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The City Loft Without a Supply
of Gas.
Holds nnd Churches Partially Ijcfl In
PnrktiCNH HcNorlliiu to the
-t Tallow Ili and Depend-
C ent on Coal Oil.
1 The City Without Gnu.
The gas works people broke the sanctity of
> Biibbnth yesterday In nn cnilcuvor to ubldo
' by the commnnds of the Great Creator Issued -
sued some years ago regarding "Let there bo
, „ light. " In the primitive and by-gono days of
these orders thcro was no Intricate
* machinery , damaged nnd warped by flre
to combat the Ingenuity and patience of man ,
and consequently the mutter of bringing
forth light was then much easier
accomplished , as will bo verified by
the gas company. Saturday's flro
demoralized the plant on Eleventh
street , and shut oft the supply for the street
lamps and the patrons of the company , for
a few hours on Saturday night the company
tried diligently to furnish the illuminate , but
without avail nnd long before midnight gave
up the task. No time was lost In repairing
the damage , and long before the charred and
blackened interior of the works hud ceased
steaming nnd smoking a small
tinny of men were put to work
on the bent iintl broken pipes and lire
scorched apparatus. The men worked with
a will throughout the night and all day yes
terday with the expectation that the furnaces
could be lighted mid the gas again turned on
into the mains. Hut the task was beyond
their best energies and when the shades of
night began to gather It found the city with
out a supply of the illuminating commodity ,
and never before in the history of Omaha
have candles met with such a profuse exhibi
tion of reverence and eoul oil deemed a pretty
good light after all.
Hy no means , however , was the city left In
total darkness , The elcctrie and Incandescent
lights came to a partial roHcue , and where
they were in use lighted up the gloom as It
were. Churches , hotels and places of amuse
ment were greatly embarrassed. The I'uxlon
proprietors being possessors of their own
electric light plant experienced no difficulty
in lighting up the rotunda nnd dining room
of the building , but when it came tc
furnishing a glim for the rooms of
their guests considerable trouble was
experienced. Tallow candles were resorted
to , and as each guest stepped up to the office
desk to get his key ho was handed u candle
with instructions how to use It. Many laugh'
able remarks were exchanged , and the
wicked and story telling drummer took ad
vantage of the occasion to reel off a yarn. It
Is understood that the Paxton proprietors hv
tend to fortify themselves against future ac
cidents of this description by extending their
electric lights to every room in the house.
The Mlllnrd proprietors did everything ir
their power to overbalance the annoyance ,
nnd succeeded pretty well. As Clerk Duven
ixjrt refused to loan his diamond for a head
light In the dining room two strong and pow
erful electric lights were put in , nnd unothei
located in the rotunda. The guests bad tt
get along with candles in their rooms. Can
dies wore also used at the Arcade , Windsor
Merchants and the other hotels.
In business places where gas was usct
solely , the proprietois took prccau
lions to locate candles am
lamps on the shelves as u guard ngainsi
burglars nnd stationed their clerks in tlu
stores to wait upon nocturnal customers am
'welcome them with u dose of cold lead if the
circumstances demanded.
The German theatrical performance ad
vertised for Uoyd's opera house was jwst
lioncd owing to a lack of gas. Ticket pur
chasers wcro informed that they could eithe :
have their money refunded or couio tigaii
Wednesday night , when the piny will bo prc
scntcd. The house is sold to-night fo :
"Dixey , " and If the management find by till :
morning that gas cannot bo furnished , the ;
will put In incandescent lights in time fo
the entertainment to proceed.
Manager Jones , of the Grand opera house
Is on the alert nnd assures the public that lh' '
liouso will bo lit up to-night , gas or no gas
Locomotive headlights and calcium light
Will bo the illuminators.
