Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, December 03, 1887, Page 4, Image 4

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Dully ( Morning Kdlllon ) liRludlng Hinnlny
lllK.Otio rear. . . , . * . . , .finoo
1'or Six Month * . . . - * ' " >
I'm Thrco Monthi . - W
The Utmilm Sumlny Ilr.r , mailed to ntiy nd *
drcvi , ( Inn Viar . "CO
. , rAII.V\Mi < TlliKT. :
VniiKUmcK. HOOMW. TIIIIIUM : lii'ii.n-
IMI. WAHIIIMIIO.V OtilU' , No. OU loun
All rommuntcntloiiH relating news mid
editorial matter Mionld be addressed to the
KtilTuuuf TIM : ULP.
nrsiNuss r.irrrr.nsi
All Im-ilnest letteiHiind remittances should 1 > e
nddtcio-iMi to 'I i IK llr.K I'i'iii.isiiiMi COMIV ! ,
( IMMIA. Drafts , checks und postolllce orders to
be made ji.ijablu to the older of tliu ( .uiiiiMti ) ' .
The Bee PnWisWBEQipy , Proprietors ,
, " Bwnrii Stntcinrnt of Circulation.
Btateof Netornbkn , I. .
County of Douglas , f" ' '
Oeo.JI.'IZbchutk , cccrctary of Tlio Dee I'nto-
llMiIng roini > : inydocn solemnly xwenr that the
netiinl ctruilutltm of the Dally lleo for thu w eek
i-mllng Nov. Si. 1C87 , was as follows :
Hntiirday , Nov. Ill I.VOTO
Sunday , Nor. 9) ) 1 . : HI
Monday , Nov.-l l.i. : * >
Tne-oday , Nor. ! , , , ILffft
Wednesday. Nov. 21 14.7HI
Tlinisdav. Nor.Ul U.7X ( )
I'riday , Nov. S3 H.UiO
* Average , 11.770
Hwornlonnd nnbscrltovtl In invpieHeniollils
SCth cluy of No\ ember , A. D. IStfil
N.P. IT.TI. .
( SKA I , . ) Notary I'utollc
Btntcof Nebraska , I
. fB-a *
Comity of Douglas.
Oeo. Il-Tzschnck , beliiR first rttilv sworn , do-
* rofes und HIJK that he is secretary of The lleo
I'ubllshlng company , Hint the nctual nverago
daily circulation of the Dally lleo for
the month of November , IN * ) , IH.IIJS
ini coiifeH ! for September , ! Wi7,14UU ; copies ; for
October , 1887 , H.iJW.
Bworn to mid hutoscrlbed in my prcM-nt n this
Ith rtny of October , A. D. 18H7. K. 1 > . Till I , .
( SllAIj. ) Notiuvrubllc.
Sn.VATOii MANDKUSOX is giviii" ; Iho
Philuclolphiu jmpoi- grout chunks of
nutionul und Nohruska jiolitict ) .
Dit. MAIIY WALKKII hns ut lust found
the "Hphorc" which she IIUH so long
been heckln" ; . She is now un uttruotion
in n ilimo inuscuin in Cincinnati.
Now wo arc to have another railroad.
TliiH time it in the Omaha & Mexican
Air Line. Most of the roads planned to
this city the last three years have bean
nir lines.
THK clearance record of Omaha's foot-
pada would make an interesting exhibit.
"The foot-pad business hub not been af
fected by the recent clonuncbs of the
money markets.
TIIK postmaster-general's report , .shew *
that thirteen thousand postolllcc ap
pointments were made during the past
year. And btill there tire doinocrate
who tire not happy.
FUAXK SIIKUIDAK , a private soldier ,
has been arrested in New York for pub
lishing some military criticism in one
.of the metropolitan papers. Ho evi
dently labored under the doltibion that
n military article would be tolerated
outside of the "great" magazines and
written by ' 'great" soldiers.
HMD Wixa , Minnesota , has some people
ple that can not now bo touched with a
ton-foot polo. They have just received
mi autograph letter from Mrs. Clnvo-
land thanking them for a present she
received while passing through that
town during the late "swing. "
Tin : Chicago , Milwaukee & St. Paul
railroad now heats its ears running be
tween Chicago and MinnoPaul with
bteam. The Now York Central does
the saino. What these two roads can
do all roads can accomplish. The
deadly car Move will soon bo out of u&e ,
TllK Standard Oil company proposes
to lay a grand trunk pipe line from GUI
cage to New York by way of the Ohie
nntl Pennsylvania oil Holds. The interference
foronco of the intor-statu commerce lav
makes this stop necessary , and while
the cost of the line will bo $5 , < X)0,0X ) ( ) , i
will also bo prolltablo. This shows hov
enormous the rebates received by tin
Standard have. boon.
Tin : coal barons have no respect fo
laws if by disregarding them they cai
add to their illgotten gains. The Le
high operators have engaged two thou
Band miners in Belgium to take tin
plucOH of the mon now on strike am
bloodshed is feared. The mine owners
by disregarding the contract labor law
will bo just as much criminals as th
poor strikers if the hitter attempt t
nvongo their wrongs by force.
THKHE are a few rules which the po
lice commission could prolltably add t
those already adopted. One is that n
policeman or police oillcor should b
allowed to leave the city withou
special permission from the board. W
neoil every policeman and i > oliee ofllco
in Omaha. The business ot followin
up criminals to remote places , and th
escorting of convicts to the ponltontlan
should bo left entirely to the sheri
* and his deputies.
GOULD and Sago are charged wit
criminal management of the Kansas ,
Pacific. Complaints have been llled i
the district attorney' * olllco , Now Yorl
asking for the indictment of thes
wreckers. The olllcial announces tin
the case will go to thu grand jury soot
If the charges are sustained Itoulil L
interesting to sou * Gould occupy in
quarters with Juke Sharp. The chanct
are , however , that no iiuliutmunt wi
bo returned.
