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THE OMAHA SUNDAY BEE * ' . * . * *
England's Premier Preparing For
the Coming Parliament.
Tbo "Nephew of My TJnclo" Being
Pushed to the Front.
Intended as Temporary Commander
of the Commons.
Germany's Heir to the Throne De
clared ( o Ho HitfTcrliiK From
Cancer and the IMIIineii Quar
reling AN to the Manner
if Treat input Other
A Commoner's Ijrttor.
J1S7 Ijl/Jttmra ( Ionian llennftt. ]
LONDON , Nov. 13 , [ New York Herald
Cubla Special to the HEI : . ] Sir Moroll
Mackenzie will bo back hero Monday and
the crown prince will return to Berlin as soon
ns the inflammation In the throat has sub-
Ride. My accounts to-day from sure sources
confirm everything sent you In previous dis.
patches. There Is nnd there can be no greater
change for the better in the prince's condi
tion. All the medical aid under the sun can
do little for him nt present. It is very doubt
ful whether he will submit to the operation
which the doctors nro talking of. His cheer
fulness Is marvellous. To these who do
not know his Immense force of charac
ter , . his iron will , his complete
resignation to the fnto which
ho has long seen Impending , would have
been taken by surprise by the announcement
of cancer , but the sufferer has nothing which
ho did not suspect before. It Is to bo ro-
grcttcd that some purveyors of news cannot
imitate the self-command of the crown
princo. In Blowitz's dispatch stating that
the kaiser had fainted and announcing his
Rpccdy demise , together with that of the cm-
press nnd crown prince , nnd making as clean
0 sweep of the stage as occurs in the last act
of "Hamlet , " deserves to bo ranked ns the
wildest concoction ever sent to n great news
paper. Even the Times itself allowed Its
Berlin correspondent on Friday to utter
bitter sarcasm on M. Blowitz's feverish
romance. It has given great offence in high
quarters , both hero and in Ger
many. M. Blowitz should bo warned
that ho often goes dangerously near
making the Times' Paris correspondent the
ridicule of Europe , and If ho is now going to
lose his head altogether , whenever something
unexpected happens , he will bo regarded us n
nuisance to bo peremptorily suppressed.
Even the crown prince's condition is not as
Immediately important from a public point of
View ns the tremendous slap in the face which
Bismarck has delivered to Russia in ordering
the Imperial bank of Germany to refuse to
negotiate any moro Uussian securities. What
B moment to choose for such a hostile demon
stration Just as the war is coming to Berlin.
Lord Salisbury's confident predictions as tc
the continued muintcnunco of the peace of
Europe might soon bo falsified if the czar
only felt himself strong enough to encounter
the new triple alliance. Ho will have to bcui
what ho cannot resent.
But an additional element of disturbance
has been added to the many others accumulat
ing In Europe. If Kussla nnd Franco could
get up nn alliance similar to the ono existing
between Germany , Austria and Italy , Lord
Salisbury's reputation as a herald of peace
would probably soon receive a fatal blow ,
The czar will merely bldo his time.
In regard to English politics it may bo posl
lively stated , notwithstanding all rumors U
the contrary , that Lord Salisbury has re
> solved to go on with his team , which hni
great merit , being entirely under his control
vllis nephew , Mr. Balfour , is to bo pushct
forward as much as possible and made tin
leader of the house of commons , tcmporaril :
as n warming pan. It is true tha
Mr. Bulfour has never shown mucl
brilliancy In the house or clscwhero , but hi
is a nephew of "my uncle , " nnd therefore ht
Is marked out for first placo. Obsorvo'thcn
that ministerial journals will henceforth losi
no opportunity of extolling the firmness
courage and genius of the Irish secretary
his wonderful successes in Ireland , and hii
great superiority to the poor creatures tossei
by fatfl into the tory party , and thattho province
inco that made Mr. Balfour to lead the hous
of commons will bo proved twice or thric *
every twenty-four hours by journalists wh
derive their inspiration from his uncle'
houso. All very pretty , indeed
but there nro three men outsid
the ministry that have ten times moro pop
ularlty than the whole of the men in it Lori
Hartington , Lord Randolph Churchill am
Mr. Chamberlain. It is safe to assume- thai
the public will bo willing to see these grca
leaders deliberately set outsldo in order tha
mediocrity may bo put In the highest places
Perhaps , but Lord Salisbury is above publi
wishes as the monarch of old is nbovo gram
mar. Ho would say ditto to the Into Mr
Vundcrbllton that point. To have a comfort
able ministry which would not expos
or contradict you thoroughly docile
tractable and obsequious , ministers wai
'ranted never to have an opinion of tholr ow
Until ono is found for them such is the amb
tlon of the modern prime minister. Men e
great originality and Intellectual power lib
f Churchill and Hartington nro apt to hay
views of tholr own and oven bo capable of di
rising a policy. They are very unpleasai
. wen to work with when all you want
automation , A cabinet composed of the roll
tlons of these who liavu been useful and sul
icrvicnt to relations is the only ono worth
straw. Ono of the family is your best an
truest ally. Has Mr. Grovy found It so )
hould say , then , that the next session wi
begin as last with a strong outsk !
ministry and weak ones Inside. How the ai
rangcmcnt will work remains to bo seen. Ai
surcdly the Glad&tonlans and ParncHiK
' have no great reasou to bo dissatisfied wit
, To leave politics lot mo mention as nn carl
piece of news that Mr. Bancroft nnd his wil
will shortly publish recollections of the
thirty years * experience upon the stage. Th
, will bo ono of the most Interesting theatric
% works which have over seen the light , for t !
the Bancrofts have known everybody wcrl
ynowloj and their anecdotes of other acloi
t nd authors , as well as celebrated pcoji
V ln social life , nro innumerable. M\j <
Information , .Will bo given
Torn Robertson ; author cf
who had a very had struggle for many years
and died as soon ns ho began to tnsto the
sweets of pros | > crity. The changes that
have taken place In the stage management
of theatrical llfo generally , also supply ma
terials for most interesting chapters. Tlicso
memoirs , which you must not look for till
the beginning of the next year.
