Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, November 28, 1887, Page 8, Image 8

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liny t' ' W , Hiivltli/o Aimwoiu Thin
UIIOI | | 1,11110
'Hi" Miillllloii nl' ' HIM Vi'ti'il ' ' I'Miltli'in '
in ( In 'Mili'il ' My ( In ) < ' < MIIII |
OlHIIIll/lllllHI tll'lllC < Illll-
II ) Illlll'll ! ! ,
I'm1 ( 'Inn ' lly ,
"ll'.IVl" ' | ' l'tMHMWim III ! ) Mllljl'l'l
liihi'H ' liy Id ( ' W MilVHlpu fur lili liiornliiK
ili n.'ii ' ' > nlny ill HIM Mi'Wntil Hlii'ft Al.
I ) i lint li 'I ' In1 It'Jil IVMN Inlii'ii ' finiii , MnH <
) V | I'liC Vl > llllVK Hid | ilinr Wllll JIMI
liHvnv nhil wlii'liMii'Vi'i' \ > will Jc inii.V ilo
III ! III | < i . ' 'I hi' tiii'MI' | ' > H of him" to liclji
Kin ( rfii-r 11 i < | | ( > nl Hilt Hun1 , xulil the
Ci | 'iilii r ' ( In1 rnlil liliiiilM uf winter mo nl-
H'llllS Hll'MIIIlK IIHMlfHl till ) ImVl'N ( if lllO
INM.I' HIM ! ( In iliidi n tif Hiiwii wlin ale llvlnif in
llllll'lllt ' HH > iHfl'll/t'll ' ' ll.V HlMI , tt'OIW'll 1111(1 (
rlillilM'ii iitltinu nlint , A"ulm I Imvoiinothur
iniMiii for lirlniilti Ililt * tiliiTt ] hoforo .von
loiliiv II It liflHK HinliKliL H | ni mill tiilltril
of til HIII ini'Ni'iil ' ' Hum li.v very iiuiny
In Hilt i ll.V I.HW.NWI mill luminous men
mill lnrMi > liriulril , | ihilmilliHi | > l < < women mo
In INK iMiMillitl on tliln unhurt wo luivu
liidMi Hilt iniiiiilntr. Thin It u very proper
plnrii lit lining Hilt iini'Mlon , Tolii'lp ' to colvo
lint iiiiitili'in linn In MI u pi'nl of Hiuoilc of
.li'tttt ' Not only It tlin utility t > enl to bo Inl
In HIM Hi'ilrciiicr ' , linl It In out' lulu-don to do
l/ooil to nil , tit fur at wo run. AM Methodists
wo ntixlit lo live Up to tlii < rnlo of our church
\vlili IMIIJK , "It It cxp'Ttcil of all who con-
HlllH1 III tlll'tl ) Nll'll'tll't ' Illllt llll'i' Hllllll I'Oll'
I HUH' ' In I'Vlih'iiri' ' tliclr ( li'tlrn tif iiiH'iitlon by
lining uooil , li.v liHiiK In I'Vcr.y kind nicn'lful
nllcr llii'ir ' , IIH they Imvu opportunity
iloliiooil | ( of every ponlhhi xort. inn ) IIH fur
lit | Kit ililii to nil mm ; tn lliclr lioillen of the
nhiKly'whlrli lloil wlvctli , by jflvliij , ' lood to
Hiu liiiiiwr.v , hy cliitliliif ; tin ; tniUcil. by vlilt-
liiKor lH < lifiif | | llii'in thai nro tlrk or In prison ;
to Ilii'll' holilrt b.v HiMrwIliiK , toprovintf or i'X-
IIOIIIIIK nil MO hiivo liny Intercourse with ,
InitiipliMtf muter fool Unit eiitbiiMlimtlciloe-
Inno , that 'We mo not to do KOOI ! unless ( Uir
llemlHlie fieoto It' . "
ili'MW fiturleil thlt movement for the pooru
Kooil wlilln nun , ninl hit true illsclples nre
WIlllllllK III lilt footMrpt. SI .linnes NI.YS- ;
"I'liro lellnlnn mill unilellleil hoforo Cod unit
Hie l''iilliiT IN IhlN' To vHlllliofntherlusHsinil
the wlilow i III their iillllutlon , mid to keep
lilmxelf un | Hiled | Hum tlin world " Anil in
.lohn ! l If lint who HO hath this world's
imoilft anil Hcetli bin brother liavo need anil
Mhllltiith llli | | | H boweln of compassion from
him , how ilwelk'th Ihu lovuof Coil In him. "
( 'hi Ixl nppeiiTM pci "onllled In tlio poor and
HID nick , "IniiHiiiueh us , vo hiivo done it to
one of I IICIMS tins leant of sny bruthiun , yo did
It to me "
Ml ilane , of Chantal , the daughter of u
lirlnrely IIOIIHO In l-'rnncu , WIIH wont to ( 'ivo
the IMMIP tins roveienco due lo sovereigns , for
fhebeheld in them , who declared , the King of
KliiKH. May wo never nermlt this dlvorco of
eliitilly from Christian faith , Wo Hindi bo
more holy anil inoro happy If wo do more for
tin ) IHIOI- and Mllfcrlntf about IIH. O'/.amun ,
the founder of I ho St. Vincent do I'atil no-
rloly , tald with | IH ! ilyliiK breath : " \\'o huvo
K row 1 1 lo two thoiisiiiid visitors lit I'aris
nlone , mnl wo visit theie live thousand fami-
llcM. " Wo , too , xhall IMS happy , both living
mnl iljlng , If wo go about 1101111 ; good. Wo
then , of nil oHiern , do well to entertain this
( pii'Mlon to-day.