TIIK Iowa btato railroad commisiioi
ors have made their annual report an
it is an interesting document. Tli
board , it would seem , fully realizes tli
shortcomings of the state ln\v goveri
ing" the railroads , and a number <
recommendations are made in the way i
modillcatlons and amendments. One i
these is that the legislature skull JKV
un net prohibiting the watering of btoc
without'u corresponding outlay of cap
tal. This is only just , but it is also su
prising that un Iowa state olHciul Uioul
oliiect to water iti tiny forth. . ' .
A Dcninnd Tor CncUbono.
Democratic organs are "becoming very
earnest and urgent in their appeals to
.ho representatives of the party in congress -
gross to brace up their spinal columns
ind ( iftitimu mi aggressive nlttlude. The
admonition to do this is especially ad
dressed to the majority with reference
o dealing with the faction which N ox-
icctcd to again obstruct the way to revenue -
onue reform , and is designed to apply
mrttculnrly to the louder of that fac-
lon. That the Bituntlon is full of dllll-
cully Is frankly admitted. At most the
lemocratlu mnjority in the house will
> o u narrow otic , and there Is considera
te new limber that will take s-omo limo
o huasoti , and which will not bo ot
nueh value until It is seasoned ,
t is apparent that great care must
jo taken In shaping matters , both bc-
ere organization and in completing
Hal work , so that existing dilferont'es
nay not bo aggravated to the detriment
if the party. The pioblem of how to do
his moil wisely is at this moment a
ourcc of distressing study to the demo
cratic mind. Shall the majority , with
Mr. Carlisle at its head , send the ob-
tructivo faction and its leader to the
ear , or will it bo bettor to continue to
ccognizo them and make another trial
> f the policy of placatlon' : '
It is a perplexing situation , pregnant
vith danger in whatever way it shall bo
rented , the question being as to which
vay is the more dangerous. The
nore courageous advisers insist that
he only proper thing for the Min
ority to do is to ignore those who are
iot in sympathy with its purposes. Says
in organ of this class : "What is needed
low at Washington is a lilllo Jackson-
an backbone. The policy of plaeation
ind of timidity has disastrously failed
wiee , and would fail twice
nero if it should be tried. "
I'lio country will soon have an op-
xirtunity to see to what extent this
sentiment or one of a less radical char-
u'tor prevails in democratic cir
cles at Washington , and meanwhile it
s noteworthy that the individual who
s the chief object of all this profound
ind exasperating attention io going
ibout the national capital up-
mronlly unmindful of the ngitti-
.ion that is tearing the breasts of
ils opponents , but undoubtedly
with his plans and policy fully settled.
And it is needless to say that when the
) ccasion demands he will not bo at all
timid or backward in promulgating
A nnllromt of TholiOwn. .
Notice has been served upon the
jreal trunk lines , which control No-
> raska railway truffle that the citizens
of Lincoln are about to build a railroad
jf their own to Chicago , in order to get
Missouri river rates from the east to the
capital city. This is a very creditable
exhibition of enterprise on the part of
, he business men of Lincoln. But it
shows lamentable ignorance of the in
evitable results of ruilroud rivalry.
They seem to overlook the fact that
competition for railroad tratlle is al
ways followed by combination. When
iho Burlington road hud the monopoly
of the Lincoln truffle competition was
stimulated by a liberal donation of
sends lethe Atchison & Nebraska and
.ho Midland railroads , but in
i very short time combination
defeated competition by the consolidu-
.ion of those roads with the Burling-
-on. Then the Union Pacific was given
i bonus to take its Republican Valley
n-uieh into Lincoln. But the Union
rticitlc and the Burlington agreed upon
i joint high tariff. Combination again
defeated competition. Then came the
proposals for aid to break this pool , and
Lincoln again bonded herself heavily to
the Missouri Pacific and the North
western railroads. When these com-
lioting lines were completed to Lincoln
then they vorjyiatuually had to come tc
an understanding as to rates. Instead
of ono road having a monopoly the
truffle is divided among four trunk
lines and as a consequence active com
petition , which would bo ruinous , h
again followed by combination. None
of them can nflord to grant
Lincoln special favors , flrst , bo-
cauao the divided trullio doe :
not warrant heavy reductions and
seeonrtnecuuso any concessions grantct
ut Lincoln would have to bo made tc
shippers at common points west of tin
Missouri. In other words while rival
lines afford bettor facilities for truffle
combinntiou always does away will
competition. It is u fundamental luwo
railroading which always will continue
and must bo recognized in dealing will
the railroad problem.
But Lincoln proposes to build a rail
road of her own , and that of course wil
not bo governed by the law of combina
lion or any other of the laws to whlcl
railwuysuro subject. Suppose that such i
railroad was completed to-dayhow loiif
could it maintain its independence
Where would its feeders bo if it wen
into a rate war with all the other roads
Suppose it could monopolize the ontin
business of Lincoln , would that supper
the road unless it had coimccd'iir/ / as
sured tratlle at Chicago and Lincoli
from other lines11 ! If such u road couh
bo maintained how long would it re
main in the hands of Lincoln capitaliats
\Vo remember years ago Omaha startei
to build a railroad of her own into south
west Nebraska , but by the time i
reached the Plntto river it was swal
lowed bodily by the Burlington ami
condn. Then Omaha started to bull
another road of her own to the north
west. She voted $200,000 in bonds t
this enterprise , but in duo time thu
"railroad of her own" was absorbed b ,
the Chicago & Northwestern. Ii
those days there was Htot
orally no rival line to th
north or southwest , and Omaha'
pioneer roads wore an absolute nccessitj
But with two competing lines to Chicago
cage that are not likely ever to consolidate
idato , and indirect lines lending to th
east , that projected "railroad of ho
own " would prove Itself ti very costl ;
enterprise , which in the end must sue
cumb to the inevitable force of comblr
Lop Thorn Off.
In the Interest of economy in the mat :
ugomont of city affairs the city counc
should , without delay , lop oil nil sine
cures ) id leeches , There is no us
whatever for a post house keeper , who
there Is no contagious disease , and the
so-called pest house is a worthless
empty shell. There Is no use of paying
8100 a month for a sidewalk inspector
who does not Inspect anything , nml has
nothing to do In the winter monthseven
if ho was disposed ( o oversee the build
ing and keeping up of good sidewalks.
