the human , brute , Uichards
nnd that other brute Xhnmcrman , were
passed , also Hnrtwcll , and then
KoncsaW was attained , and hero a slight
rest was taken. On again to Hastings , where
u largo number of people welcomed it. Hero
it remained about three minutes , nnd it was
noticed that it was gradually making up for
Us delay. It started again and was gomg
out llko a shot when a Hii : ; newsboy , who
wus selling Saturday evening's paper , found
himself on board and feared to Jump oft.
With presence of mind ho coolly pulled the
cord nnd the train stopped instunter with its
pilot over the Kearney crossing. This ncces-
bitutcd a bucking up , which lost four minutes
more , nnd when it was discovered who was
the innocent cause of the delay the piescuco
of mind of the youngster was commended
nnd the success of his achievement provoked
much amusement In the party. Again the
loud was taken , this time toward Harvard ,
distant fifteen miles , and these wore spun
out at the rate of fifty-two miles an hour , the
spinning power being applied by engine 1W ( ,
Huniucl Suoll the engineer , the conductor being -
ing W. N. Hull. At Hustings D. E. Thomp
son , the assistant superintendent at Lincoln ,
was taken aboard and Clark , the well-known
city editor of the Gazette-Journal was ad
mitted to the journalistic and rail road
watchers. Harvard passed , Lincoln became
the goal and in reaching it Fairmont was the
only station stopped nt , Sarnnville , Button ,
Grafton , Exeter , Friend , Dorchester , Crete ,
Horks and Dentou being given but a passing
notice. Tlio train was duo nt the capital at
1 : ' p , m. , but it was 1 : to o'clockwhen the
iron steed wus detuehed to go to his stnll , and
the travelers with becoming dignity filed to
the depot eating room. They had ridden the
last ninoty-flvo miles in 115 minutes. At
Lincoln twenty-llvo minutes will , hereafter ,
bo allowed for dinner , nnd the rapid traveler
will avail himself of the opportunity , because
the spread , the result of the management of
Miss Tillio Fnrst , is not excelled in any simi
lar place in tills country. Hero engine 10-J ,
tinder the charge of Hob Smith , was attached
to the train to draw it to Pacilio Junction in
Iowa , nnd the sleeper , Hivortoa was attached ,
giving accommodation to Lincoln passengers.
Thus equipped , and with Its load of satisfied
experts , the train pulled out at 1:0-J ! : o'clock ,
twelve minutes behind time , a few minutes
having been stolen from the allowance
on the schedule for n stop. Now , but liftv-
four miles hud to bo traversed before Omaha
would bo reached , nnd ono hour and twenty-
eight minutes remained in which to cover
them. There was no doubt that the feat
would bo accomplished. The engine braced
itself nobly for the work. Past waltzing
houses and barns and whirling fields ; past
motionless bunches of cattlohuddled together
to break the chilling breeze ; past dreary
patches of riotous corn-stalks , relentlessly
abandoned by the rigors of the season ; past
frowsy elevators which' in nowlso seemed
bursting with goldou grain ; past frightened
. teams religiously conveying devout farmers
nnd their families homo from morning wor
ship ; past cra/y windmills violently exercis
ing to keen up circulation in the blusts ; past
llttlo stations with gaping crowds of village
folk ; past country schools nnd country
churches ; past stock pens , yellow banks ,
, piles of lumber , over trestles , through cuts
nnd by Immense manufacturing establish
ments und the train is in Omaha. Mr. Eus-
tis stepped down from the platform with
watch In hund. remarking , "With four min
utes to SPUIV , too. "
Hero there was a watt of half an hour , and
the tram ut ilM.1 o'clock started for Chicago ,
having previously taken on the dining cur
"Windsor , nnd a sleeper of Omnhnnn. Hero
wcro taken on board John Duggun , tho'ablo
nnd genial superintendent of the Iowa divi
sion of the Chicago , Hurllngton & Quincy.
uud M , M. Marshal , the successful general
agent of the "Q" system in Council Hluffs.