M. Nerestchagln will soon take his collec
tion of pictures to Paris. In splto of the ad
verse tone of many papers and the malice of
some artists the paintings have made n great
Impression on the public mind and nro
admitted to be quite unappreciated. For
fidelity of nature and a wlerd kind of power
Vcrcstchngln is a remarkable man and has
chosen his own line as an artist. I under
stand his pictures found a temporary homo
In the Rosvenor gallery nt the simple request
of the Prince of Wales , who first saw the
collection at Copenhagen , and was so much
struck with It that ho advised Vcrcstchagla
to bring it to England.
Lord Randolph Churchill has gone to-day
on a visit to Lord Hartington. at Hardwlck
Hall , In Derbyshire.
An Anxious , AVcary.some Week For
the Whole German Umpire.
[ Cnwriulit ISffi biiJtimr * Gordon Uemictt.1
BEKUN , Nov. 12. [ New York Herald
Cable Special to the Bur. . ] This has been
nn anxious , wcarysomo week for the whole
German empire , especially so for Prussia.
There was nn uncxplnlnablo superstitious be-
lef amongst Germans high and low that the
rowu prince would die before the kaiser had
n any way prepared the nation for the worst
lews from the crown princo. But very few
txpectcd that bad news would come this wln-
er , and still fewer anticipated serious effects
rom the prince's illness on the emperor and
empress. In Berlin and elsewhere
hroughout Germany nothing has been
alked of except the crown prince , and many
complications nro resulting from his illness ,
ivcn the bourse panics have been less felt
.linn has the anxiety for the prince. In Bcr-
in it is now strongly felt that the crown
wince's death , If it occurs , would bo quickly
'ollowcd by those of the kaiser nnd kniserin ,
while war might follow almost before Prince
William was firmly seated on the imperial
hronc. Three deaths and war are not en
couraging prospects , yet this is what the av
erage Berliner expects from day to day and
t would not bo easy to shako their gloomy
'alth. The crown princess receives any
imount of rough-tongucd abuse , which is not
.o the credit of German politeness. It has
become an article of faith , oven in good soci
ety circles , that the princess' self-willed bo-
lef in English doctors and in her own ability
0 select methods and places for the princo's
cure nro Inrgely responsible for what has oc
curred to the prince. It Is hard and unfair
udgment which lias thus been given , but one
lot apt to bo changed very quickly.
Aside from the crown prince , there nro
snly n few items of general interest. Prof.
Seeker's painting , bought recently by the
Corcoran art gallery at Washington for 10,000
marks , was shipped this week from Bremen.
The picture is a largo canvass , about seven
'cet long , with a dozen or inoro fig
ures. Pope Julius H sits scanning
the Just recovered Apollo Belvidcrc.
Near film nro cardinals and priests ,
to ono side Raphall , In the back ground
Michgcl Angelo and near Vittoria Colonu ,
the latter the best painted head of them all.
n the foreground stands the statute painting
negotiated for by Dr. Welling , of the Cor
coran nrt gallery , bought by cable last month.
It goes to join a good deal of Prof. Beck's
earlier works in America. Ono notable
: > icturo of his is in the Stewart collection.
American ( check ) recently got thebctterol
some of the lackeys of cffeto European
despotisms. A highly respectable , well-to-
do resident of Brooklyn Is in Berlin sight
seeing. The crown princo's palace stimuli
his fancy and accordingly ho started to ceo as
much of it as might be. The palace is not
open to the public , so ho was stopped by 11
servant "but , " said ho to the haughti
flunky , "I urn a friend of Queen Vletorhi
and was assured by her majisty that hei
daughter's palace would bo shown us even ii :
their absence. " For various reasons the
crown prince's mother-in-law is looked uj
to with some awe in the pnlueo , so flunky No
1 shut up like n Jnckknifo and humbly wuivci
the party on to his comrades , where th <
same tale was told with the sumo effect. As
the Brooklynltcs wandered through tin
palace the servant with extreme politcnesi
assured them that the palace was dismantlcc
nnd owing to the princo's absence ho wni
therefore not to bo seen. Meanwhile , b ;
keeping their eyes open the party had seei
pretty much nil they wished and were read ;
to retreat in good order.
Consul General Rains has returned fron
inspecting the Berlin consular district am
finds n very noticeable improvement in tin
service , a previous inspection effort bcini
made by him to get out a set of standard in
voice blanks which shall do away with th <
present discordant system of allowing cacl
consul to print these blanks according to hi
own ideas.
Miss Alice Whltacro was exceedingly we ]
received last night at the singing academi
concert under Jounchlm's leadership. A
Berlin audiences are notoriously critical o
foreign singers , tin American's success is tvl
thn moro noteworthy.
The lovely channel In the Rhino Is bcin
cleared and deepened with dynamite , to th
destruction of poetry and the salvation o
The official statement that the crow
prince ceitainly has a cancer has bee
nwaltcd for forty-eight hours , but novrrthc
less creates the greatest sensation in Bcrll
and will bo n severe shook to the rest of th
empire since yesterday's favorable nowsmli
lead the great mass of people. Bismarck' '
return to Berlin will probably be followc
later In the week by a council of these wh
control state policy in order to make such ni
rangcments as the emperor's ago nnd h :
successor's illness render ncccssarj
All the reports regarding the en
peror's bodily prostration nro invented an
grossly exaggerated. The bad news rcgardin
the crown prince has been n great nienti
strain for such an aged man , but so fr
fortunately without effect on his gcnen
health. Parliamentary leaders , statesmc
nnd generals were warned yesterday of tli
princo's condition and have begun to npjic :
in Berlin in order to bo ready for impoitai
decisions of state affairs which must bo mac1
soon. It is regarded as curious hero that tl
crown princo's tendency toward cancc
which will probably place nn enemy <
France on the throne , Is Inherited fro ;
Queen Louisa , whoso early death indirect !
from polypus growth near the heart WE
caused , It was thought , by the anxieties an
hardships of the Napoleon wars.
Yesterday the American colony met ni tl
legation and decided to celebrate Thanksgl
ing by it dinner and ball. Minister Pendlctc
will preside , For these who object to wii
nnd dancing n second dinner will bo given I
Dr. Stuckenborg in the American chapel.
