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Various Secret Orders Select
t ) Their Servants For Next Ycnr.
Masonic News It'cuin Prom tlio Otltl
Fellows The A. O. U. AV.
KnlKlits of Honor General
I'ythltui XewH.
AT Tiir regular meeting of Omaha Lcplon
No. li , H. 1C. . A. O. U. W. , lie-Id Occcinher ! J.
1&VT , the following officers \vcro clouted for
thn coming ycnr : K U. Ayer , cotnnmnilcr ;
M , II. liecbo , vlco romtiiiindnr ; W. | , I. C.
Putnam Cramer , HuutiMinnt cnninuuiilcr ;
( ! . Weber , standard huurur ; C. O. Knciiicr ,
Jlt'cordcr ; Ij. I ) . Holmes , recording { treas
urer ; .1. O. Lunciulst , senior workman ; ( J.
K. Koj'nolds , junior workman ; -W. Turner ,
Kiinrd , It WUH nlso decided tliut nftcr .Inn ;
nary 1 , ItoS , tlio regular meeting nights
would bo the Jlrst uiul third Mondays of each
Nr.mtASKA No. ltho mother Pythian
lodge In this btuti' IIHH elected new ofllcorH as
follows : C. C. , C. W. ninsmoro ; V. C. ,
\V. S. Spencer ; ! . , . ! . K. McDonald ; Iv. of K.
mid S. . C. A. I'ottor : Al. of R , II. H. Ircy ;
M. of I- ' . , .1. H. Smith ; M. at A. , H. J. Saw
yer. This ledge Is u prosperous one and Its
now ofllcPi'H liavo been well and carefully
chosen. Tim selection of Dr. Ulnsmoro at
O. C. Is ti titling tribute to the great interest
the doctor has taken In the order. This pen-
tliinmn has been u member of the order but
lltllu moru than eighteen months , but he Is
regarded as an able expounder of 1'ythian
law as well as a close adhcrintto Its precepts.
He will ( ill the chair with a dignity that becomes -
comes the ehlnf ofllccr of the first Nebraska
lodge. Captain Spencer's election tojlio next
lilghi'.st position is a wise selection. In every
jiosition Captain Spencer has occupied In the
order ho has proven himself a. valuable
official and in his new position the same zeal
and fidelity to I'ythian interest will mark his
earnest efforts.
/ Tnr iiAXxnu prcRcntiitlon to Star Lodge of
Ashland has not as yet taken place. The
beautiful emblem is ready and the Omaha
brethren will carry it tp the victors as soon
nu they announce their readiness to receive
Tin : ruixTnn journal of the proceedings of
the last session of thu Nebraska Grand
Lodge K. of I1. is being distributed. It is' a
volume of ITS pages and its typographical
feature is a decided credit to the printer.
Mr. K. K. French , G. 1C. of U. and S. is the
editor of the Journal and ho has labored
earnestly to prepare the proceedings
speedily , and In a manner at once interesting
nnd convenient ,
LOIKII : AO. U. W. will glvo a
second annual ball shortly.
Tun On FKU.OWH ofMcCook have elected
the following olllcers : H. H. Hcrry , N. G. :
U. H. Williams , V. ( ! . ; ! ! . Trowbridgo , sec
retary : II. K 1'ade , permanent secretary ; V.
Franklin , treasurer ; C. T. Hrewer , 15. F.
Olcott and W. O. Kussell , trustees.
A i.r.mox of Select Icfilghts of the A. O. U.
W. Is shortly to be instituted at Plum Creek.
Wnnxr.snAY XIOIIT the new officers of Occi
dental Lodge No. Ul , Knights of Pythias , of
Columbus , were elected as follows : C. C.
Miller , C. C. ; W. N. Hcnslev , Ar. C. ; U M.
Hoag , P. : O. A. Schroodcr , M. of 12. ; H. Ful
ler , M. of F. ; W. K. Dale , 1C. It. and S. ;
David Dowty , M. A. The lodge is In a flour
ishing condition , and has just moved into a
neWand commodious hull.
Tun xn\v ofllccrs ofcfauntlet Lodge 47 1C.
of P. ut Plattsmouth are as follows : W. W.
Druinmond , C. C. ; F. A. Murphy , V. C. ; Dr.
T. P. Livingston , P. ; , L W. Outright , 1C. of
U. and * . ; Dr. C. A. Marshal , M. at A. ; H.
Klfton , M. of E. ; .1. C. Peterson , M. ofF. ; C.
C. Parmele , I. G. ; 11. F. Hillary , O. G.
Tun orncnns elected by Eureka Ledge No.
7 1C. of P. , Nebraska' City , for the ensuing
ycnr n ro : J. K. Conley , C. C. ; K. L. Has-
ford , V. C. ; F. M. Turner , 1C. of U. and S. ;
J. Tempest , I * . ; J. Anderson , M. at A. : E.
McCallum , M. of E. ; ,1. M. Taylor , M. of F. ;
M. S. Campbol , I. G. ; I. W. McDaiilels , O. G.
* *
Tnr. Onn Fr.u.owsf Norfolk will dedi
cate their new hall on the loth of this month.
I'hs building uiul lot is valued at 57,000.