llnlyonaxU , "How xlmll wo help ? " If I
atleiopt to nld the iKior as many do , 1 Mmll bo
u dminige , an absointo Injury to them rather
Hum n blenHlng. Pormeily , when the kulfjht
rode out from | IH ! castle , ho Hcuttered money
at ho Went and the people bowed and wor-
nhlppcd the hand tlnituhed down the Koldcn
rain , Hut ulien the giver of thugold hud
patted they crept b.ielt to their wretched lints
mnl lived llttlo better thnn the beastH of the
Held. Thm was n very poor way to give
rharlly , lint do wo do nny betlerl L'or n lew
.Veins pant Urn people of this city Imvu danced
for the ( tllpport of Iho poor. A grand charity
hall ban been given mid thousands of dolhitu
Intvo been gotten from this .snnrco. Is'ow ,
murk ( hit When the daneovus over nrul
the money wilt placed In the hands of worthy
pcihonsjor dlHtribntlon , the poor , doubtless
iiiiiny of lliein unuoitby of dimity , crowded
In , demanding the money at their right , and
IKillcemcn were nctesKary to rcstrnhi them
fnun vlolenco.
In inany of our eitien soup klteheni nro
fitmted , and frco ludglng hoii.-es an- opened
| | by pnlille and by prlvato means , lint
the inajoiity of tlnwo who ha\o been engaged
In thi'tt" lines of effort have becoino very
nilleli dlrcourageil , 'J'ako an example from
tln oily of New York when the .soup kitcli-
I'trn ami free lodgings were in full blast.
Tin' ntici Is were thronged with the ragged ,
needy etowil. They tilled all the station
homes ami lodging places provided b.v private -
vato dial Hi and overflowed Into tin ) Island
iilmthouiio. Htrcot begging becaino u cus
tom l.adle.t Hum s-obbed even on their own
iloorntepH by thcso motidiuants. Thieving
mid drnnkennext Inereuscd , nor would these
pnnperH work. On ono oeeiiHlon the
nlitiRholino nnthoritle wenj diHcharging
n band of nble-bodled pnupero mid
having nred of MIIIIO light ont-door labor on
HIII Island , they offeied these man what Is
thought good country wages , | | r > a month
mid iHiard. They unaiihnously refused , pre
ferring the free lodging mid lunch of the
city , Workinginen canio from such ills-
IHIICCS us lloiton mid I'llt.sburg , paitly , no
iloiiht , to "fee the sights of New York , " but
hoping nl o for aid from publie and private
ihaHllcs , Wo are told that In some cases
> nung men weto arrested In criminal honsos
who made their headquarters in these soup
kid hi'tm and then pallled out to enjoy the
criminal Indnlgeneles of thnclty. Poor fam-
Illet iihandoni-d steady Industry , got their
incnlt nt the kltcheiiH , nnd spent the day In
going from ono eliiu liable orgatil/atlon to
MiuithiT TbiiH wiMiilgbl goon , but \\o need
tint tiikoinnr llmo. The ablest phllantlnop-
| tt In our cimnt .v bollovo Hint the woodpile
ought to bo tifxt the soup kitchen , and , bet
ter .still , the relief houses should bounder
the ruic i < f Ui | > ollro. It wo uouUldotho
iKMir K"od we imiNt bo eartf al how wo tiolp
I Iwlii'vo wo can help the i > oor through in
telligent , C'tviimml olfort. A movement Is
t ; on foot In this elty which I think will
greatly mil IiS In soUing this trouble-
wjino problem. This orjr , ; . ' . : : : ! uiti Is
Hilled rho Unnihn Iturrau of
I'hiirlties , " It is not the formation
of n SIPW soeictv for the dispensing of charity
- on the other iniml , it would not aid tlioso
already C'I'I/IIIH/"I | and in it ally u b urd of
record , where the names of nil who are
Hided i nit bo found , Hndherp facts relating
lo riich needy i-iitn may bo obtained This
bumiii of ihuritlesvill have n president ,
pit'bablv t\vo vice presidenl , u secretary
uiul u treasurer ; nUo n paid agent , whosu
bun'iiess ' m'.l be to personally investlKiUu the
n H'dy cases. Kr ndly visitors , who nro
willing , will have oprortbnlty to nld In this
work The board of dlrettors will probably
consist of twenty ono well known business
and professional men , who will meet monthly
unit may ho consulted oftener. The different
thun-fies and clmrity orKtini'ations will ti < :
j-eprifeuteil tn the burrmt , and through the
Vf < rkmifs of the bnrcmi we inn nil bo saved
from , in ( Histt ion unit fraul.
