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orning Edition ) Including Bundny
Ilitr. , Ono Year . 110 ( X
ForBlr Months . r. (
KorThree Months . Z U
The Omaha Bundnjr UEK , ninllwl to any tal-
dreea , Oun Yeur . sn
NKW YOIIK OrriCK , Itonuro , TiunUMi : lltiii.n
mo. WARIMNOTON Oi-i'iOB , No. 613 KOUH
All communications rt-latlnc news nm ;
MltorlM imvtt r should be addressix ! to tU <
EiiiTOitor TUT. DH.B.
AH business letters nnd rcmlttnncrs should lx
addressed to TIIK Itr.K I'UiiMHliiNn COMI-ANV
OMAHA. Drafts. rlK > rkn und postollice orders Ube
bo inado poyublo to the order of tlio
The Bcc Publishing Cdiiipaiiy , Proprietors ,
Sworn Statement of Circulation.
Etnte of NobnuOcn , I. .
County of Uouglan. f" > B >
( loo. u.Twitlnict. secretary of The Ilco Put
llnhlng company , ( Iocs nolutnnly swenr thnt th
actual clrtlimllon of the Uully llco for thu wed
cnill 11 K Oct. is * . ISb7 , WUB as follows !
Buturelay , Oct. 12 . 14.X
KniHliiy. Oct. Ul .
Monday. Oct. 24 . H.7C ,
Tuesday. Oct. . JUS
Wednesday , Oct. 20 . 14.IW
Thursday. Oct. 27 . H.ll . .IM-
Aycr.ige . H.2C
Sworn to nnd smbscrllietl In my presence thl
81 t day of October , A. JJ. 1SB7.
( SB AW Notary 'I'libllo
Btntoof Ni'ljrask.i , I „
. B > B >
County of Douglas.B )
Gro. 11. TzBchuck , ticine first duly sworn , d (
IXIMH nnd pays that he Is secretary of The He
I'tilillHlilng toimmny. that tlio uctual uvuniR
dully circulation of the Ilally llco for the mont :
of Octolicr. 1HO , J2.VM ) roiiles ; for Novemlx'i
IH-O. liHH ) ! copies ; for Dcrrtnbor , IbW , VVXl
coiiles ; for.lammry. 1 7 , 1B.SOI copies : for Foi
rnnry. W > 7 , H.lMcoiiIis ; for Match. 1N > 7 , 14,41
roiiits ; for April , ItM. 14olfi copies : forMuj
117 , 14.227 ( Optra : for.lmio , IhM , 14,147 copies
for.lulv. 1N-7. H.Clttcopli-H ; for August , ll7 , 14
361 copies ; for September. 1W > 7 , 14.JM9 copies.
< iio.\i.'r/.sciluuK. : \
fiwornto nnd subscribed In my presence till
6th day of October , A. 1) . 18S7. N. I' . FBII. ,
( SllAI. . ) Notarv I'ublic.
NKXT Monday Dakota will decide b ,
vote whether thnt turritory is to b
divided or not. The result , it is thought
will bo division.
TJIOSI : who think the Ixiidon Times i
a lo\v couch tire mistaken. It hn
nearly a million dollars worth of libc
suit * ) on its ImmlB.
Ii' Bullou wants uny proof as to hi
peculiar relations with Charley Bank
ho will bo accommodated by the BK
before next Tuesday.
TUB board of trade of Fargo ho
passed u resolution iigainnt local optior
The board is young yet nnd does nc
know any hotter. It will bo taught b
TIIK oycs of the world are turno
upon Governor Oglcsby. Ills dooiwioi
in regard to the fate of the anarchist'
whatever it may bo , will require n
little courage.
VANDKUVOOUT'S "old Botdior" hov
comes with bad grace at thia timi
when ho and his pals are trying to tur
out nu old soldier likoGroff and give h
pluco to such gallant homeguards i
Ballon and Hancock.
A DKCIDKD complaint is nlruadyhcar
ngainst the decision forbidding railrouc
to allow reduced rates to laud seekers i
the west. Anything thrown in the wa
of poor but earnest settlers going into
new country is certainly wrong.
AN lOAVA physician is said to ha >
reported the death of n child to ti
board of health from "colory nnd plrni
torn , " recently. It ia to bo hoped U
quack will bo pursued by the san
disease until ho is frightened into tul
ing some of his own medicine und th' '
Join the realm of phantoms.
ST. PAUL nnd Minneapolis are o
cited over n. report that the Northwcb
orn road is about to advance ou&t-boui
freight rales from those cities to Ch
cago. They should not bo frighteiu
at a little thing like that. Omaha ai
other points of the central west lw
hud to pay an oppressive tribute to tl
railway brigands for years.
Tim governor of Alaska estimates tl
taxable property of that territory
$10,000,000. When Secretary Sown
purchased the peninsula for $7,200,0
the opinion prevailed that the Russia
had much the best of the bargain. Ti
sequel proves that his waa the large
financial bond of that timo.
HOKKST George Timmo , who paid h
farm laborer at the rnto of live- und on
half cents a day for six month's wor
expressed his regret to u Herald i
porter that ho wasn't able to colic
damages from the poor laborer fet hi
work. This is about the size of the mi
who has drawn hundreds of dollars
fraudulent milcngo out of the coun
Till ! only answer which the chum ]
ons nnd admirers of Kstollo make to t
Bpecillo charge that ho is a dead-be
und was last winter the hired lobby
of the Omaha gamblers nt Lincoln
that the charge is altogether too i
definite. If there is any way to inn
the charge inoro emphatic , the U
would like to know how it can bo doi
For further proofs go to Judge Andt
Bon's court or the county court house.
