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    R < P TRi ' " ? 1r-W-lTP1 ' 1 V JVilS 3 *
Delivered by carrier In any pnrt of tlio city at
twuity icntft per week.
II. W TII.TON , Malinger.
JlrRiKrcR Orrirr , No. 4.1.
NldtiT KniTUit No. 23.
N. Y. Plumbing Co.
Rcitcr , tailor , Full poods cheap.
The paving foreo did not attend
church vcHterdny. Tennis were hauHny
blockn a\l dny.
The St. Joe stubles on Mnln street
hnvo clmngctl liiuidH , and Dr. Drooling
of Glenwood , it * now in pOMSOsMcm.
Owen Ilros. ' are actively prosecuting
work on West Hroiidwuy. Their grad
ing contract IB from Twcnty-llfth street
to the river.
The members of St. Paul's parish will
join in a Boeiablo on Thursday evening
next tit the homo of Mrn. Aylebworth
on Fifteenth avenue.
The cedar block flooring of the now
Broadway fire house w.w put in place
yesterday. Hut little work now remains
to be done before it can be occupied.
Owing to the change of time that
went into effect at noon vesterday on
the Union Pacific road , the incoming
train from the west was nine hours
Mr. George W. Lees and Mlnnio
Davidson were wore joined in matri
mony yesterday afternoon. The cere
mony was performed by the Hev. Dr.
Maekay in St. Paul's church.
The sociable of the Congregational
church will be held at the residence of
W.V. . Wallace on BlulT street , next
Friday evening. A choice musical pro-
gram'hasbeen arranged for the even
The matter of illegal voting at the
last election is being inquired into.
Those who are engaged in the investi
gation promibo some startling develop
ments when tlio matter shall have ab-
bumcd delinite shape.
A meeting of the Council BlulTs med
ical fcociety will bo held this evening at
8 o'clock ut the olllce of Dr. Macrae , 7
Pearl street. It is especially requested
that all the members of the society
should bo present.
The Western house on upper Broad-
wnv has been leased by , f. 0. Ilollmau
of Lovington , 111. , who assumes control
to-day. lie has an excellent reputation
as a ilrst class hotel keeper and will
doubtless receive a full bharo of public
One thousand head of one. two mid
three-year-old steers for sale. Will give
credit to reliable parties. Enquire of
A. J. Givenaniuyei1 , Ot3 ! Mjnster St. ,
telephone 1-1.
You Want Them ?
Domestic patterns and patterns for
stamping and embroidery. Latent styles
. "Domestic' ' ollice
and Inicst designs. ,
105 Main street.
J. W. and K. L. Squire lend money.
J. W. Itanium , of Brooklyn , N" . Y. ,
was at the Bochtclo , yesterday.
W. II. Garner , of Vancouver , W. T. ,
is visiting with his parents for a few
weeks. Jle has one of the largest
ranches in the northwest.
For best quulity coal and wood , call
on Gleason , 2 < i Pearl street.
Wwlsworth , Ktnyro & Co. , 2JK5 Main
street , inalfo reliable abstracts of prop
erty in Puttuwiittuiniu county.
E. II. Shcafo loans money on ehattel
hceurity of every description. Private
consulting rooms. All business strictly
confidential. Olllco 500 Broadway , cor
ner Main street , up-sttilrs.
Everv ono making a cash purchase ol
25 cents at T. D. King & Co.'s cigar
store gets n chance in the annual prize
drawing. Twenty elegant prizes.
Money to loan. Cooper ft Judson.
Tlio Y. I I. C. A.
At the Y. M. C. A. meeting yesterday
afternoon some interesting statistics
concerning the growth of the institu
tion were introduced. The first associ
ation was organized in 1844 , making its
present ago a little over forty years
There are now over 8,000 associations in
existence and are to be found in ovcrj
civilrSed nation on the globo. Of this
number 1,170 are located in the Unitct
States and Canada and are under the
control of the international committee
They have a membership of 150,000
Tnoro are 116 associations that have
tholr own buildings and own property
to the amount of $0,053,259. Tlio cur
rent expenses are about $1,000,000
yearly. There are at present 023 secre
taries ) , assistants and gymnasium in
structors in the association , and among
them are borne of the finest in the coun
The proposed establishment of a gym-
niusium in connection with the rooms
lioro is meeting with great favor , and
125 of the required 200 names are al
ready secured. Secretary Curtis re
ports no trouble whatever in getting
signatures and is confident that 300
names could bo obtained if necessary.