* *
Noitrot.u Lonnn , No.40 , 1. O. O. F. . has
elected the following olllcers : Hurt Mapes ,
N. G.N. ; C. Story , V. G. ; P. F. Spreehcr ,
U. S.N. ; C. Geddis , P. S. ; C. E. Doughty ,
treasurer ; George N. Heels , M. W. Crabtrco
and W. II. Livingston , trustees.
GiiAXn CiiAXcni.i.ou 6'Ncll , of the K. of
P. , has approved the petition for a now lodge ,
( No. I'J ) ) at Shclton , HutTalo county , which
will bo instituted this week by O. L. Green ,
D. D. G. C. , of Kearney.
Ciir.scnxT LODGE , No 01 , 1C. of P. , was in-
Rtltutcd at Elmwood , Cass county , on Tues
day evening , November 29 , by Fred Vf. Hace ,
U. D. G. C. , assisted by members of Ever
green lodge , No. 50 , of Weeping Water.
Tiir. MASOXS of HutTuTo , N. Y. , liavo been
burned out twice In rented quarters , and
liavo determined to build a homo of their
own. At a recent meeting held for the pur
pose $ r > 0,000 was subscribsd.
AT A recent meeting Nebraska Ledge No.
1 , 1C. of P. , appointed a committee of confcr-
cnco with other lodges in the city , with a
View to uniformity in initiation fees.
AOWAT LODOC No. ! M,1c. ) of P. , was recently
Instituted nt Ponca , Dixon county , with fif
teen charter members. The work was done
by U. M. Goshcn , D. D. G.C. , with assistance
1 > f members of the lodge at Wayne.
PAIIK Lonou , 1C. of P. , of this city , has
elected the following ofllccrs : A. A.
.Weadeinyer , C. C. ; G. W. Robinson ,
V. C. ; W. W. Cox , P. ; E. H. Martin , M. E. ;
Bradley , M. F. ; E. J. Pollack , K. U. & S. ;
Parsons , M. A.
SAMUCI. nnr.D , the first supreme chancellor
nf the order of 1C. of P. . has been quite sick.
He Is seventy years of nge , but still feels a
Beep Interest in the order.
k Tun xr.w ollli'crs of"tlio West Point louVre
Ko. J.M , 1C. of P. , are : U.S. Miller , P. C ; .
Mf.Kartfelt $ , 0.0. ; Wc.tlcr Fetter. V. C , ;
W. H. MeKee. V ; ; L. n. Hlcy , M. E. ; Julius.
Tlilele , M. F. : 1C. Harothy , M. A. ; C. S.
Dctnory , 1C. tif U. und 8 ,
A TIV ; Tiiot' ANti".i > oi.i.AH linll for Masons
Is to bo built at EastjKjrt , Mo.
Tiir. Out ) FOLLOWS of Ncllgh gave n ball
Wednesday evening which was ono of the
pleasant events of the season. The attend
ance was large.
TnnMoxs of the state of Arkansas at the
grand lodge Which adjourned November 1M.
decided to build a MuM > nlu temple. It will
probably be of granite , and will cost upward
of i.V,000. ) ,
Kx-Poi.icn .lunon A. L. PAn ox * , ot Lin
coln , l < tlio chancellor commander of Capital
City ledge No. OS , 1C. of P. , of Lincoln.
C. ( J. KICIMUI > O'Nnif of the 1C. of P. , was
quietly murrlcd to Miss Anna Vanderpoel , of
J. E. SMITH has neon rcnppointcd D. D. G.
C. of the 1C. of P. for Douglas county.
O.v.Uxt'Aiir 5 Orloiolodgo 1C. of P. will
publicly limtall its recently elected olllcers
nnd will give a social ut Its hall on thu
Tun xmv officers otAv | > llo lodge 1C. of P.
nt Lincoln tire : C. 0. Cut-other , C. C. ; W. K.
Churchill , V. C. ; T. C. Mungcr , prelate ; U.
W. Kelley , M. of E. ; Jacob North , M. of F. ;
C. K. Waite , 1C. of U. nnd S. ; C. H. Foxwor-
tliy , M. at A. ; Dr. K. T. Holyokc , master.
A. D. Marshall lodge * k. of P. at Lincoln ,
has elected the following officers : W. H.
Merger , C. C. ; L. T. Guylord , V. C. ; Charles
True , prelate ; II. F. Downs. 1C. of K. nnd S. ;
Euos Johnson , M. of F. ; J. F. Hayden , M. of
K. ; J. Duvis , M. ut A. ; Frank H. ISohatinan ,
Enterprise lodge No.iO 1C. of P. at South
Omaha held their nnniial meeting Thursday
night uiul elected the following officers :
J. II. Johnston , C. C. ; ( leorgcBall , V. C. ; E.
1C. Wells. 1C. of H. and S. ; .1. P. Hayes , M. at
A. ; C ! . Hcuthcr , M. of E. ; W. H. Luughlln ,
M. of F. ; E. C. Marsh , P. ; J. F. Kltclmrdt ,
John Hobinson and S. W. Dennis , trustees.
* *
Capital City lodge lC.of P. at Lincoln has
elected-the following officers : F. F. Hoose ,
C. U. ; U. W.Johnson , V. C. ; Nell Johnson ,
prelate ! J. H. Mlnir. 1C. of U. and S. ; C. W.
Hoxie , M. of E. ; U. Mueucrhagcn , M. of F. ;
George S. Foxworthy , M. at A.