The usual Sunday night entertainment
took place atMctz's and the People's theatre
these halls being furnished with the electri
Services wore postponed in the most of th
churches , but the congregations of the West
minister Presbyterian and First Hnptia
churches prayed and praised by the aid of o
The newspaper nnd telegraph ofllccs als
came In for their share of trials and tribuli
tlons. Coal oil was substituted for th
dearly departed gas in the Hnn cstablisl
ment , nnd this paper was gotten out by th
aid of the wick and the sweet smelling stufi
At a Into hour lust night a IJuu reporte
visited the BUS works and was assured by th
men in charge that there would be an abuntl
ant supply of gas to-night. The damage
pipes and machinery have been repaired an
Jlre.s have been lit in several of the furnace :
If necessary , gas in an unpurifled form coul
have been furnished last night , but the mat
ngoment decided It best to hold off and giv
their patrons the pure quill to-night. Hi
pairs on the building will go on wlthoi
delay und no more trouble Is looked fur.
A LnrKC Meeting at the Ilnrkc
Yesterdny Further Movements.
The enthusiasm manifested by the nctl\
workers of the Omaha press in favor of
permanent press club was dcmonstrnt <
yesterday afternoon at the meeting nt tl
Darker hotel. There was a largo number i
newspaper men present nnd each one hi
valuable suggestions to offer. The intere
manifested was most gratifying nnd with
the next month the club will undoubtedly 1
quartered in as line rooms as those occupii
by any similar organization in the countr
The constitution nnd by laws again came i
for argument ntid the Interpretation ngrei
upon was , that to constitute an active mci
bership a member must bo either a regul
salaried employe of the public press
Omaha or a regular contributor to the loc
papers. Local correspondents to forcij
papers , if not regularly employed on loc
journals are ineligible to membership.
The board of directors was elected nmlco
Blsts of the following gentlemen. Messi
Gregory , Snydcr , King , O'Hrien , nnd Cotti
The board nro empowered to control t
finances of the organization and look after i
matters pertaining to thu welfare of thu clu
All leases and contracts must bo audited 1
A committee consisting of Messrs. Rth
Pomeroy nnd Hallott. together with t
directors , constitute the rooms commitu
They are to make a Until report ut the no
meeting. In all probability club rooms
the new Paxton block ut the corner of Si
teen nnd Pnrimm streets will bo selected ,
Mr. Paxton bus offered the most liberal
The financial condition of the club Is ir
most excellent condition. A large amount
money Is already In the treasury and mn
of the prominent gentlemen of the city ha
sent in liberal contributions. Thcro will
no lack of funds , us every merchant and cl
ren in the city arc heartily In favor of u prt
club. By its maintenance the people
Omaha will liavo better newspapers and t
newspaper men will bo moie watchful th
ever of the city's Interests.
Mr. E. C.Snyder , of the Excelsior , Is t
secretary of the club nnd till applications I
membership or communications must be t
dressed to him. By u unanimous vote ho
authorized to nccept or reject the npplli
tions for membership , All eligible
become charter members must sign the e <
stltution und pay their Initiation fee of 10
or before Wednesday , November 10.
After a vote of thanks was passed to
Bulsch for courtesies extended an adjoin
ment was taken until Sunday next. 'I
club will meet at the same place , iu the p
lors of the Barker house at 8 o'clock p. i
when the flnnl details will bo decided upon
1 \v. O. T. U. Bay of Prayer.
Yesterday was the second day 9f prayer
tU W. 0. T. U. all over the world , and
WM properly observed In Omahu. In
' mass nu
oTiildren's tsmpercnce
* tftornoon a
[ ' ' u- - . ti M ni. the flrrt Baptist cbur
Ik *
corner of Fifteenth nntl Davenport. Mrs. O.
W. Clnrk presided , and addresses on the evil
effects of liquor and tubacco wore delivered
by the Huv. W. .T. Hursrm , Mr. McLuod and
Mr. Dnlc. In the evening temperance ser
vices wore held nt the Uiioklnptiain , on Dodge
street , between Twelfth and Thirteenth , over
which Mr. William Vim Huron presided.
Among other things planned , It was decided
to orgunfoc loyal leirlons all over the city , to
gather into them all the children possible ,
and impress upon their uiluds the evil of In
Itoail From I lie International
Association V. M. C. A.