C. A. Bcobo St Co. received another
car load of the Windsor folding beds
Republicans , democrats , greonbaek-
ers or united labor , all buy furniture
and stoves at the same price at MandelV.
Just received : Now line of Cooking
nnd Ileating Stoves. Odell & Bryant ,
604 S. Main.
Now invoice of Cooking and Ileating
Stoves. Cheap 1 Cheap ! ! Odoll &
Bryant. _
"Tho Overland Kouto" Union Pacific
Hallway The Only Iilna Carry
ing tlio United States Over
land Mall ,
Inaugurated its double daily fast train
service , "The Overland Flyer , " Sunday
between Council BlulTs , Omaha , Kansas
City , Portland , San Francisco , Los An
geles and all Calf fornla points , making
the time Irom tho'Missouri river to the
Pncitle const in 71 hours. Elegant Pull
man palace car sleepers and modern day
coaches on all through trains. Eating
houses are now under the supervision of
the company and meals are unsurpassed.
Third class passengers wishing to take
advantage of low rates will still bo car
ried on the regular through trains that
have free , family and excursion sleepers.
For further information addccss
J. S. TKiuiin-s ,
Gcucral Passenger and Ticket Agent ,
Pi. " Omaha , Nob.
Them are on tlio pension rolls the widows
of two soMIers in the revolutionary war , out
1 lu Northwoocl , N. H. , btJ years ot ago , am
another In Washington , Ohio , only ? J. 'lUi
la'tor wusmurrlod very young to a soUliPi
vcryoM. SUu wixs 1J ( while-tuo
waa 78.
The Ugh ! Towering Iji { IU TOWOM.
It has , boon long since anything in
this city has so attracted the attention
of the public undo.xcited remarks as the
erection of the electiio light towers.
In the first place , electricity is a thing
mysterious , little understood and re
garded with almost superstitious awe by
the general masl-en , while the o who un
derstand it bent stand in wholesome fear
of it. But , if there is one liberty prized
more highly than any other by the
American clti/en , it is that of free
speech. There-fore , each and everyone
bus felt at perfect liberty to comment
on the towers , and competent to explain
all about what he did not underrftund to
anyone who would listen. These tow
ers , of which there are three completed ,
ate certainly odd looking structures. A
light-looking triangular iron frame
bearing at its top 160 feet from the
ground , a grating or platform and just
above tiiat four cross arms , from which
the lights are to suspend ; the whole
supported by a single iron post , about
the size of a street lump post.
Everybody knows that the electric
lamps need 'daily attention. How to got
to the top of the tower is the llrst ques
tion that suggests its-elf to one on first
seeing it. Hxamlnalion shows Iho iron
frame to bo made of three iron
gas pipes , braced and cross-
raced by iron rods. One of the
pipes is studded with spikes so as to
form a ladder , and it is not uncommon
to hear a man say , "Well. 1 wouldn't
climb that thing every day all winter for
all the money in Council Blulls. " A
man wonk . have to hang on when the
thermoiiioter is twenty below , the wind
blowing and the air full of snow. He'd
freeze to death before he could get to
the top. " Another says : "I'd want the
tower lower or the Milury higher before
I'd clean tho-o lamps every day. " One
bulloonuticafter taking in the situation
from a safe distance , made a proposal to
Mr. Olllcer to furnish n balloon in which
the attendant could malic his daily as
It docs look a little shaky , and it
would be tin impossibility to climb the
ladder every day , but these is no need
of it , for each tower is lilted with a wire
cable elevator so balanced by a weight
that the elevator and the attendant can
be carried to the ton without oven the
labor of hoisting himself. Ills work
done , he reverses the motion , and with
n little assistance from him himself is
lowered to the ground. By means of
brakes ho is able to completely 'outrol
the elevator , and every precaution has
boon taken to make tlio work as safe as
possible. The ladder is only for use in
case of emergency , so that by no
accident could the attendant be
left 150 feet up in the air with nothing
but wind to subsist upon.
The iron standard of the tower is
firmly planted in a lied of mason work.
