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[ -J8 , . jUJB OMAHA DAILY BEfc ; TUESDAY , NOVEMBER 20 , 1887' ' .
f1i f1
i Delivered by rnrrlcr In nny pnrt of tlio city nt
! " iv filly cents per week.
II. W TII.TO.S , . . . Manager.
r " Hijf > jNr.RsOpncK , No. 4.1 ,
No. SI.
N. Y. Plumbing Co.
Hcitor , tailor , Fall pood9 cheap.
Sec Chapman's pictures for Christinas.
Law eases continue to occupy the time
In the district court.
The trial of Arch C'ofTman is net for
thu 8th of next month.
The funeral of the son of Mr. nnd Mrs.
S. D. Benedict occurred yesterday.
Regular meeting of St. Alhany lodge
K. P. to-night. Work on the amplified
The funeral of Mrs. Conrad r.oisc will
take place this afternoon at - o'clock at
the house on Frank street.
All members of the Council IJlufTs Re
becca Degree lodge No. ! ! nro requested
to attend a social and practice the beau
tiful work at Odd Fellows hall Tuesday
evening. By order of N. G.
The grand jury is in session and the
gambling houses are not running. The
question is raised whether there is any
connection between these two facts ,
but none answer except by surmises.
The proprietors of the Beehtolo house
deny that the overcoat stealing , etc. , as
reported by one of the city papers , oc
curred there on Sunday or at any other
time. Some one evidently got mixed in
his places.
The Murray ft Murphy combination
played last night to a good house. Tlio
entertainment is on the original order
with a little of tlio old stagimns abdul it ,
It gave good satisfaction. The company
are working \\est and appear at Lincoln
< to-night.
L This evening the Fifth Regiment
band give their grand concert and ball
in the opera house. It is .already an as
sured buceoss. Judging by the number
oftickets sold everybody musi bo going.
The-concert will bo given from 8 until
0 o'clock. Most of tho' music on this
occasion will bo the composition of Prof.
Dally , of this city.
The contractors who have taken the
work of connecting the Pacific house
with the Broadway sewer began opora-
% tlons yesterday. On account of the
frozen condition of the street progress
* will be ncccbsarily slow , but for the
. , sake of the traveling public it should bo
accomplished as soon as possible.
| * J. W. Merrill , one of the best known
I of Council BlulTs newspaper men , has
severed his connection with the Omnlm
> ' Herald and allied himself with uho forces
- " * * of theWorld in thiscity. ' .lace' will never
, rust out , and ho wears well. Ho has a
largo circle of friends and acquaint
ances and he will gather daily his full
share of the manna.
D. L. Royor has recently purchased
thrco lots on Eleventh street. The loca
tion is sightly , overlooking the two
cities and the adjacent country as well.
Upon the west lot ho will immediately
begin the erection of a beautiful $ U,50t )
cottage. This ho will occupy as soon as
It is completed , which ho expects will
bo in March next. Then ho will build
residences upon the other lots.
Pcrmmnl Paragraphs.
f A. M. Poole , of Silver City , was at the
\ Kiel house yesterday.
A number of "Our Irish Visitors"
stopped at the Kiel house.
M. A. Farrollof Creston , la. , is spend
ing a few days in the city-
George K. Cole , of Pacific Junction ,
was in the BlulTs yesterday.
J. J. Bolm' Macedonia's insurance
rustler , was in the city yesterday.
J. W. Adams , of Sigournoy , took in
the sight of Council BlulTs yesterday.
John Webster , of Avoca , is hero vis
iting his sister , Mrs. Peter Clavc-
Mr. and Mrs. B. Zororly loft yester
day for Washington , L . C.where thcj
will remain several weeks.
Mrs. R. A. Greenfield , of Crestoil , is
visiting her brothers , C. C. and John E-
Yancoy , at the Bechtolo hotel.
The Murray and Murphy companj
were entertained at the Bcchtelo house ,
and Biel's hotel. A total of twenty-two
people are embraced in the company.
A. A. Richnrobon , of this city , was
8eon on Broadway shaking hands will :
his friend John Evans , who has just returned
turned from a two months' business trij
to Rock Springs , W. T.
Judge Carson is remaining at homo
for a low days , his household having
-been enlarged by the arrival of a son
who is just now receiving the special attention
tontion of the entire family.
At the Creston : J. M. Walker , of
f Loveland ; J. C. Walker , of Newmarket ,
Iowa ; 8. T. M. Tall , of Macedonia ; W.
