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A Significant Event at the Gorman
UlHinarck mill ( lie Kaiser Arc Clou-
eted With tin * C/nr 1'or Moio
Than an Hour For-
'Kii News.
Tli < > Crnr mill the Kaiser.
( rtijiui tultt IM7 liilJtiintu ( liinlnii tlf until , ' ]
HPIII.IV , Nov 10 fNexv Yoik Herald
Cable Special lo the Hnr.1 Alexander III ,
emperor of Russia , Is safely out of Uorlln
lifter a txxelxo hours visit , xx hieh has nppar-
rntly caused more iiuxloty to tlio police tiu-
thoiitlcs than any other oxent In the history
of the c Hi 'J'he iln.x xxni clear und cold. A
< ro\\d lined densely the \\hole leriKth of
Untor den Linden from the Husslan embassy
to the p.iluce. Sullen at being diiven back
out of ojcsight of the war by the
police they showed llttlo enthusiasm
cxtept when Pi into \Vtlllam appeared.
Two important orpin luiecs minked the day.
The c/iir and kulsor xxeie closeted iilono
together for txx'cnty minutes. Soon after-
xxurds Hlsm.m k s | > ent an hour and a quui ter
with the tzar at the embassy What was
wild at these intorxloxxs no one ex < ept u pio-
fcHslonul noxxs fakir could pretend to suv.
It may be easily guessed though Hlsmurek
did not xx.isto sovcntj-lix'o minutes
In morel x pollto lemarks regard
ing the weather. Whether the ear
was easy or whether Ills lieatt
rciiuiliiH obdurate to arguments of blood and
iron , It Is thought , here , will soon bo shoxxn
by Husslan in tion Prince William KISO an
hour bcfoie daylight In older to meet the
e/ar outside Heilin. It was a biting eold
inoiiilng , too , not xxoll calculated for eaily
rising. Huily in the moining the police
eleaied all approaches to tlio station. A
clean sweep was made , notn single liulhId-
mil being allowed to remain on the pl.Ufunn.
The restaurants and waiting room weie
cleared oxen of seix'ants. I saw that one
unfoi Innate night worker , xxho sleeps dining
the dax in a loom with the window opening
oxer the platfoim , foiccd to leave his
room xxlien the i/.ir xxas about to airixe.
This xas a sign of the pi ex ailing
mania of the police xxlio seemed
nil day to hiixo an ovoimaster-
ing fear of an attempt to use djna-
mite bombs. Toxvaid ' .I the Second tegi-
nient guaids lined ono side of the sticot
leading to tlio station and lo llio cmbassj.
The other side xxas lined xxith police , xxho
stood so close it became phxsie.illj Itnposslblo
for the most despot ate man to push thiough
theirranks These polite , bj the x\ay , xxeio
taken not only fiom Hcrlin'H font1 , but
draxxn fiom all the eitj's bubuibs ,
The police foiceil the public back
jntil Ihej weio out of thio\xing distanto
of the load. DetccUxes xxere picsent in con
siderable numbers. There xxero minors ,
probublj false , of the presence of n largo
force of Hussian doteclix-es. I suxv many
Husslun fues in the eroxxd but they looked
more like students than detective * . At 10 L'O
the evar's train i oiled sloxvlj' into the station.
The engine x\-as di iven by the chief train
dispatcher. In the flisl cuirliigea travelled ,
after a tiuly Chinese fashion , the principal
rallioad otllcials icsponsiblo for the Hecitnty
of the lied , etc. The train xxas luxuilous
having been built for Napoleon III. , but
not specially rom.nkublo except for tlio in
genious xvuy it xx'as ai r.inged so as to make
it impossible for the inmates to lie seen.
The c/aiiim xxas the Hist to alight. The
czar folloxxed a heavy , tall man ,
whoso line healing and piescnco are
the best leply to the dastaidly stones
told about him. Ono of ills
sick ( hildien , xvho may have changed Ku-
ropcan histoij by foicing the e/ar to meet
the kaiser , i.line i mining to the car windoxv
and kissed his hand to Ginf Mollke , xxho , in
Kussiatiiuifoiiii , xxas too miiih occupied
xxith the Impelial patents to notice the child.
The princesses , ambassadois and nobles \\eiu
elected for a mftment eitlier on the platform
or in the icceptlon loom. Tlio 1'iiucess
William is good natural and is sincerely
piloxed at the eroxvn prince's illness , but it
must ncvci tliclcss haxo been n i.ithei
proud moment for her as the i/ai
boxved deeply oxer her hand ami
neenied calculating itoxv much influence she
would have in.stato affalis as empress.'A
four-horse open can iugo xvalted for Pi inct
William nnd the czar. Hand1 } insldo ami
bands outside competed in plaj Ing the Hus
itlan imtional hymn. The open carriage dro\- <
off sloxvly. nehlnd folloxved n closed court
carriage xxith Piincess William , the cvarln.
nndhcrtxxo children. Tlio Cliailottenburt
court can luges and pi ivato can iages came be
hind in a long lino. At the embassy tlio po
liio cleared tlio sidewalks and tin
road. The ' people xxero foicei
back so that these behind the thiidioxvo
trees could sec little. I xvas told by a housi
owner tlmt the utmost stringency xvas usei
In keeping fiom the windoxxs of nelghboiini
houses all peisons whoso iccoids xxeiono
clear bejond dispute. As n matter of fact
most of these xxindows xx-eio closed and unoc
cupled. As tlio kaiser dtovo up , the embass ;
stood to gieet the cvar On the lower lloorti
tlio left of the enhance there xvus some xxeal
cheering with little heartiness until I'lincv
William xx-as clearly seen. Then the In
cvltablo band struck up u Hussian'air
The czar and Pi inco William Jumped lightlj
from the loxv cariiage , throxv off their cloak
nnd walked xxith a firm step along the line o
I the company , his Kaiser Alexander i egimen
I w bich ho brought xx Ith the regimental color
I to leimiln xvlth him xvhilo lie stayed in liei
/ lln. Moanxvhilo the czarina , who had ilrirci
I up , xvus the tlibt to enter the embassy t
' greet the kaiser. Noticing the children , th
i kaiser did a churaetciistio thing. Ho sal' '
they must see his palace , and invited th
czarina to como nnd bring them , xxhlcii sh
did. Later in the day , after the gieetings u
tlio embassy , tlio kaiser and c ar drove t
Schloss to visit the Princess William , wh
for the second time to-day xx-as honored u
the xxlfo ol the heir apparent.
At 1 o'clock this morning back to the en
bassy xvent the cznr , driving nlxvaj
betxvcen roxvs of police witli the peopl
forced back In front. The czar xxit
Gcnoral Wedcr drove to call on th
kalsrr. Ho xvas received in the vestibule b
Adjutant Huclow , Colonel Hroslgxo , Com
l.uhundorf und Pnnco Hudzlxxell. The crj
was escorted by Giaf PorKiuclier | to tli
loxx'er story , the front rooms of xxlilch nio >
x\ell kuoxxn to most Amciican touiists xxli
tuppc'iicd in Uerlin xxhilo the kaiser xvas al
cnt. The czar xvas met at tlio door of tlio nnti
room by the kaiser with xvhom ho returnc
I to converse alone for a quaiterof an hoti
Visits by the czar to members of the roy ,
family follexxcd. Soon after these cam
Prince liisnurck unhei aided and u Htt !
erce looking , Ho stayed for consldcjab.1
fver on hour. Ho xvas jrrcetcd by most eli
. , f re cheer * at he left. Meanwhile the cza
ina had taken txxolx-e-jear old Orand
Duchess Xcnla anduine .x ear old Orand Duke
Michael to call on the kaiser , xvho did the
honors of his apaitments personally At f >
came dinner xvlth ninety persons , or rather
pel sonages , round ono big circular table.