Mr , Kustls hero loft the train with the
thanks of the journalists for his kindly
courtesy , but Mr. Hall remained. A few
in I las out the invited guests took
scuts ill the dining car , u glistening
palace In silver , cut-glass and whitest linen ,
with n dozen tables set in u most Inviting
manner. This was in Charge of W. C. Colo-
i , ouo of the handsomest luen'in the ser
, and , an was evinced by the viands which
answered thu 11 he/a 1 orders of the guests.
may also b classed as one. of the most
competent in his business. The latter
wore discussed as the train flew
nround the curves to Pluttsmouth ,
rtilch it reached In forty minutes , while
rosslng the bridge nnd InW ) Iowa until Pa-
ilk- Junction was reached. Here , Mr. Pugh ,
ho general agent of the "Q" system nt Pa-
Hie Junction joined tlio party which rode to
iustlngs , where It met the fast malt train
'rom ' the east , on which , at 7HO : o'clock hut
light , It returned to this city , having In less
linn twenty-four hours traveled nearly C.V )
The train from Denver above spoken of
vill reach Chicago this morning nt S o'clock ,
niklngtlio run between the two places , a
.Istnncoof 1,023 miles , In thirty-four hours.
i'hls train b not run particularly as n fiwt
rain. Its speed is not considered great , but
ho snrccss of its achievement lies In the
'act that It keeps going almost continually.
nstcnd of fifty-five stops , us" made formerly
iptwcen Chicago nnd Denver , It now stop *
nily nt Akron , Col. : MrConlc , Oxford ,
.loldrcgo , Fall-mount , Lincoln , Ashland and
Omaha , in Nebraska : Creston , Ottumwa and
urlington. la , nnd Ualcslmrg. Mendotn ,
iVurnru nnd Chicago , In Illinois. It saves In
ho journey Mv hours and fifteen minute ! " .
Jctiirning from the east , it readies
Omaha ut 5:15 : o'clock In the morning ,
il Denver at 10 o'clock the same
venlng. This enables a traveler to
mmediatdy retire to rest and be fresh for thn next day. Tills is certainly a
ommend.iblo feature , and the ni-hievemu'nt
jy which it has boon accomplished is by no
neans the greatest that may bo done , even
.vithout . in any uiiy.incurrlng risk of danger
, n life or property. The speed of yesterday
, vas forced nnd yet it was absolutely so much
o that , If need be , u couple of hours more
nay bo taken off the schedule.
To accommodate the local traflio between
Jhlcago and McCook , n third train was yes-
.crdny put on thu-road. It will leave McCook
iit ( "o'clock In the morning , stopping at the
i > rincMl ! | stations , reaching Hustings ut 11:18 :
i. in. , Lincoln ut : ) : < ' ! . " > p. m. , und Omaha at
i : 15 u. in. On its return trip to the west it
eaves Omaha at S o'clock in the evening
und stops at the more important stations.
Aside from tno benefit of the fast train to
ho traveling world , it is destined to bring
, ho people of n lurge section of tlio state into
: lo er connection with the outside world by
neans of the dailies of this city. Hereafter
ho Omaha HII : : will bo sold on the streets of
jincoln by 7:15 : o'clock in the
uornlng und delivered to its sub
scribers before 8iO : ! o'clock. At Lincoln
close connections will bo made , which will
iring the Hr.i : to its thousands of readers in
Reward , York , Loup Citv , Grand
Island , Aurora , Central City , Ord ,
CJrceley and n hundred other placc.s
almost before the noon. There
s no doubt that the enterprise of the H. &
M. will bo appreciated , and that the iiccom-
nodation afforded by the train , as well as the
ocal ono also referred to , will bo found of
; rcat value to our people. These trains uro
} qulppcd with finest cars , nnd the attendants
nnd ofllcers uro gentlemanly and accommo
dating. This may bo most truthfully said of
Mr. Eust is. as also of Mr. Hall. The latter
gentleman left nothing undone in his atten
tion to the press representatives , whoso trip
wns ono of unalloyed pleasure.
