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    THE OMAHA ttAILf BEE : , NOVEMBER 5 , 1887.
Advertisements under this heart , 10 cents per
line for the first Insertion. 7 tcntn for cadi sub-
icqucnt Insertion , nnd a line per month.
No advertisement tnken for less than 25 cento
for the first Insertion. Seven words will bo
counted to the line ; they must rnn consecu-
lively nntl must bcpnld in ndvnnce. .All ad
vertisements must bo handed In before 1.TO :
o'clock p , in. , and under no circumstances will
they bo taken or discontinued by telephone.
' 1'ortlcs advertising In theme column * and hav *
Imrlhn answers addressed in care of the lice.
wjll plcoMj nek for a check tdcnnblii them to
Rfct their letters , as none will be delivered ex
cept on prcsentBtlon of check. All answers to
aavetllxuitenti should bo enclosed in envelopes.
AH ndvertlst mcntK In tin-Be columns arc pub-
llshcd In both morning and evening editions of
the Her , the circulation of which aggregate *
Tnoro than 14 , < A > papers dally , and elves the ad
vertisers the benefit , not only of thp city circu
lation of the I lee , but nls-n nt Council Bluffs ,
Lincoln and other cities and towns throughout
this part of the west.
MIDLAND ( luainntce and Trust Co. . 1505
Furnnm street Complete abstracts fur
nished , nnd titles to real estate examined , per
fected and guaranteed * 0(3 (
CHEYENNE , Wyo. , the fnturo Plttsburg of
the wect. At present a railroad center.
The best foilllt and wealthiest city of Us size In
Uhlted States. Wyoming The Brent mineral
Wore house of America nnd Its' mBthnustable
ol ? and coal fields. Tor full particulars as to re-
snurceH.etc. , nt' Iress E.F. Stnhlc.swretary Choy-
emit ! Hoard of Trade , Clicjenne , Wyo.
_ PHnCTj
A III ! Hoarding house , ! B boarders , n
hnlf Us vnlue , I51fl Capitol nvenue. llli Sn
ANTEDI'nrtner with fl.OOU totakehalf
Interest nnd full charge of n wellestalv-
llHhtid notion store ; niiddlu-ngcd , lady preferred.
Address L 21 , lleuonico. 230 OJ
$1TOO will buy n pa ) Ing and well established
business on N. loth at. Address Ij 19 , lleo
office. 240 8 *
FOR SALE In Lincoln , n boarding house ,
Hist .chiss in ew'ry respect nnd tlolngn
Rood business , tent reasonable. Address II. P.
Bherwln & Co. , Lincoln. 171 7
HOTEIi for sale , best paying small hotel In
Omnhn , lllty regular bonnier * , hnvo other
liuslness and must sell , cosh or time. Address L
13 , Il ( > . IT ! ) 4 *
l ( ) EXCHANnK- ) ptocfc general mer-
rhnntllse for Rood Omaha property ; small
Incumbriiiuo : mus-tscllor exchange oulck. s > .
8. Ciimpbell and G. W. Hervey , 310 Hoard of
Trade. 4W ) .
SI'ECIAI , Ilnrgaln-Elght hundied nriTii
choice w lid land in Clieycuno county. Neb , ,
4 miles from Totter Station on the U , 1 > . It , lat
94.15 per acre. Hn\e this for n dny only. Hall
. 113 N. inth st. 2727
WANTEl-a young man with from fiiOfl to
& 600lo take half Interest In a rapidly
increasing business in Omnhn , Must bo a rustler
well acquainted with the city , and able to fur
nish flrrft-clnHH ii'feiomes. Thin Is the best open
ing In the city. Pat tlculars cull bo hnd by ad
dressing , Ho * RB , city. 2,12
FINK business duiiice open In Colorado for a
light manurnetm Ing business ; hirjro profits
nnd small cnpltnl required. Partlculsra at A.
Muynu'tt , N.V. . cor IMIi nnd rnrniim. 1W1
TpOU EXCHANGE-Houses nnd lota , farms ,
X' hotels , lots , merchandise , horses , cnttlo
nnd In fact anything j on wnnt. If you hnvo any
thing to trade call o1n or write to us. Olllce open
evenings. U. E. Cole. 3163. 15th St. X\ \
WANTP/D To exchange , peed tnsldu pioper-
ty for n Mock of grocerlns , Imidwnre ,
boots nnd shoes , or notions. Address I. ( ! , lieu
olllcn. 1:11 : n
fpO TRADE Two Improved fnrniH In lown for
J Omaha property or Nebraska Inmls. Mc
Culloch & Co. , cor ; 15th mid Farnam. 1 8
ri 1 1 1 HEK ilitiK btoek * and fixtures of $ ] , rnO ,
J r.V.OO , Wm ( In Uncut Nebraska towns. Pot
sale or real estate exchange. Addles * K. 2 , Hee.
T71IJH SALB-M.OXI stock of geneinl men-hail-
J dlse in good railroad timn ill Southern Nc
lirnska. llest location. Double room. Low
rent. A rare tlinuco for MIIUI * onn tosten Intn
n good business. Addiess r. .1 , Stanosheck ,
Odell. Nub. K.7 N 11
T71OH BALK I'lrst-clnns two-dtory Inlck hotel
-U doliiK exei'llent liusltiebH ; rtmt for JKi pet
mouth ; owner Knlnc nut to Cnl. Address 11. S ,
Lilly. Urokeii lloNob. . art n Ifl
"ITHW SALlv A mxi acre stock fnnn , InBnrpj
X' ( ounty , just B > miles from Dmnlia , with n
flno ( innrir on It , only &n per ncie. A. V ,
Jliiyne. N. w. cor. Ifith and Knnmm. ffll
WANTKD Stock of boots nnd shoes in ex >
change for inside Omaha property. Ad
dress Patterson & MooreiaU Furnum si Omaha
_ _ _ _ _
TTlOH THAT)1X6COU ) neres of choice westerr
-L land to cxclinniru for cenerul merchandise
Jno. F. Toft , iC.4 N. ffilh Ht. 81.1
IF you have anj thing to exchange , write us
We lm\p improved and unimproved Ne
Tirnskn , Knn-ns mid Iowa lands , coalmines , ho
telH , stok.sof men linndl'-o ' , hoi ses , cnttlo. IIORS
sheep , etc. . to exchange. S. S. Campbell nnd Q
\V. llervey. illO Hoard of IVntlo. _ 487
USINKSS Clinnci ! Peslroiis of retlllnRfion
business , wo win pell the balance of 0111
stock of dry Hood.s , t-tc. , w 1th three years leosi
and Uxtun-H of stoie by .Innnniv or Mnrcl
next. MciilmnlH ineanint ; topnithaHonildu'v
John II. K. Lelimiinn A , Co. , 131U-1II1S Fainnniht
_ Ml n fi
Pin IO1I HAMV-Or trade a No. 1 hotel piopeity
iK jood trade. In one of the bcM inwir
in Nebraskn. S. S. rniiipbell and (1. W. Herx ey
810 Clinmber of Commeree. 487
TV kTANTED A stock cif groi eiles and genera
uidse , lor city lots paid fur. C. J.Caiiar
TTJIOH SAL1V A complete steam laundry lm\
J Ina twenty horse power engine. J. S. Bet
tiett , Saundrrn nnd Clark xts. W14
MRS. DURANT Clnrlvoyant from Boston !
reliable In all affairs of life , unites sepai
nted lovers. 322 N. 10th st. , room 1. 70(1 ( Doc. P
R.NANNIE V.YVnrren , rlnlnoyant. Mt > < test medium. Office II
Noith lUh stieet : rooms 2 & 3 , Telephone Itu
WANTED Man , or mnn nnd wife ns Jnnlto
In business block ; must be first-class , s-obe
mid well recommended ; no other needs nt > u
npply. Unte City Employment olllco , 31I'J 8.11
Ulft-5 *
\\7"ANTI'.l ) A barbel ntoucent 1118 Webstt
street. Si * 4 *
" \ \ T ANTED Twent-fhe brldpo carpentei
Tt with tools for central Missouri. Pit
transportation. D. C. O'Kcefe , 309 Sllthst.