The kaiser sat xvlth the cvarlna on his left
and the car on tils right. Next
to the c/ur came Princess William.
Half xx-ay around sat Hlsmarek
iiul { also many men with higher titles but not
greater right to them It xx'as by no means a
lively dinner table. On the contrary It xxas
graxe , almost to solemnity , ns suitable for
men xvho felt that death xxas hanging ox-er
the Piusslan royal house. Moi cover it is
not quite sure under xvhat circumstances
they will next meet. Towards the end of
the dinner the kaiser touched his glass to
those of the czar and czarina xvhilo all lose
to drink the health of Russia , during
the. placing of a Husslan folk hymn.
Lastly the old emperor shook
hands heaitlly xxith the c/ar andczailna
Tlior7.ii left Hoi lln late tills evening xxith-
out the slightest mishap or unpleasantness
Dining the day , as showing the uselessness
of all the claboiato police piecautions , is the
fact that the repoi ter I sent to see the car-
i iages safoli pass on a dink point of tlio
louto of the embassy to the station noticed
that the ivar xxas not In the Hist caulago
and , In his anxiety to ste tlio occupants of the
sei end em i iago , got so close that ho nan oxx ly
escaped being run over hi the c/ar himself.
The second reporter at the station slipped
through the police lines and stood much
neaier the crtir than xxould have been safe
if tie had been a nihilist.
I'or Imw ami Iillict ty.
LONDON , Nov IS A meeting xx'as held to
day to form a "Laxv and Liberty league. "
Jacob Hilght accused the magistrates of con
doning the misconduct at the police. Mr
Stead denoum ed tlio brutality of the police
nnd charged them xxith maltieating prison
ers taken last Sunday , both dining the roxv
nnd after they xxeio taken to the station
The motion to form the league xx'as olTotedby
Saundeis , xxho condemned the goveinment
ns icsponsible for the xxliolo ulluir Socialist
Hxndam seconded tlio motrun , xvhich xvas
adopted ,
Hungarian l'llfrlmn to Koine.
YII'NNX , Nov isThe Hungauan pilgilms
to Home to attend the pope's Jubilee xx ill
stai t for ttie IIol.x Cit.x on Monday headed b.x
Cardinal Limor. The Hungarian misto-
cr.itic ladles' ' committee to day handed Mon-
seignor Oalimbeiti , papal mint 10 heic ,
iU4KMI ( for the pope. Numeious other valua
ble piesenls haxe been sent to his holiness.
A Juliller Institution.
HOMI- , Nov 1 * < The pope has nominated a
commission toexumine his piojcit to found
an e\tensi\o institution for the benefit of the
xx'oiking classes to ( .online-morale his Jubilee.
Hepioposes that the sum of $ . ! ( KOWJ be
laised to stall the institution
AVilsoii ( juiis tli < - r.ljsee.
PAIIIS , Nov 18 M Wilson and his family
hax'e tiiitted | the palace of the Klxsce. The
cxtiemo left and a mojoiity of the icpiib-
liean membeis of tlie chamber of deputies
have abandoned their intention to send n
delegation to ask Piesident CSiex'i to lesign.
AVill Interpelule tlio Govci imient.
PMIIS , Nox * . IS The extreme left has
finally decided ( o mtci potato the goxernment
to morioxv. Clemenceau xxill bo cntilisted
xvlth tlie motion. It is lepoited that Houvier
xvill oppose immediate discussion and xxill
moxe that tlio debate be adjourned until the
! mh.
I'loiniiiont NationallhtM Sentenced.
1)1 HI IN , Nox * . 1 William Condon , a pi eminent -
inent nationalist , XXMS sentenced at Mitchells-
toxvn to-day to ono month's imprisonment at
bard labor for intimidation. His solicitor
xxithdiexx fiom the ( out t , alleging that tlio
m.igistiatc XXMS prejudiced.
1'arnell'n Health.
Lovnov , Nov. IS. Painell has xviitten n
letter to the nexxs agency stating that his
health is sloxvly but steadily impioving. Ho
does not intend to speak dining the pallia-
ment.u.iccess . , as his doetoishax'c adxised
him to ax'oid exposuio.
tlio fjoid Major.
Di in IN , NoIS , New . .action xvill bo in
stituted against Loid Major Sullix-an for
publishing icpoits of meetings of proclaimed
blanches ot the National kague.
Suing ( 'liulHtoiio Kor Slander.
LONIPOV , No18 Colonel Uopilug ) and
friends have decided to bung action against
Gladstone for slander.
Preparing to Siipprens tlio Poor.
LONDONNox' . 18. bix thousand x-olunteer
constables were cm oiled fiom among citi
zens to day iu auticipationof tioublo Sundaj.
Tiord Ijj ttoii Honored.
LON-IIOV , NoxIS Loid L.xtton has been
elected loid rector of Glasgoxv unix'eisity ,
Iteported Ion of Wilson.
PMIIS , Nov. IS It is rumoied that M. Wil
son has resigned Ills seat.
Valnatilo I'mpoity nnd LUo Stock
llolnu CoiiKiinieil ,
LITTII : HOCK , AikNov l roiest flic-
aio binning at many points noith , xxest ,
houtli and east of tills city , and the smoke to
night lias settles ! doxxn so dense us to be
almost Intolei.ible. Tor four tUjs lltes haxc
leen ) i aging on tlio hills and ou the bottoms ol
the Hed and Sulphur i ix'ois near Te\arkann ,
sxxceping ox erj thing befoio them , lapping
up cane biakes , x\he-o thousands oi
cattle liax'o been feeding for months ,
x isitmg farms and leax ing in their track the
hlai kened lunins of homes , leiu Ing and out
houses All the axailablo torces on the
fauns haxe been employed in lighting the
pi ogress of the ilnmes Largo numbers ol
cattle and hogs haxo been caught in the
llames and destioxed Unless lain come'
sjieedil.x the loss of life nnd destiuction oi
pi opeity xvill bo great , nx'eritlimg is dry
Wells and small streams evci.xxxhero aic
di x ing up under the intluene-e of tlio longest
diouth ex or knoxx if.
An Olilik Honib riend.
0 Coi.UMiit'4 , O , Nov. IS Some excltomenl
0 xx-as caused tills exening by the diseoveiyoj
a gas pipe bomb at tlio de > or of the local do
pattmentof the State Jouinal. It XXMS pluppei'
at both ends and had an oil fuse , tipped xx ill
s a match , so that it could bo lighted by nny
ono stepping on it It xx-as placed in tlu
hands of tlie police They lighted the fuse
but the bomb did not explode They think
hoxvever , that it is not a hoax and xvill luxes
tigato it.