Supreme Hecorder fcTnekett , of the A. O. U.
W. , reports tlio total number of members in
peed standing October 1 , 1SST , 1KIS'J ! ) ! , a gain
of b'J'J for the month. New York stands at
the head , with 25,1170 members , a gain of l.'i'i.
Illinois and Missouri arc close together ; Illi
nois reports 1 ! > ,575 , a gain of 100 ; Missouri is
very near , with I'.i.MM , a gain of ail ) . Cali
fornia is next , with 17i70. (
Albert H. Snvneo , of Lewlston , Mo. , supreme
premo assistant dictator , lias been appointed
by Supreme Dictator L. A. Gratz to tlio ofllcc
of supreme vice-dictator of the Knights of
Honor , imulo vacant by the resignation of
John T. Millburn , of Louisville , ICy.
TIIR jinMimus of the Ancient Accepted
Scottish Kite in Now York have purchased
for . ' ( the Ucformcd
Sli.l,000 Kutgcrs Presby
terian church , corner of Madison avenue and
Twenty-third street , and will occupy it in u
few months.
AT tun last session of the supreme lodge
of the Knights of Honor , held in May , ! Ss7 ,
nt Philadelphia , Pn. , it was ordered that alt
lodges shall bo required to pay , on or before
August 1 , ISb" , nil sums duo the supreme
ledge for rituals aud assessment report
blanks ; failing therein , they shall stand sus
pended. In accordance with the above ac
tion , the following , nmongothcr lodges , stand
suspended for the non-payment of assess
ment report blanks and rituals : Nebraska ,
Nos. 9J5 : und WW , and'Iowu No. 1177.
Tnr. roi.i.owixo have been elected C. C. of
their respective lodges : George 13. StryUor ,
of Pythagoras Ledge No. Ml ; James A.
Hrown , of Oriole Ledge No. 7(1 ( ; AV. T. P.
AVootl , of A'iolu Ledge No. SO ; H. M.
Shaeffcr , of Lincoln Ledge No. 10 ; Dave
Kaufman , of Myrtle Ledge No. ! ! , of Omaha :
H. L. Howe , of Triangle Lodge No. 54 , of
Gnxr.iiAi , J. E. SMITH , D. D. G. C. for Doug
las county , has decided to spend the winter
in Washington , D. C. , accompanied by his
Nr.BiiASKA Lonr.n No ! * ! , 1C. of P. , renewed
its lease of Central hall at an advance in
rent of 100 per cent.
ADJUTANT J. E. DOUGLAS , of the First
regiment of the Uniform Hank in Nebraska ,
visited Omnhu on Thursday and Friday of
last week.
Timlin Ann no HoboKah lodges in British
Columbia , Chili , Florida , Manitoba , Missis
sippi , Quebec , Switzerland and Utah.
I. C. SMITH , of Illinois , Harrison
Sorule , of Michigan , and E. P. Palmer , of
Massachusetts , have tendered their resigna
tions in the Patriarchs Militant.
* *
ELKHOUX VALLEY Ledge I. O. O. F. , has
elected oniccrs for the coming term as fol
lows : N. G. , Charles Pond ; V. G. , Dr.
Shore ; recording secretary , J. H. Meredith ;
permanent sccrotaryjJJ. L. Darr ; treasurer ,
C. Schram ; trustees S. Wolf , E. W. Adams
and H. M. Uttley.
Shiloh Post No. l5o * G. A. U. , of Sioux
City , has elected the following officers for the
ensuing year : J. Hcntf row , commander ; L.
Williams , senior vico-commandcr ; W. Moon ,
junior vice-commander : G. W. Kittell , sur
geon : S. S. Wox , chaplain ; EJlrewcr , Q. M. ;
J. Winklcman , O. D.L. ; BcThthold , O. G. ;
W. T. Owens , Adj , It has been decided to
hold a camp lire December 9.
Tlio Ilcalty Market.
The movement in real estate during tno
past week has not been very active. This
is undoubtedly duo to the inclement weather
which debarred many would-bp purchaser *
"prescribed" by
from making the journeys
the brokers. The following table shows the
state of the trade according to the deeds lllcil
with the county clerk : I
Monday . . . ? 2r-00
Tuesday . -t
Wednesday .
Thursday . I
Friday . 2V > 0
Saturday . " i.5 ! ; ' ) i
Total . . S273iOO :
iM outlAL
Doings of the Week Among the
Society People.
Ml us Killth MuKciizle's Liineliron A
Donkey Parly General Soolul
1 GoHMlp OT tllO
Kinsman CooUe.
The marriage ceremony of Miss Sophie
Cooke to Mr. A. W. Kinsman was solem
nized at the residence of the bride's mother
at No. 111 ! South Twenty-fifth avenue on
Thursday evening , December 1 , at fiiliO
o'clock. This event was preceded by u bridal
supper , given In honor of the bride and groom
by Mrs. J. H. Daniels , at her residence cor
ner of California nntl Twenty-third streets ,
on Monday evening , November 23 , hi a style
that reflected great credit on the hostess.
Tlio supper was superb und consisted of
eleven courses. Those present were : Miss
Sophlo Cooke. Mr. A. W. Kinsman , Miss
Helen Cooke , Mr. J. Doughm. Mrs. Cooke ,
Dr. and Mrs. Kuhn. Mr. and Mrs. Coinun ,
Mr. N. A. Kuhn and Mr. U. F. Simpson. At
the marriage the guests were received by
Mrs. Dr. Parker , Mrs. J. C. Wlnncry , Mrs.