There Is no use for any of the four mon
who are attached to the street commis
sioner's caravan. Until spring the street
commissioner can personally han
dle all the men under his
charge. There la no excuse for
paying enormous salaries for deputies
and as-jl-stants to the city clerk , and
pensioning the sons of councilmen just
to help them along. The city clerk
ought to bo able to perform till his du
ties with a seventy-live dollar clerk.
Tliero Is no reason why the city should
pay for three deputies to the city treas
urer when the charter provides for only
one. These and other leakages can and
should bo stopped. While wo have al
ways favored liberal salaries to city
otllcials and employes , wo do not believe
it justifiable to Keep men on the city
pay-roll who ura doing no service , or
doing work which others are paid to do.
Tun Austrian parliament has pro
mulgated an order thai education and
politics must bo divorced. This coun
try needs no such law that state of af
fairs exists1 to a great extent already.
A OOI.D mine of fabulous wealth has
been discovered near Washington.
This will fill a long fell want on the
part of our millionaire senators.
Other ImiidH Thun Ours.
There are promising indications that
the Salisbury ministry may go to pieces
on some other it-sue than ils Irish policy.
There are several English questions o (
more or less urgency upon which there
is a wide divergence of opinion among
the leaders of the factions that are sup
porting the government in its course to
ward Ireland , and upon which the mem
bers of the ministry are not a unit. Not
Iho least of those is the question of "fail
trade , " which has a strong , support
among the farmers , the working classes
and the tradespeople. Salisbury is be
lieved to favor the policy , and it is
known to have the approval of several
of the ministry , but it is uncompromis
ingly opposed by the liberal unionists ,
John Bright und others believ
ing that it means a re
turn to the old corn laws. Jt
would seem to bo inevitable that this
question must be brought forward vcrj
early in the session of parliament anil
the government be compelled to take si
position on it. The situation of trade in
Grrcat Britain is such that the demand
for some change out of which relief maybe
bo possible will not bo satisfied witli
theories , promises or references to the
traditional policy of the nation. The
elements which believe that the present
fiscal system is chiefly the cause of busi
ness depression are sufficiently strong
to make themselves felt and so much ir
earnest that they will not bo trillet
with. The sentiment favorable to "fail
trade , " which means a moderate formo
protection , has experienced u decidct
growth during the past year or twouni
it now proposes to bo fairly heard une
considered. If Salisbury favors the policj
and insists on a measure to carry it int <
effect it is hardly possible that the pres
enl ministry can remain unbroken , and'
ono foimed favorable to the policy wouli
very likely encounter defeat in parlla
mont. Other questions upon whicl
there is disagreement between Salis
bury and other leaders are an Englisl :
local government bill and a reform o
the house of lords , strenuously cham
pioned by Lord Randolph Churchill
and Welsh disestablishment , urged bj
Lord Hartington and his whig follow
crs. It will thus be seen that the Irisl
question is not the only ono that men
aces the continuance of tory power. Th (
policy of the government in Irelani
is maintained withtmrolaxed vl gor , ant
its promoters profess to be entirely
satisllcd with the results. Mean
while the patriotism of the Irisl
people is not permitted to wane , tin
leaders being all the time active ii
keeping alive the popular confidence in
ultimate victory.
* *
The Hituation in Franco is still one o
grave uncertainty , with almost any out
come possible. After several change ;
of purpose , President Grcvy finally sen
to the chambers yesterday afternoon hi :
resignation. This action of the vetorai
statesman , taken after the most cnrefu
deliberation , is doubtless in obedicnci
to a patriotic conviction that in Ihi
way ho could in the present tryinf
juncture best cbnserve the pence am
welfare of the country , but it is by m
means assured that such will bo tin
effect. The election of his sue
cessor promises to bo a tasl
hedged about by many ditllcullies ant
dangers. None of those prominent a
possible successors Ferry , DoFreycinot
Floquot , Clomcnccau , Brisson cat
count upon a majority in the chambers
and the factions opposed to them an
bitter and irreconcilable. Each wil
struggle for its favorite with intonsi
zeal , and unless a "dark horse" shall b
found who can draw support from th' '
several factions the crisis may assume :
more serious aspcel than it has yet pro
seated. The monarchists on the oni
hand and the radicals on the other nr
the elements most to bo feared , und th' '
aim of both is the overthrow of the re
public. Safety may lie in the inubilit ,
of these extremists to agree upoi
any practical plan of campaign , bu
they may bo depended upon t
employ every means at their commani
to increase the complications and ag
gruvato the difficulties of the situation
The Orlcunist princes are watching th
progress of events with hope and cage
desire. Their agents are doubtless n
work in Paris , and with them is th
sympathy of every monarch and &uppoi
tor of monarchy in Europe. The radi
culs would destroy the constitution un
til ollsh the presidency , setting up in
stead of the republic with its restric
lions and safeguards a socialistic gov
eminent in which every man would b
a law unto himself. Jt is to bo hopeC
however , that the great majority of th
people can bo promptly brought to
realization of the paramount duty the
now confronts them of innintaiii
ing the republican form. ' n
it is until the crisis Is passed , leaving t
the future the determination of what
changes may bo Ji6 ossary to obviate a
reeurronro of such polltlciil upheavals.
Under the Frenjch constitution the
president of thclM itiblio Is chosen by
the initlonul iisboni jly for bcven years-
und is rc-ollglblij. ' , In case of vacancy
by deiitli or otherwise , the assembly
proceeds to choose n now president , the
council of ministers exercising the ex
ecutive power in ( he interim. Under
nrliule hlx nnd the law of July , 1375 , ho
cnn be itnpcuchod by the deputies und
tried by the semite , und in the articles
prescribing his duties tiud dolln-
ing his powers' und responsibilities
the American constitution is closely fol
lowed. The cabinet system which gives
the minister a voice in the assembly
und the custom of cabinet resignations
on the defeat of government measures is
borrowed fiom England , as is also the
clause under which the president can
dissolve the chamber of deputies. The
nmteriul dilloreneo is that under the
French constitution this cannot be done
without the con&ont of the senate. The
presidential election must take place in
joint .session , and nn abboluto ma
jority of all votes is required to elect.
