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Delivered by carrier In any pnrt of the city At
tuenty cents per * eek.
n. W TILTOH , . . . Manager.
RB Orricc. No. 43.
EDITOR No. 2) .
N. Y. Plumbing Co.
Rcltcr , trtllor , Full goods cheap.
The " Bluff City " Btcnmcr is to bo
hipped back U > the factory.
The Bt. Joe livery stable has passed
Into the hnmlu of Dr. Drooling , of Glen-
Bartcllo & Youneorman's saloon , on
Upper Broadway , nua been closed by
legal process.
Invitntiona ore out for a dancing party
to bo given by Mrs. J. J. Brown Wed
nesday evening.
The Western house has been leased
by J. C. Hoffman , of Lovlngton , 111. ,
who will take possession to-morrow.
Damages amounting to $1,0.30 have
been paid J. N. Phillip by the Pacilic
Mutual telegraph company. They placed
Some of their poles upon his farm.
'Squire Schurz tied n. matrimonial
knot in the most approved manner yes
terday , for Alexander II. Flury and
Mnry I ! . Butcher , both of this county.
The horse and wagon stolen from Mr.
Sprague Thursday evening were found
in the lumber yard at the corner of Main
street and Tenth uvenuo and restored to
the owner.
Masonic Excelsior lodge No. 2-59 , A.
F. & A. M. will hold its regular com
munication next Monday evening , No
vember 14. Visiting brethren cordially
invited. By order of W. M.
The third electric light tower was
completed at noon yesterday , and the
derrick and tools were taken to the cor
ner of Sixth avenue and Twelfth street ,
whcro the next one is to bo erected.
P. C. Paulson and Bertha M. Hanson ,
of Council Bluffs ; William E. Palmer
' l , u , ounc ju -n ' - .
George \V. Lees and Minnie Davidson ,
of this county , were granted marriage
licenses yesterday.
The McClurg Cracker company arc
extending their business. Tney have
leased the brick block on the corner
west of their factory , No. ( JOO South Main
street , and arc prewiring to engage in
the manufacture ol line candies. They
will deal with jobbers exclusively.
There is much dissatisfaction ex
pressed at the time occupied by the
court in rondorind a decision in the in
junction case against the Manawa
motor lino. The interested parties
eecm to think tno delay unnecessary
and not calculated to benefit anyone.
Dr. Cooley , pastor of the First Baptist
church , wan most agreeably surprised
Friday evening at his homo , corner of
Avenue C and Eighth street , by about
ono hundred of his parishioners. All
the necessaries for a most bountiful
spread were brought with them , and a
pleasant evening was enjoyed by all.
You Want Them ?
Domestic patterns and patterns for
stamping and embroidery. Latest styles
and lineal designs. "Domestic" ollico ,
105 Main street.
Hon. G. F. Wright'is in Chicago.
II. C. Barnes left yesterday for an ex
tended trip through Nebraska.
J. W. Huntinurton is spending Sun
day with his family at JolTorson , In.
C. Worloy and wifo'loft yesterday for
Bilvor City to visit II. Owen and wife.
Mrs. I. Chase , of Weeping Water.
Nob. , is visiting her parents , Mr. and
Mrs. E. S. Burnett.
A. McCandlcss , deputy sheriff from
Avoca , la. , was in the city yestovday on
professional business.
Mr. Henry Stevenson , of Nebraska ,
has entered the ollico of the Star Lum
ber company. The jwrsonel of the com
pany is not changed.
Richard Howell has resigned his
place as assistant chief clerk of the
west bound freight , nnd accepted a pos
ition with the Pacific Express company.
The grand drawing of prizes at II.
Eisemun & Co's , together with what ap
pears in the same connection , is dis
played in these columns to-day. Head ;
consider , then act.
The "Musketeers" Will bo rendered
on Thanksgiving evening , the 2Jd ! inst.
It is a comic opera of a high order , and
Its rendition nero by our local singers
will , no doubt , bo excellent.
O. Anson bus been transferred from
the Omaha general freight ollico of the
Union Pacilic road to to the position of
chief clerk at the dummy depot. Mr.
Anson will take up his residence in the
Mr. E. O. Hnlsted , formerly in Colby's
real cstuto ollico , is now with the Star
Lumber company. Ho will take intc
his now position the sumo energy and
geniality which bus marked till his pre
vious work uml inndo it win. All the
interested parties are to bo congratu
The many friends of Hurry Curtis ,
the popular secretary of the Y. M. C.
A. , have expressed some doubt as to hit
intended removal from the city , so the
BKE man sought him out yesterday and
nskcd him what lie hud , to say about it ,
' Nothing at all for the newspapers tc
publish. There are no definite arrange
ments made yet , and I can't say wlial
changes will bo made in the future. ]
am not going for some time , anyhow , PC
there is no occasion for anything in
print. " _
Cheap htorago in car or small lot. J ,
R. Snyder , 22 Pearl street.
J Ho Hayn llo Didn't.