Valley Changes.
The Fremont , Elkhorn ft Missouri Valley
railroad has issued the following : "Tho
Eastern division is hereby divided into two
working divisions : The main line from Fre
mont to Long Pine , nnd the Albion and
Jreighton lines will be known as the Eastern
division. Mr. D. M. Philbin is appointed
superintendent with headquarters at Norfolk.
I'ho Omaha , Lincoln , Seward nnd Hastings
lines will bo known us the South Platte di
vision. Mr. E , T. Horn Bupcrintendcnt ,
'Headquarters at Fremont. "
liomlsniuii Flanuci1Flmln His Maii In
n MlHMMiri Town.
Jim Flannery has captured Sam Steven
son , the alleged ravisher of Miss Lulu Epsey.
Stevenson was fonnd ut the little town of
Birmingham , about fifteen miles from Kan
sas City , and reached Omaha with his captor
yesterday morning.- The story of the pur
suit of the fugitive Is an interesting one.
About a week ago Flannery , who was ono of
Stevenson's bondsmen , and who had $1,01)0 )
at stake , was doputi/cd by Shoi-ift Coburn to
go to Colorado springs to take Stevenson
into custody , it having been telegraphed hero
that ho had been captured nt that place.
\rrlving at Colorado Springs , Flannery
found , to his inllnlte disgust , that
ofllcers had caged the wrong man.
Hut he determined not to give up tlio chase
and next , went to Denver. In u saloon lit
that place ho accidentally met a man who
spoke of meeting some Omaha men who
wore bricklayers at Kansas City. Flannery
was immediately on the alert , and affecting
to 1)0 confidential with the fellow , told him
that ho was looking for a cousin , giving a de
scription of Stevenson , who was a bricklayer.
Ho further said that his cousin was in trouble
nnd ho was trying to hunt hini up to render
him assistance. This story , flavored with
plenty of'good whisky , hod the effect of
drawing out a full description of Stevenson
and his whereabouts from the stranger , and
Flannery started post haste for Kansas < _ .ity.
Stevenson , who bad been stopping at the
Pontagraph house , had left , but tlio
proprietor , who happened to bo
un old friend of Flanucry's , told
him that the fugitive could bo found at
Hirminghnm , where he wns passing under tlio
assumed name of .luck Fuller. On his way
to that hamlet Flauupry foil in with tlio coroner
ner of the county , and offered him $10 to as
sist in the arrest. This the coroner readily
assented to do , promising to make the arresl
himself provided Flannery let him tuko his
revolver , and would stand by ready to lend a
helping hand. AH the two approached the
house where Stcvou&ou was ut dinner tlio
coroner weakened , nnd , handing back the
weapon to Flannury , nskod him to go ahead
Stopping Inside tlio door the deputy foum
several men present , in the midst of whom
sat Stevenson.
"Well , Sam , 1'vo coiuo after you , " said
Flnuncj-y , at the same time covering bin
with his revolver. The fugitive stared at his
bondsman in astonishment , turning alter
nately red und white , and managed to stain
IIHT out :
"Well , you'll let mo finish my dinner
won't you f"
This was readily granted , but It was notlcei
that his appetite suddenly failed nnd the rest
of his dinner was loft untouched. Tlio mei
present wcro disposed to take the part of the
prisoner , but the deputy "had the drop"oi
them , and kept his act vantage until ho got the
handcuffs on Sam und hurried him over to
the depot. Ho was followed by the crowd
but the glitter of his "aim" seemed to imvo
a subduing effect on them and mi hour or so
later lo : got on board the train.
Flannery and his prisoner arrived in Omaha
at ( i ; 0 yesterday morning. The latter wa
turned over to Jailer Miller. The only ex
cuse that Stovcnson offers for his Might i
that , although Innocent , he wus afraid ho wa
going to bo convicted anyway.
Solilonbcrg's Kljrnro , the only lOo
for So. Ask your tloalor for them
Mux Meyer & Co. , wholesaleilopot. .