Oi oi-crsTTii , Mass , Nov IS A resume ol
the fishing business for the > car ending October
tober , I * > i7 , shoxvs sex'ontcen vessels hav (
e been lost xxith 127 men , xxho leave sixtj
o xx idovx s nnd sixty one children.
o In addition to those lost xxith tlieir vessels
foit.x one other seamen met with death bj
d ) oxx ning or accident.
Thu National Grunge.
Lxssixn , Mich. , NoxIS. . The morninj
scission of the National grange xvas devotee
to routine xx-oik and dlscusslpn regarding thi
nccctsary action to ccuro reduced rates ci
seeds and plants , to reissue fraction cnv
reney , and to abolish postal no
mouey orders oj ? , or tot 8 CeaU ,
The Georgia Senator Named For the
Presidential Household.
AoooiilliiR to Political PiophetH Vilas
AVill Henialn nt the Head of
the PoHtoHU'u Department
Capital NCXXH.
on Cleveland's Adx Not M.
WASIII\ITOV , Nov H [ Special Telegram
to the HI.E. ] The Critic lo night has llio
folloxvlng : "Nexv light has been tin oxx n
upon the reconstruction of the cabinet by
ecilaln dex-elopmcnts of the past few dux s
and these dexelopments lead In a dlieetlon
not heretofore mentioned In tlie public pi ints
The fact thai Senator Cokiullt , of Georgia ,
lias appealed upon the scene is not suggestive
in itself , but , taken xxith the fact that ho
xxas jestorday closeted xxith Secietarj Lamar
for seveial houis after llio meeting of the
cabinet , has rcvix'ed the rumor Unit ho xvill
llguio in the nexv cabinet deal. Theie nto
vailous stiaxxs xxhidi point lo Colquitt as
Socrctarj' Lamm's successor. It is xxell
knoxx n that Pi esident Clex eland , xx hen In
Jeorgia , xxas very much impressed with
Govci nor Gordon and has since his return to
ntiinate fi lends expressed a deslte that in
some xvaj Gox-ci nor Got don might bo sent
o the senate , xvheio Ins icndy
speech , conseiviilixo sentimcnls mid high
Innader xx'ould boot gieat value lo the nd-
'iilnistr.ttlon. ' Ills asseited Unit Mr. Vilas ,
since he has been looking the Held over , has
nbout concluded thai ho does not deslie to
? hange his position. The postoftlco depatt-
: nent to him has been a somco of constant
stud.x and he lias dex-oted txxo and n half
jcais haul \\oik to masteiing its dctails. To
necept the poitfolioof the Intelmr dcpait-
inent , it is pointed out by his fi lends , xvould
in1 for him to tie himself doxvn to his desk
; md go tlnough the same constant , ceaseless
\\-oik in ncipiiiing the details of his nexv po-
ition Unit lie has nlieady pel formed in the
liostollico depaitment. This , nn intlmato
fiiend of his j ( steidax said , hedidnotbelievo
Mr. Vilas xxould do unless especially uiged
to do so bj the pi sidenl. "
National Capital Noten.
WXSIIINOTOV , Nov IS [ Spedal Telegram
to the Hi p 1 The National He-publican
league , oigani/ed hero a fexv dajs ago , has
moxed into its ( juarleis at No. 1401 Massa-
chusclls axetiue , xxhero 700 lo bOO guesls can
be .iciommodiited and xxheio it Is pioposed to
hold the meeting of tlio national committee
next month , The club looms are veij sumpt
uous and aio to be the iccogiiiicd headiiuar-
teisfor thu putty at the national capital.
They xx ill bo tun on the plan of Hie Union
league at Nexv Yoi k.
It has been discoveied that Kelt/el , xvho
made the inflammable speec h ox-or the iimuch-
ists' giaxesat Chicago on last Sundaj , and
xxho fonnoilx llxcd hero , is a bloxv hard of
the tiist xx-ater. Louis Sdinde , a xx-ell
knoxx esident of Keit/el "Hlshnr-
n i , sajs / : -
, mguo o\er the anarchists1 piax-es xx-av.
probably a bid for the editoiship of the Ar-
beiter Xietung , xadited bj- the execution of
Spies. Hut those xxho knoxv Heil/el knoxv
ho is pel fee tlj-harmless. H xxill bo along
time before he has courage enough to poison-
allj shed ono chop of any man's blood. Hut
us long as the nexxspapcis me soxxilling to
milieu his hat.ingucs conspicuous lie \\illbo
xxilbng to hiuangue If the nexxspapeis
xxould ignoio the unaichists they xxould soon
shut up. " .
Some surpiiso is expressed that Joseph
Pullt/or , editor of the Nexv Yoik Woild ,
should spend txxo dajs heio this xxeek niiil
not call to pay his icspccts to the piesidcnt.
Mi Pulitzer has ictmiied lo Nexv Yoik xxilh-
out going to the xxhito house and his fi lends
in Washington predict that ho xxill not sup-
poit Mr. Clex eland in llio event of his iciiom-
Postal Statistics.
WASIIINC. TON , NoxIS. . The annual
repoit of Second Assistant Postmas
ter Goneial Knott shovxs that thu
total ( Ost for the jear xxas S-JO.SOO.oOs.
In the star sei x ice Iheioas an increase of
GIB loutes , and a decrease in cost of f. i.lVI7. !
In the mini passenger service theio xxas an
incieaso of Kii ionics , and n deeieaso of
J. > , 'lll in cost. In the lallioad seivlco thcic
xxas an im rcaso of 7,01.1 miles in length ol
routes and an me i case in cost of $ ( ) MMiO A
continuation ot appiopnaliojis lor special
mall facilities on fust lines to the south anil
xxest is recommended The total amount ol
estimates submitted to iiKsjt thorequnemciil'
of llio oflico of llio second assistant postmas
ter general for the fiscal jear Isjsb so is
riiamlici Iain is Non-Connnlttal.
WX-IIINOTON , Nov. Ib Joseph Chamber
lain , the Hiitislt flsheiies commissioner ,
gaxo an audience this evening to abou1
txxenty nexxspapor men. Chambeil.iln xxai
nndei stood to saj-at ono point that the pur
pose of the commission xvas lo make an en
liielj now tiealjllio exisling lioatjhaxinjj
pioxed unsatisfactory , but upon fuithor in
qulrj , especially us to xxhethcr an Intcipto
tation of the existing treaty might not bi
fiXund xx hich xvould meet the viexxs of botl
sides , ho bc'iamo iion-eominittaL , beyond thi
point of admitting that such might be UK
possible outcome of the confeieiico. He
thought it unlikely the subjec t of cotnmercia !
union xxitlt Canada xxould come hcfoio the
commission in mix xxay. Theio xxas sc.ucelx
a doubt that any m rangement atriecvl to bx
the Hntish c'ommissioneis xx-ould bo heh
binding by their gox-ornment
DNiMissiiifj Lamar's Age.