* "Winter is drawing on a-paco. " S (
thought Andrew Todd , a gentleman o
color extraction , nnd to guard agains
Itssovcrity at the expense of another , lu
took un overcoat belonging to J. Bach
nmch's store. This occurred thrci
dnys ago. Its loss was discovered Fri
day , and the coat was discovered in tin
young man's possession , yesterday. The
police were notified nnd the young mai
was taken into custody. The youtif
man was seen , it Is said , with the cou
on last Friday , but thus far it has no
been found. The lo 3 of other article ;
from at least ono plnco in the vieinit ;
of the theft has been discovered , uni
an attempt is being made to trace then
to the same placo. The suspected mat
denies nil knowledge of the vvhurcu
bouts of any of the lost articles.
Mundcl sells furniture on weekly o
monthly payments.
A. Mibtukc.
An article appeared in the World las
evening relative to the work nnd junto
rial ut the new bridge. Mr. T. J. Evans
the general manager of the Omulm I
Council BlulTs Ituilwuy and Bridge coni
puny , called ut the DISK ollico and chai
notarized the urtlclo.ns n "bull" and un
Iruo. . lie wUhcd that It was so , but iti
not. Ho IH willing to luivtJ actual fact
chronicled , but wants the papers to kec
to the text. . '
Tostovln Talks About Capacity and
Sewer Oas.
Doings In the District Court Work of
the Pavers Hllvcr Wedding
Other Doings In the City
Broadway Hewer All night.
Since the injunction on the Pacific
house was grunted to prevent the open
ing of the old bower , there lion been con
siderable curiosity expressed to know
whether the Broadway sewer is capable
of doing its work or whether it is too
small , us claimed by Rome interested
parties , also whether it bus a good and
sullicicnt outlet. Yesterday afternoon
City Engineer Tostcrin was approached
by a UKK representative , who briefly
stated the cube and solicited his opinion
concerning it. "Well , " said ho , "you
don't need to n k mo in regard to it.
Just go down to the Indian creek bridge
on Broadway where the bower empties
and see for yourself whether it is filled
to its full capacity. Why , that bower
has never had ono twentieth of the
work it is capable of doing. It only has
Glen und Park avenues nnd part of
Broadway to carry , whereas it was
built to lake all of upper Broadway and
the northeastern part of the city. This
part has never been raised to grade , BO
it can't be concerted. I don't claim
that the sewer is well built , as there are
home sinks in it that will always
have , say six or eight inches
of a deposit. There is one ut the man
hole ut the corner of Main street. "
"But what about the bower gas , that
some parties cliiim , prevents them from
using the sewer ? "
"Why , if they want to live off of sewer
gas , of courbo they can do it. * If they
don't have a trap and a ventilator , how
can they expect anything else ? There
snomuc ' a Iran iu.Jhp. ! ! "EjjyyU
ventilator running up the outside ot the
building from below the trap. Fixed in
tliut way there can bo no trouble from
gas. The city jail is now fitted in that
manner , and there is no trouble. The
sewer isn't at fault. It ought to bo
flushed every week , and the council
pushed a resolution last night to that
cITect. The lire department don't like
the job and have tried to avoid it , but it
will have to bo done hereafter. It is
something that shouldn't bo put off for
longer than a week at a time. Give it
a fair show and there will be no trouble.
I tell you , some folks arc better politic
ians than sewer builders. "
Just received : New line of Cooking
nnd Heating Stoves. Odell & Bryant ,
604 S. Main.
You need not go without the furni
ture or stoves you need , for you can got
them at Mandel's on weekly or monthly
Ono thousand head of ono , two nnd
three-year-old steers for sale. Will give
credit to reliable parties. Enquire of
A. J. Greenumuyer , 023 Mynstcr st. ,
telephone 121.
Wanted to Keep Warm.
There were five of the army of "ir
regulars" that answered Judge Ayles-
worth's roll-call yesterday morning.
Owen Dergcn , uono armed itenerant no
tion' vendor was ordered secluded from
the busy scones of the outside world for
llvo days , in the friendly recesses of
Sheriff O'Noil'st > anitariumforun assault
on Dick Ricketts. Irvin Atterbury
pleuded guilty to the theft -of borne
blankets' and was locked up for ton
days. John Farnhtun was charged with
taking an overcoat from in front of
John Bono & Co.'s store. At first ho
denied all knowledge of it , but suddenly
weakened and commenced to tell the
details of the larceny bo rapidly that
the judge could hardly stop him long
enough to caution him about tolling too
much , until the price of the coat was
known. Ho informed the court , that if
the coat was not worth $20 , ho would
plead guilty of petit larceny , but if
worth moro than that , ho was not
guilty and didn't know anything about
the case. Ho was told that his board
was paid for thirty days. Lon Berry
and Andrew Todd , two black dinmonds ,
were the other victims , and they wore
also buspccted of unlawfully appropriat
ing an extra outer garment to their
own use. Berry was discharged and as
the evidence was not all ready Todd
was remanded to jail.