The de ijen of this orgnnlmtlon Is to weed
out II e unworthy mnl bflp the deserving A
meeting is to IH- held li ) the fy | | [ [ : ill Mmi
tluv evenmg , November 3t < , for the orifiinua
tio'i of this Ix'dy I ImTf spohen of , and 1
hone Ihc I'hrlstinii tteoplo of thli * tity will IK
\ \ ; 1 r < pti'sf iitt-d. ll.Y nor'in : < in this lint
vr s.uiil save thousHiuU of ditlla ! ' <
Vhieh nre now wors than wiwUil
\n.i nr * doubtless fuiulliur with many olmr-
itobki bodies In our city which will bouWe *
bv the inovement I huve spokwi of. You im
it > t onir fun < ilmr , I y , with these orgnnizu
tior's , im tl PY commend theiuirtres to jut
ttn I vmi are nkllng them
T' ' 'rteen ' v * rs a n the nty mlwton wns or
Ifai'i'i'l unit it m 8iM tin in rf it * work on Tend
it rr 1 1 ) -iii'beg poor women diul ( fir Is U
< fw mid iv"H them ! 'io g rui. nts thy make
These w or ch.ldren are taught on the Sub
b th f .leans itiul h.v n Ji\ this suv
rltn e C'e h < itblnch * nre given n JUXK ! br uk
tuKt t-vxi y KHbtmtU mornlirig.
\Yc m 'l ' ffi iltai- with the ncblo wor )
lie iv liBthii Women' * l'hr tl u ussoolutkn
at 'jrn Hurt strtet. Tliolr object Is to liru
v ili' t > 'HIM HIV AssiflancK to dostliuii
Wmiien vij iiiiUln n until lo-'nanent 1 niiir
id irctms "f sii | > | xirt can bo g'vi"i tficm
* lhy I'li'e t-iogbt trf hi iM ! ? iirilU
v IV > " ' * I'UYD IMU. fl.HVvti lli * . aaino.
di l"l.v I * worthy of our money nml prayers. '
Thru I linvo been M' ' willy pleiifod to heiir
df HIM Wntk ( > f the ladles of L'nlty fhih.
Tlii" t' ' Indie * , I suppose , do not believe tlmt
. ( ( sin Wiw illviiic , hut If WIN Alethodlsts.
m if not diligent the Unitiiilnns will
inililllp tt In th" labor nf lnv < > ,
'I'hli biiih hut opened n tiny nurjery for chll-
Wherij | Kior mothers tan have their
vii cured for forasnmll Mini while they
inn nwnV lit Work. I undeiMiind that the
i lly him Kl veil this club u housu mill lot for
thli huiniimi purpose ,
A Voting Woman's homo , tinilor thn mis-
lilt en of the Women's Christiiln association ,
has hceil opened lit HMD Dodge street. They
liny lift ) per month for the building. This
linn ( if wink llrst begun In New York nml
Minion In lkiVt. 'I'he object Is to labor for the
good Of woihlng women In every way , to
llnil new nvunni'H of employment nnd to
shield them hy Judicious menus from Imposi-
tlon unit wrong. 1'rices ' of ho.ird nro icgu-
luted iircoidliig to accommodations , All the
privileges of n homo will ho furnished nt n
very low prleo. Molu or less \yilt ho con
stantly done In the wny of Intellectual Im
provement. Religious privileges will also 1x5
enoyed. ] In our cities these homos have been
n blessing to thousands.
l.el us innke up our minds to put foi th sen
sible , orgnnl7cd effort , iitul when wu KO to
visit the | Kor even on our own necount let us
ire to Hint out the rumen of their dlstiess.
These onuses , In thu nmln , mo Idleness , intemperance -
temperance mid sickness , mid while
toinJKirnry help must bo given , these causes
should hi ; icmoved If possible , mid wo should
Instill into them ideas of solf-rcspcctmid give
to them principles of temperance , health und
thrift. TJioro is no need of boggcry In our
Amerlcmi clticH. Labor Is wanted overy-
whoi e especially educated labor. "Stngmi-
tlon Is thu lust station thisslde of damnation. "
I Ml us glvo our Inlluence und help in the
line of the education of the poor. Tucker-
man says : "Kvery child who is n beggar
nlnost | without exception will becoino u
vngrmit ami probably n thief. " Lot the
hands nnd mind bu taught nml we shall lift
them up.
I now speak brielly of the greatest cure.
These poor people in our cit.\ need the faith
and lellgion of .Icsus. fed ! will hold us re
sponsible , I believe , for neglecting the poor
of our own city even more than those on the
other side of the globe. . While wo net sis the
agents of these elllciont orgnni/ntions in our
midst , lot us supply the wants of the deserv
ing pnor and at the same time tell them of
Him who , "though Ho was rich , jet for their
s.ikes became poor that they through His
poverty might be rich. "
Tliu Famous Caricaturist KntortuiiiH
n n Appi eclat Ivo Aiullence.
For two hours last evening Thomas Xast ,
the great caricaturistentertained a delighted
audience In the Grand opera house. Owing
to the coldness of the evening , unfortunately ,
there was not the house the distinguished art 1st
deserved , although the attendance was good.