. *
* *
The destitution of the London poor
increases us the winter advances , and
for weeks thousands of homeless men ,
women and children have been sleeping
in the open air. It is ti puthotie : and
deplorable story the correspondents toll
of these forlorn outcasts becking
shelter wherever they cun find it in
every qunrtcr of London , ami one that
is a disgrace to English civih/ation.
Poverty exists everywhere , but there
tire few christiun cities where syste
matic nrrungemcnts are not made foi
providing lodgings for the unemployed.
In American cities iiccommodations can
always bo found in station-houses if no
where else. In London when a police
man espies a sleeping liguro e-owcriii" ,
in a doorway or prostrate on the oolel
pavement of a public square , ho passe >
by without offering aid or shel
ter. Of the thousands encumpeel
under the cheerless December faky ,
many are shiftless vagrants whose
extremity is duo to laziness
and vicious habits , but a very large
proportion belong to another class ,
They have been industrious , and arc
now without food and homeless owing
to lack of employment. Their demand
for work is not a fictitious oue--a plol
on the part of bchoming ugitators.
They would not lie down in the door
ways of shops nnd on the pavement of
Trafalgar Square , covcrcel only by tat
tered blankets and newspapers , if thoj
could find anywhere indoors a sheltered
spot or if they couig get work of nnj
kind lo do. Thole destitution is real'
Their mibory is abject. Their cry foi
help is heard morning and night , tint
London does notlrfrfg for their relief.
K * *
The difficulties between Guntemalr
and Mexico , which at one time promisee'
a grave ISMJO , arc in a * fair way to bt
adjusted. On tho.lSth of September t
convention was signed by the ilexicat
minister and the secretary of state o
Guatemulu , providing for the ncgotia
tion , at. the earliest day possible-of , i
treaty between the twocountrios , whicl
is to look to the establishment of i
mixed commission to try all cases arising
out of claims again&t either gov
eminent. The convention also call
for a modilicatiem of the tnrif
laws so that the r.iw materials o
cither country may bo imported fret
of duty into the other. Tli is ami
cable agreement was followed by :
formal apology on the part of Guatc
mala for the failure of justice in tin
case of the assaulted ulluclio of the Mcx
icun legation , and thus nil causes of 511
feeling woulel so cm to bo removed. I
is of interest to note in this conncctioi
that President Barillas , who pro
claimed the dictatorship on the 20th o
lust Juno , almost immediately sum
inoned a constituent assembly to rcvibt
the constitution and consult for the bcs
interests of Guatemulu. That bodi
opened its session on the 1st of Octo
her , when it listened to a long messnge
from President Bnrillus , justifying hi :
course and recounting the meusurei
adopted by him during the time of hii
absolute power.
The cnso of Prince Ferdinand prove :
that to bo everybody's enemy is some
times us fortunate as to bo everybody' ]
friend. When the prince made his au
dacious movement into Bulgaria with
out saying "by your letivo" to the greal
potentates of Europe , every ono faup
posed that his stay would bo short am
would end in ridicule and disgrace
But the balance of power of conflicting
jealousies has made his position u
strong as if ho hud ontcree
Sofia with the introduction of over ;
monarch in Europe and with the com
mission of an international congress
The secret of his strength lies in hi
popularity with the Bulgarians , win
wanted a sovereign of their own am
saw in the independent position of For
dinand an opportunity of having ono
Little Bulguria is" too important to al
sides in the continental contention ti
bo allowed to pass uiidor the control o
any of the great powers without soriou
opposition from the others. So Fordl
mind goes on safoli * Jin that middle jratl
that lies between contending extremes
9 %
Another mombo ty the Gorman 1m
poriul family , Princqi William , bon o
the crown prince aliu the next heir ti
the throne , is repotted to have an afllic
tion. His disease Jin that of constiin
abscesses In the hoflt'V , which break nm
discharge through ihe car. Ills righ
car is kept wuddodl'JKilh cotton to receive
coivo nnd absorb thirfdi&chargonnd thi
discolored pledget does not in uny ele
groo improve his appearance. Tin
disease ia steadily growing mon
serious , in fapito of all tha
the learned physicians of Gorman ;
can do to arrest it , and if ho sliouli
come to the imperial throne of German ;
in the next three months , on the tlcatl
of his grandfather und father , ho wil
not long occupy it. It is further btatoi
that his general health is delicate , am
he has the additional misfortune of i
left arm withered from birth. The nox
hair to him is his BOH , now four year
old. A long regency always u dilllcul
nnd dangerous condition in nn empiri
or , kingdom , Is one of the coutingenclc
that the Germans arc called upon to
contemplate ami no ono caji tell who
the regent ought to bo.
* *
The argument of n Russian ofllcci
that Houmnnia would gain more by cast
ing In her lot with Uussla than with
Austria in u war between those countries
deals with a question that Itoumunhi
has been obliged to seriously considei
of lute. Perhaps ! no country in Europe
is in a greater dilemma us to her future
course , since either the friendship en
the enmity of her great neighbor at the
north might bo fatal to her , while neu
trality , if possible in a war of Uussln
with Austria alone , would be dlfficull
should Bulgaria become Involved. It Is
said that M. Stumbuloll has been seek
ing to arrange a mooting between Kiiip
Charles , Prince Ferdinand and Kinp
Milan with a view to forming a littli
triple nlliancu between them on the
model of the greater ono established bj
the powers of Central Europe. But the
government at Biu'lmrest Is cautious
about pulling Itself in Iho same boa'
with Bulgaria.
* *
The death of M. KatkofTin Russia bids
fair to close the career of anything like
independent journalism in that country
The Moscow Gazette , of which M. Kat
koff was editor , was ono of Iho three
principal newspapers of Russia. The
other two wore the recognized organs o
the minister of the interior and
the minister of foreign uffuirs
while M. KutkolT , by his enorgj
and determination , kept his pupoi
practically free 'from udministrulive
control. The czar has , however , rec
ently appointed a committee , consisting
of Iho minister * of finance and the im
perial domains , together with two mem
bers of the council of the empire , in or
dcr to examine the question ef the sue
ces.-or to bo appointed to thu late editor
The composition of the committee am
the object of the inquiry augur ill foi
the future independence of the paper.