Now invoice of Cooking und Heating
Stoves. Cheap ! Cheap M Odell is
Now invoice of Cooking and Heating
Stoves. Cheap ! Cheap ! ! Odell & Bry
District Court.
During the last two days little bus
been done in this court. Mrs. Ed Fitz-
gibbons is granted a divorce from her
husband , on the ground of desertion.
The Minden saloon cases wherein L.
Konna as relalor , asks that contempt
cases bo made out n gainst Thomas Ger
man , 11. Duchor und Paul Inis , each
case appearing separata , but upon the
same cltibs of evidence. The court has
them under advisement. RutlilY was
not closed at adjournment lust night.
The plaintiff seeks to recover pay for
4V2 yards of dirt at IS cents per yard ,
while the defendant claims ho re
ceived but thirty-two loads in till.
If you want a nice present for your
wife , buy a Domestic sowing machino.
E. II. Slicufo loans money on chattel
security of every description. Private
consulting rooms' . All bus-incss strictly
confidential. Ollico fiOO Broadway , cor
ner Main street , up-Mair. .
Pushing the I'living.
' The paving work has been pushed the
past week , and there has been nc
further trouble. The material used is
giving perfect satisfaction , und the
manner in which the work is being
done gives no cause for complaint ,
Fourth street has boon completed tc
Worth street , which is us fur as it was
graded. The force is now ut work on
Dodge street and will go from there tc
BlulY .street , where are two blocks
to be paved. The contract is lot foi
paving Glen uvenuo from Broadway tc
High School avenue , und Graham uve >
nue from First street to Fair-mount park
but it will probably bo interrupted bj
the cold weather before being com
pletod. The contractors are making tin
most of the present pleasant wenthci
while it lusts , ami the amount of worl
done in a single day is surprising. Then
is plenty of all kinds of mntcriu
on ht\nd \ , hcncu there will bo no uion
delays on that score. The graders ar <
still busy on Washington avenue
whcro thev have several blocks rcndj
for the "ccdurs. " When- the proposes
work is completed thci'o will bo sovcra
miles of tinely paved streets , not enl ;
lu the business portion of the city , bu
g. , A.ijfa4 fas r jt
through the beautiful glens in the
Buburbs , where the handsome resi
dences and constantly changing scenery
make up a picture that must bo scon to
bo fully appreciated. The time of year
is now at hand when the full advantages
of this work will bo most fully appar
ent. It la hoped that the clerk of the
weather , or any other parties having
the power , will Kindly refrain from any
interference that might hinder the
rapid prosecution of the work.
Every ono making a cash purchase of
25 cents at T. D. King & Co.'s cigar
store gets a chance in the annual prize
drawing. Twenty elegant prizes.
Money to loan. Cooper < fc Judson.
Silver Wedding.
Hon. H. W. Rolhort , superintendent
of the deaf and dumb institute , , was
noticed upon the street yesterday , look
ing even moro good natured than usual.
In answer to the inquiries of the BEE
man as to the cause of his jubilation , ho
Imparted the information that it was the
twenty-fifth anniversary of his wedding.
Although the gentleman and his
estimable lady have resided hero but a
short time , they have a largo number
of sincere friends who took much
pleasure in extending congratulations
on the happy occasion. A son , Edwnrd
H. , of Kcokuk , is visiting with them nt
present , and is so favorably impressed
with the beauties and advantages of this
city that he talks btrongly of locating
If you want to show your girl what
kind of a husband you will make , buy
her a Domestic sowing machine.
The U. P. Wnson Ilridgc Will Prob-
nhly Not be Opened Before Spring.
The time for opening the now bridge for
wagons and pedestrians is very uncertain.
In all probability it will bo closed until next
spring. It was the Intention of the Union
Pacific ofllcinls to have had it in full opera
tion bcforo this time , but n delay has been
decided Upon from the fact that the approaches
preaches are not of sufllcicnt durability on
the Iowa sldo , and the company is dissatis-
eti wit
Vice President Potter , In speaking of lt _
estcrday , said : "Tho bridge was turned'
vcr to our chief engineer last Thursday as
ompleto. We had intended to throw it
pen to the public at once , but an cxamlna-
hcs showed that It would be folly so to do.
There is a dirt road constructed across the
lottom on the Iowa side , and in rainy
veathcr a team could never cross It. A great
cal of money must be expended there before
i good road can be had. On tuts side
here must bo moro legislation to provide for
ho opening of more streets to the bridge.
Vo cannot go ahead until these two things
are attended to. "
Mr. Potter said the rate of toll had not yet
> ecn decided upon and would not be until ho
eturned from New York for which city ho
departs to-morrow night.
