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Special Sale
Brocade Velvets
Magnificent Quality ,
S3 ,
Actual Value , $6.
Wo IKTV e ten pieres of Lyons
Frino Brocaded Velvets , ii4 in.
\vido , in black , wine , navy blue
myrtle green , garnet ; they are
the finest quality made and
Bold regularly at $6 ; these for
JMonday at $3.
Satin Rhadames
We will offer on Monday , 5
toes , heavy Patin lihndanins , in
wiauK oiily ; tliis will bo found
equal to any sold heretofore
for $2 a yard ; Monday , $1.05.
Black Silk , 75c.
felack Silk , $1.10.
Black Silk , $1.25.
Black Silk $1.50.
Black Silk , $2.00
At the above prices on Mon
day , we will give some extra
values in Black Silks ; that wo
dosed out from Poidebard &
Co. , New York , at our own
price ; look for bargains.
§ , R MORSE & CO
A Hundred Thousand Wanted to
Carry on the Work.
f resilient FltzQcrald'H Plan For Rais
ing the ICcqtilrt'cl Ainoiinl A ICuil-
riiuil to DCS MolncH Other
Ijltioolii NCVVH.
[ KROMrun nr.E's LINCOLN :
President Fitrgorald , of the Irish National
In America , has taken the initiatory
r raising funds for the prosecution of work
homo rule In Ireland , by Issuing the fol
ding appeals ;
To the Wealthy Irishmen nnd Sons of Irish-
, ] . " ! la America Fellow-Countrymen : To-
ay the Tale of Ireland hangs trembling In
" 10 balance. Ono brief year must deeido
.bother Ireland as a nation shall ccaso to
jtlst , or shall in glory of rejuvenated beauty ,
iut on the royal rpbes of restored imlcpen-
Ipnro. The decision rests not with the peo-
ije of Ireland , nor with their gallant leaders ;
1 hey have done all that splendid courage
ijnbined with prudence , Christian forbear-
ice and heroic fortitude could do , to amcll-
rate their condition. The odds are against
hem , and without assistance from abroad
hey must yield to the law of superior
Ot .e. Left now to their own resources ,
fur as human wisdom can foraco , nothing
( rould remain for the people of Ireland , but
accept the doom of slavery , to quit forever
o hind of their birth , or to drench the
, cred ttoll with their blood as a hist sucrltlco
o that principle of liberty , which coming
Mil Uod , is in itself divine nnd ItUo the God-
i > 3 , demands from the heart of man tho'
nor of its respect.
They shall not and they must not bo left
flnalded. If , of themselves , they are umiblo
jo force the concession of justice from the
Fmldftl aristocracy which sways the destinies
Of the British cmpiro and marks that sway
yj Ireland with every crlmo that can bo found
l the annals of Asiatio despotism ; never-
iclcss , by their coin-ago and
Btelllgenco the Irish people have
rought about such n condition of
itngs that , with our assistance , they will bo
bio to change the night of gloom into the
ayllght of assured victory. That assistance
hall not and must not bo denied them.
With us , the sons of Irish exiles or exiles
lursolvos , rests the Oat of death or llfo to
roland , We , ns well as the people of Iro-
and , are co-hulrs of these who died for Irish
liberty , souio In the front of battle , some in
"no darkness of the dungeon , some beneath
10 arm of the English gibbet. The waves
the ocean have not changed the blood that
urscs in our veins. The atmosphere of
mcrlua does not debase , but elevates the
iplrations of the human mind , and wo
juld bo unworthy the freedom wo enjoy
this landof blood-bought independence , un-
jrtliy the companionship of American free-
on , if wo , under the auspices of our happier
rcumstancos should in this fateful hour
.esett our brothers In the old land , and leave
icm alone to cngngo unaided in what would
icn bo a hopeless struggle .against the op
pression that desolates our motherland to-
Our fathers took down their weapons ,
parted from wives 'and children , nnd wont
out to crimson the mountain heather with
their blood. The men of Ireland are willing
to makn that sacrltlco to-day , but if properly
eocouded in their efforts by us , a bloodless
Victory will crown n bloodless revolution , a
revolution unlinio in the history of nations ,
) y which the intellect and moral strength ol
iicu , shall bo triumphant over the
> ruto force of 'unrighteous usurpation ,
Clio people of Ireland will have victory with'
a their grasp if they can bo supplied with the
IDO thing which they need. That which thoj
vant , wo possess ; and wo can without Incon.
