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Nona of the Crow or Passengers
Yet Hoard From.
Moinn , of the Superior , nnd AVIlllaniH.
of the Joseph I'ulgc , Tell
What They Snxv on tlio
New NPWB of theM
MII.WAI M.K , WIs , Oct. 'M. [ Special Tele-
Brain to the Urn ] The wreck of the passen
ger propeller Venion , in the tcirlblo gale
which swept the luke Involves a greater loss
of llfo than any of the previous disasters on
the lake this hcnson , not excepting that of
the propeller Champlaln which was burned
cnily in the spring off Clmilovolx , drowning
twenty-four poisons. A most singular coin
cidence is Unit the Vernon was the vessel
which took the phico of the Chnmplaln in the
Northern Michigan line and had only been
on the line since August 1. She was ono of
the finest furnished passenger boats on Iho
lakes and had a valuation of T8KX ( ) . Captain
Moran , of the steamship Supeiior , which ar
rived hero at 8:30 : o'clock , biought the flrst
news of the wreck.
"To pass ono man on a laft appealing for
our help , another dying from exposuie , and
a small boat In which wo could see ono
woman mid tlueo men , ono of the latter hull
ing with a coat stuck up on his oar , all being
tossed about In a teinblo sen ,
without our being able to render
them tiny assistance , was he.u ti ending
in the extiemc , " said Captain Maran. "Wo
were also lighting for our lives , out steamer
having become disabled in the sea. With the
exception of the cooks , our cntiio cievv ol
sixteen men , even to the cngliicei , weic
down below , some of them btceiiug the ves
Bel with the temporal y tackle which wo had
rigged up , while others were ti v ing to ic-pali
the bieak. Our tiller had become discon
nected fiom the ruddei-post , leaving us at
the moi c'y of the seas until wo managed to
ilgup n temiwrarj' tackle. With this we
managed to keep our vessel out of the trough
of the HCMS and keep her befoio the gale. It
was tlueo hours bofoio wo hud made icpairs
so that wo could handle ourselves , and then
wo wcio out of sight of the shipwrecked
men. The cookb on deckweio flist to call
our attention to the wicckage. It was about
10 o'clock w hen off Two Kiveis , some mile'
out In Lake Michigan , that wo passei
tin ough bomo lumber. Five miles fuithei
on we passed u lot of baiiels , and then en
eoiinteied wicekago lei * some distance
Among It was fmnituiu nnd bcdclothmg
besides life pieserveis" lioio and their
OHO cook Mild ho counted thittoei
hfo preservers , and I knew that Is
must have been a pnssengci boat to eauysc
many. Wo passed so near some of the lift
preset v ei s that they might have been picket
up hud the cooks used a pike polo. I w.i1
onlj' on deck pait of the time and no othei !
of the crow came up , as they hod all thej
could do wheic they wcie. When about sij
miles east 1101 thciist of Mamtowoc a cook
w ho had beu'i keeping a lookout , called mien
on deck Uith the infoi illation that a tnf
rouhl bo he-en with a man on it. As I wen
on deck 1 lould plainly scotho man wavin ;
his hand to us Ho was standing upright 01
the laft , which was about halfamilo between
ns and the shoie , and the sea was washing
over It. It appealed about twelve feet squan
and as if it might bo the top of a cabin
Poor fellow. Ho must have thought it crue
of us to pass by and leave him theio to suffer
Tpn minutes later wo sighted unothc
laft , also about a half mlle Inside ol us. I
was much smaller appaieutly not moio thai
1x8 feet , and looker ! like a piece of the bul
walks. On It was Ij'ing a man w ho , ulthougj
still alive , piobably did not dlsccin us , as hi
was too far gono. Wo could t > co him tip hi
head , as his frail llttlo float was tossed ubou
in the sea as though ho was about dead. Wi
saw a jawl with tlnco men and ono womai
in it a llttlo fm ther south , Theio may , how
ever , have been moio of them Ij ing down h
the boat. The tlueo wo saw wcio on beats
Ono ot the men was standing up holding hi :
oar with his coat swinging to attiact atteii
tiou , Their hearts must have been glad
dentd In their expectation of help fiom u
How Inhuman they must havu thought n
when wo passed them by , and , within a mil
too , without even tuuiing our \csscl tow aid
them. But w 1th our steering gear disable
as it was wo could not steer our vessel , ain
there VMIS nothing for us to do but hope tha
some of the vessels coming up the luke listen
of us might discover them and pick them u |
Thcio is a possibility that a huge tlueo am
aft schooner coming up tha hike uftci us ma ,
have picked up the peisons in the boat. Sh
was tin eo or lour miles ufctcin of us and
could see thiough my glass that showa
heading towaids thcmv But she mavhav
been bound for Manltowoc and could hav
passed without seeing them , Thcio was little
tlo possibility that she could have taken th
men off i aftu nnd It Is in en doubtful if sh
could pickup thuj awl in such a sea Ifsh
could get clo o enough to thiow them a llu
ns she scudded by and they held on to 11
theio might bo a chanca for them to bo mivei
It was as heavj' a sen as I over expciicnce
In all my life on the lakes. Just to giv o , \ o
an Idea of it , the Simdusky , which wo had i
tow , sometimes bulled hciself so that on !
half of her masts could bo seen Ouco sh
stayed under wo long that 1 thought bho w.i
The lost propeller was owned by A. Boot !
& Sons , of Chicago. She was built hcio
j ear ago hist biimiiier at a cost of TbOcH ) an
mcasuied & > 0 tons. She was a passengc
boat and was designed to inn between Ch
eiigo and Manistiquo. A mistake was mad
In her model and w hen she was launched I
was dlseovcicd that her duift of water will
out cargo was s > o great that she was untltte
for the louto. When icady for bea he
owncisBentherto Lake Supeiior and bh
w as omploj cd last fall belw ecu I'oi t Ai thu
and Dnluth. Thlsjcarwhen the piopc'lh
Clmmphdn of the Neil hem Michigan Un
wasbiiined to the watei's edge , tlio Vcmo
was elmiteied to tenloco her. The Vcmo
has since been miming In the passenger an
gcnei al merchandise tl ado brtw eon Chie.iu
and Chebojgan , and , at the time of the di
aster , she was bound hero with a raifio i
miscellaneous ficicht , compiKcd chiefly i
pioduco. Most ot her eicvv lived hi Chieas
and Milwaukee. If the Veinon w.i
foundeicd In a g.ilonud noonols left to te
the story of the disaster theio will bo man
who will uttiibuto her loss to ovorlo.idini
Without a eaigo she was a deeper draft vei
mil than uin ou the lakes , mid It was linpoi
siblo to load her with piollt to her ownoi
without niaklng her ui.seaw 01 thjIn ; nidi
to obtain gi eat speed her bulldeis sacrillee
buojiuiey and stability and every CNIMJI
tvuvil U'sselman who saw the Veinon afti
bho was launched predicted she would sooni
or later meet with disaster.