A derrick is erected , the top section
fastened together , and by the derrick
hoisted about twelve feet into the air , a
section of gas pipe about eight feet long
is then screwed into each of the three
angles and securely braced and the der
rick hoisted again , aitd the operation is
repeated. Guy ropes prevent the work
from toppling over while it is being
hoisted. In this manner the labor is
performed on the ground. When the
structure has reached a proper height it
is fastened to a standard , the guy ropes
are replaced by eight twisted iron
cables , which are fastened at different
heights and secured to posts in the
ground , which prevents all swaying.
The contract requires six of these tow
ers , besides the lights on the court
house , and the men are at work on the
fourth now , so it will not bo long before
the city will be lighted by electricity.
Of course there are many doubters who
foretell that the system will not work
well , as the towers are too high or too
low. But experience has shown that a
height of 150 feet affords the best re
sults. If placed too low the light is in
tercepted by buildings , and if placed
too high it is too much diffused. The
near future will solve all questions that
now arise , and for the sake of the city
it is to bo hoped they bo satisfactorily
Sermon At Ht. Paul's.
Last evening the Rev. Dr. Maekay
spoke to the young men. His address
was thoroughly practical and was lis
tened to by a lurgo audience mostly
young men. The subject chosen was
"Stevenson's Strange Talc , or the Con
fession of Dr. Jcckyll , " a brief * sketch
of which was given. Dr. Jeckyll was a
man possessed of more than average
goodness of heart and life , yet possessed
of a strong liking for pleasure. During
his chemical investigation ho acci
dentally discovered a compound , by the
use of which , taken into the system , ho
became so metamorphosed as to keenly
enjoy these pleasures and whicl
changed his physical appearance so
that no one would know him. Ho also
discovered another drug which would
reduce him to his normal self again
Thus he could act a double lifo
without fear of discovery. Ho
named his becond and unnatural self
Edward Hyde. Thus for years ho lee' '
this dual life. The more Mr. Hyde was
indulged the stronger ho became , and
the weaker to resist temptation , be
came the good doctor. Ho tried many
times to overcome his temptation , but
each trial resulted in the downfall of
the good and the dominance of the evil.
The evil finally became bo powerful that
Mr. Hyde committed murder , for which
act the good doctor became so con
science stricken that lifo was torture.
This strange story cuds in the buicido of
the good Dr. Jekyll.
Applying the tale Dr. Mackoy con
tinued : "It is not a mere tale written
to amuse an idle hour. If such was the
author's intention ho has written wiser
than ho knew , for it contains the grand
est teaching and the most awfully
solemn truths in the shape of a story
that it has ever been mv lot to read. Who
can read the sad confession of doctor
Jokyllund not feel that- the author is
drawing a faithful picture of the con
flict that is over going on in the nature
of man. The conflict between the peed
and the evil the God side and the devil
eido for , rotlno it as wo may , there is a
devil bide in man. "Many a man vol
untarily , " as the author says , "strips
himself of the hallowing instincts by
which oven the wor t of us continues to
walk with s-omo steadiness among temp
tations , and does evil with a keen sense
of pleasure. " So close is the dividing
line in many a man between good and
evil that to bo tempted , however
slightly , is to fall. Could wo obtain the
confession of any noted criminal wo
would find it to proceed on precisely the
same principle , i. o. first tlio conflict ;
then the tampering the longing then i
the resolve , and then the fall. The )
higher pur' inspirations after purity
nnd righteousness 01 i lifo the more fear-
ful will theconflictbecome. St. Paul was
not aware that ho was worse than other
men until the righteousness o ! God in
in Christ Jesus , shining in upon his
nature , revealed to him what his true
condition was. "
"Hear Paul dlscribo his condition :
"I am cural. Sold under sin. For
what I would do , that I do not , but what
I hate , that I do. " In this wo hoar the
repugnance of Dr. .Tokyll for the oyil of
Mr. Hyde ; thahatryd of the good nature
for' the evil , ! the bud. "Henry
Jekyll , " says the author , "stood , nt
times , aphast before the nets of Edward
Hyde. " So before the man becomes
thoroughly hardened does ho etand
appalled at the iniquity of his own
nature. St. Paul payn : "Now then. It
Is no more 1 that do it , but sin thnt
dwollcth in me. " So reasoned Dr.