For Sale Cheap Lots near the bridge
o parties who will build nt once. Ad-
drebs or call on J. 11. Rice , No. 110
btreot Council Bluffs.
Charles Weed , of Charter Oak , ia. , is in
he city.
S. M. Crooks , of Clarinda , la. , was in the
city yesterday.
Mrs. E. C. Ncwcomb , of Omaha , is visiting
Mrs. F. Graham.
Four cars of dressed meat were shipped
rom the Armour packing house to Chicago
ast night over the 11. & M.
A. M. Kitchen , president of the Gate City
L.and company , was In the city yesterday
nuking arrangements for the erection of a
mndsomo building at the corner of N street
and Ituilroad avcnuo.
J. J. Garber , of lied Cloud , Nob. , is in the
city nnd will locate hero. Mr. Garber is a
.cphow of ex-Governor Silas Garber.
The South Omaha Baptist church Is open
'or public worship each Sunday at 4 o'clock
it the public school house , Rev. F. W. Fos-
: er , pastor. Sunday school at 0 p. m. All
tire invited.
The engine In the Swift packing house was
started last night and all the machinery put
In motion. It is expected that killing will be
gin next week. It is stated that on Monday
next the llrin will begin purchasing cattle.
An Old Lady Struck With Paralysis
and Cremated.
Bix > OMi'ici.n , la. , Nov. 12. [ Special Tele
gram to the HUE. ] Last evening the burnt
and charred remains of Mrs. J. B. Mayer ,
an elderly lady , were found upon the floor of
her homo in this placo. Two men passing by
noticed smoke coming from the door und en
tered , supposing the house to bo on fire.
They discovered that instead the fire was
| ust finishing up the remains of the old lady ,
having burned all her clothing and nearly all
her flesh. She was subject to shocks of par
alysis and was addicted to smoking , and it Is
supposed that while smoking she had a stroke
and the lighted tobacco fell upon her clothIng -
Ing nnd set it on lire , while she was power
less to prevent it.
Accidentally Shot Ilia Wife.
DESMOINE , ; IU. , Nov. 12. [ Special Tele
gram to the Bun. ] This evening John Kelley -
loy , living in the eastern part of this city ,
shot his wife , indicting a fatal wound. Ills
claimed that the shooting was accidental.
For several nights recently boys have been
annoying the family by throwing stones at
the houso. They wore doing so this evening ,
when Mr. Kelly secured a revolver nnd went
out the back door , Intending to scare them
away. Ills wife wont out the front door and
came around the house within range of her
husband's revolver and was shot before ho
discovered her presence. The couple were
married not very long ngo uud have lived
very happily together.
A Misslnp Hotel Proprietor.
DBS MOINUS , la. , Nov. 12. [ Special Tele
gram to the BEE. ] The people of the state
have been called upon to aid in flnding Joseph
Schnce , a hotel proprietor of Hampton , who
loft his homo October 27 to transact some
business at Waterloo. Ho was last seen In
that city the following day on his way to the
depot. It is thought that Mr. Schtico baa
met with foul play and great anxiety is felt
in northern Iowa over his mysterious disap
Elrctcd Professor of Agriculture.
DBS MOINCS , la. , Nov. 12. The board ol
trustees of the stuto agricultural college at
Ames to-day , elected us professor of agri
culture. Professor Lorcn P. Smith , of Now
York , a graduate and ) xst graduate student
of Cornell university In that state.
A Reminder of Grant's Funeral.
NEW Yoittc , Nov. 12. [ Special Telegram to
the BEE ] A few days before the funeral ol
General Grant , Charles W. Dlckcl & Co. ,
proprietors of the riding academy In West
Fifty-sixth street , received from General
Asplnwall an order signed by him as briga
dier general , nido to the general In charge ol
the Grant obsequies , for thirty-five horses
for use of the staff. The order was com
plied with , and the horses were used on the
parade. A bill for f350 was rendered after
ward to General Asplnwull. Ho objected tc
certain Items , and the bill was cut down tc
t250 , and In this form was indorsed "up
proved" by General Aspinwall. When lu
died on September 4. IsNl , It had not beet
paid. Lloyd Aspinwall , son of the exccutoi
of the general , refused to pity the bill , claim
Ing that the government had assumed pay
ment of all expenses of the funeral. Uicke
ft Co. sued the executor for the amount o :
the bill nnd yesterday Judgment was ren
dcrcd for the full amount with interest.
The Now York dundy bus tnken tc
snutT , which ho pinches from aneion
snulT-boxes ornamented either witl
diamonds or ancestral portraits.
DoedB Filed During tho-Past Week
Show a Largo Increase.
_ j
A Magnificent Itccord Given to the
World Otcr $7ROOO < { Invested
Protpccts of the Future-Inter
esting FnctB. I
Review of the Week' * Ilufilness.