At the afternoon services of the Young
Men's ' Christian association yesterday after
noon reports were read from the ofnVors of
the International association. Figurewcro
produced showing the organization to be rap
idly growing throughout the United States
and Canada , and an unprecedented increase
in membership during the past year. To
keep pace with the work additional
secretaries have been found necessary ,
and it now requires the whom
tlmo of foiutcen to do the work
accomplished by one a fewycais ago. The
labors of the International board requires the
outlay of a largo sum of money , which Is
contributed by the Vandorbilts , of New
York : Wnnnamukcr , of Philadelphia ; Mc-
Cormlclc and mother , of Chicago , and others
throughout the country in $1XH ( ) contribu
tions annually , besides amounts subscribed
by the members and friends of local organi
sations. Yesterday $15 was collected at the
services and the secretary has enough prom
ised from business men to swell the amount
to * . " > < ) , which will bo forwarded to the treas
urer of the international association , Omaha
sent &M lust year.
To-night the new officers of the local or
ganisation will hold their llrst meeting and
the annual supper will occur the llrst Tues
day In .December.
A Valuable Invent Ion.
Charles J. Beckimm , of Council
Bluffs , In. , him completed a 550 foot ,
three-rail tubular fouco for Mr. .Lllu h ,
city treasurer , corner of Arbor and
South Twelfth streets ; a 180 foot fence
of the same kind for Mr. Michael Dee ,
corner of KluvoiithmulCnstellnrstreels ;
also a 111 foot two-rail fence for Mr. Dee
at the South Omaha cemetery. They
all have the patent "Locking
Bracket. " By the use of this device
which is Mr. Becknum's own patent
on any kind of fence , picket bar or pas
pipe , any panel can bo readily removed
and firmly replaced again , or' the entire
fence moved to home other place with
out damage , as the bracket protects the
end of the rail where it joins the po t.
This protection prevents rotting of a
wooden rail and gives the advantage of
putting the full btrongth of the rail in
side the bracket. No nails are used ,
therefore , no split rails where they join
the post. Address C. J. Bookman , 728
Seventh avenue , corner South Eighth
street , Council Bluffs , la.
OcorRC Francis Train Finally Leaves
For Canada.
It looks us though George Francis Train
was in dead earnest when ho threatened to
expatriate himself In case the condemned
anarchists wcro hung. Yesterday the fol
lowing telegram from the eccentric financier
was received by Mr. George P. IJotnis , of this
city :
Nr.w YOUK , Nov. 12. To George P. Hcmis ,
Omaha : Expatriation to-night forever.
Just off for St. Johns , N. li. See World.
George Francis Train.
The First Union 1'nclllt ! Fast Train.
The first fast overland truin over the Union
Pacific left Omaha last night at precisely
S0 : , the schedule time. The train consisted
of the engine and pight cars one postal , one
inggnge , one express , two passengers , one
juffet and two sleeping cars. No second-
class passengers were allowed. The train
, vas under the charge of Conductor P. J.
Pail-barns , one of the most efllcient officers in
: hc company's employ. All of the employes
on the train arc picked men , und arc consid
ered by the company us thoroughly capable
and trustworthy. The brakemen were W. J.
Murphy nnd J. W , . Quigley. Both of these
are experienced men und fully understand
their business. The conductor of the buffet
and two Pullman sleepers was Mr. W. Bolls ,
R. C. Logan , W. II. Warner , I ) . Horton and
B. II. Craig wcro the porters of the Pullmans ,
The mail ngents were J. E. Cramer , M. G ,
Cole , U. La Fontaine nnd L. K. T.vson.
The engine's number was 825 , u heavj
draft machine. It was under the charge ol
A. L. Johnson , who was accompanied by his
fireman , Andrew Nicklejohn.
The bullet car runs through to Portland ,
There wore forty-one thiotigh und sixty-eight
local passengers.
"The Overland Itotitc. "
tlio only line carrying the United. State ;
overland mail , inaugurated its double
dully fast train service , " The Overlain'
Flyer , " to Kansas City , Portland , Sm
Fraiicibco , Los Angeles and till Califor
niti points , mtikiug the time from the
Missouri river to the Paeilio const in 71
hours. Elegant Pullman palace cai
sleepers nnd modern day coaches on at
through trains. Katiug houses uro nov
under the supervision of the company
and meals are unsurpassed. Third clas :
passengers wishing to take advantagi
of low i-iitcs will still bo carried on UN
regular through trains that have free
family and excursion sleepers. For fur
ther information , address
General Passenger and Ticket Agent
Omaha , Neb.