Charles Colcman and Miss Kittle Kuhn.
Music was furnished by Prof. Dworzak.
The ceremony was performed by Dean Gard
ner of Trinity cathedral. The bride wore a
dress of white corded silk en train , pcarls
and flowers , und was given away in a most
impressive manner by Dr. Kuhn , Messrs.
Norman Kuhn and H. F. Simpson acted as
ushers. The dean was escorted to his place
by the ushers , who returned and met the
bridal party at the foot of the stairs with Mr.
J. Douglas as best man and Miss
Cooke , sister to the bride , who ,
led tlio way to the parlor
closely followed by Mr. Kinsman , Mrs. Cook
and Dr. Kuhn , who escorted the bride. The
ceremony was witnessed by a host
of Intimate friends. After hearty con
gratulations , the party % nd friends repaired
to the dining room , where elaborate refresh
ments were served. The bride was the re
cipient of a larpo number of valuable pres
ents as tokens of the high esteem in which
she Is held by her many friends.
Mr. und Mrs. Kinsman left on the S no
train for a southern trip and will return to
Omaha in the spring. Mr. Kinsman is con
nected with the firm of Bancroft , Whiting &
Co. , law publishing house , of San Francisco.
Ho is n young man of sterling busi
ness qualities and a great favorite
among these who have had the pleas
ure of his acquaintance in this city.
Among the many handsome costumes the fol
lowing were particularly noticeable : Miss
Helen Cook , pearl Ottoman silk ; Mrs. Cook ,
black velvet en train , pointo lace ; Mrs. Col-
pctzer , palo green satin draperies of brocaded
satin and bronze crepe , diamonds ; Mrs. H.
Nicolas , wine satin nicrveillcux , duchess lace ;
Mrs. Howard , cream suruh und lace ; Mrs. J.
H. Daniels , white satin en train , pearl passe
menterie : Mrs. Whinncry , black silk and
lace , bows of palo yellow ribbon , corsage
bouquet , roses ; Mrs. Shclton , peacock satin ,
diamonds ; Mrs. Adolph Meyer , heliotrope
Ottoman silk , passementerie ostrich aigrette ,
diamonds ; Airs. Van Nostrand , black silk ,
Dointe lace ; Airs. Dr. Dcnise. red satin and
velvet ; Airs. Cornan , heavy black Bilk , duch
ess luce ; Airs. Dr. Parker , light brown satin
and lace ; Mrs. Colenmn , black Ottoman silk ,
plaiting * of white satin , bouquet white roses
and hyacinths.
Gossip of the Clubs.
The well known tendency of Omaha to
clubs of late years has been illustrated by
the new departure of the social organization
known as the Metropolitan club. For several
years it has thrived under its present man
agement aud object , but it has realized
the idea of many member who desired some
thing besides a mere hull in which to hold
monthly dances. The club has now secured
the two top floors in Kuony's building , on the
southwest corner of Fourteenth nnd Dodge
streets , for a number of years. These they
will change in the most approved style of
club rooms , according to plans suggested by
Mendelssohn & Lawriennd based upon Ideas
suggested by some of tlio handsomest quar
ters in Chicago. These will bo elaborately
furnished at an expense of not less tlmn
S-1,000. The Alctropolitan club has always
been one of the strongest social organizations
in the city , and the new departure will give
its members greater facility to enjoy them
selves in a metropolitan manner.
A Imnelieoii.
Aliss Edith AIcKcnzio yesterday afternoon
entertained a few of her little friends at a
luncheon at the residence of her parents , Mr.
and Alr.s. Alexander McICcnzie , No. liioO
North Eighteenth street. Among these
present were Hcrberta Jnyncs , Alice Fer-
puson , Bernlcc Alills , Edith Souor , Blanche
Sorensen , Grace Sorensen , Arthur Sorensen ,
Leon McICenzic , Norinu AlcICenzIc , and
Kutlo Havens.
A Donkey Party.
At the Millard hotel last Tuesday evening
a very interesting event occurred. It was a
"donkey party. " It was gotten up by the
ladies of the hotel , the principals in the
affair being Airs. Swobe , Airs. Hunt , Airs.
Babcock , Mrs. Soiglo and Aliss Johnson.
The two prizes were carried off by Airs.
Swobo and C. N. Dictz. Tlio boobies were
awarded to Aliss Bently , of North Platte ,
and Alujor Tcrrill , of Omaha.
MKS. Gr.oitOE Ciiuncii gave a birthday
party at her pleasant homo Alonday evening.
These present were Mrs. C. H. Huthven ,
Airs. A. Beam , Mrs. C , Buchanan , Airs. AI.
Witthite , Airs. G. Farrell , Air. and Airs.
ICahnibach and daughter. All spent a de
lightful evening.
A HOP was given Wednesday by the
Capitol Hill German club ut the residence of
Air. J. J. Dickey.Alias Dickey received the
guests , assisted by Aliss Alargarct Wilson
and Miss Lelia Shears. The dancers were
the Alisses AI. Aliller , V. Alillor , Gertrude
Chambers , Gertrude Wilson , Alargaret Wil
son , Alary Lake , Maggie Dixon , Keuhnen ,
Davenport , la. : Kennedy , Lelia Shears , Floy
Yates , Alice Thrall , Clara Brown , Carrie
Stevens of Council Bluffs , Belle Dickey , Airs.