NchrnNka ilottltiK * .
Huslings is on the beet root to pros
Lincoln promises in lime lo bocomt
the Waterbury of the west.
The court rules ami the government o
Lincoln still lives in jail.
The Lincoln councilmen are stuck 01
Omaha hospitality , and threaten to settle
tlo in the metropolis permanently.
A local reporter , filled with jail ba :
enthusiasm , remarked that the con
demned of Lincoln were the salt of tin
earth because they were always dry.
The changes in the B. & M. train
next week will give Schuyler pcoph
first class facilities for reaching Omaha
starting at G a. in. and returning at 1
p. m.
The Sqhuylor fleluld reports that tin
"Overland Flyer" is a goose with clippci
wings. It arrives there in a majority o
instances from ono to three hours late
und if any more changes are'miido i
will rcuch town next day.
Dodge county's shoritf , with a loud o
sour mash aboard , attempted to brusl
the beak of Johnny Boyle in a saloon
Johnny proved to be a first class ham
painter and diel the sheriff a tasly job
The official is drying up in jail.
The city of Holdrege is just brcaklnj
the shell of her infancy , nnd threaten :
to unfold a tale of future greatness tha
will shock the liveliest imagination
Four railroads arc yolked to her des
liny , und figuratively determined t
plant her second on the list of slat
The Schuyler Herald notes tha
"Armour bus his immense pnckiiif
house at South Omaha in ruuniiij
order. The numerous packing eslab
lislnncnts ut that place makes il ono o
Iho very best live markets in the went
orn alales. A good murkol so close a
homo . is worth hundreds of thousand
of dollars to the slock raisers of thi
state. "
BobEdmunson , of Harvard , tumblci
out of his wagon and died Tuesday
III life ho was ovorwholmei
with liquor and poverty am
died in the arms of both. An olt
settler of Ony county , once well-to-elo
his appetite run to rum in till grade
and colors , and every energy and della
wore squeezed to satisfy it. Having
ccured all his moans , the saloon moi
purchased a lot und planted the last o
their old patron.
Iowa Items.
Stic City has organized an improve
incut association.
Corn In Washington county average
fifty bushels to the acre.
Iowa City has a young men's busines
club to pound life into the mossbacks.
, Major Whittle , of Chicago , is whit
tling the hosts of darkness in Kookuls
Sioux City bus orgnnized a modes
little "trust" with $25,000 to loun ut 1
per cent.
Low grade coal for munufucturin )
purposes is landed in Burlington for C
cents a ton.
Three traveling mon nt DCS Maine
were fined for gambling and drinking
beer in a private room at a hotel in thu
city Monday.
A ; "baby convention" is the lates
social freak of Dubuque upportendom
The display of cherubs ia limited , bu
of linen and lace there are miles.
The notorious Pierce , Potts and otho
prohibition spies and constables in Do
Moines are now before the grand jur '
on the charge of accepting bribes t'
overlook the methods of certain whisk
men and raid others.
DCS Moines hotel keepers report bus !
ness exceedingly dull and Iho prospec
gloomy. A leading manager says "tha
prohibition nnd the inter-state law havi
Knocked the life out of Iowa hotels am
reduced most of thorn to a point whcr
they are constantly losing money. "
DeSmel has a now hotel.
The land olllco at Aberdeen took ii
81,059 lust week.
Huron goes into winter quarters will
a population of Ht.OOO and a 350,000 hotel
Three railroads are surveyed to Dead
wood and asking for right of wu1
through the gulch.
A new and inexpensive mode of treat
ing tin ore in the mountains near Cus
tor City has been found , and u compnn ,
has b.een formed to work it.
The ahlorninnio proportions ot th
duels of Aberdeen tire modeled after i
mammoth pumpkin on exhibition there
Its waistband measures five feet.
G. W. Lewis , a brnkeman on the Fremont
mont , Elkhorn & Missouri Valley road
fell from an engine at Rapid City Mon
day evening and broke Ills leg.
Cuss county has $30,000 illegally col
Icctcd taxes from the railroads that mua
bo returned this year. She ul&o lose
820,000 saloon licenses. The extra la ;
levy is only $12MH ( ) , which leaves a do
licit of $ M,000 for the current year :
There are 0.500 children attcudini
' . ' ' * ' ' -
the public se-hools of the state , nn in
crease of 2,500 over last year ,
A Pittuburg syndicate proposes to bore
for natural gas in Denver. Surface in
dications are uncommonly strong.
The contract tobttild the state capital in
Denver bus been practically abandoned
by Contractor Richardson'an imported
Iloosler. He has boon paid $ ! M ) , ( > 00 for
work done. The contract price is ono
oven dollar lens than a million.
Charles T. Snyder , a Denver real
estate man , added religion to his busi-
ncss.methoels , and is now hopelessly In-
ano. Ho bolluvesthat the devil wont
out of him when he was converted , and
bankruptcy , financial and mental ,
promptly followed.
A now coal field is reported on the
Cheyenne line of the Burlington road ,
fifty miles from Sterling. The find in
said to bo fifty miles square. There
seems to bo two veins , ono fifteen feet
below the surface two and a half feet
thick ; the other \ $ thirty-throe feet
down and three feet in thickness. The
coal is said to bo of excellent quality
nnd burns us well us Rook Springs 01
Canon City coal.
There are . " 10 licensed saloons in
Denver. They are divided inio throe
grades. Ten rank ilrst grade nnd pay
$ MM ) a year , opotr day and night ; thirty-
five in the second grade. $500 a year ,
and open from 6 a. m. till U a. in. ; lil5 ( in
the third , .WOO , und open from 5 a. m.
till midnight. The total revenue from
this source is $103,000 a year. Their
average dully business is estimated at
Sl.'l.lUO or $ ,781r)00 , per annum.
Murriiigc ofMlnH Sophie Cooku to Mr.