WASIIINHTON , Nov IS ) [ Special Telegran
to the Hi h | A contioxeisj- going on be
txxeen tlie friends undopponentsof Seeietar ;
Lamar over that otlicial's age. The rec ord
liux-o been diaxxn on to slioxv that he is sixty
elirht xears old , which , if tnie , xxould put bin
bex'ond tlio pale of the supreme couit bench
His friends are trj ing to show that ho xxu' '
bom in September , isj. , and that he is there
fine slxtj txxo jcais old. It has also beei
shoxvn bx the opponents of the iippolntmen
of Lamar that the onlj expedience ho ex-c
hud in laxv xxas to occupy u luxv chair in i
college for n jear. It is stated that ho ncx'e
ti led a cause or hud an argument of anjde
sciiption in laxv made to him befoio ho be
came scctctaij of tlio inteiior.
Omnhn'N Complaint.
WASHINGTON , Nov. I1 * The merchant"
manufactuieis and business men of Omnh ;
haxe complained to tlio inter-stuto commerc
commission that the Huillnjjlon , Norlhxxest
cm , St Paul and Hock Island toads charge
rate fiom Chicago to Lincoln , Wiihoo , Frc
mont and Hlue Springs , Neb , xxhich is muc
less titan the combined i.ites fiom Chicago t
Omaha and the Nebraska points named Th
complaint charges that Omaha is unjust !
discriminated tiguinst. The complaint cor
tlnues that the cltj of Chicago is Inrgelj' bet
ctltted , to the detriment of Omaha , u cond
tion cleatIj forbidden not only by the ger
eial tenor of the IMXX- , but involving ui
equally distinct violation of the thin ! seclioii
The petitlotieisnsklhat the aforesaid road
bo compelled to substitute such fi eight tariff
fiom Chicago to Nebraska poinls in queslioi
as shall bo just and cquiUblo to the reasons
ble demand of Omaha to bo considered th
chief distributing point of west-bound trad
for Nebraska.
The Fisheries Commissioners ,
WASHINGTON , Nov. a6. Joseph Chambc :
Iftlu , Sir Cbwjcs Tupper and Sir Lionel Wes
the Hrltlsh minister , constituting the HrltUn
fisheries commission , culled nt the depart
ment of slalo to-duj' , xvhcro the minister In
troduced his felloxv commissioners to Secrc-
tnry Haj'urd. The conversation xvas not of a
formal nature und In the absence of Messrs
Putnam and Angel no effort xxus mude to fix
the duy for the lit st conference of the nego-
Military Matters.
WAMIIMITON. Nov. 18. [ Special Telegiatn
to the Hi F I First Lieutenant Charles W.
Taylor , Ninth cavalry , has bceii granted txxo
months' leaxc.
Majors. H M Young , Thltd cavalry , has
been oideicd from Pott Hancock to Fort Mc-
Lieutenant C. W. Mason , Fouith Infantry ,
has ictuincd from detached set vice to Hoiso
an acks.
The retirement of Colonel Glover PCI rln ,
ssistant smgcon general , Is announced , to
iko effect from date.
Lieutenant James , Twonty-fom th infnn-
i.x , has rellexed Lieutenant Cm son. Fifth
uvaliy , fiom dutj ns ordnance officer at
"oil Keno
Second Lieutenant Frederick Perkins ,
Mill Infantry , has been detailed to Inspect
lie issue of annuity goods to the Tongue
her Indians
Ti imps D and H , Ninth cax-iiliy , and coin-
any C.Seventh infantiy , have been ordeied
lorn the Depmtmeiit of Dakota lo Fort Mo
tinni'j' , Wj oinlng.
Fli st Lieutenant D. D Mitchell , Fifteenth
nfantij , has been detailed for recruiting
lutj- . Department of Dakota. iclieviiiK Sec-
nd Lieutenant UobeitC. Williams , Fifteenth
n futit i y.
Nchranka nnd Ion a Pensions.
xsiiiNfirov , Nov 18 [ Special Telegram
o the Hi i , ] Pensions xxere granted to the
'olloxxing Nobraskuns today : Original
ienjainin A. Hiatt , Aurora ; Gcoigo H.
luxvlej' , Yoik. Ineiease Thomas P. Jones ,
Willis Cltj" John Hhiseoek , Clnippcll.
loxxu pensions : Undid , mother of William
'laney ' , Hubb.nd. Mexican xx'.ir-Audiexv J.
Mien , Council HlulTs Helssue Abiaham J.
liber ( deceased ) , Sioux CitJ' . Oiiginul
On.itlian Hobeits. Maiengo ; Manuel Adian ,
xookuk ; John Waggoner , Fiedciieksbuig
"nci ease Silasllandnll , DCS Monies ; Thomas
x-ans , Sioux Hnplds ; Joseph A. Hansell ,
Marion ; Huivev Stewart , Corjdon ; Aimer
3 Hoggs , Claimda ; George A. Fish , Oel-
xein ; Aichlbald Freshxvuter , Fail field ;
icoigo I'hlpps , H.unbuig ; William Henry
lenkins. Leon. Heissuo Hiram Hunter ,
Ulemuiingvillo ; Daniel lloffa , Wateiloo.
Tin- Free DolUery Sjstoni.
Nov. J8. The annual icport
of Supeiintcndent Cafes , of the fieo delixcry
sj stem , shoxvs tlie number of free delixeiy
olllccs to bo Ib'J ; number of curriers cm-
iloj ed , 5,110 Cost of service dm ing the last jear $4,111 Vi'lJ ' , mi Ineie.iso of $ . ( OGM5 !
ox er the pi ex ions j ear. During the j eai car-
icis delixcred and collected 'JW104,05G
A Great Naxal KngnKcmcnt.
WxsniN.roN , Nov 18 [ Special Telegram
: o the Hi r ] The engagement is announced
of Commodore Thcodoro Nelson , chief con-
stiuctor of the nax-y , nnd Miss Cora S. Hub-
laid , daughter of the late Captain Huhbaid ,
of Ihe Hiilish nax-y. It is stated that tlio
mm i iago xvill be pi ivato uud xx ill take place
in this cltj' December 7.
Postal ChangcR.
WASHINGTON , Nox18. . [ Special Telegram
lo the Hi i 1 Valentino Povin xxas to d.iv
appointed postmaster at Tuckervllle , Custer
countj- , Neb , xco PhilipMcKeau , lemoxed.
The Smithsonian' * Now Secretary.
WXMIINOTONNov. , . 18. At a special meet
ing of the boaid of icgenls of Iho Smithson
ian institulo Prof. S P. Langlejxxas elected
soiietary of the institution to succeed the
late Pi of. S. F. Uaiid.
Amsterdam , N. Y. , JIvolted Over nn
Airollt ; < > Wc'lKliiiiK Three Tons.
AMSTLHIUM , N. Y. , Nov. 18. An ueiollto
x\-eiglilnglhiec tons dropped xvith u loud 10-
.101 1 In fiont of the Merchants' National
bank on Last Mam stieet at 11HO this moin
ing , makingadcep indentation in the giound
Cheat excitement xx-as created bj- the occur-
icitce and l.nge cioxx'ds vloxxed the iclestia !
visitor. expeits find tiaces of iron ,
nickel , aluminum and other metals on thu
The Klre Ilec-ord.