"Wo foil In with a wiockaco about si
miles e.ibt-noitlie.vst of Two Kiveis poll
about U o'clock jcsteiduy moining , " ta
( . 'aptuln Willlams.of the Joseph Paige , whk
in lived at 'J o'clock la t night , "and it toe
us fullv lift con minutes to pass thiough.
vuisovldonllj'tl.o vvicvkuiro of a passengi
Vi' sol. Fust we encountered what womai
out to bo bundles of baircl btaves. 'I hen v
cuuio upon floating barrels. , They looked '
mo HUu flour or npplo ban els. The ne :
i mass of wreckage compilsed fuinituu1 , 111.1
tresses and similar f in ni.ihliigs. Ono of tl
nifii unld he saw a coipso float bj' , but I d
nt > l sco It mjsclf , Ncixt wo oncounteied
pait of a pilot house , and theio was a man (
it. Bo was oft our povt quaitcr nbo
half u mlle and was clinging to the pil
house. Hq beui'cd to bo gottai } ? along fail
well miller thoriicuiastumcs. The bea w ,
running so hlch that it lifted our boat fro
Hud wo dUuou'redthomau i
op of the pilot-house bcfoic we pot abreast ,
vumight have picked hlnmp ; butwesnwhlm
oo iato nnd It was Imixisslblo to turn back In
liatcnlblo gale of wind Unit was blowing.
Ve sighted a profiler some miles up the
nko nnd headed for her. hoping to report the
vrcck to her nnd that she might lend assist-
nee. Wo found , however , that she was
bound up the hike and must have passed the
vreckage , but she may hav o been too far out
o see it , "
[ Pin s * . ] The flist paitlculais of the
vreek of the pioiieilor Veinon were received
leio this moinlng. The rcttoits say she
foundered off Two Klvcis. The life saving
station reported hcrfoundcicdoff Sheboj'pan ,
jut later icpoits confirm the statement that
she foundered about six miles noitheast of
l'\vo Hivers point. Captain Heron , of the
schooner John Wesley , which iinlved hcie
his evening rcpoits seeing nome wiecknge
off Two Klvcis point tit 3 o'clock this mom-
ng and ho also passed a lot of wiecknge until
ilx miles south of this place. The master of
ho si liooner Plurnlx sajs ho passed white
.Minted boaids this afternoon six miles south
) f here , but could not distinguish what ves
sel they came from. However , all doubts
were set nt rest this nfteinoon when a tug
ticked up a pilot house with the name "Vcr-
ion" on it , and live life preserve-is , off Two
Hlveis Owing to this fact piobably not a
soul of the twentj-flve or thlity people on
ward was saved.
Iho cause of the teiilblc disaster will
nobably i cumin a m.vslcij' foiover. It is
quite gcncrnllj'believed heio that not a sin
gle Mini has suivlvcd , as It would have been
impossible for anj' person to live In such sea.
and exposed to tlio Intense cold thatpicvniled
on the night of the wieck. Many iclatlvcs
of those on boaul came hcio on the piopcllcr
L iwronco this evening to obtain all the pai-
tieulurs possible collect ning the lost. All
lilaces whcio infoimatlon would bo likely to
lo obtained weio visited , The news was of
the most discounting natuic. They aban
doned all hope of over Roeing their fi lends
nnd lelatlves , who weio lost , It Is icpoitcd
to-night that Boiler Inspectors Heed nnd
Fit/gciald of Milvvaukcowoie on the ill-fated
propeller and arc undoubtedly umongtholost.
Thopatiolof the Hfo saving crew at Two
Bivcrswas kept nn duty all night , but up to
the last i epoi t no bodies hud been found and
the captain of the steamer Lawience esti
mates the number of people on the ill-fated
vessel at about llfty IMTSOIIS. The steam
baigc Burioughs , of Milwaukee , is over due ,
and many anxious iuquluea mo icccivcd as
to horwhcieabouts.
Tlio limling of the pilot houon of the pro
peller Veinon by n tug near Munlto\\ocWis ,
settles all doubt legaiding the Identity of the
lost vessel. Scaicely any other tiaees of the
caigo hav o been seen to day and nothing has
bee n heard of those on boaul. It is feared
not a single soul of the thlity or moio aboaid
Is left to tell the story of the disaster. The
foi lorn hope Is entei tallied that a passing
vessel inav hav c picked up some of the un
fortunates , but with the teiublo sea that was
running it would hnvo been almost
n miracle to accomplish a icsciio.
The i aptaln of the life sav ing
eicw at Two Hlvois , AVis , describes the
stoim us the woist ever seen bv him on the
lake , the waves ilmng to n heiglitof thhtj'or
folly feet. U Is lib impiession that no one
has suivived the wioek. It was bitteilj' '
cold on the hike , ho said , and a pel son could
not have stood the esposine over night ,
Cnptain Hawkins , of the schooner William
Home ariiviug in Milwaukee this morning ,
lopotts passing tlueo dead bodies Saturday
afternoon about six miles southwest of Muni-
tow oc One hodj'was that of a woman with
long black hair. She hud a llfo picseiver
on. The other two bodies weio those of
men. None of the other vessels
ai living hcio vestoidav saw any wieckagc
or bodies , most of them having been too far
out In the lake. Tinco names of passenger'
have been secured , though it cannot bo posi
lively aseeitained that the poisons named
weio aboird. A Mackinaw ooiicspondenl
gives the mimes of the following two poisons
supposed to have been aboaid : Miss Katie
Gallagher , Mackinaw Island and Miss Sullii
Duikiii , of Cliieago , a cousin of Miss Galhv
ghn's Both wcio on their way to Chicngc
fiom Cheboygan. C. Baumjeas , of Chicago
is icpoitcd as having taken passage on the
ill fated steamer. So far thcso uro the onlj
tlueo names obtainable of the passengers , a <
theio appeals to have been no list kept.
An AtchlMMi 1'lciiMUi'o Part j's Fata
Visit to St. Joseph.