A W. Kins-iimn.
The innrriiipo ceremony of Miss Soplilo
Coolto to Mr. A. W. Klnsmun.wassok'innlrcel
at the residence of thu biido's mother lit No.
1'JT South Twcnty-llfth avenue , at
fi:30 : o'clock. The guests wore received by
Mrs. Dr. Purler , Mrs. .1. C. Whlnnery , Mrs.
Clinvles Coleman mid Miss Kittle Kuhii.
Prof. Dwoiv.ak fnrni.slieil the music * . The
coioniony was parfoinicd by Dunn Giirdnor ,
of Trinity The bridu wore a ihess
of white corded sill ; en train , pearls anil
flowers , mill was -ivon away by Dr. Kuhn.
Messrs. Norman Kulni and It. F. Simpson
acted as ushe-is. The was Ilrst es
corted to his place by the ushers , who returned -
turned ami met the brulnl party nt the fool
of the stairs , with Mr. .1. Douglas , host man ,
nnd Miss Coolie , who led the
way to the front parlor , doscl.\
followed by Mr. Kinsman , Mrs. Coolto uni !
Dr. Kuhn , who eseortuil the bride. The ror
cinony was very Impressive , nntl was wit
nessed by n host of intimate friends. Aftei
hearty congratulations ) , the bridal nm ty nml
friends repaired to the dlnlnff room , when
an elaborate collation was served. The briile
was the recipient of a larfro number of valu
able presents , as tokens of the high cstceii
In whteh Miss Cooke is held by her miuij
Mr. and Mrs. Kinsman left on the Stfil
train for a southern trip , nnd will malc <
Omaha their home when they return In thi
pi ing. Mr. Kiiism.m is connected with tin
Bancroft's law publishing house of Sai
Francisco. lie is a young man of sterling
business qiullticsnnd n K\vt\l \ fnvifrito nmonj
those who have had the pleasure of his ae
inmintancc In this rlty.
There was present from Phllatlclptih
James Kinsuinii , nnd from Lincoln , Neb.
John E. Douglas , both relatives of the groom :
nlso Dr. nml Mrs. 10. Stone , Miss HtittcHiehl ,
Mr. uml Mrs. Ailolph Meyer , Airs. A. Fuller ,
Miss Emily Fuller , Mr. nnd Mrs. John Howard -
ard , Mr. nnd Mrs. J. Fuller , Mr. and Mrs. A ,
P. Wood , Miss Wood , Mr. nntl Mrs. F. Col
pother , Miss F. Metcnlf , Mrs. Duttons , Mr ,
nnd Mrs. Lewis Mcndullsoliu , Dr. and Mis ,
A. Parker , Mr. uml Mrs. E. .lamieson , Mr ,
and Mrs. F. Troxcll. Mr. mid Mrs. J. Wnke
Held , Mr. und Mrs. J. Vnn Nostraml , Dr. ami
Mrs. Kuhn , Miss Kittio Kuhn , Mr. Normni
A. Kuhn , Miss Maggie Boulter , Miss Georgit
Boulter , Mr. nnd Mis. Wool
worth , Miss Minnie Woolwortli , Mrs
Clarkson. Mr. uml Mrs. F. Davis , Mr. am
Mrs. G. Poor , Mrs. Chninbcrhiin , Mr. nm
Mrs. Gaylord , Bishop Wortliingtou , Mis :
Worthiugton , Mrs. Collins , Dr. uml Mrn
Dohorty. Mrs. Windsor , Colonel nnd Mrs
Dickey , Miss Belle Dickey , Mr. H. Jordnn
Mr. nnd Mrs. T. Creigh.Mr. and C. Colcmnn
Mrs. Nicholas , Mrs. Wituiorc , Mr. anil Mrs
Clayton , Mr. nnd Mrs. N. Shelton , Mr. am
Mrs. Nixon , Mrs. Meredith , Dr. and Mrs
Dcnlsc , Dean nnd Mis. Gardner , Mrs. Ham
moml , Mr. and Mrs. Philo Corning , Dr. am
Mrs. Oscar Hoffman , Mr. and Airs. AVhity
horn , Air. nnd Airs. J. Dcntly , Air. nnd Mrs
Comnns , Dr. nnd Mrs. Whinnery , Dr. Kwiui
Brown , Mrs. C. Martin , Alr.T. IJ. WiMo.Mr
V. L. McCoy , Mr. C. Loouiis , Air. G. O. Orr
Mr. D. M. Juy.
The Lincoln .1ml Birds.
The impi Isoned city fathers from Lincoh
are still in the best of spirits. The ma
jority of them went down town yestonlnj
for it-creation nnd returned shortly befon
noon. Several letters accompanied by gift'
of "wet goods" were received nnd Air. Wai
Alnson , the Lincoln Journal correspondent
gave each alderinnn a sitting nnd the po
traits produced by him grace the wull. Each
one is represented as being t-lnd in Rtripci
garments with a ponderous iron ball nttaeliet
to his uuklo by mo.uis of ti massive chain. A1
yet they have heard nothing from Washing
ton , but live in hopes tlint their attorney wil
secure their release In time for them to at
tcuel divine services nt homo next Sunday
Among the visitors this morning wcro thi
following- . H. Alillcr , Lincoln ; 1) . P
Newcomer , Hhio Hill ; A. II. Ball , Lincoln
A. H. Uowcn und J. Laird , of Hastings
Charles Price , of Hlghmoro , Dak. , und nninj
prominent eltueiis of Omaha.
In the afternoon the prisoners were in
formed through the medium of the Iiii : ; o
the grunting of nJicarlng ot tlu-lr by tin
United States supreme court , on the lath in
stunt. Hut the announcement was lutuivee
With but little unusunl demonstration.
