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Delivered by carrier In miy pnrt of tlio city at
tw cnty cents jier w cek.
II. W TILTOV , . . . Manager.
K , tin. 43.
NIOIIT IlniTou No. S3.
N. Y. Plumbing Co.
Roller , tailor , Full poods cheap.
Dr. J. C. Hobortson , 6M Muln St.
Read "Inconsistencies. " To bo hud
at all nowBdealora.
A now meut nmrkotwlll bo opened to
day on Broudway by L. C. Baldwin.
A rehearsal of the "Mn.skoteors" will
bo heard this evening ut the Bloomer
William Buckley and Sally Lewis , of
Loveland , were married yunterday
morning by Squire Bennett.
The cases of Mike Rosomund and Bob
Burke , who were arrested for disturbing
the peace on election day , huvo not yet
been heard.
J. B. Uighman and W. S. Parker
were each assessed $7.GO yesterday
morning for getting too demonstrative
in thcr celebration of the democratic
victory in this county.
Another ontcrtainmnnt will bo given
in the Baptist church by the young
people this evening. A chief feature of
the programme will bo recitations in
sign lunguiigo by teachers of the insti
tution for the deaf and dumb.
PermitH to wed were yesterday
granted to William Buckley and Sally
Lewis , both of tin's county ; Stanley
TlminpMJii , of Council BluITn , and Anna
M. Yost , of Omaha ; Fred Hichow and
Anna M. Henrietta , Burlago , both of
Omaha ; O. W. Thornburg , of Porrv ,
In. , and Alattio Bowers , of Council
Captain O'Brien was very hot yester
day over the published reports about his
rumpus on election day over a borrowed
umbrella. In his haste ho swore all men
were liars. "JSMclc" has boon potted so
much and so freely advertised as a won
derful detective and shrewd olllccr that
it lias rather spoiled him. Ho probably
will got over it and find out that ho i's
human , or at least that there are men
foolish cnongh to think him BO. His
undue olllciousness on election day laid
him open to criticism , and ho may yet
find that the zciil of his house has eaten
him up.
Carried by a big majority : That Man-
del Bulls Furniture and Stoves ut re
duced figures.
For rent Suite of rooms , suitable for
light housekeeping. Inquire at 41
Main street.
Ono thousand head of one , two nnd
threo-ycar-old steers for sale. Will glvo
credit to rolttiblo parties. Enquire of
A. J. Grucnamnyor , C2JJ Myiibter st. ,
telephone 121.
J. W. nnd E. L. Squire lend money.
13. II. Sheafe loans money on chattel
security of every description. Private
consulting rooms. All business strictly
conlidential. OHico , 500 Broadway , cor
ner Main street , up stairs.
If you want to show your girl what
kind of a husband you will make buy
her a Domestic sowing machine.
Stntunryl New and beautiful designs.
Suitable for holiday gifts , ut P. C. Mil
Pantsl 1'antNit
Just received , a , largo new stock of
pants goods , on which special bargains
tire now offered , at present reduced
prices. Pants made to order can bo had
as cheap as ready made.
Roller , tbo Tailor ,
No. 810 Broadway.
Personal Paragraphs.
Al Frazier of Honey Creek , was in the
city yesterday.
G. A. Stanton of Peoria , 111. , was at
the Crcston yesterday.
Miss Helen Patterson is visiting
friends in Kansas city.
Mrs. Doran loft for her homo in
Princeton,111.yesterday morning , after
u pleasant vibit to her daughter , Mrs. B.
L. Strawn.
At Kiel's hotel : R. M. White , Joe
Bufllngton and W. H. II. Dabncy , all
Oakland , Iowa ; G. M. Putnamof Carson ,
B. Mills of Logau.
Thompson Tipton , who is engaged in
the live stock commission business in
Chicago , is in the city the guest of his
brother , J. G. Tipton.
E. M. Girnrd , a Union Pacific en
gineer , loft last evo'ning for the east.
