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liy rnrrlcr In nny part nf tlic city at
twrnty c 'iilH IHT'Veric.
II. W Tll/niN , Manager.
HfMNFfw OITKT , No. 4. ) .
NKHIT Jiimim1 NO. an.
N. Y. Plumbing Co.
Iloltcr , tailor , Fall ( foods cheap.
See Chapmun'H pictures for Chrlntnms.
11 "The Reflector , " the now poclety
paper , makes ) HH ilebut tills afternoon.
Not an arrcHt inmlo in the city ycstor-
tliiy. The policemen's occupation scums
A IIUM Hurt , ' has hold hisintoroht in tno
laundry at 7U4 Hroadway , to William H.
Leather , for $ tW ) .
The Royal Arcanum party to have
been hold' December (1 ( has been post
poned to December 13.
A test was made yesterday morning
of the new Uaboook chemical lire ex-
tiiitfiiinhert < , at the Uroadwavllre house ,
and the result was very natiufuetory.
" * All members of the Harmony Chap
ter , O. K. H. , are requested to meet at
the residence of K. HuntingUm , at 7
o'clock this evening. Hv order of
W. M.
Owing to the inclemency of the
weather the Harmony Mission social
did not take place Thurhday owning ,
but was postponed until next Friday
evening , when the entertainment will
bo given with the original programme.
The city jail will teen bo doing the
largest hotel busine.-s in the city.
There were fourteen lodgers Thursday
night , representing nearly every section -
tion of the country. Hnsiness in this
line always improves with cold weather.
The Council HluJTs ( Juaraiity and Ab-
Hlract company are getting their books
ready for business. For the past two
days they have had four men at worlc in
the recorder's ollleo , and find tlmt there
are 167,000 real estate instruments on
The grand jury will conclude its
labors to-day and adjourn until Janu
ary. That body has listened to a vast
amount of testimony and done good
work during this session , the full meas
ure of which will bo revealed after ad
The counters and book ca os for the
now court house are arriving daily.
The counters and desks are marvels of
the joiner's art , and very beautiful.
The worlc throughout is to bo strictly in
keeping with the high standard thus
far maintained.
The operatta , "Under the Palms1
will bo rendered on Tuesday and
Wednesday evenings , December liO and
21. It wi'll bo fully costumed. The
principal parts will bo taken by some of
the best singers in the city , and the
affair promises to be ono of unusual ex
The large gilded cross was yesterday
placed upon the spire of Ht. Peters
Catholic church , and that part of the
handsome edifice is now complete. The
scalTolding yet remains , but will soon
be removed , and give an unobstructed
view of the worlc that has been progress
ing for several \\eoks. The slating of
the north end of the roof will occupy
two or three days yet , and the building
will then bo outwardly complete.
If you wish to" buy a lot cheap go to
Johnston & Van 1'alien , ; t ; { Main si.
I'crsonal l'nrifraj > lin.
Colonel Charles K. ICaton is , visiting
friends in the 1 Hull's.
T. H. Baldwin has removed his oflico
to the Brown block.
Mrs. M. F. Rohrer gave a 6 o'clock tea
to a few friends last evening.
C. A. Wcathorington , of Lincoln ,
Neb. , was a visitor in the city yester
Colonel Hepburn , of Clarinda , was in
the city yesterday. lie left at noon for
W. .1. Hancock , superintendent of the
Wolls-Fargo express company , is in
R II Orcutt , of the Council Bluffs
Carpet company , is back from a long
trip on the road.
Dr. Mosor , a late practitioner in New
York City , has removed to this city and
will bo associated in .practice with Dr.
E. J. Strew returned homo yesterday ,
concluding u four months' trip on the
road in the interest of the Mueller
Music company.
fell Jeff Phillips , of the Pullman hotel ,
Cedar Rapids , is in the city shaking
hands with old friends. Ho leaver to-day
for Watertown , Dak.
T. W. Harford and , T. II. Purcell ,
Davenport ; E. A. King , Ida Grove , and
James S. Page , Sioux City , were at the
Bechtele yesterday.