Shortly after S o'clock the curtain rose and
Mr. Xast , clad in n gray Norfolk jacket and a
pair of brown pantaloons that looked imper
vious to paint or crayon , appeared on the
scone mid In u business-like manner com
menced his lecture. Ts'ust has a short , thick
set frame , but Is not stout , as his caricaturists
would nmko one believe. lie is as quick nnd
active as a boy of ten , mid the dispatch with
which ho dashed off his pictures was asource
of continual wonder to theaudlonce. He 1ms
a peculiarly striking coun4cnancefuH of intel
ligence nnd n glance distinguished for quick
ness and keenness of perception , In the middle
of the stage was placed the easel upon which
were drawn the pictures. Mr. Xast does nil
his own talking , and is u most agreeable sub
stitute for the alleged English humorist , 1'el-
hum , who formerly made such melancholy at
tempts to ontoitain the audiunce , while Nast
was busy at the easel.
Mr. Nust commenced his nrtistk1 lecture by
saying : "While .some men call man u laugh
ing animal , others ehooso to consider him a
tool-making animal. Ordinary artists con
sider him as the delightful creature who buys
pictures , but I UUu best to consider him as
the onlj animal thut laughs. I'll draw you
his picture. ' '
Turning to his easel , Mr. Xast drew what
appealed to bo a bowl on the top ofu stool.
Hut feet suddenly api > oared at the bottom of
the picture , hands appeared at the side and ,
by a few lightning strokes of his crayon , the
bowl merged into the body ol a corpulent
man , while , a few seconds later , the whole
was crowned with the jolliest of laughing
faces. The grin on the face was communica
tive , and a roar of laughter and applause
swept over the
"Among criminals mid banditti , " said the
artist , "tho hearty laugh is rarely heard , and
as you get lower in the s-cnlo of life the more
gravity you Hjul in an animal. 1 will dr.iw
iou ix countenance with a more woebegone
expression than that worn by Kdwin Booth
in the opening scene in Hamlet. "
And iignin turning to his easel , with u few
strokes of his brush ho rapidly .sketched a
monkey with a face of such prolound gravity
and in such a great contrast to the laughing
face pictured beside it that roars of laughter
again echoed over the house.
Ho next wild the American people were the
most Jocular under the sun. In the English
nowsp.ipors mid books of humor , the greater
portion of thu witticisms are American. Ho
next sketched nn English cockney with the
Hritlsh lion at his side , and then appeared
the limit flguro of Unelo Sam with , his face
lit up with his usual bland
smile , mid at his side the typical
American eagle. Xot liking the position of
the lion's tail , ho longthed it outtothecaglo's
mouth , mid with two or three strokes of his
brush changed the sleepy expression of the
lion to ono ot intense agony. Air. Xast was
too modest to toll the audience , but it Is
nothing mere than justice to say lor him that
Xnst was the llrst. person to endow LTuclo
Sam with this personality tlmt is now the
model the world over for caricaturists in de
lineating the tjpical American.
Mr. Xns' next spoke of L'usarlsin , about
which theio 1ms been such a furore in the pa
lters , illustrating it with his usual eat toons.
He spoke of looking over the funny column
of a paper recently mid thinking of Iho possi
bilities of American humor. Our country
men know of no subtcet that is lee grave for
fun. A man who had died suiWleuly was
spoken of as being "blotted out ; " another
pop-on accidentally shot bi his scmasa "per
forated parent ; " the drowning eup.u'ity of
Lake Krio was spoken of us oeing live boys
mid a dog : to the death of a servant girl
Wiled while lighting a kiteheti lite with hero-
teiio was appended this verse.
Only a servant trirl ,
Simple and gieen ,
Only n can of kerosene ;
Only n lot of matches and Wood ;
Only a grease spot
Where the set vunt girl stood.
Mr. Nf.rt 'old next how he happened to be
come n caricaturist. ? di Jlrst inspiration
was druwn from the net in : * of tut * ' '
llurten , whoso tnmical attitudes .md
expression ho would afterwards reproduce
on paper at his room. Xast then drew n portrait
trait In colors of Iturton in onoof his favorlto
altitudes , and with a few sweeps of the brush
changed the expression fvom fright to per
fect contentment , and then to merriment.
Hii next sketch was also in colors , represent-
um himself us u hey of fourteen applying for
the jKisitioir of an artist. Next followed n
brief hibtory of caricature and its power m
politics. Fortunntoly for the world , nearly
all caticntm-iMs have had truth , llboity and
good f < en e on their siclo.
Ne\t followed ' 'Do
\ Hoto Discovering the
Ml sl * dpp | , " in which a pair of boots were
nil that were vi iblo of the mitn above the
water , while his Imbby horse stood toppling
on t'io ' banks of the stream. Dashing his
brush through this comical pi. turc a few
times , the audience watched him curiously to
see What ko v , ' s attempting to pi-educe , when
tiirnln-f the painting upsldo down Uiero was
disclosed u 1 > picture in colors o
Tails. This wiw grccteu wuh . .
l"iid 0'itburst of upplause.
1km Hu Ur's face wai next produced in
loss than one tnhmte , after \\iMi \ fallowed
sketches of Hess Tweed and a brief history
of the notorious Tammany rinir.
