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The Final Chapter in the Bloody
Haymarkot Tragedy.
The Last Drop in Their Crimsoned ,
Ill-Starrod Career.
And March Defiantly to Their Doom
Mocking the Creator.
A Flock of "Artists on the Spot"
Sketch the "Dull Thud. "
The Building Thoroughly Protected
By Armed Men.
Mrs. Parsons Charges on the Lines
and is Taken Prisoner.
No Disturbance of Any Kind Mars
the Solemn Execution.
The Governor Orders the Sheriff to
Proceed With His Duty ,
I'on I'iotnrcH of Hie Appionch of
Oblivion mill UN CluiHtly Mnuhiii-
cry CJrcctliiK Death With
mid Cheery
The Execution.
CHICAGO , Nov. 11. I , Canute U. Matson ,
< < horiff of Cook county , Illinois , do hereby
certify that on the llth duy of November , A.
D. 18S7 , butwccn the hours of 10 o'clock in
the forenoon mid 4 o'clock lu the afternoon
of thnt day , at 11:57 : o'clock in the forenoon
of Buid day , In the common Jail of said
county , I did , us said sheriff , duly execute
August Spies , Adolph Fischer , George
Engcl mid Allxirt U. Parsons In conformity
with the sentence of the criminal court of
said county of Cook , in pursuance of the
order and Jud gnicnt of the supreme conrt of
Illinois , for the northern grand division ,
made and entered of record on the Hth duy
of September , 18S7 , and in accordance with
the statutes of the state of Illinois in such
cases made and piovidcd.
[ Signed. ] CANU n : It. M tTbo.v.
"We , the undcrHigncd , who nro not rela
tives of this nbovo named August Spies or
the others , hereby ccitify that wo have wit
nessed the execution by hanging of said
August Spies ami others in the above rei till-
cato set forth. "
The signatures of twelve Chicago citizens
nro appended to the solemn declarations
nbovo and with them form the essential pub
lic record of the death of the Ilaymarkct
was probably never shown by any four men.
From the first moments of the rooming till
the duy closed upon them they would not see
a shadow of ignominy or the hereafter. The
seven hours from dawn until the hour passed
to eternity were crowded full of such events
stirring as a day of battle. Beginning with
the flat refusal in the very teeth of death to
accept a word of comfort from the reverend
minister of religion , ono of their number ,
Fischer , sang to the Jail and the world the
song of the French revolution , the famous
"Marselllniso. " Then with
, seemingly not a
thought of the dread mnssacro nt the Hay-
market , the four prepared for tliolr march
toward the gallows almost as if It wore a
pleasant holiday excursion. Extraordinary
as were the scenes presented at this moment
It was not till the first man stepped out upon
I ho gallows that the great climax came
The two hundred and moro writers with
nlmblo flngers , waiting to spread tbo news to
the farthest bounds of the earth , had almost
to a man been gathered In the north corrldov
of the Jail. There for Just an hour they
wore Imprisoned In front of the dull scaffold ,
Not many of the two hundred who
were present that did not bit uneasily upon
his chair , thinking rapidly of the coming
doom of four fellow-creatures , or perhaps
oven more of the vague possibility of the Jnll
and all within Its walls being blown to the
blue sky by anarchistic dynamite. The long
hour was not yet half completed when , La tht
lull's distant south coirldor , unseen and un
heard by the main body of lepoitors , bin
Sheriff Matson t 11 t''a a. m. , accompanied
by grim old Jailor Folz , maiily-looklng Rov.
Dr. Uoltou and a score of stalwart deputies ,
stepped up close to the open door of August
Spies' cell preparatory to
to the four condemned Mien. Twenty minute :
were occupied In this trying formality , rcn
tiered doubly an ordeal by the horrible silence
prevailing aud by the sickening odors comliij :
from the room where lay the bloody corpse
% of their comrades , Louis Llngg , the sulcldo
Directly above , In their cell eloors , nppoarci
the dark beards and darker eyes of the twe
"commutedanarchists , Samuel Fioelen ) nm
Schwab. Sheriff Matson , with quick breaU
and heart beating high , carried unsteadily it
hU hand the documents ordering lilm to carrj
. out the sentence of the law , They were written
On typewriters mid nil duly attested. Tin
hugo Iron door swung back and Spies steppei
.firmly forward In front of bis guard to lUtei
to the rtadlng of the document. With hii
fgrivurUUi ,
sheriff began reading. Commencing In a low
voice , scarcely audible flvo feet away , ho
slowly and carefully pronounced every separ
ate word , &s the reading progressed ho
gradually assumed his natural tone of voice ,
and , not stumbling or making an error , rend
from beginning to end. Not a syllable was
uttered by any ono but the sheriff and no
other sound but his voice was heard save the
subdued ticking of the telegraph Instruments
a few feet away. Spies listened carefully to
all that was said , but his faeo did not
chungo for an Instant rturlug the reading
through. It occupied nt least four minutes.
When Sheriff Matson finished Spies looked at
him a moment steadily , but without malevo
lence , and then said , scntentlously :
"Sheriff , you are now about to commit a
Judicial murder. "
Ho said nothing more , but stepped quickly
from his cell threshold , giving himself to bo
pinioned and then to bo hidden in one of the
snow white shrouds , of which the deputy
carried an armful. Spies , whilehelmbound ,
was hcen to bo dressed In a pair of dark
woolen trousers and a shlit of light grey
flannel , fastened at the throat with a tiny red.
'ord. ' Ills feet were encased in a pair of em
broidered slippers. A fresh beard was grow-
ng on his chin , and his light curly
: inlr was brushed back carelessly. Taking
ills watch from his pocket he banded It to
the deputy , requesting him to deliver It to his
nother. A strong leather belt was then
mshcel around his body , securely fastening
ils arms straight down to where a pair of
bright nicklo-platcd manacles behind him
fastened his wrists together. A moment
later his body was completely enveloped in a
slnoud , loosely gathered about his neck.