TKXAS is not so old but that it has
important cuso of litigation which 1
IMJOII handed down as u legacy from
former gonorutlon. The suiulutesbn
about fifty years , millions of money r
involved , nnd it is now carried on by t
children of the original plaintiffs n
defendants. The contest is In rolntl
to the ownership of u largo tract of In
near Gulvoston. It must bo a bonur
for the lawyers.
AN alleged plot bycupltalistsof Mli
igan , Wisconsin nnd Minnesota to gi
possession of indemnity hinds rccon
tukon from the ruilromls in the nor
west is ro ] > ortod. The fraud on t
government was attempted by moans
bogus Bottlers. Agents of the cuplt
Istb deny the story , but it was .given i
by United States land officers who
doubt know whereof they t > i > oko. Win
the carrjbn is there will the v.tiltu
' assemble.
None AVI11 no Admitted.
It is not improbable that Senator
Harrison , of Indiana , is correct in say *
ing thnt there is no prospect that any of
the territories will bo admitted to state
hood before the next presidential
election. It is not the policy of the
democratic party thnt uny now states
shall bo created pending thnt contest ,
and the question of justice to the people
of the territories or of the general pub
lic welfare will not bo permitted to in
terfere with this policy , which has
reference solely to the interests of the
party. As Senator Hnrrlson says , the
democracy uro determined to control
the government at nny cost , and will
not consent to the admission of'any new
territory which might by nny probabil
ity cast nn electoral veto foi
the republican ticket. When the
democratic party was in control of the
government it was always solicitous tc
protect itself in the mutter of making
new states , nnd it is not likely that this
tradltlonnl policy , which was found sc
useful in the past In enabling the part }
to retain power , will be ignored now
when it holds out the promise of allow
ing the party to secure full control ol
the government , or at all events when
to disregard it would render the accom-
pliahmcnt of thu party purpose mucli
more difllcult.
That Dakota ought to be admitted tc
statehood nobody questions , but what
ever the result of the election in thai
territory oiv the question of divl
sion shall bo , it is safe to pro
diet thnt the democrats in congress
gross will find some reason upoi
which they can unite in refusing state
hood. The fact that the world wil
know thnt partisan considerations alone
will continue to bo the obstacle to th (
admiiision of Dakota will make no differ
cnco. Perhaps if they could bring it
Utah as an onset they might consent t <
Dakota coming in , but this would bo t <
bravo public sentiment to an extent Urn
might bo dangerous. The party wil
not dare to go bo far ns to make a com
pact with Mormonism , reckless ns it ii
respecting the means to further it
aims. Hcnco Dakota , with uropublicai
population , will not at present got the
legislation necessary to enable it to be
coino a state.
Both Montana and "Washington tor
ritorics are fully equipped for state
hood , but us long us Dakota is kop
out there will bo no chance fo
cither of these , although one of then
could perhaps bo depended upon to givi
its electoral vote us n state tothodomoc
racy. Obviously , however , none o
thebo territories can bo admitted unti
justice is done to Dakota , and ns tin
democratic party will certainly fo
partisan reasons refuse admission to thu
territory at least until after the nex
presidential election , all present uis
cussion regarding the rights and claim
of any of these territories to bo ud
milted will amount to nothing. Am
yet it possesses u value in showing t
what extent the democratic party wil
go iu subordinating nil other interest
and considerations , regardless of the in
justice that may bo involved , to the on
object of promoting its lust of power.
Terrible Threats.
The iron-jawed Vundorbum who hn
taken editorial charge of the cumpaigi
editions of the Roustabouts' ' Own , servo
notice on republicans that each um
every one of them who dares to vote fo
Groff , Wnkoly or Doano will bo black
lislcd nnd barred out of the primaric
next summer under Iho now primnr
elcclion luw.
This is u terrible threat , but wo im
ngiuo it will have very little effect upo
conscientious , self-respecting ropubli
cans. This blacklisting business wa
done under the old regime years ngc
when Vundorvoort and Estollo wor
prominent strikers of the dominunt re
publican faction , but they doubtless re
member that their blacklisting machin
did not intimidate the great mas
of republicans and utterly failed t
drive in the rank and file of the pnrtj
The idea of keeping men who have a
ways supported the national ropublica
ticket from voting at u primary durin
n presidential election year is simpl
absurd. If every republican who wi
scratch the ticket this year and vote
ngainst roustabout candidates for judge
is to-be read out of the party , why m
also Iho follows who bolted the straigl
republican county ticket last yonr , c
bolted Broatch last spring ? Ropubl
cans as a class uro too intelligent nn
independent to bo dragooned into su ]
porting disreputable or incompotcr
local candidates just because part
hacks threaten to disfranchise them i
the next year's primaries.
How Timmo Explains.