Mr. Nw t tlipu fnocccded to paint ftVin -
t r Scene at Xlptit , " tivn minutes being the
tune in whtth to paint and fritum it. And in
I ss t'-an four minutes tliero was before the
t iil'chco ' a IcMitifu' ' KuiJquipt > .
Iw ! Html pictu-o reprehtiiited himself in
nijfhtdro niun-lilnjf oft to lied with n candle
tn his h'md ' , nd over the top of the p i-turo
were i.8 > nfcul tin words "Ciood " '
T\TO Crook * I , of keel Up.
John 'tt t'srw ' nnd Thomas Kelly belong to
that chKs kr. wit t.i . the police no "crooks , "
nml jo-t il.y , Offers Mo < tyt njul Mo-
Crackt HI- . ' Mlv.i tut the valuables of uiti-
/ . - usA u i . boUr ! protected with tli"so
t v , . w rth i , . . , i , | , . | , mN , , ml
rui UUou.
\f xnito.
rho Coltl and Know Interferes Wllll
Ilic ; UnllroailM.
"How cold U III" asked one of two mcu.
vho stood and looked at the thermometer on
" "arilnm street , near Eleventh about ll o'clock
ast night.
"Cold enough , " was the ready response. .
'The bulb has been driven Into the telegraph
wlu. "
It was not , however , as bad as that , but It
was pretty cold. The nlpht was clear'and
crisp , nnd the stillness was not broken by the
lOwlluK and piercing winds. At It o'clock
ho thermometer marked two degrees below
7oro , and pedestrians found It necessary to
mndle upvlth .storm top eoats and ear
nufllers and sten along lively to keeji from
All the ratlrrinclrtln and out of the City were
morn or less hampcicd by the intense cold ,
iiul the presence of snow drifts along their1
lespcetlve lines. Trains did not pretend to
im on schedule time and came and we.nt as
ho circumstances would permit. The evening J
.ruin from the cast on the Chicago. Hurling- '
: on & Qtilney Was .several bours behind , and
tasscngcrs ticketed toOmnhn had to p.iss the
light In the Hluffs. The overland train duo
Cioni the west on thu Union 1'aellle at "i
ocloelc. was reiKiitcd twelve hours late , the
leep snow In the mountains forming an al-
nest impenetrable barrier.
Last night , at Uoid's , Haureis nnd Pills'
ncrman dramatic company produced 1'aul
Mndau's beautiful society comedy , "Alaria
und Alagdalena. " The story is extremely In
teresting , and the manner In which It Is told
jy the dramatist causes It readily to ap [ > eiil
to the sympathy and appreciation of the au
dience. Of its kind it was , pet-Imps , the Ilrst
which has so strongly appealed to the put-
ons of this company , and it may bo said that
ts reception was not in excess of cither its
merits or the manner in which the piece was
iroduccd. From the beginning to the close
; he play was admirably cirictcd. The ladies
md gentlemen were beautifully and appro
priately dressed , in fuel , In .teeping with the
ictors and actresses who have appeared in
the leading society dramas on the English
stage. Haureis and Pills' ' company last night
scored a success in every sense of the word
md their work warmly recommends them to
the Herman people of the city.
Tlio National Iicn uc.
The called meeting of the Irish Xational
league of Omaha , and the friends of the
cause it represent ! ) , did not attract a largo
crowd to St. Philomena's hall yesterday after
noon. Less than a do/en persons were pres
ent. The severity of the weather mid the
lateness of the call combined to make the
meeting a failure. An informal discussion
took place regarding the subscriptions made
to the fund to aid the struggle for homo-rule
in Ireland. The committee reported a con
siderable sum on hand $1X ! ( ) but owing to
the fact that the bulk of well-to-do Irishmen
in the city had not been called on , It was de
cided to make another effort before closing
the subscription. This camparatively small
subscription Is due solely to the failure of
committees heretofore appointed to circulate
the paper mid perform the duties for which
they were appointed. It was decided to hold
another meeting next Sunday afternoon , and
to ask the city council for the use of the city
hall for that purpose. Some prominent
speakers will be asked to address the meet
ing , and a live committee appointed to collect
a Christmas purse , to aid the league in Ire
land , that wlil be creditable to the Irishmen
of this city.
Talking on Prohibition.
The Metropolitan Prohibition club held a
meeting yesterday aftcinoon at the Congre
gational tabernacle. Owing to the disagree
able state of the weather and lack of suf-
licicnt notice , thcie was a very small attend
ance. Dr. Wilson was chosen temporary
chairman. Heniarks were made by Hev.
James Wilson , Kev. and others.
Hov. Wilson spoke of the workings of the
cause of prohibition in tiis church , and the
different societies organized for that purpose
and pronounced them failures. He knew of
only ono drunkard being reclaimed b.v them.
Ho thought that Christianity and prohibition
were inseparable. Hev. C'ochran in his
remarks thought that the main solution to
tlio temperance question was the granting of
woman's suffrage. It was suggested by Dr.
Wilson tlmt the different churches orgmii/o
prohibition clubs at the various churches , as
Jio thought many persons could be induced to
attend such meetings at their own church
when they would not elsewhere. It was de
cided to hold a business meeting at Dr. Wil
son's ofllee ou Tuesday evening.