W. L. Dickey , | .Messrs. Doanc , Poppleton ,
Jordan , Heed , Beaver , Arthur Smith of
Council Bluffs , Dr. Smith , AIcCaguePaxton | ,
Hartoji , Murrnv , H. Brail find C. Ucoll , Pike ,
Hlngwalt , W. L. DJoT y.
A TAi.t.vno wwr ttfe programme Monday
evening among a number of our young folks.
The young hidUfHof the party were Miss
Uustln , Miss Balcflmbc , Miss Hnnnoy , Miss
Boyd , Miss Chamber ! " . Miss Ulchardson nnd
Miss Wakcley , M s. ICcnnon accompanied by
Mr. Wakeley , Mr 'Charles Wilson , Dr. Sum-
mere , Mr. H. S. 1 l-rlln and Lieutenant Ken-
non. The party \ jimtf to Fort Omahu nnd
were entertained iy Jlrs. Dr. Brown.
V *
Tun Mines of the First Congregational
church have arranged for u concert to bo
given next Tuesday , nnd Wednesday eve
nings , lilliul Hoove , the negro musical pro-
illfc'y. '
, ,
Licutennnt nnd Mi . tcinzle gave n pat ty nt
Fort Omaha on Wednesday evening. It was
largely attended by garrison folks and thor
oughly enjoyed.
Miss Amelia Hlumvo gave a party nt her
residence on north Twenty-eighth street
Wednesday evening. Card playing and music
was tlio programme nnd a most enjoyable
time was spent by the participants.
Tuesday evening Mr. nnd Mrs. Loarltt
Hurnlmm gave a reception to Mr. nnd Mrs.
G. W , THNon ut their residence. Mrs. Burn-
hain was assisted by Mrs. C. E. Squires , Mrs.
H. 1) . Estnbrooh , Mrs. W. M. Putnam , Miss
Knight und Miss Mary Knight. The utfuir
was a decidedly pleasant one. Mr. nnd Mrs.
-Tillson will no at homo Wednesdays In Decem
ber , nt ( XI5 South Twenty-eighth street. Mrs.
Burnbam will be nt home Fridays in Decem
ber , atl'J4 North Twenty-first street.
Mil. Gnor.cic S. MH.I.F.II , one of the popular
young men of this city , w < married in
Brooklyn , N. Y. , to Miss Janeh Ueo , u beau
tiful and amiable young lady of that city.
The ceremony took mace ono week ago
AVedncsday at the residence of the brido's
mother , : < l Second street , Hrooklyu , N. Y.
Only Intimnto friends worn present. Mrs.
Miller will bo a valuable acquisition to Omaha
society. Mr. and Mrs. Miller have nicely
located nt 1012 Webster street , where they
will be at home to their friends nftcr Decem
ber 23.
Huim Bnxsox , assisted by the ladies of
his congregation will shortly give a children's
entertainment. The sumo will probably take
on the ISth inst. , the da.v. being the eighth
day of the Jewish feast of Cnanuckah , which
commences on the evening ot the 10th inst. -
Tun rinsT of n series of monthly socials to
bo given by Mrs. Magrunu'sdancingelnss will
take place Tuesday evening , December 0.
A nncr.pTiox was given Friday by Mrs.
John S. Brady , Mrs. F. P. Kirkendull nnd
Mrs. Charles S. Coe from H until li o'clock , at
the residence of Mrs. Brady. The reception
was u pleasant one.
MONDAY EVDXIXO Miss Lake entertained a
number of friends nt drive whist. Tlio win
ners were Mr. Heed and Miss Cook , of Ohio ,
a sister of Mrs. D. J. Collins.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Thomas Swobo left yester
day for the east.
Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Peyeko and their
child leave next week for Germany.
Mr. nnd Mrs. George S Bogcs nnd Mrs.
D. Kendall , left on Monday afternoon for
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Hoscwatcr have re
turned from u trip to Boston , Cleveland and
Miss Kato Bcnily , of North Plattc , the
guiwt of Mrs. Thomas Swobe , returned to
her home Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Joscjjh Mcinrath returned
this morning froui their bridal tour and nro
now nt the Millard.
Miss Minnie A\'illhito left with Mrs. AVil-
Ham lichm during thq past week to spend the
winter in California.
The Misses Oakley , of Lincoln , were for n
few days lust week the guests of Mrs. George
W. Cook , of222S Dodge street.
Mrs. J. M. Bishop and Mrs. B. AV. Dickin
son , who have been the guests of Mrs. W.
F. Allen for a fortnight past , have returned
to their homo in Quincy , 111.
Miss Nellie Bnuia/ Lincoln , nnd her
cousin , Mr. Edgar Edwards , spent Sunday
In Omaha. They , will entertain the old
Pleasant Hour club , at their holiday hop , on
the 28th.
Mr. and Mrs. Solomon Hothholz nnd their
daughter Miss Sarah , all from New York
have made this city their permanent home.
For the present they are the guests of Mr.
und Mrs. Joseph Hothholz on Tenth street.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Graetz , parents of Mrs. L.
Hubin , have removed from their former homo
ut New York and will locate here. They are
the guests of their son Mr. Henry Graetz at
1217 Chicago street.
Puget Sound Colony.