. . Mrs , Cleveland , who became Interested
.the Antudvun cbapcl whUo to Berlin thn
years ago , has consented to receive subscrip
tion for the erection of n new church here.
The Political Atmosphere Charged
AVItli Klcctrlclty.
lCoi/rfoi ) | / ) ( JSS7 liyJamt * ( Ionian ntmtcM.l
PAIUS ( via. Havre ) , Nov. 12. fNcw York
Herald Cable Special to thoBnr. . ] Great
agitation continues on the boulevards at the
chambers. The political atmosphere is
charged with electricity and public Indigna
tion is fanned Into n flame by n perfect maze
of Intrigues. Scandals , falsehoods and frauds
must soon like a thunderbolt find vent some
where nnd precipitate n crisis. Just ns the
Caffurcl trial , so Is now the Wilson Inquiry
developing Into n public Impeachment of
Grovy. Parisians nnd the swnrms of pchits
crovcs of the boulevards are nlready snarl
ing , growling nnd snapping their teeth at the
president of the republic. At nil
the street corners nro dlsplnyed
hundreds of caricatures , depicting In rain
bow hues M. Grovy , M. Wilson and the
interior of the Elysco palace , transformed
Into n broker's shop for nn instant. Lo
Pilorl , a sort of wild cat or illustrated paper
published at Mont Martre , publishes nn
enormous cartoon entitled "Chasses du
Paradls. " It represents God standing on the
steps of paradise , brandishing In his hand n
drawn sword , on the blade of which Is In
scribed "France. " Paradlso is labelled
"Elysco Palace" nnd bounding down the
steps , playing before the drawn sword of the
iVlmlghty , nro two lugubrious robbers , In
tended to represent M. Grevy nnd M. Wilson.
Jencath this cartoon is printed in flaming
etters the second verso of the third chapter
t the Book of Genesis.
"And the woman said unto the serpent ,
'Wo ' may cat of the fruit of the trees of the
Other caricatures and lampoons displayed
iy every illustrated newspaper in Paris nro
lither too blasphemous or too indecent to de-
cribe. The situation is getting worse nnd
ivorso. M. Grevy has announced in unmis-
.aknblo language to his political friends that
10 will not think of resigning until Wilson
: ms been actually tried before a tribunal and
Ills guilt clearly established. Then nnd then
nly will ho retire. M. Grevy's friends mean
while remain silent , but their enemies breathe
"orth smoke nnd lire.
To-day M. Paul dc Cassngnar writes in
Antoritc : "Austere nnd rlgidGrovy scatters
o the winds nil the traditions of the republics
of antiquity. Ho forgets VIrginius , who
slew his only daughter because she had
been dishonored. Ho forgets Manlius
Forqimtus , who killed his own
son for disobeying orders. Instead of
'ollowlng the precept of the Roman republic ,
jrovy lavishes pardon nnd indulgence , nnd
actually covers with his presidential clot. * the
dishonored son-in-law , who committed rob
bery to the benefit of Grevy's own family.
So Grevy will remain president if for no
other object than at least to bo able to pardon
iVilson in case the tribunals of Franco con
vict him of felony. "
For the moment chaos seems to have seized
upon the administrative authority of the
country. A parliamentary inquiry is going
on trying some of the persons accused. The
perfect of police conducts still a third investi
gation nnd ho himself is pursued by each of
ho others , nnd in the midst of all this Boul-
nngcr emerges from nrrest nnd will coino
prancing on the stage in the midst of the gen
eral convulsion.
A. Good Many Americano Sojourning
In the French Capital.
[ Copi/i / la'it ' 1SS7 liJnuics | Goidon HccmiM. ]
PAIIIS , ( Via Havre ) Nov. 13. [ New York
Herald Cable Special to the BKI : . | Mr.
Bhiino continues to spend a great deal of his
time with ex-Congressman Alley ut the Hoto
hathain. Ono of Mr. Blainc's physicians
Who , in conjunction with Dr. Orr , of St.
Thomas' hospital , London , has made the
most thorough examinations possible of
Blaine from his head to his feet , making the
most minute examination of his kidneys-
pronounces Blaine to bo in perfect health
and equal to any emergency. Blnino's friends
thought ho looked ill recently , und ho often
complnined of heart trouble , so Blaine came
to BCO Dr. Maogavin , of Paris , and said :
"Doctor , I want to bo assured that I am per
fectly sound nnd equal to and political excite
ment that may occur , " und u few days ngo
Dr. Macgavin assured Mr. Blaine that he is
sound in wind and limb.
Jay Gould will arrive at the Hotel Bristol
this evening.
Mrs. John A. Lowcry , of New York , will
leave Paris for Puu next week.
Mrs. Buchanan Winthrop will leave Bristol
tel for Pau on Friday.
Mrs. Kato Holinan , of Baltimore , is stojv
ping at the Hotel Do Lcmpole. She will
shortly go to Monte Carlo.
Miss Woodhouso , of New York , has ar
rived from Spain with n southern fever and
is ill at the Hotel Do Lathanio.
Mrs. Mary Barlow and Miss Barlow , of
New York , have returned to Paris to pass
the winter at the Hotel Bellville.
Mr. B. B. Guerney nnd family , of Nc\\
York , have loft the Hotel Do Albo for apart
mcnts at the Hotel Du Rhin.
Mrs. John H. Mitchell and Miss Hnttic
Mitchell , wife nnd daughter of Scnatoi
Mitchell of Oregon , are at the Hotel Yen-
Mr. nnd Mrs. Harry Wntcrhouse , of New
York , have gone to Munich.
Mrs. E. Padelford , of Baltimore , has taker
nn apartment nt No. 20 Rue Tllbitt , but wil
go to Pau next week for the season.
Miss Louise Burckhardt , a New Yort
society favorite in Paris , is quite ill with th <
prevailing Paris rnalauy catarrh of the digestive
gestivo organs.
Mr. Arthur Padelford , of Baltimore
whoso wife suddenly returned to Americi
a few weeks ago has gene to Vienna , but wil
return to Hotel Du Rhin during the week foi
the season.
Mrs , General Winlow has gene to Forbes.
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Brimmer , of Boston
are at the Hotel Liverpool.