The sheriff next addressed Adolph Fischer ,
who was even moro imliffeicnt than Spies at
tlio foi mallty. Like Spies , ho told the sheriff
that It was Judicial murder. Fischer had his
slouch hat on , but ho lemovcd it as
ho stepped out of his cell. Ho
was neatly dtcsseil In a blue fiannel shirt ,
now dark breeches ami had been shaved but
a few hours before. He noddcet to Spies in n
pleasant mcnncr and asked him In German
how ho felt. Spies smiled good-naturedly
and replied that ho felt first-rate.
Engel heard the reading of the denth-
wnrrant with stolid indiffci euro and did not
utter a single word of comment. A few min
utes later while standing beside Spies iSid
Fischer , ho said :
"Well ! "
As if to inquire their feelings.
Spies and Fischer replied by smiling cheerily
and nodding. Before their arms were pin
ioned allot the men shook hands with Jailer
Folz and the deputies surrounding them , all
of whom they had become acquainted with
during their many months' confinement.
I'm sons' warrant was road last. Ho seemed
to have nerved himself up ton great tension
tuul had nothing to say iu reply. Like Engcl
hu was clad in a full suit of black dress
clothes , even to a Pi ince Albert coat. He
stepped lightly from his cell when the read
ing finished , but drew back Involuntarily
at the sight of the thrco ghostly looking fig
ures bound and shrouded before him. Again
bo stopped out , now with a look of defiance.
"Bind mo tight , " ho said , "and bo sure to
make no mistake , " but the i\oputy \ complied
too well. Parsons had him reach under the
shroud and ease one of the straps.
"That's better , " ho rcmarkcel with a smile.
Now I am ready. "
Forming in double file , each of the four an
archists side by side with a deputy , were
now headed cast and started for the gallows.
A stop at the iron door of the cages was
made for a chance to turn their beads in the
direction of the second gallery of the Jail and
bid good-bye several times to Schwab aud
Fielden , receiving Broken , guttcral farewell
salutes in return. Hero again spiritual con
solation was offered by Kcv. Dr. Holton , now
for the last time. A sarcastic smile lit up the
faces of all four men as they resumed their
tread along the corridor unel turned slowly
into the dark cast angle , disappearing like
ghosts up the steps of the gallows.
The Diuvu oi'Day.
CHICAOO , COOK COU.STV JAIL , Nov. 11 , 0:15 :
a. in. During the long hours of the night the
only newspaper men who were admitted to
the inner precincts of the Jail were the rcp-
lescntativcs of the associated press. They
had quarters iu what is known as the
lawyers' cage and wore within
ten feet of the unnrrhibts. At four
o'clock ono of them rondo a tour of the lower
corridor where Spies , Parsons , Fischer and
Engel wcio conllucel. In each cell were two
stalwart guards , who stood watch over the
anarchists. The former chatted In low
tones and whispered jokes among themselves
to whllo away the timo. Hut the talk and
whispered Jokes were all lost on the prison
ers. Each ono was In the heaviest of slum
Spies lay on ono side , his head on bis arm ,
and slept as peacefully as a , babe. Fiseher
had turned over on his back and the consequence
quence was that ho frequently let out a snore
that echoed In a staitllngm.innerthrough the
silent corridors of the building. Engel lay
motionless , as did Parsons , except that at
times the latter stalled uneasily as If dreams
couusixa Timouau ins MIND.
Then at Intervals the silence was broken
by the stealthy walk of an armed guard , who
made the rounds of tfio lower corridor to see
that all was well. The only other dlstuibing
clement was the mowing of the Jail cat , who
kept up the nolso so persistently that at last
a deputy bore down , captured and removed
her to the basement , where her cries could
not bo heard.
All the common prisoners , to the number
of about two hundred , wcro left In lliolr
usual colls. The practice at.hangings lu Chicago
cage Is to not remove thorn until a few hours
bcforo the execution takes place. Shcrlfl
Matson decided to follow the old rule. At
the appointed time all of those located in tht
tier of cells facing noith , and which com'
inand a paitlal view of the scaffold , arc
maivhod Into the tiers facing south , wheic
not a glimpse of the execution can bo had.
for the present hanging arc located In the ex
treme northwest corner of the cell room. Ar
Inspection was made of them during thonlghl
by the associated press representative. Thc >
nro the largest over erected. In Cook county ,
They were originally built for the swinging
off of the . thrco Italians whc
klllefJ. a felibw-cottntryman and shipped
his remains In a trunk to Pittsburg.At the
time the mwdcrers were hung the trap was
undo to comfortably hold three men , but to
nce-ommodato the anarchists It has been en- ( he extent ot two feet and a half In
width. To ivach the bcuffold the men whc
nro to bo executed ; ire eseoi ted from the ) jail
oihVo through tlio lower corrldoi
, of ; tlio. cell rogift Vg , U kflj
stairway which leads to the second tier.
This Is n distance nt ton feet from the ground
floor and the platform of the gallows Is even
with this tier. The woodwork of the instru
ment of destruction is painted , or rather
stained , a very dull reddish brown , and as
seen by the dim light of the gas jets was any
thing but pleasant to look upon. The weird
effect was heightened by the llttlo sentry box
which is locateel Just west of the
trap. In this is stationed the man who re
ally Is the executioner. Into this box extends
a ropo. At the given signal the unknown
man Inslelo cuts the rope with a brand new
and especially sharpened chisel of wide di
mensions by striking the chisel a heavy blow
with a mallet. Down goes the trap , a dis
tance of six feet and at the same time the
murderers are launched Into eternity.
Some time after midnight Parsons com-
ilalned that the hum of conversation iu
: ho Jailer's olllce annoyed him nnd
irovented him from sleeping. The
woodun door which hangs on the office side
of the heavy bar of the Inner door was
closed , aud the Texas auurchlst dropped Into
an uneasy slumber. In the offie-o a
busy crowd of reporters stood writing
at the high desks or lounged
about talking with the deputies. Occasion-
illy a heavy step ou the Iron stairs outside ,
and the storm door was opened , revealing a
candidate for admission to all the horrors pro
vided for the possessors of pusses. From
within the lawjers cage came the sharp me
tallic click of the associated press Instrument
arranged for gathering the incidents of the
night. Along the otherwise silent corridors
sounded the slow regular tramp
of the deputies composing the death watch ,
to and fro , ceaselessly In front of the cell
doors In which were the four forfeited lives.