VPnlvnce give what will satisfy their neces
sities. Tney want money to carry ou tbcii
struggle ; having it they can bid defiance tc
the enemy. Is there tin Irishman In America
to dead to every attribute of manhood as tc
fcfuso.tho itac-rcd duty of asslntlnp thoml
The democrocie * of Scotland , Wales nnd
54-inch Plaids , 75c ,
54-inch Plaids , 75c ,
54-inch Plaids , 75c ,
54-inch Plaids , 75c ,
Monday morning we will
show 25 pcs assorted colors
and si/.cs of plaids in silk and
wool and all wool new plaids
this fall patterns : Usual price
$1.50 ; our price , 75o.
We will again offer on Mon
day morning , 20 pcs. of
the grey mohair debego
check , double width , actually
worth 35c ; our price Monday
lOc ,
We have purchased from a
New York importer , 40 pcs.
fmcit silk and wool striped
Foules , heavy weight ; very
best quality ; they are worth
& 2.50 a yard.
Our Price , 75c.
England hnvo declared themselves in favor of
Ireland's ' right to self-government. The
ablest British statesman of modern
times , William Ewart Gladstone , In the
winter of his houry experience nnd
long career , has proclaimed himself
the champion of Irish liberty. Chivalrous
William O'Brien may bo condemned to bread
and water and the insufferable hardships of
a felon's cell , but for the llrst time in the his
tory of the Irish struggle noblo-hcartod En
glishmen and Scotchmen nro competing for
the honor of imitating his example and suffer
ing for Irish freedom at the hands of those
who Imvo inaugurated the reign of terror that
illustrates British rule in Ireland to-day.
Will Irishmen in America bo less generous ?
Money is needed and the need is very urgent
for the succur of evicted tenants ; for the defense -
fenso of Irish loaders and English friends of
our causa against a tyrannous and unscrupul
ous government , and of humbler champions of
liberty against ruftlnns In authority ; und par
ticularly for the protection of the registration
lists , ono of the most important
yet costly necessities of the struggle
Money Is required above nil to put the Irish
party in a strong position for the general
election which may take place at an early
date , und which. If Mr. Puniell Is properly
sustained by the Irish In America , will end
in the triumph of Mr. Gladstone and the
achievement of homo rule for Ireland.
Wealthy Irishmen of America will you
help us !
Ireland appeals to you in the name of the
sacred de.ul mouldering In her soil to-day ; in
the name of the fathers nnd mothers who
with anguished hearts nnd tearful eyes
carried you across the ocean to this homo of
peace and plenty , wlioro no despot can
oppress you , and no feudal tyrant rob from
yon the fruits of your Industry ; In their
names at whoso feet you tlrst learned
the sad but glorious history of your
nation , and who are now perhaps in their si-
lout graves. She calls to you in the name of
nil that can move the human heart ; In the
name of God and liberty to stand forward ns
' her help nnd strength In this hour of need.
She asks of you no sacrillco of blood and
tears such as your fathers mado. Ireland
SCOB homo rule within her grasp , but her
purso-proud foes sling the epithet of beggar
in her face , and , in sight of the promised
land , they threaten to starve her in the des
ert of slavery. Children of Ireland in Amer
ica , whom God has blessed with means ubovo
all your wants , will you , before the world ,
permit old mother Erin to perish for want of
that which you possess in a plentitude of
abundance. ) If It were England that cried
aloud for the assistance of her oxllcd sons ,
within thirty days ouo thousand Englishmen
could bo found In America who would not
hesitate to subscribe ) u thousand dollars each.
Wo have flvo thousand Irishmen and Irish-
Americans who would do the same , nnd Ire
land on her knees , in tears and in chains ,
with llfo , liberty and happiness almost withli :
her roach , bogs for that financial aid. with
out which she must tlio. Wealthy Irishmen
of America , God , Ireland and humanity are
looking upon you. Will you bo equal to the
occasion ! Will you do for Ireland In this
Valley Forgo of her struggle what the Irisl
merchants of Philadelphia did for that Amor
lean liberty to which you owe. so much , when
money alone could save the starving soldiers
of Washington !