Wanted a Full Knit.
Carl Stuckter , n German who has just Hr
Ished n term in the countyjail was renrrosto
yesterday for stealing iv pair of pantaloon
from a store on Tenth street. IIo hadbougli
a coat and vest thcro the day before , an
While the propiictor'b back was turned mar
ngcd to slip n pair of pants under bis coai
Tint garment was missed shortly afterwards
and fiom the description given of tbo sui
posed thief , Sergeant Hn/o ran him down i
a few hours with the stolen article in hi
possession. Ho will doubtless bo give
chance to renew his acquaintance with Jo
Miller , thu county Jailer.
A Speolal Polio-man Arrested.
J. U , Pierce , a special policeman , was ni
rested yesterday on the charge of larceny c
nn overcoat belonging to Tom McGlnnK
Pierce WUH wearing the overcoat at the tlm
of his arrest. Ho says ho had no idea thu
the garment was n stolen one and nsseri
that some unknown party exchanged th
coat for his last Thursday evening while h
was busily engaged attending to some polk
V. M. C. A. AVeek of Prnjer.
This week Ib the week of prayer of the
M. O. A. nil over the United States an
Canada , and the association of this city wi
ob nrvo the sumo In a fitting mannc
Prayer meetings will bo hold every noon i
the V. M. C. A. quarters , from 12:15to : 12:51 :
ulso In the evening fioiu S to 9.
A HmlliiiK Prize.
L. 3. Anderson , 1C1S Dodge slroe
Omaha , Nob. , holds the lucky numbe
70,11 ! ! , that won $20,000. How is th
for Omaha. Solil by
M. OTTAXP & Co. ,
General Agents ,
310 South 15th st. , Omaha , Nub. , an
010 Main at. , Kwisivs City , Mo.
After Ills Hrothcr's Kcinalns.
A brother of John Kearney who full dea
near Howcll's lumber yard last Suturda
has been heard from and will bo heie th
morning to look after the remains. Tl
body will bo taken to Chicago for intermen
Foil in a Trench.
One of the horses attached to car No. 431
f the Tenth sticet line whllo crossing a tci
porary brldgn ut * the corner ef Tenth ai
B Hiirnoy streets yesterday morning , fell In
the excavation made by tbo cable peoyl
The "animal was re u 4 without Iftjuq- , .
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never varies. A ninrdcl of puri
ty , slrciiKtli uml wliolewimrnt'ss. store econom
ical tlmn the ordinary kinds , nnd rnnnot be
Holtt In competition with the imiltltudo of low
rost. short weight alum or phoxpliatu powders.
Sold onlv In cans. Hoyal linking 1'owcler Co. ,
10(1 ( Wall St. . New York.
A Demonstration Canned by an An-
arehlst Ilanner.
A couple of anarchists living on Twenty-
sixth street , near Harris ft Fisher's packing
house , elevated on their shanty yesterday n
red ilag , draped with crape , In mourning foi
the four executed anarchists. The flag had
been up but a short time when a largo crowd
gathered , mainly toughs , who began to make
preparations to raid the house with brick
bats and clubs. Some of the more sober-
minded ones telephoned to tbo police station
about tbo impending trouble , and the patrol
wagon , with a squad of six policemen , was
sent to the scone. On arriving on the spot
the officers determined that the best way to
avoid the threatened row was to remove the
cause. Accordingly they climbed to the top
of the house and took down the crimson
rag , umld the loud cheering ol
tbo crowd. For a few moments
their delight over the supposed harmony ol
sentiment of the police caused them to act
more like madmen than rational beings , and
they almost trampled each other under foot
in their efforts to rush forward to aid in the
arrest of the anarchists. It was with diffi
culty that the police finally drove the crowd
back. When it was discovered thcro were
to be no arrests , the disgust of the would-be
mobbcrs was expressed in the most emphatic
terms , and was a source of great amusement
to tbo police. The red flag was taken to the
police station and stored among the relics.
James P. Hill , of St. Paul , Neb. , is visiting
friends in tbo city.
Henry Morgan , of Rawlins , Wyo. , is nt the
stock exchange.
The policemen's ball takes place or
Wednesday evening.