Ex-Governor H. P. Baldwin , of Michigan ,
and his thrco daughters nro at the Hole
Baron and Baroness Moncher ( neo Misi
Holman , of Baltimore ) , left Paris yesterday
for Brussels , the Baron being summoned 1m
mediately owing to the serious illness of hii
Mrs. A. C. Barney , of Cincinnati , and Misi
Platte , of Dayton , O. , will go to Pau.
Mr. and Mrs , E. H. Miller , of Boston , ant
Miss Cooper of New York , have arrived a
at the Blnda.
Minister and Mrs. McLano will open thcli
usual weekly reception on the 1st of January
M. Bonnat is at work on two portrait :
which are destined for Americans. Ono I
that of Mrs. Full-child , of Brooklyn , thi
other Mrs. Carter Brown , of Providence.
Among the passengers who left Paris yesterday
torday to sail on the Champagne to-day ar
Mr. and Mrs. G. F. McCandlcbs nnd Mis
May Mc(5andlcss , Mr. nnd Mrs. Alfrd
Mitchell , > { r. Pcabody , .Mrs. General Bei
don , Mrs. Chas , Dana , Mrs.- Paul Dona , M ]
Raphael Welll and Mr/and Mrs. Walker.
' . One of ttc most magnificent ball drcsse
of the present season bos just been com
pleted by Worth for a Russian princess ,
Troubcttsko. The ample train In gros grain
velvet is caught back , to how the sldo
breadth in satin of thu palest jwsslblo green ,
made very full and caught up slightly. The
sldo widths arc met by a plain frontage of n
palo green satin , set on the skirt with
scarcely any fhllncss and embroidered down
the center with a cluster of ostrich feathers
three In each group nnd worked in gros
grain floss silk and silver beads. Around
this skirt front runs a ribbons pattern in
gros grain velvet , outlined with silver
spangh- , the whole front being edged with
silk embroidery.
A very beautiful nnd artistic evening dress
for the Marquis dc Galllfet is In whlto faille
the skirt front cut In deep scollops nnd
edged with a fringe of silver beads. This
skirt front is veiled with silver spotted tulle ,
edged with fringe , silver beads nnd drnwn
up at one side with a branch of yellow roses ,
with buds nnd foliage , a longer branch of
the same flowers being set at the other sldo
of the skirt. The back Is composed of plain
full widths of the silver spotted tulle and at
each side fall a long snsh in palo yellow satin
ribbon. ,
A dinner dress intended for n recent Pnrlsnn
trousseau Is in rose pink , French felle , long
full train , parting in front over a wide
shirred flounce of the material. The corsage
opens in n "V" shape , with reverse of pink
gauze , and has puffed elbow ulccvcs of pink
gauze. The waist is encircled with a dirrcc-
The Prince Leaves San Rcmo.
[ Oij/i | IgM 1SS7 fctf Jrtm s Gnnlon 7Jnmc.l ( (
SVN UIIMO , Nov. 13. [ New York Herald
Cable Special to the Bin : . ] Prince William
left San Rcmo at 9 o'clock this morning ,
traveling in a special carriage , accompanied
by several members of his suite. I was
standing on the platform of the station when
ho arrived with his mother , the crown
princess , his sister , Count Sceekcndoff nnd
two German doctors. The future emperor is
n hard-featured , manly but unsympathetic
young man of middle hclghth , clean shaven ,
long tawny moustache , hnwty and rather for
bidding. Ho studiously acknowledged the
courtesy of the Italian officials who had turned
out to meet him nnd confined his civility to
his fellow-countrymen , who stood bowing
nnd scraping in the waiting room. The prince
were a brown tourist suit. I noticed that his
right car was stuffed with cotton. The
crown princess looked sunburnt and healthy.
She were a dark blue woolen costume nnd
blue straw hat. The prince kept the train
waiting some time while ho chatted with his
family. As it was about to puff in the di
rection of Genoa , ho playfully remarked to n
Prubsian noble who had been presented to
: iim : "Also Ich Reiso noch tiicht nach Monte
Jarlo. " _
The Doctors Bound to Kill Him.
BEHUN , Nov. 13. Dr. Schroeter declares
that the disease from which the crown
[ irinco Is suffering is cancer. Ho proposes to
perform the dangerous operation of trache
otomy and completely extirpate the cancer.
This , ho thinks , will prolong the patient's
ifo three or four years. Dr. Mackenzie is
against this course of treatment , as ho fears
the crown prince may euceumb under it. Ho
hopes to prolong the princo's life for n year
nnd a half by the methods h6 advocates. Dr.
Krause proposes tracheotomy. All the doc
tors , however , arc In favor of postponing any
operation for the present. _
Police Brutality Winked At.
Dunun , Nov. 12. Constable Thompson , of
Limerick , has resigned as a protest against
the treatment of O'Brien. An encounter
took place between the people and police at
Innisboffin. The police cbargcd with bayonets
on the crowd and mortally wounded ono
woman. Many of the policemen were injured
by being hit with stones. The local magis
trates , after inquiring into the affair , excul
pated the police.
M. "Wilson In Court.
PATHS , Nov. 12. M. Wilson , who is charged
with complicity in the Caffarcl scandal , ap
peared before the examining magistrate
to-day. Ho affirmed that the disputed letters
nro authentic. Madumo tilmouzen persists
in her declaration that they have been tam
pered with. _
O'Brien Stays In Brtl.
Duni.iN , Nov. 12. O'Brien were his own
clothes until yesterday. While he was in bed
last night his clothing was removed from his
cell and replaced with ordinary prison garb.
O'Brien refuses to dress himself in uniform.
Fifteen Learners Sentenced.
DUJIMN , Nov. 12. Fifteen members of the
National league were sentenced at Kilrush
to day to ono month's Imprisonment at hard
Aberdeen's New Reel or.
LOKDON , Nov. 12. The Rt. Hon. Gcorgo
Joachim Goschen has been elected to the rec
torship of Aberdeen university by a vote of
455 to U14 for Rt. Hon. John Morley.
Found to Have Been Commuted By
an Kinployo Ills Arrest.
CHICAOO , Nov. 12. Pinkerton detectives
to-day arrested n young man named F. F.