Ho will return in about ten days with
his family , who have been absent two
Prof. Lee G. Kratz was in the city
Tuesday evening vibiting friends. Ho
will , in the near future , arrange for
teaching ri limited numor of pupils hero.
Our musical people will give him a cor
dial reception.
Every one making a cash purchase of
5 cents at T. D. King & Co's. cigar
store gets a chance in the annual prize
drawing. Twenty elegant prizes.
Wadsworth , Etnyro & Co. , 230 Main
street , innko reliable abstracts of prop
erty in Pottawattnmio county.
If you want a nice present for your
wife buy a Domestic sewing machine.
For best quality coal nnd wood , call on
Gleason , 26 1'carl street.
You Wnnt Them !
Domestic patterns aud patterns for
BUunning and embroidery. Latest styles
nnd finest designs. "Domestic" Oliico ,
105 Main st.
Palls Hell-to Fortune.
George Rogers , formerly employed at
the Ogden house as pantryman and
later at Louis & Mot/gcr's restaurant as
waiter , has received information of the
tlcath of an undo at Portland , Ore. , by
which ho falls heir to $ J5.000. A check
for $100 was sent to pay his expenses to
that city. Ho has previously been in
rather straightened circumstances , nnd
his good furtuno will bo appreciated.
He left for On gen Tuesday evening.
Methodist sociable nud oyster supper
nt Broadway church to-night. Don't
i it.
A Now Hallway Line.
There is a camp of railway engineers
in frebcout township who tire running
a line about a hundred foot from the
Northwestern track , and who say they
are pushing for Council Bluffs. The
line is B'uppoocd to bo the Duluth , Min
neapolis A : Omaha. It is intimated that
the intention la to run the line to this
city and then crass hero into Omaha ,
The stakes are being driven and the
turvoy .being made with the assurance
that there will bo np material change *
In the lint ) , andthat , the work of con-
Itructiun wijl follow Withlu a rensoimbli
t Swells the Democratic Majority In
the City.
V Hotel AVnltcr Falls Heir to n For
tune A Warlike Benedict The
DlHtrlot Court Pcrnonal
* Paragraphs.
Counting the Clilckens.
The returns from the city nnd the
county were nearly all in yesterday , nnd
vcro being labulnlcd. They show the
lemocralio victory to have been a
weeping one. The majority In the
ounty is from COO to 1,500 , some candi-
iates running far ahead of their ticket.
? ho returns from city and county , with
ivo townships lo hear from , show Iho
omocratic candidate for governor ,
rttijor Anderson , to have a majority of
,0o3. This county shows a largo demo-
rulic gain over two years ago. There
s no question but that the prohibition
aw , and the lack of energetic work and
ompleto organization on the part of ro-
Hiblicans , account for the change. Many
) f those who voted the democratic ticket
vill be found in their usual places , vot-
ng the republican tickolon Ino national
( sues.
The democratic candidate for trca-
uror , J. II. Plurnor , will have a major-
ty of 1,000 probably , when all the town-
hips are heard from.
The republicans had great hopes of
sleeting William Arnd us auditor and
lis personal popularity is shown from
, ho fact that his opponent Ira Hondrieks ,
vill have a majority of not over 000.