Commissioner Timmo hus at lust voi
turod to explnin uwny some offlcii
work which to an outsider looks voi
crooked. lie denies thnt the counl
over bought or paid for tiny buckboiu
buggies from Motcalf & Liningor. . '
is true the county never paid for tl
buggies , because after they had bee
bought nnd the bill was presented
rumpus was raised over the daring u
tempt to rob the county , ind the jc
was frustrated. But the voucher , 01
dorsod by George Timmo , is on file 1
the court house and shows that ho wi
only too willing to buy himself a bugs
ut the county's expense. Timmo an ;
that the three hundred dollars illegal
voted and paid to J. B. Southard lui
not boon considered by his predecessor
This is nn impudent falsehood , ut
Timmo knows it. Southard's bill f <
extra services rendered before Timn
nmo into otllco was rejected by Cor
missioners Corliss and O'Kcoff
und Timnio know that tl
county uttornoy hud pronounced it ns i
illegal bill , but ho pulled it through
the absence of Commissioner O'Kcof
who hud protested against it. M
Timmo admits that 311,000 more tin
the contract price was paid for the r
taining wall of the court house , ui
gives , ns nn excuse u change of grade i
Ilurnuy streot. This change , howovc
could not possibly Imvo made a dlfferon
ofJll,000. As to- the Buspi'clousi Nng
vouchers Timmo produces an aflldu )
from u person calling himself Churl
Nngol , who hus n'.furm next to Timmo
und elates that ho' sold throe .loads
potatoes to the county poor farm throu ;
Timmo , und did some work on the M
itury road near Pnpllllon crock , and au
thorized Commissioner Timmo
to sign his name to the
vouchers. This is a very fishy story.
"VVhydocm Timmo buy potato os for the
poor fnrm , when the farm ought to
Imvo potutocs to sell ? Why should ho
Imvo unything to do with purchnscs for
the poor fnrm when there is a superin
tendent employed to make all purchases ?
The vouchers , which Nngcl deposes
wore signed by Timmo , are In two dif
ferent handwritings. The transaction
was altogether too mysterious for n
straight deal.
Timmo says nothing about his exces
sive mileage , but his Gorman organ
tries to vindicate him by charging that
O'Kcoffo drew moro mllougo und pay
this year than Timmo. This is simply
nn evasion. But slnco the charge has
been inado wo should like to have Mr.
O'Kceffo explain his own ovordrnftsand
give us a reason why Timmo has been
allowed to raid the county treasury.
the pardoning power of the
governor of Illinois is virtually unlim
ited , yet the statute on pardons requires
thut uppllcution shall bo rondo by peti
tion in writing to the governor , "signed
by the party under conviction or othoi
persons in his behalf. " Several of the
condemned men have not only refused
to sign a petition asking for u commuta
tion of sentence , but Imvo gone so fur n <
to notify the governor thut no one wns
authorized to nsk such consideration ol
him in their behalf. The question is
therefore raised whether the govornoi
cnn regard as valid a petition for clem'
cncy on behalf of men who have nol
asked for it nor nuthorlzcd any ono tc
nsk it for them whether ho cun com'
pel a convicted prisoner ngainsi
his will to become the recipient of executive -
ecutivo clemency. If at all disposed U
save the lives of these men Governor
Oglcsby might not bo affected by such
a technicality , but if it should happen
thnt those only who have asked clemency
oncy receive it , the stubborn ones woult
have n cuuso of moro bitter regret thar
they have perhaps yet experienced
without the consolntion of much sym
pathy. Very likely , however , all o
them will bo induced to comply will
the requirements of the pardon law be
fore the lost chance is gone.
Duiaxa September , 18SO , the Unitot
States exported a little over 10,500,001
bushels of wheat. This year , for thi
same month , about half that amount ha
boon sent out of the country. ThS
difference is made up in the increase !
export of flour , most of which come
from the west. The smaller mills of tin
east uro being closed up bj' the grea
milling industry in this part of thi
country. Omaha , so nctivo in other di
rcctions , is strangely Inggard in takinj
part in the business. Surrounded by i
rich wheat country , there is no rcnsoi
why Omiiha should not be an importun
milling center.
WITHIN n few weeks the county com
missioners gave away railroad tickets f o
which the county paid $655. Thcsi
tickets are supposed to bo given as char
ity to people who wore liable to becomi
a burden to the county. Five of thes
tickets wore from Omaha to Cleveland
and two were from Omaha to Los An
golcs. The question naturally nrises
who'woro favored with these long-hnu
excursion tickets ? Will George Timmc
who voted away this money , explain
Do the tux-payers of this county propos <
to run an underground railroad fo
hightoned bilks and personal favorite
of the commissioners ?
THE poor farm brigade of paupers
idiots and lunatics will be mnrchcd t
the polls next Tuesday as usual und fut
nished with tickets by the superinten
dent. Thcso people have no desire t
vote , and have no more right to vet
tjian those confined in the jail. Bu
they are drugged to the polls , virtuall
compelled to do the bidding of th
superintendent , who mnkos his inflt
once count by this sort of work.
Other Imnds Than Ours.