The Uov. Dr. O'Uoilly , of Detroit , Mich ,
treasurer of the Irish National league o :
America , has prepared n book as a roll o
honor to bo preserved in the Irish archives
containing the names nnd addresses of al
who in this final contest will give of their
means to win back an Irish parliament. Mus
this roll contain but the names of the bravo
workers who for years Imvo given of their
scanty time and means all that has been
asked for by Ireland in her long and wear ;
light ! They Imvo built the foundations am
liuvo reared the pedestal. Wealthy Irishmen
of America will you place thereon the statue
of Irish liberty and purchase in the years to
coma for yourselves and your children's
children the thanks and esteem of an Oman
clpatcd and grateful peoplol Ireland asks
from ono thousand Irishmen and Irish-Amor
leans on this continent from $500 to
11,000 each. It la not I , but Ireland
that makes this call , and as 1'nivid
cnco has given me the means to respond to
It , nnd being doslrous of doing myself lha
which I expect from other * , I therefore cnte
my rmmo upon the roll for $1,000.
Ucmlttancos can bo made to Uov. Charles
O'ltcilly , D. D. , Detroit , . Mich. , or to tLo un
Dress Patterns
Monday morning we will offer
for a special lot of fine cash
mere finish Black Silks , that
we purchased in 18 yard
lengths ; the silk was woven as
sample pieces ; the usual price
is $2.25 a yard ; we have 25
dress patterns , nearly all 18
yards , that we will sell for $27
on Monday.
Window Shades , 50c
Feet Long.
Next week we will offer 3,000
Holland Window Shades , rea
dy mounted on spring rollers ,
deep fringe on bottom , like
above , colors , brown , red , ecru ,
green , olive , serge , blue , buff ,
Irab , stone ; actual value.most .
double ; our price of 50c. .
'oitae ' and Lace CURTAINS ,
Next week we will have a
special sale of the various
iinds of Portiere and Lace
Curtains , our stock is the larg
st and finest in Omaha and
[ or next week we have some
xtraordinary values in
Turcoman Chenille ,
Tapestry Velour
teafelle Madras ,
Swiss & Notlinojiam
dersigned nt Lincoln , Nob. , and will bo
promptly acknowledged.Jons
Jens FiTznniiALu ,
President Irish National League of America.
The vote of Lancaster county has been
canvassed by the board of canvassers and
shows the following majorities for the repub
lican candidates : Muxwoll , 2.333 : Davis , re
gent , 2,171 ; Roberts , regent , 2,178 ; Chapman
jvcr Hoyden , 2,2US : Field over Sawyer , "S3 ;
Kocko , treasurer , 3,705 ; Boll , county clerk ,
2G3 ! ; Melick , sheriff , 1,814 ; Stewart , county
ludgo , 2,032 ; Knight , rcgisterof deeds , $2,804 ;
Dickson , commissioner , 2,115 ; McClusky ,
superintendent , 2,829 ; Walton , surveyor ,
3,115 ; Shoemaker , coroner , 2,059 ; Slzer.clcrk
of the district court , 2,302. The township
organization voted upon failed to got a major
ity of all the votes cast and was lost. The
country precincts largely voted for the law
but the city failed to vote cither way.
In the trial of Haggerty , the man accused
of an attempt to murder u hack driver , the
Jury wcro only out a short time when they
returned with a verdict of guilty , and Hag-
gcrty will go over the hill to the pen. Sen
tence has not yet been pronounced against
him. The last criminal case ou trial was a
case wherein the parties nro charged with
selling liquor without n license nnd on Sun
days. From the evidence adduced the case
did not seem to bo a very strong one. Judge
Chapman adjourned his court Friday even
ing , but Judge Field continued court until
afternoon. The criminal docket will hold the
jury for two weeks yet.
The Incorporation of the Lincoln and DCS
Moines rnllroal noted some thuosinco is to bo
supplemented at once with a call for a bond
election to vote nid on the part of the city of
Lincoln for its construction. It is understood
that nt the council meeting Monday evening
that the city fathers will bo asked to call an
election to decide the question of voting $150-
000 in bonds to the now road. It is also un
derstood that the projection of the line pro
pose to guarantee to Lincoln for ten years a
Missouri river vote if the bonds are voted.
The stone work on the central part of the
capltol building is practically ended and the
work is ready for thu Iron dome. The roof is
being laid and work is in progress Inside pre
paratory to plastering.
The board of public lands and buildings re
port that from their visit to the now state
building at Beatrice they nro convinced that
much of the clamor of poor workmanship Is
unfounded and that the expose was largely
from jealousy.