Sr. Josi m , Mo. , Oct. HO. [ Special Tele
gram to the Bi K. ] A fatal lunawayoccuriei
on Charles stiect today at 12 o'clock. Tin
hoises hitched to a can iago containing fou
peisons , two ladies and two gentlemen , be
came unmanageable at Iho corner of Eight !
and Chailes , nnd came running at full spcei
until thoj' icached Sixth stiect whcro tin
guiding for the asphaltum pavement is bcini
done. A mound of dirt is thrown up lien
but the hoises dashed over it throwing Un
01 cupants of the eai i nigc out on the inimcnsi
locks thiown down for the cuiblng. Th' '
paitics all came fiom Atchlson Ibis uioinmi
and the onlj' ono who is able to move or saj' i
woid positively refused to give their names
Fiom the names on their clothing
however , it was leaincd that on
ot the ladies Is named Id
Watson. Her face is split 01)011 from he
foiehead to her mouth and six teeth ai
knocked out. She will i ecover. The othc
ladv , whoso flrst mime is Minnie , was tluowi
against n lingo lock , bieaking six of her lib
iindpioducing Internal injuiles fiomwhicl
she will die. Collier , ono of the gentlcmei
in the caniagc , had his Jaw biokcn and hi
nose nvishcd fiom being thrown against
lamp post. The phj slclans say thei o is Hltl
chanca for his rccovciy. The only one of th
paity who is not dangciouslj' hurt gave 01
del s to the phjsieian not to attempt to flin
out who the pai lies weio. To yourcorie *
pomlcnt the doctor said allot the pai tic
wcio highly lespectnblo , that the lady callci
"Minnie" was maiued nnd that they ha
como to St. Joseph on a pleasmu trip.
Wrecks in the Channel.
LONDON , Oct. : ; o. A ten illo gale laged I
the south of England on Saturday night
Many buildings wore umoofcd and thci
were numeious shipping casualties in th
channel. A bo it with a pally of twelve pel
sons , which left Wovmoutli for a night'
tiavollng , was capsized nnd ton of the pait.
ihowned. A sloopwas wieckcd offDunkii
and foul inendiowned.
A Chicago Unitarian Minister Take
Up Anaic'hlst Caso.
Ciucvoo , Oct. SO. Uov. .1. Vila Blake
pistorof the Thlid Unilnilan chinch , d (
llveicd aseimon at tlio morning scivlcotc
day to a largo congiegatlon , taking for hi
subject "Reasons Why the Anarchists Shoul
Not Bang , " In the com so of his lemarks h
slid ho thought they were guilty men , hi :
belonged to a diffeicnt older from thatc
burglais , assassins * mid hlghwujmcn. The
again these men mo in pait the pioductc
haul social conditions. "Misery and K
hellion caused by i-cntuiics of Europca
tjianny , " hob.iid , "is In their blood , Juste
much as the self contiol and sobiictye
the PuiiUms is In our blood , I
may bu salil that these men would bo cxeir
ublu 1n Euiope , but not hcio whoio w
have a fice ballot bov. But have wo a pui
ballot box- 1 Have not our legislatures bee
bought mid sola , eilecliona lampcicd will
the very ballot Lo\cs stolen und a.\a \ m
plsnulic. and opjn-csslvo cojicoiitiations c
capital fiuuiliilently and flagr.mllv'outraplu
law , purchasing law makers and ilofj'Ing' Ui
iic'oplot I know' not w hut t-o call such ucl
but ciimfs , and these climes make iinarel
l is. " At Iho conclusion of tha beimon tli
pastor i cad a longjietltlim to Uro govcrm
praying for commutation . of soulcnn
About oncliundicd blgnatiuei veioobtalnc
nuil a committee rtpjwinted to go td Spiini
Held und prcsc'nvtho petition } o Uiegovcrno
, 1'h'o InAlhany. .
Auusv , N.'Y./OU. / aO. Lui nl'it's' b'akei
tuiiHevenil other buildtnirs buuiei )
The losses ai'urvgute t-200,000. ,
Monetary Trnnfmutlonn In the Country
Ihc Pnst Week.
BOSTON , Mass. , Oct. W ) . [ Special Tele
pram to the Hi r. ] The following table ,
compiled from dlspalehcs lo the Post fiom
the managers of the leading clearing houses
of tlio United States , shows the gioss ex
changes for the w eek ending October 29 , lt7 ,
with the lutes per cent of incieaso or de-
cicasc as com pui cd with the amounts for the
coiiespondlng week In 1 > NJ :
Stoek Speculation I'UHROH Tlirough
Fieiiicnt Fluct tint ions.
Ni\v YOHK , Oct. BO [ Special Telegram to
ho Bnn. ] Stock speculation pssscd thiough
'icqucnt fluctuations dm ing Iho week and
uoved to bo a disappointment at inteivals to
both bulls and bears. Soon after the open-
ng and again near the close pikes ran below
Iho llnal llgures of Saturdaj' last , but in the
ntei nn there wasnpcuod of Ihnmcss and
in advance of IK ® points in lending
shines This gave i iso to the belief among
the bull fratcrnitj' that the bottom had been
i cached and that the market was on the road
to peiinancnt impiovemcnt , an opinion that
was sticnglhcned bj' some homo bujmg
for investment nnd heavy purchases
for foreign accounts. The receivership busi
ness actual in the case of the Chesapeake
& Ohio , and meicly an unfounded tumor In
that of the ICansas & Texas was a factor
Unit stopped the advance and led to a Iato 10-
nclion. Heading , Western Union , New En
gland , nnd Noi them Pacific prcfcned , presented -
sented n stronger fiont than most other
stocks , and the cffoi Is to break them were
not attended with much success. The weak
ness of Gould pioporlics , outside of Weslein
Union , both cailj' and late in the week , had
adcpiesslng influence on the list.
The good feeling which prevailed at one time
was quite pionounced in raihoad bonds , and
the demand for these showed a perceptible
increase at advancing pi ices. The inquliy
extended to pietty much all classes ,
and was not confined to homo in-
veslots , as foreigners bought some
issues and made numeious icqucsts for teims
In round lots of othcis. While the impiovo-
ment was in full progress und indications
favored a much betler condition of affairs ,
Iho rumor of a receiver for Iho Kansas &
Tevas came out and later on was followed by
the announcement that application had been
made for a receiver for the Chesapeake &
Ohio , the ostensible reason given being that
it was ncccssai j' in older to adjust Iho float
ing debt. The icsult of all this was a check
to tlio ilsing tendency , ns in the euso o )
stocks , and a decline in some instances that
was veij' decided. Although the Kansa
Texas minor was officially denied , and it
was stilted that the eompany had money
to pay December inteicbl. There was never
Iheless a piessuio to sell , especially when
the talk about scaling intcicbt was raised ,
Thogencial ( isdioppedT. % , 5s 73f , consols 43
and Inlei national & Gicat NoitheiiiTs4
points. It was repoitcd that an estalo solil
some of the bonds , but n number of holders
became f lightened and their sales helped
along the decline. Chesapeake < fc Ohio cm-
reney ( is declined 2Jnnd the -Is 4 points , ami
thcso , next to Kansas & Texas , atli acted the
most atlenlion in Into dealing. Toledo &
Ohio Ccntial llists and the Loulsvillo \
Nashville Ceclliun branch declined Zn6y ,
and others lo 2j ; poinls , but Iho downwind
movement did not extend to the entile list
and a number of issues retained advances
langmg from 1 to 3Jf points , including Head
ing incomes , Haltimoio & Ohio 5 > , Indiana ,
Bloomlugton & Western , Now Yoik , Chlcugc
& St. Louis 111 sts , St. Paul ( La Cios&o divi
sion ) , Manitoba ( Dakota extension ) am !