.lekyll : "It was Hyde and Hyde alone
that was guilty , " so every man rea
sons : A little Indulgence will not hurt
mo. It is only allowing a little liberty
to one side of my nature , the other will
not suffer. St. Paul admits all that.
He goes even further. "For I know that
in mo" that Is my flesh "dwellcth no
good thing , for to will is present
with me , but how to perform that which
is good 1 lind not. "Now if \ do that I
would not it is no more I that do it , but
sin that dwelloth in mo. " ThiHSt.Paul
declares to bo a law of our being. I
Hud another law , viz : "When I would
do good evil is present with mo. " "For
1 delight in the law of God after the in
ner man. " Yes , Paul , so does every
man in the beginning ; but ! see another
law in my members waring against the
law of my mind and bringing mo into
captivity to the law of sin which is in
my members.
"Man. " says Dr. Jekyll , "is not truly
one , but truly two. I wiw that of the
two natures that contended in the field
of my consciousness even if I could
rightly be said to bo either
it was only because I was
radically both. " What a commentary
on St. Paul's agonized expression :
"Who shall deliver mo from the body of
this death ? " It was the curse of hu
manity that these two incongruous
fagots' were thus bound together ; that
in tlio agonized womb of consciousness
these polar twins should be continually
This strange book is not an unnatural
one , but a faithful portrayal of the
struggles of a highly gifted human
nature. Such a character us this is re
vealed in the history of Saul , the first
king of the .lews. A man highly
favored , with noble , generous impulses ,
and dark , jealous , revengeful passions ;
struggling against his evil spirit and
and yet loving to give way to it.
Eager to obey the commands of God ,
yet over disobeying them , and at last ,
after his ill balanced lifo ,
escaping from the death ho
dreaded by self destruction. If you
want to see the truth uf the author's
story looo into your own hearts , and you
will see there the story written in let
ters too easily read. In greater or less
degree the struggle goes on in every
child of man. In him who resists the
conflict is ennobling. In him who
basely yields , the tendency isjeverjdown-
ward , until ho is swallowed up by the
whirlpool of passion that ho himself has
Says Sidney Smith : "If wo wish to
know who is the most degraded and
most wretched of human beings ; if wo
want to see how deon the miseries of
man can reach ; if this bo an object of
curiosity , look for tlio man who
has practiced a vice so long that
ho curses and clings to it
that he pursues because ho feels a great
law of Ins nature driving him on tow
ards it , but reaching it , knows that it
will gnaw his vitals and make 'him roll
himself in the dust with anguish. "
"Oh , young man just starting out in
lifo , bo warned in time ! You carry
within you your worst foe. Realize the
nature 'of the conflict you must wage
against the J/nver parts of your nature.
In it you currhavo little help from man.
In the silence of your own heart the
battle must be fought and lost or won.
Lost it need not bo if you are only faith
ful. "
The speaker closed with a powerful
and eloquent appeal and showed that the
warfare need net bo without help. Ho
quoted numerous scripture passages
which promise divine assistance. "God
will not use his power so as to crush the
power of choice. " Every man must
chose for himself and this responsibility
rests upon himself alone. "No man on
earth has over fought this battle alone
and won. God will help you and a glor
ious victory will bo yours. "
Once of 25.OOO Inhabitants Now But
a Relic of Ethnological Intercut.
A letter from Arizona , printed in the
Washington Post , gives information of
an exceedingly interesting and valua
ble ethnological find made by Mr.
Frank H. Cushman , of Xuni fame , the
past summer in Arizona. It seems ho
lias discovered u pro-historic city in the
Salt river valley" , about eighty miles
northwest of Tucson. Inquiry made to
day at the ofllco of the Powell geologi
cal survey elicited full confirmation of
the printed report , together with inter
esting additional information about the
great find. Prof. Cushman is at present
in southern California , lying extremely
ill , but the foreo ho put at work during
the summer exhuming the buried city
arc still encamped on the spot continu
ing their explorations.
The camp is located on the edge of
the unearthed city and about HOO yards
from what was its citadel , or fortified
temple. This is believed to have beet
a building of considerable size and
strength , probably several stories high
and had its foundation laid deep in the
earth. The material used in its con
struction was sun-dried clay , the same
as that used by the Mexicans of the
lower and middle classes and before Mr.