Miss Mattie Polk , of Plattsmouth , is visit
ing friends in South Omaha.
It is rumored that a Chicago firm wil'
establish a glue factory here at an curly date
John Zieglcr died ut the residence of hi1
son-in-law , Howard Meyers , of the Soutl
Omaha National bank , yesterday morning
aged seventy-six years. Notice of the
funeral will appear this afternoon.
Its superior excellence proven In millions c
homes for 111010 than a quarter ot a century. :
Is used by the United States Government. Ei
rtorMMl by the heads of the great uulveriltlos , i
the Strongest , 1'm-eet nnd Most Healthful. D
1'rlce'H thu only Biking 1'owiler thiit does n <
contain Ammonia , Mine or Alum. Sold only 1
cans. PniCKllAKiM ) I'owuuu Co. ,
New Voik , Chicago , St. I.olll
QOU ) XEOAL , PABI8,1871
Warranted abtoluttly pur
Cocoa , from which the cxccaa o
Oil liaa been rcmoTcd. It boa thrt
time I the ttrtngth of Cocoa mtxe
with Btarch , Arrowroot or Sugai
and l > therefore far more econoui
cal , catting Itti than one cint i
cup. It In delicious , nourishing
etrengthenlng , eaally digested , an
admirably adapted for Invalids i
well as for persons lu health.
Sold by Oruecrs tTtrytrhcrB.
& CO. . Oorcbostera
Proprietor Omaha Business College ,
Book-Keeping , Penmanshii
Commercial Liw , Shorthand , Telegraphing
and Typewriting.
Send for College Journal.
S. E. Cor. 1flth and Canltal Avn.
Mention thu Omaha llee.
! > , combined. Uuarajurrilt
' only ono In tba world trcnarnUi
_ _ _ rontlnuoua XlKtHe < Haunt
f - turrnt. giUntlOc.fowcrtuI , Ior b :
"Comfort > t > la * ii < i Itf rtUe. ATOM ( ram
. - Ov rn.0oocur ( t. ErniiStamp forpamtthl
f th Ixxlj enlarged and strenetlfned. Pull partU
olari ( icalcd ) ( rre. JtlllE UKI ) , CO. . Buffalo , N. 1
S , T. U.iLURJnaK . A ,
Physician and Surgeon ,
ODlce , Cor. Uth anil Faniftjn Sts , HeMilcnoe , 3
Vurnuin St. Hours , V to 11 a. m. , - to fi p. in.
- .
Surgeon and Physician ,
Offce N. Corner Uth and 'Douglas Ht. OOi
W aldtnc telephone , &G8 ,
Part of Our Grand New York Purchase and Open To-Day the Biggest Slaughter
Sale of Fine Clothing on record. The goods were made by one of the best houses
in the country and we positively assert that they will be sold at one-half their reg-t
ular retail price , and some even for less. This may be a , broad assertion , but we arqi
willing to stake our reputation on it , and will easily convince you of it if you
see the goods. "We commence with
Among which we name few special lots for this week :
09 Eft Mens' Good Blue Chinchilla Overcoats , double breastedwith gooclwarm cassimere liniiia
OuiJU and cut long. These are only in men's sizes , from 36 to 42. The coat is sold nowhere for
less than $6 to $7.50. Our slaughter price for this coat is $3,50.
aughter price ?
for this coat is $6.50.
cn The biggest card in the deck ! One of the finest Kersey Overcoats , best double warp.
i JU Farmer's satin lining and fine satin sleeve lining , silk velvet collar , trimmed and made1
in the best tailor-made style ; a beautiful garment and good enough for any gentleman. '
We have sold thousands of them that were not better for $16 and $18 , and others ask
that for them today. Our slaughter price is $8.50.
OQ flfl Tor this price we offer a lot of splendid all wool Chinchilla that cannot be bought else-
OUiUU where for less than from $15 to $18 , and which we guarantee to be worth at retail full
ly that much. Our slaughter price is $9.
QM Rfl y"e ? * rtjl show you something you have never seen before. One of the finest Chinchillas ,
OITi JU Lined throughout with best quilted satin , silk velvet collar and velvet bound. This coatij
is made by custom tailors for finest city trade , and is made for wear and service and notf
for mere show. It is a garment which readily sells , by the largest houses in the conn- ?
try for from $30 to $35. Our slaughter price is $14.50. *
Samples of these lots are displayed in our large windows. Boy's and Children's Overcoats will be slaughtered likewise.