H. Young , of Macedonia ; J. B. Matth
ews , of Taylor ; G. A. Stevens , of Living
John Martin is still suffering very
seriously from intermittent fever. His
'condition ' is not deemed critical , however -
over , and there seems every reason for
the belief that ho will soon bo restored
to health.
H. E. Barlow , representing the White
water. ( Wis. , ) Wagon company , visited
the Bluffs vcbtorday. The wonders of
our beautiful and growing city , were
fully described to him by his friend ,
Captain Mel. Fallott.
Tlio Gymnasium.
The full amount required for the cs-
I" toblishmont of this needed auxiliary to
'tfio work of the Y. M. C. A. has been
secured. Two hundred men subscribing
15 each form thogymnasiumabsoeiation.
The money has been paid in and the ap-
' parntus ordered. It is expected to arrive
rive- the latter part of the prcbont week.
, The orders were placed with Chicago
r nnd New York manufacturers , nnd will
Include the most modern things in use
Jin the largest and best equipped gym-
i aslumB of the country. The room
which has heretofore boon used as a
lecture room will bo devoted exclusively
to this apparatus. It is expected that
the room will bo ready for vibe by the
It 12th of December.
If .
A Reckless Drunken Man.
A. J. Klippongon , while in u reckless
state of Intoxication , last evening ,
started down Broadway on horseback at
a furious gait. Theodore Beckman , a
young lad who happened to bo crossing
the btrcot , was btruck by Kllppongen's
horse and seriously hurt. Klippengen
wits arrested and taken to the city jail.
0Tho full extent of young Bcckman's injuries -
" juries have not ascertained.
Mnro Dry Injunctions.
* Judge Loofborow yebtovday issued
permanent injunctions against three
Mindonitcs Doorsoher , Grunau and
Jensen restraining them from selling
intoxicating liquors. The cases against
those men among the earliest
started and Imva boon hanging in court
for nearly two years. It takes time te
clew the saloons. The mills grind slow ,
btit very fine.
A Bold Daylight Burglary in. the
Center of the City.
A Mistake In n Telegram Trn < 1n ton
Hull Kcslfjnnt Ion of .Secretary
Curtis or the V. M. O. A.
Tlio City Council.
| A Hold
Yesterday noon a bold bit of burglary
was accomplished at the ticket olllco of
the Chicago , Burlington & Quincy , cor
ner of Broadway and Pearl streets. Tlio
ticket agent , Captain O. M. Brown ,
shortly after 1'J o'clock left for dinner.
General Agent M. M. Marshall was in
the olllco at the time , talking with some
gentlemen on business , and Captain
Brown ! -et a chair against the side door
in such a way as to make it difllcult to
open without using some force. Ho
handed Mr. Marshall the key to the
front door , so that , when ho got ready
to leave he might lock up. About half
an hour later Mr. Marshall locked the
door and slopped across the street to
get shaved at the Pacific house. Ho
left his overcoat in the ticket ollleo
lie was not gone more than fifteen min
utes. On his return ho had discovered
that some thief had , forced open the side
door and taken the overcoat , which was
valued at $50. A case containing tickets
was overturned and somewhat disar
ranged. It is not known whether any
tickets were taken , and it will bo neces
sary to check all up before this can bo
abccrtained. Jt is supposed that FOIIIO
thief chanced to see the insecure way in
which the door was fastened and con
cluded to improve the opportunity. Mr.
Marshall's brief absence gave little time
for extended plundering. It is strange
that such a theft could be committed in
M prominent a place , and with the in
terior of the olllco in full view of many
passers-by , but these very peculiarities
of the situation would allay suspicion in
the minds of mo-it people , even if they
saw the man entering or coming out.
E. II. Sheafe loans money on chattel
security of every description. Private
consulting rooms. All business strictly
confidential. Ollice 500 Broadway , cor
ner Main street , up-stairs.
Insure with Wadsworth , Etnyro & Co.
A Costly Mistake.
Yesterday Judge Loofbourow listened
to arguments in the case of 'L , T. Lind-
scy against the Western Union Tele
graph company. The cause of the suit
was a mistake made in the transmission
of a telegram. Mr. Lindsey was on the
road looking after his wholesale cus
tomers , and he sent a message to have
his trunks of samples sent to Salida ,
Col. By some mistake of the operator
the telegram read , "Salt Lake" instead
and thither the trunks were. sent. Mr.