CiNciNNVTt , Nov. IS. Eaily this inoinint ,
a llio started in tlio cat jicnter shop of the Cm
cmiiati Southein tailxxaj at Ludlo\\-I\y , and
sptead xx'ith gieat lapidlty O\\ing to the
lack of xx liter and the fact Unit Ludloxv has
no Hie depaitment , the immense car and ma
chmo shops , coxering txxo ncies o
giound , xxeru totalljdestiojed , togethci
xxith all tools and madiiiieiy am
a huge number of cms and mateiials. Abou
llx-i ) bundled emploxes xxill bo tin oxx n out o
employment. Itxxill require a long time U
lebuild tlio binned piopeity. The loss can
not jet bo fuivly stated , but must exicei
$ JK,000 ( ) Ludloxv is a small village on tlu
Ohio lixer , opposite Cincinnati , and is mainlj
dependent on Southern railxxaj shops lot
emplojment of its Inhabitants
All of the buildings dcsliojed xx-ero o
xxood Onlj-aslieet separates the village
dwellings and business houses fiom UK
flames , butbj' the efforts of clti/ens with
line kets , aided bj a little hand engine of the
toxxn , kept the lite fioin binning thoxxholc
Gurtv Hxx , Wis , Nox % IS. The steamer
City of GK en Hay XXMS totallj' destiojed bj
Hie this moining. No lives xxeio lost. Tin
boat xxas valued at $10,000 and insuroi
nginnstliio lor 11,000.
National AV. C. T. U.
N snxinr , Nox18. . In the W. C. T. t
conxention to daj ono of the nnpoitnnt do
cislons xx-as the creation of a missioning
bom d to further gospel xxork in nil sections
In the afleinoon Mis. Cm so , of Chicago
sho\xcd a photogiaph of "Tempeianeo Tem
ple , " xxhieh it is pi oposod to erect tlieie. II
is to bo txxelxe stoiies high , have n toxxei
xx hich xx ill command a viexv of the entii e citj
and cost ? s'oIHX , ) . About f < ! ,0X ( ) in subscnp
tlons xxero pledged in the meeting.
Tlio evening meeting'xras devoted to tin
reports of superintenduils Agie.itmas' '
meeting xx-as held iitMiisonicbloik.addrcssei
bj Mis Hoffman , of Missouii , nnd Mrs
Lathi op , of Michigan , .on "Why Have Pro
hibition Amendments Failed in Fou
States' "
_ _
AVeather Indications.
For Nebraska : Colder , geneially fail
xxeather , fresh to bribk xvinds , generally
shifting to noithcrly.
For loxx'a : Colder , generallj- fair xveatlicr
fiesh to brisk \vlnds , generallj1 shiflinjj l (
A cold xvavo xvill extend over Mlnnesola
Dakot.i , Nebraska , loxxu und Wisconsin
The temperature xvill probably full iiO to 2 ;
degiees by Sunday mornind , xvith iilgl
nortlierlj xxinds.
A Moonshiner
ATI.XNTA , Ga , Nov. IS Kilman Jus
tuo xxas hanged at Hjxxassco today fo
the murder of James U. Goddard. Justici
xx-as a moonshiner and * killed Goddaid be
cause he thought lie had given information
leading to the discovery of his bill ! .
In Favor of Pensions.
MiNNFxi-oM" , Nov. 18. Nearly complet
relui ns of the Grand Army of the Hepubli
vote on the proj > osed dependent pension bil
has been received at the national Gram
Army of the Hcpublio headquarters in th !
ilty , and it is practically unanimous in faxo
of the bill.
Htcumnhlp Arilxals.
NEXX YOIIK , Nov _ . IS. f.S | > ecial Tclcgrai
to the HKE. ] ArrivedJ-Tho Wacsland , f roi
Antxxerp ; the Saale , fiom Hiemcu ; the Cit ,
Of ChicugOj from Livoniool. .
f t
The League and the Brotherhood
Roach an Agreement.
IMajcru Will Only lie Allowed ( o net
Jrnnk Pour Tlinen Itel'orc Get *
tlio riniil llonnc'c A'a-
rlons ltiili > H Alteied.
The Itrntlirrliood nnd tlie
Nr.xx YOIIK , Nox18 The base ball conference -
ferenco committees finished their xxoik at
i 'Jfl ' o'clock this nftcinoon and five minutes
later the league's lommittee made their
report to the convention. The discussion
that folloxvcd xvas short nnd the modified
contrail , ns agreed upon by the committees ,
xx'as adopted. Some of the most Impoitant
sections in c as folloxxs :
Section ti provides us punishment for
drunkenness * J5 foi the Hist otfense , f. ' > 0 for
the set end , * 1K ( ) for the thiul and suspension
for the lemalnder of the season for the
fourth ; that ho may bo suspended for gamb
ling. Insubordination or other dishonoi.iblo
or disreputable act.
Section H provides that in case n plaj er be
comes 111 from mitiiiiil causes tlio club may
deduct the amount of suhu.x xxhich he xxould
haxe earned during his absence , from dut.x on
such account , but that if the pla.xer
meets with nn accident in the per
formance of his dutx * and bo
incapacitated , his wages shall bo paid as if ho
xxero performing sei vice. Hut the club re
serves the right , under such circumstances ,
to release the injured placer , such iclease ,
hoxx'oxer , to bo absolute and without pieju-
Section 10 permits n club , as punishment
for insubordination or nn.x x iolation of a con-
tim t , to xxithhold from the plajei's xxagcs
not to exceed $ . " > < ) for c > ach offense.
Section 14 , in case of a xmhitlonof tlio
terms of the lontiuit , empoxxeis a club , on
leasonable notice , to teiminato the eontiact
and stop pax' , and it foi felts all claim to pay
on the part of the expelled plaxer.
Section IS , in case of violation of a con-
tnut by a club , empowers the plaj IT to ter
minate the ngieemcnt on le.isomible notice ,
and in c.iso the club .hull cease to be n mem
ber of the league , it is piovidid that the
player shall , if the right of icseivntion bo
transferred to any other club or association ,
iceeixo fiom said other club or association
at least the sumo amount in siihny as heiein
picsuibed , otheixxiso said light of icserx'a-
tlon shall foithxvith cease.
beition It ! prox-idos tlmt a plaxer shall pax *
a club f.'IO fet ills unifoim , and that the club
shall pa } the plajer's ti ax-cling expenses
xx hen axxav fiom home.
Sei tion 17 empoxxers a club to tei minute n
eontiact at xxill on ten dujs notice , the plaj er
to receixe pin for tlie ten dajs in ease ho is
not in fault for the ending of the agreement.
Sei tion IS. It is further understood and
agreed that an emplojer shall have the right
to "rescixo" a phijer for the season next en
suing the teim mentioned in the contiad ,
and said light is heieby aceotded said em
plojer upon the folloxxing conditions : 1.
That said plaj er shall not be resei x ed at a
salary less than that mentioned in this
inntiacj' except by lonscnt of said
plujor. 'J. That a plaxer , if ho isieserxed
by said einjiloj er for the next ensuing sea
son , shall be one of not more than fomtcon
plaj ers then under contract Tlmt is , hat
the light of rcscivatlon shall be limited
to that iiuml > er of plaj ers and no inoi e.
Section 30 fixes the xvagcs to be paid. This
contract is the one clraxvn up and presented
bj the biothcrhood , xvith but slight change
in phrasoologj- . Some of the changes from
the old contiaet are : Substitution in section
( i of euphemism for drunkenness ; set mini ;
of full pay for injured players ; putting of
fixed value on uniforms ; inscition in seetion
Is of that poi tion xxhich prex'ents the reser
vation of a man at less salaij- than ho shall
then bo iccciving.