D. T. Elliott , Sioux City J. W. Yatcs ,
Logan ; George W. Cole and wife , Pa-
cillc Junction ; H. Woods , Enlleld , wore
the lowans registered at the Pacific
house yesterday.
For best quality coal and wood , call
on Gleason , till Pearl street.
Tlio 1'trilun Kccoril.
Judge Aylesworth transacted the
usual amount of business at the police
court yesterday. John Miller , a nine
teen-year-old prodigal , said that ho was
his mother's pot , and was considerably
unnerved at being charged with va
grancy. Ho readily promised whalovor
the court wished , and was much re
lieved when the judge said : ' 'Well ,
Johnnie , you can go back to your ma.
William Smith and Jack' Brennan
were not so fortunate , and wore lined
57.00 and $8.10 respectively , for a lively
boo/.o whirl.
Ed Miller convinced the court that ho
had done a little work during the past
year , and was released.
. Al , Warner was charged with being a
vag , and nearly ovor.v ofllcor on the
force testillcd to his being a frequentei
of the gambling houses and dives of the
Settled SiitlHftiotorlly.
The jewelry block of Mr. Voss , whicl
it : was taken possession of by the sheriff
Thursday has boon purchased by C.
Deetkin , M. 1) . , who will run the store
as heretofore , and employ Mr. Voss as
manager. Mr. Deetkin has salisllc ( "
the claims of all the creditors , and holds
the unoxpired lease of the building foi
three years. Ho has not yet dolor
mined whether to continue the business
at the old location or remove to a store
Main street.
A Novel Social.
The Married Ladles' Knitting club is
ono of the recent organizations of this
city. They meet weekly and have verj
pleasant gatherings. Gentlemen arc
permitted to attend only oneuieotin } ,
in each month. The ilrst social to
which their lords and masters were in
vlted was hokl at the 'residence of Mrs
W. U. Young , Thursday evening , and
. was very enjoyable. A collection wu
taken among the ludios for churitablo
uurpoooa. ; ' ' ' , , ' . , ,
* * i * i " § ! * '
Can the City Road Its Title Clear to
Fnirmount Park ?
A Newspaper Man Complains Itccansc
u Teacher Whipped Ills Hey Car-
r\KK'H \ Con tempt Case Funeral
of Samuel Anderson.
Title to the Park.
The Bii : : yesterday morning called
ittention to an apparent move to wre&t
rom the city , if possible , the beautiful
"iiirmuunt park. The article caused no
ittle stir , and there are numerous in-
liiiries as to what move is lobe made on
ho part of those who , by the record ,
ippoar to be securing at least a color of
itlo to this valuable tract. It is ru-
norcd that ere long there will bo no
tices of suit and that the chief claim will
est upon tin ) technical defects in the
condemnation proceedings by which the
ity came into po esMon of this park.
No one seems to know , or at least to bo
willing to make public , the plans and
Nirposes. There have boon several
leeds passed lately , by which it appears
nat the foundation is being laid for a
egal light. A deed has gone on record
conveying to Mr. C. Ilaldane , of the law
inn of Wright , Baldwin & Ilaldauc , all
if E. S. Williams' interest in the park.
\Tow there appears a deed by which Mr.
Inlduno conveys it to Jason Walker , of
Wichita , Kan. There is a good deal of
nystery attending the affair , but it is
M'cating considerable alarm , the atten-
ion of the public being now directed to
ovorv move which can possibly tilTcct
be title of the city.
There being a 'feeling that the move
jad for a center the law ollleo of the
inn named , inquiry u as yesterday made
if Mr. John N. lialdwin , with the hope
that he might throw some light upon it.