Notwithstanding the fact that nearly every
business has been crippled during the past
week by the excitement which always nt-
tends elections , the investments In real estate
have been greatly Increased and shows that
the predictions of the BEE of thrco weeks
ngo nro being verified. It was then stated
that there was every evidence mnnlfest that
the realty market would rapidly improve.
Last week the deals In real csta were
nearly 130,000 in excess of the previous week.
This week's deals , although there wore only
five dnys In which deeds could be filed , shows
nn Increase of $85,348. This Is most gratify
ing and shows that the confidence ) in Oinaha
dirt is on the increase. Several investments
were made by eastern parties during the
week nnd it is rumored that n $200,000 deal Is
almost completed with one of them. The
projected munufuctortcs mentioned last week
nro fast being pushed forward to consumma
tion nnd ns soon as possible , without betray
ing confidence , the BBS will give full par
The warranty deeds filed during the past
week show the following values :
Monday , Nov. 7 . $90,603
Tuesday. Nov. 8 ( legal holiday ) . . . . -
Wednesday , Nov. 0 . 103,043
Thursday , Nov. 10 . G3.U . 44,003
Saturday , Nov. 12 . 102 , 01
Totnl . * 4IM,1G9
This shows nn Increase of fS."i,348 over the
previous week.
One of the greatest building booms over
known in any city in the world is that of the
past year In Omaha. Below Is given u tnblo
showing the value of buildings erected or in
course of coustructlcn for the past ten
months !
r. . : : . ? . : : . . . . . . . * 44,575
ebruary . 70,450
March . 559,140
April . 542,000
May . 622,180
Juno . ; . U49.9TO
July . 735,870
August . 1,029,285 ,
September . 480,150
October . 481,080
Total . ? 5,723,072
Add 33 > per cent . 1,907,891
Giand total . $7,031,503
The addition of Sa % per cent is made to
show the real value of the buildings for
vhich permits were issued. Neither does
his addition , In the opinions of many , de
termine the actual value , they holding that
nt least 40 per cent should bo nddcd to the
values given by the nnplicants for permits.
Thirty-three and a third per cent , however.
s In the opinion of u largo majority of
: ho architects a fair estimate. Thus it will
30 seen that the value of buildings erected
nnd in the course of construction In the city
of Omnha for the past ten months , is over
P7,500,000. By the end of the { year there is
the best of reasons to supposo'thatit ' will ap
proximate $ .9,000,000. This Is an unprece
dented increase in the history of i American
cities. These figures will show conclusively
to the world that Omaha Is fust taking the
lead over nil her competitors and ere long she
will outrank them ull as to population ,
wealth , manufacturers and general business.
These figures do not include the operations
In South Omahn. The vast packing houses
and hundreds of business blocks and private
residences built there during the present
year will run up Into the millions , but as no
[ term Its nro Issued there it will tnko some
time before a correct statement can bo made.
The Improvements which these figures de
note uro tremendous arguments to eastern
capitalists and the UCE proposes they shall
know of them.
Borrowers Have Less Difficulty in Get
ting Money From Banks.
CHICAGO , Nov. 12. [ Special Telegram to
the Bnn. ] There were no important changes
to note In local financial affairs during the
past week. Bankers are apparently In a
comfortable condition and well supplied with
loanable funds. No particular urgency has
prevailed for loans , nnd the market , In a gen
eral way , may be regarded as easier. Bor
rowers , when able to present undoubted se
curity , experienced no particular difficulty In
obtaining all the money required. Bank of
ficials generally insist on wide and safe mar
gins ; sufficiently largo to guard against nuy
serious loss in case of sudden changes
in the market. Applications from spec
ulators in grain and provisions for accom
modations were light , as the volume
of business is not so largo
but what it can bo protected by
private means. The demand from the pack
ing interest for financial assistance has not
developed ns stocks nnd provisions were
light at the opening of the packing season
and they hnvo been enabled to dispose of
their manufacture readily up to date , so that
no accumulation has tnken placo. It Is un
derstood that considerable money is being
forwarded to the interior for the purpose of
buying and storing small grain and for crib
bing corn , but these funds nro largely from
private parties. Wholesale merchants still
present considerable paper for discount ,
mainly duo to slow collections In some sec
tions of the west. Rates of interest are reported
ported steady at C@7 per cent for call nnd OX
@ 8 per cent for time loans , with the bulk of
the paper accepted nt G > @ 7 per ceut. Out
side paper bccuvcd by undoubted collaterals
commands 7@8 per cent. Some money is
offered on the street at a slight premium on
bank rates.