Texas Piulne's moitpages. Of the trunk
lines the Grangei s and several ofthoothci
leading roads weio generally Him , notwith
standing the dopiession in special cases. Ir
govcinmcnts Iheio was n good demand foi
45 , which louehed slightly higher llgurci
on continued pui chases by banks
The Pfs w era also a litllo llimcr In sjmpathj
near the close. The featmes of the foielgi
exchange mat kot wcio fall ly active purchase !
bjr icmltleis nnd Iho model ate supply of bill !
attendant , the icsult of which was some iiu
piovementln both actual and posted i.ites
Gold uiilvals during Iho week dwindled nwaj
to veiy small flguies and i.ites of bteiling u
par mo too high for nn immediate levival o :
the impoit movement.
Another Tin hulcnt BeHsloii of the Nev
York Cent i ul IjiiliotUnion. .
Nuvv Yoiiit , Oct. 0 ThoCential Labo :
union to-day had another turbulent meeting
The Hciuj'Geoige men and socialists callei
each oilier "fools , " "loufeis" and "liais , "
and Ihoio wei-o sovcial flghls. The chalumn
expelled Iwo mcmbois from Iho session , bu
it took neaily an hour to get the olTensiv.
ones out of doois. At last a loniniunicatioi
was lead fiom Iho rcdeiated Tiades Union
pioposlug that a general stiiko should taki
place on November 11 , in case Iho Chimp
anuiehtsta were executed. This was refcuei
to a committee and the meeting adjouincd ,
Preparing For the Crous.
Font , Mont. , Get. UO. Tlneo com
panics of the fifth Infantry , under Mujo
Snvder , equipped for field scivice , will
tianspoit wagons , liavo been ordeicd to Ui
Ciow agpiicj und aio fanning for the marcli
Monday will bo general muster day ut th
post , when Iho cavalry fouo wlllpiobabl ,
take the Hold and the war , If war It lsbeln !
In cm ncbt.
Secielary AVhitnoj's Conilitlon.
New Yoitk , Oct. 0 , Secietaiy oi th
Navy Whitney spent today quietly at hi
honjo In this city. Dr. i oomls culled to se
him in the moinlug nnd pionouneed hii
better but reported hh oroei a to keep nhsc
lutely quiet for dajs , The hei'ietrti
fejl so much betler thU ufleiiioou lhat h
took a lung diive.
The KiiHlneeiH1 Convention.
' Cincu.o , Oct.TTlw ! ! } Brothcihood of Lt
romollvo Ecnginecrs lias , ccmelude
consldcraUoiv Qf ' tho' Insurance ' 01
.ganlzatltm connected w ilh tl Border , an
mudo Jcnnchli lit amendments ill the b ;
laws. Tlieconvuntlvu wilj piotabljendb
Tuebduy. , . , . . . ; .
A London Journal on Cleveland's
Likeness to Chamberlain.
Hllpprry .Joe SnllH After TnlkliiR About
Trip Dcscilplioit ofKulscr
Wllllnm's Dig Hunt-
Ox ert on DI * ore-oil.
Grovcr mill Joscpli.
Losnov , Oct. 30. [ New York Herald
Cable Special to the IJi n. ] To doj's Dis
patch , belonging to Mrs. Ashton Dllko nnd
ctlitcd by Dr. Hunter , M. P. for a Scotch
constituency , has the following editorial :
"President Cleveland has returned from a
roj al progress tin ough the states the most
popular man in America , and the most
successful piesldent slnco Lincoln. Tour
yeais ago he was hnully Known bcjond
the borders of his own stato. Tliiee years
ago ho was fighting his way to the piesl-
dcncy tin ough a stoim of disgraceful and mi-
dcscivcd obloquy unparalleled even In the
pcisonaUticsof American polities. His hon
esty , his modesty , his coin-ago and his loyalty
to public duty me qualities which have con
quered the esteem ol his countrj men. These
qualities have probably not served so well
with the professional managers of the
ileniocratlc party , many of whom liavo been
seandall7Cil to ilnd that their candidate
actually meant what ho professed , but Mr.
Cleveland will to all appearances live down
ho disaffection of a section of his supporters
as ho has lived don the rancor of his op
ponents. If the democrats wish to score an
! asy victory next j ear they will nominate
ilm ngalp for the piesideney. If they fall to
do so the chances nro that ho will bo noml-
: iatcd , possibly oven elected by the Inde
pendent men of all pai tics ,
"It Is to bo hoped that a personal acquaint
ance with President Cleveland will have a
beneficial effect on Mr. Joseph Chamberlain.
Thcio Is a certain similarity in the caiccr , if
: iot In the character of the two men. Both
are mugwumps , i. c. , men \\lio have broken
away from stiict paity lines , although Mr.
Cleveland Is not so much a mug-
vurnp himself cs the nominee
of mugwumps. Theynio both by ti aiding
municipal politicians nnd both have become
imminent party leaders. Beyond this point
: ho paiullcl becomes a contiact which it
\\ouldnotbo kind to Mr. Chambeilnin to
! > uisue. It Is enough to hope that the ex
ample of the cx-majorof Buffalo will not bo
wholly lost upon the ex major of Bliuiing-
lie Talks to n Correspondent on the
QuinssTowx , Oct. 30 [ New York Her-
nld Cable Special to the BEI : ] When
Mr. Chamberlain arrived hcio on the Etrui late
to day I boarded her and found him cnjoving
a cigar on the main deck , weailng a yachting
cap and dai k blue ulster trimmed with fur.