Mr. Baldwin smiled as ho denied
mowing anything about it. It was
) iio of those smiles which could not but
> o interpreted , ' 'Well , young man , I
could toll you a good 'deal , but it's
eally none of your business just yet.
don't want to lie to you , but I don't
want to toll. "
His words were much in accord with
lis smile. "There is nothing for you lo
earn about it so far as wo arc con-
erned. It is simply a business matter
jolonging to the lirm of Wright , Bald
win \ Ilaldane , and not to the public ,
i'ho statements that suits are to bo eom-
neneed are certainly not made by any-
nio having authority to speak in the
matter , and are not made by any one
' '
who knows anything about it. I 'don't
are to have our private business mat
ters made public. When the time comes
when there is anything which the pub
ic ought to know , I will see to it that
the BKI : lyis the information soooii as
ny paper. Of course you newspaper
L-llow-5 feel at liberty to give your read-
rs all sorts of news , and that is all
right , but you'll have to wait awhile bo-
'oroyou can got anything authoritative
in regard to this matter. "
The park commissioners are never
theless liable to be put to sonic trouble ,
for the recent deeds show there is some
thing going on which points to the
jeopardizing of the city's title to the
park. Whether any claim can bo main
tained is a question , but that there will
be an attempt made to either wrest the
park from the city or force a compro
mise is quilo evident , despite Mr. Bald
win's reticence in regard to the private
business of his lirin.
For an elegant birthday giftor Christ
mas present , a Domestic sewing machine
leads them all.
Wadsworth , Elnyro &Co. loan money
District Court.
Yesterday morning the case of the
State vs Carrigg was called. Before
this was proceeded with ono of the at
torneys for the defense in the contempt
case of the State vs Heitman asked that
the case go over to the next term as
Colonel Sapp , his associate , was away.
The court thought the other counsel
ought to familiarize themselves with
the case and to allow time for this , the
hearing was postponed for ono week.
The State vs Carrigg was resumed.
Defendant's attorney demurred to Mr.
Sims' appearance as counsel for the
state and entered a motion to showeauso
why ho so appeared. The ground was
taken that the case was a criminal pros
ecution and the-district attorney was
the only person authorized by the state
to prosecute. The motion as to showing
cause was inaintniticcl. Mr. Sims was
sworn and deposed , giving his employ
ment by the "Law and Order League"
and his authority frrtm District Attorney
ThorneU in December 1SSO. The de
fense objected to the insufliciency of
this employment , and assumed the po
sition that t'ho present district attorney ,
Colonel Dailoy , and ho nlono should
prosecute , in the name of the statocrim-
innl proceedings.
The state attempts to show the own
ership of Carrigg to the property
wherein the saloon is located and that
liquor has boon sold and drank there
since the enjoinment of the place.
About half a do/en witnesses were ex
amined and probably as many more will
yet appear on behalf of the state. The
case is being hotly contcsled and will
probably consume so\'eral days.
Taken up. an ostray mare ; bay , with
white hind fool , sear on forehead , long
mane and tail ; has sadale murks. Ani
mal in good order. Owner must prove
property and pay charges of keeping
and notice. S. SUIT ,
9th avonuoj Burns' addition.
E. II. Sheafo loans money on chattel
security of every description. Private
consulting rooms. All business strictly
confidential. Oflico 500 Broadway , cor
ner Main slrcot , up-stairs.
A Hey
There was qnito a little stir made
among tlio educational circles ye.stor-
day by charges made by Mr. Lynclmrd ,
of the Council Hlntls Herald , tluit his ton , Perry Howard , had been un
mercifully Hogged by two of the lady
teachers in the Pierce street school.