At its lust meeting the British cub :
net resolved to continue its present vig
orous policy in Irelnnd , especiully. as re
gards speeches at proclaimed nieotingi
It appears to Imvo adopted no now polic
with respect to the National league. ]
would seem that the cabinet hus n
choice but to continue its policy. It In
gotten into a position where to "tur
buck were as bad as to go on , " the ir
evitable end in cither case being polit
cal disaster. Porhups to make a brav
show of continued faith in the justic
und efficacy of Iho policy pursued pron
ises u longer lease of polilicul possessio
to the lories than would an abandoi
mont of thut policy , or ut Icai
of its most oppressive und tyi
unnicul features. These who hav
instigated the policy very likel
reason that to now confess it is n mil
take nnd nn injustice would attract t
them none of those who uro in oppos
lion , while it would certainly drive o
most of those who support the polic ;
Thus these men would bo stranded will
out uny constiluonoy , lo bo speedily re
ogulcd lo an obscurity in which , unde
u now order of things to ensue , tin
might long remain. Ilonco they fei
that having stopped in to deep Ihe
may as well go on , falling at lust wit
harness on in the heat of the conllic
rather than trail their banners in vo
untury surrender. Meanwhile tho'coi
dilions contributing toward defeat m
doing their work. Another outrnf
upon free speech such us that in tl
PUSO of Sir Wilfred Blunt , und it
likely to happen nny dp ,
would send many thousands moi
Englishmen into the liberal rank
In no country has the freedom of spcee
boon moro jealously guarded than I
England , nnd the spectacle of u man i
high social position and establish
character and standing in public affui
convicted and sentenced to nn imprisoi
mont of two months for expressing h
opinion upon a public question of tl
first importance , is ono , to Englishine
us strange ua it must bo ubhoront. I
the mlnil of the uvorago Briton ulwn ;
nbidcs u spirit of ( air play and rude ju
tico , und 'thut government does ill whit
opposes it. A , great speech by M
Gladstone stirs the blood of those wl
think and feel as ho docs , but the iu
irlsonment of a man like Wilfred Blunt
nducoa nil Englishmen to think , and
ho deliberate- consideration by the people -
plo of the suppression of public mooting
and the freedom of speech Is n thing
vhlch the ministry is most unwise to
) revoke , for the rcuson that considorn-
ion must perforce begot dissatisfaction
nnd next opposition.
. *
The crisis which bus boon threatened
n Franco seems to have been averted.
A few days ago it Boomed certain that
3rovy would resign , nnd the most dls-
Tossing consequences to the republic
voro predicted if the vencrublo presi
dent should carry out his reported do-
ormination lo surrender his ollloo.
Jut u way hus been found to prevent ,
nt least for the time being , nny such
notion on his part , and the vote of the
chamber of deputies sustninlng the min
istry in the conversion bill , a flnnncinl
measure of very grout importance , is
evidence of a bettor feeling. Thorcslg-
mlion of Grovy at this time and under
existing circumstances would unques-
Jonably bo a misfortune for Franco ,
nnd possibly nlso for the pcuco of Eu
rope. IIo hns , during Iho last two try-
ng years for Franco , shown so much
calmness and good judgment that his
sudden withdrawal from the executive
office would bo likely to revive both
lomo nnd foreign Iroubles , which
of lute huvo boon somowhut
quieted. Franco has enjoyed n
largo meusuro of stability in the .occu-
[ > utionof her highest office. For , al-
; hough this is partly secured by the
constitution of the republic , whicli
makes the term of the president seven
years , nnd u'so mnkcs him eligible foi
re-election , without responsibility tc
the chambers for the ordinary conduct
of political affairs , yet , in u countrj
like Franco , pressure cnn bo oxcrlcd on
n president which would make the fur
ther tenure of his oOlco unendurable ,
Nevertheless , in nn existence of seven
teen yours , the republic bus hud bul
three presidents , nnd the re-election ol
M. Grovy , not quite two years ago , was
not only a personal honor , but an indi
cation of the desire of Franco to risk nf
few changes as possible in the head o :
Lho government. Yet the position n1
Puris is on the whole very uncertain
nnd it will bo much easier lo topple the
ministry over than to put another in its
place. The radicals are seeking Roa
vior's blood for forcing Gonorul Bou
lunger out of politics ; the royalists see ir
a cabinet crisis the > wuyloaplobibcitum
while a multitude of small bondholder !
are up in arms nt the government
scheme for the convjorsion of the 4i poi
cent rentes into 3 per cents. The oppo
sition to the government is many-sided
und so will bo thodomund , for a nov
ono whenever a change shall take
All Europe is uneasy regarding the
heulth of Emperor Williuinj und UK
effect of his death , possible nt any moment
mont , is everywhere discussed. Whih
ho lives pence is aasurcd. What migh
come if ho were dead ? This is the question
tion everywhere being discussed. Thi
aflliction from which the crown princi
is suffering is said to bo making steady
inroads upon his strong constitution. I
is very generally believed to bo incura
bio. If he succeeded to the throne h <
might not remain there longer thun i
year. While ho did stuy the policy o
his futhor would doubtless bo adhoree
to. But should ho bo speedily followct
in the imperial office by his oldest soi
it is not so certain that ho would con
tinuo thut policy. The younge :
man is understood to huvo ambition
und might not be content with whutlu
hud received from his predecessors unt
to huvo his nnmo inscribed in hlstor ;
simply us the heir to n great empiri
and to the achievements of his anccs
tors. Ho might desire something mor <
than reflected honor , and if he bo sucl
u mun ho would find the prevailing con
ditions not unfavorable to the gratifi
cation of his ambition. Prepared usul
Europe is for the death at uny time o
the aged emperor , yet the occurronci
would be felt as a shock that would fil
every nation with doubt and appro
* *
The reported death of the sultui
of Morocco has made tha
country nn object of ronowei
interest to several European nn
lions , nnd particularly to Franco am
Spain. Franco now holds two posses
sions in Africa by the sumo title uncle
which England rules in Burmah , fo
her proloelorato in Tunis is synony
mous with possession. She would lik
to extend her dominion , lothowestwan
especially , and the intrigues of Froncl
agents in the domain of the sultan o
Morocco nro an open secret. Spain
which BO fur hus only succeeded in lay
ing hold of Ceuto , Molilla , and a sec
tion of desert shore on the coast , want
moro nnd wants it ardently. Th
Spanish government has already son
across the straits eight additional but
talions of infantry with cavalry ant
artillery , nnd is concentrating ships e
war at Coutu. If Morocco is ultuckci
on any pretext by either power , Italy i
expected to full upon ( Tripoli , and Eng
laud will bo obligedto take somclhiiii
somewhere or bo left out in the divisio
of spoils , a fate which hus rarely over
taken her. The tottering stales of th
north African coast are just kepi uliv
by Iho mutual joaloulics of Europeu
powera. Even these who would b
merely embarrassed by the ncquisilio
of un unruly province grudge its fullin
into the hands of a-rival , and this dog
ia the mui
in-thc-manger policy ( now
btnff of the Burbaryistates. For wore 1
not for the drcud of European opposilio
und Iho bringing on of a widespread con
lllct , the example of the French in A
giortf and Tunis would have boon cople
in Tripoli und Morocco.