2yj 4 *
\\TANTED -S first-class milkers , Appl
north of deaf und dumb Institute. .1.1
lloch. 2W fl
WANTED-fiood Job and book conipasltoi >
also electiotypeiH , finishers , moulders nn
lilockeis. ( loot ! wages and permanent empltv
jnent. Apply Immediately. Rand , McNnlly
Co. , US Monroe street. Chicago , HI. 2111 C *
\\7ANTF.D-A good driver nt Jos ph Hosoi
V > telu'K Pish mnrket. 217 S. 12th st. 307
\\rANTKl > -Sale inen-FlVB trnvellng snle' '
T men ; snlnry nnd expenses : no experlem
necessary. Address , with stump , Pulmer
Co. , Wlnonn , Minn. 2bl ( I *
WANTE1J-15 shovelers for city w 01 k $1.75 j
day. City Intelligent oflice , Cnlchtu
Mock. 2.18
WANTED 2 clothing salesmen , young ma
for clothing stoie , crockery and gins :
w are salesman ; 1500 Furnam , room 0. 257 4J
W ANTED 2 blacksmiths and 2 mnchlnest
liujuUe at cable office , 20th aivd llnrney.
205 &
"f\TANTED 2T ) shovelers , npply four milt
T west of Fort Omnha , nn Chicago it Nortl
western Hy.wnges Riper day , board pi50 pi
weyk. 0. P. Trt-nt , contractor. 175 7 *
TITANTKI ) Parties out of work to call at tt
f f City lutelllgeuco ollice , CielKhtou blk ; w
nro receiving orders every day too numerous 1
advertise. im
\\7ANTED-I.aborer3 for Wyoming , A
> T bright' * Lubor Agency , 1120 Fninum. 1
yYANU . 11 er.tary,41158aumlers.
TANTl'.D SIcu for inlhond work. A
TV brlght'H Labor Agency , 1120 Pnrnam. KM
T D Man to work In u dary. npp
> McDonald's dairy , West Cumlngst.
ItVi 4j
\\J ANTED 2 firMt clnss cnrrlnpe trimmer
> V none other but expel lent HU need appl
Address Omaha Carriage & Sleigh Co.M iu
Izard. 201 4J
-Peveral nrst-clasa snlruiiien fi
WANTKl , hat and furnishing goods. On
those with tirru-clixsn reJcreuco need addre
Box 220 , Omaha. _ 440
WANTED 600 agent * : good rnlary or roi
mission ; raie chance. Addiess with tan
f or tcrm , Weaver Mfr. , 34 N.btnto bt l'hlroij
: : i. _ _ iftlnisj
WANTKD 100 men of good upi.tniuiuv .
try our 16c meals at Npn is renliiui ant , S
nd313Bouth llth street , ( old Live and L
WANTED A good girl for genfral housn
work , family of three , 11. W. Clayton , 20th
and Woolworth. city. fal 6
T\7"ANTKD A woman cook for hotel. Inquire
TT 2110 Harney. 3U
Wn ht > r.Ironerand waitress for
Idaho , pm each , 2 dining room girls for
Norfolk , Inundress and waitress for Wisner ,
chambermaid and dishwasher for ( Ircenwood ,
competent cook and experienced "d girl for
Council Hltitrs , too nnd 117. In city 20 girls for
housework M nnd $ A per week , 3 women cooks ,
kitchen helpers. 7 dining room girls Canadian
Kmploymont olIlce.Mrjt.llrega & Son , 310 So.15Ui.
Telephone m. 0j 4J
WANT15D A Rlrl to do second work. W a
week to competent girl. Mrs. 0,12. Prltch-
ctt. gQHSieth. 314
\lTANTnD-Lndy cloak Utter , good figure ,
T nnlesladlos , for notions ami furnishing
poods , " timing loom girls for city hotel , 1000
rnrnam , room 0. 2/iO 4J
ANTED-A peed girl for general house
work , German preferred. ( Jood wages
paid nt 312 N 21th st. 241 f.J
' . A nurse girl , German preferred ,
at 212 S 30th St. 2044
WANTED-GIrl for lighthouseork , to sleep
at home , three In family. Apply 142U N ,
10th. IP2-4 *
ANTED At once , colored chambermaid ,
at the Gem , K2 Dodge st , 2U 0 *
w ANTFI-Glil for general housework nt 018
S 17th s { . 227
WANTED Pint IPS out of work to call at the
City Intelligence olllco , Crelgnton blk ; we
are iccelvlng orders every day too numerous to
advertise. 105
WANTED C/l ladles to try ourlr > c meals nt
N orris'restaurant ( old Live and Let Live ) ,
311 and 313 8.14th St. 694
/"CANADIAN Emyloyment Office. Orders for
\J parties to fill positions of trust filled free.
Male help supplied free to all. Domettlo help
furnishc'l on short notice. Male nnd female
help sent to nil pnrts If fare Is paid. Eight years'
experience enables us to lilt orders Batlfac-
torlly. Heforenco , Omaha National Hank. Mrs.
Ilrega & Son. 310 8. 15th , telephone 8tt4. 434 7 *
rilllE City Intelligence Office has the only prop-
JL crly organized employment agency In the
west. It is the largest , most reliable and It8
terms the most liberal. If jou are out of em
ployment or wish to make a chitngo , why doyen
yon delay In securing the best possible nld that
can bo given you. Persons should carefully
consider whom they nro dealing with as there
are many new catch-penny concerns coming
into existence dally. Full particulars concern
ing our methods will bo given upon applica
tion. All orders ( except from private families
filled flee and sent to any pnrtof the westwher
faro Is paid. Yours respectfully , Clins. L
Hart , manager. Hofcrenees : John L. McCnguo
president McCnguo Hios' . bank ; Dexter L.
Thomas , cashier Nebraska savings bank ; Hon.
J. II. McCulloch , county judge. 671. .
rilAICEN UP Hed bilndled cow , one horn
JL broken. Apply 1141 N ISth st. 274 &
LOLT Hedcowbinnded V. Return to South
Omaha , V. Plvonka. ! XI2 (1 ( *
IOST Pony , lion grey , four white feet with
' spot In head. 10 years old. Please return
to B K cor 38th and Leaenw orth and get rew aril
303 5
TOST A silver medal of St. Phllomcna school
J Please return to Father McCarthy.opposlU
Caavua. SOI 6
TOST A live months' old Skyo terrier pup ,
* dm k hair on back and tall , ears not t lipped
misled iinoilt n week ngo. Finder lewnrdetl bj
notifjlng or leaving dog nt 1112 Fiinmin 8MH5 ;
TOST Ph > .slclnn's suigleal hand sntchel or
* I'oppleton nve. llmler please return to Dr.
Iliown , Hi'l nve. If Under wishes r.m keel
salt hel nnd retuin contents , ,110 6 *
TOST $1 reward. An ophthalmoscope In n
' smiill black box. Thn nbnvu will bo paid
Under by Ir ) UIITord , 1104 Fariiiini st. 2fiS
TO'1 ! lied leather memornndum book , of nr
\a'ue exti-iit to owner. Pleasu leave at till-
" .1 HlHilIf KG 4J
STHAYED-Cow-Daik led with block stripe
right horn broken off. lit turn to UtfK Illondo
OST Oct. aoth. on IHth street between bnl
grounds nnd Woodman Linseed Oil works
lady's giny lynx muir. Under pleaio icturn t (
Dow ney \ Co. , 220d Piirunm st and receh o re
w aril. 13U-4 *
LOt T Or stolen , near Hascall's jmrk , n mod
turn size dark bay mare , with harness on
mall white spot on face , large hind legs. T
Murray 1211
\\fANTED To hit f n dozen good rentlm
T > houses , by paying small payments dowi
and then monthly installments. Any one liav
Ing good property to sell on these terms pleasi
address with full description , ! . R. C. . cure o
C. K. Slay ue. 15th and llnrney. 2M U
" \\7ANTED-Hoom and Ixinrd with privati
> T fiunllv by gentleman and w Ifo. Ple.ise nil
dress , stating locution and price , L 25 Hei
ollice. 2590J
'VIT'ANTED Good pony and cart. Enqutn
> 1W1 Dodge. Sis 4
"IITANTED Tenants for house cor Hiiidetti
> > nnd Saunders. low rent to right party. C
F. Gardner. 719 N lllth. 210 5
MUSIC -Wanted , pupils for piano nnd ship
lug , by expeifenced ladv teacher , ( list
class style Imparted. Address LRO , Hoe office.