Bickell for the theft of $24,500 from the
Union National bank of Duluth , Minn. This
robbery , it will bo remembered , occurred
about noon of September 10 last
nnd was a most mysterious
affair ns it occurred while the
cashier was nt his desk , Detectives shad-
owdcOJomployes of thtibank | after the robbery
and soon discovered young Bickell acting
very mysteriously. A short time ngo ho re
signed , saying ho was going to Portland , Mo. ,
his home. The detectives watched him. He
took a very wandering route and only
got as far as Chicago yesterday.
When arrested he confessed the
crjmo and gave un all of the money except
flfiO which ho had spent. The robbery was
cominlttod In a unique way. Bickell had no
ticed that the cashier frequently read a paper
during mrnl times In the day nnd always held
It in front of his face. Bickell watched hla
chance , nnd on the day \horobberyskipped
into the vault , took out llvo packages
of currency and soon after went to dinner ,
carrying them In his overcoat carelessly
slung over his arm. He secreted them nnd
kept the money in a hiding place until he
was ready to start east. The detectives who
wcro watching him followed him cverj
foot of the way until his arrest ,
Clara Louise Kcllogg Is Now Sirs ,
Carl StraUosch.
Ei.Kiunr , Ind. , Nov. , 12. Clara Louise
Kellogg and her manager , Carl Strakoscli
wcro married at this place Wed
nesday night , at the close ol
an entertainment given by the company ,
Every iwsslblo effort was mode to keep the
matter secret for at least two weeks , the
records of marriage being hidden nnd the
officials and officiating clergyman pledged te
secrecy. Notwithstanding these precautions
the news to-day became public property.
A Minnesota Town Ablaze.
ST. PAUL , Nov. 12. At 11 p. m. the chief ol
the tire department received a dispatch froir
St. Peter , Minn. , some sixty miles down tin
Omaha road , saying the town was on fire am
asking aid to bo sent. Since then nothing
has been sent or received , BO it is inforrci
that the telegraph ofllco has been Ijarncil
An engine und a fire squad haya been scrii
dowu on a special train.
The Bodies of the Dond Anarchists
Vlowod By Friends.
The Remains to bo Borne to Thplr Last
RcstltiK 1'lnco "Without Banners ,
Without Speeches nnd
Without Mimic.
The Dead Anarchists.
CiucAoo , Nov. 12. "Oh , Albert , Albert ,
they hnvo iiiunlercd you I" crlcil Mrs. Pur-
sons , when she was permitted to sco the fucc
of her husband for the llrst time this morn
ing. At Pursons' house , when his body was
brought In , Mrs. Parsons acted very wildly ,
and when the cover was lifted from the coftln
she rushed In nnd threw herself bodily upon
the cofllu and then fell In u faint upon the
floor before her friends could catch her. As
soon as Mrs. Parsons had recovered sufll-
clcntly to walk she ran again to her dead ,
crying and calling his name. She again
fainted before her lips touched the face of
her husband. This time friemts carried her
awuy and would not let her sco the coruso
At the homo of George Engel thcrohas
been n solemn throng passing in nnd out
since morning. The door of the llttlo elgar
store which Mrs. Engel has managed since
the arrest of her husband , was draped in
mourning. In the back room lay the bodies
of Lings ; nnd Engel. The haggard face of
Mrs. Engel as she passed through the room
frequently was pitiful.
The bodies of Engel nnd Lingg were In
their cofllns nnd no ono was permitted to
take more than ono look as ho passed along.
That portion of Lingg's face which was
shattered by the fulminating cartridge had
been lllled up with chemicals und plaster of
paris. A bandage hid the wound from gare ,
otherwise the face was well pro-
served. In the frown on his brow
there was a trace of awful determination
which must have nerved the bomb maker to
put the candle in his mouth. The duel gleam
of that glaring cyo was still perceived be
tween the half parted eyelids. Engcl's face
was as calm and indifferent as when ho
stood on the scaffold yesterday. Hardly ono
out of twenty who went into Engcl's ' store to
view the remains spoke their minds in En
At 10 o'clock the casket containg the body
of Fischer was taken to the homo of his wife.
Around the house was a great crowd of
women nnd children. Mrs. Fischer was at
the house of ono of the neighbors when the
body of her husband arrived , but as soon as
it was carried into the house she was escorted
there by two fcmnlo friends. She was suf
fering greatly , and her actions were some
what hysterical. She stopped occasionally
and throw her arms around ono or the other
of her friends and wept bitterly.
The doors and windows of Chris Spies'
house , where the body of the dead anarchist
lies , wcro barred and would not bo opened to
anyone. Long strips of white and blaek crane
swung from the door bell. At the top of the
symbols of mourning was a largo black rose ,
also made of crape , from the middle of which
streamerH of red ribbon fluttered. From the
moment the dead body arrived , the house has
been surrounded by crowds of inquisitive
spectators who wcro anxious to got a look at
the dead man's face. No body was gratified.
Taken to Jollet.
CIUCAOO , Nov. 13. At 1.03 p. m. to-day a
train on the Chicago & Alton railroad bear
ing away Fieldcn and Schwab to prison at
Jollct left the union depot. Some of Flelden'a
friends wcro at the dcpot to see him off.
Mrs. Schwab , together with lit.- : two chil
dren nnd Mrs. Sehnaubclt , came about 9
o'clock , and Flelden and Schwab
wcro released from their cells. Schwab
brought down a stool and conversed with
his wife and mother for nearly two hours ,
separated by iron bars and a wire netting.
Mrs. Schwab was clad in mourning , in mem
ory , perhaps , of the previous day's event.
Before parting Schwab fondly kissed
his children many times and hugged themand
retired to his cell. Mrs. Schwab left weep
ing. At 10 o'clock Mrs. Fieldcn came in
with a baby in her arms and accompanied by
her little girl , and also n neighbor. Mrs.
Fielden cried a great deal while talking with
her husband.
About 11:45 : they parted with their wives
nnd were then taken into the jail office where
J. A. Foster , one of their counsel in the trial ,
talked to them and bid them good byo.
Schwab told Foster that ho regretted the
death of Spies very much and wished that
his life had been spared.