* *
An expedition to the antarctic region
is among the events of scientific nn
geographic-til interest which will probi
lily bo developed next your. The Brills
colonies of Australasia , desirous c
knowing why thoy. have MI variable
climate , or for some unknown reasoi
are pressing the homo government t
aid them in lilting out nn expedition ft
southern oxploralion. Sir Gruhai
Berry J the ugnut general of Austral !
in England , hns received Instruclior
from the government of Victoria to as
' ' ' :
- . -
ior majesty for 6,000 , which , added to
n like sum promised by the colonists
homsclvcs , would bo sufficient , it ia
bought , to Bend out an expedition to
, ho south tens from Victoria. As nn
evidence of the serious intentions of the
colonists , there nro definite and detailed
) hms already made , based upon dlscua-
jlona held for over a year past
) y the royal institutions and socio-
, les of Tasmania , Now South Wales ,
south Australia , Queensland , Now Zea
land , Auckland and ono or two others.
These plans are to bo carried into execu
tion as soon as effective sanction is
jlvon by the homo government. The
Bchomo drawn up by the Antarctic
society of Australia ia of a thoroughly
comprehensive nature , nnd includes nt-
tontion to all the points on which in
formation is do > ircd with reference to
, ho South Polar region. While encour
agement is given to the promotion of
the whaling industry , incentives are
lold out for the attainment of.aa high a
latitude as possible , and it is stipulated
that opportunities shall bo u Herded to
the scientific staff to add to the knowl
edge of the meteorology , oceanography ,
terrestrial magnetism , natural history
and geology of Iho region.
. * .
The construction of the great iron
tower for the French exhibition of 1889
lias been begun in Paris. The tower is
designed to bo OS4 feet high , or nearly
twice the height of the Washington
monument , and , if constructed , will be
twice as high as any artificial structure
on the globe. The builders say that
the mobt difllcult part of their work will
bo completed by the close of this year ,
when they expect to have Iho first story ,
ICO fcothighconstructed. Three thou
sand tons of iron will bo used in tliif
scclion alone. It is expected that the
tower can bo wholly completed by Octo
ber of next year. It is to bo builtchioflj
ns nn exhibit of engineering skill , but
is to bo used during the exhibition iu
nn observatory , and if it should reacli
its intended height will bo ono of the
wonders not only of the exhibition bul
of the world.
* *
The announcement that the change In
the Mexican constitution has boon
adopted , whereby a president may be
eligible for ro-election , will bo received
with pleasure outside of Mexico , for it
insures another four years of President
Diaz. His administration means a well
muinluined public credit and an efficient
homo government. No doubt ho has
used his position lo secure Ibis legal extension -
tension of it , and would not bo classed a *
a civil service reformer in this latitude ;
but Mexico just now needs a strong gov
ernment most , and the refinements will
come hereafter.
A prince of Bulgaria who can hclf
out the treasury of that state from his
own private purse is a ruler of the nd-
vunco order. It probably suits Bulgaria
well to have a surplus from Ferdinand's
pocket , so that railway building may ge
forward without inconvenient delays ir
the assembly or need for pledging the
public credit. Prince Ferdinand seem :
to be n rich young man , and not the
needy adventurer that Louis Napoleor
FOUTY years after the revolution o :
1818 the French chamber of deputies
has voted life pensions to persons
wounded during that struggle. The
French republic tardily refutes the say
ing that republics are ungrateful , but
the United States disproved it long ugc
by establishing the most liberal pousioi
bystem the world hus over known.
"What Fools Thcso Mortals Be. "
H'tfiie'i Fibre ami Fiiljrlc.
The student of natural law can fine :
much food for reflection in the law :
made by our reprosentalivcs. In Nev
York it is legal for any ono to drink al
the bcor-ho desires und liblou to music
to his heart's content , but it is illoga
to do both at the sumo timo. In Bostot
il is illegal to keep open u candy slort
nnd boll candy on Sunday unless a fov
newspapers are kept for sale , then it ii
legal. It is illegal to sell cigars in i
cigur store , but legul to bell them in ar
apothecary shop , whore it is claimoe
they are a drug , but not a "drug on the
market. " A short time ago the mar
who owned the largest store in Bostoi
could not sell a Sunday paper , but the
tiewbboy on his sidewalk could sell all
the papers ho choso. The theatres ir
Boston uro open Sunday night giV'
ing concerts in which parts o :
opera are sung ; but it would be
illegal to give an opera entire. A
fiddle may bo used , but a line is drawi :
between the doxology and a quadrille
A man can buy whiskey und glycerine
on Sundaybut they must bo in the same
bottle to comply with the law. Gangs
of men are at work every Sundny on the
public streets while bright summci
nights are wasted , and yet they are
dubbed works of necessity. Two yean
ago Mayor O'Brien vetoed a bill to re
move Iho sidewalk on Boylston slroot
A your later it was removed , and the
most hidebound coupon clipper woulc
not vote it back again. Sentiment ii
Boston is the great stumbling-block te
natural law. Untold millions must Buf
fer for all time , while the natural mar
would without delay open Columbus ant
Commonwealth avenues lo Tromoir
slrcot through the Common , whicl
would turn the Common into the mos
bcnuliful park in the country , opening
an avenue for the plousuReoker nnc
those who Imvo triulcd lo get away fron
and relieve the busy thoroughfares o
our clly. Well mitrht Puck bay : "Wha
fools these mortals bo ! "
Itcwurdud 1'or IIU Trouble.