On the street a squad of policemen paraded
their beats , and all who had no business in
the neighborhood were peremptorily ordered
to "Move on. "
THE j MI. rnoran
occupies the Illinois street front of building
while that part used by the criminal court
fronts on Michigan street. On the laj cr
front Is the main entrance through whicji all
who enter must pass. This openiriff , Is
guarded by a heavy double Iron door which
is kept closed and fastened by
a padlock and chain. Immediately
within the door stand two trusty
policemen , armed with breech loading rifles
and carrying thirty-eight rounds each in a
convenient cartridge box. A step sounds in
the outer vestibule and from the watchful
sentries comes the stern demand : "Who
comes there 1" A voice from the outside responds
spends , the padlock opens , the chain rattles
and the doors slide apart , a
few Inches and a survey is made by
the guards of individuals applying for admis
sion. If his credentials are satisfactory'the
doors are opened sufficiently for him to nass
in. The Jail proper Is reached by crossing a
narrow court , dismal and cold , in the dark
ness. In this part of the building special
preparations have been made for thoicceptiou
of unwelcome callers. Now and then a
louder voice than common floats out from the
cell room , where some ordinary prisoner has
waked with a cry , but from the cells of the
condemned comes only murmurs of conver
sation between the guards and their ward.
About 1 o'clock , while these were
comparative silence , the occupants of the
sheriff's offlco were startled by a crash and a
bang from the northern corridor. It was
nothing only the sheriff and a few of the of
ficers experimenting with the scaffold , and
testing it and the ropes. A
few minutes after 2 o'clock
Spies stood at the door of his
cell smoking and talking through the bars
with his guard. Between 3 and 4 the rumble
of wheels outside penetrated the thick walls
nnd a wagon drove up and un
loaded four cofllus one for Spies ,
ono for Engel , ono for Fischer ,
and ono for Parsons. At 3:30 : all were asleep.
About 1 Ficldcn woke , and after refreahing
himself with adraught of water relapsed into
slumber. Not many minutes from 0 o'clock
came daylight , cold nnd pitiless as the law
about to bo avenged , and a bustle different
from that of the night Invaded the seclusion
of the previous
THE DAT op TiinnANflixn
had arrived. Six o'clock came and the
rumbling of wagons , the blowing of whistles
and the ringing of bulls told that people 'out
side wcro astir but the anarchists slept on.
It was Just fifteen minutes to7 o'clock
when Eiigol awoko. Within the next ten min
utes his thrco doomed companions opened
their eyes. They tumbled out of their cots ,
and hastily dressed themselves. No conver
sation took place between the anarchists nnd
the guards. Spies and Parsons simply bade
them good bye and In a few minutes the dep
uties emerged from the cell room. They
were relieved by others. Fischer was the
first ono to emerge from his cell , accompan
ied by two deputies. Ho stepped over to the
plain Iron sink and took a good
wash. His every movement was
closely watched. Spies next per
formed his ablutions , and seemed to enjoy
them , as ho lingered long at the sink. lie
carefully cleaned his teeth and gargled his
throat. Old man Engcl followed the
young anarchist , and the lust
at the wash was Parsons.
At 7:20 : two waiters from Mai toll's restau-
nnt biouRht to the prisoners their breakfast.
The edibles wcro carried In a largo new
clothes basket and the liiicu and tableware
looked blight and clear.
Her. Dr. Uoltou arrived at 7:15 : and after
depositing bis satchel on a chair and hanging
up his ovoivout In the jail olllco , passed into
the cell loom. Passing first into Parson's cell
ho attempted to engage the doomed Texan in
religious conversation. Parsons had not yet
finished his breakfast. What passed between
them was not divulged. In the meantime
Spies had called for paper and envelope , and
they wcro furnished him. Ho began writ
ing. After a stay of eighteen min
utes in Parson's cell , Dr. Bolton
emerged nnd walking to Spies door stood and
looking at that individual , who glanced at
the clergyman and continued his writing. Dr.
Bolton icmaincd standing In front of Spies
two or three minutes , but receiving no recog
nition he walked away.
Writing materials were furnished to Par
sons and Fischer who immediately set about
prepai Ing statements. Engel made no requests
lor pen or paper , but sat stolidly on his bed
looking at thu opposite wall of his cell. The
clergyman passed aiound Into the north corridor
rider and fiom the gallery overlooking the
se-affold took a view of that grim struuture.
Then ho returned nnd paced nervously back
ward and forward In front of the cell con
taining the fated four anarchists.
At S:80 a , m. , not thirty feet away from the
e'omlng victims , the massive iron-barred door
wasclanging constantly , admitting crowds of
newspaper men aud deputy sheriffs , crowdIng -
Ing the llttlo room almost to suffocation and
indulging In a loud buzz of conversation that
could be heard plainly In the cells. Nearly
everybody in the room was smoking , and what
with the fearful feeling of depression felt by
the roost hardefned , the place- was nearlv un-
endurable. It was at this moment IhntDr-
Mayor , the assistant county physician ,
passed through and rapidly walked to
the cells of the condemned. Ho asked
each if thcro was any deslrofor
stimulation , and all stwo Engcl
aloito replied quietly in the negative. Engle
aseUd for some port wlno. It was given him
MIA Ue vlavra.ttafl
classes. Spies requested water , and seem
ingly consumed by a burning thirst swal
lowed nearly two tumblers of the pure , cool
liquid. In the Jail oftlco , Deputy liurko was
now passed around amongst the throng and
apparently Indicating that the execution was
not fur distant. This unusual proceeding
was objected to by some , but all were com
pelled to submit. Whllo standing In front of
Engel's cell , Dr. Bolton was In danger of be
coming Involved in a religious controversy ,
for the condemned man boldy combattcd the
propositions of the divine. Within a few
minutes of nine , a message came from Mrs.
Parsons through n bailiff applying nt the Jail
for admission. The roqutst was sternly re
At 0:10 : a. m , Chief Deputy Gleason ar
rived with the fatal document authorizing
the execution. Gleason Immediately went
Into close conference with the sheriff on a
private apartment that was loc-ked
and bolted at once on the inside.