Ho said : "While I have never crossed the
Atlantic I am a tried yachtsman. Arrived in
New Yoik I shall proceed direct to Washing
ton. I neor had intention to go to Ottawa
llrst to confer with the Canadians. As I
huvo aheady said , I don't attach
gicat impoitanco to the in Ration which a
paitial report of my rcmaiks made at Isling
ton and Ulster have unintentionally occa
sioned in ceitain Canadian and American
newspapers. However , I shall enter ujxm
my duties unaffected by hostile criticism. I
shall icniain in the United States some time
after the commission terminates because I
dcsho to see the country nnd institutions ,
subsequently pi acceding to Canada and ro-
tuining home by the end of January. For
the picscnt , being a diplomist and not a
politician , I do not wish to say anj thing
on the political situation theic or heio. I
have no hesitation , however , in st.itmg that I
belle\o it is within the icachof statesman
ship to conciliate thelush people by giant-
ing full incnsuies of local government. "
The tender with the Amei icun mails having
now como alongside , it was noticed that
only a limited number of peisons were
uboaid f torn Qucenstown. Those wciotho
most eager to see Mr. Chamberlain , and hav
ing satisfied their curiosity , ictmneu to the
tender. Thei c was no outw ai d cxpi csslon of
hostility indulged in towauls him and the
Etui i ui steamed a\Miy for New Yoik
a few minutes after 1. Hut at
Queensto\\n a laigo ciowd had
assembled on the quay expecting Mr. Cham
berlain to land. Had ho done so I don't
think ho would have found the townspeople
friendly , a largo efllgy of himself being icady
ut hand to bum before his ejes.
ft Another passenger on the Etiula , whom I
observed , was Barton McGuckm , Call Kosa's
iccent tenor. He visits Amcilca to open in
"Lohengrin. " A full dcscuptlon of his ap-
pern aneo in that character at Dnny Lane
hist spring , and of his magnificent aunoua ,
with acutlcism of his ueifoimimcc , was. al
that time cabled to jou ,
Ileccptloii at StalhcrK
Castle The Hunt.
/jyjcimcs Gnntim flcmtttt. ' ]
[ New'sfoik Heiald Cable Special to the
Hi r ] The Uuiser's hunting trip to Count
/.en Stulborg's Werniugciode castlohus been
Inevojjway a success. After the iec opt ion
dinner thci owns a gcncial illumination in
the vullejs of the villages oveilookcd by the
castle : next day the hunt dining which his
majesty shot twenty-tix head of game ; llnallj
the ilepaituro on Wednesday , riuully we
were gotten to Pi nguo without o\cr fatigue
to nlnty-ono jearold tune , much to his sat
isfactlon , if looks and a stay of a day longci
than was auangcd prove anj thing. Mondaj
evening i amo the kaiser Just at dusk In Wcr-
nlngei odo. Every othorman and boy belongs
to n drum band. E\ery band \\iis ut the
station to din a w clcome into imperial cam
The kaiser ran the musical gauntlet without
any appaicnt injuiy to his neives ; certalnlj
with bi avery , for , so fur I could sec , hi
did not once \ \ nueAs his mlijestj
stepped fiom the train the cannon of tin
castle on the height above the tovu-rbegai
to thunder. At the same menu nt a i cd Ugh
was so binned as to give a view of the whoh
castle outlined In iliiiuo. Gtofo-Stulbeig one
his oldest son met the kaiser , the founcr returning
turning in the imperial closed uari lageihlel
with n bed had been seiit fiom Beilln , the
latter with Prineo < William in an opci
laui.tge. As the oairiagesound a\\aj
aiound the hill on the summit of which tin
castle is , there was a continual dlschaigo o
cannon with a clover UH.O of K'ligal mote
light up that portion of the walls for the mo
input in vluw. Inside , in tlio unut'jiid , th
counts huntsmen had been \\aitlng fora 1ml
hour. At the top of Ihc cabtlc tower n mqi
hthl the Imperial fctatulnrd icady' to bo iluni
'out nnd up , na the Uajter came. Insliloth
walls opiM itQ , Happed the coOnt'b blaej : am
jellobanner. . Below lackejain b.lack nm
ellow ran about carrying oidera nnd
a crowd of people , mainly the wives
mil daughters of Count Stalbcrg's dcsccml-
nijts , lined the steps of the gallery leading
o the castle chapel. Many bright uniforms
lllcd the quaint old court yard , but It was a
Implo crowd for all that ,
"Anna , " called one of the count's officials ,
nnd "Anna" having hern foujid , some family
stalls were ai ranged between them thcro
\ Ithout nnj ono smiling nt the Incident. The
oresters threw aside their gray o\erconts
and stood In their green nnd gold uniforms ,
thereupon rushed dow n an anxious wlfo to
nslst that her gray-hall cd husband should
vear his overcoat which , by the way , ho did.
Outside , the mllltaiy band began to play ,
'Hclldcrlm Seger Tianc. " A little ghl
lanced to a window clapping her hands with
excitement , Inside the castle the guests , In-
ludlng half a dorcn princes and princesses
and a dozen counts , slowly collected. At the
nalncouityiird enhance up went the Im-
MMial stand.ud , the led tire llamcd out
uddenly , the huntsmen began their loud
> uglo greeting , and two mounted toich-
leaieis , with llainlng toiches , cnino clattcr-
ng through the high arched enhance. Be-
ilnd them was a four-horsed coach with out-
ider. In a moment both carriages weio bo-
foio the door and Prince William hud sprung
out , thiowlug his cloak to a servant who
teed near. \ \ hllo Count Stalbcrg helped the
falser to alight. Altogether itas as quaint
a piece of medievalism ns could bo hoped for.
So successful , in fact , that , although 1 hud
) ccn wnincd to notice the forest call which
ho fotcsteis wcio bugling within ten feet of
ny cats , I not only failed to catch the note of
ho air , but in addition disgraced myself by
not knowing , when asked , that they went on
bugling when the kaiser had cnteied the
court yard. At 0 came the dinner of Jlfty-slx
covers. There wcio moio candles than
silver , very pi city llowcr decora-
Ions and excellent music. Be-
ilnd each two chairs stood a symphony
n black and gold who condescended to pass
he dishes. The chief sitnphony even woio
a genuine swoi d and looked quite capable of
using It on his suboidlnato waltcis instead of
on the beef. As the kaiser rose from dinner
a cannon shot caused the lighting of flics on
every hill Iniow. . The castle windows , ns
the castle is high up , look out over the rolling ,
thickly inhabited foothills of the Haitz
mountains. The view can be imagined when
each hilltop was eio\\ncd with a big bontlrc
and cveiy village nnd town , families aiound ,
btightly illuminated with candles at every
For two w ecks sixty men had been nt work
under command of Count Zen Stulbeig's
'oicstcis putting up fences and netting
o foico tlio game to pass
jcforo the hunteis' rillcs. On Tuesday
before dajlight 100 men were already
jusy getting the game well In hand in the
jig forest fields Into which the animals had
been driven two weeks before. At 11 Prince
William and all except the kaiser hud already
lad un horn's shooting in ono part of Grof
Stolberg's 200,000 aero hunting estate. At 12
: ho rendezvous for the kaiser's paity was
crowded with hunters , huntsmen beaters ,
and dogs bef01 e n big open air fire. Prince
William , with twenty-two comrades of his
morning's hunt , were seated on convenient
little stools which folded up into walking
sticks when not used as scats. Next them
the foresters were gathered with their bugles
glos icady ; a llttlo fuither off a pack of
hounds yelling and fighting whenever their
chains and the whips allowed.