Next week we will mention some slaughter prices of Men's and Boy's suits.
In addition we are opening daily new lines of Underwear , Gloves , Hosiery. Neckwear , etc. , which are bought now at from
25 to 50 per cent less than the same goods could be purchased for early in the season. Our facilities enable ua
to.always take advantage of the market in the late season when overstocked. Importers and manufacturers ar
anxious to unload , and thus secure bargains which are out of reoch by reason of other and smaller houses.
All goods marked in plain figures and at strictly one price.
Nebraska Company.
Corner Douglas and 14th , Streets , Omaha.
Omaha Medical and Surgical Institute.
IT. W. Corner of 13th and Dodge Streets ,
For the treatment ot Hll CIIUOMO nnd gimnicAT.
nnd THUSSKS. llest fiu'lllth , apparatus mid reme
dies for euoce ful treatment of every form of ells-
pate ruqulrlnK.Mcdlcal orSuriilcul treatment. FouiV
MODATio.NHln the west. Write Igr circulars on le-
formltlen and Braces Club KcetCurvature of the
Spm ! > , I'lles , Tumor * , Cancer , Catarrh. HrunthKK In ,
halation , Electricity , ijirulysln , Kpllepsy. Kidney.
) lladder , Kye. KMT , Mi I IT. and lllooil and all vurvlcal
operation * . listA8ts of WoMfcN u HnciAl.TV.
llooK on Ilicui's of Women. > itt.K. Only reliable
edlcal Institute making a specialty of THIVATR
.s. All blood dl ea f > a successfully treated ,
unable tel lt us treated at liome by corre-
updiidenco. All communication * confidential. Medi
cine * or Instruments sent by mull or express , securely
packed , no marks to Indicate contents or sender. One
personal Interview i > rofeno < l. Tall and consult us , or
tend lil tnry of your case , and we will send In plain
wrapper , our HOOK TO MtN Kiu.Kipon Private , Spe
cial and Nervous Diseases , tie. Addicts.
Omaha Medical and Surgical Institute , or
Cor. 13lti ind Sis Omaha Neb
Dr. . McMenamy , . Dodge , , ,
Owlncto the rapid growth of Omalia and our sue
cess In effecting i ures , our luxlne * * has become so
lurifn that the old Medical Initltute on Hth Mrceland
Cnpltol iivemio , could not accotmnodato all coming
to 11 for treatment. We have thcreloro moved Into
our new brick bulldlnir , Northwest Corner of l.lth and
DodKe streets , one block south of the old Institute
bulldliik' . and have now the largest and most com
plete Medical Institute or hospital In the west. Forty
newly furnished , well warmed and ventilated rooms
lor patients , three skilled physicians always In the
building. All klntln of diseases treated In the most
pclentlnc manner.
\Ynmamifacturo Snrplcal llraces for Defomiltlcl ,
Trnsscw , bupportors , Klcctrlcal llatterles , and can
supply physli tans or patients any appliance , remedy ,
or Instrument known. Call and consult us , or write
for circular ) upon all subleits , with lists of question !
for patient to answer. Thousands treated success
fully by correspondence. Wo ha\a mipcrlor advan
tages and fatuities for trrntliiK diseases , performing
HirxKal operation * , and nunonit patients which com
bined with our acknowledged ability , uiperlcnce ,
rcsponflhlll ! ) and reputation should niaio the Omaha
Mcdlial andfcurulcal Institute the tirst choice.
= JEWELRY , = -
" r" " - ' -.mild , aoothlnf rnrrcati off
rie-vJ X Ity dirtctlihroiih all wtak pirti.rtiior.
> 3jn&-1 * aialllt and Vlioroui ttKcjih. tlecult
> > -ftUlnlunUrorwirurtelljI.OOO ID calk.
: rtlmpio' minliotff all elk r belli. Vrorilc up < r-
> . ! ftimmA ! l k rf .MnBlhfe. , ftal rf n n.nk1 * ftm\
your retailer for the
or the
$3 SHOE ,
according to your needs.