The following are the majorities of
ho candidates in the several wards of
ho city :
1st. 2il. 3d. 4th. Total
'or Governor :
T. .1. Anderson . 151 281 124 220 781
'or Scnutor ;
Wllllum Oroneweg . 144 2 * < 0 Kl SW 7J3
.Inmus O'.Vell . lail 281 131 2S8 S
'orTrensmcr :
J. It. Plainer . 1 1 317 103 307 1,008
'or Auditor :
I. P. lluudrlcks . US 180 . 208
William Arnil . 13 4
'or Co. Htiporluteudent :
J. K. Cooper . 120 159 186 324 788
'or Surveyor :
J. K. Hrodueck . 135 241 03 101 C50
"or Coroner :
J. C. Wutcrmnn . 140 293 1 233 063
'or Township Trustee :
Max Mohu . 120 208 121 200 717
John Bennett , who has served as county
treasurer and in other important posi-
ions , nnd who was supposed to bo beyond -
yond any possible defeat , is among
, hose who will remain at homo. James
O'Noil , the democratic candidate for
sheriff , lead him by si majority of nearly
The following are the returns , suffl-
ciontly'in detail to give an intelligent
bhowing of the result of the battle of
the ballots :
With the exception of William Arnd's
lueeess in the third and fourth wards ,
the democratic candidates carried
everything in the city.
The majorities of the successful can-
lidales Ihroughout the county were as
ollowd :
Anderson OH , Gronowcg 01 , O'Neil
04 , Plumor 70 , Hondrieks 'M.
Anders-on 13 , Shinn 5 , Bennett 15 ,
Plumer 14. , Hendricks 6.
Anderson 35 , Gronoweg 37 , O'Neil 42.
Anderson 51 , Gronoweg 05 , O'Neil 57 ,
Plumer 63 , Hendricks 07.
Anderson 63 , Groncweg 64 , O'Neil 70 ,
Plumor 71 , Hendricks 07.
KANE ( outside city )
Larraboo 22 , Shinn 10 , Bennett 22 ,
Meyers 22 , Arnd 22.
Anderson 38 , Gronoweg 30 , O'Noil 39 ,
Plumer 74 , Hondrieks 27.
Anderson 47 , Gronoweg 42 , O'Neil 45 ,
Plumer 24 , Hendricks C.
Anderson 17 , Gronowcg 15 , O'Neil 9 ,
Plumor 20 , Hcndricks 23.
Anderson SO , Gronowcg 60 , O'Neil 70 ,
Plumor 72 , Hen dricks 60.
Anderson 70 , Groncweg 71. O'Neil 85 ,
Plumer 08 , Hendricks 08.
Anderson 149 , Gronoweg 148 , O'Noil
130. Plumer 147 , Hcndricks 142.
Anderson 8 , Gronoweg 2.
Anderson 29 , Groneweg 81 , Bennett
41 , Plumor 29 , Arnd 20.
Larrabco 76 , Shinn 82 , Bennett CO ,
Meyers 05 , Arnd 78.
Larrabco 50 , Shinn 58 , Bennett 49 ,
Meyers 44 , Arud 64.
Larrabco 77 , Shinu 05 , Bennett 71 ,
Meyers 77 , Arnd 77.
Larrabco 63 , Shinn 89 , Bennett 47 ,
Meyers 20 , Arnd 6.
Larrabeo 20 , Shinn 49 , Bennett 29 ,
Plumer 20 , Arnd 8.
Larrabeo 13 , Shinn 11 , Bennett 7 ,
Meyers 3 , Arnd 8.
Larrabeo 11 , Shinn 8 , O'Neil 0 , Meyers
4 , Arnd 9.
Anderson 5 , Shinn 2. O'Neil 9 , Plumer
5 , Arnd 3.
\VlllGHT. \
Larrabeo 45 , Shinn 45 , Bennett 44 ,
Meyers 45 , Arnd 40.
Larrabco 45 , Shinn 11 , Bennett 0 ,
Meyers and Phunor tied , Hcndricks 2.
MISSOURI VAI.I.KY , Nov. 9. Roberts ,
republican , for legislature , elected ;
Garrison , democrat , sheriff , elected ;
Massio , democrat , treasurer , 14
majority ; CroasdiUo , republican , audi
tor , elected ; Kinney , superintend
ent , elected. The vote to change the
county seat back to Magnolia was de
feated by 200 majority. Logan reck
oned on 1,000 majority. The vote hero
for S25,0K ( ) bonds for waterworks was
carried by a big majority.