The emperor drives up , is greeted by bugle
blasts which cause every dog in the pack to
howl , nnd by cheers , of course. Ho then
stops for a moment to bo photogiaphcd , sit
ting wrapped in fur in his carriage , with the
background of hunters and huntsmen's dogs.
Afteiwardshomo\eson to his hunting sta
tion , while the other hunteis stung out m
all diicctlons to their places. Each hunter
stands behind a low screen of cvergi eon with
him. The men load his rifles and locate his
wounded gamo. The kaiser , however , stands
under a canopy of e\ergieen boughs. Iho
game , deer and wild swine , is hunted out of
the big cntianco by the beateis and dogs ,
passes tin ough ono of two gates , in front of
ono of which the empcior stands , while
at the opposite gate is Prmco Wil
liam's stand of fences and nets at
either edge of n half circle to keep the game
In bounds. It i uns the gauntlet of successive
rifles but the succession of shooters fiom two
to tlueo hundred yuids apart keep the game
fiom escaping too quickly behind the huutcis
\ \ hci e two half cii clcs of shootei s meet. The
game coming in opposite dlicctlous is forced
behind all the riflemen. The hunteis , of
couise , shoot only towuids the outer ciicum-
fcrcnco of the cliclo. Altogether it is a good
deal Jiko the hunting scene in the oidinary
thcatiical version of Faust except that the
animals , in their wild lush , do notmuko a full
Theioisa bugle call answered fiom the
shooting stations as a dozen \cntuisomo wild
boais , hoping for better ueorus , nro making
a rush together. The kaKcr flies
as fast us his lelbjager can hand him gu'i -
Ono big pig drops in his tiacks with a ciash ;
another rushes on for a few j ards and then
chops head llrst , lipping up the earth with
his tusks. Thofoieshouldeisof a third nic
badly wounded and ho dodges behind the
line of shootei s , but is noted by Chief For
ester Mueller's quick ear. Accordingly he
is later diaggcd out and added to the kaiser's
tiophles. A couple go back to tiy their luck
at a moio fiuoiablo point. The icst , scared
out of their piggish wits , niobojond sight
di aw Ing the next hunter's lire. Before the
smoke has cleaicd away a deer follows
skin ii ing past at such aiatothat a quick eye
and steady aim aio both necessary if they aie
to bo stopped In tiansit. Filing becomes
general all around the circlo. E\ciy once in
a while comes the frantlo squealing of s
wounded or dog-bitten pig. Every where Is
heaid the shouts of the hunters , The hounds
gctneaiertho seated animals left in the en
closure. The pigs and deer tun past together ,
Finally , when all the beasts aio fi antic will :
fear and some have run the gauntlet tw ice ,
jou begin to BCO nothing except ttieaks ol
black in such rapid motion that the succcs
sive plgh look bomowhat as if they had mcltcc
Into an endless belt of pigs. The deer bolnf
taller and of a diffcteut color m o moro easily
distinguished. The kaiser flics often but
with excellent aim and good icsiilts. Bcsldi
him stands his llebjagcr , ready to shooi
any wounded beast which migh
otherw iso escape and suflcr for dnjs in tin
thofoiost. Finally , after an hour of shoot
ing , n hoi n is souudcd fiom the kaiser' :
blattar , answered fiom all the othcib and tin
shooting btops , Giof Stulborg comes to tin
cmpeior and they chat standing together litho
the snow the w hilo. The kalsei's killing li
laid out for examination. To a question eon
cciningn jojalstag whlih got by the impc
pet Itil shooter Grof Stalbcrg , with consider
able pi ide , biinga up his bon , who made thi
bcbt kill of the day , Tlio k lscr , uitcxhaustei
by the spoil and notafiatd of the cold o
snow , stands for a moment laughingly threat
eulng the young man for having beaten 'hi '
imperial master , ' .
As an evidence of his rcmarljablo memory
in addition to what this hunt proves of hi
health , Is au incident of th < ] Icuisci's nv
Ival. A joung oftlccr stood to greet the
Q"Wlmt Is your nnniol" the emperor asked.
"Brancom , your majesty. "
"Your father was colonel of suchaicgi-
icnt In 1SI5I"
Yes , jour majesty. "
" 1 remember him very well. "
Then all drive homo. Afterwards , In the
\cnlng , the villagers gathered in the castle
ourtjard. The ceventj'-slx victims of the
ay are laid out In long row s. The beatei s
\itli torches line the sides of this cxhlblton
f game at ono end , the foresters bugling
arlous calls , Behind them their dogs ,
mu ling and lighting. At the other end is
lie kaiser , ut a window bowing his thanks
or the cheers which erect him. Gentlemen
n full diess and ladles with fur tin own over
> , u o shoulders came out to walk between
lie tows of dead animals. That ends the
ay's hunting.
Chnrlrs Otcrtnn DUorceil.
[ CopiilyhlM7. / / . bi/Jamt / ( Jnntitn Utnnttl , ]
Losnov , Oct. 30. [ Neiv York Herald
-able. Special to the Btr. ] Clmilcs Over-
on , who icccntly printed In New Yoik , Mr.
nugtry's prUato letters to him , was today
icforo that Hhiidamaiithus of dluncc , Sir
James Hanncn , The above Is only his stage
name. In pi Ivatc life ho seems to beJCIwrlcs
) i ton , and to daj' his wlfo was suing for a
llvorco on the grounds of her husband's ' do-
cition and adultcij * . Theio was no defense
bej end the pleading of the petitioner. It
ccmcd she was mniiicd to the lespondcnt in
uly , IbT'J. ' The respondent was an actor ,
and a month after their mairlago told his
vifo he had got an engagement in
Australia and that ho was going
out there to Jill It. Ho was to
vrito to his w Ifo and send her money when
10 settled , but never did so and the pctl-
loner being without means of any kind went
on the stage herself. She took the name of
Handle Ellott and performed in the prov-
nccs and at the Grecian thcatio In London ,
n October 1SS4 she was fultllling an engage
ment at Warilngton where her husbandhuv- ,
ug returned from Australia , Joined her. Ho
cmaincd with her three weeks and then loft
icr for Amci lea. Ho was to send for her to
oin him hcic , but the only letter she got
lorn him stated ho had lost all his money
and intended to pioceed to California. Ho
old her it was no use coming to New York
as her stjlo would not suit the Amcil-
cans and added that ho was quite
> rcparcd to icleasc her fiom her marriage ,
is divorces were easily obtained in thateoun-
ly. She heard nothing moio of him until
she found him acting at the Pi iiu ess theater
under the name of Chailes Overtoil. She
saw him , but could get nothing sntlsfiietoiy
'iom him and aftciwaids finding ho was llv-
ng in Salisburj' street , Strand , with a woman
jy the name of Jcsso Bow den as his wife ,
she instituted this suit. The petitioner was
called and stated the facts Just as detailed.