Won't Admit llio Coxxliojs.
ST Pui. , Minn , Nov. 18. [ Special Tele
gram to the Hi r 1 A xx'ell posted base ball
man , talking j < stetdny about the pinposed
admission of the Kansas City club to the
AmeiicanassQii.ition , said : "Don't takeanj-
stod : In the stoij at all. C. H Hj i ne , oxvnor
Of the Hrookljn club , together \\ith txxoother
gentleman , bought 1 lief iinu hise of tlie Metio-
politan club .mil p.iid'i,0ll ( ) for it ' 1 his was a
big pi ice consideiing tlie position the Mets
held In the nssoei.ition Hjrne is eonsldeted
oneoftlie shiexxdest men eonnei ted xxith
base ball to d.iy He saxv a eh.ince to create
a rix-nliy betxveen the Mets and the Hiooklx n
team that xxould prwo a gieat di.ixving caid
and i onsequentlj' icsult in gain to
himself and therefoie bought the Mets , lint
ex on if ho does not piopose to hold the
fianchise himself ho xx-ould baldly sell
to Kansas City o\\ing to the
gieat distant e from the latter to the other as
sociation cities If Hr.xno is going to sell the
fiaiiehlsoat all it xxould go to HulTalo or
some other eustei n city. It costs moio for
ball clubs to travel noxx- than it did xxhen
Kansas C'ltj' was in the League and as that
oifranbatlon xvas compelled to diop them it is
hiuhlv impiobable that tlie association xvill
take the Coxxboxs in aftei the League's ex
perience. "
II : > ix
Txx-o NctjropH FlKlil to SntlNfy a Olrl
Whom HoUi IJOVP.
Sxv ANTONIO , TexNox - . 18. A no\-el
duel occurred on the outsknts of the city
this morning. Scopj- Jones and Abe Smith
are txvo j-oung negioes aged seventeen nnd
eighteen rcspecti\-olv , and black as Hiebus.
Tliey are in lox-ti xvith the same duslcy dam
sel , each piessmg his suit xxith all the eain-
estncbs and vigor diaiaetenstk of the negin
laie The girl induced them to decide as to
xx ho should have her bj lighting a duel. The
loxeis actordinglj lepaired to tlio clmpairal
xxest of the i-ity this moining with icxolvers
and seconds , txventj paces xxere steppul ol !
and at the xxord both revol\-eis weie dis
charged , Seopv falling to the ground xvith u
Its caliber bullet in his stomach The other
man es ( aped unhurt , and XXMS subsequently
ai tested and Jailed. Scopj xxill die.
A Sxxcdo Ijahoror'H Terrlhlo Death. .
Hum , la , Nov H [ Special Telegiamtr
the HIT ] John Nelson , a Sxxede , xxa =
killed last cxcning Ho xx-as at xxoiK for T
P Cinflln , Hex-en miles southeast of Hutt ,
helping bore a xxell xxith a sxxeep xxill augur
Nelson xxas diiving the team , xxhen tin
augui stiuck a rock and the team stopped sc
suddenly that they xx-ero tin oxx n back anil
tht * sxxeop llexv back xvith nxxful foice , sink
Ing Nelson on the Jaxx- , tearing ills chcolj
open , diiving a Ijnih pin Into his lirad am :
hi caking his neck , producing Instant death
Nelson had onlj- been afexv months in Amer
lea and bus no ielatix-es on this side.
Will Ualse the Quarantine.
DES MOINIS In , Nox * IS [ Special Tele
gram to the HIT ] - The state board o :
health in session hero to day formally rec
ommended to the governor the advisability
of raising the cattle quarantine against th (
state of Illinois except as to that pait of I
xvhich included Chicago , the Union stod
vards and some adjoining cattle resoits . li
is expected that tlio governor xvill issue i
proclamation to that eflect to-uiono\\- .
I'lopcd With a Colored Man.
CHXI.XNP , la , Nov IS The iieighboihooi
of Dennlson is excited ox-er the elopement o
Mrs Hemy Hloomdale , the xvife of a piomi
nent farmer , xxith a negro named Davidson
xxho xxas xxorking on the farm The xx-omar
was xve.ll connected and had all the comfort
of life Her strange action In lunning of
xx ith the negro cannot bo accounted for. Sh (
left three buiall children.
The Arenmlorf Trial.
Sioux Cur , la. , Nov. 18. The taking o
testimony in tlie Arcnsdorf trial goes oi
sloxvly , "Nfithine nexv Is tobexold from tin
t \vltne85C3 ol to-day.
i : TiiAonnv IN WYOMING.
Txxo Men Killed In n DlHpnto Over n
Ijiind rialni.
LOIUIIF , Wjo , Nox18 [ Special Tele
gram to tholU.K ] Particulars have been 10-
ceixed hero of a llelit over n disputed land
claim bctxx-een Jcsso MePoxx ell and ( Jcorgo
Hlrd , which resulted in the killing of Hird
and ono of his hired men by McDowell. The
killing occuried tlility live miles south of
Lai anile , near the Colorado line. Hiid had
pie emptetl u piece of land on xxhich Me-
Dnxxell lived. Ho xx-as making no Im
provements and xxas not compljing
xvith the law. MeDoucll tiled a
homestead entry on the sumo Innd and had
hauled some logs to build ft house and fence
on It. Hird had his hired man cut up the
logs. Yostoiday MoUowell hauled some
more timber and xx bile doing so xvas met by
Hlrd , xvho threatened to cut up the logs and
kill him Hlid lifted tils illlo to his shoulder
and the lilted man rnise'd an u\o , xvhen Mc
Dowell , lifting his iltlo half way to his shoul
der , Hied ono shot nt Hlid and another at the
nil ed man Hoth shots xxero fatal Itfdingto
a neighboi ingranch , McDoxxell , aftersending
a puity to biing in the bodies , borrowed it
saddle hoise and idle Into Laiamlo Citj.
whole ho delixeied himself up to SlieiifT
Sterling. Hiid xxas a maiiied man , Ills
fnmilj consisting of a xxlfo and ono son The
name of his hired man , xxho met death xxith
him , is not known McDowell is unmarried ,
has lived in this vieinltx oxer fifteen JCMIS , Is
xxell cdtitated and has bin no a good leputn-
tion. Shot iff Steiling , xvith tint count x at *
tornej'and eoioner , left for the seeno of the
tragedy at noon today und xvill i olui n to-
moi i oxx- .
1'aii bin- } ' Grand Military Hall In
Honor of Governor Thajcr.
rxituit IM , Neb , Nox18 [ Special Tele-
pram to the HKP ] The grand military ball
of compiny I ) , of the Second leglment , in
lionor of Cioxeinor John M Thajer and his
tuff , xvhich took place at the opeia house
ast evening , xxas the ex-en t of the season
Oxer txxo hundred couples xxeie pioscnt The
allies' di esses xxeie stiikingly handsome.