GLENWOOD. la. , Nov. 9. The repub
licans elected senator , representative ,
auditor , county superintendent , sur
veyor and coroner , and have a majority
on the Btnto ticket , of about fifty. This
is a gain of the first two and lust officers.
G really reduced in price so you can save
$10.00 to $15.00 on a coat , far belter and
cheaper than you can buy ready made.
Roller , the Tailor ,
No. 310 Broadway.
For Sale Cheap Lots near the bridge
to parties who will build at ouco. Ad
dress or call on J. R. Rico , No. 110
Main btrcet Council Bluffs.
I'rolilliltlou Dill It.
Overheard bolweon'two rank , republi
cans : ,
First-r"IIow. is this1/ ! heard thai
you voted the , straight demauratii ;
ticket yesterday , IbtluiteoV" .
Second "Yes , it's u fact. I aiurt' the
only one by a long way * . There was a
joodly company of us. "
Firstr-"Why , how in the world could
r-ou do that ? You've been such a hot
cpubllcan that , you're the last man in
.ho world I should have thought would
mvo gone back on the ticket. "
Second "Well , I'll toll you. I don't
: ) eliovo in a side show crowding the big
tent so as to knock dowu the center
polo. When they get the big lent lip
igain , and put the side show in its place
at one side , you'll find mo with the
circus again. I don't like side shows
much anyway. They're ' good enough to
catcli suckers with , but when the side
show takes the place of the circus itself ,
[ won't have anything to do with it. "
Another street corner talk :
"How do youl account for it that so
many of the leading republicans voted
Lhe democratic ticket ? "
"That ain't no hard conundrum. Pro
hibition. I loll you when you touch n
man's jiooket ho yells. Prohibition has
been ripping the lenlherof somoof Iheso
men who own property. They holler.
You can't help it. From the limo a fol
low leaves Iho cradle and begins mak
ing pennies up lo Iho limo he is letter
ing towards the grave making dollars ,
tie hangs on to his leather. Ho may
talk morals , but nine out often will nay.
'I'll just take care of the slulY first , and
then I'll bo moral. ' The leather covers
Lhe conscience , and gets prelty lough lo
prick , and when a law comes along that
Hist rips it wide open fellows begin to
itoller. That's why borne of these big
men , great republicans , voted tlio demo
cralic lickot. They say they must pro
tect their property and have prohibition
lOino other time , when bonio other fel-
ow owns the building which they want
, o rent. "
Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Trcynor and Mrs.
Ward tib.iist in the musical exorcises at
: ho Methodist booiablo to-night.
Crooked Polls.
It is conceded that there was much
juyingof votes on election day. The
county attorney , Colonel U.xily , who
was chairman of the republican county
central committee , was knowing per
sonally to some of Iheso transactions ,
and ho has been given the names of wit
nesses in other cabcs. It Is understood
ihnt ho will have the grand jury inves-
; igulo the mailer of crookedness at the
: iolls , nnd it is expected that the offend
ers will bo prosecuted with the boldness
ind vigor which characterizes Colonel
Daily when ho is called upon to stop
into court. There has never been an
election when such brazen bribery was
manifest , and such ultor disregard for
; ho purity of the ballot box. If one-tenth
of the reports are true it seems Ihcro is
an excellent chance for some of the
workers at the polls to go down deep
into their pockets lo pay lines , or spend
i portion of their lifetime behind Iho
Some of those who have been looked
upon as having been actively engaged
in Ibis nefarious business are badly rat
tled and are begging for mercy , offering
excises and explanations lo throw
aside Iho well-founded suspi
cions. There will bo much in-
tcrest taken among the honest voters
of all _ parties in the settlement of the
question whether votes can bo bought
and bribes ottered , and the offenders go
Another class of offenders are to bo
looked after. There were several known
cases in which men voted illegally using
the name of bomo registered voler who
was notable lo bo here to vote himself ,
and in some cases men who had a right.
to vote and came to the polls to do so ,
found that some one else had got the
start of them and voted for Ihom.