Lindsoy was greatly puz/qed at the non-
arrival of his samples , and while waiting -
ing for them lost much time at a season"
when time was especially valuable to
him. Ho was also at considerable cx-
pcnso while hunting up the missing
trunks. To cover this ho commenced
this suit. The telegraph company did
not deny the facts , but as a defense
claimed that the company was not re
sponsible. It fell back upon the printed
contract at the head of the blanks on
which messages are written , and which
binds the. sender to bear the responsi
bility of mistakes. If the sender wants
to hold the company for such mistakes
ho must have the message repeated
back and pay the extra charges. The
controversy is , therefore , one of law
rather than of facts. Judge Louf-
bourpw has taken the question under
Don't Freeze Up !
Wo are bound to close out our largo
line overcoatings. Will make them up
at greatly reduced figures.
This is the oportunity of a lifetime.
_ 310 Broadway.
Every one making a cash purchase o
25 cents at T. D. King & Co.'s cigar
btoro gets a chance in the annual prize
drawing. Twenty elegant prizes.
Resignation or Harry Curtis.
A change is about to take place in the
nuimigo'moiit of the work of the Y. M.
C. A. of this city which the readers of
the BUB , who have been associated with
that organization , will learn with regret.
Harry Curtis has tendered his resigna
tion as secretary of the association to
take effect on the 12th of December , ant
it has been accepted. This move has
been made , though reluctantly , tha'
Mr. Curtis might accept the position o
general secretary of the association a
St. Joseph , Aid. Mr. Curtis has boon
connected with the work in this city
nearly four years. During this time the
order has grown in numbers from twenty
to about three hundred and seventy am
in interest from the most indifferent tea
a body of workers whoso efforts for goo/
are known anl appreciated at homo am
abroad. Its active work Is known to the
people of the city and need not bo ro-
pcntcd hero. Much credit is duo Mr.
Curtis , for this suoecss is largely
the result of his infatigablo work
and his ability as an organizer.
Ho will probably bo succeeded
by Mr. C. W. Janes , of GrinnoH ,
la. , a man well qualified by education
and experience to fill the position. The
field to which Mr. Curtis goes is one of
the largest in the United States. It
ranks fifth In Its membership , build
ings and work. The people of the city
will unite in the heartiest wishes for the
success of Mr. Curtis in his now field of
labor , and at the same time oxfond to
his successor the same cordial bupport
which has marked their record during
the ptibt four years.
You Want Them.
Domestic patterns-and patterns for
stamping and embroidery. Latest styles
. "Domestic" office
and finest designs. ,
10-3 Main street.
Money to loan. Cooper & Judson.
Nipped In the IIml.
Again has the proverb , "The course
of tiuo ; love never runs smooth , " boon
proven beyond doubt. Mr. Wesley
Sunnier and Miss Emma Leo and Mr.
J. C. Higglng and Miss Etta Mnlloy , of
South Omaha , wcro the prospective
bridegrooms and brides in a matrimonial
menial event which was to hayo taken
place yesterday afternoon. Miss Lee is
a petite little woman just sweet sixteen ,
while Miss Mnlloy is about six months
her senior. All the parties have for
some time contemplated marriage , but
the consent of the respective guardians
of the young Indies could not bo ob
tained and an elopement was planned.
They left South Omt\lm \ about 11 o'clock
yt.stcrduy and came to this city. Their
surprise can be ' imagined when apolice-
I man arrested'them. They wcrft Induced
I to change their mlritts'ln an incredibly
short space of time and relurncd homo
to live in the stale of single blessedness
for a season.
J. W. and E. L. Squire- lend money. '
For an elegant birthday giftor Christ
mas present , a Domestic sowing machine
leads them all.
Tlio CliU-rn Accident.
Those , who saw Chief Mullen , of the
police force , tumble down on Broadway
might have thought he was drunk , if it
was not known that " . .Jerry" is a tee
totaler. Tlio fact is that the chief had
so merry a , lime at the policeman's an
nual ball , and danced so much , that his
numerous gildings aero-s the floor made
the soles of his shoes glossy. In pawing
along Broadway ho struck the combina
tion of an icy pavement and an old
banana skin , and when became down
ho struck with such force as to leave n
record on his check bone. Ho was
pretty badly shaken up , but is now able
to be on duty again. Such might have
been the cause of the reports circulated
that the chief was hurt in a wrestle
with Johnnie Barleycorn. MnvorGrovo-
wcg says that he has not heard any
such reports , and that ho does not be
lieve them , for ho had seen the chief
daily , and was certain Jerry was as tem
perate as ever.