The aged father of Captain Townscm
died on Tuesday of last week , nt his homo It
Cambridge , WK Ho was eighty-six years o
age. , Captaln Townscnd is in Washington
1) . C , , and was unable to attend the funeral
Mrs. Townscpd , who Is visiting friends li
Wisconsin , hall just left Cambridge whei
the news reached her of the death of the oh
gentleman , so slui was able to return in time
Alexander Hlack , a well-known contracto
in this city , died about S o'clock hist evening
at his residence , 1718 Jucktion street , of In
llummatlpu of the bowels , ufter only three
days' illness. Thu deceased was a man o
about thirty-live , und leaves a wife to mouri
his loss. The will take place at 10
in. to-morrow , to which all friends uro in
* i
< \rreslcl Tor Itnlibcry.
Jumes Muhn was arrested , yesterday morn
ing charged with stealing t\so overcoats fron
Jumcs.Muhn'at 709 North Sixteenth street
and also attempting to beqt the same gentle
man out of'a board bill amounting to f-3. A
the time or his arrest. Muhn was going dowi
Eleventh street nn his way to the de | > at will
his satchel and other I'fTeeUvitl ( him , rcadi
to leave the dJ } ' . Ono of the stolen ovci
coats ho hud on nt the tiuio of his arrest
The other lie bad disposed Of ut a pawu shop
HIicrlfT Cnntwnll Thinks the Prisoner
IH Hinltli'H MurUcror.
Sheriff Cantwell , from Scotia , < Wrccley
ounty , Is in the city after James Qninn , who
s supposed to be the John Qulnn who inur-
ered Charles Smith , his foreman'on the
.Mil of July last. Cantwell Is Inclined to be-
levo that ho now has the man who com-
nttted the terrible deed. After Quinn gave
3tnth ! the fatal stab Smith managed to got
mid of the knlfonndln pulling it through
( Julnn's hand. Inflicted u deep cut across the
ulm. Ho also gave Qnlnn three * slashes
ivcr the head with the knife , otioon the fore-
irad mid two on the ciown. An examination
estordny showed scar.s In all these places on
he prisoner. Quinn claims that at tlio time
f the murder ho was In Dakota , but does
lot say hi what plncc. Ho says that while in
Jakotu ho went under the assumed name of
ohn Johnson , but gives no reason why ho
chose to go under that alias.
The frog pond known us Lake P.ivonkn
viis frozen over for the first tlmu yesterday ,
nnd about twenty Juvcuilo candidates for
Irownlng wcro practicing on skates.
Charles Gilbert , better known as'Dick , " has been celebrating Thunhsgiv-
ng day too long , with the usual icstilt. It
vnsn't snakes ho went gunning for , but his
'ellow-boardcrs , nnd Marshal Hico had him
cmnvcd to St. Joseph's hospital for trcat-
AH three scales mo working satisfactorily
it the yards.
Tramps tire warned to keep nwny from
South Omaha. Ono night in the lock-up
luring a cold snap Is as bad ns thirty days
iard labor In a more comfortable jail , be
sides which rheumatism Is likely trt follow.
I'ho committee on buildings was authorized
o erect a moro suitable place a month ugo ,
nit huvo not yet been heard from.
The waiting room for ladles at the Union
acillc station will bo opened ubout Wcducs-
George A. Ross , from the Hlnck Hills , rcg-
stored at the Exchange yesterday.
Hetwecn twenty-live nnd thirty cars of
hogs and live or six cars of cattle arrived
yesterday. A few heavy consignments of
-altlo ( including some choice grades from
owa ) arrived last night.
Council meeting to-night.
AVot-k of a Sneak Thief.
A sneak thief entered n room ut HIS Jack
son street , where Otto Kraft , n member of
: ho German theatrical company , and J. N.
Hocho , a Tenth street barber live , nnd rc-
leved them of all superfluous ; baggage , and
eft them only the clothing they were wearing
it the time. Otto was the heaviest looser , as
.hey tooft several dress and light tweed suits
jclonging to his theatrical wardrobe , a loss
10 feels more keenly because ho ! > as dates In
Aye-stern Nebraska this week and is unable
6 replace the lost costumes. The police huvo
jeen notified.