A new town site company has blossomed
In Choycnuo county , Its town being named
Frald. The company have n capital stock of
$2,000 with which to inako the paper town a
The following notaries have been com
missioned by the governor ; Alonzo D. Huus ,
Box Butte ; Hiram Cassclmnu , Hay Springs ;
Charles H. Babcock , Seward ; J. H. Fox-
worthy , Lincoln ; James G. Holdcn , Central
City ; Levi C. Lenon , North Platte ; A. C.
Itowfll , St. Paul : Frank A. Ewing , Omaha ;
A. W. Atwood , Fremont ; C. W. Prettyman ,
Broken Bow.
Supreme court adjourned Tuesday of this
week , when the call for Eighth district cases
will bo taken up. Before adjournment , F. E.
Munn , of Omaha , was admitted to practice.
Hubo vs. Sullivan , Britton vs. Larson wcro
continued. Writs of error staying executive
wcro issued In Anderson vs. State and Carr
vs. Stato. In addition a number of cases
wcro argued nnd submitted.
Pugct Sound Colony.
There will bo n public mooting of the
Omuha brunch of the Puget Sound col
ony at 1114 Farnam street at 2:30 : o'clock
l > . in. Norman R. Smith will lecture on
the future of the colony.
A Quiet Wedding.
Yesterday afternoon at 8 o'clock William
Webb , captain of the chemical , was married
to Miss Minnie Norris , daughter of B. F.
Norris. The affair was a quiet ono and took
place at the residence of the bride's parents ,
corner of Twentieth street and St. Mary's
nvonuo. Ono of the most welcome presents
received was a largo roll of greenbacks , con
tributed by the flro laddies of Noa. 1 and 3.
Webb has been connected with the lire de
partment ulno years.
Boys Clothing !
On our 2d floor wo have an
elegant assortment of first
class boys' clothing , the goods
are selected with a view to
giving mothers a chance to
clothe their boys in really de
sirable clothing at moderate
Boys' ' School Snits$2.75 , $
Monday morning wo will offer 100
boys' union cassimcre suits ; actual
value $4 ; our price$2.75 :
Boys' Pants , 25c.
Monday we will offer a large lot of
boys' pants , oil sizes , worth 50c a pair
for 25c.
BoyV Overcoats , $1.50
Boys' Overcoat$2,50
Special values for Monday. You
may not want them now but you
will later and it will pay to secure one
Boys1 Gape Overcoats , $4,50 $
Special values in the above styles.
Fine Jet Trimmed Wraps
Wo have recently purchased and
open Monday , from Miller , Jonnsson
& Co. , o New York , their
imported Jet Trimmed Plush Wraps ,
the latest novelties imported for pat
terns only : purchased at about
50 Cents on the Dollar.
Monday Hornlng.HoY.14
$100 Wraps for $60
$85 wraps for $50.
$60 wraps for $38.
$45 wraps for $30-
The styles are so varied it is impos
sible to describe them ; examination
will convince you of their real value.
Ladies' Jackets , $2.90. $
Next week we will offer another lot
of tuose heavy check Melton Jackets ,
with welt seams , these are regular
f 1 quality , at $2.90.