Wadsworth , Etnyro &Co. loan in oney
One thousand head of one , two and
three-year-old steers for sale. Will give
credit to reliable parties. Enquire o
A. J. 'Grcemumiycr , 023 Myiibter st.
telephone 121.
Gone Tor the Furniture.
On Sunday evening last Postmaster
Bowman and Supervisors Trait and Un
derwood loft for Chicago. The object
of their visit is of interest to the readers
of the BKK. The new government , or
postollice building and the new court
house are rapidly approaching comple
tion. It is safe to say that the middle
of March will sec them both completed ,
supplied with the furniture and other
accessories and ready for occupancy.
Mr. Bowman ha * gone to select the fur
niture , etc. , for the postolllco and the
other gentlemen act as the county's
agents in selecting what is required to
furnish the court house. Under the in
structions given , the furnishings for
both buildings will be made to s-eeuro
the double purpose of stability and ele
gance. Council Bluffs may well feel
proud of these permanent additions to
here architecture and beauty.
For bargains in real estate go to John
ston & Van Patten , ! < . ' ) Main st.
SamplcH of Aft.
Allen & Boll , architects , have on ex
hibition at their studio water-color
drawings of the residences of J. J. Stead-
man and C. II. Moore , which arc to bo
creeled as soon as the weather will per
mit. Aside from the architectural deign -
ign of the residences , which is excel-
out , Mr. Allen has shown that he is an
rtist of no mean ability , for these pic-
ures are really models of their kind.
This firm are turning the more recent
"evclopincnts of photography to good
ccount in their business. By a process
vhich is original with them they got a
icrfect picture ( which they call a "blue
rint" ) of their plans and designs. These
resent perfectly all the detail which
brins the original. Judging from the
vork now upon their tables the year of
88.H will bo the greatest in the history
if Council Bluffs.
For best quality coal and wood , call
in Glcason , ( i Pearl street.
Common Council.
Common council mot last evening pur-
uant to adjournment. Present , Mayor
"Jronewcg , Aldermen Lacy , Metcalf ,
lammcr , Dan forth and Keller.
Bonds of H. E. Owens and John C.
Leo , each in the sum of $300 , were pre
sented and accepted.
Bids were opened and read for grading
Seventh street from Tenth aveuuo to
Fifteenth avenue , Tenth from Maine
o Sixth street , Sixth avenue from
Tenth avenue to Chicago , Burlington &
Quincy grounds , Seventh avenue from
Tenth to Twentieth street , North Sev
enth street from Washington avenue to
Avenue F. A clerical error appeared
in the advertisement for bids , and on
motion the bids wore all rejected and
the clerk was instructed to readvcrtiso
for bids. Bids are to be opened at noon
on Monday , December 5.
. On motion the fire committee were in
structed to sot.u price on one fire engine
mid nmko sale of same.
Adjourned until Monday evening December -
comber 5.
Costly Coal.
James Curry was tried before Jus
tice Biggs yesterday on the charge
of potty larceny. It was al
leged that on the 17th inst. ho
took coal from cars standing on the
tracks of the Rock Island road to the
amount of " 00 pounds. Ho pleaded
guilty to the charge and stated that at
the time his wife was very ill , and ho
could not leave the house long enough
to go to a coal office. The justice con
sidered this mitigating circumstance
and lot him off with a small line ( $0.50'
and a lecture.
Attention , Company A.
All members of Company A are re
quired to bo present at their armory to
night , at 7:45 : sharp , for business
meeting , and to prepare for the grand
ball given by Dalby band. By order
.First Lieutenant.
Mr. Berg , the teacher of Jenny Lind ,
is now eighty-six years old , and still a
professor of music in Sweden. Bespeaks
of his great pupil with enthusiasm.
Ringing Noises.
In the ears , sometimes a roaring , buz
zing sound , are caused by catarrh , that
exceedingly disagreeable and very com
mon , disacso. Loss of smell or hearing
also result from catarrh. Hood's Sar-
sapnrilln , the great blood purifier , is a
peculiarly successful remedy for this
disease , which it cures by purifying the
blood. If you suffer from catarrh , try
Hood's Sursaparllla , the peculiar medi
cine. _
DThe shipments of California fruits to
the cast by rail in October were over
twenty-four million jmunds twice as
much as in October , IbSO.
Sachet'Powders For Xmns.