Members arc requested to bo present nt to
day's special meeting at No. 1114 Fnrnnm
street. Members should do cvcrythln g they
can to make our sociable and ball a success.
November Stamp Snlcs.
No. Amount.
Ono cent stamps 108,710 . $1,087,10
Two cent " 4 1 11,333 . 8.3W.04
Four cent " 3,000 . 120.00
Five cent " .0,813 . 340.05
Ten cent " 3,011) ) . 301.00
Fifteen cent" 400 . 00.00
Ten c't spc'l dcliv'ry 208 . 20.80
Stamped en vclopes . 2,850.74
Newspaper stamps 743 . 1,000.39
Postage duo 1,301 . T0.08
Postal cards 140,221 . 1,402.21
Total amount . $12,088.43
Presbyterian , Church Pair.
Friday night witnessed the closing of the
fair of the First Presbyterian church at the
edifice on the cornerof Dodge and Seventeenth
streets. The attendance was not very large
owing to the disagreeable state of the
weather , but these that did turn out were
liberal in their purchases of the many use
ful und ornamental articles exhibited for sale
by pretty and pleasing ladies.
Home Itiilc Mass Meeting.
A massmccting of Irishmen and friends of
the struggle for homo rule in Ireland , will be
held in the city council chambers this , Sun
day , afternoon nt 2 o'clock for the pur ] > ese of
hearing the report of the committee on sub
scriptions and forwarding the amount on
hand to the general treasury. It is hoped
all interested in the cause will attend.
ciitmcii NOTICES ,
First , Nineteenth nnd Davenport streets
Her A. F. Shorrill. D. D. , pastor. Services
nt 10:30 : nnd 7IO : ! o'clock. Sunday chool at
noon. Church prayer meeting Wednesday
evening. Y. P. S. C. E. prayer meeting Fri
day evening.
St. Mary's Avenue , St. Alury's nnd Twen
ty-sixth avenues Kev. Wlllard Scott , pas
tor. Services at 10:30 : and 730 ; o'clock. Sun
day school nr noon. Young people's choir In
thocvcninp * Y. S. P. C. E. prayer meeting
Alonday evening. Church prayer meeting
Wednesday evening.
Bethlehem Chapel , Sixteenth nnd Hickory
streets Hov. M. J. P. Tiling , pastor. Sun
day school nt 3 o'clock. Sewing school on
Saturday , 10 a. in.
Parkvalo Chapel. Twenty-ninth nnd Mar
tha streets Kuv. T. H. Taylor , supterlntcn-
dent. Sunday school at ! ) o'clock.
Third , Nineteenth and Spruce streets A.
B. Pennlmaii , paMor. Services nt 10:30 : and
7:30 : o'clock. Sunday school at noon. Y. P.
B.C. E. prayer meeting "Sunday , 0:30 : p. in.
Church prayer meeting Wednesday evening.
Saratoga , Ames avenue nnd Twenty-lift ! !
street Hev. J. A. Mllligan , pastor. Sunday
evening service nt 7:00 : o'clock. Sunday
sdhool at 2:30 : o'clock.
Free Evanirellcan German , Twelfth nnd
Dorcas streets Hev. F. W. H. Hcncchert ,
pastor. Services at 10:30 : and 7:30 : o'clock.
Sunday school at 2:30 : o'clock. Prnyor meet
ing Wednesday evening.
Cherry Hill , Central park addition Rev.
J. H. Mllligan , pastor. Services at 11 and 7
o'clock. Sunday school nt noon. Young
people's meeting at 0 o'clock.
Hillside , Omaha View Hev. H. C. Crane ,
pastor. Services at 10 : ! U ) and 7:30 : o'clock.
Sunday school ut noon. Y. P. S. C. E. prayer
meeting Sunday evening.
Park Place , California mid Thirtieth
streets Hev. AI. L. Holt , pastor. Services
ht 10:30 : and 7 o'clock. Sunday school at
German Lutheran church , 1005 South
Twentieth street E. J. Frese , pastor. Ser
vice every Sunday at 10 a. in. Sunday school
at 2 p. in.
St. Alyrk's Evangelical Lutheran church ,
corner 'North Twenty-first and Burdetto
streets Uev. George H. Schnur. pastor.
Church service and preaching by tno pastor
at 10:30 : a. in. and 7iO : : p. in.
Kountzo Aleinorinl Evangelical Lutheran
cornerof Sixteenth and Harney streets
Hev. J. S. Detwciler , pastor. Church ser
vices and preaching by the pastor nt 10:30 :
n. in. nnd 7:30 : p. m. Alorning subject :
"Likcmimlcdiiess.11 Evening bubject : ' 'A
Young Alan Dead. " .
Unity church , Seventeenth and Cass
streets Hov. W. E. Copeland pastor. Ser
vices at 11 n. m. and 7:00 : p. m. Sunday school
at 12:15. : Subject of sermon Sunday
morning : "Thought Alakes the Alan. " Sub
ject of evening conversation : "Tho Dru
ids and the Vikings. "
First United Presbyterian , M3 North
Eighteenth street. Hev , E. B. Graham , pas
tor. Public worship at 10:30 : a. in. nnd 7:30 :
p. m. Sabbath school at noon. Subject of
the evening sermon : "OncCurso of Omaha. "
Park Avenue United Presbyterian church
Hov. J. A. Henderson , pastor. Corner Park
avenue and Grant street. Preaching by the
pastor at 10:30 : a. m , and 7:30 : p. m. Sabbath
school at noon. You are invited.