Whllo they were still consulting ,
Spies' internal fever hael so incrcascel as to
induce him to order n glass of Hhino wine ,
which was brought to his cell nnd swallowed
at a gulp. A few minutes were then occu
pied by him In writing autographs for the
ofilccis attached to the sheriff's ofilco. -
MXA'sJ I'llOOIlK-iS llAllltEl ) .
At about 8. 30 o'clock Nina Van Zandt and
and her mother took a cab at their residence
on Huron street and directed the driver to
iroceed to the county Jail. The driver
tvhlppcd up his horse and the cab- speeded
southward toward the Jail. When the cab
reached the line of policemen which blocked
the avenue leading to the Jail the driver
reined in , but was urgcel on by the ladies.
The police began signalling the cab to turn
back , but the driver , obedient to his passen
gers , pushed on. As the cub approached the
ropes with no evidence of an intention of
stopping , nn ofllccr darted forwarel and ,
thiowlnghis musket up , barred further pro
gress nnd as gently ns possible informed the
ladles that they could not proceed nnel could
not bo admitted to the Jail. The cabman then
turned about and Nina , breaking into tears ,
fell upon her mother's shoulders. In this
attitude they were driven homeward. Nina
fairly flung heiself Into the house nnd could
be heard without sobbing and moaning. Amid
her daughter's lamentations Mis. Van Znudt
sent dispatches to Governor Oglesby and
Captain Black at Springfield.
The sheriff and his chief deputy were still
. jriiig over their documents and gloom was
deepening on the fact of every ono in the
Jail , when a vivid burst of sunshine came
through the topmost windows and went
straight to Schwab's cell. Ho came to the
bars and blinked , basking in the welcome
The governor's decision on tbo application
for executive clemency was brought to Chicago
cage by Governor Oglesby's son. Deputy
Gleason intercepted the messenger ou the
train near the city limits. The official oopy
was at once brought to the Jail by u deputy.
It was just 0:110 : when the information
ticked from the associated press telegraph
instrument , n few feet distant from
the cells , that Captain Black was at
that very moment again pleading
with Governor Oglesby at Springfield. The
message was handed in' to Sheriff Matsou ,
who glanced at it a second and then crum
pled the paper slowly In his hand. Whatever
the sheriff's thought were , no expression of
their purport crossed his compressed lips.
Five minutes later the sheriff emerged , and
in reply to n chorus of inquiry said phlegmn-
tlcally that ho had "not Just fixed the time as
yet. "
At 10 o'clock Parsons , Fischer and Spies
asked for twenty minutes each on the gallows
in which to make speeches. The sheriff did
not Immediately return an answer to the
request. Fischer then began singing the
"Marseilles , " in which the other prisoners
Joined. The manuscripts which Spies , Par
sons and Fisohur spent the greater part
of the morning in preparing , were
in part written statements , the contents
of which would not bo divulged by any of the
officials. These wore delivered into the
hands of Clerk Price , who turned them over
to thu sheriff and this official locked them In
his personal safe. It was stated by the
sheriff that Spies , Parsons nnd Fischer
have in addition written letters which
he had also locked up securely. Parsons'
letter was addressed to bis wife and children ,
that of Fischer goes to his wife , but the ad
dress on that of Spies' the sheriff refuses to
divulge. It is supposed it will reach Nina
Van Xandt.
The voice of Fischer seemed round and
full , but quivering just a trifle. The report
ers pressed close about tbo door to the cage
and listened till the deep tones died away
into silence. The song lasted full two min
utes. Before 10 o'clock Dr. Gray went into
the prisoner's cell for a second time , bcailng
in his hands three wine glasses and n bottle
of Jarvis brandy , with which to brace up the
men. All of them partook of the stimulant.
Adjutant General Vance , of the ) state mil
itia , came into the Jiill nt 10 o'clock and was
immediately closeted with the sheriff. The
opinion us to his appearance was divided ,
some thinking it related to some new disposi
tion to be made of the militia , while others
believed ho carried a supplemental message
from Governor Oglesby , About this
time Police Inspector John Bonfiold ,
who commanded the iwllcent the haymarket ,
entered the jail looking as grim as ho did
within half an hour after famous bomb
massacre. It was rumored nt 10:15 : that the
would start in exanctly three quarters of an
Fischer continued to make n display of
bravado. Soon after singing the Marseilles
ho spoke to Turnkey Stubb In a laughing
way : "When I get to heaven I'll put in a
good word for you. " When Fischer woke up
this morning ho turned to one of the officers
and said : "I dreamed about Germany last
night. " Then ho relapsed into silence for
quite n long period.
Following close upon a telegram from
Springfield that Governor Oglesby had de
cided once for all , the deputies commenced ,
at 10:27 : , distributing tickets to reporters who
were to watch the march to the gallows. The
greatest bustle and excitement prevailed in
the Jail office , but Spies , In his cell , continued
writing uninterruptedly , and the others re
mained equally nonchalant , notwithstanding
the confuslou that marked the beginning of
the end.
applied to the sheriff this morning for per-
njlsbiou to visit her father and say geiod bye ,
but was refused. She Was not ngitate'd lu
the least and took the refusal in a very mat
ter of fact way.
The rattling of chairs , tables and benches
continued for several minutes but by 11:0.1 :
there began to fall u hush , and conversation
among the crowd sunk almost to a whisper.
The bare \\hite- washed walls made
a painful contrast with the dark
brown gallows with its four noosed
ropes dropping ominously near the
floor. A gleam of sunshine shooting through
thu window at this instant fell on a corner ol
the death machine and In a slight dcgico re
lieved its sombre hue.1"1
ritei-AR moHSTon en VTH.
Through a window ono saw u number ol
policemen , armed with rifles , looking down
from the roof ol the Dearborn
street wing on the proceedings. The
chief bailiff began at 11:10 : calling
out the names of the persons summoned as
Jurors and bringing them forward to a row ol
llttlo stools directly In front of the gallows.
No other sounds were heard In the long high
corridors but the solemn monotonous voice ol
the bailiff nnd the rustling of the jurors as
they tiptoed forward through the ciowd.