Tlio matter is being inquired into , and
until tome dellnite report is made 01
formal action taken by those who have
charge of the schoolh , it is hardly just
to pass judgment upon the action of the
young ladies , \vho o reputation as
teachers are , to a certain extent , in
volved. On the part of the family it is
claimed that the boy committed a trivia
offense , failing to prepare n , declama
tion , and'that aftor'school ho was made
to kneel on tv bench with a low back mid
bend forward , while ono of the teachers
hold his arms and the other applied the
rod M > unmercifully as to give the bo\
lreat pain and leave bruises which wil
keep him in the hou o hovoral days
The teachet-b * uy that they only . pun-
shed the boy as usual in such cases , and
that they ba'd no idea that he was being
flvun any more pain than was to bo ex-
iccted , and without \\hich the punish-
nent would only be a farce. Superin
tendent MeNaughton examined the boy
, 'esterday and found there were some
> lack and blue spots , but it is claimed
that these are very easily made on a
'hild's flesh. The boy was not injured
n any respect and the marks indicated
simply that ho had been given a good
rouncing. The fact of there being two
teachers concerned in the atTalr is ex-
ilainod by the rule of the board which
equires that any teacher whipping a
inpll shall have another teacher present
is n , witness , this beingdcemed as much
i protection to the pupil as to the
eacbcr. The purpose of this rule is to
ivoid any trouble , cither from the undue
severity of the teacher in anger or the
Misrepresentations of u pupil as to what
, he punishment was. The instrument
used in this case was just what has been
ii od in the Pierce street and oilier
schools for some time it being a piece
of hickory , three feet long , about three-
quarters of an inch wide and an inch
.hick. This seems a pretty solid strik-
ng machine , but when it comes to the
-ottlement of what sort of an instrument
s to be used there is Held for wide dif-
'orcnce of opinion. The board has
ilaccd this weapon in the hands of
eachers , and must bear the responsi-
lility of this. The teachers are re
sponsible for the way they use it. The
aso seems to bo simply a question
vbethor the boy was whipped too se
verely. The board seems inclined to
the belief that he was not.
Ono thousand head of one , two and
hreo-ycar-old steers for sale. Will give
credit to reliable parties. Enquire o
A. J. Groennmayer , 028 Mynster st.
lelophone 121.
J. W. and E. L. Squire lend money.
Financial Distress.
There was much surprise caused yes
terday by the announcement in business
circles that Nat Shepard , the druggist at
No. 122 Main street , had made an assign-
nont. Mr. Shejmrd has been in busi-
less here for about seven years , having
sold out at Woodbine and removed
icre. Ho has the confidence of the
niblic and despite his financial troubles
lis heaviest creditors have no less faith
, n his integrity of intention limn before.
[ lis assignment was to W. A. Wood ,
who was formerly in the hardware bus-
ness hero. The assignment embraces
everything and is for the benefit of all
lis creditors , there being none pre
ferred. The liabilities are estimated
it $2,000. The stock of goods is thought
to amount to about 12,0(10 ( and the book
iccounls to about as much more. There
will be some shrinkage probably on the
islets and there is little prospect for the
liabilities to diminish. His heaviest
creditors are right in the city and they
liavc not been pressing him. In fact
there has been no intimation or any
fear but that ho would bo able to pul'l
through all right , so that his assign
ment eaino unexpectedly. It is be
lieved that no creditor will loio a dollar
lar and that theio will bo a margin bo-
sides. It is surely so hoped , for Mr.
Shcpard is a most honest aad worthy
Von AVant Them.
Domestic patterns and patterns for
stamping and embroidery. Latest styles
and finest designs. "Domestic" olilce ,
105 Main street.
Money to loan. Cooper & Jud.son.
Funeral of S. A. Anderson.
. The funeral of Samuel A. Anderson ,
who was killed in the Northwestern
yards Wonnesday morning , took place
at 2:110 : o'clock yesterday afternoon , from
his late residence , 1108 Avenue B. Rev.
T. J. Mnckay , of the Episcopal church ,
officiated. At the close of the services
at the church the burial was conducted
by Excelsior lodge No. 250 A. F. and A.
M. , of which order Mr. Anderson has
been a worthy member. The attend
ance was very large as the Switchmen's
Mutual Aid association , of which he was
also a member , had engaged Daily's
Fifth regiment band and attended in a
body , acting as escort to Excelsior lodge.
There were were a largo number of car
riages containing friends which fol
lowed to Fail-mount cemetery , where
the body was laid at rest according to
the impressive Masonic ritual. The
floral ollerings were many and beauti
ful , testifying to the high esteem in
which the deceased had been held.
Every ono making a cash p urchaso o
25 cents at T. D. King k. Co.'s cigar
store gets a chance in the annual prize
drawing. Twenty elegant prizes.