Supreme Court Judges 8. Maxwell II , 1791 303 204 an S31 24' 6381
Thos. O'UayD Z16 207 454 ! ! 88 228 .TOO 100 123 117 HtW
Begents of Unlvcrsity-IJ. H. Davis It 110 S10 14.1 273 185 578 T 0 203 231 CO-11
O. lloborts It aw 150 20.- . 108 678 345 227 243 tlTO
J. M.Slicker ] ) 241 453 208 370 SB so : , 1W2 117
Kred'k Harris D 241 453 208 4.V ) 877 ZH 805 102 128
District Court Judges-K. Wakolcy , N. P 327 51)8 ) 202 Ml 450 617 455 800 20' . 740T
L. A. Oroti , N.I * an M 143 830 337 WW 440 Htt 20'M3 ( VIOS
M. KHpnewell , Nl' . . . . 410 708 301 648 C20 B51 414 M3 10070
George W. Donne , N V 310m KO 101 304 376 fiOC 204 S4R 0883
O. H. llnllou. It m 220 1IC 437 iar 175 2H 120 100 3178
Lee Kstelle , It no 278 4fO 242 211 228 134 10Ti 4008
A. U. in Z > iii 810 134 184 215 121 112 04 1CBO
Sheriff Wllllnm Colmrn , It 105 48' ' 204 B55 240 CIO 884 254 240 fi7hil 10M
Gcnrgu H. Guy , 1) 220 3.V IV : 420 SK 2:11 : COT ICO 12T ) 4B87
County Judge 1) . H. Slercor H 117 279 iil : 258 1211 3110 270 1M INI 4077
George Shields , D. . . . 298 Ml 221 53.1 442M 45,1 377 2oO 1WI CW1 2114
District Court Cleric F. K. Moores , l 187 824 , lfi ] M ; 543 830 240 2.W 655 CIS
G. Iloncko , D. . 22S 451 40t : ; no 207 320 181 110 4000
County Clerk n. r. Hodman , It 82U 141 315 IMI . HI ! 252 211 241 Mien
M.D.llochol ) 453 21.p 478 aw 812 103 lf.4 . 157 KCI 28
Keglstcr ot Deeds Chas. V. Necdhnm It 811 lift 2I7 ! VK 104 2IW 4700
T. A. Megcath , 1) . 448 210 M- ' KV 21ii lii : 13 ( UCI5
Coroner P. J. Harrett , It. . ant 141 ! ais i'lii Stft 210 200 4740
J. C. Droxel. 1) . . 4W 208 475 457 1W1 ire. 18h 57(13 ( 1023
Surveyor C. II. Howes. 11. 150 101 111 ] Zti- 270 M20 309
M. S. Palmer , D 441 208 ire ; 101CT 191 102 120 5057
Treasurer Henry llolln. . . . 741 34' 7HI ! CT til ! JM avi 8S7 14 ; 10155
Bupt. of Schools J. II. llruner. It. . . . IBBW 142 310 Ittt 237 271 BEO 107
0. Conoyor , D 253 W 211 4W1 37T ISX 1IB 12 , ' . HIM
Com'rs Third District win. Turner "itii ; ; ; ; . " lie MO 151 un 221 2rm : 204 B457 cm
Ceo. Tlmme. D Alt at m un 12fi ! 4883
Cora'rs Fourth District James Wnlsh It j ; > i 12. ' 3K 213 2:0 : 200 f.HH
P.J. Corrlcnn.1) 42 < j 232 470 avi 106 IK : 110 KZt 115
Com'rs Fifth District John Morrcil , It. . . 104 324 140 243 183 20S wi 2.11 C8 47W
L. M.Amlerbon.D 258 650 150 130 14 KM ) 763
Names of Those Elected On Tuesday
Yesterday the board of canvassers com
pleted the official count , the result of which
is told in the accompanying table. Appended
is a complete list of the ward and precinct
officers elected on Tuesday last :
First ward Assessor , II. Khrcnport ; Jus
tices of the peace , Charles Brandies and II.
II. Haven ; constables , Jacob Ilcltzmun and
Augustus Hurk.
Second ward Assessor , James Donnelly ;
Justices of the peace , Daniel O'Conncll and
George Holmes ; constables , Mutthow Nerad
und A. Masteruiau.
Third ward Assessor , A. C. Uthof : Jus
tices of the pcdco ; fA. C. Held nnd H. D. A.
Wade : constablesW. I * . Snowden and George
Fourth ward Assessor , J. G. Carpenter ;
Justices of the peace , Gustav Anderson and
J. S. Morrison ; constables , John Ilokinson
undD. B. Houck.J
Fifth ward ( Assessor , SehuylerWakoflcld ;
justices of the peaqo , John C. Shea and Gus
Kniger'constables ; , Charles Halls and Wil
liam Snydor.J
Sixth ward Assessor , James Highland ;
Justices of the peace , H. A. Conovor and Ber
nard Sachsso ; constables. M. D. Houck and ,
J.F.Pago. c I
Seventh'ward Assessor , N. W. Nelson ; '
Justices of tlje peace , C. L. Thomas and O. i
P. Thompson ; constables , Lewis Peterson
and P. McLaughlln.
Eighth ward Assessor , Charles B. Fry ;
Justices of the peace , P. H. Horan and J. J.
Casey ; constables , M. F. Singleton and
Frank Dohcrty. i
Ninth ward Assessor , John Peterson ;
Justices of the peace , C. J. Hyan and Charles
J.Johnson : constables , W. H. Small nnd
Frank H. Baber. I
South Omaha Assessor , William Kane ;
Justices of the pence , Jacob Levy and D.