Ten minutes after twelve Fielden nnd
Schwab were handcuffed together nnd also u
pair of old rusty leg irons were put on them ,
locking them together. Both requested that
their clothing and papers bo sent to their
wives , which they were told would bo done.
The men then made their way awkwardly
down the steps into the jail court , their
walking being very much impeded by leg
irons. They took a hack , in which wcro dep
uties , nnd were driven to the station.
JOI.IET , 111. , Nov. 13. The train reached
Jollet nt 2:1)0 : ) and the convicted anarchists
were marched up the graveled road to the
penitentiary. Immediately after their ar
rival therein , Ucv. Mr. Walter , prison chap
lain approached them und endeavored to learr ,
their particular religious creeds ,
Neither of the men seemed tc
receive the revcrond gentleman will
any degree of friendship and answered him
in n nonchalant manner. Their convcrsatior
was of short duration and Warden Me-
Claughrey directed theprlsoncrs to an innoi
room , where they were stripped nnd bathed
After this they wcro given a striped suit ami
shorn of their long beards and hair. The men
presented a melancholy look without thcli
whiskers. Fieldcn was given number 8,52 (
nnd Schwab 8,527. They were then taken te
the weighing nnd measuring room where
Fielden tipped the scales at 1UO pounds ant
measured five feet six inches in height
Schwab weighed 1.10 and measured five feel
nine and a quarter Inches. The convlctet
men were then taken to the solitary rooir
where they will remain until Monday wher
they will bo assigned to work. Warden Me
Claughrey said owing to their apparently
fi > cllo ) condition they would bo put at casj
work for n few months , when they would h
all probability bo given something won
laborious. An enterprising museum mm
visited the penitentiary this afternoon
anxious to procure the elothers which hat
been worn by the convicted men. Ho dldu'
get them.
Preparations for tlio Funeral.
CHICAOO , Nov. 13. It was deflhitcly dc
elded this afternoon that the remains o
August Spies should not bo laid in state ii
the Aurora Turn hallo to-morrow. The stat
representative , Frank Staubcr , who is at th
head of the commlttooof arrangements , say
the refusal to allow the remains in the hal
was due to the fear of the owners that th' '
police would revoke their license t
sell liquors in case it should b
done. This the owners deny. Tlv
question of the primary disposa
of the dead anarchists was settled this after
noon. They will bo taken to Waldheim com
ctcry nnd placed In a vault for the time be
Ing. The committee represented to the dl
rectors of the cemetery tnat the vault ii
Waldliclm , being lately constructed and 01
improved principles , was the strongest nea
Chicago. Mr. Staubor told the directors f
was feared by the families of the anarchist
that n determined effort would be made b ;
physicians to get possession of the remain
for dissection and they wanted them wcl
protected. At last the directors consents
to allow the bodies to bo placed In the vaull
but resented their decision an to whcthc
they woud ) sell to the committee a plat o
ground In which to bury Xho remains. .
Punctually at noon the friends oj tbc.dc
eased will bo admitted to take n last look nt
ho corpses nt their late homes and shortly
after this the cortege will start from Mrs.
Cher's home. It will stop at Mrs. Par-
ions' house , where the henrso containing
arsons' coftln will take Its place In the pro-
ccHslon , nnd the Knights of Labor and others
vlll fall into lino. The concourse following
'pics' ' body will follow to where Lingg's and
Ongel's ' bodies lie. Then the procession will
> c formed , with the defense committee at the
icad , followed by the Aurorii turnvcrcln ,
uilphts of Labor , German Typographical
inlon , Carpenters' union , Painters' union.
singing societies nnd families , relatives ami
rletuls In carriages. It is determined
on the part of the anarchists to make it ono
> f the greatest funerals over had In Chlc.igo.
. 'laster casts have been taken of all the dead
men except Llngg , whoso face is too badly
mutilated to admit of it.
Without banners , without speeches , with no
nusle save dirges , the blackening , repulsive
remains of the live Huvmuikct murderers
vho perished by rope and bomb will to-mor-
ow bo berne to the lonely tomb ten mlles out
'rom the1 city of their fearful crime anddeath.
Slayer Kocho to-day sent for the committee
of arrangements for the funeral of the men
executed Friday , and had n long interview
, vith them. Ordinarily no permit Is required
'or n funeral , but owing to the circumstances
of this case , the mayor deemed it best for the
city to assume a general oversight of the
vholc affair. The committee Itself requested
that sufficient police should bo around to
clear the way , and preserve aider , nnd
cndlly.ncqulcsclcd in all suggestions made
jy the mayor. As a result of the conference
ho following application was mado.
To the Mayor of the City of Chicago :
Wo the undersigned committee for and in
jchalf of the families and friends in milking
irrangcmcnts for the funeral of August
spies. A. H. Parsons , Adolph Fischer , George
.iiigcl , and Louis Lingg , respectfully request
that wo be permitted to have a procession
which we agree to conduct in accordance
with your Instructions.
[ Signed. ] Fit INK A. StAUnKii.
MAX OrruN'iiBiMKit.
Mayor Rocho thrcforc issued the follow-
ng order :
Frederick Ebcrsold , Superintendent of
Police : You will issue a permit as follows
to the committee whoso application is en
closed :
Permission is hereby given to the families
nnd friends of August Spies. A. K. Parsons ,
Adolph Fischer , George Engel and Louis
Lingg to conduct a funeral on Sunday , No
vember 13 , between the hours of 13 and 2
o'clock p. m. , on the following conditions :
The bodies arc to bo taken from their re
spective homes directly to the place of burial ,
the families nnd friends of the deceased
forming In a line on Milwaukee avenue com
mencing near Byron street , and the proces
sion moving on Milwaukee nvenuo to Des-
lihuncs street , Desplamos to Lake streetLako
Lo Fifth avenue and Fifth avenue to the del -
l > ot of the Wisconsin Central railway com
pany at Polk street.
The carrying or displaying of banners is
prohibited , no speeches are to be made and
no concealed weapons or arms shall bo car
ried in the procession , nor shall any demon
stration of a public character bo made except
to conduct the funeral in a quiet and orderly
manner. The music , if any , shall bo dirges
This permit is issued subject to the statute
law of the state of Illinois and the laws and
ordinances of the city of Chicago and the
procession will at nil times bo subject to
police regulations.