The grand jury was impanelled yes
terday , nnd they will doubtless have
some evidence before them. It remains
to be scon how much backbone there is
in the prosecution nnd punishment of
these oflenders.
_ Oysters in every style and a good
time for all at Broadway church lo-
night. Come.
A Bloodthirsty Husband.
A few weeks since ono Parctt , living
in the western part of the city , was ar
rested for threatening the lives of his
family. Ho agreed to leave this part of
the moral vineyard and never come back ,
if the judge would give him an oppor
tunity. Ho was taken at his word and
seen safely across the river. No more
was heard from the Parett household
until Tuesday night ; when the police
were sent for to again take possession of
the bloodthirsty head of the fajnily. Ho
was brought before Judge Aylcsworth
yesterday morning , but was sent back
to jail until his honor can decide
upon what disposition to make of his
case. His family are in mortal terror
when ho is around , not knowing at what
moment he will put his terrible threats
into execution.
Money to loan. Cooper SsJuds'on.
Virginias Last Night.
Those who were at the opera house
last evening were given a choice entertainment -
tainment indeed. Louis James is an
artist , and although oxpcclalion ran
high , yet there was no disappointment.
His resemblance to McCullough was
noticeable , not only in his physique , butte
to no mean degree in his strength of
character. The audience was enthusi
astic. It could not , help but bo so , for
seldom does such an artist stop on the
slngo before a Council Bluffs audience.
Miss WaSnwright rightfully shared in
the honors of the evening. Her every
move is graceful and her classic draping
and posing were especially pleasing.
The support of Iheso stars was excellent.
The District Court.
Judge Loofbourow yesterday opened
his term of Iho district court in this
city. The grand jury was empanelled
and will begin its active labors this
Two divorces wore heard ami granted ,
Mrs. Parrott being the plaintilt in ono
and Mrs. Minnie Brewer in Iho other.
Tlio following assignment was made
of equity cabcs for to-day and tomorrow
row :
Thursday Nos. 4043 , 4070 , 650S , 6521 ,
Friday 4023 , 48SO , 488 J , 49S9 , 4995 ,
5107 , 5109 , 5111 , 5121 , 515S , 513J.
Court adjourned until 9 o'clock this
morning , Iho rule for opening court at
10 o'clock being suspended , it seems.
Tlio Social Hcation.
The pocial season has fairly opened
nnd the constant round of parlies , balli
and theatrical entertainments has
caubed a great rubli oj business for at
least one man in the city , namely ,
William Lewis , proprietor of the Coun
cil Bluffs bus , carriage nnd Iratibfor
line. Ho has as fine n lot of
hacks , coupes nnd carriages as
can br found anywhere , nnd
the Eociety gentlemen of this city
have realized Ihis fact. Very few of
them seem to think it possible to nllond
any kind of an evening's cnlorlalnmonl
without ordering a coupe. It is the iri- Mr. Lewis to branch 'out still
more extensively , nnd in the spring ho
will - fit up a livery depiirtiac.ut
for the convenience of his
patrons. Mr. Lowlo given his personal
attenlion lo all mils and bees that car
riages are promptly on hand when
wunlcd. This removes nil uneasiness
from the minds of his pulrons , and not
only increases their evening's enjoy
ment , but establishes n confidence in
his punctuality that will assure him
continued success.
CjrEOlAIj advertl f intuits , Mich as IotFounfl ,
C.5 To Lout ) . For Hftli , To Heut , Wants , n < mnUiK. )
etc. , will tin ln rt d In tills roJwrnn nt tlio low
r to of TKN CENTS PKtt LINK fors the flrst In
sertion and Five Cents Per Une for ouch subse
quent Insertion. Lcuve ndve > rtUemeuta at our
offlre No. 12 Fenrl Btitet , iieur UrouJwuy , Couu-
ell IllulTg , Iowa.