Southwest Presbyterian church , corner
Twentieth and Leiivenworth streets. D. H.
Kerr , Pastor. Alorning service 11 n. in.
Evening service 7:30 : p.m. Sabbnth school
at 12:15 : p. m. Young people's meeting , 0:45 :
p. m. Prayer meeting Wednesday evening
nt 7:30. : Teachers' meeting 8:30 : u. in.
Wednesday evening.
First German Presbyterian church On
Eighteenth and Cuming streets. , r. G.
Schaible , pastor. Divine service ut 10:30 : a.
in. and 7:30 : p. m. At 3 p. m. on Fourth nnd
Center streets at the residence of Alax Boch-
nokc. Sabbath school at 12 in. Bible and
prayer meeting every Wednesday evening
at 7:30. : Germans are invited. Strangers
made welcome.
North Presbyterian churchSaunders street.
Hev. Wm. H. Henderson , pastor. Services
at 10:30 : and 7:30 : o'clock. Sabbath school at
noon. Prayer meeting AVcdncsday 7:30 : p. m.
Welsh Presbyterian , services held at 055
North Twenty-eighth street. Sunday school
at 2:30 : p. m. Praise service at 7:30 : p. m.
Castellar street Presbyterian church. Six
teenth and Castellar streets. Preaching at
11 a. m. and 7:30 : p. m. by the pastor , Ucv. J ,
Al. Wilson. Sunday school at 3 p. m.
Young people's union at 0:45. :
WostminstcrPresbyterian Church Troicll's
Hall , 2700 Leavcnworth street Preaching
by the pnitor , Key. John Gordon , nt 1030 ;
a. m. and 7:3U : p. in. Sunday school at 12m.
Hamilton street Presbyterian church ,
Hamilton street near LoWc avenue. William
J. Palm , vaMor. Sabbath services nt IOW ; !
n. m. and 7)0 : ! ) p. in. Snbbath school at 12 m.
Wednesday prayer meeting nt 7:30. :
Ambler Plaoo Presbyterian church , Hev.
G. N. Lodge , pastor. Services ut230 ;
o'clock. Sunday school at 3:30. :
Central United Presbyterian church , Sev-
entivnth street between Dodge nnd Capitol
nvo. Hov. John Williamson , pastor. Services
nt 10:30 : a. m. and 7:30 : p. m. Subject In tlio
morning , "Growth , " in the evening "Man
hood. " Ttho sermon In the evening will be
for young men. Sabbath school at 13 m.
Young People's prayer meeting nt 0:45 : on
Sabbath evenings All are Invited ,
South Omaha Presbyterian church , cor
ner Twenty-fifth anil Q streets , South
Omaha. Hov. G. N Lodge , pastor. Ser
vices at 10:45 : n. m. Sunday school at 12 m.
Presbyterian church , No. 1010 Lake street.
Sabbath school at 2:30 : and preaching service
at 4 o'clock p. m.
First Presbyterian church , corner Dodge
nnd Seventeenth streets. Hev. W. J. Harsha
pastor. Services at 10:30 : and 7:45. : Young
Peoples' meeting at 7. Sabbath school at
12 m.
Services of Trinity AI. E. church will beheld
held at the corner of Snunders and Binney
streets 1'rcaehlng nt 10:30 : a. m , and 7:30 :
p. m. Sunday school at 20 : ! ! p. m. Young
people's meeting ut 7:30 : p. m. Alfred 11.
Henry , imstor.
Scwnrd Street AI. E. church Hev. Charles
W. Savldgo will preach in the morning upon
"The Sunday School. " In thu evening his
subject will bo "Domestic Servants. "
North Omnhn Baptist 2400 Saun
ders street Hev. F. W. Foster , pas
tor. Preaching on Sunday nt 10:30 : n. m.
and 7:30 : p. in. Sunday school at 12 in.
Prayer meeting Wednesday evening. The
public cordially Invited. * The Sunday school
will arrange for a Christmas entertainment
First Baptist church , Strangers' Sabbath
home , corner Fifteenth and Davenport
streets Hev. A. W. Liniuir , pastor. Preach
ing at 10:30 : a. m. , and 7lO : ! p. in. Young
people's meeting at 0:45 : p. m. Morning
theme : "Personal Love for a Persodal Sav
ior. " Evening theme : "A Fatal Decision. "
Sabbath school at 12 m. Prayer meeting
Wednesday evening at 7.UO. All are cor
dially invited. Scats free.
Trinity cathedral , Capitol nvoniio nnd
Eighteenth streets Services at S nnd 10:30 : n.
m. and 7:30 : p. m. Strangers and others are
always welcome. In the evening nil seats
are free. Beautiful Advent music will bo
rendered both morning and evening by tlio
surpliced choir , assisted by the Mendelssohn
quartette and u large chorus.