A Small Fire.
A slight bhi/o occurred yesterday morning
ubout 11 o'clock at the corner of Twenty-
fourth nnd Harnoy streets. The house was
unoccupied , nnd the damage amounted to
only about f 100.
An Kconumist.
Truvclcr : "How much ycr
lor go si mile , ' ' mi old ncfjro
of u si'-eot t'iuconductor. . "I
\\mitev \ go out tor sei ! Bruddcr LinsSmif.
Ani't or flesh nn' Mood briuldor , yot.
iiiido'-stun' , Jen or brucldci- do faith. "
"Five ecu Is. "
"Jus fur or mile ? I tell ycr dut do
man tiin' inor slio nulT bruddor jcs a
hrmlclorin do faith. "
"The faro is live cents. "
" .les fur u inilcV"
"Vcs. "
' flow much is it. fur two miles ? "
" .lust the .sumo. " '
"Look yoi-c , how fur ycr take mo fur
IV contsV"
"Five miles. "
"WJiul's do name o' do phiccV"
"City limits. "
"Take mo all do way out dar fur fi'
"Yes. "
"An' won't take mo no mo'n or mile
w'ar Uriuldor Smif lib * for no less' ? ' '
"No. "
' J ain't ot no bi/.ncss out dar tit.ver
limits , but yer may lake mo on out dar
an' I'll wall : back tor w'ar liruildor Smif.
libYore's yer money , will , IVe 0110 o'
dose p'litieul 'conoinii-ts , and blobs in
Rottin'do full wuth n' inor money. It
would bo or mighty fool man dnt'would
pny or dolnr fur or pu'r o' britches w'on
ho ken git orvholo suit o'clozo fur do
-amo price. Ttiko mo on out lo yer
limils. sail. "
Absolutely Pure.
This powrlpr ncVor varies. A nmrdrl of puri
ty , htii'iiRtlinml Hliolpsouit'iiess. .More econoin-
irn ! tlmu the ordinary kinds , and cannot ba
sold In competition with tliu multitude of low
cost , short weight alum or phosphate powih-rs.
5J ( , > la. . . , ° ! 1.u\ * " canKoyni Jiakiug 1'ow dur Co. ,
ISO. Wall St. , Now York.
Pianos ,
Instruments exchanged , rente ! anj soli on
Easy Payments , below
Instruments slightly
Max Meyer & Bro , ,
Omaha , Neb.
Dot tufl > hortct | intern DOW iti use. Cirrulan
fret , tttf. A. , OAHtxa. Bet tOL Bt.tettl *
Of our customers , after seeing the incomparable bargains we offered during the last two
weeks express astonishment at the prices. The secret is simply this. The warm weather and
late season have had a very depressing effect upon the wholesale trade. Manufacturers are
overstocked and discouraged and the same goods which a few weeks ago they intended and
expected should bring them a fair profit , they are now ready to sacrifice at almost any price.
This is the chance for the retailer. It is merely a question of who can use the quantities. The
firm that does a large business can take advantage of such opportunities. We are in this hap
py position. Our ample resources enables us to buy in enormous quantities for cash ; we sell
on same terms and the quick return of the money makes the smallest profit satisfactory. Any
one can seethe torce of these remarks by coming and pricing our goods.
Another lot of those fine Chinchilla Satin Lined Overcoats at $14.50. The first lot sold so quick that during
the past few days we had lo disappoint many customers , who called for that coat. * We are now ploasnd to say that wo have
received another supply of these same coats , only with this difieionce , that the first ones were velvet piped while these open
ed now are with corded edges ; otherwise in every respect the same first class garment , the like of which was never offered
for less than twice what we ask for it , $14.50.
Another lot of Overcoats to which wo call attention is a splendid Shetland , lined with double warp Italian satin
sleeve lining , silk velvet colar and corded edge. These AVO have in blue and Oxford colors , sixes ( U5 to 38. It is an elegant
coat for a young man , very nobby and of splendid cut. Wo offer it at $3.90 and guarantee the real retail value of it to bo
at least 815.