Money in eastern financial centers Is not
ns close as reported some time ago , nnd bor
rowers succeed In obtaining bank favors
readily , with rates of Interest ranging at 5@
7 per cent. Advices from abroad also indi
cate an easier feeling In that quarter , with
no change to note in discount rates. The
balances of the leading banks show increased
deposits. |
New York exchange was inclined to quiet
ness during the past week. Offerings were
not very largo , and the demands were com
paratively light. Sales were made at 2. > ( iJ40o
discount per ( 1,000 between banks , und the
market closed steady nt 25il3te ( ( ,
Foreign exchange was In only moderate re
quest and the offerings were fair. There was
no particular change to note in rates. Ship
pers' blxty-dny documentary bills on London
sold at fi.80@4.80U and closed quiet at
- .
The New York stock markct.cxliiblted con
siderable activity , and fluctuations In prices
were confined within a narrower range than
during the week previous. Earnings of the
leading railroads continue to she wan Increase
over last year's returns and th ? o Is appar
ently less disposition to sell stocks , and nt
tne same time there Is not much inclination to
purchase the bulk of the trading being
credited to "room traders , " on small losses or
profits. It Is claimed that the "short" In
terest Is moderately large , and that the dally
purchases to cover contracts were sufficient
to maintain prices. Wall street operators
were n little more disposed to sell at the
recent advance. Prices on the whole range
have exhibited little t-hango some special
ties showing slight advances and others ruling
Outside of the corn and provision markets
there has been no particular activity in the
produce markets. Trading In these articles
was stimulated somewhat by some local nnd
outsldo features , but there was apparently no
Inducements offered to speculators to enlarge
their o | > cratlons In other articles. The re
ceipts of grain were moderately largo , while
the shipments were liberal , being encouraged
to some extent by the reduction In lake
frclghti ) . Advices from foreign markets
were a little moro encouraging to sellers.
Still the changes In prices were not marked.
401. 401. 401. 401.
These Are Symbolic !
What Do They Symbolize ?
There Are 401 Reasons for This.
The best goods in the various
Quality ! departments of our stock the
market contain.
The most goods possibleto
i be given for the money.
A M | The greatest amount of the
best goods for the least
401 persons can testify that this is so.
401 Kinds of Dress Goods for
401 styles of beauty.
401 styles of Carpets for
401 kinds of homes.
401 styles of Underwear for
401 kinds of persons.
All this and 401 times as much you will find at
401 Broadway.
Harkness Brothers.
DR. C. B. JUDD ,
COUNCIL BLUFFS , ; ; ; ; : ; IOWA.
Domestic markets linvo exhibited consider
able steadiness. Speculative trading in
grain centers largely in Mtiy deliv
ery , while in provisions the interest is
largely In January and May deliveries ;
receivers and shippers were favored with a
good business and no complaints were made
in that quarter. Prices were slightly ad
vanced on all the leading articles , and the
market closed rather firm. The export
movement was moderate and trade with do
mestic markets was fairly active. Stocks of
grain are gradually enlarging , with the ex
ception of corn and barley , and the supplies of
provisions are not very large , and accumulat
ing slowly. Packing in the west is progres
sing very favorably , and the returns , so far
this season , show an Increase over those of
lust season.
Carlisle's Contested Scat.
WASHINGTON , Nov. 12. [ Special Telegram
to the BEE.J General J. Gale Sypher , at
torney for George H. Tuoebo , contestant
against ex-Speaker Carlisle , says , referring
to the statement made by Carlisle that ho
had heard that Randall was assisting Tlioebe
in his contest : "If Carlisle made such an
assertion I don't believe ho bus any informa
tion warranting him In making it. Neither
Thoebo nor any of his friends have had any
communication with Randall on the subject.
1 am prepared to show how , where and by
whom the legal result of the election In the
district was falsified and a fraudulent major
ity returned for Carlisle. I invited him to
meet mo in the district for the purpose of
confuting these proofs in a legal form , but ho
declined. Carlisle knows that ho was not
legally elected member of the Fiftieth con
gress , and a large number of reputable gen
tlemen in his district also know the fact and
are willing to testify to It. "
Lord "Warrlck ChnrKcn n Sliilllns fern
n View of His Castle.
Now York World : Warwick castle ,
which is ono of the great feudal castles
of England , afford n very handsome rev
enue to its present occupant , the Earl
of Warwick , through shilling admis
sions being charged to view all except
the private living apartments. Up to
within a few years ago there was no ad
mission fee. Then the butler and the
housekeeper were permitted to show
people through certain hours of the
day , and they wore permitted to pocket
the fees paid them. The result was
that these two people accumulated a
fortune during their twenty years' ser
vice , and have now setup as magnates
of county kitchen circles. To quote the
language of ono of their rural ndmtrora ,
they have "an 'ouso of theirn hewn
nearly as big as the cahrslo , and moro
'orses nnd carriages as the h'earl Mm-
self. " The present earl now takes this
revenue to himself.