[ Signed ] JOHN A. UOCIIK , Mayor.
MAX Ori'KMiEiMUit.
The mayor hopes and presumes that this
funeral will proceed quietly und orderly as
all other funerals are accustomed to do. At
t jo same time ho says careful and thorough
preparations have been made for the quelling
ol any possible disturbance.
The Central Imbor Union.
CHICAGO , Nov. 13. In Grief's ' hall , No. 54
West Lake street , the very building where
the dynamite throwing was planned thonlghl
before the massacre nt the Haymarkct , o
meeting was held to-night by the Centra ]
Labor union to make arrangements for at
tending the fulicral of the flvo dead anarch'
ists. It was resolved to call out members
of every branch of the organisation ,
This , if fully obeyed , woult
imply a procession to-morrow of ncarlj
15,000 men. In Grief's saloon below the hal
where the meeting was held , a motley crowi
was collected discussing the funeral pro
gramme , and the events of which it is the
result. The portraits of the anarchists
draped in mourning hung on the wall , anO
many of those present wore crcpo on thcii
hats. Great regret , not to say indignation
found expression nt the fact that nothing
would bo allowed in the cortege bearing t
scinblenco to the red flag.
Nina Sheds ito Tears.
CHICAGO , Nov. 13. The ono mourner to b (
looked for above all others in the crowdee
death chamber at the homo of August Spies
was missing this afternoon. Among th <
throng of weeping women nnd stern-looking :
men , there was no sign of Nina , the proxj
wife. Captain Black was there , carcwon
but impassive. In reply to a question by nt
Associated press representative , the anarch
Ists' lawyer said , earnestly : "No , Nina ii
not hero. She Is performing n higher duty
In n darkened room below this she is com
fortlng the sister and mother of Spies. "
"Is she not distracted and weeping her
self } "
"Indeed no , " was the reply. "I wish ir
my heart she was. So far as I can lean
Nina has not uttered ono cry or shed a slngh
tear. I fear she cannot do so. "
Captain Black said ho would make an ad
dress at the funeral to-morrow. Whatovci
speaking is to bo done will bo done at UK
grave. "Tho disposition , " said ho , "is t <
select only conservative men as spcakers-
these who would conllno their words to tin
praise of the beauty of these men's lives urn
and an explanation of their principles. Ni
ono will bo selected to drive the pcopli
frantic. "
New York Anarchists Suppressed.
Nn\v YOHK , Nov. 13. Information was re
colvcd by the superintendent of police to-da ;
that a body of anarchists had rented a hal
for the purpose of holding a wako to-nlgh
in memory of the dead anarchists. A squai
of picked men was sent to the hull with in
struetions to prevent the meeting if possible
The proprietor was asked if ho knew the no
turo of the occasion for which the hall wa
rented , und replied in the negative.
"Would you have rented it if you hai
known the use It was to be put toi"
"No , " was the reply. " 1 want no anarch
Ists In my place. "
This was all the police desired. They tool
possession of the hall for the purK ] > so , the ,
explained , of keeping out persons to whoi ;
the proprietor objected , so that when the nn
arch ists made their appearance they slmpl ,
destioycd their tickets of admission , whlci
they had paid 3T > cents each , and went auaj
The room was heavily draped in black. Bl
black rugs covered the floor and In the cor
tcr of the room wcro flvo block cofllns. Ai
ranged about the rooms wcro draped chain
The anarchists snarled their displeasure a
the presence of the police und departed. The
they went to Justus Schwab's place , wher
they passed the night in drinking and cursln
the police. _ _ _
Herr Moat's Wild Harangue.
Nnw YOUK , Nov. 13. Over three hundrc
anarchists met in a hall back of a saloon o
Seventh street to-night. Hcrr Most wa
greeted with loud cheers. He opened in
low tone , but , as ho gradually warmed u
with tha subject , his fnco became redder an
Ills' voice ascended into a howl. Soma of th
expressions and , Ideas advocated were these
Fellow anarchists' I wish I could cxprce
In language the sadness of my heart , whlc
gi leves for my devoted brother anarchist :
who so bravely met death yesterday on ft
gallows. Howbiuvo , how noble those fov
tnrn , you ull know , Would that I knew the
executioner. Ho Would tiot , fan } we
In this " world. The dcntb of 01
brothers hut brought hundreds i
Join our ranks. Wo have sworn tp
nave vengeance nnd wo shall hnvo It. They
( the capitalistic press ) , say Lingg committed
suicide. Tlit'gllo. Ho was murdered and re
ported to have suicided. Do they want yoij
or mo to bcllevo his friends tnnui.'gU'd thost
bombs Into him. I say they lie , they lie. they
Ho. Griunell , the perjurer , the thief , SCM
cured witnssses willing to swear nwny tu
lives of seven innocent men. Tholr blood
cries to Heaven for vengeance mid it shall
not cry in vain. The day of reckoning Is nb-
proaehlng. Let these who nro interested In
the nrrest , trial and hanging bownro. Thai
lebt shall bo paid. I point my linger nt Gary ,
iontlold. the Judges of the supreme court
ind that coward of n Governor Oglcsby.
Newspaper men are watching us nnd from to
light our meetings shall bo secret. I am an
inarchlst and willing to follow the footsteps
if my bravo comrades. Wo are not afraid ol
.oldiors . nnd guns.Vo hnvo wcnpont
tronger. Long llvo tumrehyl Anarchy
orevcrl" The mob cheered him to tha
'ho. ' >
Gcorgo Wolfe , who claimed lo bo a step
jrothor of Adolf Fischer , was arrested to
light while haranguing u crowd violently on
he corner of Twenty-seventh street nnd
ilghth avenue. Ho made n dcperata
Virginia Anarchists Threaten Trouble.