In Single Pants , we make for this week the following remarkable offers :
One lot strictly all wool , heavy winter weight , grey striped Cassimere Pants , well made at $1.50 , fully worth $3.
Ono lot heavy all wool Fine Cassimere Pants , in dark neat striped patterns at $2.1O , worth $4
One lot very line silk mixed Cassimere Pants at $3.5O , worth $5.50.
One lot of elegant Worsted Goods , in choice patterns , at $3.90. These last are equal to any custom-made pants and
have never been offered for less than $6 to $7.
Remember that in our Boys'and Children's department can be found suits and overcoats at
about one half their real value and for which we challenge comparison.
In our Hat and Cap department , we offer a large assortment of fur and other winter caps , far
below the prices of others. Genuine imported Scotch caps , high crown , .at 35c ; sold everywhere
at 60c to 75c. Good heavy knit caps , turban style , men's and boys' sizes at 30c. Jersey caps ,
silk lined , men's and boys' sizes at 4Oc , which cannot be bought elsewhere for less than 75c to $1.
In our Glove department , we carry the largest assortment of winter gloves and mitts and offer
some big drives.
Good heavy knit wool mitts , men's sizes 2Oc , boys' sizes 15c.
Very heavy best fulled wool mitts at 4Oc and 45c ; sold by other dealers for 75c.
Good Iamb lined kid gloves at 5Oc , which would be cheap at $1.
Good fur top gloves at 50c , worth 75c.
All goods marked in plain figures and at strictly one price.
Corner Douglas and 14th , Streets , Omaha.
Omaha Medical and Surgical Institute
N. W. Corner 13th and Dodge Strsets ,
1 Oil Till ! TIIKATMIiNT OP Al.f ,
Braces. AppUancesforMoMfies&Trnsses
Tlppt facilities npparntus nml romcrtlpH for SUCPPSS-
fill tti'Htmpntniuvi'ry form of illscuso requiring Mud-
lent or hiirKlrnl Treatment.
Forty new rooms for pultcntf ; best hospital accom *
Dioilfiunni hi tha wcvt.
WIIITK nut Ciiiriii.AHN on Dofonnltlpi anil nrncct ,
flub Feet , Curvutiiro of tliopliio ! , I'llen , Tumors ,
Cancer , Cntnrrli , HronehltK Inbaliillon , lllnetrlelty ,
I'nrulyKls , Kpllepsy. Kidney , lllaililer , Kyc , ISitr , Skin ,
und Ulootl , uiui all MurKlcul Operation * .
Diseases of Woman a Specialty.
All lllood Il < pa cs successfully treated. Hyphllltlc
Poison removed from tlin PJKIUIII nltliout mercury.
New restorntlvo treatment lor lo s of Vital 1'oner.
IVrsonsiiMUblo to visit 118 may bo treated at liiinio
liyrorroMMimlcliu1. All communication ! ) cnnllden-
tin ) . .Medicine * or Instrument * sent by mull i > r ex
press , ecurclr pnckcil , no murks to Indicate contents
or render. Ono personal Interview preferred. Cull nnd
consult us or fend blMory of your case , and HO will
teml lu plain wrapper , our
Upon I'rlrate , Six'Ual and IsVrvoui lllseiwi , Inino-
tency , byphllK lileet and Vnrlcocclo. Address ,
Oiimlm Mcdlcnl nnd Surgical Institute , or
Dr McMeiianiy Cor 13tli and
, , , DoflgeSts , .
Glasgow via Londonderry ,
Liverpool via Queenstown ,
Are Slrlcllr Flr.t-Cln. . . and among
tbo Inrk'ant , fa.teit and finest In the world.