. gl35J
\X7ANTED A 4 or5 loom cottager or 0 blk
T1 fiom Farnam St. No chlldien , addrea
IWI Farnam. 2U7 4J
\\7A NTED-To rent until May 1st next ,
T > furnished house of 10 or 12 rooms , c. I
Mnyno. 2S4 13
WANTED A small loom for cigar nnd U
bncco store In good locntion , or will bu
small store. Addre : > s L 12 , Hee office. 1B1-4 *
"I\7"ANTED To" buy five thousand to te
IT thousand Hoone t ounty lands , averag
quality , ntilO perucio nnd AddreslIoxS ;
Omnha. 104
" \\rANTED U'wo Arsons to lenrn book-keel
T > ing , situations. J. 11. Smith , IblJ Chlcngi
139 f > *
" \\fANTED-To trade for n lot of second lion
IT furnltiuo ; upply at lloom 13 , i'reiut
WANl'lTD-r-To buy shoit tlmn paper , J. V
Ut oss , at C. II. May lie's office , 15th uu
Hainey. 2b5
WANTED House of 7 to 10 rooms with moi
ern linpro\ements northeast front , slti
ated on high ground with laigo lot. Will a
Hiimo n moderate eneiimbraiue , pay a thousan
dolliirn cash , and trade vacant lots or good Nel
hind for balance. Addiess LS , Hee office. II
" \\7ANTED-Good finally hoise in oxehnnp
for lot , McCulluth i ; Co. , cor IHth an
Farnam. SW
" \\7ANTED Farm lands In exchange ft
T 1 stocks of merchandise. St. John i El'
Itoom 13 , Fi enzer bloek , tij p. P. O a. > 0
\VANTED Propel ty of all kinds to exchnnp
TT Special attention ghen to trading. C. (
8potswoodwr : > Ji 810th. . GV
" \\TANTED food ! farms in exchange f <
Oiunlm propel ty , C. C. Spotswood , HO'i
Sinth. c. > l
" \\rANTED Farms to exchange for Omni :
TT . inpeity and stocks of meichnndlse. (
L. lhownACo. ; , loom UFieuzer block , Omni :
741 a
\\TANTKD-To buy the furniture of n smn
T ? or largo house c entrnlly located , Co-oper
tie Land .V Lot ( fe. 2i N 10th st. I.w
W /"ANTED Paim lands In exchange for ell
> moporty. St. John 4. Ely , Room U , 1're
7er block. U7 !
MONEY to loan. H , E. Cole. 310 S. 15th.
201 dcc3
Money on hand to loan on improved propcrt
J. A. llelstand. Arlington block. 6.an5
MONEY to Loan-On Improved city propeii
at lowest rut en of Interest. No comml
slon charged , bholes A ( Jruinb , room 1 , ll.irki
I- block , cor. l.lth nnd Fumnm st . 1'sl '
$750 , to loaiT at7orper cent , Llnahan iM
honey , 1500 Fninani. OU7
$600,000 to loan In nny amount at lowest rote i
Interest. H. H. Irey. Frenzer block. tud
M PONEY Insumsof . 'iOQnnd over to load
low intes. Hitfscll i-llai-rett , 313 8 Ifith t
MONEY LOANED ntC. K. Heed * Co.'s Lo :
Ollicn. on furultuie , pianos , horses , > \agon
personal pi-operty ol all kinds , nnd nil other u
tlclea of vnlue without removal , 318 S. 13t
over Itlnglnim'a commission store. All bu :
ness strictly contlclcutlnl. P i
5ao7uO- loan 'on Omaha city pnnierty at
P percent. G. W. D.ty , S. E. cor. Ex. ' Bid.
_ _ _ _ _ _
MONEY loaneil on furniture , pianos , organ
hoihfNctc. lowrAtud. J. J. Wilkinson
Co. , 1324 I'uruam , o\er Uurllugtou ticket oflico.
TO LOAN Money Tiling placed on Im
proved real estate In city or county for
Now England Loan k Trust Co. , by Douglas
County bank. ICth and Chicago st.s. 07T
rONKY To loan on chattels. Co-opcrnUve
L Land nnd Lot Co. , 805 No. Ifith street.
Patterson & Taw cett IBth and Harncy. PT3
M 0NF.Y to Loan O. I' . Davis Co. , real estate
mid loan agents , 11 % Farnam st. P72
MONKV to loan on ImproM-d real estate ; no
commission charged. Lenvltt llurnhani ,
room 1 , Crelghton block. l 74
. loan to parties wishing to build.
S. 8. Campbell , ! 110 8 10th St. , Clinmber of
Commerce. 970
TlfONRY to loan. Notes nnd 11. It. tickets
1'JL bought nhd told. A. Formau , 21J 8 inth st.
time loans made on any nvnunblo
SHOUT . In rcnsoiinble amonnla. Secured
notes bought , sold or exchanged. Oetlernl
financial business of any kind transacted
promptly , quietly and fairly nt the Omaha Fi
nancial Exchange , N. W. cor. IMh and Har-
ney sts. , over State National band. Corbutt ,
manager. P71
$ lnoO,000 to loan. II. E. Cole , 310 S. 15th. First
mortgage notes bought. OCU
MONI3Y To loan. Lowest rntes. No delay.
,1. I > . lllco & Co. , over Commercial Na-
tionnl bank W8
" 1VTONEY to loan on city property , nnd nlso
J.'JL farms In Nebraska nnd low n. Odell Hros.
& To , loan , real estate nnd Insurnnce agents , 10(1
I'ejirl btreot. Council Ulutfs , Jn.j 1K3 Farnnm
street , Omnha. 208
to Loan Hy the undersigned , who
has the only properly organized loan
agency In Omaha. Loans of 110 to $100 made on
furniture , pt.inos , organs , horses , wrgons , mn-
chlnery , etc. , without icmoval. No delays. All
bu lness strictly conlldentlal. Loans so made
that any part can bo paid at any time , each pay
ment reducing the cost pro rata. Advances
made on linn watches nnd diamonds. Persons
should carefully consider who they me dealing
with , as many new concerns are daily coming
into existence. Should you need money call and
see mo. W. It. Croft , room 4 Wltlmoll building ,
15th and Harney. CM
$300.000 to loan , special rates on faim propetty.
Sobotker & 1'errlgo , IIS I Farnam st. US3
MONEY to loan , cash on hand , no delay. J.
W. nnd K. L. Squire , 1413 Fnrnam st. 1'ax-
ton hoteUiulldlng. UM
HENT 80 ncres with good house nnd Im
provements near Omaha. Schleslnger
Bros. , 014 S. 10th st. 2S29
FIRST-CLASS table board , served In home
sty lo , for 3 or I gentlemen. 1M4 Dodge. 2M
- Stockmen : Stnndnrd
Horse nnd Cattle Food Is the only stock
remedy on the market which Is fully guaranteed
to accomplish nil thnt Is claimed for It. His
nut up In boxes of 7 Jbs ench nnd sells for f I.i ,
by dealers everywhere. Ask your dealer for n
circular giving particulars , nnd try a box.
Mnnufuctmed by K. E. Sunboin &Co. , 170381.
Mary's nvu. , OnuihB , Neb. 2 < iOfi
SAFES Agents nnd business men. We aio
manufacturing nnd selling Independent of
any snfo ring or pool by placing upon the mar
ket three sl7es or tlio proof safes nt such low
prices thnt farmers , professional nnd business
men cnn nfford to puuhase. Size , xlSx1S <
Inches ; weight fOO Ibs. ; retail price , $ , Vi ; smaller
nnd l.iiger sires in jnoiiortion. Hare oppoi tun-
Hy offeied. Alpine Sure Co. , Cincinnati , Ohio.
103 SO *
QTANDAHDPtock Liniment Is guaranteed to
O cure spinlns , cuts , bruises , bail ) wire
wounds , weak back , rheumatictioublesmango ,
scratches , swelling glands , sore thront , strained
cords nnd muscles , and every injury which has
not nITeeted the bone. Mnnufnctuied liy F. E.