Our oiliest child , now six years of age , whei
an Infant al-c months old was uttat-keil with !
virulent , malignant skin dbe.isi * . All ordinal )
lenu-ilhM falling , wo called our family physician
who attempted to uno it ; tout II spread with al
mint Incredible rapidity , until tlm lowerportloi
of the UUlii lolltm spenon , irom the middle ol
his back ( low n to his knees , was ono solid rash
ngly , painful , blotched , und malicious. We hail
no lest at night , no peuco by day , 1'lnally , wt
werendvlsid to try the CITTICDII i UKMFIIIIS
The effect was simply mimellons. In thiot ot
fourwtoksa tomnletp euro was \M ought , leav
ing the llttlo lellow'H psrton as white uml
luuUhy an though hu had never been attacked ,
In my opinion you valuable loineilles HI veil
Ills llfo anil to day ho Is a Ktiong , healthy child ,
pel lectly well , no lepelltUmof tliu dlae.iso h.iv-
ing ever occurud.
oio ; „ i
Att'y at Law nml IX-l'ros. Alt' ) ' , Ashlanil , O.
llcferente : J. G. Welst , Ihugclst , Ashlaml , O.
Are born Into the world every tiny with pome
ecztinatoiu ulTectlon , Hiith n milk crust , bcall
head , scurf , or dandruff , smo to develop Into an
Huonlzlng eczema , the itching , limning and ills-
llKUiatlon of Hhiili makit llteapioluiu'ed toi-
turo unless properly tivated.
A warm bitth with CiiilOl'uA SOAP , nn iixiinls-
ite Skin lleanllller. nml a single nppllialioii of
Cimuuiu. thu ( Heat SWu ( 'me. with ii llttlo
CUTICUIIA III SOI.VI.NT. : the Now Wood i'liill t-r ,
nro often Milllili-iit to aiitfst the piOKioib ot tlm
illseabe , and point to a speedy aud permanent
C"l1e'ncfl , no mother who loves her children.
who takes pi Ide. In thulr beaulj ; . purity iiiid
health , nml In bestowing upon them u clilltl M
greatest Inlioillitnce.-a skin without a bloiiiU i.
mid a body unurlslittl toy pure blood.-Biioilld
fall to nuku trUl of the L'UIH.UII.V HKSIMUKH.
Hold every wlieio. Trice. CliTiCTiiA. KOo. ; Ko U- .
2'.c ; KI.SOI.VKM. * l IVi-jMiPtl toy tlm 1'
Jjiii'ti AM > niiuii-Ai. : CD , llosum. .Mass.
t < r.send fur "How to C'lllo hkln Diseases , " Gl
pages , W Illustiatlons , and JO ) testlmoulals. _
f klnand Hcalp pit'seivtid and beantl-
tied by Uinium v M
Aching Sides and IlacV , II'p ' , Kidney
olid I'lerlnu I'alns , llhqumallc , Kdatlc ,
Neunilulc , Fliuip Knd bhootllig I'aliiH ,
, . . .JUhl.lKll'llltiOMi MIMHK by thU ( JHTI-
CBIMMir. . .u 1'i.ii.i-Kii. The ilrst aud only
it ; plaster. 19 ceuts.
11 * General Olntci-fiinco til Oinalut
It * Orlulu Purely Aiuct-loan What |
Omulin People Unit to Ilo I |
Tliatiknil Tor , I
ThmiK < glvlnp ilny lint come and gone , lu IflM.
on the IMth day of December , thu Pilgrim
1'athers landetl hi Ainerlea , and Immediately
-el iHlile n d.iy to too obseneil In geneial
Tlmnk gl.liig anil fnstinir. Thnnki'glvlng tlnv
has since become n general holiday In the United
tttutiM , It toeing nppolnletl lint by the jirc liU < ut
tov prorl.imntlou after which Hie go\ernors of
the soveinl stnte also Nsno their prurJamntUin
to their own eonstltnenev. The people of Nc-
liiaska had plenty to bo thankful for ; the crops
during the j ear have been plenty unit fruitful ;
llo epidemic has ileMistulcd the Mates nnd no
j-eiIons accidents lu\o marred thotecord of the
je\r. Among the many people of tlmnlmnono
had moro cause to lie thankful nn day than
the family of Ml. Wlgg-t. residing at the corner
of Twenty-eighth nml llnrdetto HtreeM. ljut
.Inly Illanchc , n little ll\e-year-old clnuglitur of
Mr. Wlggs , was tiikiu sltk with xcnrlet fever.
Mie rcroM'icil fitim the disease , tout In u few
days afUer nn nlscess formetl on her neck under
tlm light ear , n t lironlc abscess that was contin
ual ! vitl i hat glng pus. ChiolilcnlHcessnlipenrs
under Mirloustlesfgti.itloiis , such UH cold , .scro
fulous or tnbeii'Ulou.s abscess. It Is one that Ji
Mlo\v In Its progress. Jlr. Wlggx , in talking to
the reporter about the case , suld ; "Tho ube-ess
In this ease was the icsnlt of the scarlet fever ,
clnonlcnbcessoften following such lowfouns
of disease. 'Iho dlsfhaige was the mo t piofuso
nt night , often Hntutatlng the toindiiges wo
would put on It. Wodoctoied for it fiom .Inly
until Hcptemtoor , nnd It was continually grow
ing woise , nnd we became seriously nlumiod. I
then noticed the advertisements of li ) . McCoy
and Henry , and told my wife she hud better
take Ilium ho nnd go see them. She tlld nnd In
one month they had her well , as jou see theie Is
nothing left of It tout a Might HI ar that w 111 soon
toe none also. " Mr. Wlggs tailed ton bright and
pretty llttlo glil who was playing with her llttlo
In-other and showed the lepoiter that her >
w ay t s well as eer it w as ,
Mr Wlues re-ldoi nt the corner of Twenty-
eighth and llurdctto stieels. and will loiiobor-
ate the nbo\e to any one doubting It.
owlriws dfctitanli nml clntmlc throat nml luno
fiimlitcii , dinn / time cases J' ) ) r cent had betn
tlcclaitd and uunuiincn ! inciuablt. "
' 1 ho Symptoms AlteiieliiiK that Dlsenso
AVhiuh Ijputlx to CoiiHiiniptiun.