Insure with Wadsworth , Etnyrc & Co.
The City'H Wallet.
City Auditor Kinnchan has completed
the report of the city's expenses for the
month of November , 1887 , and is a& fol
lows :
Fire department . ? l,0ii.Sr : >
Police uiitl marshal department . lti21.f > S
Streets mill nllc.vs . UT-.H7
City engineer's ilep.irtment .
Printing uiul supplies . U'J.'J.'i
( iiib and street lamps . iTO..V ; >
Salaries of ofllecrs . ! 2s".4'.i
Election expenses . ' . ' 20.00
Miscellaneous . ! 2.M.'J
Total general expenses . $ I5,0H.21 :
Sl'KCHl , l.KVV.
Public library . 5 'IWi.ilS
Public park . KiMIl
Intersection sewers . 71K ! ) ( )
Intersection paving . till.OO
Special assessment KradiiiR boiuls. . 4HK ( ) ( )
Special assessment sewerage- bonds 1 1i00.00 !
Oau-liftb special assessment sewer
age certificates . 2,8SS.70
Total special levy ? lcJ , y.V.M
Don't Free/.e Up !
Wo are bound to close out our largo
line overcoatings. Will make them up
at greatly reduced figures.
Tliis is the oportunity of a lifetime.
HIP Broadway.
A Now Departure.
Messrs. Powell , Gould and Carter , of
Omaha , members of St. Andrews' Broth
erhood , have kindly consented to ad
dress the congregation of St. Paul's
Episcopal church to-morrow evening.
Their subject will bo "Work Among
YoungMon"and an effort will bo made
to olToct an organization of St. Andrews'
Brotherhood in this city. This ih de
cidedly a now departure in the Episco
pal church , and is evidence that this old
historic organization is aroused to the
necessity for more vigorous efforts in
this line and is possessed of the neces
sary machinery to reach the young men
who are so hard to reach by the old-
time methods.
A 1'uget Sound Co-Operative Colony ,
San Francisco Chronicle : About two
yearsagoafow lirin believers in cooperation
ation determined to establish a colony
on the Pacific coast where all should bo
workers and all should alike reap the
bonolltsof their toil. They teen secured
a number ol followers , and as aresult , in
May , 18\SO , the Puget Sound Co-oper-
utivo Colony \Vus incorporated , and im
mediately afterward purchased u piece
of timber land at Port Angolesf seven
teen mllns from Victoria. H. C. . on the
AmorieanJ-Ido of Iho Straits of .Tuan do
A few energetic colonists started to
build houses , and from that time up to
the present the colony has continued to
grow ptcadilv , and is now reported to bo
in a nourishing condition , numbering
2.600 people. They own ! ? ,000 acres of
line timber land'ano have n saw mill
running in full blast , which cuts -10.000
'cot of lumber in en hours , and are put-
ing up a large bhluglo mill. A shoo
'uctorv is in operation , and will evont-
mlly lo ) one ot th < J leading industries ,
in addition to these there are tin , black
smith and machine shops , a tannery ,
ind n brickyard which turned out
JoO.OOO excellent brick * from the lirst
din. A newspaper devoted to the doc
trines of co-operation , etc. , is published
it the colonv , and a tramway is being
juilt from the saw mill into the center
) f the timber land to convey the logs to
the saw.
The harbor is said to be the best on
.he sound , and is three miles long by
two and a half wide , with good
inchorage. A survey for an ovor-
'and railroad has been made , lead-
ng through the colony's land.
Kvory person , from the president
down to the commonest laborer , works
eight hour * a day and receives a regular
salary , which runs from S12.76 to $ H a
day , and at the end of each year th net
iH-ollts of the entire colony are divided
into two partSj one-half being sot aside
'or general improvements , and tlio
Hher half divided among the workots ,
, n proportion to the amount of wages
received during the year.
Tlio town property is divided into
3,000 lots , and no member is allowed
more than forty-eight lots , which lie
. an only use for his own purposes , there
ijeiug no such thing as rent allowed.