Cushman began his explorations there
was nothing to mark its whereabouts
except a sort of oblong hillock or mound
Little of the walls above the foundatioi
were found intact , but the ground plan
could bo traced in every detail , as wel"
as the lines of the outer wall. The
rooms were of different sizes , and
seemed to have been constructed
with much architectural skill. A
number of the smaller apartment !
hud undoubtedly boon const ructct
for burial vaults , for when t
were opened un skeletons were found in
them , the heads being invariably to the
east. In ono of these vaults waf the
skeleton of a child. Mr. Cushman was
of the opinion that the building had
been a sort of combined citadel and
sacred temple , and that the i-pmuins of
those found there wore those of priests
and their families. The city extended
out in all directions from the palace or
temple , and the foundations of numer
ous dwellings had been exposed , many
of them consisting of but ono room ; but
now and there is ono of larger and more
ample proportions , and in most of these
larger ones there had been found burial
vaults and skeletons. Two thousand
of these have been exhumed al
ready according to the letter in the
Post , but it is thought by the officials
of the geological survey that this is a
misprint for two hundred. A great deal
of pottery has been taken out , of course.
No iron , copper , or metal instrument of
nny kind was found , but great quanti-
tics of stone axes , stone nestles and
mortars , bono needles and knives and
other such materials as belong to the
stone ago. The skill with which these
articles made was far superior ,
however , than that shown by the In-
diuns found in America by the whites.
These pro-historio dwellers of southern
Arizona were a people of very superior
Mr. Cushman has found n good deal
of wheat and barley and other gain , all
of itof course , in a charred , blackened
conditiod , and helms also traced several
canals and found the ruins of a largo
re&crvoir , so'thut ho has no doubt that
extensive irrigation had been carried
on , and thnt all the valley had been un
der cultivation. Ho thinks there must
have been a population of nt least 25-
000 in the ruined city , and that mo t of
the inhabitants lived by cultivating the
soil of the surrounding country.
Cushmun was questioned us to his the
ory about the complete disappearance
of the people who occupied this city ,
* 'l ' think , " said he , "they suffered
from some great calamity llko the In-
inhabltants of HcrculantL-um and Pom-
Foll. It was probably an earthquake ,
have found skeletons under the walls
of houses lying as If the walls had sud
denly fallen upon the person fvnd
crushed him to death. Yes , I think
there cumo a terrible earthquake which
killed many and frightened the remain
der away. They were no doubt a reli
gious people and strongly suporsitlous ,
so that they saw In the calamity that
befell them a warning to seek some
other abode. They probably moved
south , and it may huvo been their de
scendants that the Spaniards found in
Mexico. They were certainly equal in
intelligence and advancement to the
Aztecs. "
The Urotlirrs nntl the Beauty.
Cornhill Magazine : Two brothers
met a lady dressed in blue , whom they
had never seen before , ut a military
dance. Each of them asked at once to
bo introduced to her at first sight ; each
asked the same officer for an introduc
tion ( though they had several friends in
common present ) ; each described her in
the same way , not as "tho lady in blue , "
( the most obvious point of appearance
about her ) , but us "tho lady with the
beautiful ears ; " each fell desperately in
love with her off-hand , and each asked
her for a particular flower out of a little
bouquet containing four or five more
conspicuous blossoms. Finally , each
came up at the end of the evening to
conlido in the same married lady of
their acquaintance their desire to see
more of the beautiful stranger. Now ,
small as arc all these little coincidences ,
they nevertheless show to my mind a
more profound identity of mental fibre
than far larger and more important mat
ters of lifo could do. For on great
emergencies or in the great affairs of
one's conduct it is only natural
that somehow similar characters ,
being governed by the same
general emotions , should act on the
whole very much alike , while often , on
the other hand , a particular difference
will make the action of similar charac
ters at a special crisis extremely diverg
ent. Thus , the two Newmans , essen
tially the same in fibre , both reexamining
ining their creed at a certain epoch of
life , follow out their own logical conclu
sions with rigorous precision , one to
free thought , the other to the cardi-
nulato , so that outsiders would be apt to
at first "What difference
say sight : a striking
ference between two" But
exact identity of tastes and preferences
shown in these minute , touches of feel
ing the choice of an introducer , the
phrase about the ears , the selection of
a particular flower ( it wasn't a violet ,
which might occurto anybody , but a
spray of plumbago , in itself quite with
out sentimental interest ) , and the un
burdening of mind to a particular con
fidante all these things abundantly
testify to an underlying similarity of
mental structure , down to tlfc ) merest
side-tracks ; and by-ways of the brain ,
fhieh could hardly happen under any
ither conceivable circumstances than
hose of actual family identity.