Snnborn A. Co , , 1703 St. Mary's avenue. Omaha ,
Neb. For sale e\erywhere , 2005
TTPHIOHT pianos , nil latest styles nt whole-
U sale prices , fiom $147 up , organs from J31
up. Don't waste your money , no dealer or
ngent can undersell us. Easy , monthly pay
ments. New York 1'lnno Co..cor Capitol nve and
irth. 1875
A MIDDLF.-nged gent without family cnrum
branee , solicits corresponderco with a good
dispositloned lady of rellncment , with means.
Address in stilct confidence L 23 , Bee office.
2-8 C *
I 1ST houses , furnished and mturnl'hed
J rooms with us. Wewlllicnt them. Olllco
open evenings. 11. E. Cole. 310 B. 15th st. 935
NEW YOHK Piano Co , , manufacturers of up
right pianos ; pianos on time nt w holesalo
price. Cor Capitol ave and 15th st. 7&t
ENTAL cAOENCY F. L. Gregory \Tlll be
found after November 1st nt ! Hi9 South ICtu
bt. , opp. Hoard of Trade. Ground Door. 510
1ST YOUll I100MS nt the City Intelligence
' Otllce , Crelghton Hlock. Moro people call
dully at our office than nt any other place in the
city , except the postoffice. 585
ELEGANT plush parlor sets at Immense sac-
ritlce to pay storage charges. Now York
stornge Co. , cor Capitol ne nnd loth fit. 702
DU. J. W. BARNSDALL'S surgical and ob
stetrical home , 1724 Capitol uve , Omaha ,
Neb. Telephone S6. 6 n21j
FpO KXCH ANGB For cattle. I have 040 acres
X of good western land to trade for cattle ,
and 11 good house atod lot near the cnpltnl ; will
exelnngo for cnttle. Address S. 0. Hryan , Ash-
laud , Neb. 9i-a
C House furnishing goods , nil kinds ;
cash or Installment ; lowest prices at J. lion-
ner , 1315 Douglns st. 9PO
ELEGANT parlor sets cheap. Immense sac-
rltlco to pay ndvnnces. New York Storage
Co. , cor Capitol ave nnd 15th st. 701
. CHASE'S new Receipt Book nnd Household
hold Physician , the "Memorial Edition" of
over RW pages. Tlio "Crowning Life Work" ol
the greatest author nnd benefactor that ovoi
lived. Just out. Agents making immense
sales , lllg terms. Address F. 11. Dlckersonii
Co. , Detroit , Mich. Mention this paper.
. 244nov4 *
A man and wif o w ho hnvo Jusl
PERSONAL wish to adopt a young child
of good parentage nnd health. No other child'
re n In family , good homo guaranteed , refer
cnces given. Address L 4 Hoe. H69 5 *
Tlio ladles of Omnhn cnn secure
the services of competent nnd rellnblo do
mcstio help nnd have a room full to choose from
by calling at the Canadian Employment olllco
Mis Urega & Son , 31U So. 15th. Up stairs. Tel hS-1
794-B *
"OEHSONA I < Wanted the acquaintance ol
X young Indies going to housekeeping tocnl
nnd see our Immense seockof elegant parloi
sujts , bedroom sets , center tables ; all to bt
closed ont without regard to cost or value , t (
pay storage charges , auction prices at privatt
sale. Call on receipt of this. New York Stor
age Co , cor Capitol avu and Ifith st. Ib7 5
ADIKS A full bust without medicine
mall oOc. , stumps , to II. M. Hich , Haltlmoro ,
Mil. S90U17 *
p EHSONAIPrivatehomo for Indies durlm
confinement , strictly confidential , infant :
adopted. Address E 42 Hee ollice. 107 n 8 *
FOH SALE Pine horse , buggy and harness-
n bargain. Call ut 0 Arlington block. 300-1 <
TTIOH HENT Nice front loom nnd othe :
J-1 looms with or without board , 22101'nrimii
875 10 *
FUHNISHED looms suitable for 4 pentlemei
and 2 gentlemen , w 1th board. S W cor 21s
nnd Lcavenworth sts. 27(1 ( 7 *
) H SALE Stoves and household fnrnlturi
at 1017 N. IBth Bt. 278(1 (
tt ,
T710H SALE Shelving , counters , snow case
i\ JL1 nnd sundry store llxtmes. lutjulroatA
Dormann , Oil S. 13th st. 20,1 8
FOll SALK Bedroom suite , parlor , suits
center tnbles , one-hnlf value , must ne soli
this week. No leasonnble offer refused. Cal
nt once. New York Storage Co. , cor. Capita
ave. nnd 15th st. 187 5
SALE-Paylng meat market on N inth s
JSmall cnpltnl required. For particular
a dill fas 220 N 10th st. Keys ASmith. . 247 4J
AHOAIN-Oue ball bearing Columbia trlcj
cle In perfect order and us good as new-
wlll be sold nt a bargain. Apply to J. L. Hakci
West Point , Neb. 251 9
B1LLAHD Table at half price , Bnmswlcl
Ilnlke Co.'s inulo. Inqulia Leslie & Leslie
16th nnd Dodge sts. 218
FOH SALE A fine impioved double bnrre
shotgun , and outfit , u bargain. 1624 Si
l- Marjsnve. 108 5J
THOU SALI'-A Wilkshot water henter am
if JJ 2rtlfeetof3inch pipe cheap. P. O. bo :
60S. Omaliji. _ _ _ Kji ) 4j _
FOH SALE Pheap , hors-o and phaeton. Ir
quire' of D. 1 . Cooper , Western Uulo
Telegraph ollice. oa2 nl
T71 0H SALE Span of good draught mu1i o an
JJ nlre harness , or will trade for ! n
erty. Address J , H. Lamar , care Gees hote
city. _ 'J007 *
BALK Two elegant ImiKirteil 6tallloud
will sell nr trade for inside property o
good livery stock. Address J. H. Lamar , car
lioos hotel , city. _ KXJ7 *
TJ10H SALE 1 feed mill. 24 In. Fiench burrs.
-U 1 Victor shelter. 75 bu per hour.
i bolt for buckw heat or meal.
40 ft. 2 In. shafting. 6 hanger.s. elevator bel
etc. AdJreiJ JWU B 2 < ith st , OuwbA , Xv\i. \ US U 1
OtfR hunrtrert and fifty flolljirs vlllbuy n neTrs
and cigar stand. WH South 10th st. UM.
FOR SALE A now lot qffdjy goods furniture
cheap. 1120 Cap , nvo * , , . 118
FOR RENT rtirnlshednropius , with or with
out board , 1909 FnrnaiB jpL 873 0 *
ORGANS nt wholesale ! prices , on easy pay-
menu. Now York Ptano Co. , cor Cnpltol
ave and 16th st. < ' " 70U.
"I710K HENT An elegant DOT house good Ioc -
JL ; tlon for prominent ppyjlclnn. Just com-
pitted , ell modern Improvements , apply M. El *
gutter , 1001 Farnam at. 3110
HENT House ! furniture for salo. Inquire -
quire of U. J. Wright , 1CCH Cnsa gt. 287 7 *
710H RENT House B rooms , 8 closets.pantry ,
L. ' good ccllnr , outbuildings , etc , 8014 Daveu-
port st , John WFoley. . Ill 6 *
E OR RENT Store and basement. Inqnlroat
. A , Dormann. nil 8.13Ui st. 804 4
T710R HENT New house of 6 rooms , with all
JL ; conveniences , 112 South 2Sth st. Call in
renr from 1 to G p. m. 239 6 *
FOH RENT Flour and feed store on Park ave ,
Splendid opening.
V L. Gregory-ami bollth ICth st. 871
FOH RENT-5-room cottage. 1117 Pacific st.
(2,1 month. W. N , Nnson , 1015 Farnnm at.
237 5
HOOMS-Hnth and barn , Colfnxst 145.00
10 rooms , bnth nnd furnace. Reward st. 5,100
10 rooms , bnth nnd furnncn , Woolworth at. . 50.00
8 rooms , bath , city wnter , Corby st , avoo
5 rooms , cottnge , Burdotto st 25.00
H rooms , cellar , well , cistern , 27th st 2K.OO
fl rooms , cellar , city water , 23th st 22.00
Fine large storeroom , good location ! ! 5.00
F. L. Gregory , SIM South 10th st. 188
FOR RENT 2rooin house , Denises' addition ,
a 7-room cottage in Parker's addition and
two line three story HatH on Twentieth near
Lea Venn. orth. Evans < k Blackburn , 1510 Dodge.