The maximum value of a lot is li.xod at
X < > churches can be built in the com
munity , but. theio is a free hall , where
: iny person can advocate whatever civil
or religious doctrines he may choose.
Gout has various names according too
. ' } \o \ parts afllicled , as podagra , when in
the feet ; ehiragra , when in the hands ,
fee. ; but whether the attack is llrat felt
in tlie feet or.the hands , rub with Sal
vation Oil at once. It annihilates pain.
Price 2oe.
Popular trial shows the worth of every
.irticlo. and ! years' constant use has
proven the great elllcacy of Dr. Hull's
Jough Syrup ; it has no superior.
We arc now prepared for tlio
Our immense builiUaps arc. packed full of
the most
In our line , anil at prices that will defy com
petition.Vc ( 'iiarunteo our floods to bo just
as we represent thorn. Please nive us n eiill
whether you wish to liny or not , mid brniK
jour friends with yon. It is no trouble to
how our Koods. UcHpcctfully ,
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To 1,01111 , For Sulf.To Kent , Wnnts , IlnarilliiK.
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cil Illutrs , hmn.
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feeder , eheai > . Iu jrood condition. Apply
to lice olllre , Council lllulfs.
FOU HKNT Farms The laud heretofore
kmmu as Tim 1'oley's , near Mludeii. for the
season of INS * , ju tracts of N ) , Ihll or IKK1 acres.
All choice lands and well Improved , lloiacu
Fou SAM ; on ixciiANCii-i : : : < iuity of iu
shareH in Jellrles Hyndlcatu. Inquire W
Odell llros. & Co.
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T repair. Work promptly and honoitlv done.
Charges re.ibonnlile. Domestic ollleo 1U5 Main st
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exchange for Council llhilTx or Omaha prop
erty , a retal stock of boots and shoes valued at
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llhills , la.
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-T Johnston * Van I'atten.iCIMaln ht.
J10H HK.N'T Honshu and furnished IOOIIH. J.
' 11. Unvlilfcoii .033 Klfth urcnuu.
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very cheap , .Y-Mmh , at lieu ofllcu.
hundred thousand dollars to loan on
real estate and chattels by F. J. Hay , :
' lots and acre property for salu by
F. .T. Hay , ! Ri I'earl st.
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Ilrst floor , in private residence near court
house. Water In room , lighted and heated.
I.aree closut. References required. Addiess II ,
IS , llee olilce. Council Illulfs.
The desirable residence or business property
known as tlio I'owets 1'larp. on Upper llroucl-
way opposite the M , K. church , will positively
beol : < l ulthln the ne.\t thhty days. Terms' :
One thhd r.inh , balance in oiiu und tuu years.
Address bids to
Omahii , Neb. , 11117 and Ml' ) Douglas Ht.
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Crockery , Glassware and Plated Ware ,
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Main Street , Council Bluffs ,
Only Hotel In tho' City with Flro Es
cape. Electric Call Bells.
Accommodations First Class ,
Rates Always Reasonable ,
MAX MOHN , Proprietor.
Trotting - Stallions
WADE GARY-1 . - : 'Council Bluffs ,
PINTFY RIIRO Attornpy-at-Lnvr , Second Floor Hrown
IlllLIil DUA&D , Building , 115 Pearl Street , Council
Bluffs , Iowa.
NQfUTTD7 | Justice of the Peace. Otfloo over American
, UVmUlia , Express , No. 419 Broadway , Council Bluffs ,
& QIHITC Attornoydat-Law , practice in the State
OL OlilllJ , , lllc | Federal Courts. Ollico Hooms 7
and 8 , ShugartBeno Block , Council Bluffs , Iowa.
EO RADNRTT Justice of the Peace , 415 Broadway ,
, ,
0 IJAIUlDll , Council Bluffs. Kefers to any banker
business house in the city. Collections a specialty.
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. RINK , :
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Ogden Boiler Works
CARTER & SON , Prop's.