Evidence was also given ns to respondent's
iving in Salisburj'street with Miss Bow dun
as his wife. Sir James Huniien pionounced
ndccico nisi , with costs.
AVhnt Prof. Felix Ailtcr Thinks About
the Chicago AmirchiHlH.
New Yoiuc , Oct , ! W Piofessor Felix Adlcr
addressed the Society of Ethical Culture at
bickering hall tnis morning on the case of
Lho eondcmnod Chicago anarchists. Ho said
lie had been asked to address a mass meeting
arranged in behalf of the condemned , but felt
constrained to refuse. He looked upon these
men as criminals. "Every Jlbro of my moial
nature is outraged bv the methods by which
they sought to obtain their ends , " said the
[ trofcssor. "Tho anarchists uro the worst
enemies of soclet j' , nnd should bo suppressed.
Yet I rise to enter a plea in their behalf , be
cause I nm in favor of absolute puiity in Judi
cial processes and impartiuhtj' in the face of
public excitement. I speak for them ns I
would for my worst eneiiij' if injustice were
iboutto no done to him. If these men aio
liung they will bo looked upon as heroes ,
which thev are not. Society has a right to
and should quniantina these men Just the
same as the bearers of cholcia genus. "
Garrctt't ) Anti-Gould Demonstration
Made For DfTect.
BAJ.TIMOIIE , Oct. 30 [ Special Telegram to
the Bri : . ] The statement made by Mr. Mc-
Kcnzio ono of Kobcit Garrett's fi lends , nnd
telegiaphed from St. Paul that many of
Giuictt'soutbuistsof indignation regnidlng
the sulo of the telegraph were prompted by
business motives , Is behoved bj' many In this
city. "There is method in his madness , "
said a gentleman today. "Ganett's head
may bo uffci ted , but thcro is a good , sane
reason in his cxptesscd indignation at the
s.ilo of the telegraph. Garrett know s that
Bidtimorcuns have no love for Gould. It was
policy for him to iniso a low and denounce
Gould. Ganett thought , no doubt , that the
citi/eiis of Haltimoio would expect some such
demonstration. "
Don't AVniit the Anarchists Hung.
NHW YOHK , Oct. 29 A meeting under the
auspices of tho-Knights'of Labor took place
to-night , In Union Square , to protest against
the hanging of the condemned unaichibts ,
Notmoro than two thousand people wcic
piescnt , Hesolutions weio passed calling
upon the couits of the nation to immediately
release the condemned men , and piovidlnt
for the npitointmcnt of a committee to pie
cced to Illinois and wait upon Co\emoi !
Oglesby if the supreme couit falls to giant , ;
StllJ' .
Another StattliiiK Development.
SVN FUA.NCISCO , Oct. 30 A new theory
has been i cached in Dr. Bowcis' case , cieat
ing a gicat deal of interest. Detccth cs as
scit now that Bowers' brother-in-law , Beir
hojon , who it was thought committed suicide
and who left a letter ehaiging himself will
thomuulcr of Mis. Howeis , wnsmuidciei
by accomplices of Bow ci bin older towi\o tin
lattci fiom the gallows. The mattei ib bcini
Coal Minns Demand n Italse.
ST. Lot i" , Oct. BO. Delegates icpiesent
lug the coal minus of southern Illinois , b
secret convention nt East St. Louis jester
day and last nlpht , adopted a resolution litho
the foim of un I'ltlnuitum demanding tin ad
vance In the pilco of digging , fiom 4Ti to ( J1J <
cents per ton and coiichponding wages foi
machine minors. The operatois will ho pie
bcntcd with the demand to-moriow and Orlvci
until No\ ember 5 to i cspond.
An Ohio rinlrlnrirc.
DmoO , Oct. . 30 Huffman's piahie
eight miles east of hcio , a boggy ii.icto
some two thousand UCICH , parched out by tin
four months' diought , caught flio fiom i
passing locomotive this moinlng und nov
for half a milu Rqunio Is a loaring mass o
flames and the dense biuoko Is diivenbyi
hteady east wind towaids dwellings A num
her of faun buildings which mo a inilo aw a ;
and which may bo saved by plowing a wlih
swath acioss tlio piahlo ,
The AVIhconslu Stoiy ( 'onllrinril.
CHICAGO , Oct. ! ! 0. The buimntlonal storj o
the tieatmcnt of Mrs. Howden at Leahy'
notoiioimden at Mm Incite , WJs , Is con
111 moil by Blanche Honncrvllto , the lUtci 11
jcai-old victim of Mrs , Cassidj- , who mmci
hcio fiom IJuilej' , Wis , to-Uay.
O'Bi'lrn Makes an Addir H.
DLIIII.V , Oct. 30. AtVantuik to da ;
O'Bilen eluded the police and addressed a
immense eio\vd of pcople.aslio wildprobabl ,
ou his lubt day o libeuy for.bomctiuio . ,
President Olovolnud's Cousin's Boo5 |
Llkoly to Bo Suppressed. '
" " " " " "
A Tew People Think She Him Writtcif
Them tip Too Plainly Talk Ahout
linnuir's Huec'i'HKor Tucker
Cousin ' " "
Cjnthla'H "Sec-Snw.
WASIUMITOS , Oct. ! H ) . [ Special Telegram
to the Bi.i : . ] The Capitol of this nminliifl
makes some reference to the book which has
Just been published by a Detroit llrm en )
titled "Sec Saw , or Civil Seivleo In the Dot
paitmentb , " and states that a pilvuto dlst
patch fiom Dotioil received hist night mijf
the publishers have been aim mod by threat *
of libel suits and huvo decided lo supplest !
the edition ami call In as many us possible ol
the eopk s sent to denlei s. The author of tha
book is Miss C.vnthia Cleveland , a eleik \ \ \
the sixth auditor's ' ofllco of the tieiistuy do *
parlmcnt and a full cousin to President
Cleveland , Miss Cjnthia piomises to bo even ,
moro annojing to the president In her liter
ary v entities than Miss Koso Elizabeth , tha
icsident's sister , was. Thoie was nothing
triking about the vvoik except thai
ho secict pcibonal ichitlons us well n *
ho chai actor of ceitaln Individuals is BI
aithfullj'poitiajed Unit thej' wcio iitonci
ei ognl/cd by their aeqiialiitanecs. AH it ha :
icon deciphered , It Is asserted that the vlllali
f Iho plot , whoso llclilious name Is Colono
lalph Winston , Is really Govoinor Swlno-
old of Alaska , while the oilier chmuclcrq
Isohavo their living tcptcscnlativcs ttnioiij
ho public men of this city , and of Michigan
ml Dakota , where Iho sccno is laid. Tha In Its nutuio , unit
lescribcs how Iho heioino , who Is als < )
ho uulhoi ess , became possessed of consider *
iblo political Influence. Her affectioim word
von bj' Mr. Swinoford , and she uses all hen
nlluenco to sccuio the continuation of hid
lominntion to the olllco of govcinorof Alnskt
vhlch ho now holds. The book makes men *
ion of the fact that serious charged
tad been mndo against Mr. SIneforcJ
vhilo his nomination was pendlu (
) oforo the senate , mid , but for the assistanc <
> f Miss Cleveland , his rejection would ha\ <
loen eel lain. Tlicso chaiges are undeistooi
0 have been to Iho efloct that , w hilo ho was
1 commissioner of the Now expos !