170 4.
LIST houses , furnished and unfurnished
rooms with us. We will rent them. Olllco
open evenings. H. E. Cole , 31GS. 15th st. U35
j OR HENT 1 houses nnd rooms for offices.
L ? Inquire of Cunningham & Her , room 7 , Ar-
lugton Mock. Cunningham & Her. tW ) 4
FOH HENT 2nd nnd 3d floors nt 1417 Douglas
st. , w 1th lease of three yenrs. Kennedy it
llbblns , 1300 Douglas st. 707
DRY goods nnd notions storeroom for rent ,
( lood clmnce for millinery nlso.
F , L. Fregory-WW South lllth st. 871
[ THH RENT 6 room cottage 2Sth and Indiana
11 bt. 146-6J
FOR RENT-3 room cottnge , 1K4 N 21st. st.
Apply 310 S 15th st. 152
TjlOH RENT or Lcnse A house nnd 2 ncres of
JO land , 15 minutes' w alk of South Omnhn. In
quire 1 ( OS Howard st. 1304 *
FOR RENT 0-room house. G. E. Thompson ,
3U b. l.lth st. 211
- lent a barn that will hold 10
head of horses , not for livery purposes.
Address J. H , Lamar , Ooos hotel. 178 7 *
FOH HENTT-Two elegant store rooms , best
location In the city for dry goods store nr
hardware. Apply nt Courtney A ; Co. , 8Tith and
Davenport st. 270 7
RENT If you wish to rent nhou'-e call
on llen.iw a & Co. , 15th bt. , opposite P. O.
HENT Severn new 7 room houses
block from street car. ready for occupancy
No\ ember I. C * . F. Harrison418 S. 11th st. liU
OH RENT B room furnished Hat , WO per
month. 3 rooms rented , 143. Apply 50H S.
ICth st. M4
RENT 7-room houV and fuinlture for
sale nt a bargain , within 3 blocks of post-
odlce. A. P. MBne , Northwest comer of 16th
und ranmm. 17'J 4
[ 71011 HENT Nov. 15 , new eight-room hoti o ,
L' nil modem improvements. 221b Chicago st.
$ ( . .1. It. Rlngw alt. 2KS S IDth st. 777
"TJ10H HENT 0-room house , corner Mnrrvnnil
JL1 Teiilllot. * 9) . InqulieLlnlnger A : Metcalf
Co , Cth aiuT PncKlc. . 220
_ _ _ _ T..r n *
FOR RENT R room cott jfio , large lot , good
barn , in delightful UxiiKon. rurnltuiu for
sale ; call at Klnblcr's flrugjMoie , 1307 Faniam st
: gj 7fei
71OK HENT New 5-roopf' cottnge , S4tn nnd
, Hancroft st : , llrst dooB west of shot tower ;
w ell , cistern. $14 per niolHnff478
710R RENT Hundsoine new i evidence within
J If miles of P.O. : ten rooms , barn , etc ,
with all coziM'nlcnccs. Will lent cheap. Address
J. H. Lamar , caio Gees hotel , city. 1KW7 *
1\T"EAT market on paved street , One business
J.TL prospect. Kent cheap
V. L. Oregoiy-aoa South 16th st. 271
RENT 1 flats nnd furniture for snle , nil
FOR Kith. A. F. Muyne , N. W. cor. ICth and
Purnnm. U91
"IjlOR HENT 11 room house on Sherman nve ,
JO A. F. Mayne , N. W. cor. 16th and Farnam ,
HENT Largo otllce on Parnam st. ( Jood
FOR for t Ignr storu or tailor shop. E. P.
Seaver. 100UH rnrnam st. 317
FOR RENT Two elegantly furnished room *
with bath , California und 17th sts , price
reasonable. For terms , etc. , call at Erie Cloth
ing Co , : WJ N. Ibth St. 277 7
NICELY furnished rooms , 202i St. Mary's
nve. 28010
BURNISH 15D Rooms , Miltable for two or foui
E gentlemen , price model ate , 22U N. 16th st.
2 3 ( ij
RENT A large nnd pleasant room , nice
ly furnished , lor two gentlemen , ( ffi 8.13tl
st. Inquire upstnlrs. 204 4 *
TTIOH RENT Rooms for light housekeeping
-D 0078. 13th bt. Inquire upstairs. 2W4 *
"TT1OR RENT Elegantly furnished suite o
JT1 rooms with board , in private family. Al
modern com enlences. For partlculais addros'
L 24 Heo. 8IS1 tl *
rooms and bnrn to rent , Hef
FURNISHED . N , E. Cor. Douglns nm
2Cth streets. 211 d'
LMIN1SHED room , 2207 Douglas.
* - r4PJ
TflOR.IlKNT 1 nicely 'furnished
w 1th board if deilred , HIS 20th. 250 5 *
A LOVELY , Inrge front room hented , benutl
ful location , with nil modern convenience :
on st car line , 1017 Cass. 2.11
RENT Furnished loom l ! l Douglas.
20S 5 *
FOR HENT Nice furnished loom t ! > pe
month , S. W. Cor. IBth nnd Jackson. 107
FOR RENT Rooms , single nnd en suite
good pluno for sale , J1C5 , Ib21 Farnam st
FOR RENT A nicely furnished suite of pal
lore , sultnble for two or four gentlemen , ii
new brick building , till modem convenience
first-class boaid if desired. Mis. Win. Young
2201) ) Douglas st. 137 7 *
RENT 3 unfurnished rooms suitable fo
housekeeping , 1025 N Win st. 1.18
T71OR RENT 4 unfurnished rooms , sultabl
Jc forhousckeeplifg. 2U22 1arney st. KW5J
KOOM for twogentlemeh'l72i ; Davenport si
104 ( !
TjlOR HENT Furnlbhed ipoms , 1S10 Dodge si
jt 102 N 30
ROOMS and board for gentlemen in
family. Address K 72 , Hee. ICO u *
1710R HENT Elegant novV furnished rooms i :
JLJ private family , boarding house Jus
opened. Avenue Place , ] ( ! 15 and 1013 Cap nve.
, 8U44J
FOR HENT Furnished t and nnfurnlshe <
rooms in nil parts ofthe city. Whenyo
want a house wo can accommodate you. Cui
rlage ready to show houses. . Office open ever
ings. H. K. Cole. 31U B. Mthflt. 034
LARGE and small front room , nil eonvei
lences. 2423 Faniam St. , s e corner. 'JlB-5 * .
FOH HENT rurnlshed | rontroom wltlTmoT
ei u com enldnces , for ( jentlemen,1718 Dodg
TTIOH Hl'.NT Large front fnrnishcd room u
JJ 211U llarnoyst. bTl in
FOR HENT Parlor nnd alcove , one fron
rnui. . . ono back roomgns ; , bath , steal
heat ; car line. Sll ? Douglas st. b"44J
TT0" HENT Furnished rooms , 1913 Punmn
J ) 815H27J
A PINE Inrge bay window room , newly fin
nlshed with gas , bath , fuinuco nnd close
no other roomer , lorouaor twoguntlemen , U.
S 20th fit. 113
I "TJIOIt HENT A suite ot rooms over my Eton
-L Price , ta.V. . F. stoetzel. 742
OR RENT-Nlccly furnished rooms , 110. t !
t5 ! and r . at 1031 Farnnm St. CM
FOR RENT Elegant suite of rooms nlcel
furnished , bilck fiat , south front , 1110 Cii
cngo. 85T
OOK'HENT-Furnhihed rooms , Q07 N. 17th s
TT10R HENT-FurulsheU rooms. 8209 Dodge.
* ' 06I. .
FOR TlENTV-Jlnleotin rntshert room < suit *
nble for housekeeping , situated on " 1st
nnd Nicholas st. Apply 310 § 15th st. 639
OR iFENT OrotinoTfloor oirfce'room"ceiv
JD trnlly located , heated and lighted. C. F.
llarrl-on , 418 S. IMh gt. 71'J
FOR RENT Furnished rtx > m HO per month ! ,
heat , lltjht andplnnoj private fnmtly. Ki
24th st.