CAUTION I rotltltely nonr genuine nnloss our
- and price appoarpl.ilnlyuntlie loles. Some
dculcrs , In order to make a Ixrgcr
profit , will if comme lid the Inferior
coeds with mhiili the mnrket Is
1 SHOK U lleht and stylish. It
tits like H Hto < ldl > R and ltl >
U IN , " Lclns perfect ly
eu v the nrst time It Is worn.
It " 111 sntlsf ) the moit
"stldloiMnsltls In c\ery
\italrcspfct equal to
the hand-sewed
Ask for the .Tames "hllhirto
Means i2 Shoe for Uovs teen re
tailed at
7orM. JAMES MTANS 3 SHOE Is theorigl-
n.ll $3 Shoe and Is absolutely the only shoe of Hi price
which has ever been placed cxtens\cly ! on the market
In which durability Is considered hetor * mere outward
appearance. These shoes are sold by the best retailers
throughout the United Stairs , and ne will place thorn
easily within your reach In any state or territory If joy
will send us a postal card , mfiitlonlnt this paper.
< tamei Means & Co. , 41 Lincoln St. , Boston , Mas * .
Full Hue of the above Shoes for sale In O 1A
by O. W. Cook , laotl Famam street ; O. 8. Miller ,
012 North loth street ; Hay ward llros. , HOT South
15th street. In COUNCIL liLurrs by Sargent *
Evans 412 Broadway.
The Old Reliable Fpcclnllot nf many years' ciiicrl-
enco , tri-iits with wonderful SIICCCKS , all I.u.NG ,
'fllKOAT , CANCKR.riI.K8 , HhTUI.A.
fillnTlinP cured without imln r hindrance
K11 P I 11K P from business. All CUrnnlo I > l eii cs ,
IIUl I UIIU fnr in Hclvunco of any Institution m
this country. Those wll ° < ontemplulo Rotiut t < i Hot
SiYrlncs forthe treatment of any I'rlvuto or Illooil
dlaoiue run bo cured for 0110 third the cost ut our
I tniPO Ily hl treatment a I'liro. Ixivoly com-
I filllpA nloxlou , tree from nallowncss , freckloi ,
bnuibu blackhead * , eruptions , etc. , brilliant
ores and period health can ho bail.
IVTIiiu "tired " feelliiK and all femnl wonknos ei
tromptly cured. HloatlnK lleartuches. Nervous I'ros-
ratnn , nvnvrai Debility , Wcei > loKBnp ; , DeprcKsUm
Und IndlRVkttnn , Ovarlmi troubles , loniiiniatlon nnd
nlclcrnHmi. JnlllnB and IHpiacniirit | . Hiiliml weak-
cnss , Kldne ) couiplulnts and Clmnuu of l.lfo , Consult
thu Old Doctor
PVC lUII CAD Acute or ChronlLlnnnmma-
Plr ANII POH " " "f tlieKjcll.H or ( ilobe
b I lm nilU Unil R1 , , | KarorNear hluhtedncss ,
Invepiton of the Lids , Sciofuloun Kye' . Ulcerntlons ,
InnHQiumlloni , Abiccns , Dlmneis ol \ lalou of one or
both cyci , anil Tumor * of J.lil.
f VlnHaniniHtlon of tlie K * * > Ulcoratlon or Catarrh.
Internal or External Ui'iifne \ or I'aralysts , SliiKlnK
or Hoarlng noUea , Tlilckuued Drum , etc.
UP-DUnHO Debility , Lois of Vital Power , Sleep-
HtnVUUa K ! nc" " ' l > e > pondciiry , I/ ) j of
lll ll I UwU Memory , Confu lon of Idea > , Illur *
before the Kr , 1 .asiltuile , J.anKuor , ( Jloomlnesj ,
l > epre slon ol bplrlts , Av r lon to Soclety. Kasy 1)1 * .
courairfd , LafSo' lioaltdenctIJull , I.lntleas , Unlit
lor study or llunlncfs. and nniln IUu a burdoo , batuly ,
permanently and VrtTatelj Cured.
Diniin Illh ? Vll Dl eai > ca , Scrofula.