Mnnufacturcrf ot
Orders by mall for repairs promptly attended
to. Satisfaction Kiwranteed. Iflth Avenue. Ad
dress Ogden lion Woiks .Council Itluds , Iowa.
MOUroodway Council Illuffu , Iowa. Kbtabllihcd
Hides , Tallow , Pelts ,
Wool and Furs.
Highest Market Prices. Prompt
KO ami K2 Main Strect.Councll Illuirf.Iown.
Sample Hooms Attached.
. ' . . W. U. H < WIN , Prop. I
, . , ' ' . ' ' , , ' / ' . '
' . " ' ' ' '
. . ' ' .
Carriage and Express Line.
Telephone No , U.I.
All calls fiom Dlstiltt Telegraph Olllro
piomptly attended to.
The AUobol , Moiphlue and Opium habit Ab
solutely Cured without Inteiferlim with the
patient's dally axocatlou. Correspond ullli or
( till on DR. F. P. BELLINGER.
014 llroaduay. Council lllutls , la.
All correspondence tonlldenttal.
Star Stables and Mule Yards
Uiouclsuiy , Council Illuffs , Opp. Dummy Depot.
Horses nml mulct ron-itnntly on hand , for
tal at retail or In c iir load lots.
Orders promptly Illled by contract on short
Mock * ol < l on commission.
Telephone 111. K'lll.IJTnit * llOl.nV.
Oppoilto Dummy Depot. Council UluUs.
1514 DOUGLAS STREET , - - - . OMAHA.
Worth $2OOO to bo Olvon Awny by
Henry Eiscinnnn & Oo.'s Pooplo'a
Store , 3M , 31C , 31O nnd 32O
Brondwuy , Council
Bluffs , lown.
With Kvory Two Dollars' Worth of
GoodMl'iirohiiNcd You Will Itreclvo
n Coupon Ticket Good For Uito
rimnec In the Following
Grand I'rcNcntH to Ho
Given Awny Hy UN on
Monday , January
Kith , 1HHH.
Every $2 purchase receives one ticket
and every additional $2 the same.
Hold your tickets until the above men
tioned date , when the lucky numbers
will bo announced and the holders in
vited to call for their presents.
Remember you will have to pay noth *
ing extra on your purchases. Wo
guarantee to sell you goods cheaper
than you can buy at any other house iu
the west , and give you the largest , lines !
and best stock west of Chicago to select
All mail orders receive prompt atten
tion and tickets for the free gifts for
warded with the orders the same as If
you were here in person.
These listribulions will bo made with
every fairness , and customers may de
pend on the lucky numbers receiving
their reward.
No tickets will be given to employes
of our house , customers only receiving
the bcnelit of the prizes.
I.IT oi > rui/.r..s.
No. of prize.
1 Ono elegant parlor set consisting
of sofa , divan and 4 large easv chairs ,
purchased from S. S. Keller of this city.
2 One elegant cherry bed room sot.
consisting of bedstead , dresser and
wash stand. Have largo bevell French
plate mirrors. Purchased from C. A.
Heche & Co. . city.
! i One elegant silver tea set , consist
ing of extra largo and very heavy
waiter , colToe pot , tea pot , sugar howl ,
creamer and spoon holder. Must bo
seen to be fully appreciated. Hought
from C. H. .lacqucmin & Co. , city.
1 One very handsome water s'etcom-
prising pitcher stand goblets and wash
bowl of the very largest design. An
elegant piece of goods. Purchased from
Hobinson Uros. , eity.
5 Decorated China dinner set of 130
pieces. Purchased from W. A. Maurcr ,
( i Elegant decorated China tea sot of
50 pieces.
7 Very handsome blue satin water
set , consisting of ( i tumblers , 1 pitcher
and one hammered brass tray.
8 One Venetian water set , comprising
H tumblers , 1 pitcher and 1 elegant brass
! ) Lustre amber water set , compris
ing 0 tumblers , J pitcher and 1 elegant
brass tray.
10 One ruby water set , consisting of
( i tumblers. 1 pitcher and 1 brass tray.