Paris Gaulois : As the audience wore
leaving the theater an over-dressed
would-bo dude throw away the cigar hi
hud just lighted and , raising his hat tc
a charming-looking but unprotoctoc
American lady , said : "Can I call i
cab ? " A fainl look of astonishment 01
the lady's face was followed by a smlh
and sweetly murmured : "Morel.1
When Iho cab was secured the gentle
man , handing tbo lady in , asked in at
insinuating tone of voice : "When
shall wo drive toV" The lady gave ut
address , and whllo the mule party com
municatcd the sumo to the driver slu
stepped inside , closed Iho door nnd
lolling the coachman to drive on , pro
sentccl the insinuating stranger with i
U-sou piecO. Tha horrified look on tin
man's face us ho gazed steadily en thi
coin was a study for an artist. .
Mr. and Mrs. PresUm S. Poundsr o
Norborno , Mo. , are the parents of nigh
childrenamong whom are two boys am
a girl that uro triplets. They wen
born in 1881 , an'd are well developed
healthy and intelligent. *
snoi Timoiicn THE HEART.
Oonstablo Morltz Stogonuum In
stantly Killed in n Sfiloon.
Ills Ignorance of Flrc-Arms Causes
the lcnth of the Olllcer 1'lnucd
Under Arrest Struggle
With a Mnnino.
An Accidental Kllllni ; .
Gottlcib Haas * saloon nt ISfO Soulh Six
teenth street was the scano of a stiJ nccltlont
about 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon which
resulted In tbo almost Instant dcnth of a
well-known conslublo. At the hour men
tioned people in the neighborhood were
startled by n pistol shot from within the
little building and n rush was inado to ascer
tain the causo. Lying on the floor of the sa
loon Just in front of the bar was the body of
Morltz Stegcmann weltering in his blood ,
nnd around It soon gathered an excited
crowd which filled the building to overflow
ing. Just beside tlio corpse stood Henry
Bruuo , wringing bis hands und uttering
cries of grlof. It was sorao time before the
excited witness of the tragedy could tell how
the affair occurred and then only in n frag
mentary way. When a rci > orlcr of the
UBR arrived on the scene the
crowd still filled the saloon , but
tlio facts of the killing wcro ascertained from
Joe Eider , bartender for Hass , who was nn
eye-witness of the tragedy. Elflor said that
at the time of the accident Stcgcmann was
leaning on the bar talking , when bo caught
sight of n revolver belonging to Eifler lying
back of the bar. In a bantering manner ho
asked to BCD It. After examining It ho
handed It to a person who stood near him
who wished to sou it , and ho In turn handed
It to Bruno. Bruno is Ignorant of the use of
firearms , and as soon as ho took the
weapon , which is a double-action Smith
& Wesson , ho pressed the
trigger and exploded a cartridge. The ball
struck Stegeman Just under the nipple of his
right breast , and pursued a diagonal course
through his body , passing through his right
lung , the heart and loft lung. Loaning heav
ily upon tlio bar ho turned to Hass und said :
"Gottlieb , I'm shotl" Thcso were Iho lout
nnd only words ho utlcred. IIo then full
heavily to the floor and iu live miuutus was
Dsputy Sheriff Bandhower happened to bo
present and Bruno immediately surrendered
himself to the ofllccr. Bruno was grief-
stricken at tlio result of his carelessness , and
when assured that ho would not bo punished
very severely for It. ho said , "I don't care
for the penalty , but , " pointing
to the ghastly corpse of Stcgcmann ,
"I Imvo killed that man. and can never give
him back his life. " and bursting into tears ho
sobbed like a child.
The news of the accident was a long time
in reaching the police station , and then was
only heard accidentally. As soon as they
could got use of the patrol wagon , Chief
Soavoy with n squad of ofllocrs repaired to
the scone. By this time It was nearly 0
o'clock. Walking Into Iho saloon , Seavey
glanced at the dead body and inquired for
the man who did the shooting. Bruno was
] Kinteil out standing sobbing between two
oftlcors. Taking hliu by the shoulder Seavey
hustled him into the patrol wagon and took
him to the ceutrul policu station , whcro ho
was locked up.
Bruno , the man who fired the fiatal shot , Is
n German. Ho was boru in Westphalia and
is thirty-two years of ago. IIo is a stoutly
built man with a round , swarthy , good-
natured face. IIo came to thiscountryubout
six years ago and reached Omaha eighteen
mouths since. IIo worked as a laborer for a
fanner named William Grimm , near the
grounds of Iho Union Cattle company. IIo
then tended saloon for John Dohns , on Ninth
street between Dodge and Douglas. Then
ho went to work in Storz & llor's brewery ,
where ho fired for about a month and a half ,
after that going to Cheyenne where ho
worked on u railroad , returning hero
but yesterday. Yesterday ho said ho wont
out to see tbo proprietor of the saloon in
which the shooting occurred , Gottlieb Haas ,
who is a friend of his. While there , ho ro-
lalcs , ho met Stcgemann , and whllo standing
In front of the bur the revolvers behind the
latter attracted attention nnd became the
subject of conversation. Stegcmann drew
Ills revolver , pulled the cartridges out of It
and showed its mechanism to Bruno. A
comparison of Htegcmunn's weapon and that
of the bar took pluco , during which Bruno
took up the latter , and uncon
sciously exploded It , the ball taking
effect as above descrioed. During the
recital of this tnlo , Bruno cried bitterly nnd
wrung his hands In ungulsh. The tears
seemed to bo shed in regret over the disas
trous result whioh had attended the foolish
examination of weapons , of the danger of
which , in his simplicity , ho seemed to know
but very littlo.