At the porter's lodge you arc told
that tickets can bo bought at the" little
humble house in the feudal row , under
the lofty battlements in the most aristo
cratic abode of ono of the greatest
peers of the realm. You visit this house
and there your money is taken through
a little wicket , and In exchange you are
given n ticket which entitles you to bo
shown through the castlo. Commis
sioners nro on fluty there and they dis
play the treasures and beauties of the
place with the same bubjncfcs-liko
method and manner of people in charge
of any of the show places in London.
The money deposited by the visitor
finds its way to n bank to the carl's
credit , affording him at the present
time a clear net income of fully $15,000 a
Death of an Editor.
PITTSIIUIIO , Nov. 12. Wilfred II. Nevln ,
editor and senior proprietor of the Plttsburg
Leader , died at his home In Sewlcklc-y , Pa. .
this morning , of consumption. The dcccu&cd
was tbirtj'-nlue years old.
SPECIAL advertisements , surhas Lost.Fotmcl ,
To Loan , For Sale , To Kent , WnntM , nonnllns ,
etc. , will ho Inseiteil In tills column at the low
rate of TEN C'KNTS 1'Kll LINK for the first In
sertion nnd 1'ive Cents Per Line for each subse
quent insertion. Lotivo advertisements nt our
olllcp No. K Pearl Street , near llroadwcy , Coun-
cll Illulla , ] oua.
KENT A live-room cottage , cor. of tith
FOU and Uth ave. j newly papered and painted.
Apply to CliailesT. Ollicer , at Olllcer & Fiiscy's
SALE A line lesiilence In the best portion
tion of Council lllutrs. Call < m or aildrewH J.
N. O. Wylle , with Oildl llrus. & Co. . 1U3 Pearl bt.
ClOfl RKNT liouses In all parts of the city by
JD Johnston & Van Patten , : Main st.
YOUNG lady , experienced bookkeeper and
competent stenographer , wants position.
Address 1110 , lleo olllco.
"ITlOfi BALK A second hand Knabe bquaro
X ? piano , nearly new ; cost $ H.W , nell for fJOO.
Address Q Z31 , lice olllcu , Council Uluirs.
RENT Houses and furnished rooms. J.
FOH Davidson , ( a Fifth avcniiu.
TT10U SALE Second-hand Columbia bicycle
JC very cheap , K-lnch , at lice olllce.
hundred thousand dollars to loan on
ONE estate and chattels by V. J. Uuy , ( W
Pearl bt.
lots and aero property for sale by
BUILDING . 30 Pearl bt.
OR HUNT A finely furnished front room ,
Urst floor. In private residence near court
houso. Water In room , lighted anil heated.
Largo closet. References required. Address II.
IS. lleo offlce. Council llluUa.
TT10II KENT Dwelling house of 0 rooms ,
Jj closets , woodhoube , gas , river water , etc.
House No. 148 Washington ave. , next west of
Mayor Groneweg'9. Iliuulreof S. II.Vmls oitli
&Co. , 210 So. MalllBt.
Oil KENT Four unfunilbhed looms In a
double house at No , Kti WahhlugUm avenue.
WX ) 11 rood way , Council IlliuTs , Iowa. Established
Trotting - Stallions
VADECARY , Council Bluffs.
The Alcohol , Morphine and Opium habit Ab
solutely Ccn til wltlioiH Intciferlng with the
patient's dallv avocation. Correspond with or
call on ' DR. F. P. BELLINGER.
I Ilroaduay. Council liluax , fa.
All concspouUeuc * ccuflUenUul.
Worth $2OOO to bo Given Awa
Henry Elsomnn & Go.'s Pee
Store , 314 , 310 , 310 and 320
Brondwny , Council Bluffs ,
With Every Two Dollar * Worth e |
Good * Ptirchnirtl You Will llcoelr *
A Coupon Ticket Good For Ono
Chnneo In the Following Grand
Presents to be Given Awnjr by
us n Monday , January
Kith , 1NHH.
Every $2 purchase- receives one ticket
nnd every additional ticket the eufnjj'
Hold your tickets until the nbovo men *
tipned date , when the lucky numbers
will bo announced and the holders In
vited to call for their presents.
Remember you will have to pay noth
ing extra on your purchaser. Wo
guarantee to Mill you goods cheaper
than you can buy at any other house In
the west , and give you the largest , flues !
and bebt stock west of Chicago to select
All mail orders receive prompt nttcn-
tion and tickets for the free gifts forj
warded with the orders the same ns 11
you were hero in person.
Theho distributions will be made with
every fairness , and customers may depend
pond on the lucky numbers receiving
their reward.
No ticlcets will bo given to employes
of our house , customers only reeoivlne
the benefit of the prizes.
LIST or ruiUKS.
No. of prize.
1 Ono elegant parlor set consisting
of sofa , divan and 4 largo easy chairs ,
purchased from S. S. Keller of this city.
2 Ono elegant cherry bed room Bet.
consisting of bedstead , dresser and
wash stand. Have largo bovell 1'ronch
Beebo & Co. , city.