* W 'ANTi : 100 It. It. teams tii work on Hronil-
way between Council IlliUI * aiul Omnliii.
WBKOS , I.UK per Uuy. O en Uru'ti. , toutruc-
tQIH.Fll ) KF.NT-An right room homo centrally
located , inquire of W. T. Cole , MH 1'eai 1
FOH BA1.K A ppcnnd liatul Knnbe square
jilano , nonrly new : cost WfiO. ' ! ! for t-WO.
Address Q / 31 , Hue ulllcc. Council illulTa.
OH HKNT-lloiises ami fuiiitthed rooms. J.
H. Davidson. ( gf > Fifth avenue.
FOR SALE Secoml-lmiKl Columbia blcyrlo
Vi'ry cheap , KMnch , at llee olHre. *
ONF. hundred thousand dollars to loan on
real estate aud chattels by F. J. Day , 3 ! )
1'carl st.
BUILDING lots and acre property for sale by
F. J. lay ) , ; 1'carl st.
1OU HKNT A tlnely furnished front room ,
llrst floor , in private rcMdeiuo near rouit
houso. Water In room , llphted and hcntt-d.
Laws closet. Itefi'miresieqnired. Address II.
IB , Uee olllop. Council niulfg.
TjlOH HKNT Dwelling ! IOUK of n rooms
JL1 clo \\oodliouse , ( 'as , river water , etc.
House No. 148 Washington avt1. , nt west of
Mayor (1 ( roncwec'H. Inquire of S. 11. Wndaworth
jECV > . .gMSiOlulUHt.
T71O11 HUNT Four unfuirilsliod rooms In a
JL1 double house at No. JiW Washington avenue.
D. H. HcDANELD & CO. ,
Hides , Tallow , Pelts ,
Wool and Furs.
Highest Market Prices. Prompt
ffiO and 823 Main Strcct.Councll Illuffs.Iowa.
Trotting - Stallions
IADECARY , - ftfflcU Bluffs ,
Ogden Boiler Works
CARTER & SON , Prop's.
Manufacturer ! of
Orders by mall for repairs promptly attended
to. Satisfaction guaranteed. 10th Aveuuo. Ad
dress Ogden Iron Works , Council Bluffs , Iowa.
Main Street , Council Bluffs ,
Only Hotel In the City with Fire Es
cape. Electric Call oils.
Accommodations First Class ,
Rates Always Reasonable ,
MAX MOHN , Proprietor.
; ss Lioe ,
Telephone No. Kl.
AH cnlls from District Telegraph Oflico
promptly attended to.
Star Stables and Mule Yards
IJroadway , Council Bluffs , Opp. Dummy Depot.
Horses and mnlcs constantly on hand , for
snla at tetall or In car load lota.
Orders promptly filled by contract ou short
notice. ' .
Stock sold on comml'rfon.
Telephona 114. SU1LUTCR * IJOI.r.V.
Opposite Dummy Depot , Council lllulTs.
600 Broadway , Council Muffs , Iowa. Established
Hall , 1'arlor , Kitchen , Store nnd Office
Lamps ,
Crockery , Glassware and Plated Ware ,
Largo Assortment nt liottou Trices.
W , S. . HOMER & CO , ,
No. 23 Main St. , Council lllmld , Iowa.
of tb * ted ? tnltrctd tml Mrtnclttned. full pirtlo
Carpet Company
Exclusive Carpet House
We carry five times the stock carried by any other house in
western Iowa , as a visit to our store will abundantly prove.
Quality the beat , prices the lowest , no shoddy goods , no short
measures , no botch jobs.
101. 401. 101. 101.
These Are Symbolic !
"What Do They Symbolize ?
There Are 401 Reasons for This.
The best goods in the various
departments of our stock the
market contain.
The most goods possible to
Quantity !
be given for the money.
The greatest amount of the
Cheapness ! best goods for the least
4O1 persons can testify that this is * so.