The hull XXMS dccoiatcd x-eiy clabo-
ate'ljand the music xxas the xery
best. fiOxeiiiorTliaxei and Mis Lieutenant
Jeorgo K .lenken led the gland miueh foi
oxx ed Adjutant A. V Cole and
Mis Lieutenant W L 1 'mei son Cole , n M
Cornell nnd Mis N A Millet nnd Captain
C M Muidock and Miss Umma Peaison
The esioit consisted of Colonel C' N
'hilllps. of.thc rust regiment. M.iJorOiorgo
Cioss Captain C S Hills , Lieutenant N L
r'meison , Lieutenant ( ieoigo 12 .tonkin , Hum hot Piominent gen-
Ilemen fiom .ill ovei the state xxeie pic'sent
After the leception to the goxeinor and stall
the dancing xxas continued to n late bom.
No I'lKtallH Can I'riictioi * Ili'l'orc New-
York * B Supreme Conit.
Ni \ \ YOIIK , Nov. Ib The general tcim of
ho supreme couit to day lef used to admit
[ long Yen Chang , a ioung Chinaman , as a
member of the bar , ho having passed ex
amination. The application xx. is denied on
the giound that ho xxus not a citizen and In
spite of the act passed by tlio last legislature
'Authori/mg the supieme couit to xxaixo his
[ illen.iu'e " Justice Van Hui nt said that the
legislatuie could not compel the lourt to do
iinj thing they had no right to do. Sub-
< cuont ( ) to the lefusal Chung filed citizenship
apers , and the geneial teim xxill noxv liavo
to consider them. Justice Van Urunt xxas of
the opinion that since congiess passed the
net relating to Chinese subjects none could
be naturalized.
A Circular to .Mlner.M.
PITTMU no , Nov. Ib. A circular is noxv
being piepaicd by the scci jof the Tedcr-
iitlon of Miners and Mine Laborers to the
miners , organized and unorgani7od , of the
countiy. Ii xvill pi ovido that no stnko shall
bo oidered In the fiituie xvithmit the consent
of both the federation nnd the mineis distiut
assembly Knights of Labor. In ease of a
stnko the oigiiiu/.ition haxing n majoiit.x in
the distilct xx licit ! it oitins shall lew upon
both oigaui/atuins 'the txx-o boatds xxill
meet in this city in I\biuaix to consider tlio
icplj of thu Illinois Immidiati'lx fulloxxin , ;
this meeting a geneial deli gate eonxeiition ( it
ill the mineis in thoeountij xxill bo held in
\ \ inning.
Nnxv YOIIK , Noxis [ Special Telegram to
the Hi r ] A storv stalled last evening that
nt the Union club , nt a session OX-IT
jeccntlj in the can ! loom , Mr Allen Thoin-
jjxko Klie. of the Noith Ameiican lexicxx- ,
xxon $ ' r > , ( K)0 ) fiom Mr. Pieuo Loilll.ud Mr
line himself said amiably the story xxas
iidknlous nonsense , and they might as
xx ell ci edit him xvith winning $1M(0K)0 ( ( ( ) as
jJ'i KH ) . Iii his xaimus formsof polite and
liastj denial Mr Hue \\ent so far as to say
that theio xxas "nothing in it , " but did not
sajjcs to the ijueij if this meant Hint lie had
nex-er xx-on a laige sum of money fiom Mr Lorilhud tlio
i epoi ter could not find.
Pauline HallV Suit.
Nr.w YOIIK , NoxIS ( Special Telegram
to the Hi u J Pauline ricdericker Schmld-
gull White1 , knoxx n to the public as Pauline
Hall , of the Casino company , lias brought
suit for sepaiation fiom her husband , I'd-
inuni ! H. White , an Englishman of some
means It is possible the husband may hi ing
counter suit becunso of vauotis distuibing
icxdations IH ought to his attention xxhilo
nbioad Miss Hull sues on the giound of
abandonment , though the husband sax s his
tup abiond is on business and xxith no inten
tion of abandoning her.
Adx.inrc Sheelh of Anarchism ,
ClIK Xin , Nov IS The advance sheets of
Anarchist Pai sons' book , entitled "Aniiich-
ism Its Philosophy nnd Sdentille Hasis , "
xxiittcn in pnson piexious to his execution
foi being an accessory to tlio Hajmaiket
massacre , xxeie issued hero this evening
The tone of llio xxoik is tndiuilod by
the authoi's < Ucl. nation almost at tin
outset that the constitution of the United
States is a compiornise , the basis uf xvhich
x\-as the question. "What matters it xxlit thet
jou gixo food and clothes to a slave dnei t oi
xxhelherjou gixc him enough in xx-ages to
pui chase the samel"
Taking Chars' * ol'JMoi nion Klfec-tH.
SXIT LXKP , Utah , Nov. Ib Kcceivoi
United States Maishal D.xer today tool )
charge of the effects of tlio Perpetual Knii-
gtatton society The assets xxero nominally
J.V-'j.Stt in notes und accounts , with a credit
of f 107,874 , to the trustee in trust and a large
safe full of papeis Thoiecords shoxv that
at a confeicnie scx-eral jears ago the churd
"forgaxe" debts duo this bocieity to UK
amount of f5lllM 4tt.
A Ni'xxspaper's CIOHP Call
Gonpox , Neb , Nov 18 [ Special Telcgrair
to the Hen ] A dynamite bomb xvas placed
in a broken panel of the door of the Goi dot-
He ! aid oflico last night with inlent to bloxv
up the building 'J'he fuse xx-as dofcctixo .mi
it did not explode.
Suicide or u Woman.
Sin.Nhi , Neb , Nov. 18 [ Special Tele
grain to the HKE ] Mrs Nellie Ha/cn , agci
txventyilvc , committed suicide jcstordaj
mornitiK at Laxvicnce Toiks by t.iklni ,
strychnine. No cause is assigned foi the r.tsi
Conductors In Contention.
CUICAOO , Nov. 18. The Katlxvrty hassengei
and FrciuUti Conduttori' Mutual Aid am
BefltSt association began its thirtwnth an
nuftl convention hero to-day , routine businesi
being UuutacUd. '
His Lnst Address on Amoricnn Sol ]
Before Expatriation Forovor.
I'ool-Hoom Men Caused flic Death o (
the Hoinlt-'l'liio\xiT Ills Omalia
I'ldjieily nnd ItB
Ureat Value.
Train In
r , Me , Nov IS. Cltl/on Georg
rianeis Tiiiin honoicit thisttnxn xxith his
"lust address on Amciican soil before ex.
palliation forevei. " His audience xxas very
small , but he assuted them the lectmc xxould
bo Jusl as good as though it xxeio larger , and
he had no doubt U compilsed all the bialns
of the toxxn His theino XMIS "I'nlxeisal
Knoxx ledge , " and he spieatl all over the
Held anil eonsideiablj bejond It. Ho
told of his Intioduttton ot Tmkish
baths into It eland , and how the bath
had benefited him Ho hadn't sneered
for ftiurlein jcais His giandfather xxas
lev CJeorge Phkeung , of Massachusetts.
Ho "xxas siied bj the levolution and claimed
by the people , " and litTtnln ( ) xxas left alone
and an orphan in Noxx Orleans When four
.xeaiH old ho xxas labeled and sent to Boston.