The eyes of the crowd began to center on
the dark box upon the scaffold and the dang
Hug ropes. This box scemeel to possess a
fearful fascination and was ab-
borbiug the attention of every
person In the corridor when a frightful wai
btartlcd the crowd. Some who hud heard the
horrible prounlug of Llngg yesterday Just be
fore his death declared It sounded as If ho
was still In agony , but this was mere fancj-
Tbo black Jail cat was the cause of the com
motion , nnd at Intervals continued to emit
her ghobt like mewing.
was r adflwtto Spies , then to Fischer , tltfn
to Engel and , at 11 M the sheriff was through
with Pardons. , Hl'ies ' , Ent'el and Fiselier in
their shrouds , were standing at' the grated
udicus to friuuds in thv ybi
or's cago. All the men were now In their
shrouds , nnd at 11:49 : the death march to
ho scaffold started. The command to the
crowd fronting the gallows that all roust
stop smoking was given at 11:85. : The elozen
or two who wcro using the weed quenched
ho fire , some rat1i r reluctantly , nnd the
ashes slowly thrown on the pavement.
Whether the command was given out of
iiimnnlty to doomed men or ns a precaution
against the appallng possibility of any treach
erous bomb lighting In the corridor when the
'atal moment came , no person seemed aware ,
but moro than ono said n prayer
down In their inmost hearts. It
was now 11:45 : nnd the suspense of the crowd
near the gallows was like slow torture. There
was no relief , and the newspaper men gazeel
at the gallows and noted four ropes swaying
slightly to and fro.
ArrRAiivxcE ox Tim ovrroLn.
It lacked just seven minutes and n half of
the hour of high noon when u single white
shrouded figure , above which was u fuco of
yellowish pallor , the fae-o of August Spies ,
iirst passed to the gallows. The gapping
crowd ten feet below half rose , Involuntarily ,
from their chairs nt the first glimpse of the
apparition advancing across the scaffold.
Spies lemkeil calm and glanced at n reporter
with a truce of his old-time cynical smile. Ho
walked firmly over the drop , guided by the
grasp of a deputy , to the fuithcst edge of the
fallows. Following close came Fischer , close
enough to touch Spies' shroud had his hanel
not been pinioned under the white muslin.
Fischer's e-ountonanco had
a peculiar glisten
totally unlike the ashjness of Engel's ' heavy
features , and in strange contrast with the
dead lack of color In the pinched lineaments
of Parsons. The once Jaunty , vivacious
Texan came last , a withered old man. Ho
had aged twenty years since the day ami
hour scarce twelve months before , when ho
tripped lightly into the court before Judge
Gary nnd flippantly declared that ho was
ready to bo tried at once for his life. The
moment his feet touched the scaffold Parsons
seemed to completely lese his Identity and to
feel that his spirit was no lunger a part of
his body. Ho hud wrought himself to an
ecstacy of solemn self-glorification. Only he ,
the one American , seemed to realize to the
full that ho must die in a manner to impiess ,
if possible , on all future generations the
thought that '
No tragedian that has paced n stage In
America made a moro marvellous presenta
tion of n self-chosen part , perfect in every
detail. TJio upwind turn of his eyes , his
distant , far away look , and , above all , the
attitude of apparent complete resignation
that every folel of the awkward shroud only
served to make moro distinct , was by far the
most stiiking feature of attention in the
gallows' picture.
The squat form of Engel alongside , with
his stupid , wide-jawed face made a hideous
contrast tejiPui sons' assumption of the halo
of a marfyr.
Fischer was head and shoulders taller
than the other three , making his only occa
sional looks of too-evident bravado moro no
ticeable than might otherwise bo at sorry
disadvantage compared with the steady cool
ness of Spies. The hitter's exhibition of
quiet , thorough nerve far surpassed as a
wonder the demeanor of any of his com
Four burly deputies standing to the rear of
the four condemned men begun without delay
to adjust the ropes. Spies' noose being thu
first one placed. Ho did not appear to re
gard it of any more consequence than a new
linen collar. The knot was slipped down the
cord , close against his neck. Spies did not
show a tremor , but when the same process
was being carried out with Fischer he turned
and quietly whispered to the bailiff some sug
gestion concerning the ropo.
Fischer's occasional ardor was qulto no
ticeably lessoned when ho felt the hempen
strand , and Engcl bit his under lip hard
when his turn came.
Just then Dr. Murphy , a young physician
standing back of Engel , whlsperingly cracked
a joke in Engle's car. Incredible as it may
seem , the low-browed anarchist
with the rope around his neck ami whllo an
other wu * being fastened on Parsons by his
side , but the grotesque laugh stopped In a
single instant nnd Parsons meekly as a saint
cast his eyes up at the dangling rope above
Before the four anarchists had nn Inkling
of what was to bo done the whlto caps were
slipped upon their heads aud drawn quickly
down to the necks , shutting off the view of
each as completely and with less warning
than does the camera cloth of the photo
August Spies was the first of the four
doomed men to make use of his wits while ho
could. In a tone of intense bitterness of
spirit , he , the man who wrote the infamous
" Hevcnge " circular , hissed out between his
tightly clenched teeth :
"Thcro will eoino a time when our silence
will bo moro powerful than the voices they
are strangling to death. "
; iiLiiit.ui rou ANAucur.
The last syllable of Spies' concluding
wet ds , Hoarse with suppressed passion , had
not i cached an end when Eugel , raising his
voice * , wildly cried :
"Hurrah for anarchy I"
Fischer caught the fire of the utterance
and still more loudly exclaimed :
"Hurrah for anarchy ; " adding : "This is
the happiest moment Of my lifo. "
Tlioro was a silence like the grave , broken
abruptly by the slow , measured intonation of
Pal sons , like a white-robed priest before the
altar of sacrifice. Not us a dying request ,
but rather like a command or a warning , ho
shouted f01 th :
"May ! bo allowed to speak } "
Then , with slow entreaty , came :
"Will you let mo speak , Sheriff Martin ? "
Thcro was another agonizing pause. Muf
fled tinough the shroud , ho bioke out in un
natural , hollow accents :
"Let the voice of the people bo heard. "
THE Tit VI' Sl'llUXO.