T7IOR RENT Pitsnlshed rooms with board
JL1 gentlemen only , 2013 Douglas st. 145-7J
T7WRN1SHUO rooms with board. 1003 Far-
J nitin. 7KnlO ) *
TT10R RENT 3 unfurnished rooms suitable for
JU housekeeping. I1QSH3.7 th St. 248
FOH RENT 3 nicely furnished rooms , 8020 St.
Mary's ave. 089
OR RENT Nicely furnished room sultnbla
for 2 gentlemen , inquire 2011 St. Mary's ave.
FOR HENT-Plcnsnnt rooms , furnished ,
south * est corner 80th and Webster. 0 1
T710R RENT Furnished rooms in allpnitsot
Jc the city , by the rtny , week or mouth. City
Intelligence otllce , Crelghton block. 105
T7KR RENT 2 nicely furnished rooms , refor-
JU cnco required. 1017 Howaid. 1W-4J
RUNT Furnished front room with'
board for gentleman. 1724 Douglas st.
T710U UENT-Furnlshed rooms with board if
J : desired , lllll Formun street. 202 7J
T710II HENT Nicely furnished front room to 1
-L' or S j ouug men , t9 per month. 010 S 2T > th
VO. 2976 *
HUNT Furnished looms 701 3 17th.
TJ1OII KENT 2 furnished front rooms 1513
JD Howard. 280 OJ
TjlOll HENT Elegant furnished suite of rooms
JU in ml\nto family 21KJSI .Mniysave , terms
casonaole to right party. 304 0 *
" 171011 HENT Sroomseusultoor separate , rot-
JU erences required. 1720 Capitol nvo. 290 G *
WANTED to rent , 3 or 4 unfurnished rooms
lor housekeeping , within 10 blks of P.O.
City Intelligence ollice , Crelghton block. 1C5
" 171011 HENT Furnished rooms in Gretmlgblk ,
JL1 cor. l.tth nnd Hedge sts. Inquiieof Geo. It.
> iuls , Jlllliud hotel billiard room. 192
TTIOH HENT Nicely furnished looms , 1013
JJ Dodge. ICO 7 *
FOU HENT A large unfurnished room nnd a
'I roomhouse , inqulio at Golden Uulo bazar ,
03 N 10th. > 312 4
F I OH HENT Desirable room. 1933 Dodge st.
3086 *
[ 71OH HENT-Office room , first floor , at 310 3.
C 15th ht. 443
AN intelligent man , good hand in mechanic
of all kinds of work , wish to lind work'
Address L 17 , Heo olllco , SOO-fij
WANTED Ily n well educated mangood nd-
dress , a city or country agency. Miinufnc-
,111 ors or others lequlrlng n pushing , sober man ,
i\ill llndit to their ad intage to address I , 27 ,
'lee olllco. 27tt 4 *
"V\7"ANTED Situation , by young lady us com-
T T panlon or nuibe , w llh children or w Ithout ,
going to Caltfoinla. Address Maggie Hnmand ,
Lincoln , Neb. 2C9- ( .
WANTED Hy a Swedish young man who
speaks some English , position in family.
'Jail at 1007 Painum. 229 4J
" \\7ANTED-Sltuatlon as housekeeper In hotel
or widoweiH family by n widow of 3J ;
flno appealance , many accomplishments , is an
CN'colftnt housekeeper and good manager ; best
of references. Lock box 7C1 city. 254 4J
WANTED Sltuatlon as coachman , groom ,
etc. by Swede27 yrs old , steady , reliable ;
nule and willing to work , good city lefciences.
No office fee. Canadian Employ meut oIllce.Mis.
Hregn vl Son , 310 S. IJth.Tel. sM. SVi IJ
\yA NTED-Sltuatton by a Swede ( till just
m er , iiKiulle iHIl Webster st. 1M1-4J
WANTED Situation by a gentleman having
ten years' experience in the real estate
and abstract business ; best of referentes. Ad-
tliess W. T. Otis , Kast baglnuw , Mich. , care
Mai shall house. 243 ! IJ
WANTED-Situation as lra > cling or city
salesman ; best references. Address L2i ,
Hee olhce. 2314j
Position with wholesale house or
letnil grocery stole , ll\e yearsoxpeiieuce ,
best of leferences. Address 1C 07. lleo ollice.
807 5
NEW YOHK Storage Co. have most extensive
fiicillties for storage of furniture , pianos ,
buggies , crucial mcichnndlse , west of New
York. Cash advances to any amount ; wnre-
house receipts given ; goods insured ; brick
building lire-proof ; special nrrangemeiits for
commission merchants. Call New York Storage
Co. , Capitol nve and N. 15th St. , Dennett's block ,
F IHST-CLASS storage at 110 N. 13th st.
TOHAOE Merchandise or furniture. Little
If Williams , 1107 DoiiRlns St. N/J n29
STOKAGE for cnrrlnge ntOmaha fnlr grounds
and horses \vlnteied by A. Thomson.
173-N 20 *
STOHAOE Oeo. Schwartz , Omahn StornRO
Wnrehnnse. 11)01,1(111 ) ( North l.lth M. . fiiinit-
urebugi'e9 ! und niciclmndlbe. Olllco Ul.'i Iodpe. ) ;
427n ID *
STOHAOE Furniture , boxed goods , eto..terma
i en&oimble , 714 Pactllc. li"l
BH ! llnrsaln Corner lot , Vby 1DO feet , on
Ilollevuo street , South Oninha. Call nml
get price and terms. Oco. N. Hicks , 21r > S. loth ,
218 7
FOlt SALE-Clienp a corner lot on S 21st ,
large enough for three good cottages , n
small cash pu > ment taken If bold nt om , cal
at Till Leuvenuorth , after 0 p. in , Chas. Andcr
bon. 2UO 4j
T71OH THADE-Enulty In lots 1 nnd 2 , Unlor
JL ? Kiiiare | , next bloclc to Martin , E.isson &
Hrady ; 1,000 for house and lot , or > acant Inside
lot. Address K W ) Bee , 70"
FOIlSALE Or exchange for real ostatoframe
building MX 40 , Including SOU. P. boiler ami
Soil. P , engine , wood working machinery , etc
Lease of lot good for over four years nt nomlna
rental. Location In southern part of the city
Address K M , lice office , 88.1 4
F I OH SALE At J.SOO , house nnd lot , rented nl
$11 per month , on small cabh payments , bal
mice monthly or quarterly , or all cash at n bet
tor price and wari anted deed. D. D.Bmeaton,10X (
Dodge st. 112
FOH SAI/E-Lot41 , Burr Oak , $1,100 , $000 casl
bnl 2yeais.
Lot 4(1 ( , Huir Onk , 81,000 , SKO cash , bnl easy.
Lot 47 , Huir Oak. $ l,0f,0 , $100 cash , bal ensy.
Lot 10 blk S , Hillside No 1 , $2,800 , { 1,100 cash
bnl ! 1 yenrs.
Lot 6 blk 7. Hillside No 1. 82,500 , $1.000 cash
bnl II years.
Lot 7 blk 10 , Iteed'.s 1st ndd , 1.000.
Lot .12 , Sunnyslde , $2,400 , Jsi l cash , bal easy.
Two new 7 room houses w 1th modern convcn
icnces two blocks west Hniibcom park , M,40l
each teimseasy.
Lot 'JD , Puirmont place with five room cottage
Two good lots with five room cottage on ench
in blk 10 , Patrick's add , only J-,000 each , term :
very easy.
liuslness lots in South Omaha on N , Q , 21th
2."ith anil 2Cth streets for sals cheap.
Aciepropeity near South Omaha forsnlooi
for Undo for Inalde Omahu nnd South Onmlii
lots. Potter Si Cobb , 1W1 Fainani st. , Uoart
Traae building. 877 21
FOIl SALE New Blx room house , laundry
cellar , well , cistern and outbuildings , cor
ner lot , near btreet cars , easy monthly pay
meiits. 1' . K. Darling , 1503 , cor. 15th and Ilow
ard. 'M 0
rpo EXCHANGE 1'or Improved city property
J- Block farm 01 750 acres with nil model n lin
provtmientH , 4 miles from city of 7,000 ponuln
lion. In 1 own. U.K. Cole. 3111S 1.1th st. ! ittj
TmOH SALE 74x132 corner on Nicholas , traci
_ L ago In alley , two cottages , a pplendli
pioperty. Make a fnlr offer and you cun liav
it. Evnns k U lack bum , 1510 Dodge. 170 4.C
THACKAOE I have some cholc trnckag
property In West Omaha on the F. K. & J !