Ho dossed the Atlantic foi tj seven times ,
had been three limes around tlio xxoild , and
had "seen tlnough more kox holes than most
men in burnt ! light " Ho nexer duink ,
gambled , slole , lied or belonged to Hoeehor'a
chinch ; therefore ho xxas called a lunatic.
In U < r > : t ho oxvned ships. Ho sold Mosc's H
( Irinnell a tihlp for ? ' , HtKK ) , > in 1S.VI He had
Jii.IKH ) ton clippers on everj son at that time
Ho xxent mound thexxorld in eighty iluxn ,
ano Jules Yerno xxioto up the x ox ago. Hu
laid the Hist tiamxxajs in Kngiand , and
had six doxvn befoio England knexv he was
In the country Then thej toie them up
He diiekmated .them , hovxexer , by build
ing the Noithein Pncillc He told
of his astoundinir good luck in Oinnlid
lots. He had HI.IHKI lots tlieie xxhich
his pnx.ite sc'cutiiij Infoims him , nrexxoith
J0 ( KKHKI ) , ( , nnd the beaut j of it xvas ho hade
o piiv no Intel t st or tuxes , and his moi tu-aut's
ant bo foiei losetl bctause tliotouit had
U-daicd him a lunatle He thought it paid
io be n lunatic He said among other thing )
that the Mohaxvk Indians nexer destiojed
the tea in Huston bin hoi , but that 1,100 men
fiom DDK hi stei Heights , undei Washing'
'on , cat ricd it to John Ham oi k' stole , and
lie Hiiltl it
The most tmpoitnnt infni nintion Citizen
Tiain impaited XMisthat Lmgg theannri hist ,
i\as killed In a pool loom icmspliacx. They
mil bet $ IIOXK ( ( > that Lmgg would die. rear
ing tlmt lie might bo rcpiii xed , tliej man-
nged to haxo his oil lump replaced In a can-
illo in xxhichiis coiKenlcd the fatal bomb.
As the anaichist sat bx the i audio lending it
xploihd Mr Tiain niisxveicd that ho xxiifi
going to St. John and had 'scintclied doxxn a
shoit pnem , " xxhidi he ] no < iided to I cud ,
Tollcm mg is the i losliiK x ei so
Sir John McDonald is old I'm ml ,
Old f i lend of mine xlmo ilft x one ;
So let Su John stand bx Sir John ,
Dominion chieftain to the end ,
( ! ue me huge blacliboind in Toxxn hall
On txxentx third , nnd I xxill slioxv
Him bom ds of trade can malic poit groxv
Hexond its old time natal xxall
"Weio I not leaving nntixc land foioxer , "
he said in conclusion , "I xxould offer you
* 1,000,0K ( ) cash in hand for prox lines. "
Fatal Wreck on the ChcHapeakc &
Ohio In Kentucky.
Lorisxn.iF , Nov IS. The engineer and n
br.ikeman of tinln No. 10 xxeic killed by an
accident on the Chesapeake. t Ohio South-
xxestern inilioiid near PadtK.ib , Kj' , thin
moining. The engine xas piecipitated Intou
cieek fiom a treslle , the suppoits of xvhli h
had burned nxx.ijThe eonduitor and an *
other bitikemau xxeio sei lousljinjuied. .
H < " .semer Sleel
PIT TSUI mi , NoxIS ' 1 ho confeitnco bo-
txx ecu the Hessemer mil manufiictuiers ol
the countiy , of x\likh theio nio txxeh'o in
number , is exciting xxidespioad interest. It
has been definitely and aiithoutlvoly stated
tlmt nil the manufnctureis haxo decided to
order n general suspension of xxork und tlmt
xxhilo the time has not been fixed , it is ex
pected that it xxill ixciir the 1st ot Dei ember.
The i ause of tlio suspension is the unsatis-
fin toix londition of the tail maiket The
nminifactmeis say that pines innnot bo 10-
dm cd oing to the high xxagcs and tales de
manded fui 01 o
theJiand Trnnk'H Cut.
Nnxx YOIIK , Nuv IS At a meeting of the
Joint committee of th" ti link lines lo day lo
consider the cut made by the Ginnd Trunk
on dicssed beef and expuit linfllo November
14 , it xxas resolved thai the Grand Tiunli
rates bo adopted as n basis of the nites of thu
Joint ( ommlttco , xvith furthei modifications
of cattle and other tanffs made mnessnry
theieby , the same take elf eel Nox-ember lii.
It xxas also lesolxed if the Grand Trunli
make any fui ther changes the chairumn of
the Joint ( omniitteo is empoxxeied to Usuo
nexx tanffs to conform tlieiclo.
Ni-xx Yoik Central Time Table.
Ni YOIIK , Nox18. . On Sunday next the
Nexv Yoi k Centi al railroad xx ill adopt a nexv
time table , the feature of xxhich may rexix-o
the fast time rix'alry between the liunk
lines. Tlio night express lias foi scveial left heie at 8 IB p m. On nnd after
the''Oth inst the ti am xvill Icavo at 11.30 p.
m and xxill i each Chicago at the same time
the b IT ti.iin did , theiebj' shoitenlng the
running lime Unco hours and fifteen min
Most Hailed.
Nrxv YOIIK , Nox1'J .lohan Most has
been released on $1,500 ball. When Most
xx'as arraigned in the court of general ses
sions n xx'oman named Ida Hoffman , who
said she xx-as the wife of a phjsldun , an
nounced shexvas piesent to give ball for
Most. She xx-as accepted and the trial xx us
set toi the 'JJd.
A Propeller Stiunded.
HurrAi.0 , NoxIS A special dispatch
states Unit the piopeller Pacific stranded to
day txxcnly miles xx'cst of White l-'ish Point ,
Lake Superior She xx-as lumber laden and
bound doxvn. The steamer was built in
Cleveland in 1 ' Ol , and XXMS valued at fci-i.lKX ) .
She xxas oxxned by Cook A , Wilson , of Michi
gan City , Ind.
Hnsinchs Troubles.
NKXV YOIIK , Nov 18 Tlio creditors of
Mitchell , Yance & Co yestciday accepted
the offer from Mr ( Mitchell , xxho proposed lo
pay BO per cent of the claims and organize a
company xxhiih xxill assume the liabilities of
tlio old < oncerii and gl\-o notes secured by
moitgsige for the other W ) per cenl
HIUM.O , Nov 18 Auslln M Kdxvards ,
Jexxcler , made an -signment this moiiilng.
Tiioonly p.-eferi-f c ! creditors are cmploj-e .
Judgments against Kdxvurds for over ti.OOO
In favor of Minnie H Edwards xvcre taken
in the supeilor couit by default.
I/lenteiiant Taunt on Trial.
NKXV YOIIK , Nov IS LicutCJiont Taunt ,
xvho xvas on tlio Cicely iclief exK | > ditlon , xvaj
placed on trial yesteidaj' wt the brooklj n
nax-j1 yards , chargfd xvith absence xvlthoul
leave and disobedience of ordcis. The lieu
tenant claims ho xvas HI , suffering from fever , and xx-as unfit for duty.
A Dead Irish Patriot.
NMX Voi.u , Nax * , IS. John J , Bieslin , i
xx ell knoxvnlrlhh patriot , died this tnorninj
of disease of IUO UVOr. '