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never VH PS. A mnrtlel of puri
ty , strength anil wliolehOinencss. .Morn econom
ical than tlio millnurv klnils , anil cunnot I in
sold In competition with tln < miiltltuilH of low
rest , blinrtpluht ilium or phosphate powders.
Sold onlv incani. Itoyal HakhiK I'owder Co. ,
IM.Vull St. , New Vork.
Carbiillc ? mokp Hull CoCon -
lieiiien : 1 tiiki1 Brent pleH'iire In
Unlink- that 1 liaTe u eil the t r-
txi'lc ' innke ll-ill. I wuiil.t not
bv Hlllmul niie , I'or miMoii
oiMnrlhrout truiiMu ltl > liiTiil-
imbli > In Met wArtli ten tline * Its
eliiht In k9U. Yfuri. truly.
. \\-yi r\CoiiV ( ItuRiilolllU
I Catarrh. A flimi , HrnncliUls
Nfiirukila. CiUi. | l.uni ! Trouble' *
t l.l . . el . In.taiuly relieved
mnl nu'cillir cimnl. Oni ) tall
livndrullMiniilent. . MullorilcrK :
r-m.iku llnll liy mull Dan.t 4c 'iit <
iio taii IK-bellalor f"r thu l'lu > J'\ \
II ililllluiull. A HIKK 'H'-\f
( . Irennt our i < ntc 1'nilors. tola
lijr nil ilrut'k'i t .
0 > rlli South riftccntU Strat , Om.vUix , Neb
Our big special sale of overcoats would cause a commotion , but we must confess we never an
ticipated such arush as we had all last week , and especially Saturday. Our 35 salesmen
were busy from morning : till late at night , to wait on the throngs of customers that crowded
our store , and we regret that we were not better prepared , as even that large iorce of sales
men was not sufficient to attend to all. and a good many had to go away. Saturday's business
made big : holes in our overcoat piles , but we are not through yet. Over one hundred cases of
suits and overcoats from our great New York purchase , are still on the wav and coming in
daily , and we propose to get rid of them as fast as they come in.
Last week we have convinced thousands of customers that they never bought overcoats
so cheap as we offered them. This week we will show how low good suits can be sold. Suits
that were made by one of the best houses in the country. This is the greatest opportunity
men of moderate means ever had to procure good first class garments at about one half the
real value. We cannot describe them all , but we mention a few of the larger lots and which
are especially big bargains :
7K 30 ° ? ° ° d llcavy Cussimoro Suits , warranted strictly all wool , lined with good heavy Forgo. No all wool suit of such
1 0 quality and such make was over oil'ered for loss than $7 to ! S. Our slaughter price is1.75. .
to $12. Our slaughter price is $0.50.
This lot contains about 250 plain , double and twist , and silk mixed cassimoros , some line cheviots , elegantly made
,75 , and trimmed , every one worth $15.00 , and that is the price which other dealers would ask for them. Our slaughter
price is $9.75.
CIQ Rfl "cai'ly 4Q fine tailor made Suits , the choicest of the great purchase ; cassimeros , beautiful fancy worsteds and
$ IOluU diagonals. The material is the product of some of the best mills in the country , and some imported. These suits
were manufactured for the finest city trade , and have been made up to sell at retail for from $18 to $25. Our
slaughter price is $18.50.
Several large lots of Pea Jackets and Vests , chinchillas , plush and astrachan , lined with line cassimero and Italian
goods , which are usually sold for $10 , $12 and $18. Our slaughter price is J4.251.75 , 4'.00 ) and $1 175. A few extra fine im
ported astrachans with elegant satin lining , and fully worth ? 2S to $80 , we oll'er at $10.90.
We wish to call the attention of ladies to a small but especially attractive assortment of fine
children's overc9ats , which fell into our hands with this great purchase. These are made of the
best of material in Cassimere , Chinchilla and Astrachan , elegantly trimmed with fur and plush ,
and of exquisite designs. These garments were manufactured for the cream of city trade , and in
every respect first class. There are only a few small lots of them , and as the sizes are somewhat
broken we have marked them at about one third their real value ,
We are daily in receiptof numerous mail orders from out of town parties , and wish to say that
we cheerfully send goods by express C. O. D. , with privilege of examining when parties are willing
to pay express charges , both ways in case goods are returned , and we require a deposit to cover
such charges. We sell goods with such a small margin of profit that we cannot afford to puy ex-
All goods marked in plain figures and at strictly one price.
Corner Douglas and 14th , Streets , Omaha.
Omaha Medical and Surgical Institute ,
IT. W. Corner of 13th and Dodge Streets ,
For tlio treatment of all fniloMC mid Sl'IKUCAT.
and TIIU > SM.- Host laitlitle" , apparatus mm ronie-
.lies for inu-i' . " ful treatment of every lorm 01 ill -
pue requiring.Me.lical or MtrBleal treatment. HIIITV
MODATIONSln the we t. Wrlti1 tor i-lrciilurs on Do-
fonnltln an.l . Hrncos , c'lnb Kei'l , C nrviitnr * ' of the
plllO , Piles Timlin * . CIIIIIMT , L'Htiirrh , IlrnntlilllK , In.