The oldest postmaster in Connecticut is
Richard Chudwick , of South Lyine , who rc-
oivecl his llrst appointment from President
, run liuren mid has been in ofllcc for forty-
hrht consecutive years. He has seen postage
educed from 23 to 2 cents.
Imitators mulolmpostcrs.
The unequalled success of AI.LCOCK'S
'onous ' PI..ASTEHS as un external rem
edy has stimulated unscrupulous parties
to' put forth imitations , which they en
deavor to sell on the reputation of All-
jock's. It is an absurdity to speak of
hem in the same category as the gcnu-
nc and original porous plaster. Their
n-otonsionsarc unfounded , their vaunted
nerit unsupported by facts , their ul-
, egcd superiority to or equality with
Mleock's u false pretence.
The ablest medical practitioners and
chemists and thousands of greatful pa-
ients unite in declaring ALLCOCK'S
'OHOI'S PLASTISKS the bebt external
emedv known.
Aunt Kntc Shelby , an ancient ncfresswh'
died a fuw days ago in Shuwncetown , 111.
laimcil to be 125 years old. and good judges
hought she was certainly 115. She was a mid
dle aged woman when Lafayette stopped iu
over sixty years ago.
A Wall street man receives letters
written on full mourning paper from a
young woman whoso parents have beer
SPECIAL ndvcrtlHeuicntK , such as T.ost.Found ,
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st. nnd Hth avn.i newly papered and painted.
Apply to Chark-b T. Onicer , ut Officer & Pusey's
FOU SALE A tine residence In the best per
tion of Council Hluirs. Cull on or addresH J
N. G. Wylle , with Odcll Ilros. & Co. , 1 1 Peiirl Nt
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whether you wish to buy or not , and brini ?
your friends with you. It is no trouble to
show our gpoda. He.spectfully ,
PINT flY RIIP1TR Attorney sit-Law , Second Floor Brown
rillLDI DUR&D , Building , 115 Pearl Street , Council
Bluffs , lown.
NOfUD7 | ] | Justice of the Peace. Oflico over American
, OU11UIUJ , Express , No. 419 Broadway , Council Bluffs ,
TftNfl ft TM l Attorneys at-Law , practice in the State
OIUIIJJ U. OlfflP , ani Federal Courts. Oflico Kooras 7
and 8 , Shugart-Beno Block , Council Bluffs , Iowa.
Q RAPNFTT Justice of the Peace , 415 Ikoadwayi
, U , UARllDll , Council Bluffs. Kefors to any bank or
business house in the city. Collections a specialty.
DRS. WOODBURY j Dentists. Oflice corner of
Pearl St. and First Avenue'
405 X m 405
Times < RUGS. ,
as Much Carpets ,
Stock Curtains ,
as is Carried Upholstery.
By any Other Upholstery ,
House 5 Curtains ,
In Western Carpets ,
Iowa. RUGS.
405 X
UJ 405
= A. RINK , ;
No. 201 Main Street , Council Bluffsjowa
Both. Domestic and Foreign. .
$2. AN ELEGANT $2.
To each purchaser of 12.00 worth of
goods we give a ticket which en
titles the holder to one chance on
an Elegant Gold Watch worth § 90.
We curry a nice line of goods , in the
latest styles , embracing Men's and
Boy's clothing , huts and caps , boots
and shoes , gloves , mittens , etc. , which
wo will sell you at One-half the Price
asked you by other dealers and give
you a chance on the watch besides.
Cotno and examine our goods and prices
before purchasing. Remember the
place , 640 und 548 Broadway.
Ogden Boiler Works
CARTER & SON , Prop's.
Manufactured of
Orders by mail for repairs promptly attended
to. Satisfaction guaranteed. 10th Avenue. Ad
dress Ogden Iron Works. Council Bluffs , Iowa.