Colgate's Cashmere Bouquet , Helio
trope and Violet are very useful for
making up holiday gilts.
Colonel Cody , "Buffalo Bill. " will
winter nt Manchester , Eng. Ho says
that ho is worth $800,000 , most of which
is in western real estate.
Storm calendar and weather fore
casts for 1888 , by Rev. Irl R. Hicks ,
with explanations of the "Great Jovian
Porion , " upon which our planet is now
caterings mailed to any address , on re
ceipt of a two cent jx > stngo stump. Wcito
plainly you name , postottlce and state.
The Dr. J. H. McLean Medicine Co. ,
St. Louis , Mo. .
Do Not Think WJi"X Moment
that catarrh will in timtweur out. The
theory is false. Mcn. ryto ! | believe it
because it would bo pleH tinf if true , but
it is not , as all know ; . ' Do not let an
acute attack of cold in tlio head remain
unsubdued. It is liablq tp develop into
catarrh. You can rltl yourself , of the
cold and avoid all ehanco of oatarrh by
using Dr. Sages catarrli'remedy. ' If al
ready alllicted rid yournolf of this trou
blesome disease speed lV Jjy the same
means. At all druggists.
Dr. William Everett' , iho chief of the
Massachusetts mugwumps knows Vir
gil's 'VEnoid" and nlf' ' the odes and
epodes of Horace by hijnrt.
Salvation Oil , the greatest cure on
earth for pain , has made a most brilli
ant , debut. Price , 25.
Philosophers say that affairs should
always bo conducted with a view to the
greatest good of the greatest number.
Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup docw the great
est good to the greatest number. 25
President Eliot , of Harvard , lately
homo from Europe , says that English is
spreading over the continent as the uni
versal language.
Use Itrown'H Drnnchlnl Troches for
couclis , colds nail nil oilier throat troubles ,
"Pre-omlnuntly the best. " lieu. Henry
H'iml llccdtcr.
"Adirondack" Murray threatens to
launch on the public a book of adven
tures , drawn from a trip through the
Canadian wilds.
Teeth that loosen through ill-health
Mny bo rendered inoro secure ,
Flaccid punis mid fetid brcnth
Soon grow healthy , sweet and pure.
SO7.ODONTbrings this about ,
As the world long since found out.
"Little children in need of shoes" ' are
to be objects of special attention on the
part of the New York S. P. C. C. this
season. *
\\c arc now prepared for the
Our immense buildings are packed full of
the most
In our line , nnd at prices that will defy com
petition.Ve KU.inuitco our goods to be Just
as wo represent them. Please give us a call
whether you wish to buy or not , nnd brinj ?
i'our friends with you. It is no trouble to
how our poods. Respectfully ,
SPECIAL advertisements , sucli ns Lost.l'ouiul ,
To I.oftti , Tor Snle , To Iloutynnts , Jloiuillnc ,
: tc. , 111 bo Inserted In tills column at the low
BtuotTEN < ; INTS : I > KU LINK for the m-st in-
eitlon uml I'lve C uts 1'cr , Line for each Mifoxo-
jiient Insertion. Leave advertisements 'at our
> IHco No. 121'earl Street , near Jjroadwny , Conn-
II lllullH , Iowa. , i
FOK HUNT-'Karms Tlio ] nnd h'eretofoi o
known as Tim 1'oley'H , near Mlnden , for the
PIIIOII of 1NW. in tructH of M ) . KiOoriJUOncic-M.
All choice lauds nnd well Improved. Horace
W . \NTKD Hv a vounK man , janitor work.
Address : ( J. D. Miller , Hevcrc hou e.
W A Ijoy with Rootl liorxe for carl lei1
route. Heo ollice , Council
TT1OU SALE A large hurd coal stove , be
.1 ? feeder , fhenp ; In Rood condition. Apply
, o Uceortlce , Counc'l UlllllH.
W ANT13U A llrfct-uluss horacsliocr. C.
ory , 1 ) Mulu nt. , Council Illutrn.
"TJlOll BALK OH EXClIANGK-Ucnilly of 1J4
Jt ; Miares in Jeffiitis syndicate. Imiulie of
Odcll liros. & Co.
WANTHD Allktnnsof Hewlnp machines to
repair. Work promptly anil minextl v done.