Haloon. second ula.s nnd utoerago Iua.rnir r
AvcnmmoilwUotia Unexcelled. Krery
regard for the comfort and convenience nt pat *
icnueni Muilloutlr conilderad and practiced.
t-tennier crery Miturdny forfla ) KOW. City of Itomo
rails for Llrerpool October 13. It Is the lariiunt anil
flneot paf Jenifer Meaner ultoat. llatei of pa nu'e for
all clnsvn aj low n by any other llrst-cU i line , f-j-
looiie.icur.lou tickets ut rcdiued rnles. Drultifor
any amount at luwe t current rale * , tor tiooka
of toun , ticket" , nr further Information , apply to
1IKMIKIIMIN Illinmilills. Cliliaeo. r f JIASK K.
MUUUK .Umabu , Neti.
( U Udinv ,
Paid Up Capital , $2BO,000
Surplus , - 8OOOO
H \V. VATES , 1'rci.ident.
J.twis S. KKKII , Vice-president.
A. K. TouzAi.iN , W Vlco-l'realilent.
W. II , S. Hcanes , Cashier
w. v. Mons E. JOHN B. fm.uica ,
41. W. VATEb , I.UW1S y. ItCRU ,
A. E.TolrzALiN.
flanking omce
; Cor. Uth and Furninn Sts. .
/'A General BaDklns Uuslu .Trutii.actcd ,
1707 Olive Street , St. Loulx , Mo.
Of the Missouri State Museum of Anatomy. St.
Louis , Mo. , University College Hospital , Lon
don , ( Hcien , ( Jcrmany and New York , Htivl
devoted their attention
JIoio especially those raising from impru
dence. Invite nil t.o btiirerliiK tocorresiiond with
out delay. Diseases of Infection nml contuulon
Hired Mifely mid iiucdily without use of dun-
Kermis dines. Patients \slioso discs liavo lieen
neglected , badly treated or pronounced incur
able. should not full to wiito us ooncemlns their
symptoms. All letters receive Immediate atten
tion. ,
And will be mailed FH1JI3 to uny nddress on re
ceipt ot ono U-cent stump , " 1'ractlenl Observa
tions on Nervous Debility und I'hy.sical Kxlmus-
lion , " toshleh is added tin "l-Ns.iy on Mar-
riafre , " with important chapters on diseases ot
the Iteprodtictlvo Organs , thu whole forming a
valuable medical treatise which bhould bo road
by nil young men. Address
DBS , S , and D , DAVIESON ,
17O7 Olive Street St. Louis , Mo.
Tbo Old Uellablo Specialist of ra n > years' experi
ence , trean with TTiinrtcrful micec , all LUNG ,
nilDTIinr eureil without piiln nr lilnrlranco
nllr I ImP fronl Ini'liiM * . AllChronle llv\ : * ,
IIUI I UIIU fir iii aUranronf any Institution In
this country. Th" o "ho contemplate K liii { t Hut
r-prlnK9 for the treatinnnt of any I'rltnlflur lllocnl
dlneasa run l > u cured for untMuIrd tliu cost tit our
1'rlTnte Dlipensary.
Hr his treatment ft I'ure. Ixjvcly ( Tom
iilexlnii , free from tallowiirsn , freckle *
biueklicaili , eruptions , etc. , brilliant
even mml perfect health can t > u hail.
lifTlial "tlrt'il" teellnitaiul all female weakne"oi
tromptly cured , nlnntlnic Headache' . Ncrvuni I'ros-
araton , Jjenerul Debility , blccnlcisness , Depression
tfnd InillgrMloii , Ovarian troubles , Inltiiimiillon and
nlrlcratlon. rallhiKaud Dlrplaiciiiciili. Spinal weak-
i > psi. Kidney complaints ami Chaniiu of I.Uc , Consult
tbe Old Doctor
CVC ALII ! CAD Acnto or Cl.ronlr Inflamma-
rlr Anil rfln thuiof the iyullils : or lilohu
U I L. nilU tnil Mn , | | . -rr.\eiir | Mahtedncsi ,
Inversion nf the , Scrofulous 15ye * . Ulccrutlom ,
jnHammatlon , Ab ce n , Dimness of Vision of one or
both eyes , and Tumors of l.ld.