D. H , McDANELD & CO. ,
Hides , Tallow , Pelts ,
Wool and Furs.
Highest Market Prices. Prompt
KM and 823 Main Street.Councll IllutTs.Iowa.
Main Street , Council Bluffs ,
Only Hotel In the City with Fire Es
cape. Electric Call Bolls.
Accommodations First Class ,
Rates Always Reasonable ,
MAX MOHN , Proprietor.
Star Stables and Mule Yards
Broadway , Council Illuffs , Opp. Dummy Depot.
Horses and mnlcn constantly on hand , for
eale at retail or in car load lots.
Orders promptly fllUd by contract on short
Ktock field on commission.
Telephone IU. gCIIMTTEIt K BOI.P.V.
Opposite Dummy Depot , Council illutls.
Latest Novelties ,
In Amber , tor
toise Bbcll , etc.
as well as tlio
In linlr goods.
Iluir goods
Mndc to order
Mrs. C. L. Gillette ,
29 Mnln Street , Council Illulls. Out of town
woik solicited , ami nil mull aiders piomplty
attended to.
600 Broadway , Council Illuffs , Iowa. Established
and Express Line ,
Telephone No. 10.
All rails from District Telegraph Olllce
promptly attended to.
Hall , 1'nrlor , Kitchen , Store nml Office
Crockery , Glassware and Plated Ware ,
Large Assortment nt IJotton Trices.
W , S , HOMER & GO , ,
No. 23 Main St. , Council Bluffs , Iowa
Trotting - Stallions
WADE GARY , Council Blnfls.
The Alcohol , Morphine and Opium habit Ab
solutely t iin-d without lutiirfurlUK with til
tiatlent'a dally avocutlon. Corrci-pond with o
call on DR. F. P. BELLINGER.
Gil Itroaduay , Council UluUs , la.
All corfesponduuc * contldtutlol.
Worth $2OOO to bo Olvon Awny by
Henry Elsonmn ifc Co.'a Pooplo'u
Store , 314 , 316,31O and 32O
Brondway , Council Bluffs ,
With Krry Two Dollars Worth of
UoodH 1'iirohiiNcd You Will Ilcccho
n Coupon Ticket Good For Ono
Chnncc In the Following Gmml
1'roMMitN to lc ( Jlvcn Awny by
UN on Montluj , JAtiuitrjr
itlth , 1HHH.
Every $2 puri'linno receives one ticket
and every additional $23 the Htuno.
Hold your tickets until the above men-
tiom-u date , when the luckv numbers
will bo announced and the holders in
vited to call for their presents.
llcmombcr you will nave to pay noth
ing extra on your purchases. Wo
guarantee to soil you goods cheaper
than you can buy ut any other house iu
the west , and give you the largest , finest
and best stock west of Chicago to select
All mail orders receive prompt nttcn-
ion and tickets for the free gifts for-
varded with the orders the same as if
on were hero in person.
These distributions will bo made with
every fairness , and customers itm.y do-
wild on the lucky numbers receiving
Jicir reward.
No tickets will be given to employes
if our house , customers only receiving
ho benefit of the prixes.
l.lbT UP I'UI/.HS.
No. of pri/o.
1 Ono elegant parlor set consisting
of sofa , divan and 4 largo ensv chairs ,
niri'lui'-ed from S. K. Keller of this city *
2 One elegant cherry bed room sot ,
consisting of bedstead , drc-jsor and
wash stand. Have large bovoll French
ilalo mirrors. Purchased from G. At
Ueobo vV Co. , oily.
U One elegant silver tea sot , consist * ,
ing of extra largo and very heavyt
waiter , oolToo pot , tea pot. sugar bowl ,
creamer and spoon holder. Must b |
seen to be fully appreciated. Bought !
Iroin O. B. .Incqiicmin fi Co. , city. '
4 Ono very hnndsomo water sot om-
irising pitcher stand goblets iind wash
jowl of the very largest design. At ?
elegant piece of goods. Purchased fronjC
[ { obinson Bros. , city. J
5 Decorated riiina dinner set of ISO
iiieces. Purchased from W. A. Muuror j
( i Elegant decorated China tea set of
lj ( ) pieces.
7 Very hiindoiiin blue satin wn
set. consisting of ( ! tumblers , 1 pltcho
ind ono hammered brass I ray.