11 20 yds best black Ciuinett bilk tljg
best silks made.
12 1 pair Japanese portiere.
18 1 gentleman's smoking jacket.
14 1 very elegant Paisley shawl.
15 1 set beaver furs.
Hi 1 gentleman's dress suit.
17 1 gent's fur beaver overcoat.
18 1 boy's or youth's suit.
lit 1 boy's or .lou'li's ' overcoat. .
20 1 pair sealskin gloves.
21 1 pair California white blankets.
22 1 combination nobility dress p jV
tern , worth $50.
2U 1 Mis-es cloak.
24 1 piece Loncsdalo muslin.
25 1 pair men's boots or shoos.
2'i ' 1 C. P. corset any si/.o.
27 1 pair Misses shoes.
28 I Dr. Warner's corset.
20 1 very line Marsaillon bed spread ,
HO 1 elegant album.
! U 1 toboggan cap.
. ' 52 1 infant's cloak.
HH 1 sashmero dress.
; < 4 1 set furs.
. ' ! " > 1 line largo doll.
'Ill 1 autograph album.
I ! " i do/en ladies' line wool fast black
:58 : } do/en Misses fine wool fast black
It ! ) 1 gingham dress pattern.
40 1 do/.en gentslinen handkerchiefs.
41 1 do/.en ladicslinen handkerchief
42 0 linen table cloths.
41 ! 1 doxen linen napkins.
44 1 do/.on line linen towels.
45 1 fancy stand cover.
4(1 ( 1 table cover.
47 1 Marsailles quilt.
48 1 line largo doll.
4t ! 1 largo album.
/ > ( ) 1 toboggan cap.
fil 1 child's hood.
52 1 piece "fruit of loom'1 muslin.
OT 1 fancy stand cover.
54 1 pair elegant Japanese portierf ,
55 1 album.
5(1 ( 1 largo doll.
57 1 autograph album.
58 1 seal skin hand bag.
5 ! ) 1 toilet set.
110 1 Long pocket book.
( il 1 line silk inufller.
02 1 shopping bag.
CM I elegant lace handkerchief.
(51 ( 1 largo bottle line perfume.
05 1 pair kid gloves.
( iO 1 pair silk suspenders.
07 1 pair ladies' ear rings.
(18 ( 1 pair ladies' cull button1) .
09 1 line lace pin.
70 1 Madam Warner's corset.
71 1 line hand bag.
72 1 large album.
7.'t 1 large wax doll.
74 1 gents' scarf.
75 1 line silk mulllcr.
70 1 pair hid ion line shoes
77 1 autograph album.
78 1 pair silk mils.
70 1 gent's fur cap.
80 1 gents' silk smoking jnclco * ,
81 1 gents' hat.
82 1 pair men's arctic overshoes.
8't 1 pair ladies' overshoes.
hi 1 line album.
So 1 hammered brass umbrella sin-id-
80 1 pair line silk suspenders.
7 1 largo doll. i
W > 1 large shopping bag.
h ! ) 1 silk umbrella. I
! )0 ) I line lace handkerchief.
1)1 ) 1 olcgant evening Hhawl ,
112 1 gmit's traveling bag.
'M 1 toboggan cap.
91-1 child's hood.
Oo 1 pair kid gloves.
! )0 ) 1 ladies' line Jersey.
! )7 ) 1 elegant lace handkerchief.
' , tS I hill ; munior.
! IO 1 per ladies' line shoes.
100 1 set ladies' furs.
Total value of the above 100 presents ,
two thousand dollars.
Sue them exhibited in our store.
The drawing will bo conducted under
the management of a committee of aix.
eUi/ons. and the utmost fairness will bo
had so the prcMMits will go to the por-
fconri who holdsthy lucky numbers.
Now is the time for everybody to take
advantage of this1 great gift olloring.
Huy your goods-at the People's store ,
MIVO'money thereby and got a present
in the bargain , Henry Kinwrinn & Co.
People's store , ! I14 , iilO , iU8 and 32
Uroudway , Council IJlufTs , Iu. ' .