Charges reasonable. Domestic olllco 105 Main st
FQIt SALE Very cheap for cash , or would
exchange for Council HIiiirH or Oinulm prop
erty , a retal stock of boots and shoes valued at
about J4.00U. Call at store , No. M8 llroadway , or
address H. Martin , same number , Council
Hinds , In.
fTlOU KENT Houses in all parts of the city by
JO Johnston ic Van Patten , ! Main .st.
TflOH BALK A second hand Knabo square
JO plnno , nearly now ; cost WM , .sell for J.'OO.
Addre-s Q "A III , lleo ollice. Council Illntfs.
U UENT Houses and furnished room : ) . J.
It. Davidson KTi Fifth avonuo.
FOR BALK Second-hand Columbia blcyclo
very cheap , KMnch , at llco ollice.
hundred thousand dollars to loan on
ONE estate and chattels by F. J. Day , IW
1'carl st.
B UILDINd lots and aero property for s > ao by
K. J. Day. ! I'earl st.
"ClOlt HUNT A finely furnished front room ,
JO flrkt lloor , In private residence near court
house.Vnter In room , lighted and heated.
Large closet , lleferenoesrequlied. AtUlu-sall.
12 , lieu ollice. Council llluffa.
Carriage and Express Line.
Telephone No. in.
All calls from District Telegraph Office
promptly attended to.
The Theatrical Frofenion.
Merit will win and receire public recognition and
pralie. Kaoti , which are the outcome of general ex
perience , growing through yeari of critical and
practical test , become ai rooted and Immovubloai
the rock of Gibraltar la public opinion , and hence.
forth need no further guarantee si to their geau
laeneii. The ladliputttto fact that Swiff * Bpoctflo
to the belt blood purifier la thc'worfJ , Is onoof the * *
Immorablo Gibraltar rock facti 6f which we kaT
boken , and ervry Uaj'i experience root * thUeoa *
Vlctlon deeper and deeper In public opinion. Every
cUu of our people iu Amertcai and In Europa.
evcrr trade , calling nnd proCuMlpn. Including ( aa
medical profcwlon , hare Lome TOlunUry lull-
monr to thu remarkable TlrWM of 8. 8. a and
U * Infallible efficacy la curio * all dluatei of the
blood. TheM teillmonlaU are OB Wo by ( bo tbou-
anda , and opwi to tna IntptcUon of all. Now come ,
unsolicited , two dUUniuUhed number * or the theat
rical profession , who gratefully testify to the woader-
ful curative quallUef of tha Hpecmo in their Indi
vidual case * . Their testimonials are herewith sub
mitted to the public without further comment-let
them speak for themselves. The lady Is a member of
the famous Thalia Theatre Company , of Kow York ,
and formerly of the Residence Tfceafre , Berlin , O r-
many , and of HoVlcker's Stock Company , of Chicago.
The gentleman Is a well known member of the New
York Thalia Theatre Company. Both are well known
la theatrical circles In this country and In Europe.
Charlotte BanUow'a. Testimony. '
, w K V Ygax , slay t , 1S87.
Bwlft Specific Company , Atlanta , ( far. :
Gentlemen-Having been annoyed with pimples ,
eruptions and roughness of the skin , from bad con
dition of my blood , for more than a vear , I UMd a
leading preparation of sanaparUla and other adver
tised remedies to no effect. Then I consulted a prom
inent pbvslclan. and from his treatment reeelveil
no benefit. I Ibeaconcluded to try the H. S. a rem
edy for the blooV. and Ove or six packagea. by a
thorough eradication of my trouble and restoring
smoothness to my skin , have made me happy , and
I cheerfully give you this testimonial for such UM
a&d publicity ai you wbb to make of It.
IK Bowery , near Canal strati ,
llnga Ilniskcrl'e Testimony.
The Bwlf t specific Company , Atlanta. Os , t
Gentlemen For two yean I had a severe case of
xyms. I used tar soaps , sulphur spaps.andvarleea
ewer rsmedles , and was prncrlbed for by niimbes *
of physicians , but found no relief. At last I deter
mined to try tte B. B. S. remedy , and seven or eight
bottles have thoroughly relieved me , and you caa
aee this certtflcata In any manner you wish.
. Member ut Thalia Tneate *
* "ew " York , May 8,1887. .
TreatUe on Blood and Skin Diseases mailed free.
TMI Bvrirr Sractno Co. ,
Draww I. Atlanta. Otk
UINTflV RITRlfr ? Attonioy-at-Law , Second Floor Brown
rillLDl DUAIYU , Building , 115 Pearl Sti\o\ Council
Bluffs , Iowa.