O'Connell ; constables. Martin Eddy and B.
A. Finnerty. I
Florence Assessor , F. M. King ,
justices of the peace , Joseph H. Dcland and
John Foster : constables , E. Delaney and J.
Dagot. i
Union Assessor , Lou Ducker ; Justices of
the pesce , J. G. Knight and H. Noyco ; con
stables , C , Slottenburg and H. M. Twadell.
Jefferson Assessor , Hans Nelson ; justices
of the peace , H. C4 Timmoand Christ llachus ;
constables. Julius Beeckor and Will Crll.
Elkhom Assessor , James W. Moore ;
Justices of the peace , William Osborne and
John Morris ; constables , William Glbbs nnd
William B. Sherwood , Jr.
Valley Assessor , John Ingram ; justices
of tlio peace , Perry Harrier and H. H.
Barnes ; constables , J. P. Stover and George
Waterloo Assessor , n. W. Barber ; jus
tices of the of the peace , J. H. Watts and II.
B. Homing ; constables , Tom Johnson aud
Hichard Nason.
Chicago Assessor , E. Spccht ; Justices of
the peace , D. Smith and L. D. Latham ; con
stables , H. A. Hills and P. Bruhn.
Mlllard Assessor , E. Spccht ; justices of
the pcaco , F. W. Ebcrnoard and Hy Kelsey ;
coustablcs , F. Sehatzand and August
McArdlo Assessor , F , J. Blcick ; justice
of the peace , Justus Stelnert : constables
Douglas Assessor , John Toner ; Justices
of the pence , O. T. Plckard and P. Toner ;
constables , O , W. Pickard and Bernard Mc-
West Omaha Assessor , Henry Uobo ; Jus
tices of the the peace , Arthur Clemens anil
George W. Roberts ; constables , H. V. Fitch
and James Throp.
Something About Douglas County's
1'rlson and How it is Conducted.
A visit to the county Jail was made yesterday -
day by a Bpj ; representative and under the
guidance of Jailer Miller a tour of Inspection
was made of that well kept institution. The
prison has nincty-thrco inmates at present
four of whom nro women. Imprisonment In
such a place as the Douglas county jail Is
comparatively free from the misery found In
like institutions. The degradation and the
loss of liberty of ccurso remains but the Im
munity of the officers tends to ameliorate
those sufferings. The Jail under the present
management is conducted on enlightened
principles. Absolute cleanliness is ono of
the most vigorous demands made upon the
prisoners. The floors , the walls , the bedding ,
the gratings and everything In the interior of
the cells denote how well this law is carried
out. Not n stain could be seen upon the
floors nnd oven the gratings wore free from
dust and shone us though freshly varnished.
The interior of the , cells were neat as could
bo. The beds were nicely made up and
everything was in first-class1 ordef.
In our muslin undenvonr i
ment , Monday , we will offer about -10
do/on Indies' fine Muslin Gowns ,
handsomely trimmed wilh embroid
ery nnd tucks , assorted styles , extra
value for $1.
Mail Orders Filled
_ S. P. Morse & Co. _
50 dozen ladies' heavy and fine
loucle Jerseys , brown , navy blue and
black , usual price $1.75 ; toinonow , |
$1.25. j
25 fine black Cashmere Jer
seys , pleated yoke. This Jersey
would bo cheap at § 3 ; but next week
we will sell them at $2 each.
5 and 7 Hook
Monday , wo again open another
lot of Lacing Kid , Gloves , 5 and 7
hook , black and tan ; these are regu
larly sold for $1.75 ; to stimulate
trade in our glove department wo are
selling them for 98c.
Agents for Foster Lacing Gloves.
Any prisoner maliciously disobeying this law
is [ mulshed by being deprived of meat , or If
considered unsubdued is placed upon ti diet
of bread and water until ho is icudy to obey
the rule.
The prisoners are well fed , except these
sentenced by the lower court to bo given only
bread and water. Two good wholesome meals
are served each day. Breakfast is served nt
8 o'clock and consists of fried meats , pota
toes , bread nnd coffee. The meat Is of excel
lent quality and is nicely cooked. Kadi man
is given n full paund loaf of bread. No milk
or sugar Is served with the coffco. Dinner Is
served at ! 3 o'clock and consists of roast
meats , potatoes , beans , nnd other vegetables.