Imlnllon , Illcclrldty. I'liiiil ) " ! " . ipllop : y , Klmioy.
lllaikliT. K } ' ( * . Knrtln , ami Ulnoil an. ) till fiirulcnl
operation * . | ) ICIA : L > - of WOMKV H M'MIALTV
HOOK on Dl piifft of Women. KnrE. Only rellahlfl
meillcal lii-tllnl iniiklnK a Kncclnlly ot I'lilVAi'K.
IX KA I'.s. All lilootl illHcases snccu'.Hlull.T ireato.t .
I'ercons nnublo to vl lt us treatotl at honii1 by eorrr *
Miomlciuc. All coiiimunlrntlon * contl.lentlal. Mc.ll
rlnes or Instruments Uy nml I or exproM , securely
packril , no murk * to Imllcntn content1 , or ponder. Ono
iier emil Inturvlow pretorio.1. fall anil consult u , or
( end history of your ease , an.l wo will HMIH in plain
n Hipper , our HOOKTII MKV I IILK upon I'nvatc , bpe-
I'M I anil .Ner oils Ill ea'-eK , ete , A.l.lress. .
Omaha Medical anil Surgical Institute , or
Dr , McMenamCor. / , . 13th md Dodge Sis , , Onuh ] , Neb
Owinir lo tlin raplilgrowtli fo Omnha nnd our a
i-treet" , on block ixinlh of th old inMI t
bulldlni ; , and liaVo no\v the larie t nnil nio t com
plete Mi-illril In'tllnlp or lie pltal In the wen. Forty
newly turnMied , well nurmiHl and ventilated roomi
tor patient * , throp * klllpfl phylcian * alnuy * In the
bnlMliiL' . All klmU ot dlHMoes treated Intbo most
fili'iitlllc manner. . ,
Wi'nianiilactnn ) Surclcal Ilrucrs for Defonnltlps ,
Tru i % < . Supporter * , Klpitrlcal llntlcrlci , und can
Mipply pli } lclan or patient * any appllaiue , renipily ,
or inMrumpnt knuwn. Cull and consult u , or wrltn
lurdrriihir * upon all mil > H-it , wllh HMH of ( | iietlons
for pntleiit to nn wer. Thontand * trealeil Micce-
lulli by < orreipondencp.Vo ha\o superior DcUan.
taKei and Jaillltle * for treating dlMMi c * , pcrfornilnx
kiir Ual openitlonaid nuriini ; patient * nhkh com-
btneil with our ticknowk-ilci-d alilllty , experieiue ,
n pen llilllty and reputation * hould make the Oniahn
Medical and t-urclcal Institute thu Ilrst choice.
1'askd ' Natal Bank.
Paid Up Capital , - $26OOOO
Surplus , OOOOO
H. W. Y\TE . President.
Li wis y. llrs'i. Vlco-Pi-eiililent.
A. K. TOUZl.Ti < 1 Vlce-l > l'esiliiirt. |
\V. li. S. ilvui : ' ' . Cashier
W. V. MoitSK , Joll.x S.
H. W. VATES , l.wwis ,
A. p.
Cor. ISth nml I'anuini Sts ,
A General llatiVInu llueliifss Transacted.
Third , lidlchil ) DUtilct.
tlirouisUtimusHiid Iiiul praetlroj CURED.
UOJL1 > N MEAt. CO , 13 Locust at at.I.uula
Tim Ola Jtcllablo Specialist of many year * ' experi
ence , treats wh | | wonilerlul micro.- * , all MJ.NG ,
THHOAT , C' , I'll.HS. Fiyi'l'I.A.
' without pnln or liln.lranco .
RUPTURE biHiie" . All Chronic ll caie * ,
IIUI I UIIU tar In nilvniu-unf any tn titutlon In
tills country , Th" " " "ho contemplatiCOIIIK tn lint
Miring * fur Iho treatment ut any I'llvatc or lllood
disease can be cured for one-third tlio test at our
tl'rlvate lMipen ary.
" his treatment n 1'iiro , Lovely Pom
plcilnn , free from Ballon IIP" * , Irerkle *
blackhead * , eruption * , etc. , brilliant
rje * n < 1 perfect health can ho had.
WTliai "tired " Iccllnit an.l . all femaln wcakne p *
tromplly cured , Illoatlni ! Hea.Iaihes Nervous l'ro -
aralon , cieneral Ilelilllt ) , MecpU" " < nes , Depression
Hnd Indlce'llon. Ovarian trouble" , Inllmnmllon and
nlctcrntlon. Kulllnuand Illiplncvnionti1 , f-plnal c.ik-
opi , Kidney complaints and Cbanitu ot Idle , Consult
the Old Iloctor
Acute or Chronic Inflamma
EYE AND EAR tion nt the Kyeltd * or Ciloho
and F'aror Near Mitlit < Mnc ,
Inversion of the T.ld , Scrofulous i : > i"i , Ulcviatlons ,
Innammatloii' . , Ab-.ce ! " > , Dimness ot Vision ot one or
both nc * . ami Tumor4 , of l.ld ,
I if Intlammatlon of the Kar , Ulceratlon or Catarrh.