About 7 o'clock the body of Stogcmnnn
wns taken to Drcxel & Maul's , where uu In
quest will bo held this morning.
Stegeman was about thirty years of ago , a
jovial German , mid a bravo und eflleient
ofllcor. Ho has held the ofllco of special
policeman for nearly a year and a half. It
will bo remembered that only about a month
ago ho was assaulted by a gang of rufliaiis
against whom ho muda n gallant defense ,
and finally succeeded In routing , attcrputting
a bullet in the leg of ono of them named Col
lins. Stcgomann has a wife and thrcu little
children who will bo loft in a helpless condi
tion by this sad accident.
Clans Sccvcrs' Exulting Struggle With
a KlglitiiiK Lunatic.
Yesterday u farmer by the name of Glaus
Sccvcrs had an exciting escapade onthchigh-
way with a madman. Scovcrs lives Bomo
seven miles from the cily and has In his cm-
ploy a young woman by the name of Meyers.
She has a brother named Herman Meyers ,
and of late ho has been making his head
quarters on and oft at the Sccvers home
stead. Recently Herman began to show
signs of inciitul disturbance and his Insanity
took the religious form. Ha Imagined him
self a great preacher , and intimated that ho
had boon delegated from heaven to save souls
and spread the gospel among the slnfulof this
earthly sphoro. IIo quoted scripture contin
uously and Indulged In all the absurdities of
a cnv/y person. At no time was ho violent ,
but Ins eccentricities finally became a here
to the Soovors household and Mr. Seevere
resolved yesterday to turn the young man
over to the county authorities at
Omaha. Meyers accepted an invitation
to accompany Scevcrs to Omaha to
look upon tlto wayward nnd ungodly of the
place , iiml the two took a scat in n wagon.
On their way to the city Meyers seemed to
fathom the object of the drive , und ho became
violent and showed light. Ho grasped
Seevers by the throat and swore that ho
would kill him. A haiid-to-liand conflict took
placu between tlio men , with the Insane man
getting the best of it when Keovers' cries
attracted several farm hands , who went to
his usslstunc-o. It took the entire strength of
the combined forces to overpower the
maniac , whoso hands wcro shackled to keep
him from harming himself and his con
querors. Mo.yors was brought to the court
house where an information In lunacy was
made against him and ho was con lined In the
jail whuro lie proved so disorderly und ram
pant that it was found necessary to put him
in harness. Ho will bo bent to Iho asylum
for tbo insano.
Ilov. W. ] ] . Kimliall Explains How
Drown Secured Thnt Letter.
The following letter was received by the
HEI : yesterday from Uov. W. K. Kimball In
relation to the mun Hrown , who swindled tjiu
Central City bank out of $1,500 , nn account
of which was printed In Thuisday's Hun :
MADISON , Nob. , Nov. 4. To the Kdltor ol
tholiKii : The letter of Introduction which
you published Is not tbo loiter that I gave
Hrown to Huikcrvillo , of Central City. Thu
ono I guvo him in as follows :
"This will Introduce to you Rev. D. O ,
Brown , an uvangclicul worker , who intend ! !
to BiMiicl the winter In your city. H may bu
tliatynu can assist him hi ilndlng a locution
and a field of usefulness. "
Tliu ono you published was changed by
DOHTII to suit his damnublo purpoao. '
Trusting that yon will give prompt atten
tion to this mutter , I remain jrourt truly.
Pastor Prosbytorinn Church.
Mr. Kimball further slates that Brown
ruino to him with a letter of Introduction
from Postmaster Dlckonson , of Humphrey ,
Nob. Hrown told him Unit ho had recently
concluded to move from Platte Contro to Cen
tral City tor the winter , and wanted a letter
In order to enable him to find n suitable resi
dence location and a field of usefulness In
evangelistic work. Mr. Kimball bad no
means of detecting him ns a fraud , nnd ro-
prots exceedingly that ho has escaped the
bauds of justico.
Poi-sonnl Pnrngrnph * .
II. M. Uttloy , O'Noll , Neb. , is in Iho
city.C. .
C. D. Allan , of Lincoln , Nob. , is in
Iho city.
Mutt Miller , of David City , ia nt the
II. P. Foster , of Lincoln , Nob.iant
the Mlllard.
George M. Myers loft last evening for
Klinsas Ulty.
C. P. Hunter , of Los Angeles , Cnl. ,
ia ut the Mlllarn.
W. T. Dlckson , of Washington , D. C. ,
ia nt the Millurd.
Judge S. 11. Chapmanof Pluttsmouth ,
is ut the Paxton.
The Rnnkln & Wilson minstrel party
is nt the Metropolitan.
John ZohrinK , of Lincoln , Nob. , was
nt the Puxton last night.
W. R. Kelley , of Lincoln , Nob. , Is
registered at the Piucton.
R. W. Morsoundwifoof , Slionandoiih ,
Ia. , nro ut the Windsor.
George W. Lcovera nnd wife , Cheyenne -
onno , Wyo. , nro ut the Puxton.