Sometimes this bill of faro Is varied by serv
ing chicken or turkey orsoup. It Is usual for
the shorllt of a county to limit the faro of the
prisoners so as to mnuo a profit on the amount
allowed by the county , but it is undoubtedly
n fact that the meals issued to the prisoners
in the Douglas county Jail cost the full
amount allowed. The capacity of the prison
is about 114 initiates. 11 is rather small for
present needs and will soon have to bo en
There arc only two prisoners in the
Jail charged with murder. They nrn :
William Bcrcdca , a half - breed ,
charged with killing a man on
the Sax and Fox reservation. Ho is an
I United States prisoner and has been In Jail
for several months. Ho is is quiet and causes
uo trouble to the Jailor. Peter Lutz , charged
with killing a man numcd Lynch Is ulso very
, quiet and poai'cablo. Thoio tire two other
United States prisoners In the Jail , charged
j with counterfeiting. Ono is John Kusscll ,
who was brought In Friday ntqht iromlJrowli
county. The other Is S. T. Lester , who has
been hero for some months. There are also
ton burglars conllncd In tlio prison.
The manner in which the Jail is conducted
I reflects great credit upon Sheriff Co burn and
especially upon the Jailer , Mr , Joseph Miller.
I For the past eight years ho has held the posl-
I tlon always without a deputy and never has
a prisoner escaped. Mr. Miller Is a strict
disciplinarian , but Is kind nnd humane. Ho
Insists upon absolute obedience of the rules
and by Ills firmness controls ninety
to ono hundred men , many of whom
are dnsperato characters. Such a record as
this is u most honorable one , and It Is no won-
j dcr that ho stands so high in the estimation
of his superior and friends.
M , Uorton nnd vrlfo , of Chicago , wo
at tli a Paxton-
Black Hose
Wo import these direct from the
manufacturer in Nottingham , Eng
land. They are absolutely fast black ,
will neither crock oft'or fade.
We have received our third lot of
these and will sell them again ou
Monday , recommending them highly
for warmth and durability. COc a pair
Wool Underwear
We have received a complete stock
tural wool underwear , all sixes 18 to
2-i inch.
Ladies' Lisle Hose
Monday morning , we will make a
special display of latest novelties in
ladies' verticlo strjpo Lisle Thread
Hose , heretofore sold for 81.75 to $2.
All $1.25.
Nearly Suffocated to Dnntli.
William Davis , who assisted Deputy United
States Marshal Hassctt In arresting the no
torious counterfeiter John Uussoll , in Bas-
sett , Brown county , and John Jones , a wit
ness , wcro found nearly suffocated to death
In their room in the Merchants hotel yestor-
duy morning , from Inhaling gas that escaped
from a burner left partially turned on. The
men wcro Insensible when discovered , and it
was some hours before u physician restored
them to consciousness.
They Must Show Cause ,
Some timongo the mayor und city council
of Lincoln attempted to oust Police Judge
Parsons arbitrarily from ofllce , claiming that
ho had been guilty of unofficial conduct and
malfeasance in oftlcc. Parsons obtained a
restraining order from United States court ,
but the mayor and council heeded it not mid
now Judge Dundy has Issued an order re
quiring these officials to show caUSQ why
they should bo exempt from attachment lor
contempt of court.
Marble Halls.
Herman KounUo and Louis Mcndclisohn
have returned from Chicago , where they
made arrangements for beautifying and en-
richlng the interior of the First National ' '
bank on a sculo uovcrintcndcd when lijoaard.
Mendelssohn and Lawrlo first drcfr tbo
plans. The additional cost will bo ( a tbd
Vicinity of ROOQO , Til ? qjiiingf ? TOlLbo Jtt
malting the approach to or the vcstiuulo of
the bank 17x23 feet and 30 feet In height ! oii
tirely of Italian marblo. The stairs will beef
of masslvo iron , with solid bronzoornamenta
tion. The furnlluro of the bank will bo ma-
Jiogany , while all the corridors , In every
lloor , will bo wainscoted four feet with Ital
ian marble and the floors of tlm latest uod
most beautiful design of tcsselatod marble.
Thcso changes will make the First National
bank a structure of Interior richness equalled
by none other in this bcction of the country ,
A. O. II. Hand.
The second of a scric.s of parties to be
given by this popular organization takci
place nt Cunningham's hall Wednesday even ,
ing , November 10. All friends of the tand
are respectfully Invited to attend , as a good
time is assured to all.