If-lntlammatlon , , f the IJar , Uleciratlon or Catarrh ,
Internal urKxternal Deafness , or I'aralysls , fcliulna
or Koarlnir noises , Thickened Drum , etc.
Debility , Loss of Vital I'ower. Sleep-
le ne s. Despondency , lots of
.Memory , Confusion of Ideaf. Illurs
before Iho Kye , l-an-Uude. Ijincuor. ( ilnomltiess ,
Depression of Spirit * , Averi-lon to MM lety , Kasy Div
cnuWiMl , tack of fontldenco. Hull , l.l > tlew. llntlt
for Study or lluMnens , and tlnds life a burden , safely ,
1'LTinanently and 1'rlvately 1'ured.
Oinnn Itin OI/IU Dl casu9 , Scrofula.
HI Illlll flNII MklN Kryslr > elus.K verS < irni
jiiiiclies , I'liniiles. I/I-
rcrn. I'nlnsln the Heart and' Hones , Syphilitic Horn
Throat , Mouth und Toiiitue. ( jlandular l.nlarnoincnt
of the Neck , Itheiimutlf ui. Cntnrrli. Klc. . I'ernianent-
ly Cured When Other" lluvn I ailed.
ConMiltatlon free and strictly conlldiintlal.
.Medicine sent flee from observutlon to nil pirts
of the I'nlted States. Coirespondencu recelvm
promiit attention. No letters iituwered
uccomimnlod by four cenln in stamps bend ten
cents in stamps for pamphlet and list of qiies-
.lionsupon private , special .md nervous dis
Tenns strictly cash. Call on or address ,
No.IGl Cor. 13tu 4 : llarney . U..lmaha. ) Xdb
Surgeon and Physician. '
OOJce N'V CurruT 14th und LtotiKlas ht. ORle'e ,
- i lvi'houe ' , 164 ; Jtetldcnco teejhout\ | ) ,
ICE TOOLS. Wire Rope ,
Buffalo Scales ,
Plows ,
Markers , Scale Repair Shop.
Hooks , )
Grapples , OMAHA.
Slide Iron.
Display at their warerooms , 1305 and 1SO7 Farnam Street ,
the largest assortment of Pianos and Organs to be found at
any establishment west of Chicago. The stock embraces the
highest class and medium grades , including
Prices , quality and durability considered , are placed at the
lowest living rates for cash or time payments , while the long
established reputation of the house , coupled with their most
liberal Interpretation of the guarantee on their goods , affords
the purchaser an absolute safeguard against I0SS by possible
defects In materials and workmanship.
1305 * < 1307 FARNAM STREET.
ThlidJudtrlal District ,
it'oiitlffljrcurrdinGo . d j lVfir.
JTrHHcombined. Ourant tdth
only ono In tba world generating
continuous XlertHc < v Maffnttle
'mrrmf * ScirntiOcPowerful. DutftUr. ,
Fortcblti and KfrcflT0 ( , Arold ( rAiids. B r.dttunpforp.mi > bnu
ALKO KLEoiiuo nr.i.T * iron DIH ; ANI : < .
Da. HOBHE. uvidioi. 101 WAUWI AVI. . CHICACB-
jf ttc tw'lf ru'.srgtd and itrenatbenril , I'ull partlo
U * 1 J ) ( r c. UiU HSU. CO. . Uutftle. N. Y. .
Tlio best known and raort popular Hotel In tin
ulnle. lx > e , tlon tential , apimlntinentj Ilr t-cln i.
Headquarter tor commercial men and all political
and public uathcrlnus.
K.I' ItOGCi.N 1'ioprletor.
20 Cents a Week.
Seven puiiere n wetk. Rend your order to tin
ollice ,
1029 P Slreel , Capital Hotel Building
/TkOTrWANHOOD.yoiithfnl.Impr- -
k O I UUuiici-.SrrvuiiHlolillltyruiis'd
tliroiik-li urritri nrid had prnctlcoi CURED ?
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