NOplTTD7 | Justice of the Peace. Office over American.
, UVJUU1U. , Express , No. 419 Broadway , Council Bluffs ,
QTflNfl J& QIMQ Attorneys . at- Law , practice in the State
OlUHIl OL 011UO , .lua Federal Courts. Ofiice Rooms 7
and 8 , Shugart-Beno Block , Council Bluffs , Iowa.
, , i , Council Bluffs. Refers to any banker
business house in the city. Collections a specialty.
DRS. Oilice cor ner o
. WOODBURY & SONS , iS and First Avenue
No. 201 Main Street , Council BluffsIowa
Both Domestic and Foreign. .
DR. C. B. JUDD ,
COUNCIL BLUFFS , ; t ; ; : ; IOWA.
Ten Per Cent Profit
In a few years , even on a small investment. You can save
that amount by purchasing your Groceries of
No. 345 BROADWAY ,
Wo keep no book accounts , consctjucntly wo Imvo no bud debts which tlio
bulnneo of our trade bus to pay. This id the reason wo arc able tobcll bo cheap
Remember the place. Give us a call.
Until January 15 We Give
A Valuable Present.
With Every Purchase of
$10 and Upwards.
[ NO
Every One Gets a Prize.
Council Bluffs Carpet Co.
Sample Rooms Attached.
W. B. IRWIN , Prop.
COO Oroodway Council llliitts , Iowa. Established
Trotting - Stallions
WADE GARY , Council Bluffs.
Tlio Alcohol , Morphine will Opium hublt Ab
solutely Cured without Interfering- with the
twtlent'a Cully avocation. Correspond with or
call on , DR. F. P. BELLINGER.
014 Ilroadway , Couucll liluffa , la
AUtwrespcuUence confidential. .
Star Stables and Mule Yards
llroaduny , Council muffs , Opp. Dummy Depot.
Horscx anil mules constantly on hand , for
salt ) at retail or In car load lots.
Orders promptly filled by contract oushoit
Htock sold on commission.
Telephone Hi. HCHLUTLFl & IIOLKV.
Opposite Dummy Depot , Council lllutrs.
Main Street , Council Bluffs ,
Only Hotel in the City with Flro Es
cape. Electric Call Bolls.
Accommodations First Class , ,
Rates Always Reasonable ,
MAX MOHN , Proprietor.
Worth $2,000 to bo Olvon Awny by
Henry El&onmn & Co.'a Pooplo'o
Store , 314 , 310,318 and 32O
Broadway , Council BlulTs ,
With Kvcry Two Dollars Worth o
tJoodn Purchased You Will Itccclvu
n Coupon Ticket ( Jootl For One
Cliancc In tlio Following Grand
I'l-c'MontH to be Given Awny liv
us on Motulnj , January
Ultli , 1HMH.
Every * 2 purchase receives one ticket
and every additional * 2' the Mime ,
llold your tickets until the above inon-
Lioneu date , when the lucky numbers
will be announced and the holders in
vited to call for their presents.
Remember you will nave to pay noth
ing extra on your purchases. Wo
guarantee to sell you goods cheaper
Lhan you can buy at any other house in
the west , and give you the largest , finest
md best slock west of Chicago to select
All mail orders receive prompt atten
tion and tickets for tlio free gifts for
warded with the orders the same as if
you were here in person.
These distributions will bo made with
every fairness , and customers ma.v de
pend on the lucky numbers receiving
their reward.
No tickets will bo given to omploycs
of our house , customers only receiving
the benefit of the prizes.
LIST or iMiixts. :
No. of prize.
1 One elegant parlor sot consisting
of sofa , divan and 4 large easy chairs' ,
purchased from S. S. Keller of this city.
2 One elegant cherry bed room set ,
consisting of bedstead , dresser and (
wash stand. Have largo bovell French'
pinto mirrors. Purchased from C. A.
Beebo & Co. , city.
U One elegant silver tea set , consist- ,
inff of extra largo and very hcavvj
waiter , coffee pot , tea pot , sugar bowiT
creamer and SIKWII holder. Must bo
seen to bo fully appreciated. Bought
from C. B. Jacqucmin & Co. , city.
4 One very handsome water setcom-
prising pitcher stand goblets and wash
bowl of the very largest design. An
elegant piece of goods. Purchased from
Robinson Bros. , city.
5 Decorated China dinner sot of 130
pieces. Purchased from W. A. Maurcr ,
( i Elegant decorated China tea set of
50 pieces.