Whim calnnh 1ms oxlstfd In the honil ami tha
njiji'-r iHittof the tluont lor uny length of time
tlic imllt-nt living In u dNttlctln > in thu pco-
pli1 aic subject to ratairlml utrectloii - uml tlio
illsi'iiw has lit-on left nnnireil , the catarrh In.
vnrllily , hnmutinu * * lo\\ly , extends tlo\ni the
wliiilpipti nuil Into thu bronchial tulio * , uhlch
lungi. Th tiibeH 1 ormu nirciU-il fiom thu swellIng -
Ing nml the mucous iirlslnK fiom cntnrrli , nml ,
lu KOino liihtuncf s , becomes iilnxgcil up so tlmt
the air cannot gel In as freely ns it should.
Slicu-tnesH of breath follow s. nml the patient
breathes with Inl or ami illlllcnlty.
In cither case there Is a Houml of craoXHtifr
amiheezliiK insult * the chest. At this singe ot
the tlhca'-e the liieatlilngls u unlly moro nijilil
than when In health. The patJcnt has nl.M ) not
Hushes nver thu body.
ThupiiluMlikli mrimipanlos tills condition Is
of atlnll character , felt lathe tluat. behind the
bieast iMJiiuiir undeillm Hhnnlder bUilt * . Tint
iii'ln may eoniu and go- lust n fe.\ * . tl.iys and then
ho absent fur su\eral others. 'I he eonRli that
occurs iu the llr-l stngct of hitmthlal ruturrli in
dry , umios on ut InteivaK hacking in clmiactcr ,
and Is usually most troublesome In the morning
on arising , or going to bed at night , ami It may
be In the Ilrst evidence of the disease cxtomllng
Into the lungs.
Sometimes there are fits of roughing induced
toy the tough mucus M > violent us to i-anio rinu *
lung. Later on the niiicns that is lalsetl H
found to contain small p utlcles of vi'llow mat
ter , which luillrutoi that the mnall tubes lira
now allfUi'il. With this thcie tuo often Htre iks
of blood niKedwltli the mucus. InsomocnseH
thopHtlont bfomnesery pnlo , has fever , and
expectoiatoi Iitifoiu any tough appear.s.
In fomo cases .small IUII > > MM of cheesy aub-
fitnuci ! aio spit up , which , wlicn pressed between
tint llncers , emit a bad otlor. In other cases par
ticles of a haul , chalky nutnro aio spit up. The
nils-ingot cheesy or chalk ) lumps Indicates HOi -
i ImiH mischief atunk In the lungs- .
In Koran cases tutaiiU will extend Into the
lungs Ina fo - weeks ; In other caso-t It may bo
mouth * * , nml even innrx , befino the dlsna < ORt-
talks the Innus Milllclently to cause t-ei Ions In
tel fctciiue with Uin geneial health. When the
tllseaso lias developed to such a point the pa
tient is haltl to haxo lataiilml consumption.
With tatairh them H mine or lews
fever \\lilchdlllerH with the tllllVrent parts of
the day- slight in tlm moinlng , higher in the
af tviuoou iiml uonlng. .
What It Means , How It Acts , anil
\Vnt | It Is.
You Miecyov. lion you get up In the moinlng ,
youtry toBiieo/oyoiir nose elf t < \ cry I line you
itrn exposed to thti least dintt of air. Von Imvo
n. fullness over thu fiout of the forehead , ami
the nose ttiels as It lltero was a plug In e.icli nos-
till. which jon cannot ilModge. \ on blow your
nose until . Mini- eui.stiaek , but It don't doiiiiy
Kooil. and the only iisult Is yon biictoi-il lu
( ettlniiilpn veiy red nose , und .Mill HO lirltntit
tinllnlm , ' membiaiio of that oigun Hint yon am
unable to bi eathe tliumxh It at all. 'Ihls Is a
lonert and not oveulr.iwn pictnreof acute at
tack of catanh , or "sneezing C.itnrrh , " us Ills
"NOW. wlmt does this condition Indicate ? I'lrnt
n cold that causes mm us to p pouu-il out by
the glumlx In the nose ; then those diseased
glands ait * attacked by HW aims of little m-rins
the cutanli germ-that In the air inn lo-
nillty wheiethn illheaso Ispieviilent. Ilii-so an-
liimlcuhf. In their itlloits to llnd a lodgment.
Inlluti ) tlm HtinsltlMi meinbiaiiie lining of the
iio-n ami nntiirt * nndeilakes to iltl heiselt ot
thrill to ) plodllclllltll lit of Hliee/lllg.
When thf nose becomes tilled with Ihlckeneil
dlM-ased imicns the i h.iniith tor tlm la-
tro'lnclion of air Into tlm InngK Is liit ifered
with , and tlm PCI will MI ai | ] > ited miiHtbrettlm
thiounh Iho mouth , ini'l bmich means tin ) i hfd and tin. Mini lug H pro
duced , nml the talarihiil disease gains , icady
acteto ! iho tlaoiit and Inuijs.
Lullof ISrllnno Hospital , X. V. ,
Have Olllcea
Coruur Ifitti anil Hnrni-y Mreots ,
Oinnhii , Nulirnska.
Where nil ciirablij casoi nro ( rented with ( iiic.
less. MedliultllSe.isen treated hUlltnlly. Uin-
mnmillon , Ilright's DlM-asu , IM.t"U . > | , Hhmi.
inullMii. uml all NKiiMifh Initi.hs. ; AlltlU-
t asm peculiar to thobcxca n specialty. U ITAIIIIII
Co.-sHi'i.TATiov toy mall or at olllco , } 1 ,
( Jlllt'o llonrs iitu 11 a , in ; "tu4p.m ; itoup.
m. Huntlny included.
rorresnimdencu recel\es iiromnt fittentlon.
Mnii ) diseases- are treated Biitcessfiilly liy llrs.
.McCoy and Henry through thu mallx , mid It Is
tlm-i iio-islblt ) tor thosii unable to makti n jour
ney to obtain successful hospital treatment ut
their homes. , . . .
No letteis answered unless accompanied by
ll JettorH to Jrs. ) McCoy & Henry ,
Itoomi .110 and till Uufnuu Uullulutf , OiUkU *
Nebraska. - .
- . - : . . -
. ' . - i. . . - .