A crash as of a falling bouso thundcrcel
through the corridors. The slender ropes
were tuu'J , . In full view of 200 men in front
wcro four white , writhing shrouds. The
ropes could bo seen slowly tightening about
the necks that between the cup and shroud
could bo , noticed blackening and purpling.
Nine mortal minutes passed. Then It was
known to n certainty that not aneckhadbeen
broken. The four Huymuiket murderers
had been literally throttled and strangled by
When the intelligence came outside that
the men-were on the scaffold theofile-crs who
were insldo the lines of police went to the
northeast corner of Illinois sticot and waited.
There were in the group Chief Ebersold , Cap
tain Schaak , Lieutenants Kipley , Bold and
Blottner and thico putiolmcn. On the roof
of the criminal couit building , where they
could look through ono of thu big jail windows
dews , wcro posted nine policemen and deputy
sheriffs. From their position they could sco
the scaffold and the condemned men upon It.
As the grim moment approached the men on
the roof kept the officers below informed ol
the proceedings insido. As 12 o'clock drew
near a policeman , who was straining his eyes
to see tlio interior of the jail , raised his hand
and without turning his head aside said , lu u
thrilling tone ,
"They aio putting on the caps. "
Foran Instant the clusterotolliccrs waited
below with bated breath and heads half in
clined to one side , waiting to hear the nolbo
of the drop.
"Sh , " now murmcrcd the man on the
A loud thump came from the Interior ol
the jail. It was a sound made by the falling
trap. Every ono in the group heard it dis
tinctly and everybody knew what It meant.
The policemen on the roof threw down their
guns and clapped their hands and then ceasec
suddenly us though ashamed of the act.
Captain Schaak flung ono arm In the air am'
smiled feebly. His face was flushed. Chief
Ebersold shifted his position , said nothing
and then walked quietly away. Ono of the
others pulled out his watch , closed the case
with a snap , nnd exclaimed :
"Three ininutes of twelve , recollect it. "
A reporfcr Jerked a whlto handkerchief
from his pocket and waved It as
passing along North Clark street. It was
understood. A cry went up nnd In an In
credibly short siiaco of time the Intelligence
was blocks and blocks away nnd the buzz
and hum of excited conversation eoundee
like the rising of the tide. Armed patrolmen
stopped In their regular tramp nnd droppee
tlu ; butts oJtUclrtfuaa to IhB wtU vita 9
clatter. Others broke oft In their hoarse
ihouts to the crowets of "move on , move on. "
Some shook hands with their elbow neigh-
wrs and exchanged congratulations. Netti
ng but pronounced opinions upon the an
archists "go" among the police. With roost
of the people In the vicinity thcro was neither
ither feeling than the stir of Ideas which a
) lg piece of news always creates aud the sud
den ending of expectation.
" EXTIIl , EXT1IA. "
Messenger boys came shooting like rockets
'rom the criminal court building nnd ran
jreathle'ss with bits of whlto pnjKjr fluttering
n their hands. In eight minutes newsboys
wcro darting tbrovgh the crowds bawling
out : "Extra extra , all about anarchists
m n g. "
Curious police officials walked Into the Jail
o learn how the execution had been pro
ceeded with nnd were In turn questioned as
to how tbo eitlacns outside had acted.
"There was absolutely no trouble , " ono
nnd ull replied. .
SPIIIXOPIEI.H , 111. , Nov. 11. Captain Black
counsel for the condemned anarchists ar
rived this morning and nt80 : ! ! solicited a spe
cial interview with the governor nt the exo-
jutlvo mansion. He made n last appeal for
: ho lives of the condemned anarchists. The
uterview was private between the governor
and Cnptnlu Black and thu public and pi ess
representatives were vigorously denied ad-
nission. Buchanan and Felteier cumo with
Captain Black to Springfield ,
AtUiM George Schilling called at the man
sion , and In a somewhat agitated manner an
nounced that telegraph bulletins had Just
stated the execution would take place nl IOtO. : !
[ lo begged that If any action bo contemphite-d
JV the governor It bo taken at once Ho was
admitted , and at 10 o'clock was still with the
At 10HO : n. m. the governor telegraphed
Sheriff Matson that no saw no necessity
Tor any further communication with him ou
; ho subject of the execution , and cone-ludcd
Ills telegram by telling him to proceeel with
his duty.
Captain Black , on coming out of the man-
slou , said to the Associated press reporter :
"I have done the best 1 could In this final ap
peal to the governor , but ho firmly refuses to
further Interfere. I hoped for n ellfferent de
cision , but cannot say I expected It. I wish
to say that I give the governor credit for con
sidering our final appeal carefully nnd con
scientiously and , though the decision is
against us , ho is acting in accordance with
what ho believes to bo the best , and in har
mony with Justice. I want to give him ercellt
for his earnestness and sincerity. "
It was wonderful to note how quickly the
excitement which had flllcel the jail all morn
ing calmed down. The two hundred prison
ers confined in the place , who had been in
fever heat during the tragic event of the day.
regained their usual spirits. They cracked
jokes from cell to cell , and ns they had had
nothing to eat since breakfast , they soon
began to yell for soup. The spectators who
bud witnessed the hanging walked rapidly
out of the inclosuro and the weary deputies
went to dinner , the only ones left in the jail
office being the press representatives.
When the coffins were brought to the scaf
fold , Sheriff Matson exclaimed : "His will
bo done. " The bodies were lowered in the
following order : Spies , Fischer , Engel nnd
Parsons. All looked natural. The coffin
lids wern quickly screwed clown. Paper tabs
were pasteel ou each for identification.
Engel's nnd Lingg's , the suicide's , remains
were token to No. 2&0 Milwaukee avenue.
Fischer's wife claimed his , Mrs. Spies took
August's and Mrs. Parsons recelveel that of
her husband. Spies' was removed In his coffin
nt 1:40 : ei'clock. The remains were received by
a committee of the central labor union. Bo-
foio the committee left the jail they went
into the visitors' cage and shouted a good
bye to Schwab nnd Fielden , who Will bo ro-
rooved to Joltot penitentiary to-morrow. The
members of the committee kissed their bauds
aud raised their hats to their Imprisoned
comrades and sadly left.