Ed Myers loft lust evening for Spring
field , O. Ho returns next weolc.
R. O'Noil , of Lincoln , Neb. , waa reg
istered ut the Millnrd lust night.
George Wilson , of Hank in & Wilson's
minstrels , with his wife , is ut the Mil
Dr. Teagarden returned to Spring
field , O. , ycBtcrdtiy , after a week's visit
with friends horo.
George Adams , of the commission
house of Adams , Burk & Co. , arrived
from Chicago last night nnd is ut the
P. P. Murray , western traveling pas
senger iigcnt for the Michigan Central ,
is in the city. Ho returns to Chicngo
next week.
Daniel E. Eboy nnd wife nro at the
Wiusdor. Mr. Kboy is to bo connected
with the Armour packing house nt
South Omaha.
George Sundorland , th.resident man
ager of Armour's SoutL Omaha pork
packing house , arrived in the city last
night from Chicago and is quartered at
the Windsor.
President Holcomb , of the Oregon
Steamship and Navigation company ,
passed through Omaha yesterday in a
special car. It is understood that ho is
on his way to Now York.
Mr. Mutuoka and S. Sawada , of Tokio ,
Japan , on their way west to the Puciflo
coast , stopped over yostcrdav in the city
yesterday for a few hours.friio gentle
men are on a pleasure trip , and during
their stay put up at the Windsor.
P. G. Halo , of Chicago , arrived in
Omaha yesterday , and is located at the
Paxton. Mr. Halo represents the Cleveland -
land Steve company of Cleveland , O.
This company has the largest quarries
in the world , und during the past sea
son have shipped over 15,000 cars of
sandstone. Mr. Hulo will remain here
for several days.
Charles Hathaway , of Cleveland , O. ,
and owner of street railways in that
city , Racine , Wis. , nnd other cities , is
rcgibtorod at the Paxton. Mr. Hath
away built the George Francis Train
street railways in London , Darlington ,
Staffordshire , und several other English
cities. Ho was very sorry that ho was
too late lo sco Mr. Train. Mr. Hathaway
is on route to San Francisco , but will
stop a few days to inspect Omaha street
railway intoresls.
Crawford to Fairbrothcr.
WKST POINT , Nob. , Nov. 8. To the
Editor of the BKK : Please give the fol
lowing response publication in the DUE :
A i , FAimwoTHKit Sir : In answer to your
Interrogatories published In to-day's lias. I
answer each and every ono of them In tno
negative , and say to you that each and everyone
ono of them Is untrue nnd absolutely and
maliciously false , und Iho fact thnt you did not
make the charge directly , which Is contained ,
by Insinuation , in your questions which any
fool can ask leads mo to bullovo thut you
know that the Insinuations were false , and
mudo them In such a manner as to induce
people to bellcvo they were true when you
did not have the courage or manhood to miiko
thu charge direct. If you will inako nil afll-
duvit that your charge is true and send it tome
mo , I will p. y the expense and afford you nu
excellent opportunity to provo It. If you
know of any offense thut I have been guilty
of to the Injury of the people , why did you
not tell them what It was and at the same
time toll them what Mr. Norris has done In
the interest of the people , whom you profess
to favor , but try to eleecivo on the eve of
election by your fulso Insinuations. The people
ple are eutitled to have the fuels. ' . .
J. C. CiiAwroun.
Moro About Crawford.
MADISON , Neb. , Nov. 4. To the
Editor of the BKK : The denial of Judge
Crawford in the BKK of yesterday thnt
ho went to Lincoln last winter for the
avowed purpo&o of defeating the re
election of General Van Wyck provokes
a smile of incredulity on the face of those
who know him und his methods. He is
generally known as a member of the
railroad gang , who on all occasions
speaks sneeringly of Van Wyck and his
friends , und Who cstooms it an olemeut
of "" to bo known as a man of
"largo influence with the railroads. "
Ho bus openly advocated the taking of
usury and docs all ho can to discourage
Iho success of ncllons hroughl against a
railroad. This county bus directly and
indirectly suffered thousands of dollars
by Iho repealed adjournment of his
court while ho was on a junketing tour
in Washington nnd tbo bouth on politi
cal and private business , Ifo will bo
hiiowod under in this county on election
day , except in Norfolk , wkoro he has
mudo a bargain with boino republicans
to soil out Norris. A. W.
Mr. Ilancock'H Kcply.
PAIMU.IOX , Nob. , Nov.1. . To the
Editor of the BKK : I suppose no ono can
live in u community live years und not
huvo a few personal enemies. W. C.
Rogers heoms lo bo ono that your man
has stirred up and a personal letter ad
dressed to mo through your columns is
the result. I hope it will result In in
creasing your circulation out here. In
rojly to Mr. Rogers' letter I plead
guilty to most of the interrogatories.
They had a law suit. It wont adversely.
After wilting fcomo limo o.xcutlon wua
issued and Mr. Rogers , Uatosandothers
hud the costs lo pay. Some of Iho wlt-
nebses attending under subpcnnn were
intoxicated and as the CUBO did not go
to trial , I had homo dilliculty in taxing
their feet * and mileage , und in ono or
two made a mihluko. In paying thi )
costs Iho bondbinen , Ihrough a mistake ,
wcro borne short and refuted to correct :
it , as the sheriff hud given them a re
ceipt In full. This loft mo short , but I
paid tlio balance myself. Itis-amoat
trivial matter , but I hupposo is uu good
us unything for campaign thunder1.
Kindly give this spuco uild oblige )