V , It. H. nnd Missouri Pncltlo Hy. near the June
tlon of the two toads. There Is no liner trncli
ngo near the city for mills , elevntors nnd mann
fat tui Ing purposes Parties contemplating k
eating In Omaha will do well to call and see th
, to the right kind of pnrtles 1 will offe
Rroperty . Cleo.N. Hicks , 21.1 S 15tti
243 7
OH SALE-Thonoith.ldt2 ! ! , block 8. H. li
lingers addition with neat cottage , east fron
on Plfteenth street. $ .1,500 or cottage and fill
W foot lot. & 1OU ) . llvltus i Blackburn sol
agents , 1510 Dodpn. 170 4.
I 1ST houses , furnished and unfurnUh"
J rooms with us. We will rent them , OHIc
open evenings. H. E. Cole , 3lb S. 15th at. UP
T710H SALE location for a home I :
-U West Omaha , adjolnlnp the mansion home
of Kirkemlall , Coe , Uraily , Easson and oilier :
Nothing tlner in the city , Cun sul 11 1x167 o
less ; for prices. and terms see S. A , Sloman , 13U
Fariumst. TiM
BAf.B Several houses ni\d Iota o
small paymenU , nlso so in a houses an
lots to trade ; several farms for sale or trade fu
Omaha property or for stock. A. F , Mnyno , Ji
W. cor lltu uud Furuaiu. M
TFyon huronnTthlnctoMllor'oTChnnKe list
J-lt with 0 , C. 8 ] > otawiKMl , 4k V ( S IHth. ( i'4
FOR SALE A beautiful now 5-roora < iou o In
block "A. " Hedford Place , small cn h payment
mentHnlnnce monthly or to luit. Chnrlea 0.
SpotswOod , BOiiVi S. 10th St. IHH
0 1AS1I and vacant lots In Omnhn to exchange
for merchandise. Address L ID , Heo olnce.
"I710K 8ALK-Or oxchnnBe , farms tn Iowa ,
J- Kansas nnd Nebraska for Omnhn houses
nnd lots ; w 111 assume mortgnujes tin houses and
giro clear deeds to farms ; will also oxohntiRe
city lots for Rood farms , well located and us-
sumo smalt mortgages on faring and Klvo clour
tleeil to city lots , larms wnntod In Central Ne-
brnskn. A.P. Tukoy. rnrnam st. ItO
CALL nnd nee the choice Hat of houses 1 oiror
for .sale on easy terms , ( Jeo. N , Kicks , ltl
South 15th st. .487
LIST your property for si\lo with Charles U.
apotswood. .W.ti 8 Iflth st. 643
OR BALK Oil TltADB-Uqultr iu n lot in
block 11 Iliui'coin Place n part payment ou
lioue and lot.aus & Hlnckbtun , 1510 Dodge.
170 f.
and see the choice corner lots 1 offer in
tlio residence and business portion of Bout
Omaha. Geo. N , Hlclu- ! . South IBth Mroot.
FOH SAL1' A handsome east front 8-rooin
house on Catherine stieet , Hnuscom lilsce ,
W.,250. , 1704.
TIO exchange Some money nnd choice land
for first class Improved inside property.
U.K. Cole. . 411
FOJl BALI' New store ImlldlnR on llollovuo
ftruut , South Omaha , can gl o Immodlate
losaesslon. Call and get priLO mid teruiu.
'llrks ' , 215 South 15th street. 248 7
on SALK-lWxlOOftcor. Howard aud 35tH
sts , ne.\t block to Tanson , Hrady Ac Mar-
ins houses , 87.WW. Address U. 1VJ lleo olllcc. B3S
"VTEW cluht-room house , pleasant locntion. can
-LX clvo Immediate possession , n bargain 1C
'aken at once. Oco. N. lllcks , 215 South 15th st.
218 7
POH BALK Aero lot lu 1'nttert.on purk for
t < M cash , lot 8 blk 10 , addrces L 2(1 , Hee
in co. 31J 4 >
POIl BALK The best lot-s In Mnyne Place nt
sprlnK pi lees nnd on easy terms. Kvans &
llnckburn , 1610 Dodge. U7U 4.
FINKK-vst front lot In Plnlnvlew on 20th st.
car line , for SIMl. Small cash and IOIIK time.
F. K. Darling , l.Mfi How art ! st. B01 0
and bee the choice bargains I olfor in
CALL Omaha , lllcks , 215 S. 15th struct.
218 7
[ 71011 SALK or trade .tn acres of Innd one
V mile fiom Central City , Nob. , 70 acres under
cultivation. 100 aert-s under fence , including
corrals ; balance extra ( jootl mendow ; house
cost f W , barn 9.W , cnttlo barn * . X ) ; good w 1 nil-
mill , II ncrpR nice young orchnrd. with hedge
fence ; will trntln for stock of hnrdwnre , grocer
ies or ueneial nicrcliaudlbo. N. Harues , Centiul
City , Neb. 211 1UJ l
SOJI H'l'HlNd Choice , terms easy. Lot l.block
12 , Iteed'.s 1st , nt n buraalu. Investl nto. II.
V . Cole , 31 B 15th bt. 2SH )
o liXCHANOK Kiiulty in choice Omaha
pioperty for stock dry goods or clothing.
It IS , Hee. 231) ) 8
FOR BALM or trade Two hundred nnd eighty
ncii'h of beautiful limn land , uulnium-
" > ered. Will sell low or trade for Inside Omaha
real estate. Addiess J , II. Lnmar , care ( lees
lotel , city. 9007 *
" \T11W Tour room cottage , with pantry , closets
J-s and cellar. Near car Hue , schools nnd In an
excellent nelghboihood , being lot 10 , llurdettn
court , pileo $ lf.o < t , smtill cash pavment and $15
per month. Wallace , Cielghton block. 4l > 8
rilHOMl'SON , HI4 S. nth t. . liuyn nnd sells real
JL cst.ite , loans money , purchases securltlos ;
has n good list of propel ty for sale and wants
moro. Notary ptinlic. 8."il
FINE Lot in Hawthorne addition torilnx ) ;
A nsk nbollt It. F. K. Darling , 1503 Howuid.
301 0
DON'T Par. young nmn , young woman , men
whose hairs me tinning gray , women whose
beautrmay 1m fading , butw hosogood and
sound jiidgnit nt will ever remain. Nexerpeimit
thu clouds of nd\ei sit ) to cast their shadows upon
your tented rot t ago door Don't allow old ngo
to deep over you a homeless wanderer. liny a
lot when yon cnn. Now is the time to secure a
lot for n homo. Don't delay or you wlllsmely
lose the chance of a lifetime. We will sell you a
beautilul lot , 50x120 feet , for $100 , pnynblo 1 , 2
and 3 yean without interest , provided yoft build
n cottage on tlio pioperty worth $400. Oulyono
lot sold to each purcnaser. Call and RCO plats.
Olllco open evenings till 9 p. m. 11. E. Coin. H18
" 15th st. KB I
NEW SK room houses south of park for s-nle
on monthly payments. F. K. Darling. 1505
Howaid. 801 0
FOH EXCHANGE-Clty pioperty for Iowa or
Nebiaskn lands. L. II. Watts , N. E. Cor.
19th and St. Mary's ave. 231
OH SALE Lot 1. block 1. NewpmT arie-
only-Jt'iilO. Take this quick. Good one v.eek.
Evnns \ lllackburn , 1510 Dodge. 170 4.
171OK SALE-Now store building nnd lot on
1 ? Itellevuo stieet. South Omaha , can give
possession at once , price $1,000 , } MKJ cash , oal-
uuco 1.2 uiul 3 years. Geo. N. Hicks , 215 S. 15th.