The bodies of Spies , Fischer nnd Parsons
were taken from the jail at 4:15 : o'clock. For
Spies a hearse hod been provided. There
was some trouble in getting away from the
crowd Unit tailed onto the last wagon , but
rapid driving freed the processson from thla
trouble. Followed by n string of cabs and
headed by a carriage containing the commit
tee , the hcnrso and wagons moved speedily
along. There was no excitement , only n few
persons having gathered. The corpses were
taken to an undertaker's shop , where they
wcro dressed and allowed to rest until they
were taken to the houses of their relatives
this evening.
Fischer's remains wcro removed to his
home at 1 : SO o'clock. Many people displayed
autographs of the dead Fischer , which ho
had written during the morning. It was es
timated that ho made fifty of them in all ,
They all read alike , aud were couched In the
following words :
Anarchy is liberty.
Cook County Jail ,
SCOIICH on the Streets.
CHICAGO , Nov. 11. A quiet , almost Sun
day-like stillness prevailed on the down town
streets ull day , but there was nn omnipres
ent air of suppressed excitement. The very
wagons on the streets seemed to move less
noisily and the sharp voices of the newsboys
rang on the air , calling the extra papers
which contained tlio announcement when the
final act In the lifo and death drama was to
bo enacted. The great bell In the board of
trade tower struck the hour of 11. Slowly
and solemnly the notes pealed out , resound
ing far and near in the unutterably still air ,
and seeming to ring out the death knell of
the four men who at that time were making
their toilets before taking their departure
into the unknown. The moments crept on
like hours and u dozen men on the reserve In
the central squad room sat around
in moody silence , reading the papers
or conversing in whispers. Thcro
were none of the usual jests to bo heard , nnd
nnd oven the officers , recalling the fate of
their comrades nt the Haymnrkct , seemed to
fully realize the imprcsslvcness of the occa
sion. At the armory the great hall was
clothed In semi-darkness. All the blinds
wcro closed and on the benches along the
walls fifty uniformed officers sat or lay nt
full length to catch a few minutes of much
needed rest and wait In silence for the sum
mons that might como nt any moment. In
front of the station stood three patiol wagons
in readiness for a call.
The news o Mrs. Parsons's arrest caused
a ripple of excitement.
"That woman Is moro to bo feared than a
thousand rioters , " said ono of the officers ,
and that was the general sentiment.
Little groups of men congregated on the
street corners and In the eonldors of the
city hall. They consulted their watches.
"They aio getting them reaely , " said one ,
coming from the telephone room , nnd the
hushed expectancy increased. No ono
wanted to move , but all hung around , wait
ing for the news to bo flashed over the wires
that the drop had fallen.
When the news that the end had como fin
ally reached the public thcro was but llttlo
excitement. Extra copies of the afternoon
pajers were eagerly bought , but that was
all. and business soon went on as usual.
A visit to numerous prominent manufac
turers , whore largo forces of men uro em
ployed , showed everything to bo quiet ami
peaceable , with the regular employes in full
numbers In their places.
On 'change the day was a moro active one
than for several days past.
Around the jail It was n military scene , nnd
the crowd was Impressed with It. Over four
hundred police , nil armed with rcpcntlni ,
rifles , kept guard at the streets. Along Clark
street nt Michigan and Illinois , along Dear
born street nt Indiana , along Stuto street at
Illinois and Michigan and on Dearborn avcnuo
at King street rSpcs wcro run across the
street to keep th ? crowd back. It was a wise
precaution nnd was n success. Karly In tin
morning the nollco were placed on guaid am
ns early o b o'clock thousands of person
lingered around the picket lines. Dozens o
officers with their rojientlng rifles were stn
tloned on the top of the criminal coin tain
otUcr building ? W < 1SS
ovcry avenue leading to the Jail. Of the hun
Ireds of window * opening upon the stre U
tatrollcd by the iwllco there wJ
lot ono which was not watched with tcnlon !
eyes not ono that could not have been rlel
lied with bullets had occasion demanded.
Luckily for the history of the day , not a trig *
ger hud to be pulled , not an occasion was ofS
crcd for scud Ing a leaden bullet ou u fatal
About li o'clock a little excitement was crev
atcd. Mrs. Parsons , with ml glistening
eyes and drcssenl In widow's weeds , nccom-
muled by her two children n boy and u girl
of tender years and closely followed by
ilrs. Holmes , ex-editor of the Alarm , Mrs.
Fischer , Miss Engel nnd ouo other woman ,
ippeared before the ( Milieu ut the corner ol
jlark and Michigan streets. Mrs. Pnmotis
van the nMkesiunii | , and was stopped by the
Ktllec , who Informed her than she could gene
no further.
" 1 must go , " she cried , as her dark cyos
lashed foith fiio ; " 1 am Lucy Pnisonsj
heso nro my children ; wo must go to the
ail : they must see their father. "
There was little sympathy in the hearts of
ho police.
"It Is impossible , " explained two oflle-ers
n chorus. "No ono e-an pass hero ; entrance )
can only bo bad ut Deal born street. " *
"I will po , " cxclalmi'd Mrs. Parsons , and
vlth a determined effoit she dinted under
ho ropes.
In an instant four stalwart oflie-ers had her
n hands. She was lifted over the ropes and
once again stood outside the lines.
"You must obey the law , the-y said , "or It
nay go hind with jou. "
"Tho law , " she jelled , "what do I care for *
ho law and my husband being murdered.