Internal or External lleafni" " " . or l'nnilMj , Mrik'l" . '
or llonrlni ; nol e . Thickeneil 1)1 urn , etc.
Debility , Lo s of Vital Power , Slenp-
Ict'iice * , lepondcney , IAIHS ot
Mcmor > , Confusion of IdeaItlnrt
lieforo the K > p" , iJim-lludo. l.imnmr , Ciloomlnox' * ,
Iepre ) lon ot Splrtli" " . A ei > lon toNnlcly , ia : y lilt-
couraBcd , J.nck of t'onndencc. Dull , Llotlexs. tlnMt
lor Mudy or llin > lne r , and llndillten buidun , MUoly ,
rermanently and 1'rlvately C'ured ,
Ol nnn lUn CI/IU Dl < pa < > e . ? rrornla.
DLUUU ANU ol\IN isi ; sc'te5l ;
cors , I'aliKln the Head nnd lloiii > i > , > yjihlltle ( ere
Throat. Mouth and Tontiue , liliiiulnlar I'nlariicment
ol the NY. k , llheumatliim , Catiirrh , Ktc. , I'crmanent-
ly When Other Have Kiilled.
Consultation free uiul Mildly rontlilaiitlal.
Mcillclno sent free from observation to all parts
of tlio I'nlteil States. CorrespoiulPiico roielves
prompt attention. No letters auswwecl uiilcss
accoiiipanloil by four cents in stamps Send ten
rents In stamps for pamphlet ami list ot ques
tions upon pilvate , special anil nervous ells-
Terms strictly cash. Call on or address ,
No.UU South 13th St. . Omaha. Xub
D. DAVIIffl ,
1707 Olho Street , St. Louis , Mo.
Of thoMlssoml PtntoJItiMMim of Anatomy , ut
J.ouK Mo. , I'lilu-inlty rolli-uu Hospital , l.on-
tlon , ( llpsen , ( ii-rmany and Xew York. H.ivl
Mtud their attuntlon
More especially tlio e arising from Impni-
rteuce lnvltpallsosuirerliiK to con i > sp mclith -
cilU Oclny. JllspaspHcif Infection anil rontucton
niri'd saMy und Kpei'.llly without usn , of dan-
Kerous drunB. rit' 'itj vhoso CIISI > H have been
ni'ulccted , badly treated or pronounced Incur
able , should not fall \\rlleus roii" rolm ; tln-lr
svmptoms. All letteis receive linmi'ilUtx Utten-
And will be mailed Fill ! ! : to any udifrass on re-
celptof nnocent stamp , "IMiivi | ! al Obso-va-
lions-on Nervous Debility und I'liyslciil Kxhans-
tlnii , " to hlch Is added an "l'ss > iy on .Mar-
ilujff , " with linpurtnilt cluiptgrs on dNeasi'snf
tlio Ueprodiictlvo ( Irj-ans , the \Umlu forinlntr u
vuhmhlu medical lieatlsohU'h should bo ruad
Vy all young men , Address
DRS , S , and D , DAVIESON ,
17O7 Otlvo Street St. Loute , Mp.
ret li'iiijr re ecww vi
It Ihttftt Itfnedy
ni n f9U3.rOcofrt.iz4
it Ulttt.
We hiv > cl < l ccnMirr *
&tlranilln rvriy ( tie II
jucaukrtUt& ; ! *
Alcott A Ll.l ,
llaJctt.t : Y.
if IIUEUI by jan.
lint ana horU.I y t m now m > i o. Circular *
ICE TOOLS. Wire Rope ,
Buffalo Scales ,
Plows ,
Markers , Scale Repair Shop.
Hooks ,
Grapples , OMAHA.
Slide Iron.
Display at their warerooms , 13O5 and 13O7 Farnam Street ,
the largest .assortment of Pianos and Organs to bo found at
any establishment west of Chicago. The stock embraces the
highest class and medium grades , including
STEINWAY , % M * 7 S f * +
J B * * V *
, i % BURDETT ,
Prices , quality and durability considered , are placed at the
lowest living rates for cash or time payments , while the long
established reputation of the house , coupled with their most
liberal interpretation of the guarantee on their goods , affords
the purchaser an absolute safeguard against loss by possible
defects In materials and workmanship.
1305 & 1307 FARHAMI STREET-
llr Dr t = nei1lkiT' ! | .Mctbntt. N oipratlont | na imln
iu " " . AJ l'l ' l t'J ilillinmni
< letentloiitrimlutlMi"
HI a" Srowii i"wi U . . ot n'ltcuriu ' i tu.l
moiitlaft i"i tfle. All biulnc. Mrlclly coartJeiitlaU
IloomO , lull Douglas St.I ) uuUin'o
Dit Work Md Loweit PrlcM
OuirinUed. 100p > R Illult'4
. - 4-
Hefr.-ikabli.1 forjiowcifnl sympa-
"thetl. tor.p.1 ! < 4''ltJSilt ' < JU " 'J'1"I'
Mli > iiMTi.ralIIH } . ' } ' r-ieuiJ.
nTiiTr.'M ( ! jnir.intc < i rl ill" PX ii
FnojTTrt"iieM' ] in i. uii-nlH.