7 Very handsome blue satin water
sot , consisting of (1 ( tumblers , I pitcher
and one hammered brass tray.
8 One Venetian water sot. comprising1
fl tumblers. 1 pitcher and 1 elegant brass *
! ) Lustre amber water sot , compris
ing G tumblers , 1 pitcher and 1 elegant
brass tray.
10 One ruby water set. consisting of i
0 tumblers. 1 pitcher and 1 brass tray.
11 'JO yds best black Guinott silk tlijj ,
best silks made.
12 1 pair Japanese portiers.
] ! ? 1 gentleman's smoking jacket.
14 1 very elegant Paisley shawl.
15 1 set beaver fura.
10 1 gentleman's dress suit.
17 1 gent's fur beaver overcoat.
18 1 boy's or youth's suit.
10 1 boy's or youth's overcoat.
20 1 pa'ir sealskin gloves.
21 1 pair California white blankets.
22 1 combination nobility dress pat
tern , worth $50.
2l ! 1 Misses cloak.
24 1 piece Loncsdalc muslin.
25 1 pair men's boots or shoes.
20 1 C. P. corset any size.
27 1 pair Misses shoes.
28 1 Dr. Warner's corset.
2 ! ) 1 very line Marsaillcs bed sprca < V
IM ) 1 elegant album.
Ill 1 toboggan cap.
Ii2 1 infant's cloak.
; t.5 1 sashinore dress.
34 1 set furs.
H5 1 line large doll.
. ' { li 1 autograph album.
Ii7 1 dozen ladies' line wool fast black
: t8 i do/.cn Misses line wool fast black
110 1 gingham dross pattern.
40 1 dozen gentslinen handkerchiefs.
41 1 dozen ladicslincn handkerchiHl
42 0 linen table cloths.
4Ii 1 dozen linen napkins.
44 1 dozen line linen towels.
45 1 fancy stand cover.
4i ( 1 table cover.
47 1 Marsaillcs quilt.
48 1 line large doll.
41 ! 1 largo album.
50 1 toboggan cap.
51 1 child's hood.
52 1 piece "fruit oMoom" muslin.
5tt 1 fancy stand cover.
54 1 p.iir elegant Japanese iwlio'-s ,
55 1 album. < *
50 1 Inrtfo doll.
57 1 autograph album.
58 1 beat skin hand bag.
5 ! ) 1 toilet sot.
( iO 1 Long pocket book.
01 1 line silk niullier.
02 1 shopping bag.
( j ; { i elegant lace handkerchief.
04 1 largo bottle line pcrfumo ,
05 1 pair kid gloves.
0 ( ! 1 pair silk suspenders.
07 1 pair ladies' ear rings.
(18 ( 1 pair ladies' cuff buttons.
< > ( ) 1 line lace pin.
70 1 Madam Warner's corset.
71 1 fine hand bag.
72 1 largo album.
7U 1 largo wax doll.
74 1 gents' scarf ,
75 1 line silk mufller.
70 1 pair ladies fine shoes
77 1 autograph album.
78 1 pair silk mils.
70 1 gent's fur cap.
80 1 gents' silk smoking Jacke
81 1 gents' hat.
82 1 pair men's arctic overshoes.
8U 1 pair ladies' overshoes.
81 1 line album.
85 1 hammered ImiM umbrella stand-
8t ( l pair fine silk suspenders.
K7 1 largo doll.
88 1 largo shopping bag.
80 1 silk umbrella.
00 1 line lace handkerchief.
Of 1 elegant evening shawl.
1)2 ) 1 gent's traveling bag.
Oil 1 toboggan cap.
1)1 ) 1 child's hood.
05 1 pair kid gloves.
! )0 ) 1 ladles' line jcrpey.
07 1 elegant lace handkerchief.
IS ) 1 silk mufller.
00 1 per ladies' fine shoes.
100 1 set ladies' furs.
Total value of the above 100 presents ,
two thousand dollars.
See them exhibited in our store.
TJio drawing will bo conducted under
the management of a committee of six
citizens , and the utmost fairness will bo
had so the presents Will go to the per
sons who holdhtho lucky numbers.
Now is the time for everybody to take
advantage of this great gift offering.
Buy your goods nt the People's Btom.
save money thereby and got a present
in the bargain , Henry EUemnn & Co.
People's btoro , 314. i10 ! , ! 118 und 32
Broadway * Council Bluffs , la.