LYXCitJiuua , V , , Nov. 12. There is
rouble in Pocnhontas between dcsperato
niners and the people. The meagro Infor-
natlon obtainable hero is that trouble nroso
vcr a despatch from Chicago calling upon
ho foreigners In the mines to avcngo the
lenth of the anarchists. The men who work
n the mines nro mostly Ignorant immigrants
rom Germany , Italy and Russia. Orderly
nnd respectable people have long disliked
hem for their anarchistic- proclivities mid
mvo shown their hostility without stint. In
his dislike the negroes hnvo supi > orted the
vhitcs. With this state of things , reports of
serious trouble have good foundation. Ono
lospatch received hero this afternoon says :
'Both sides arc fort tiled und armed. "
Prompt Action to Bo Taken.
NOKTII ADAMS , Mass. , Nov. 12. The an
archists will hold n meeting to-morrow dur-
ng the hours of the funeral at Chicago. I |
they attempt to fly the American flag nt half-
nast there will probably bo bloodshed. Tha
> olco ! are watching them and will have tha
issistnnco of officers from Pittslleld if neces
A RoKtis Bomb.
MINNEAPOLIS , Nov. 12. The bomb discov-
; rcd hero this morning was taken by the po-
ice to the outskirts of the city where an at-
: cmpt was made to explode It. It was found
.o bo filled with sand und red paint.
The Carpenter Brothers of New York
AbNCond heaving Many Debts.
Ni\v YOUK , Nov. 12. Gcorgo Carpenter ,
resident und secretary of the Brooksido
[ Cnittlng company , and late president and
.reusurcr of the Washburn Snllcityca manu
facturing company , nnd who was connected
with various other companies , Is reported to
mvo left the city for parts unknown , leaving
many debts unpaid. . His brother , Charles 1C.
Carpenter , who was connected with him in
several other concerns , was nlso reported as
keeping away. The reason for their depart
ure , It Is said , is the collapse of some of the
schemes they were interested in. It is also
reported that Gcorgo had forged bills of lad
ing or warehouse receipts and papers have
jceu taken out for his arrest if bo can bo
found. The stories as to the extent of tbo
alleged fraudulent transactions vary between
11,000 uud (40,000.
Crime in Dakota.
RAPID Cm , Dak. , Nov. 13. [ Special Tolo-
fjrani to the BUB. ] Court here the past week
has been busy on the criminal docket.
Thomas Bills was convicted of robbery , Mln-
nio Golden , assault and battery , and Cal
Potter , an attempt to rapo. The defendant's
demurrer In the cnso of Porter Warner of the
Dcadwood Times , indicted for criminal libel ,
was sustained. This will dispose of the cases
ngatnst Bonhnni & Kcllo of the Dcadwood
Pioneer nnd Thomas II. White , as the cnscs
were similar nnd the bills were drawn in the
sumo way. Cases were nolle pressed against
James Kenan , charged witli stealing cuttle ,
nud Charles Alexandria , who obtained money
on worthless checks. James Stcadman , the
forger who escaped last summer was cap
tured in Wyoming by Sheriff Boyd nnd
brought in this morning. Many cases lira
still pending on the criminal calendar.
StcnntHhip Arrivals.
PJIILADEI.VIIIA , Nov. 12. [ Special Tele
gram to the BEE. ] Arrived The Ncder-
land , from Antwerp.
Liz A iu > POINT , Nov. 12. Passed La Bro-
tugno , from Now York for Havre.
PLTUOUTII , Nov. 12. Arrived The Wio-
land , from New York for Hamburg.
NEW YOUK , Nov. 12. The Trave.from Bre
men ; the Vaterlnnd , from Antwerp , and the
Germanic , from Liverpool.
QUCU.NSTOWN. Nov. 12. Arrived The
Scytbla , from Boston.
Vessels "Wrecked by Storms ,
SAND BKACII , Mich. , Nov. 12. The
schooner Boody , loaded with iron ore , from
Escanaba , went ashore yesterday morning
just outside of Port Austin Light. At 8 this
morning the crow wcro taken off having
suffered greatly from the Intense cold. It Is
thought the schooner cun bo saved ,
QUKIIKC , Nov. 12. It Is learned hero that
the steamer Montgomery plying between this
port nnd St. Lawrence has gene down in the
storm of yesterday. It is believed that inuny
disasters have occurred.
SAULT STIS MAIIII : , Mich. , Nov. 12 Fishing
tug boat arrived nt noon to-day with the
crew of the schooner Besslo Berwick which
her captain said foundered In the recent
gale on Lake Superior.
The Farmers' CoiiKroHH Adjourns.
CHICAGO , Nov. 12. The Farmers' Congress
adjourned to-dny to meet next year hi Topeka -
ka , Kan. R. F. Kolb , of Alabama , was
elected president for the next two years ;
Colonel F. E. Pursons , of Mudlson , Wis. ,
secretary , nnd Hugh McEldcrry , of Alabama ,
nsslstunt secretury. The majority rcpoi t of the
committee on resolutions in favor of increas
ing the tariff on wool was adopted. Among
the resolutions referred to the committee
was ono looking to "Tho icfundingto tha
negroes of the south , millions of dollars col
lected as a cotton tax in the early years of
reconstruction. "
"Weather Indications.
For Nebraska : Slightly colder , fait
weather , light to fresh variable winds.
For Iowa : Fair weather , light to fresh
southerly winds , shifting to westerly ! coldev
in western iwrtion , slightly warmer in east
ern portion.
For Eastern nnd Central Dakota : Fair
weather except in northern portions , local
rains or snow , colder , fresh northerly winds ,
becoming variable.
On the Retired 1,1st.
WASHINGTON , Nov. 12. Lieutenant-Colonel
Charles A. Reynoldsdcputy , quartermaster-
general , was to-day placed on the retired listen
on his own application , after thirty year's
service. His retirement will promote Major
George B. Dandy to bo lieutenant-colonel and
and Captain John N. Furcy to bo major , and
will leave a vacancy in the rank of Captain
to bo filled by appointment by tbo prculi
The Red River Road Enjoined.
WINNIJ-EO , Nov. 13. Judge Klllnm dollrt
orcd a judgment this morning granting th
Injunction asked by tha Dominion govern
ment against the building of Red Rlvor V l >
ley railroad.
Coincdnu | Fox Dead.
AMVTEitUAM , N. Y. , Nov. 12. James Fo ,
comedian , died of calurrhal pneumonia ft %
Li ) residence la iUIs city to-day ,