St. Hanmbas Free church , Nineteenth and
California streets John Williams , rec
tor. Plain celebration of the Holy Euchar
ist at 7:30 : n. in. ; litany and choral celebration
at 11 n. m. Choral even song at 4 p. m. Sunday
school at 12:30 : p. m. Strangers cordially wel
St. Philip's Free church ( colored ) 813
North Nineteenth street John Williams ,
pastor. Celebration of ttio Holy Communion
nt 0:30 : i ) . m. Sunday school at 2:30 : p. m. Even
song at 8 p. m. Strangers always welcome.
Alisslon services of the Episcopal church
will bo held at Walnut Hill on Friday
evening at the residence of Mr. Epencler , at
7:30 : o'clock. John Williams , pastor ,
Hev. Wlllard Scott will preach In the
morning on "Ideals and Experiences , " and
in the evening on ' 'Mistakes. "
At the Southwest Presbyterian church , the
Hev. David H. Kerr. pastor , will preach Sab
bath morning on "How to Keep Sunday ; "
and in the evening on "Pilgrim Losing his
Burden , " and will exhibit six or more largo
paintings illustrating Pilgrim's progress.
Hev. W. J. Harsha will preach Sabbath
afternoon at 4 o'clock for tlio Luke street
Presbyterian church.
Kov. W. J. Harsha will begin n series of
lectures " Life" Sunday
Sunday evening on "City
day evening , lie will read a communication
from one of the Knights of Labor of this city.
All workinir men and women arc invited.
"Social Comprichicas" is HcV. Alfred H.
Henry's subject for Sunday evening at. Trin
ity AI.'E. Church , corner Saunders and Uir-
noy streets. It was suggested by rending
Victor Hugo's "Tho Alan Who Laughs. "
Started For WnNhlngton.
Last evening the delegates appointed to go
to Washington and present to the national
committee the claims of Omaha as an ac
ceptable place for the holding of the republi
can national rbnvrntton next
started on their mission. They
Governor John M. Thfiyer ,
D. MeH leJohu , speaker of the lastj
stuto senate ; ox-Congressman E. 1C , YitliiiJ
tlmv , O. II. Gen- , editor , ot tha
Lincoln State Journal ; G. M. HitchcoeV.
editor of the World : Cadet Taylor , of tha
Omulm Hopubllcan : Edward Ko owrttcr , of
the Omaha Bin : ; Thomas Swobo. of the
Millard hotel ; ex-Mayor James E. Boyili
I'x-Conirrcssmau Loreiuo Crounso , ami
Colonel . F Snm , of Council Bluffs. Tha
money subscribed to offer us a bonus to tha
national committee amounts to fU dO , and
the gentlemen having In charge the sub *
script Ions have not yet eonnleted thclrlnlwrtf ;
They expect to add several more thousuudc
to that already secured.
Attacked by Koolimilx. i
Mlko McCarthy , John Hussell , Jaclc CAt *
ivtt , John Carney and Charles Baxter , foul
toughs , am looked up for attaching Fred
Gross at the corner of Fifteenth nnd UavciW
port streets and relieving him of twclVw
The Duke at Home. ,
Tjoxnox , Dec. 11. The Duke of MorlbOW
who has been visiting the United State *
arrived at ( Juecnstown this morning , . '
The best and sorest Remedy for Cue ot
nil diseases caused by any derangement of
tbo Liver , Kidneys , Stomach and Dowel * .
Dyspepsia , Sick Headache , Constipation ,
Billons Complaints and Malaria of all kind *
yield readily to the beneficent influence of
It la pleasant to the taste , tones op the
system , restores nnd preserves health.
It U purely Vegetable , and cannot fall to
prove beneficial , both to old and yonng.
Afl a Blood Purifier It Is superior to all
other * . Sold everywhere at 11.00 a bottle.
Will make the-lr headquarters for a fi'W week *
nt .Uox llcnliiim's new Muble , corner Davenport
und b'cvuntuvuth hta. 12.\unilmitlou ficc.
Many dl'cnRos can be cured nnd dlsngrceabl *
Imblts overcame by our operation on thu horwcfA
teeth.V Imvo cured them of roughing , ilrooty
Ing. stop ' tort , sturtlng Wenly , frothing :
of ilefih , weak eyes , lihil especially from ]
driving on one rein nml pulling , wo remove all
rough edges from their molars and level tha
mouth , theioby i-nulillng thu horsu to vropcrlsj
innstlcntohis food , linpiopcr grinding of food
iniiduccri Indigestion , and Indigestion ( traduces
lildo bound , .swollen llmlm , .staring or deud-llkcv
oatof hiilr , nnd loss of appetite. VoungaaWCU
s old hur bcs require this operation. ' I
CHINA and ART GOODS Just Arrived
We Invite Your Inspection of the Finest Line of
Goods in the West.
ChinaGlasswareBrass& , Bronze
Silverware and Cut Glass in Great Variety.
, .
1514 Farnam Street New Paxton Building.
The Polack Clothing stock , after having been .closed seven weeks , the entire bankrupt clothing
stock of A. POLACK , is now offered for sale. It comprises all this season's goods , and MUST BE
CLOSED OUT as soon as possible.
In order to push the sale the goods have beerj. marked way down in plain figures , such as are
bound to sell them. Every one knows the history of the forced closing of Polack's store , and in
consequence are assured that the goods are offered at prices such as were never before heard of in
this city. Now is the time to buy Men's , Boys' and Children's clothing , cheap , at Receiver's Sale ,
POLACK'S OLD STAND. = = = = _ _ _ _ _
DOllars Saved are Dollars Made