3 Ono elegant silver tea set , consist
ing of extra largo and very heavy
waiter , coffee pot , tea pot , sugar bow } ,
creamer and spoon holder. Must bo
seen to ho fully appreciated. Bought
from C. 13. Jarquomin & Co. , city.
4 Ono very handsome water setcom
prising pitcher stand goblets and wash
bowl of the very largest dcbign. An *
elegant piece of goods. Purchased from
Robinson Uros. , city. T
5 Decorated China dinner set of 180
pieces. Purchased from W. A. Mauro j
city. o
0 Elegant decorated China tea sot of
60 pieces.
7 Very hand'-omc blue satin wnto
set , consisting of ( I tumblers , 1 pltohei
and ono hammered brass tray.
8 Ono Venetian water bet.'comprislnjj
6 tumblers , 1 pitcher and 1 elegant brass1
tray. I
9 Lustre amber water set , oomprla-
ing O tumblers , 1 pitcher and 1 eleganfi' '
brass tray. n
10 Ono ruby water set , consisting of
G tumblers. 1 pitcher and 1 brass tray. >
11 20 yds bust black Guinctt silk tbf
best silks made.
12 1 pair Japanese jxirtiers.
18 1 gentleman's smoking jacket.
14 1 very elegant Paisley shawl.
15 1 bet beaver furs.
10 1 gentleman's dress suit.
17 1 gent's fur beaver overcoat.
18 1 boy's or youth's suit.
10 1 boy's or youth'n overcoat.
20 1 pair sealskin gloves.
21 1 pair California white blankets.
22 1 combination nobility dress pnV
tern , worth $50.
23 1 Misses cloak.
21 1 piece Lonesdnlo muslin.
2o 1 pair men's boots or shoes.
20 1 O. P. corset any size.
27 1 wir Misses shoes.
28 1 lr. Warner's corset.
20 1 very line Marsailles bed spread !
80 1 elegant album.
81 1 toboggan cap.
32 1 infants cloak.
88 1 bashmere dress.
31 1 set furs.
85 1 tine largo doll.
80 1 autograph album.
37 J dozen ladies' line wool fast black
88 J do/.cn Misses fine wool fnstblaclf
ho e.
3 ! ) 1 gingham dress pattern.
40 1 do/.cn gentslinen handkerchiefs.
41 1 do/.on ladicslinen handkerchiefs *
42 0 linen table cloths.
43 1 dozen linen napkins.
41 1 dozen fine linen towels.
45 1 fancy stand cover.
40 1 table cover.
47 1 Marsailles quilt.
48 1 line largo doll.
49 1 largo album.
50 1 toboggan cap.
51 1 child's hood.
52 1 piece "fruit of loom" muslin.
53 1 fancy stand cover.
61 1 pair elegant Japanese portior %
65 1 album.
50 1 largo doll.
67 1 autograph album.
58 1 bcal skin hand bag.
69 1 toilet set.
00 1 Long pocket book.
(11 ( 1 line silk imilllor.
(12 ( 1 shopping bag.
03 1 elegant lace handkerchief.
04 1 largo bottle line perfume.
05 1 pair Icid gloves.
00 1 pair silk suspenders.
07 1 pair ladies' car rings.
08 1 pair ladies' cull buttons.
09 1 line lace pin.
70 1 Madam Warner's corset.
71 1 fine hand bay.
72 1 largo album.
78 1 largo wax doll.
71 1 gents' scarf.
75 1 line silk mulllcr.
70 1 pair ladies line shoes.
77 1 autograph album.
78 1 pair silk mils.
70 1 gout's fur cap.
80 1 gents' bilk smoking Jacket.
81 1 gents' hat.
82 1 pair men's arctic overshoes.
b3 1 pair ladies' overshoes.
81 1 fine album.
85 1 hammered brass umbrella bland ,
80 1 pir line silk suspenders.
87 1 largo doll.
8S 1 largo shopping bag.
89 1 bilk umbrella.
1)0 ) 1 line lace handkerchief.
91 1 elegant availing shawl.
92 1 gout's traveling bug.
93 1 toboggan cap.
94 1 child's hood.
! ) . " > 1 pair kid gloves.
90 1 ladies' flno jersey.
97 1 elegant lace handkerchief.
98 1 bilk inufflor.
99 1 nor ladies' line shoes.
100 1 bet ladies' furs.
Total value of the above 100 present * ,
two thousand dollars.
Sco them exhibited in our store.
The drawing will bo conducted under
the management of a committee of ax )
citi/.cns , and the utmost fairnces wll )
had so the presents will go to the party
who holds the lucky nnnibora.
Now is the tirno lor everybody to tnuo
advantage of this great gift offering.
Uuy your goods nt the People's store ,
save money thereby and get a present
in the bargain , Henry EUeman & Co. .
People's store , 814 , 310 , 618 and 320
liioadwny , Council Blutfs , la.