HI Illlll 1NII nlklll KrysllieUn.FoTfirSores
DLUUU nnU UIXIIl mi cftes , i'ininlen.UI-
rer , Pains In the Head and Hones , ! * , Illllelioro
Throat. Mouth .and Tongue , ( Jlandular > .n1artcment
ot the Neck , Catarrh , Kto. , I'ernianent-
ly Cured When Others Have tatlfd.
ConsultHtlon free and strictly conllilantlixl.
Medicine sent free from observation to all parta
of the United States. Correspondence receive !
prompt intention. No letterH answered unless
uccompunlud by four centu in Btiinips. 8ond ten
cents lu stnmps for pamphlet nml list of ques
tions upon private , special and nervous ills-
Terms strictly cash. Call on or address ,
No. 3U South 13th St. , Omaha , Neb-
Remarkable for powerful nyinpa-
'thetlc lone , pllaliln nctnn | und at >
boTut ' < lurablllty. UP years record ,
tlie beat KUapuiteu of thu i-xcel. '
lenct < of these Instruments.
'r * TT A HarT Wrn'M ' thoroufh-
XIVVXC XXl AM D IT tauglt bj MalL
STTO ahorttai i/aom now In ua * . CiroularJ
> re . n t.A.w.aAJiBi-is.j)9x4oi.8t.t : mi ,
c. s. RAYMOND"
Fine Wattec. Diamond Merchant SterlingSilveTS
Display at their warerooms , 1 305 and 1 3O7 Farnam Street ,
the largest assortment of Pianos and Organs to be found at
any establishment west of Chicago. The stock embraces the
highest class and medium grades , Including
, vcra m m m. m
, "
g * "
Prices , quality and durability considered , are placed at th
lowest living rates for cash or time payments , while the long
established reputation of the house , coupled with their most
liberal Interpretation of the guarantee on their goods , affords
the purchaser an absolute safeguard against loss by posslbla
defects in materials and workmanship.
1305 * 1307 FARNAM STREET *
10t ! N. 13th Street.
PUHK ( 'AI.irOUNlA WINKS , shlnpcrt dlroct
from our vineyard. Klesllng , Otiteilel Cliirets ,
I'ort , Sherries , etc. San Jose Vaults , Bnrontn.
KlKhth , San Salvador nnd William stieets , San
Joao , California.
- i aa * " * aB " " fc - -
The ahvnntage of this onm | > onnd over thu nli.ln Oil
la that the nauieatlng tanta ol the Oil la outlraryt ru-
meTed , ahd the whole rendered palatable. The uttcn >
il'vo tuste of tba Oil has luiiic cted a urcat object
ion to Its uee ; but In this lorin the trouble la obviat
ed. A boat of certificates might begl en here totes-
tiff td the eicellenfo and lurcess J,1 Wllbur'i ( VjU
l.l er Oil and Llnle ; but tha fact that It Is icgular
iiciTbudljrKiuiuedlaal - faeuitpia'BurUcltiuT hold
grescrlbed , Ctieuiiit , Boitoa , aud all drugultti.
AM *
Glasgow via Londonderry ,
Liverpool via Queenstowm
Are Strictly Flral-ClBM , and nmonj
the lament , fvitoit and flneil In the trorldt
Halonn. aeoond ciaia and H * rag PM * ef
Accommodation * Unexrellen , Krirf
regard for the comftvrttnrt oonieDlf nee of pa >
aennurt atudloualy 6oaildur d juA " "
bteamer every baturdar for Olaiiio * . Cltr of Hem
lallsfor Mvcrpnol October if. U la the largest an
Dncst passenijer steamer artoat. Jlatos of uaisUe fo
all classes as low as branr othei nrit-fla s line , s
loon eicurslon tickets at reduced rates , UrafW Ji
anr amount at lowest current Kor DOO
of lours , tickets , or further Information , aunlr
HKMiKltSON illtOTIUSltb , Chicago , IK FIIANK
. Omaha. Neb.
The bent known and nioit popular Hot l In thi ,
atute. Ixirutlon cential , appoliitmenta nril-vlaM
llvud < ] iiart ra for ( onnuerclal uiuii and all p Ut'
and i > ublluKKthurlnii > >
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