4O1 Kinds of Dress Goods for
401 styles of beauty.
4O1 styles of Carpets for
4O1 kinds of homes.
4O1 styles of Underwear for
4O1 kinds of persons.
All this and 401 times as much you will find at
4O1 Broadway.
Harkness Brothers.
, Second Floor Brown
UTMTUV BTTBin ? Attorney-at-Law
rillLDl DUlmEf , Building , 115 Pearl Street , Council
Bluffs , Iowa. _ _ _
CPIITTP7 Justice of tlio Peace. Oliico over American
, ODflUlUJj Express , No. 419 Broadway , Council Bluffs ,
J& QTIWQ Attorneys at-Law , practice in the State
01 011110 , ani ( Federal Courts. Oliice Kooms 7
and 8 , Shugart-Beno Block , Council Bluffs , Iowa.
0 D JPWfJTT Justice of the Peace , 415 Broadway ,
, 0. DnRUIlll , Council Bluffs. Refers to any banker
business house in the city. Collections a specialty.
Silks , Velvets
Just Opened at
Henry Eiseraan
& Co.'s
1.000 pieces PLAIN , STRIPED
VETS AND 1'LUSltKS , which cost
tins season to import , prices ranging
from $1.25 to $5 per yard. Wifi bo
ottered during this week at the silk
counter of tlio great People's Sloro
nfcSOc , Cue , 75o , fl , $1.23 , $1.50 , $1.75
and $2 per yard. .
No lady wearing velvets can ntt'cnt
to let these goods pass. If she lir.0
already bought , let her look at these
and compare her bill from high-
priced houses with ours , and see how
much she is out to profit by it here
At Our Kid Glove Counter
Find ono solid clearing out purchase
of 300 dozen Ladies' d-bulton Tan
French Kid Gloves , embroidered
backs. Cost to import $1 a pair. Wo
will sell them this week at SOc a pair ,
just one-half cost of importation.
Is loaded with fresh , new goods. Last
week's grand clearing out purchased
and all at about half the price othoc
houses ask for the same kind o !
Winter Combination
Dress Patterns.
We shall offer MONDAY , 12 t
full dress pattern of best qnalityi *
plain French fabrics , with I'lush an *
Velvet Combination , costing to im
port from $15 to $32. We shall closer )
them at $6.50 , $7.50 , $10 , $12.50 ; & "
and $20 each.
The goods cannot be duplicated ii , |
costumes , as elegant and tasteful ubi
nearly double thtso prices. Thrf'
goods were received in our house front.1
ic importer Friday lust , and havq ,
not yet been shown. Wo advise art
early call , as at these prices the as
sortment must soon bo broken.
Also call attention to our sale of
35-Ceut Dress Good * .
To-morrow and succeeding days w
shall oiler 200 PIECES 40 TO 40-
superior weight , texture and colore ,
that arc worth double the price asked *
250 pieces Tricots and Scotch Plaid
Purchases in Cloaks
Our buyers have just returned from
their second purchasing tour this sea-
Ronand we will open the coming wech
many novelties never before shown in
the city. Intending purchasers wilt
do well to look at the handsome lin
of new shape.
Raglans and Ulsters.
Wo are showing in nlripes and
checks , all new patterns. They are
positively the richest garments ores
exhibited here at moderate prices.
We are continuing our great Halo
price. Wo have just purchased a
large line of Children's Cloaks at
than half price , which we will open
on Monday morning. Some of the
best styles produced this season , aud
all si/es , from 2 to 12 yours.
The enormous business wu are
doing well justifies us in asscrtinc-
that we have the hatibomest line anil
lowest prices in the city. You will
have money by calling in to see ua
before purchasing a garment.
Great Blanket and Comforter Sale
During this week ut one-half o
former prices.
will be alive with special bargains
during this week's sale.
Always call at
314,316,318,80(1320 (
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Council Bluffs , - -