ion in lbbl-5 , Mr. Swinofoid'H uccountbwen
found to bo in a somewhat muddled condl
ion. Miss Cleveland , believ ing Unit thta
\\.isciitiiely duo to his unbuslncHS-liko man *
i cmcnt of his affaiis , and not to miy intein
lonal wrong doing on his pail , fell Juslllleil
n uigmg his contlinuitlon , notwithstanding
ihcsoehaiges Aslhoiesult of herciTorls.
5Winofoid was made govoinor of Alaska ]
Then ho mauled some other woman and sent
i letter to Miss Cleveland , thanking her foi ?
ici ellorts on his behalf and olTeilngto sot
cuio for her testimonials , elc , To this busU ,
less like lettei she replied In i |
iic.iit-rendlng epistle , which Is glveu
ilmost veibatim on page 1110 of thQ
jook. Miss Cleveland , Iho aulhor , lu
icrsonal appearance , bears a close icscmW
lance lo Miss HOBO Ellzabclh Cleveland
She has reached middle ago , and her hair la
tinged with giay. She is astiong-mindcdj
aggressive woman , mid her determined facq
indicates this trait of her chai actor. Shq
ins been a tempeianco advocate thiough ]
Michigan and Dakota and attained consider *
iiblo power and Influence In the hitler leirW
toiy. She is said lo bo capable of making oj !
splendid bpcech and has frequenlly taken tha
stump In her cffoits for her fuvoiilo causov'
During Iho laslpicsidenliul campaign showas.
nn enUiuslaslio 'democrat and took the stumd ,
foi Clovcland , not mciclv , as she said boV *
cause of his ichillonship lo her , but becausrf
she dcsiied Iho success of Iho democintlu
liiitj' . She has been denounced as a ciunk. '
lint she is far fi om that She is rcmui kubly
bclf-possebsed nnd in evorj- way a lady ot
moio than ordlmuy intelligence , in tha
gavcrnment sei vice slio has absolutely rc4
f rained fiom making capital out of licr kln-
shii > to the president. Miss Cleveland , whilq
i of using lo be Inlei viewed , is said by boo
intimate fi lends to bo much dlsmajcd at thai
effect the publication of her book has p H *
dticcd. While not admitting that the Colonel *
Kalph Winston of her novel is icnlljl ,
Governor Swinefoid. of Alaska , she siija
the stoiy was not written in anj' spirit of in ?
venge , but she believed that it eontainocf
enough elements of interest to imiko it act\ \
ceptublo lo Iho leading public , and she
hoped lo conceal its autobiogiaplileal mitiudi ,
bv publishing it anonymously. The friend * '
of Governor Swinefoid in Michigan nro say-A
ing a number of ugly things about Mis *
Cleveland , but the governor himself has noff
jet been heaid fiom. .
Mr. Tucker IH Snrprlseil. 1
WASHINGTON , Oct. : i ( ) . [ Special Tclegiarav
to the Bm. ] Mr. KandolphTucker , whosd
constitutional iiigument in the anarchists
case surprised his old friends , was inquiring
to-day what had become of Dr. Crnwlordj *
who was last summer niiestcd under Iho )
Edmunds-Tucker law , which was aimed nj
Moi mons onlj' . On boltyj Informed that Drjji
Crawfoid had been convicted and sentenced
to ono j cur's impiisonmcnt by the polica'
mngistralo , Mr. Tucker fell back In his clmirf"
and began to soliloquize in this way : " We'll JI
well , who ever heard of such a thlngl A }
man sentenced lo Impiisonmcut for a jcar f
or for any length of tlmo , w ilhout having ai
trial by Jury ? If I had over di earned of such
an application of that Edmunds net when it
was passing through my hands as chaiiman
of the house Judiciary committee , I would
certainly not have allowc-d it to go thiough.1
"You lofer to the administration of the law
by a police magistrate without u Juryl"
"Yes , " said Mr. Tui kr > r ; "besides , I doub
if a strict eonstiuctionof the lawwouldmak <
it applicable to Iho Distilct of Columbia. 1
certainly never was intended to applj' U
this distilct. Tlioio would ho moio reason la
apply It to other tenitoues , because theio I
Moi monism In sovoial of the terillorles ; bu
it was intended only for Utah , us Hie title o.
the act shows. "
WAHIIIMVTOV , Oct 80. [ Special Telegram
to the Brc. ] ' 1 ho latest story about changed
In the cabinet when Sccictaiy Lumar leave
Iho Inlorior dcpailmcnt to go on the supicimj
bench , ns It is now conceded ho will , is , Unity
Colonel Vilas has asked to bo excused front1
taking chaigo of Iho Interior depnilment/,1
Ho docs not want the pla < c , and will onlj/
take It upon the earnest Follcltutlon of thtj
piesldent. Tiist Assihtnnt 1'OHtmasler Gen
eial Stevenson is now looked upon ns tha
man who will succeed Secretary Lumar. Ha.
Is somewhat familiar with the policy of
land dcpattmont , which the piesldent win
to bo continued , If ho goes Into the c.ibl-/ / ,
net us HCciotary of Iho Interior , M. MJJ
Howe , of Dubuque , In. , w 111 succeed him iif
the postoftlco department. IIowo Is thii
Iowa member of the nntinnnl commitU'o iinoV
did good service In securing the nominatlori
of Cleveland at the Chicago convention , Hi |
nlrcadj' 1ms been i awarded bjun appointment
us postinnstcr of Dubuque , wheio ho als i
manages the Dubtique Hoi aid. Ha novw'
wants to step up higher. Several lov/i poll/
ticlans are Intro uigliiff StcvetiKon as til's
suiecssavto Lamur and IIowo for the pof' '
Millon of Hi st assistant postmaster general.
SteaniNhl ] ) AnlvalH.
New You- ) , Dot , UO. [ Speclul Telegram to )
the Hi j : ] Ai lived The La Bretagud frpnf
Havro , ' ' I
QulrSTOv.vOot.30Arrived The Brit *
Ish PiinccHb from Philadelphia lor " -
pool , . .