Shoot mo , kill me , If you will. "
She finally succumbed and turned to go.
lor companions , with the em'optlem of Mrs.
loliues , left her , but together the two wo-
uen , with the little childien struggling bc-
ilnd , walked down Clink street to Klnzlo
md tliem-o around to Dearborn avenue. A
rowel of lingo proportions followed , but
Mrs. Parssons heeded tlu'iu not. On
she went until she met another
onion of police and another ropo.
ler resistance hero was so stubborn when
opposed that Captain Buckley was at last
compelled to order her arrest , after every
effort of gentle restraint and pe-i suasion had
icen exhausted. Accordingly a patrol waeon
was sent for , and while bieathliig Hentlmcntg
of mingled rage and despair , Mis. Paison }
was assisted to enter it. Mrs. Holmes ami
the children were then put In. A trememdoiiB
crowd gathered , and it was only after a Hquae }
if officers had rushed upon the throng wltji
Irawn clubs that the wagon was able to pastf
out. Once at the East Chicago avenue stu-
ion the prisoners were given scats in th6
egistry room. They were not booked nor
pcked In a coll. Mrs. Parsons , with Airs.
ilolmes and the two children of the former ,
were released from the station at 2:15 o'eloclf
> . m. She looked very sad and down hcaftcel.
n meek tones she asked a reporter :
"Is the bloody business over ! "
When told that it was she made no answer
nnd proceeded to explain why she waA
nt the jail. She was told by a
deputy last night to call at the
ail at 8:30 : o'clock this morning , so that the )
children might HCO their father. At the ap
) ointed time she made n request to be al
lowed to enter and was sent from ono street
to another until 10:30 : o'clock. Then she
made an effort to pass under the ropes unel
was prevented. At the next corner she was
[ it In a patrol wagon and taken to the stn-
Lion. She said she was very courteously
treated , being placed In the sumo cell with
Mrs. Holmes and children. Accompanied by
n reporter she walked south on Clark street
to Indiana without apparently being rccog-
ni/ed by any one. Every moment n nuw -
boy would shove a paper in her face , crying i
"Full account of the execution. "
She frequently broke down and sobbed ,
and as they passed along took her boy moro
firmly by the hand and walked moro rapidly ,
keeping her head bent down.
The police had strict orders not to allow
crowds to congregate and people who walked
along the streets lending to the Jail were kept
moving. It was a good-natured , well diessed
crowd , and not a worel was heard that could
bo interpreted ns an attempt to create excite
ment. At 10 o'clock there were fully 10,000
persons surrounding the police , but ail were
kept moving except where they congregated
two blocks from thu Jail and stood in groups
watching the somber building.
On the moment the trap fell in the building
and word reached the outside half n docu
incidents occurred to throw the crowded
streets Into the wildest exclteiiu-nt. As the
throng were crowding forward the Eaet
Chicago avcnuo patiol wagon came
dashing down on the crowd at full
speed , with gong ringing. Shouts
aud cries arose from the multitude , which ,
dividing into halves , rushed upon the walks
with crushing force. Through this passage
the wagon flow to the corner of Klnsio Htroct.
whore it encountered a mass of struggling
beings that could not give way. In the cen
ter of this crush half a do en policemen were
struggling with a prisoner endeavoring to
clear an exit. The arrest of this man had
been n source of excitement nnd the rush of
people was uncontrollable. The prisoner had
attracted attention by the loud and Insur
rectionary remarks ho delivered from the
curb of Clark and Kinsio street s. Ofile-or
Gnrrity of the day squad , pushed through
the crowd and , sei/ing tlio orator by the
shoulder , shoved him along with the. Instruc
tions to "move on. " As ho did so the officer
struck the man across thu hips with hlu club.
The blow gave back a sharp , mctallo sound
thnt could come from neither llcsli or clothing.
Instantly the man whirled and whipped a
largo revolver from his hip pocket. Just us
quickly Officer Smith , also of the squad.
seUcd tno man , wrenched the pistol from ills
hand and administered an open-handed blow
upon the man's ear. In the vigorous clutches
of the officer thu man was drugged to the pu *
trol box , amid concentrating crowds and
swelling tumult. A "hurry" call was sent
In , and it was in response to this that the pa
trol wagon dashed up.
To complete the confusion at this Instant a
powerful double team of horses , di awing ft
heavy hide wagon , took fright ut the same
point cast of Dearborn nvcnuo and came driverless -
verless and with trailing reins westward ana
into the crowd. The line of armed policemen
stationed across Klnsio street at Dearborn
avcnuo offered all the resistance in thehr
power , but the terrified miimals scat
tered them like chuff , and , plung
ing through the ropes , dashed on
ward. As they flew across Dearborn
avcnuo and bore down upon the ciowel u terrible -
riblo catastrophe seemed Imminent , but tno
police finally succeeded in bringing them up.
The crowd , however , aroused by tlies BUCCHJ
slon of eivcnts , broke Into the wildest turbu
lence In an effort to escape from the scene of
peril. Tlio police then fixed bayonets and
made n feint at charging upon the crowd ,
stopping just short ol them and forcing th
people uwuy with the butts of their guns.
The effort at Uils was satisfactory and Ivlnso
street was seion cluaicd without any casu.
The prisoner that iiod erased a portion of
this disorder was locked up at thu station ,
where ho said his name was Edward Luco ,
of Logunsport , Ind. , a railroad brakcmau.
Ho was booked for disorderly conduct , car
rying concealed wcaiwns and assaulting an
There wcro little crowds along Milwaukee
avenue , but tlioy wcio composcei of Idle ourl-
osity-seekeis and not of sympathl/crs with
the anarchist cause. There was llttlo exclto *
mont , and whllo groups of men stood on the
street corners and'ellscussed ttio execution ,
thcro was not n policeman in sight or any
apparent need of ono.
The only sign of open Interest was shown
at Aurora turner hall , on Huron street , neur
Milwaukee avenuo. Here a flag was at half
mast and In the saloon below groups
of men fathered and expressed their disap
proval of the hanging. Thorn wcro some
scowling fae-es here and the stranger was not
cordially gicetcd. Clenched llMs and ugly
glnnccK told of the un | > opularlty of the Eng
lish press In the "Turnhallo. " '
John Tiosduhl was arrested this afternoon
on North Clark street for refusing to reeve
on. At the station lie was searched and
geveraj pieces of KIIS pipe ubout
thrco Inches long were found In his pockets
with some pieces of brass. JIo said that ho
was a machinist and that ho was currying
thei plpp to use In his business. Ho wu
churned with bcljitf dtfiordorly.
WlHl'jm Uoeer , K Gerua