248 7
IiKH SALE A good lotWi feet ) on Park nv-
untie , low price If sold soon. McCulloch &
Co. . cor l * > tli and Farnam. 3.11
O TRADE- Inside property for good housn ,
eight or nine rooms , nnd full lot. McCul-
loch fc Co. . cor 15th nnd I'auiam. ! J2D
fl WO nouses in Hnnscom place renting for
JL (70 pir month to exelmnge for good inside
vucnntproperty. 8. 8. Campbell nnd G.W. Her-
voy,310S. Kith st. . Chamber of Commerce. 152
School Bond Proclamation.
IN pursuance of n lesolutlon duly ndoptcd by
thellonid of Education of the School Dis
trict In Omaha , in the county of Douglas , in the
btnte of Nebraska , notice Is hereby given to the
qunllflcd voters of said school district , thnt nt
the general election to be held Tuesday , Novem
ber Mh , 1K.S7 , the tollowlng question and propo
sition will bo submitted to note of the electors
of said district , to-wlt ;
"Shall consent nnd authority be given to the
Hoard of Education of the School Distilctln
Omnha. in the county of Douglns , In the stnto ol
Nebraska , to Issue the bonds of snld school ills'
tilct , in the sum of Two Hundred Thousand
Dollni s l VOO.OOO ) , the said bonds to bo 2U ) In nnm
her , of the denomination of $1,000 00 ench , dated
January 1st , 1N < 8 , and to bear Interest at the rate
of nvo per cent per annum , paj able semi an
nually nt Kountze Brothers , bnnkers , New
Yoik , principal to become due in twenty yenr
from the date thereof. The proceeds arising
from the sale of said bonds to bo used In the
pin chase of school sites for said district , and
the erection of school buildings as follows :
One site on Hamilton street near Eureka
street at the estimated cost of J.1,000.00.
Ono site on ! i9th and Juukson streets at the es
timnted cost of 88,500 00.
One site In West Side Addition at the estl
mated cost of * JIHJO 00.
One site In Ambler Place Addition at the ostl
mated cost of $ .1,000 00.
One. site corner 9th street near Bancroft at tin
estimated cost of $0,000 00.
Ono site on 14th slreet near Park Forrest Ad
dltlon nt the estimated cost of $2,500 1 ) .
One sit o corner of fith street and Hickory streei
nt the estimated cost of $7,000,00.
One site corner of Franklin street and 3. > th , at
the estimated cost of $ .1,500.00.
Ono school building on 25th near Mason street
nt the estimated cost of $10,000.00.
One school building on Slid street nenr Niche
las street , at the estimated cost of $ IOOuO 00.
One school building on 9th street near Ban
croft , nt the estimated cost of tK.OUO.OG.
Ono school building on Hamilton street ncai
Eureka street , nt the estimated cost of J25.000 00
One school building In Lake's addition , at tin
estimated cost of $ . . ' ,500 Ou.
All votes "Yes" on nnld proposition will hi
regarded nnd considered as authorizing tin
issue of Bald bonds , nnd nil votes "No" snail bi
regarded und considered as iignlust issuing suli
bonds ,
Also , the following question nnd proposltloi
will. In like manner , lie submitted :
"Shall said Hoard of Education In addition tt
the aforesaid proposed expendltmo for the pur
chase of school Bites and the erection of schoo
buildings from the proceeds of said bond * . In
authorised to expend the following sums , to b <
realized from the sale of school property nov
belonging to said school district , nnd not re
quired for the use thereof , as follows , to-wlt :
For nn addition to High School building , th
sum of tVOiX.U ) ) ) .
For school building on Boulevard btrect nca
21st street , the mim of frr > .000.00.
All votes "Yes" on Bald proposition will b
regarded mid consldoicd us nuthorlzlng Fall
proposed expenditure , and nil votes "No" shnl
be regarded as against said proposed lapendl
lure.By order of the Hoard of Education of th
School Dlstilct in Oinuliu , in the county o
Douglas , in the state of Nebraska.
In witness whereof , 1 lm\e hereunto set m ;
hand and caused the seal of said School Bean
to bo ulllxed , this 2Gth day of October , A. 11
1S ( > 7.
[ r. . 8.1 n. T. CLA HKE , President.
Attest : J . B , Pii'Mi , Secretary. o27d2t !
Ilockdalo county , Gn. , has ruth or :
stringent und peculiar liquor liw. : TJti
ono person is permitted to neil liquor
ho is appointed by the grand jurv ; cm
fccll for ihcuical purposes only , und can
not keep on hand moro thut ton gallon
of spirits.
- + .
A Charlotte , N. P. . man , luborin ;
under the impression that ho hud uwttl
lowed his upper teeth , wont to KulTul
lit once for medical coutikcl. lie tmhsc
quently got u dispatch that the tcct
had h on found und came buck hupp
ou the next train. - .
Alfred II. Cowlos ndvocrvtcs the use ol
nluminum bronze for houvy guns , nnd
liis paper on the subject IB to bo dis
cussed ny the United States Nuvnl insti
tute. Mr. Cowles nays that guns mtulo o (
this ulloy will hnvo n much higher tensile -
silo slrongth nnd duotillty than those of
stool ; that they would not bo so liublo
to burst , und that they could bo oust nl
20 per cent less cost than the forged
guns of stool , while 00 per cent of this
cost would bo capital stored u\vny in the
motnl of the gun , which metal can ho
remoltcd nnd used over an Indefinite
number of times.
HWiui iiatiuiitti uuim ,
u , s. BircsiTORY , OHAHA , NEB.
Pnld UpCnpital , $2BO.OOO
Surplus , 42.COO
II.V. . TATES , President.
Lewis B. IlKEn , Vlce-Prosldent.
A. K. Tour AI.IN , 8d Vice-President.
W. H. M. IIuailES , Cashier
W. V. MoitRK , JOHN 8. ,
A. n. Tour.Ai.iN.
Banking Office
Cor. 12th and Fnrnnm Bts.
AIGencral Hanking Business Transacted.
llrae e A1 see
IP " WABM A EffoECMid/wJo / ;
"AKSON S.HoPKiNs.Goji1Manag (
JTarc Me largest and most complete
Assortment of
Fire Place Furnishings
One Hundred & Seventy-Fve
Different designs of fireplaces can
be seen all set tip / our show
rooms. Also complete
Bath. & Toilet
Rooms all fitted up with Tile * .
Brass Goods
Of all the choicest andmost original
Readers of this paper requiring
goods in our line ahoitld call upon
or communicate *
Cinnhn. Omnhn.
Depot Kith nnd Plorco sts.
Pucltlo Express B:20p.ra. : 7riOa. in.
Denver Express lO-.mii.m. 5:3) : ) p. in ,
"Locnl Express llWft.iu : ) ;
Except Sunday.
B. k M. Tt. H. H.
Depot lUth and Pucillcsts.
Mall and Express Kliaia.m , rnOp.m. :
Night express 7:4. : > p.m. . 10:00 : a. m.
C. B. * Q. H. H.
Depot 10th and PacltlCBts.
ll nnd Express (1:00 ( : p.m 0:20 : a.m.
Chicago Express UUUa.ui :
K. O. , St. J. .V C. H.
Depot 10th and Paclllc sts.
Moll S:40a. : m. . OsKip. in.
Express H:50p.m : , 7:00 : a.m.
C. , St. P. , M. At O.
Depot inth mid Webster st
Sioux City Itlack Hills fix. 8:15 : a.m. * 4:4rp.m. :
Hnneroft Express 4:4" : > p. ra , 10:40 : a.m.
Black Hills Pnssengor. . . . 0:35 : p. m , 7:40 : p.m.
* Kxcept Sundny.
Depot inth und Webster st
Day Express 10 : < 1a. m 0:2oam :
Night Expiesa OilOp.m 5:30 : pm ,
HunnlnK Hetwcen Council Bluffs nnd Alblrght.
In addition to the stations mentioned , trains
Mop nt Twentieth and Twenty-fourth streets ,
und at the Summit In Omaha.
"West ward.
) : ] * > : . m.
7:00 : p. m.
n. m.
"i-M p. m.
1 > :15 : a. in.
7itf ) p. m.
9 ill a. tn.
7:00 : p. m.
U.OO in.
n. m.
p. in. '
13:15 p.m.
a. in.