8 One Venetian water sot. comprisiiij
0 tumblers , 1 pitcher and 1 elegant bras
. ,
0 Lustre amber water set , comprisi ]
ing 0 tumblers , 1 pitcher and 1 elegaujj'
brass tray. |
10 Ono ruby water set , consisting ofrj
P > tumblers. 1 pitcher and 1 brus tray.
11 20yds [ best black Guinett silk tU * ,
best silks made.
lii 1 pair Japanese portiors.
1 ! ! 1 gentleman's smoking jacket.
14 1 very elegant Paisley shawl.
15 1 sot beaver furs.
li ( 1 gentleman's dt-ess suit.
17 1 Kent's fur beaver overcoat.
18 1 boy's or youth's suit.
19 1 boyV or youth's overcoat.
20 1 pair sealskin gloves.
Ul 1 pair California white blankets.
i 1 combination nobility dresfi pair
tern , worth 30.
! 1 Misses cloak.
24 1 piece Lonesdulo muslin.
iM 1 pair men's boots or shoes.
20 1 C. P. corset any size.
27 1 pair Misses shoes.
2S 1 Dr. Warner's corset.
29 1 very fine Marsuillos bed sprcau >
80 1 elegant album.
81 1 toboggan cap.
32 1 infant's cloak.
! ll ! 1 sashmere dress.
'it 1 set furs.
: ) " > 1 fine largo doll.
! iO 1 autograph album.
37 J dozen ladies' fine wool fast blucty
hose. -
38 i dozen Misses fine wool fustbluoll
80 1 gingham dress pattern.
40 1 do/en gents linen handkerchief .
41 1 dozen ladies linen handkerchief
42 0 linen table cloths.
4 ! ! 1 dozen linen napkins.
44 1 dozen line linen towels.
4/3 / 1 fancy stand cover.
40 1 table cover.
47 1 Marsuillcs quilt.
48 1 line largo doll.
49 1 largo album.
60 1 toboggan cap.
51 1 child's hood.
52 1 piece "fruit of loom" muslin.
51 ! 1 fancy stand cover.
54 1 pair elegant Japanese porticri ,
65 1 album.
6G 1 largo doll.
67 1 autograph album.
68 1 seal skin hand bug.
69 1 toilet sot.
t > 0 1 Long pocket book.
(11 ( 1 line silk muffler.
02 1 shopping bag.
OH 1 elegant luce handkerchief.
01 1 large bottle line perfume.
05 1 pair kid gloves.
0 ( ( 1 pair silk suspenders.
07 1 pair ladies' ear rings.
( i8 1 pair ladies' cuff buttons.
(19 ( 1 line Ince pin.
70 1 Madam Warner's coriot ,
71 1 fine hand \m \ .
72 1 large album.
7I ! 1 large wax doll.
74 1 gents' scarf.
75 1 line bilk muffler.
70 1 pair ladies fine shoes.
77 1 autograph album.
78 1 pair bilk mits.
79 1 gent's fur cap.
80 1 gents' silk smoking jacket.
81 1 gentb' hat.
82 1 pair men's arctic overshoes.
83 1 pair ladles' overshoes.
81 1 line album.
85 1 hammered brass umbrella stand ,
80 1 pair fine silk suspenders.
87 1 largo doll.
88 1 largo shopping bag.
Ml 1 silk umbrella.
no 1 line lace handkerchief.
91 1 elegant evening shuWl.
92 1 gent's traveling bug.
93 1 toboggan cap.
91 1 child's hood.
95 1 tmir kid gloves.
90 1 ladies' fine jersey.
97 1 elegant lace handkerchief.
93 1 bilk mulllor.
99 1 per ladies' fine shoes.
100 1 sot ladies' furs.
Total value of the above 100 present * ,
two thousand dollars.
See them exhibited in our store.
The drawing will bo conducted undcij
the management of n-fioiiiinitteo of six
citizens , and the utmost fairness will bo
had so the presents will go to the pur.
sons who holdstho lucky numbers.
Now is the time for everybody to tuhej
advantage of this great gift olloring ,
Buy your goods at the People's store *
save'money thereby and got u present
In the bargain , Henry Eibeinan & Co. ,
People's Store , 811. 310 , 318 and a1
Broadway , Council Bluffs , Ittj